Was WW II a Nazi Pyrrhic Victory? Is there a NAZI “Iron Sky” base in Antarctica? … Or even on the Moon?

Robert Morningstar shared a memory.

The German UFO – Haunebu Mark III

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Is there a NAZI “Iron Sky” base in Antarctica? …
Alan Abramowitz
If they did have an Antarctic base; superior technology and saucers; why where they stopped in their evil plans? Even Jim Marrs was stymied for a complete explanation?

Was WW II a Nazi Pyrrhic Victory?

          Is There a NAZI “Iron Sky” Base in Antarctic?

 … Or even on the Moon?

         By Robert D. Morningstar

In reply to Alan Abramowitz’s questions:

I spoke with Jim Marrs many times, on and off the air, about the surviving Nazis networks  <Werewolfen Gruppen, Der Spinne & The Odessa Network> and the establishment of The 4th Reich.

The Nazis won what is called what is called a “Pyrrhic Victory.” as JFK said “The fruits of victory would be but ashes in the victor’s mouth.”


A Pyrrhic Victory – The Battle For Berlin

That is what it was like for the Nazis, and so the ‘victors” had to retreat and retrench all across South America and in Antarctica first (during the late 1940s & 50s), amalgamating a new power base centered in and around Peronist Argentina. Once they had consolidated that military industrial power base (by 1960).

Once their “Southern redoubt” was secure and economically connected with their European commercial holding partners (Centro Commerciale Mondiale- Permindex-The Vatican Bank), they then completed their infiltration of the CIA through the Dulles Bush cabal. They infiltrated and subverted NASA (to implement the MittelWerk’s plans through General Dornberger,  Werner Von Braun and the Operation  Paperclip Nazi scientists.

Through the CIA’s Projects MK-Ultra and Mockingbird, they took over  mass media, and finally controlled the entire military industrial complex.

Once established in power in Washington by the time of the 1960 Presidential Election, in just 3 years, they were ready to mount and pull off the JFK Assassination, followed by 55 more years of assassination,  wars, intrigues (and treason).

And as we say today:

“The rest is history.”

Robert D, Morningstar
New York City
August 2nd, 2018