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By Robert D. Morningstar

(Copyright 2017, Robert D. Morningstar – All Rights Reserved)



Source Photos courtesy of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, The China National Space Administration, The Science and Application Center for Moon and Deep Space Exploration, and complied by Emily Lakdawalla and The Planetary Society.

Chang’e 3 Data: Lander Terrain Camera


Credit for these images goes to Chinese Academy of Sciences / China National Space Administration / The Science and Application Center for Moon and Deep Space Exploration.

See also the Rover Panoramic Camera (PCAM) data.

These data were downloaded from China’s Science and Application Center for Moon and Deepspace Exploration on January 21, 2016.

The Chang’e 3 lander Terrain Camera (TCAM) is a color camera with a CMOS detector, 2352 by 1728 pixels in size, with a Bayer filter array for color.

There appear to be one to three versions of each image, denoted 2A, 2B, and 2C. 2A and 2B are both grayscale, 16-bit images that have not been demosaiced. 2C are color, 8-bit images that have been demosaiced. Wherever a 2C version of an image observation exists, it is shown on this page as a color image, and clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a PNG version of that color image. When there is not a 2C version of an image observation, it is shown on this page as a grayscale image, and clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a PNG version of the 2A image.

Below each thumbnail is a link to each of the available PDS-format versions of each image. The 2A and 2B images appear virtually identical. Wherever there is a 2C (demosaiced) version of the image, I also provide a link to the 2A (grayscale, undemosaiced) version of the image. You may obtain better color results by trying various demosaicing algorithms on the 2A images.

The photo pages of Chang e 3 images were compiled & built by Emily Lakdawalla of The Planetary Society.   To support Emily’s work, please donate to The Planetary Society.
Robert D. Morningstar
Publisher- The UFO Spotlight
 UFO Digest – Editor


Observation 0011 (December 24, 2013)

2013-12-24 17:07:09

2013-12-24 17:07:11

2013-12-24 17:07:13

2013-12-24 17:10:09

2013-12-24 17:10:11

2013-12-24 17:10:13

2013-12-24 17:13:08

2013-12-24 17:13:10

2013-12-24 17:13:12

2013-12-24 17:16:08

2013-12-24 17:16:10
On Location: Chang E 3 Landing Site in the Sinus Iridium “The Bay of Rainbows” lay in Twilight.

2013-12-24 17:16:12
Reader, please note the time stamp on these photos (as above, far right:-> 17:16:12).  

All was dark and quiet, another “Silent Night” on the Moon, when SUDDENLY and precisely at 17:19:08 Universal Time  (Universal Time) December 24th, 2013, or approximately 1:16 p.m. Eastern Time Zone in the US, a brilliant light radiated over and across the Sinus Iridium (or “The Bay of Rainbows”), situated in the northernmost region of the Mare Imbrium (also called “The Sea of Rains”).

As to the celestial event of Christmas Eve 2013, 17:16:12 UT,  nothing could be more appropriate than “Silent Night” to describe the scene at that moment in the Sinus Iridium  (The Bay of Rainbows) where China’s Lunar Lander, Chang E 3 had settled to release its rover, JuTu (Jade Rabbit) to begin exploring the local lurain.

Then suddenly, less than 3 minutes later at precisely 17:19:08 (UT), the entire region was illuminated as if in daylight, when a huge and brilliant light suddenly emerged, as if from nowhere, flooding the area in a supernal iridescent light, brilliantly illuminating the entire region.

The resplendent light endured and it moved slowly over and across the landing site where Chinese lander Chang e, named after a Chinese demigoddess, and its rover, the “Jade Rabbit,” JuTu recorded its passage in digital imagery.
The amazing photos captured by the Chinese lander of what I have dubbed “The Rainbow UFO” prove that the sudden manifestation of this anomalous light involved an long-enduring event, a long, slow passage of an brilliant unidentified object,  as the photos’ time registers clearly demonstrate.
The actual angle of the sunlight shown in the “before & after” photos, correlated with the Time Stamps on the photos prove conclusively that the light was anomalous and of unknown origin.
The light source was definitely NOT the Sun, which was at very low angle on the horizon as evidenced by the long shadows cast by the ruble upon the lunar surface, as seen in the twilight photos above and below.

2013-12-24 17:19:08

What followed, as shown in the the ensuing photographs, was the long and slow passage of an extremely luminous and radiant UFO that took 6 minutes and 4 seconds to pass over the Chinese lander and rover, resulting in the capture of its basic form and a photographic chronicle of the UFOs manifestation above and across the lunar surface.

2013-12-24 17:19:10


2013-12-24 17:19:12


2013-12-24 17:22:08


2013-12-24 17:22:10


2013-12-24 17:22:12


2013-12-24 17:25:08


2013-12-24 17:25:10

2013-12-24 17:25:12
The RAINBOW UFO’s Transit took 6 minutes and 4 seconds to traverse the Moon’s horizon, as seen, from left to right.  Reader take note that it would actually take the Sun several days (not 6 minutes and 4 seconds) to traverse such path across the lunar sky.  This fact alone eliminates The Sun completely from contention as a possible source of this brilliant and anomalous  light.

After the RAINBOW UFO’S Passage …


2013-12-24 17:28:09

“What the Hell was THAT? …

And More questions!

These remarkable photos of the lunar “Rainbow UFO” raise many more questions (and mysteries) than can be answered by simply asking:
  “What the Hell was THAT?”
For example, let us look and study the various and distinct patterns of prismatic refraction exhibited by the light dispersion in each photograph.  
Each one is unique.  
Question 1, What is the Source of that brilliant light?
2. What is causing or producing the rainbow colors?  Is the light source itself emanating “ROY G BIV” lights, or is the light being refracted into rainbows by something else?
Only 5 Logical Conclusions for Creation of ROY G BIV Light 
If the object is not the source of the “ROY G BIV” light, emanating those colors itself,  and the middle photos (of the object  at “12 o’clock high” (and in near Vertical position) seem to indicate that the object is NOT doing so, then whatever is prismatically refracting the light into ROY G BIV light must be something that is interposed between the camera and the light source, and that observation leaves us with only 5 possible conclusions:
1. The object must be emanating a gaseous cloud around it that is refracting its own light as it radiates around it;
2. The iridescence is being caused by the light being filtered through a layer of  translucent, prismatic material or film suspended above the lunar surface, but what could that be?  There are many stories of collapse and partially collapsed glass domes observed in different regions of the Moon.
3.  A slim possibility exists that the prismatic colors are caused by a lens flare of light refracted by high glass (silica) content in the lunar regolith that is being scattered across the camera lens at oblique angles to the object on the right and left sides, but not so much at the “12 o’clock high” vantage point to the UFO.
4. If items 1,  2 and 3 (above) cannot be accepted, then the only logical and natural,  scientific conclusion would have to be that the Moon does have some sort of thin or unusual atmospheric properties, or it could indicate that there are sublunar emissions and emanations of a gaseous nature that are released and rise into the lunar “atmosphere” or produce a temporary cloud or mist through, which the light seen in these photos is passing and being prismatically refracted into “rainbow lights” by interference from interposed material of a rarified nature.
However, a 5th possibility is to be proposed below.
Our readers may decide for themselves.

2013-12-24 17:28:13

2013-12-24 17:43:08

2013-12-24 17:43:10

2013-12-24 17:43:12

2013-12-24 18:04:13

“God! …

What the Hell was THAT?


Robert D. Morningstar
 Civilian Intelligence Analyst

Morningstar Aerospace Resources 

New York City, New York

July 27th, 2017


Author’s Note to the Noteworthy

“God! …

What the Hell was THAT?

Robert D. Morningstar
 Civilian Intelligence Analyst

Morningstar Aerospace Resources 

New York City, New York

July 27th, 2017

Author’s Note to the Noteworthy

Image may contain: 1 person, beard

Wm. Michael Mott wrote:

 Looks like a lens flare. There’s usually a prism inside of every electronic camera that can produce that effect, if the light hits it just right. Even if from a micro-meteor burning up (the moon has a slight atmosphere).

Robert Morningstar
Robert Morningstar -> William Michael Mott -> It could be internally prismatic … However, the light source moved across approximately 90 degrees of arc in 6 minutes and 4 second. The Sun could never do that. It takes the Sun at least a week to move that much across the sky on the Moon where 1 full “Moon day” is “4 Earth weeks” long.  Citing “Lens flare ” to explain iridescence may be plausible, but to argue that The Sun is the source of the light is impossible. Cheers, -> M*
William Michael Mott You have no way of knowing how close the light source was, what it was, or how it moved in order to cast the refraction. This is a digital camera artifact, nothing more.

 · Reply · 


William Michael Mott
William Michael Mott   As I said, a micro-meteorite burning as it skimmed past would have been sufficient to cause the light.

 · Reply · 

Robert Morningstar

Robert Morningstar:  I might have agreed except that a micrometeorite would not take 6 minutes and 4 seconds to traverse that quadrant of sky, it would pass in an instant.

As can be seen, the Chang e lander took photos approximately every 2 seconds. That 6 minute trek is so slow that a meteorite traveling at such a slow velocity would not incandesce, especially in the rarified atmosphere.

The real mystery for me remains not what the refracting agent was, but “What was the source of the slowing moving light?” Another explanation could be that the object is an orbiting satellite of high reflectiivity and immense size that reflected sunlight at the camera. The final photo gives us a clear idea of its quadrangular-cornered (not round) structure. It also suggests that the object changed course and came closer to the Chinese lander than it was in the first 6-7 photos. There is a lot to study and to learn from analyzing these 9 remarkaable photographs.

The time element alone (6 minutes 4 seconds elapsed) eliminates the Sun and meteors as a cause. ->M*

Hearkening back to his earlier statement when Wm. Michael wrote:

William Michael Mott You have no way of knowing how close the light source was, what it was, or how it moved in order to cast the refraction. This is a digital camera artifact, nothing more.

Robert Morningstar
Robert Morningstar Hearkening back to your earlier statement, Wm. Michael wrote:
“You have no way of knowing how close the light source was, what it was, or how it moved in order to cast the refraction”
I reply that this is a very good definition of the subject at hand, and I would say that your words support my conclusion that this is a REAL UFO.”   Thank you for your contribution to UFO Digest.
And hearkening back now to what I wrote above, I reiterate:
“Another explanation could be that the object is an orbiting satellite of high reflectivity and immense size that reflected sunlight back at the camera.”

The Sentinel


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Gravitational Waves: The World of Tomorrow, a Primer with Exercises – A New Physics Book

Rainbow 4 - rscn4291

Gravitational Waves:

The World of Tomorrow, a Primer with Exercises,(3rd Printing)

By Robert Baker

Gravitational waves of high frequency are key to new global communications (the ultimate wireless system), multiuniverses, time and interstellar travel, starshot, LIGO and detecting messaging from exoplanet intelligent worlds presented in new book.

Buzz Aldrin

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin writes:

“All of us should achieve some fundamental understanding of scientific basics . Now that understanding should include gravitational waves. That is the purpose of this very instructive book and I strongly urge you to read it.”

Palm Desert, California:

 July 14, 2017

Renowned Expert, Robert Baker, Publishes Primer

On Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves—The World of Tomorrow, a Primer with Exercises, provides readers with basic information about gravitational waves (“GWs”). It is written in a way that allows readers to understand this complex subject without a previous understanding of gravitational waves. Its use of real-world examples and parallels helps readers understand the fundamentals so they can become knowledgeable enough to read and understand related news article and more sophisticated publications.

Please see: 


Expert in the field of high-frequency gravitational waves (“HFGWs”), Dr. Robert M L Baker, Jr., has published his newest book, which explains gravitational waves of all frequencies, but includes gravitational waves at the high end of the GW frequency spectrum ordinarily neglected.

 Image result
Dr. Baker often provides explanations in a mathematical context, but also by means of simplified real-world examples, which novices and experts alike can appreciate.  Those who enjoy the technical nature of these concepts will certainly delight in Dr. Baker’s thought-provoking discussion of the osculating or “kissing” of our Universe with other universes. Such advanced readers will also profit from a large Appendix of references in the Book.  This Appendix is a comprehensive and categorized GW literature survey comprising over 600 references and would have great value for GW self-study or research.  He was Vice Chairperson of the first International High-Frequency Gravitational Wave (HFGW) Conference and Workshop at the MITRE Corporation in 2003, appointed Chairman of the HFGW Symposium at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in 2010 and keynote address at the 3rd HFGW International Workshop in 2017 at Chengdu, China.

Dr. Baker believes that such HFGWs will allow for a more complete understanding of the early universe (the “Big Bang”) and may have practical application to global communication, interstellar travel, starshot, interception of messaging among newly discovered exoplanets and even a form of time travel.

The Book also calls attention to the widely distributed JASON Report published by a group of very influential and respected university scientists.  This flawed Report miss-associates the extremely weak Gertsenshtein process with the generation, detection and applications of all HFGWs.

File:Warped Space and Time Around Colliding Black Holes (Courtesy Caltech-MIT-LIGO Laboratory, produced by SXS project).webm

Simulation showing gravitational waves produced during the final moments before the collision of two black holes. In the video, the waves could be seen to propagate outwards as the black holes spin past each other.


Dr. Baker holds the very first Engineering PhD ever awarded in the US with a specialization in Space Navigation.  He also graduated with highest honors in Physics.  He was on the faculty of Astronomy and then Engineering at UCLA and served his Country in the US Air Force.  He headed the Lockheed Astrodynamics Research Center and was President of West Coast University, an ABET accredited university for adult learners.  He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.The Report concludes that HFGWs are of little or no value as a research subject.  Dr. Baker puts this fallacy to rest since the Gertsenshtein process is not involved in any of the useful HFGW applications or detection or generation devices discussed in this Book.

Please go to -> http://www.DrRobertBaker.com.

To order Book:

Go to Amazon.com and type:

Gravitational Waves by Robert Baker.

 PDF Print


Robert Baker 

Remote Viewing Defense Against Reptilian Aliens, Overlords of Human-Abducting Aliens

Remote Viewing Defense Against Reptilian Aliens, Overlords of Human-Abducting Aliens


July 17th, 2017

I used to firmly believe that we as predators, were at the very top of the food chain.

Then, others like me, who also claimed to be abductees, some of who I met through Budd Hopkins and his house get togethers many years ago told me horror stories about some abductions.

They had seen on-board craft, a Mothman alien race, an ‘in-charge’ being who radiated rage and hatred.

This satanic, diabolical alien being was overlord of many alien races who abduct humans and who pilot UFOS.

Muscular, winged, sentient, highly technological, upright standing to seven feet tall, monitor lizards governed large craft; reptilians who looked upon us as we fancied veal violated our World’s airspace every night…

(graphic: Earthfiles.com)

These abductees had even gleaned what reptoids regular diets consisted of..

Just as bad or even worse there was a spiritual/supernatural element, an ethereal placement of young reptilians along human abductees spinal chords for aural feasting; they trespass interdimensionally as well and tamper with our energies that extend there.

When these interdimensional cloaked unseen creatures violate and intrude within our aural/psychic energies, free-floating waves of anxiety blossom, the human soul’s natural reaction to intrusion; ask any psychic medium.

That explained why so many abductees had such horrid panic attacks and spinal issues, juvenile reptilian spinal attachments tamper with astral energies and causes somatic injuries..

Imagine a whole cityscape with most people walking around with an affixed juvenile reptilian attached upside-down to their spines; it lends a new meaning to a silent invasion.

It was a chilling story I was to hear repeatedly echoed.

“Aliens” have long been on and involved with this planet, eons BEFORE mankind showed up in an altered simian form, because reptoid’s selfish and cruel tactics required tampering with our DNA to create us, a naked ape crop to harvest, a simian race who knots neckties and who rides public conveyances.

After a lifetime of abductions and research I have gotten this hard fact from abductees who have actually had their questions answered by their abductors.

It re-framed correctly, at least to my mind, what the ulterior motive, purpose was behind many alien/mankind interaction/visitations.

We are a physical and spiritual crop to be harvested, as we do with lower Earth animal forms..

And it angered me to think how blind UFO sky-watchers and media focus simply on craft, like some alien-Jedi-mind-trick, and  not the intent of alien occupants, within.

It puts one in mind of a Twilight Zone episode called,”To Serve Man”, which neatly summed up man’s importance in the galaxy as a mere condiment.

Director of CIA, Admiral R.H. Hillenkoetter: “It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings. Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense. To hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel.” p. 58, quoted from New York Times, February 28, 1960, p. L30

But you and I, reader, should not worry as our flesh is too tough, old and tainted drungs, chemicals and age ; only our very young become simian veal, for reptilian palates.

It makes one want to change, to make an apparent moral decision and assume a vegetarian diet and not ever atavistically revert;

but we too have mouths intended by evolution, equipped with meat tearing incisors…..

Who Could Ever Imagine Such Creatures ?

My abduction recalls were of different entities, also  masters of illusions, ones who tested me in mind-imposed scenarios, of moral dilemmas and survival values choices.

They calibrated souls and assessed minds with  uncanny, telepathic images projected onto the mind’s visual screen (i.e. the optic lobe).

They were tall, white like a refrigerator, flat like a Gumby cartoon character and often, too politely spoke mind to mind.

Years later, I saw a three foot tall juvenile reptilian entity,  during a shower, under the spray,  close up.

I saw it  partially appear and then slowly vanish, like an elf, and it cocked its head at me sideways, birdlike.

I was at once both horrified and in awe, frighteningly aware of their parasitic, bottom-feeder UFO- creature reputation, gleaned from other abductees.

The adults were winged Mothmen, cat-like eyes, scaled and ceiling tall, all quite demonically possessed, and I wanted nothing, whatsoever, to  imagine about them.

I  had stupidly (and recklessly) tried an energy experiment with my mind to control a UFO by remote viewing, a mind flexing field exercise to satisfy profound irritation for the copious nosebleeds, and nightmares sustained after abductions from devices inserted into my sinuses and mentally implanted ‘screen-memories’.

By virtue of the unexpected result, the semi- transparent appearance of a saurian monstrously tall reptilian in the center of my living room who radiated a loathsome palpable rage and hatred, shortly after I tried using this psychic technique, I determined that I would never alone try this mental exercise tool again,

However, a skilled ensemble TEAM, might, by contrast, bring this warrior marvelous results.

The unused power of our minds is part of the raw quantum physics of the universe> That energy potential has latent power, both miraculous and awesome, to be seen in this power flexing exercise.

The fact that it brought almost immediate retaliation against me underlines its potential efficacy.

Will You Attempt To Be as Foolhardy as I?

With  eyes closed, I did visualize an alien craft, a disc-shaped or cigar-shaped large UFO, and ‘saw’ it perched, then flying above our planet high within our skies, many miles overhead.

I visualized all quadrants of a very large craft, filled with overlord reptilians and subservient greys, all busy at machinery.

I studied the tiers and levels of it in full detail for a full half minute.  Then, I visualized that a force from my mind sharply hit the ship and jarred the craft violently, tossed into another section of space, like a football, end over end.

Clearly I saw it hurled across a short distance in space, at a tilted pitched angle and visualized all entities onboard now suddenly very startled and frightened.

Imagination, is a word that should be eliminated from our language.

I augmented this visualization and used a quick head tilt to accentuate the strong mental suggestion of the craft’s jump.

I had totally forgotten about this experimental exercise within an  hour.

But then between me on the couch and my television set, a creature from a nightmare appeared and changed my life.
There are moments that define one’s life, moments that one says, ‘this was before that’, ‘this was after that’.

A Mothman-like reptilian, a winged scaled saurian being, ceiling-high, semi- materialized.

Without moving I was suddenly warmed; hatred surrounded me with menace as though I were near a hot radiator.

Its cat-like eyes radiated a palpable loathing and rage, which awed me rather than frightened me as I had lost my senses to surprise.

It vanished after less than five seconds .

Later, days and weeks later in my life, that saurian vendetta surely and without question manifested a series of horrid and painful accidents which seemed later to underline the smoldering, tangible hatred and rage that it had radiated towards me.

In retrospect, those agonies and sudden misfortunes were not worth the risk of what was after all a very foolhardy experiment.

But I couldn’t help but wonder how merely one single human mind could be such a powerful weapon/tool, to control alien craft, that do indeed respond to powerful telepathic messages.

And I later also couldn’t help but wonder what more a highly skilled group of focused minds, an orchestra of minds in unison, might also be able to accomplish.

We are not, as mindless and as helpless against these vile creatures and their miracle machines, as everyone has thought …

I am…

Paul Schroeder

Brooklyn, New York

July 17th, 2017

Editor’s Note:

Illustrations of reptilian aliens courtesy of

Linda Moulton Howe’s


(with permission)

How to Prepare for the Inevitable Alien Threat


How to Prepare for the Inevitable Alien Threat

By Sandra Right

(Copyright 2017, Sandra Right – All Rights Reserved)
<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

No matter what you think of alien life, its eventual appearance on Earth poses a major threat to how we currently exist. The threat could come in several different ways, and ideologies—especially organized religious beliefs—would come under massive strain.  The basic premise of man’s mastery over the universe is threatened by the presence of extraterrestrial life.

But as you can see, their arrival may not necessarily be a doomsday scenario.  True, that’s a possibility—we could be wiped off the Earth quite easily by an intergalactic species—but the main threats are social and political in nature.  Besides, it may not even be their first time here.

So what can you do to be prepared?


Change Your Worldviews

When the aliens come, the lives we knew are effectively over. Petty concerns about other nations and our differences will seem insignificant in front of the arrival of an advanced civilization developed enough to travel through space.

Adapting to this change won’t be easy, though, if you aren’t prepared. By being mentally ready to acknowledge that not only are we not alone, but that we’re actually the inferior species, will make things considerably less jarring.

Chris Holly alien-life-forms

It’s also a good time to start living with a friendlier outlook to the rest of humankind. If alien visitors turn out to be hostile, it’ll be us against them, meaning we’ll need to band together to fight for humanity’s survival—we just won’t make it if we’re still trying to kill each other over trivial differences.

Taking steps now to understand other viewpoints and cultures will make it that much easier to be a team player when the big event happens. Start looking at politics, religion and general social points from perspectives outside of your own. At the very least, you’ll be growing as a person, and best case scenario, you’ll be getting ready for what comes next.


Stay Up on Research

In the past few years, several fascinating documentaries have elucidated research on several physical specimens that gives much more credibility to the idea of alien life. Among those is the well-know film Sirius, now available on Netflix for those with appropriate regional access (US based watchers).  Viewers outside of the US can use a Virtual Private Network to get past said restrictions.

Unidentified Alien Hand-3.jpg

There’s also the curious discovery in Peru of what appears to be an alien’s hand and head.  These finds give us clues to what extraterrestrial life might be like and may even be used to help us prepare mentally for what we’ll be seeing when they arrive.

If you find ancient civilization to be more reliable, consider reading up on ancient paintings, glyphs and physical depictions of alien visitors. Tons of evidence exists that we’ve already been visited by alien life, and these vestiges of the old world could very well be there to help us out.

norway's Seed Vault

Prepare a Vault

It’s a scary thought, but we have to be ready in the event ET’s aren’t a benevolent race that has come to help us. There’s a distinct possibility they may come here to completely eradicate humanity to pave the way for unimpeded extraction of this planet’s lush resources.

To avoid becoming extinct or forced labor, you’d do well to plan yourself a fallout shelter. The best shelters are somewhat divorced from civilization but can be accessed in a reasonable hurry (no more than a day or two of travel at most). Underground lodgings, housing in the mountains or any shelter in an unpopulated area makes for a great spot to hole up in the event of an emergency.

Keep in mind that you might need to bunk up for a long time. Having a temporary storage of food and water is essential initially, followed by a means to be sustainable, such as by gardening or raising livestock. Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’ll want to plan your shelter with a few other people to make it more affordable and to spread the work around.

On the bright side, if the alien civilization isn’t hostile, you’ll be left with a very functional vacation spot to get away from it all at your leisure. Planning for the worst needn’t be an exercise in paranoia if handled correctly, and learning survival skills is useful no matter what.

Become Self-Sufficient

If things turn to a free-for-all and it’s every man for himself, you’ll need the skills to survive on your own without the help of society. Technology could fail, neighbors could turn on one another and our entire civilization would be turned upside down with no government to protect us.

With proper preparation, this sort of “end times” scenario shouldn’t concern you any more than other potential disasters. The key things to become proficient at include: first aid for tending to injuries, foraging for food in the wilderness, growing basic foods, operating firearms and preparing game meats (things like drying, smoking, preserving, etc.)

Other useful skills include mechanical work for repairing broken electronics and basic tool sense for working on structures in need of repair. You may not have a reliable source of electricity or fuel, so it’s best to rely on manual tools such as saws and hammers.

All of these skills can be acquired over time without too much effort. For those you don’t get to, consider stockpiling physical books and manuals so that you can read up in a pinch. Remember YouTube probably won’t be a reliable source for teaching material if an alien attack knocks out the entire grid.


Don’t Panic

However you choose to prepare for tomorrow’s alien arrival, remember not to stress yourself out too much. We truly don’t know the exact nature of alien life or when they’ll arrive; all we can do is prepare ourselves for the day it happens. Freaking out or frantically preparing for the end times won’t make things any better.

Consider your preparations as a way to live a better life and a way to be prepared for anything. Remember that we could always be our own undoing before aliens even arrive, so it never hurts to have a backup plan.

How will you prepare yourself for aliens coming to Earth?

Sandra Right

About the Author: Sandra is an ET and UFO enthusiast that knows there’s more to the universe than just us.  Besides reading about the latest finds, she always keeps an eye to the sky in hopes of one day having an encounter of her own…

 If you’d like to check out my work, you can see some of my posts at these links:




Mark McCandlish: Master of Aerospace Illustration

Mark McCandlish is an accomplished aerospace illustrator and has worked for many of the top aerospace corporations in the United States.

His colleague, Brad Sorenson, with whom he studied, has been inside a facility at Norton Air Force Base, where he witnessed alien reproduction vehicles, or ARVs, that were fully operational and hovering.

In his testimony (delivered at the Secret Space Program Conference in San Francisco  2014),  you will learn that the US not only has operational antigravity propulsion devices, but we have had them for many, many years, and they have been developed through the study, in part, of extraterrestrial vehicles over the past fifty years.

In addition, we have the drawing from aerospace inventor Brad Sorenson of the devices that he saw, as well as a schematic of one of these alien reproduction vehicles – in some remarkable detail.

Mark MCandlish

Mark McCandlish was one of the principal speakers at the Secret Space Program-Breakaway Civilization Conference (sponsored  by GlobalBehm) in San Francisco, June 28-29th, 2014.  The text of his testimony follows below:


I work principally as a conceptual artist.  Most of my clients are in the defense industry.  I occasionally work directly for the military, but most the time I work for civilian corporations that are defense contractors and build weapons systems and things for the military. I’ve worked for all the major defense contractors: General Dynamics, Lockheed, Northrop, McDonald-Douglas, Boeing, Rockwell International, Honeywell, and Allied Signet Corporation.

Westover AFB

Westover Air Reserve Base, Chicopee, MA 01022


...As viewed from Outer Space

In 1967, when I was at Westover Air Force Base, one night before going to bed I saw this light moving across the sky; then it just kind of stopped, and there wasn’t any noise.

I took the dog back in the house, and I brought out my telescope and watched this thing through the telescope for about ten minutes.  In fact, the UFO was hovering directly over the facility where they kept the nuclear weapons – at the storage facility near the alert hangers at Westover Air Force Base.

It started to move off, and it moved off slowly and kind of wandered around the sky.  Then, all of a sudden it was gone, like it had been fired out of a gun.  It was out of sight in just a second or two!

Well, it all started coming together when I was working at IntroVision, and John Eppolito talked about this interview that he had done with a person who had, for some reason, wound up walking up to, or near a hangar at a section of a military Air Force base.

John had seen a flying saucer in a hangar, and then he was arrested – hauled off, blindfolded, and debriefed – that sort of thing.  Then I learned that this fellow, Mark Stambough, had developed an experiment that created a kind of levitation.  In some circles it’s been called electrogravitic levitation, or antigravity.

What he did, apparently, was acquire a high voltage power source – a DC (direct current) power source, and he took a couple of quarter-inch-thick copper plates about a foot in diameter, with a lead coming out of the middle of each one at the top and the bottom.

Then, he basically embedded them in a type of plastic resin like polycarbonate or Plexiglas, or some other kind of clear resin where you could see the plates, and you could see the material.

Apparently, he did everything he could to get all the little air bubbles and stuff out of there, so there wouldn’t be any pathways for the electricity to break down the material and arc through them. The experiment was to see how much voltage you could put on this capacitor – the sub-plate capacitor – in this arrangement; how much voltage could you put on this thing before the insulating material begins to just break down?

Well, he got up to about a million volts, and the thing would begin to float, and it floated in accordance with principles that had been described in a patent that was filed back in the late 1950s/early 1960s by a gentleman called Thomas Townsend Brown. Brown and another individual by the name of Dr. Biefield had done this, so this effect became known as the Biefield-Brown Effect.

Well, Stambough apparently duplicated the experiments done by Biefield and Brown, [and] the one aspect they found about this arrangement was that the levitation or movement would occur in the direction of the positively-charged plate.

So, if you had two plates, one is negative, and one is positive because of the direct current system. If you have the positive plate on top, it would move in that direction. If you had it on a pendulum, it would always swing in whatever direction the positive plate was facing.

Later, I got a call from a kid that I had known in school, a fellow by the name of Brad Sorensen. He apparently had recognized my name [from some work I had done in a magazine], and had contacted the art director who gave him my phone number, and he called me up. It turned out that he had gone to work for a design firm in the Glendale/Pasadena area of California and ultimately wound up acquiring most of the clientele for this particular agency.

In the process, he developed a business practice where he would create conceptual designs and products for different clients. The way he structured his business [was to] set it up so that if he came up with some new and novel design, something that was patentable, the client would pay to have the patent secured. Then he would agree, if the patent was in his name, to license it exclusively to them and no one else, and they would pay him royalties. So, he got his clients to pay for all these patents, and he had all these royalties coming in, and he was a millionaire before 30.

So, this is Brad Sorensen coming back to me eight years after school, and we’re talking, and he’s telling me all these interesting stories. There was an air show that was coming up at Norton Air Force Base, which used to be an active Air Force base right on the eastern fringe of San Bernardino in Southern California.

I suggested that we get together and go to this air show. I had heard that they were going to have a fly-by (a flying demonstration) by the SR-71 Blackbird, and he seemed to know a lot about it, so I said, well, let’s do that. It turned out [that] at the last minute, the magazine Popular Science came back again and [told me] they had some really, really crazy deadline for another illustration, and they wanted to know if I could do it over the weekend, so I had to beg off on this air show.


Brad had already made arrangements to go, and he was going to bring one of his clients with him. It turned out that this client was a tall, thin, white-haired man with glasses [and] an Italian-sounding last name.

He was already a millionaire in his own right and was in civilian life again after having been either a Secretary of Defense or an Under-Secretary of Defense. Brad wanted me to meet this gentleman, and if I had known this at the time, I probably would have told the magazine to wait, because I had no idea at that point what I was going to be missing out on.

Believe me, I’ve kicked myself ever since, because the following week, after Brad got back home, he called me up and told me about the air show. He told me about what he had seen there: apparently, right about the time the Air Force flying demonstration team, the Thunderbirds, were planning to begin their show, this gentleman that Brad was with said, “Follow me,” and they [went] walking down to the other end of the airfield, away from where the crowds were, to this huge hangar that’s at Norton Air Force Base.  I don’t remember the building number, but it’s got to be one of the largest hangars in the Air Force inventory.


In fact, on the base it was called The Big Hangar.  It looks like four giant Quonset hut style hangars that are all connected in the middle, with shops and work areas out around the edges, and there is sort of a divider in the middle.

[See the testimony of Lieutenant Colonel John Williams. SG]

This gentleman took Brad down there.  He said, “I’m here to talk to the guy who is running the show,” so the guard goes in and out comes the same guard with a gentleman in a three-piece suit, who immediately recognizes this fellow that Brad is with: this fellow whom I speculate was probably Frank Carlucci. They go inside, and immediately after getting inside the door, this fellow apparently passes Brad off as his aide to this fellow who is managing the exhibit that’s going on inside this hangar.

This exhibit is for some of the local politicians who are cleared for high security information, [plus] some of the local military officials.

Well, as soon as they walk in, Brad is told by this fellow that he is with, “There are a lot of things in here that I didn’t expect they were going to have on display – stuff you probably shouldn’t be seeing. So, don’t talk to anybody, don’t ask any questions, just keep your mouth shut, smile and nod, but don’t say anything – just enjoy the show. We’re going to get out of here as soon as we can.”

(A.R.V) Alien Reproduction Vehicle with Mark McCandlish – YouTube

In the process, the host or the person running the show was very engaging with the gentleman that Brad was with, so they bring them in, and they are showing them everything. There was the losing prototype from the B-2 Stealth Bomber competition. They also had what was called the Lockheed Pulsar, nicknamed the Aurora.

These things had the ability to be just about anywhere in the world 30 minutes after launch, with the capability of 121 nuclear warheads – you know, probably 10-15 megaton weapons – a tactical type nuclear reentry vehicle.

So, getting back to Brad’s story at Norton Air Force Base: one of the other things he said was that after they showed them all of these aircraft, they had a big black curtain that divided the hangar into two different areas. Behind these curtains was another big area, and inside this area they had all the lights turned off; so, they go in and they turn the lights on, and here are three flying saucers floating off the floor – no cables suspended from the ceiling holding them up, no landing gear underneath – just floating, hovering above the floor. They had little exhibits with a videotape running, showing the smallest of the three vehicles sitting out in the desert, presumably over a dry lakebed – someplace like Area 51. It showed this vehicle making three little quick, hopping motions; then [it] accelerated straight up and out of sight, completely disappearing from view in just a couple of seconds – no sound, no sonic boom – nothing.

They had a cut-away illustration, pretty much like the one I’ll show you in a little bit, that showed what the internal components of this vehicle were, and they had some of the panels taken off so you could actually look in and see oxygen tanks and a little robotic arm that could extend out from the side of the vehicle for collecting samples and things. So, obviously, this is a vehicle that not only is capable of flying around through the atmosphere, but it’s also capable of going out to space and collecting samples, and it’s using a type of propulsion system that doesn’t make any noise. As far as he could see, it had no moving parts and didn’t have any exhaust gases or fuel to be expended – it was just there hovering.

So, he listened intently and collected as much information as he could, and when he came back, he told me how he had seen these three flying saucers in this hangar at Norton Air Force Base on November 12, 1988 – it was a Saturday. He said that the smallest was somewhat bell-shaped. They were all identical in shape and proportion, except that there were three different sizes. The smallest, at its widest part, was flat on the bottom, somewhat bell-shaped, and had a dome or a half of a sphere on top. The sides were sloping at about a 35-degree angle from pure vertical.

The panels that were around the skirt had been removed, so he could see one of these big oxygen tanks inside. He was very specific in describing the oxygen tanks as being about 16 to 18 inches in diameter, about 6 feet long, and they were all radially-oriented, like the spokes of a wheel. This dome that was visible on the top was actually the upper half of a big sphere-shaped crew compartment that was in the middle of the vehicle, and around the middle of this vehicle was actually a large plastic casting that had this big set of copper coils in it. He said it was about 18 inches wide at the top, and about 8 to 9 inches thick. It had maybe 15 to 20 stacked layers of copper coils inside of it.

The bottom of the vehicle was about 11 or 12 inches thick. In both cases, the coil and this large disc at the bottom were like a big plastic casting – sort of a greenish-blue, clear plastic, or it might have been glass. I determined, using my conceptual artist skills, that there were exactly 48 sections like thin slices of pizza pie, and each section within this casting probably weighed four or five tons, judging by the thickness and the diameter. It must have been monstrous in weight. It was full of half-inch-thick copper plates, and each of the 48 sections had 8 copper plates.

So, here we are back to the plate capacitors again, and the prospect of someone finding a way to use the Biefield-Brown effect – this levitation effect where you charge a capacitor to lift towards a positive plate. Now, when you’ve got eight plates stacked up in there, they alternate. It goes: negative positive, negative, positive, negative, positive – four times, so you ultimately wind up with the positive plates always being above a set of negative plates as you go up.

On the inside of the crew compartment was a big column that ran down through the middle, and there were four ejection seats mounted back-to-back on the upper half of this column. Then, right in the middle of the column, was a large flywheel of some kind.


Well, this craft was what they called the Alien Reproduction Vehicle.

It was also nicknamed the Flux Liner. This antigravity propulsion system – this flying saucer – was one of three that were in this hangar at Norton Air Force Base. [Its] synthetic vision system [used] the same kind of technology as the gun slaving system they have in the Apache helicopter: if [the pilot] wants to look behind him, he can pick a view in that direction, and the cameras slew in pairs. [The pilot] has a little screen in front of his helmet, and it gives him an alternating view. He [also] has a little set of glasses that he wears – in fact, you can actually buy a 3-D viewing system for your video camera now that does this same thing – so when he looks around, he has a perfect 3-D view of the outside, but no windows. So, why do they have no windows? Well, it’s probably because the voltages that we’re talking about [being] used in this system were probably something between, say, half a million and a million volts of electricity.

Now, he said there were three vehicles. The first one – the smallest, the one that was partially taken apart, the one that was shown in the video that was running in this hangar November 12, 1988 at Norton Air Force Base – was about 24 feet in diameter at its widest part, right at the base.  The next biggest one was 60 feet in diameter at the base.

Now, I started looking at the design of this thing, and it occurred to me that what I was looking at was a huge Tesla coil, which is kind of like an open-air transformer. What happens is that when you pass electricity through this large diameter coil, it creates a field. That’s what this system does: it takes electricity, using two large 24-volt marine-style batteries. You basically use that to somehow put an alternating current through these windings. [Then], you step up that electricity through the secondary coil, which is on the column in the middle, and you get this extremely high voltage. You can selectively put the voltage on any of these 48 capacitor sections.

Well, why would you want to do that?  If you’re using just a normal Tesla coil, you usually have maybe one or two capacitors in the whole system. But, you’re talking about a different type of capacitor here – you’re talking about capacitors that are made up of plates – plates that are shaped like long, thin triangles, and they are all radially-oriented just like the spokes of a wheel, just like the oxygen tanks, just like the field lines from that large diameter coil. As you look at this system, if you’re an electrician or just somebody who knows a little bit about Tesla coils and the way they are set up, you begin to realize that the orientation of components is really the key to making the system work.

Why so many different capacitor sections? If you just have one big disc like Mark Stambough did with his experiment at the University of [Arizona] – which, by the way, was confiscated by men claiming to be from the government and claiming privilege under the National Security Act. They took all this stuff, interviewed all the people that saw the experiments, and told everybody to keep their mouths shut and not talk about it. But, I heard about it from his roommate who knew what had happened. [Anyway], in that case, you have levitation, but you don’t get any control. You have this thing floating around, and it’s just sort of floating on whatever this field is that it’s producing, but you don’t have any control.

So, what happens? You break that disc up into 48 different sections, and then you can decide how much electricity you want to put on this side or over there on that side, so you can control the amount of electricity and the amount of thrust and vectoring that you get. You can make it go straight up, you can make it bank and turn and pitch – whatever you want to, by virtue of the fact that you can control where the electricity goes in those 48 different sections. If you ever take a circle and divide it up into 48 equal sections, you’ll find that those are really thin little slices. So, you have these 48 individual capacitors, and you have one big Tesla coil. You’ve got to have some kind of a rotating spark gap, just like the distributor in your car, that sends the electricity out to each of those sections. Then, you have to have some way of controlling how much electricity goes to each one.

[A disc-shaped craft like this has omnidirectional movement – it isn’t limited to moving in one direction like a jet with a nose and a tail. LW, after talking to McCandlish.]

Now, when Brad described the control system, he said that on the one side there was this big high-voltage potentiometer – it’s like a rheostat, a big controller. It allows you to put progressively more electricity through the system as you push the lever. On the other side of the control system, there was a sort of a metallic bar that came up like a stork’s neck, and right at the very tip of it was a sort of metallic-looking ball. Attached to that ball was a kind of a bowl that seemed to just hang off the bottom of the ball, almost like it was magnetically attached to it. He said the whole thing would just sit there, and it would kind of rock and list, almost like a large ship at anchor in a harbor on the ocean, floating on the water. It was literally on a sea of energy.

Dr. John Moray did experiments with different kinds of energy – something that may have been scalar energy – back in the early 1920s or the 1930s, I believe it was. He wrote a book called The Sea of Energy, and he describes this type of energy. Brad said that when this thing was moving around, the system wasn’t energized to its full strength, so components inside the ship were still subject to some influence by gravity. He [said] as it would start to list in one direction, the bowl, because of the influence of gravity, would swing in the same direction. As it started to tilt, it would slide over and it would power up the system on that side, and it would bring it back to a righted position all by itself. Completely unmanned, it would sit there, and it would correct itself just while it was sitting there.

It was all linked fiber-optically. Well, why would that make any difference? Why would you want to have a system that’s all linked fiber-optically? The reason is that if you find a way to control gravity, you reduce the mass of it. If you are able to do that, what are the other side benefits? What if you somehow found a way of tapping into this scalar field, this zero-point energy? If what the scientists believe is true, then the zero-point energy is actually what keeps the electrons around the atomic structure of everything in our universe. It keeps them energized – it keeps those little electrons spinning in their different clouds around the nucleus of every atom in our world. It keeps them going, keeps them from crashing into the nucleus like a satellite orbiting the Earth gets pulled into the atmosphere by gravitational drag. Well, if you have a way of interfering with that interaction, that absorption of zero-point energy by those electrons, they begin to slow down.

Every atom in the universe is just like a little gyroscope: it’s got all these electrons spinning around the nucleus, and they have a gyroscopic effect, which is the effect we call inertia and mass. We have one nucleus with a proton and a neutron and one electron – hydrogen – spinning around like that: not very much mass, not too much inertia. If you take uranium 235, [with] 235 electrons all spinning around in their different clouds, there is a lot of mass; there is a lot of inertia, because it’s like a bigger gyroscope, in a way. At least, that’s the analogy that I’ve kind of picked up here. But, if you have a way of interfering with that absorption of zero-point energy so those electrons become de-energized, they begin to slow down. The effect of that inertia, that gyroscopic effect, begins to drop off, and the mass drops off too, even though the atomic structure is intact; and it’s still there – it’s still uranium, but it’s not as heavy.

One of the things Einstein said was that you could never accelerate anything up to and past the speed of light. If you did, you would have to have all the energy in the universe, because as you accelerate through space, mass increases. One of the old films showing this concept shows a train going faster and faster towards the speed of light, but the train keeps getting bigger and bigger until the engine just can’t pull it, so it can never pass the speed of light.

But, what if you have a system, a device, that absorbs that zero-point energy and prevents it from interacting with the atomic structure of the vehicle? And at the same time, it’s providing additional power to the capacitor section – this whole electrical system that is going on in the vehicle, that’s running. In effect, the faster you go, the easier it becomes to go up to and exceed the speed of light.

Brad said that in this exhibit at Norton Air Force Base, a three star general said that these vehicles were capable of doing light speed or better. Oh, by the way, the largest of these vehicles was about 120 to 130 feet in diameter. I mean, that’s massive when you think about it – it’s just huge.

There is a scientist in Utah by the name of Moray B. King – he wrote a book called Tapping the Zero Point Energy. What he maintains is that this energy is embedded in space-time all around us; it’s in everything we see. I think it was James Clerk Maxwell who speculated that there’s enough of this flux, this electrical charge, in the nothingness of space, that if you could capture all the energy that was embedded in just a cubic yard of space, you’d have enough energy to boil the oceans of the entire world. That’s how much energy is sitting there waiting to be tapped. Now, one of the things that Moray B. King said was that the best way to tap that energy is by driving it out of equilibrium. It’s just like a bunch of cigarette smoke in a box, but if you somehow send a shockwave through it, you can get force – you can get ripples through it. Then, if you have a way of collecting that energy at the other end, you have a way of tapping into it and using it. This Alien Reproduction Vehicle, this Flux Liner, has a way of doing that somehow, electronically. Now, Brad had described the fact that this central column has a kind of vacuum chamber in it. The vacuum chamber is one of the things that all of these scientists describe in these over-unity or free energy devices they build. They all have some kind of vacuum tubes, vacuum technology.

Brad maintained that inside this big vacuum chamber in the central column that’s inside everything else – inside the flywheel, inside the secondary coils of the Tesla coil, inside the crew compartment – there is mercury vapor. Mercury vapor will conduct electricity, but it produces all kinds of ionic effects. These little molecules of mercury become charged in unusual ways, and if you fire a tremendous amount of electricity through mercury vapor that’s in a partial vacuum, there is something special, something unusual that happens in that process.

I believe it’s the process that Moray [King] came to describe when he [proposed] driving the energy in the vacuum out of equilibrium, putting some kind of a shockwave through it.

Now, the other thing that I believe happens here, is that as this system begins to tap into this zero-point energy and is drawing it away from the local environment, the whole craft becomes lighter in weight – it becomes partially mass-canceled, if you will, which is one of the reasons why just a little bit of energy in the capacitors could shoot it all over the place.

One of the things that I believe happens, is when you take a system like this and you fire it up, everything in the system starts to become mass-canceled. The next thing that happens is that the electrons that are flowing through the system also become mass-canceled. What does that mean? It means as that system and all the electrons flowing through that big Tesla coil become mass-canceled, it also becomes the perfect super-conductor, which means the efficiency of the systems goes right through the ceiling. You get dramatic efficiency, just like the whole thing was dunked into liquid nitrogen or made out of pure silver or pure gold, which at certain temperatures are perfect conductors – it becomes lighter and can accelerate at incredible speeds.

[The faster it goes, the lighter it gets, and the faster it’s able to go. LW, after talking to McCandlish]

In 1992, I met a man named Kent Sellen and, as it turned out, Kent Sellen and I had a mutual friend: a fellow by the name of Bill Scott, or William Scott, who was a local editor for a trade publication called Aviation Week and Space Technology.

Bill Scott used to be a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base back in the early 1970s, and Kent Sellen had been a crew chief working on the plane that Bill Scott flew. So I was talking to Kent Sellen about this and he nodded his head and smiled a big wide grin, and he winked and he kind of said, “Yes, I know what you’re talking about.” I [asked], how do you know what I’m talking about? And he [said] “Because I’ve seen one.” At that point, I keyed in on something that John Eppolito of IntroVision had told me about something in a hangar – something that someone had seen in a hangar.

So, I [asked] Kent, when I’m meeting him at this air show at Edwards in 1992, was it flat on the bottom and had sloping sides and a dome on the top and little camera things? And he said, “Oh, you’ve seen one?” I said, let me borrow your pen. I took out a little piece of paper, drew a sketch, and I [asked] does it look like that? He said, “Yes, that’s it – that’s what it looks like.” I [asked] when did you see this? He [replied], “I saw it in 1973.” I [asked] where, when did you see it? He [responded], “I was a crew chief, [and] I worked on Bill Scott’s plane when he was a test pilot.”

He [told me] one night [his] shift supervisor [had told him]:

“Go out to North Base – they’ve got a ground power unit for an aircraft that’s leaking or failed or something, so we need you to take a tow vehicle out there. Go out, pick it up, bring it back, drop it off at the repair depot; then you can go for the night, because we’ve finished all our other work.”

Well, instead of going around the big perimeter road that goes up to the main entrance of North Base, Kent Sellen drove straight across the dry lake bed at Edwards to the North Base facility.  He [came] up off the dry lake bed, [rolled] right up on the tarmac, and [was] going down these rows of hangars – they [were] all Quonset-style hangars back then.  He [stopped] in front of the first one with the doors cracked, expecting to find this defective ground power unit, and what [did] he see? He [saw] this flying saucer sitting in the hangar, hovering off the ground.

ARV Alien Reproduction Vehicle

This brings me back to John Eppolito’s story about a guy who saw a UFO in a hangar sometime prior to 1982, when I met him.

I asked John, “What happened?”

He said:

“This thing was flat on the bottom, [with] sloping sides, little cameras in these little plastic domes all over, [and] there was a door on the side. I wasn’t there for 15 seconds, [when] I heard footsteps running up to me, and before I could even turn around and look, there was a machine gun barrel at my throat.”

Then a gruff voice said:

“Close your eyes and get on the ground, or we’re going to blow your head off.”

They put a hood over his head, blindfolded him, hauled him off, and they spent 18 hours debriefing him.  While they did, they told him things about this vehicle that my buddy Brad didn’t even know.

Brad had said that all of the components in the system were off-the-shelf components – things that you could find right in the inventory. They [had] their own oxygen supply, and he [said] they [ejected] once they [got] below 15,000 feet. The individual seats [came] down off this central column on a set of rails, just like little railroad cars. They [came] off one-by-one, and the parachutes [came] out, and away they [went].

I looked at all this information that I got from Brad, and I realized there was a mechanical arm that could extend out from these little trap doors that [opened] up on the side of the vehicle.

It [was] obvious that these things [were] capable of space travel. 10 or 15 years ago, I was talking to Tom Bearden about scalar effects. One of the things that he said, just off the top of his head, was:

“Have you ever wondered why the NASA budget has been cut back so severely? It’s because they’ve got all this other technology that is so much better, so much faster. They are so much better than rocket-propelled spaceships that take months, sometimes years, to get to the outer reaches of the solar system.”

Why would you put millions and millions of dollars into what amounts to a public works program for scientists?

Why invest all that money when you have this classified system that’s used exclusively by the National Security Agency, the CIA, or Air Force Intelligence?

It will go anywhere in the solar system in hours, compared to months or years.

Why spend all that money on NASA when you’ve got something that will go there right now?”

When people speculate that there [might] be manned bases on the back side of the moon or there might be bases on Mars, I can tell you that I am almost positive that that’s true. In fact, I am positive that it’s true.

I have met another man who knows about these things. He said,:

“I work at the B-2 bomber facility out at Plant 42 in Palmdale and Lancaster. Catty-corner across from the big production facility for the B-2 bomber, down at the southwest corner of the field is the Lockheed Skunkworks – it’s that huge complex down there.”

I said, “Yes, I know exactly where that is.”

He said:

“In the summer of 1992, I was outside about 10:30 at night, because I work a late shift and was smoking a cigarette, and I noticed that the sheriff’s deputies were blocking off all of the streets surrounding Plant 42. They do that anytime there is a classified aircraft that is coming in to land or is departing from Plant 42.”

He continued:

“I noticed all the streets being blocked off, and sitting out in front of this hangar [was] this circular formation of vehicles – but they [were] really weird vehicles. They [were] like a little tractor with a turret on it, and the turret [had] a big mechanical arm with a basket on the end of it. It’s the kind of thing that electrical linemen use to work on high-tension power lines, but the baskets [were] all up in the air, and strung from each one of the baskets in this big circle is this big black curtain that [came] down, and there [was] a rope that [tied] them all together.

He said, “I looked up above the circular vehicle, and at about 500 feet was this big, black lens-shaped flying saucer, just sitting there above the vehicles. Out of the midst of this group of vehicles [came] a man with a big blue-green handheld flashlight. He shined it up at the vehicle and flashed it three times. There were three blue-green lights underneath the vehicle, and they flashed back at him three times.”

“Then this thing [lowered] down into [the] cluster of vehicles. The arms all [extended] out over the center and [covered] this craft all up with the curtain – then they all [trundled] into the hangar. The doors [closed], lights [came] on, [and] the sheriffs [left].”

He said he smoked a lot of cigarettes for the next week after that, waiting to see something else, and a week later his patience was rewarded when the whole process reversed itself.  He said that the lights [went] out, the doors [opened], [and] this cluster of vehicles [came] out.  The arms all [stood] up, and after a while, this thing silently [rose] up to about 500 feet above the vehicles. The guy came out with the flashlight, flashed three times, and it flashed its lights at him three times.

Then he said this thing took off, covering the entire length of the runway, which is right next to the B-2 facility.  

It went past him and disappeared into the dark in under two seconds – and this vehicle did it without any noise, without any supersonic shock wave, no sonic boom, nothing – just like it had been fired from a canon. He said it changed [his] life. It changed his whole perspective, because then he knew they had anti-gravity – massless propulsion.

He said that they had technology that they might have even recovered from some kind of a spacecraft that came from God-knows-where – some other star system – but, he said the fact was they had it.

We have found a patent filed by a James King Jr., and this patent looks just like this system except that instead of having a dome for a crew compartment, it has a cylinder in the center.  The design has the same shape, the flat bottom, and the sloping sides.   It has the coils around the circumference, [and] it has the capacitor plates that are all radially-oriented. This patent was filed initially in 1960 [and] was secured in 1967 – the same year that a photo was taken near Provo, Utah that looks just like [this craft].

Fluxliner ARV UFO 1

The clincher is the guy who filed the patent worked with Townsend Brown. Townsend Brown had worked at a laboratory near Princeton, New Jersey with a scientist by the name of Agnew Bahnson in the Bahnson Laboratories.

They did all these experiments that they were calling electrogravitic propulsion.

There is [a] video that was converted from the 16-millimeter film that was shot by Agnew Bahnson’s daughter.  Originally it was called “Daddy’s Laboratory”, and it shows all these experiments that Bahnson and Thomas Townsend Brown did, along with their assistant James King [J. Frank King], who filed the patent.

That film shows little discs levitating and shooting off sparks and stuff. So, it all kind of comes full circle.


You see that now, they not only have the technology, they’ve got the technology in deployment. Not only does it fly but it looks just like the patents that were filed back in the 1960s – the same year the photos were taken near Area 51 – between Area 51 and Provo, Utah, by a military pilot.  It shows all the same features; it shows all the same shapes.

So, the bottom line for me is that regardless of whether you understand all the fine points of the technology, the technology exists and there are people that have seen it.  I have seen these things myself, so to me it’s just really a matter of time before they bring this technology out of the black and begin to let us use it for other things like pollution-free production of energy.  You could probably take a couple of little things that look like those flying saucers and put them around a crank shaft and use them to drive an engine, pollution-free – no use of fuel.

Anyway, the only other thing that I could say, is that when I was talking about the fiber optic control system, that’s also one of the things that goes back to the original Roswell account that there were all these little fibers with light going through them, and they couldn’t explain what this stuff was.

Well, why would you need a fiber optic system in a spaceship?

If, suddenly, everything in the vehicle becomes mass-canceled, and even the electrons become mass-canceled, it means that all of the telemetry that’s going through your system is going to go haywire.  It’s going to be like, suddenly, the system goes through a phase change, and everything is super-conducting.

So, you have to have some way of maintaining the same level of control for your spark gaps – the control of the amount of electricity that goes out of the capacitors – so that when you change the control stick, you still get the same amount of movement and deflection in the system, even when you go into a state of mass-cancellation or partial mass-cancellation, because the electrons are also mass-canceled, so they become super-conducting circuits.

Why use fiber optics?

Because photons have no mass, so they are unaffected.That means any information, any telemetry that you send back and forth to your computer gets there.

It doesn’t matter if the computer functions at the super-conducting level, because it just makes it faster, more efficient, smarter.

You want to be able to control the aircraft so it doesn’t crash, and what’s the best way to do it?  

… With fiber optics.

Mark McCandlish

July 13, 2017



The Secret Space Program – Breakaway Civilization Conference


By Deborah West

(Copyright 2014, Deborah West – All Rights Reserved)
 <Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

Secret Space Program & Breakaway Civilization Conference Panel 

June 28th – 29th, 2014 – San Matteo, CA 

SSP-BAC Panel Members From Left to Right:
                            Dr. Joseph Farrel, Mark McCandlish, Stephen Bassett, Henrik Palrmgren,                                   Michael Schratt, and Robert Morningstar
Photo credit: Aline Kras


Michael Vara & Robert Morningstar Radio Interviews Archived on Late Night in the Midlands

Below is an archive of the radio interviews conducted by Michael Vara & Robert Morningstar on Late Night in the Midlands since 2015.


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Robert Morningstar 3 Quarter Portrait 2010

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Michael Vara got tired of the main stream radio shows going along to get along and skipping over the truth to make friends or keep friends.

The LNM Radio Network is a branch off the cover show (Late Night in the Midlands) hosted by Michael Vara.

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Ghosts Roadside

Michael had two OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) at age 10 in which he was drawn out of his body, yet unable to leave the room,on both occasions, Michael attempted to leave the bed room only to open the door and find a closet, in other words, no matter what door he opened it only led to the closet.

Michael now wonders 35 years later if these so called OBE’s were more than meets the eye.



Michael would then have a third OBE in 2004, only this one was different.

Michael was met by his mother who had passed away in 2001,  She took Michael by the hand and took him to his past and told him his immediate future by showing him.

Further more Michael had witnessed several unidentified crafts in the sky on several different occasions and while he can not say if they were ours or theirs, he can say they were intelligently controlled craft and like nothing he had ever seen here on earth outside of the movies.

One particular night while outside his studio Michael looked up only to find a very large craft moving slowly just above the tree tops,amazed Michael pounded on the studio wall outside so that his wife Autumn may also see this amazing sight!


UFO Photo courtesy: http://worldufophotosandnews.org/?m=201112

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