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“Brent Raynes has been investigating and researching UFOs since 1967. He is the author of Visitors from Hidden Realms and the editor of Alternate Perceptions Magazine. Brent has traveled extensively across the US and into Canada interviewing numerous witnesses and researchers. He has taken a comprehensive global and historical perspective on the Ufological landscape. He has also participated in Native American rituals and ceremonies, gaining valuable insights and information from his interactions with these wisdom keepers. Brent is able to make revealing comparisons between the interrelated experiences and disciplines of parapsychology, shamanism, Jungian archetypes, and ufology.”

Brent Raynes – Paranormalist


Indrid Cold


May be an image of 2 people and people smiling
Brent Raynes and wife.

Descriptions of UFOs seem as varied as do descriptions of the “science” that supposedly investigates them, but everything that pertains to UFOs is suddenly also in flux and question.  The fifteen authors that have contributed essays in this book on the problematic situations and solutions to the aerial mystery agree strongly on one thing: New and radical changes to the modes of investigation need to come about.

(UFOs: REFRAMING THE DEBATE, edited by Robbie Graham, White Crow Books, 3 Hova Villas Hove, BN 33DH, United Kingdom; http://www.whitecrowbooks;; 2017, 262 pages, $17.99.)

ufosreframing cover 9781786770233

“Arthur C. Clarke once wrote that any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic,” says Red Pill Junkie.  “Perhaps he forgot to consider how any sufficiently advanced mentality would equally be indistinguishable from madness.  In the search for the other by which to gauge our own self, what we’re really hoping for is a mirror depiction of our own expectations only slightly ahead of us such that it may still be comprehensible.  Yet a truly alien mind would be from our own earthly perspective, and by the definition of the word, crazy…carnivalesque hall of mirrors….” (p. 152, italics added) 

Red Pill Junkie sees comparisons to the “Joker” in batman and the Dark Knight movies and other Trickster Phenomena such as Indrid Cold of the tales of the 1960s Mothman flap.

reframing ufos 2338078-b
Physicist Dr. Harley Rutledge discusses the 1973 Piedmont, Missouri UFO Flap—a-ufo-blueprint-to-follow.html

Progressing truly into the UFO Matrix takes both guts and creativity, says Lorin Cutts: “Within the UFO and paranormal experiences, there does appear to be some kind of an external intelligence interacting with us in a variety of ways.  Yet, for obvious reasons, the nonsense and Trickster elements are all too often overlooked.  Certainly building any kind of literal belief system round the UFO contact experience would – to say the very least – appear hugely problematic” (p.79).

By ignoring or negating the parapsychological aspect of UFOs, large portions of science are muted as puzzle pieces. There is no doubt that the UFO Mystery is “multi-casual” and needs to be approached differently.

“Currently, the testimonies of UFO witnesses that describe corresponding high-strange and paranormal events are often ignored or met with ridicule,” says Susan Demeter – St. Clair, “from ufologists who rather not deal with the more bizarre aspects of UFO reports, and the professional skeptic organizations who are open to anything other than the Null hypothesis…in my opinion, is a big mistake.” (p. 169) 


The fifteen essayists “leave no stone upturned.” M.J. Banias says the problem is much larger than any physical “Silence Group.”  It is deeply ideological. 

“There is no secret society that has imprisoned UFO discourse; rather, it is our collective social reality, governed by the mechanisms of modern capitalist ideology, that has done so…Today, science is no longer counter-cultured, but is now the arbiter of mainstream culture, the self-proclaimed hub by which all knowledge is.  Ironically, science has become what it rebelled against.” (pp. 133, 135) 

MJ Banias - VICE

M . J  Banias.

MJ Banias is an educator, writer and blogger. He was a former field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, has been featured on multiple podcasts and radio shows, and contributes to Mysterious Universe and RoguePlanet.  His work has been included in Fortean TimesFATE Magazine, and in a book entitled UFOs: Reframing the Debate.  He is the author of The UFO People: A Curious Culture. He lives in Canada with his wife, two children, and a massive  cat.  To learn more,   .

Banias talks about some of the prevailing elements “distorting” amateurs that affect ufology: Corporate influence is one, and the “ideological constructs” which our present society operates under, is another. 

“We have given ‘science’ a sort of anthropomorphic consciousness,” says Banias, “but science is not a literal ‘thing,’ rather, it is a collection of socially accepted ideological constructs, methods and mechanisms, financially controlled by economic and political forces…various established organizations…a wide range of agendas.” (p. 137) 

Smiles Lewis suggests there is a real “ParaCryptoufology” phenomenon that exists and is seen through a Gaian consciousness, but, at the same time, is being manipulated by covert earth agencies for their own hidden purposes. 

Indrid Cold, AKA: The Grinning Man.
 A Smiling “Indrid Cold” Haunting Cases in the 1960s

“This is the problem I have with most people who claim to have an answer to the UFO phenomenon. They pick a theory, but it only fits part of the data,” says Lewis. “That’s also why I advocate for a multi-theory interpretation of the UFO phenomenon. I don’t think there is any one explanation that accounts for all the data; in fact, many of the ideas I’m going to talk about would provide the perfect cover for such traditional extraterrestrial encounters.” (p. 110) 

The end result of such an ‘alliance’ with the UFO denizens and earthly agencies could be seen in the “psychotronic mind-influencing techniques” connected to a “Cyber-biological-Planetary Poltergeist” in ways similarly to which science-fiction foresaw as a worldwide phenomenon of “earth energies” that evil minds about the globe have “hijacked by human agencies for nefarious purposes.” 

“It is clear that quite a wide variety of human agencies have manipulated the superstition and myths surrounding stories of contact with non-human entities – folklore has been weaponized as a means to various ends,” says Lewis, and Lewis spreads a wide blanket of information in his essay (p. 127). 


Image result for Photos of the Joker phenomena
The  ”Joker” as a Fatalistic Component


People are waiting for some kind of “disclosure” or “physical evidence” that will prove the reality of UFOs.   Micah Hanks offers more definitive “categorization” of the phenomenon, adding many additions such as “experimental aircraft,” “drones,” “psychological components,” and several others. 

“Obviously, science and, more importantly, the scientific method, rest at the cusp of what I seek to address in the present missive,” says Hanks.  “Hence, in pointing out the adoption of a scientific ‘scientism’ amidst the modern skeptic movement is not to detract from the proper application of science by any means…perhaps more answers than we have managed to attain previously.” (p. 74) 

Joshua Cutchin says that to approach the subject as to whether UFOs are nothing but nuts and bolts extraterrestrial space ships (N & B/ETH) would be a mistake: 

“While plenty of cases superficially support the N & B/ETH view, its materialist foundations are shaken when confronted with the High Strangeness characteristics of a majority of UFO Close Encounters,” says Cutchin.  “Alleged ‘alien’ abductees report profound synchronicities manifesting in their lives, battle poltergeist phenomenon in their homes, and occasionally encounter loved ones during their brief sojourn to the Other World.” (p. 51) 


Joshua Cutchin – Researcher 

Cutchin’s astute essay pinpoints many over-looked areas, and especially how “materialistic science” is a fading science being divorced by current evidences of psychic phenomena in a growingly “brick-by-brick” paradigm. Cutchin notes multiple studies by scientists such as Rupert Sheldrake, Daryl Bem, Ian Stevenson, Pim Van Lommel, Alex Tsakiris, and a ‘slew’ of others that say a new world of “psi acceptance domino chains” will eventually rewrite the “rule book” and finally explain many UFO episodes (pp. 55-59). 

Researchers, such as Lorin Cutts, go further and say that “almost everything you think you know about flying saucers is wrong.” 

“We should start to study all aspects of non-standard human experience together,” says Cutts.  “We can no long continue to treat the UFO phenomena as separate from other paranormal, spiritual, religious, esoteric, highly synchronistic or other currently uncategorized phenomena.  Whether we utilize science or also include other methodologies and philosophies, one thing is certain: we need to stop trying to fit that UFO subject into what we want or expect it to be.” (p. 87) 

Cutts blasts “current scientific understanding” as a societal “paper god” that just can’t presently confront in-coming “magical, high strangeness” and experiences that “mystify and confuse!”  New pathways and new escape routes, says Cutts, are needed (pp. 89-90). 

In his own personal experiences Mike Clelland sees UFOs and related phenomena as a “confusing collision of over lapping experiences, a mess of twists and turns,” as the various threads of “synchronicity spill over to the edges.” 

Researchers tend to look upon the UFOs in tight, tidy visions about visiting space ships, says Clelland, but “it’s equally important to look beyond the physical clues…We are dealing with a phenomenon that can seep its way into our reality in ways that are both outlandish and profound.” (pp. 28-30). 

In a distorted, vain, and miscalculated, search for “respectability” and the “perfect case,” says Greg Bishop, “we have backed ourselves into a corner” by routinely ignoring the “fields of psychology, physiology, and even the emerging discipline of information theory” which should be included (pp. 189-191). 

“Can we get ourselves out of the equation to see the phenomenon for what it really is, if there is such a thing?” Adds Bishop, “If there is a non-human consciousness interacting with us, occasionally, there is probably no way to see them except in relation to us.” (p. 205) 

UFO stories come to us out of every culture, says Bishop, in the symbols of “dragons, phoenixes, pearls, holy spirits, saints, giant tanks, honey-combed spider-webbed ships, glowing orbs, triangles with red lights, and football field-sized platforms that block out whole chunks of the sky.” (p. 211) 

Photos Extra The Shadow eXT50160299_2647346611972292_4877660677210112000_n

.Methods of investigation have been “haphazard,” “quite harmful,” and witness stories have exploded into “an orgy of squabbles over belief systems, and the wringing of hands over the imminence of government Disclosure.” (ibid) 

There are many fundamental problems and influences that have “distorted” ufology from its beginning, says Jack Brewer, ranging from deceptive opportunists to “charlatans,” (p. 42) to “involvement in the intelligence community” (p. 39), including “the long-arm of the CIA and its UFO-related interest.” (p. 38) 

“To reframe the debate, effectively, and competently, we must not only acknowledge that such dynamics are happening,” says Brewer, “but make consistent decisions to swim against the undertow and be more of the solution than the problem.” 

Brewer suggests better “methods” that will allow researchers to get to the “heart” of the phenomenon: “We would be wise to drop preconceived notions to the best of our abilities.” (p. 47) 


Ryan Sprague says that now is the time for an “expansion of awareness” and move past the mentality we are dealing solely with “nuts and bolts” and “physical analysis” and seek “newly-disclosed perception” which stretches the limits of our perceptional reality. 

“It may be that our established modes of logic limit us so greatly that we can’t fully comprehend the monster we created,” says Sprague. “We must ultimately face the fact that, at some point, the awareness of that monster is going to shape and mold our consciousness completely, moving forward.” 

Smiles Lewis sees different “origins” of the UFO phenomena in the style of the “Controllers,” “agent provocateurs,” and governmental suspects that are fond of using “psychotronic mind control devices” in “the lens of covert-ops and deception” (pp. 121-122).   MK-Ultra, Project Blue Bird, Project Monarch, Rand Projects, and others that very well have been realized in certain UFO cases such as classical episodes of The Flatwoods Monster of 1952, the Antonio Vilas Boas case of 1957, Barney and Betty Hill case of 1961, and several others of this semblance. 



But a real phenomenon exists beneath the human nefariousness and shenanigans, says Lewis, and has connected somewhere along the line of activity as a “cyber-biological planetary poltergeist.”  Lewis highlights The Excalibur Briefing by Thomas Bearden:  

“He, too, describes the onion-like aspect of the collective unconscious or the Akashic records and this idea that we could be interacting through these phenomena,” says Lewis, “through the transpersonal channel that I’ve been trying to describe here – with various aspects of our own individual unconscious, the collective unconscious of the entire species or, as he breaks if down, to family, city, state, creed, nations, race, geographical area, species, biosphere, and the universal.” (p. 116) 

Lorin Cutts points to the Yakima, Washington UFO “hot spot” as a classical case-in-point.   Like so many other “hot spots,” there is a need to utilize cutting-edge technology such as super-high resolution cameras.   But Cutts suggest the bigger mystery would be to “measure” the human experience with emphasis on the interaction with the subconscious mind (p. 87). 

When Joshua Cutchin speaks on such “elements,” he is reminded of magician Aleister Crowley’s 1918 summation of an entity called “Lam,” a typical Grey alien, asking us to “move beyond materialism” towards a “non-dogmatic Gnosticism.” 


Aleister Crowley’s Depiction of “Lam”

“…the materialist paradigm will fall apart given time,” says Cutchin, “and consciousness studies are the proverbial star…” (pp. 61-62) 

Sunday, March 10, 2013 was Mike Clelland’s “Confirmation Event.” When returning from a UFO conference, Clelland and a friend decided to camp along the Utah roadside. Later, he awoke to see a giant round structure on top of a nearby hill that appeared to have a ring of lights around it. He observed it about an hour, assuming it was a large home. 

Clelland went back to that exact spot where the “home” should have existed: nothing was there. Clelland did find that three unusual or paranormal events fell along a 231- mile-long-straight line, including a ‘point’ where one of the events had previously occurred outside of Dolores, Colorado in the Spring of 2010, reminiscent of Aime Michel’s Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery.,A.Michel%20Straight%20Lines,FSR59V5N6.pdf

“Synchronicities, more psychic flashes, number sequences, and coyotes,” says Clelland, “all play a part in this frenetic narrative…it’s not just one isolated event; it’s a lot of them…” (pp. 20-21) 

Robert Brandstetter recounts a UFO experience in 1977 that happened to him and a friend outside an ice rink in Northern Ontario. “…two classic illuminated and seemingly metallic ships descend…” within the distance of telephone pole height. Multi-colored lights were around the perimeter. They were completely silent. One object went back to join its partner UFO after passing over a neighborhood house; there were many witnesses. The two objects ascended at an incredible speed and faded into the stars (pp. 222-223). 

Brandstetter claims several extraordinary experiences; one such happening was in 2005 when he observed an object in the sky while he was meditating while walking in the woods, the environment seemed to change about him, “transforming the woods into a surreal aquatic phantasmagoria” resulting in the meeting of a “strange woman.” 

Greg Bishop relates four UFO incidents that do not match comfortably “into a standard narrative.” One case involved Jerry Townsend of Long Prairie, Minnesota which on October 23, 1965 sighted a 40-foot “rocket” standing on three ‘fins’ in the middle of the road. Three small figures that looked like “beer cans on two legs” waddled over to him and balanced themselves on a third leg. They soon disappeared back into the “rocket” which then took off with a “humming” sound, disappearing in the sky.



The more “traditional stances” to the UFO question (at least those who seem to hold tinges of old-fashioned skepticism) can be seen in the essays of Curt Collins and Chris Rutkowski.   Rutkowski believes that “proper science” is being contaminated by overbearing “UFO zealots” who distort the field and are actually a fantastical “religion” that needs to be ‘negated’ to a separate track of inquiry and apart all together (p. 15). 

Curt Collins examines the November 2013 Roswell Slides case of a purported body of a photographed, retrieved small alien.  A Roswell Slides Research Group was formed and it was composed of numerous skeptics, cynics, even debunkers and some other professional people who diligently investigated the slides as a Task Force, eventually discovering the photos to be an earthly mummified body of a two-year-old boy (pp. 106-108). 

Rutkowski denotes the need for finding hard, cold facts; Collins stresses this also along with good ‘teamwork.’   The conundrum, however, is: What if this does not encompass ‘all’ the evidence and information, and what if it is guided by faulty, fundamental logic and methods that are not attached to the ‘latest’ philosophy and reason? 

Greg Bishop says there are other ways to look at this.   “We labor under this heavy legacy, but it does not have to be so,” says Bishop. “A conscious effort should be made not to assign any origin or meaning to these encounters, because we may have been fooling ourselves for so long about what they are that we have backed ourselves into a corner.” 

The fields of psychology, physiology, and also “information theory,” even Pyrrhonism, are needed (pp. 191-192). 

Ryan Sprague concludes that “new paths” depend on up-coming UFOlogists. Despite their scientific grounding or their metaphysical knowledge, they must give us their time, knowledge, and resources to live with a “foot in each camp.” 

“We must look beyond the structures we’ve helped create,” Sprague stresses again, “and bring life to a monster we want neither to destroy nor resurrect ever again. We must let it live on its own terms and in its own image.” (p.187) 

Other literature:

“Jacques Vallée, one of the first to research the covert manipulation of the UFO scenario by official agencies, concluded: ‘someone is going to an awful lot of trouble to convince the world that we are threatened by beings from outer space.’   But how does this fit in with his Magonian hypothesis? Vallée presented his most explicit statement of the big picture in the story-line of his 1996 novel Fastwalker (written with Tracy Tormé): a powerful group of human conspirators know that the UFO phenomenon is created by entities from a parallel world, but they aim to convince world leaders and the global population of the existence of ‘aliens’ – and then position themselves as the world’s go-betweens.
“Which is basically our own view of the case of the Council of Nine: they have the stamp of the Ultraterrestrial all over them – clowns, conmen and cosmic jokers – but there is also the pernicious presence of very human agencies lurking in the background. The joke is on all those who follow the Ultraterrestrials, however they choose to manifest themselves or however their human allies choose to present them to us.   But, as history has shown, it may be no laughing matter.”
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UFOlogist Joseph Foster Recounts Viet Nam Era UFO/USO Sightings In the Western Pacific & Nike Bases in the Eastern US (1950s-1970s)

Jennifer Stein MUFON and guest Joe Foster - YouTube
UFO researcher Joseph Foster

Editor’s note:

On March 5th, 2021, I composed a short essay and sent it to a groups of UFO investigators. My comments were regarding the current global UFO situation and a sense of “Creeping Joe UFO Disclosure” slowly unfolding in Washington, DC. I wrote:

Subject: Huge Spheres Videoed Over Las Vegas

Thank you for the link to the Las Vegas  UFO and your questions about the LV UFOs.

Here is a message with videos that I received this week from Capt. Robert Collins (USAF- Ret) related to UFOs videoed over Las Vegas sent by Steve Barrone.

A Pair of Slow-Moving White Spheres Moving East

I’m not sure if it is the same one, but I am sure that they are related to the unveiling of the US Space Force and the slow UFO Disclosure process that we’re going through, which seems aimed for July 1st through July 4th for the “Big Reveal.”

I think that these overt “fly-bys” are synched with the US Senate-driven UFO Disclosure <organized by Senator Marco Rubio last December> that is part of a long scheduled “Slow UFO Disclosure,” which may be following the pattern for revealing extraterrestrial presence in global affairs as described according the plan described by Arthur C. Clark in “Childhood’s End” wherein a 50-year long disclosure process is followed by world governments before the Alien Presence finally reveals itself.

We are now at the end of a similar multi-decade long UFO disclosure process initiated by the CIA in the mid 1960s, which is apparently approaching culmination now as we approach July 1st and slow UFO related revelations in those days following.


A most pleasant surprise ensued when I received a remarkable UFO/USO report from UFO investigator Joseph Foster, which is the subject of the following article.

UFOlogist Joseph Foster Recounts Viet Nam Era UFO/USO Sightings

In the Western Pacific

& Nike Bases in the Eastern US (1950s-1970s)

By Joseph Foster


Robert D. Morningstar

(Copyright 2021, Joseph Foster & RDM* – All Rights Reserved)

On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 9:52 AM Joseph Foster <> wrote:

First of all, I would like to thank all for circulating these LV pictures of the spheres.  There is however one thing that stands out in my mind regarding those pictures of the spheres that may or may not be of importance. 

Back in 1970 while a Quartermaster in the US Coast Guard and on our way back from a deployment in Vietnam, I along with my Captain, the Officer of the Deck (OOD) and my Chief (Quartermaster) were involved with shooting “Morning Stars” (a navigational activity) that takes place about 1/2 hour before sunrise local time). 

The Captain and OOD were using their Sextants and my chief and I were hacking with stop watches while the selected navigational stars were being acquired.

We were on the starboard bridge wing of the ship and on a course of approximately 080 degrees true making speed of about 15 kts.  We were also about a day and a half out of Guam heading back to Honolulu (our home port).  At this time we observed a large “mercury” colored, spherically shaped object closing on us from the front on a reciprocal course (heading roughly 260 degrees true) with a speed of probably 100 mph and at an altitude of between 500 and 1000′.

What I would like to highlight is that with the naked eye, the object was perfectly clear with sharply defined features (I.e., spherical shape and all sea and sky conditions perfectly reflected).  Again, the object had perfect reflectivity with the upper portion showing the blue sky above with some small fluffy clouds and the bottom portion of the sphere reflecting perfectly the blue, south Pacific ocean and capturing the slight chop in the water caused by 5 knot winds.  Cloud cover at the time was about 15%. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is joseph-foster-daylight-sphere-sighting.png

The reflectivity of the sphere was perfect, at least to the naked eye.  I believe this daylight sighting was classic, unfortunately there were only 5 of us (the lookout on the flying bridge was the 5th crew member) that observed the object.  Even though we had two other sightings onboard this ship while I was part of the crew, there was only one sighting that was reported “formally.” This one unfortunately was not it.

My captain was the Senior Captain (O6) in the Coast Guard at the time and my ship was one of the newest High Endurance cutters with me being part of the first crew after the pre-commissioning detail. 

Unfortunately, none of us had a camera that morning so a good photographic record would not be captured.  Being that we were on the starboard side of the ship (right), when the object passed us at its closest point (500 to 1000′) and it passed us to the Port Side, we did not get a perfectly clear view (because of mast, bridge and rigging, etc.) and I am sure that it would have been a photograph of epic importance (in my estimation). 

My final thought however is that the pictures of the UFO spheres showed the “haziness” surrounding the objects that I believe would be some form of plasma field, perhaps associated with a propulsion system.  The camera obviously was able to capture that aspect however, it is also my belief that this type of spherical craft (similar to the one we observed), when seen with the naked eye would look quite different because to the naked eye, the field surrounding such a craft might not be observed (like our sighting) than if it  were captured with a camera.  Perhaps this feedback may have some utility.

The Gulf of Thailand (also called the Sea of Siam) was the site of a USO passage beneath CGC 717

One day, while stationed in the Gulf of Siam, our crew was given leave to engage in recreational swimming. A shark net was deployed and the crewmen began diving off the cutter and swimming out to a raft that was deployed for the swimmers. I was on the bridge watching the swimming activities when suddenly I saw a huge submerged black object, approaching slowly (at about 2-3 knots) from the starboard side of the cutter only to disappear beneath the ship. l went to the port side with plenty of time to see the object pass at least 18 feet below the waterline of the cutter, swimmers, the shark net, and the raft.

As this USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) emerged on the other side of the cutter, I discerned that it was at least 100 feet in length and 30-40 feet in width. It showed no fins, rudder nor discernible source of propulsion. Our ship was anchored, facing the bow to the North, as the huge black object (about 1/3 the size of our ship) passed from East to West beneath the cutter and the swimmers in complete silence with no sounds of engines or any other sounds to attract attention or disturb the swimmers who did not react to its passage.

Facsimile of Tear-Drop Shaped USO that passed beneath the hull of CGC 717 in the Sea of Siam

It was I then that observed the shape of a large tear-drop shaped object continue to move on and off the the East where it slowly disappeared from view.

Although we had no sharks to contend with, the following video will give the reader an idea of the situation during the recreational swimming session when this passed beneath our ship and crew.

The thought crossed my mind that it might have been a whale, but it’s tear-drop shape with no tail, no discernible undulating motion or any sign of propulsion eliminated that possibility altogether. referring to the classic Janes’ Fighting Ships, we tried to find a similar shape in known submarines of the world, but nothing even close was to be found. So the submerged object remains for me a classic USO, or Unidentified submerged Object.

Photo Composite of USO Passage Beneath USCG 717 Endeavor by Robert D. Morningstar

Below is a video from the series MonsterQuest dealing with such recorded sightings of “sea monsters” throughout history.

MonsterQuest: Sea Monsters Caught On Camera

In a recent email to the editor, Joe Foster wrote:

I see that you previously flew out of Brookhaven airport. 

By any chance have you ever flown out of the East Hampton airport.  I lived in East Hampton for several years on a local farm (my folks moved around a bit) between 1949 and 1954 or so.  In 1954, my folks took myself and my young sister to a drive-in movie theater located in Bridge Hampton on the old Montauk highway.  It was during a movie we were watching that we observed a rapidly zig-zagging, bright white point of light (greater in magnitude than any star). 

After making 3 distinct right angle movements, it disappeared behind the movie screen.  The orientation of the screen to the best of my recollection was facing in a westerly direction towards Brookhaven National Labs that was probably about 30 miles away.  In your travels, have you heard of any other similar sightings on Long Island (extremely fast moving, zig-zagging objects displaying movements that would be extreme with great “G” force activity (at least in our state of physics)?  Of course, a lot of the physics that are currently making the rounds these days would probably indicate much of what Jack Sarfatti has been discussing.

I just thought that I would share this with you.  I did document this event. Also, in this email I have attached a couple of other slides that I have used.  In order they are:

1)  The rendition of the daylight sphere event when doing “Morning Stars” while in the CG.  I tried to represent the object and the sky and sea conditions however, it is not perfect but it does show pretty much what we observed at the time.

2)  The next is a crop circle that showed up on a farm that I lived on as a child (the crop circle showed up in 2002, my family’s sighting was in July of 1958).  This is my story of “synchronicity”.  In the summer of 1958, we observed our first daylight sphere that was flying lazily along what we know as the “Navy Road” (actual name is Normandy road) that is owned and used by the US Navy to move munitions to and from ships in Raritan bay and the storage facilities about 13 miles to the south (Colts Neck). 

This road has been used for years to move nuclear and conventional weapons.  It has also had more than its share of UFO activity including a landing about a mile or so away from the Earle pier facilities in Leonardo.  ( I will share the article from the local newspaper along with a picture of a circular flattened area of swamp grass. 

Nike Ajax Missile photo - Kent Burnett photos at
Nike Ajax

Editor’s Note: 

Nike missiles play an important role in many of these UFO related activities, here are several that bear investigation:

Nike Ajax Missile Battery
  1. Nike Ajax site W-93 (Olney Derwood, MD) – UFO crash outside of launcher area (two weeks of overflights – May of 1958
  2. Nike Ajax site NY-53 (adjacent to the Navy Road – Leonardo, NJ) blew up killing 10 men – 6 soldiers 4 civilians – May 22, 1958
  3. My daylight sphere sighting of object flying south towards weapons storage area (Dorbrook Farm) New Jersey – July 1958
  4. UFO Landing about a mile or so from the Earle Navy pier facility in Leonardo – 2 week period of UFO sightings and landing – July 1970
  5. Nike Hercules site NY-56 (Fort Hancock – Sandy Hook) – the only time warheads armed for intercept in history of site – July 1970
  6. Corroboration of my original sighting by another witness 2 miles away – UFO reported landing in swampy area of Swimming River – 1995
  7. Crop circle (article attached) – 200 yards behind where my house was during the 1958 daylight sphere sighting – July 2002 (article)
Nike Hercules Missile | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Nike Hercules

The next event of which we spoke yesterday was the sighting that I had while shooting “Morning Stars” while onboard my ship (Coast Guard Cutter Mellon – WHEC717) while returning from a Westpac deployment to Vietnam – June 1970.  Slide is a representation of what we observed as described in my original email.  Picture of object was added (with Photoshop) just to give a rough idea of scale and the sky and sea conditions at the time of the sighting.

I will follow up with another email and pics for several other events that took place while in the CG.

A ZOOM Video Discussion on UAPs, ETVs versus ARVs
Talk with Dr. Bruce Cornet – Update, Pine Bush, NY UAP anomalies

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Joseph Foster

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Publisher’s PostScript

The 1970 WESTPAC (RVN) Deployment Crew of the Coast Guard  Cutter Mellon (WHEC 717) can best describe their respect for Captain  Ottis H. Abney by quoting a plaque in front of the Chief of Naval  Operations building in Washington D.C.  

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The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Psychological Coup d’Etat

The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Psychological Coup d’Etat

By Richard Gale & Gary Null (Ph.D.)

Progressive Radio Network

January 25, 2021

We have almost reached a full year since the spread of SARS-Cov2 was proclaimed a pandemic.  If we are to believe the World Health Organization’s and individual governments’ official statistics, the number of confirmed cases is reaching 100 million with over 2 million deaths. Indeed, if these numbers can be relied upon, we can surely acknowledge there is a real pandemic. It would be common sense, therefore, to expect, in fact demand, international health agencies and governments to make every effort to identify the virus’ origin.  


Suspicions that the virus, now responsible for the spectrum of medical symptoms known as Covid-19, may have been bioengineered and escaped from a maximum security BSL-4 Lab in Wuhan, China, were already voiced within a month after its identification was first reported.   
Several highly respected medical experts, including Dr. David Relman at Stanford University, have suggested there is a strong likelihood that the virus escaped the Wuhan facility. To date, early queries about its origins remain unanswered and new questions are mounting. 
Jamie Metzl, a W.H.O. advisor served under Joe Biden in the Senate

Recently, Jamie Metzl, a W.H.O. advisor who earlier served under Biden in the Senate and in Bill Clinton’s National Security Council and State Department, told the Toronto Sun that the hypothesis of the virus’ natural origin in a Wuhan wet market is “a lie.”  It is no secret, Metzl noted, that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was heavily engaged in “gain of function” research to “amplify the virility of viruses.”

That there is very reasonable evidence that coronaviruses were being engineered in a laboratory goes back to 2003 and perhaps earlier.  That year, many Russian medical scientists, including Moscow’s head epidemiologist Dr. Nikolai Filatov, shared their opinions that the first SARS outbreak originated from a bioweapons lab.

In January 2020, less than a month since the first reported case in Wuhan, Dr. Igor Nikulin, a former member of the United Nation’s Commission on Biological and Chemical Weapons, stated in an interview that the US has been funding biolaboratories throughout the world, such as Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, etc, and “wherever there are these American biolaboratories, or near them, there are outbreaks of new diseases, often unknown.” This was also confirmed by the founding president of EcoHealth Alliance, Dr. Peter Daszak, a fundamental player in the saga of “gain of function” research on coronavirus and other viral pathogens.  During an interview at a scientific conference in Singapore in early December 2019, Daszak, less than a month before the first Covid-19 case in Wuhan, stated,

“You can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily… Spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus. Zoonotic risk. So you can get the sequence, you can build the protein — and we work with Ralph Baric at [the University of North Carolina] to do this — and insert the backbone of another virus and do some work in the lab.”

Baric, by the way, told New York Magazine:

 “Can you rule out a laboratory escape? The answer in this case is probably not.” 

Baric has first hand knowledge of this probability. In 2016, one of the researchers in his University of North Carolina biosafety Level 3 lab was bitten by a mouse infected with a bioengineered SARS coronavirus strain.  

Worse, according to records obtained by ProPublica, the scientist was permitted to resume her life without quarantine.   Baric’s lab also encountered other incidents that could have potentially released its engineered viruses upon the American public, however the university has refused to provide details.  Back in 2015, Baric had warned that a bat virus could jump species and infect humans. 

In a study published in October 2003 for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Baric and his colleagues had “assembled a full-length cDNA of the SARS-CoV Urbani strain, and have rescued molecularly cloned SARS viruses (infectious clone SARS-CoV) that contained the expected marker mutations inserted into their component clones.”  

This infectious coronavirus clone was subsequently patented but only after the CDC overruled the US Patent Office’s denial of issuance. That same year, Bill Gates appointed Anthony Fauci to serve on his foundation’s Global Grand Challenges Scientific Advisory Board.  Shortly thereafter efforts commenced to develop a SARS-CoV vaccine, which included Moderna and Johnson and Johnson.

To date, Moderna has been granted over 130 Federal US patents to develop a vaccine against SARSCoV-2, including a military DARPA grant for mRNA vaccine technology in 2013.

EcoHealth Alliance, according to Alexis Baden-Mayer, lead attorney and director for the Organic Consumers Association, has conducted remarkable investigative research into the “gain of function” studies and the primary individuals behind the overseeing and funding this research. She has discovered that the majority of EcoHealth’s funding derives from the US Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health and Anthony Fauci.  

Baden-Mayer’s probing inquiries uncovered a cabal of controversial figures, including Daszak, Baric and his Chinese colleague Dr. Shi Zheng-li at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Bill Gate’s Foundation director, Scott Dowell, former Human and Health Services’ director, Dr. Robert Kadlec, and Anthony Fauci.  

The Pandemic Industrial Complex Exposed

Together this group – a part of what journalist Brian Berletic has called “The Pandemic Industrial Complex” has been engaged in private contracts with military bioweapons projects and virus hunting in the wild for “gain of function” studies for a couple decades. 

On EcoHealth’s Criminal Bioweaponized Gain of Function Studies

Curiously, there is another character deeply connected with Daszak and the “gain of function” studies sponsored by EcoHealth: David R Franz.  

David R. Franz serves as EcoHealth’s policy health advisor.

According to Baden-Mayer, who has investigated Franz’s history and background, he was formally a commander at Ft. Detrick’s bioweapons laboratory that was working on “gain of function” studies on pathogens for developing bioweapons. He was also involved in the anthrax investigations shortly after 911, and was a colleague of Dr. Bruce Ivin who was accused for the release of encapsulated anthrax aerosol mailed to Congressional legislators shortly after his mysterious death. 

Dr. Bruce e. Ivins

Recently, Dr. David Martin – founder of the company M-CAM and a fellow at the University of Virginia’s School of Business Management – released his dossier on Anthony Fauci summarizing over two decades of investigations into the very disturbing research and patents filed for “synthetically altering the Coronaviridae (the coronavirus family) for the express purpose of general research, pathogenic enhancement, detection, manipulation and potential therapeutic interventions.”

Before the first SARS outbreak in 2003, Baric filed a patent for producing “an infectious, replication defective, coronavirus.” In other words, the University the North Carolina, with federal grants, was amplifying a coronavirus to make it more infectious. 

Despite the questionable nature of this patent’s and others’ filing status by the CDC, and because patent law forbids patenting any life form, the government and its laboratories sealed under contract, cornered the coronavirus market. In the event of a coronavirus outbreak, only those corporations or institutions that acquired licensure from the NIH would be permitted to work with these bioengineered viruses for developing therapeutic drugs and vaccines.

Controversy has arisen over the confusion about the actual number of Covid-19 deaths and whether or not many if not most deaths are due to other causes.  Deaths in the presence of SARS2 are not the same as deaths due to the virus.  We heard this narrative repeated before and stated directly by the CDC back in 2003.  During the first SARS outbreak, the CDC in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report dated April 4, 2003 stated that “anyone showing signs of fever or respiratory symptoms who travelled in or near areas affected by the virus would be labeled a SARS patient despite many of these individuals being diagnosed with other respiratory illnesses.” 

Dr. David Martin has released his “The Fauci/Covid-19 Dossier,” a 205 page document citing specific charges against the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease, as well as, individuals engaged in coronavirus “gain of function” research for funding and allegedly conspiring to commit acts of terror, lying to Congress, conspiring to engage in criminal commercial activity, illegal clinical trials and market manipulation and allocation.

These are serious charges and the data Martin has collated is nearly conclusive and deeply disturbing.  The Dossier has been filed with the US Attorney General, and is essential reading for everyone to understand the details about how the current pandemic may be an orchestrated strategy unraveling over the course of twenty years.  

During a recent video appearance, Dr. Martin condensed the background of alleged corruption, illegal patents and preparatory planning for the pandemic long before the outbreak. Speaking at the February 2016 Forum on Medical and Public Health Preparedness for Catastrophic Events, Daszak stated,

“… until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs [Medical Counter Measures] such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process.” 

It is important to observe how Daszak lays out a strategy for a coronavirus or influenza pandemic to be framed as a commercial opportunity for the benefit of corporations and their investors, and the role the media will play in maximizing such profit.  

In retrospect, Daszak’s scenario has played out accurately according to plan. Worse, the pandemic is now being manipulated by the World Economic Forum, the IMF, Bill Gates and the transnational class of corporate and banking elites, as well as the Biden administration and the Chinese, British, Canadian and German governments, as an opportunity to completely restructure the global economy. This will necessitate a thorough overall of the entire economic system thereby strengthening the global institutionalization of commercial oversight that will eventually nullify the independence of the modern nation state.

Martin’s Dossier continues to outline a series of purportedly illegal actions to deal with the pandemic that Anthony Fauci has undertaken as head of NIAID (National Institute of Allergies & Infectious Diseases). 

Dr. Anthony Fauci

These illegal actions would include: 

1) Acting against the American Medical Association’s April 2020 recommendation that “face masks should not be worn by healthy individuals from acquiring respiratory infections because there is no evidence to suggest that face masks worn by healthy individuals are effective in preventing people from becoming ill.”

2) Acting against existing published studies that show “to date, not a single study has confirmed that social distancing of any population prevented the transmission of, or the infection by SARS CoV-2.”

3) Acting in violation of FTC Act 15 U.S.C. 41, as no product or service can be advertised to “prevent, treat or cure human disease unless you possess competent and reliable evidence substantiating that the claims are true at the time they are made.”  

This third point applies to NIAID’s promotion of face masks as well as Fauci’s aggressive push to make the drug, Remdesivir, in which Fauci is personally financially invested, as a first line for treatment. 

If these charges of illegal activity against sound scientific evidence, are true, they warrant a thorough investigation in an international criminal court to determine their motivations.  

The mishandling of the pandemic has caused enormous suffering and deaths for billions of people. Lives and livelihoods have been completely upended and our leaders are telling us things will never return to the old normal. In the meantime, the dominant forces of capitalism, aside from profiting over this catastrophe, are now framing the pandemic as an opportunity that will further reconfigure all of our social structures, including commerce, education, transportation and monitoring healthcare.

This global pandemic is a coup d’état against civilization’s collective psyche, intended to foment a regime change in human behavior that will eventually turn humanity into the slaves of technology as a means for social conditioning.

Our only weapon against the likes of Fauci, Gates, and the transnational class of elites is educating ourselves of the damning investigations being conducted by individuals such as Dr. David Martin, Alexis Baden-Mayer, Reiner Fuellmich, Robert Kennedy Jr and others who are making every effort to shed light on the darkness in Washington and governments around the world determined to launch a Brave New World.  

By Richard Gale & Gary Null (Ph.D.)

Progressive Radio Network

January 25, 2021

Edited by Robert D. Morningstar


Dr. Fauci’s COVID-19 Treachery
With Chilling Ties to the Chinese Military
by Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger R. Breggin1


This report documents in detail how Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has been the major force behind a series of research activities and other government actions that enabled the Chinese Communist Party to create lethal SARS coronaviruses, leading to the release of SARS-CoV-2 from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Fauci continues to cover for the Chinese and for himself, denying the origin of SARSCoV-2, and delaying and thwarting worldwide attempts to deal rationally with the pandemic.

This report documents with more than 100 linked citations the following activities by Dr. Fauci. Click the link below to access the entire 62-page article listing the multifarious medical crimes of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Intelligence Information



Contact Information and Site Map

                                                      Calendar No. 477
116th Congress      }                                   {       Report
 2d Session         }                                   {      116-233


                            FISCAL YEAR 2021


                 June 17, 2020.--Ordered to be printed


         Mr. Rubio, from the Select Committee on Intelligence,
                        submitted the following

                              R E P O R T

                             together with

                             MINORITY VIEWS

                         [To accompany S. 3905]

    The Select Committee on Intelligence, having considered an 
original bill (S. 3905) to authorize appropriations for fiscal 
year 2021 for intelligence and intelligence-related activities 
of the United States Government, the Intelligence Community 
Management Account, and the Central Intelligence Agency 
Retirement and Disability System, and for other purposes, 
reports favorably thereon and recommends that the bill do pass.

               Classified Annexes to the Committee Report

    Pursuant to Section 364 of the Intelligence Authorization 
Act for Fiscal Year 2010 (Public Law 111-259), the Director of 
National Intelligence (DNI) publicly disclosed on February 11, 
2020, that the request for the National Intelligence Program 
(NIP) for Fiscal Year 2021 was $61.9 billion. Other than for 
limited unclassified appropriations, primarily the Intelligence 
Community Management Account, the classified nature of United 
States intelligence activities precludes any further 
disclosure, including by the Committee, of the details of its 
budgetary recommendations. Accordingly, the Committee has 
prepared a classified annex to this report that contains a 
classified Schedule of Authorizations. The classified Schedule 
of Authorizations is incorporated by reference in the 
Intelligence Authorization Act and has the legal status of 
public law. The classified annex is made available to the 
Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and the House of 
Representatives and to the President. It is also available for 
review by any Member of the Senate subject to the provisions of 
Senate Resolution 400 of the 94th Congress (1976).

              Section-by-Section Analysis and Explanation

    The following is a section-by-section analysis and 
explanation of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal 
Year 2021 (the ``Act'') that was reported by the Committee.


Section 101. Authorization of appropriations

    Section 101 lists the United States Government departments, 
agencies, and other elements for which the Act authorizes 
appropriations for intelligence and intelligence-related 
activities for Fiscal Year 2021.

Section 102. Classified schedule of authorizations

    Section 102 provides that the details of the amounts 
authorized to be appropriated for intelligence and 
intelligence-related activities for Fiscal Year 2021 are 
contained in the classified Schedule of Authorizations and that 
the classified Schedule of Authorizations shall be made 
available to the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and 
House of Representatives and to the President.

Section 103. Intelligence community management account

    Section 103 authorizes appropriations for the Intelligence 
Community Management Account (ICMA) of the ODNI for Fiscal Year 


Section 201. Authorization of appropriations

    Section 201 authorizes appropriations for the CIA 
Retirement and Disability Fund for Fiscal Year 2021.



Section 301. Restriction on conduct of intelligence activities

    Section 301 provides that the authorization of 
appropriations by the Act shall not be deemed to constitute 
authority for the conduct of any intelligence activity that is 
not otherwise authorized by the Constitution or laws of the 
United States.

Section 302. Increase in employee compensation and benefits authorized 
        by law

    Section 302 provides that funds authorized to be 
appropriated by the Act for salary, pay, retirement, and other 
benefits for federal employees may be increased by such 
additional or supplemental amounts as may be necessary for 
increases in compensation or benefits authorized by law.

Section 303. Clarification of authorities and responsibilities of 
        National Manager for National Security Telecommunications and 
        Information Systems Security

    Section 303 permits the National Manager for National 
Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security, 
as designated by National Security Directive 42 (NSD-42), to 
delegate NSD-42 authorities to a Deputy National Manager, 
without further delegation. Section 303 further reinforces the 
National Security Agency's (NSA's) mission regarding 
authorities and funding programs by ensuring that the National 
Manager--when carrying out NSD-42 authorities--may supervise, 
oversee, or execute (directly or indirectly) the Information 
Systems Security Program (ISSP), but shall not supervise, 
oversee, or execute any aspect of the National Intelligence 
Program (NIP) or Military Intelligence Program (MIP), except as 
necessary to supervise, oversee, or execute the ISSP. Section 
303 also provides that, upon such delegation of authority, the 
Deputy National Manager may supervise, oversee, or execute 
(directly or indirectly) the ISSP, but shall not supervise, 
oversee, or execute any aspect of the NIP or MIP, except as 
necessary to supervise, oversee, or execute the ISSP.

Section 304. Continuity of operations plans for certain elements of the 
        intelligence community in the case of a national emergency

    Section 304 requires the Directors of the Office of the 
Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Central Intelligence 
Agency (CIA), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Defense 
Intelligence Agency (DIA), NSA, and National Geospatial-
Intelligence Agency (NGA) to establish continuity of operations 
plans for use in the case of certain national emergencies as 
defined in statute, and share those with the congressional 
intelligence committees within 7 days of a national emergency 
being declared. Furthermore, Section 304 requires these 
agencies to provide the committees with any updates to those 
plans as the conditions of the national emergency require.

Section 305. Application of Executive Schedule level III to positions 
        of Director of National Security Agency and Director of 
        National Reconnaissance Office

    Section 305 provides that the Director of the NRO and the 
Director of the NSA shall be designated as Level III on the 
Executive Schedule, the equivalent of an Under Secretary. The 
Committee recognizes that this provision does not affect the 
current Director of the NSA's military rank or pay. Section 305 
is intended to provide the Committee's view as to the 
Director's stature in the interagency; it is not intended to 
signal support for a civilian nominee. The Committee further 
clarifies that this provision shall apply to a successor 
civilian occupying the position of Director of the NRO.

Section 306. National Intelligence University

    Section 306 provides the National Intelligence University 
(NIU) with the authorities that the Department of Defense War 
Colleges have regarding faculty member hiring and compensation, 
and the acceptance of faculty research grants. Section 306 also 
sustains an independent, external board of visitors to provide 
oversight of the NIU.

Section 307. Requiring facilitation of establishment of Social Media 
        Data and Threat Analysis Center

    Section 307 provides a requirement regarding Section 5323 
of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 
by requiring that the Social Media Data and Threat Analysis 
Center be established not later than 180 days after enhancement 
of this Act.

Section 308. Data collection on attrition in intelligence community

    Section 308 requires the DNI to set standards and issue an 
annual report on the reasons why different categories of 
Intelligence Community (IC) employees separate from service or 
applicants to IC positions withdraw from the hiring process 
after they have been issued a conditional offer of employment. 
Data on workforce attrition should include demographics, 
specialties, and length of service. Such reasons may include an 
alternative job opportunity, a loss of interest in joining the 
IC, or the length of time to complete the clearance process.

Section 309. Limitation on delegation of responsibility for program 
        management of information-sharing environment

    Section 309 stipulates that the President must delegate 
responsibilities under Section 1016(b) of the Intelligence 
Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 to an official 
other than the ODNI on or after October 1, 2020.

Section 310. Improvements to provisions relating to intelligence 
        community information technology environment

    Section 310 streamlines current reporting requirements by 
requiring the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to 
develop and maintain a long-term roadmap for the Intelligence 
Community Information Technology Environment (IC ITE). Section 
310 further requires the DNI to develop and maintain a business 
plan to implement the long-term IC ITE roadmap.

Section 311. Requirements and authorities for Director of the Central 
        Intelligence Agency to improve education in science, 
        technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics

    Section 311 ensures that the Director of the CIA has the 
legal authorities required to improve the skills in science, 
technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (known as STEAM) 
necessary to meet long-term national security needs.


Section 321. Prohibition against disclosure of whistleblower identity 
        as reprisal against whistleblower disclosure by employees and 
        contractors in the intelligence community

    Section 321 adds to prohibited personnel practices a 
knowing, willful or negligent disclosure that reveals an IC 
Whistleblower's identifying information without consent. 
Section 321 further provides an IC Whistleblower with a private 
right of action if such disclosure is taken as a reprisal 
against the IC Whistleblower for bringing a complaint.

Section 322. Clarification of standards regarding whistleblower 
        complaints and information of urgent concern received by 
        Inspector General of the Intelligence Community

    Section 322 clarifies the definition of ``urgent concern'' 
regarding whistleblower complaints and ensures that the 
Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (IC IG) has 
authority over determining whether a matter falls within the 
``urgent concern'' definition.

Section 323. Clarification regarding submittal of complaints and 
        information by whistleblowers in the intelligence community to 

    Section 323 clarifies that IC Whistleblowers can give their 
complaints to the intelligence committees--as long as the 
complaint is provided to both Chairman and Vice Chairman or 
Ranking Member or designated nonpartisan staff--regardless of 
whether they are determined to be urgent concerns. Section 323 
further provides new security protocols in the instances where 
complaints include classified information.

Section 324. Limitation on sharing of intelligence community 
        whistleblower complaints with persons named in such complaints

    Section 324 prohibits Federal government agents and 
employees from sharing an IC Whistleblower complaint that has 
been submitted to an IC element's IG with a named subject of 
the complaint, unless the IC Whistleblower provides written 
consent or information sharing is required as part of the 
investigation. Section 324 further provides that any violation 
is subject to criminal fines and/or two-year imprisonment and 
requires notification to the congressional intelligence 


Section 331. Assessment by the Comptroller General of the United States 
        on efforts of the Intelligence Community and the Department of 
        Defense to identify and mitigate risks posed to the 
        Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense by the use 
        of direct-to-consumer genetic testing by the Government of the 
        People's Republic of China

    Section 331 directs the Comptroller General to assess 
efforts in the IC and Department of Defense (DoD) to identify 
and mitigate the risks posed to the IC and DoD by direct-to-
consumer genetic testing by the Government of the People's 
Republic of China. Section 331 further requires the report to 
include key national security risks and vulnerabilities, an 
assessment of the IC's and DoD's identification and mitigation 
of such risks and vulnerabilities, and recommendations for the 
IC and DoD to improve identification and mitigation of such 
risks and vulnerabilities.

Section 332. Report on use by intelligence community of hiring 
        flexibilities and expedited human resources practices to assure 
        quality and diversity in the workforce of the intelligence 

    Section 332 requires the DNI to submit a report describing 
how IC elements are exercising hiring flexibilities and 
expedited human resources practices afforded under 5 U.S.C. 
Sec. 3326 and related regulations, including the identification 
of any obstacles encountered by the IC in exercising such 

Section 333. Report on signals intelligence priorities and requirements

    Section 333 requires the DNI to submit a report detailing 
signals intelligence priorities and requirements subject to 
Presidential Policy Directive-28 that stipulates ``why, 
whether, when, and how the United States conducts signals 
intelligence activities.'' This report shall be submitted in 
unclassified form, but may include a classified annex.

Section 334. Assessment of demand for student loan repayment program 

    Section 334 requires the head of each IC element to 
calculate the number of personnel who qualify for a student 
loan repayment program benefit, and compare it to the number of 
personnel who apply for such a benefit. The information 
provided will include recommendations for how to optimize 
participation and enhance the effectiveness of the benefit as a 
retention tool, to identify any shortfall in funds or 
authorities needed to provide such benefit, and to include such 
materials with the budget request for Fiscal Year 2022.

Section 335. Assessment of intelligence community demand for child care

    Section 335 requires the DNI in coordination with the heads 
of other IC elements to provide a report that includes: a 
calculation of the total annual demand for child care by 
employees at NSA, NGA, DIA, NRO, CIA, and ODNI; an 
identification of any shortfalls between demand and the child 
care support by these IC elements; an assessment of options for 
addressing any such shortfall; an identification of the 
advantages, disadvantages, security requirements, and costs 
associated with each option; a plan to meet, within five years 
after the date of the report, the demand for childcare, and an 
assessment of specific considerations that impact the 
alternatives available to these IC elements.

Section 336. Open source intelligence strategies and plans for the 
        intelligence community

    Section 336 requires the DNI in coordination with the heads 
of each IC element, to conduct a survey of the open source 
intelligence requirements, goals, investments, and capabilities 
for each element of the IC and to evaluate the usability of the 
Open Source Enterprise (OSE). Based on such findings, it 
further mandates the DNI shall develop, in coordination with 
the heads of each IC element, a strategy for open source 
intelligence collection, analysis, and production across the 
IC; create a plan for improving usability of the OSE; and 
conduct a risk and benefit analysis of creating an independent 
open source center.
    Using the findings above, Section 336 further requires the 
DNI to develop a plan for a centralized data repository of open 
source intelligence. Finally, it mandates the DNI develop a 
cost-sharing model that leverages the open source intelligence 
investments of each IC element for the beneficial use of the 
entire IC. It also requires the heads of ODNI, CIA, DIA, NGA, 
and NSA to jointly brief the congressional intelligence 
committees on the progress developing the aforementioned plans.

Section 337. Plan for establishing an element of the intelligence 
        community within the United States Space Force

    Section 337 requires the DNI and the Under Secretary of 
Defense for Intelligence and Security, in coordination with the 
Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Space Operations, 
to submit a plan for establishing an element of the IC within 
the United States Space Force.


Section 401. Exclusivity, consistency, and transparency in security 
        clearance procedures, and right to appeal

    Section 401 requires the Executive Branch to publish 
adjudicative guidelines for determining eligibility to access 
classified information and makes these guidelines the exclusive 
basis for granting, denying, and revoking clearances in order 
to increase transparency and accountability, and ensure due 
process. Section 401 further codifies the right of government 
employees to appeal unfavorable eligibility determinations to 
an agency-level panel. Section 401 also creates a higher level 
review by a government-wide appeals panel, chaired by the DNI 
as the government's Security Executive Agent, to review certain 
agency-level panel determinations involving allegations of 
constitutional violations or discrimination. This DNI-led panel 
can remand decisions to the employing agency for reevaluation 
if the panel finds valid cause.

Section 402. Establishing process parity for security clearance 

    Section 402 requires an agency, in justifying an adverse 
security clearance or access determination against a 
whistleblower, to demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence 
that the agency would have made the same security clearance or 
access determination in the absence of the whistleblower's 
disclosure. Section 402 establishes parity in the legal 
standards applied to IC Whistleblower matters.

Section 403. Federal policy on sharing of derogatory information 
        pertaining to contractor employees in the trusted workforce

    Section 403 requires the DNI to issue a policy within 180 
days of enactment that facilitates sharing of derogatory 
information the government obtains on cleared contractors 
(along with any mitigation measures put in place) with Federal 
contractor employers' chief security officers, to help 
companies maintain robust insider threat programs. The policy 
must comport with privacy rights, allow individuals to verify 
the information, and stipulate that such sharing is only for 
purposes of security risk mitigation.


Section 501. Secure and trusted technology

    Section 501 establishes a Communications Technology 
Security and Innovation Fund to support the development and 
deployment of open standards-based compatible, interoperable 
equipment for fifth-generation wireless networks to create a 
more secure and diverse telecommunications vendor market. It 
also establishes a Multilateral Telecommunications Security 
Fund to support the adoption of secure and trusted 
communications technologies in key markets globally. Section 
501 authorizes up to $750,000,000 for each fund and requires 
the administrators of each fund to provide annual reports to 
Congress detailing the use of proceeds.
    Section 501 further requires the DNI to submit a report on 
political influence by adversarial nations within international 
forums that set standards for fifth-generation and future 
generations of wireless networks, including International 
Telecommunication Union (ITU), International Organization for 
Standardization (ISO), Inter-American Telecommunication 
Commission (CITEL), and 3rd Generation Partnership Project 
(3GPP). Section 501 also requires the DNI and Secretary of 
Defense to jointly submit a report on developing federal 
wireless network testbeds for development of fifth-generation 
technologies for U.S. military and dual-use applications using 
open interface standards-based compatible, interoperable 
equipment. This report should include an assessment of efforts 
by foreign governments to build wireless network testbeds for 
virtualized telecommunication technologies. Both reports shall 
be in unclassified form with a classified annex, if required.

Section 502. Report on attempts by foreign adversaries to build 
        telecommunications and cybersecurity equipment and services 
        for, or to provide such equipment and services to, certain 
        allies of the United States

    Section 502 requires the CIA, NSA, and DIA to submit to the 
congressional intelligence and armed services committees a 
joint report that describes the United States intelligence 
sharing and military posture in Five Eyes countries that 
currently have or intend to use adversary telecommunications or 
cybersecurity equipment, especially as provided by China or 
Russia, with a description of potential vulnerabilities of that 
information and assessment of mitigation options.

Section 503. Report on threats posed by use by foreign governments and 
        entities of commercially available cyber intrusion and 
        surveillance technology

    Section 503 requires the DNI to submit a report to the 
congressional intelligence committees on the threats posed by 
foreign governments and foreign entities using and 
appropriating commercially available cyber intrusion and other 
surveillance technology.

Section 504. Reports on recommendation of the Cyberspace Solarium 

    Section 504 requires the ODNI, Department of Homeland 
Security (acting through the Under Secretary of Homeland 
Security for Intelligence and Analysis), Department of Energy 
(acting through the Director of Intelligence and 
Counterintelligence of the Department of Energy), Department of 
Commerce, and DoD to report to Congress their assessment of the 
recommendations submitted by the Cyberspace Solarium Commission 
pursuant to Section 1652(j) of the John S. McCain National 
Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2019, and to 
describe actions that each agency expects to take to implement 
these recommendations.

Section 505. Assessment of critical technology trends relating to 
        artificial intelligence, microchips, and semiconductors and 
        related supply chains

    Section 505 requires the DNI to complete an assessment of 
export controls related to artificial intelligence (AI), 
microchips, advanced manufacturing equipment, and other AI-
enabled technologies, including the identification of 
opportunities for further cooperation with international 

Section 506. Duty to report counterintelligence threats to campaigns

    Section 506 requires that Federal presidential campaigns 
must report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) within 
one week any offers to contribute, donate, expend, disburse, or 
solicit as prohibited under 50 U.S.C. Sec. 30121 by the 
following individuals: a foreign principal as defined in the 
Foreign Agent Registration Act; a person acting at the 
direction of a foreign principal; or a person included in the 
list of specially designated nationals or blocked person by the 
Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control. Section 
506 further requires Federal campaigns to establish a policy to 
retain and preserve records related to reportable foreign 
contacts for not less than three years, and enacts criminal 
penalties for willful violations of this section.

Section 507. Combating Chinese influence operations in the United 
        States and strengthening civil liberties protections

    Section 507 provides additional requirements to annual 
reports in 50 U.S.C. Sec.  3237(B) on Influence Operations and 
Campaigns in the United States by the Chinese Communist Party 
(CCP) by mandating an identification of influence operations by 
the CCP against the science and technology sector in the United 
States. Section 507 also requires the FBI to create a plan, in 
consultation with stakeholders outside the Intelligence 
Community to increase public awareness and detection of 
influence activities by the CCP. Finally, Section 507 requires 
the FBI, in consultation with the Assistant Attorney General 
for the Civil Rights and the Chief Privacy and Civil Liberties 
Officer of the Department of Justice, to develop 
recommendations to strengthen relationships with communities 
targeted by the CCP and to build trust with such communities 
through local and regional grassroots outreach.

Section 508. Annual report on corrupt activities of senior officials of 
        the Chinese Communist Party

    Section 508 requires the CIA, in coordination with the 
Department of Treasury's Office of Intelligence and Analysis 
and the FBI, to submit to designated congressional committees 
annually through 2025 a report that describes and assesses the 
wealth and corruption of senior officials of the Chinese 
Communist Party (CCP), as well as targeted financial measures, 
including potential targets for sanctions designation. Section 
508 further expresses the Sense of Congress that the United 
States should undertake every effort and pursue every 
opportunity to expose the corruption and illicit practices of 
senior officials of the CCP, including President Xi Jinping.

Section 509. Report on corrupt activities of Russian and other Eastern 
        European oligarchs

    Section 509 requires the CIA, in coordination with the 
Department of the Treasury's Office of Intelligence and 
Analysis and the FBI, to submit to designated congressional 
committees and the Under Secretary of State for Public 
Diplomacy, a report that describes the corruption and corrupt 
or illegal activities among Russian and other Eastern European 
oligarchs who support the Russian government and Russian 
President Vladimir Putin, and the impact of those activities on 
the economy and citizens of Russia. Section 509 further 
requires the CIA, in coordination with the Department of 
Treasury's Office of Intelligence and Analysis, to describe 
potential sanctions that could be imposed for such activities.

Section 510. Report on biosecurity risk and disinformation by the 
        Chinese Communist Party and the Government of the People's 
        Republic of China

    Section 510 requires the DNI to submit to the designated 
congressional committees a report identifying whether and how 
CCP officials and the Government of the People's Republic of 
China may have sought to suppress or exploit for national 
advantage information regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic, 
including specific related assessments. Section 510 further 
provides that the report shall be submitted in unclassified 
form, but may have a classified annex.

Section 511. Report on effect of lifting of United Nations arms embargo 
        on Islamic Republic of Iran

    Section 511 requires the DIA to submit to designated 
congressional committees a report on the Government of the 
Islamic Republic of Iran's plans to acquire military arms if 
the United Nations Security Council's resolutions' ban on arms 
transfers to or from the Government of the Islamic Republic of 
Iran is lifted, as well as the effects such arms acquisitions 
may have on regional security and stability.

Section 512. Report on Iranian activities relating to nuclear 

    Section 512 directs the DNI to submit a report on any 
relevant activities relating to nuclear weapons research and 
development by the Islamic Republic of Iran and any relevant 
efforts to afford or deny international access to related 
facilities in accordance with international non-proliferation 

Section 513. Sense of Congress on Third Option Foundation

    Section 513 expresses the sense of Congress that the Third 
Option Foundation's work on behalf of the CIA's special 
operations community and their families is invaluable, such 
that the Director of the CIA should work with the Foundation to 
implement section 6412 of the Damon Paul Nelson and Matthew 
Young Pollard Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 
2018, 2019, and 2020, which provided special rules for certain 
monthly workers' compensation payments and other payments to 
CIA personnel.

                           Committee Comments

Equitable Treatment of Relocation Costs for Intelligence Community 

    As demonstrated in The Intelligence Community Workforce 
Agility Protection Act of 2020, S. 3675, introduced by Senators 
Burr and Warner, the Committee strongly supports IC personnel 
who must make a permanent change of station to accept an IC 
position. The Committee recognizes such relocations pose 
significant financial hardships for the IC civilians who move 
their families to serve their country. Current law provides 
military members with exemptions from effective tax penalties 
for such relocations, but IC civilians have no similar 
exemptions, thus undermining the IC's ability to recruit and 
maintain a highly qualified and motivated workforce. The 
Intelligence Community Workforce Agility Protection Act of 2020 
would provide equitable tax treatment for IC civilians who are 
subject to similar permanent change of station orders. The 
Committee looks forward to expeditious congressional action on 
this matter.

Advanced Aerial Threats

    The Committee supports the efforts of the Unidentified 
Aerial Phenomenon Task Force at the Office of Naval 
Intelligence to standardize collection and reporting on 
unidentified aerial phenomenon, any links they have to 
adversarial foreign governments, and the threat they pose to 
U.S. military assets and installations. However, the Committee 
remains concerned that there is no unified, comprehensive 
process within the Federal Government for collecting and 
analyzing intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena, 
despite the potential threat. The Committee understands that 
the relevant intelligence may be sensitive; nevertheless, the 
Committee finds that the information sharing and coordination 
across the Intelligence Community has been inconsistent, and 
this issue has lacked attention from senior leaders.
    Therefore, the Committee directs the DNI, in consultation 
with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of such other 
agencies as the Director and Secretary jointly consider 
relevant, to submit a report within 180 days of the date of 
enactment of the Act, to the congressional intelligence and 
armed services committees on unidentified aerial phenomena 
(also known as ``anomalous aerial vehicles''), including 
observed airborne objects that have not been identified.
    The Committee further directs the report to include:
          1. A detailed analysis of unidentified aerial 
        phenomena data and intelligence reporting collected or 
        held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, including 
        data and intelligence reporting held by the 
        Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force;
          2. A detailed analysis of unidentified phenomena data 
        collected by:
            a. geospatial intelligence;
            b. signals intelligence;
            c. human intelligence; and
            d. measurement and signals intelligence;
          3. A detailed analysis of data of the FBI, which was 
        derived from investigations of intrusions of 
        unidentified aerial phenomena data over restricted 
        United States airspace;
          4. A detailed description of an interagency process 
        for ensuring timely data collection and centralized 
        analysis of all unidentified aerial phenomena reporting 
        for the Federal Government, regardless of which service 
        or agency acquired the information;
          5. Identification of an official accountable for the 
        process described in paragraph 4;
          6. Identification of potential aerospace or other 
        threats posed by the unidentified aerial phenomena to 
        national security, and an assessment of whether this 
        unidentified aerial phenomena activity may be 
        attributed to one or more foreign adversaries;
          7. Identification of any incidents or patterns that 
        indicate a potential adversary may have achieved 
        breakthrough aerospace capabilities that could put 
        United States strategic or conventional forces at risk; 
          8. Recommendations regarding increased collection of 
        data, enhanced research and development, and additional 
        funding and other resources.
    The report shall be submitted in unclassified form, but may 
include a classified annex.

Coordination of Security for Domestic Military Installations and Other 

    The Committee is concerned that, as a result of several 
recent incidents of attempted unauthorized access to Naval Air 
Station Key West and Fort Story, Virginia by Chinese nationals, 
several security vulnerabilities have been discovered. Foreign 
adversaries may be systematically probing military 
installations and facilities, and it is important that the 
Department of Defense take responsibility for ensuring security 
measures are adequate, unauthorized accesses are tracked, and 
uniform reporting requirements for attempted unauthorized 
accesses are established.
    Therefore, the Committee directs the Under Secretary of 
Defense for Intelligence and Security (USD(I&S)), in 
coordination with the DNI and the Director of the FBI, to 
establish within the Office of the USD(I&S) a designee 
responsible for coordination of security for domestic military 
installations and other domestic military facilities. 
Specifically, the designee's responsibilities shall include 
tracking unauthorized incursions into domestic military 
installations and facilities and attempts at such incursions.
    The Committee further directs that, within 180 days of 
enactment of this Act, such individual shall develop a strategy 
for security and counterintelligence collection that defines 
the capability requirements, responsibilities, and processes 
for security and counterintelligence for domestic military 
installations and other domestic military facilities. In 
addition, not less frequently than once each year, the Under 
Secretary shall, in consultation with the heads of other 
appropriate elements of the DoD and the IC, brief the 
intelligence and armed services committees on the:
          1. Activities of the designee; and
          2. Current and anticipated trends and developments in 
        connection with security for domestic military 
        installations and other domestic military facilities.

Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination Modernization and 
        Integration Efforts of the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-functional 
        Team of the Department of Defense

    The Committee is concerned with the intelligence silos that 
have resulted from isolated procurement programs that store 
data in individual repositories, each with its own set of 
cataloging procedures and proprietary technologies. This, in 
turn, potentially limits advantageous communications among 
databases, causes vital intelligence to go undetected, and 
causes duplication of separately-located analysts' efforts in 
reviewing other, less vital, intelligence information.
    Therefore, the Committee directs the head of the 
Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team, as established in 
the Department of Defense by memorandum dated April 26, 2017, 
to submit to the congressional intelligence and armed services 
committees within 180 days of enactment of the Act, a report 
that includes:
          1. Recommendations for the delineation of efforts 
        between the Team and the Joint Artificial Intelligence 
        Center, especially with respect to data labeling, 
        testing and evaluation;
          2. Recommendations for resource sharing across the 
        intelligence community for test and evaluation as 
        Project Maven transitions its independent lines of 
          3. The plan of the Team to integrate unsupervised 
        artificial intelligence algorithms (e.g., algorithms 
        that learn from data without being trained, allowing 
        the artificial intelligence to self-improve) into 
        Project Maven;
          4. The plan of the Team to incorporate independent 
        data repositories located across the intelligence 
        community, irrespective of the element providing the 
        data or the domain they are resident to, into Project 
        Maven; and
          5. The plan of the Team to ensure that development of 
        Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination technology 
        that will facilitate and enhance the capability of 
        analysts to rapidly search across near real-time 
        sensors, leverage historical data, and identify 
        valuable intelligence is incorporated into the Defense 
        Intelligence Agency Machine-assisted Analytic Rapid-
        repository System.

Plan for Assessing Government Agency Counterintelligence Programs

    Adversary intelligence and security service efforts to 
monitor, access, penetrate, and/or manipulate government 
facilities, personnel, networks, and supply chains have become 
increasingly more sophisticated, as described in the National 
Counterintelligence Strategy of the United States. Many 
national security agencies, to include those in the DoD and IC, 
have mature and robust counterintelligence programs to preserve 
the integrity of their systems. However, many agencies' 
programs lag behind, either because they do not believe they 
are at risk or because of internal funding challenges. 
Therefore, the Committee directs the Director of the National 
Counterintelligence and Security Center to develop a plan 
within 90 days of enactment of this Act for assessing the 
effectiveness of all government agency counterintelligence 
programs. This plan should address the standards and methods of 
assessment that may apply for different categories of executive 
agencies; phasing of implementation over a five-year timeframe 
to cover all government counterintelligence; the periodicity 
for updated assessments; and annual costs to conduct these 
assessment and any recommendation for a cost recovery 

Security Clearance Procedures and Rights to Appeal

    Section 401 of the Act provides appeal rights and 
procedures for security clearance eligibility determinations. 
This provision is not intended to impede agency decisions 
regarding access to classified information for a limited 
purpose or duration (e.g., regarding an election or one-time 
read-ins for a specific event or threat). The Committee does, 
however, expect agencies to keep Congress fully and currently 
informed of any limited purpose or duration grants of access. 
Finally, the Committee expects the DNI-level appeals panel to 
exercise judgment and review only those appeals that the panel 
concludes have evidentiary and jurisdictional merit.

Supporting Industry during Coronavirus

    Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic 
Security Act (CARES Act) in March 2020 to provide necessary 
assistance to the American economy during the coronavirus 
pandemic. An important element of that Act was Section 3610, 
which provided agencies authorities to modify contracts for 
companies supporting the government. This provision was 
critical to the defense industrial base. The Committee believes 
that consistent interpretation of Section 3610, particularly as 
it relates to work conducted at contractor facilities, cost 
reimbursement methodology, adjustments in payment plans, and 
adjustments in contract periods of performance, is essential to 
reducing uncertainty and sustaining a vibrant national security 
sector. The Committee looks forward to working with the IC 
elements in identifying if any additional authorities or 
resources are necessary and identifying lessons learned for any 
future national emergency.

Efficient Use of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities

    The Committee is concerned that there are unnecessary 
challenges to the utilization of Sensitive Compartmented 
Information Facility (SCIF) spaces by multiple programs among 
IC and Department of Defense components and their appropriately 
cleared government contractors. These challenges result in 
inefficient use of SCIFs and classified networks. The Committee 
finds that it is important to support collaboration and related 
efficiencies by sharing SCIF spaces.
    Therefore, the Committee directs the DNI, in consultation 
with the Secretary of Defense, to issue, within 180 days after 
enactment of this Act, revised guidance authorizing and 
directing government agencies and their appropriately cleared 
contractors to process, store, use, and discuss sensitive 
compartmented information (SCI) at facilities previously 
approved to handle SCI, without need for further approval by 
agency or by site. This guidance shall apply to both IC-
controlled access programs and DoD special access programs.

                            Committee Action

    On June 3, 2020, a quorum being present, the Committee met 
to consider the bill and amendments. The Committee took the 
following actions:

Votes on amendments to the committee bill and the classified annex

    By unanimous consent, the Committee made the Acting 
Chairman and Vice Chairman's bill, together with the classified 
annex for Fiscal Year 2021, the base text for purposes of 
    By voice vote, the Committee adopted en bloc three 
amendments to the classified annex, as follows: (1) a second-
degree amendment by Acting Chairman Rubio; (2) an amendment by 
Acting Chairman Rubio; and (3) a second-degree amendment by 
Senator Sasse.
    By voice vote, the Committee adopted en bloc five 
amendments to the bill, as follows: (1) an amendment by Senator 
Burr and cosponsored by Vice Chairman Warner, to improve 
provisions relating to the IC Information Technology 
Environment; (2) an amendment by Senator Risch and cosponsored 
by Senator King, to require reporting on Cyberspace Solarium 
Commission recommendations; (3) a second-degree amendment by 
Acting Chairman Rubio and cosponsored by Senators Risch, Blunt, 
Cotton, Cornyn, and Sasse, to improve Section 322; (4) an 
amendment by Senator Bennet and cosponsored by Vice Chairman 
Warner and Senators Cotton and Cornyn, to require an assessment 
of critical technology trends related to artificial 
intelligence; and (5) an amendment by Senator Cotton to require 
a report on Iranian activities relating to nuclear 
    By voice vote, the Committee adopted an amendment by 
Senator Burr and cosponsored by Vice Chairman Warner, which 
provides the legal authorities required for the Director of the 
CIA to improve recruitment in the areas of science, technology, 
engineering, arts, and mathematics (known as STEAM) necessary 
to meet long-term national security needs.
    By voice vote, the Committee adopted a second-degree 
amendment by Vice Chairman Warner and cosponsored by Senators 
Collins and Bennet, to an amendment by Vice Chairman Warner, 
and cosponsored by Senators Collins and Bennet, that requires 
Federal presidential campaigns to report to the FBI illegal 
offers of assistance by known foreign agents. The second-degree 
amendment exempted unpaid volunteers from such reporting 
requirements and reduced the criminal penalties. By a vote of 8 
ayes and 7 noes, the Committee adopted the amendment by Vice 
Chairman Warner, and cosponsored by Senators Collins and 
Bennet, as modified by the second-degree amendment. The votes 
in person were as follows: Acting Chairman Rubio--no; Senator 
Burr--no; Senator Risch--no; Senator Collins--aye; Senator 
Blunt--no; Senator Cotton--no; Senator Cornyn--no; Senator 
Sasse--no; Vice Chairman Warner--aye; Senator Feinstein--aye; 
Senator Wyden--aye; Senator Heinrich--aye; Senator King--aye; 
Senator Harris--aye; and Senator Bennet--aye.
    By a vote of 7 ayes and 8 noes, the Committee did not adopt 
an amendment by Senator Wyden to establish the DNI as the 
Executive Agent for Federal government-wide declassification 
processes and requirements. The votes in person were as 
follows: Acting Chairman Rubio--no; Senator Burr--no; Senator 
Risch--no; Senator Collins--no; Senator Blunt--no; Senator 
Cotton--no; Senator Cornyn--no; Senator Sasse--no; Vice 
Chairman Warner--aye; Senator Feinstein--aye; Senator Wyden--
aye; Senator Heinrich--aye; Senator King--aye; Senator Harris--
aye; and Senator Bennet--aye.

Votes to report the committee bill

    On June 3, 2020, the Committee voted to report the bill, as 
amended, by a vote of 14 ayes and one no. The votes in person 
or by proxy were as follows: Acting Chairman Rubio--aye; 
Senator Burr--aye; Senator Risch--aye; Senator Collins--aye; 
Senator Blunt--aye; Senator Cotton--aye; Senator Cornyn--aye; 
Senator Sasse--aye; Vice Chairman Warner--aye; Senator 
Feinstein--aye; Senator Wyden--no; Senator Heinrich--aye; 
Senator King--aye; Senator Harris--aye; and Senator Bennet--
    By unanimous consent, the Committee authorized the staff to 
make technical and conforming changes to the bill and 
classified annex.

                       Compliance With Rule XLIV

    Rule XLIV of the Standing Rules of the Senate requires 
publication of a list of any ``congressionally directed 
spending item, limited tax benefit, and limited tariff 
benefit'' that is included in the bill or the committee report 
accompanying the bill. Consistent with the determination of the 
Committee not to create any congressionally directed spending 
items or earmarks, none have been included in the bill, the 
report to accompany it, or the classified schedule of 
authorizations. The bill, report, and classified schedule of 
authorizations also contain no limited tax benefits or limited 
tariff benefits.

                           Estimate of Costs

    Pursuant to paragraph 11(a)(3) of rule XXVI of the Standing 
Rules of the Senate, the Committee deems it impractical to 
include an estimate of the costs incurred in carrying out the 
provisions of this report due to the classified nature of the 
operations conducted pursuant to this legislation. On June 8, 
2020, the Committee transmitted this bill to the Congressional 
Budget Office and requested an estimate of the costs incurred 
in carrying out the unclassified provisions.

                    Evaluation of Regulatory Impact

    In accordance with paragraph 11(b) of rule XXVI of the 
Standing Rules of the Senate, the Committee finds that no 
substantial regulatory impact will be incurred by implementing 
the provisions of this legislation.

                        Changes to Existing Law

    In compliance with paragraph 12 of rule XXVI of the 
Standing Rules of the Senate, the Committee finds that it is 
necessary to dispense with the requirement of paragraph 12 to 
expedite the business of the Senate.


    Despite its strong provisions, I voted against the Fiscal 
Year 2021 Intelligence Authorization Act because the 
legislation failed to reform a broken, costly declassification 
system. Years of reports, from the Information Security 
Oversight Office (ISOO) and the Public Interest 
Declassification Board (PIDB), have documented how a flood of 
digital classification has overwhelmed the federal government's 
obsolete declassification system. There is a consensus, inside 
and outside government, that the system is unsustainable.
    The ISOO has determined that the cost of classification 
continues to increase and now exceeds $18 billion annually. A 
dysfunctional system that lets more and more classified records 
pile up wastes a significant portion of that amount, while 
undermining transparency and doing nothing to protect national 
    There is no dispute about the severity of the problem, nor 
about the solution--modernization of the declassification 
system. Senator Jerry Moran and I have introduced bipartisan 
legislation (S. 3733) to charge the Director of National 
Intelligence with modernizing declassification, a 
recommendation also made by the PIDB. I am disappointed that 
the Committee rejected efforts to adopt this commonsense 
bipartisan reform and address this ever-growing crisis.
    The bill includes a number of important Intelligence 
Community whistleblower protection provisions, four of which 
were included at the behest of Vice Chairman Warner and myself. 
Those provisions protect from outside interference the 
Inspector General's determinations about what whistleblower 
complaints to submit to Congress, prohibit the public 
disclosure of whistleblowers' identities, prohibit 
whistleblower complaints from being shared with the subjects of 
those complaints, and provide a channel for whistleblowers to 
come directly to Congress without interference from the DNI.
    Unnecessarily restrictive language was added to the 
provision facilitating direct whistleblower communications with 
Congress. The Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection 
Act created a process for whistleblowers to communicate with 
the ``intelligence committees,'' whereas the bill appears to 
limit such communication to the Chairman and Vice Chairman, or 
certain nonpartisan staff. To the extent the bill creates new 
limitations on efforts by whistleblowers to convey concerns to 
members of Congress, the language in the bill should be 
modified or clarified.
    The bill includes a fifth whistleblower provision I 
proposed that protects whistleblowers whose security clearances 
are revoked or who face an adverse access determination by 
requiring that the government demonstrate by clear and 
convincing evidence that the agency would have made the same 
security clearance or access determination in the absence of 
the whistleblower's disclosure.
    It also includes my provision requiring a report on the 
threat posed by the proliferation of commercial spyware as well 
as U.S. government efforts to counter that threat.
    Finally, I am pleased that the Classified Annex requires a 
report with information that Senator Heinrich and I have been 
seeking related to collection conducted pursuant to Executive 
Order 12333.

                                                         Ron Wyden.


211 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-1700

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The UFO Spotlight on: Senator Ted Cruz & Colleagues Submit Amicus Brief To Supreme Court

Senator Ted Cruz


December 7, 2020  |  

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Rick Scott, (R-Fla.), Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), James Lankford (R-Okla.), Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), John Cornyn (R-Texas), and Mike Braun (R-Ind.) today submitted a joint amicus brief to the Supreme Court of the United States in support of the petitioners in the case of Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee and in defense of laws that combat election fraud.

The amicus brief argues that the Voting Rights Act does not prevent states from enacting neutral election integrity measures like Arizona’s ban on ballot-harvesting, or other measures such as in-precinct voting requirements, voter ID requirements, election observer zones, and straight-ticket voting.

The full text of the amicus brief may be viewed here. Excerpts are below.

“‘The risk of voter fraud [is] real.’ As this Court has repeatedly confirmed, States have the authority and responsibility to ensure the integrity of their elections. These measures do not deny anyone the equal ‘opportunity’ to vote ‘on account of race or color.’ […]

“In the past decade, plaintiffs have pushed an aggressive Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act theory seeking to invalidate voting laws regulating absentee voting, precinct voting, early voting, voter identification, election observer zones, voter registration, durational residency, and straight-ticket voting. […]

“In the past few years, many recommended election-integrity regulations–which impose no more than ‘the usual burdens of voting,’–have been challenged in a wave of novel Voting Rights Act litigation. […]

“Were this Court to adopt the sweeping interpretation […] advocated by Respondents, these recommended laws and other neutral time, place, and manner voting laws would be put in grave danger across the country.” 

Senator Ted Cruz



Puppet Man!

Puppet Man attackpuppetpeople

I Am the Puppet Master –   

“It is difficult to be the victim of injustice, and not become obsessed by it. As someone else has observed of this tragedy, it is important that we resist the changes imposed on us by the world, by responding instead to the truth that is within us.

“For those of us who have had the luck to survive in this struggle while others have died, some of them murdered, our response must be to carry on.”  (Peter Dale Scott, in memorial on assassinated journalist Gary Webb.)

Puppet Man: Lee Harvey Oswald


Steve Erdmann

Copyright, C, 2015, Steve Erdmann
This article was previously published in the January 19 and March 2, 2015 issue of The UFO Digest.
Permission is given to reviewers and journalists to quote short pieces.

Another version of this article can be seen at

As a result of his demands by constant FOIA (Freedom of Information requests) and other citizen actions, Peter Dale Scott (long-time author into political controversy) has discovered multiple government documents, some highly redacted and blacked-out, that appear to be raw material and, hopefully, clues to the possibility that the accused assassin in the murder of John F. Kennedy – Lee Harvey Oswald – was “manipulated” – and in many instances – “invented.”

“I’m just a patsy!”  – Lee Harvey Oswald 
Lee Harvey Oswald -Puppet Man

(Oswald, Mexico, and Deep Politics, Peter Dale Scott, Skyhorse Publishing, 307 West 36TH Street, 11TH Floor, New York 10018, 2013, 158 pages, $14.94 [softcover], $24.43 [hardcover] .)


Puppet Man Cover oswald-mexico-and-deep-politics

“In any case, readers should not expect these essays to lead us to a full understanding of the Kennedy case,” says Scott in the book’s Introduction. “Rather they lead towards key anomalies of resistance, suppression, and above all falsification of major documents. Just as the mapping of geophysical anomalies can aid in the search for petroleum, so, the mapping of these documentary anomalies can aid us, and hopefully the Review Board, in isolating cover-up of America.”

Puppet Man 170px-Peter_dale_scott
Peter Dale Scott

(What also would lend to a better “understanding” in the book would be an improved explanation of the many “inferences” [though often possibly interesting and even logical] that are ‘still’ not clear (due, in part, to Scott’s somewhat stilted rhetoric), and ‘should’ have finally ended-up as hard, cold evidence that would be seen and read as final proof of some of his claims, but this finality doesn’t seem to ultimately take place.)

The early part of the book deals with an alleged Oswald/Kostikov conversation on October 1, 1963, where a mysterious but only ‘inferred’ “Oswald” spoke of having contacted a KGB agent called Valeriy Kostikov.


Scott mentions that several of these “Oswald leaks” were not the real Oswald, but “someone else impersonating him.”   This involved several calls, comments, and “gossip” portraying Oswald as the originator.   Scott believes that several Oswald “impersonators” laced the scenery with “traces,” “clues,” as part of a “deception program” done through phased or planned “high-level CIA cable traffic.” (p. 4)

Puppet Man Snathers 1280x720-t8A
From the Movie “The Body Snatchers”: Investigating the Replication of Human Bodies. 

It would seem that Oswald had been “fazed” into several ‘stages’ of “mentions” that were “organized some years earlier in a possibly unrelated operation.”  Oswald’s association with a KGB assassin was utilized as to ward off “threatening nuclear war,” and later switched Oswald to a “lone nut” angle or slant. Scott believes that most of these manipulations were the workings of the Counterintelligence Special Investigation Group in the CIA as well as Special Intelligence in the CIA’s station in Mexico City.


Through documents such as the Lopez Report, it would appear that someone (and very poorly executed, at times, in doing such maneuvering) was trying to impersonate Oswald in Mexico. Rumors to further this image had been passed along through Oleg M. Nechiporenko and General Nikolai Leonov, as well as eyewitnesses such as Silvia Duran of the Cuban Embassy. Scott seems to have found multiple discrepancies all through the documents.

“It is far more likely that these cables were sent as part of a CIA deception operation,” says Scott, “and that this deception operation went back at least three years, to the time of Oswald’s alleged defection to the Soviet Union.”

Scott earmarks various “stages” that barely become visible in the trail of Oswald: Phase one, phase two. He refers to these as “dialectical cover-ups.”

Phase One would suggest that Oswald was disguised as part of a Soviet or Cuban conspiracy; and then later, a Phase Two in which Oswald was not a KGB assassin but an alleged “lone killer.” To make matters even more problematic, Scott tells of a rift between the Counter Intelligence (CI) in the CIA and the FBI’s Counter-Espionage as to how the “phase” program was to be implemented.

“It appears there may have been a clique within the government who cooperated with outside elements to kill the President,” says Scott, “and that this clique included elements in counterintelligence…in such a way as to activate a ‘phase one/phase two’ dialectical cover-up.”

“It appears there may have been a clique within the government who cooperated with outside elements to kill the President,” says Scott, “and that this clique included elements in counterintelligence…in such a way as to activate a ‘phase one/phase two’ dialectical cover-up.”

Further manipulations could possibly include “forces inside the Dense Department poised to use Oswald’s record as a pretext to strike against Cuba.”


Scott alternates in telling how the “tweaking” of rumors and information between the various Intelligence factions, utilizing files on Oswald, set Oswald up for various “falsifications.”

Scott says: “Why would SR/CI withhold from the FBI the information that Oswald (whom the CIA knew to be the subject of current and exited FBI Intelligence reports) had just met in Mexico City with an ‘identified KGB officer’? The most sinister explanation would be that they only wanted this information to become known after November 22 so that Oswald would be left free until this time and then picked up, to be identified as Kennedy’s assassin.”

Delving into the theory that a “second Oswald” was part of a plot to “implicate Oswald as the patsy in the assassination” (p. 33), Scott openly identifies one of the manipulators: David Atlee Phillips, Mexico City Station’s Chief of Covert Action and Cuban Operations.

“We have however Phillips’ own statements that he was involved in the transmission of both of the key ‘phase one’ allegations promoted in CIA cables,” says Scott, “the Kostikov story of October, and the Alvarado story of November 25.”

Dan Hardway, House Committee researcher, said: “I’m firmly convinced now that he ran the red-herring, disinformation aspects of the plot.”

Puppet Man Phillips 125
David Atlee Phillips


Scott references Mark Aaron’s and John Loftus’ remarks about Allen Dulles and Dulles’ comment about the “Agency-within-the-Agency” CIA structure (Unholy Trinity [New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1991, p. 260]).     

Outlined by Scott are various “initiatives” in their purpose to over-throw Cuba and assassinate Fidel Castro: Operation AMTRUNK (Operation Leonardo), AMLASH, the Attwood initiative, the JM/WAVE station, and the (mobster) Giancana-Roselli-CIA plots against Castro. In this somewhat confused matrix, Scott speculates, other ingredients were also integrated:

“We must look at E. Howard Hunt, a man whose role in the AMLASH story may have played a key role in the Watergate intrigue,” says Scott. “And above all, we must look at a man whose behavior, and whose CIA watchers, were intertwined with the already complex Attwood-AMLASH-Hunt story. This man was Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Puppet Man Hunt a66u42016_11_15_NBC_AR1EEPYI46_CSD_wem_mezz
Late Intelligent Agent Howard E. Hunt

The middle part of the book concerns the conflicts that under-gird the CIA, the Kennedys’ political policies, and Cuba. Scott raises the connection of journalist Jack Anderson’s investigation into the possible plot by Fidel Castro to Assassinate John Kennedy:

“…there was at least one other three-man assassination team that was sent, this time with CIA support, against Castro in 1963,” says Scott. “These three men where Eddie ‘Bayo’ Perez and the other two survivors of the so-called Bayo-Pawley mission, sent in the summer of 1963 by Roselli’s close friend and room-mate John Martino.” (Hinckle and Turner, The Fish Is Red, pp. 171-173, 347-350)

“Given these signs of a mob influence within the CIA as within the FBI,” says Scott, “it seems at least possible that the mob could have helped CIA authorization for a plot against Castro, which it then exploited to murder the President of the United States.” (p. 69)

Puppet Man castro-obit2
The Late Fidel Castro


The book is comprised of multiple topics and problems that Scott discerns as mysteries to be explained; Erdmann leaves various topics best to be explored directly by the readers:

# Oswald’s associations with both leftwing and rightwing organizations.

# The political spectrum of “double-speak” which seemed to encompass many individuals, including John Kennedy: “The Kennedy habit of speaking out of both sides of the mouth at once, like the larger Kennedy habit of trying to please both hawks and doves simultaneously…” (p. 57.)

# Jack Ruby’s shared affinity to opposing political factions: “The inscrutable mystery of a political polarity, simultaneously liberal and anti-liberal.” (p.116)

# Oswald or an impersonator’s alleged September 1963 remark that he was “going to kill Kennedy.” Scott questions: “Was the story of the Oswald assassination remark (whether or not Oswald actually made it) a propaganda operation from the outset? If it were, then we cannot rule out the CIA resources in the two consulates were part of that operation.”

# The many maneuverings of a “Staff D” at the consulates; much of this is under the sway of the DFS (Direccion Federal de Sequridad), going into the LIBNVOY Project (as well as the Soviet LIFFAT Project, p. 131) and the integration of Richard Cain and his expertise as telephone-tapper. Cain worked alongside of the CIA-Giancana assassination connection in Mexico City in 1962. He was also known to have connections with the Chicago mob and Jack Ruby all the way to the DFS and plot to kill Castro; the Chicago mob was involved in “deep involvement in Mexico’s drug traffic.”

“The Richard Cain-Lennie Patrick-Dave Yaras segment of the Chicago mob had connections to 1963 not only to Ruby but to Sam Giancana, and above all to mob activities in Cuba…but if Cain recruited and/or trained then we may have isolated the matrix for a sophisticated CIA-Mafia assassination intercept program.” (p. 133) 

“The DFS, before it was abolished because of its deep involvement in Mexico’s drug traffic, was a key agency in the Mexican Gober Nacion (Ministry of the Interior),” continues Scott. “It also had close links with the FBI as well as the CIA, being part of a tradition of binational intelligence cooperation dating back to the turn of the century.”

# The existence of ZR/RIFLE Executive Action assassination teams.

# Analysis of the contradictions of critic and debunker Gerald Posner’s CASE CLOSED.

(“…there is the lawyerly approach to tell less, not more, to support the difficulties with the testimony that is preferred and to invent non-existent problems with the testimony of witnesses one wishes to discredit. This is the approach of Posner…) (p. 156)

# Scott reaches into Oswald’s career in the U.S.S.R and finds mystery in Oswald’s various aliases such as “Harvey Lee Oswald,” “Harvey Alik,” all the way into the U.S State Department with its 12/11/61 document #NO/4522 reference to “Citizen Lee Harvey Oswald.”  (p. 149)

# “…it would appear that the post-assassination hype about conspiracies was piggy-backed upon a pre-assassination operation and that the successive alterations to (Sylvia) Duran’s statement were made by the CIA and DFS to project this operation.” (Duran: former Cuban consulate official who witnessed the impersonation of Oswald.) (p. 129)

Puppet Man ZR Doc9-600

Erdmann now adds some additional facts that may help Scott’s aloof prose:


In a series of communications on December 3-4, 2013, Paul Trejo discussed some of the Winston Scott claims with co-researcher Paul Brancato, but in a much clearer fashion:

“Peter Dale Scott, with his usual brilliance, noted that the more falsehood in the story, the more it pointed to a conspiracy. Simply brilliant. Let’s see if I can render his argument here: 

“1. If those two reports were true, then the US government had foreknowledge of Oswald’s intent to kill JFK, but simply failed to use those reports.

 “2.  If those reports were somewhat true, that is, Oswald carried a fake CP card and said he would kill JFK just to provoke notoriety, then that suggests the possibility of a conspiracy involving Oswald with other people. 

 “3. If those reports were mostly false, that is, a fake Oswald carried a CP card and threatened to kill JFK, then we have final proof of a conspiracy to kill JFK and frame Oswald (even if the conspirators were commoners).

 “4. If those reports were totally false, however — simple lies made up by the Government agents involved — this would be strong evidence of a high-level conspiracy to kill JFK and frame Oswald.”    

Paul Brancato examined chapter eight in Scott’s book as to the possibility that the U.S Government demonstrated their complicity when “the government printed so many falsehoods about Lee Harvey Oswald before the JFK assassination, and then it took those words back and denied them during the Warren Commission hearings…For example, there were reports from Mexico City that said Lee Harvey Oswald was a ‘card-carrying member of the Communist Party.’ This turned out to be false, and the Dallas Police, as well as the Warren Commission, later rejected this. 

“Also, there were reports that said when Oswald was in the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City in September 1963, he threatened to kill JFK for causing Oswald’s delay in getting to Cuba.  Yet the Dallas Police and the Warren Commission would reject those reports, too.”


James DiEugenio outlined that period from Our Man in Mexico (University Press of Kansas, 2008) by Jefferson Morley: “With this backdrop, Morley outlines the four secret programs through which Oswald had to come into contact with the CIA in 1963. They were codenamed AMSPELL, LIERODE, LIENVOY, and LIEMPTY. The first two programs were run by (David Atlee) Phillips, the last two by (Winston) Scott. AMSPELL was the name given inside the CIA to the DRE,…LIERODE refers to the camera surveillance on the Cuban consulate in Mexico City.  LIENVOY refers to the wiretapping of phone lines at the Soviet Embassy, and LIEMPTY to the photo surveillance of that embassy.

“So it would seem obvious that there would be documents about this interaction forwarded to either (George) Joannides or (David Atlee) Phillips. But as Morley noted, there are 17 months of reports–from 12/62 to 4/64–the CIA has yet to declassify on AMSPELL. (Elsewhere on this site, you can read about his struggle with the CIA to get these documents.)”


Assassination researcher William Kelly commented on November 21, 2010, about a Provocation-Deception from Army Intelligence Reserve in Dallas, 11/22/1963:

“To begin with, we know that in Dallas, on November 22, there were people inside the military who falsified their reporting of the Kennedy assassination to create the false impression (or what I have called the ‘phase-one story’) of an enemy attack…but I did not realize until recently that all of them came from a single Army Intelligence Reserve unit.

“As these deceptions are immediately post-assassination, they do not in isolation establish that the assassination itself was a provocation-deception plot. They do however reveal enough about the anti-Castro mindset of the 488th Army Intelligence Reserve unit in Dallas to confirm that it was remarkably similar to that of the J-5 the preceding May that produced a menu of ‘fabricated provocations’ for the Joint Chiefs.”

Kelly outlined further facts:

# The plans of a Phase One implication of Castro on the part of a Dallas-Army Intelligence use of “deceptive falsehoods” leading all the way to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington.

“Researcher Larry Haapanen has discovered the 488th seems to have had its own direct chain of command linking it to Washington. In an esoteric publication entitled The Military Order of World Wars (Turner Publishing Company, 1997, p. 120), he found that (John) Crichton “commanded the 488th MID (Strategic), reporting directly to the Army Chief of Intelligence and the Defense Intelligence Agency.” Haapanen was told by Crichton’s commander in the Texas Army Reserve (1970: Lt. Col. Whitmeyer), that Crichton’s unit did its summer training at the Pentagon.

“It is now clear that Stringfellow’s claims about Oswald as a Communist Party visitor to Cuba, though clearly false, fell well within the guidelines for a provocation-deception as set out in the Northwoods and May 1963 documents. All (of) this Cuban deception planning was in support of JCS OPLANS 312 (Air Attack in Cuba) and 316 (Invasion of Cuba).

“These were not theoretical exercises, but actively developed operational plans which the JCS were only too eager to execute. As they told Kennedy, ‘We are not only ready to take any action you may order in Cuba, we are also in an excellent condition worldwide to counter any Soviet military response to such action.’”

(Operation Northwoods: New York, May 1, 2001, David Ruppe: “In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

“Code named Operation Northwoods; the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

“The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba’s then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.”)

Puppet Man NORTH download

# Such actions were seen as part of the overall Doomsday communications network, known most recently as the Continuity of Government (COG) network. James Mann, for example, had referred to the COG network overseers as “part of the permanent, though hidden, national security apparatus of the United States, inhabitants of a world in which Presidents may come and go, but America always keeps on fighting.” Posted by Thomas Graves on November 18, 2011.


Puppet Man Paine1 793d4ee938f39ad3af4104dad36d9a06_original

Scott tells of additional curious mysteries (The JFK Assassination as an Engineered ProvocationDeception Plot: A Study in the Sociodynamics of Invasion Pretexts [Addressed to COPA], November 2010 [As Amended Dec. 13, 2010]):

(Amongst the lists of the false evidence – such as the Kostin letter – including the typed version found by CIA Operative Ruth Paine only hours after the assassination – as well as the erroneous Kostikov visit and telephone call – and the Marina statement – there exists some nagging questions in regards to John Crichton of the 488th Intelligence Unit.)

“Of interest still today is the coincidence that the same 488th Army Intelligence Reserve unit helped generate the false Marina story, as well as the false Stringfellow report. The interpreter who first supplied the Marina story, Ilya Mamantov, was selected as the result of a phone call between Deputy Police Chief George Lumpkin and Jack Crichton. We have already seen that Crichton commanded the 488th; and Lumpkin, in addition to being the Deputy Police Chief, was also a deputy commander of the 488th under Crichton.

“John Crichton was the kind of figure Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point described as a ‘connector…people with a special gift for bringing the world together.’ Some of his contacts are figures who should be familiar to students of the JFK assassination. His superior in the Army Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel George Whitmeyer, was on 11/22 in the pilot car of the Kennedy motorcade along with DPD Deputy Chief George Lumpkin; the pilot car is of interest because of its unexplained stop in front of the Texas School Book Depository. D.H. ‘Dry Hole’ Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository, was a director of Crichton’s firm Dorchester Gas Producing.”



Assassination investigator John Newman told Frontline News about the taped calls in question:

“The cover-up was apparently put in motion the day after the assassination by Anne Goodpasture (unless someone else altered the cables she sent after the fact) in the CIA station in Mexico City. But it was a sloppy cover-up. Files released in the mid-1990s show she sent a cable at noon (1pm EST) on Nov. 23 stating that a voice comparison (between two intercepted phone calls) had not been made at the time of Oswald’s visit because one tape (presumably of the Saturday, Sept. 28 call) had been erased before another had been received (presumably from the Oct. 1 intercept). It was unlikely this would have happened, however, as tapes were kept for at least two weeks before erasure. It was necessary to deny that a voice comparison with the Cuban consulate tape had taken place, in order to facilitate the cover story that the station had not realized that Oswald had visited the Cuban consulate.”

(A voice analysis by a CIA translator [a Mrs. {Finglass} Tarasoff] did demonstrate that operators handled the tapes in responding to a CIA cable; Goodpasture, in changing her story, suggested to the possibility that cables were altered.)

James DiEugenio (continuing in his review of Jefferson Morley’s book Our Man in Mexico) further highlighted the antics of Anne Goodpasture:

“Besides the seventeen months of missing reports, the results of the other three programs are also either lacking or questionable. As many know, to this day, the CIA has yet to produce a photograph of Oswald either entering or leaving either compound. And the photo they turned over to the Warren Commission in this regard does not even resemble Oswald. (In the Lopez Report-which is scathing about her–Anne Goodpasture tries to state that she did not realize this grievous error about the wrong photo of Oswald. until 1976. The authors make it clear that they find this suggestion not credible, as they do much of her testimony.) Since Oswald frequented the compounds a total of five times, there were ten opportunities to photograph him. What happened, and why there has never been a picture produced, is one of the great mysteries of this case.”

Puppet Man Anne-Goodpasture-1
Anne Goodpasture

Newman said that FBI records indicated at this point that President Johnson, Attorney Katzenbach, and FBI Director Hoover were switching to a “lone-assassin scenario,” made on Sunday, two days after the assassination.

Newman added: “But for the lone-assassin scenario to stand, the Mexico City evidence at CIA — the tapes of the impersonation and some cables — had to be destroyed or altered. The problem was that news of the impersonation was spreading.”

Frontline: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City, November 19, 2013, 5:26 pm ET, John Newman. –


Arturo Rodriguez, a former Cuban security agent who was intimately familiar with security apparatus, tended to confirm the Part One/Part Two Intelligence plan. We repeat Rodriguez’s remarks almost in their entirety (a presentation given in Rio de Janeiro, August 1995):

“As known by those present here, — having been informed by the Select Committee — the photographic post across from our embassy, located in the street Francisco Marquez 149-1 Colonia Condesa, was operated by a Cuban, posing as a Colombian named Augusto Cesar Rodriguez Gallegos, from where everyone entering and leaving the diplomatic office was photographed.

“Oswald visited at least three times the Cuban consulate (or, someone impersonating Oswald…SE) and on one or two occasions the Soviet consulate that was also ‘covered’.  However, after the assassination, none of the photos appeared and the one that did was strange. (Emphasis added…SE)

“‘If the CIA obtained photos, information, telephone recordings, and microphone recordings placed in the sofa of the Cuban consulate, years later uncovered, – why did all this evidence disappear? (Emphasis added…SE)

“Reflecting on all of this we make the following hypothesis. Everything was arranged to document Oswald’s visit, therefore there was a plot to involve Cuba in the assassination that was to later “unchain” the American reply.

“However, almost immediately after Oswald’s arrest in Dallas, when the requests for Oswald’s Mexico material starts by the ‘principal center’ (meaning an official agency) – incorrect information was given.  Was it that the arrest was not planned by those who plotted, threw out (did away with) the well-conceived plan to blame Cuba?  The truth is that almost immediately after Oswald’s assassination, in the coarse and precipitated conditions known to all appeared the theory of the ‘lone assassin’ and the ‘Cuban plot’ took second stage.  What are the reasons?  What are the motives?”


Scott has clearly spoken of the wide swipe of government Intelligence, the Mob cartel, drug trafficking, and the brotherhood and cooperation between these elements (even beyond borders) going back to the turn of the turn of the century and clearly up unto the present day:

“In Mexico, to be sure, a DFS scandal involving forged and altered document will seem almost trivial in the light of later DFS scandals,” says Scott. “The DFS was already linked to drug-traffickers by the late 1940s when the DFS founder retired to work with Mexico’s leading international drug kingpin.

The Chicago mob had been supplied with drugs from Durango, Mexico, from as far back as 1947, to a major Mexico government-protected connection that appears to have involved Jack Ruby…By the 1980s the DFS commanders along the U.S border were all suspected by DEA officials of complexity in the growing drug traffic…”

Recently, the Antifascist website questioned the continued arming of these questionable elements, in pointing out the  U.S. State Department “plans to award a contract to provide a Mexican government security agency with a system that can intercept and analyze information from all types of communications systems,” NextGov reported (this, despite recent reports that the bodies of four Mexican journalists were discovered in a canal in the port city of Veracruz, less than a week after another journalist based in that city was found strangled in her home).


Why Is the State Department ‘Arming’ Mexico’s Intelligence Agencies with Advanced Intercept Technologies? Anonymous “American officials” cited by the Times “declined to provide details about the work being done” by a team of spooks drawn from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the CIA and “retired military personnel members from the Pentagon’s Northern Command”?  They said that “the compound had been modeled after ‘fusion intelligence centers’ that the United States operates in Iraq and Afghanistan to monitor insurgent groups.”

The “fusion centers” in the heimat, of which the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has amply investigated, and said: “Americans have been put under surveillance or harassed by the police just for deciding to organize, march, protest, espouse unusual viewpoints, and engage in normal, innocuous behaviors such as writing notes or taking photographs in public.”

Antifascist said: “Despite alarms raised by a score of federal law enforcement agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), fearful that sensitive wiretap information was finding its way into the hands of international narcotrafficking cartels, virtually nothing has been done to halt the outsourcing of America’s surveillance apparatus to firms with intimate ties to foreign intelligence entities. Indeed, as America’s spy system is turned inward against the American people, corporations such as Verint work hand-in-glove with a spooky network of security agencies and their corporatist pals in the telecommunications industry.”

These Intelligence Units constituted hundreds of billions of dollars. They involve a “drug war” that favors one group of criminals over another to obtain leverage over corrupt politicians. They also constituted an endless source of funds for intelligence-connected black operations. “The Verint deal seems like a slam-dunk.”

“After all, with powerful communications’ intercept technologies in the hands of the Mexican secret state, ‘national security,’ on both sides of the border,” says Antifacist, “is little more than code for business as usual.” A researcher and activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to publishing in Covert Action Quarterly, Love & Rage and Antifascist Forum, he is the editor of Police State America: U.S. Military “Civil Disturbance” Planning, distributed by AK Press. Sunday, May 13, 2012.


Said Larry Chin, Online Journal Associate Editor of (April 4, 2007): “The Dallas-Watergate-Iran-Contra connection has been thoroughly documented by the key JFK researchers, and in particular, in the work of Peter Dale Scott, one of the very first to show the deep political continuity across three decades. Daniel Hopsicker’s Barry and the Boys goes into even more detail on the players.” 

Chin talked about the George H.W. Bush connection: He was a Texas oilman (Zapata Oil) and a CIA operative, involved with the Bay of Pigs. “Bush’s name was found in the papers of George DeMohrenschildt, one of Lee Harvey Oswald’s CIA handlers. As documented by Pete Brewton, author of The Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush, Bush was deeply connected with a small circle of Texas elites tied to the CIA and the Mafia, as well as the Florida-based CIA/anti-Casto Cuban exile/ Mafia milieu.”


Puppel Man Zapata unnamed

Busch had his fingers into all circles. He was Richard Nixon’s selection for the Republican National Committee chairman, later a CIA director. “Bush constantly covered-up and stonewalled for his boss about Watergate, which itself (by the admission of Frank Sturgis and others) was a cover-up of the JFK assassination.” 

“Tracking any of the individual CIA operatives involved with the Bay of Pigs, it is impossible to ignore or deny direct connections to George H.W. Bush and his crime family, across the Kennedy assassinations, covert operations in Indochina and, later,  Latin America.”


General Fabian Escalante, former chief of Cuba’s G-2 intelligence agency, had intimate knowledge of Oswald and the Kennedy assassination.

He joined the Department of State Security (G-2) in 1960. At the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Escalante was head of a counter-intelligence unit and was part of a team investigating a CIA operation called Sentinels of Liberty, an attempt to recruit Cubans willing to work against Castro. Escalante spoke extensively here:

“Not long before his death in 1993, Col. Bishop confirmed to this writer that he had knowledge of the JFK plot. The Cubans indicate that the Vidal-Bishop Dallas trip concerned plans for re-taking the island once Castro’s people had been implicated in the assassination. (David Atlee Phillips was really ‘Maurice Bishop’…SE.)

“…Oswald was an intelligence agent of the US—CIA, FBI, military, or all of these, we don’t know. He was manipulated, told he was penetrating a group of Cuban agents that wanted to kill Kennedy. But from the very beginning, he was to be the element to blame Cuba. (Emphasis added…SE.)

“Not less than 15 persons took part in the assassination…At the same time, knowing a little about CIA operations, we see how they used the principle of decentralized operations—independent parties with a specific role, to guarantee compartmentalization and to keep it simple.”

Puppet Man pict_smithfonziescalante
General Fabian Escalante on the Far Right, Along with Wayne Smith and Gaeton Fonzi

(Fabian Escalante was the author of several books, including The Secret War: CIA Covert Operations Against Cuba, 1959-62 [1995] and CIA Targets Fidel: The Secret Assassination Report [1996]. In 2006 Escalante published JFK: The Cuba Files. In the book Escalante described the conspiracy uncovered by Cuba’s investigation, which reviewed declassified US files and reports from Cuban intelligence units that had infiltrated anti-Castro groups in Miami.)

(U.S – Cuban intelligence conference on JFK assassination, July 21, 2005 by I-taoist in Cuban History: JFK and the Cuban Connection: Havana’s Spies Spill the Beans at TopLevel Conference! Dick Russell.)


Puppet Man Hulnick CIA-2
 Former CIA Agents Arthur Hulnick (Right) and Joseph Wippi (Left)

Journalists Arthur Hulnick and Daniel Mattausch succinctly wrote about the CIA:

“Professional standards require intelligence professionals to lie, hide information, or use covert tactics to protect their ‘cover,’ access, sources, and responsibilities.

The Central Intelligence Agency expects, teaches, encourages, and controls these tactics so that the lies are consistent and supported (‘backstopped’). The CIA expects intelligence officers to teach others to lie, deceive, steal, launder money, and perform a variety of other activities that would certainly be illegal if practiced in the United States. They call these tactics ‘tradecraft,’ and intelligence officers practice them in all the world’s intelligence services.”

“Scott’s analysis suggests the evidence from Mexico City as part of a frame-up, making Oswald, Mexico, and Deep Politics an essential piece of research and analysis,” says the headline-cover-comments, “shedding new light on the Communist conspiracy allegations behind the JFK assassination.”

(Footnote: Scott offers penetrating and in-depth analysis of the Oswald Mystery that isn’t often seen in researchers: always hardhitting in its scope. Unfortunately, Scott’s English training hasn’t allowed him to write in common but clear English: there is always a layer of stilted, staid and dry techno-lingo through his work, often preventing smoother reading, usually hop-scotched back and forth through his writing. It’s a small factor considering Scott’s deep research, and probably not intentional, but such rhetoric would tend to camouflage that many of Scott’s ‘inferences’ are not complete hard evidence, but only reasonable suspicions.  Despite this failing, however, Scott is definitely onto conspirators hiding in the bushes and having fooled the public.)
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 Peter Dale Scott
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Anne Goodpasture
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General Fabian Escalante on the Far Right, Along with Wayne Smith and Gaeton Fonzi
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 David Atlee Phillips  
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The Late Fidel Castro
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Late Intelligent Agent Howard E. Hunt
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From the Movie  “The Body Snatchers”: Investigating the Replication of Human Bodies. 
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We’re His Puppets
Puppet Man Hulnick CIA-2
 Former CIA Agents Arthur Hulnick (Right) and Joseph Wippi (Left)
Lee Harvey Oswald -Puppet Man
“I’m just a patsy!”  – Lee Harvey Oswald

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The Hidden World of Saturn


Omar Faizi

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The below videos may not appear to sight because of Chrome problems (though you can hear them by clicking on them); you can see them clearly on a Foxfire system.
The below videos may not appear to sight because of Chrome problems (though you can hear them by clicking on them); you can see them clearly on a Foxfire system.
The below videos may not appear to sight because of Chrome problems ((though you can hear them by clicking on them); you can see them clearly on a Foxfire system.
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Saturn and its Effects on Humans

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“The effects of Saturn on human beings are many-fold. Shani i ..
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“For more than 200 years, this book concealed the arcane rituals of an ancient order. But cracking the code only deepened the mystery.” COURTESY OF UPPSALA UNIVERSITY
“THE MASTER WEARS an amulet with a blue eye in the center. Before him, a candidate kneels in the candlelit room, surrounded by microscopes and surgical implements. The year is roughly 1746. The initiation has begun.
“The master places a piece of paper in front of the candidate and orders him to put on a pair of eyeglasses. ‘Read,’ the master commands. The candidate squints, but it’s an impossible task. “
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“Peoples that remembered early tragedies enacted in the sky by the heavenly bodies asserted that Jupiter drove Saturn away from its place in the sky. Before Jupiter (Zeus) became the chief god, Saturn (Kronos) occupied the celestial throne. In all ancient religions the dominion passes from Saturn to Jupiter. In Greek mythology, Kronos is presented as the father and Zeus as his son who dethrones him. Kronos devours some of his children. After this act Zeus overpowers his father, puts him in chains, and drives him from his royal station in the sky. In Egyptian folklore or religion the participants of the drama are said to be Osiris-Saturn, brother and husband of Isis-Jupiter.”
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“Your natal Saturn sign will show you how you face your fears, how you set boundaries, what kinds of limits you tend to encounter, and what parts of your life demand you to be more disciplined.”
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“Saturn has been one of the most dominant figures in occult history, major religions, and political powers since the earliest days of human civilization. Jordan Maxwell details many of the secrets of Saturn that have not been made known to the public. From the earliest of calendars to modern day secret societies and discoveries by NASA, the powerfully influential aspects of this mythological character become apparent.”
Above quote from he below article:
“The influence of the Saturnalia upon the celebrations of Christmas and the New Year has been direct. The fact that Christmas was celebrated on the birthday of the unconquered sun (dies solis invicti nati) gave the season a solar background, connected with the kalends of January (January 1, the Roman New Year) when houses were decorated with greenery and lights, and presents were given to children and the poor. Concerning the gift candles, the Romans had a story that an old prophecy bade the earliest inhabitants of Latium send heads to Hades and phota to Saturn. The ancient Latins interpreted this to mean human sacrifices, but, according to legendHercules advised using lights (phos means ‘light’ or ‘man’ according to accent) and not human heads.”
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“A saying goes ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire,’ and the concept of newborn porn must surely have its genesis in actual events, if not the fantasies of certain twisted individuals.  Unfortunately, some of these certain twisted individuals have the financial backing to make their fantasies come true – it would seem.  At least this is what ‘A Serbian Movie’ was telling us.  But is it true?
“Are children being murdered in the modern world for the sexual or ritualistic pleasure of well-paying people or groups of people?
“The answer is:  Yes.”
“‘Variation in radio waves controlled by the planet’s rotation is different in the northern and southern hemispheres,’ NASA wrote in 2014. ‘The northern and southern rotational variations also appear to change with the Saturnian seasons, and the hemispheres have actually swapped rates.'”
Above quote from below article:;
“Later commentators have compared the accounts of child sacrifice in the Old Testament with similar ones from Greek and Latin sources speaking of the offering of children by fire as sacrifices in the Punic city of Carthage, which was a Phoenician colony. Cleitarchus in his ‘Scholia’ of Plato’s Republic mentions the practice:
“There stands in their midst a bronze statue of Kronos, its hands extended over a bronze brazier, the flames of which engulf the child. When the flames fall upon the body, the limbs contract and the open mouth seems almost to be laughing until the contracted body slips quietly into the brazier. Thus it is that the ‘grin’ is known as ‘sardonic laughter,’ since they die laughing.
“This reference also seems to clarify that the statue itself was not made to move by the flames, but rather the burnt and shriveled body of the victim was contorted by them.”
The above quote is from the below article:
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Viruses Are Not New!

Photos Extra 1951 Thing ( httpsio9.gizmodo.comthese-south-pole-scientists-who-watch-the-thing-every-y-1823387869 ) download

The UFO Attack of Something Else


Steve Erdmann

Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann, 2013. 

This article  appeared in the November 12 and 22, 2013 issues of UFO Digest.   
It is printed here with permission.
Reviewers and Journalists permitted to quote small portions of article was long as full credits are given about the original article.

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“The story that follows is a strange and controversial one, and encompasses incredible tales of shadowy whistleblowers; leaked, and apparently – still – classified, documents of the highest classification,” said the authors of Alien Viruses. “Deep Throat-style sources buried within the heart of the world of international espionage; crashed UFOs; dead alien bodies held in cryogenic storage within secure official facilities; and a cover-up of manifestly epic proportions that had its origins in the harsh deserts of New Mexico in the summer of 1947, and extends to the heart of the White House itself.”

(Alien Viruses, Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 + Bio warfare. Dr. Robert M. Wood with Nick Redfern, Richard Dolan Press, Rochester, New York 14619, 2013, 311 pages, $17:96)

The UFO Attack Cover alienviruses


A series of highly controversial, allegedly Top Secret and highly classified documents that became to be known as Majestic, were disclosed under awesome-sounding titles such as Unidentified Aircraft Sightings Over the United States, Top Secret Eyes Only, Intelligence Estimate; Majic Black Book Summaries; Analysis of the Corona and Oscura Peak, New Mexico Wreckage of Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology; and others. Disclosures continued with Project UFO; Moon Dust; Top Secret Jehovah and most importantly The Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Summary of the IPU. Information surrounded a Top Secret Ultra in that two UFO crashes occurred on July 3, 1947 outside of Roswell, New Mexico, and designated as LZ-1 and LZ-2.

“The IPU document makes it clear that the recovery of the wreckage and the bodies,” said the authors, “as seen as being a matter of profound significance and was handled with the utmost secrecy.”

The UFO Attack MJ-12 hqdefault
MJ-12 Group formed the IPU Summary Report (Depiction)

Bodies found not far from LZ-1 looked “as if they had been dissected as you would a frog…not known if Army Field Surgeons had performed exploratory surgery on these bodies. Animal parts were reportedly discovered inside the craft at LZ-2 but this cannot be confirmed.” (p. 65)

General John A. Samford, then–director of the National Security Agency, said in a September 4, 1960 page found attached to an IPU Summary that IPU files were “re-classified” as Above Top Secret with a “Need to Know” basis approved by Presidential Executive Order and the U.S Majestic Intelligence and Security, as well as the National Security Agency.


The IPU Summary suggested “that at least some of the alien bodies found at UFO crash sites in New Mexico in the summer of 1947 presented a biological threat.” (p. 69.)  Mentioned was an autopsy of an alien cadaver by Major Charles E. Rea and Dr. Detlen Bronk. Both doctors actually existed and did have impressive backgrounds. Implicated was Dr. Stafford L. Warren Oak Ridge Laboratories as an indication that Warren had an awareness of pre-1947 references to fatal encounters with an alien virus.”


Majestic Twelve Projects: 1St Annual Report was prepared by a “Special Panel” linked to MJ-12. The report said in part: “A consensus reached by members of the panel that until positive proof that the Russians did not attempt a series of reconnaissance flights over our most secure installations – the sightings and recovered objects are interplanetary in natural.” (p. 79)

The authors quoted the 1st Annual Report: “the samples extracted from bodies found in New Mexico, have yielded new strains of a metro-virus not totally understood, but, give promise of the ultimate BW weapon.” (p. 80)

The UFO Attack shutterstock_14313976_460_320_c1
A Typical Hazardous Bio-infection

Autopsies on four dead SED technicians indicated that the four may have “suffered from some form of toxin a highly contagious disease.” Those samples are kept at Fort Detrick, Md.

“…Personnel at Camp Detrick/Fort Detrick were concerned specifically about ‘airborne’ outbreaks of serious diseases in the exact year that the New Mexico UFO crash-retrievals occurred,” said the authors.

The UFO Attack Russian Virus 02-hist-06-l
The Russian Anthrax  Bug

Robert Gladding Green, a member of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine and also a member of the Society of American Bacteriologists, upheld the belief for viruses being retrograde organisms. Green was a close colleague of Major Charles Ethan Rea who was listed in the IPU Summary Report of July 22, 1947 as having conducted the autopsy involving a crashed UFO in New Mexico earlier in July, 1947.


Robert and Ryan Wood discussed several critiques about the reality of the Majic-12 documents. Robert Wood said: “We go through an orderly process of document evaluation, looking for clues that would suggest fakery: Anachronisms in paper, ink, typewriters, format, stamp impressions, or content.”

The UFO Attack Photo1 Dr. Robert Wood
Dr. Robert Wood
Discussed also is the creation by President Truman of the Psychological Strategy Board (PSB) on April 4, 1951: “Many of these people are deeply involved with Majestic-12 according to other documents.”

After due investigation, the authors concluded that the documents do not fit as Psy-ops gimmickry or as faked documents.

“They are unique, fascinating, and sensational examples of genuine, and highly classified, official documents,” said Ryan Wood, “describing visitations to our planet by extraterrestrials, and the establishment of an ultra-secret committee – the MJ-12 – that oversees this extraordinary secret.”  (p. 104)


A 50-page file by the Committee on Biological Warfare at the request of the American government’s elite Research and Development Board concerned fears of biological warfare from March 1947 through to the latter part of 1948. Suspicions surrounded the file that someone – or something – was planning a large-scale assault on North America’s cattle-herd, prompted by the discovery of “animal parts” at the site of a UFO crash in the summer of 1947.

A crashed UFO near Kingman, Arizona in May, 1953 suggested that the “retrieval team” may have been exposed to the same deadly virus that broke out in a “mysterious sickness” in 1947. A classified document dated March 24, 1995 stated about the 1953 retrieval: “….the crew after one hour emerged from the craft confused, with upset stomachs, removed their masks and threw up.”

Photo Extra The Thing ( ) MV5BMTg4ODc0NDIyN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODAwMjU5NQ@@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,754_AL_
Scientists Study Alien Corpse in the Movie “The Thing” (2011)


The Special Operations Manual SOM 1-01: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technologies – Recovery and Disposal obviously were instituted to supposedly provide instruction to recovery units. It also discussed cases of “flying triangles” reported, such as the triangle reported on April 22, 1949.  A peculiar flying triangle of March 28, 1965 by Jeffrey Brown; Brown also claimed some form of skin affliction.


The authors outlined a number of facts that connect the murder of President John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

“Most notably, all of these people with connections to the JFK story were specifically linked with crashed-saucer accounts,” said the authors, “rather than just the UFO subject in general.”

According to the authors, major players in the Kennedy mystery, such as Guy Banister, Fred Crisman, Clay Shaw and others, all had experienced UFO artifacts.

“According to the Majestic-12 1st Annual Report, some of the debris from Maury Island was turned over by Crisman (described in the document as a Counter Intelligence Corps Operative),” said the authors, “to a CIA agent named ‘Shaw.’  Kenn Thomas suggests that this was Clay Shaw.”  (p. 157)

Just days before his assassination, Kennedy had an itinerary that included Wright Field and Fort Detrick. David Ferrie, an investigator for Banister, was deeply involved in biological cancer research, and several people involved in the affairs in New Orleans were murdered (Mary, Ferrie + the Monkey Virus: The True Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory, Edward T. Haslam).


The UFO Attack M,F,M,V 9780964398108-us



A number of UFO crashes are mentioned, such as the 1964 Big Thicket, Texas crash, and others, in 1958 (Arizona) and Northern New Mexico, near Taos, in 1961: “….the retrieval teams were overcome with nausea and dizziness, and at least two died of a ‘flesh-eating virus – kind of like Ebola’….” In the Big Thicket case, the team from Fort Hood were “garbed in biohazard and protection suits.” Will, a witness at Big Thicket, often wondered how many spheres may have landed, unknown to the military, and may “have possibly unleashed such viruses upon the local population.” (p. 171)


An alleged UFO with occupants crashed on January 23, 1974 on the Berwyn Mountain Range in North Wales, Cader Berwyn.

“….other sources – some with official backgrounds – claim to have heard of distinctly similar stories and rumors that link the Berwyn saga of 1974 with Porton Down, the British equivalent of Fort Detrick.” (p. 188)  Porton Down became focal in the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England UFO case. “….a number of personnel from Porton Down were reportedly dispatched to the area and, dressed in some sort of full-body protection suit, entered the woods – for reasons that remain unknown.”

The UFO Attack Two Soldiers 42-15800571-r.900x600
Soldiers in Full-body Protection Suits are Often Called Upon to Investigate

The United States and Mexican governments became involved in the Chihuahua, Mexico crash of August, 1974. A document entitled Research Findings on the Chihuahua Disk Crash said: “Unfortunately what caused the deaths of the Mexican recovery team is not known. Speculation ranges from a chemical released from the disk as a result or illness by any of the recovery team.” (p. 203)  “….reference to an apparently lethal biological agent present at the scene is very worrying,” said the authors.  (p. 204)   


The authors concentrated on accounts of animals, particularly cattle, being surgically and professionally mutilated throughout the U.S, especially the Midwest. Debunkers laid the blame to predator damage, “despite the phenomenal number of mutilations and the repeated sightings of anomalous aerial lights, all of which suggested that some form of coordinated operation was under way.”

The UFO Attack 14506532326054-Animal-Mutilation1
Artist Depiction of UFO Animal Abduction

Unmarked helicopters, tripod marks, lack of footprints, traces of tranquilizing drugs, anti-coagulants, pharmaceuticals, synthetic amphetamines: “Among those law enforcement agents who have thoroughly investigated these bovine excision sites…there is a consensus that some kind of medical testing is taking place.” (Ted Oliphant, police officer in Fyffe, Alabama.)


As a means of biological warfare by aliens, the authors explored the theory that “suggests cattle are mutilated primarily to harvest HIV antibodies and virus from blood in quantity and to obtain information relating to possible HIV transmission in humans…” (p. 244) They warn that this is still very much unproven, and they cite a Los Alamos National Laboratory study that HIV-1 virus was first established about 1930.


A “strange cluster of deaths,” 2001 to 2005, of numerous individuals working within the elite field of microbiology is examined in detail by the authors. Some had connection to the British chemical and biological defense establishment at Porton Down.  “….those with intimate knowledge of the alien virus may, in the period 2001-2005, have also have been targeted for termination by majestic 12.”


Alternate theories are found in a “Blue Boy” document entitled UFO Reports and Classified Projects: The CIA Perspective that are just as sinister but completely earthly: At the end of World War II, the Japanese Unit 731 was granted permission to continue biological warfare activities in “experimental platforms” with “guinea-pig crews.”  Discussed as well are alleged V-2 rocket crashes carrying “biological warfare experiments developed by I.G. Farben.” I.G. Farben was the company “that made the Zyklon-B gas that was utilized in the Nazi death camps of the Second World War.”

The UFO Attack Deer T330_34871_Untitled-15_copy
Mysterious Animal Poisonings and Deaths

Supposedly, in the files Timothy Cooper, as provided by a source at the CIA, “Blue Boy” detailed “a further theory that links Roswell with down-to-earth (as opposed to extraterrestrial) biological warfare activities.” Blossom Project, for example, was responsible for the first biological experiments in space.


One of the most controversial chapters is the 23rd chapter wherein a “John” told about his year as a custodian and editor of the Majestic files from 1943 to 1968.  “John” alleged that this “History Department” was at an overall location that he surmised to be Area 51.  He was told that this location “was involved in the development of prototype and radical aircraft, biological warfare, chemical warfare, exotic weaponry and ‘something else.’”

According to a document called “S-1,” MJ-12 ceased to exist in 1969 and became a private concern “financed by big money and big science.”

An early document John saw was from 1943 and concerned “tests and experiments on a group of unusual-looking people.” The entire paper-trail appeared to have been destroyed by people involved in this project. One document titled Autopsies – Bodies Unknown Origin 47 dealt with the bodies of eight strange people found in the New Mexico desert in the summer of 1947.


Tyler Kokjohn is a professor at microbiology at the Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. To quote Dr. Tyler Kokjohn: “The authors present an astonishing tale based heavily on falsified documents and sometimes indirect witness testimony. In the end, the story between the lines they probably never intended to reveal – of incurious investigators and fatal omissions – was the more interesting because it appears to be true.” 

“The book is fundamentally a one-sided interpretation of alleged facts extracted from written materials of dubious provenance and/or obtained from witness testimony much of which is indirect hear-say. Whether MJ-12 and other Roswell incident-related documents are authentic has long been controversial. Unfortunately, the accounts provided by the authors do not dispel doubts, they increase them.”

Many investigators retained a cautious but quizzical approach, to quote Bill Hamilton, executive director of Skywatch International, Incorporated: “I have not made up my mind yet on these documents and I think it is going to take further involvement to make assessments of the arguments both pro and con…If there is some truth, even a modicum of truth, in these documents, then the implications are far-reaching and I am sure that you can all use your imagination to see this.”


Robert M. Wood spoke at a July, 2001 MUFON Symposium in Irvine, California on the  Mounting Evidence For Authenticity of MJ-12 Documents: “Ever since the first ‘leaked’  MJ-12 Eisenhower Briefing Document in 1984 describing a top-secret crash recovery program, the authenticity of UFO documents has been questioned. With the continuing exposure of hundreds of classified pages by numerous unidentified sources, the evidence favoring authenticity is mounting. This paper will update the status of the available documents, generally what they say and provide a concise status of the issues regarding authenticity, including the answers to those with a skeptical view. Of particular significance will be the results of research and forensic studies, including those on 22 pages on original paper, where chromatographic ink dating and other state of the art techniques clearly indicate that the documents were likely to have been created long ago and cannot be modern high tech fakes. The classic comparisons with archival authentic documents show the expected similarities, and the content is shown to be consistent with numerous arcane facts known to only scholars in historiography.”

Photos Extra Majestic ( httpsvault.fbi.govMajestic12 ) majestic12
One of Many of  Hidden Documents Called the Mj-12

“Difficulties with identical signatures will be explored,” Wood continued, “including the astonishing possibility that the sophisticated document cover-up started in the early stages of documentation in the State Department in the 40s. Remarkably, the most likely hypothesis is that we are seeing a leak of copies of genuine documents held in personal files for decades; the conclusion is that we have had a stunningly successful UFO research cover-up for five decades and if these crashes and recoveries occurred, such documents ought to exist.”

Dr. Robert Wood has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Colorado and a Ph.D. in physics from Cornell. He enjoyed a 43-year career at McDonnell Douglas managing research and development projects and has spent over thirty years privately investigating extraterrestrial related phenomena. He began research into the Majestic-12 Documents in 1995.

Nicholas ‘Nick’ Redfern was born 1964 in Pelsall, Walsall, Staffordshire, is a British best-selling author, Ufologist and Cryptozoologist now living in Dallas, Texas, U.S.

The UFO Attack redfern
Author and Investigator Nick Redfern

“Whether genuine or not, the files were carefully crafted, told an astonishing story and, again, promoted the idea,” said the authors, “that alien viruses were a reality.  Not only that: those same viruses were incredibly deadly too.”

Photos Extra 1951 Thing ( httpsio9.gizmodo.comthese-south-pole-scientists-who-watch-the-thing-every-y-1823387869 ) download
Recovery Crew Discovers the Alien had Escaped – Movie “The Thing” (1951)
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Photos Extra Steve2 34962959_10156520897759595_6984102889039855616_n
Steve Erdmann – Independent Investigative Journalist

The UFO Attack Russian Virus 02-hist-06-l
The Russian Anthrax  BugSoviet “Superbugs”:
In 1979, a rare outbreak of anthrax disease in the city of Sverdlovsk killed nearly 70 people. The Soviet government publicly blamed contaminated meat, but U.S. intelligence sources suspected the outbreak was linked to secret weapons work at a nearby army lab.
Photos Extra Majestic ( httpsvault.fbi.govMajestic12 ) majestic12
 One of Many of  Hidden Documents Called the Mj-12
 The UFO Attack Memo JFK jfk-mj-12-document-8-638
The nine-page “burned” memo, stamped TOP SECRET/MJ-12, is named because it was snatched from a fire before being destroyed, which is why it is discolored and disintegrating. Unlike many of the Majestic documents, this one is an original carbon with an Eagle watermark characteristic of government work, but so far forensic laboratories have been unable to trace it. The memo is from the Director of Central Intelligence MJ-1 to MJ-2, MJ-3, MJ-7, in reference to Project MAJESTIC and JEHOVAH, Project EVIRO, Project PARASITE, and Project PARHELION. Although no dated is given, its content directly suggests the month of September.   The year is estimated to be in the early 1960s and is still under investigation.
The UFO Attack Two Soldiers 42-15800571-r.900x600
Two Soldiers in Gas Masks and Protective Clothes are Testing for Biological Hazards on the Infected Background
The UFO Attack shutterstock_14313976_460_320_c1
A Typical Hazardous Bio-infection
The UFO Attack Cover alienviruses
The UFO Attack CIA Plane 700_90567581e440893e2c4839a28332f0cf
Photo of alleged U.S government contracted airplane piloted by American CIA agents and carrying a cargo of a “mutated” swine flu virus and shot down at the China Shanghai Pudong airport.
The UFO Attack Photo1 Dr. Robert Wood
Dr. Robert Wood
The UFO Attack M,F,M,V 9780964398108-us
The UFO Attack 14506532326054-Animal-Mutilation1
Artist Depiction of UFO Animal Abduction
The UFO Attack redfern
Author and Investigator Nick Redfern
The UFO Attack Deer T330_34871_Untitled-15_copy
Mysterious Animal Poisonings and Deaths

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Lazar says this is it!

The Bob Lazar Story: Believe it or Not


Steve Erdmann

Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann Brent Raynes, 2020

Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2020
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Paranormal Brent - Home | Facebook
Brent Raynes – Editor, Author and Investigator

Bob Lazar has come forth in a tell-all book about his excursions as an engineer and scientist at the mysterious S4 installation near the secretive Area 51 in Groom Lake, Nevada.  Lazar writes in plain English that is suspenseful and relentless.   If true, we are confronted, once again, with a powerful and secret reality that could leave us suspended in mid-air beyond common sensibilities.


“…of credible witnesses, including Black Aces commander Daniel Fravor about the capabilities of the craft he encountered, have only bolstered Lazar’s story…Fravor thinks Lazar is legit.” (p. xxvii, George Knapp, chief investigative reporter for KLAS-TV, Las Vegas)

I-Team: A look at how Bob Lazar interviews match up with ...

(DREAM LAND, Bob Lazar, Simon & Schuester,, 2033 San Elijio Avenue, #403, Cardiff by the Sea 92007, 2019, 243 pages, $23.99)

Dreamland (Audiobook) by Bob Lazar, George Knapp - foreword ...

Lazar was attempting to get a higher security clearance than the Q Clarence that he had, moving him to a Majestic Clearance for him to work at the EG&G Special Projects Division. Lazar had worked in scientific communities before, not to mention a lucrative photo development business he owned. Lazar had some publicity from his proclaimed “Jet Car.”  Becoming dispirited in working for Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), he set-up Lazar Energy Systems. Lazar’s interest in pyrotechnics was hand in hand with his occupation at Fairchild Electronics as a technician repairing broke circuit boards and enabled him to attend school at Caltech. Lazar equally made some profitable business investments, one paying about $100,000 a month at the time he purchased it.

“Success, for us, and for most people, meant making money,” says Lazar.  “If it took running three separate businesses, not taking vacations, and having work-related issues on your mind twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, then that was a price we were willing to pay.”

These pressures, plus his wife’s (Carol) pancreatic cancer, deep depression led to her suicide.  Lazar remarried to “Tracy” in April of 1986 in Las Vegas.  Due to Tracy’s encouragement and Lazar’s self-determination, his photo business continued—plus his interest  in science and academic life.  Lazar built his own Windhorst Machine as well as a Tesla coil.  Lazar’s model rocket launches at Salisbury Park were sometimes successful but dangerous.

One of Lazar’s “home projects” was his interest in Plasma Containment and magneto dynamics (MHD)

Alive in the Darkness -- The Bob Lazar Story on Vimeo

Click here and below for below video on Bob Lazar or go directly to the Vimeo site:

Eager in continuing his engineering career with Los Angeles National Laboratories at their Meson Physics Facility, Lazar wished to tour the Van de Graff generator.

“I felt like I had stepped into the world of science fiction,” says Lazar.  “I was moving among men and women with an intellectual capacity that was as nearly great as the power these machines were generating.”  After Lazar was hired, he found his co-workers “serious minded and watchful.”

Lazar attended MIT on bequest of Meson..


Lazar met Edward Teller while Teller was preparing to give a lecture in Los Angles. Teller had been called The Father of the Hydrogen Bomb, part of the Manhattan Project, and Teller worked with renown scientist Werner Heisenberg Weis Bohr, advocated for the Strategic Dense Initiative (Star Wars Defense), and worked on the precursor project called Excalibur.

“As it turned out, I got a job as a result of that meeting with Teller,” says Lazar, “and, later, a whole lot more attention than I ever wanted or needed.” (p. 32)

Lasar began his rigorous routine trips to EG+G’s remote site at Groom Lake; one time, he was led to a facility inside a large hill with an entry door to what had become to be known as S4.  His handler, Dennis Mariani, was the other person on the bus in that trip, and it was also the time Lazar was given his identification badge which would work as an optical scanner.  Immediately was a quick medical examination followed by a trip to another office where Lazar was asked to examine a stack of folders that gave “overviews” of a “Project Galileo”; there was a mention of “extraterrestrials.”  Apparently, some kind of “accident” had been involved in Galileo beforehand.

Project Galileo apparently consisted of several “divisions,” each did not work in concert sequentially and did not share information with one another, no communication between “work groups” was allowed, other than their direct work partners or parties which would include alienation, dismissal or prosecution.   Project Looking dealt the materials side of the craft. Project Sidekick explored craft weaponization.

“And here was an object that was claimed,” says Lazar “to be made of a single material!”  

Lazar speculates that the technology came from somewhere other than the United States, and it was his function to understand “how” it worked and “if” we could produce it.  Someone had filed a possible “origin” of the craft and had determined that it came from the Zeta Reticuli star system: 39 million light years from Earth. A “biological” folder contained black and white photos of a “humanoid organism,” a torso, arm, legs and a “differentiated”  mass of tissue in the mid cavity, and other medical notes that were hard to understand, confusing Lazar to the point of  losing focus on reality.

Dennis Mariani led Lazar into a special laboratory and introduced him to Barry Castillo.  Their assignment focus was a Garbage can-sized cylinder “with no seams, no welds, no fasteners, no sharp edges…It didn’t appear to have been cast, machined, molded, formed, or jointed.”   Barry called it an “emitter”; a half-sphere of the same color and material and explained as a “reactor.”  Objects placed tween the two points—whether they be candle flames, golf balls, watches—where affected by an “unseen force” that the two researchers could best described as “anti-gravity.”

“Quantum physicists’ postulate that gravitons exist as a subatomic particle,” says Lasar.   “These are massless elementary particles that transmit the force of gravity.  How they could be created or destroyed is not yet clear.”

A “force” between the “emitter” and the “reactor” caused a black dot at the bottom of the “emitter’ as an absence of light: It was being bent by gravity—a considerable of intense gravity that the “crew” suspected would take Terawatts of power.  All that the “crews” were “slight visual distortions” and no residual heat but was one-hundred percent efficient energy transfer.

“The question of how this thing worked spun around and around again in my mind,” says Lazar.   “Somewhere I suppose the question of how this event could be happening was faintly playing, but far too softly to matter.”

The two-man crew concluded that the reactor could be “powered up” by placing two objects in “proximity to one another.”  That there also had been “limits” they also surmised in which an “accident” had previously come about with loss of life.  Perhaps, something to do with a “triangular bet” was in place as to how the system functioned.


Lazar’s schedule to work at Groom Lake was almost spasmodic and unpredictably cruel, but his female companion, Tracy, swore she could carry the burden, backing-up their private business.  But, as it turned out, “I was being run ragged most days,” says Lazar, “adding to what would eventually be a heap of stress.”

Security was intense and armed personnel ‘shadowed’ the crews’ existence in the confines of the laboratory; even when they left the lab to use the restroom or cafeteria – to, in, and from.

Only once did Lazar suspect the crafts might be ‘experimental terrestrial aircraft’ when he spied a typical ‘flying saucer’ and was told to keep his hands off any objects.   “The powers wanted to understand how this craft’s propulsion system works,” recalls Lasar.  The reactor was comprised of three parts:  the housing, the tower, and the fuel.  The crew determined that the Reactor was being bombarded by a “relatively intense field of radiation within it.”

A dismay in intellectual stagnation enveloped the two when they contemplated what kind of ‘fuel’ was used by the object; using scrapings from the fuel ‘insert’ into a gas chromatograph which indicated that said fuel was a single element.  Later, mass spectral spectrometry and neutron activation analysis indicated the same thing.

“I wanted to be engaged in meaningful work and Tracy and I were ‘both adaptable,’” says Lazar, “and would find a way to accommodate the changes that loomed on the horizon for us.”

A mysterious aspect of Lazar’s private life were men parked habitually in a car only feet from his home.

Investigating the possibility of the “fuel” might have been machined from a cone rather than “out of a single flat sheet,” an ingot of the material was sent on a “closed flight” to the Los Alamos machinery division along with instructions.  Lazar understood that any residue left from the machining would be returned to S4

Dennis instructed Lazar to carry a .22 Cal Smith & Wesson “at all times you’re off-site,” Mariani said.  Lazar thought this had traces to do with his possible obtaining a Q-Clearance.

Through his friend, Gene Huff, he became acquainted with friend,  John Lear, son of Bill Lear of the Lear Jet fame; mainly because of Huff’s inadvertent mention that Lazar worked at LANL  Lazar later learned that Lear had done some work with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Gene never pressed Lazar about his duties at Area 51,  but ,coincidentally, his job at S4 seemed to bring about an interview with Dennis at a Las Vegas Police Department followed by two men from the Office of Federal Investigation (FBI) showing up at Lazar’s home.  One agent was Mike Thigpen, and they very respectfully investigated the household.

Lazar said to Dennis shortly following:  “We’re working with an unknown inside a large unknown. That’ s not a great situation to be in, especially if others have known that they could share with us.’’

Not long after this, Lazar and Barry Castillo were escorted to a hanger facility.


The three approached a familiar saucer-shaped craft fifty-feet of so in diameter and about twenty feet tall.  No seams inside or out, no panel lines, welds, rivets, or fasteners, cool to the touch and very smooth. The same material appeared throughout the craft as if cooled into shape in some injection moldings.  The seats appeared to have been made into the same fashion as if rounded flower petals.  They saw no light witches, dials, displays, and a length of pipe ran from the ceiling and exited in the floor.

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The second level of the craft had a spot where the reactor sat, the piping ran to the amplifier, and additional tubing ran to the emitter at the bottom of the craft.  A “platform section,” or the pedestal, was where the craft rested. They weren’t allowed to explore the third and top “cockpit” section.

Both Lazar and Castillo began to doubt the traditional Roswell story because beings advanced enough to build such machines should not have any difficulty coping with Earthly weather systems and related phenomena.

In eight bay areas of hangers were several more similar crafts.

The ‘crew’ watched as one craft lifted off the ground emitting a blue glow discharge, and its thirty-foot flight had no sound, but they did have a view of the emitter in action in issuing gravitational waves.  The craft landed and Dennis instructed the two to “get back to work.”

Lazar speculated that what they saw was a kind of negative gravity or anti-gravity that removed the gravitational force ahead of the direction that three emitters were pointing.  They speculated the emitter allowed the craft to move in multiple directions and could distance objects to it.  “…time and gravity are inextricably linked,’ says Lazar.   “If you controlled gravity, you also controlled time…could have come from another dimension…some point in the future.”


The security oath that Lazar signed covered all aspects of his personal life, discussions, dissatisfaction with coworkers, the food in the cafeteria, sleep, no-pay checks, and even his personal feelings.  The watchers that usually parked down that street no longer hid.  A police patrol car dispatched to the scene on behalf of Lazar did little to capture the stalkers—they were merely released.  They were not even trying to stalk but came out in the open.

Occasionally, Lazar would meet with his work-out partner “Muriel” for gymnastics.   One time, Lazar’s Datsun 2802 was unlocked.  He slighted it off as his oversight.  However, Lazar was shocked to find his car with both door “…wide open, looking like a fix wing aircraft.”   Lazar says he “…did experience that gut-level twinge and burn of adrenaline kicking in.”   Nothing was taken from the car, and it didn’t seem like a usual robbery.

All this certainly didn’t seem normal, nor was having his phones tapped, or having signed a document “that essentially stated that I agreed to waive every one of my Constitutional rights…”  All of this indicated that Lazar was under strict control with warnings.

Lazar concluded that it was time to share all this knowledge with someone or fear he “might  wind up somewhere in the Nevada desert with a bullet in my head and a fabricated suicide note left  on him…”  Lazar selected his close friend, Gene,  and Lazar stuck to only items  that he could “definitely validate”:  he showed Gene the only paycheck he had ever received from the United States Department of Naval Intelligence—$958.11.  Lazar declared to his friends that the “dollars – to – headache ratio is way out of balance.”

Lazar’s next ‘insurance revelation’ was his wife, Tracy, leaving out a few personalized details.   “I can’t see you making up something like this,” was Tracy’s concluding statement.

Lazar’s next ‘insurance policy’ confession was to John Lear who “seemed more curious than alarmed.”  Lear proved himself as trustworthy in several incidents, such as allowing Bob and Tracy to accompany him on some of his Aniak, Alaska  flights.

The sense of ease that momentarily emerged was suddenly destroyed when another “interrogation” was conducted at his home concerning what kind of code (their use of BUFON and GUFON) he and Gene were using.  Apparently, privacy was nonexistent.  They demanded Lazar to reveal all information about Gene Huff.

Lazar concludes with the unavoidable:  “…it was time to make some changed.”   “…my days at S4 were over.”   He stopped wondering about his security clearance:  “I wanted something definitely to be said or done.” (p. 157)

Lazar knew that S4 did a “high performance test flight usually on Wednesday about eight o’clock.   John Lear could ‘check it out’ with his 8-inch-diameter Celestron telescope.   John would pack the crew in his Winnebago motorhome and cover the 150 miles of desert to their destination, a spot along Groom Lake Road with their “equipment” —telescope, binoculars and video camera.

John Lear Photo Gallery 001
Bob Lazar and John Lear

Indeed, an orange light appeared above Papoose Mountain but was moving in increments of split seconds at about 700 mph in intervals from different points.

MARCH 29 AND APRIL 12, 1984

Lazar compared the method of investigation at S4 as “out of the window, where the scientific method didn’t consist of some definitive steps, but were more scattershot…first here, then there, then up, then down.”

A second UFO Watch was planned with Tracy and Lazar in one car, Gene in a rental car.  A ’Jason’ also joined them.  This time the light appeared to draw closer to their rendezvous point:  the glowing object moved towards them.  Jason said, ‘It was like I couldn’t see it move.  One second it was there.  The next second it was over there.  Almost like a strobe effect or something.” (p. 178)

The crews’ next trip of UFO Spotting was on April 12, another Wednesday. This time they made some evasive maneuvers on the roads they travelled. There was one new face, Kristen.  Again, the light seemed to advance toward them.  To cover their tracks, our ‘heroes’ turned onto a dirt road. Suddenly, local security confronted the UFO Watchers, as Lazar snuck away into the brush alongside of the cars.   Lazar rejoined the group once the security car was far enough away…. only to be confronted by a second police officer who wanted to know how four mysterious people had been reported, now there was five. This agent went through the process of comparing their faces to their driver’s licenses.

Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers': Where Is the UFO Test ...

Dennis Mariani and Bob Lazar met the next day in what appeared to be an atmosphere of an ominous warning.  This took place at the Indian Springs Air Force Base, and Dennis pummeled Lazar with comments and questions. A gun was made evident.

The hardest shock to Lazar was when Mariani placed a folder of surveillance revealing that wife Tracy had been in an on-going romantic affair since February 1984:  tax dollars at work, and a farewell to one’s privacy.  “…and how  cliched the whole thing was – with a co-worker that was a man whose contact I’d encouraged and helped pay for,” says Lazar, “…a flight instructor…complicated and conflicted seemed to be the buzz words for everything I experienced  at S4.”

“Nothing I’d ever done or said could justify the pain she was inflicting on me,” Lazar says. “I would never do anything like that to her.”

During the second week of May 1989 someone fired a gun shot at his auto when on the on-ramp to the highway via Charleston Boulevard.  The shot deflated a tire; two drivers sped away.


John Lear and Gene Huff laid-out a rescue for Lazar:  More exposure on the George Knapp ABC affiliated TV show.  They chose John Lear to appear with no fanfare.  Lazar was to appear in silhouette and use a pseudonym of “Dennis” in their broadcast of May 14, 1989.

Bob Lazar and George Neff

Dennis called Lazar and made a vague threat, and he later called again to say that a “personal level” interview was needed.  It would be a Las Vegas Casino appointment on a Saturday. Gene Huff and a Joe Vaninerri were to be watchmen of the meeting.  Lazar saw Dennis, Lazar demanded to know “what this was all about”— and Dennis disappeared into the crowd.

Lazar’s friends discussed the events as only an interlude. The S4 surveillance teams seemed to have disappeared.

“I’d lost one wife to disease and now a second one to work and infidelity,” says Lazar. “No matter how strong you think you are mentally, or how amicable the partner, a divorce preys on your sense of self and self-worth.”

George Knapp set-up another TV session for Memorial Day 1984.

“As far me, I picked up the pieces eventually,” says Lazar.  “Over the long haul, things did get better.  I’ve spoken a few times at conferences and done some interviews.  I’ve had Hollywood film and TV producers contact me.   In the scripts they had written they tried to show me as an Action Hero, leaping onto the hoods of cars escaping the bad guys.  I’m no Action Hero.  If I wasn’t then, I’m certainly not one now.  I’m no kind of hero.”


DENNIS JOHN MARIANI Of North Highlands, CA, May 18, 2007, a native of Oakland, age 66 years. Father of Michelle Mariani and Renee Mariani. Brother of Doug Mariani, Stephanie Vigil, Priscilla Pilger, Phyllis Lastiri and the late Gary Mariani. Former husband of Karen Mariani. Friends are welcome for visitation Tuesday 9-9:45 AM and are invited to attend services Tuesday 10 AM, all at THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS (6450 Walerga Rd., North Highlands, CA.) Interment following at 1:30 PM at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery with full military honors. PRICE FUNERAL CHAPEL (916) 725-2109


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By Bruce Maccabee, Phd. 

(Copyright 2016, Bruce Maccabee – All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


This describes my experience with the NIGHTLINE TV show that occurred before the first “INDEPENDENCE DAY (ID4)”


During the late spring of 1996 many people were anticipating the early July opening of the blockbuster UFO “epic” film, INDEPENDENCE DAY .

It was during this time that I was contacted by the ABC Nightline show and asked to appear on a special documentary “SETI and UFO” show they planned to do in early July.

I was told that they had a video of “strange lights” obtained from a telescope in Hawaii which normally did classified research.  They wanted me to view and analyze the video “live” on camera. They would not let me see it first.

I disliked this requirement that I couldn’t view the video first because I suspected they were going to try to make me look like a fool (for claiming the lights were related to ET), but I did it anyway. Probably few people even recall this rather good documentary and fewer still recall the video of strange lights.

Robert Morningstar & Bruce Maccabee Nov 12-07 Washington DC.JPGRobert Morningstar & Dr. Bruce Maccabee at the National Press Club  with USAF Colonel Charles Halt (background left) at Leslie Kean’s Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials’ UFO Press Conference Washington, DC – Nov. 12, 2007

Nevertheless, because ABC News, in 2007, released this documentary (available from Amazon) I feel that I should “set the record straight” regarding the “UFO video.” To learn about the difficulties of this sort of research and to learn what “it” probably was, go to my web site. Note, by the way, that I reported to Nightline the final result of my research but Nightline never reported that to the television audience.

Gulf Breeze UFO 4

Gulf Breeze UFO – Polaroid photo by Ed Walter


The Nightline UFO Video:

No Longer a Question Mark

The spring of 1996 was characterized by, among other things, the “run up” to the opening of the “blockbuster” UFO movie, INDEPENDENCE DAY. It was in this context that I received a late June phone from Jay LaMonica, the producer of ABC’s “Nightline” show which was hosted by well-known newsman and commentator Ted Koppel. He called to tell me that he had a video of some strange lights that had been recorded by a special “GEODS” telescope system on Mt. Haleakala which is on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. He wondered if I would be willing to analyze it. He said there were three bright lights which crossed the field of view and that initially it was thought these were lights on an airplane, but then the people who first saw the video noticed that star images passed between the lights without blinking so they thought that perhaps it wasn’t a plane after all. Sometime, he didn’t say when, after the video was first seen in early December, 1993, someone, he wouldn’t say who, had passed along a copy of the unclassified video to ABC.

Jay went on to say that Nightline was going to do a show on UFOs and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Life). (I immediately assumed that this was to be a “tie-in” with the opening of the movie.) He wondered if I would be willing to appear in the show. I said “sure” and “when can I see the video,” or words to that effect. He responded that I couldn’t see the video until the taping of my segment because he wanted to get my reaction to seeing the video for the first time. I was a bit irked at that because I knew he would be asking me to base a conclusion on “instantaneous analysis,” hardly a scientific way to approach the situation. Since I couldn’t see the video I asked him for as many details as he knew. He did not know much. He said it took several seconds for the lights to cross the field of view which he thought was about 2 degrees. He also said that the telescope was pointed at or near the horizon. I asked for the name of a person to call so I could learn more details, but he wouldn’t give me a name. I therefore asked him to recontact his source and find out everything he could about the telescope and where it was pointed.

We had some difficulty in setting up the exact date and time for the interview. In subsequent conversations, as we tried to specify the interview date, Jay told me that he had contacted someone involved with the project which took the video. He now believed that the field of view was probably 5 1/2 degrees rather than the originally mentioned value of 2 degrees, but he couldn’t be certain because there are several telescopes on Maui and he didn’t know which one had taken the video.

The big day came over a week later, on July 11, 1996. I arrived at the ABC studio in Washington. D.C. equipped with a ruler, a calculator and a pad of paper. Although I had only sparse information I was determined to do the best analysis I could under the circumstances. From what Jay had told me I knew I would be able to estimate the angular velocity and angular spacing of the lights. Knowledge of these angular quantities might allow me to reject, or at least set limits on, the various potential explanations.

As soon as the camera crew set up the TV monitor and video machine I began running the video over and over. Text at the beginning of the video stated that it was taken by a GEODS telescope during the year 1993 on day 335 at 032444Z (335th day of the year, December 1, at Greenwich Mean Time of 3:22:24 AM which corresponds to 5:22:24 PM, November 30 in Hawaii).

I determined that it took almost exactly 3 seconds for the lights to cross the FOV (assumed to be 5.5 deg), from left to right, in a straight line tilted slightly upward. This corresponded to an angular rate of 1.83 degrees/sec or 0.032 rad/sec. (Note: 1 degree = 0.0174 radians or 0.0174 rad. Multiply the angle in rad or the angular rate in rad/sec by the distance to get size or speed as measured perpendicular to the line of sight.) There were three lights, equally spaced and traveling in parallel with the central light a bit ahead of the lights above and below. I measured the length of the image of each bright light and found it corresponded to an angular size of about 0.005 rad while the angular spacing between the upper and lower lights was about 0.01 rad. Close to the central bright light were two much fainter lights, one above and one below. Hence there were a total of five lights (3 strong, 2 weak) traveling through the FOV of the telescope. If I had known the distance to the lights I could have calculated the actual size and velocity (perpendicular to the line of sight) from the measurements I had made. Unfortunately there was no way to determine the distance from the available information.

After watching the video several times and thinking about it I gained the distinct impression that if the information I had been given were correct (5.5 degree FOV; telescope pointed at or close to the horizon), then both the airplane and meteor hypotheses had problems. The images of the lights were spaced too far apart to be from an airplane near the horizon unless it was extremely close to the telescope and had a very large wingspan, but in this case it would also be traveling very slowly. On the other hand, if the images were meteors the angular speed was too low unless they were so far away that they might be outside the sensible atmosphere, in which case they wouldn’t glow.

Whether either of these potential explanations was correct, or if neither was, depended upon the actual angle of elevation of the telescope: was it pointed exactly at the horizon? Was it pointed 5 or 10 degrees or more above the horizon? Unfortunately I didn’t learn the answer to this important question until many weeks later.

Dr. Michael Guillen, the science correspondent for ABC TV, was the interviewer. The first thing I said to him after being introduced and well before the cameras were rolling, was “This is the worst investigation I have ever done.” I said that because I had never before made a public statement about a potential UFO case without first carrying out an investigation that at least included talking to the witnesses. (I realized that no one had actually seen the objects at the time of the taping since the video had been recorded automatically, but I knew that someone associated with the project could answer the technical questions.) I then let Michael wait a bit while I did some calculations of angular sizes and speeds. At the bottom of my note pad I wrote “Distance not actually known, nor (angular) elevation of camera (telescope). Hence can do no more than make educated guesses.”

Michael spent 30 minutes or more trying to get me to identify the lights. We played the video over and over as we both watched. The failure of one star image in particular to disappear when it passed between the upper and middle bright lights (where the wing of an aircraft would block the star) was obvious to both of us, as it had been to Jay. This seemed to be strong evidence that the lights were not connected by an opaque body, namely, the wing of an airplane. However, I pointed out that we couldn’t be certain because the failure of the star image to dim very briefly might have been some artifact of the camera electronics or the recording mechanism about which we knew next to nothing. As an example of the possible effect of the camera operation on the recording of a star that is momentarily blocked by a wing, imagine a 10 ft wide wing and a wing speed of 300 mph which is 440 ft/sec. The star image could be blocked by the wing for about 10/440 = 0.023 sec. The typical camera frame rate is 0.03 sec per frame. Thus the blockage would occur during one frame time which was too short to be observed under the circumstances – viewing on a (analogue) TV monitor with electronic noise and “twinkling” of the star causing brightness fluctuations at all times.

Michael told me that he had shown the video to Dr. Robert Nathan, formerly of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and a long-time UFO analyst with whom I have worked on UFO photos and videos during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Jay and Michael had been rather surprised when Robert had immediately identified the lights as meteors without any analysis other than viewing the video. I told Michael I was suspicious of the meteor explanation (for the reason given above), but that I could not be sure whether or not it was correct without knowing the angular elevation of the telescope. Furthermore, I doubted that a meteor which had broken into three parts before entering the FOV would have three nearly equally sized pieces that could travel in parallel at exactly the same rate and could travel without creating a trail of burning particles.

For many minutes he seemed be “browbeating” me into making some positive identification. It seemed to me that he wanted me to say I thought it was a real UFO or Extraterrestrial Craft. However, I refused such an identification and repeatedly stated that more investigation was needed before any answer was to be proposed. Finally, Michael asked me how I ranked the video in terms of credibility and strangeness and I said that the video had a high degree of both but that it would have to remain a big question mark. At least I would not provide any speculative explanation.

After I left the ABC TV station I began the real investigation. I hoped to have a definite answer before the video was shown nationally on Nightline. Unfortunately, that was not to be.

After a more careful theoretical analysis I was able to put more specific restrictions on the potential explanations. It became apparent that if the telescope were within 10 degrees of the horizon the meteor hypothesis could explain the angular velocity, although it still couldn’t explain the constant speed along parallel tracks without any sign of a meteor trail. Similarly, if the telescope were within 10 degrees of the horizon the airplane hypothesis was unlikely because the angular size and angular speed would only be consistent with a very large aircraft (well over 100 ft wingspan) flying at a very low speed (100 mph or lower) at a short distance from the telescope (a mile or less). The upshot of this analysis was that if the telescope were pointed close to the horizon the suggested explanations were severely strained if not simply unacceptable. Hence the possibility that one — or three — or five — UFOs were involved had to be considered. It all depended upon the angular elevation of the telescope, which I did not know and which I was not able to learn before Nightline showed the video on July 16, 1996.

Because I had to locate the telescope operators by asking for help from other people, it took well over a month to get the “real data.” The crucial information turned out to be far different from what I had been led to believe. I had been told by LaMonica that the angular elevation was low, maybe several degrees (“near the horizon”). However, I learned from the operators that the actual angular elevation was much greater and, in fact, was nearly straight up (85 degrees). I also learned that the telescope was about 10,000 ft above mean sea level (AMSL).

This put a whole new light on the matter. It took me all of five minutes (or less) to determine that under this circumstance the lights could be on an aircraft of some nominal wingspan traveling at several hundred mph at a reasonable cruising altitude above the telescope. In fact, any combination of wingspan, W in ft, speed S in ft/sec and height H in ft AMSL which obeys the relations S/(H-10,000) = 0.032 rad/sec and W/[H-10,000] = 0.01 rad would work. (Note: since the telescope is at 10,000 ft AMSL, the assumed H should be no lower than, say, 11,000 ft. Also, the assumed H should be no greater than 45,000 ft which is an upper altitude for typical aircraft). For example, if H = 20,000 ft AMSL the wingspan could be W = 0.01 x (20,000 – 10,000) = 100 ft and the speed could be S = 0.032 (20,000 – 10,000) = 320 ft/sec or 220 mph. Similarly, the video would be consistent with a plane having a wingspan of W = 40 ft and a speed of S = 128 ft/sec = 87 mph providing it were flying only about 4,000 ft above the telescope at H = 14,000 ft AMSL. Naturally there are many (an infinite) number of possible combinations of W, S and H that would satisfy the requirements of the video.

The telescope operators told me that, upon seeing the video, they had immediately suspected that it was an airplane, but then they questioned that explanation because they rarely, if ever, see an airplane overflying the telescope installation. One of the men called the FAA to find out if there was any record of an airplane scheduled to fly over Mt. Haleakala at the time of the video. He was told there was no such record (no air route passes over the mountain). Of course, an aircraft could have flown over the mountain without the FAA having a record of its exact flight path.

One aspect of the imagery seemed to directly contradict the airplane hypothesis: at one time a star image appears to pass “through” the space between the bright central lights and the upper “wing” light. This had been pointed out to me by LaMonica as evidence against the aircraft hypothesis because one would expect the star to be momentarily blocked by a solid wing. When I first saw the video I wondered whether or not that could be explained as an artifact of the electronics. Subsequently I learned from the telescope operators that the nature of the image forming and capturing electronics (RCA ISIT microchannel plate and image scan device — like a vidicon — plus a scan converter to make an ordinary VHS video) could have failed to record a brief blockage of the starlight, that should have resulted in a momentary “turning off” of the star image, because of time delay (integration time) in the processing devices.


A UFO is as a UFO does. If a UFO does nothing that an IFO (identified flying object) could not do, then there is no reason to call it a UFO. In this case it appears that an airplane would be consistent with the observational evidence. Although I can not prove there was an airplane flying over the telescope, there is no reason to believe that an airplane could not have done so. Since there is no evidence in the video which conclusively contradicts the airplane hypothesis there is no good reason to claim that the lights were something else. Weeks after the show I reported to LaMonica that the lights were probably on an airplane. So far as I know, this information was never conveyed to the audience of Nightline.

Gulf Breeze UFO 1 Photo
Polaroid photo taken close-up to a craft hovering over the road.

An example of the opposite situation, where an unidentified object does something a conventional object could not do under the conditions of observation, is recorded in a daylight video taken July 21, 1995 in Gulf Breeze, Florida. This video shows an oddly shaped object, nearly rectangular in outline and brownish colored, of roughly 30 ft width, looking nothing like an airplane or a helicopter or a balloon/blimp, which reverses its direction of travel from roughly 500 mph rightward to about the same speed leftward (a 1,000 mph velocity change) in about 1/3 of a second (over 100 g’s of acceleration!). There is no man-made or naturally occurring object in the sky which can accomplish such a feat under the conditions of this observation. Hence that object remains a true UFO.

Bruce Maccabee, Phd.

Independence Day

July 4th, 2016


Bruce Maccabee's picture

Gulf Breeze UFO Polaroids by Ed Walter