A DULCE BASE DIALOGUE: Dustin Crowley and USAF Supervisor, Tom Castello, Inside Tom’s Office in the Dulce ET Underground Base





Dustin Crowley and his supervisor, Tom Castello, inside Tom’s office in the Dulce ET Underground Base

By Cherry Hinkle

(Copyright 2017, Cherry Hinkle – All Rights Reserved)

The scene is the Dulce ET Underground Base. Below is an important dialogue, a serious exchange of words that happened between Dulce employee, Dustin Crowley, and his supervisor, Tom Castello, inside Tom’s office at the Dulce ET Underground Base

“Nobody wants to work in that place, Tom!  The entire garage is too damn spooky.  Hell, Man … You’ll be just walking around checking out the place the way you are supposed to, but flying saucers never really park, Man.  They don’t park, they just float free.  Know what I mean?

They remind me of a big ball floating on a lake, or maybe like a balloon floating in a room, just sitting there.

Flying Saucer Iverted

Saucers move in any breeze, the spooky thing is if you touch one, that saucer cringes, Man! 

It vibrates, it cringes and shrinks away, like it’s Alive. Man!  That thing is uncanny, and not fun to be around!  …

Tom, have you ever poked one of those saucers, Man?”

Tom put down his pen and looked at Dustin.  Tom sat up and said seriously:

“Allow me to quote rule number five:

‘Each worker must resist the urge to touch the disks, because each craft contains dual sentient beings.’  It feels alive because it IS alive. You know that.  No one is supposed to touch the disks because they are sentient beings. Are you telling me you didn’t really read the book of rules?”

Dustin responded:

“Yeah I read it Tom, I read the words.  I read every word of the book of rules, and you know I read it man.  You know the rules – no can works unless you can prove you finished the book, and can quote from it.  I understand that, and that is not why I want to transfer to a different department.

I want a transfer because that weird garage and those spooky saucers are more than anybody can handle.  I have to admit it, and yes, I poked one of the saucers and it backed off and cringed like a scared puppy,  I don’t like a machine like that man! I want to transfer somewhere else man, any department, even Nightmare Hall would be better than the garage.

I don’t want to be around them.  Seeing those saucers move as they do is more than I can handle, Man!”  

Know what I mean?

It freaks me out.  You can’t walk past a flying saucer and not want to reach out and poke it and watch it squirm and get away from you.”