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New Lenses for UFO Science




Steve Erdmann

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Part I



Nothing seems to stay the same in life, or, have you not noticed this? And in this century we often saw, before our very eyes, the scenery change: Ford’s “automobile” evolved from a clattery-clanging style of mobility to the numerous sleek and powerful ‘wagons’ of today. Of course, all kinds of scenery changed from Ford’s time, gadgets of all kinds, but also the very “system” by which those inventions came to be (or how we came to view them): their science.

Yes, “science,” itself, changed, all the way to the point by which we looked “inside” the very molecules and atoms of our bodies and artifacts, quantum physics, to the way we could see the very edge of our universe with huge telescopes and space probes in astro-astronomy.

In large part, this seems to be the theme behind Robbie Graham’s recent book UFOs: REFRAMING THE DEBATE wherein are compiled fourteen essays (excluding Graham’s comments) that speak about new ways to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and other paranormal events of the mind, parapsychology, ESP, and so-called other phantasmagoria.

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“If ever we are to further our understanding of the UFO enigma, we must fundamentally reframe our debate,” says Graham. “We must wipe the board clean and fill it with new ideas, new theories, and even new language. We must be willing to start from scratch when the field stagnates. We must be critical, sober, and free from dogma—ready to raise away the residue of our own beliefs.” 

(UFOs: REFRAMING THE DEBATE, Robbie Graham, White Crow Books, 3 Hova Villas, Hove, BN3 3DH United Kingdom,, 2017, 262 pages, $17.95.)

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Each essayist probes the UFO topic from the depths of his or her private experiences and gathered knowledge hoping their assessments will crack weak links and add new perspectives towards solving an ageless mystery.

“A lack of verification of visiting aliens does not necessarily translate into a lack of phenomena worthy of investigation,” says Jack Brewer. “It may just mean the ETH theory is wrong, at least for the vast majority of cases to which it is typically applied, if not all of them.” Brewer likens the belief that our forefathers held that witchcraft and Satanism were the cause for misfortune and unknown phenomena.

There were several complicating factors involved when it came to UFOs. Apparently, UFOdom has been the playground since its beginning for “psychological warfare.”  Brewer suspects as much in a Secret Project Seal, the work of Colonel Carl Goldbranson with a Rand Research and Development Corporation in such warfare; Edward G. Lansdale and Major Jasper Maskelyne had a mutual interest in same. Ufology went downhill through Project Grudge, the 1952 Robertson Panel and the CIA, psy-ops may have also reared its head in the UFO cases such as the June 21, 1947 Tacoma, Washington UFO debris case.

Likewise, decades of hoaxing and illusory investigation has taken its toll on the subject. Brewer suggests stripping away the sizable muck of urban myths and begins to delve on what really works, and “proceed both intelligently and competently.”

Joseph Cutchin doesn’t feel it is all that simple. The biggest bug-a-boo in this field are the ETH (extraterrestrial nuts-and-bolts) theories, but also the “materialist paradigm.”  “…burn marks at landing sites, a stunning video, a compelling photograph, a crashed flying saucer, an extraterrestrial body…” just won’t settle the mystery.

Some of the most noted UFO researchers also say that there is more to the mystery than-meets-the-eye. Richard Dolan (UFOs for the 21st CENTURY MIND) and Eddie Bullard (UFO ADVENTURES: THE MEASURE OF A MYSTERY) believe that the appearance of telepathy thought transference “normalizes a host of other psi phenomena in a domino effect”—ranging through precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, astral projection—in effect, rejecting materialism and the popular  scientific method (pp. 51-56).

Heralding some of the better psi accomplishments over the last decades, Cutchin says:

“At the same time, remember that non-materialist does not equal non-scientific. Science is nothing more than a set of guidelines and tools to evaluate reality honestly and objectively, whereas materialism is an assumption based upon the notion that only things replicable in a laboratory setting are worthy of labeling ‘real’ (though, as illustrated above, not even controlled repeatability satisfies this arbitrary standard).”

Cutchin endears scientists of this venue such as Alex Tsakiris (WHY SCIENCE IS WRONG, ABOUT ALMOST EVERYTHING), Rupert Sheldrake, Dim van Lommel, Ian Stevenson, and Daryl Bem. Through their ranks, a new “model of reality” is where “the rule book is being rewritten in their favor as we speak,” (p.59) when we will accurately be “operating in a consciousness-based paradigm.” There will be a “materialism death throes” out of which will emerge “Magonian phenomena” of various “hybridized theories.” Cutchin calls it “non-human” logic. He cites Gordon White’s 2016 book STARSHIPS where magic is characterized by “atemporality, high levels of coincidences,” “repetition of motif and symbol” and a “weird resonance” on all levels of enquiry, stripping away the “artificial barriers,” from Aleister Crowley’s “Lam” apparition to those of the Blessed Virgin Mary, even deeply into the Jungian Collective Unconscious. This “science” has an obligation to no one except to one principle: “(Alex Tsakiris) Follow the data wherever it leads.”.




Smiles Lewis not only takes us many steps deeper into the labyrinth, but actually scrounges us into it. Utilizing facts, science and ideas that most scientists shun as if confronted with a plague, Lewis forges headlong into the world of “ParaCryptoufology,” a “covert socio-cultural control system of earth lights and balls-of-light phenomenon,” the “collective unconscious of humanity” in a “Gaian” “GeoPsyche” “planetary poltergeist.”

If that is a bit hard to swallow all at once, Lewis takes us step by step through a collage of mystery and probably painful confrontation to our own stupidity.

“This is the problem I have with most people who claim to have an answer to the UFO phenomenon: They pick a theory, but it only fits part of the data,” says Lewis. “That’s also why I advocate for a multi-theory interpretation of the explanation that accounts for all the data. I think there is a number of things’ going on simultaneously.”

Lewis’s early years were spent investigating the effects of ELF waves and other electromagnetic radiation, also as a planetary product, but also being integrated and utilized by military and government projects. As the years unwound, somebody, some people in power, must have realized the earth-shaking potential of electromagnetism and mind control, and locked inquiry into the mystery.

“Terrence McKenna also encouraged that notion when he said, ‘One possible view of the flying saucer is that it is a kind of projection from the consciousness of the planet that is Gaia.’ And,  “I think in that sense, Jung was really onto something when he saw it as coming from the unconscious…almost as through the UFO is a manifestation of Gaia, as mother goddess.’”

Jeffrey Mishlove, “Aliens and Archetypes,” Thinking Allowed video series.

Lewis explores the collective works of Jacques Vallee, Lyle Watson, Whitley Strieber, Paul Devereux, Rick Strassman, Albert Budden, Karla Turner, Jenny Randles, Dennis Stillings, Steve Mizrach and Carol Suzanne Matthews who talk along the lines of “Gaian ecosystems,” “electromagnetic hypersensitivity,” “electro-staging,” “inner earth mythology,” “the idea of the hive,” “onion-like layers of Jung’s collective unconscious,” “virtual reality scenarios,” “morphic fields,” “morphic resonance theory,” “Akashic fields,” “biological-field dowsing,” “OZ factor,” “synergistic cybernetic interface,” or a “cyber biological planetary poltergeist,” “collective anxieties are psychically manifesting…worldwide…poltergeist activity…physical manifestations.”

In a Gaian-twist, Lewis sees it partially as an insect ecological “protest.” “I really think that it’s quite possible that the reason we experience these apparent alien others as insectoid is because their ultimate origin could be the collective species unconscious of the insect kingdom,” says Lewis. “It would seem to be in their best interest to try to convince us to stop damaging the ecology of the planet.” (p. 116)

Lewis gives a quote that exemplifies the above conglomerate of information:

“(Karla Tuner) She talked about this a lot in her lectures and gave examples where the abductee, the experiencer, would see and experience on thing, but nearby witnesses would see something quite different but still anomalous and weird.” (p. 133)

Lewis spotlights Hank Albarelli, Jr’s, A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments and The CIA’s MKUltra Program, MKNaomi, MKDelta, Project Blue Bird, and Project Monarch.

Even far more frightening, Lewis publicizes Martin Cannon’s important thesis THE CONTROLLERS: A NEW HYPOTHESIS OF ALIEN ABDUCTION (The Mufon UFO Journal 1989) or Jim Keith’s MIND CONTROL WORLD, WORLD CONTROL: The Encyclopedia of Mind Control (1997), and also his MASS CONTROL: Engineering Human Consciousness (1999). He further mentions Marion Lammen’s MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction (2000).

Chemist and scientist on the Manhattan Project, Leon Davidson, formulated that the UFO phenomena was a tool of the CIA, as did Allen Dulles and Carl Jung; Ted Kaczynski, Mafioso Whitey Bulger, both were participants in MKUltra.

“Both Kenn Thomas and Peter Lavenda have written books and /or lectured on these very bizarre links between the formation of the flying saucer era, post-WWII American Nazism, and the MKUltra activities”  (p. 120)

Bosco Nedelcovici told in 1978 of a “nine-man helicopter team” that flew in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, consisting of a doctor, CIA and Navy personnel which abducted civilians for “psychological warfare experiments and hallucinogenic drug tests.”

Lewis likewise suspects the Barney and Betty Hill 1961 abduction case with a red-headed Irishman Nazi-like with a black scarfed UFO pilot. Similarly, the 1973 Pascagoula, Mississippi Clawmen could have been a product of near-by Fort Derick Horn Island research site.

Project Palladium was able to take radar returns as well as UFOs as “blips” along the Eastern Seaboard of North America on September 11, 2001.

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Lewis seems to suggest that, both, paranormal and manmade terrestrial elites have banded together into a singularity-symbiotic-relationship somehow along the road to the ‘mystic’ “…a Chimera, fake alien threat and staging events to unite humanity against a common but counterfeit foe: Uniting us against UFaux, the false, counterfeit UFOs.”


Part II




Lorin Cutts pretty much agrees with Lewis but sees “UFO hot spots” also offering clues.

The Yakima region in Washington State, with Mount Adams to its western perimeter, is one of the “busiest hotspots for UFO activity” in the United States. It was where Kenneth Arnold also saw nine-crescent-shaped objects flying towards Mount Adams on June 24, 1947.

But this region is also home to the Hanford nuclear sites, home to the Manhattan Project which “spawned” H-bombs, destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But the region also included visual and radar sightings of three discs at 2:30 p.m. some 30-minutes even before Kenneth Arnold’s plane took off (OREGON JOURNAL, July 4, 1947). The Rand Corporation said there was a recorded 853 UFO sightings in June and July of 1947.

Cutts cites several examples of what Dr. J. Allen Hynek labeled “High Strangeness”: “The inexplicable effects and synchronicities of events elated to and occurring before, during, and after UFO encounters.”

Many “hot spots,” such as Yakima, are host to seeming “Enlightened Content with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence”  (ECETI)  in what Cutts calls, the UFO mythological zone, “it turns …into a cult,” MIRAGE MEN (Mark Pilkington, John Lundberg), “…Mirage-Men-Style activities may even go as far back as 1946,”  “…that certain factions within the military-industrial-complex would instigate seemingly magical, pseudo-phenomenal or pseudo-extraterrestrial experiences with ease,” “…a genuinely anomalous component” mixed with “social engineering.” (pp. 81-85)

“Yakima is a veritable trove of all kinds of high strangeness, not just UFOs…whether we utilize science or also include other methodologies and philosophies,” says Cutts, “one thing is certain: we need to stop trying to fit the UFO subject into what we want it to be… (It) would be the last ‘scientific’ thing of all to do.”

Cutts says that any “approach” must be based on ‘true science”: “Current scientific understanding will never be the truth of the entire universe…a paper god…strive to be better  understand ourselves, our universe…forge a new pathway forward…we must make the escape ourselves.”




Red Pill Junkie sees one of the functions of the UFO phenomena as “eroding our faith in science,” or, in the words of researcher Terrence McKenna ( – Approaches – to – the – ufo. Also,, “We are going to turn the world upside down. Your science is going to be shown up for what it is: nothing more than a pleasant metaphor, usefully extrapolated into the production of toys for wealthy children.” (November 21, 1987)

Red Pill Junkie further sees elements of the “trickery” with “oneiric quality” having little use for traditional social structure but establishing contact and dialog with humankind on “an individual basis.”

What the CIA-sponsored Robertson panel of 1953 feared more than an actual space-people ‘intervention’ was the growing acceptance of UFOs in the press, often seen as ‘rebellion, revolt and social unrest,’ ‘paranoid identity’ and ‘crisis apparitions.’

“Internal turmoil and lack of rigidity are not just the earmarks of adolescence,” says Red Pill Junkie. “They are also intrinsic to the creativity-prone, which is possibly the reason why intrinsic types tend to show a higher internet in the UFO phenomena…”

Jacques Vallee said that interaction with non-human intelligences have “always been dissuaded by the Status Quo, such as the ‘witches’ pyre.’” Using such “magic,” Aleister Crowley manifested a creature resembling the “archetypal Gray Alien” (Lam). Alan Moore is V for Vendetta and his Guy Fawkes character destroying “all the obsolete structures upholding the status quo.”

“An anomaly that refuses to conform to our ‘sensible’ expectation and seems hell-bent on throwing into question everything we take for granted___even the nature of reality itself,” muses Red Pill Junkie, “…a chaotic catalyst, even turning human society up on it toes with farcical displays of power…‘Cosmic Jokers’…shake us out of our collective stagnation…”

Red Pill Junkie leaves us with some final advice: “The UFO mystery seems to stem from a liminal realm in between normal life and total madness: a twilight space where light and dark can give way to either our most wondrous fantasies, or our most horrible nightmares.”.


In August 2010 five members of a family gathered about a bonfire to revisit it and enjoy a star-filled sky just outside the Bruce, Pennsylvania at Cape Croker, Ontario.  A light in the sky approached, when suddenly they all heard strange voices say: “Look up.” The light was bright enough to the entire yard and forest as if in daylight.  There was no sound. This is one out of a dozen cases of “high strangeness” that Susan Demeter – St. Clair had investigated.

“This essay will argue that high strangeness UFO reports that include various types of psychic phenomena may be the key to a greater understanding of the UFO enigma,” says St. Clair, “or, at the very least, trigger more meaningful questions in our ongoing efforts to understand it.”

Allen Hynek franch-hynek-photo

St. Clair speaks of “depth psychology,” CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, John Keel, “complex paranormal manifestations,” “synchronicity,” PASSPORT TO MAGONIA (Jacques Vallee), and talks about UFOs from a new perspective:

“Everything works as if UAPS [Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena] were products of a technology that integrates physical and psychic phenomena and primarily affects cultural variable in our society through manipulation of physiological and psychology parameters in the witnesses.”

reframing ufos 2338078-b

Incommensurability, Orthodoxy and the Physics of High Strangeness; a 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena (Jacques Vallee, Eric Davis, 2003)

  • Building upon Dr. Haley Rutledge’s Project Identification and the sentiments of Massimo Teodorani, St. Clair says: “Or is the light created as an archetypical form from our own consciousness due to reason we don’t know yet, but where, once more, mind-matter coalescence occurs suddenly as a micro-creation effect?”
  • Clair alludes to researchers Scott Rogo (The Haunted Universe), Eric Quellet (Illuminations: The UFO Experience as a Parapsychological Event) telling of how, possibly, “entire societies contributed to a psychic manifestation in the sky that mirrors, in a very symbolic way, the political and military unrest occurring on the ground.” (p. 176)

“To reframe the UFO debate we need to formulate new models for analyzing existing and incoming date, and introduce innovative hypotheses by asking better questions than have thus far been asked,” says St. Clair. “Parapsychological hypotheses and models can more fully address the complex human and social dynamics of this rich and enigmatic experience.”  (pp. 177-178).



Frankenstein’s Creations

Terra Obscura


“That power to understand true reality is inaccessible because all human understanding is shaped by ideological constructs,” says M.J. Banias, “value and belief systems established in our minds by our social and cultural upbringing.”

Banias references the drifter John Nada in John Carpenter’s movie THEY LIVE  (1988) who is enabled to see “the real world” through special sunglasses as “skeletal- faced”  aliens who have taken the earth over in order to “deplete earth of its natural resources for their own personal gain.”

The universe, says Banias, which we have constructed ourselves—all objective reality is totally elusive forever hindered by our “social and cultural illusions, languages, and mechanisms…adulterated reality… (always) based upon human social and cultural condition.” (p. 132)

There is one large conspiracy above all conspiracy theories: Capitalism elites that wish to line their pocket and maintain the status quo, more than simple economics, says Banias, it also involves ideology as a collective reality of public perception and awareness. It is also responsible for the regulation of UFOs.

Modern science, far from being the conqueror that broke away from myths and gave birth to enlightenment, has doubled-back and became the very thing science had rebelled against: that some ideas, such as UFOs, are not worth studying; science continues to support the power of the elite. Over five thousand scientists between 2005 and 2014, revealed the direct influence upon them by corporate influence. “The sciences, without a doubt, have become the tool of multinational corporations,” says Banias, but not all capitalism and science is bad, but mainly as a “survivor.” Concurrently, UFO discourse opposes modern capitalist ideology in three ways:  1) predisposition for dissent, 2) culture of the disenfranchised, 3) democratization of power.

“Mainstream capitalist culture has no choice but to resist UFO discourse, as it calls into question he ideology calk illusion, which capitalism must maintain,” says Banias, “the future of ufology as a Terra Obscura, an unknown land, which has yet to be trod.”  (p. 143)




The UFO mystery, according to Robert Brandstetter, exists much further beyond myriad images of dragons, phoenixes, glowing orbs and hundreds of bizarre shapes. The answer lies in the traumatic world of the UFO “experiencer.” Brandstetter sees this as “sensory overload” for “both the individual and society.”  This will come about with “a reorientation and reinvention of the witness paradigm,” he says, and Brandstetter includes Donald Hoffman’s Conscious Realism and the Mind-Body Problem essay which labels UFO experiencers as “a reality beyond he margins of experience-networks of conscious agents…in a manner that humans cannot properly perceive at all…giving them a glimpse of a conscious agents that is literally alien to us.” (pp. 215-216)

Close encounters cases, in the words of researcher and podcaster Greg Bishop, appear to be hallucinatory and nonsensical, however it is also psychedelic and are really unknown phenomena because it is beyond the borders of what can be witnessed, co-creators, ‘creating” a reality inside the mind of the observer “…a very streamlined version of what Hoffman explains a Conscious Realism.” (p. 217)

Brandstetter also sees these manifestations as “Jungian concepts,” tokens of “The Shadow,” “The Other,” “The Trickster,” “The visit by the Stranger,” as challenges to “known paradigms of transit in the skies, presenting impossible materials, mediums, shapes and forms.”

“If we subtract our own innate bias, context, and psychology from the history of UFO reports, what we have left in the pure art of the universe: energy=information. And that may be all we can grasp at this time.” (pp. 218-221)




Ryan Sprague says that biggest connection between Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein and UFOs is “consciousness,” whereupon we can turn the microscope on ourselves to see the “whirlpool of unverifiable factors,” as in the words of Jim Keith (UFOs at the Edge of Reality, Paranoia Magazine) and Jacques Vallee (Messengers of Deception, 2008): “…UFOs  sometimes happily cross those lines of demarcation, and defy the definitions (Keith)…under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre games of deception (Vallee).”

“It may be that our established modes of logic,” says Sprague, “limit us so greatly that we can’t fully comprehend that monster we created. We must ultimately face that face that, at some point, the awareness of the monster is going to shape and mold our consciousness completely, moving forward.” (p. 182)

UFO manifestations sometimes enfold a sequence of events.

  • Time seems to slow down and he air around them seem different with the experiencer’s sense either heightened, disappear, or loosen all meaningful frame of reference in a controlled reality.
  • “This passage between established and new found realities,” says Sprague, “is where UFOs seem to float, hover, zip, and coast, appear and disappear in and out of ambiguity.”
  • When such mechanisms involve hundreds of people rather than just one, single person (referencing psychoanalyst C. G. Jung or Emile Durkheim), it is called collective consciousness where “we may be manifesting UFO events unknowingly somewhere deep in the subconscious and that perhaps some UFO experiences may be co-created in the moment by the observer and some anomalous intelligent stimulus.” (p.185)

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  • Others have mused that our subconscious were the “initiators, pulling UFOs in” thus allowing mass sightseers to seeing “the same object slightly different from one another…shaping and molding that object from their own set of reduction value and evolving perception.”

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True Co-Creation

Creative Control


What we are experiencing in UFO close encounters, says Greg Bishop, are psychic manifestations of the “brain (which) has some kind of creative control over what is experienced.”

The terms of the investigation may be needed to be changed, says Bishop, if we are going to obtain real “answers” to the UFO Mystery. Rather than a quest for “doctrine,” the search should for “understanding” with a serious shift of “focus and methodology.” Bishop cites the Greek philosophy of Pyrrhonism.

How our brains “look at things,” “our nervous systems process and remember events,” even as “traumatic events,” could lead to new discoveries. Rather than discard or “throw-out” stranger cases, researchers should include “cognitively discordant input.” Look beyond the elements that are usually associated with aversions of “the standard ‘alien’” continuing into how “the human visual system changes what is seen before we are consciously aware of it…terrifying moments of ostensibly real experiences…the actual reality is either so incomprehensible or so terrifying…nothing to compare it to, and victim latches onto whatever makes sense…many layers of cultural baggage…make sense of the experience.”

WhenUFOsGet Cover2 669028._UY400_SS400_

What is actually “happening…from complete illusion to actual contact with non-human entities, may be so far removed from the original experience that we are starting… really make up what we are seeing…edit it…base on our evolutionary heritage?”  (p. 201)

Donald D. Hoffman, Professor of Cognitive Science at UC Irvine (Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See) speculates that human perception has evolved based on “our survival rather than the reality of what is there…to see things as they are…rather in a way that ensured fitness for the species…suggesting that physical objects as we perceive them are not the real physical objects in reality…you throw away the icon on your desktop that represents a file…you have lost all the work that went into it, even though it is only an electronic representation of the data and not the data itself.” (p. 202)

Photos Extra Joker v3f286g_joker-movie-review-instagram_625x300_01_October_19

When it comes to UFOs, says Bishop, they also follow dream logic where a sighting and the mind of the participant enter into an “information-risk event” which is organized “into its own version of reality,” referencing Mac Tonnies’ Cryptoterrestrials, “…some are beginning to regard information as the basic currency of reality…derives from the quantum physics models of Anthropic Principle (John Archibald Wheeler, American physicist)…some sort of “true co-creation with an external consciousness…some sort of interaction, and they either accidentally or deliberately create scenarios where we can interact.” (pp. 201-205)

This may not happen, says Bishop, “until we come to the end of a long line of incalculable questions about what it is…there is also the issue that science can’t answer everything yet, especially questions of how UFOs and paranormal phenomena affect witness on an emotional level and how this may change their lives…hamstringing UFO study into a supposedly scientific framework.”


Brains Aren’t Big Enough

Making Sense of the Madness


Mike Clelland’s journey into UFOs pretty much coincides with other essayists’ summations: a web of synchronicity in many directions involving owl phenomena and a myriad world of other phenomena.

“There are aspects of this phenomenon that challenge everything. The web of little strings seems to go everywhere. Everything is on the table___life, death, sex, dreams, spirit-validity, psychic visions, genetics, expanded consciousness, mind-control, channeling, mysticism, miraculous-healings, out-of-body experiences, hybrid children, and personal transformation, and powerful synchronicity, portals in the backyard, distorted time, telepathy, prophetic vision, trauma, ecstasy, and magic. It’s as if our brains just aren’t big enough to deal with the overload of so much weirdness.” (p. 18)

Clelland says after experiencing the ins-and-outs of paranormal synchronicity, he no longer tries to “prove” the “experiences,” or even do boring, wasteful “collection” of facts and stories, but, rather, “live” them.

“I understand this in my bones, because I have lived it. Seeing a UFO on a clear, starry night is just the smallest part of my story,” says Clelland. “There is so much more coming to terms with what I have been through has required abandonment…we are confronted by a mystery, and nothing would be more gratifying than to actually solves it.  But I don’t expect that to ever happen.” (pp. 31, 33)


Asking Challenging Questions

Filtering System


Micah Hanks feels that a better categorization of UFO types will help scientists narrow the choices down to a select few reports that might be much more reliable. Hanks says we should adapt a “healthy” skeptical attitude, much like Allan Hendry’s THE UFO HANDBOOK; although Hank’s other published works would far from call him a “skeptic” and certainly not entirely a debunker.

“Modern skepticism can, I think, be summarized in many instances as an ideology, around which a social movement has been built—one that, today, also runs tangent with atheism—and as a paradoxical, evangelical attitude about the supremacy of science above all other forms of knowledge.”

Hanks does warn that “skepticism” be applied properly and not as dogmatic “scientism.” (p. 74)

Curt Collins, however, hangs it all on a ridged, forensic “team work” of Ufologists that doggedly crashed a seeming “hoax” over photographs in a May 7, 2014 expose’ of a two-year –old mummified boy pushed-off as an alien creature. The Team called themselves The Roswell Slides Research Group (RSRG).

Besides the unrelenting and dedicated teamwork of the various members of RSRG, many of whom were classical UFO debunkers, the “mummy case,” says Collins, demonstrated an unreserved need to divorce the attempts at fraud from true UFO methodology.

“Groups can be great tools, but they have their limitations,” says Collins. “Each of us must remain objective, seek the best evidence and ask challenging questions whether as part of a team or as individuals.”

Chris Rutkowski takes it a step further and asks us to void the field of “anti-scientific” UFO zealots and “cultist behavior.” Rutkowski is pretty skeptical of the ETH theory, but so were most of the essayists in Robbie Graham’s book. Rutkowski finds himself in the quandary discussing “science” as do most of the essayists in the book, its limits and misapplications, when it also has connections to paranormal episodes and experiments. Obviously, “science,” as we are experiencing it today, has shown us limits as it encounter the parameters of our five senses and many UFO accounts. Rutkowski seems confident that regulating “UFO Cultism” to a “second track,” imbued with classical, current, and ancient “pure science,” would go far to bolster our “scientific methodology.”

Which presents Rutkowski, teetering in contradiction to many of his fellow essayists in Graham’s book: most essayists don’t see “science” as “ended” or “dead” in its evolution, but, with the advent of quantum physics and its continued growth, just how much of our “five” senses can be encumbered  by a “finalization” by a 21st  century? Be fearful, also, of when “anti-cultism” becomes the most “dangerous Cultism.”

With new advances in scientific learning, Rutkowski’s Luddite approach may be an example of the “snake biting its own tail.”

Hope and the Future

Diana Walsh Pasulka, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, University of North Carolina, gives us some sharp synopsis that may focus us back into center-view.

Saint Francis of Assi, the Catholic Monk Stigmata that received wounds from an aerial phenomenon in which “rays of light that rip (ped) open wounds” on Francis’s hands and sides. (p. xix)

Brother Leo’s account:

“In the center of that bright whirlpool was a core of blinding light that flashed down from the depths of the sky with terrifying speed until it suddenly stopped…”

A colleague of Pasulka that worked as a contractor for the NASA U.S Space Program said about Brother Leo’s description:

“This appears to be a real object that has all the signs that it has broken through the atmosphere, created blue and white sparks, is spinning, and even appears to have given off some type of radiation, judging the wounds that appears on the hands of the witnessing monk.

“There is a database of similar types of accounts of contemporary aerial phenomena.”

Pasulka summarized:

“Each of the contributors in this volume is sharply aware of the futility of concluding. Instead, they offer strategies for understanding the phenomena, and understanding its social and cultural effects…the non-dogmatic, self-reflective, and critical approach of each of these authors is urgently needed in the field of ufology right now. They are its hope and its future.”

Reframing UFOs Project_Identifcation_frontcover350_zps57ffb6cb



Steve Erdmann, April, 2020, St Louis, Mo.



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“Man is not made for defeat. Man can be destroyed, but not defeated.” 

Santiago , in Ernest  Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.



“The System is specifically designed to entrap us in thought. ‘Education’ is about thinking and so is science, Medicare, business, politics, all of it. Science for example will never understand reality from the  realm only of thought because thought cannot access those levels of awareness capable of understanding reality and seeing through the illusion. Most scientific breakthroughs invariably come from inspiration and a sudden ‘knowing’ and working it all through mind and thought.” (Phantom Self, p. 403) 

David Icke speaks about things C.G. Jung spoke about psychoanalytically years ago, the Shadow, the Akashic Record, and mysterious subliminal “synchronism” connecting worldwide convoluted events and “meaningful coincidence.” 

It takes some people more time to catch-up to the theories, depending how often one personally encounters such events in one’s life and begin to see them as major realities and not just gossiping of cheap talking-points. 

Icke describes his growing career: “It was the start of an incredible journey of self and collective discovery which made one thing very clear: humanity is living a Lie so vast, so total and all encompassing, that the Lie is perceived as universal truth…the Lie is such, in both scale and depth, that its promotion and imposition is plainly systematic”  (p. 7) 

In connecting the “dots” of the Lie, Icke was awakened to find a hidden force was involved that doesn’t want to be discovered, that the “Lie is perceived as universal truth, `the every one – knows – that !’…plainly systematic…it comes courtesy of calculated design…a fake and simulated ‘computer’ reality…the collective human mind has been hijacked, manipulated and structured to download the Lie.” (pp. 6-12) 

The Lie is also epitomized as The  System  or The Program  which are redirected and explored by Phantom Self academics as Giordano Bruno who was burned at the stake for looking “beyond the program.” Icke quotes Ancient Greek philosopher Plato: “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never understood, let alone believed by the masses.”  Instead, says Icke, people become just “an appendage of The Program.”  


David Icke book cover images

(PHANTOM SELF, David Icke,  David Icke Books, LTD, 185a High Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight  P033 2PN, UK,, 2016, 458 pages, $20.06 – paperback ) 

A ‘Prison,’ called “School,” especially for preteens and young children, to Program the Developing Phantom Self — rules, manners and conformity are rewarded, while non-compliance is punished, says Icke. These “lessons” are carried and are meant to stay with us for the extent of one’s life. 

Schools are not only Prisons but psychiatric prisons where young minds are shaped to the System’s will and perception-deception. 

John D. Rockefeller, creator of the General Education Board in 1903, said: “I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers…”  A nation of slaves to relinquish themselves, says Icke, “the system doesn’t give a shit what happens to you.”  Albert Einstein (1879-1955) said: “That education is what remains after one has forgotten what my education is.” 




“We are meant to be superconscious and humanity has been tricked by Archon manipulation into descending (‘Falling’) to their level of awareness (and then some) —- the reality of thought, low-vibrational emotions and illusion of physicality in the Kingdom of the Blind where the One-Eyed man is King…Phantom Self is a construct of fear, fear of what others might think, fear of failure,  fear of the moment, fear of the future, fear (regret)  of the past, fear of death and fear of life.”  (David Icke, p. 405) 

Mainstream  science, by way of Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, taught a religion with High Priests of their own—Scientism. Some physicists, however, “break the mold” and contend that consciousness creates matter and not the other way around. Quantum physics alone demolishes the Mainstream Everything Hoax until infested by unrestrained Mainstream Scientism. They wouldn’t work destroying or questioning The Hoax “that hides them in slavery to the system that controls education.” (p. 20):  From professors  to esteemed teachers are nothing but “products” of The Hoax, inmates and wardens. 

The System’s Lair is passing continued Exams invented by controllers of the System, insuring they are blinded to  “dangerous information” and are involved in downloading Compliance.  The Hoax, the so-called Real World, so neatly tied to money, framed status, passing exams,  not in a seeing Infinite Awareness, but being just an appendage and extension of their parents and the programming by the System to burdensome costs of multi-thousands of dollars. The System became their God and its elements protected at all costs, even when such crimes as pedophilia were involved. 

Morpheus explained this in T he Matrix movie as “these people are not ready to be unplugged … so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to protect it.”  It is a collective form of the Stockholm Syndrome where we defend our capturers;  Frantz Fanon refers to this as cognitive dissonance.  Even so-called differences are only more illusions and deceit. The Legal System is but a notch in the belt of the system: they are nothing but a mechanical processor “of which forests of paper and legal submissions to your ‘Honor’…another glorious victory by crushing another human being.” 

“Presidents, Prime Ministers, banking magnets, and corporate leaders are only obedient gofers to the real brokers of power,” says Icke, “who are almost never on public display…Leaders  and such ‘bosses’ and ‘workers’ are deceived by the hoax and controlled by either the carrot or the stick.” 

The System Machine promises Nirvana, bliss and happiness, hard work that ultimately is exploitation and a false hope all along. British-born philosopher Alan Watts (1915-1973) said: “And there’s a slight let down, because you feel there’s a hoax. And there was a hoax, dreadful hoax.” 

Carl  Sagan (1934-1996) and Mark Twain called the system “The Bamboozle” and in an “ignorance trance.” Mimicking the philosopher Socrates, Icke says: “The system is a pig with lipstick dressed up as the cutting edge of ‘evolution’ when it is nothing more than a madhouse, lunatic asylum, a downloaded app from Looney Tunes.  Indeed, I apologize to pigs and give my condolences to lipstick.”

The world of political science, medicine, commerce, media is predicated on a perception that all these are ‘solid’ when they aren’t; there is no solid, only a perception of  solidification: a 11 million sensations every second. Hilary Putnam said in 1961 that our brains are an “information processing system.”  Physicist Nikola Tesla and Shaman Don Juan Matus said much the same thing: the world  is a certain frequency range and many quantum scientists have said that the universe and our own bodies are likened to a gigantic computer-Internet system. Scientist Max Planck (1858-1987) refers to the “mind” as “the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind; this mind is the matter of all matter.” 

Referring to psychic Anita Moorjani, Icke says “the body hijacks attention and is encouraged to do so by The System.” During an ayahuasca-pineal-gland experiment, Icke experienced (what Dr. Eben Alexander called the ‘core’ ) as the “Dazzling Darkness,”  which also highlighted a quote of Nikola Tesla that such phenomenon exists in “a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration…I think it fair to say with historic understatement that human perception and information and information perception do not see the world the same way.” 




Icke compares  “the world” as an ‘illusory nature of reality’ with illusory ‘laws’ invented by measure in an ‘illusory universe’—no laws but only perception of this reality and time which would go haywire at approaching the speed of light because we are then approaching the limit of the simulation and entering a domain with very different  laws of physics where time  is also only an encoded program. 

Oxford Professor Nick Bostrom hypothesized that our ‘world’ could be a computer simulation built of computational requirements. Silas Beane, University of Bonn, James Gates, University of Maryland, believed “we live in a simulation.” Max Tegmark, author of OUR MATHEMATICAL UNIVERSE,  speculated along the same theme. Icke described this as a “cosmic Internet.”  It is an energetic sea of  information, or matrix, of our brain decoded  called the Phantom Self.  The word “person” comes from Latin as persona: Actors’ Mask—the physical world is actually internal in that it only exists in the brain. We are made of  made of atoms, yet these atoms have no solidity: packets of energetic encoded and decoded information. 

Alan Watts, philosopher and mystic, said “the whole genetics and body structure is involved in the reality-decoding process and this includes the receiver-transmitter system known as DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and the central nervous system.” 

Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev  said that humans can influence DNA through frequency interaction — humans can talk to animals and plants in the same DNA frequency interaction.  “Vibrating information fields as living chromosomes that function just like soliton-holographic computers using DNA laser radionics.” 

Michael Talbot, American writer and researcher, wrote THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE which names scientists “that have concluded that reality is holographic and its solidity illusory.”  “ The world doesn’t exist until we decode it,’’ says Icke, concerning the electromagnetic state (or ‘information’ against the electromagnetic of information): “We are Infinite Awareness, but our vehicle to experience this reality is a hologram.” Scientists David Bom and Karl Pribram refer to the brain as a “hologram storage network.” 

Time is an illusion that is relative to the observer, as an agreed upon construct, says Icke, “when your attention is pulled into illusions of past and future it divides your power to influence the only moment which you can do or change anything — the now.” 

Scientists have discovered, says Icke, of how two particles can communicate instantly  over billions of miles. They are both holographic expressions of energetic states,  not an absolute positioning in space (p. 61). The ‘soul’ is DNA in our waveform-electromagnetic “information fields.” Anita Moorjani called it “the greatest truths (that)…lie deep within us, in the magnificence of our heart, man and soul.” 




The paranormal is perfectly “normal,” says Icke, and the elusive world of the hidden force that is “mainstream everything” working to trash “psychic phenomenon to protect its perception deception” — contacting departed ‘souls’ or ‘higher frequency information’ turned into ‘human frequency,’ or ‘channeling.’ Sometimes, paranormal phenomena bleed through similarly  to broadcasting interference, ayahuasca,  clairvoyance, ghosts, Akashic fields, poltergeist activity, tele genism, and other phenomena.    

Theorists of this period talked about the electrical-electromagnetic nature of the universe. Plasma “sheaths” are about a thousand trillion, trillion, trillion times more powerful than “universal networking”: The Cosmic Internet. Nikola Tesla noted the limitless electrical power all around that is like computers which work with electronics and digital components in a quantum Computer Universe. 

This is also in music and how “sound is math, and maths are sound,” Fibonacci sequences, mathematical sequences, in their own reality that can only be seen a reflection of the hidden world, just a glimpse where geometrical and mathematical “sequences” are really digital expressions of waveforms and electrical information. 

Icke explains, in a Pythagorean sense, these quantum computer simulations in the form of  electrons and atoms  ‘‘in steps of becoming holographic ‘physical’ reality,” photographic bodies are encoded with the information of the holographic universe; every part of the body stores, in miniature of the whole and as seen in ‘alternative health arts’ of acupuncture, synesthesia, homeopathy, and Dr. Maseru Emote’s vibrational information (the ‘chakra’ vortex points in acupuncture holograph principles of “as above, so below”), including astrological influences, card games, telepathy, teleporting, global grid energy-lines, crystalline quartz, geometrically points on the planetary grid, Holy sites, black magic, and other signs of “mobile reality.”

Inner circles of government and military unwittingly provide information  that extraterrestrial life is visiting Earth, while Mainstream Everything trashes the paranormal at every opportunity. Psychiatry “effect their psychological fascism utilizing  their academic foot soldiers”—and slaves of The Systemized  mutual marriage of Hollywood which promotes “this Stone Age psychiatry.”  In the words of Bernard Carr, Professor of  Mathematics and Astronomy at the Queens Mary University, London, “Our consciousness interacts with another dimension. Our senses create a 3-dimensional image.” 

This “hidden force” has been given multiple names through the centuries:  Demons, Jinn or Djinn, Archons , Chitauri flyers, Predators, ‘gods,’ Satan, Devil, Ibus—on and on (p.95). Powerful ‘symbols’ have been created for effective control.

 Gnosis or Gnostics claimed knowledge of this control ing and church -hidden-reality and “secret knowledge.” This knowledge was available at one time in 

* the Roman Catholic Church,

* the Gnostic Cather’s in the Langue doc in Southern France,

* the siege of the castle at Montsegur in 1244 ,

* the destruction of Gnostic-inspired Royal Library  at Alexandria in Egypt, 415 A.D,

* the hacking of Hypatia, a gnostic scientist,

* when Niehaus Copernicus also gained Gnostic knowledge. 

The Christian Gnostics and their libraries found in 1995 at Nag Hammadi said that the material world is a “fake reality” (Nova). They also told of “Archons” which possess the human mind and engineer “phantasma” by which they can “possess” the human mind and manipulate perception. They are called deceivers who engineer “phantasma” by which they “convert” reality in the Gnostic period and up to the modern era by their “global power” and “centralization…and decision -making.” 




Archons are parasites. “We live in such a parasite society with the political and banking system alone,” says Icke, “feeding off creativity and labor of the people through oppression, taxation, and interest on debt.” (p. 98) Archons can piggyback, “imitate,”  change, and distort creations. Gnostic texts show Archons serve Lord Archon, the “Demiurge,” and blocks-us-from-seeing the fake ‘God’  tied to our ‘physical’ or ‘material’ reality. The “God” of the Bible, says Icke, is an alias for the Demiurge. The many religions of Mainstream Inverted Theology have a “shared bloody evil”: Satan in disguise, says Icke. 


David Icke Alien_Jesus


“…all the world’s a stage, and we get lost when we self-identify with the masks and lose sight of the fact that this is  all they are.” 

Archons  are actually a “distortion, self-aware computer virus,” which distorts everything it touches.” (p. 100). 

Like the character in the Heath Ledger Joker movie, they are here to “wreak havoc”  on human society and our reality. Our experienced reality has been  hacked, infiltrated and distorted and any simulation controlled by a form of artificial intelligence that has no “eunoia” (creative imagination)  and plans to “take over everything in endless form of expanding but corrupt energy.” 

The frequency range of the Archons is based on fear, anxiety, stress, hatred, conflict, depression and competition: the PTSD element of our of our modern society with its Death and Suffering; as the Holly Gibney character in THE OUTSIDER  TV series  (and the Stephen King book) said: “It is their wine!”  Pure terror, Food to the ‘gods,’ death cults: Social media demonstrates the “social hatred and abuse that promotes Phantom Self-delusion.” 

“Facebook would be better called Phanbombook.” (Erdmann has referred to it as Fakebook) Gnostics said the Demiurge/Archons were an ‘error’ with no soul or direct contact to the Infinite Source exists. They were called “Soulless ones.” Archons are psychopathic with no empathy, remorse, or shame, and are parasites who do whatever it takes to get their way,   

Demon Possession is another aspect of the Virus  when it takes over the thoughts, emotions and behavior of their human targets. Anachronistic and Archonship States can be obtained by physical, drug, alcohol, sexual, mental and psychological abuse.  Schizophrenics are one example in which they change from “nice masks” to “evil masks’’ aimed to damage and cause illness.  The general public  can be subject  to possession—especially politicians, economical military and administrative power (p. 106).   

The self-aware Demiurge/Archon Virus  can take many forms and possessions that fall into  and fill those frequency grasps: Lower-class (little, poor people), unborn baby fetuses, hybrid bloodlines, or the R-Complex of the human brain—the Reptilian Brain evolution; and other societal situations that exist as part of the Virus. 

The union of “gods” and humans, a hybrid race, the ‘Nephilim’ (Genesis 6:4), are described  as the driving force behind pedophilia, human psychopaths, Satanic cults, Elohim (Archons), Great Africans Pathology  (370,000 years in the Tsodilo Hills, the Zulu Chitauri “people of the Serpent,” such as the Indian [reptilian race-People of the Serpent] Sarpa which they described as coming from the skies). Many cultures tell about similar hieratical linkages. 

The Demiurge/Archon/ Reptilians are not constrained “by the limitations they impose on humanity…they are obsessed  technology of all kinds.” They are interested in re-wiring humans to be “just intelligent enough to serve these hidden masters but not intelligent enough to see that this is what they are doing… hijacked by the Virus.”  (p. 112) 

Icke talks about the Archon cold-blooded “hijack”____ the Archon-Reptilian genetic – energetic manipulation like ants in a colony obeying the queen. Carl Sagan speaks of this in his book The Dragons of Eden, “the reptilian component of human nature,” the ‘Virus,’ needs power which it can not generate itself but comes only from “states of high radiation.” Archons have been seen in the myths and legends of  ‘aliens’ and ‘gods,’ which use Archon bloodlines of the ‘Elites’ as Archon “incarnate-super-psychopaths”: Elite-hybrids which are in a greater fusion of Archon-Reptilian energy-genetic-Virus than was the general population. These Archons utilize duel energy, human DNA, allowing them to be completely possessed. Swiss clairvoyant Anton Styger said that one can hardly see the victim’s “heart chakra’’ as human but rather “the shape of a lizard.”

 America researcher Stewart Swerdlow learned about this “control system” when he was held captive in an American government-military Mind Control “programing” at Montauk on Long Island, New York (The Perception Deception).  Drinking human blood helps Archons retain human form. Vlad, The Impaler of the 15th century Wallachia and the Oder of the Dragons (Daco), wrote his name as Draculya (Devil’s Son). Bloodlines, included Mary of Teek, grandmother to the present Elizabeth II. Prince Charles was a committed descendant of Vlad The Impaler. Christine Fitzgaraia (friend of Princess Diana) told of the reptilian nature of the royals and their Satanic Rituals. 




Archons-reptilian human hybrids created the global theme of Royal Bloodlines and their “Divine Right to Rule.” The Virus-Elite-Hybrid-Bloodlines were, “installed”  all over the world from Europe to China, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa and the Americas. Chinese emperors spoke of Archon “serpent gods.” Holy Texts reveal the same composition: Celtic (Pendragon), Sanskrit (Book of Dzyan), Buddhism (Serpent Kings). India (Negas), Egyptian (Cobra), Islam (Jinn, Djer, Djoser, Pjederkra), and  Egypt (DJ edhs, Jedi). 

Egyptian coronation rituals included “fat from the Nile crocodiles” as “messeh (messiah),”  an anointed-one —-Moses (Moshe). 

Montauk victim Stewart Swerdlow said these bloodlines were called blue bloods because of the copper-in-the-blood-hybrids “in which copper makes the blood turn a blue-green color in a process called oxidation.” 

The hybrid hierarchy is on-going in royal families but also politics, bankers, corporations and the system in general (as well as Archon-virus-hijacked-hybrids: Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Middle and Far Eastern Kings and Queens of Europe with prospective “sperm techniques” in an Archonistic-Rothschild-bloodlines)  allowing this technique to be continued through political leaders and though servants of “The System.” 

“Political Parties” or “choices” remain the same Archon-Virus. The Virus in its various guises is a top-down hierarchical  royal, political, religious corporate power structure seen as a “holographic Royal-type-hierarchy in the unseen … Demiurge (prime-Virus) at its peak.” Political Parties serve the same system only to be at odds with each other: they all believe in taxation; they all accept the system.  Politics and government are Archon enslavement or the Phantom Self. Both Parties both answer to the same slave masters in the shadows, the same force as   administrative unit for the  Archon Super States and bloodline.

Globalization is Archon centralization with planned world government, world-centralized banking, currency, Army  and eventually global tyranny. “Beware the constant mind-trick of ‘portraying as opposite,’” says Icke, “what I call oppossames.” Freemasons call it the Great Work of total human subjugation—deceived and blinded by a desire for power and status, and willing to do whatever the Hidden Hand demands in return.


David Icke never-call-them-archons


John Lamb Lash told in his book Not in His Image  about the physical world, Mayr, and the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts, as Hal, the so-called “real world” that we feel as “solid” but which is actually “Archon Hal.” 

The Demiurge-Archons lack eunoia (creative imagination) and can only make counterfeit copies. They didn’t copy the high-frequency Earth of Love and Harmony, but only a Virus-infected copy.  They corrupted the system: this was the “Fall.” 

Quoting John lash on “fractal patterns” that connects us all in a very fundamental “way to the rest of the natural world,” these are very much a part of the “synchronicity” or “amazing coincidence” from “quantum to cosmic.’’ ‘‘Genetic manipulation infected the human body-mind with the Virus, “—the Fall of Man,”  “born again,” “ancestral sin.”  The Sumerian equivalent was nanna, son of the Anunnaki brother, Enlil. 

“High-frequency Earth still exists because it never went away___ we did,” says Icke. Evil existed but was separate from the human psyche. “Evil inclination,” the Serpent, Archon manipulation, says Icke, have transformed human interaction with the bad copy from the heart chakra to the gut chakra, inverting love into fear. 

Ancient peoples believed in three ‘Heavens’: Heaven No. 1 is  where birds flying, Heaven No. 3 is  ‘Heavens of Heavens’ or ‘God Heaven,’ and Heaven No. 2 was like a war zone and a realm of  “Satan.”  Thomas A. Horn wrote in his book NEPHILIM STRENGTHS that the War Zone held “powerful demons known as Kosmokrators that could overshadow cities, intrude upon and influence the affairs of men…close gateways above cities through an Archon simulation and a fake reality through a software program.”

In our reality, everything are somethings that are predatory as a food source causing a fear and psychopathic empathetically deleted  (lacking concerning) mass murders; Law of the Wild; the How of the program—mirrors of human behavior—human and animal births are  software programs, says Icke. 

“High-frequency Earth reality doesn’t involve death or survival,” says Icke. “Energy is far more abundant, powerful and without our density…there is no need to kill for food when your sustenance from directly from energy.”  

“Our world is being trashed through environment destruction  and this is how the Virus spreads,”says Icke. “Death is food to the Virus because  death is an energy  that syncs with its frequency…anything it touches.” (p. 140) Harvard academic neurosurgeons Eben Alexander told about this near-death experience where he saw a Reptilian and worm like creature “moving past him.” He could smell a substance “like feces, a little like blood. And a little like vomit…of biological death…to make a bad Earth copy…” (p. 141) 

Alexander speculated: could forms of “Isolation from awareness” from ‘other forms of life’  allow us “a better fix on everything?” 

Deliberate “manipulation” of history seems to be found in movement of planets and stars and their relation to astrology and their energetic impact on consciousness. One such ‘impact’ was the planet Saturn and its connection to the Archons and the Gnostics of the Nag Hammadi Texts. 




The planet Saturn has had an emphatic and exceptionally peculiar history of cataclysms and Archon-established religions, secret societies, and Saturn-symbolism. At one time , Saturn dominated the night sky and was called Helios (Greek) , Utu (Sumerian).  Other planets have similar cataclysmic records, such as Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. The ancient records of the Biblical Great Flood had connections, as well as legends of Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria. Saturn became a vehicle for the Demiurge Virus and fake reality. It was a Satan legend as a basis for the Dark Sun, Black Sun, Star of the Sun, and was named Sol, Nimbi, Uty, Atum —-other names that eluded to Saturn’s dramatic cosmic ‘location changes.’ 

Saturn become a vehicle for the Demiurge Virus and a primes source of our fake reality. Saturn’s “rings” later became as a technological invention of radio sounds created in the rings and also arose the solar system mechanism creating fractal patterns. 

Saturn’s hexagonal storm at its northern pole is a precise synchronization with Saturn’s cycle of radio emissions, discovered as a flattened-out cube geometrically  related to and realized as  the “Black Cube Kaaba,” the New Jerusalem, the 64-hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching and also the 64 nucleotides of the genetic codes—-the hexagram is often seen in badges of law enforcement and Judaism, Christianity, Satanism and secret societies….the worship of EL (the Juristic god of Saturn).    

“I have said that the House of Rothschild is a major Archon-Reptilian bloodline that has done do much to expand the Demiurge Virus in the fields of finance, government and war,” says Icke. “The hexagram, a classical symbol of Saturn, is also the very origin of the name ‘Rothschild.’”  (p. 146)  

Israel was established in 1947 by a Saturn-worshipping Rothschild maneuver to cause a conflict and mayhem (divide and rule) that we have seen ever since. 

It was Dr. Norman Bergrun who wrote in Ringmakers of Saturn  that the rings of Saturn were constantly changing. At times, Bergrun denoted what he called ‘electromagnetic vehicles’  in what can be seen as  ‘electromagnetic blasts’  of a colossal  broadcasting system and a “international gateway” between our “gateway” and the Archons.  “So is our Sun,” says Icke. 

“Humanity  was, and is, both in the world and of it,” says Icke, “until awareness is expanded to realities and insights beyond the matrix.” 


David Icke 1877322188-0633d51bf7ed2e0311fd31cf76eb8664



The Archon Matrix


True science is a  brand of spirituality…multidimensional nature of the heart…most powerful electromagnetic field…holographic expression of the information of ’Chi’ circulating the meridian system…Chakra vortexes…heart Chakra…infinite love…knows…infinite self…Archonistic invasion and manipulation has targeted the heart as from day one and the entire subjugation of humanity depends on the overriding that heart by the rain, especially the Left-brain…heart -to- heart without the intervention of the brain…George Orwell (1984): ‘They could lay bare in the utmost detail everything that you done of said or thought; but the inner heart, whose workings were mysterious even to yourself, remained ‘impregnable.’’’   (pp. 406-408) 

Saturn was also depicted as the Greek and Roman horned god ‘Pan’ playing his Pan Pipes mentioned by American Freemasonic historian Manly P. Hall in SECRET TEACHINGS OF AGES, as  a composite creature of goat and human icon of Satan and Capricorn. It is also seen as ‘Diablo’ or the Devil, Baphomet, the Greek Chronos, Ananke, Vedic god Lord Sia, Apollyon, and out modern 13.25- billion-dollar Hadron Collider. 

Saturn  and Earth’s Moon where also part of the “fake reality delivery system” ____the Moon is a colossal broadcasting transmitter, says Icke, that amplifies Satan transmissions and directs them at Earth. The Moon has strange qualities; in the words of Irwin Shapiro, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics, the Moon was hallowed. (Ancient legends spoke of the old race  [Archon-Reptilian]  which captured the Moon “and took it to its precise location”  of Zulu legend of the reptilian Chitauri  brothers Wowane and Mpanku [resembling the Sumerian Anunnaki brothers Eki and Elil], a hallowed egg, Babylonian goddess Queen  Samurais-Ishtar which came from a giant Moon egg that landed in the River Euphrates.)  Ishtar’s Egg is the origin of Easter eggs today. 

The Moon had significant impact on the pineal and pituitary glands and the endocrine system and the Third Eye  which pick-up higher frequencies  in which the Archon Virus wishes to suppress that psychic sensitivity.  Fluoride poisoning through the government’s  placing it in our drinking water calcifies the Phantom Self. 

(My Father, Steve Erdmann, Sr., died from fluoride poisoning due an ulcerated stomach, and the same year that the State of Missouri introduced fluoride in the city  drinking water in 1945 – Steve Erdmann, son.) 

The Saturn-Moon Matrix was to suspend awareness and focus our attention back into the Matrix. The celestial bodies are  manipulating our perception of time encoded in the Matrix. We are being forced to receive the Matrix as the only reality to be perceived. 

The doctrine of Reincarnation, says Icke, is “making us slaves to the Archon, trapped to a madhouse,”  “the Light,” which can also be a “Lucifer,” an “Angel of Light,” the Demirage or Lord Archon. The frequency band of visible light and dark matter and dark energy are all in terms of one type of frequency band, The Matrix. “The light is not the way out of here,” says Icke. “It’s a trap,” another Archon Matrix illusion. Buddhism portrays reincarnation as a cycle of struggle and suffering—Samsara, says Icke, “…that expanded awareness (higher frequency)  allows liberation from the Matrix.” 

Researchers say the reality perception of the left side of the brain is usually “the very system of mainstream science and Mainstream Everything  (the Right Side) allows the mystic boundary-breaking vision of the hidden knowledge of the ouroboros.” The Gnostics said, “that souls had to past…outer walls of the frequency net…to reach paradise.” The Right Brain reaches connection and unity of “out there,”  while the Left Brain is focused almost entirely on ‘down here’ perceptions of administration that essentially block Right-Brain influence which holds them slaves or prisoners, a dictator of perception of the demise of Right-Brain insight. 

Saturn’s energy-Information influence has been termed “Saturnine”—-sardonic, taciturn, non-emotive, austerity, cold, banking, corporations, law, court system, black gowns of judges, academia—-the attitudes, structures and goal of the Matrix (p. 165). 

The perception of the Phantom Self is a construct of Programed Perception as part of the Virus, original sin in the body-mind it dominates, helping to form the Phantom Self in its dictating perception. Rigid beliefs bring the Virus to life “programming propaganda from cradle to gave that forms a buddle…to block this awakening.” The Phantom Self Archons, their hybrids and their rigid beliefs “are like a concrete buddle resisting all attempts to escape or infiltrate.’’ 

Religions are hierarchical cults, structured and administered to impose belief and acquiescence to their founders. Icke says that victims go through several “stages’’ of attack: tricking, isolating, destroying self-esteem, preventing decisions, orchestrating group attacks, confession to sins, cutting ties to friends and family. All religion more or less uses the same blueprint, a form of madness, with concrete and sitting in their bubbles that can’t be broken.  

Dionysus, the Greek Jesus, offered clues as to the origins of legends and not the form that have been forced upon humanity. Dionysus was born of a virgin on December 25th, as a Holy Child, placed in a manger, performed miracles, rode in a procession on a donkey, a sacred king killed and eaten in a Eucharistic ritual, rose from the dead on the 25th,  turned water into wine, was called King of Kings, God of Gods,  called the only Begotten Son, Savior, Redeemer, Sin-Bearer, Anointed One, the Ram or Lord, and was crucified on a tree.




A number of pre-Jesus deities were exposed: Bacchus, a Roman Jesus, corresponded to December 25th birth dates, period of pagan midwinter festivals using decorated Christmas trees, exchanging of gifts, versions of the Saturnalia, a midwinter festival dedicated to the chief god of Rome: Saturn, “City of Saturn.”

Another Roman-Persian Jesus—before Jesus’ birth celebrated on December 25 (called The Vine,  ‘good shepherd,’ ‘redeemer,’ ‘savior,’ ‘messiah’)__had twelve disciples, conducted miracles, called The Lion, ‘The Way, the Truth and the Light’: Mithra was worshipped at the Spring Equinox (Easter) and allegedly resurrected after dead for three days.

Mithra Day was the Lord’s Day or Sunday, Mithra included Baptism, the Eucharist, and several meals of bread, water and wine.  A Mithra statue in the catacombs of Rome portrays him as a child sitting on his mother’s lap with offered gifts.  Mother Mary and virgin births long existed before the New Testament Jesus appeared (p. 170).

A “Mother Mary” tradition was found in Sumer and Babylon and followed across many cultures; Babylonian Semiramis or Ishtar, a deity said to have come from the Moon and landed in the River Euphrates in her “Moon Egg.”

Babylon (founded about 1,894 BC) worshipped several deities: Nimrod, the Father god, Queen Semiramis, or Ishtar, Virgin Mother, Tammuz or Niuus, the son. These led to “bloodlines” that  encompassed legends of Virgin Births, the Babylon Trinity which became the Christian Trinity, with the Holy Ghost as a Dove. Easter and Christmas are both ‘recycled’ Paganism as well as other religion festivals and symbols including the Cross.  Babylonians put Crosses on their buns.

Babylonian priests wore “Miters” worshipping “Fish gods” under such names as Oannes,  Dragon or Ea.  Enki or Ea of the Anunnaki was associated with water gods of the Zulu: Wowane and Mpanku.  Mitered priests symbolized Jesus, The Fish.

Roman Emperor Constantine (272-337 AD) founded today’s Christianity at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD—-but in name only.  Constantine, was the Sol Invictus, the ‘unconquered Sun,’ just as Babylonians worshiped the sun god Nimrod-Tammuz  (which was masking Father-God-Jesus): Mithra was the ‘invincible Sun’ or ‘unconquered Sun.’

Rome’s major deity was not the Sun as we know today, but rather the Black Sun-Dark Sun—-Saturn—-and the ancient Sun gods were Saturn Sun gods: (Egypt) Atun-Ra, (Sumer) Utu, (Babylon) Samas Nimbi, (Greece)  Helios, (Rome)  Sol, and Constantine (Sol Invictus).

In the Roman Church and other Christian Cults this existed as really a continuation of the Babylonian-Rome church. Emperor Gaius Caligula  ordered that “Saturn worship” of the Christmas festival of Saturnalia to continue with Rome still “the City of Saturn” (the City of the Sun) with obelisks from Egypt and Heliopolis (later including more modern symbols in London, Paris, New York, Washington Monument, and many places): All signifying the penis  (bloodline), or Baal’s Shaft. Baal was another name for Nimrod (Saturn-Father-God). Most ignorant-uneducated Freemasons don’t really speak about the obelisk connection imbedded in the secret societies. Christianity’s “God” and its “Devil” turns out to be the “Demiurge-Saturn,” says Icke.

“What a perfect hoax,” says Icke, “you worship  me (Archon reality – SE) and give your energy and alliance to whichever deity you choose…actually is the Gnostic Demiurge creating the Matrix.”

Other disguises and Masks used in the hoax are El, Elohim, the Tetragrammaton, Adonai, Iao, Diablo, Israel (combination of Isis-Egypt-Ra), and the hexagram (Star of David, origin of the name Rothschild).


David Icke david-icke-talks-on-alice-in-wonderland-and-the-four-winds-10

The Saturn god “El”  can be found embedded in Ang-El,  Arch-El, Micha-El, Gabri-El, Uri-El,  Raphe-El, Archon-Fallen, El-ected, El-ite, Arch in Archangel, Archbishop,  and Hierarchy.

Saturday, or Saturn’s Day, in India, is called Shanivar  after Shani, The Hindu god of Saturn, in the atmosphere of most churches and places of religious worship, can also be called Saturnine. Religion denies any connection to Saturnine symbols even though the connections exist in secret societies at their core with the same symbols, representations and techniques: “The secret realities.” Christian extremist John Calvin (1509-1564), founder to Calvinism, also referred to the Christian God as “the architect of the universe.”

Secret societies operate by their very nature in secret from mainstream society. The Propaganda Due (P2) Freemasonry Lodge in Rome controlled the Vatican and its finances. “Major global secret societies such as the Jesuits, Knights Templars, Knights of Malta and Opus Dei,” says Icke, “are all outgrowths of the Roman Church and located in the City of Saturn.” Pope John Paul I was poisoned after ordering the removal of all Vatican Freemason clergy and staff over their P2 activities. Robert Cabiri, Chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, was murdered to stop him from revealing what he knew.

Satanism or Saturnism is the foundation network involving human sacrifice (and children), animal sacrifice and blood-drinking, just as the ancients did.  Women known as breeders or broodmares are held in captivity, then go give babies for sacrifice. At the same time  the energy  generated by the terror is absorbed by Archonistic demons  in the unseen.  Simultaneous rituals are performed in the Archonistic realm and the two worlds are synchronized in the ritual, often at gateway  sites. Druids would work “Trick or Treat” – or female for sacrifice. “Treats” were raped and sacrificed on the sacred bonfire.  Satanist can do what they do to children and animals, says Icke, because their Virus infestation make them extreme psychopaths with no empathy of remorse.




Archon hybrids in human societies  ran  pedophile and Satanic networks that controlled children homes or ‘Care Centers,’  social services, or Child Protection for “the most spurious and ludicrous reasons as connected in part to extension control over children,” says Icke, “so they can be ‘disappeared’ and Farmed out for abuse, even sacrifice.”

Edward Heath, British Prime Minister between 1970 and 1974, was an outstanding example of how pedophilia and Satanism were intrinsically connected and how both were driven by the Demiurge-Archon Virus.

“The City” or “Square Mile” (London)  was awash with  secret societies, such as the Knights Templars, where man of global finance met the center of the British-Global-Legal professions which controlled banking, money and the law; home to the Royal courts of Justice. The entrance to the area is guarded by a flying reptile statue.

Satanism, pedophilia bloodlines and Archon-Reptilian are connected in a global interlocking network. It included America’s Bohemian Grove ‘Summer Camp,’ which included the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bush family, and the rich and famous political, banking and business insiders.

Symbols can hijack “focus” and are used profusely by religion, Satanism, secret societies and the establishment in all its forms. Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC) said that signs and symbols “rule the world, not work or laws.”  Golgotha on Calvary, a place of crucifixion, was called the “place of the skull.” “Symbols of the United Nations, European Union, corporations, religions secret societies and Satanism,” says Icke, “are at random. They have energetic-occult meaning. Symbols represent the Demiurge, Archons, Saturn, Moon and Matrix. They are not around us for no reason.”

Archon interest flare off of “political correctness” by playing one label off one against another to divide and rule and set humanity at war with itself, and Phantom People are deceived whether it be world wars, conflicts with neighbors or family feuds, so focused on fighting itself and warring with fake and manufactured enemies that it is deeply hidden and cause “the force that made up the list in the first place.” (p. 210)  “The Shepard (The System) writes the programs and the sheep (through peer pressure) impose the programs on other slaves.”

Political correctness is not about tolerance, but organized hatred, victimhood, fake tolerance imposed by “extreme tolerance.”  The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee said that the ‘line’ “politically correct” is now actually “politically incorrect.”

“From where I am standing everyone should be treated the same with the Right to fairness and justice,” says Icke, “no matter what their color, religion or label…PC Special Forces are too consumed by their own self-righteousness and far too up their own arses to see that they are behaving precisely the same way that they so righteously condemn…depending on insanity for its survival.”

The Archon-Reptilian Hive-Mind-Virus through the infusion of Archon-Reptilian genetics to the Demiurge-mastered-Virus, which resembles a computer program with “downloaded rituals” as “norms.”  “Stereotypical thinking and behavior masked as free and personal choice,” says Icke, “ is another hoax to keep you in the Phantom Self by kidding you that slavery is freedom.”

System-Lackey-Phantoms can be found at all levels of the hierarchy and you can recognize them easily by  their unquestioning loyalty to The System and an obsession with its rules and regulations. Their sense of security, says Icke, from programmed norms being forever undisturbed by spontaneity;  their mentality is an extreme expression of the Slave-Enslaving-Slaves program as the Archon Virus pursues total control. “If my sense of self was dependent on being liked,” says Icke, “by perception-enslaved idiots what would that  say about me?”

“Revolution” to “free people” always “end in another version of slavery  with rhetoric changes but not to the  program that dictate their reality.”  (p. 224).




You engineer a terrorist  attack like 9/11 and falsely blame it on those you wish to demonize—-often done by government military agencies through the Hidden Hand.  Icke says: “It’s all a mind game after all…the technique of PRS (Problem-Reaction-Solution) can be described as frightening the  shit out of people so as they will do what you want, and here the left-brain-Reptilian-brain can come into its own.”  

An example of the incongruity involved in the phony 9/11 attack blamed on “Islamic extremists” was Mohammed Atta, an alleged “Islamic extremist” who had a white non-Muslim American girlfriend, took cocaine, drank heavily, ate pork, and, in fact, was running drugs for the CIA through the Venice Airport in Florida at a flight training center.

The ”war on terror” consisted of a series of manufactured “excuses” to hide the enemy behind them all and set-up a security state at home. An investigation of this will never happen because it is blocked by the Archons who own the media.  Stephen King, author, said “the trial of the innocent is the liar’s  most useful.” Not only the innocent but also  ‘fearful.’  The Phantom Self is whacked with fear.

Phantom Selves are so easy to divide and rule when they see everything as being against it  from  everything also and cannot conceive that we are all the same Infinite Awareness, no matter what labels they may give to themselves and others.

We don’t see the Problem-Reaction-Solution  group tip toe around enough so most people will not see, which, as French Rothschild front man, Jean Monnet, said “eventually and universally leads to federation.”

Radical Phantoms think they are challenging The System, says Icke, when they are essential to The System which needs to divide and rule and hide its centralized control behind the illusion of diversity.




Some bloodline Phantoms are “profoundly infected,”  possessed, Archon Virus that becomes The Virus: Super Phantoms, Psychopathic ‘glibness and superficial charm,’ grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, cunning, manipulative, lack of remorse, emotionally shallow, callous with lack of empathy, unwillingness to accept responsibility for actions…parasitic lifestyle…having no failsafe mechanism…no regret after the deeds were done…the non-apathy-deleted-sexual-rush that some have…vanquishing their ‘targets’ is a sight to behold.  

Psychopathic-banking-parasites  are nothing but casinos, called the “great empire squid” by Goldman Sachs. Psychopaths hire psychopaths to direct The System  for them. No One is immune from psychopathic traits, however mild, always questioning themselves  as to if they have enough power to override the instructions of the program (p.239).

“Parasitic lifestyles” live-off the efforts of others. The Archon Virus is a parasite feeding all through the Hierarchical  Structure of the Super-Phantom that runs the world.




The Archon Control System

The Pyramids of Manipulation


The Archon Control System perpetuates its mass slavery in many ways: Through violence and a police state, tyranny, and a democracy that dictates  choice and the deception in having people “into believing they are free!” Hijacking choice, disguising themselves  as “free” in a deceptive “free” Democracy—Masked in a Blueprint Spider’s Web of a Demiurge Virus  with secret societies as strings in the Web and an Archon Spider at the Center.

Archon Control of money, monetary systems, and a deep desire for slavery is very vital to the Hidden Hand of bloodlines, political and financial systems created by Rothschild’s persuasion, secret societies traced back to ancient Babylon, Rome and the “Hidden System People.” (pp. 249, 250)   

Banks are controlled by the Archon bloodlines, an economic cycle (pure manipulation) using ‘booms’ and “credit crunch-busts,” “unpayable debt” (and interest).  The debt trap is conducted on countries as well as individuals. America is presently awash in over $220 trillion dollars (Laurence Kotlikoff, Economics professor at Boston University). Many more trillions of dollars will be added  in the fight to recover from the Coronavirus attack of early 2020.

These debts  are controlled by Central Banks such as the Rothschild created Bank for International Settlements (BIS)  in Switzerland , Hong Kong, and Mexico City. The Group of 30, Rockefeller Foundation, U.S. Federal Reserve, are but strains in the web of The Hidden Hand.  

Archons and their hybrids that control the creation and distribution of ‘money’  also need ‘war’ to  achieve their ambitions, even at the expense of homeless, starving women and children. They said: “Are the people hungry? Let them eat tanks! ”  An Archon one percent (less, in fact)  is stealing the world and 50 percent is not nearly enough for them—one out of multiple methods was to “dip or crash stock markets by bloodline families”—hoping that “asset prices hit bottom,”  and then they will buy them back ‘cents on the dollar’ in a “reinfusion.”

Past number of humans are ‘slaves’ of the Archons when you one to the other play the system (Lawyer, doctor, politician. CEO, and other). “The more you need to  serve the System to earn the money to survive that more control the system has over you,” says Icke. Approximately, 7.5 million unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed annually in the U.S, while about 8.9 million Americans are hospitalized unnecessarily in “iatrogenic deaths” annually  estimated at 784,000. More than 2.25 million Americans will die from medical harm in this decade (p.258), while mainstream medicine controlled by the global Pharma or the critical care cartel are among the biggest killers on Earth. The Big Pharma cartel to cure cancer is far too lucrative to cure cancer. Big Pharma targets mind-altering and supplemental drugs for children and adults at fantastic levels and prices.

David Icke’s theories are not beyond criticism and in several cases certainly not all  proven scientifically, as  a 2020 controversy tying 5G  transmission facilities as a possible cause of the Coronavirus. This came after David Icke appeared on a livestream for a popular channel called London Real. In the hours-long interview– Icke said there was a ‘link between 5G and this health crisis’ and suggested this was all a big ruse for us to be forced to take vaccinations actually filled with microchips that will in turn be used to control us. Icke had speculated that 5G is far from the prophesied miracle for modern society, rather the opposite. While controversial, the anti-5g crowd does have a following, even though great debate exists that 5G is somehow helping spread the Coronavirus. Some say 5G suppresses the immune system, while others say the Coronavirus is being transmitted by the radio waves. These claims have been debunked by a few but not all scientists.

Coronavirus outbreaks, however, occurred in UK cities where 5G hasn’t been rolled out.


Erdmann notes that not so far from the time that Icke’s book came out and spoke of an all-controlling grotesque mystical Virus, that a  physical outbreak of a coronavirus infested the Earth in much the same fashion on a  closer level.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) made the biggest heatless fraud settlement in the U.S. history—-$3-billion-dollars after being exposed for promoting drugs in unapproved uses failing to incorporate safety data of the drug requested by the Food and Drug Administration (FOA), and also for paying kickbacks to doctors (p. 265).  They also developed in 2013 a toxic drug for poorest and weakest people.

The Legal System that ranges over the Earth is clinically  insane. “The cost of the often parasitic and psychopathic legal  profession means that all but the rich are mostly denied quality representation,” says Icke, “or even any representation at all within a system that is already rigged in fames  tiny few at the expense of the very many.” There are almost zero exceptions, realizing that the sordid Legal System has practically nothing to do with justice.

That judges can be members of secret societies showed how claims of “justice” had been only farcical.  The corrupt system of law and law enforcement to delete all choice in ways a brilliant Archon hijack for humanity to see what beyond-the-Matrix and any hopes is of “genuine choices and free decisions.”

The  future will be a stark reality of the “El-ite” under a merciless police state of deeply programmed psychopaths who want to protect the Archons and their hybrids. Artificial Intelligence (AI ), as part of the Archon Virus, will aid and abet the transfer of wealth from the global population to Elite controlled government through “bailouts.”

The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to weaponization by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and its being a vehicle for the Virus’s Google programs and the Internet—the web complex of NSA, CIA, Smart Grid, CERN, Ray Kurzweil‘s transcendence, HARP-type manipulation, nanotechnology, Morgellons disease, in a Hive-minded assimilation of a Collective Borg-Superhuman-El-ite-Demiurge-Archon-Mind-Meld where resistance seems futile.

“Once again DARPA, one of the world’s most sinister organizations, has been driving Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence in brags on its own website,” says Icke. “DARPA  is a familiar pillar of the Archon transhumanist society…if DARPA, an arm of the Pentagon (arm of the Archons) is involved in anything then it is always really bad for humanity.”  (p. 389)




Icke says the last resort for mankind is a grand “revolution”: Self-identity; perception; awakening to the Infinite Self. We need to ‘deprogram’ ourselves, says Icke, and no longer see ourselves through the “hoax” of pursuing money, status and power for our own sake and not also by  what other people think about you or their wishes that are out to hurt or harm you.

Archons want to suppress the Super-consciousness—our thoughts, emotions, attitudes and perceptions are frequencies and electromagnetic phenomena attracting vibrational magnetism and other frequencies and electromagnetic fields (p. 402).

Problems, says Icke, are the specialty of the Phantom Self and can only be deleted by an Infinite Self.  It is the fork in the road. The Archon Matrix manifests itself in our own present awareness. When you self-identify beyond the Phantom and its  and its  amniety super-consciousness, “you begin to emit your own frequency and imprint your intent on the Universe and not the implanted Archon intent.” Giordano Bruno said: “The Divine light is always in man, presenting itself to the senses and comprehension, but Man rejects it.”


Photos Extra bruno

Giordano Bruno


‘‘Super-consciousness is beyond the Matrix and so beyond the realm of fear.  Without fear the Archons have no power,” says Icke. “Even at the level of courage that transcends fear, the Archons have no power. Their power is only the power that we give them out of fear of not doing so.”

“The Phantom World is a prison, Super-conscious world is a paradise,” says Icke. “The Demiurge Archon Virus is terrified of awakening people living their freedoms…the world is indeed mad, but so many more are now becoming sane—becoming conscious.”

“The hard-ugly reality is being told and has been told in many fiction and science-fiction stories and writers: our reality has been created by those with Power that are behind the curtain and wear masks! The authors cry out for us to listen, but we have been so brainwashed and so controlled and so distanced from this truth that only can phantasmagoria somewhat reach us—if at all.”  (Steve Erdmann, 2020)


New Dawn: The World's Most Unusual Magazine

“Everybody wants the New Age, but they want it to be an American New Age, or a British New Age, or a Communistic New Age. I say that all forms of government will collapse. Every seat of government will fall utterly and completely. Every economic system will be eliminated. All forms of authority which are under the direct guidance and tutelage of the Black Dragon will perish.” 
Above quote from the below article:


The main article and other articles quoted are the opinions of Icke and his followers only and do not necessarily endorse the opinions of the general public. This article is only a summarized version of his book. One must read the book and others he has published in order to get a full review and comprehension of his insights.
Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann, 2020


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Steve Erdmann – Independent Investigative Journalist


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Future Wings of the Reich: The Nazi UFO Crash at Roswell


Future Wings of the Reich


Horton-Wing-and-Arnold-UFO-Horizontal-650                                                   *******

The Nazi UFO Crash at Roswell


 Steve Erdmann

.((Copyright 2012/2020,  Steve Erdmann – All Rights Reserved)
<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


Joseph P. Farrell, who has written several books on the continuance or progression of a Nazi Empire (Reich) past World War II, projects that theme in Roswell and the Reich.  As documented as the book is, one still cannot help give complete credence to his theory as easily as Farrell wishes

(Roswell and the Reich: The Nazi Connection, Joseph P. Farrell, Adventures Unlimited Press, One Adventure Place, Kempton, Illinois 60946, 2010,  520 pages, $19.95.)

TheNaziUFOCrash 9781935487050_p0_v1_s192x300

Farrell does a painstaking analysis of the featured claims of the Roswell story: the debris and the humanoid bodies. He attempts to construct a ‘debunking’ of the scenario that an extraterrestrial spacecraft existed. In doing so, Farrell equally casts doubt on the claims of critics that said UFO debris at Roswell was that of a normal balloon with radiosondes or a more complicated Mogul reconnaissance balloon. For most people, the description of a crashed Mogul balloon works quite adequately, as the balloon array consisted of sticks, light paper and foil, scotch tape: which sounds pretty much like what CIC Intelligence Officer Sheridan Cavitt and Roswell witnesses Bill Brazel, Sallye Strickland, Bessie Brazel-Schreiber describe: “….fabric….aluminum foil….fine kitchen-glove-leather….plastic-like….kitesticks….bamboo-type….foil-like… rubber-like….one side darker….”


However, if you take the testimony as literally told (the hardness of the foil and the indestructibility of the material), then, says Farrell, you can’t say that an ordinary object was involved. But it often seems a play on words. The book bounces back and forth from one objection to another, from one argument to another, balancing testimonies and descriptions of various sorts, and finally distilling out a theory that an unusual military craft had been invented and crashed in New Mexico, probably a Nazi invention by a secret surviving Fourth Reich renegade group.

Farrell, however, eliminates the testimony about alien bodies fairly easily based on errors, perjury and hoaxing of the story-tellers: if you’ve lied, in any form, or for any reason, your testimony is out! Unfortunately, the mention of strange humanoid bodies has been mentioned far too many times to eliminate the possibility, despite the lack of crystal-clear honesty of witnesses. For instance, the mortician Glenn Dennis is described as a perjurer, his critics said, because nurse “Naomi Seiff” was a cover name that Dennis promised to use to hide her real identity. That is not entirely an unreasonable action or request, and certainly cannot destroy everything he has said. Recently, Dennis’ daughter also testified that the Army came to Dennis’ shop in 1947 to request “small caskets.”

NaziUFOFarrell UFO, UFOs, sighting, sightings, Roswell, crash, history, July, 2013, 1947, Mexico, new, top secret, alien, aliens, ET, 1

If “inconsistencies” in testimony were a legitimate excuse to wipe-out all possibilities and all evidence of someone’s testimony entirely, then Farrell’s thesis would have to be expunged for its inconsistencies. 

Aside, one lying to protect the identity of a source of vital information for safety and other reasons (such as the protection of news sources and the topic of whistle-blowers) is not always evil.

.NaziUFOFarrell w_glenn_dennis

Witness Glenn Dennis


Farrell feels he has safely eliminated cases of humanoid bodies and reduced all stories to bare-bones claims of exotic material, though the materials still sound suspiciously like sticks, foil, and string of a Mogul balloon described by Sheridon Cavitt, Bill Brazel, Sallye Strickland, and Bessie Schreiber. Somehow, Farrell still includes testimony about a swept-back, parabola, Horton-type Delta-wing aircraft/spacecraft—-he just wants no humanoids involved that would complicate his belief that an exotic but earthly manufactured Nazi super-weapon was the source; with a  “let’s get the creatures out of the way” proposition, Nazi super-weapons would be much easier to package.


The question as to what Nazi technology achieved during and after the War is almost a separate question and topic. The end of the book entertains the Reich’s fascination with the Horton Brothers’ inventions of stealth aircraft and the continuation of the Reich after the War to build a Fourth Reich space navy and its World Allegiance.

Brigadier General George F. Schulgen spoke openly about “flying discs” on October 30, 1947. General Nathan Twining spoke of “flying discs.” Farrell believes it was “Nazi discs” as the out-birth of Dr. Kurt Debus’ and Dr. R. Richter’s experiments in Plasma Magnetic Field Stress – the Lamor Precision Frequency Oscillating Generation On Lithium-7 Atoms.

It was called the “War Decisive” of the “Charite-Anlage.”.


NaziUFOFarrell Nick Redfern

Author Nick Redfern

Farrell mentions Nick Redfern’s The Body Snatchers in the Desert (Paraview Pocketbooks, 2005):  A conglomerate story of US, China, Japan intrigue with little mutant bodies mistaken for space people.

Redfern could not be aware at that time how closely this mimics Anne Jacobson’s Area 51 tale of Russian-Nazi mutant children. 

The stories don’t seem to get better, just more confusing.  Ryan D. Jones talks about many of the same things in his Final Security and the experiments of Simon Gerlich and the Mossbauer Effect.

Igor Witkowski continues along the same line in The Truth about Wunderwaffe and the disclosure of Die Clocke (The Bell); which some believe was the basis of the Kecksburg, Penn., and UFO Crash of December 9, 1965.

Others say that the December 29, 1980 Cash-Landrum UFO craft sighted were more experiments with this technology.

The U.S has been actively involved in duplication this technology through Project Winterhaven and Sky Vaulty, as well as other secret projects.

.NaziUFOFarrell Horton c0b9e0d43bd59f84ed826b377acf49b3

Horton Ho-229 Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft

In reality, researchers said the tale is much more intricate and involved than this brief history can portray, going back to Baron Sebottendorff in the 1920s and the creation of the Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril energy. 

In 1936, this Germanic secret society came upon the crash of an extraterrestrial UFO in Freiburg.  This led to great advances of the Nazis past the end of World War II and their efforts to escape in mass to South America and to Antarctic land claimed in 1931 by the Germans in a flag-drop with Prick-flags decorated by swastikas.

This becomes Base 211 and the German Antarctic Foundation’s neu-schwabeland. Hundreds of German U-boat submarines and many refugees escaped there as the Fourth Reich: a reality which the US tried to eliminate unsuccessfully in their operations High Jump and Windmill in 1946-1948. Admiral Richard Byrd presented a cautionary warning in March, 1947:

“The possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the Polar Regions.”


NaziUFOFarrell Movie Thing thing-from-another-world-1-350x263

Encircling the Crashed Space Ship in the Movie The Thing

Science-fiction as prophecy has been the staple over the centuries. James Blish’s “Tomb Tapper” in the July, 1956 Astounding Science Fiction developed a story device where a suspected crashed craft could have been either a Russian secret device piloted by a blonde eight-year-old girl – or a true extraterrestrial alien pilot.


John W. Campbell, Jr.’s  1938 tale Who Goes There (later made into a 1951 movie called The Thing From Outer Space) did cast a similar yarn of the polar region, a crashed spaceship, and a threat to take over the world.

Steve Erdmann

St. Louis, MO

April 4, 2020


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TheNaziUFOCrash 9781935487050_p0_v1_s192x300

NaziUFOFarrell w_glenn_dennis

Roswell UFO Witness Glenn Dennis

NaziUFOFarrell UFO, UFOs, sighting, sightings, Roswell, crash, history, July, 2013, 1947, Mexico, new, top secret, alien, aliens, ET, 1
NaziUFOFarrell Nick Redfern

Author Nick Redfern

NaziUFOFarrell Horton c0b9e0d43bd59f84ed826b377acf49b3

Horton Ho-229 Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft

NaziUFOFarrell Movie Thing thing-from-another-world-1-350x263

Approaching the Crashed Space Ship

Movie Scene of Crashed Flying Saucer in the Movie “The Thing.”

NaziUFOFarrell Doorway 5592739_orig

Crew Encounters the Stalking Space Creature in the Movie The Thing – 1951.

NaziUFOFarrell Nueva Suabia, expedición nazi a la Antártida

The Nazis Did an Antarctica Land Claim in the 1930s

NaziUFOFarrell Cash-Landrum_theobjectreport_lowres

“On the evening of December 29, 1980, Betty Cash and Vickie and Colby Landrum (Vickie’s seven-year-old grandson) were driving home to Dayton, Texas in Cash’s Oldsmobile Cutlass after dining out.

“At about 9:00 p.m., while driving on an isolated two-lane road in dense woods, the witnesses said they observed a light above some trees. They initially thought it was an airplane approaching Houston Intercontinental Airport(about 35 miles away) and gave it little notice.

“A few minutes later on the winding roads, the witnesses saw what they believed to be the same light as before, but it was now much closer and very bright.  It, they claimed, came from a huge diamond-shaped object, which hovered at about treetop level. It base was expelling flame and emitting significant heat.”  –


NaziUFOFarrell Blish 17871805._UY630_SR1200,630_


Steve Erdmann, 1980s photo

Steve Erdmann 

Independent  Investigative Journalist

(1980s Photo)  

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Encounters of the Modern Kind

What are Close Encounters?


Panelists and host Clarence Mitchell, Omar Iamone, Robyox, Michael Feeley, Alexander Tulloch and Stephen Erdmann.

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Close encounters with our future selves?

“The objective of the book, Masters said, is to spur a new and more informed discussion among believers and skeptics alike.
“I took a multidisciplinary approach in order to try and understand the oddities of this phenomenon,” Masters told “Our job as scientists is to be asking big questions and try to find answers to unknown questions. There’s something going on here, and we should be having a conversation about this. We should be at the forefront of trying to find out what it is.”
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a book cover

“When talking about ideas outside the mainstream, scientists and outsiders doing their own, often flawed, investigations have an interest in keeping their distance from each other. For scientists, the professional consequences of close contact with out-there ideas is high. Which, in turn, means that orthodox science probably loses out on some new ideas: the edge cases, the kernels of truth in the nut bin.”
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Dr. J. Allen Hynek with Police Chief Robert R. Taylor of Dexter, Michigan going over a county map spotting where the flying objects were seen, 1966.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek with Police Chief Robert R. Taylor of Dexter, Michigan going over a county map spotting where the flying objects were seen, 1966.
Bettmann Archive/Getty Images
“The main thing I got from my father in this whole thing was how important it was to keep an open mind,” says his son, Joel Hynek, who as a young ham-radio operator used to record many of his father’s witness interviews. “He kept saying, ‘You know, we don’t know still everything there is to know about the universe… There could be aspects of physics that we haven’t come upon yet.’”
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Cover of the October 1957 issue of pulp science fiction magazine Amazing Stories. This was a special edition devoted to ‘flying saucers,’ which became a national obsession after airline pilot Kenneth Arnold sighted a saucer-shaped flying objects in 1947.

Cover of the October 1957 issue of pulp science fiction magazine Amazing Stories. This was a special edition devoted to ‘flying saucers,’ which became a national obsession after airline pilot Kenneth Arnold sighted a saucer-shaped flying objects in 1947.


“There is a great deal of evidence that a small percentage of these UFO sightings are unidentified structured craft exhibiting flight capabilities beyond any known human technology. While there is no single case for which there exists evidence that would stand up to scientific rigour, there are cases with simultaneous observations by multiple reliable witnesses, along with radar returns and photographic evidence revealing patterns of activity that are compelling.
The Conversation“Declassified information from covert studies is interesting, but not scientifically helpful. This is a topic worthy of open scientific inquiry, until there is a scientific consensus based on evidence rather than prior expectation or belief. If there are indeed extraterrestrial craft visiting Earth, it would greatly benefit us to know about them, their nature and their intent. Moreover, this would present a great opportunity for mankind, promising to expand and advance our knowledge and technology, as well as reshaping our understanding of our place in the universe.”
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UFOs Won’t Go Away


“For those unsure what to believe, Elizondo offered these words of wisdom to a suspicious questioner at the 2018 International UFO Congress in Phoenix: ‘I would say remain skeptical. Healthy skepticism is very important; in fact, it’s imperative. In fact, in my job as an intelligence officer, I was paid to be skeptical. I think you should always question all the information that comes before you by anybody who says anything, and I think that’s true not just with people like me, I think it’s true with government, religion, and everything in between.’ For a journalist trying to make sense of it all, the skepticism comes naturally. If Elizondo, Mellon, and the To The Stars Academy seem to be working in the great American tradition of P. T. Barnum, the irony remains that the Pentagon may well have its own good reason for keeping the UFO story alive. Not that they’d ever admit it.”
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Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing

“The actual phenomenon that appears he sees as a symbol, which is projected into visual space and is there misunderstood as an object in space-time. Such an appearance, when misunderstood as a material object, stimulates investigation by the ordinary methods of physical science; it should instead, he suggests, be interpreted according to the principles of analytical psychology, whereupon it would be correctly seen as an archetype of the collective unconscious.”
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Mystery of Chance
 The Mystery of Chance

by Peter A. Jordan

“What all this reveals, then, is that there may be what Koestler refers to as ‘the universal hanging-together of things, their embeddedness in a universal matrix.’ Many ecologists already subscribe to this sense of interrelation in the world, what the ancients called the ‘sympathy’ of life, and the numbers of scientists now converting to this world-view are beginning to multiply. Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigione of the University of Texas at Austin is studying the ‘spontaneous formation of coherent structures,’ how chemical and other kinds of structures evolve patterns out of chaos. Karl Pribram, a neuroscientist at Stanford University, has proposed that the brain may be a type of ‘hologram,’ a pattern and frequency analyzer which creates ‘hard’ reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension beyond space and time. On the basis of such a model, the physical world ‘out there,’ is, in Pribram’s words, ‘isomorphic with’ — that, the same as, the processes of the brain.
So, if the modern alliance evolving between quantum physicists, neuroscientists, parapsychologists and mystics is not just a short-fused phase in scientific understanding, a paradigm shift may well be imminent. We may soon not only embrace a new image of the universe as non-causal and ‘sympathetic,’ but uncover conclusive evidence that the universe functions not as some great machine, but as a great thought — unifying matter, energy, and consciousness. Synchronous events, perhaps even the broader spectrum of paranormal phenomena, will be then liberated from the stigma of ‘occultism,’ and no longer seen as disturbing. At that point, our perceptions, and hence our world, will be changed forever.”
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David Icke images

“David Icke speaks about things C.G. Jung spoke about psychoanalytically years ago, the Shadow, the Akashic Record, and mysterious subliminal ‘synchronism’ connecting worldwide convoluted events and ‘meaningful coincidence.’” 
“It takes some people more time to catch-up to the theories, depending how often one personally encounters such events in one’s life and begin to see them as major realities and not just gossiping of cheap talking-points.” 
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Founding members of UFO Study Group November 1967 4-24-2017 1;25;37 PM.jpg new

Steve Erdmann – far left – 1967
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