THE MARS EFFECT: How Mars’ Close Passage Exerts Geo-Magneto-Electric Effects Inducing Electrical Forces in the Earth’s Core

Eye of Mars - Robert Morningstar - Composition

The Eye of Mars 
As seen by Robert D. Morningstar
August 28-29th, 2003


On August 1st, 2018, JC wrote
“Robert did you investigate how destructive the eruption was yet?

How many buildings destroyed, how many people killed? This was 27th July, too early for the Mars effect but you might get some mileage out of it for the lunar eclipse.

PS. In terms of gravitation, there’s nothing special about a lunar eclipse.

The gravity situation is no different from what it is every month at full Moon.”

As I predicted on Thursday night’s “Ground Control” with Keith Roberts …_> Mars’ Approach and The Lunar Eclipse are unleashing tectonic forces across and beneath the Earth

That question, received from JC was in regard to the eruption of the volcano on the island named Vanautu in the South Pacific that resulted in the forced evacuation of more than 10,000 people.  It is my theory that this eruption was triggered by cosmic forces that were building toward a crescendo that peaked with the lunar eclipse of July 29th that was seen from Turkey to South India to Northern Australia.
The Vanuatu government has closed all schools on Ambae and is making plans to relocate the Penama Provincial Government to nearby Loltong on North Pentecost due to continuing ash fall from the island’s volcano.

.Plane Crashes  in Mexico, All Passengers Survive, Many Injured

The Aeroméxico flight crashed in a heavy hailstorm
shortly after taking off from Durango, Mexico.
That message from JC was well received and at a timely moment as these recent events, the Lunar eclipse of July 29th, the opposition and passage of Mars (July 28th-August 1st) are still fresh in my mind and in my “mind’s eye.”
So, I am well disposed to expound on my theory of The Mars Effect, which first came to  me in July & August of 2003, in anticipation of Mars’ closest approach to Earth in 60,000 years.
Realizing that o human had ever seen Mars that close since “the cave days,” I made it a priority to obtain a high quality telescope for this once in a lifetime event.  And so, as pre-planned for months, I then had the privilege of observing Mars’s approach for hours through a 128X Super Ploessel lensed telescope each night from August 26th through August 28th, 2003.
As a result, I am taking his opportunity to explain my theory of how The Mars Effectis created by the intertwining of the gravitational forces of the Sun, the  Earth, the Moon, and Mars’ close passages with each other, especially if it happens (as it did on July 29th, 2018).  That the day Mars’ closest  point during opposition occurred simultaneously with a lunar eclipse over South Asia.

TMA-1 -The Martian Artifact

The Mars Effect:

How Mars’ Close Passage Exerts Geo-Magneto-Electric Effects Inducing Electrical Forces in the Earth’s Core

By Robert D. Morningstar

The Moon’s “gravity situation” (as JC refers to it in prologue) is no different, except when aligning with or against the Sun’s gravitational forces, as they are exerted on the Earth’s core and the mantle during eclipses or close passages of Mars, as described below.

During an eclipse, whether solar or lunar, there will be a summation of G Forces when in concert (i.e. in the same direction during solar eclipse),  or  as opposing G Forces during lunar eclipses).

During a lunar eclipse with Sun and Moon opposed with Earth between them.  With the Sun pulling on one side of he Earth, and the Moon tugging on the other, the G Forces are in opposition and, treating them as simple vectors, their forces would subtract (with the Sun’s G Forces visualized as + positive vector, and the Moon’s G Forces visualized as – negative vectors).   

As shown in this simple diagram, with Sun (O+), Earth (-E-), Moon (+M-):

O+ <–< -(E)- >–> M-

When in that celestial configuration, there will be a differential subtraction of gravitational forces, whose buildup and break-down phases will compound the G-stresses on the Earth’s core and the Earth’s mantle as the 2 gravitational forces,
During a solar eclipse, the diagram would look like this:

O+ <- – + <–<M-<–< -(E)-

However, in this unique case of July 29th, 2018, with Mars involved, there were  3 sets of contending G-forces, tangling and tugging on each other like rubber bands from different angles at every passing moment as Sun, Earth, Moon transited in lunar eclipse, as Mars raced toward the Earth-Moon system with astronomical speed, interacting with gravitational forces and geo-magnetically with Sun, Earth and Moon during lunar eclipse:
In this diagram, we show the G Band relationship with Mars interacting during the lunar eclipse:


                                    /        ||        \

O+<–< -(E)- >–> M-


Martian G Banding

An Electrifying Process From Earth’s Core to the Sky

The magnetic fields of all these celestial bodies were forced toward each other, pushing pressing, intersecting, overlapping, and thereby, inducing electrical activity between them and amongst them. 
At the same time, through the cosmic principle of electromagnetic induction, Mars, the Moon and the Sun were infusing the Earth with an extremely powerful electrical potential, charging the Earth (like a giant capacitor) from its molten nickel iron core <where the primary charge of electricity was created, effected by Mars magnetic field interlacing/interwoven with the Moon’s. 
The electrical potential building up then discharged, upwelling from there rising through the magma and the mantle, surging up to charge even the atmosphere with electrical impulses rising from “Earth’s core to the sky” (i.e. up to the ionosphere).

The result of this discharge was a 6 hour storm over continental Europe that issued 500,000 lightning strikes across the heart of Europe, with a similar electrical storm occurring almost simultaneously over the United States.  The G Bands.


  1. Cloud-to-cloud lightning
  2. Cloud-to-ground or “Sky-to-Ground” lightning
  3. Ground-to-Sky lightning

The greatest proportion of lighting strikes are those in the 3rd class, Ground-to-Sky, and so logically conclude that many mysterious forest fires, ascribed to arson, may, in fact, be kindled by Ground to Sky lightning, which would go far in explaining the inexplicable rash of forest fires now consuming many areas of of northern Europe, as well as, the American and Canadian West in great and widespread conflagrations.



Yep…500 000 plasma strikes… Unreal but oh so real 😉

Lightining Strikes - Europe
Rob Preston
Rob Preston Lasted about 6 hours here. Just stopped in the last 1/2 hour…
Was warm and they were spraying before it rolled in
Hence, the term I have coined to describe this entanglement and bundling of gravitational forces is “G Banding.”

This abundance of Interacting/Interlacing gravitational waves < G Bands> result in both creative amplification at times and destructive interference with each other’s “G-Bands” at other times, summing up or subtracting <and exchanging  forces> as dynamic vectors of the G Bands interweave and interfere among each other at the critical moment, at which point the release, or Disbanding of the concerted/concentrated gravitational waves commences and a long “Disentanglement Phase” begins.

Finally, the Disentanglement Phase of the G Bands, where Mars is concerned, may take weeks to unwind, and so The Mars Effects on Earth’s weather, its plate tectonics and volcanic activities could take several weeks to dissipate, but during this critical phase a new series of super storm could be spawned by The Mars Effect like Mars did in 2003, spawning the super hurricanes, Katrina, Rita and Ophelia, which I announced and predicted on July 5th, 2003 while speaking as guest n the Jonathan P. Casey Radio Show, broadcast in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.


On July 27th, while being interviewed on the radio show, “Ground Control” with Keith Roberts & Maj. Tom, I made similar predictions regarding the arrival and continuation of The Mars Effect(s) coming in train after the passage of Mars.

I predicted that the effects of Mars convergence with Earth would be amplified during the lunar eclipse.  As can be seen from the links and news articles cited above, my predictions were not off the mark, and I predict that most powerful of The Mars Effects, especially the effects on climate are still to come in (3 weeks time) to be seen starting at the end of August going into “high gear” September 2018.

New York City
August 1st, 2018

 Post Script

On July 31st, 2018, Robert Morningstar wrote

to Keith Robert & Gary Leggiere:

This video proves that everything that I predicted on “Ground Control” with radio host Keith Roberts (the night before the eclipse) regarding severe weather, tectonic and volcanic effects that would follow the July 29th lunar Eclipse (convergent with the geomagnetic effects of Mars passage) all came true within 24 hours of the Moon’s passage over South Asia.

Volcanic eruptions, earth quakes and sea quakes in the Pacific in the immediate vicinity and aftermath of the lunar eclipse with violent electrical storms <as predicted “globally”occurring > over Europe and America, attest to the power of The Mars Effects, which will continue to affect Earth for weeks to come,

What the Near Future Portends According to the Weather Channel
Now, you dudes had better not conjure up any “Katrina-style” storms down this way. (even to satisfy your “expertise” ) ONE was enough for the La/Ms Gulf Coast for a century. Remember:
Storms are not always selective..even in your home base. 🙂
Jerrye Barre: M*….Comments on video also very revealing… 
Cindy Ann
Cindy Ann This is the storm track coming the Pacific. And the effect of vulcanization on storms is Geology 101. 
No automatic alt text available.

Cindy Ann The US Weather Service out of Flagstaff , AZ showed the storm cell sitting over Mexico about a week ago. It was still there yesterday.

Deb McKenzie
August 2nd, 2018

We’re getting a look at a dust storm moving through Phoenix, Arizona.
Click this link to Play Video on Facebook

Epic Dust Storm on Mars Now Completely Covers the Red Planet

Clari Massimiliano /

As California’s parched hills are being blackened by devastating wildfires, with at least 18 burning across the state, extreme heat is affecting millions in Asia as well.

At least 29 deaths in South Korea have been attributed to scorching temperatures and subsequent heatstroke since July, as reportedby the South Korean Ministry of Health, Welfare and Disease Control.

Earth’s Global Electric Circuit – Atmospheric Electricity

We live inside Earth’s “global electric circuit,” sharing our atmosphere with sprites, elves, blue…



Saturday, 28 July 2018

Japan evacuates 36,000 as powerful Typhoon Jongdari takes aim after more than 300 dead and 40,000 hospitalised from floods and landslides

NASA Earth Observatory image by Lauren Dauphin, using VIIRS data from the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership. Caption by Kasha Patel.

A powerful typhoon is heading for Japan after one of the countries deadliest months ever after more than 300 people died and nearly 40,000 hospitalised from floods and a crippling heatwave.

Typhoon Jongdari, packing winds of up to 180 kilometres (110 miles) an hour, is forecast to make landfall on the country’s main island on Saturday night or early Sunday, according to Japan’s Meteorological Agency.
Authorities have issued evacuation orders to western areas still devastated by floods and landslides.
According to, the storm, currently some 250 kilometres south of Tokyo, is expected to barrel towards the western Chugoku region Sunday, where record rainfall earlier this month unleashed flooding and landslides, killing around 220 people and leaving more than 4,000 survivors still living in temporary shelters.
The weather agency warned of heavy rain, landslides, strong winds and high waves, and urged people to consider early evacuation.
“We want people especially in the downpour-hit regions to pay close attention to evacuation advisories,” meteorological agency official Minako Sakurai told reporters.
The western city of Shobara in Hiroshima prefecture issued an evacuation order to some 36,400 residents as a precautionary measure, officials said.

August 8, 2018Storm Watch in effect as Hurricane Hector Nears HawaiiBy The UPI Staff

Hurricane Hector becomes Category 4 storm, heads toward Hawaii

August 5th, 2018

More than 90 killed after 6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia’s Lombok Island, near Bali

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