The Failed Plot – An FBI-DOJ Coup d’Etat Fantasy Dissolved



Senator Lindsay Graham Says

“Gloves Are Off!”..

DOJ Will Now Reply Back


By Doc Vega 

Copyright 2019, Doc vega – All rights Reserved)


After the recent results of the impotent and intrusive probe by Robert Mueller and his vendetta, Senator Lindsay Graham has announced that the DOJ will pursue the other side of the FISA Court violations, and the Obama-Clinton-Comey conspiratory attempt by the Democrat-plagued Deep State to impeach newly elected President Donald Trump.

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This was an extensive bureaucratic FBI-DOJ coup d’etat fantasy that has ended in a shameful display of such Democrat ineptitude that it has already struck out such key players as James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Baker, Bruce Orr, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page fired and repeatedly queried by Congressional Panels.  There are now many more Senatorial and Congressional queries to come.

Yet there has been no prosecution for the crimes committed by those who perpetrated wrong-doing against the GOP Oval Office Executive.

President Trump has in his possession the unredacted FISA documents revealing who made the requests using the infamous, salacious and unverified “Steele Dossier” that constitutes falsification of evidence and foreign intelligence violations at the felony level of infractions for such conduct.

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The Tables Are Turned

It’s as though the enemy has fired their salvos and missed every intended target, but now it’s the turn of the Trump administration to fire back and the targets are verified and acquired! From Hillary and her staff, to President Obama who ordered Susan Rice to make 250 surveillance authorizations, to Loretta Lynch who violated due process of law during an investigation and met with Bill Clinton on the Tarmac in Arizona, it is now time the Democrat dog and pony show to end. The book tours by those who have already incriminated themselves (James Comey and Andrew McCabe) will not distract the prosecution from doing their duty.

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The Failed Plot

US Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the Mueller Investigation will not only set the tone for the future, but will provide the DOJ with a target rich environment of co-conspirators who attempted to take the law into their own hands using the US media as their propaganda interference and their false allegations as a smoke screen to hide their dirty tricks, which would have ruthlessly incriminated the innocent and allowed the Democrats to succeed in placing their candidate (Hillary Clinton) in the Oval Office. But only  after being negligently exonerated by a politicized FBI that had internally committed itself to sabotaging the Trump campaign and election!

These are the facts.  They have been substantiated already by public testimony during Congressional Committee hearings.

Deflating the Balloon

Not only did the Democrats attempt a soft coup against the successful GOP bid for the presidency, but they used the US news outlets as their massive disinformation campaign with Soviet Style propaganda that has not been matched since the “Cold War” by Pravda and Tass – the former Russian news agencies.

With the classic tactic once admitted by Nazi Joseph Goebbels of repeating the lie (long enough) until it becomes “the truth,” the Democrats gambled that they could pull off an undetected coup d’état if Hillary Clinton were to get elected as the legalities would soon be overlooked and swept under the rug.

Watergate pales in comparison to the level of sheer deception, number of players, and how deep into the Democrat political party the conspiracy goes!

The Target Rich Environment

For those Americans who remained steadfast and didn’t allow the smoke and mirrors being used by the Democrats and their lapdog media to warp their opinions, they can look forward to seeing what will be a historic event.

That will be a purge of unprecedented proportions of an inherently corrupt Democrat Deep State that from the beginning used such woefully incompetent Intelligence heads as John Brennan to keep making unjustified claims that there was Russian Collusion when initially questioned by Congress on the matter after President Trump’s election he publicly stated that there was no evidence of such just as was echoed by James Clapper who changed his tune once taking an analyst position with CNN.


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In the words of John Lennon:

“… a splendid time is guaranteed for all.”