A Reconciliation of Religion, Myth & Science
Robert D. Morningstar
(Copyright 2018, R.D. Morningstar – All Rights Reserved)
The religious account of Man’s creation and The Fall of Man, along with the the legend of Eve, The Serpent & the Apple” are symbols and metaphors This writer believes that tat the core of every myth , theree lies a simple Truth.  The purpose of the myth or legend is to prserve that core  or nugget ofTruth so thatit may be tranmitted to future posterity in the simplest and most incorruptible form, which what we call today a “myth.”
Sadly, today when people hear the word “myth,” some will often confuse “myth” with a “fairy tale,” which is far from accurate.
AS Graham Hancock brilliantly elucited in his book “The Figerprints of the Gods,”recounting in symbols a virological attack in Eden, an event  myths are contatiners and vehicles for transmitting important Truths to the future (like Time Capsules) that can be opened in time to reveal the real meaning , encoded in the myth, like a cipher, intended to inure its preservation and transmission, but only to htose who can decipher the symbols with which the myth is constructed.
I bleieve that the “myth” of Adam & Eve, The Apple and The Serpent in the Garden of Eden is such a legend and that deciphering that myth and understaqnding the religious constructs it created, reveal that what we call “The fall of Man (andWoman, who was equallyharmed) was actually a biological warfare attack targeting Adam, to deprive him of the preternatural gifts that the Creator (“The Lord”) had conferred upon them, not the lesaat of which was Immortality.
My thesis is that the legend of Eve the Serpent and the Apple represent an intentioal biological warfare attack that targtted Adam’s genome for “degradation,” as an act of extraterresrial biological sabotage of a serpentine race of creatures against humanity.
It is my belief that the legend of EVe (and Pandora in the Greek mythos) are reports of a successful biological attack that damaged andegraded Adam’s ad Eve’s dDNA, leading to their losss of immortality and thepreternalural gifts that they once posssesses becausetheir genes were damages by contraction of a Serpent Virus or a Serpent Flu.
That successfula attack and the degradation of Adam’s DNA resulted in the “The Fall.” and it was intended as a biological warfare attack by “The Serpent Race”  to infect Adam and to taint his progeny (namely, US) with a retrovirus that would degrade his (and.our future) DNA sequencing as his descendants.
The sabotage of the perfect genome of the Edenic couple, was achieved first, by damaging Adams “perfect” telomeres, thereby stripping Adam & Eve of immortality. And secondly, by creating defects, spiritual (like concupiscence, lying & deception), mental problems (cognitive dissonance) and psychological obstacles (shame & guilt), in their minds and souls.
The Serpent Flu altered, damaged, or removed higher states of consciousness (think of David Bowman’s lobotomy of HAL 9000 in “2001: A Space Odyssey”)), which we possessed before Adam caught “The Snake Flu”  after Eve’s conjugation with a high-ranking member of the Serpent Race, named Samyaza, Azazel, Samael, Satan or Lucifer, depending on your choice of language and symbol structures.
This is what initiated the Messianic Initiative and what is called in theology, “The Reparation of Christ.”
In this case, I take the word “reparation” literally in the sense of that He came down to show how to “repair” our DNA and to reconstitute the “Adamic Genome” back to its original perfection through an alchemical process which Jesus taught as the generation of “rivers of living water.”
Note  Blue text – emphasis mine.
Here is the excerpt from the Octopus article. which explains the process and RNA/DNA sequencing (retrovirus to provirus) to achieve …
 Horizontal Gene Transfer

“The evidence is enough to back their confidence, fascinating and detailed. Central to their paper, and indeed their model of panspermia, is the action of viruses, retroviruses, in particular, and much of the evidence presented revolves around them.

Retroviruses are fiendishly clever. They are the foremost practitioners of horizontal gene transfer, integrating their own genetic material into the genome of the infected host to produce more viruses.

Intriguingly, if they infect germline cells, sperm or ova, for example, then the organism will transmit the integrated retrovirus, known as a provirus, to their descendants.”

In other words, the acquired genetic material becomes part of the offspring’s inheritance.  It’s a solidly Lamarckian mechanism and Steele’s own somatic selection hypothesis is based on such viral capacities.

This ability to affect the genetic makeup of their hosts makes viruses a force to be reckoned with. As a group of researchers, led by microbiologist Matthew B Sullivan, wrote in 2016, “viruses modulate the function and evolution of all living things, but to what extent remains a mystery.”

And the truth is there are a lot of viruses around.

This is an uncanny coincidence for me (regarding ETs & Viruses) which I touch  upon below.
On Sunday, May 13th, 2018, I hosted The Morningstar Report on the Revolution Radio Network.
In the main part of the porgram with Steve Erdmann & Omar IAmone, we discussed ET influences in the Foundation of the World’s 3 Major Religions.
We covered the subject of angelogy from the 3 perspectives of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and crossed over into very mystical realms
of religious experience.
We discussed the role of the an ET, called “Angel Gabriel” in the foundation of all 3 great religions.
First, we started from the Angel Gabriel’s role as the fire-sword bearing
Keeper of the Gates of Eden, then to his encounter with Daniel, followed by the Annunciation to Mary of the impending births of Jesus and John, and his forcing of Muhammad to profess and establish Islam and, finally, we turned to his shape-shifting role into Satan to induce Muhammad to recite and to utter The Satanic Verses as recorded in The Koran.
Near the end of the program I discussed my belief that the Adamic genome was degraded by Eve’s contact with “The Serpent.”
There was a “coincidence” with article (Virus, ET, Ocotpus) in that (for the first time) on this show, I expounded on my theory that Eve’s so-called “sin” was sexual congress with “The Serpent,” which resulted not only in the conception of Cain, a human-serpent hybrid with homocidal instiincts, but that it resulted in her contamination with and contractionn of an alien retro virus, in fact, a venereally transferrred virus, that was transferred from the Serpent ot Eve through intercourse (“eating the apple”) and tranferred, again through sexual intercourse to Adam, thereby, infecting the progenitors of Mankind resulting in “The Fall of Man” due to an alien retrovirus that was introduced into the human genome to mutate it and, thereby, to degrade Mankind.
A talk with Robert Morningstar, Stephen Erdmann and Omar IAmone Learn more at watcherstalk.com