The UFO Smokescreen

The UFO Smokescreen
By Robert D. Morningstar

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“The UFO Smokescreen”

Part I

The Mike Wallace-Major Donald Keyhoe UFO Interview

Part II

The Real Secret of the Robertson Panel Report

Semantic Analysis of 1950’s Network TV Cover-ups

Of “Flying Saucers – Serious Business”

Robert D. Morningstar

(Copyright 2008, RDM*- All Rights Reserved)

Part I

The Mike Wallace-Major Donald Keyhoe Interview

Major Donald E. Keyhoe
(USMC, Ret.)
Director, NICAP (1957)
National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena
Video Courtesy of the Harry Ransom Center
University of Texas at Austin


On March 8th, 1957, former Marine Air Corps pilot, Major Donald Keyhoe, Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), was interviewed on national television by then ABC reporter, Mike Wallace.

Throughout the 1950s, Major Keyhoe was conducting ongoing UFO investigations and public inquiry into the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Keyhoe appeared on television regularly to discuss the subject of “Flying Saucers” and the need for complete government disclosure. I was watching with my parents as a 9-year old boy on the night that CBS TV “pulled the mike” on him when he appeared on the Armstrong Circle after he began to speak about Congressional hearings into UFOs.

In this interview, archived at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin, Major Keyhoe talks to Mike Wallace about the United States Air Force cover-up of UFOs, relates reports of UFO sightings by professional airline and military pilots, discusses various theories explaining UFOs, exposes official government cover-ups employing scientists as debunkers, reveals the existence of the Robertson Panel Report (as well as, AFR 200-2) and expounds on the possibility of interplanetary war in the future.

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With Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC (Ret.)

March 8th, 1957

WALLACE: Good evening, tonight we go after a fantastic story, the story that flying saucers from other worlds are visiting our planet, just as we are exploring outer space with our own rocket satellites. Our guest is Former Mariner Air Corps Major Donald Keyhoe, who has the support of scores of prominent businessmen, military men, and some scientists in his campaign to prove that flying saucers exist.

If you’re curious to know why Major Keyhoe charges that the Unites States Air Force is deliberately deluding us when it calls saucer stories “the bunk,” if you want to hear his own evidence that the saucers are real, and his reaction to the claim of two Americans who say they’ve spoken with men from Venus. We’ll go after those stories in just a moment.

Mike Wallace
“Smokesperson”& “Smoke Screen”
For UFO Cover-up & Parliament “Hi-Fi”

WALLACE: My name is Mike Wallace; the cigarette is “Parliament.”


WALLACE: We’ll meet Major Keyhoe in just a minute.


WALLACE: And now to our story.

Major Donald Keyhoe is the Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. As head of this private group, interested in flying saucers, he’s repeatedly attacked the United States Air Force, and others, for claiming that flying saucers are apparently flights of fancy and not flights by Martians or men from the Moon.

Independent surveys show that millions of Americans do share his belief in these celestial saucers.

Major Keyhoe, first of all, let me ask you this:

Most people in the United States, in spite of the fact that I said that millions do believe, I think you will agree that most people in the United States don’t believe in flying saucers from outer space. They probably hold the view of columnist Bob Considine, who wrote that flying saucers are products of, for the most part, quote “pranksters, half-wits, cranks, publicity hounds, fanatics in general and screwballs” end quote.

How do you feel about Mr. Considine’s charge?

KEYHOE: Well, I know where he got the story; he got it from Colonel Watson out at the Air Technical Intelligence Center in Dayton. In fact, the colonel went even a little further and he said “that behind every sighting was an idiot, a crackpot or religious fanatic.” That included a lot of high-ranking Air Force pilots, incidentally, and many airline captains, people who are qualified to see these things.

But, he’s just following on Air Force policy.

WALLACE: Well now, you’re not suggesting that Bob Considine is in the pay of the Air Force; he’s an independent newsman with a considerable reputation.

KEYHOE: No, I mean the colonel, I mean the colonel.

No, I have a only respect for Bob Considine.

WALLACE: In spite of the fact that he suggests that “pranksters, half-wits and screwballs” are responsible for the stories about flying saucers?

KEYHOE: Well, I wish I could show him, at anytime, a list of about 800 witnesses, some of the big names of aviation including, up to the rank of colonel in the Air Force. They’re still flying, and they’re still carrying passengers; they’ve never been grounded. They’re still guiding airliners in the radar men are, night after night in bad weather. If they’re “screwballs and incompetents,” why are they still on the job?

WALLACE: Major Keyhoe, where do you think flying saucers are coming from?

KEYHOE: I don’t know. There is an indication that they could be using Mars as a base. I don’t mean they originate right there, but every time Mars has approached us, in the last ten years, there’s been a noticeable increase in saucer sightings. And that’s been mentioned officially. In fact, the Canadian official project, on the basis of that, set up an observation station in Canada.

WALLACE: You say the Canadian official project, what do you mean by “the official”?

KEYHOE: There was an official project called “Project Magnet,” and they set up an observatory at Shirley Bay to try to track these things. And…

WALLACE: What happened to the official project? You say there was a project.

KEYHOE: Yes. They ran for about a year and they had one sighting on the gravimeter, which indicated that something… a very large object had flow over there, but they finally decided that they were spending a little bit much money on that, I suppose.

WALLACE: For certain, they wouldn’t have thought that they were spending too much money on it, if they believed that that kind of phenomena existed.

KEYHOE: A lot of people on the project are still working up there on their own time and certain government officials have still kept the lid on the reports in Canada, just as they do down here.

WALLACE: What is your theory? … In other words, you suggest that they come from Mars or from other planets, from other solar systems, possibly, throughout the universe. Is that correct?

KEYHOE: Yes, and there’re a lot of scientists who’ve said the same thing.

WALLACE: What is your theory as to the kind of people who fly these… or the kind of beings who fly these saucers?

KEYHOE: Well, that’s speculation…

Willy Ley said recently that it would be like the man next door, the invaders from space, and his reasons, may be good. But most of the top scientists have said that the odds are that beings from other worlds would not be like us; some of them would be.

Dr. Harlow Shapley, for instance, said that there probably… were at least a hundred million inhabited planets in the universe. And then Menzel, who doesn’t believe in saucers, at all, says, that he goes at higher — even higher. And among those, by –there must, be- the law of averages. —, There is a certain number of planets that would be like the earth, and if evolution started the same time, you might have the same type of being.

WALLACE: What you think of the intentions of these people — for lack of a better name — of these people who are in these flying saucers?

KEYHOE: Well, there’s been no evidence of any hostility during the last 10 years, for what we call the modern phase, there have been sightings before then. There had have been some accidents; air force pilots chasing these things; they kept a man until he was killed chasing, one in ’48 and two pilots disappeared chasing one in ’53 over Lake Superior.

But, I think those are just accidents.

WALLACE: Just accidents… Why don’t they try to communicate with us?

What’s your theory about that?

KEYHOE: Well, I’ll follow some of the theories the Air Forces people have said… they suggested to me back in ’52 and ’53, at which time we were cooperating, I had a lot of very good friends in the Air Force at that time — and the policy was to give out the information –.

They were about to tell the people everything they had. And the theory was then that perhaps these beings were so much different from us that communication would be a very hard thing. They might not, for instance, have speech sounds like ours.

That’s one answer. And another thing: they might not be able to exist in our atmosphere. We’re going to land on the moon, we’ll have to wear space suits, or else build air-conditioned buildings up there…air pressured.

And there could be lots of factors like that.

WALLACE: Well, do you think they’re down here, when we do see them, to look at us?

KEYHOE: I think that it’s probably a long-range survey.

WALLACE: A long-range survey?

KEYHOE: That’s right.

M* Photo Restoration of Oregon UFO Photo, circa 1927

WALLACE: And yet, no attempt, as far as we know, in any case, of communication with us.

KEYHOE: There have been claims of communication, but those, most of those, have been by individuals. The Air Force has not admitted that there’s ever been one and I don’t know… Our committee hasn’t found any cases that we would accept as absolutely verified.

WALLACE: All right. Now, let’s go at it from another point of view, if I may, the Air Force point of view. They agree, undoubtedly, objects have been seen in the sky, but the Air Force has said, time and time again — this is a quote from Richard Horner, assistant secretary of the Air Force for research and development — “All, but a small percentage of these reports — of unidentified flying objects — have been definitely attributed to natural phenomena that are neither mysterious nor dire.” End quote.

Weather balloons, mirages, ordinary sky phenomena like meteors or airplanes themselves. What about that?

KEYHOE: I’ll answer that, but I’d like to make several points in doing it.

In 1947, the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Dayton, that’s the top Air Force intelligence men and scientists under contract, sent the secret documents to the Commanding General of the Air Force, saying that whatever these things were, they were real.

In 1948, ATIC, the same group, sent a top-secret estimate to the Commanding General, Hoyt Vandenburg, that these were “interplanetary spaceships.”

In 1952, there was an intelligence analysis of the maneuvers of these things, as seen by radar, triangulation, radar photographs.

And in ’53, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Air Force had a special panel of scientists meet at the Pentagon, to tell them what to do.

And after they got through, this group said, “You don’t have proof that these things exist, not scientific proof, but you have a very strong circumstantial case.

We suggest you quadruple investigations, set up special observation posts and in the meantime release everything you got the American people.”

Now, you’ve got four documents there; they’ve been sitting on all this time. Now, that… and they have been spending a lot of money investigating flying saucers.

If they don’t exist, why the money?

Why did the intelligence team rush out every time there’s a sighting?

WALLACE: Now then, you have mentioned four documents that you claim exist.

We’ve heard, in the past, that you have claimed that these documents existed. We’ve seen your literature in which you talk about the existence of those documents. So, we spoke with the Air Technical Intelligence Center at the Pentagon earlier with this week, and this is what we’re told officially by them, “Three of the four documents Major Keyhoe refers to, simply do not exist. The fourth document does exist, you can have a copy of it, Mr. Wallace, and you can see that it doesn’t say what Major Keyhoe claims it says.” We have a copy of it and I quote to you from the copy.

The Air Force document says just this:

“The panel recommends that the national security agencies take immediate steps to strip the UFOs of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired.”

Time out!… Red Flag! Editor’s note:

At this juncture, Mike Wallace is putting up a “Smokescreen.” filtering the information. In March 1957, with source information hidden away, compartmentalized “secret,” Wallace could easily get away with misinforming the public, but today with FOIA=released CIA files in public view, the truth comes out.

When Wallace, quoting an Air Force spokesman, earlier said to Maj. Keyhoe, “Three of the four documents Major Keyhoe refers to, simply do not exist…“, the reporter was disseminating a official government disinformation. At least 3 of the 4 documents referred to by Keyhoe, The Robertson Panel Report, JANAP 146 and Air Force Regulation 200-2 did exist and were known to exist by CIA, USAF and former US Navy personnel like Major Keyhoe and Admiral Sidney Souers and Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkotter.

On February 28th, 1960, on the front page of the New York Times, Admiral Hillenkotter, former Director of Central Intelligence, denouncing the USAF cover-up, revealed the existence of AFR 200-2 and a now well-known USAF memo to the American public”

“Flying Saucers are Serious Business.”

Wallace is quoting from the (then still secret) Robertson Panel Report findings and its recommendations, which after the 1952 Washington DC flap had become official USAF policy and Standard Operating Procedure, i.e. to discredit and debunk UFOs and witnesses regardless of the evidence or qualifications of the witnesses. The document Wallace was quoting was held “Top Secret” till 1994, although portions were published in the Condon Report, 11 years after this interview.

Curiously, even today, some paragraphs of the Robertson Committee Report are amazingly still classified “top secret,” more than 56 years later.

Many of the Robertson Panel members, while “fronting” as detached, unbiased scientists, were secretly working as paid consultants for the Central Intelligence Agency, including the Chairman, H.P. Robertson, Professor Donald Menzel and Dr. Luis Alvarez, who had officially requested non-disclosure of their CIA affiliations before the public if the panel’s report was ever released (which was not until 1968)…

See Dr. Alvarez letter in CIA UFO files in FOIA-released “Project Bluebook” files.

Wallace’s reading of the partial conclusion is a disingenuous ploy, in short, a “smokescreen”, apropos his sponsors, Parliament “Highly Filtered” Cigarettes, with Wallace shamelessly “blowing smoke” at a nationwide audience by reading the recommendations out of context in order to hide the real significance of the Robertson Panel’s findings. The reader will see just how “highly filtered” was Wallace’s disinformation.

The actual text and the true context of the Robertson recommendations is quoted below:

(The red highlights are mine …RDM*)

The Robertson Panel’s 3rd Conclusion reads:

“3. The Panel further _concludes_:

We cite as examples the clogging of channels of communication by irrelevant reports, the danger of being led by continued false alarms to ignore real




indications of hostile action, and the cultivation of a morbid national psychology in which skillful hostile propaganda could induce hysterical behavior and harmful distrust of duty constituted authority.”

Let’s look at that again (and more) in another way…

“We cite as examples the clogging of channels of communication by irrelevant reports,
the danger of being led by continued false alarms to ignore real

[BLACKED OUT-] —————————–]




indications of hostile action, and the cultivation of a morbid national psychology in which skillful hostile propaganda could induce hysterical behavior and harmful distrust of duty constituted authority.

4. In order most effectively to strengthen the national facilities for the timely recognition and the appropriate handling of true indications of hostile action, and to minimize the concomitant dangers alluded to above, the Panel recommends:

a. That the national security agencies take immediate steps to strip the Unidentified Flying Objects of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired;

b. That the national security agencies institute policies on intelligence, training, and public education designed to prepare the material defenses and the morale of the country to recognize most promptly and to react most effectively to true indications of hostile intent or action.

We suggest that these aims may be achieved by an integrated program designed to reassure the public of the total lack of evidence of inimical forces behind the phenomenon, to train personnel to recognize and reject false indications quickly and effectively, and to strengthen regular channels for the evaluation of and prompt reaction to true indications of hostile measures. ”

More details and semantic analysis given in Part II.


Interview continues…

WALLACE: …”We suggest an integrated program designed to reassure the public of the total lack of evidence of inimical forces behind the phenomena.”

And again, as I point out, Secretary Horner says it’s simply “ain’t” so.

Now, why? The point really at issue here, it would seem, Major Keyhoe, is this:

Why do you believe that the Air Force says that nothing is going on?

Why do you believe that the…?

It’s a fairly serious charge that you make.

KEYHOE: I know it is.

WALLACE: You make the charge that the United States government is withholding from the people of the United States certain very important information. Why? What would their motive be for withholding that kind of information from us?

KEYHOE: Well, I’ll answer that, but I’d also like to show you some proofs that they are withholding it. The reason was given to me when they were working with me back in ’52 and ’53: It was first that they were afraid of hysteria. Remember the Orson Wells show? Back… way years back, when he scared people in the hills with the…


KEYHOE: …idea of invading Martians. Then, they were also afraid that it would upset organized religion, that was a smaller factor, but there was some fear of it. Later, they were afraid that these accidents when the interceptors had chased these things and had been lost or had crashed, might be considered a proof of hostility. Now, I would never have put my name on anything if it were a matter of a personal opinion.

I’ve talked to, and read the reports of, hundreds of pilots and radar men, guided missile trackers, who’ve seen these things. And some of them are very more important names. The Air Force says that they’ve (…) this down to 1.9 percent, but you noticed the word current in there, they mean we are currently explaining.

Now, I have in my possession a copy of the special report fourteen, which is their Bible on this. In the back, it has a table showing that of thirty-two hundred and one cases they examined, nineteen and a half percent were unsolved. And they admit they still are unsolved. You add up what they’ve had since then; it makes over twelve percent of the reports and those are mostly from the best possible sources.

WALLACE: Well now, wait just a second; I’ll use your figures.

The Department of Defense released an official bulletin on November 5, 1957, saying that from June of ’55 to June of ’57, a two-year period, just a fraction over two percent of all investigated unidentified flying objects had to be listed as “unknown.” Two percent, so that’s your one point nine…

KEYHOE: What’s the period, again?

WALLACE: ’55 to ’57. The rest were determined to have been balloons, airplanes, hoaxes, and a category about 12 percent, called insufficient information, which means that the report was so flimsy that there was simply nothing to check on.

I must confess that they have…

they’ve certainly shown me no classified material, but they have opened their files quite willingly to us in our preparation for this program tonight, and they’ve given us very convincing evidence, Major Keyhoe, that it is largely…

I shouldn’t say largely, I’ll say ninety-nine and forty-four, one-hundred percent, a hoax. Now, you mentioned…

KEYHOE: A hoax?

WALLACE: Well, let… when I say a hoax…

KEYHOE: Are you saying a lot of good pilots, “hoax”?

WALLACE: No, no, no, not hoax, just…

I thank you for correcting me, not just a hoax, but, let’s say, misinformation or sightings of objects which seem to be one thing but are, in fact, another. I’m glad that you corrected me about hoax, because it is, by no means, that much a hoax. But, you mentioned that Dr. Donald Menzel, who was a professor of Astrophysics at Harvard before. Now, I think you will agree that he’s one of the world’s most distinguished astrophysicists. Is that not so?

KEYHOE: I think there are others who are equally capable, but, do not agree with him.

WALLACE: He is one of the world’s most distinguished astrophysicists; though, I think we can agree on that. In any case, he stresses, you see, that pilots are not experts of —, that they, as well, as others, can see flying saucers when it’s only, to quote him, “the wrapper of somebody’s lunch moving around on the air” end quote.

But, again, let’s come back to the point… the most important point, Major Keyhoe, and that is, why, why will the Air Force…?

Why will the United States government withhold information from United States citizens?

For what reason?

KEYHOE: Because they’re treating us like children, the way they did it with the H-Bomb at first, and the way they’ve been doing with other things. Now, I’m not attacking the United States Air Force. I’m attacking a small group in there that has been persistently keeping this from the public, just as they’ve kept other things.

For a long time, you couldn’t even mention the idea that we could be hit by missiles from submarines from the gulf or from both coasts very easily.

I knew that years and years ago and tried to get it out, but at the time was discouraged about it. Now then, you mentioned this… that this denial of these documents. Now, I’d like to tell you something that happened on the Armstrong Circle Theatre. I had requested that those points be in the script and I was discouraged from it at, first by their writer. Then later, some of our board of governors insisted that we had those points included.

So I said, “Either, I don’t go on or we have those in there.”

They said all right. So the script was completely rewritten. Now those were in the script as it was first rehearsed. But when the second rehearsal came along and the Air Force saw the mimeograph sheet there with Air Force representatives, but according to Armstrong’s writer said, they would immediately deny it on the air, even though it meant denouncing their own former project chief.

Now, the source for this is Captain Edward Ruppelt, who was the head of Project Blue Book for two years. And at that time he was considered good enough that he briefed President Truman on these things. He was the top man, rank didn’t mean anything, it was the experience that counted. All right, he says these things existed; he put it in a book, which was cleared by Security and Review, in the Air Force.

On December 5, 1955, that was cleared. It’s in his book! He has never been hauled in a court-martial. Now, I have here, and if you’d allow your camera to come in on it; this is a sheet from the script of the Armstrong Theater, which was deleted.

This was crossed off, and I was told that I couldn’t say it on the air.

Now that was censorship by intimidation. This can be matched up with the other sheets from the Armstrong Circle script and any typewriter expert will show you that…

They ordered to take it out.

WALLACE: I’m certain that people believe you; the only thing is that, the next morning, I do distinctly remember reading a report by you, Major Keyhoe, to the effect that no censorship, no pressure of any kind had been put upon you.

KEYHOE: I’m sorry, Mr. Wallace, that… I know that statement almost by heart.

I said that CBS and the Armstrong people were not to blame for cutting me off the air when I tried to mention the fact that a Senate Committee was working on the secrecy angle.

I never mentioned this that night to anyone because I had promised that I wouldn’t say anything about on the air that… to the Armstrong people.

It was taken out and I will do this:

I will ask the United States Air Force to have the Marine Corps put me on active duty for a court-martial if that is not the case.

WALLACE: Major Keyhoe, I understand you have three new reports on file, which in your opinion… you have them currently on file, they’re new reports. These, in your opinion, would convince every person in this country that flying saucers are a fact.

Is that correct?

KEYHOE: It should convince a lot of people because of the names involved.

WALLACE: Tell us about it.

KEYHOE: I told your interviewer or in Washington that I couldn’t mention the names because they were too high; one of them is a top scientist in this country, whose name would be known to everybody.

WALLACE: But, why wouldn’t he want his…?

KEYHOE: Because he’s afraid of official ridicule.

WALLACE: He’s afraid of official ridicule?

KEYHOE: That’s right.

WALLACE: More afraid of official ridicule than a possibly alerting the country to a serious national danger?

KEYHOE: You’d be surprised how many people give us reports and they say, “Please keep my name confidential.”

I’ll give you one report, which came to us, the name has to be left out.

In 1951 a UFO circled the fleet in Korean waters. It circled it at a high-speed and they launched several planes to try to get a “close in” on it. They got a radar lock on it…that is the radar was guiding the planes toward the object.

This was picked up by radars on 14 naval vessels.

This object circled about… oh, for a half an hour more and then it took off at a speed way over an excessive a thousand miles an hour.

This report was certified and nine members of our board of government saw it, signed it, and agreed that they had seen it, and agreed to the content, too.

There is another report that just came in from four top missiles designers or engineers at one of the big plants in this country. They saw an elliptical shaped object and two small round disk shaped objects flying with it over California, November 11, 1957, at a speed of at least five thousand miles an hour.

These men are well qualified. They know what they see, with broad daylight, not a cloud in the sky. There’ve been cases, even where the Air Force has shot at these things. Now, if there’s nothing there and, they don’t exist, why do they shoot at them?

You mentioned Mr. Horner. The day after Mr. Horner said that the Air Force was not concealing anything, Captain Gregory Oldenburg, a public information officer at Langley Field, refused to let an ad be inserted in the Langley Base Flier, their newspaper, which asked that anybody interested in UFOs, please communicate and form a little group.

He said, “I must refuse to do this, because the dissemination of information on UFOs is contrary to Air Force policy and Air Force Regulation 200 dash 2″…

And I have a copy of it here, in case you want to see it.

WALLACE: Well, Major Keyhoe, I must say that the Air Force tells us… they don’t question your motives, but they do question the accuracy of the good deal of your information and for that reason they say you have been, and were they to — in a sense –throw open, an invitation to all people who sight UFOs, to get in touch with them once again, they’d get all kinds of cranks, hoaxers and so forth. And, you see, they run down every one of these sightings and it has cost them a tremendous amount of money, to no avail over the past few years.

KEYHOE: That’s what they told you.

WALLACE: That is what they told me. Now, sir, in a moment I’d like to ask you this: In the past few years millions of flying saucers enthusiasts have become excited about the stories of two men, George Adamski and Howard Menger; both of them claim to have seen flying saucers. Menger claimed to have been given a ride in one, by some creatures from Venus. Adamski says he’s chatted with a man from Venus in the California desert.

I’d like to get your reaction to those stories. And we’ll get Major Keyhoe’s reaction in just sixty seconds.


WALLACE: All right, Major, about George Adamski and Howard Menger, both men claim to have talked with men from Venus. Menger claims that he’s even taken a ride on a flying saucer. Do you believe them?


WALLACE: You think they are hoaxers?

KEYHOE: We do not accept any reports of these so-called contactees without more evidence. We’ve asked them to submit their claims and take lie detector tests. We don’t throw them out, we simply say, “We’ll give you a fair chance.” I think that’s the least important part of the picture. The most important part is the weight of evidence from hundreds of competent people.

I’d like to name a few:

Captain Richard Case, American Airlines;

Captain C.S. Charles, Eastern Airlines;

Captain T. Kravitz, TWA;

Robert Dickens, TWA;

Colonel Don J. Blakesly, US Air Force, a Wing Commander.

I could get down a list of, people who know what they’re doing and they’re still on duty, they’re still flying…

WALLACE: Major Keyhoe, what would you like to see done about flying saucers that is not currently being done? What steps would you like to see taken?

KEYHOE: I think the American people should write to their congressman and insist that open hearings be held by the Senate Committee… on the permanent committee on Government operations, which has been looking into this for six months.

WALLACE: An Air Force spokesman told us this last week, he said, “Members of the Senate Subcommittee have talked with us already and they have shown no interest in conducting any hearings on this issue.”

KEYHOE: I talked with the chief investigator within the last two weeks, I gave him a lot of information and I gave him data on one case, where an airliner was sent to chase one of these things and the passengers kept in ignorance of it at that time.

That involves two government agencies, besides the Air Force, which has refused to release the report.

And I’ll say this: if you were to get… if the Committee were to get Ruppelt, Major Fornay, several colonels, on that time, Major General Garland, who was on the project, there would be a big revelation because the Air Force is simply treating the American people like children.

They don’t trust them with the facts.

WALLACE: You know here is an interesting, I think an interesting question, Major. The United States and Russia started sending satellites into the sky and we may be hitting the moon with a rocket soon, possibly Mars.

You believe that creatures from other space have space stations on Mars? What’s going to happen when we start firing rockets at the moon or at Mars?

KEYHOE: That question has already been brought up. We expect to have a base on the moon within the next five years. It’s possible that there is a base on there. I don’t say that there’s any proof of it. I…

General Douglas MacArthur – 1952

WALLACE: Is it possible we’re going to start an interplanetary war when we start sending our rockets to the moon and to Mars?

KEYHOE: In 1955, General Douglas McArthur said the next war would be an interplanetary war and we’d have to unite against people from other planets…

WALLACE: One last question, Major Keyhoe: Have you ever seen a flying saucer?

KEYHOE: I’ve seen and tracked on and radar, but I take the word of about 800 of the best witnesses in this country and abroad.

WALLACE: But, you yourself have never seen a flying saucer?

KEYHOE: I’ve just been a reporter, and a careful one.

WALLACE: Thank you very much, Major Donald Keyhoe.

As you’ve just heard, the flying saucers controversy is deadlocked in contradictory statements and interpretation of facts.

As for Major Donald Keyhoe himself, like most of us, he’s never seen a flying saucer, which may just make him like a mystic who’s never seen a ghost, but one must give him credit, he has much faith.

In a moment, I’ll bring you a rundown on next week’s guest, one of the giants of the entertainment business.


WALLACE: Next week, we go after the story of a giant in show business. …

Till then, for Parliament, Mike Wallace, reminding you to help keep the Red Cross on the job for us. Give generously. Good night.

ANNCR: The Mike Wallace Interview has been brought to you by The new high-filtration Parliament.

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By Tony R. Eliot

There is a strange phenomenon affecting virtually every human being on the planet.  To some it is very subliminal and hardly noticeable, yet to most it is very pronounced and highly worrisome.

For example, the effect is where we may get news of the death of a celebrity, politician, or otherwise famous person today, only to find out in the next few days that this same individual really did not die at all and is as healthy as they ever were.  To the curious who will investigate the death, they are sure they heard about will find nothing to support it anywhere.

This phenomena is called “The Mandela Effect,” a term coined by Fiona Broome who operates a website about real alternate realities that people may visit every day and not realize it.  Her phrase (“The Mandela Effect”) originated because a large number of people “remembered” Nelson Mandela as having died in a South African Prison and yet, he was released from prison in 1990 and did not die until 12/05/2013 at the age of 95.  

Thus, this large number of people who “remember” Mandela as “dying in prison” actually may have experienced these memories being true in an alternate reality, but must now experience those memories as becoming or being “not true” in this one.

To believe that we alternate consciously, subconsciously, and perhaps even physically between existing universes, i.e. alternate realities, the scientific “bubble theory” that our universe is surrounded by and interlaced with countless alternate universes has to be legitimate.  To put “the bubble theory” into perspective, imagine a bathtub filled with bubbles and think of just one tiny bubble surrounded by all these millions of similar bubbles as being the Universe in which we exist   This is, in fact, the medium of reality and actually how our very private and individual Universe exists independently via “the bubble theory” of existence within a “Multiverse.”

Many of these alternate universes would be almost identical to ours with only very slight differences.

It is very possible that the famous person really did die in an alternate universe, but not in ours.  

There is also the possibility that in some alternate existences, drastic differences have occurred where the human civilization there may have totally gone to nuclear energy as their only source of energy for example, or political differences resulted, such as the Nazis winning WW 2.  There could also be any existence imaginable from Earth being extremely primitive, to human civilization being advanced beyond our wildest imagination. 

Perhaps memories that conflict with current reality are simply examples of our occasional visitations to alternate realities.

Proof of this “reality shift” is mind-blowing to many people, here are a few examples.

Many of you may remember reading the children’s book “The Berenstein Bears” at some point during your childhood.  Well, that was in another dimension because here and now the title reads, “The Berenstain Bears” and nowhere can you find a book, no matter how old it is, spelling it the way we used to remember it being spelled with an “e.”

The television series “Sex In the City” is now “Sex And the City.”

The old Looney Toons we watched as kids doesn’t exist anymore and has been replaced with Looney Tunes.   Nowhere can the name Looney Toons be found in any archive, even though most of us know we watched Looney Toons. The new Looney Tunes doesn’t even make sense because “Tunes” refers to music, not cartoons as Toons” does and did.

“Alot” is now spelled a lot.”

Desi Arnez, husband to Lucy Ball is now Desi Arnaz.

The old Fruit Loops cereal is now Froot Loops.

Holland was a country in a previous existence, but today has been replaced with The Netherlands.

Jiffy peanut butter most of us remember, apparently never existed and is named “Jif.”

Here Ford’s emblem changed:

Here are some other changes:

Since our memories conflict greatly with this reality that we live in now, the evidence is clearly this:

We do have something very strange going on involving our reality .  

Many people blame CERN, and the Large Hadron Collider, the largest and most complex experimental facility ever built, situated near the France-Switzerland border.  It could be that that machine has opened a portal into an alternate universe that now cannot be closed, or even located.

Personally, I do not believe CERN has anything to do with “The Mandela Effect,” primarily because the conflict between memory and reality has been going on for many decades longer than CERN has been in operation.

With that in mind, we have to look further back in history to a point where most strange occurrences such as “The Mandela Effect,” UFOs, and other odd happenings were virtually unheard of at the time. 

We know the first modern day sighting of a UFO occurred on June 24, 1947 by Kenneth Arnold.

The first modern day Bermuda Triangle incident happened on December 5, 1945 when Flight 19 disappeared.

The first detonation of the Atomic Bomb was at Trinity Site, New Mexico July 16, 1945.

The Roswell Incident refers to where an alien space craft allegedly crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico on July 3, 1947.

Perhaps the strangest incident of all is The Philadelphia Experiment conducted on October 28, 1943  which involved an experiment conducted by the United States Navy wherein electromagnetism was used to make the US Navy destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge, to become invisible and, some say, actually teleported miles away.

Many strange accounts of this experiment exist, from finding crew members embedded in steel walls and floors, to some vanishing altogether, to some recounting strange visual effects during the experiment, and to yet other sailors going completely mad from the experience.  The fact is that something exceedingly strange did occur during that experiment, which involved the whole ship and crew aboard it being transferred briefly to an alternate reality via induction of powerful electromagnetic fields.

A most interesting thing about The Philadelphia Experiment is the fact that it immediately predates many other strange phenomena that started happening shortly afterwards.   Few UFOs were reported before 1943 and even the strange reports of Foo Fighters seen in the skies of Europe along with Allied bombers flying missions did not begin until 1944, so very shortly after the Philadelphia Experiment.

Thus, the massive uncontrolled use of electromagnetism during the Philadelphia Experiment may have opened a portal through time itself into an alternate universe that has yet to be closed to this day.  This opening may now have become many smaller portals, or “time warps,”  which open and close as they travel across the globe on a continual basis.

Since  we, through the powerful electromagnetic force used in the Philadelphia Experiment, actually breached the very fabric of energy and space-time that separates our universe from many others, which surround us, “things,” i.e. multiple colliding realities, are bound to get worse.   As we see today with many people’s memories are not being congruent or consistent with the reality of a commonly held present existence.

Some people believe that our current government in Washington, DC resembles the Washington one would expect in Superman’s Bizarro World, but could it be just “normal” in this particular plane of current existence?

You will notice, if you use a computer often, that there are all sorts of small changes in this new dimension as well, such as spelling and grammar.   An example is the word “alot,” which was correct in the other existence, but is incorrect here, for in the here and now it is perforce (of spellchecker) spelled “a lot.”

So, what can one do?

Is there a “solution”?  

As I see it, nothing can be done to correct the breach between dimensions.  Therefore, what we must ultimately do is to accept the changes as a part of our evolution into a “new reality,” viewing and reviewing the alterations of the old realities into novel ones and ourselves a higher intellectual beings, or to hold tenaciously to the past alot and to remain who we really were then.


The Bible and Extra-Terrestrials

The Bible and Extra-Terrestrials

By  Jones 
<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>
Saturday, May 21st, 2016 

I am a writer for various sites commenting and sharing ideas on all sorts of different topics, so I recently took the time to check out one of the top UFO websites on the Internet dealing with UFOs and Extraterrestrials, and I decided to do a little review of stories on,

While there, I took the time to watch and listen to a video interview of Erich von Däniken who authored Chariots of the Gods and numerous other books.  Some of the information he brought up was not entirely new to me, but I listened to see what new things I could learn.  The questions he brought up have been asked from time to time by other writers over decades since he first published his works bginning in the 1960s.

Briefly, one of the questions he posed is whether Mankind was created by the “Lord God” or by Extraterrestrials posing as “gods.”

In my opinion, there is no need to fear truth because truth will reconcile itself when enough information is known.  For example, the law of gravity exists.  If that is all a person knows, that person would say that it would be impossible for a plane to fly.  The fact is, planes do fly because through the principles of thrust and lift, they can overcome the law of gravity.

So how do we reconcile various differing viewpoints?  When there is a seemingly difficult question to reconcile, I start with the greatest mathematical probability as being the bottom line truth, around which others are tributaries.  I start with one truth that is mathematically impossible without divine intervention.  That is the truth of prophecies past surrounding Jesus the Christ.  I am not referring to what some refer to as  end times or “the rapture” or Armageddon or any of those.  I am referring to the ones that were fulfilled in Jesus’s first coming, his life, his death, his resurrection, and his purpose.  Depending on how these prophecies are counted there are somewhere around 300+ prophecies that had to be fulfilled.

In other words, if two or three things are listed in one scripture, do you count that as 1, 2, or 3?  

However, a scientist, in times past, figured the probability of just 8 of the scriptures being fulfilled to be absolutely astronomical Now … Three hundred of them would be totally out of the Milky Way ball park!


So I start there.  If those prophecies have been fulfilled,  then we can rely on other things the Bible says. However, what does the Bible say about something that might be construed as something “extraterrestrial”? 

Genesis Chapter 6 talks about how “the sons of God” came down in to the daughters of men, chose some for wives, and procreated giants, known as the Nephilim.  That fits in with the stories of pyramids,  gigantic heads, sculptures and so forth that men ranging from roughly 4 – 6 feet in height or so, sometimes a bit larger, could never have  produced simply using prehistoric tools.

Then the Bible tells us that the world was corrupted.   Other studies of these matters have drawn conclusions that there was genetic modification to the point that only one man still retained a pure enough gene pool to save, and that was Noah, his progeny and his posterity.

Of course, his son Ham may have been influenced concerning genetic manipulation prior to the flood or “the seed” being preserved.  Some have postulated that Ham castrated his father, Noah, for Noah never had any further children after the flood, following the tent incident withHam. 

In any case, there are many stories about a worldwide flood and it fits in with information and legends known about extra-terrestrials.  It just depends through what lens you look at it.

I prefer to look at it through the Christian viewpoint since there is one defining thing that no other culture, explanation, or Holy Book has and that is the prophecies concerning Jesus the Christ.  To me, the mathematics of those prophecies supersedes any other information.  In other words, stories about extraterrestrials will have story lines in the Bible, but the Bible will not necessarily be in the story line of an extraterrestrial.

The War in Heaven …

Angels against Devils or Angels versus Extraterrestrials?


There are other points that can fit in with the extraterrestrial story.  Why did they come?  Where did they come from and why?  The Bible gives us clues.  There was a “war in heaven.”

A being named Satan was thrown to the Earth.  He tried to take over the Earth from a man named Adam, who had been in charge.  The whole story of the redemption of Mankind and bringing it back to the One God from the clutches from Satan is told about in the Bible and is still in the process of being completed, i.e., returning dominion over the Earth to Man, its rightful custodian.

Can stories of Extraterrestrials and the Bible be reconciled? 


I think that they can be reconciled with modern scientific discoveries..  However, I feel that when there is a question of what story is the “correct story” line, due to prophecies of times past having been so completely fulfilled, that the Bible has to be taken as the final word over any stories that might be deduced otherwise.  The prophetic understanding and fulfillment simply is not there for any other story line.

As King David said, “I will go to him, but he will not return to me.”   David recognized that some directions of truth are a one way road and while interest in “extraterrestrials” may yield a lot of information, I personally believe the studies will finally culminate around the truth in the Bible, and not otherwise.

Of course, none of these questions, whether the questions of Extraterrestrials involvement in human affairs or questions about Jesus, are things the governments of the world particularly want studied.  They have figured out some good story lines to feed the masses.  They would prefer it if those same masses would bury their heads in entertainment or distractions and never raise them up again in questions.   If they do, they might not believe the story of evolution, a “modern myth” and cornerstone of science,and so they might not be so easily controlled, and, in fact, the ruling elite might lose economic power.

These are the underlying Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of mass media control of public opinion:

Don’t question any Magic Bullet, don’t question 911, don’t question ‘global warming.’ Don’t question anything that looks strange and where the facts don’t make sense.  Don’t question the safety of vaccines.  Don’t question GMO’s.  Don’t question Chemtrails.   Don’t question HAARP.  Don’t question the Fed.  Don’t question war.  Don’t question the military/industrial complex.  Don’t question the NWO cabal.  Don’t question the theory of evolution.  Don’t question Area 51.  Don’t question the truth about extraterrestrials.  Don’t question, don’t question, don’t question. 

That is how governments want everyone to reconcile truth: Hear and obey, don’t look, don’t study, don’t ask, don’t question.  That way they keep the masses ignorant, suppressed, poor, and enslaved.

These make up some very disturbing ideas for the average person.  However, those are thoughts for another blog post for another time.  The point of this is, yes, there is information about extraterrestrials to be studied, and if we try to understand, we may be able to reconcile more than we realize.  And, we may be able to reconcile it and correlate legends and myths of Extraterrestrial involvement with early Mankind to events described in the Bible.

Genesis 6:2

Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, 

that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.


Cheryl Jones

Read more of Cheryl’s works on her blog: 


Blue ring nebula by Bull53Y3



Bastrop-Austin, Texas – May 28th & 29th, 2016

Innovative Conference Showcases Future of Energy






Bastrop/Austin Texas.— After two years without a conference GlobalBEM is back with an informative program that should interest all. Connecting the dots between technology, consciousness, health, the economy, the environment, grassroots activism and crowdfunding!

GlobalBEM, Breakthrough Energy Movement hosted their first conference in Holland 2012, where the organization featured world-renowned speakers and scientists presenting on topics like zero-point energy, low-energy nuclear reactions, magnetics, and quantum disentanglement. The Second Edition was in Boulder Colorado 2013 and they are now ramping up for the third event this Spring.


GlobalBEM hopes to ignite discussion and activism around breakthrough energy—which the group defines as an abundant energy source that produces zero emissions and is clean, safe, reliable, and affordable.

The conference will feature over 10 notable scientists, industry insiders, and creative thinkers focused on the science and future direction of breakthrough energy solutions. Presentations and discussion panels will cover emerging energy technologies like zero-point, magnetic, hydro, plasma, and cold fusion low-energy nuclear reactions.  Prominent speakers, such as Patrick Wood, Reuben Langdon, Ken Rohla and others are scheduled to present.

Marko Rodin

on The Rodin Coil

With a working model prototype video demonstration!

When a Rodin Coil transformer receives 50 watts input it creates a 250 watts output! The Rodin Coil redefines the conservation of momentum and energy.


GlobalBEM aims to provide a place for conference attendees to formulate strategies for research sharing, prototype development, and funding of large-scale breakthrough energy projects. Speakers will share resources for do-it-yourself breakthrough energy projects in an open-source format.


The conference will be held at the Bastrop Convention Center in Bastrop/Austin, Texas on May 28th & May 29th.  Single, multi-day, and student passes are available. Registration and more information can be found at

GlobalBEM, Breakthrough Energy Movement is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization based in the Netherlands.  What began as a small group quickly evolved into a worldwide international network of scientists, researchers, academics, artists, business owners, and the general public.  It is dedicated to supporting the development of breakthrough energy through hosting conferences, producing media, and act as a facilitator for a global community, a reunion of humanity calling for the new energy paradigm.

Mike Waters
A number of exciting new technologies are emerging that are capable of transforming our entire way of life, from long range electric vehicles to revolutionary power sources that do not pollute. Mike will discuss system projects and R&D challenges in a physics that anyone can understand.


Mike Waters on Breakthrough Energy and the Basic Physics of Global Recovery
Globalbem Livestreaming-Banner_1000.jpg

To Buy Tickets or To Access LIVESTREAM BEM 16:

Click the link below

For more details, contact: ->


2 Days / 10 Presentations
400 People / 1 Objective
Breakthrough Energy Movement


May 28-29 2016


Who and when at the Breakthrough Energy Conference 2016.

Day 1

Sat, May 28


08:45 – 09:00

Breakthrough Energy 30 Years ago and Now

09:00 – 10:15

Our Inevitable & Limitless Future – A Magnetic Field of Dreams 

10:30 – 11:45

Breakthrough technologies and the suppression within mainstream media

12:00 – 01:15

Lunch break

01:15 – 02:45

New Frontiers in Healing with ORMUS and Scalar Energy

02:45 – 04:00

The Dream Catchers’ mystical journey

04:15 – 05:30

Dinner break

05:30 – 07:00

Round Table Discussion

07:00 – 09:00

Day 2

Sun, May 29


08:45 – 09:00

Vortex Based Mathematics Updated

09:00 – 10:15

New Energy Organisation: the NEO Model

10:30 – 11:45

Getting Back to our Collective Natural Blueprint: Grassroots Breakthrough Energy

12:00 – 01:15

Lunch break

01:15 – 02:45

Energy Currency: The Road To Global Technocracy

02:45 – 04:00

Open System Energy Breakthroughs, Technologies and Sources

04:15 – 05:30

Dinner break

05:30 – 07:00

Round Table Discussion

07:00 – 09:00


Author articles



GHOST RESCUE By Paul Schroeder


By Paul Schroeder

Sometimes, after abductions, the inter-dimensional door, left open, invites in the gangster fringe element of the spirit world.

I have heard astonishing things most unverifiable about Heaven, from ribald odd psychic mediums:
Too heavy smokers retain visibly black lungs, the vain- cosmetic- surgery- addicted, sport disfigured countenances, those too rich, ornate and gaudy, appear homely and threadbare.

According to some psychics, there is an inverse relationship between our aspects, after death, in transition, in an astral world, that mirrors and reflect our damages, foolishness and wrong values, from one’s  life most recently departed.
Who could foresee or imagine such instant spiritually blatant karma-ricochets ?

To skeptics or to the religiously programmed, I assert that the theory that consciousness ends with physical death, has never been proved, to me.

If one examines diverse spiritual phenomena: demonic possession, OBEs, NDEs, hauntings, poltergeists, reincarnation memories through regressive hypnosis, just to mention a few, the undeniable evidence of a spiritual reality looms as obvious as a trout in the milk.

We should all be born with lunch boxes for our stay here, in this school, is short, compared to the eternal spark of God within us that endures.

We step out of our body when we physically die , just as we do step out of our cars and our clothing, and we are no more our bodies than we are our cars or clothing.

Psychics and mediums well know this.

Our spirits, if not stolen by demons or reptilian aliens, or stuck, Earthbound,  move on to one of the very many varied realms of Heaven.

Spirits in beginning transition,  vulnerable to being stolen by reptilian aliens to be recycled, or garnered by demons who collect souls like children do marbles, will often  linger to stay close to us.
Since only our ‘clothing’, or our body’s external shell is buried,
visiting a cemetery is moot, because the loving spirits of our dead  travel with us there, and return from there, with us.

But, Earthbound’s sinister dark souls, and inhuman diabolical spirits, will persist within cemeteries.

Pregnant mothers are restricted from attending cemeteries by many religions, to offer protection to the unborn, from  opportunistic sinister spirits.
Certain minerals in stones, such as ferrous, jasper, tourmaline and quartz,  carried by some sensitives, can assist, and

can act as a deterrent.

I have also gleaned that

The “LIGHT”, into which we enter, to ‘cross over’, at physical death, is not outward and external, but emanates from WITHIN us, at death, a detail overlooked and  unrecognized .

But, what about trapped ghosts?

In our natural spirit state we are ghosts:  fogs of electromagnetic energy ,with memory and a sense of identity.

Ghost-hunters need a glimmer  that spirits who they document,  SHOULD BE rescued; this lack of moral recognition, risks  “depraved indifference”, a  moral crime.

Circus or rodeo’s audiences applause,  watching  abused animals hard- beaten- perform postures unnatural to their natures , is  similarly a ‘depraved indifference’.

Circus and rodeo  lovers, like ghost-  hunters, return to their cars to  leave a chunk of their spiritual evolution, behind..

We get a sure ride to Earth, from Heaven, at birth, but no guarantees for a safe return trip home.

When my psychic prowess began to sputter on, I initially was aware of so many ghosts afoot everywhere, that it made me doubt Heaven’s very existence.

Trapped human spirits are ‘provoked’ by ghost-hunters to elicit evidences, and are  seen as sport, like an animal abused at a rodeo or circuses.

With ghosts, I think of the chrysalis that never emerges, the cocoon frozen and dead,  a human spirit lost in anguish between life and death;.

My heart breaks and I am sullen for the unfairness of  God’s unkept promise, the return dream of Heaven, deferred.

How and when did I learn that an unseen world exists all around us?Picture - A Buddhist and Hindu temple Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai, Thailand  Also known as the White Temple  It was designed by Chalermchai Kositpipat. Fotosearch - Search Stock Photography, Photos, Prints, Images, and Photo Clipart

It blossomed.

The feeling of unseen human hands and their undeniable touches on my arms, back and shoulders, with concurrent accompanying psychic disturbances  increased.

I  feel symptoms of a lost soul/ ghost, who jumps on me, and an energy connection is felt, in that my skin burns and buzzes where I am  touched and connection are made..

Sometimes that awareness crashes crystal clear:
Medusa HeadI had an odd in- your- face- encounter recently with a ‘shadow person’.

Sitting at my computer, writing long into the wee hours, the screen’s glow the only illumination in the room, I slowly became aware of a gradual peripheral movement alongside my right cheek, that moved forward into view, to emerge directly facing me.

A black silhouette of a face, illuminated by the neon glow of the computer screen, a side view of a profile of a slim young man, emerged which then quickly turned, to face me straight on.

A full second before I loudly exclaimed and shouted, an involuntary reaction, I could see a slim, thin human face darker than the room’s darkness, fully facing me!

As I have purposefully unlearned fear, the shout was instinctive and only awe surfaced.

But it was a shadow person up close and intimate.

At one time, in order to block these experiences, knowing that some medications did change brain chemistry to the extent,  to simply put one beyond the reach of such creatures, I tried antihistamines and did indeed manage to stop it all, temporarily.

I had read that on the Internet and just wanting to feel normal, again, tried it on myself.

I don’t know how it works but it works….. temporarily.

But, one can’t live on Benedryll.

Other medications have specifically been developed for people who are troubled by ‘seeing things’, ‘hearing things’ and ‘feeling things’ and these were

pharmacologically designed because modern medicine makes no differentiation, no distinctions between spiritual dysfunctions and psychological dysfunctions.

A modern clinician  unversed in such spiritual truths, perceives a child patient who experiences these phenomena as more psychotic than  psychic, certainly not ever a young ‘sensitive’, who has not yet learned how, but must, to  close his energies, to such entities… 

I was told by others early on that what I was going through was a blessing.

I did not accept that at the time.

It has been a tough learning experience for both me and the unseen world.

I once advised a spirit whose hand rested heavily on my right shoulder -I could feel the weight and span of fingers- to “cross over to the other side”-  meaning that other dimension that we all come from and go to, ‘Heaven’.

After just a few seconds, it obliged my request, by crossing over to my left side, and  good naturedly resting its hand, THERE, on my shoulder..

I deduced that rather than having a rarefied sense of humor,  it likely had no idea whatsoever, what I was referring to…

Another major problem for psychic sensitives, is that of all the spiritual energies, unseen, out there, many are NOT human; some are reptilian alien.

When a demon or juvenile reptilian cruises in, for what turns out to be an extended visit, an onset of the most awful nightmares, unlike any one can imagine, vivid and terrifying, ensue.

Such brilliant diabolical entities refuse rescue and delight in tormenting humans; nothing else except unholy ones could do such violence to mere dreams.
Scary blood with an evil halloween vampire character splattered and dripping on a white background as a spooky symbol of danger and fear as paranormal fantasy icon  Stock Photo - 21743139

During such sieges, in spiritual crises, I have had to neatly discard any classic pedestrian Freudian or Jungian explanations as misguided and moot, and instead  to seek

metaphysical approaches that do, after a fashion, work.

In self defense,  with heightened empathy for an energy who jumps upon me, I counsel with love and compassion, as one would a lost traveler or lost child.

It could well be you, or me, so lost.

I used to dismiss an unseen touch as though it were a fly at my mustache, or treat it with the disgust or shock that a ghost often elicits.

Then I tried to openly complain to the spirit, that phantoms DO-  fill -the- air – around us, and that although we all come from God, one way or another, some of us  fight  hard,  to return to God.

I relay this to the unseen intelligence touching me, with a lack of fear and with  pathos, as much sympathy as I can muster.

All the while, I am fully aware that it could likely be psychically dangerous, as deeply disturbed as it had been, in its body.

If it ever HAD a body..

The worst, most predatory and harmful negative energies ‘out there’, for a sensitive to sense, are juvenile reptilians and small dark grey aliens. They come on like gang-busters,

insistently stubborn and ‘hungry’ for my energies.

When such  painful burning touches apprise me that connections between my energies and dark energies are continuing,  a spritz of incensed holy water mixed with tea tree and camphor essential oils from a plant misting bottle clears the attachment feeling and the onset of mild psychic attack.

I tell spirits who touch me more gently, them that it’s sad and  ironic that God has sent them to me for help,  for I myself, spiritually, am  so often  helplessly lost.

I  tell them that touching people for energy, stealing energy from people,  traps them here, between worlds, where they are subject to bullying or worse, theft, by astral – fierce-predators, afoot.

I ask them to reach higher into their own dimension,  to  ask for angelic help as I do the same, in mine.

I remind them that since they didn’t die when they left their body, that they cannot  die, and insist that they not steal human energy; humans look  like bright porch lights to them.

Some do not listen, because they still feel so, ‘alive’, though not in their physical body.

The retort I have more than once heard in my skull was,

“How do I know, that YOU’RE not dead!?”

Some, however, listen.

I ask   rescue beings of light to work to bring  a neighbor, a lover, a child, a former pet, a parent, a friend, a schoolmate, ANYONE, SOMEONE whom they can trust, to bring them over, to the Other Side.

I try not to surround them in a white light , for negative-thought-beings can feast on white light, which is why they go initially quiescent, only to come on, again, later,  like gang-busters.

Visualized purple light, used for self-defense, can also  ‘wash off and cleanse’ the external blackness surrounding a dark spirit, who is half- willing to be rescued.

Such a ‘wash’ of purple light onto such  creatures couched in blackness, always soon reveals a tiny, faint pearl- like light within the dark one,  my proof to it, of God’s creation of it.

Then, ONLY THEN,  bereft of its outer shell of darkness,  and meanness will I send it into a tower of white light, which contains the hidden full color spectrum with gradations of each color  a different dimension of (earned) Heaven.

Some dark spirits can only freely go into red light, or orange light, to find their rightful place, towards their next perfection; all varied colored spiritual destinations, not unlike a rainbow, are contained  hidden within white light.

However, this cleansing and rescue is best and more safely done within a circle of minds, with a psychic-medium also in attendance.

Creative metaphysics, towards rescues, using just one human mind can be dangerous  as some entities/energies out there, are quite amazingly nasty, brilliant and diabolical.

Self-defense evolved into a changed outlook:

I pray FOR them, instead of for my relief, FROM them.

It raises their vibrations and moves them out of the darkness and is appreciated by them and by others, and is considered,”service to the other side’.

I also try to goad them into the finer purpose, of helping me:

I ask them to leave as ‘ Earthbound’ spirits,  travel to the Christ light, and RETURN to me, as cleansed spirits to assist me in others’ rescue.


What usually appeals to  ‘holdouts’,  is  reminding them that nobody  has spoken to them, or  paid any attention to them, for a  long time, except for me.

With a more humane stance, rarely do they attack with projected telepathic/psychic attacks, in nightmares, or sinister poltergeist machinations .

I have bought some peace and I have done some service to the Other Side.

Ghost-hunters are the front line in this real endeavor, the rescue of ghosts, for in spiritually rescuing others, they can spiritually rescue themselves.

Paul Schroeder



UFOs and Nukes Connection Examined in New Film:

The Amazing, Ominous Secret Revealed

By Robert Hastings

(Copyright 2016, Robert Hastings – All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


When CNN live-streamed my UFOs and Nukes press conference in Washington D.C., on September 27, 2010, I assumed—far too optimistically as it turned out—that the mainstream media would react with sustained interest and finally begin to ask hard questions of less-than-candid government officials.

After all, the seven U.S. Air Force veterans who participated in the event had just divulged still-classified information about UFOs shutting down large numbers of nuclear missiles, hovering over nuclear bomb storage bunkers, monitoring still-unfinished ICBM silos, and other incredible incidents during the Cold War era.

The press conference was the culmination of years of investigation into such events that I had begun in earnest in 1973, when I started interviewing U.S. military veterans regarding their involvement in cases where UFOs had demonstrated an obvious interest in nuclear weapons sites.

The UFO Digest Spotlight on …

The National Press Club Conference On “UFO’s & Nukes”


By 1981, it was clear to me that the situation was very real and ongoing and, I concluded, needed as much exposure as possible. Consequently, I went out on the college lecture circuit to attempt to inform the American public, as best as possible, about the dramatic developments that had been kept from them for decades.

                                                                                                                 Robert Hastings Rebuts Skeptic

UFOs & Nukes Researcher Robert Hastings Refutes Debunker – 2011

In addition to my speaking engagements, my 600-page book, UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, published in 2008, has gradually captured an ever-larger, worldwide following over time.

Nevertheless, it seemed to me, the largest possible audience would be generated by producing and distributing a documentary film that presented the hidden history of nuclear weapons-related UFO activity in a fast-paced, visually-engaging manner, hence the creation of my documentary film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, which is now available at Vimeo On Demand.

While the film has only just been made accessible, initial reviews are very favorable. Gary Heseltine, editor of the UFO Truth e-zine, called it “The best UFO documentary I’ve ever seen.” Frederik Uldall, of the Exopolitics Denmark group, wrote that the film is “Absolutely brilliant! Definitely one of the top five UFO documentaries of all time.”

 To watch  Robert Hastings Interviewed on “Larry King Live!”

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 Transcript of Robert Hastings’ interview on CNN’s Larry King Live

 Robert Hastings Utah Valley University 2011

So, dear reader, are you tired of the many “Fluff-and-B.S.” UFO programs offered up on commercial television these days?

Me too, which is why I made my own film. Check it out—you won’t be disappointed.


Rent or buy UFOs & NUKES here:

ROBERT HASTINGS ~ “UFO´s & The Military” [Age Of Truth*TV] [HD] – Bing video

Robert Hastings 

May 1st, 2016