By Brad Steiger

We are certain that many readers of UFO DIGEST are aware that scary horror movies and spooky television series are hotter than ever. As an author of over 180 books on the paranormal and the strange and unknown, I am often asked if it is true that a number of Hollywood stars have a great attraction to Satanism or if there are prominent actors who are active Satanists.


First, we must be cautious in defining Satanism and in suggesting certain Hollywood stars who may be–or have been– practicing Satanists. Satanism is a religion composed of a few small groups, which according to census figures in the United States and Canada, probably number less than 10,000 members.  


Satanism preaches indulgence in personal pleasure and claims to offer a counterculture alternative to the civil and religious establishments, but none of the Satanic cults, such as the Church of Satan or the Temple of Set, worship a Satan that commands demons and seduces human souls into Hell. To these cultists, Satan represents a force of nature that inspires their own individual expressions of virility and sexuality.anton lavey

Anton Szandor LaVey established The Church of Satan in 1966, but there are many kinds of free-form Satanism, mostly symptomatic of sexual unrest and moral rebellion.

There are also those individuals who, for a time, dabble in the occult, ceremonial magick, and other freelance rituals and who may declare themselves as Satanists. These individuals are essentially faddists, generally inspired by a current motion picture or television series that popularizes Satanism or Witchcraft, and their interest in Satanism is very short-lived.

Such religious cults as Santeria, Wicca, Voodoo, and various neo-pagan groups are often incorrectly identified as satanic, and it has been suggested by some that the statistics quoted by certain Christian evangelists, warning of millions of Satan worshippers, quite likely include all non-Christian religions as satanic, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.


Satan and the Black Arts have greatly intrigued filmmakers since the days of silent films. The devil has been a featured player in motion pictures since the earliest days of the cinema, beginning with Georges Melies’ Cabinet de Mephistopheles in 1897.

The ancient tale of Faust, in which the satanic figure of Mephistopheles tempts the alchemist Dr. Faustus, was first filmed in 1900 with at least six subsequent versions until the Emil Jannings’ definitive portrayal in 1925. (In 1967, Andreas Teuber assumed the role of Mephistopheles in Doctor Faustus with Richard Burton playing Faust.)

Rex Ingram, the director of such major films as the 1921 version of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, starring Valentino, was fascinated with Aleister Crowley, the notorious magician, who was self-dubbed “the wickedest man in the world” and claimed to be an expression of “666,” the Antichrist.  Rumors have persisted since the 1950s, that Crowley lived in Pasadena long enough in the 1920s to have founded a black magic coven, whose membership remains active.  Some researchers insist that Charles Manson, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan (the assassin of Robert Kennedy), and Richard (“Night Stalker”) Ramirez were initiates of this coven.

Rudolph Valentino relied on advice from his spirit guide Meselope, and Rudy’s wife, Natacha Rambova, was a spirit medium, who channeled The Great Lover himself after his death in 1926.  Mae West wrote many scripts directed by spirit control while in a trance.  Peter Sellers was an outspoken advocate of spirit guidance.

Lee Marvin, Susan Strasberg, John Travolta, Linda Evans, Elke Sommer, Clint Walker, Lindsay Wagner, Sylvester Stallone, Ernest Borgnine, Ann Miller, Glenn Ford, Tina Turner, Robin Williams, Gary Busey, Willie Nelson, and, of course, Shirley MacLaine are only a few of the many Hollywood celebrities who have had mystical experiences and who have become spiritual seekers. But surely, one could not interpret their interest in the so-called supernatural to be in any way “satanic.”

satan haxan_thumb[2]

At the same time, many paranormal researchers have found evidence that negative and demonic entities are preternaturally attracted to Hollywood and its environs.  

Hollywood Pentagrams

Well-known actors who have impersonated Satan for motion pictures include Adolphe Menjou in The Sorrows of Satan (1927); Walter Huston in All That Money Can Buy (1941), based on the Stephen Vincent Benet short story, “The Devil and Daniel Webster” and later reissued under that title; Rex Ingram in Cabin in the Sky (1943); Laird Cregar in Heaven Can Wait (1943); Cedric Hardwicke in Bait (1954); Claude Rains in Angel Over My Shoulder (1946); Vincent Price in The Story of Mankind (1957); Ray Walston in Damn Yankees, (1958); Lon Chaney Jr. in The Devil’s Messenger (1962); Donald Pleasance in The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965); Vittorio Gassman in The Devil in Love (1967); Peter Cook in Bedazzled (1967); Ralph Richardson in Tales from the Crypt (1971); Joseph Cotten in The Devil’s Daughter (1973); Bill Cosby in The Devil and Max Devlin (1981); Jack Nicholson in The Witches of Eastwick (1987); Robert De Niro in Angel Heart (1987); Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate (1997); Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled (2000); Harvey Keitel in Little Nicky (2000); Ian Holm in Simon Magus (2000) and Gabriel Byrne in End of Days (2000).

Haxan Black Mass

There have been numerous motion pictures depicting devil worship and Satanism.  Among the better ones are The Black Cat(1934) with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi; The Seventh Victim (1943) with Kim Hunter and Hugh Beaumont; Night [Curse] of the Demon (1957) with Dana Andrews and Nial MacGinnis; Eye of the Devil (1966) with David Niven and Deborah Kerr; The Devil’s Own (1966) with Joan Fontaine; The Devil Rides Out [The Devil’s Bride] (1968) with Christopher Lee; Rosemary’s Baby (1968) with Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes; The Ninth Gate (1999) with Johnny Depp and Frank Langella; Bless the Child (2000) with Kim Basinger; Lost Souls (2000) with Winona Ryder and Ben Chapin.

In the vast majority of the films listed above, Satan and/or his followers are defeated or thwarted by the forces of good. Rosemary’s Baby was the first highly popular film to leave audiences gasping at the devil’s triumph.

Anton La Vey believed that “The Satanic Age” began about the year 1966 and that Rosemary’s Baby was a significant precursor of many such films to come.  The Roman Catholic Legion of Decency gave Rosemary’s Baby a “C” (condemned) rating when it was released in 1968 because of its “perverted use …of fundamental Christian beliefs, especially the events surrounding the birth of Christ, and its mockery of religious persons and practices….”

When I spoke with Anton La Vey after the release of Rosemary’s Baby, he said that he was enormously pleased with the impact of the film on theater audiences.  He felt confident that people would get the message that in order to achieve material gain, to avenge themselves on enemies, to secure the favors of reluctant lovers, or to achieve other worldly benefits, they should make deals with the devil.  La Vey predicted a great many new horror films that would reveal that apparently “nice” people often reveal themselves to be the devil’s disciples, actively working to further the cause of the Prince of Darkness, and that most of the films ended on a note of triumph for evil, rather than for the forces of good.

Rosemary’s Baby, was a good beginning,” La Vey said, “but it wasn’t as explicit as the public could have been fed. They are not quite ready to see the devil turn out to be the hero and ride off into the sunset with the white hat. Of course, that is the inevitable end result, but it has to be approached gradually, so that now what you see in many films is an impasse where evil is not really defeated.”

At the time we spoke, La Vey was particularly pleased with The Devil’s Daughter, a 1972 made-for-television production starring Joseph Cotton.

“This movie was great for Satanists,” La Vey explained, “for Cotton, a supposedly saintly attorney, turns out to be the devil in the end.  This is excellent.  It shows that all those people who appeared to be such good folks were really the Satanists.  And this, of course, is the way it really is.  The nice couple next door or that executive whom you think is Mr. Nice Guy is a Satanist. The kindly doctor you know or the guy who runs the boys’ club or the little league happens to be a satanic priest.  This is the way it really is.”

Ironically, Roman Polanski, the director-husband of actress Sharon Tate, was a bemused skeptic who doubted the reality of the supernatural.  

In 1968, he completed Rosemary’s Baby, a film about a woman who is deceived into giving birth to the Antichrist.  Based on the novel by Ira Levin, the motion picture boasted a superb cast, including Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon, Maurice Evans, Ralph Bellamy, and Sidney Blackmer.

Polanksi said in interviews that he had never considered the possibility that contemporary Satanism could exist outside the pages of a screenplay or a book.  In fact, he admitted that his sole research for the film had been to examine one volume on the subject in order to obtain the symbols to be painted on Mia Farrow’s nude body for the scene in which Satan impregnates her.

Sharon Tate - Sunday News

On August 8, 1969, Polanski’s pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was viciously murdered by assailants who were obeying the instructions of Charles Manson, a man who declared himself to be the Antichrist.  Abigail Folger, 26, had been stabbed in the chest and other parts of her body. Wojeciech Frykowski, 37, had been stabbed and shot. Jay Sebring and Tate had been stabbed repeatedly and were linked by a white nylon rope that had been tied about their necks and extended over an exposed beam in the ceiling of the living room.  A black hood covered Sebring’s head.  Immediate pressure was leveled at the authorities to learn the identity of the killer or killers, and as the investigation got under way, a number of disturbing things were unearthed.  

When Jay Sebring’s car was found to contain various drugs and torture implements, stories began to leak out about the kind of parties Sharon Tate’s crowd liked to give.

As one of the peripheral members of the group told it: “The beginning of the party could be just like the normal-type party given anywhere in Hollywood, but then, around 1 A.M.–or whenever the ‘straights’ went home–Jay would bring out his goodies. That’s when the real party would begin.”

According to certain individuals who claimed to have been participants in some of the parties, Jay’s “goodies” generally included both hallucinogenic and hard drugs, as well as artifacts associated with satanic rites.  Once, according to informants, Jay had even thrown a Lucifer party in which all the guests came dressed in black and were told to utter specific incantations as they entered the house.  The very instances under which the bodies of Jay and Sharon were found appeared to indicate the influence of black magic on the murderers.

Whether or not Joan Crawford dabbled in Satanism, it seems that her home somehow became a center for demonic negativity.  Sherry and I visited the Crawford home after mysterious fires had broken out repeatedly in the master bedroom.  The current owners of the house had called in the Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center to exorcise the house.  Rev. Bruyere found many spirits in the house and picked up that at one time there had been strange rituals conducted in the home.

Christina Crawford, Joan’s adopted daughter, told us that Joan’s relationship with men was extremely violent.  Christina said that she had always seen and felt strange things in the home: “Now, evidently, the walls are starting to catch fire! Other people have heard children’s cries in the walls! Every single owner has had trouble. The first one was Crawford. She built the majority of the house. It was a small cottage when she bought it, but most of the house, she built. Every single family that has lived in that house has had horrible things happen.”

Christina said that the last words that Joan Crawford uttered were to a woman who was kneeling at the foot of her bed, praying for her. “As she was dying,” Christina said, “Crawford opened her eyes and said directly to the woman, ‘Don’t you dare ask God to help me!’ . . . and then she died.”

It was such arrogance, Christina said, that she believes is a major part of the difficulty with the seemingly accursed house.  “She was capable of real evil,” she said . “If you have never experienced that look from another human being, it is almost impossible to believe that such an experience could even exist! I think perhaps that’s why so many people are unwilling to deal with the shadow side because they can’t really get themselves to believe that such a dimension exists. My brother and I were absolutely terrified of her. In fact, there is a passage in Mommie Dearest that describes ‘the look‘ on her face when she tried to kill me when I was thirteen. We all saw that look. My brother and I talked about it extensively. . . it was not of an ordinary human being!”

Jayne Mansfield Hollywood Babylon

Although Jayne Mansfield is the Hollywood star most associated in the popular mind with the Church of Satan, Bob Slatzer told Sherry and me that Anton La Vey once caused Marilyn Monroe’s spirit form to materialize.  Slatzer, who had briefly been married to Monroe, met Anton La Vey and his wife at the home of a movie studio publicity man. During their conversation, he learned that La Vey was fascinated with Marilyn Monroe.

La Vey believed that about every eleven years astrologically, a cycle would repeat itself and the “dark of moon” would come back on Saturday, August the 4th, just as in 1962 when Marilyn had died.  

La Vey needed some one who knew Marilyn very well to help manifest her.  Bob agreed to La Vey’s making all the arrangements and picking him up about 10:30 P.M.  La Vey had received permission from the then-current owner of Marilyn’s home to be there. Although she would be closing the gate, they were welcome to sit in the cul-de-sac.

Bob told us that he clearly recalled sitting in the front seat on the passenger’s side with Anton; La Vey’s wife was in the backseat.  Anton had a tape recorder with prerecorded songs from Marilyn’s films.  “At about 11:45 P.M.,” Bob said, “La Vey began reading something he had written. It was sort of like tongues or a chant or something. I didn’t recognize it. About 12:15 A.M., the night was still. Not one single blade of grass was moving. All of a sudden, a terrific wind came up! It seemed as if we were in a hurricane for three or four minutes, yet nothing else on either side of the road was moving.”

Then from out of nowhere the figure of a woman appeared in front of them. Bob Slatzer said it was as if somebody set her there.  She had on white slacks with a little black-and-white, splash-pattern top, little white loafers, and 1 could see a shock of blond hair.  She started walking toward the car.  The woman was highly recognizable as Marilyn Monroe! Anton’s wife had practically turned white and looked almost petrified!

Marilyn hesitated for a minute, her hands clasped.  It didn’t appear that she was looking directly at the car, but she seemed to be looking at an angle past them.  Then she turned to her left and slowly started to walk down the middle of the boulevard.  La Vey appeared as if he was frozen and stuck in a fixed position.

Slatzer saw that the spirit of Marilyn Monroe was about three-fourths of the way down the street.  He got out of the car and walked as fast and as quietly as he could.  When he was about 150 feet away from her, she turned, and as she turned, walked to the middle of the street– and vanished into thin air.

Those who knew Jayne Mansfield insist that she never became a Satanist.  Some friends say that she was merely curious about its philosophy.  Others state that she came to embrace its doctrines in order to curse her former husband, Matt Climber, and to ensure her receiving custody of her fifth child, Antonio.

According to a friend, it was in November 1966 that Jayne and her boyfriend, Sam Brody, drove with a press agent to the black magic cathedral home of Anton La Vey.  Her friends say Jayne merely went to talk with the black magician and to view his satanic home. Others claim that the actress went to La Vey to ask his help in strengthening her career.

Mansfield & LaVey

The only agreement among friends and witnesses centers upon the intense dislike that Brody and La Vey expressed for one another.  One account has it that the satanic High Priest displayed two human skulls and a chalice with the warning that anyone who touched them would die.  Brody laughed at the malediction and touched the artifacts, defying La Vey, who supposedly told Brody that he was doomed and demanded that he, Jayne, and the publicist leave the satanic church at once.

We know that Jayne and Brody did return.  Some say that they did so in an effort to placate the High Priest of Darkness.  Others assert that the actress was hungry for publicity and knew that La Vey always got extensive press coverage for his antics.  The occasion for their return visit, states one account, was to allow Jayne to pose with Anton La Vey for a photo layout as an act of propitiation for Brody’s sacrilege.

La Vey brought out his two sacred skulls, a silver chalice, and a “demon weapon.”  He asked that Jayne pose in her trademark bikini, but she refused and wore a dress. She did, however, with the High Priest’s permission, pose with the fateful objects in her hands.

Brody had been opposed to Jayne’s posing with La Vey, but he promised to be on his best behavior.  Then, according to one account, he began to fondle the holy statue of a naked woman that stood at the altar of the satanic church.  When La Vey commanded him to cease, Brody sneered and blew out several black votive candles that surrounded the statue.

Haxan Magic Circle

Infuriated, La Vey proclaim that because Brody had angered Satan with his acts of disrespect and that he would die within a year.  Then, as Jayne’s friend May Mann remembers it, La Vey turned to the actress and warned her that if she continued her relationship with Brody, she, too, could face a tragic and sudden death.

Although Brody and Jayne made the decision to blow the curse off and to divert their attention from the malediction by enjoying a good dinner at La Scala, it was on that night that the first of their narrow escapes in a car occurred.  On the way home from the restaurant, they were hit by another car and the Mansfield vehicle was totally demolished. Brody and Jayne barely escaped with their lives.  

About a month later, Jayne’s five-year- old son, Zoltan, accompanied her to Jungleland in the suburb of Thousand Oaks, where she had agreed to pose for publicity photos.  While she looked on in horror, a so-called tame lion suddenly and without provocation jumped on Zoltan and began to maul the child.

As the boy underwent several emergency surgeries and his life hung on a perilously fragile thread, Jayne, according to detective Milo Speriglio, flew to San Francisco to plead with La Vey for Satan’s intervention to save her dying son.  Zoltan survived, and it is said that the actress credited the miracle to Satan and asked La Vey’ s forgiveness for Brody’s blasphemy.

Mansfiled Death Newspaper

Her pleas apparently were not heard.  On June 27, on U.S. Highway 90, Sam Brody and Jayne Mansfield were killed in a car accident.  Three of Jayne’s children, asleep in the backseat, escaped with minor injuries.

Jayne was not decapitated, as legend has the account of her death, but her long blond wig was torn from her head and the first look of the officers who arrived on the tragic scene misjudged the injuries.

Mansfield car crash

Spirit guides, ascended masters, secret doctrines, astrological charts, ghosts, and Ouija boards are as much a part of Hollywood in 2015 as they were in the 1920s, but none of these attempts to place meaning to one‘s life should be considered Satanic.

Mediumship, arcane teachings, tarot cards, and visionary experiences have always been fashionable among the citizens of the Hollywood hills.  The physical, mental, and emotional stresses of trying to make it in the movies or television, plus an actor’s own sensitive nature, may result in supernatural experiences that can more than equal on-camera fantasies.

Haxan - Silhouette


A True Story: Ghost by the Road

Ghosts Roadside 3
A Ghost by the Road:

A True Story

Edson C. Hendricks

(Copyright 2006-2015, Edson Hendricks – All Rights Reserved)

August 29, 2006  – Many years ago, probably in the autumn of 1969, I was driving with my wife and another couple in my 1965 Ford Econoline van somewhere in rural western Massachusetts.  I can’t recall where we’d been, probably on some weekend recreational outing, but I do recall we were returning to our homes in the Boston area. It was probably between 9:00 and 10:00 PM, very dark, with no moon.


Driving along the deserted two-lane road, I suddenly noticed a large middle-aged man lying on his stomach across the right shoulder, facing the road.  As I drove by at about 40 miles per hour, he tried to raise himself using his left arm, and waved his right arm above his head as if gesturing for help.  His dark clothing appeared ragged and soiled, and he seemed to be in severe distress.  His restricted movements and facial expression suggested to me that he was seriously injured, and in substantial pain.

As I braked to stop, I asked my male companion who was seated in the passenger seat whether he’d seen what I’d seen.  He said he had not.  I hastily parked the van on the shoulder of the rural road, and we both leaped out and ran back along the shoulder toward where I’d seen the man.

The shoulder was not very wide along that stretch of road, and there was a deep gravel embankment that dropped steeply off the road, down about twenty meters into a broad, flat brush and wooded area below. There was no significant vegetation on the shoulder or the embankment below it, and no other apparent place near our location where a person could have hidden.  The embankment looked pretty treacherous to me, it seemed to me that it would have been no simple matter to move up, down, or along it.

We reached what I thought was the place where I’d seen the man lying on the shoulder, I recall being quite confident that I’d gotten it right, but we found nobody there. Then, as we looked back behind us, we saw that apparently this same man had somehow gotten between us and our parked van. He was about half way between us and the van and running back toward it, away from us.

Fearing for the safety of the two women still in the van, my friend and I both ran back toward the parked van as fast as we could, following the running man from behind.  We were running much faster than the mysterious man was moving, he still seemed somehow in poor physical condition, and we reached him just as all three of us converged on the parked van.

I was shouting at the man to stop, but he made no sound that I can recall.  I did not even hear sounds of his feet on the road shoulder.  As I was just about to leap on the man to tackle him from behind, he abruptly veered to the right, over the edge of the very steep embankment, but extremely oddly, he did not go down the embankment.  Rather, he appeared to float off the shoulder into the air over the embankment, briefly, rising slightly.  Then he seemed to shrink abruptly and vanish, as if collapsing.

This end to the chase transpired in just a second or two. We could neither see nor hear any further trace of the man, and I recall thinking in astonishment at the moment that there was no way he could simply have disappeared from our view.

The women in the van were oblivious to the goings on.  They had been talking and were unaware of why we had stopped along the road and run out of the van, and they reported they had seen nothing, despite that there were windows in the rear of the van next to where they had been seated, which looked directly out onto the scene of the encounter. That surely seemed very odd to me at the time, and it still does.  My male friend and I compared notes, and we both recalled seeing exactly the same bizarre sequence of events transpire.

There were no residences or other buildings near the place along the road where we’d stopped.  We left very quickly and drove several miles to the first house we could find, where we stopped and asked to use their telephone to call the police. The area police told me that they could offer no explanation at all for the incident, that there were no missing persons reported, no penal or mental institutions were in that area, nor any other sort of unusual activity that might explain it.

Only upon later reflection did it occur to me that I’d almost certainly come upon a ghost.  Actually, that’s another sort’a strange epilogue.  I can’t recall the exact circumstances, but probably about five years ago, during idle conversation a very close friend and colleague inquired whether I’d ever seen a ghost. I said “no.”  He furrowed his brow a bit, and asked me whether I was really sure about that.  I told him that at least I couldn’t recall having seen anything I recognized to be a ghost.

Then he told me a brief story of his experience when he’d seen and spoken with someone who he was absolutely certain had been quite a long distance away, half way around the world or so, from where the two had run across each other. Only then did the story of the strange man lying along the road come back to my mind, and only then did I finally realize what I’d evidently encountered there that night.

This friend and colleague is a very scientific, logical and a careful observer and reporter.  This question of his to me about ghosts was way out of character for him.  In retrospect I wonder if there’s more to that question than he has told me yet.  Was I the one he’d encountered where he knew I wasn’t?

Or something else?  Some day when the mood seems right, I’ll ask him to revisit that topic for me.


I last amended the above text on December 24, 2003. After that, not quite a year later, I had the opportunity to ask my friend about his ghost inquiry.  He told me the identity of the doppelganger in question was private, and he would prefer not to identify that person to me.  I assured him that would be fine with me, but I did want to know from him whether that individual was myself.  He then assured me that it was not me.

Sadly, that was the last we ever met.  About a year ago, on a motorcycle trip from his home in the San Francisco Bay area of California to a motorcycle rally event several states to the east, my good friend died in a solo motorcycle crash. No one witnessed the accident, but evidently it happened after dark when he failed to negotiate a curve in the road, flew at high speed over the edge of a steep embankment, and died on impact at the bottom of it, a long way down.

I haven’t yet visited this accident site, but everything I can learn about it seems very similar to the situation I describe in my true ghost story above.  My ghost encounter occurred probably only a few months after I’d first met this long-term friend in Palo Alto, California, during the summer of 1969. And of course, the ghost encounter was on the other side of the North American continent from where my friend eventually died.

Could it have been him?  Yes, perhaps.  I caught only a brief glimpse at the ghost’s face as I drove past at ordinary road speed, so I can’t recall much of that image.  After that all I saw of the ghost was from behind, and I do recall that image pretty well.  And indeed, the ghost was tall and lanky, just as my friend was, and the ghost seemed to be an older middle age individual, again just as my friend was when he died.


Edson C. Hendricks

San Diego, CA

October 30th, 2015

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Ghosts Roadside

Happy Halloween





By Paul Schroeder

(Copyright 2015, Paul Schroeder – All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

He had been taken from the desert, in Texas, when he was seven years old.

His father, shot-gun in hand, and he had been climbing rocky outbreaks amidst cactus and scrub.

They had hunted coyote there before,  and had used a coyote lure, a blow- into device that produced a sound that resembled a rabbit’s cry of pain; with their backs to the setting sun to blind the predator’s approach, they had shot and killed six, that evening.

But soon they had become prey and not predators.

A large saucer shaped craft had appeared overhead.

It had appeared from nowhere, instantly.

It was blue like the sky, slowly changing to brown, like the desert floor, then silver as though the color progression change of metal cooling.

Later, when his father had awoken, a shell had been discharged, missing from the chamber, but he had no memory of ever firing the gun.

The seven year old had been swept aloft into an overhead craft and examined by small, dark, large-eyed, hairless beings with large pear-shaped heads extended in the back.

They had a thin torso, long arms with three long fingers, spindly legs, no ears and mere slits for mouth.  The large black eyes strangely had compelling power.

“You will not remember!”

But he had remembered … He had felt pain unlike any ever imagined and he screamed.  The large black-wet eyes had stared at him endlessly, extensively, close up to his head.

https://i0.wp.com/www.veteranstoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/alien-midway.jpg“This will not hurt.”, they had said.  But agony had suffused lines and channels throughout his body.  Terror, rage and pain had overcome him.

The creatures had been puzzled by his pain, saying:

” You will not remember.”

When he was returned to the desert floor, some forty minutes later, his father  looked switched off, eyes glazed; saliva dribbled from the right corner of his mouth.

It was his sobbing, he had then believed that had awoken his father.  His father had told him that he had imagined and dreamed it.

“The Texas sun can give you heat stroke, make you see things”, he had said, holding the shaking boy close and placing a hand over his son’s forehead.

” Let’s find some shade.”

They had walked to the shade of hemlock and mesquite at the foot of rock outgrowth and had eaten bologna sandwiches with yellow mustard and had washed it down with canteen water.

During this, the child had held his father’s hand and  had not let go; while his father had chewed slowly watching his son in puzzlement, the child had stared upwards in fear.

When he was seventeen,  an abduction’s violence became mutual, one night  :

UK20SeplargeScotland.jpgPhoto taken over Scotland on September 20, 2011

*One night, a creepy psychic feeling had prevailed, and aware of them, and their approach, he had pretended to be asleep, had gone into deep, regular breathing, and had visualized a dream he would like to be in, but instead, he had waited.

‘The wallpaper on three walls had distorted and bulged and animal-like small snouts and pear-shaped grey heads, on small creatures had waggled in rapid fashion, back and forth.

Alien Mind ScanThey had seemed to melt out of his bedroom walls, had stood coldly  to surround him and his bed, one close by his side, two at the footboard, and another by the doorway.

He had jumped up and had grabbed the closest one to him around the neck, had clutched the feather-like being’s back to his own chest, pinioning him.

The creature had frantically struggled to hit him with a small hand-held rod-like device, but the pillows had prevented the creature from reaching the teenager’s body with it.

In panic, the lightweight creature had squirmed and had thrashed in the boy’s tightening grip.

The others had in quick moves, like jumping spiders, scattered from the tight circle.  He had tightened his grip and had squeezed hard until something brittle had snapped in the creature’s neck.’

Suddenly the scene had changed; he had seen his whole family, brother, mother and father surgically eviscerated, but alive and in tears.

On a black floor under hospital lights, had been lungs, intestines, strewn amidst their gore,  and as they had laid there amidst their organs, they had pleaded with their eyes for him to save them.

The image had been so real that it had successfully worked to confuse, startle and distract him.

He had been convinced that real harm had come to his family and he had quickly loosened his grip.

His parents  had writhed in agony, butchered horribly in front of his eyes.
There had been a dank, musty smell that had then permeated the bedroom.

The creature in his arms had, in self protection, in desperate panic to free itself,  flashed the imagery into his mind, but he had killed one of them.Alien Mind Scan

They never came for him physically, after that night;  when he was safely deep within R.EM. sleep; they would tease away, vibrate his astral soul, from his body left behind in bed, in alien astral abductions, and he’d awaken with vivid screen memory “bad dreams”, feeling even more bereft, completely unable in out of body abductions, to strike  back at his tormentors.

He once read that another abductee wrote:

Alien_blinks.gif - (15K) ‘A leap in consciousness will require a dissolution and restructuring of your beliefs about the nature of reality’.

To his mind, to live unburdened by an insatiable curiosity to comprehend the mysteries of the motives and tactics of  the pilots of UFOs in our universe, was in itself, quite an amazing thing.

But her eloquent published words brought him peace:

‘The history of mankind has been punctuated by personalities who refused to be bound by the grand illusion of space and time, seekers who penetrated the limitations of space and form.”

“Knowing that the aliens reside in a different reality explains why this whole UFO phenomenon is so slippery; we exist within a matrix of other realities all merging in one spot: the mind.”

‘Their world coexists with our own intimately intertwined and separated by the thinnest veil- our arrogant assumption that we are the sole proprietors of the only reality.’

And he knew forever, by her words, that Earth is being invaded, one person at a time, and that abductees, are all alone, together..


Rather than a fear-based approach to Dark Force Entity safety and caution, I prescribe a required spiritual “shift” towards the equally unseen goodness of the spirit world, and away from fear.

Unlearning fear is a step by step acceptance and assertion, of one’s spiritual ‘self’, a distance far and away from fearful  defenses mustered by one’s material physical self.

One’s longitudinal approach to any self-defense must be a spiritual one, and not a physical one.

For defenses to flare, one must  recognize that one is not a person having troubled spiritual problems, but instead an eternal soul having troubling human experiences.  From the stance of self-recognition as an eternal spirit, one can then insist on “one’s own space’, as spiritual fruition.

Avoid  church-based or organized religions  and put the Bible on the same shelf, as the Tooth Fairy for God, is real, but He is down a long hall, and somewhere else..

*Based, in part on a Gulf Breeze account, from The Sixties


Happy Halloween


By Paul Schroeder

October 9, 2015

Spending a lifetime, recalled in snippets, with highly psychic abducting entities, has made my intuitive prowess mushroom.

Hazards exist, and one can flirt with the beast of madness, when inter-dimensional bleed-throughs become too commonplace.

I went to a presumed psychic who turned out to be a fake,  who slyly contrived a cold reading, with almost nothing apropo, from him.

I ended up by reading him, telling him that a red haired woman (who turned out to be his mother), sitting next to him, was quite unhappy about what he was doing!

He confirmed this detail, quite surprised , and produced a photo of his mom, who had passed away earlier that year, a bright auburn, like Lucille Ball.

When I expressed my indignation at his attempts at a cold reading, a blatant fishing for clues from my face and body cues, to his many questions, he  agreed to refund my $300!

Rarely, had my ephemeral prowess been used with such alacrity.
After abductions, the inter-dimensional door, left open, also invites in the gangster fringe element of the spirit world.

Like allergy sufferers, psychics have a hyper sensitivity, to the unseen.

A cautionary tale, for sensitives, is that
watching  television, in itself, (like driving, or playing a musical instrument) puts one, unknowingly, into a light trance  more commonly achievable by hypnosis.

Such trance states magnify the mind’s power of a sensitive, to receive and transmit, and that mind
acts as a light-house beacon, to easily bring in dark spirits, who like great white sharks, coast in.

Sensitives need this trouble, like a submarine needs screen doors.

Are those who have a Third-Eye cursed or blessed?

What if it stems from experiences with non-humans?

Aliens communicate mind to mind with abductees during kidnappings; one’s thoughts are read and one hears their deep resonate voice within one’s skull.

It is hard to explain , but it is possible to do this alone, when one is not aboard an alien craft, being micromanaged.

One technique that I as a budding psychic use, is to internally tell myself that I wish to be “open”, and then I  relax, as I await an insight or mind’s eye picture.

This works well, and it oddly oftimes helped me to deliver an English lesson, during my long teaching career.

A teacher’s predilection to  amaze a student, is an  opportunity to make them pay more attention to your words,.

When I taught college World, American and English literature, I would halt the lesson, when I saw that I was boring them, by interjecting a random ‘read’ of a pupil who was markedly off day-dreaming, eyes out of the window, brain in the hall, a pupil in a deep literature coma.

As an attention getting device or a means of embarrassment,  I would from left field give an odd detail of his private  family life, a detail known only to him.

It could be as simple as mentioning that he left a trumpet and a magazine about racing bicycle travel, left behind on his unmade bed.

His eyes would be wide open pools of attention, for the rest of the week.

But garnering a reputation, by doing such uncanny feats, seemed all at once to backfire.
Once,  teaching English Literature at a college, I was stopped in transit in a busy college hallway, by an unknown female student who grabbed my arm and blocked my path, to class, and  said,

“Read me; I want you to read me!”
Startled and affronted, I wondered how the student grapevine knew I could do such things,  suddenly worried about  job security if Administration became aware,  worse than the affront by this rude student.
I shook my head, disapproving, and dismissive and told her,

“Forget it!”, but she physically half-pushed me against a wall, and I felt an almost affectionate assault!

She insisted again.
I relaxed completely, annoyed, in resignation, and was suddenly flooded with the shoreline image of a vast body of  lake water, a shore surrounded by water, and I was adrift far from shore.

This strong image was now accompanied by a vague feeling of dread stronger than my indignation.
I quickly asked her,”Why am I seeing water?”, to which she shrugged.
I asked her again.

“I’m seeing water, what does that mean, to you?”

She shrugged, again.

“I have no idea, what it means, but you perhaps do”, I prodded.

“Why, water?”
“Oh,” she said, “I’m on the swimming team.”
I  quickly told her,”promise me that you’ll never swim in a lake, it’s far too dangerous to take that chance, in that you might drown,  but also promise me, now you’ll tell  absolutely no one, about this conversation.”
She smiled and nodded, and I, late for class, hurried elsewhere, having felt being taken advantage of.

For me, a relaxed mental and physical state allows imposed images to float into mind, a relaxed state, accompanied by an open expectation, that I WILL receive, like a fat catcher, behind home plate.

A real problem, exists in trying to decipher just  precisely what that image, or series of images, might  mean.

It is a psychic muscle that all of us have, a muscle that remains largely unflexed and flabby, culturally under developed, except revealingly, for many alien abductees who report similar intuitional experiences.

Spiritual experiences, untoward and impish, prevail.

Not yet able to ground myself, I often find at dusk and nighttime that I’m inundated by unseen gate-crashers, my energies jumped upon by negative- thought- beings of many ilks, who  like unerring persistent yellow-jacket-wasps, at a can of cola, on a picnic table, worry at me.

After a stunningly unpleasant  interdimensional reptilian ‘encounter’, I was forever more than merely aware of their unseen interdimensional existence and diabolical brilliance.

Aferwards, I was loathe to ‘ask’ within, warily uneager to ‘receive’, or willing to trust ANY internal daydream-like images.

Reptilians searing psychic attacks were THAT insidious.

I have grappled with the reason why one would suffer such psychic-telepathic attacks, through broadcast nightmares from dark force entities and I think perhaps, at least in my case, forced beyond any willingness to write, that God sends some people into the darkest corners, to illuminate them, for others..

As an aside, to  UFO investigators who allow themselves to only cling to ‘hard evidences’, I chide that

we cannot ‘prove’ that reptilian aliens fancy the taste of human beings.
For years, at meetings at Bud Hopkins house in New York City,  abductees, over the years gleaned that ‘ we are a harvest’, a mere condiment in the Universe, an echo of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man”, as UFOs revealed a reptilian god, who fancies diets of human flesh.

“Hard facts and empirical scientific evidence”, assist in collecting evidences in superficial craft sightings, as logistics, but such an approach fails to reveal humankind’s continued interactions with non-human intelligences behind the steering wheels of UFOs and behind our spiritual curtains.

Yet researchers in this field are stodgy and backwards, ill equipped to understand an alien hall of mirrors with a quicksand floor..

“Providing real proofs”, when the subtle evidences  glare, like  a trout in the milk, is a valueless endeavor, in this subtle  unseen realm, a  worthless forensic insistence for concrete evidence that counter-intuitively inhibits, rather than illuminates, this elusive subject.

Psychic powers of abductees are resultant precipitates in an alien solution,   a precipitate that  resists “hard facts and evidences”.

How does one document psychic and uncanny, bizarre open-eyed ‘ visuals’?

At a recent dinner, when a friend mentioned her loved, but long deceased brother, a man’s face slowly emerged from the right side of HER face!

It was like double-vision; they were identical, but he was a young man.

I was shocked, pained that he had not moved on, but had chosen instead, to jump aboard her energies and

I stared at her, fish-eyed.

I simply said,”You and he had the exact, same face.”

She said, yes, they always looked like identical twins.

My wife put down her fork and said,

“There he goes, again, saying those things he could, not possibly know,  and where does he GET those things from ?!”

I did not attempt to explain, horrified that he was likely fully aboard her energies rather than having crossed over.

Many abductees,  experience such blatant altered mind ‘receptivity’ to suffer inter- dimentional ‘bleed-throughs’.

I can  tell when work-horse aliens, small greys, are nearby  but unseen, by an intense  ‘elevator experience’ :eyes on your back of your neck’-, combined with a very creepy feeling; they generate a strong  psychic ‘creepy’ feeling.

Who actually micromanages us, behind our psychic curtains?

‘Inspires’, literally means,”to blow ideas into “, so that we receive, hear and see  psychic images’ impositions and after meeting reptilians, I have my own suspicions.

Dark ones, like gargoyles perched on your roof, can also see down the street of your ‘road’, far enough to supply near- future happenings, but they are NOT the elevated angelic souls, ascended ones of LIGHT, you’d hoped.

Inter- dimensional  demons or reptilians cruise in like sharks, and  cause extreme  psychic distress, panic attacks, nightmares, and poltergeist manifestations, the beast of madness, itself..

I write often, about my psychic ‘rabbit-hole’,

having gone so far down that hole, that I often fear I don’t have enough breadcrumbs, to find my way, back home.

Aliens notwithstanding, psychic prowess is  a spiritual gift, a muscle to be  exercised and flexed, until Heaven, ready to use us for some higher good, steps in to make sense of it all, for us.
Psychic hypersensitives can best defend against such alien predators of consciousness, by

visualizing an electric purple light aura around one in every direction; this color is most effective,

simple metaphysics, fighting fire with fire.

The more time spent visualizing this protective light, the more effective it becomes.

“Seeing” electric-violet ‘around one’ successfully repels even stronger types of reptilians and demons who cannot endure such purple visualized high frequencies, for long.
With practice, this visualized technique wins out in any short-lived pitched battle against beings diabolically brilliant, insistent and predatory.

To abductees, Earth seems under invasion, one person at a time.

We must try to keep to the narrow path of a higher moral  ground to instruct them of their wrongdoings.

One must endeavor in goodness and moral ingenuity, to prevail against them, having first won God’s assistance and Heaven’s intervention.

After all, we are much closer to God than they are.


 “I’m not at liberty to discuss the governments knowledge of extraterrestrial UFO’s at this time. I am still personally being briefed on the subject!”
–President Richard M. Nixon

“I think about how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And I ask you, does not this threat alread exsist?”
–President Ronald Reagen UN address

“The US Airforce assures me that UFO’s pose no threat to National Security..”
–President John F Kennedy

“I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment on this subject”
–President Gerald Ford (1966)

“Extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. The Vatican is receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its Nuncios (embassies) in various countries, such as Mexico, Chile and Venezuela.”
— Monsignor Corrado Balducci As stated 5 different times on Italian TV** (Vatican theologian insider close to the Pope,Monsignor Balducci said that he is on a Vatican commission looking into extraterrestrial encounters, and how to cope with the emerging general realization of extraterrestrial contact.)

“Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the Universe without a doubt, does exist. In the vastness of the Universe we are not alone.”
–Albert Einstein

“The evidence points to the fact that Roswell was a real incident and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and that material was recovered from that site. We all know that UFOs are real.All we need to ask is where do they come from, and what do they want?”
–Capt. Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 Astronaut

“In my mind, there is no question that they’re out there. My Career is well established. My texts books are required reading in all the major capitals on planet earth. If you want to become a physicist to learn about the unified field theory-you read my books. Therefore, I’m in a position to say: Yes- Most likely they’re out their, perhaps even visited, perhaps on our moon. – ABC News Quote —
— Professor Dr. Michio Kaku

“We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance, in the La case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination.”
–J Edgar Hoover

I feel that the Air Force has not been giving out all the available information on the Unidentified Flying Objects. You cannot disregard so many unimpeachable sources.”
— John W. McCormack, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States. January (1965)

“UFO sightings are now so common, the military doesn’t have time to worry about them – so they screen them out. The major defense systems have UFO filters built into them, and when a UFO appears, they simply ignore it.”
–Lee Katchen (former atmospheric physicist with NASA)

“Let there be no doubt. Alien technology harvested from the infamous saucer crash in Roswell, N.Mex., in July 1947 led directly to the development of the integrated circuit chip, laser and fiber optic technologies, Particle beams, Electromagnetic propulsion systems, Depleted uranium projectiles, Stealth capabilities, and many others! How do I know? I was in charge! (A matter of public record)I think the kids on this planet are wise to the truth, and I think we ought to give it to them. I think they deserve it.’
–Colonel Philip Corso

Army Intelligence officer, former head of the Foreign Technology at the U.S. Army’s Research and Development department at the Pentagon.

Four years director of intelligence on President Eisenhower’s White House National Security Staff


It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder.  We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

Frederick Douglass

DEAD MAN WALKINGferrie - Dead man walking



By Steve Erdmann

(Copyright 2015, Steve Erdmann – All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


David Ferrie at St. Charles’ Seminary in the early 1940s



Judyth Vary Baker knew David Ferrie as a man of many faces:  legal advisor for New Orleans Mafia Don, Carlos Marcello, aircraft pilot for several Mafia families, CIA asset, defrocked priest, anti-Castro adventurer, seducer of men and teenage boys, participant in an anti-Castro bioweapon plot, and a key to the JFK assassination.


“The Coup d’ Etat in 1963 took control of an inconvenient two-party system to run its self-protecting corporate agenda, with the CIA, FBI, banking interests and the military-industrial complex cooperating,” says Baker

“And when the Supreme Court recently ruled that corporations could, in essence, buy any and all political candidates through ‘donation,’ with no limit on what could be spent to influence votes, the American government became a prostitute whose services were purchased by the highest bidders.”


DAVID FERRIE: Mafia Pilot, participant in anti-Castro Bioweapon Plot, Friend of Lee Harvey Oswald and the Key to the JFK Assassination, Judyth Vary Baker, TrineDay LLC, P.O. Box 577, Walterville, Oregon, 97489, 1-800-556-2012.   For details, Contact: Publisher@TrineDay.net, www.trineday.com, 2014, 521 pages, $24.95.

David Ferrie’s connections to the Military-Industrial-Complex began in early 1952 when he became involved in the New Orleans Civil Air Patrol (CAP).  There, Ferrie began instructing air cadets, often in summer encampments at the local air force bases.

Ferrie became a CAP commander in 1953.  Lee Harvey Oswald enrolled as a CAP cadet only July 27, 1955  (Serial No. 084965).

Oswald attended meetings at Moisant CAP Squadron, Lakefront and Abita Spring, Louisiana.

Eddie Voebel, a friend of Oswald, said that Oswald “had been a cadet in Ferrie’s CAP squadron in 1955 and that the recalled Oswald attended a party at Ferrie’s then-home at 209 Vinet Street.”

Researcher Lee Farley mentioned that David Ferrie was instrumental in “grooming” Oswald and his consequential enlistment in the United States Marines.  Ferrie told the local Marine Corps recruiter that Oswald would be good in the CIA because “he could keep his mouth shut.” (Page 73.)


In 1953, David Ferrie developed an interest in philosophy and took a course at Tulane University, site of the Tulane University School of Medicine

At this famous clinical research center, Dr. Robert Heath, M.D. (a CIA-funded medical researcher charged with finding “the human pleasure center” in the brain), had 120 psychiatric patients on whom he used subcortical electrode stimulation.   One of the fascinating people who would “drop by” to visit Heath’s clinic was David Ferrie.

Dr Robert Heath - Tulane University    Dr. Robert G. Heath 


In 1954, Ferrie began studying for a doctorate in psychology from the University of Phoenix.  Ferrie spoke of his “bringing patients” to Heath’s office and, also, flying “sensitive” psychiatric data between Tulane’s Psychology Department and other hospitals and departments.  CIA agents approached Heath to conduct human and animal tests of bulbocapnine.

Formula: C19H19NO4
Bulbocapnine is an alkaloid found in Corydalis and Dicentra, plants in the family Fumariaceae that can cause fatal poisoning in sheep and cattle. — Wikipedia
The 1957 CIA Inspector General Report stated that “the knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles.”

The U.S Army funded a Tulane Electrical Brain stimulation program conducted by Dr. Robert Heath, and (according to Australian psychiatrist, Dr. Harry Bailey) used blacks because “they were everywhere and cheap experimental animals.”

In June-July, 1967, Ferrie wrote a thesis for his PhD in psychology about hypnotherapy and received his PhD. in psychology.


It was speculated that Ferrie was involved in a matrix of activities including his Civil Air Patrol activities, his job as a pilot at Eastern Airlines, pilot for mobster Carlos Marcello’s lawyers (and flying to Guatemala to smuggle Marcello back into theU.S. after his deportation by AG Robert F. Kennedy), and, according to Victor Marchetti, “had in fact been employed by the CIA.” 

Victor Marchetti was Deputy Assistant to the CIA Director. — Richard Helms (page 82).


To Develop a Bioweapon Against Fidel Castro

David Ferrie was additionally connected, it was speculated, to the CIA’s MKULTRA (mind control) program through Dr. Alton Ochsner (one-time friend of Office of Strategic Services [OSS] Chief “Wild Bill” Donovan), and Dr. Mary Sherman, a cancer researcher .

Ferrie met Dr. Oschsner through Dr. Sherman, both cleared for work on a “Sensitive Position” (Page 97.)  Baker later learned that it was referred to as “The Project”: A cancer experiment to develop a cancer serum as a bioweapon to be used against Fidel Castro.

In order to convince Baker of the reality of The Project, as government sponsored, she is introduced to a gruff detective and CIA/FBI asset, Guy Banister, who speaks at length of his clandestine contacts:

“Ferrie’s project was legitimate.  Even the CIA was backing it, along with the city’s crime boss, Carlos Marcello,” says Baker. “Banister was quite serious.”

Banister’s agency was involved, not only with Mary Sherman’s bioweapon project, but also with the CIA, crime boss Carlos Marcello (because of the Intelligence alliances), and a spy ring against Castro and Communist activities (Banister was a former FBI agent (once, at his height heading the Chicago FBI Office).  After leaving Chicago, Banister continued to gather evidence against the corrupt New Orleans Police Department.

“When Dr. Sherman shows me a powerful new cancer developed over the past year, I am stunned by its vigor,” says Baker about 1963.

“I agree to do what I can to stabilize the cancer and help transform it from a mouse cancer to one that will attack human tissues, only later will I realize that the cancer could be stolen and used to silence political enemies ‘forever.’”


Dr. Alton Ochsner in Surgical Garb

Judyth Baker’s early career into cancer research and her connection with Dr. Alton Ochsner was amply illustrated in her book “Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald,” TrineDay Publishers, 2010.

New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison summarized an understanding about the “anti-Castro” Radical right situation, stated in Garrison’s November 22, 1967 Playboy Magazine interview: members of the paramilitary right, anti-Castro exiles, were extremely worried about Jack Kennedy’s policy of détente succeeding.


The CIA was involved in much of this intrigue in a “mixed bag” of Minutemen, Cuban exiles, other anti-Castro “adventurers” training for a “foray” into Cuba. Along with an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro — there was also the bioweapon Project of Mary Sherman.

“David Ferrie, who operated on the ‘command’ level of the ultra-rightists, was deeply involved in this effort,” says Baker. (p. 224)


One of the earlier choices by Banister for someone to be Ferrie’s laboratory assistant was Michael Riconusciuto, “a young genius in electronics, biochemistry, chemistry and computers…” (For more information about Rinconusciuto and his place in the espionage web, see “The Octopus from Hell,” Parts I and II:


Riconusciuto may have aided Banister in various “bugging” operations, such as placing devices in Clay Shaw’s house in the summer of 1963;  Riconusciuto was adept at installing “bugging devices” and electronic surveillance equipment.

Baker lists witnesses that saw Banister and Ferrie together, such as Vernon Gerdes, Dr. Michael Kurtz, George Higgenbotham, Rick Bauer, William Gaudet, and Sergio Arcacha Smith (pp. 240-242).

Baker was concerned for the rapid expansion of the Ochsner-Sherman “Project.”

About August 1, 1963, Baker says: “…deep-freezing this new backup material suggests that we aren’t developing this biological weapon just for Castro.  We are about to make this cancer truly immortal…the city is a hot bed of Cold War operations of all kinds.  The Project has required massive funding.  Only one entity could afford everything happening here in New Orleans.”  (pp. 245-246)


One of the bits of evidence of Oswald’s participation into the CIA’s various escapades was the “training film” of anti-Castro infantry near Bedico Creek near Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana in early September 1963.  The film was seen by several people, such as Robert K. “Bob” Tanenbaum of the House Select Committee on Assassination (HSCA), researchers Larry Hancock and Dick Russell, and Banister associate, Delphine Roberts.

The film showed, according to Tanenbaum, Antonio Veciana of Alpha 66, Guy Banister, David Atlee Phillips, Lee Oswald and David Ferrie (pp. 253, 264).


Baker describes a trail of incidents and witnesses showing that Oswald, Ferrie, the CIA, FBI, and the Mob were intricately connected; we can only highlight a few points, but the reader is welcome to search out the further connections described and exposed in the book.

Oswald in New Orleans

                                   Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans                                       The Fair Play For Cuba Committee (of One)

An FBI informant, Joe Hauser, in his assisting FBI wiretaps of Mobster Marcello’s phone (161 reels of tape), told author John H. Davis that agent Hauser “personally knew Oswald.” (p. 265)

Another witness was FBI agent Warren DeBrueys (pages 266-267).  Oretas Pena also said he saw Oswald with local chief Warren DeBrueys in August, 1963 (page 269).


Baker speaks about prisoners from the Angola prison who were often used for “secret research” in a special Tulane University Research Unit at the East Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson.  “These experiments were supported by a grant from the Commonwealth Fund,” says Baker, “later identified as a CIA front.” (Comparative Effects of the Administration of Taraxein, d-LSD, Mescaline, and Psilocybin to Human Volunteers [Heath, Silva].)

ferrie jacksonhospital-doc-page0001

East Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson, LA

William Livesay, a prisoner at Angola, told Baker about his experiences with these experiments.  If the patients survived, they were sent directly to the “zombie colonies” at Jackson State Hospital where “they wait to die and are buried in the Jackson graveyard so that security can be maintained and the truth about what was done to them completely covered.”   (page 275)

According to Baker, Lee Oswald was selected to make a trip to Mexico City to transport the biologically engineered materials that would eventually kill Castro of “natural causes,” which would actually be “lung cancer.”  Following this venture, Oswald and Baker would continue to do blood tests at Jackson State Hospital.





The following are multiple tidbits that tend (in the opinion of Judyth Baker and others) to support Baker’s Ferrie/Oswald scenario:

Texas Theater Manager Butch Burroughs said that he sold Lee Oswald popcorn in the Texas Theater at the time that Officer Tippit was shot.

David Ferrie carried with him a file, which author Prof. Joan Mellon said Ferrie referred to as “the Bomb,” along with a diagram in a “file, 1963” portraying an automobile in an aerial view of Dealey Plaza…” (HSCA report of January 11, 1978). (p. 321)

An “Abort Team” was mentioned by Lee Oswald and William “Tosh” Plumlee (CIA contract pilot), and mentioned to author Jim Marrs.

The infamous November 21, 1963 “party” at the oil baron Clint Murchison mansion in Dallas, Texas consisting of Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, H.L. Hunt, John Curington, George Brown of Brown + Root, former Texas Republican Congressman Bruce Alger, and John J. McCloy.  McCloy, in turn, would be placed on the Warren Commission within a week of the murder of JFK:

JFK Researchers Edgar Tatro and Harrison E. Livingstone confirmed Madeline Brown’s story (LBJ”s mistress), and wrote on September 3, 2014:

“The party happened.” (pp. 330, 331, 334)


The famous “Altgens photo” showed that when the first shot was heard, Secret Service agents did not look up at the 6th floor of the Book Depository but, rather, they looked ahead, or at the Dal-Tex building.

James T. Tague was standing near the triple underpass and hit on the cheek by a piece of street curb struck by one of the assassin’s bullets, possibly from the Dal-Tex Building, not the Book Depository.

The photos of Lee Oswald showing raised handcuffed wrists were his gesture to show newsmen that, to answer their questions, he was indeed handcuffed:  It was NOT a “Communist salute.”

Attorney Dean Andrews confessed that Oswald was just “a patsy,” adding: “I like to live. If they can get the President, they can crush me like a bug” (December 29, 1963). (p. 373.)


Near the end of March, 1964, Betty Rubio, while working at the Lakefront Airport, saw Ferrie get out of a plane, talk to Rubio, and then go back to the plane and meet Clay Shaw.  They talked for a while and then separated.

Ferrie & Clay Shaw

Guy Banister was found naked and dead on June 6, 1964 from an alleged “heart attack.”  His wife, Delphine Roberts, said that it was murder, but “it was made to look like a natural death.”

Anna Lewis said in a 2000 videotape: “He had a bullet in him, but they said it was a heart attack.”


On or near July 11, 1965, David Ferrie was associated in flying individuals to Freemason Island.  Matt Milligan of Trans-Gulf Seaplane Service identified photos of Andrew Blackmon and Clay Shaw.

Ruby Friday night press conference


According to Earl Ruby in HSCA testimony, and writer Greg Parker, Jack Ruby’s “cancer” was possibly “artificially induced.” 

Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West: Baker outlines that Dr. Louis Jolyon West had been cleared at Top Secret for his work on MK-ULTRA.

“CIA documents show that grants were given to Dr. West for studies,” says Baker, “entitled, ‘Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility’ and ‘Studies of Dissociative States.’ ’’  West had examined Jack Ruby in his jail cell (p. 387).

Also read in the works of Colin Ross, MD:  “One such example that Ross writes about is Dr. Louis Jolyon West. While Dr. West’s curriculum vitae doesn’t mention that he received Top Secret clearance from the CIA as the contractor on MKULTRA Subproject 43, CIA documents show that grants were given to Dr. West for studies entitled, Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility and Studies of Dissociative States.”         http://solpotes.blogspot.com/2009_09_01_archive.html


David Ferrie had worked as a pilot for Al Crouch’s Saturn Aviation and flight school in November, 1966.  Ferrie was fired on February 7, 1967, and would have been the pilot for a cross-country flight, but Crouch asked another pilot, “Bob,” to fly instead.

Bob’s wife, “J.G,” spoke coincidentally to Baker sometime in 2013 about the crash of the 7th of  February 1967 in Slidell.  According to J.G, Ferrie was fired “because Crouch was scared to death.” 

Crouch needed a pilot right way and J.G’s husband was selected.  The crash was blamed on pilot error for not properly fueling the plane, but “Bob” had a receipt that proved he had refueled.

“From his unique perspective, Bob, trapped as he was in the plane,” says Baker, “could see that the fuel tank had been punctured.” (pp. 393-394)

Editor’s note:  The implication given here is clear, i.e.  that Ferrie sabotaged the airplane in revenge for being fired.  Why else could Crouch have been “scared to death” of Ferrie?

David Ferrie, at times, says Baker, suffered mentally for his guilt over his bisexuality (and the fact that it prevented him from becoming a priest); sometimes Ferrie would torture and whip himself (pages 255-260).  The image that came to mind to this writer, was the semblance to the fictional Opus Dei character (the albino) Silas or Simon, in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code,”who would whip himself mercilessly.

ferrie wig


Ferrie began his last days of life by hiding out in the Airport’s pilots’ lounge and rest-overnight area, from about February 8 to 16, 1967.

Flight student Bruce Nolan said of Ferrie:  “One day in early 1967, I arrived for a lesson and found Ferries limped over a desk, crippled by a blazing headache.  He could not fly.  He could barely open one eye.  I shoveled him into my car.  He asked to be taken to his home on Louisiana Avenue Parkway.  I got him to the porch and watched him scuffle inside.”

Nolan never saw him again.

The news media, at that time, was busy covering Jim Garrison’s investigation along with an occasional story written about Ferrie.  In an interview with Garrison investigators on February 18, 1967, Ferrie voiced great skepticism of the single-bullet theory.

Ferrie and Oswald Civil Air Patrol 1955                                               Civil Air Patrol Camp 1955                                                         David Ferrie (circled) on the left with Lee Harvey Oswald, right

In 1967, the famed group photo of Lee Oswald with his CAP squadron (above)  was “no longer on display on the living room wall, along with other CAP group photos” .  Other evidence of Lee Oswald knowing David Ferrie had also disappeared.

Ferrie’s interview given to DA Jim Garrison’s investigators while he stayed at the Fontainebleau Motor Hotel eventually vanished.   David Ferrie himself vanished from the same hotel on February 19, 1967.

The next day, February 20, 1967, Ferrie called Raymond Broshears, a former roommate, to report his fear of being killed, stating plainly: 

“No matter what happens to me, I won’t commit suicide.”

“A secret report generated by the FBI on May 22, 1968,” says Baker, “confirms that Garrison planned to arrest Ochsner, a Reily coffee executive, and others associated with the New Orleans Project.” (p. 415)


The body of Ferrie was found deceased about 11:50 a.m. on February 22, 1967 by Jimmy Johnson.  The coroner’s staff arrived at 12:30 p.m.

Ferrie Dead 1 Ferrie Dead 2

Three suspicious “suicide notes” were eventually found.  Dr. Frank Minyard theorized it was a murder because of contusions to the mouth.  “Dr. Minyard says David Ferrie was murdered.” (p. 435)

On February 23, 1967, Eladio Ceferino del Valle, ex-Cuban congressman, associate of David Ferrie, and an anti-Castro activist, was found dead in his automobile in Miami: beaten, tortured, and shot in the chest.  Eladio del Valle and Ferrie had flown “anti-Castro sorties” in the past, as well as had involvement with Miami mobster, Santos Trafficante.

“Numerous deaths, however, are still classified as ‘natural’ along with a plethora of suicides, murders and ‘accidental deaths’ that can no longer be ignored,” says Baker.


JG, while working for Al Crouch, began to get harassing phone calls about Ferrie’s pilot log books.  JG later disclosed that said log books were confiscated by the felonious “spy” investigator for Jim Garrison, William Gurvich, a turncoat.  “He was going behind Garrison’s back,” said JG.

“That dirty word ‘conspiracy,’ which actually accounts for most evil-doing on the planet,” says Baker, “are avoided most by those who perpetuate it.”

Similar sentiments were voiced by Robert Tannenbaum, HSCA Deputy Counsel, said after Tannenbaum originally discounted Garrison’s suspicions and investigation: “And then I read all this material that came out of (CIA Director Richard) Helms’s office, that in fact what Garrison had said was true. They (CIA agents) were harassing his witnesses, they were intimidating his witnesses.” (Bob Tannenbaum, Probe, July-August 1996 [Vol. 3, No. 5].) (pp. 431, 435)

The reader will have to make further analysis of Baker’s book, which has elaborate appendices concerning testimonies, autopsies, and further information on David Ferrie’s life.


Baker has accumulated a number of critics that relentlessly follow her and try to poke holes in her story about her New Orleans experiences with, what she says, are members of the conspiratorial underworld in the Kennedy murder.

The critics feel they have a strong complaint as it is based on the many seeming contradictions in the story and testimony of Judith Vary Baker.

However, as Baker pointed out to Erdmann, this happened often when debunkers are dedicated to finding such missteps and colloquial comments in daily conversation (imagine someone following behind you and perpetually examining your every word or move).

It would not be difficult to blacken one’s name if the critics’ research was not based on the totality of facts and information.  Some critics have even opened websites and blogs dressed in nothing but what appears to be jealous vindictiveness, and according to Baker, the wish to get some type of revenge.

Baker covers some of the attacks.  Take note, in the following, some identifying details are Xed over to afford protection to all mentioned parties:

Speaking of Xxxxxxx’s comments on Baker’s contradictions:

“… so-called ‘contradictions’ come from lifting comments from various parts of my manuscript and making it seemed that I reversed things, as well as form emails. The man altered. Xxxxxxx corresponded with me and pretended to be my friend. Then he demanded that I hand over my book to (another debunking group), or he would publish what you are citing.   He even claimed I said Lee was not circumcised, as if I would talk about such a thing to him, when all we talked about was how to help his Sharpei dogs’ skin condition, before I began sharing emails with him.  These emails he cites are using statements taken out of context or deliberately altered! I would make a statement and by adding one word or a question mark, he changed the meanings. Note that Xxxxxxx has NEVER published anything significant after he began attacking me and Jim Garrison, unless you think his ‘Pxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx’ site that he told me was paid for by Xxxxxxx (he denies this now), or his JXX online (another Xxxxxxx site) are to be considered worthy of citing … His JFK 100 list against Stone’s JFK is so unfair, getting on Oliver Stone’s case because Stone made the movie that opened up the ARRB and all those files got released.  Xxxxxxx treated the movie, which took some liberties for dramatic effect, as a DOCUMENTARY.  From that false position he made up his 100 objections to the movie.  He also claimed Dave Ferrie never confessed to Lou Ivon and Moo Moo Sciambra. This is not true…

“(If Erdmann would write questions to Baker) … I would be happy to reply.  But since you are relying on my enemies to bring up questions for you, and want me to write what would be extensive essays in response, for I would have to prove much more than they, and then they would just bring up new objections, as they are not there to learn, but only to destroy.  I am just shaking my head.  What problems do you have with the book?  What questions would you ask?  Xxxxxxx’s ‘contradictions’ were previously answered in my own essays online.  Of course he won’t tell you where the essays can be found (Hint: at -> judythbaker.blogspot. com, etc.).  

What kind of reputation does Xxxxxxx have?  Has he ever spoken at a conference?  No.  Has he written a book (only for his article on Clinton and Jackson)?  No.  Has he anyone who respects him except the Xxxxxxx contingent?”  (July 28, 2015, 10:13 pm.)

Baker brings up a few “why ifs” that are interesting (but far beyond the scope of this article to include them here in their entirety).  “Second, you should go to my Facebook page and see what I am going through right now. Ask yourself why they are trying to break my password and get into judythbaker.com, after judythbaker.org was taken over and is being used to ruin me.” (July 28, 2015, 9:42 a.m.)

Baker emphasizes that those who have questions about her claims should contact her personally for answers, either through her publishers or contact points on the Internet or Facebook.

What isn’t covered is “why” are some of the rabid and vicious attacks on the veracity of Baker’s claims.

“Howard” (howpl) gave some insight in his April 8, 2004 comments:

“I have known Judyth Baker for 5 years.  (I also “know” [Wim] Dankbaar from a Usenet newsgroup, though we have never met.)  I am writing this note in the hopes that this is a group of educators (as opposed to Prof. Xxxxxxx, the immoderate ‘moderator’ of that newsgroup) whose ‘article’ on Ms. Baker, is a pile of trash.  Pardon the immoderate language, but this nominal academic has been particularly destructive.  Anyone who has spent the number of hours it takes to see Judyth’s evidence and hear her story knows that she is the genuine article. Xxxxxxx never even met her, though her door was wide open and her telephone number widely circulated.
“I co-wrote a book with Judyth, and also spent 14 months going back and forth with 60M on their intention, stated quite emphatically on the last go-round, to do a segment favorable to her.  As Don Hewitt later said on C-SPAN, ‘the door was slammed in our face.’  Now what do you think he meant by that.  The forces arrayed against Don Hewitt – the godfather of investigative journalism (on TV at least) were that powerful.  Both he and Wallace believe her story, but as the diligent Nigel Turner segment proved, you really do have to hear the WHOLE story and see the evidence in context.  It was nice, and I am thankful for the courage he showed, but viewers should not have had to rely on the talking head alone.
“Unfortunately, so-called ‘researchers’ in the JFK community, who spent little time interrogating her and viewing her evidence, have — to protect their own books — fought hard and fought dirty to sabotage both the book and the 60 Minutes show.  They tried hard to stop Turner, too.  This may surprise you, but the only thing that surprised me was the intensity of it.  Who knew there were conspiracy theorists willing to go this far.  Case in point:  At the annual Lancer Conference, held in Dallas, panelists have been informed that they may not discuss Ms. Baker’s story.  For this and other atrocities, the head of Lancer has disgraced the research community.  I am sure that Dankbaar has joined this forum in the hopes of finding a true academic sanctuary where open discussion is treasured, not banned.
“As for me, I am not sure that I can respond in a detailed manner to questions that come up here. It has been a wild, tiring, and discouraging five-year ride.  But I do want it on record somewhere that I believe Judyth Baker knew the real Lee Harvey Oswald.  I believe it without a single doubt.  As she told me at the outset, the truth is complicated, but it is logical.  But nobody has time for complicated in today’s world. It takes too much work.”


John Simkin perhaps gave the most concise summary of the events (March 13, 2004, 8:59 am & April 26, 2004, 7:53 am):

“Researchers are divided on Baker’s story: a number of researchers have seen most or all her original evidence files and defend her (such as Jim Marrs, Martin Shackelford, Wim Dankbaar, Howard Platzman) while other researchers attack her story … Baker points out that almost all the researchers who have attacked her story have never met her or viewed her original evidence files.  Far too many people involved in this case are quick to make abusive comments about the people they disagree with.  I don’t see why we cannot disagree politely with each other.  The main objective is to reach the truth.  I believe the best way we can achieve this is by having an open, rational debate.”


One might add to that: that there are bits and pieces of circumstantial evidence that incessantly materializes to bolster her claims, such as Dr. Ochsner knowing Lee Oswald:

“Many people may think there are no documented ties of Ochsner to Oswald, but there are: Here is one:


Impression by Dr. Alton Ochsner, world famed surgeon and President of both the Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation and the Information Council of the Americas [INCA], who perhaps was the only listener who knew of Oswald’s defection before the debate.

It’s a record from the kitchen of INCA, the right wing CIA-sponsored organization founded by Ochsner, reiterating the guilt of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin, with personal comments of Alton Ochsner himself (see middle photo on the back cover).”   (Wim Dankbaar, March 29, 2004, 10:00 am.)


The World of the Unseen – Out of the Cryptex

Reading about and describing some of the multiple attacks and confrontations that Judyth Vary Baker has encountered resembles some of the scarier tactics that intelligence operations have created from their literal and figurative dungeons of torture.


One can speculate that from most outward appearances, the researchers that lean towards conspiracy in the murder of John F. Kennedy, and those elements associated in highlighting a conspiracy, are often confronted by critics that speak from prior dispositions that run together in dark circles, “wolf packs,” and often with vile malevolence.  Such vice (seen so repetitiously) could be associated with various mental states such as xenophobia (fear of the unknown), mythophobia (fear of myths), rhabdophobia (fear of criticism), or heresyphobia (fear of challenges), and can also be aligned with a greater inner sanctum motivator: megalomania and authoritarian personality disorder, particularly in the arena of intelligence and governmental control.

Journalist Cameron Reilly introduced one of the government’s sub rosa intelligence projects this way:

Mockingbird isn’t some conspiracy theory – like MKULTRA and the 638 attempts at assassinating Fidel Castro, it’s a genuine part of CIA history.  Mockingbird has been written about in detail since the late 70’s, but it’s one of those pieces of U.S. history that isn’t talked about much in the mainstream media.  Why?  I assume because they would prefer people don’t know about it as it would make them ask too many questions, such as ‘how do we know the CIA isn’t controlling the media today as well?’ “

“It’s also one of those events in history that should help us all realize that we’ve been manipulated and lied to by the government and the media in the past so it’s entirely rationale to believe they might be manipulating and lying to us still today.”

Reilly went on to describe Operation Mockingbird as a sophisticated ruse by the CIA and the U.S corporate media to spread intentional lies to the American people and international readers.


May 26, 2012

Steven Jacobson and Steve Kangas spoke in a piece entitled Media and Mind Control in America:

“Journalism is a perfect cover for CIA agents.  People talk freely to journalists, and few think suspiciously of a journalist aggressively searching for information.   Journalists also have power, influence and clout.   Not surprisingly, the CIA began a mission in the late 1940s to recruit American journalists on a wide scale … The agency wanted these journalists not only to relay any sensitive information they discovered (and write about and replay information when requested…SE).”

Early progenitors of the project, said Jacobson-Kangas, were Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham (Graham was the husband of Katherine Graham, today’s publisher of the Washington Post). The sub rosa project included 25 media organizations and 400 journalists (or more), according to 1975 findings of the Church Committee, and read like a Who’s Who of Journalism:

Philip and Katharine Graham (Publishers, Washington Post) William Paley (President, CBS) Henry Luce (Publisher, Time and Life magazine) Arthur Hays Sulzberger (Publisher, N.Y. Times) Jerry O’Leary (Washington Star) Hal Hendrix (Pulitzer Prize winner, Miami News) Barry Bingham Sr., (Louisville Courier-Journal) James Copley (Copley News Services) Joseph Harrison (Editor, Christian Science Monitor) C.D. Jackson (Fortune) Walter Pincus (Reporter, Washington Post) ABC NBC Associated Press United Press International Reuters Hearst Newspapers Scripps-Howard Newsweek magazine Mutual Broadcasting System Miami Herald Old Saturday Evening Post New York Herald-Tribune, the New York Herald-Tribune, the Saturday Evening Post, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, Hearst Newspapers, the Associated Press, United Press International, the Mutual Broadcasting System, Reuters and the Miami Herald and many others.


It is believed that Steve Kangas was working on a book about CIA covert activities when on 8th February, 1999, he was found dead in the bathroom of the offices of Richard Mellon Scaife, the owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune [Scaife was a person that Kangas believed was a CIA operative].  He had been shot in the head.  Popular status quo was told that he had committed suicide; other people believe he was murdered.

In an article in Salon Magazine [19th March, 1999], Andrew Leonard asked:

“Why did the police report say the gun wound was to the left side of his head, while the autopsy reported a wound on the roof of his mouth?  Why had the hard drive on his computer been erased shortly after his death?  Why had Scaife assigned his No. 1 private detective, Rex Armistead, to look into Kangas’ past?”



The Darkest Part of the Cellar


bUNHAMGreg Burnham, who quoted extensively from Operation Mockingbird: How Democracy was manipulated through the mainstream Media (Staffan H. Westerberg and Pete Engwall), has disclosed additional facets of the intelligence scam:

“In the early 1950’s, CIA launched a propaganda program put together utilizing the expansive media machine within the United States…probably the most important vehicle ever for the power that is behind the CIA to control and manipulate the public…perhaps the most devastating Intel project ever inflicted on the American people and democracy in the United States.  Today most people have never heard of it, and the majority of JFK researchers rarely bring the truth of Mockingbird into their research equation.

# Reporters on the CIA payroll forcing witnesses to change their story.

# Special assets within the media who affect others to act and report incorrect conclusions, opinions and perceptions.

# CIA directing assets within the media.

# Editors who can review texts and change facts to suit.

# Reporters and other assets in the field become watchdogs for developing news.

# Editors that step in to defend and shift focus.

# Assets that control debates and create diversions.

# News organizations and chief editors who avoid critique and project the official line.

# Media organizations that project false images and scenarios.

# Media Management that work with policies and establish in-house views – which leads to a hidden culture.

# Agency infiltrating social media.

# Photo editors that manipulate images.

# Falsification of historical events and interactions and influence with private researchers.

# Disinformation campaigns.”                                                



Part III:


The Website, http://100777.com/brainwashing, has compiled a comprehensive list of recognized intelligence controls, listed here for the readers’ viewing pleasure, in their entirety:

MUTLIPLE SECRET OPERATIONS in society, document created 25/09/2014 – 10:59, updated 29/09/2014 – 10:43 by cybe: originally from:


These are offered with the admonition, by cybe, that those who discover conspiracies are not crazy, but those who deny same are ignorant.

To wit:

Operation Northwoods
“A series of proposals which called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit acts of terrorism in US cities and elsewhere”

Editor’s Note: Readers can download the official Department of Defense document (Operation Northwoods)  directly from the National Security Archives by clicking the link below:


Plain Text Copy of Operation Northwoods:


End of Editor’s Note


PART III (Continued)

The Informant named “Curveball” who lied about WMDs in Iraq, was
“An Iraqi citizen who defected from Iraq in 1999, claiming that he had worked as a chemical engineer at a plant that manufactured mobile biological weapon laboratories as part of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction program.  His allegations were subsequently shown to be false”

Testimony of Nayirah
“The Nayirah testimony was a fake testimony given before the non-governmental Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990 by a woman who provided only her first name, Nayirah.”

Operation Black Eagle
“Operation Black Eagle became a network of 5000 people who made possible the export of arms in the direction of Central America, and the import of drugs from the same direction. ”

Operation Mockingbird
“a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. ”

The Special Collection Service
“A highly classified joint U.S. Central Intelligence Agency-National Security Agency program charged with inserting eavesdropping equipment in difficult-to-reach places, such as foreign embassies, communications centers, and foreign government installations.”

“A U.S. government human research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans … MKUltra used numerous methodologies to manipulate people’s mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.”

Operation Paperclip
“was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program in which over 1,500 German scientists, technicians, and engineers from Nazi Germany and other foreign countries were brought to the United States for employment in the aftermath of World War II. ”

Downing Street Memo
“…Sometimes described by critics of the Iraq War as the ‘smoking gun memo’, is the note of a secret 23 July 2002 meeting of senior British Labor government, defense and intelligence figures discussing the build-up to the war, which included direct reference to classified United States policy of the time.”


Room 641A
“is a telecommunication interception facility operated by AT&T for the U.S. National Security Agency that commenced operations in 2003 and was exposed in 2006.”

Gulf of Tonkin Incident
“also known as the USS Maddox Incident, is the name given to two separate confrontations involving North Vietnam and the United States in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.”  <Editor’s note: Both of which were staged by the U.S. to justify US attacking North Viet Namese targets.>

“an acronym for COunter INTELligence PROgram) was a series of covert, and at times illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveying, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations.”

“MKDELTA, and its associated program MKULTRA, were mind control and interrogation operations run by the Central Intelligence Agency.  Both MKULTRA and MKDELTA involved the surreptitious use of LSD and other biochemical in clandestine operations…”

Rex 84 Plan
“A classified ‘scenario and drill’ developed by the United States federal government to suspend the United States Constitution, declare martial law, place military commanders in charge of state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens who are deemed to be ‘national security threats’, in the event that the President declares a ‘State of National Emergency.’”

Project Artichoke
“A CIA project that researched interrogation methods and arose from a Project BLUEBIRD.  The project studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent forced withdrawal), and the use of other chemicals, among other methods, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects.”

“A covert Department of Defense program developed in conjunction with the CIA. A partner program to MKSEARCH, the goal of MKOFTEN was to ‘test the behavioral and toxicological effects of certain drugs on animals and humans’”.

Operation Dormouse
“The idea was that by exposing the MKULTRA program by essentially offering it to the press, any investigative attempts into the Project Artichoke would be diverted.”

Operation Ajax
“The overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name ‘Operation Boot’) and the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project


The Plot to kill FDR…by BANKERS
The Business Plot was an alleged political conspiracy in 1933.  Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler claimed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans’ organization and use it in a coup d’état to overthrow President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt, with Butler as leader of that organization.”

CIA Front Companies
“An airline listed as Foreign Corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is alleged to be a front company for the Central Intelligence Agency.”

“A computer worm that was discovered in June 2010, and was designed to attack industrial Programmable Logic Controllers or PLCs.”

Project Merrimac
“A domestic espionage operation coordinated under the Office of Security of the CIA.  It involved information gathering procedures via infiltration and surveillance on Washington-based anti-war groups that might pose potential threats to the CIA.”

Project Resistence
“A domestic espionage operation coordinated under the Domestic Operations Division (DOD) of the CIA.  Its purpose was to collect background information on groups around the U.S. that might pose threats to CIA facilities and personnel.”

The Rendon Group that exports PR and Propaganda
“is a public relations and propaganda firm headed by John Rendon, which specializes in providing communications services both nationally and internationally.  The Rendon Group website states, “For nearly three decades, The Rendon Group has been providing innovative global strategic communications solutions from our headquarters in Washington, DC.  TRG utilizes state-of-the-art technology as well as traditional public relations tools, assisting leading commercial, government and military organizations.”

In-Q-Tel – The CIA’s front company, Venture Capital arm that is heavily invested in Google
“a not-for-profit venture capital firm that invests in high-tech companies for the sole purpose of keeping the Central Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence agencies, equipped with the latest in information technology in support of United States intelligence capability.”

Operation Chaos
“was the code name for a domestic espionage project conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency.”

“Considered to be the sister project for Project MINARET, was an espionage exercise, started in August 1945[1] that involved the accumulation of all telegraphic data entering into or exiting from the United States.  The Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA)[2] and its successor NSA were given direct access to daily microfilm copies of all incoming, outgoing, and transiting telegrams via the Western Union and its associates RCA and ITT.”


The FISA Court (Secret)
“A U.S. federal court established and authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) to oversee requests for surveillance warrants against suspected foreign intelligence agents inside the United States by federal law enforcement agencies.”

Russell Welch who tried to expose drug ops at Mena, AK, also poisoned with Anthrax
“Welch sounded the alarm for decades about an alleged CIA smuggling operation of cocaine into the United States via Mena in Arkansas, and claimed that Barry Seal was trafficking more than cocaine, and that there were more places like Mena in Oklahoma … Welch claimed he was exposed to military grade anthrax, a poison only available at that time through the U.S. government…”

Gerry Droller
“was a CIA officer involved in the covert 1954 Guatemalan coup d’état and the recruitment of Cuban exiles in the preparation of the Bay of Pigs Invasion in April 1961.”

The School of the Americas
“is a United States Department of Defense Institute located at Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia, that provides military training to government personnel of Latin American countries.”

Journalist/Report Gary Webb
“was an American investigative reporter best known for his 1996 Dark Alliance series of articles written for the San Jose Mercury News and later published as a book.  In the three-part series, Webb investigated Nicaraguans linked to the CIA-backed Contras who had smuggled cocaine into the U.S.  Their smuggled cocaine was distributed as crack cocaine in Los Angeles, with the profits funneled back to the Contras.  Webb also alleged that this influx of Nicaraguan-supplied cocaine sparked, and significantly fueled, the widespread crack cocaine epidemic that swept through many U.S. cities during the 1980s.”

Operation Charly
“was allegedly the code-name given to a program undertaken by the military establishment in Argentina with the objective of providing military and counterinsurgency assistance to Central America to combat left-wing subversion.”

Operation 40
“was a Central Intelligence Agency-sponsored undercover operation in the early 1960s, which was active in the United States and the Caribbean (including Cuba), Central America, and Mexico.  The group was formed to seize political control of Cuba after the Bay of Pigs Invasion.”

Op 40 Members Celebrate - Color

Exactly 10 months before the JFK Assassination, on January 22nd, 1963, there was an Operation 40 reunion and night club party in Mexico City.

Op 40 Members Celebrate

Editor’s Note: Let us take note in the photo above, the presence of future CIA Director Porter Goss (wearing glasses) sitting on the left bank, leaning back, next to notorious drug-smuggler, Barry Seal.   

According to JFK researcher, Paul Kangas, who was personally involved in Operation 40 and the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the actual invasion of Cuba was headed by “my boss,”  CIA front man george-bush-senior-UFOs-announcement-784x350                                                                         George H. W. Bush  

Paul Kangas wrote: -> “Cuba owes its existence today to President Kennedy.  If JFK had not stopped those of us in the US military who invaded Cuba, from invading, Cuba today would be just like Haiti.  Bush was in charge of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.  I was one of the troops invading Cuba.”

Paul Kangas points out: -> “Nixon always referred to the Dallas assassination of JFK as that “Bay of Pigs thing“, according to Halderman in his book on Nixon. By doing so, Nixon “confessed” to the assassination of JFK.  On the White House tapes, you hear Nixon telling Bush and Halderman, ‘We have to pay Hunt $$ 1 million dollars to keep quiet about our role in the Bay of Pigs.’ “”


End of Editor’s Note


PART III (Continued)

Operation Midnight Climax
“The project consisted of a web of CIA-run safehouses in San Francisco, Marin, and New York.  It was established in order to study the effects of LSD on unconsenting individuals.  Prostitutes on the CIA payroll were instructed to lure clients back to the safehouses, where they were surreptitiously plied with a wide range of substances, including LSD, and monitored behind one-way glass.  Several significant operational techniques were developed in this theater, including extensive research into sexual blackmail, surveillance technology, and the possible use of mind-altering drugs in field operations.”

Operation Washtub
“was a CIA-organized covert operation to plant a phony Soviet arms cache in Nicaragua to demonstrate Guatemalan ties to Moscow.  It was part of the effort to overthrow the President of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán in 1954.”


Acoustic Kitty
“A CIA project launched by the Directorate of Science & Technology in the 1960s attempting to use cats in spy missions, intended to spy on the Kremlin and Soviet embassies.”

Amalgam Virgo
“was the codename of an Italian Air Force C-47 Dakota aircraft, registration MM61832, used by the Italian Secret Service and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in covert operations. Officially, those operations were limited to electronic surveillance over the Adriatic Sea and interference with the Yugoslavian radar network.”

Project FUBELT
“is the code name for the secret Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operations that were to prevent Salvador Allende rise to power before his confirmation, and promote a military coup in Chile.”

Stargate Project
“was the code name for a project established by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency to investigate claims of psychic phenomena with potential military and domestic application, such as remote viewing, which is the purported ability to psychically ‘see’ events, sites, or information from a great distance.”

Tepper Aviation “is based at the Bob Sikes Airport in Crestview, Florida. The company has a long association with the CIA.  In the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was widely reported to be flying weapons into Angola to arm the UNITA rebels.  More recently, it has been linked with the practice of extraordinary rendition.”

The Church Committee “was the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities.”

Family Jewels “is the informal name used to refer to a set of reports that detail activities conducted by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.  Considered illegal or inappropriate, these actions were conducted over the span of decades, from the 1950s to the mid-1970s.”

The Pentagon Papers – “a United States Department of Defense history of the United States’ political-military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967…..The papers revealed that the U.S. had secretly enlarged the scale of the Vietnam War with the bombings of nearby Cambodia and Laos, coastal raids on North Vietnam, and Marine Corps attacks, none of which were reported in the mainstream media.”

Operation Gladio“a NATO stay-behind anti-communist organization.”


(No Free Press)


Writer Mary Louise explained that CIA assignments ranged from intelligence-gathering to serving as go-betweens (aka “cut outs”) at hundreds of businesses and universities, often using Ivy League graduates (such as Yale figures like George Herbert Walker Bush and the Skull and Crossbones Society):

“Many Americans still insist or persist in believing that we have a free press, while getting most of their news from state-controlled television, under the misconception that reporters are meant to serve the public,” said Louise. “Reporters are paid employees and serve the media owners, who usually cower when challenged by advertisers or major government figures.”                                 — Mary Louise, Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation [2003].


Mary Louise highlighted the work of newsman Robert Parry who wrote about news-breaking affairs in the Iran-Contra episode for the Associated Press:

Parry found that his stories were often ignored by both the press and Congress.  Parry, when working for Newsweek, further witnessed the actual retraction of a true story for political reasons.

In Fooling America: A Talk by Robert Parry, Parry said:

“The people who succeeded and did well were those who didn’t stand up, who didn’t write the big stories, who looked the other way when history was happening in front of them, and went along either consciously or just by cowardice with the deception of the American people.”


Recent history included the famous whistle-blower Edward Snowden who exposed the National Security Agency breech and use of private communication of the citizenry, and according to researcher Kristan Harris, “are attempting to manipulate and control online behavior even going to the extreme of setting people up using what the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters [UK]) calls ‘Honey Traps.’   They then go on to force you into behavior you may not have been in and use the information to discredit American patriots who oppose the current establishment.”

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist who leaked the information, had stated:

“Over the last several weeks, I worked with NBC News to publish a series of articles about ‘dirty trick’ tactics  used by GCHQ’s previously secret unit, JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group).”

“These were based on four classified GCHQ documents presented to the NSA and the other three partners in the English-speaking ‘Five Eyes’ alliance. Today, we at the Intercept are publishing another new JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group) document, in full, entitled ‘The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations.’”

“The files showed how shill agents infiltrated the internet to manipulate stage and attempt to corrupt reputations,” said Harris, and Harris strongly questioned the use of espionage against its own citizens. 

“Are these extreme tactics of deception by our government honorable?” Harris asked. “These documents show how the GCHQ trains and engage in ‘false flag operations’ to purposely deceive and set individuals up (online).”



Perhaps the American public will need to hunker-down, in some respects, to an on-coming flood of evil, as herewith forewarned in the feelings and words of the late Jim Garrison (On the Trail of the JFK Assassins, page 100 [Russell Baker, p. 432]):

‘“We’re investigating a conspiracy which appeared to have occurred in New Orleans … if they (the government, SE) want to help me, I’ll welcome their help.  But I’m not reporting to anybody.’  Those were strong words…before long,” says Baker, “the most powerful machinery of the government had been uncorked against Garrison…the full story of how Garrison was ham-strung would fill a volume.”

******gARRISONJim Garrison

In Memoriam 

Thank you, Jim, for being the only person in America
with the profile and the courage to bring about a trial
in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a trial you should have won. 

 And America lost.



Steve Erdmann


Edited by Robert D. Morningstar

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Steve Erdmann, 1980s photo
Steve Erdmann, 1980s photo
Steve Erdmann – 1980s –  Investigative Journalist 






                              Sixteen-year-old Judyth Baker in her lab                             experimenting with her mice



RULED BY ROGUES: Oswald, The CIA & The Assassination of JFK

America james-angleton-constantine

James Jesus Angleton



Oswald, The CIA & The Assassination of JFK

By Steve Erdmann

 (Copyright 2015, Steve Erdmann – All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


“Everyone knows there is a price to pay for ignoring the lessons of our post. Thomas Jefferson forewarned our nation at its very beginning regarding the consequences of apathy and insufficient vigilance. He left us this poignant, poetic reminder: ‘If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.’”

Quotation from CIA Rogues and the Killing of the Kennedys, Patrick Nolan, Skyhorse Publishing, 307 West 36th Street, 11th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10018,info@skyhorsepublishing.comwww.skyhorsepublishing.com, 2013, page 282.

“The goal of this book is to show, through forensic science and other resources, the identity of the primary individuals ultimately responsible for these horrific assassinations,” says author Patrick Nolan, speaking about the killings of John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Lee Harvey Oswald, and other victims.  “A thorough examination and analysis of those who had ample, means, and opportunity concludes that only one small group stands alone: the CIA’s Richard Helms and James Angleton and their rogue band of conspirators and mob allies.” (Page 6.)


Nolan first explores the nature and actions of Richard Helms, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director from 1966 to 1977, and the several “programs” that his organization escorted, over a period of time, in “behavior control”:

Executive Action, psychopharmacological research, hypnosis, rohypnol, LSD, Manchurian Candidate studies, domestic spying, CIA-Mafia assassination plots, CIA-backed foreign coups and attempts, cover stories, programmed patsies, and neutralizing witnesses.

“Under Helms’s guidance, behavioral medicine scientists from across the US were recruited to investigate a curious mix of concepts: creating amnesia, understanding bio-electrics, and attempting to harness parapsychology,” says Nolan. “Soon, this newly contracted legion of psychiatrists began to test mind-altering drugs in conjunction with hypnosis.”

The CIA’s clandestine programs actually started with its forerunner organization, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and later Allen Dulles, a World War I spymaster and CIA director (1953-1961).  The CIA was formed officially in 1947 with the passage of the National Security Act.

Richard Helms and James Angleton (another master-spy from World War II and the OSS)“would form a twenty-five-year partnership in covert operations.”  Under the leadership of Allen Dulles, Helms began to formulate Operation MKULTRA (“Ultra” was a “wave” to the World War II operation that broke Nazi codes, and MK probably stood for “mind control”).

Similar names were Projects Bluebird & Antichoke, and involved drugs as Liquid E or X, lysergic acid disthylamide (LSD), with culprits such as Sidney Gottlieb, John Gittinger, James Angleton, Dr. Harold Wolff, Dr. Frank Olson, William Harvey, as well as the use ofhypnotism in “Manchurian Candidate” projects.

…the research proved to be framed for a murder while actually being innocent,” says Nolan.“The assassination would be carried out by hitmen hidden on the sidelines while the patsy would appear to have committed the crime thus protecting the identity of the actual assassins. Their technique of producing such a patsy involved the use of drugs and hypnotism, hence the term ‘hydro programmed fall guy.’”

These techniques were used in a “Helms era between 1953 and 1973” in nearly a dozen CIA-backed foreign coups or coup attempts.  Helms was “able to draw on a variety of specialists from a wide array of nations.  Compartmentalization (strictly compartmented) enabled the CIA to deceive presidents, oversight committees, and the media.”

Within such a rigidly compartmentalized system, “Cover stories” helped to control certain activities.


The use of CIA “cover stories” ranged from planted statements in the trail of Clay Shawabout Shaw (and Helms’s attempts to sabotage DA Jim Garrison’s case) to the allegation thatOswald was not a CIA agent.  The finding of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in the words of Senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania, was that …

“Oswald had intelligence connections…the fingerprint of intelligence.”

Similarly, Helms stated that the CIA did not assist in any assassinations, and he ironically cited Senator Church’s investigation.  However, Church’s remarks were based on the fact that CIA was not cooperating, but were actually hiding these facts.  It came out that the CIA worked with others to do assassinations (such as through the Mob and possibly the use of French assassins or others in Europe and Latin America).


Nolan examines the personality of Richard Helms and discovers that Helms was a sociopath:  He was “truth-challenged,” and perhaps apathological liar;  he would perform normally, but without any sense of empathy or conscience, and would have no stress or disorientation.  Helms would appear cordial and unusually intelligent, but he would tend to be manipulative and show shallowness of emotions.

“An intelligent sociopath can be most destructive, and Helms was at the top of his class,” says Nolan. “They are focused individuals who aim to achieve their goals. At the same time, they are opportunists who ignore the rules, forging ahead with no inner controls…

“Helms created just such a rule in MKULTRA and spent his entire career trying to perfect it through testing drugs on unwitting subjects, carrying out hypno-programing experiments, and plotting coups, assassinations, and cover-ups while manipulating others.” (Page 49.)

Helms held a mask of normality that people “are loathe” to look beyond, andhide integrity of the “role” itself, says Nolan, and that such people are “legally sane, but they have a serious mental disorder.  They have no conscience.”


James Jesus Angleton began his intelligence career in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA, named chief of the Rome office, reading messages decoded from ULTRA (the famous German code that the allies had cracked early on in the war).

Richard Helms described Angleton as “a strange, strange man,” who could gain information through stealth, enabling him to climb to the “top ranks” of the CIA.  All three men, Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, and James Angleton, were “strong believers” in covertoperations (page 56).

“The breakthrough came with the achievement of the capability of ordinary a subject___under the influence of drugs and posthypnotic suggestions___to perform an action and recall it later,” says Nolan. “For example, a subject could be controlled to the point where he would pull out a weapon and fire without remembering later what had happened.” (“Induce hypnosis rapidly on unwitting subjects: create durable amnesia: implant hypnotic suggestions that were ‘operationally useful,’” page 59.)

Angleton was convinced that the CIA covert operations could save democracy around the globe.  They, Helms and Angleton,  often stood in stark contrast to the philosophy and opposed or obstructed the actions of the Kennedy brothers.

To safeguard the CIA covert operation, Angleton went about “guiding the search for unwitting fall guys, overseeing their conditioning, and devising their missions.” (Page 61.)  

When asked by a Congressional committee investigator to describe the nature of counter-intelligence, Angleton said:

“To construct a ‘Wilderness of Mirrors’ in which the opponent would be forever lost and confused.”  – Michael Holzman,James Jesus Angleton, the CIA+ the Craft of Counterintelligence[Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2008, page 302].

Nolan highlights the murder of Mary Meyer, mistress of John Kennedy, and critic of theWarren Commission Report.  In the words of government assassin Joe Simon and another former lover of Mary Meyer, Kenneth Noland, “Angleton had had Mary’s phone bugged.  This was typical of Angleton’s Style … both she and Kennedy had serious reservations regarding the activities of the CIA.”

Operation CHAOS was a CIA program to determine “if foreign governments were behind the anti-war protests and the civil rights movement,” aided by James Angleton, and conducted. further operations under the Special Operations Group (SOG), The SOG unit carried out this domestic spying operation by monitoring peaceful activities, black leaders, and“monitoring and harassing peace activities, black leaders,” andmonitoring and harassing”numerous newspapers (such as the liberal Catholic publicationRamparts, that espoused and published anti-Vietnam War articles).

It was suspected that the Watergate Break-in in June, 1972 was carried out by a team of CIA operatives that was in fact an Operation Chaos mission. Nolan speculates that Angleton was behind the Watergate break-in and the goal was “to find out if the Democrats had obtained any information concerning who killed the Kennedys and it the leads were pointing in Angleton’s direction.” (Page 66.)


Nolan surveys the CIA’s part in foreign assassination in Iran, Guatemala, Indonesia, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Iraq, and Vietnam.

A clandestine CIA operations force in Saigon, led by Lucien Conein, had been working behind the scenes without Kennedy’s full knowledge, leading to the November 1, 1963 coup.  The sudden murders of President Ngo Dinh Diem, and Ngo Dinh Nhu and the coup d’etat in VIet Nam that installed General Duong Van Minh shocked President John F. Kennedy.

Editor’s Note:

President Kennedy Speaks Presentlyon the DIEM Coup D’etat as seen from Washington, DC

Listen below to President Kennedy’s privately recorded audio tape discussing true responsibility for the Diem and Nhu assassinations in South Viet Nam, as organized by the U.S. State Department, led by Henry Cabot Lodge in Saigon, Averell Harriman, George Ball, Roger Hillsman in Washington, and supported by Michael Forrestal in the White House.   –  RDM*

President Kennedy states:

“I feel that we must bear a good deal of responsibility for it, beginning with our cable of early August suggesting a coup.  In my judgement that wire was badly drafted and should not have been sent on a Saturday. I should not have given my consent to it without a round table conference at which MacNamara and Taylor could have presented their views.  While wedidredressthatbalance, that first wire encouragedLodge alongacoursetowhichhewasinanycaseinclined.” John F. Kennedy  


(Underlined emphasis above mine – Editor)

Three weeks later, President Kennedy was also assassinated.

On January 28, 1964, General Duong Van Minh was replaced by General Khanh, and the warworsened for the United States.

In 1971, when Richard Nixon was president, Helms’s protégé, E. Howard Hunt, joined Nixon’s administration as a consultant, specializing in the “Dirty Tricks” department.

Hunt asked Lucien Conein to devise a “fake telegraph” that would make President Kennedy appear to have ordered Diem’s murder. LIFE Magazine reporter William Lambert questioned the authenticity of Conein’s play.

Howard Hunt was finally arrested for his part in the break-in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in 1972. Hunt had joined the CIA in 1949 at the age of thirty-one.  His talent at the CIA was writing disinformation, and he clearly found his “niche” with colleagues like Angleton and Helms.


Alternate theories as to who was behind the John Kennedy assassination ranged from Soviet KGB (State Security Committee), Cuba’s Castro, anti-Castro Cubans, the Mafia, and the Central Intelligence Agency. It was suggested that Lee Harvey Oswald was a trained recruit and may have been used for the assassination as retaliation against Kennedy’s peace overtures to Soviet and Cuban Communists and the president’s firing of three top-level CIA officials. But the flaw in this thinking would have been the supposed “great logistical legerdemain” to set up Oswald and the “silencing” of the actual assassins (James H. Fetzer, PhD, Murder in Dealey Plaza [Chicago” Catfeet, 2000, page 298]).

Nolan quickly points out that the CIA had been using “logistical legerdemain” in its MKULTRA programs for more than a decade, utilizing “in-depth knowledge, skill and the requisite resources.”  Oswald had been set up to be “an innocent patsy” appearing to have been an assassin. The real assassins were “hired guns, well-hidden sharp-shooters—CIA-Mafia-connected hired guns that were the hired guns.”

“We know that sources of witnesses died early deaths,” says Nolan, “indeed, the actual assassins were no doubt eliminated soon after the assassination in order to ensure their silence forever. The hit men who killed them would not have known who they were or why they were being bumped off…”

At 12:30 pm on November 22, 1963 shots rang out hitting Kennedy in the back and in the head. Fifty-two percent of the witnesses would later testify that the shots came from the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza. Within the hour Dallas policeman J .D. Tippit was shot next to his patrol car in Oswald’s neighborhood. On November 24, 1963, Lee Oswald was shot (and swiftly died) by local mobster and strip club owner, Jack Ruby (who eventually died of cancer while in jail).


The purpose of the hypno-programming of Oswald “was not to create an assassin, but to create a fall guy by planting highly incriminating information about innocent person,” says Nolan, “while expert marksmen carried out the actual shooting.”

Oswald became adept at the Russian language.  Fellow Marines nicknamed him“Oswaldskovich.”   In actuality, Oswald had been sent to a premier military language school, the Defense Languages Institute (DLI) in Monterey, California to study Russian through September of 1957 “…preparing select troops from all branches of the military for work at the National Security Agency,” says Nolan.

Oswald’s next job was at the CIA’s super-secret spy plane U-2 training facility at Atsugi AFB, Japan, Oswald was listed as a radar operator—a duty assignment—a cover for his top secret language-related job.  During his stay in Atsugi, Lee gave disinformation to a young Japanese woman and KGB spy. His 1958 gonorrhea was considered “in the line of duty.” Oswald’s roommate at El Torro Air Station, James Botelho, said:

“Oswald was not a Communist or a Marxist…Oswald was on an assignment in Russia for American intelligence.”

Under a CIA secret “defector” program, Oswald planned to enroll in an also CIA-backedAlbert Schweitzer College in Churwalden, Switzerland. Oswald arrived in Helsinki on October 11, 1959, probably by “contract pilots flying private aircraft.”   On a six-day visa, he arrived in Moscow on October 16, 1957.

As a “201 file” CIA employee, Oswald received a study flow of hidden funds.


Picking up on Oswald’s “defection” scenario, reporters Aline Mosby of UPI and Priscilla Johnson of the North American Newspaper Alliance—both picked up on the Oswald Communist “spin”—with Johnson “working at the time on contract for the CIA.”

Oswald’s “program” or “legend” in Russia included marriage to a Russian woman (Marina Prusakova), creation of a phony “diary,” and an “easy” exit to Hoboken, Jersey on June 13, 1962.

Oswald continued to follow his “mission” (“program,” “legend”) to monitor, infiltrate, and penetrate individuals or groups that posed a threat to the national interest. The CIA TOOK Oswald out of customary ‘posting”—but actually casting him as an enemy of the U.S.  Various “handlers” were used to help “paint’ Oswald as a treacherous person.

“In Lee’s case, it appears that the did not know until the end of his short life that his assignments,” says Nolan, “were also designed to make him appear to be working for the enemy, not just posing as one.”

George de Mohrenschildt was one handler.   De Mohrenschildt was constantly in contact with CIA front organizations; a spy in Mexico during World War II; in Latin America in U.S oil companies after the war; on the fringes in Guatemala at the same time the CIA planned theBay of Pigs Invasion.

“He reportedly received two thousand dollars in a Haitian bank account shortly after the Kennedy assassination,” says Nolan.

Variations in de Mohrenschildt’s “friends” consisted of Norman Fredrickson (director of Radio Free Europe), Max Clark (former head of security at Convair Aircraft Corporation), Michael Paine at Bell Helicopter (husband of Ruth Paine, Oswald’s landlady at one point), and Ruth Paine (whose father was William Avery Hyde who had worked at AID, a CIA-backed agency).

Consequently, thanks to de Mohrenschildt, Oswald worked at Jaggar-Chiles-Stoval for six months doing photographic work connected to U-2 spy plane photos.


Nolan paces us through Oswald’s “traits” and “deeds,” such as the nick-name A.J. Hidell (used in intelligence circles), purchase of a World War II Mannlicher-Carcano, fake backyard photos, created story about shooting of retired Army Major General Edwin A. Walker, Lee’s pamphleteering, connections with David Ferrie, Guy Banister, Clay Shaw, his job at the Reily Coffee Company (“Obviously, the Reily firm was more than a coffee shop as evidenced by its alumni’s later assignments in the aerospace defense industry.”), radio and TV appearances, trip to Clinton, Louisiana, alleged trip to Mexico, and Oswald’s eventual employment at the Texas Book Depository building.

The reader should pay especially close attention to the intricate sequence of events that Nolan lays out leading up to assassins’ firing shots at President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, as well as the twisting misidentifications of police officer Jefferson Davis Tippit’s murder, the mysterious deaths following Kennedy’s assassination, such as that of George de Mohrenschildt on March 29, 1977, Jack Ruby, Lee Oswald and others.

“Lee was forceful in his media appearance during several scheduled and impromptu press conference,” says Nolan. “At one point, Oswald said: ‘I didn’t shoot anybody, no sir.’ At another time, he said that someone should ‘come forward to give me legal assistance.’  On November 22, a bewildered Oswald responded to a reporter’s revelation that he had been charged with the assassination: ‘Then I’m the patsy.’” (Plausible Denial: Was the CIA involved in the Assassination of JFK? [New York: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 1991], page 15.)  (Page 165.)


Nolan believes that the same CIA “hypno-programming” (through agents Dr. William Bryan and Manly Palmer Hall and others) victimized Sirhan Bishara Sirhan as a “patsy” in the assassination of presidential candidate Senator Robert F. Kennedy on the evening of June 5, 1968.

Not only did the forensic evidence not match Sirhan’s alleged quilt, but Dr. Eduard Simon-Kallas said that an analysis of Sirhan at San Quentin Prison indicated that “Sirhan was mentally normal, but that he had been hypno-programmed by someone.” (Page 274.)

Nolan treks through the forensic evidence in the RFK assassination; like the JFK assassination, his brother’s murder was meticulously planned and executed.

Dr. Eduard Simson-Kallas said “…that Sirhan in fact does not have any recollection of the assassination nor of writing the notebooks,” says Nolan, “he concluded that Sirhan was ‘prepared by someone. He was hypnotized by someone.’”

Two gunmen in suits who stood directly behind Robert Kennedy, and his left side, fired guns inches away before escaping in the chaos. Sirhan’s gun could not be “positively identified” as the murder weapon because of significant discrepancies. Lead in the bore of Sirhan’s gun indicated only blanks had been fired. Sirhan’s gun was feet away from Kennedy, yet assassins fired within one-inch. Forensic analysis of recovered residue indicated that more than one gun was fired (page 253).

Again, as in the case of Lee Oswald, Sirhan had been “associated” with mysterious, possible CIA, contacts: security officer Thane Eugene Cesar, a mysterious lady often near Sirhan over a matter of weeks, as well as a “young women in the polka dot dress seen in the (hotel) pantry” who was assisted by a male companion on the night of the shootings; not to mention the psycho programmers.


Readers will pensively study Nolan’s fascinating literary landscape of facts into the frightening world of power and murder.

Patrick Nolan is a forensic historian who has relentlessly worked to uncover truths surrounding the JFK, MLK, and the RFK assassinations of the 1960s.  He has been a journalist, a television news producer, and a professor at Hofstra University and St. John’s University.

“Mr. Nolan’s early background in news-writing and college teaching, and his perseverance and devotion to this subject, have given him the tools to make sound judgments in these controversial cases,” said Dr. Henry C. Lee, former director of the Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory and currently Distinguished Professor of Forensic Science at the University of New Haven.

Lee said forensic science professionals, and Nolan, seek the truth, but in the final analysis, the reader must come to a conclusion “based on the best evidence.”

“In dissecting the associations of the sixties, beneath the surface, they involve similar motives, means, and opportunities,” says Nolan on page 282. “The motive of the rogue intelligence operatives was to control America’s destiny in their own twisted way.”

Martin Hay appeared far from a friend of Nolan, and criticized Nolan for lack of proof and hard evidence that Nolan promised in his book, nevertheless Hay agreed the idea of the Manchurian Candidate was a fascinating and real one:

“When he was interviewed by author Dick Russell, Gottlieb denied that creating brainwashed or hypnotized assassins had been an aim of MKULTRA and suggested that such a thing wasn’t actually possible (On The Trail of the JFK Assassins, p. 242).  But there’s every reason to believe it is. In 2011, British mentalist/hypnotist Derren Brown produced a series of TV shows called The Experiments, the first of which was titled The Assassin. In it, Brown took a volunteer through a series of hypnosis sessions which the volunteer believed were intended to make him a superior marksman. In reality, Brown was programming him to commit an assassination against his will of which he would have no memory. The show culminated with the unwitting gunman firing blanks at British comedian and TV personality, Stephen Fry, in front of a packed and unsuspecting auditorium. After watching The Assassin, the viewer is compelled to conclude that a mind-controlled assassin is a shockingly real possibility.”   http://www.ctka.net/reviews/cia_rogues.html

Typical comments about the book and other research suggest many coincidental connections and further intriguing facts of mystery:

“Nolan suggests Oswald’s observed agitation at the Dallas breakfast diner several days prior to the JFK assassination was indicative of MKULTRA’s psycho-programming, but Oswald at that point knew of the scheduled assassination, but was unable to contact his probable White House connection, Fletcher Prouty, as he was outside the country at that time!”

“The other major criticism is that the author does no current research — had he examined the obituaries for Valerie Schulte’s family (she being the so-called ‘mystery witness’ who didn’t fit the description by a long shot!), Nolan would have discovered that Schulte’s aunt and uncle were both employed at the very same classified section at Lockheed as Thane Cesar, the part-time security guard at the RFK assassination.”

“Also, Nolan might have discovered that Schulte’s father worked at Technicolor Corporation on a classified contract with Lockheed, and that the security chief at Lockheed was the former personal US Secret Service bodyguard of Vice President Richard Nixon, who left that position when Nixon lost the presidential campaign, and would return to Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign after the assassination of Senator Bobby Kennedy.”

— Sergeant Doom: November 29, 2013 at 11:10 AM. 


The reader is welcome to further explore into the assassinations labyrinth.


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Patrick Nolan, Investigative Reporter




(This document was created by the US Government and is, therefore, in the public domain: Image acquired: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:ProjectMKULTRA_Senate_Report.pdf&page=1.)


(This document was created by the US Government and is, therefore, in the public domain. Image acquired:http://www.indyintheclassroom.com/projects/archaeology/copyright.asp.)


Steve Erdmann, 1980s photo

Steve Erdmann – Investigative Journalist  

1980s Photo



                        By Robin Haines                                                            

(Copyright 2015,  Robin Haines – All Rights Reserved)

My book, “Probable Cause, Re-Thinking The JFK Plot” was not at all well received by the JFK Assassination Community.   Robert D. Morningstar was the first journalist to help me. In November of 2013, he wrote an article in UFO Digest about my book.  He titled his article, “Did JFK deserve to die?”.                                                          

I want to explain to people why the U.S. Intelligence Community had to “Target Kill” a sitting United States President on Nov.22nd of 1963.    He had to die by means of assassination.  No other cause of death would have solved the problem that these Intelligence Officers had on their hands.                                    

They could not allow for him to be impeached.  They could not have him resign. They couldn’t have him die of a stroke or a heart attack. They couldn’t even take him sailing and drown him so that it would look like an accident.                                  

These Senior Intelligence officers were in their fifties and sixties in 1963.  They would have remembered something that happened here in 1923 that very few people living today would even know about.   President Warren Harding died of a heart attack in August of 1923.  He wasn’t impeached, nor did he resign. He passed away from a natural cause.                    

Yet,  as soon as Harding died, the “Teapot Dome” scandal blew up. Harding’s death did not stop Congress from investigating Harding and his administration.   Within a year or two all the dark stuff came out.  Everyone knew about his affairs, his womanizing, his mistresses, his drinking and his gambling, etc,etc,etc….                                                                                                                                                                                                   They also knew that if JFK had died from an illness or an accident, Congress would still pursue an investigation into JFK and his administration.  Even his death in office would not stop the controversy from starting up.  Committees would have been set up and Congress would have launched an investigation into JFK and his administration anyhow.  Then, all the dark, sorted, nasty business would have all come out.  They could not afford for that to happen.                  

With the assassination,  people would be investigating to find out if Oswald was acting alone or if a conspiracy was involved.   It would be at least ten, or fifteen years before Congress would launch any investigations into the Kennedy administration.   It was only because of the Watergate Scandal that Congress decided to investigate the Kennedy administration.                                                                                                                                      This is when the “dark stuff” started being brought to light.    The people in Congress got the idea that there was a connection between the JFK assassination and the Watergate scandal.  There was evidence surfacing as early as 1973 linking people from the Watergate Scandal to to JFK Assassination.   If it hadn’t been for the Watergate Scandal we probably wouldn’t know as much as we know about these things today.  They would have kept them covered up even longer.

Robin Haines

October 2nd, 2015

Author of “Probable Cause, Re-Thinking The JFK Plot” 



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100 meter-long streaks called
 NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Still Flows on Mars Today



<Edited by Robert D. Moningstar>

Sept. 28, 2015
These dark, narrow, 100 meter-long streaks called “recurring slope lineae” flowing downhill on Mars are inferred to have been formed by contemporary flowing water.
Recently, planetary scientists detected hydrated salts on these slopes at Hale crater, corroborating their original hypothesis that the streaks are indeed formed by liquid water. The blue color seen upslope of the dark streaks are thought not to be related to their formation, but instead are from the presence of the mineral pyroxene. The image is produced by draping an orthorectified (Infrared-Red-Blue/Green(IRB)) false color image (ESP_030570_1440) on a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the same site produced by High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (University of Arizona). Vertical exaggeration is 1.5.
Credits: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

New findings from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) provide the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars.

Using an imaging spectrometer on MRO, researchers detected signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaks are seen on the Red Planet. These darkish streaks appear to ebb and flow over time. They darken and appear to flow down steep slopes during warm seasons, and then fade in cooler seasons. They appear in several locations on Mars when temperatures are above minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 23 Celsius), and disappear at colder times.

“Our quest on Mars has been to ‘follow the water,’ in our search for life in the universe, and now we have convincing science that validates what we’ve long suspected,” said John Grunsfeld, astronaut and associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. “This is a significant development, as it appears to confirm that water — albeit briny — is flowing today on the surface of Mars.”

These downhill flows, known as recurring slope lineae (RSL), often have been described as possibly related to liquid water. The new findings of hydrated salts on the slopes point to what that relationship may be to these dark features. The hydrated salts would lower the freezing point of a liquid brine, just as salt on roads here on Earth causes ice and snow to melt more rapidly. Scientists say it’s likely a shallow subsurface flow, with enough water wicking to the surface to explain the darkening.

Garni crater on Mars
Dark narrow streaks called recurring slope lineae emanating out of the walls of Garni crater on Mars. The dark streaks here are up to few hundred meters in length. They are hypothesized to be formed by flow of briny liquid water on Mars. The image is produced by draping an orthorectified (RED) image (ESP_031059_1685) on a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the same site produced by High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (University of Arizona). Vertical exaggeration is 1.5.
Credits: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

“We found the hydrated salts only when the seasonal features were widest, which suggests that either the dark streaks themselves or a process that forms them is the source of the hydration. In either case, the detection of hydrated salts on these slopes means that water plays a vital role in the formation of these streaks,” said Lujendra Ojha of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, lead author of a report on these findings published Sept. 28 by Nature Geoscience.

Ojha first noticed these puzzling features as a University of Arizona undergraduate student in 2010, using images from the MRO’s High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE). HiRISE observations now have documented RSL at dozens of sites on Mars. The new study pairs HiRISE observations with mineral mapping by MRO’s Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM).

The spectrometer observations show signatures of hydrated salts at multiple RSL locations, but only when the dark features were relatively wide. When the researchers looked at the same locations and RSL weren’t as extensive, they detected no hydrated salt.

Ojha and his co-authors interpret the spectral signatures as caused by hydrated minerals called perchlorates. The hydrated salts most consistent with the chemical signatures are likely a mixture of magnesium perchlorate, magnesium chlorate and sodium perchlorate. Some perchlorates have been shown to keep liquids from freezing even when conditions are as cold as minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 70 Celsius). On Earth, naturally produced perchlorates are concentrated in deserts, and some types of perchlorates can be used as rocket propellant.

Perchlorates have previously been seen on Mars. NASA’s Phoenix lander and Curiosity rover both found them in the planet’s soil, and some scientists believe that the Viking missions in the 1970s measured signatures of these salts. However, this study of RSL detected perchlorates, now in hydrated form, in different areas than those explored by the landers. This also is the first time perchlorates have been identified from orbit.

MRO has been examining Mars since 2006 with its six science instruments.

“The ability of MRO to observe for multiple Mars years with a payload able to see the fine detail of these features has enabled findings such as these: first identifying the puzzling seasonal streaks and now making a big step towards explaining what they are,” said Rich Zurek, MRO project scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.

For Ojha, the new findings are more proof that the mysterious lines he first saw darkening Martian slopes five years ago are, indeed, present-day water.

“When most people talk about water on Mars, they’re usually talking about ancient water or frozen water,” he said. “Now we know there’s more to the story. This is the first spectral detection that unambiguously supports our liquid water-formation hypotheses for RSL.”

The discovery is the latest of many breakthroughs by NASA’s Mars missions.

“It took multiple spacecraft over several years to solve this mystery, and now we know there is liquid water on the surface of this cold, desert planet,” said Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. “It seems that the more we study Mars, the more we learn how life could be supported and where there are resources to support life in the future.”

This animation (below) simulates a fly-around look at one of the places on Mars where dark streaks advance down slopes during warm seasons, possibly involving liquid water.

This site is within Hale Crater. The streaks are roughly the length of a football field.There are eight co-authors of the Nature Geoscience paper, including Mary Beth Wilhelm at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California and Georgia Tech; CRISM Principal Investigator Scott Murchie of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland; and HiRISE Principal Investigator Alfred McEwen of the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Tucson, Arizona. Others are at Georgia Tech, the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique in Nantes, France.The agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California manages the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Project for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington. Lockheed Martin built the orbiter and collaborates with JPL to operate it.


Robert Morningstar with Mike Williams on Sage of Quay Radio: Unraveling The JFK Assassination September 27 2015

jackie embraces jfk for last time - morningstar enh

Jacqueline Kennedy speaking to author Arthur Schlesinger stated:

“On the day Jack was murdered, I happen to be looking at the large green Stemmon’s freeway sign, as we were passing the grassy knoll.

I saw a chunk of the green wooden sign suddenly shatter outwards and fly towards Jack and me. Then Jack was hit in the throat.  I reached out for him.  As I did, he was shot in the right side of his head.  Just above his right eye.   It was horrible.   I saw the right side of his head fly onto the back of the car.   I leaned back and reached for it. I just wanted to put Jack back together. t was just an instinctual response.”
“In hindsight, I guess that was the first bullet smashing thru the freeway sign that hit Jack in the throat.”  
“I heard 5 shots fired at Jack from behind the freeway sign.  I can still hear those 5 shots in my dreams.  All the shots seem to come from behind the freeway sign.”
— Jacqueline Kennedy.
grassy knol - head at picket fence

The Grassy Knoll


Robert D. Morningstar

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Mike Williams

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The Sage of Quay Radio Hour