UFOs that Whistle!

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When UFOs Whistle


Steve Erdmann

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“Greed and control (are) easily understood; the bureaucratic inertia of large secret operations is yet another matter. After decades of operations, lies, public deceptions, and worse, how does such a group unravel all the webs it has weaved…a Spector of a sort of cosmic Watergate?”

Steven M. Greer, Unacknowledged, p. 82.

Doctor Steven M. Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project, has dedicated his life to discovering facts and evidence that we are being visited by extraterrestrials and their spacecraft, and over a period of time, we have mimicked their crafts by retrieving crashed ETVs (extraterrestrial vehicles) and also inventing our own Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs). Greer’s thesis is surrounded by talk of interstellar technology, more than twenty downed ETVs, in a boondoggle of $80 billion to $100 billion spent annually from taxpayers’ monies into Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPS). Reinforcing this reality, Greer has gathered over 800 government, military and corporate witnesses and whistle-blowers.

(UNACKNOWLEDGED, Steven M. Greer, M.D., A&M Publishing, L.L.C., www.AMPpublishing.com. West Palm Beach, Florida 33411, 2017, 326 pages, $25.95.)

“Somewhere along the line they may see that material and realize there is some very highly sensitive information that would have a damning effect upon the national security of (the) United States, should it become compromised.  It needs to be further protected to ensure that there is only a limited access to that information to a small number of people.  So small you can put them on a single piece of paper and list them by name.  Thus you have the Special Access programs.”

Sergeant Clifford Stone, U.S. Army Retrieval Unit, Unacknowledged, p.32.

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They Hide in Special Access Programs 

Don Philips was a U.S Air Force contractor at Lockheed Skunk Works where the CIA Kelly Johnson the skunkworks on design and construction of the U-2 and the SR-71 Blackbird stealth craft.  In 1966, Philips was working at a classified radar installation, watching for aircraft coming into Area 51. About one o’clock in the morning, Philips noticed a group of five people were transfixed to ‘something’ in the air.

“I looked up, I saw this lighted object moving at tremendous speed,” said Philips.  “It was in the area slightly northwest of Mount Charleston. Right at that instant I saw these things traveling, I would estimate, at 3,000 to 4,000 miles per hour – and then immediately make acute turns.”

The UFOs circled around for another ninety seconds, grouped in the sky to the west, made a circle, rotated, and then disappeared. Anthony Kasar, a chief radar operator, saw them on his radar. “We saw them on the radar screen and we documented them,” he said. “They are not apparitions. They are real objects,” they had to be to get a fix with radar.

Kasur said there were six to seven of them, traveling at speeds of 3,800 to 4,200 miles per hour, they would dart across the sky, stop, do 60-degree, 45-degree or 10-degree turns after stopping and then reversing their actions (pp. 35-38).

Photos Extra Two Saucers ( httpswww.sparknotes.commindhut20121003science-fiction-vrs-fantasy-science-fiction-wins-by-a-parsec ) scivsfantasyscirulesbrah_LargeWide
They are Not Apparitions – They are Real Objects

Dr. B is a scientist and engineer who worked on top-secret projects involving antigravity, secured telemetry and communications, chemical warfare, electromagnetic pulse technology, and extremely high-energy space-based laser systems.

Dr. B was trained at Lackland Air Force Base, but eventually went to Keesler AFB, and then the United States Armed Forces Institute where he worked with early warning radar at Point Arena.

The scientist said his position had ANF PS35 radar and had a range of 455 miles, which was classified information at that time.  It was called “a search set.”

He said that every night, thousands of UFOs would come down over northern California about 20-miles out from Point Arena at 20,000 miles per hour, head to Baja, turn and go across Mexico at about 5,000 miles per hour, but do this almost every night.

Dr. B said they had a room, called PPT Scopes-Planned Position Indicator Scopes, where he would go to troubleshoot equipment.  Dr. B said he would fill out DDS Form 332, and turn them in to the Sergeant-on-guard, as double security.

The doctor noted, however, “they’d shred about half the reports of the UFOs.”  This went on year-round, even though they were a SAC Squadron Strategic Air Command. He estimated the year of these occurrences was about 1960.

As an instrumentation specialist, Dr. B associated with EG&G[1] in Vegas and Area 51, the Atomic Energy Commission at Amarillo, Texas, Bell Telephone, Langley, Quantico for the CIA and FBI. When Dr. B worked at Autonetrics, he was attached to a billion-dollar-WATT-LAZER-system that the U.S used to, in the words of Dr. B, “shoot down aliens.” It was an electron-plasma-beam that was shot from space platforms, and also placed in the noses of 747 aircraft.  

When Dr. B worked at Lockheed-Skunkworks, such as EG&G plants at EH Research, he performed “single shot testing” as part of EMP (electromagnetic pulse technology). He saw experiments at Martin Marietta, TRW, Wright-Patterson AFB, Rockwell, Douglas, Northrop Grumman Aircraft, Hughes Aircraft, and, of course, NASA.

“They were dealing with anti-gravity…big anti-gravity projects, I use to help them out there,” said Dr. B.  “I’d give them ideas, because they bought all my equipment. But the American public will never, never hear about that.”


One of Dr. B’s friends from Area 51 claimed to have flown a “disc” from area 51.  The story goes:  the object had a plutonium reactor in it which has operable “anti-gravity plates.”

A similar technology was built near Bentwaters, England where they were flown on a “virtual field” craft utilizing “hydro-dynamic waves.”  Everyone should recall the UFO flap reported at the nearby Rendelsham Forest, England Air Base in December 1980.

The doctor spoke suspiciously about NASA technology, mentioning “spaceships” and “anti-gravity propulsion” rather frequently and too gingerly, and he received serious reprimands because of that.  He remembers Wernher Von Braun and his “storm troopers” at NASA.

The morning that they were bringing out the Saturn II second stage at Seal Beach, the doctor was alerted by a co-worker to come outside to see personnel take picture “of the bird,” when suddenly a “big disc” came to hover over the rocket — about 400 employees witnessed this happening in April of 1966.

WhenUFOsWhisle UFO Over City ( httpsciencefictiongallery.tumblr.comimage88644060600 ) tumblr_n6xc1wdKm11rv0p43o1_1280
There Has Been Close Encounters

“How has all this been kept secret?” asked Dr. B. “I know some people I worked with that disappeared and were never heard from again. My buddy over at Lockheed Skunkworks___he was a great contact. He told me all about the Aurora. He got started talking a lot, and he disappeared.  He’s not around anymore.  Nobody knows where he went.  His place was closed. Overnight he was gone.” (pp. 50-53)


Steven M. Greer reviews the build-up and creation of what President Eisenhower referred to as the Military-Industrial-Complex, and the various Dark or Black clandestine operations that exist as a large web with names such as Majestic12, PI-40, Majic, Masons, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Central Intelligence Agency____agencies such as Darpa, National Reconnaissance Office, Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, secretly operated space command fleets, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Military Intelligence Division, and others that are still yet-to-be-revealed “unknowns.”

Greer points out that the original entity known as Majestic or MJ-12 was established by President Eisenhower and Nelson Rockefeller in 1956 (other evidence suggests as early as 1947[2]), primarily because of crashed or retrieved UFO retrieved UFO vehicle in the 1940s.

“Let me be clear, the entity which controls the UFO matter and the related technologies has more power than any single government in the world or any single identified world leader,” says Greer. “This cabal is a hybrid, quasi-government, quasi-privatized operation which is international and functions outside of the purview of any single agency or any single government, all of which are kept outside of the loop.”

WhenUFOsWhistle Oz ( httpswww.veteransnewsnow.com20170401deep-state-members-and-their-agents-are-slowly-revealing-themselves ) The-Great-and-Powerful-Wizard-of-Oz
They Mask Themselves Under the OZ Effect

These cabal-types, says Greer, are under “Black Controls,” and it doesn’t matter if you were the CIA director, President of the United States, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, or U.N Secretary General, or even others that do “not know about or have access to these projects.”  They are, says Greer, all super-secret international government programs, part of a privileged crime operation, in fact, like a secret mafia rather than a government entity. 

Some “citizens,” if they can be called that, are involved in quizzical organizations that are clogged with secrecy, direct lies, insubordination, and have “usurped power and rights not legally granted to it.” Greer sees these groups as “extra-constitutional” in the U.S, U.K and other countries around the globe.  Greer sees it as a criminal enterprise of the first order, and its crimes include assassinations, murder, kidnapping, theft of technology, with a web of greater secrecy, illegal operations, which has closed in on it.

The complexity of these organizations are ribbed by compartmentalization, “Privatization” by corporations, lying to elected leaders and the public, all of which, when exposed, would reveal “the greatest scandal in recorded history.”

WhenUFOsWhistle Pentagon ( httpswww.gettyimages.devideothe-pentagonsort=mostpopular&offlinecontent=include&phrase=thepentagon ) 456124897
The Pentagon – Only One Compartment of Many Others

It would entail, says Greer, knowledge of trillions of dollars that have been spent on “unauthorized, unconstitutional projects,” tax-payer dollars for cooperate partners developing technologies based on ET objects used in highly profitable ET science—such secret “breakthroughs” where a covert multi-billion-dollar theft of technologies which rightly be public domains.

All part of this charade included a phony multi-billion-dollar space program, using popular rockets which are, in actuality a “primitive and unnecessary” experiment, seemed inappropriate, says Greer, because we actually possess greater, hidden technologies long before we even went to the moon.  NASA, a lot of the government and the public has been victimized, as Greer says, a “small, very compartmentalized faction of NASA people know of the real ET technologies hidden away in these projects.”  This human “faction” had unbridled sway over an “embryonic extraterrestrial-human relationship.”

WhenUFOsWhistle Meeting ( httpswww.zerohedge.comnews2018-01-03deep-states-plan-c-murder-donald-trump ) 20180103_planc
The Cabal is a Secret Government – an Alternate-Breakaway-Society – with Advanced Technology 

In such a militaristic, inhumane “human”-thinking-fashion, an ET liaison can only take an ugly and unhappy twist putting “the entire planet at risk.”  The Military-Industrial-Complex, the Deep State, and the Shadow World behind it, are comprised of many people and many organizations from George Bush, Sr. through the Liechtenstein banking family, the Mormons, the Vatican, into countless mysterious hands of a “ruthless, sociopathic minority,” often with a murderous intent.


Greer talks about his association with former CIA Director William Colby (who was involved in Majestic at one time) who was defecting from the “Cabal” and had promised Greer a transfer of $50-million in funding.  Colby was to meet Greer and some of Greer’s close friends. Sadly, the meeting didn’t take place – Colby was found floating down the Potomac River.

Colby’s best friend confirmed it was a “hit,” and Colby’s widow agreed.

Greer says the cabal reached out its deadly invisible ‘hand’ towards Greer’s friends as well: Shari Adamiak, and also Republican Congressmen Steve Schiff of New Mexico, and Greer himself: all of these people were hit with forms of cancer; three healthy people, right around the time of Colby’s death.


WhenUFOsWhistle Smith ( httpwww.readwipedandblew.com20180303ai-superhighway-means-children ) NWO-hostile-takeover
The Far-reaching Hand of the Deep State 


Greer’s book, as well as his Project Disclosure, holds a treasure chest of testimonies of witnesses who have had UFO encounters that connected with threats and harassments by those overriding Dark agencies.

One typical case involved Lt. Colonel Dwynne Arneson, he had spent 26 years in the USAF, had an above-top-secret SCI-TK (Special Compartmented Tango Kilo) clearance. Arneson had worked as a computer systems analyst for Boeing Aircraft and also the Director of Logistics at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

In 1962, Arneson was the crypto-officer for the complete Ramstein Army Base in Germany.  A classified message went through his com-center.  The message said: “A UFO has crashed on the Island of Spitsbergen, Norway, and team of scientists is coming to investigate it.”  Arneson was unaware from where the message came from, but he could testify that it was real.

In 1967, Arneson was a top-secret control officer of a Communication Center at the Twentieth Air Division at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, and he could dispatch all the nuclear launch ‘authentications’ to the SAC missile crews.

WhenUFOsWhistle Flashlights ( httpsthem0vieblog.comreviews-hubmillennium-reviews ) millennium-themikado15
Overriding Dark Agencies

This time, another UFO message came through the Communications Center, and it read:  “A UFO was seen near missile silos.” Apparently, both, all incoming and out-going operators saw a UFO boldly hovering in mid-air; a metallic circular object. The missiles had mysteriously “shut down.”  “They went dead dead…turned those missiles off…was not in a mode for launching.”

Bob Kaminisky, an engineer assigned to Boeing, came to check the situation, and he determined that the missiles had not gone down by themselves.  He gave them “a complete Bill of Health.”

A similar incident happened at Caswell Air Force Station in Marine, said Arneson, when he was Commander of a Radar squadron. UFOs were reported hovering over a nuclear weapons storage area at Loring Air Force Base, as told by security friends there.

Arneson recalled the words of Dr. Adolph Raum, who had intimate connections with the A-Bomb test team, and knew Dr. Robert Oppenheimer. Arneson jokingly asked Raum about the aliens held at Wright-Patterson AFB:

“Arne, all I can tell you,” said Raum in a fit of blood-draining anger, “is that they were not weather balloons, and we will not talk about it again!  Do you understand?”   (pp. 187-189) 


The book is replete with fantastic tales from professed whistle-blowers that either saw extraterrestrials or had some type of personal contact. Readers will be amazed in disbelief when they do their own expedition of the book.

Steven Greer is founder of the Orion Project, the Disclosure Project, and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. CSETI aimed to establish peaceful contact with ETs.  “…I certainly didn’t expect to deal with threats on my life,” says Greer, “let alone see harm come to people I cared deeply about.”  (p. 251.) 

Greer and his CSETI associates successfully “vectored-in” four ET crafts on a Pensacola, Florida site in February of 1992.  Greer suddenly found himself on the radar of the MAJIC cabal (Army Intelligence, NSA, DIA, and a lot of INTEL spooks).  Greer, however, found several influential people were behind him for support, such as billionaire Robert Bigelow of   Bigelow Aerospace.

Greer discovered that the scenery was not only complicated by ETs and their crafts, but “man-made” mimic crafts existed that were Advanced Anti-Gravity of our own.  It is suspected that an “alliance” between ET and the human cabal may have been established somewhere along the line of history.

The Disclosure Project had the guidance of friends in the military to ‘draft’ a UNOD letter, an “Unless Otherwise Directed” script stating (p.260):

“These USAPs (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects) exist and are run illegally, and have been unconstitutional since the 1950s; that the President and other key figures we know have been lied to, as have the oversight committees of the Congress…similar programs exist in the United Kingdom and other countries…”


Steve Erdmann, 2018, St. Louis

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The General Media has a Problem with Censorship
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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EG%26G

[2]  https://www.wired.com/2007/09/dayintech-0924/


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                 June 17, 2020.--Ordered to be printed


         Mr. Rubio, from the Select Committee on Intelligence,
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                              R E P O R T

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                         [To accompany S. 3905]

    The Select Committee on Intelligence, having considered an 
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Section 101. Authorization of appropriations

    Section 101 lists the United States Government departments, 
agencies, and other elements for which the Act authorizes 
appropriations for intelligence and intelligence-related 
activities for Fiscal Year 2021.

Section 102. Classified schedule of authorizations

    Section 102 provides that the details of the amounts 
authorized to be appropriated for intelligence and 
intelligence-related activities for Fiscal Year 2021 are 
contained in the classified Schedule of Authorizations and that 
the classified Schedule of Authorizations shall be made 
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House of Representatives and to the President.

Section 103. Intelligence community management account

    Section 103 authorizes appropriations for the Intelligence 
Community Management Account (ICMA) of the ODNI for Fiscal Year 


Section 201. Authorization of appropriations

    Section 201 authorizes appropriations for the CIA 
Retirement and Disability Fund for Fiscal Year 2021.



Section 301. Restriction on conduct of intelligence activities

    Section 301 provides that the authorization of 
appropriations by the Act shall not be deemed to constitute 
authority for the conduct of any intelligence activity that is 
not otherwise authorized by the Constitution or laws of the 
United States.

Section 302. Increase in employee compensation and benefits authorized 
        by law

    Section 302 provides that funds authorized to be 
appropriated by the Act for salary, pay, retirement, and other 
benefits for federal employees may be increased by such 
additional or supplemental amounts as may be necessary for 
increases in compensation or benefits authorized by law.

Section 303. Clarification of authorities and responsibilities of 
        National Manager for National Security Telecommunications and 
        Information Systems Security

    Section 303 permits the National Manager for National 
Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security, 
as designated by National Security Directive 42 (NSD-42), to 
delegate NSD-42 authorities to a Deputy National Manager, 
without further delegation. Section 303 further reinforces the 
National Security Agency's (NSA's) mission regarding 
authorities and funding programs by ensuring that the National 
Manager--when carrying out NSD-42 authorities--may supervise, 
oversee, or execute (directly or indirectly) the Information 
Systems Security Program (ISSP), but shall not supervise, 
oversee, or execute any aspect of the National Intelligence 
Program (NIP) or Military Intelligence Program (MIP), except as 
necessary to supervise, oversee, or execute the ISSP. Section 
303 also provides that, upon such delegation of authority, the 
Deputy National Manager may supervise, oversee, or execute 
(directly or indirectly) the ISSP, but shall not supervise, 
oversee, or execute any aspect of the NIP or MIP, except as 
necessary to supervise, oversee, or execute the ISSP.

Section 304. Continuity of operations plans for certain elements of the 
        intelligence community in the case of a national emergency

    Section 304 requires the Directors of the Office of the 
Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Central Intelligence 
Agency (CIA), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Defense 
Intelligence Agency (DIA), NSA, and National Geospatial-
Intelligence Agency (NGA) to establish continuity of operations 
plans for use in the case of certain national emergencies as 
defined in statute, and share those with the congressional 
intelligence committees within 7 days of a national emergency 
being declared. Furthermore, Section 304 requires these 
agencies to provide the committees with any updates to those 
plans as the conditions of the national emergency require.

Section 305. Application of Executive Schedule level III to positions 
        of Director of National Security Agency and Director of 
        National Reconnaissance Office

    Section 305 provides that the Director of the NRO and the 
Director of the NSA shall be designated as Level III on the 
Executive Schedule, the equivalent of an Under Secretary. The 
Committee recognizes that this provision does not affect the 
current Director of the NSA's military rank or pay. Section 305 
is intended to provide the Committee's view as to the 
Director's stature in the interagency; it is not intended to 
signal support for a civilian nominee. The Committee further 
clarifies that this provision shall apply to a successor 
civilian occupying the position of Director of the NRO.

Section 306. National Intelligence University

    Section 306 provides the National Intelligence University 
(NIU) with the authorities that the Department of Defense War 
Colleges have regarding faculty member hiring and compensation, 
and the acceptance of faculty research grants. Section 306 also 
sustains an independent, external board of visitors to provide 
oversight of the NIU.

Section 307. Requiring facilitation of establishment of Social Media 
        Data and Threat Analysis Center

    Section 307 provides a requirement regarding Section 5323 
of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 
by requiring that the Social Media Data and Threat Analysis 
Center be established not later than 180 days after enhancement 
of this Act.

Section 308. Data collection on attrition in intelligence community

    Section 308 requires the DNI to set standards and issue an 
annual report on the reasons why different categories of 
Intelligence Community (IC) employees separate from service or 
applicants to IC positions withdraw from the hiring process 
after they have been issued a conditional offer of employment. 
Data on workforce attrition should include demographics, 
specialties, and length of service. Such reasons may include an 
alternative job opportunity, a loss of interest in joining the 
IC, or the length of time to complete the clearance process.

Section 309. Limitation on delegation of responsibility for program 
        management of information-sharing environment

    Section 309 stipulates that the President must delegate 
responsibilities under Section 1016(b) of the Intelligence 
Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 to an official 
other than the ODNI on or after October 1, 2020.

Section 310. Improvements to provisions relating to intelligence 
        community information technology environment

    Section 310 streamlines current reporting requirements by 
requiring the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to 
develop and maintain a long-term roadmap for the Intelligence 
Community Information Technology Environment (IC ITE). Section 
310 further requires the DNI to develop and maintain a business 
plan to implement the long-term IC ITE roadmap.

Section 311. Requirements and authorities for Director of the Central 
        Intelligence Agency to improve education in science, 
        technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics

    Section 311 ensures that the Director of the CIA has the 
legal authorities required to improve the skills in science, 
technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (known as STEAM) 
necessary to meet long-term national security needs.


Section 321. Prohibition against disclosure of whistleblower identity 
        as reprisal against whistleblower disclosure by employees and 
        contractors in the intelligence community

    Section 321 adds to prohibited personnel practices a 
knowing, willful or negligent disclosure that reveals an IC 
Whistleblower's identifying information without consent. 
Section 321 further provides an IC Whistleblower with a private 
right of action if such disclosure is taken as a reprisal 
against the IC Whistleblower for bringing a complaint.

Section 322. Clarification of standards regarding whistleblower 
        complaints and information of urgent concern received by 
        Inspector General of the Intelligence Community

    Section 322 clarifies the definition of ``urgent concern'' 
regarding whistleblower complaints and ensures that the 
Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (IC IG) has 
authority over determining whether a matter falls within the 
``urgent concern'' definition.

Section 323. Clarification regarding submittal of complaints and 
        information by whistleblowers in the intelligence community to 

    Section 323 clarifies that IC Whistleblowers can give their 
complaints to the intelligence committees--as long as the 
complaint is provided to both Chairman and Vice Chairman or 
Ranking Member or designated nonpartisan staff--regardless of 
whether they are determined to be urgent concerns. Section 323 
further provides new security protocols in the instances where 
complaints include classified information.

Section 324. Limitation on sharing of intelligence community 
        whistleblower complaints with persons named in such complaints

    Section 324 prohibits Federal government agents and 
employees from sharing an IC Whistleblower complaint that has 
been submitted to an IC element's IG with a named subject of 
the complaint, unless the IC Whistleblower provides written 
consent or information sharing is required as part of the 
investigation. Section 324 further provides that any violation 
is subject to criminal fines and/or two-year imprisonment and 
requires notification to the congressional intelligence 


Section 331. Assessment by the Comptroller General of the United States 
        on efforts of the Intelligence Community and the Department of 
        Defense to identify and mitigate risks posed to the 
        Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense by the use 
        of direct-to-consumer genetic testing by the Government of the 
        People's Republic of China

    Section 331 directs the Comptroller General to assess 
efforts in the IC and Department of Defense (DoD) to identify 
and mitigate the risks posed to the IC and DoD by direct-to-
consumer genetic testing by the Government of the People's 
Republic of China. Section 331 further requires the report to 
include key national security risks and vulnerabilities, an 
assessment of the IC's and DoD's identification and mitigation 
of such risks and vulnerabilities, and recommendations for the 
IC and DoD to improve identification and mitigation of such 
risks and vulnerabilities.

Section 332. Report on use by intelligence community of hiring 
        flexibilities and expedited human resources practices to assure 
        quality and diversity in the workforce of the intelligence 

    Section 332 requires the DNI to submit a report describing 
how IC elements are exercising hiring flexibilities and 
expedited human resources practices afforded under 5 U.S.C. 
Sec. 3326 and related regulations, including the identification 
of any obstacles encountered by the IC in exercising such 

Section 333. Report on signals intelligence priorities and requirements

    Section 333 requires the DNI to submit a report detailing 
signals intelligence priorities and requirements subject to 
Presidential Policy Directive-28 that stipulates ``why, 
whether, when, and how the United States conducts signals 
intelligence activities.'' This report shall be submitted in 
unclassified form, but may include a classified annex.

Section 334. Assessment of demand for student loan repayment program 

    Section 334 requires the head of each IC element to 
calculate the number of personnel who qualify for a student 
loan repayment program benefit, and compare it to the number of 
personnel who apply for such a benefit. The information 
provided will include recommendations for how to optimize 
participation and enhance the effectiveness of the benefit as a 
retention tool, to identify any shortfall in funds or 
authorities needed to provide such benefit, and to include such 
materials with the budget request for Fiscal Year 2022.

Section 335. Assessment of intelligence community demand for child care

    Section 335 requires the DNI in coordination with the heads 
of other IC elements to provide a report that includes: a 
calculation of the total annual demand for child care by 
employees at NSA, NGA, DIA, NRO, CIA, and ODNI; an 
identification of any shortfalls between demand and the child 
care support by these IC elements; an assessment of options for 
addressing any such shortfall; an identification of the 
advantages, disadvantages, security requirements, and costs 
associated with each option; a plan to meet, within five years 
after the date of the report, the demand for childcare, and an 
assessment of specific considerations that impact the 
alternatives available to these IC elements.

Section 336. Open source intelligence strategies and plans for the 
        intelligence community

    Section 336 requires the DNI in coordination with the heads 
of each IC element, to conduct a survey of the open source 
intelligence requirements, goals, investments, and capabilities 
for each element of the IC and to evaluate the usability of the 
Open Source Enterprise (OSE). Based on such findings, it 
further mandates the DNI shall develop, in coordination with 
the heads of each IC element, a strategy for open source 
intelligence collection, analysis, and production across the 
IC; create a plan for improving usability of the OSE; and 
conduct a risk and benefit analysis of creating an independent 
open source center.
    Using the findings above, Section 336 further requires the 
DNI to develop a plan for a centralized data repository of open 
source intelligence. Finally, it mandates the DNI develop a 
cost-sharing model that leverages the open source intelligence 
investments of each IC element for the beneficial use of the 
entire IC. It also requires the heads of ODNI, CIA, DIA, NGA, 
and NSA to jointly brief the congressional intelligence 
committees on the progress developing the aforementioned plans.

Section 337. Plan for establishing an element of the intelligence 
        community within the United States Space Force

    Section 337 requires the DNI and the Under Secretary of 
Defense for Intelligence and Security, in coordination with the 
Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Space Operations, 
to submit a plan for establishing an element of the IC within 
the United States Space Force.


Section 401. Exclusivity, consistency, and transparency in security 
        clearance procedures, and right to appeal

    Section 401 requires the Executive Branch to publish 
adjudicative guidelines for determining eligibility to access 
classified information and makes these guidelines the exclusive 
basis for granting, denying, and revoking clearances in order 
to increase transparency and accountability, and ensure due 
process. Section 401 further codifies the right of government 
employees to appeal unfavorable eligibility determinations to 
an agency-level panel. Section 401 also creates a higher level 
review by a government-wide appeals panel, chaired by the DNI 
as the government's Security Executive Agent, to review certain 
agency-level panel determinations involving allegations of 
constitutional violations or discrimination. This DNI-led panel 
can remand decisions to the employing agency for reevaluation 
if the panel finds valid cause.

Section 402. Establishing process parity for security clearance 

    Section 402 requires an agency, in justifying an adverse 
security clearance or access determination against a 
whistleblower, to demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence 
that the agency would have made the same security clearance or 
access determination in the absence of the whistleblower's 
disclosure. Section 402 establishes parity in the legal 
standards applied to IC Whistleblower matters.

Section 403. Federal policy on sharing of derogatory information 
        pertaining to contractor employees in the trusted workforce

    Section 403 requires the DNI to issue a policy within 180 
days of enactment that facilitates sharing of derogatory 
information the government obtains on cleared contractors 
(along with any mitigation measures put in place) with Federal 
contractor employers' chief security officers, to help 
companies maintain robust insider threat programs. The policy 
must comport with privacy rights, allow individuals to verify 
the information, and stipulate that such sharing is only for 
purposes of security risk mitigation.


Section 501. Secure and trusted technology

    Section 501 establishes a Communications Technology 
Security and Innovation Fund to support the development and 
deployment of open standards-based compatible, interoperable 
equipment for fifth-generation wireless networks to create a 
more secure and diverse telecommunications vendor market. It 
also establishes a Multilateral Telecommunications Security 
Fund to support the adoption of secure and trusted 
communications technologies in key markets globally. Section 
501 authorizes up to $750,000,000 for each fund and requires 
the administrators of each fund to provide annual reports to 
Congress detailing the use of proceeds.
    Section 501 further requires the DNI to submit a report on 
political influence by adversarial nations within international 
forums that set standards for fifth-generation and future 
generations of wireless networks, including International 
Telecommunication Union (ITU), International Organization for 
Standardization (ISO), Inter-American Telecommunication 
Commission (CITEL), and 3rd Generation Partnership Project 
(3GPP). Section 501 also requires the DNI and Secretary of 
Defense to jointly submit a report on developing federal 
wireless network testbeds for development of fifth-generation 
technologies for U.S. military and dual-use applications using 
open interface standards-based compatible, interoperable 
equipment. This report should include an assessment of efforts 
by foreign governments to build wireless network testbeds for 
virtualized telecommunication technologies. Both reports shall 
be in unclassified form with a classified annex, if required.

Section 502. Report on attempts by foreign adversaries to build 
        telecommunications and cybersecurity equipment and services 
        for, or to provide such equipment and services to, certain 
        allies of the United States

    Section 502 requires the CIA, NSA, and DIA to submit to the 
congressional intelligence and armed services committees a 
joint report that describes the United States intelligence 
sharing and military posture in Five Eyes countries that 
currently have or intend to use adversary telecommunications or 
cybersecurity equipment, especially as provided by China or 
Russia, with a description of potential vulnerabilities of that 
information and assessment of mitigation options.

Section 503. Report on threats posed by use by foreign governments and 
        entities of commercially available cyber intrusion and 
        surveillance technology

    Section 503 requires the DNI to submit a report to the 
congressional intelligence committees on the threats posed by 
foreign governments and foreign entities using and 
appropriating commercially available cyber intrusion and other 
surveillance technology.

Section 504. Reports on recommendation of the Cyberspace Solarium 

    Section 504 requires the ODNI, Department of Homeland 
Security (acting through the Under Secretary of Homeland 
Security for Intelligence and Analysis), Department of Energy 
(acting through the Director of Intelligence and 
Counterintelligence of the Department of Energy), Department of 
Commerce, and DoD to report to Congress their assessment of the 
recommendations submitted by the Cyberspace Solarium Commission 
pursuant to Section 1652(j) of the John S. McCain National 
Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2019, and to 
describe actions that each agency expects to take to implement 
these recommendations.

Section 505. Assessment of critical technology trends relating to 
        artificial intelligence, microchips, and semiconductors and 
        related supply chains

    Section 505 requires the DNI to complete an assessment of 
export controls related to artificial intelligence (AI), 
microchips, advanced manufacturing equipment, and other AI-
enabled technologies, including the identification of 
opportunities for further cooperation with international 

Section 506. Duty to report counterintelligence threats to campaigns

    Section 506 requires that Federal presidential campaigns 
must report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) within 
one week any offers to contribute, donate, expend, disburse, or 
solicit as prohibited under 50 U.S.C. Sec. 30121 by the 
following individuals: a foreign principal as defined in the 
Foreign Agent Registration Act; a person acting at the 
direction of a foreign principal; or a person included in the 
list of specially designated nationals or blocked person by the 
Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control. Section 
506 further requires Federal campaigns to establish a policy to 
retain and preserve records related to reportable foreign 
contacts for not less than three years, and enacts criminal 
penalties for willful violations of this section.

Section 507. Combating Chinese influence operations in the United 
        States and strengthening civil liberties protections

    Section 507 provides additional requirements to annual 
reports in 50 U.S.C. Sec.  3237(B) on Influence Operations and 
Campaigns in the United States by the Chinese Communist Party 
(CCP) by mandating an identification of influence operations by 
the CCP against the science and technology sector in the United 
States. Section 507 also requires the FBI to create a plan, in 
consultation with stakeholders outside the Intelligence 
Community to increase public awareness and detection of 
influence activities by the CCP. Finally, Section 507 requires 
the FBI, in consultation with the Assistant Attorney General 
for the Civil Rights and the Chief Privacy and Civil Liberties 
Officer of the Department of Justice, to develop 
recommendations to strengthen relationships with communities 
targeted by the CCP and to build trust with such communities 
through local and regional grassroots outreach.

Section 508. Annual report on corrupt activities of senior officials of 
        the Chinese Communist Party

    Section 508 requires the CIA, in coordination with the 
Department of Treasury's Office of Intelligence and Analysis 
and the FBI, to submit to designated congressional committees 
annually through 2025 a report that describes and assesses the 
wealth and corruption of senior officials of the Chinese 
Communist Party (CCP), as well as targeted financial measures, 
including potential targets for sanctions designation. Section 
508 further expresses the Sense of Congress that the United 
States should undertake every effort and pursue every 
opportunity to expose the corruption and illicit practices of 
senior officials of the CCP, including President Xi Jinping.

Section 509. Report on corrupt activities of Russian and other Eastern 
        European oligarchs

    Section 509 requires the CIA, in coordination with the 
Department of the Treasury's Office of Intelligence and 
Analysis and the FBI, to submit to designated congressional 
committees and the Under Secretary of State for Public 
Diplomacy, a report that describes the corruption and corrupt 
or illegal activities among Russian and other Eastern European 
oligarchs who support the Russian government and Russian 
President Vladimir Putin, and the impact of those activities on 
the economy and citizens of Russia. Section 509 further 
requires the CIA, in coordination with the Department of 
Treasury's Office of Intelligence and Analysis, to describe 
potential sanctions that could be imposed for such activities.

Section 510. Report on biosecurity risk and disinformation by the 
        Chinese Communist Party and the Government of the People's 
        Republic of China

    Section 510 requires the DNI to submit to the designated 
congressional committees a report identifying whether and how 
CCP officials and the Government of the People's Republic of 
China may have sought to suppress or exploit for national 
advantage information regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic, 
including specific related assessments. Section 510 further 
provides that the report shall be submitted in unclassified 
form, but may have a classified annex.

Section 511. Report on effect of lifting of United Nations arms embargo 
        on Islamic Republic of Iran

    Section 511 requires the DIA to submit to designated 
congressional committees a report on the Government of the 
Islamic Republic of Iran's plans to acquire military arms if 
the United Nations Security Council's resolutions' ban on arms 
transfers to or from the Government of the Islamic Republic of 
Iran is lifted, as well as the effects such arms acquisitions 
may have on regional security and stability.

Section 512. Report on Iranian activities relating to nuclear 

    Section 512 directs the DNI to submit a report on any 
relevant activities relating to nuclear weapons research and 
development by the Islamic Republic of Iran and any relevant 
efforts to afford or deny international access to related 
facilities in accordance with international non-proliferation 

Section 513. Sense of Congress on Third Option Foundation

    Section 513 expresses the sense of Congress that the Third 
Option Foundation's work on behalf of the CIA's special 
operations community and their families is invaluable, such 
that the Director of the CIA should work with the Foundation to 
implement section 6412 of the Damon Paul Nelson and Matthew 
Young Pollard Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 
2018, 2019, and 2020, which provided special rules for certain 
monthly workers' compensation payments and other payments to 
CIA personnel.

                           Committee Comments

Equitable Treatment of Relocation Costs for Intelligence Community 

    As demonstrated in The Intelligence Community Workforce 
Agility Protection Act of 2020, S. 3675, introduced by Senators 
Burr and Warner, the Committee strongly supports IC personnel 
who must make a permanent change of station to accept an IC 
position. The Committee recognizes such relocations pose 
significant financial hardships for the IC civilians who move 
their families to serve their country. Current law provides 
military members with exemptions from effective tax penalties 
for such relocations, but IC civilians have no similar 
exemptions, thus undermining the IC's ability to recruit and 
maintain a highly qualified and motivated workforce. The 
Intelligence Community Workforce Agility Protection Act of 2020 
would provide equitable tax treatment for IC civilians who are 
subject to similar permanent change of station orders. The 
Committee looks forward to expeditious congressional action on 
this matter.

Advanced Aerial Threats

    The Committee supports the efforts of the Unidentified 
Aerial Phenomenon Task Force at the Office of Naval 
Intelligence to standardize collection and reporting on 
unidentified aerial phenomenon, any links they have to 
adversarial foreign governments, and the threat they pose to 
U.S. military assets and installations. However, the Committee 
remains concerned that there is no unified, comprehensive 
process within the Federal Government for collecting and 
analyzing intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena, 
despite the potential threat. The Committee understands that 
the relevant intelligence may be sensitive; nevertheless, the 
Committee finds that the information sharing and coordination 
across the Intelligence Community has been inconsistent, and 
this issue has lacked attention from senior leaders.
    Therefore, the Committee directs the DNI, in consultation 
with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of such other 
agencies as the Director and Secretary jointly consider 
relevant, to submit a report within 180 days of the date of 
enactment of the Act, to the congressional intelligence and 
armed services committees on unidentified aerial phenomena 
(also known as ``anomalous aerial vehicles''), including 
observed airborne objects that have not been identified.
    The Committee further directs the report to include:
          1. A detailed analysis of unidentified aerial 
        phenomena data and intelligence reporting collected or 
        held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, including 
        data and intelligence reporting held by the 
        Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force;
          2. A detailed analysis of unidentified phenomena data 
        collected by:
            a. geospatial intelligence;
            b. signals intelligence;
            c. human intelligence; and
            d. measurement and signals intelligence;
          3. A detailed analysis of data of the FBI, which was 
        derived from investigations of intrusions of 
        unidentified aerial phenomena data over restricted 
        United States airspace;
          4. A detailed description of an interagency process 
        for ensuring timely data collection and centralized 
        analysis of all unidentified aerial phenomena reporting 
        for the Federal Government, regardless of which service 
        or agency acquired the information;
          5. Identification of an official accountable for the 
        process described in paragraph 4;
          6. Identification of potential aerospace or other 
        threats posed by the unidentified aerial phenomena to 
        national security, and an assessment of whether this 
        unidentified aerial phenomena activity may be 
        attributed to one or more foreign adversaries;
          7. Identification of any incidents or patterns that 
        indicate a potential adversary may have achieved 
        breakthrough aerospace capabilities that could put 
        United States strategic or conventional forces at risk; 
          8. Recommendations regarding increased collection of 
        data, enhanced research and development, and additional 
        funding and other resources.
    The report shall be submitted in unclassified form, but may 
include a classified annex.

Coordination of Security for Domestic Military Installations and Other 

    The Committee is concerned that, as a result of several 
recent incidents of attempted unauthorized access to Naval Air 
Station Key West and Fort Story, Virginia by Chinese nationals, 
several security vulnerabilities have been discovered. Foreign 
adversaries may be systematically probing military 
installations and facilities, and it is important that the 
Department of Defense take responsibility for ensuring security 
measures are adequate, unauthorized accesses are tracked, and 
uniform reporting requirements for attempted unauthorized 
accesses are established.
    Therefore, the Committee directs the Under Secretary of 
Defense for Intelligence and Security (USD(I&S)), in 
coordination with the DNI and the Director of the FBI, to 
establish within the Office of the USD(I&S) a designee 
responsible for coordination of security for domestic military 
installations and other domestic military facilities. 
Specifically, the designee's responsibilities shall include 
tracking unauthorized incursions into domestic military 
installations and facilities and attempts at such incursions.
    The Committee further directs that, within 180 days of 
enactment of this Act, such individual shall develop a strategy 
for security and counterintelligence collection that defines 
the capability requirements, responsibilities, and processes 
for security and counterintelligence for domestic military 
installations and other domestic military facilities. In 
addition, not less frequently than once each year, the Under 
Secretary shall, in consultation with the heads of other 
appropriate elements of the DoD and the IC, brief the 
intelligence and armed services committees on the:
          1. Activities of the designee; and
          2. Current and anticipated trends and developments in 
        connection with security for domestic military 
        installations and other domestic military facilities.

Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination Modernization and 
        Integration Efforts of the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-functional 
        Team of the Department of Defense

    The Committee is concerned with the intelligence silos that 
have resulted from isolated procurement programs that store 
data in individual repositories, each with its own set of 
cataloging procedures and proprietary technologies. This, in 
turn, potentially limits advantageous communications among 
databases, causes vital intelligence to go undetected, and 
causes duplication of separately-located analysts' efforts in 
reviewing other, less vital, intelligence information.
    Therefore, the Committee directs the head of the 
Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team, as established in 
the Department of Defense by memorandum dated April 26, 2017, 
to submit to the congressional intelligence and armed services 
committees within 180 days of enactment of the Act, a report 
that includes:
          1. Recommendations for the delineation of efforts 
        between the Team and the Joint Artificial Intelligence 
        Center, especially with respect to data labeling, 
        testing and evaluation;
          2. Recommendations for resource sharing across the 
        intelligence community for test and evaluation as 
        Project Maven transitions its independent lines of 
          3. The plan of the Team to integrate unsupervised 
        artificial intelligence algorithms (e.g., algorithms 
        that learn from data without being trained, allowing 
        the artificial intelligence to self-improve) into 
        Project Maven;
          4. The plan of the Team to incorporate independent 
        data repositories located across the intelligence 
        community, irrespective of the element providing the 
        data or the domain they are resident to, into Project 
        Maven; and
          5. The plan of the Team to ensure that development of 
        Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination technology 
        that will facilitate and enhance the capability of 
        analysts to rapidly search across near real-time 
        sensors, leverage historical data, and identify 
        valuable intelligence is incorporated into the Defense 
        Intelligence Agency Machine-assisted Analytic Rapid-
        repository System.

Plan for Assessing Government Agency Counterintelligence Programs

    Adversary intelligence and security service efforts to 
monitor, access, penetrate, and/or manipulate government 
facilities, personnel, networks, and supply chains have become 
increasingly more sophisticated, as described in the National 
Counterintelligence Strategy of the United States. Many 
national security agencies, to include those in the DoD and IC, 
have mature and robust counterintelligence programs to preserve 
the integrity of their systems. However, many agencies' 
programs lag behind, either because they do not believe they 
are at risk or because of internal funding challenges. 
Therefore, the Committee directs the Director of the National 
Counterintelligence and Security Center to develop a plan 
within 90 days of enactment of this Act for assessing the 
effectiveness of all government agency counterintelligence 
programs. This plan should address the standards and methods of 
assessment that may apply for different categories of executive 
agencies; phasing of implementation over a five-year timeframe 
to cover all government counterintelligence; the periodicity 
for updated assessments; and annual costs to conduct these 
assessment and any recommendation for a cost recovery 

Security Clearance Procedures and Rights to Appeal

    Section 401 of the Act provides appeal rights and 
procedures for security clearance eligibility determinations. 
This provision is not intended to impede agency decisions 
regarding access to classified information for a limited 
purpose or duration (e.g., regarding an election or one-time 
read-ins for a specific event or threat). The Committee does, 
however, expect agencies to keep Congress fully and currently 
informed of any limited purpose or duration grants of access. 
Finally, the Committee expects the DNI-level appeals panel to 
exercise judgment and review only those appeals that the panel 
concludes have evidentiary and jurisdictional merit.

Supporting Industry during Coronavirus

    Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic 
Security Act (CARES Act) in March 2020 to provide necessary 
assistance to the American economy during the coronavirus 
pandemic. An important element of that Act was Section 3610, 
which provided agencies authorities to modify contracts for 
companies supporting the government. This provision was 
critical to the defense industrial base. The Committee believes 
that consistent interpretation of Section 3610, particularly as 
it relates to work conducted at contractor facilities, cost 
reimbursement methodology, adjustments in payment plans, and 
adjustments in contract periods of performance, is essential to 
reducing uncertainty and sustaining a vibrant national security 
sector. The Committee looks forward to working with the IC 
elements in identifying if any additional authorities or 
resources are necessary and identifying lessons learned for any 
future national emergency.

Efficient Use of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities

    The Committee is concerned that there are unnecessary 
challenges to the utilization of Sensitive Compartmented 
Information Facility (SCIF) spaces by multiple programs among 
IC and Department of Defense components and their appropriately 
cleared government contractors. These challenges result in 
inefficient use of SCIFs and classified networks. The Committee 
finds that it is important to support collaboration and related 
efficiencies by sharing SCIF spaces.
    Therefore, the Committee directs the DNI, in consultation 
with the Secretary of Defense, to issue, within 180 days after 
enactment of this Act, revised guidance authorizing and 
directing government agencies and their appropriately cleared 
contractors to process, store, use, and discuss sensitive 
compartmented information (SCI) at facilities previously 
approved to handle SCI, without need for further approval by 
agency or by site. This guidance shall apply to both IC-
controlled access programs and DoD special access programs.

                            Committee Action

    On June 3, 2020, a quorum being present, the Committee met 
to consider the bill and amendments. The Committee took the 
following actions:

Votes on amendments to the committee bill and the classified annex

    By unanimous consent, the Committee made the Acting 
Chairman and Vice Chairman's bill, together with the classified 
annex for Fiscal Year 2021, the base text for purposes of 
    By voice vote, the Committee adopted en bloc three 
amendments to the classified annex, as follows: (1) a second-
degree amendment by Acting Chairman Rubio; (2) an amendment by 
Acting Chairman Rubio; and (3) a second-degree amendment by 
Senator Sasse.
    By voice vote, the Committee adopted en bloc five 
amendments to the bill, as follows: (1) an amendment by Senator 
Burr and cosponsored by Vice Chairman Warner, to improve 
provisions relating to the IC Information Technology 
Environment; (2) an amendment by Senator Risch and cosponsored 
by Senator King, to require reporting on Cyberspace Solarium 
Commission recommendations; (3) a second-degree amendment by 
Acting Chairman Rubio and cosponsored by Senators Risch, Blunt, 
Cotton, Cornyn, and Sasse, to improve Section 322; (4) an 
amendment by Senator Bennet and cosponsored by Vice Chairman 
Warner and Senators Cotton and Cornyn, to require an assessment 
of critical technology trends related to artificial 
intelligence; and (5) an amendment by Senator Cotton to require 
a report on Iranian activities relating to nuclear 
    By voice vote, the Committee adopted an amendment by 
Senator Burr and cosponsored by Vice Chairman Warner, which 
provides the legal authorities required for the Director of the 
CIA to improve recruitment in the areas of science, technology, 
engineering, arts, and mathematics (known as STEAM) necessary 
to meet long-term national security needs.
    By voice vote, the Committee adopted a second-degree 
amendment by Vice Chairman Warner and cosponsored by Senators 
Collins and Bennet, to an amendment by Vice Chairman Warner, 
and cosponsored by Senators Collins and Bennet, that requires 
Federal presidential campaigns to report to the FBI illegal 
offers of assistance by known foreign agents. The second-degree 
amendment exempted unpaid volunteers from such reporting 
requirements and reduced the criminal penalties. By a vote of 8 
ayes and 7 noes, the Committee adopted the amendment by Vice 
Chairman Warner, and cosponsored by Senators Collins and 
Bennet, as modified by the second-degree amendment. The votes 
in person were as follows: Acting Chairman Rubio--no; Senator 
Burr--no; Senator Risch--no; Senator Collins--aye; Senator 
Blunt--no; Senator Cotton--no; Senator Cornyn--no; Senator 
Sasse--no; Vice Chairman Warner--aye; Senator Feinstein--aye; 
Senator Wyden--aye; Senator Heinrich--aye; Senator King--aye; 
Senator Harris--aye; and Senator Bennet--aye.
    By a vote of 7 ayes and 8 noes, the Committee did not adopt 
an amendment by Senator Wyden to establish the DNI as the 
Executive Agent for Federal government-wide declassification 
processes and requirements. The votes in person were as 
follows: Acting Chairman Rubio--no; Senator Burr--no; Senator 
Risch--no; Senator Collins--no; Senator Blunt--no; Senator 
Cotton--no; Senator Cornyn--no; Senator Sasse--no; Vice 
Chairman Warner--aye; Senator Feinstein--aye; Senator Wyden--
aye; Senator Heinrich--aye; Senator King--aye; Senator Harris--
aye; and Senator Bennet--aye.

Votes to report the committee bill

    On June 3, 2020, the Committee voted to report the bill, as 
amended, by a vote of 14 ayes and one no. The votes in person 
or by proxy were as follows: Acting Chairman Rubio--aye; 
Senator Burr--aye; Senator Risch--aye; Senator Collins--aye; 
Senator Blunt--aye; Senator Cotton--aye; Senator Cornyn--aye; 
Senator Sasse--aye; Vice Chairman Warner--aye; Senator 
Feinstein--aye; Senator Wyden--no; Senator Heinrich--aye; 
Senator King--aye; Senator Harris--aye; and Senator Bennet--
    By unanimous consent, the Committee authorized the staff to 
make technical and conforming changes to the bill and 
classified annex.

                       Compliance With Rule XLIV

    Rule XLIV of the Standing Rules of the Senate requires 
publication of a list of any ``congressionally directed 
spending item, limited tax benefit, and limited tariff 
benefit'' that is included in the bill or the committee report 
accompanying the bill. Consistent with the determination of the 
Committee not to create any congressionally directed spending 
items or earmarks, none have been included in the bill, the 
report to accompany it, or the classified schedule of 
authorizations. The bill, report, and classified schedule of 
authorizations also contain no limited tax benefits or limited 
tariff benefits.

                           Estimate of Costs

    Pursuant to paragraph 11(a)(3) of rule XXVI of the Standing 
Rules of the Senate, the Committee deems it impractical to 
include an estimate of the costs incurred in carrying out the 
provisions of this report due to the classified nature of the 
operations conducted pursuant to this legislation. On June 8, 
2020, the Committee transmitted this bill to the Congressional 
Budget Office and requested an estimate of the costs incurred 
in carrying out the unclassified provisions.

                    Evaluation of Regulatory Impact

    In accordance with paragraph 11(b) of rule XXVI of the 
Standing Rules of the Senate, the Committee finds that no 
substantial regulatory impact will be incurred by implementing 
the provisions of this legislation.

                        Changes to Existing Law

    In compliance with paragraph 12 of rule XXVI of the 
Standing Rules of the Senate, the Committee finds that it is 
necessary to dispense with the requirement of paragraph 12 to 
expedite the business of the Senate.


    Despite its strong provisions, I voted against the Fiscal 
Year 2021 Intelligence Authorization Act because the 
legislation failed to reform a broken, costly declassification 
system. Years of reports, from the Information Security 
Oversight Office (ISOO) and the Public Interest 
Declassification Board (PIDB), have documented how a flood of 
digital classification has overwhelmed the federal government's 
obsolete declassification system. There is a consensus, inside 
and outside government, that the system is unsustainable.
    The ISOO has determined that the cost of classification 
continues to increase and now exceeds $18 billion annually. A 
dysfunctional system that lets more and more classified records 
pile up wastes a significant portion of that amount, while 
undermining transparency and doing nothing to protect national 
    There is no dispute about the severity of the problem, nor 
about the solution--modernization of the declassification 
system. Senator Jerry Moran and I have introduced bipartisan 
legislation (S. 3733) to charge the Director of National 
Intelligence with modernizing declassification, a 
recommendation also made by the PIDB. I am disappointed that 
the Committee rejected efforts to adopt this commonsense 
bipartisan reform and address this ever-growing crisis.
    The bill includes a number of important Intelligence 
Community whistleblower protection provisions, four of which 
were included at the behest of Vice Chairman Warner and myself. 
Those provisions protect from outside interference the 
Inspector General's determinations about what whistleblower 
complaints to submit to Congress, prohibit the public 
disclosure of whistleblowers' identities, prohibit 
whistleblower complaints from being shared with the subjects of 
those complaints, and provide a channel for whistleblowers to 
come directly to Congress without interference from the DNI.
    Unnecessarily restrictive language was added to the 
provision facilitating direct whistleblower communications with 
Congress. The Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection 
Act created a process for whistleblowers to communicate with 
the ``intelligence committees,'' whereas the bill appears to 
limit such communication to the Chairman and Vice Chairman, or 
certain nonpartisan staff. To the extent the bill creates new 
limitations on efforts by whistleblowers to convey concerns to 
members of Congress, the language in the bill should be 
modified or clarified.
    The bill includes a fifth whistleblower provision I 
proposed that protects whistleblowers whose security clearances 
are revoked or who face an adverse access determination by 
requiring that the government demonstrate by clear and 
convincing evidence that the agency would have made the same 
security clearance or access determination in the absence of 
the whistleblower's disclosure.
    It also includes my provision requiring a report on the 
threat posed by the proliferation of commercial spyware as well 
as U.S. government efforts to counter that threat.
    Finally, I am pleased that the Classified Annex requires a 
report with information that Senator Heinrich and I have been 
seeking related to collection conducted pursuant to Executive 
Order 12333.

                                                         Ron Wyden.


211 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-1700

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“ Manipulators…That deal in trillions of dollars and other War Chests.  It is a scary, frighteningly morose picture that many rather not face.”
“Did you read the fine print? Basically, Ancestry.com gets to use or distribute your DNA for any research or commercial purpose it decides and doesn’t have to pay you, or your heirs, a dime. Furthermore, Ancestry.com takes this royalty-free license in perpetuity (for all time) and can distribute the results of your DNA tests anywhere in the world and with any technology that exists, or will ever be invented. With this single contractual provision, customers are granting Ancestry.com the broadest possible rights to own and exploit their genetic information.” 
Travis Smith, Facebook Timeline, February 22, 2018, and also email March 3, 2018.  Manages  Readwipedand blew and  Elsgate on YouTube.


Two Q-tip swabs are vertically positioned next to each other. Blurred in the background, there is a container filled with other q-tips.
Ancestry.com takes DNA ownership rights from customers and their relatives
A word to the wise: Read the complete terms of service. THINKPROGRESS.ORG.
Quote from the below article, Travis Smith:  “…want to believe in the good of humanity and this technology being developed for beneficial results.  However, should we rush blindly into the future in regards to AI / Quantum computing then we may want to pause and think about this warning: Your children will curse your name for an eternity if we allow them to get sucked up into a trans-humanist future where they become nothing but, immortal slaves connected to an AI hive mind. Think I am a bit over the top in this prediction.  Think again because I am not the only one warning of this.  The writing is on the walls. The breaks must be applied before we enter on this AI Superhighway of apocalyptic and dystopian proportions.  This ‘Machine Kingdom’ has been planned for a long time and some are becoming more and more skeptical of the ‘bread and circus’ of day to day politics…” 
Jonathan Compoa: “Everyone: Elon Musk is so smart, possibly the smartest entrepreneur in present-time, he has the best new ideas! Nothing can go wrong, it’s Elon Musk’s philosophy, he thinks humans will be worthless anyway! Let’s all sign up so that our minds can get hacked into his robotic world. Better yet, this should be used by the state to ID every citizen.  Awesome!  So glad to see the first steps and visions of mass Mind Control along with Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘mind-reading’ interface for Facebook.”

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk recently spoke about a very exciting topic, the idea of creating an interface connecting the human brain with computers.
Jonathan Campoa continues:  “Speaking about Amazon, it has now purchased Ring, a home security company, which will become embedded with the Alexa-based devices.  Jeff Bezos owns Amazon, the Washington Post, and recently purchased Whole Foods Market.  All of this can be idolized, and it is expected from entrepreneurs like Bezos and Elon Musk.  There is nothing wrong with any of this, other than the idea that smart algorithms are already embedded within Amazon’s online commerce, its warehouses, its Alexa devices, which will eventually lead to home network systems. The minute AI is introduced to the multiple companies revolving around  Jeff Bezos, it will be able to manage all the important industries for human consumption (food, news, entertainment, home security, pharmaceuticals, etc). 
“Silicon Valley parents have already understood the dangers of these attention-seeking technologies and there is a slight shift into raising their children without these devices. Yet, even if the parents create a tech-free environment for the children at home, schools and societies are developing a need to use these technologies.  In an article on Business Insider, it is mentioned that Google Chromebooks were handed out to all students in the school district at the beginning of the year. This Chromebook will now be a device which facilitates the students work and access to online information, but likewise be a device which very likely monitors and records the student’s location and usage.
“I’ve come to realize that there is still a big group of people that are not aware of Sophia, the female AI robot.  This robot was activated by Hanson Robotics on April of 2015, then became a Saudi Arabian citizen in October of 2017, being the first robot to receive any type of citizenship.  Some concerns are raised when we consider that women still suffer from inequality in Saudi Arabia, yet a female robot is granted citizenship.  There have also been rumors about why Saudi Arabia would grant a female robot citizenship, such as the claim that as a citizen, she would be able to work for an income and pay taxes. As cryptocurrencies are expanding and we seem to be shifting to a more digitized monetary system, Sophia, as an AI system connected to the Cloud, would be able to disrupt the industry and develop much more economic strategies than any human mind can create. Interestingly enough, the robot is named Sophia, referencing the Divine Sophia or feminine personification of wisdom, and the Descent of Sophia corresponds to the Birth of Mary and our own fall into matter, as written by Rev. Steven Marshall in attached link.  In this case, I believe it crucial to not fall into some idolization of this robot. There is a silent film from Germany, named Metropolis, in which a female robot is built to impersonate a woman named María (Mary).
“We should strongly divert from fear-based predictions and mentalities when it comes to the advancements of AI and technology, because there are a lot of beneficial outcomes through all of this, such as a reconstructed economic system where we won’t have unnecessary jobs, having to work through repetitive and futile tasks.  We are decades, if not at least 100 years, behind in technology and societal conditions, so the many industries and jobs are already obsolete. In this scenario, we can utilize AI technology to progress into the new paradigm.  Even though I see the benefits of AI technology, I strongly believe that AI systems is not to be integrated into the human body or mind. The human body is sufficient enough as a vehicle for ascension, and although updating body features and properties sounds attractive in terms of having an improved vehicle, I don’t think the Creator’s organic design is to have meddled with inorganic devices. “
Jonathan Campoa, April 28, 2017, on Facebook, and also submission by email, March 4, 2018. University of California, Riverside.  Manages Portal to Ascension.  Panelist.
Neil Gaur, top, and Jonathan Compoa, right, top..
“It is important to navigate these times and the mass implementation of AI in a conscious manner. Utilizing conscientiousness and being aware of the impact this can have on a global level will allow us to ensure we steer technology in a way that benefits humanity rather than controls or manipulates. The powers that be want to control…it is up to us to awaken the masses before this happens.”
Neil Gaur, Coordinator and Panelist, March 3, 2018, and Facilitator of awareness and consciousness expansion and also Founder & Executive Director at Portal to Ascension. Panelist.
“Stuart Russell ends his piece in Nature with a plea: ‘The AI and robotics science communities, represented by their professional societies, are obliged to take a position, just as physicists have done on the use of nuclear weapons, chemists on the use of chemical agents and biologists on the use of disease agents in warfare.  Debates should be organized at scientific meetings; arguments studied by ethics committees; position papers written for society publications, and votes taken by society members.  Doing nothing is a vote in favor of continued development and deployment.’  This applies to all of us, right now. Doing nothing, reading nothing about it, taking an easy, lazy line, makes you culpable. Alarmingly, future generations depend on us.”
Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkley.

Photos Extra Group of Robots 35816889-ultron-wallpaper
“Alarmingly, future generations depend on us.”
“We introduced the concept of  ‘symbiotic autonomy’ to enable robots to ask for help from humans or from the Internet. Now, robots and humans in our building aid one another in overcoming the limitations of each other.”
Manuela Veloso  –  Professor of computer science, Carnegie Mellon University.

Photos Extra One Robot ( httpwallscollection.neta-fblack-wallpapers.html ) Black-Wallpapers-in-HQ-Resolution

“Knowledge is power and these talks are how the power can get into our hands, rather than the Puppet-Masters. The Quantum Adiabatic computers are here, and what these sociopath-madmen are doing at Kendra Corp, CERN, and many other places where ‘your’ hard-earned money is paying for these ‘far from transparent programs.’
“If we aren’t aware of what is going on, we have no power to change. We can make change and this is a ‘Truth Movement’ that  is arming us with understanding.  If you never know what the opposition is and what is happening, then they are unopposed.  The latest discoveries and bizarre artifacts that are proving man’s history is much older than the accepted version taught in schools (these images under these megaliths like Chichen Itza, Angkor Wat, Antarctica, Guatemala, and also a massive underground complex ‘under’ the Giza plateau that again ‘dwarfs’ what is above ground).
“LAWS could violate fundamental principles of human dignity by allowing machines to choose whom to kill — for example, they might be tasked to eliminate anyone exhibiting ‘threatening behavior.’  The potential for LAWS technologies to bleed over into peacetime policing functions is evident to human-rights organizations and drone manufacturers.
“I believe ancient tech has been found in mysterious places. Our top scientific findings are beginning to sound more as a religion with emerging vistas, as they open gateways, communicating with unknowns, and,  like Frankenstein, are attempting to create gods:  By their terrible actions, they are trying to become gods (Google search highlighting Dr. Richard Seed and Geordie Rose).
“Our ‘smartest’ people outside these programs are warning us, but you won’t find that huge message in the news!  You only hear about tweets and fake conflicts to distracts us.  Free your mind and empower yourself.  Join us! We want to get the truth seekers information they can understand and to be conscious of what’s is going on. We are Society and we are watching.”
“Becoming a God or Creating One:
“We live in a time that could be the next Golden Age of Man or age of extinction.  We live in a time where we only ask can we and not should we. After tests like the first nuclear blast, that they thought would destroy all of New Mexico or tear a hole in space…on Earth. Now unlimited funding is thrown at individuals and corporations with no oversight whatsoever. The military-Industrial-Complex has become compartmentalized, and they are using private corporations to further hidden agendas.  Maybe we should stop just for a day and look at what we are doing in thousands of private labs that we pay for worldwide (some that don’t even have a security guard or locked doors), they are so secure and hidden away.  In the grand scheme of things, if the ‘human being‘ so chose to, he could look around and, instead, endeavor to create inventions to benefit and save everyone on the planet.  Imagine if we put as much into making people healthy as we do into being better killers with better tools. It’s definitely easier to kill a million people and control them rather to ‘heal‘ a million.
“Recently D-Wave at Kendra Corporation (Search the Internet for Geordie Rose has asked for our help.  Posting the code or making it “Open Source” is a two-pronged fork being stuck in our backs. On one hand, they act like they are posting this so it’s avail-able free for all mankind. This also gives the illusion of transparency.
Monstrous Scientific Projects
“These culprits have the technology but not the moral fortitude to go with it.  Gordie Rose and people like Dr. Richard Seed of CERN and the Center of European Nuclear Research, saying things like, if I may paraphrase:  ‘We will all become as gods, nothing will stop us from accomplishing that goal, not even having a war.’  We are talking here of monstrous scientific projects done in secret and behind our backs.” 

Photos Extra Three Robots ( httpsimgur.comgalleryXCvrL ) 2hhiJrP
“Listening to Gordie Rose and others talk about receiving ‘resources,’ for projects on ‘energy’ at CERN, and data at Kendra Corp, a logical person would ask: who is requesting this information and trying to develop applications? When they invented  Open Source, it really confirmed to me that they have built technology and now are trying to understand it. Now they ask for our help in the guise of being transparent. 
“In the arena of computer technology and the Personal Computer, these industrial giants have gotten all the help they need, and continue to somehow make great leaps and bounds using a very linear growth that is creating a new and terrifying Artificial Intelligence world.  This is the last piece of the puzzle which, consequentially, is costing trillions of dollars, allowing machines (and their masters) to project questions such as ” we need to create another intelligence so that we can communicate with the Masters on their level.”
“They are not exactly Demons, but rather Super-Intelligent-Amoral creations that view us more as  ‘ants,’  a rather eerie connotation that, in a Biblical sense, we are dealing with ‘principalities and powers.’  


“What could we do with unlimited funding?  We could fix many problems on our planet, but all of those Puppet-Master-nations rather feed money into these creations of the Military-Industrial-Complex and the Deep State.  We could change the world instead of feeding this technocratic oligarchy, who are, again,  attempting to Wield Power in becoming a god.
“There are so many great things that could come from this, but the number of negative barriers preventing the moral and humane use is countless; we should consider who they are that will be developing these things.  If this “Intelligence” has the morals and the agendas of those who would stand behind “Its” developers, we are in big trouble.  It’s time to put the breaks on these Black Projects and also a spotlight.  If this secret cabal, which now appears to be decades or centuries ahead of our professed public-knowledge, and is now asking for our help coding this, it’s time to take a moment to stop and look at what it is before we give them more help to build a huge unknown reality.  
Right now, we listen to a voice in the dark, a suspicious resource, never asking ‘why’ or ‘who.’
“I believe like most of our technologies today, like the “Space Race,” the fake Cold War, and the military use of everything new, are sought after with the first thoughts for deriving its scientific application and value to developers. Countless technologies have been developed by an inventor or engineering team who first approached the government and expounded the technologies’ military usefulness.  It’s very hard to get grants to find our real history hidden below our feet; but if you tell this warring system,  our government cabal, that you’ve found an unknown and highly specialized  weapon (or similar technologies) buried deep under a cemetery, you’ll end up with unlimited funding, exemptions from disabling laws of our oligarchic-machines, and even literally given  an Army of corporate lackeys to get to it:  Kendra Corp, Darpa, Boston Dynamics, Microsoft, and many others—these have pitched AI as the key to warfare and ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ as their motto.

Photos Extra Gates ( httpwww.dailymail.co.uksciencetecharticle-2931375Bill-Gates-says-fear-robot-uprising-Microsoft-founder-says-agrees-Elon-Musk-dangers-AI.html ) 252A5BA400000578-29313
Eric Horvitz noted that “over a quarter of all attention and resources” at Microsoft Research are focused on artificial intelligence.

“Putin said that the ones who create the better AI is going to be the superpower of the future.   Now the nuclear arms race has become a race for AI. 
“These governments will fund all companies and their competition freely for new toys of death and destruction. The Manhattan project had opposing ideas: collision vs implosion devices, so both sides were funded and encouraged to compete.  In the end Robert Oppenheimer (a Nazi, a mass murderer; we had allowed him to become an  American and even had given him money instead of hanging) because of his knowledge of building better weapons. In the end, success was measured in a towering, mushroom cloud, of death, and waves of destruction.
“When the goal was reached, Oppenheimer said the famous words, “I have become Death the Destroyer of Worlds,” and that was considered his imprimatur of Success.”
Jeffrey Boyd Jr., February 12, 2018 at  2:25pm, Facebook Timeline, and  then email on 03/04/2018.  Researcher at Independent Research Society and Researcher writer at  Ancient Mysteries International.  Panelist.

Photos Extra HAL 9000 ( httpswww.theguardian.comculturegallery2015jan08the-top-20-artificial-intelligence-films-in-pictures ) 5a9f9c60-f582-45ef-a1f8-4ac9a589f12f-2060x1236
“I’m sorry, Dave, but I can’t allow you to do that.”
HAL 9000 – Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic Computer from movie 2001

Omar IAmone, Faizi, a panelist and the progenitor of the AI Panel, gives us some additional thoughts and facts in this research paper, giving a short introduction to the basics of robotics in the context of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. This paper describes some bad effects that can happen in the future due to the influence of artificial intelligence.


Now in society, we are living in a world of machines. We depend on machines for every field of our life. Everything around us is applications of artificial intelligence. Air conditioners, cameras, video games, medical equipment, were traffic lights, refrigerators, etc. work on “smart” technology. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that works on to create a computer system capable to react like a human being. That is to make machines capable of sensing the world around it, to understand conversations and to take decisions as a human would. Computers have more computational power than the human brain Now, computers are millions of times faster than they were fifty years ago. Human brains seem to be far “faster” than computers for a wide variety of tasks. Still, greater computational speed does make some so-called Artificial Intelligent systems seem smarter. 
Artificial intelligence (AI) has a great role in the field of robotics. Artificial Intelligence in robotics covers topics like natural language processing, design, human factors, and computing theory. Natural language processing, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence, provides computers with the understanding they require to handle information being encoded by humans. Computer vision instructs computers on how to comprehend images and scenes. It has as some of its goals: image recognition, image tracking, and image mapping. This application is valued in the fields of medicine, security, surveillance, military operations, even movie-making.  Since the beginnings of civilization man have had a fascination for a human-like creation that would assist him. Robotics and machines come to existence from this logic Artificial Intelligence to the Hollywood generation are mostly about androids, humanoids, and robots. It is about machines going out of control, replacing humanity and world domination. There is a chance of happening this situation in the future due to the influence of Artificial Intelligence.


When we say intelligent machine it does not mean that it is a machine which can solve any complex program that even humans get troubled. Calculators are not intelligent. Calculators give the right answers to challenging math problems, but everything they “know” is preprogrammed by people. They can never learn anything new. Calculators are able to solve problems entirely because people are already able to solve those same problems.  We have generated many computing devices that can solve mathematical problems of enormous complexity, but those were not actually intelligent. They are pre-programmed to do exactly what we want them to do. They accept input and generate the correct output. They may do it at amazingly fast speeds, but their underlying mechanisms depend on humans having already worked out how to write the programs that control their behavior. An intelligent machine is a machine that does not have any pre-programmed data in it to solve a problem. We can also say that it is a machine which has an ability to think.


The most famous of all uses for artificial intelligence systems is robotics. Robotics is the study and development of robots Applications of artificial intelligence with robotics have taken into account in many Hollywood films. From the android Data in Star Trek to C3PO in Star Wars, people have been engaged in science fiction with countless numbers of computerized robots. In today’s world, those types of robots are still fictional. However even today we use robots in countless applications. The automation of many assembly lines now, we use robots. For example, many auto manufacturers now employ the use of robots in many jobs which require a large amount of strength.  Robots have developed a lot by the last 50 years.  Robots now can ‘see’, sense, move and manipulate, executing complex and precise tasks at very high speeds. They have come a long way from the manufacturing field. Robotics has made a lot of progress with the influence of artificial intelligence. Today’s AI machines can replicate some specific elements of intellectual ability. Now with the help of artificial intelligence robotics is trying to create machines that will have the ability to learn just about anything, the ability to reason, the ability to use language and the ability to formulate original ideas.  Computers can already solve problems in limited realms. The basic idea of artificial intelligence problem solving is very simple, though its execution is complicated.
First, the robot or computer with artificial intelligence gathers facts about a situation through sensors or human input. The computer compares this information to stored data and decides what the information signifies. The computer runs through various possible actions and predicts which action will be most successful based on the collected information. But, the computer can only solve problems which it is programmed to solve. It will not have any generalized analytical ability. Chess computers are one example of this sort of machine.  Some modern robots also have the ability to learn in a limited capacity. Learning robots recognize if a certain action (moving its legs in a certain way, for instance) achieved the desired result (navigating an obstacle). The robot stores this information and attempts the successful action the next time it encounters the same situation.
Humanoid robots are one example of this application. Again, modern computers can only do this in very limited situations. They can’t absorb any sort of information like a human can. Some robots can learn by mimicking human actions.  Some robots can interact socially. Kismet, a robot at M.I.T’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, recognizes human body language and voice inflection and responds appropriately. Kismet’s creators are interested in how humans and babies interact, based only on the tone of speech and visual cue. This low-level interaction could be the foundation of a human-like learning system. Kismet and other humanoid robots at the M.I.T. artificial intelligence Lab operate using an unconventional control structure. Instead of directing every action using a central computer, the robots control lower-level actions with lower-level computers. The program’s director, Rodney Brooks, believes this is a more accurate model of human intelligence. We do most things automatically and we don’t decide to do them at the highest level of consciousness. For example, we are not using our highest level of consciousness for closing our eyelids. Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to interact with computers by using speech instead of writing by the application of computer speech recognition. The advantages of computer speech recognition can be seen in the Hollywood film ‘IRON MAN.’

Photos Extra Robot Drawing ( httpspixabay.comenphotosartificialintelligence ) stock-photo--d-rendering-robot-learning-or-solving-problems-680929729

Artificial intelligence has a great influence in the field of medicine. We will be able to get the treatment even if the doctor is not present. By taking the advances of sophisticated robotics and taking the advantages of computer vision and signal process technologies in artificial intelligence doctors will be able to direct robots remotely to treat patients. Computer vision instructs computers on how to comprehend images and scenes. It has as some of its goals: image recognition, image tracking, and image mapping. This application is very valued in the fields of medicine, security, surveillance, military operations, even movie-making. Since we are using robots for treating they will not get tired and will be more precise and accurate with there treatment. For example, robots will more accurate with stitching than a human doctor can do. Many soldiers have got killed in battlefields and have died because of not getting enough medical support. Machines with artificial intelligence can be sent to battlefields for treating the soldiers. Machines with artificial intelligence can be sent even in a space station or places humans cannot get very easily.

Even though nanotechnology and artificial intelligence are two different fields, there are so many researches working on with the application of artificial intelligence in nanotechnology. Many signs of progress can be made by joining together the artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. Artificial Intelligence could be boosted by nanotechnology innovations in computing power. Applications of a future nanotechnology general assembler would require some AI and robotics innovations.  Nanotechnology with the help of artificial intelligence and robotics is working on to create micro machines which can change the face of the world. There are so many application for this if these small nanobots came to exist. They can be used in every important field of our life. They can be used in the field of medicine for treatment. They can be injected to the body with the medicine and will heal the decease. Nanotechnology with artificial intelligence can be used in the field of the military for increasing efficiency and develop defensive shields. Today there is still no shield that can deflect a nuclear explosion; nations are protected not by defenses that cancel offenses, but by a balance of offensive terror. The developments in this field can save the lives of many on wars.  An unfriendly AI with molecular nanotechnology (or other rapid infrastructure) need not bother with marching robot armies or blackmail or subtle economic coercion. The unfriendly AI has the ability to re-pattern all matter in the solar system according to its optimization target.
Artificial Intelligence has a great role in the field of education. Computers have been used in education for over 20 years. Intelligent tutoring systems have been shown to be highly effective in increasing student motivation and learning. Computer-based training (CBT) and computer-aided instruction (CAI) were the first such systems deployed as an attempt to teach using computers. In these kinds of systems, the instruction was not individualized to the learner’s needs. Instead, the decisions about how to move a student through the material were script-like, “if question 21 is answered correctly, proceed to question 54; otherwise, go to question 32.” The learner’s abilities were not taken into account in this type of learning system. Even though both Computer-based training (CBT) and computer-aided instruction (CAI) effective in helping learners, they do not provide the same kind of individualized attention that a student would receive from a human tutor. For a computer-based educational system to provide such attention, it must reason about the domain and the learner. This prompted research in the field of intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs). ITSs offer considerable flexibility in the presentation of material and a greater ability to respond to student needs. These systems achieve their “intelligence” by representing educational decisions about how to teach as well as information about the learner. This allows for greater flexibility by altering the system’s interactions with the student. Intelligent tutoring systems have been shown to be highly effective at increasing student’s performance and motivation.

Video games have gone through drastic improvements in the past ten years. Game artificial intelligence refers to techniques used in computer and video games to produce the illusion of intelligence in the behavior of non-player characters. Artificial intelligence in games is usually used for creating player’s opponents. The high-level strategic orders by the player are taken cared for by the artificial intelligence of the computer. Video games seem to get twice as complex in some ways every year. As these games get more complex they also get more interesting and engaging.  They are becoming an artistic form of expression for the programmers and developers Strategy games like “Warcraft 3” call for users to create an army to defeat one or more computer-controlled villages with armies of their own. These villages will form alliances, scout surrounding areas, and plan appropriate battle plans to do their best to be the last village standing. “The Sims” has reinvented artificial life in gaming. The game starts with the user controlling one person. Eventually, the character may marry and then the user can have children in the game. These “people” are wonders of artificial intelligence. They all have their individual characteristics, wants, and needs. They have the ability to fall in love, make friends, enemies, become hermits, strive for more in life, etc, and will act on their feelings at will. So, we can see that artificial intelligence have a great application in the field of gaming-Artificial Intelligence – Current Usage.

There are many applications of artificial intelligence at present.  Banks and other financial institutions rely on intelligent software, which provides an accurate analysis of the data and helps make predictions based upon that data. Stocks and commodities are being traded without any human interference – all thanks to the intelligent systems. Artificial intelligence is used for weather forecasting. It is used by airlines to keep a check on its system. Robotics is the greatest success story, in the field of artificial intelligence. Spacecraft are sent by NASA and other space organizations into space, which is completely manned by robots. Even some manufacturing processes are now being completely undertaken by robots. Robots are being used in industrial processes, that are dangerous to human beings, such as in nuclear power plants. Usage of artificial intelligence is quite evident in various speech recognition systems, such as IBM Via Voice software and Windows Vista.
It is believed that Artificially Intelligent computers will be obviously used in the field of education. Furthermore, in the medical field scientists are speculating the development of intelligent computers that will be immune to viruses. So there will be a future with no disease.  Even now we can see small applications of artificial intelligence in our home. For example, smart television, smart refrigerator etc. In the future, better applications of Artificial intelligence will be seen in every home in the future. Artificial Intelligence with nanotechnology or other technologies may give rise to new fields in the area of science. Machines may get more sophisticated and will be the companion of man. For certain, the development of artificial intelligence will increasingly make it a part of our daily life.


If there is a fair side there will be a negative side also. Even though artificial intelligence is having many advantages applications there are so many risky disadvantages also.  At a more basic level, the use of artificial intelligence in everyday tasks might produce laziness on the part of humans. The awareness that the machines have intelligence will make human to be lazy and will be forced to make everything done by the machines. Humans have an extraordinary ability to think, analyze, and use judgment. If artificial intelligence is used for interpreting, then the human mind and its capabilities might go to waste. Scientific Films today represents the developments that can happen in the future. Most of the scientific films on artificial intelligence represent the negative side of artificial intelligence. For example, if we take film ‘I ROBOT’ as an example, it represents a robot going mad against society and becoming a trait to humanity. There are many Hollywood films representing the same idea. Films like ‘TERMINATOR’ also represent the robots with artificial intelligence going mad against humanity.  Applications of artificial intelligence with nanotechnology in military field have many positive advantages like, to develop a perfect defensive shield to any attacks. However, it has a dangerous side also. With the help of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, we will be able to develop very powerful and destructive weapons. In the Hollywood film ‘G.I. JOE’ the weapons made by the application of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence is shown.  If we give intelligence to machines, they will be able to utilize it in its maximum extent. And machines with intelligence will become more intelligent than its creators.


Photos Extra Blade Runner MV5BMjM0MTQyZTAtYmU4Ni00ODhhLTgxMmItZGUyNmIyMGRkNTM5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzg2ODI2OTU@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,735_AL_
Movie Scene from  Blade Runner 2049.

So, there will be a chance of humanity under control machines. In future, there may be more types of robots with artificial intelligence. Applications of artificial intelligence in the military field will give rise to more sophisticated and user-friendly warfare’s. By the invention of artificial intelligence, scientists will be able to prove that human intelligence is purely mechanical and can be duplicated. If this happens, it would break man’s view of himself as a unique being. The future artificially intelligent machines can become even more intelligent than humans. By that, there will be a situation of man v\s machines like we see in science fiction films.  Computers are more capable of producing accurate results. So, they will potentially replace humans in jobs that are better suited for them. This could mean that the workplace will no longer be a man’s domain. Unemployment rates could go up. Humans could soon lose their ground as a dominant creature. Most critical of possibilities is the complete destruction of the human race.  Moreover, the fast developments in the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics may push earth to a critical state. Even now the wastes of computer parts and other electronic devices are making a great disturbance to our nature and earth. In the future, our planet Earth may go to black from green due to the pollution that can happen by the development of artificial intelligence.
Technology is neither good nor bad. It never has been. Artificial Intelligence is a field in which so many researches are going on. Artificial Intelligence is the subfield of computer science concerned with understanding the nature of intelligence and constructing computer systems capable of intelligent action. Even though, humans are having intelligence they are not able to use it to the maximum extent. Machines will be able to use 100% of its intelligence if we gave them intelligence. It is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. We depend on machines for almost every application in life. Machines are now a part of our life and are used commonly. So, we must know more about machines and should be aware of the future that can happen if we give them intelligence. Artificial Intelligence cannot be as bad or good. It varies in the way we utilize and use it.
YouTube Link For AI Panel Talk


No Escape – Dawn of Destruction – Controls All
American Intelligence Media Presents Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben

The subsequent list of sites and sources are meant to be adjunct aides on this topic to be viewed in a general sense (there are so many more out there; go locate them, before they are all taken down): 
Quote from the article below:  ” If it were not for use of psychotronics for torture, there would be few Targeted Individuals.  Criminal perpetrators exploit ‘less-lethal Directed Energy Weapons’ and psychotronic techniques to inflict pain and unpleasant sensations on victims however far away they may be, and they can do it anonymously.”
Quote from the below article:  “It’s all very, very similar to the NSA and CIA…very, very top-secret,” said A.H, and he explained in further detail: Essentially, the covert management of this matter operates as part super-secret organized crime operation. It is more like a secret mafia than a government entity…extra-constitutional, both in the U.S and the U.K, as well as other countries…A criminal enterprise and a conspiracy of the first order…assassinations, murder, kidnapping, theft of technology…spin-off technologies based on the study of ET objects…” 
Whistle-blower A.H –  https://wordpresscom507.wordpress.com/2018/02/23/the-naked-ufo-deep-state/
Quote from the below article:  “Mustapha Mond, one of ten world controllers in Brave New World and the evil Obrien of 1984’s nation of Oceana, both knew what they were doing. They were fully conscious in order to exert complete control and ensure the continuation of their respective, fictional nation-states…could this type of power consolidation occur in the real (non-literary) world?…answer that question one only needs to study history then, go turn on all of the various ‘telescreens’ in their private homes: Televisions, smartphones, tablets, lap-taps and desktop computers. Tyrannical regimes have been centralizing and fortifying ramparts of power from the time man first crushed grapes. And, obviously, as the exiled enemy of the State, Edward Snowden, has revealed, modernity is no antiserum to the cancerous systematization of power.”
Quote from the below article: “Secret Intelligence Industrial Complex…CIA, NSA, NGA, and NRO form a massive, secret government.  Around that, there is a secret corporate monopoly made up of Leidos Holdings, CSRA, CACI, SAIC (who lost $7 Billion of taxpayer money in failed programs) and Booz Allen Hamilton. This monopoly sucks up around $50 Billion per year from taxpayer revenues in secret.  These groups are accountable to no-one.”
Quote from the below article:  “Michael Snyder of The Truth Wins asks: What will you do when you can no longer buy or sell without submitting to biometric identification?  This technology is going to keep spreading, and it is going to become harder and harder to avoid it. And it is easy to imagine what a tyrannical government could do with this kind of technology.  If it wanted to, it could use it to literally track the movements and behavior of everyone…And one day, this kind of technology will likely be so pervasive that you won’t be able to open a bank account, get a credit card or even buy anything without having either your hand or your face scanned first.”
Quote from the below article:  “Systemic dehumanization…Existing inequities will surely be magnified with the introduction of highly effective psycho-pharmaceuticals, genetic modification, super intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, nanotechnology, robotic prosthetics, and the possible development of life expansion. They are all fundamentally inegalitarian, based on a notion of limitlessness rather than a standard level of physical and mental well-being we’ve come to assume in healthcare.  It’s not easy to conceive of a way in which these potentialities can be enjoyed by all.”
 Quote from the below article:  “Mind Control — UFOs, cattle/human mutilations, extreme human experimentation — Many people claim to have been abducted by aliens and taken to underground bases, such as the Dulce base in New Mexico, and witnessed extreme experimentation being carried out not just on humans but also on other animals and creatures, including aliens…Then there’s also all the cattle and human mutilations that happen (although human mutilations seem to be kept very quiet) – one Brazilian military official was found in 1994 after his internal organs had been sucked out through his anus whilst he was still alive. His left eyelid and jawbone had been removed with surgical precision using some kind of laser technology and it seems that these types of subjects (crop circlesUFOsfree energy, mind control, the illuminati, etc) are all subject to disinformation…”
Quote from the below article:  “What has definitively happened since 1970, and particularly since September 2001, has been a government agency sanctioned and run amok murder ring, with attending insanity where caution and restraint have been thrown to the wind. This fact, combined with a ‘security’ apparatus which has grown to gargantuan proportions, can no longer conceal what has become a criminal enterprise, comprising religious extremist politicians,  top military brass who happen to be the ‘politicians’ allied (to) Christian fanatics, coupled with extremist professional corporate mercenaries largely staffed by former spooks and military special operations veterans euphemistically known as ‘contractors.’”
Quote from the below article: “Science advances, antennas get more powerful, and very little attention is paid to the butterfly effect.  These artificial resonations are adverse to the health of humans and wildlife worldwide and the side-effects of these experiments are unknown as these facilities operate in secrecy…Demand more transparency in the world of brain-altering electric signals, and learn how they are altering our spaceour skies, and our Earth while blaming it all on climate change.  Be sure to check out our maps of all these facilities with our ClimateViewer 3D.”  
Quote from the below article:   “It is clear that some kind of artificial intelligence is driving the synthetic agenda. We are up against some kind of dark force that has hacked life itself.  This primal virus has many of the characteristics we have historically attributed to artificial intelligence: soulless, dull, hive-mind mentality, without free will, unable to feel, only able to give answers (unable to ask questions), and without creative power (unable to create without first being programmed or told how to create).  It’s a parasite.   It has latched onto an existing reality, ‘hacked’ it by taking over the program in some way, and is now busy creating its own modified version of reality (a fake and pale imitation) – a bastardized, poisonous and synthetic reality which is threatening to destroy the original host.  It is, indeed, the System.  It is the Matrix.”
Quote from the below article:  “Just last year the Dailymail reported that scientists had discovered a trick to plant false experiences into people’s brains. As Huffington Post reported in 2014 ‘Mind control is becoming a reality,’ in the clear science world, while black project scientists are far ahead of these advances as this article illustrates.”
Quote from the below article:  “One especially invasive attack method in the arena of ‘psycho-electronic’ mind control is ‘voice to skull.’ Voice to the skull is the transmission of voice, or any other audible or subliminal sound, directly into the hearing sense of the mind control victim. This is sometimes done around the clock and can be one of the severest forms of torture. Voice to skull technology is sometimes referred to as ‘synthetic telepathy.’  Current-day voice to the skull cannot be stopped by any known electromagnetic shielding, a fact which demonstrates how advanced classified mind control technology has become.”
Photos Extra Albert ( httpswww.smithsonianmag.cominnovationwhat-happens-when-artificial-intelligence-turns-us-180949415 ) terminator
I’ll  be Back


Will We Ever Learn?

May be an image of Jonathan Campoa
Researcher Jonathan Compoa
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Westworld (2016)

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Eye in the Sky!

“I’m the eye in the sky…..”

Terrorism: More Than Meets the Eye


Steve Erdmann

Copyright, Steve Erdmann, 2018

This article was previously published in the February 3, 2018 issue of http://www.wacherstalk.com and is reproduced with permission. 
Iamtheeyeinthesky cropped-watchers-talk-seal-website-3
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The Alan Parsons Project Lyrics

     “Eye in the Sky”
Don’t think sorry’s easily said
Don’t try turning tables instead
You’ve taken lots of chances before
But I ain’t gonna give any more
Don’t ask me
That’s how it goes
‘Cause part of me knows what you’re thinking…
Don’t say words you’re gonna regret
Don’t let the fire rush to your head
I’ve heard the accusation before
And I ain’t gonna take any more
Believe me
The sun in your eyes
Made some of the lies worth believing

I am the eye in the sky
Looking at you
I can read your mind
I am the maker of rules
Dealing with fools
I can cheat you blind
And I don’t need to see any more
To know that I can read your mind, I can read your mind, I can read your mind, I can read your mind
Don’t leave false illusions behind
Don’t cry ’cause I ain’t changing my mind
So find another fool like before
‘Cause I ain’t gonna live anymore believing
Some of the lies while all of the signs are deceiving

Eye in the Sky” is a 1982 song by the British rock band The Alan Parsons Project from the album Eye in the Sky. It hit #3 on the Billboard charts in the U.S. in October 1982,[1] #1 in both Canada and Spain, and #6 in New Zealand and was their most successful release. The instrumental piece entitled “Sirius” segues into “Eye in the Sky”‘ on the original recording.

Iamtheeyeinthesky quote (httpsedri.orgsnowden-surveillance-control ) Snowden

The Wall Street Journal mentioned on August 15, 2007 that the United States was planning to expand its use of reconnaissance satellites, but also over the United States to aid civil agencies, in response to recommendations by an independent study group. The term ‘civil agencies’ referred to agencies outside of the Defense Department and Intelligence Community – agencies which may have domestic or foreign missions, or both – The satellites were updated in 2008 to report on domestic use on the U.S as “spy satellites.”

“The recent revelations regarding the extent of NSA eavesdropping is only the tip of the iceberg.  We are currently in an information war and a mind war, where our privacy and autonomy as human beings are at stake…In 2010, the NSA admitted it was using a ground wave-based weapon that was playing havoc with electricity…known as TAO…accesses computers, as well as people’s brains…” 

Photos Extra Eye ( httpwww.bbc.comfuturestory20140702-why-i-asked-to-be-possessed ) eXTRR p021zhgp


Some Modern Spying Capabilities

November 22, 2010.

On Sunday November 21, 2010 at 5:58pm, the USAF launched NRO LR-32, a secret US military spy satellite. The satellite was so huge that it required this Delta IV Heavy rocket to reach orbit. The cryptic satellite had been, at that time, the largest satellite in the world.

According to the National Reconnaissance Office’s Director Bruce Carlson, the NRO LR-32 is indeed “the largest satellite in the world.” The NRO is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and operation of all the United States reconnaissance satellites. This particular satellite was “believed to be an eavesdropping satellite positioned high above the equator in geosynchronous orbit.” It had an antenna the size of a football field once the antenna had been fully extended in orbit.

iamtheeyeinthesky NROL52 ( httpswww.kennedyspacecenter.comlaunches-and-eventsevents-calendar2017octoberrocket-launch-ula-atlas-v-nrol-52 ) av_nrol42_l2 for web
The October 7, 2017 launch of NROL-52 upon an AtlastV

Similarly, the Delta IV Heavy rocket was the largest rocket in the world at that time in size, capable of producing 1.9 million pounds of thrust using its three engines.

Even further, and with twenty-five years after their top-secret, Cold War-era missions ended, two clandestine American satellite programs were declassified Saturday, September 17, 2010: the unveiling of three of the United States‘ most closely guarded assets: the KH-7 GAMBIT, the KH-8 GAMBIT 3 and the KH-9 HEXAGON spy satellites.

Both of the newly declassified satellite systems, GAMBIT and HEXAGON, followed the U.S. military’s front-runner spy satellite system CORONA, which was declassified in 1995.

Iamtheeyeinthesky ( httpswww.cnn.com20160901usdeclassified-spy-satellite-hexagonindex.html ) 160827172350-hexagon-photo-spy-satellite-exlarge-169


The KH-9 HEXAGON, nicknamed “Big Bird,” was as large as a school bus. The KH-9 HEXAGON carried 60 miles of high resolution photographic film for space surveillance missions.

“This was some bad-ass technology,” Dwayne A. Day told SPACE.com. “The Russians didn’t have anything like it.”

Day, co-editor of “Eye in the Sky: The Story of the Corona Spy Satellites,” wrote that “it took the Soviets on average five to 10 years to catch up during the Cold War, and in many cases they never really matched American capabilities.”

Phil Pressel, designer of the HEXAGON’s panoramic ‘optical bar’ imaging cameras, agreed with Day’s assessment.

“This is still the most complicated system we’ve ever put into orbit …Period.”

The HEXAGON’s twin optical bar panoramic mirror cameras rotated as the swept back and forth when the satellite flew over Earth: intelligence officials referred to this as “mowing the lawn.”

The 6-inch wide frame of HEXAGON film captured a wide image of terrain covering 370 nautical miles. This was comparable to the distance from Cincinnati to Washington on each of its passes over the former Soviet Union and China. The satellites had a resolution of about 2 to 3 feet (0.6 to nearly 1 meter), according to the NRO.  This demonstrated the 10 Ways the Government Watches You.

Each HEXAGON satellite mission lasted about 124 days, with the satellite launching four film return capsules that could send its photos back to Earth. Whereupon an aircraft would catch the return capsule in mid-air by snagging its parachute as the canister re-entered the atmosphere.

The film inside the protective bucket reported contained high resolution photographs of the Soviet Union’s submarine bases and missile silos.

Hubble Compared to Hexagon

International Space Station flight controller Rob Landis, now technical manager in the advanced projects office at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, is quoted (in noticing some distinct similarities between Hubble and the huge KH-9 HEXAGON reconnaissance satellite):

“I see a lot of Hubble heritage in this spacecraft, most notably in terms of spacecraft size,” Landis said. “Once the space shuttle design was settled upon, the design of Hubble — at the time it was called the Large Space Telescope — was set upon. I can imagine that there may have been a convergence or confluence of the designs. The Hubble’s primary mirror is 2.4 meters [7.9 feet] in diameter and the spacecraft is 14 feet in diameter. Both vehicles (KH-9 and Hubble) would fit into the shuttle’s cargo bay lengthwise, the KH-9 being longer than Hubble [60 feet]; both would also fit on a Titan-class launch vehicle.”

Another former spacecraft designer said bluntly:

“The space shuttle’s payload bay was sized to accommodate the KH-9.”


The NRO launched 20 KH-9 HEXAGON satellites from California’s Vandenberg AFB from June 1971 to April 1986. The GAMBIT satellite program was active from July 1963 to April 1984. Both satellites were huge and launched out of Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The HEXAGON’s final launch in April 1986 met with disaster as the spy satellite’s Titan 34D rocket boosters erupted into a massive fireball just second after liftoff. This crippled the NRO’s orbital reconnaissance capabilities for many months.

Before the first HEXAGON spy satellite systems was ever launched, the NRO’s GAMBIT series of reconnaissance craft flew several space missions providing  surveillance over special targets around the entire world.

The NRO said that GAMBIT 1’s initial system, first launched in 1963 carrying a KH-7 camera system, included a “77-inch focal length camera for providing specific information on scientific and technical capabilities that threatened the nation.” A second GAMBIT satellite system, which first launched aboard GAMBIT 3 in 1966, included a 175-inch focal length camera. The GAMBIT 1 series satellite has a resolution similar to the HEXAGON series, about 2 to 3 feet, but the follow-up GAMBIT 3 system had an improved resolution of better than 2 feet.

The initial version was 15 feet long and 5 feet wide, and weighed about 1,154 pounds. The GAMBIT 3 satellite stretched nearly 29 feet long, not counting its Agenda D rocket upper stage.  It weighed about 4,130 pounds.  The GAMBIT series were designed for extremely short missions.

The GAMBIT 1 craft had an average mission life of about 6 1/2 days, 38 missions. The GAMBIT 3 series averaged about 31 days. In all, 54 of the satellites were launched.

The GAMBIT series of satellites returned their film to Earth in re-entry capsules snatched up by recovery aircraft. GAMBIT 1 carried about 3,000 feet of film, while GAMBIT 3 was packed with 12,241 feet of film.


The enormous HEXAGON was launched with 60 miles – or – 320,000 feet of film!

NRO officials confirmed that the KH-8 GAMBIT 3 and KH-9 HEXAGON were later operated in unison: both working to photograph areas of military importance in both the former Soviet Union and China.

The KH-9 would image a wide swath of terrain later examined imagery analysts looking ‘targets of opportunity.’ Following, then, when these potential targets were identified, a KH-8 would be positioned to photograph the ‘target’ in much higher resolution.

“During the era of these satellites — the GAMBIT and the HEXAGON — there was a Director of Central Intelligence committee known as the ‘Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation’ that was responsible for that type of planning,” explained the NRO’s Robert McDonald, Director of the Center for the Study of National Reconnaissance.

NASA’s Rob Landis spoke candidly and pointedly about the then worrisome declassification of the GAMBIT and HEXAGON programs.

“You have to give credit to leaders like President Eisenhower who had the vision to initiate reconnaissance spacecraft, beginning with the CORONA and Discoverer programs,” Landis said. “He was of the generation who wanted no more surprises, no more Pearl Harbors.”


Since the spy satellite era began with AMSAT-OSCAR on November 15, 1973, governments have been orbiting a progression of communications and reconnaissance satellites down through the years.  Odd and curious names are given such as CORONA, ARGON, LANYARD, GAMBIT, QUASAR, LACROSSE, ONYX, the KH series, the USA series, the NROL series, down to the recent NROL-47 on January 12, 2018. 

Iamaeyeinthesky Nrol1 ( httpwww.popularmechanics.comspacerocketsa15063029ula-nro-spy-satellite-launch-2018 ) dtrsfcoxkaed5nc-1515698266

Out of the estimated 4,635 satellites sent into orbit, an equally estimated 1,738 are still in orbit, though high security prevents any accurate information. Most recently, we are investing in INTRUDER-12 through the SIGINT.

The Russian government, having the same problems, launched similar satellites of the KOSMOS and ZENIT series from 1961 through 1994. China has launched the GAOFON4, Germany and a few others – the SAR-LUPE, The Middle East – the OFER, Japan – the IGS, Egypt – the DESERTSAT, Finland – the ICEYE.

Iamtheeyeintheskyrobot1 ( httpwww.bbc.comnewsmagazine-41504285 ) _98297667_gettyimages-177090022_976b

Dr. John Hall has entered a very dark and virulent world in his story about Big Brother gone awry and crazy far beyond George Orwell’s tale of oligarchic- people-controllers. Orwell spoke of Mind Control. That was children’s play compared to what Dr. Hall says is really going on today and has happened to him personally: control of his life, and that of his friends, by advanced technological space satellites……….And the use of many other devices and Deep State technology.


“I can read your Mind….”

Hall also believes, based on individual testimonies that many people may be under attack and even murdered by criminals that have tapped into computer-satellite technology and used it to harass, control, and kill victims.  A case in point: He and his girlfriend Mallory, whom, he believes, were drugged, zapped by satellite technology, with Mallory raped by a man and his cohorts whom Hall refers to as ‘The Ghost.’ The Ghost uses an array of X-ray, microwave, GPS, EEG monitoring, ultrasonic sounds, particle beams, and a suspected armada of sophisticated technology that these present-day stalking terrorists have somehow latched onto.

(A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America, Dr. John Hall, Strategic Book Publishing, 12051 Indian Creek Court, Beltsville, MD 20705, 866-640-6397, [was  845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor, Suite 6016, New York, N.Y., 10022.] 129-pages. $22.50.)                                 

“The Ghost” is described as an “ex-FBI curmudgeon” who parades as a moral pillar of his community, but now moves through fellow co-conspirators and a special elite to use this secret technology; he also uses more down-to-earth but just as superior spy devices and detective operandi – to drug, stalk, break and enter, spy and eventually rape good-looking women, encasing them as “zombies” to do this group’s bidding.  Hall’s love, Mallory, is one victim.   As Hall began to gather evidence to present against “The Ghost” and his operatives (whom Hall calls the Byler family, the K.F. Higgins [detective] Associates, a Harry Shelby, and others), these criminals have gone on a rampage to destroy Hall, his career and life.

“Satellite surveillance has taken invasion of privacy to an all new high,” says Hall, “the current satellite surveillance systems used by the government, and those illegally accessing it, can see you indoors and out, alter your moods, hear your thoughts, attack you with weaponry and access your financial accounts; it’s no longer science-fiction when it’s really happening to thousands of people across the United States and uncounted numbers worldwide.”  

Hall is a member of the Mind Science Foundation, as well as a diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology, and belongs to the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

How “The Ghost” gained the capabilities to manipulate satellite technology is not clear. That must come at a ‘cost’ to “The Ghost.”  Hall mentions a surgeon, Harry Shelby, and Hall connects the dots through a long list of people, detective agencies, and relations to a family called “The Bylers.” How did these people obtain access to this super-technology; from whom and at what price? It is not enough that the average person must worry about and contend with expensive and new wars, world-wide financial ruin, a disappearing dollar, and unhealthy epidemics: now we must contend with spy technology used against American citizens – indeed, the world. Are these Mysterianisms, these ‘Ghosts,’ operating in many countries and about the globe?  Is there a Master Ghost, a sort of a Grand Dragon, correlating the whole formidable and morose strategy? Are they causing UFO and ghost phenomenon? Do they want to drive us crazy?

“With all the breaking and entering I’ve described, you’re probably wondering, don’t these people have alarm systems?’’ asks Dr. Hall.  “If you are under satellite surveillance they can hear the pass codes you formulate as well as watch you punch them into the key pad,” Hall continues. “To further complicate things, in my case, the criminals had prior security company experience; they will know their way around your alarm system better than you do.” 


“…..I can cheat you blind……”

“For years the federal government has sought to remotely control human behavior. Starting with the CIA projects MKULTRA and MKSEARCH in the 1950s, the American public has been unwitting guinea pigs in a multitude of non-consensually performed experiments that have continued into the 21st century. Guinea Pigs takes readers on a journey into the darkest corners of U.S. non-consensual experimentation and the various technologies of control that have led to our current surveillance state. The recent revelations regarding the extent of NSA eavesdropping is only the tip of the iceberg. We are currently in an information war and a mind war, where our privacy and autonomy as human beings are at stake. Guinea Pigs will arm you with the information needed to fight back against those who seek to eliminate human free will. Over the coming years, terms like ‘remote neural monitoring,’ ‘brain-mapping,’ and ‘electronic harassment’ will become household words, to be one step ahead of the game, be prepared for the future with Guinea Pigs.”

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, 2015.
Dr. John Hall

“Born in San Antonio, Texas, home of the Alamo, John Hall is a physician who considers writing his second profession. ‘Knowing the United States government’s dismal track record with regard to experimenting on the public without informed consent, the sheer number of people voicing identical complaints of electronic harassment, and surveillance had to be explored logically.’”

Publisher’s website: http://sbprabooks.com/JohnHall.  .

Dr. John Hall continues his expose’ in his other book Guinea pigs: Technologies of Control (Strategic Book Publishing, 12051, Indian Creek Court, Beltsville, MD. 20705, 866-640-6387, 703-637-6006, 2015, 196 pages, $23.00).

Iamtheeyeinthesky Cover ( httpswww.amazon.comGuinea-Pigs-Technologies-John-Halldp163135552X ) 51TXj9oc5eL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_
 Guinea Pigs Technologies of Control by John Hall, Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC

Through various agents, such as Catharine Austin Fitts and Wired Magazine, thousands of individual witnesses, and other sources, Hall has come to discover different aspects of this clandestine and illegal activity: digital transfers, experimental electromagnetic control methods using ‘ELF waves,[1] microwave technology (such as microwave ‘guns,’ heart-attack ‘guns’: he saw Bob Fletcher’s shoulder blasted apart), Jim Jones connection to the CIA, Sonic nauseators, millimatter wave weapon (he has seen bodies dehydrated and shrunk to nothing), Zombie-guns, satellite microwave weapons, solar-powered ‘blimps’ housing this technology, LRAD acoustic weapons, miniaturized spy drones, Nano-implants, Mind Control, V2K (Voice to Skull), MK Ultra, Ionizing Radiation, Energy Directed Weapons, Gang Stalking, Psychic Warfare, Mass Entrainment, Light/Sound Programmable Media, Sexualized Hypnosis, Hypnotic Suggestion, Mass Hypnosis, and Satellite ‘Death Ray’ type beams to name a few out of  so many other technologies, designed, not for just catching spies, but, in the words of Hall, for “control” of the general populace.

The government had created in 2011 a new 3-billion-dollar ultra-spy agency called the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) devoted solely to visual or photographic spying, situated in Washington, D.C and St. Louis, Missouri. 

Iamtheeyeinthesky August 2013 ( Aug. 2013 httpswww.nasaspaceflight.com201308ula-delta-iv-h-launch-nrol-65 ) NROL 13

“It is inhumane and evil to subject any person to organized stalking/surveillance groups and/or direct energy weapon attacks.  The victims are merely witnesses to the unbelievable crimes that are done with Nazi-like mentality; methods of human experimentation and torture,” said Kenneth M. Wilborne, Jr.  “No one should expect a witness of these crimes to be equipped to prove the crime that has been done against them. Direct energy weapons are hi-tech political control technology. One would have to be a Physicist with proper government security clearance and access to specific classified information to understand exactly how the direct energy weapons work and what impact they have on the biology of a human subject.

“There are too many citizens of the USA and of the world (known as Targeted Individuals) who are complaining all over the internet about the problems of organized group stalking/surveillance groups and/or direct energy weapon attacks. Direct energy applications to the body and brain dismantle a Targeted Individual’s physical and – mental health – often to the point of disability and/or premature-death.

“Direct energy assaults to a person’s brain or body can cause plausible symptoms of mental and physical illnesses. Plausible deniability is used by some doctors and some law enforcement to say the Targeted Individual is mentally ill and experiencing chimerical thinking from being psychotic which is a lie either from ignorance, corruption, or coercion or said under the guise of ‘national security.’  Any time such a lie is done intentional, it is a lie right of the pit of Hell. It is a serious sin to attempt or succeed at taking away the God given free-will of a person to change their character or control them by influencing their decisions by using hi-tech mind control methods and/or organized group stalking to use the threat of punishment or threat to terminate a person’s life. All these objectives are tampering with many intelligent and innocent people’s God-given life.” 

https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-new-breed-satellite-terrorism-john- hall/1016514132.

Hall says that most of the time, though not inclusively, these harassments and interventions are carried out by sub-contracted and contracted agencies, such as former FBI, CIA, and other connected-intelligence-partners that have been given access to routes to use the technology for ‘experiment’ and data gathering, which, turn, is the turned over to their ‘handlers’ and ‘headquarters.’

Hall was on the COAST TO COAST radio broadcast and he explains that while political dissidents are potential victims of electronic harassment, Hall suggested, in the words of COAST TO COAST “that middle to lower middle class people as well as prisoners and the homeless could also be seen as ideal candidates for testing the technology. He explained that this would allow for those who are controlling the experiment to get a greater data set and see which tactics work best. However, Hall also puts forward a troubling, potential alternative scenario which was imparted to him by an insider working with this technology. According to that source, Hall said, the victims of electronic harassment are actually the outliers who are not susceptible to the control system. ‘That’s a very scary thought,’ he observed, ‘because that tells me that the majority of people are already being controlled.’”


John Hall is one of the most knowledgeable persons investigating the topic.  His research and advice should not be taken lightly:

“The weapons used in the attack phase include microwave, millimeter wave, radio-frequency, laser and probably scalar modalities. All of these modalities have been researched extensively and weaponized for military use as mentioned earlier in the book. While they have all been identified under the heading of ‘non-lethal’ weapons, non-lethality in the research setting was not based on 24/7 exposure. Moreover, the exact effect of their exposure long term on the human body is not known, at least not in official research. The victims of the current experimentation may be the guinea pigs of some type of long term exposure protocol that is too unethical to be done under a legitimate Institutional Review Board with consenting volunteers.”


A virtual army of victims and people are now speaking out.  One such person is Michael Fitzhugh Bell, who has written several books detail his episodes with these agencies.

In his first book, Bell described how he became an unwitting victim of the United States Government, he’s known as a Targeted Individual. Bell has been illegally implanted with nonconsensual, non-therapeutic biomedical implant devices which cause severe suffering, physical torture and psychological terror. 

“This crime has infiltrated every aspect of society and is secretly flourishing at the expense of the U.S taxpayer,” said Bell.

As a Whistleblower, Bell said he is a victim of what is referred to as an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (U.S.A.P.) created by the United States Government, believed to be part of the Military Black Ops portion of the Shadow Government. Bell is under constant attack by Bioelectronic Torture Weapons eternally in a continual assault on his life.

Photos Extra Ghost ( httpswww.facebook.comphoto.phpfbid=1783784761652956&set=a.891495037548604.1073741827.100000643498963&type=3&theater ) 25588028_1783784761652956_5906866604602380751_o

Bell is victimized through the illegal misuse of advanced nanotechnology, biomedical devices embedded throughout his body, using clandestine Government Classified Technologies. His first book demonstrated this and contains actual verified Doctors reports and documented medical images to prove this fact.

The Invisible CrimePart TwoA Targeted Individual, Synthetic Telepathy, [2]and Global Criminal Biomedical Human ExperimentationA True Story,” goes further than previously in print, disclosing an astonishing truth that remains part of a secret Government Human Experimentation and illegal, non-consensual clinical trial test program.


To control beautiful women for purposes of sex is hardly a Boy Scout’s oath of loyalty; rather, it sounds like science-fiction prophecy come true: Richard S. Shaver and his Dero control, H.G. Well’s Morlocks, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (Traumnovelle, Arthur Schnitzler), and other related themes. Does it go back as far as the 1947 Maury Island Tacoma, Washington UFO affair and the discovered CIA operative Harold Crisman; a suspected worldwide pedophile ring that may have involved the murder to Jon Bennett Ramsey; the JFK assassination; the Candy Jones (Jessica Arline Wilcox) spy affair; M.K. Ultra-Manchurian Candidacy; Nazi technology; the 2008 Wall Street and financial crash and the enormous transfers of money?  When did it begin?   But more importantly, where is it leading?

Iamtheeyeinthesky OCTO ( httpwww.kylereviewseverything.commovie-reviewsmovie-spectre201657 ) download
Science-fiction Prophecy Come True

Bell, Hall, and others, are inadvertently supported by theories and claims of researchers: Dr. Bernard J. Eastland, Dr. Nick Begich, James Bamford, John Marks, Gary Null, Marshall Thomas, Cathy O’Brian, Marshall D. Smith, Catherine Austin Fitts, and so many others.

As legitimate paranoia engulfs us, we are beginning to not to have visitors so often because we just do not know who the thieves are and who are not.

Finally, how do the investigators propose to handle that crushing wave – the tsunami — of deep and encrusted terror episodes – told, so very convincingly, in their “honest-to-God” stories and victimization’s (sandwiched along with lies and fiction) about their “Ghosts,” whatever “vintage” those phantoms and monsters might be?  I hope that person has a human micro-strainer.  

Steve Erdmann, February 2018, St. Louis, Mo.
A New Breed Satellite Terrorism
Iamtheeyeinthesky Book Cover ( httpswww.barnesandnoble.comwa-new-breed-satellite-terrorism-john-hall1016514132 ) 9781606939444_p0_v1_s600x595
A New Breed Satellite Terrorism
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[1] Extremely low frequency (ELF) is the ITU designation for electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) with frequencies from 3 to 30 Hz, and corresponding wavelengths of 100,000 to 10,000 kilometers, respectively. In atmospheric science, an alternative definition is usually given, from 3 Hz to 3 kHz.
[2] Synthetic Telepathy is the process of hacking the human mind using a supercomputer and analyzing and deciphering a human being’s thoughts in real-time via their emanating brainwave frequency.


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The Dracula Project

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TheDraculaClan ( httpmysteriousuniverse.org201705cattle-mutilations-the-government-files ) Bodies field

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The Dracula Clan


Steve Erdmann

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Sky Fall  – by Adele

This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten
Feel the earth move and then
Hear my heart burst again
For this is the end
I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment
So overdue I owe them
Swept away, I’m stolen
Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
At skyfall
At skyfall
Skyfall is where we start
A thousand miles and poles apart
Where worlds collide and days are dark
You may have my number, you can take my name
But you’ll never have my heart
Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
At skyfall
Where you go I go
What you see I see
I know…

“Skyfall” is the theme song of the 2012 James Bond film of the same name, performed by the English singer Adele. It was written by Adele and the producer Paul Epworth, and features orchestration by J. A. C. Redford. The film company Eon Productions invited the singer to work on the theme song in early 2011, a task that Adele accepted after reading the film’s script. While composing the song, Adele and Epworth aimed to capture the mood and style of the other Bond themes, including dark and moody lyrics descriptive of the film’s plot.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skyfall_%5BAdele_song%5D)

Photos Extra Skyfall ( httpwww.imdb.comtitlett1074638mediaviewerrm820004864 ) MV5BYzIwN WEzNzEtZTRmNS00ZjNiLWJjOWMtMzVlOTVlYjVjZWRiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjUwNzk3NDc@._V1_
Adventofdeception.com,“The Illuminati Evil Earthly Organization,” “Humans thrive on power, domination and secretiveness…The evil Illuminati structure top councils of the ‘Grand Drude Council’ and the ‘Olympians,’ the mind controlling professionals.”

The time: during the 1970s. The Place: the UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis.  The event: the Study Group had opened an Animal Mutilations Committee to study the bizarre rash of animal mutilations across the globe, often accompanied by strange aerial objects in their happening. I was the Director. Here are some kaleidoscopic stories from that period. Many of these reports are produced here for the first time..


The Saga Had Begun

“To achieve such a feat would require molecular-specific surgical devices capable of going through skin, cartilage, muscle, bone an organs to remove tissue from a specific organ without causing any cutting damage to the rest of the body — an impossibility on Earth, although a hypothesized innovation in the distant future. In all, there are over 10,000 documented instances of animals being bewilderingly mutilated in the US alone since 1955 — and in every case that has been investigated by law enforcement, no human or predator has ever been found to be the culprit.”



Outrageous phantom killers have gripped the imagination of men for centuries; be they fictionalized accounts such as Bran Striker’s 1897 humanoid-bat DRACULA (vampires allegedly would eat dead bodies [necrophagism] and mutilate corpses to induce sexual excitement [necrosadism]), or the actual 1888 phantom ”lady butcher” of London, Jack the Ripper.  But even brasher than more popular episodes of California’s Zodiac Killer or the Charles Manson massacre, there has been raging animal mutilations that would put these historical perversions to shame.

From one end of America to the other, including foreign countries of Sweden, Puerto Rico, Africa, and Canada, cattle, dogs, sheep, chickens and other types of animals have been found with their sexual organs skillfully removed, limbs taken by mysterious surgeons, udders, eyeballs, ears, and heads butchered. In many cases, the blood had been drained leaving little or none in the bodies.  In one case, no incision could be found in a dog whose heart was missing.

In Puerto Rico, long teeth-like incisions had been in bloodless bodies of chickens, sheep, dogs, and cattle. Hearts were taken from cattle in Sweden.


Unusual animal deaths had been noted in the past. Snippy, a pet horse belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Berle Lewis, was found near Alamosa, Colorado on September 7, 1967. Every shred of flesh was missing from the animal’s neck and skull. A perfectly smooth, precisely cut area was above the neck bone, which also was protruding from the center. No blood was found. A three-foot-tall Chico bush had been crushed within three inches of the ground. For a 10-foot radius around the bush, the sandy ground appeared to have been smoothed out. A Geiger counter indicated radioactivity around the dead animals.  Later, Mrs. Lewis ’s boots were found to have been contaminated from radioactivity and palm of her had begun to turn red and a burning sensation after touching Snippy. Fifteen tapering, circular “marks” were found in the area and more flattened brush.  Six indentations were found two-inches across, four-inches deep, and formed a circle in diameter.

TheDraculaClan ( httpswww.huffingtonpost.com20130904cattle-mutilation-theories-unexplained-files_n_3866620.html ) o-COW-facebook

Similarly, in 1975, Dr. Rodney Walker, zoo veterinarian of the Cheyenne Mountain zoo, discovered a mutilated bison. The bison’s udder, right ear, and sex organs had been removed with surgical skill.

A calf was found five miles south of Glenwood, Colo., and the tongue and rectum had been surgically removed. There were absolutely no tracks. The calf was 600 yards from the corral containing the mother. There was no way the animal would have walked through the new alfalfa without leaving a track, except where the animal went down.

Francis Cook of Yoder lost two spring bull calves of about 400-pounds. Their blood had been drained and their sex organs are taken with no sign of blood in the vicinity. The tail also was cut from one of them.

A 1200-1300-pound Hereford cow was found southeast of Sterling with the tongue cut out, lower jaw peeled away, and the rectal area of the animal mutilated. Another 600-pound animal was killed and two patches of skin were cut away. The rectal area has been mutilated. A patch of hide and skin were found which showed definite cut marks of some sort as if cut at an angle. A pregnant heifer found three miles west of Kiowa, Texas had similar cuts. Its rectal area and udder had been cut out in a “really professional job.” It is suspected that the heifer may have been taken away and mutilated and then the carcass was brought back.

Sheriff Harry L. Graves of Logan County, Colo., was particularly perplexed by a cow whose teeth had been taken by surgical precision. “We’ve had two previous mutilations where one or two teeth have been pulled but we found them in the animal’s mouth, Graves said. “On this one, all the teeth had been cut out with a sharp instrument and we couldn’t find them anywhere.”

Sheriff Graves reported a number of unusual attacks. One mutilated calf was found with radar chaff stuffed inside its mouth. Some chaff was found on the ground along with a small, silver-colored chaff box coded RR112/AL on the top of the box. Major Keck of the Air Force later replied that the number was no code used by the Air Force.

Equally mysterious, Graves reported that a number of autopsied mutilated calves had also succumbed to rare diseases such as peritonitis. In several cows, bacteria of the Clostridium genus were found.  In a few cases, clostridia infection was reported to be the cause of death.

Two cows found in Park County “couldn’t possibly have been where they were found unless they had been dropped from aircraft,” according to Sheriff Norman Howey. The two cows were half of a mile apart in different pastures than the one their owner left them in. “There were no strange tracks or footprints,” Sheriff Howey said. “On top of that, the gate was padlocked.” One cow’s bladder had been “popped” out of its body as if the rectum had been excised from the pressure of the fall.

Sheriff George Yarnell of Elbert County spoke of a typical case where a cow was found with the udder neatly cleaned out leaving only the skin which was tightly packed with several gallons of sand. The teats had been neatly snipped off and arranged in order on the leg.

Forty sheep were found near Leadville, Colorado “riddled with holes.” A sheep rancher said one of his herders told him that an “Army-colored” helicopter flew over one of his herds and sprayed the animals with bullets.


Texas likewise had its share of the bizarre as a few typical cases had revealed. The carcass of an expertly skinned dog was strung by its hind legs to a barbed wire fence, the blood had been drained and its genitals removed.“It was an excellent job of skinning,” he said. “No flesh was torn. There was no remaining hide.  Even the ears had gone off the carcass with the hide.  Even the ears had gone off the carcass with the hide. The tail section also was stripped of any hide.  It’s just a very peculiar situation.” There was no sign of footprints or disturbances.

A calf found north of Sulphur Springs had been split open on the underside from about six inches back of the udder right through the udder, with two teats on one side and two on the other, clean to the brisket between the front legs.

‘The calf had been removed and the womb took out,” rancher Pete Long said. “Half the womb was removed and half pitched over the calf. Then I walked around and noticed the head was cut off and I haven’t seen any trace of it since then.”

A cow found on the Ray Goad farm had the udder and all the surrounding skin gone, removed by a very sharp instrument. The tongue had been also removed and was cut far back in the mouth. All blood vessels and veins were devoid of blood. Only a teaspoon full of clotted blood was found on one side of the heart and a few clots on the underside of the animal.

A large cow was found near Tyler with its seven-month-old fetus removed, and its vulvas and tongue also took. No blood was found around the carcass. Another cow found near Graham had a hole torn in the carcass and the sexual organs pulled out and cut off. Part of the organs was taken from the scene, but the others were left aligned in a neat row by the animal’s stomach. Similarly, a cow found on the Albert Johnson farm had its muzzle cut out along with the tongue in heart-shaped cut and removed in one piece. Four teats were cut off next to an undeveloped udder of the heifer and a perfect circle had been carved under the tail to remove the vagina and rectum together.

The carcasses of two heifers and a horse had been found in the Spring-Cypress Road area. A male calf was found on a ranch five miles northwest of Katy, and Montgomery County officials reported two mutilated cattle. A pig’s head was found on the edge of the Conroe city limits near Stewart Creek. A mutilated heifer was found lying in the center of a perfect-circle near whitespace. The sex organs were gone, and a ‘perfect-circle’ was found by the navel. A similar circle was found in a dead animal a quarter-mile away.  Both ‘circles’ were slightly radioactive.




Oklahoma had its share of butchering by what could be called the Dracula Clan. A 700-pound cow found the Charles Collins place had its udder removed by a sharp instrument. Muggs Fox, a highway patrolman, said: “It appeared to be pretty smooth cut.”  

A whiteface cow on the Le Roy Schimmel farm had all its sex organs, udder, eyes, and tongue removed. Radiation was detected at the site. A calf examined by a Hugo veterinarian who said: “the work was done on the animal with a knife or a very sharp instrument.” The calf’s left eye had been cut out, both ears cut off, the tongue slashed, the rectum cut and other slashes inflicted. An opening the size of a football had been cut in the three-week-old calf’s navel. Herman Hatch’s calf had its tail severed and its intestines lay near the animal. The calf had a one-foot gash from the rectum downward and its right leg was broken.




New Mexico had a similar case where radiation was detected. Manual Gomez discovered one of his cows mutilated near Dulce, New Mexico: Its udder and anus had been removed “with a sharp instrument.” Similar to the ‘Snippy” case, tripod-like tracks were discovered nearby and a radiation check found an abnormal amount of radiation in some of those tracks. A yellow substance was also found near the tripod-tracks.  Nearby shrubs appeared to be scorched and dying.  Wild predators refused to approach the cow. A calf that the cow had been nursing was missing.  




Another typical case was a mutilated cow found on the Raymond Jones farm near Newcastle, Wyoming. The udder had been removed except for one nipple, and the lower lip of the animal had two definite cut marks made by a sharp instrument. The middle of the lips had been taken; the tongue was completely removed. Interestingly, off to the side of the animal was a circle two feet in diameter and the grass at the spot was a bright yellow. “It was almost a perfect circle,” Sheriff Willis Larson said. 




Cases have been reported in the state of Washington. A mutilated cow was found on the Don Larsen farm in Machias, Washington. The left eye was missing. There was a circular five-inch incision made in the anal area. The rectum and colon had been excised. There was no sign of struggle, though burn marks could be seen. The incisions appeared to have been neatly made.




A veterinarian near Salem examined a mutilated goat whose blood had been drained and was possibly anesthetized with a needle into one of the arteries. The udder was removed by a single stroke of a very sharp instrument. There were no lacerations in the cut skin—and no blood was on the ground in the area. The butcher showed a high degree of animal anatomy.




Two mutilated cows were found on a ranch near Belt, Montana. One cow had its bag, teats rectal area and reproductive organs removed, making it possible to look completely through the bag area and out the rectal opening. The hide had been cut with a very sharp instrument and displayed serrations similar to those created with pinking shears.  A mutilated cow near Utica had its testicles and the cords removed.  However, several stones, weighing as much as six or seven pounds each, had been removed from a rock pile and turned over and moved about. A filmy white substance eventually covered the cow. It looked like a cobweb; it was analyzed and found to be petroleum distillate.  In another case, a bull calf was found to have a hole drilled in the back of its head and the brains removed.     

A mutilated cow found near Stockett also had a white filmy substance on the cow’s neck. Extensive tests failed to identify the substance. A mutilated Shetland pony found in Teton County had all its organs removed and two puncture wounds were discovered in the horse’s bruised throat. There was no blood in the body except for two small vials that were recovered. A mutilated cow near Belt was found in a plowed field but no dirt was disturbed and none of the furrows smashed down. Two teats were cut off and the rectal area removed. An incision found under the right leg by a veterinarian who said the opening led all the way to the heart.




In Minnesota, a number of cases appeared. A horse belonging to Luane Johnson had numerous knife wounds; one ear removed as well as the sex organs. A 400-pound heifer belonging to Frank Schiefelbein near Kimball was found with the eyes, left ear, tongue, and part of the lip taken, and the animal was lying in a perfect circle of bare ground in a snow-covered field in which no footprints could be found anywhere in the area. There was only a meager 20 c.c.s of blood left in the carcass. In another part of Meeker County, a mutilated pig was found inside a barn that had the usual cuts. The owner said his yard-light had gone out for about 20-minutes and then came back on.


TheDraculaClan ( httpmysteriousuniverse.org201705cattle-mutilations-the-government-files ) Bodies field


Sheriff Keith Hansen of Carbon County, Utah investigated a case in which the jaw, tongue, heart, and lung were taken from a cow and the blood drained. A University of Utah medical examiner said the incisions looked as if they were made by a laser beam.

Frequent reports of helicopters and low-flying planes in mutilation vicinity suggested a possible connection. But in many cases, though the aircraft appeared to be conventional, a close inspection revealed very unconventional behavior.



Helicopters and things
It’s Christmas 1940, and Everytown resident John Cabal (Raymond Massey) fears that war is imminent. When it breaks out, the war lasts 30 years, destroying the city and ushering in a new dark age of plagues and petty despots. But there is hope in the form of Wings over the World, a group of pacifist scientists and thinkers led by Cabal. Their dream is to build a Utopian society on the ruins of the old. But first, they’ll have to unseat the latest ruling tyrant (Ralph Richardson). Things to Come  (Motion picture, April 17, 1936). 


TheDraculaClan ( httpmanapop.comfilmthings-to-come-1936-review ) Plane nice-helmet
John Cabal – Pax Mundi – THINGS TO COME –  “They have to come to earth some time.”


H.G. Wells, THINGS TO COME, September 1933:
Boss: “I am the law here.  Where do you come from?  What are you?”  John Cabal: “Pax Mundi.  Wings over the World.”
Boss: “They have to come to earth sometime. What is this World Communications?  A handful of men like ourselves. They are not magic.”


TheDraculaClan ( httpwww.roger-russell.comthingscomethingscome.htm bomber3
Pax Mundi – Wings over the World


Photos Extra Nazi Wing ( httpwww.darkroastedblend.com200904wonder-weapons-of-world-war-two.html ) truketyjtrhdgbf


The Carol Werkmeister family discovered a mutilated cow on their farm on November 12, 1974. The cow had typical cuts. It was during a conversation with sheriff deputy Bernard Staib that unmarked helicopters in the area were mentioned. Mrs. Werkmeister said they had been visited by one strange copter on November 13 about 8:35 p.m. as it moved very slowly over their farm. They later discovered other neighbors had been buzzed by the copter; the navigational lights didn’t seem in the accepted positions.  Sheriff Staib previously tried to track these helicopters through airports and air bases but with no luck.

During April 1975, a mutilated Angus cow was found on the Chester Gourley farm in Carrollton, Illinois. The left ear had been removed. The left rear and left front teats were amputated. The left rear and left front teats were amputated. The anterior tip of the tongue had also been cut off. The left eyeball was punctured.

Gourley mentioned a strange motor sound the night before and also mentioned that relatives in nearby Brighton had reported mysterious helicopters the week before.


TheDraculaClan Black2 ( httpswww.youtube.comwatchv=tbX5rOngEeY ) maxresdefault


Phillis Beutell and her son Randy witnessed an unmarked utility helicopter that came out of a field of Angus cattle. Several weeks before the mutilation, the copter buzzed the whole area and was witnessed by neighbors Alf Wilson, Clifford Beilsmith and Ralph Macaffe. Macaffe said the occupants of the copter wore heavy sunglasses and were smiling mischievously when they swooped down and buzzed the cows. When Randy counted heads a day later, one cow was missing. The Wilsons also remarked that a large unmarked white cargo-type helicopter was seen earlier to have taken off from the Beuttel property and then disappeared.

James Stevenson of Meadowlark farm near Percy, Illinois, reported daytime sightings of unmarked helicopters buzzing his property. Sheriff Louis Layton said the southern Illinois area had numerous reports of “green helicopters with no markings” three days prior to the discovery of missing cattle in the area. Copters were seen going northwest and also near Red Bud, Illinois.

Likewise, Margaret Stone reported a helicopter sound that scared her cattle at Jonesboro, Illinois. It lasted for 30-minutes. She also heard the noise of a truck starting and changing gears about six times, as if hauling a heavy load.

A rancher who lives about 16-miles northeast of Kiowa, Colorado, saw a red-white helicopter land about a quarter-mile from his house on a high knoll, but it took off before the farmer could get to it. A heifer belonging to Jim Russell had been mutilated and the blood drained. They had looked for the cow days before, but suddenly it was found.  “I’d been by that spot several times,’ said Mrs. Russell, “and you’d think I would have seen her.” The animal’s neck was twisted and a hind leg was broken “as if she had been dropped.” Coyotes wouldn’t touch the animal.

The Cascade County, Montana Sheriff’s Department had received reports of several such copters. The wife of a former deputy reported that she heard a machine noise approaching one night; it became very loud as if it were located in their backyard. Two beams of light came into the room where she was babysitting and lit up the entire room: one red beam and one white. Then the noise dropped to a lower patch and the lights went out. The family dog didn’t bother to bark. A neighbor reported that next day that he had also seen the series of red lights that flashed near the ground and then go out. Three days later a lady near Belt reported that a helicopter flew over her house at tree-top-level and circled her sheep. The craft was navy blue with yellow lettering.


TheDraculaClan ( httpwww.topteny.comtop-10-most-mysterious-events-in-history ) Black-Helicopters
Mystery Helicopters


Deputy Arne Sad of Fort Shaw heard a helicopter sound in September of 1975 as he drove west of Great Falls.  He stopped the car to look but was unable to see anything.  The sound passed directly over him, but he could see no copter.

A ranch couple later reported a copter near Chouteau which turned off its lights and flew away. Ten days later several helicopters with spotlights were reported flying over missile sites near Lewistown. No official agency reported copters out in that area. Undersheriff Jim Shelton of Judith Basin County also reported two mutilated cows in his area and he also reported that unidentified helicopters had been seen about the same time. One cow had apparently been killed between 3:30 and 4 p.m. A green chopper had also been seen circling the area between 4:30 and 5 p.m. Two choppers were reported running together at night–and yellow, green and silver choppers with no numbers had also been reported.

A man camping in Moose Creek Canyon southeast of Great Falls said a helicopter came through the canyon so low that it vibrated his mobile trailer, but he couldn’t see it.  Similarly, a man in Teton County said that he and his two sons watched a helicopter hover over his cattle one evening but there was no noise. The craft had red and blue lights.




Phantom aircraft with flight maneuvers similar to helicopters were observed within the vicinity of Minuteman missile sites. Chouteau and Teton Counties had similar reports.  But none of the objects appeared on Air Force radar screens. Malmstrom Air Force Base did scramble jet fighters in an unsuccessful attempt to identify the objects. The copters were flying in very windy conditions.

“Dan” witnessed a large helicopter about to land. On its side was a large silver star; the copter had many windows. “It was like a flying boxcar,” said “Dan,” and he and his father witnessed the copter rise and disappear.

Mr. and Mrs. Cromwell of Tujunga., California witnessed a helicopter that rose over a nearby canyon. Several people watched the copter that rose to about 1,200 feet, and the saw a bright object above the copter: an object of vari-colored lights with a top of vibrant blue-green, a middle of white and the bottom, a glowing red. The copter changed shape from round to diamond to chevron and then into a classic saucer shape. The copter sped off–then two copters returned about 11:00 p.m. flying in tandem. The object disappeared in the west and so did the choppers.


TheDraculaClan Black3 ( httpswww.flickr.comphotospingnews423041705 ) 423041705_d13624d110_b


Usually, where animals are mutilated, a host of Fortean or “odd” phenomena occur: flying saucers, UFOs, hairy monsters, mystery aircraft, strange cat, and even strange people and creatures are seen. 




When an oval-shaped object was seen hovering over a field in Enfield, Connecticut at 9:30 a.m. on March 4, 1975, a helicopter was also reported flying close to the object which emitted blue, green, and red light. No one could identify the copter.

When Ray Hawks sighted a UFO at Boulder, Colorado, reportedly in trouble as it wobbled in the air, a helicopter made an appearance. The object appeared to be two concave discs of dull aluminum that rectified its problem and disappeared into the clouds. Later, a supposed Air Force helicopter came to the spot, and a military colonel and a major were alleged to have told Hawks to tell the newspapers that the UFO would return. Hawks said that he would appear to be crazy if he said such a thing, but the military men insisted he should tell of the incident “to prevent public panic.”

When a UFO “flap” occurred in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia in 1966, a large ape-like “bird,” labeled the Mothman, occurred along with reports of flying bats and strange persons. Lonnie McDaniel reported stories of animal deaths:

“In all cases, some internal organs had been removed—but never was there an incision or scar of injury.

“A dog was handed into the police station.  It had been found dead but with no injuries.  When it was examined, its heart was found to be missing—but there was no incision, no sign of surgery.  Its heart was just gone.”


TheDraculaClan Mothman ( httpwww.chasingthefrog.comreelfacesmothmanprophecies.php ctrmv
Artist Depiction of the Mothman


UFOs often take an interest in animals. John Beer of Larnel, Kansas reported a large white light about 9:00 p.m. on February 1972 which hovered over the cattle corral on his farm. The object eventually disappeared. The next day the two bottom wires on the corral were found to be busted, and the milk cows had burned spots or ‘circles’ on them. Similarly, Kevin, Bevin and Curtis Ercanbrach reported a UFO inspecting a dead cow from the air in the Uintah Basin area of Nevada.

When an extremely bright UFO was reported in Wanaque, New Jersey on October 11, 1966, upon its disappearance another variety of UFO appeared:

“There were aircraft all over the place after this thing disappeared. But nobody know where they came from,” said Police Sargent Ben Thompson.“There were seven helicopters and, I would say, ten or twelve jets.

“They were very fast aircraft—and they kept circling the whole area. Stewart Air Force Base, which is the closest to the area, claims that they didn’t send anybody down here.  No planes or anybody.  Nothing.”

A high radiation reading was later discovered in the area. A “government investigator” made an appearance at the local high school and instructed witnesses that they saw no jets and helicopters. There wasn’t any official record of such a man, and the source of the aircraft could not be discovered.

When mutilated cattle were discovered in Fremont, Blaine, Nez Perce, Bonneville, Adams and other counties in Idaho, people began to speculate that helicopters reported being the blame. Sheriff Terry Thompson and Deputy Craig Rinehart doubted copters were used because the noise could be heard for five miles, and their office had no helicopter reports. However, Thompson did report that three or four UFOs had been seen in the Junipers north of the Elgin Snake River bottoms and west of Chester. Other farmers reported low-flying, high –winged planes over the Wilford area. The farmers reported that only low-winged planes are used for crop dusting. 

A mysterious black helicopter plagued a trailer court in the Elizabethtown of Pennsylvania during March of 1976. The Christina Lee family said a small, marked black helicopter buzzed the Nelson Trailer Court. A “low sound” helicopter was reported flying about the Charlie Firnekas farm near Midwest, Wyoming. Firnekas reported UFOs on several dates. Range detective Jim Zimmerschied said that cattle had been mutilated in the area. Zimmerschied said that a “mystery truck” with varied-lights moved through the woods. When mutilated cattle were found in the Cedar County area of Nebraska, mystery choppers were there also. “There have been nighttime sightings of helicopters, two of them verified,” said Sheriff Herbert Thompson.“We’ve had reports of night-landings too, although those have not been confirmed.”


TheDraculaClan Black1 ( httpwww.phillyvoice.cominvestigation-whats-creepy-unmarked-helicopters-menacing-philly-neighborhood ) Wr2Dl9SS.2e16d0ba.fill-1200x630-c0


Mutilated cattle were found within two to three days after the two confirmed helicopter sightings—one within half a mile of an area where the aircraft had been seen.

Two low-flying aircraft buzzed Robert Smith of the rural crescent, Iowa while he drove his tractor on his farm. One was a black twin-engine plane, and the other a white helicopter. Neither craft had serial numbers.

“They were close enough that I could see a guy get out of the helicopter and brace himself on a railing,” Smith said. “He was firing a handgun. I could see dirt fly from the bullets hitting the ground, so I put the tractor out of gear and dove to the ground.”

Airports had no data on the aircraft, though Smith said they both made numerous passes over his cornfield all spring.

Mark, Idaho was also visited by a mystery helicopter. One witness, Rev. Albert Lambeth, said: “Shortly before 1:00 a.m. Tuesday, I woke up when the intercom picked up a conversation. There was plenty of use of the Lord’s name in vain and a comment that something ‘is a damned shame.’

“I jumped out of bed, thinking there was a break-in at the station and called Farley.  But when we got to the station, everything was normal. So we figured we had picked up a two-way radio signal—that’s happened before.” Farley and Lambeth recalled a “suspicious car” in town earlier that evening (Mark has a population of 20 people).  They both drove out on Davis County Road, and about a mile southeast of town, they came across a “mystery helicopter.”

After a copter scarred cattle on the Francis Jones’s farm, the Iowa State Patrol tried to trail the copter, notifying the Missouri State Patrol that the craft was coming their way, but the copter never arrived.

Dan Richley of Lynchburg, Ohio noted a star-like object on September 26, 1974, about 10:00 p.m. that pulsated colors. Bother Walter Richley and son got into their white pickup truck and shinned a portable searchlight on the object. Suddenly, a red beam came down and engulfed them and the truck. The light disappeared over the horizon. Both pet dogs went crazy during the incident. The following night at 11:00 p.m. Dan heard a terribly loud noise outdoors near the barn.

A calf had died of seemingly natural causes on a Simms, Montana farm. After a few days, a UFO was observed hovering over the animal: a white bean-shaped object with a red top. The object turned upside down before it left the spot. It was later discovered that the calf had its udder surgically removed. The UFO returned the next day to again inspect the cow and finally disappeared.


TheDraculaClan Cow ( httpsnypost.com20160905the-shocking-truth-behind-the-10000-animal-mutilations-in-americas-heartland ) pg-195-top-right


Darlene Underwood and her mother observed two lights that buzzed a train on April 1, 1966 outside of Liberty, Missouri. One of the lights landed on a hill while the other circled, buzzing the train, and then hovered over a tree, dimming its ‘lights’ until the train was gone. The other object rose from the hill, and then both “ducked” behind the hill.  Suddenly, both objects appeared again and ‘landed’ on the hill. Mrs. Underwood said she could hear two men shouting at each other in a foreign language.  The sounds of a pig being butchered could also be heard.  Both women were afraid to approach any closer; however, they could see the shadow of the men moving about. 

A mutilated cow found on the Raymond Jones farm near Newcastle, Wyoming was accompanied by a circle two-foot in diameter to one side, and the grass was a bright yellow at the site. “It was almost a perfect circle,” Weston County Sheriff Willis Larson said. The next night a Newcastle woman reported seeing a flying object west of town; Larson and others saw it too within the mutilation vicinity. “It looked like an orange-colored light,” said Larson. “It was big in the front and tapered down.”

Mutilation areas, as pointed out, are not just UFO “hotbeds”—they are also hosted to strange phenomena.


TheDraculaClan Owl ( httpswww.tumblr.comsearchthelonelyowl ) tumblr_oowhxfncwO1w7cj5lo1_500



“At one point there was supposed to be kind of an occult significance as to whether the left ear or the right ear was missing. People would look over what they thought were surgically precise cuts that were made on the side of the animal to see if they represented some kind of an occult symbol.  And then you’ve got the quasi-scientific explanation, which is that these body parts are being biopsied, and they’re being moved by extraterrestrials. I think the UFO explanation now seems to have gotten somewhat old. Now maybe if I were out in the Great Plains, I would find a lot of people out there who were still talking about the “black helicopters.”  The black helicopters were what the aliens used to commit the mutilations and biopsy the animals. And that generated a tremendous amount of rumors and beliefs, all because it was obvious that [the helicopters] were not made by humans because they were silent. A silent helicopter was obviously an alien spacecraft.  I think that all of these will be seen against the ground of real suspicion of the federal government, because they all come with the proposition that the government knows a great deal more about what’s going on than they’re letting on, and the reason they’re not telling you why these mutilations are taking place is because they don’t want you to know.” Bill Ellis, Professor of English and American Studies at Penn State Hazelton, Modern Farmer, Andy Wright, September 11, 2014

When mutilated cattle were reported in the White Meadow Lake area of New Jersey, motorists traveling on Rural Route 15 during October of 1976 were horrified to see dozens of parts of dismembered cows. Heads and entrails were strewn on the roadway for more than a mile. Since the parts appeared near the truck-gate to the United States Army Picatinny Arsenal, the Army was ordered to clean themes up. The Army disavowed any ownership to the slaughter.

People in the area also reported hearing underground construction work and subterranean machinery. There was also the noise of a truck ascending a hill but “never reaching the top.”   A housewife reported a loud, very low-flying helicopter in the area but the area was encompassed in a dense fog. Another resident reported truck sounds in the area going back several years. Beeps, baby cries, howls, unusual footprints, and giant creatures were also reported. One housewife told about a man driving his car to the edge of the woods and taking a sack from his car—removing two legs of a horse and tossing them into the woods before driving away.   In the same area, a dead deer was found with its body “torn open.”

UFOs were replete throughout the area. One resident told about a triangular UFO silently moving and hovering above the tree line. They also observed brilliant flashes about the trees and houses on several evenings. Harmonized orange or white lights traveled across the sky on other evenings.  One glowing light appeared to have landed but the spot could not be found.

Hairy monsters were seen several times. Two children were confronted by a hairy beast with bloody eyes near the White Meadow Lake. Teenagers saw the creature later about a quarter-mile away. Huge three-toed footprints were found. On another occasion, a towering greenish creature with scales was seen along Interstate 80.

In Montana mutilation territory, a large hairy creature was seen standing on the shoulder of Interstate 15 five-miles west of Great Falls. The creature was very wide at the shoulders, about eight-foot tall but didn’t leave any tracks. Leonard Hegele and family also saw a hairy creature off Interstate 15. Hegele gave chase but stopped when the creature stood to face him. Two creatures were reported east of Rainbow Dam along the river. Vaughn, Ulm, and other areas also had creature reports.  The Tennessee area was permeated with “Big Foot” reports during 1976-1977, alongside UFO reports. One witness saw a creature with a rabbit in its mouth and a large Bob Cat as the creatures accompanying ‘pet.’ “MoMo,” the Louisiana, Missouri monster, stalked the area amid UFO reports in July 1972.  In January 1975, a mutilated cow as found in nearby Foley, Missouri. The UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis made numerous road-trips and Sky Watches; Steve Erdmann was a member on several occasions, and did, indeed, see UFOs. 

Photo Extra Caveman (httpspixabay.comenfantasy-cover-monster-scary-1739989) fantasy-1739989_1280


Station wagons, jeeps, trucks that are never identified are also reported.

Clayton Dozier and some of his neighbors found a mutilated 300-pound bull calf on his farm—all three reproductive organs of the bull had been removed by what appeared to be a sharp instrument. Ainsworth, Nebraska investigators said the animal had a “petroleum substance” in its stomach. Interestingly, a helicopter had been reported refueling from a pickup truck in the area. The truck and copter were soon gone before anyone could apprehend them. On the afternoon of the 18th of March, 1977, an early model light-cream-colored vehicle was reported in the Machias, Washington area in which two men accompanied a Doberman Pincher. The slow-moving vehicle went around a corner and about 15-minutes later returned without the dog: the dog had been mutilated along Dubuque Road—cleanly severed in two behind the rib cage. The back legs and its back half could not be found. There was no evidence of blood and the chest cavity was clean and whitish in color.

In the northern part of the Mojave Desert of southern California, hairy beasts were reported to descend from UFOs in the summer of 1973. The UFOs were described as torpedo-shaped and glowing. The creatures were said to ‘amble off’ when they touched the ground.  Later, on July 25, witnesses again tracked hairy creatures in the desert and flatlands area. This time, a convoy of blue trucks carrying military people came and herded a creature into one truck.

“The trucks, which from our vantage point, seemed to bear no identifiable markings, drove almost directly to the Joshua Grove, and the figures of men surrounded the area,” said one witness from the Western Society for the Explanation of the Unexplained.  “A figure, apparently a man, was carrying a powerful light and moved in a hurried manner toward the creature. He seemed to make a violet back-and-forth motion with the light as if directing the creature to come to him.”  The creature let out an anguished cry and entered the truck.  Minutes later, several men swept the area with a flood light, and the witnesses then fled.

Following several mutilations in the Lindale, Texas area, law enforcement officers began looking for a later-model Ford Mustang with an antenna on top of the automobile. The vehicle also had a dealer’s tag. Three people were to have been seen in or near the auto by a motorist on Farm Road 16 east of Lindale. Two persons were seen across a fence in a pasture and, as the motorist stopped, they turned, facing the road—they appeared to be wearing white smocks and butcher’s aprons.   One was reported to be carrying a machete-type knife and the other carrying what looked like a rifle. A third man rose up in the back seat of the car and faced the witnesses, at which point the motorist sped away.

Photos Extra Running Man ( httpwww.alamy.comstock-photoflying-saucers.html ) 1960s-uk-flying-saucers-magazine-cover-detail-EXT1JC

Gerald Peterson of Viking Township, Minnesota found a mutilated cow on his property on the 27th of September, 1974.  Approximately one week before the incident, Peterson noted a light-colored station wagon on a road near his property.

Boot prints, jeep tire marks, and gunshot wounds are also part of the mutilations.

Cattle found in Ottawa County Kansas had been hit with a high-powered rifle before it was mutilated.  An 1100-pound Holstein found east of Roxbury, Kansas was mutilated and tire and boot prints in the snow were found a short distance away.

The mutilation scenario is replete with all variety and types of odd happenings.

Cattle found mutilated in a mud ditch with no signs of struggle or mud marks. Cattle dropped into ponds with broken legs, hammer marks on the bodies, scalpels left behind—and some kind of ceremonial site was found near Butte, Montana: an alter the sight had ISIS FAVOR US: MOTHER OF MOON, LOVER OF GOODNESS. Likewise, Tom Robinson, a Wilford, Idaho farmer found a white plague with black lettering and a temple-shaped object in its center on a telephone pole at the time of a ‘flap.’ A similar sign was found in Chester.

Two Forest Service guards in Blain County, Idaho watched cattle on the Forest Service property. One guard noted two men dressed in body-length-black-hooded robes walking about 50-yards from him. The taller of the two men carried a hog. Both men preferred to walk in the willows avoiding roads, and acted as if they wanted to avoid detection. The cattle in the area had become very quiet during this time.

In September of 1976, a boy was fishing alone on the Cheyenne River near Kindred, North Dakota and he spotted a figure dressed in a long white robe. Similar reports of persons dressed in black robes carrying candles along County Highway 46 were reported in North Dakota.  White-robed people carrying candles ere reported in the Valley City area. Kindred Mayor Jerry Salveson told about a bull which died on the Rodney Lee farm unknown causes.

Two mystery men invaded a feedlot southwest of Sterling, Colorado in August of 1976, a previous mutilation site. Ranchers said: “They didn’t move like humans, they seemed to glide.” The sheriff was summoned but could find nothing—and no footprints could be found.

TheDraculaClan People ( httpswww.coasttocoastam.comshows20160526 ) images
Some Areas Were Visited by Mystery Men

One of the most bizarre reports came from Arlen R. Box who said a helicopter came over a field near Henderson, Texas on a day when cattle had been mutilated. Box watched from his tractor as the coal-black copter “with no one at the controls” flew over him “like a bat out of hell.” Several days later as he drove his pickup, he witnessed a “black creature coming out of a pine grove—it seemed black,” he said, “and I swear, it had wings” because the creature flew up to the copter before the craft disappeared.

In almost every state and some foreign territories, Swamp Things, Wall Bangers, Night Screamers, Giant Lizards, Hairy Dwarves and other monsters are reported and animals killed. The phenomenon has persisted from the 1970s down to the present day.


Listverse had an insightful article and chronology of the continued mutilations happening globally.

Marcus Lowth, June 29, 2016.  https://listverse.com/2016/06/29/10-modern-day-accounts-of-animal-mutilations/

Writing for the New York Post, September 5, 2016, Ben Mezrich (following the investigations of Chuck Zuklowski), uncovered the strange consistency of mutilations over the years leading up to the current time:

Even more terrifying, incidents like this had been going on for more than fifty years — this exact same scene had been witnessed and documented on ranches all over Colorado, as well as in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and many other places — decade after decade.
“What had occurred on Glenda’s 〈a farmer’s〉 ranch — as violent and horrifying as it was — was part of a phenomenon made up of more than ten thousand individual incidents, in a half-dozen states — all of them completely unexplained.”

TheDraculaClan Howe ( httpwww.dailymail.co.uknewsarticle-4651410Cattle-mutilation-40-YEARS-stumps-FBI-farmers.html ) 41C7670B00000578-4640906-image-a-6_1498568227356

Anna Hopkins of the Dailymail.com (June 29, 2017) concurred (following the investigations of researchers Christopher O’Brien and Linda Moulton Howe).   Mutilations were discovered as recently as 2016 in Kansas.  O’Brien points out that since 2002, about 4,000 mutilations were found just in South America.

Sputnik News (February 8, 2017) interviewed Chuck Zukowski who has been investigating the mutilations (along with  Linda Howe and other investigators such as Nick Pope [formerly of the UK Ministry of Defense]),  through to its present modern era, and discovered mutilations followed the same consistent pattern of bizarre mysteriousness today.

TheDraculaClan Chuck ( httpsnypost.com20160904this-investigator-chases-aliens-along-americas-paranormal-highway ) chuck_invest3
Chuck Zukowski in Investigatory Uniform

“The cattle mutilation mystery is extremely disturbing, and there are many different theories, including predator activity, Satanists, secret military experiments, and extraterrestrial activity. The theory about military involvement makes no sense, because government scientists already have a facility where animal testing is carried out, so they would have had no need to conduct additional, illegal testing.  However, I was not able to find a definitive explanation during my government work,” Nick Pope told Sputnik.

In many modern cases artificial mutilations are evident, and in one or two cases, traces of materials were analyzed that might indicate chemical injections.


There are six broad theories as to who is behind the mutilations:

— A highly sophisticated and wealthy clan of Satanists, including the Central Intelligence Agency and other Deep State officials and professional people, including psychiatrists on down to farmers that are dedicated to bringing about the Biblical Armageddon.

— Our U.S government, possibly, along with other governments, are involved in psychological warfare on the citizenry. Theorists remind us of the recent disclosures about the Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement with Mind Control during the 1950s-1960s. The Army Missile Command was also awarded contracts in 1975 to develop laser weapons. HELAW (helicopter mounted laser weapons) were being built by Bell, Boeing, and TRW.  INLAW (Infantry laser weapons) was another program. There have been many clandestine government programs. The late scientist Dr. Leon Davidson was an advocate of this theory that government intelligence agencies had a part in creating the UFO mystery. Some researchers, utilizing ‘all‘ the information, have suggested that a hidden “break-away society” is also behind this and involved in some kind of ‘alliance’ with the phenomena.

Artist Depictions of the Hidden ‘Break-away Society.’

TheDraculaClan ( httpswww.pinterest.compin396246467198460079 ) ea2cb7dd23ec350ca5c7195d1b2eccfa
Photos Extra Future ( httpstarwars.wikia.comwikiTemple_SpireLegends ) Ruinsoftowers
https://www.pinterest.com/pin/396246467198460079/  (TOP)
http://www.neoseeker.com/star-wars-the-force-unleashed/screenshots/ (BOTTOM)

— The government is sponsoring secret germ warfare programs using livestock and other animals as a nationwide, even global, laboratory. Upon autopsy, many cattle were found infected with germs. If this theory is true, it has worldwide implications because mutilations were found, for example, in Puerto Rico where ducks, goats, rabbits, geese, cows, pigs, dogs, and cats were found mutilated (allegedly caused by a mythical creature from atomic experiments).

— Visitors from outer space using helicopters and other terrestrial craft as “disguises,” going about collecting animal tissues, limbs, and blood (also terrifying citizens for unknown reasons). A case is mentioned of a March 1967 UFO which chased a Red Cross bloodmobile driver Beau Shertzer near Huntington, West Virginia. An arm came down from the craft as it hovered over the mobile vehicle, and a nurse saw another arm with pincher-like devices.  An oncoming auto scared the mechanical vampire away.

— A “specialized” version of haunting. The general abnormal phenomena that are possibly connected are but “ghost” phenomena or apparitions similar to what happens in poltergeist activity or séances and Spiritism. A sci-fi theory is that this activity is a manifestation of our subconscious taking control in a physical ‘format’ at times—and advocates point to the ID Beast from the book and movie THE FORBIDDEN PLANET.

TheDraculaClan ID Beast ( httpsdigitalculturist.comhave-we-unleashed-the-monsters-a603325a5a85 ) 1_mZDRQgH2LmkGqVnO35Q2Qw
Artist Depiction  of the ‘ID Beast’ From the Movie THE FORBIDDEN PLANET

Several deputies in one county decided to “stake out” 640 square acres during the night. Farmers and ranchers helped close off roads and set-up the required surveillance. Alternate communication systems were used so that calls could be monitored. All cars were stopped and checked in the back roads. When morning arrived, and nothing seemed to have happened, one deputy received a call from a farmer who found a mutilated horse near the center of the 640-acre “target section.” A quarter horse had been drained of blood with several puncture wounds in the chestThere were no tracks.

— A combination of all of the above in some synchronized Jungian Meaningful Coincidence.


What we have here may best be described, in the words of author Joseph Farrell[1], as the “enemy that is everywhere and nowhere.” Others have given it various titles, such as The New World Oder or the “Illuminati.” Adventofdeception.com, “The Illuminati Evil Earthly Organization,” describes it thus:

“Humans thrive on power, domination, and secretiveness. The evil Illuminati structure of hierarchy resembles the pyramid, beginning with the ‘file and rank,’ informers, runners, etc., rising to the top councils of the ‘Grand Drude Council’ and the ‘Olympians,’ the mind-controlling professionals.
“This is a short overview of the Illuminati and that covert and direct mind control is occurring around the world. There’s tons of information on the Internet about the Illuminati. Through detailed research, the reader will understand the deep level of darkness that this world is subjected to. Within this realm of humans—the light is void out and replaced with direct satanic worship. Royalty and wealth are a captivating lifestyle, though the path of Luciferian darkness will crouch at the door.”

Photos Extra Puppet ( httpswww.pinterest.compin401101910533067058) ec88d4955a718ce714bd459d536a370e

TheDracularClan ( httpswww.pinterest.co.ukpin575546027360654073 ) 56dcbb749a59af206147f373d21677f1--yb--flying-wing
Steve Erdmann, January, 2018, St. Louis, Mo.
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[1] https://wordpresscom507.wordpress.com/2017/06/17/joseph-farrells-hidden-empire-trilogy/


Photos Extra Nazi Wing ( httpwww.darkroastedblend.com200904wonder-weapons-of-world-war-two.html ) truketyjtrhdgbf
JosephFarrell'sHidden Phot of cars the-area-around-the-world-trade-center-was-a-scene-of-utter-devastation-smoke-and-dust-hung-in-the-air-countless-cars-trucks-and-emergency-vehicles-wer
Photos Extra Craig Walking ( httpwegotthiscovered.commoviescheck-daniel-craig-james-bond-skyfall-images ) 7bc9585c_smush_skyfall06
James Bond:  “Some men are coming to kill us. We’re going to kill them first.”  (Quote from movie SKYFALL.)

Photos Extra Steve2 34962959_10156520897759595_6984102889039855616_n

Steve Erdmann, Independent Investigative Reporter

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The Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex-Matrix (MICCM)

Photos Extra Red1 ( httpspsych2go.netdr-helen-fishers-4-love-types ) devil


The Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex-Matrix (MICCM)

Introduced by:
Steve Erdmann and Watchers Talk 

Watchers Talk

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Streamed live on Jan 13, 2018
An Anniversary Celebration of General Dwight Eisenhower’s January 1961  Speech

“Capitalism – its opportunistic character hidden beneath the guise of patriotism, democracy or whatever label is suitable to the occasion.”

“What is clear is that big business is now firmly ensconced at the center of government. No longer is there any pretense of government representing the people.” 

The Bush Family Saga – Airbrushed Out of History, William Bowles, Global Research, June 24, 2005.


“Mr. Pawelec was close enough to very high level insiders at the cutting edge of technologies being prepared it appeared for mass implanting of humans. This is a scary interview but a very important one and I personally thank Steven Greer for having the decency and trust to keep this safe until this moment and for his great courage to go where many fear to tread. He truly deserves our support. 
There is more to come…”

Billions of Chips Ready to Implant – the inventor’s testimony before he died – December 30, 2010.   


“‘The Powers That Be’ stole the technology. Two of those friends were assassinated and Bill’s own death remains suspicious.” It should be explained that a RFID chip is a tiny radio-frequency identification chip that is small enough to inject into animals and humans for monitoring purposes. Pawelec speaks about this in his video interview with Greer. There is a link to the video at the end of this article. Pawelec was shaken to the core at a secret meeting ‘Another project Bill worked on was at Area 51,’ Annie continues. ‘It was his job to upgrade the perimeter security systems for Area 51 and it was his idea to install cameras in fake rocks. It was during this time that he learned about the Tonopah base which is more remote and inaccessible than Area 51. It also was where Bill’s rose-colored patriotic glasses began to cloud over.'”

William Pawelec’s Widow Reveals National Security Secrets – Wes Penre – November 9, 2011.


“Much of the evil stems from the fact that free-market economists who still dominate the Ivy League and the policy circles have focused on markets at the expense of those inconvenient encumbrances known as ‘people’ Their fancy mathematical models make calculations about buying and selling, but they tend to leave out one important thing: production. In other words, they don’t give a hoot about the labor of those who sustain the economy. Their perverted religion may have something to say about unemployment or wages – keeping the former high and the latter low — but the conditions workers face receive nary a footnote.”

Fifty Shades of Capitalism: Pain and Bondage in the American Workplace – Lynn Sturrt Parramore – Alternet -July 2, 2012.


“Parts of this shadowy network — the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, and more — are sometimes visible to the public, even if the establishment media rarely highlights the significance. Other powerful elements are practically invisible: Secret societies such as ‘Skull and Bones’ and the Bohemian Grove, for example, which will be described in an upcoming article. But combined, it is clear that the Deep State behind the Deep State wields tremendous power over America and the world. The agenda is becoming clear, too. And if left unchecked, this powerful network of ‘Deep State’ operatives fully intends to foist a draconian system on humanity that they often tout as the ‘New World Order.’ But the American people have the power to stop it.”The Deep State Behind the Deep State: CFR, Trilaterals and Bilderberg – Alex Newman, November 3, 2017, The Liberty Beacon.

Photos Extra Chips1 ( httpswww.express.co.uknewsweird703856MARK-OF-THE-BEAST-Secret-plan-to-implant-us-all-with-ID-chips-by-2017 ) Simon-parkes-634189
Photos Extra NWO1 ( httpswww.dreamstime.comstock-image-new-world-order-image20943221 ) new-world-order-20943221
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Factual Ufology Versus Fiction

TrueUfology Forest ufo-1951536_1280

TrueUfology Police poliziotto-lonnie-zamora



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Part I

Disclosure Mistake

Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Marden are two of the remaining individuals who strongly defend the existence of paranormal objects flying in our atmosphere that many believe are extraterrestrial. The authors join together to state the various stages the phenomena has existed in since the 1940s. They also deal with the critics and debunkers of the phenomena and the UFO appearances.

TrueUfology Kathleen-Stanton-Friedman
The late Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden

(Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers, Stanton T. Friedman, Kathleen Marden, New Page Books, a division of the Career Press, Inc., 12 Parish Drive, Wayne, J.J. 07470, www.careerpress.com, 1-800-career-1, 2016, 288 pages, $16.99.)


TrueUfology Cover2 32074247._UY500_SS500_

The authors cite information about UFOs that many people are not aware of: there are more than 3,500 UFO observations by civilian and military pilots of “nonconventional aircraft ”__also seen on radar__with behaviors that crafts from Earth cannot exhibit.

Out of 12,618 sightings recorded by Project Blue Book from 1947 to 1969, Battelle Memorial Institute said in 1955 of the “Project Blue Book Special Report – No. 14” that 21.5 percent of 3,201 reports were unknowns.  Of 308 “excellent” cases, 35 percent were “unknown.”  (pp. 11-17)

(Unidentified [At the time called “unknown”] was an Unidentified Flying Object [UFO] report apparently containing all pertinent data necessary to suggest a valid hypothesis concerning the cause or explanation of the report but the description of the object or its motion cannot be correlated with any known object or phenomena.)

The authors point out the large-scale research and development programs that were secret, many operating under classified code names, such as Need-to-Know, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret Code-Word Majic, Umbra, or Ultra.

In 1944, Project Manhattan was completely unknown to Senator Harry Truman until 13 days after he became president upon the death of President Roosevelt on April 12, 1945. Then, Truman was given the startling facts, and the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan.

Likewise, when the first atomic bomb test occurred only July 16, 1945, the cover-story was that it was an explosion of a huge ammunition dump.  The wife of General Leslie Groves (Groves was in charge of the Manhattan Project for two years) had no idea at all how the general was involved until she heard it was on the news on August 6, 1945.

Such secrecy also permeated the government UFO projects.


Stanton Friedman is a nuclear physicist who has worked on a variety of advanced, classified systems for major industrial companies and has investigated high-caliber UFO cases as portrayed in his books Flying Saucers and Science and Top Secret/Majic.

Kathleen Marden is a best-selling author and award-winning UFO researcher and lecturer, portrayed on programs on History, Discovery, Natural Geographic, and coauthor of  Captured!, The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, as well as other books.

Two separate channels of UFO investigation came about with the closure of Project Blue Book:  One, a normal and routine operation of “explaining-away UFO reports,” and, Two, a deeper channel to actually investigate more substantive UFO reports.

“Bolender Memo,” UFAF General Carroll H. Bolender, October 20, 1969, Unidentified Flying Objects, www.nicap.org/bolender_Memo.htm.

The Roswell and San Augustin, Aztec UFO crash episodes were both labeled Top Secret and Top Secret Code-word.

The 800 pages of secret UFO material as code-word Top Secret Umbra was eventually released as heavily-redacted with only a few words per page left and not blacked out (pp. 23-24).


The early days of ufology included the spectacular UFO crash around July 8, 1947, on the ranch of Mac Brazel 70 miles west of Roswell, New Mexico.  Intelligence Officer Jesse Marcel of the 509th bomb group, along with Captain Sheridan Cavitt, senior counterintelligence agent, inspected the site and collected samples of the debris from a gorge three-quarter of a mile long. 

Many details on the Roswell crash can be found in the general literature, but the authors highlighted one particular incident that should be noted as indicative of government manipulation. 

Officer Marcel had placed some of the debris on the desk of Brigadier General Roger M. Ramey preceding Marcel walking down the hall to the Map Room to show Ramey the crash site location.  When Marcel returned to the Ramey office, the debris had been ‘replaced’ by the remnants of a common weather balloon.  This was touted in the press as the final explanation of the UFO.

Marcel, however, was very familiar with the appearance of weather balloons.

Jesse Marcel with Balloon Debris

Because of the Roswell Incident and the accompanying “flap” of sightings, the July 1947 Estimate of the Situation and the September 1947 Twining Memo, say the authors, these reports led to a secret “AMC Opinion Concerning ‘Flying Disks’” sent to Brigadier General George Schulgren (assistant director of intelligence), demonstrating the Air Force’s deep concern.  This activity culminated in a February 11, 1948 Project Sign (Project Saucer) and a Secret and Restricted report of 243 cases concluding that the UFOs were probably extraterrestrial craft (pp.29-31).  

The government saw their “disclosure mistake,” renaming Project Sign into Project Grudge during February 1949, introducing an era of denial and debunking.

In 1952, however, a year of high UFO activity, the Air Force Aerial Technological Intelligence Command (ATIC) received 4,000 reports out of which 1,593 seemed highly unusual with 26.94 percent termed “unknowns.”

This included a small “invasion” over the Washington Capitol.


Also, in 1952 the Washington D.C “invasion” appeared; it seemed to have begun about July 1, 1952, with jets scrambled to reports of UFOs over the nation’s capitol.  Airline crews reported said objects on July 10, 13 and 14.  Radar operators reported scanning the objects, one recorded at 7,000 miles per hour.   F-94 jet pilots reported three targets.  Major C.P. Carlson recorded said UFOs on July 25.  Air traffic Control Radar at Andrews Air Force Base had radar scans of such objects with up to 12 returns between them and also jet pilot radar.  

TrueUfology D.C. 1952FIG2

Two F-94s were scrambled at 11: p.m. At 10:30 p.m. a USAF B-25 was vectored to several targets. Major Dewy Fournet and Lieutenant John Holcomb called the observed objects “several good, solid targets.”  Then a second jet was scrambled, only to have the UFOs disappear. The same thing happened on July 26 in a “creeping appearance” of the UFOs as an F-94 investigated.

On July 27, 1952, more of the same “solid, metallic objects” appeared.

On July 29, 1952, Major General John A. Samford had a press conference where he declared “we have many reports from credible observers of incredible things.” 

General Samford’s Press Conference, DOD, Minutes of Press Conference, July 29, 1952, www.nicap.org/waves/press conf_1952.htm.  


Noted critic and general debunker of UFO phenomena, Dr. Donald Menzel, discarded the Washington D.C flap as “temperature inversions.”

(“This is why inversion layers are called stable air masses. Temperature inversions are a result of other weather conditions in an area. They occur most often when a warm, less dense air mass moves over a dense, cold air mass. … This cold air then pushes under the warmer air rising from the valley, creating the inversion.”  Aug 7, 2017 – Learn About Thermal Inversion – ThoughtCohttps://www.thoughtco.com/temperature-inversion-layers-1434435.)

Taking cues from Menzel, The Civil Aeronautics Administration Technical Development and Evaluation Center (TDEC) said in May 1953 that the Washington, D.C UFOs were “temperature inversions.” 

The authors go into details that obviously belie the “inversion” explanation of the UFO “invasion.”

Dr. Donald Howard Menzel assumed the position of director of the Harvard College Observatory, the Paine Professor of Practical Astronomy, and also Professor of Astrophysics in 1954. Menzel worked previously in Theoretical Astrophysics at the Universities of Iowa, Ohio State and the University of California Lick Observatory.  Surprisingly, he was later identified as a member of the secretive cabal Operation Majestic 12 Committee which was formed to clandestinely investigate UFOS. Menzel was also discovered participating in secret government projects (p. 61).

There was a Cosmic Watergate, say the authors, and Menzel was in the middle of it.


Another ‘turning point’ in ufology seemed to be the Tremonton, Utah movie of July 2, 1952, where Navy Warrant Officer Delbert Clement Newhouse and his wife Norma, witnessed and filmed a dozen or so disk-shaped craft milling about the sky north of Tremonton.

The USAF laboratory at Wright Field and also the U.S Navy’s lab at An Costa, Maryland determined that the objects were “…intelligently controlled vehicles that were not airplanes or birds in flight…defied explanation.”

In the middle of all this, the authors contend that the CIA been secretly monitoring the UFO situation since 1951 and utilizing studies such as the Battelle Memorial Institute’s Machine Indexing System of 1,500 reports since 1947 (of which were 20 percent unknown objects). This resulted in the CIA Robertson Panel’s Scientific Review Board of January 14, 1953, which eventually led to the August 1953 Air Force Regulation 200-2  (which allowed only ‘positive’ and/as ‘debunked’ identification of UFOs), as well as JANAP 146 and Air Force Memo 55-1 as further censorship.   

Philip Julian Klass entered the UFO debunking scene in 1966.

One major UFO case he attacked was a sighting on September 3, 1965, outside of Exeter, New Hampshire when Norman Muscarello sighted extremely bright red lights along Route 150. Muscarello made a report to the Exeter Police Department,  Patrolman Eugene Bertrand discovered a distressed woman who reported to him a huge, silent object with red lights that stopped above her vehicle.

Officer Eugene Bertrand and Muscarello went to the Kensington site and discovered the UFO rising above them as a dark form with blinding lights.  Officer Bertrand drew his gun in defense. Dogs and horses apparently were disturbed in the area and made noises.  Officer David Hunt arrived to see the object depart toward the coast.

The infamous Philip Klass explained the episode away as freak atmospheric electrical phenomena, a ‘plasma’ called ‘ball lightning.’  UFO proponent and researcher Dr. James E. McDonald commented on September 28, 1966, that Klass’s explanation was bogus because ‘ball lightning’ only lasted seconds, didn’t have windows with struts and structures, and certainly didn’t match all the reported details.

Thus entered another classical aspect of UFO debunkers—attacks upon and character assassination of those who opposed critics; this was seen as Klass attacked McDonald whom Klass pursued at every turn.  McDonald eventually committed suicide. The authors give a history of the dreadful attacks by Klass.

Klass attacked several famous UFO cases.  The authors contend with several of his peculiar explanations, as well as Klass’s affinity to an alliance with government skepticism.  The reader can explore these sequences for themselves in reading the book.

One particular case Klass acted upon was the Lonnie Zamora UFO case of April 24, 1964, when patrolman Zamora spied a shiny aluminum-white-like object 12-15 feet big and about 200 yards in the distance.  Zamora said there were two figures in what he mistook for white coveralls, perhaps small children. This was followed by metallic banging sounds, various frequency sounds, and then a load roar as the object took off in a swirl of dust and light blue flame on the underside.  Before the object disappeared, Zamora sighted an “arrowhead”-type symbol or similar red insignia on the side of the object.


TrueUfology Zamora 50f8e9503c40607fa3af5ddb20c717b4_L
Art Depiction of Zamora UFO

Army Captain Richard T. Holden and FBI agent D. Arthur Byrnes found irregularly placed smoking vegetation and three smooth, circular marks 4-inches in diameter. Another UFO report came from a traveling tourist on U.S 85 who said he saw the craft before it landed.  There were no human footprints or tire tracks (pp.126-134).

Hector Quintanilla of USAF Project Blue Book stated that there was no conventional explanation for the object that Zamora saw or the landing marks that were left behind.

Hector Quintanilla, Project Blue Files, “Studies in Intelligence,” 19961.

Klass suggested a “dust devil” plasma ball, on the one hand, or a “hoax,” on the other.  Menzel also suggested a hoax.  Neither theorist covered the true facts.

TrueUfology Klass-y-Menzel
Dr. Donald Menzel, left, Philip Klass, right.

Part II

Take Off Your Masks

The Condon Committee

In the government’s scheme to “phase out” Project Blue Book and give the outward appearance that UFOs were of no concern and they were no longer investigating UFOs, General E.B. LeBaill from the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Information, Scientific Advisory Board, also called the O’Brien Committee, investigated and recommended contracts with a few universities to investigate in depth certain selected UFO sightings in order to relieve the Air Force of further responsibility and also to determine a final solution to UFOs.

The University of Colorado was selected and Dr. Edward Uhler Condon was picked as its director.  Condon had a meritorious background in science, including President for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Washington University chairman of Physics Department.

TrueUfology Edward-Condon

Condon had acquired a predetermined “bias” early on UFOs, and he often revealed it to the public with statements that clearly seemed prejudicial.

Dick Olive, “Most UFOs Explainable Says Scientist,” Star-Gazette [Elmira, N.Y: 1991], www.nicap.org/docs/Hippler Letters, pdf, 5.

Many of the scientists on the Committee likewise carried a prejudice about UFOs.  The ‘Trick Memo’ is quoted at length in Saunders and Harkins’ UFOs? Yes!  (Appendix A, PR 242-244).

Friedman and Marden tell us that Condon’s emphasis was on describing those ‘seeing’ the UFOs rather than ‘examining’ the evidence itself (pp. 100-102).

Captain Edward Ruppelt had been replaced by Captain Charles Hardin who quickly reduced the previous 3 percent “unknowns” (was 20 percent “unknowns” in Blue Book Special Report No. 14 as based on Battelle Memorial Institute findings), and further reduced by the Air Force to 0.14 percent in 1957. 

Condon demanded that the only ‘evidence’ he would accept was a physical spaceship or a body of an alien not of this planet (p. 97), though the findings of Roswell and other crashed UFOs were well-beyond his security clearance, such as Secret Code-word Majic, Umbra, or Ultra


The authors lay out an epic portrayal of UFO cases that have stumped most investigators, and they also outline Phillip Klass’s ventures into some of them, beginning with his joining forces with the negativism of the Condon Committee.  A “KlassAttack” occurred in the Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum sighting of December 29, 1980.

TrueUfology Landrum UFO Pininterest 9b87d862c65ef49f33fdeeb3e38e8e56
A depiction of the Cash-Landrum UFO

Cash and Landrum, and Colby Landrum, were on a trek of a Bingo game and they were searching for Marker Road 1485.  Coming towards them was a diamond-shaped craft belching flames from its underside. The night was about 40-degrees Fahrenheit but the UFO warmed the witness area. The craft gave out shrill beeping noise when it was not shooting flame. They hid Colby under the dashboard for safety.  The witness found the door handle very hot, and then the interior of the auto just as hot. 

The object gave out a burst of flame and departed to the south-west. Suddenly, helicopters came streaming toward it.  The witnesses then made a turn onto Connector Road FM 2100 and again the craft appeared. The witnesses counted about 20 helicopters trailing the object.  Some copters had dual rotors, some had single.  Cash claimed to have seen a U.S Air Force insignia on one copter. 

The witnesses were in comparatively good health, but about 9:50 p.m., blisters, and swelling began to appear on Betty Cash’s head, face, back and neck as she said she was “burning from the inside out.”  The skin under her ring appeared unaffected. 

On December 30, Cash began to get a blinding headache, extreme weakness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.  On January 8, 1981, she was taken to Parkway Hospital for 12 days. The symptoms made her unrecognizable to other members of her family, and those symptoms included swelling and seeping sores on face and head.

Betty spent 15 more days in the hospital treatment, including examination by an ophthalmologist, radiologist, a neurologist, and an EEG for metal poisoning. 

Records of early blood tests disappeared and other medical records did as well.  The hospital checked her for whole-body radiation of a high level.  Dr. Brian McClellan discovered non-ionizing radiation, but with an ionizing component: It had been permanent and debilitating with on-going severe headache and nausea, redness of the skin, scarring, loss of pigmentation, eye-inflammation, diarrhea, swelling of the neck, loss of fingernails, hair loss, weight loss, and fatigue.


TrueUfology Witnesses Capturaaaa

Colby Landrum contacted stomach pains, diarrhea, weight loss, eye inflammation, hair loss, tooth decay, anxiety, and nightmares.  There was temporary photo-sensitivity to the sun.  Colby had nightmares that included a fear of helicopters.

Betty’s new 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass had multiple electrical problems and the steering wheel’s plastic material fell off in large clumps.  Handprints had left permanent identifications on the padded hot dashboard.  The windshield had exploded like it was hit with a baseball bat.

The attorney for the family felt that punitive damages went far beyond the $10,000 hospital bills and he filed Law Suite # 11-84-34B in the U.S District Court for Southern District of Texas for 10-million-dollars.  The family eventually lost the suit because the craft and helicopters could not be proven to belong to the government. 

The UFO witnesses cooperated fully with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) investigator John Schuessler when Schuessler contacted the witnesses in February. 

Schuessler discovered CH-47 copters at Ellington AFB-South Houston. Also, the Dallas Naval AM station Commanding Officer Major Dennis Haire of the 136th Transport Unit at the Air Force Base was aware of eight Chinook helicopters with the Army National Guard, as well as 16 of them in Dallas, and also four Hueys and four 58s assigned to Houston.

Major Haire, however, said that no CH-47s were involved on December 29, 1980.  Twin rotor helicopters were seen at other dates at Fort Hood.  CH-47 Chinook helicopters with Army markings were seen at Ellington AFB on December 28, 1982, but nothing was pinpointed to December 1980.

Later, Police Chief Lammar Walker and his wife claimed to have seen three groups of three Chinook helicopters flying in V-formation within 5 miles of the Ladrum UFO, but Lieutenant Colonel George Sarran of the Army Inspector General’s Office denied such activity (pp. 156-159).

Klass went to extraordinary lengths to obtain the medical records of the witnesses but was rebuffed on personal privacy issues.   Klass used other ‘tricks’ to get the family’s medical files by claiming he was only interested in some vague “probability ratio” ruse and again rebuffed when ABC’s That’s Incredible show used a similar prompting on April 1, 1982.   

“I will not be a party to this in anyway,” said the doctor.

Letter to Philip Klass from Peter Rank, MD, March 23, 1982, Lass’s Cash-Landrum Files, APS.


Dr. Rank believed some type of radiation was involved, though the precise manner could not be definitely ascertained, or whether the whole body was involved:  ultra-violet, low-energy x-ray or some particular radiation was suspected, but he felt that the symptoms were consistent with exposure to ionizing radiation causing demagogic symptoms and “no healing ulcerative lesions.”

Robert Sheaffer of CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal), of which Philip Klass was a guiding member, claimed Betty used UV light to induce her own injuries, an action related to some form of her portrayed and alleged “Munchausen Syndrome.” 

According to CSI’s charter, the “Committee” maintains a network of people interested in critically examining paranormal, fringe science, and other claims, and in contributing to consumer education; prepares bibliographies of published materials that, supposedly, carefully examine such claims; encourages research by alleged objective and impartial inquiry in areas where it is needed.

Most researchers found Sheaffer’s summation of the Cash-Landrum UFO as slanderous and unscientific. Lieutenant Colonel George Sarran labeled the UFO witnesses as “credible witnesses.”  (p.163)

Billy Cox, from the Florida Sarasota Herald Tribune, traveled to Texas to investigate the case and came away convinced that a “very real and tragic event had occurred.”  Cox appraised Klass as “…a man who had a pathological disregard for the truth.”

Billy Cox, “Klass Act: No Principles,” Sarasota Herald Tribune, February 20, 2012.


The readers will be intrigued by the authors’ equally analytic treatment of other spectacular UFO cases, their particular investigations by proponents and cynics alike, and the growing realization that the anti-UFO factions can’t forever conceal a reality that even the corrupted and criminal thinking of our human ‘elites’ persistently but unsuccessfully continue to try and hide. Such a tacit and quickening realization of reality was encapsulated in the words of culprit Errol Childress to detective Rustin “Rust” Cohle when the sordid confluence of evil, crime, and noir-like bleakness crashed about them: “Take off your mask, little priest!”

TrueUfology Preacher 364d992d88737f0878ced831e4c35f9e
TRUE DETECTIVE television series:

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Artist Depiction of Landrum UFO
TrueUfology Debris 248840
Jesse Marcel with Balloon Debris
TrueUfology D.C. 1952FIG2
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TrueUfology Kathleen-Stanton-Friedman
Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden
TrueUfology Klass-y-Menzel
Dr. Donald Menzel, left, Philip Klass, right.
TrueUfology Zamora 50f8e9503c40607fa3af5ddb20c717b4_L
Art Depiction of Zamora UFO
TrueUfology Witnesses Capturaaaa
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TrueUfology Edward-Condon
TrueUfology Police poliziotto-lonnie-zamora

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When the Anunnaki Came!

The Anunnaki Left Their Footprint  –  
The Tales of the Anunnaki –  

The Anunnaki and the New World Authority


Steve Erdmann

Copyright,  C, Steve Erdmann, 2014 
This article was previously published in the June 24 through July 1, 2014 issues of the UFO DIGEST.
It is printed here with permission. 
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“Today, as we move forward into a new millennium and in light of cutting edge research and field work by many well respected scientists,” said Robert Steven Thomas, “I believe it is now possible for humanity to shake off the age-old dogma and primitive assumptions we have been led to accept as our history, and replace them with a truth far more logical and compelling.”

(Intelligent Intervention, Robert Steven Thomas, Dog-ear Publishing, 4010 West 86th Street, Suite H, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46268. www.dogearpublishing.net, 2012, 534 pages, $ 24.95.)

TheAnunnaki Cover 14369760._UY630_SR1200,630_


Thomas described himself as an amateur historian of over forty years with a library of over eleven hundred non-fiction books on history, religion, philosophy and the modern sciences (p. 533).  He dedicated his work to answer three major questions: where do we come from, what is the purpose of life, and what is humankind’s destiny?



TheANUNNAKIAnd Baalbek-Layout
The Mysterious Temple Complex of Baalbek

Thomas tentatively began his quest with questions about the magnificent “stone work” of the ancients. He spoke of the miraculous construction in Lebanon at Baalbek in the Beka Valley.  There were also Egyptian monuments.  One was the Great Pyramid.  Thomas outlined the work of American engineer Christopher Dun:

“This evidence is to be found in direct and clearly visible markings and the abrasion of trace impressions, left by sophisticated machinery on extremely hard stone surfaces,” said Thomas, “used in the construction of the pyramids and many other stone objects found throughout the Great Pyramid and Egyptian ruins.”

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Thomas marveled over how ancients came to possess knowledge of the “precession of the equinoxes,” the Giza Star Map, the Piri Reis maps, and the Mayan Aztec Calendar.

“There has been no paradigm shift in our thinking to account for the fact that someone in history prior to our present era,” said Thomas about the Piri Reis map, “had the ability to see through the ice masses of Antarctica up to two miles thick and map the coastline.”

The MayanAztec Calendar: “…it remains clear that the degree of scientific knowledge and understanding that is demonstrated in the construction and the function of this calendar is far beyond any other single achievement that has been discovered in relationship to these cultures to date,” said Thomas. “The information contained in these calendars is not primitive, but highly advanced.”

TiahuanacoLake Titicaca: This included the Gateway of the Sun, Puma Punko, and the Kalasasaya Temple. “By any reasonable standard of measure the structure and function of the ruins at Tiahuanaco are beyond present understanding in relationship to the remote time in history during which they were constructed,” said Thomas, “to discover their purpose we must engage a new way of thinking…”

Quimbay Jets: These ancient Pre-Columbian artifacts were a hypersonic aeronautic design and replica of the NASA space shuttle. “It is not a stylized bird, bug or fish as described in the window of the display cases of the museums where they are kept,” said Thomas. “It is a stylized jet aircraft. No amount of weaseling around it will change the fact.”

Sixteen-times-larger, scale models from balsa wood, fitted with a small airplane propeller engine in one model, jet engine in the other, flew flawlessly “without any modifications to the original Baya design.”

“There is no question that advanced knowledge existed in the past,” said Thomas. “Though it may seem by some to be a rebellious position to take, we don’t dismiss the evidence by living in denial and refusing to accept the logical and obvious.”


Thomas spent considerable discussion about Zecharia Sitchin’s research into the Sumerian accounts of alien Anunnaki from Nibiru.  There are multiple interpretations of the meaning of the Sumerian accounts, but Thomas believed the Anunnaki and their absence in human history is one of the major factors missing from true meaning of humankind. There are multiple interpretations of the meaning of the Sumerian accounts, but Thomas believed the Anunnaki and their absence in human history is one of the major factors missing from true meaning of humankind.

TheAnunnkianthe u14421_star_wars_star_destroyer_spaceship
The Visitors on Approach

“With their ability to negotiate interstellar space travel,” said Thomas, “the Anunnaki were clearly much further down the path of scientific knowledge than we are in our current state of understanding.  They would certainly have mastered many of the secrets of genetics which enable an increased life span.”

Thomas created a drama-of-events about Anunnaki history based on Sumerian legends, much like Zecharia Sitchin’s research. This involved advanced technology, including genetic tampering of homosapienssapiens.  The Book of Enoch portrayed these events; the Epic of Gilgamesh, The Old Testament, Indian Mahabharata and Vedas, as well as a host of legends and myths.

“Though the Anunnaki no longer maintained a permanent presence on Earth after approximately 2500 B.C.,” said Thomas.  “There are many historical indications that they continued to have a directly supportive and influential role in shaping historical affairs. They occasionally appear on Earth and influence landmark events and provide pivotal assistance to key historical figures.”


Thomas detailed the Anunnaki presence in Mesopotamia going back hundreds of thousands of years. “These objects include the Sumerian King Lists, engraved on clay tablets and cylinder seals which have been recovered by archeologists from buried Mesopotamian cities,” said Thomas. “The King Lists record the history of each individual ruler in Mesopotamian cities, extending back in time and consecutively uninterrupted for almost 400,000 years.”

TheAnunnakiAnd Images download
The Tales of the Anunnaki

Thomas examined a Post-Deluge period were the Anunnaki biological knowledge helped “jump-start” rejuvenation in Sumer.  Their chief goal was to “re-establish intelligent life with sentient beings and then, at some point after this was accomplished, depart.” (p. 172) Cro-Magnon-man-rule was a matrix of distorted history and the gradual inventions of Eastern and Western religions. The Israelites appeared to be a favorite in the Anunnaki experiment. The Anunnaki infused rituals such as the Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai. Thomas claimed they would intervene from time to time.

In the Historical Epoch, 2000 B.C. – 500 B.C., diversity in religious belief began to expand. “Religion was the main means of passing knowledge from one generation to the next,” said Thomas.  “In the absence of the Anunnaki, there was no central authority to keep the true story of human creation intact.” The priests only knew secret records and codes. The vast earthly population was illiterate. A certain amount of religious conformity holds remnants of truth. Many nations devolved, “…becoming more harsh and cruel…slavery was prominent…”


Thomas saw most early historical truths as hidden and distorted by religion.  Catholicism seemed to have been the biggest culprit.  The reality of reincarnation and the unfiltered teachings of Jesus were components of distortion and censorship.

“By declaring Gnostic teaching a heresy, it enabled some of the most important knowledge to remain hidden and exclusive,” said Thomas. “…all that remained underneath the pompous, self-serving pageantry and glorified presentation was an empty shell.”  (pp. 230-231)

(Other modern and scientific critics, however, dismissed Sitchin and other Anunnaki promulgators as poor and even bad historians and scientists that did not devote the time and energy to examine the true context of historical and social myth: these critics found no paranormal conditions alluding to space people, but only a pantheon of mythical gods and goddesses from nature. The authors: “The ancients were not the dark and dumb rabble commonly portrayed. They were, in fact, highly advanced. As such, they developed over a period of many thousands of years a complex astronomical/ astrological system that incorporated the movements and qualities of numerous celestial bodies, which could be called the ‘celestial mythos.’” 
Who are the Anunnaki?, D.M. Murdock and Acharya S – http://www.truthbeknown.com/anunnaki.htm.)

Thomas explored the major religions, with only a few surviving with noble truths. The Bahai religion, said Thomas, appeared moderately humane. All religions grew out of Egyptian and Sumerian history.  He further examined the fallacies and shortcomings of Darwinism. The biggest error in Darwinism was “biogenesis”: “Many Darwinists refuse to accept the existence of a universal mind or consciousness behind the formation of all matter in the universe.”  Matter, said Thomas, initially formed as a manifestation of mind. “We need to think of god, as a primary source of all creativity and an intelligent animating life force.” Thomas debated not only the scientific accusations of Darwin but the legal aspects as well. Thomas’s book stood on two important concepts:

  • “There is a component of our universe which consists of a cosmic mind that was in existence at the creation of the universe.”
  • “Cosmic mind is the originator and force which brought the essence of biological life (DNA) into material existence (biogenesis).”

The existence of Universal Intelligence (UI) unfolded by natural theories expressed through quantum physics. Adjunct to this science was the science of cosmology. Thomas pointed to Albert Einstein as one of the great cosmologists: “Not unlike Jesus and his parables, he maintained the capacity to see unique parallels between observational science and the problems and conditions of society.”


The remainder of the book forged inroads into the latest findings of modern science, which Thomas sees as our largest salvation that could lead us into adventures into the vastness of the universe.  Likewise, Thomas believed science would eventually confirm mind/body dualism. The only element that could destroy such progress is human ignorance, bigotry, and dishonesty.

TheAnunnaki Thomas 9651267
Researcher Robert Steven Thomas

“Combining the newest understanding and implications of quantum physics, specifically non-local entanglement, and its connection to evidence in support of the existence of morphic fields (fields of consciousness), is both logical and matter of common sense,” said Thomas.

Thomas assessed five levels of civilization: Zero (or, the Earth prior to 1957), Planetary (Earth, post 1957 with space travel to nearby planets), Solar, and Galactic:  “The Anunnaki were most likely a galactic civilization.”  Earth is presently a Zero civilization, now first “limping” into the Planetary.  The only thing preventing us from future progress is basic evil attributes that may destroy or prevent us. In the meantime, Thomas had taken us on an overview of some of the latest scientific and human accomplishments: Dr. Anton Zeilinger at the University of Vienna; Bell’s Theory; physicist Arthur Eddington; nanotechnology; computer scientist Ray Kurzweil; artificial life forms; Professor David Deamer of  California University; terraforming Mars; and a New-World-Wide-Convertible-Society-Republic. This Republic, said Thomas, will take into account, compensate for and prevent the present evils of the world and into the future.


Because of the economic “mess,” that the elites of the world have gotten society into, a social and economic collapse was inevitable. “The truly rich are tiny minorities who have their wealth protected through corporations,” said Thomas, “trusts, international assets and special legislative provisions, all but ensuring their survival in perpetuity.”

“The international economic calamity that began in 2008 and will result in a global collapse that will involve almost all of the world’s nations is unstoppable,” said Thomas. “Our world can be a dangerous place, not only because of the potential of the criminal and disruptive elements, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

TheAnunnaki King-World-News-Gerald-Celente-–-Shocking-Swiss-Move-Only-The-Beginning-Of-A-Much-Larger-Global-Meltdown-1728x800_c (1)
The Coming Collapse


Robert Thomas had done extensive and elaborate research in his book.  He had provoked many questions, some of which Steve Erdmann would raise himself. For one thing, historical and religious symbolism and myth should not involve censorship, destruction or curtailment because of the emolument of forthcoming new sciences, but they should be revered and preserved; it is part of our consciousness.

Thomas had strongly defended consciousness beyond death. He portrayed this in his discussion on Reincarnation and Near-Death-Experiments (NDE); consequently, the idea of Life (or consciousness) after death is not foreign to him. Thomas also had defended parapsychology and PSI. Other than this, his repertoire of “theory” looked somewhat shallow: he lacked mention of the hundreds of case files on hauntings, poltergeists, angel phenomenon. spiritualism and séances, apparitions, angel sightings, The Bible Code, and a wide pageant of such encounters – some highly documented by professionals; these seemed curiously missing.

Likewise, his rather quizzical rejection of Jesus’s “miracles” (or, miracles in general) seemed contradictory: what if Jesus was descended from the Anunnaki heritage and bloodline, and that held great significance; what if PSI and paranormal activity were part of the life and times of prophets and priests?

Thomas also rejected the Resurrection of Jesus based many on selective research of what is often called Higher Criticism (Historical criticism, also known as the historical-critical method or higher criticism, is a branch of ‘literary criticism’ that investigated the origins of ancient text in order to understand “the world behind the text.” Renaissance theories allowed Higher Critics to reject anything supernatural or miraculous). However, this movement goes against the belief that the Anunnaki possessed supposed psychic and technological abilities that ‘would’ enable physical/spiritual resurrection.

“These would be the resurrection chambers…hinted at in direct connection with the Anunnaki…to create some form of a biological facsimile of your body through artificial intelligence and then somehow manage to transfer your spiritual essence directly into the new artificial/biological copy.” (pp. 408-409) Perhaps “miracles” are not beyond Anunnaki ‘‘overseers,” even in Biblical and medieval times. Perhaps Thomas was “throwing the baby out with the bath water.”

Multiple studies on the legendary Shroud of Turin resurrection case indicated a real event took place.  Several pieces of science pointed to the authenticity of the Shroud.


Giulio Fanti, professor of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Padua said in the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology that experiments by Fanti and Professor Giancarlo that “voltages measured at approximately 500,000 volts were required to obtain shroud-like images that were just a few meters long.”  To complete the image, Fanti also said, “…you would need voltages of up to tens of millions of volts.”


TheAnunnakiAnd Fanti Sindone-5
Scientist Giulio Fanti

Thomas extolled this same type of “science” as worthy and our possible future salvation.

Darrell L. Bock was a research professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. He had specialized in hermeneutics and the historical Jesus. Bock was a graduate of the University of Texas (B.A.), The Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.), and The University of Aberdeen (Ph.D.). Bock wrote about the reality of the consistency of Scriptures and the truth of the written text (Who is Jesus?  Darrell L. Bock, Howard Books, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10020, 2012).

Bock took issue directly with some of the claims of Higher Critics, and he appeared to do so in a modern context. At the least, Bock’s work showed that Higher Critics had no final word on these topics.


Thomas almost refused to acknowledge or contend with the wide range of UFO activity that had been taking place in the last few centuries. It was illogical to say that space visitors of this century had virtually nothing to do with Thomas’s Anunnaki phenomenon thousands of years ago.  The mention of two classic UFO cases  (p. 510) was not adequate in outlining current UFO activity when UFO history was much more voluminous.

Other aspects in UFO lore were “abduction reports,” “hybridization” and “virgin and missing pregnancies.”  While these oft times carried sinister overtones, many UFO stories appeared benign. (Celestial Healings: Close Encounters that Cure, Virginia Aronson, Signet Books, New American Library, Penguin Putnam, Inc. 1999.)  (The Bible and Flying Saucers, Barry H. Downing, Avon Books, The Hearst Corporation, 959 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York 10019, 1970.)

Thomas spoke on how the Anunnaki had reached the Galactic Level of civilization, and, we, today, humankind, with the persistent refinement of science and the redaction of religion, could eventually create a New World Authority of peace and utopian reality. This sounded a lot like the current impressments about a New World Order.  Dictators like Adolf Hitler also spoke of their New World Order.  Similar to Thomas’s world, Hitler was creating a supposed utopian society, but it was according to his perverted and maniacal philosophy.  Hitler collected art and riches and conducted advancing science, but he also destroyed in the name of ‘purification”; the eugenics was an off-shoot of Nazism.


Current writers also noticed the conundrum in the talk about ultimate authority:

  • Lorri Anderson said in Hitler, Big Government, and the Perfect Society (August 17, 2012.): ‘‘Hitler practiced everything from illegal search and seizure, gun control, hampering freedom of religion, freedom of speech muffled, the indefinite containment of human beings (concentration camps), legalized murder, experimentation on human beings (in the name of science), and controlled what citizens were and were not allowed to read and write.  The world saw Hitler for the monster that he was and the atrocities he had done to so many innocent people in the name of his agenda (the perfect society)…(today, we seem to be) putting the same ideals into a different language and making it law. We’re accepting it because they are telling us ‘it is for the greater good of the people.’ I believe Hitler said the same thing.”

TheAnunnakiAnd jews-arriving-auschwitz-P
Hitler’s Prisoners Arrive at a Death Camp
  • “World government as an ideal expresses an aspiration for law-governed, just and peaceful relations between the diverse groups that comprise a common moral community of humankind. World government as an idea or proposal about how to organize the world politically, however, may or may not meet that ideal. That is, even if there were a world state with authoritative legislative, adjudicative and enforcement powers, the elimination of organized violence, poverty and environmental degradation would not automatically follow. The proponents of global governance face a similar challenge,” said Catherine Lu. “It remains to be seen whether the developing agents, networks and structures of global governance can effectively promote environmental protection; will be able to develop authoritative mechanisms for disciplining the use of force, by nonstate actors as well as by the world’s most powerful states; and will serve the interests of the bottom half of humanity barely eking out a living, even if it means demanding a small sacrifice from the fortunate fifteen percent of humankind living in the world’s high-income economies.”.

TheAnunnakiAnd Catherine_Lu
Researcher Catherine Lu
First published Mon Dec 4, 2006; substantive revision Mon Jul 2, 2012/ Lu, Catherine, “World Government,” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy [Fall 2012 Edition], Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = <http://plato.stanford.edu/archives/fall2012/entries/world-government.


There seemed to be “something” within our own nature – the reality of an “evil” component – that even the Anunnaki could not suppress it from within their ranks. The Anunnaki apparently had advanced weaponry, according to Thomas and likeminded theorists. They waged actual hyper technological warfare. The Indian Mahabharata, Vedas, and Vimanas spoke of this. Supposedly, they had weapons of mass destruction (p. 150). The Ramayana spoke of “…nuclear war, the force and destructions, radiation poisoning…” (p.182).  The Wars of Yahweh, Story of Adam and Eve, and The Wisdom and Magic of Solomon had spoken of how “deities” used advanced technology to help Solomon build temples and how the Jews – under the guardianship of these deities – mercilessly defeated Palestinians (p. 200) and the Philistines (p. 206).

The Anunnaki at War


The Anunnaki, according to multiple writers over the years, also invented a hybrid race of ‘slaves’; Thomas cited this as well on pages 128, 134 and 148.  Anunnaki history said that such a hybrid race did much of the gold and other mining operations, plus various slave duties.

These parts and parcels of history suggested that unless we eliminated that “evil” element within us – and with no need to destroy our “links” to historical art, ritual, legend, and other symbols of the past (as Thomas’s “redactions” play with) – “utopia” couldn’t have materialized in past Galactic civilizations; and probably will not materialize looking into the future.


TheAnunnakiAnd download
World Pax Mundi

The fallacies of “ultimate control” was portrayed by H.G. Wells in his novel Things to Come where the ultimate salvation for the earth, typified by aeronaut John Cabal, (after a devastating world war) and the eventual institution of a World Pax Mundi government controlled by science (Wings over the World):

“That makes Wells’ dictatorship all the more horrifying.  C.S. Lewis observed that the worst kind of dictatorship is the moral one, because a cruel dictator may eventually be satiated. The moral dictator will never tire because they believe they are oppressing others for their own good. Cabal, in his closing lines, offers humanity only the choice between a nasty, brutish and short life in a state of nature or the ceaseless efficiency of a life submissive to the cause of science. His government has exchanged freedom for peace, but not true peace. They have perfected the absence of war but have not left the individual alone to be at peace,” said Cory Gross. “Therein lays the question that Things to Come does not really explore. Has Cabal only provided us with a false dilemma? Is there a way to have a world of both peace and freedom, where we can do away with both types of dictatorship?”

Presented by Cory Gross:  http://voyagesextraordinaires.blogspot.com/2011/07/things-to-come-1936.html.

In Things to Come, scientist Oswald Cabal delivered a speech about Progress and humanity’s quest for knowledge. “Cabal: ‘. . . for man no rest and no ending. He must go on – conquest beyond conquest.  This little planet and its winds and ways, and all the laws of mind and matter that restrain him. Then the planets about him, and at last out across immensity to the stars.  And when he has conquered all the deeps of space and all the mysteries of time – until he will be beginning…If we’re no more than animals – we must snatch at our little scraps of happiness and live and suffer and pass, mattering no more – than all the other animals do – or have done. (Oswald Cabal pointed out at the stars.) It is that – or this?  All the universe – or nothingness: which shall it be?’”

TheAnunnakithe STARS 1-T361na3O8C9y4YNWZfG1hQ
“For Man no rest and no ending.  He must go on – conquest beyond conquest.”  (Oswald Cabal, Things to Come

TheAnunnakiAnd H._G._Wells_Daily_Mirror
 H.G. Wells, author of  Things to Come

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The Anunnaki Left their Footprint
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The Visitors on Approach
TheAnunnakiAnd download
World Pax Mundi
TheAnunnakithe STARS 1-T361na3O8C9y4YNWZfG1hQ
“For Man no rest and no ending.  He must go on – conquest beyond conquest.”  (Oswald Cabal, Things to Come
The Anunnaki at War
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The Tales of the Anunnaki
TheANUNNAKIAnd Baalbek-Layout
The Mysterious Temple Complex of Baalbek
Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon — Either Enlil’s abode, or Roman construction on top of the Landing Platform. The ancient site of Baalbek encompassed a paved stone platform of about five million square feet.
Important to notice: Baalbeck means The City of the Master or Lord, both titles being used by the humans to address the Anunnaki ‘gods’.  – See more at:
See the source image
The Great Pyramids of Egypt
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Researcher Robert Steven Thomas
Robert Steven Thomas’s Experience
Vice President & General Manager
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CSI, Dallas, Texas
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Robert Steven Thomas’s Education
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TheAnunnakiAnd H._G._Wells_Daily_Mirror
 H.G. Wells, author of  Things to Come
TheAnunnakiAnd Catherine_Lu
Researcher Catherine Lu
TheAnunnakiAnd Fanti Sindone-5
Scientist Giulio Fanti
TheAnunnaki King-World-News-Gerald-Celente-–-Shocking-Swiss-Move-Only-The-Beginning-Of-A-Much-Larger-Global-Meltdown-1728x800_c (1)
The Coming Collapse
TheAnunnakiAnd jews-arriving-auschwitz-P.jpeg
Hitler’s Prisoners Arrive at a Death Camp

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Chessboard Monster!

America Sniper yJn49okQyEmIhlEX4rbT0Hbgq3X

America’s Security State Monster


Steve Erdmann

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(The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, The CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government, David Talbot, Harper Collins Publishers, 195 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10007, 2015, 661 pages, $29.99.) 

David Talbot has been known for his biting, penetrating analysis of the political and social scenes.  He was the founder and former editor-in-chief of Salon, as well as the senior editor at Mother Jones Magazine and features editor at the San Francisco Examiner.  Articles in The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Time, The Guardian, and books such as The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years and Brothers, demonstrated his ability to investigate and portray important political situations.

America david_talbot

In The Devil’s Chessboard, Talbot traces the earliest momentous seeds of history where Allen Welsh Dulles and John Foster Dulles came on the scene as intelligence protégés. For Allen, his first foot-steps happened on November 9, 1942, in Bern, Switzerland, home of spies and a “financial haven for the Nazi war machine.” Dulles shared with enthusiasm the Nazi conquering of assets from European sources to fund their “behind-the-scene deals” because the Dulles’ brothers Wall Street law firm was in the center of the Nazi “merry-go-round” financial supply lines. The lawyers continued to “represent” German cartels like I.G. Farben and other ‘parts’ of the “war machine.” (p. 19.) 


“Dulles was more in step with many Nazi leaders than he was with President Roosevelt,” says Talbot. “Dulles has not enjoyed a professional and social familiarity with many members of the Third Reich’s elite that predated the war; he shared many of these men’s postwar goals…Nazi forces…old friends.”  (p. 15)

Dulles was in contact with the highly secretive Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a giant “pillar of the emerging global financial system” and was “effectively controlled by Hitler’s regime.”  It was Dulles’s job to protect the Nazi laundering schemes, protect their assets and their collusion with American corporations, such as General Motors and Standard Oil. Dulles believed that a number of powerful figures are “returned to postwar as a strong bulwark against Communism.”

Anerica allen-dulles
Allen Welsh Dulles

Dulles protected Sullivan and Crowell’s German clients, and Foster did the same in New York. They were able “to hide the U.S assets of major German cartels.” Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg said that both men were “guilty of treason.”

            LUCRATIVE BUSINESS      

The “Jewish Problem” was, in many ways, a lucrative venture. Later, Richard Nixon found documents revealing how the Dulles brothers had helped launder Nazi funds during the war. Nixon promised to keep these files confidential in exchange for campaign contributions to defeat opponent Jerry Voorhis.

America Nixon img1371
Richard Nixon in Conference

During this war period, Nazi SS Heinrich Himmler set about making contacts across Europe to make deals with the United States and England. A 1944 Britton Woods Conference enlisted 730 delegates that “thrashed out” the direction of a new world order, the New Dealers. One such unsavory recruit was Nicolai Maxlaxa who developed a rich connection with Richard Nixon’s “bank account, Dulles’s law firm” and OSS intelligence operative Harold Wisner’s $500-million overseas accounts.

Later, the President Eisenhower-Richard Nixon victory “was the culmination of years of political strategizing dating back to the Roosevelt era.”  What sociologist C. Wright Mills called in his 1956 masterpiece, The Power Elite, as the strategic command posts of society; big corporations, military establishments, top corporate, government leaders that moved with fluidity “in and out of one’s another’s worlds” with “professional synchronicity—the fraternity of the successful.”

America Eisenhower maxresdefault

“Democracy, in their minds, was an impediment to the smooth functioning of the corporate state,” says Talbot, “John Foster Dulles had made this clear early in the Wall Street career and he jousted with FDR’s New Deal bureaucracy.”  (p. 197)

After World War II, the “militarization of government” included captains of industry, business executives, Wall Street lawyers, investment bankers—a warrior corporate caste—a “gloomy zeitgeist” with a pinnacle of American power that President Eisenhower filled with wealthy, powerful Players: General Motors, CEO Charles Wilson, Chas Manhattan Chairman, and former diplomat John McCloy, as well as the exclusive ranks of the Council on Foreign Relations, CEO’s of General Electric, Coca-Cola, Reynolds Tobacco, and Young & Rubicam, and similar power-brokers.


Speaking of this period in the lives of Dulles and Bedell Smith, Talbot says  “The deputy CIA director had no qualms about advocating the assassination of foreign leaders, given presenting a plan to Smith in early 1952 to kill Stalin at a Paris summit meeting.”

“The mechanisms of surveillance and control that Dulles put in motion were more in keeping with an expanding empire,” says Talbot, “than they were with a vibrant democracy.” (pp. 203-204)  

Dulles knew the purpose of complete control and even kept special files on J. Edgar Hoover and Senator Jose McCarthy, telling of Hoover’s intimate relationship with FBI deputy Clyde Tolson, and scandalous file on McCarthy’s sex life. Dulles, says Talbot, began molding the image of the CIA as a “super agency,” operating about congressional senators, “the CIA would grow more powerful and less accountable with each passing year of Dulles’s reign” –  “Dulles was ready to ‘take on the world’” (pp. 223, 226)

The Dulles’s actions included sabotaging a Justice Department antitrust case that was charging price-fixing against the oil cartel. Dulles directed Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran as a “‘stooge’ of the Communists in 1953,” when evidence indicated he wasn’t a Communist, and Dulles and Eisenhower were creating a fiction in order to have Mossadegh assassinated. Talbot says that CIA-hired-thugs worked behind the scenes in the capture and killing of Mossadegh; their “pockets” were literally stuffed with CIA cash—cash which they spread around, even to “cheering crowds.” (pp. 237-238)

America On TRIAL 1463766910OYZknKGEuQDehYiivOje
Mohammed Mossadegh on Trial in 1953

In 1954, a year later, Dulles and the CIA engineered the “regime change” in Guatemala.

“Iran’s oil industry was…handed over to the foreign corporations…40 percent of the spoils now going to American oil producers, including Gulf, Texaco, Mobil, Standard Oil of New Jersey, and Standard Oil of California.”

Such administration “conquests” caused an “intoxicating effect” through the Oval Office, the CIA, and the State Department as a “champagne glow.”   However, the incoming shah used an iron boot to stamp his presence: primitive torture methods, whippings, and beatings, some resulting in “gruesome gapani, hung from hooks.”  (p. 240)   It was a Pax Americana enforced by Eisenhower-Dulles, says Talbot, threatening enemies with nuclear annihilation, coups, and assassination.

Talbot quotes sociologist C. Wright Mills to the fact that our national security leaders, much like the Nazis before them, had a “moral insensibility” where violence had become bureaucratized.  “In an official man there is no more human shock,” said Mills.


The Eisenhower-Dulles foreign policy operated on twin levels of “psychic violence” and “actual violence.” The Secretary of State Dulles threatened to “evaporate entire populations” with “tactical” nuclear strikes, the CIA director “actually eliminated individuals around the world” wherever they deemed to be a threat. Eisenhower gave Allen Dulles “a license to kill that the spymaster utilized as he saw fit.” (p. 248): an effective killing machine.

“The Dulles brothers assured multinational firms that Washington,” says Talbot, “would stop at nothing to protect their overseas investments.”

World War II hero, Air Force general James H. Dolittle warned that the CIA was “overly zealous,” but Dulles relied on his Wall Street friends like Prescott Bush, the father, and grandfather of two future presidents “to protect the CIA’s interests.”   Eisenhower all too willingly succumbed to Dulles’s ‘strange genius.’ A Bruce-Lovett report noted the CIA’s “penchant for creating political mayhem around the globe.”

The chilling case of Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz and his January, 1971 suspected assassination was all part of a CIA coup program called PBSUCCESS, backed by the influence of the powerful United Fruit Company, blue-blooded Boston families, resulting in the killing of 250,000 people by means of assassinations, death squads and massacres of entire villages.

America Fruit eisenhower-ufco2

The CIA had compiled a “list of assassination targets” during the 1954 coup, a secret ‘disposal list’ of at least fifty-eight key Guatemalan leaders. There was a CIA killing manual titled A Study of Assassination directed towards a CIA Lasta Negra of seventy thousand names, a Decree 59 to eliminate subversives. 

Jose’ Bernabe Linares, notorious chief of the Guardia Judicial, did not hesitate to use electric-shock baths and steel skullcaps, and even journalists were imprisoned and tortured; death squads, massacres, and machine-gunned victims into open trenches. 

Dictator Casello Armas’s end came in July, 1957 when he was assassinated by one of his own police guards. The mayhem, says Talbot, “continued on and off for decades, reaching new heights of ferocity during the Reagan Presidency.”  (pp. 256, 263, 264, 265) 


Hitler’s intelligence chief on the eastern front, Reinhard Gehlen, as part of Operation Paper Clip, was moved into comfortable quarters at Fort Hunt in Virginia, bringing former Nazi intelligence operations under its supervision, and the CIA taking over Gehlen’s organization from the U.S Army in 1948. This consumed “some of the most notorious figures of the Nazi regime (such as Dr. ‘Final Solution’ Franz Six) and other SS death squad members.”

America Gehlan maxresdefault
Nazi Intelligence Chief Reinhard Gehlen

Under the directorship of James Critchfield, the Gehlen “faction” drew close to their American parent-partners with a gated community, partying together on ski trips in the Bavarian Alps, and becoming very entwined. Gehlen utilized his “rat-like” cunning to keep the CIA in the dark, though his organization held “former hardcore Nazis.”

Dulles’s kept close ties with Gehlen who said that Dulles “became a close personal friend of mine.” This was evidenced by celebrations, including one at the Chevy Chase Club.  Gehlen proposed to reinstate fascism in Germany. Operation Gladio was set up with secret CIA funds, attracting assassinations, plotting coups, the opening of private mail, and tapping of phones.

Inspired by such fascist momentum, the CIA entered into “brain warfare,” a “Manhattan Project of the Mind,” to discover methods of controlling the minds of subjects and use them as military weapons. “ꞌBrain perversion,’” says Talbot, was invented and used in hundreds of secret experiments, “part Orwell and part Philip K. Dick.” (p. 296) Programs existed, such as MK-ULTRA (Operation ARTICHOKE), Camp King detention center, and doctors such as Dr. Sidney Gottlieb; dangerous drug programs ensued, including Benzedrine, Pentothal-Natrium, LSD, and Mescaline—programs which eventually killed intelligence agent Dr. Frank Olson in a manufactured suicide. It was all part of the CIA’s Magic Potion Division of the Technical Services Staff.

America DeclassifiedMKULTRA

“The Security Unit,” says Talbot, “was also in charge of what was delicately called ‘enforcement’…eliminate(ing) any potential threats or embarrassments to the agency” (the death of Dr. James Kronthal was suspected to be another victim).


The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology was a CIA front, with grants up to $300,000 for research, and millions of dollars more to colleagues. Montreal’s McGill University, the Allen Memorial Institute and Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron at the Allen Institute for Psychiatry, were pushing massive drug use, hallucinogens, and ‘de-patterning’ Mind Control where minds were used as “blank slates” (described in a 1963 CIA torture manual detailing Sleep Rooms were electroshock, drug overdoses and lobotomies were explored).

Talbot reaches through a large swath of history filled with the CIA’s darkest movements and deadliest actions impregnated with evil suspicious and murderous players such as Robert A. Maheu (of Howard Hughes fame), handlers such as Sheffield Edwards, Jim O’Connell, Scott McLeod, intelligence monarch James Jesus Angleton, hitman Bill Harvey, mobster and CIA asset Johnny Rosselli, and other henchmen, leaving a trail of victims such as Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic attacking and charging against Jesus de Galindez, and also the murder of Congo’s Patrice Lumumba.

“Dulles and Angleton shared a disdain for Washington bureaucracy and for the governmental oversight that comes with a functioning democratic system,” says Talbot. “Dulles entrusted Angleton with the agency’s most vital and sensitive missions…principal CIA liaisons with key foreign intelligence service…with both parties conveniently overlooking Angleton’s role in the Nazi ratlines after the war.” (pp. 336-337)

In the ensuing years, the CIA’s plots included assassinations attempts on France’s President Charles de Gaulle in a coup attempt. Pierre de Benouville, a right-wing Resistance leader on Dulles’s OSS payroll and other henchmen, such as anti-de Gaulle terrorist Jacques Soustelle, were participants (this also included events such as the expulsion of the French CIA station chief Alfred Ulmer).

                  CLEANSING SECURITY MOVES   

In July 1962, a dozen OAS snipes opened fire on de Gaulle’s Citron, but de Gaulle’s “skilled and loyal” security team speed the President to safety. Two of the president’s motorcycle bodyguards were killed. De Gaulle countered with a great vengeance and “several security measures” allowing him to safely remain in power. Kennedy likewise made drastic moves to cleanse the CIA by discharging suspected individuals and also firing Allen Dulles.

"The Battle Of Algiers" Film Still
Victim of the Algerian Independence Struggle

“By 1962, President Kennedy was challenging the bastions of American power on several fronts, including the corporate elites of the economy.” (p. 443)

Kennedy, likewise, confronted a virtual army of dissidents that hated him, both in and out of the CIA, noted names and shadowy individuals that worked through political and corporate channels (and also in secret) to defeat and destroy him: Richard Nixon, Richard Helms, Frank Wisner, Charles Cabell, Cord Meyer, James Angleton, Howard Hunt, Thomas Karamessiness, Arleigh Burke, Pauline Sierra Martinez, Lyman Lemnitzer and others. Official inquiries of Kennedy’s attackers, such as those by General Maxwell Taylor, and defensive comments by Arthur Schlesinger, only hardened the hatred and conspiracy against Kennedy.  

America james-angleton-constantine
Spy Master James Jesus Angleton

Talbot glides smoothly through the appearance of Lee Harvey Oswald, noting the many inconsistencies and oddities in Oswald’s history that plainly outline his intelligence connection.

More importantly, Talbot demonstrates the intricate and behind-the-scenes movements and manipulations of Allen Dulles, though dethroned officially, who still operated the political scene, even after President Kennedy was assassinated obviously by a band of killers—and that certainly was not Lee Harvey Oswald.   Speculation ratcheted as to who were all the key players involved in the conspiracy, and Talbot covers aspects as intimately as he can, including St. John Hunt’s interview with his dying father and major player, Howard Hunt. Talbot summarizes Hunt’s confessions:

“…Harvey and Morales…key operational figures…Harvey…gunmen were likely recruited from the Corsican underworld…harder to trace back to the CIA…than Italian or American Mafia hitmen…Hunt found Harvey and Morales to be disturbing characters, the two men ‘could have been manufactured from the same cloth,’ Hunt wrote in his memoirs…´Morales was rumored to be a cold-blooded killer…to have someone neutralized.’” (pp. 500, 501)

Covering the intricate moves and positionings in which Oswald was situated (“Oswald was moved here and there with the calculations of a master chess player,” p. 540), and the numerous organizations and persons that Oswald was deliberately assigned (DRE, ALPHA 66, David Atlee Philipps, George de Mohrenschildt, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw and a long line of eerie and shady connections), Talbot laces through post-assassination gimmicks and machinations that Dulles used to cover his tracks, including the invention of the notorious Warren Commission—the powergrasps of the CIA and personnel, and the continuance of the assault on the minds and also control of Americans and citizens of the world.   

“…within America’s deep state: Kennedy was a national security threat. For the good of the country, he must be removed…Dulles…to make something of this enormity (actually) happen,” Talbot explains. “He had already assembled a killing machine to operate overseas. Now he proposed to bring it home to Dallas…(all the) establishment colleague (s) had to do was to look the other way—as they did when Dulles took executive action…” (p. 560)


Challenging, and even infiltrating, several congressional investigations into the quizzical aspects of the Kennedy murders of both John and Robert Kennedy (and surviving the increasing column of critical and questioning journalism), Dulles had to become inventively ingenious to see that his Fourth Nazi Reich would continue in the bloody brigade that he had instituted.

America Killzone-3-Might-Arrive-in-2010-2
Advancement of the Military-Industrial-Complex

“(1968) Dulles… (Kept) a close watch on Jim Garrison’s investigation…Ray Rocca…CIA mole Gordon Novel.  The Old Man’s social event of the fall season was the Washington Fete’ in honor Reinhard Gehlen, the West German spy Chief  (that) Dulles had resurrected from the poison ashes of the Third Reich…September 12, Gehlen’s U.S. sponsors threw a luncheon for him, and that night there was a dinner for Hitler’s old spy chief at the Maryland home of Heinz Herc___Gehlen’s former staff officer on the eastern front, who had become West Germany’s top intelligence liaison in Washington.” 

Talbot remonstrates that the Fourth Reich continued past Dulles’s death through the continuance of the National Security State. He lists Richard Helms, James Angleton, Donald Rumsfeld, the Bushes, Dick Cheney, and others who worshiped an “Athenian democracy besieged from within by the forces of oligarchy and tyranny.”

The reader will enjoy (or be shocked) reading the little-known foibles, idiosyncrasies and many undiscovered facts that they had not been aware of earlier in the lives of our intelligence Power-Players.

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Puppet Man!

Puppet Man attackpuppetpeople

I Am the Puppet Master –   

“It is difficult to be the victim of injustice, and not become obsessed by it. As someone else has observed of this tragedy, it is important that we resist the changes imposed on us by the world, by responding instead to the truth that is within us.

“For those of us who have had the luck to survive in this struggle while others have died, some of them murdered, our response must be to carry on.”  (Peter Dale Scott, in memorial on assassinated journalist Gary Webb.)

Puppet Man: Lee Harvey Oswald


Steve Erdmann

Copyright, C, 2015, Steve Erdmann
This article was previously published in the January 19 and March 2, 2015 issue of The UFO Digest.
Permission is given to reviewers and journalists to quote short pieces.

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As a result of his demands by constant FOIA (Freedom of Information requests) and other citizen actions, Peter Dale Scott (long-time author into political controversy) has discovered multiple government documents, some highly redacted and blacked-out, that appear to be raw material and, hopefully, clues to the possibility that the accused assassin in the murder of John F. Kennedy – Lee Harvey Oswald – was “manipulated” – and in many instances – “invented.”

“I’m just a patsy!”  – Lee Harvey Oswald 
Lee Harvey Oswald -Puppet Man

(Oswald, Mexico, and Deep Politics, Peter Dale Scott, Skyhorse Publishing, 307 West 36TH Street, 11TH Floor, New York 10018, 2013, 158 pages, $14.94 [softcover], $24.43 [hardcover] .)


Puppet Man Cover oswald-mexico-and-deep-politics

“In any case, readers should not expect these essays to lead us to a full understanding of the Kennedy case,” says Scott in the book’s Introduction. “Rather they lead towards key anomalies of resistance, suppression, and above all falsification of major documents. Just as the mapping of geophysical anomalies can aid in the search for petroleum, so, the mapping of these documentary anomalies can aid us, and hopefully the Review Board, in isolating cover-up of America.”

Puppet Man 170px-Peter_dale_scott
Peter Dale Scott

(What also would lend to a better “understanding” in the book would be an improved explanation of the many “inferences” [though often possibly interesting and even logical] that are ‘still’ not clear (due, in part, to Scott’s somewhat stilted rhetoric), and ‘should’ have finally ended-up as hard, cold evidence that would be seen and read as final proof of some of his claims, but this finality doesn’t seem to ultimately take place.)

The early part of the book deals with an alleged Oswald/Kostikov conversation on October 1, 1963, where a mysterious but only ‘inferred’ “Oswald” spoke of having contacted a KGB agent called Valeriy Kostikov.


Scott mentions that several of these “Oswald leaks” were not the real Oswald, but “someone else impersonating him.”   This involved several calls, comments, and “gossip” portraying Oswald as the originator.   Scott believes that several Oswald “impersonators” laced the scenery with “traces,” “clues,” as part of a “deception program” done through phased or planned “high-level CIA cable traffic.” (p. 4)

Puppet Man Snathers 1280x720-t8A
From the Movie “The Body Snatchers”: Investigating the Replication of Human Bodies. 

It would seem that Oswald had been “fazed” into several ‘stages’ of “mentions” that were “organized some years earlier in a possibly unrelated operation.”  Oswald’s association with a KGB assassin was utilized as to ward off “threatening nuclear war,” and later switched Oswald to a “lone nut” angle or slant. Scott believes that most of these manipulations were the workings of the Counterintelligence Special Investigation Group in the CIA as well as Special Intelligence in the CIA’s station in Mexico City.


Through documents such as the Lopez Report, it would appear that someone (and very poorly executed, at times, in doing such maneuvering) was trying to impersonate Oswald in Mexico. Rumors to further this image had been passed along through Oleg M. Nechiporenko and General Nikolai Leonov, as well as eyewitnesses such as Silvia Duran of the Cuban Embassy. Scott seems to have found multiple discrepancies all through the documents.

“It is far more likely that these cables were sent as part of a CIA deception operation,” says Scott, “and that this deception operation went back at least three years, to the time of Oswald’s alleged defection to the Soviet Union.”

Scott earmarks various “stages” that barely become visible in the trail of Oswald: Phase one, phase two. He refers to these as “dialectical cover-ups.”

Phase One would suggest that Oswald was disguised as part of a Soviet or Cuban conspiracy; and then later, a Phase Two in which Oswald was not a KGB assassin but an alleged “lone killer.” To make matters even more problematic, Scott tells of a rift between the Counter Intelligence (CI) in the CIA and the FBI’s Counter-Espionage as to how the “phase” program was to be implemented.

“It appears there may have been a clique within the government who cooperated with outside elements to kill the President,” says Scott, “and that this clique included elements in counterintelligence…in such a way as to activate a ‘phase one/phase two’ dialectical cover-up.”

“It appears there may have been a clique within the government who cooperated with outside elements to kill the President,” says Scott, “and that this clique included elements in counterintelligence…in such a way as to activate a ‘phase one/phase two’ dialectical cover-up.”

Further manipulations could possibly include “forces inside the Dense Department poised to use Oswald’s record as a pretext to strike against Cuba.”


Scott alternates in telling how the “tweaking” of rumors and information between the various Intelligence factions, utilizing files on Oswald, set Oswald up for various “falsifications.”

Scott says: “Why would SR/CI withhold from the FBI the information that Oswald (whom the CIA knew to be the subject of current and exited FBI Intelligence reports) had just met in Mexico City with an ‘identified KGB officer’? The most sinister explanation would be that they only wanted this information to become known after November 22 so that Oswald would be left free until this time and then picked up, to be identified as Kennedy’s assassin.”

Delving into the theory that a “second Oswald” was part of a plot to “implicate Oswald as the patsy in the assassination” (p. 33), Scott openly identifies one of the manipulators: David Atlee Phillips, Mexico City Station’s Chief of Covert Action and Cuban Operations.

“We have however Phillips’ own statements that he was involved in the transmission of both of the key ‘phase one’ allegations promoted in CIA cables,” says Scott, “the Kostikov story of October, and the Alvarado story of November 25.”

Dan Hardway, House Committee researcher, said: “I’m firmly convinced now that he ran the red-herring, disinformation aspects of the plot.”

Puppet Man Phillips 125
David Atlee Phillips


Scott references Mark Aaron’s and John Loftus’ remarks about Allen Dulles and Dulles’ comment about the “Agency-within-the-Agency” CIA structure (Unholy Trinity [New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1991, p. 260]).     

Outlined by Scott are various “initiatives” in their purpose to over-throw Cuba and assassinate Fidel Castro: Operation AMTRUNK (Operation Leonardo), AMLASH, the Attwood initiative, the JM/WAVE station, and the (mobster) Giancana-Roselli-CIA plots against Castro. In this somewhat confused matrix, Scott speculates, other ingredients were also integrated:

“We must look at E. Howard Hunt, a man whose role in the AMLASH story may have played a key role in the Watergate intrigue,” says Scott. “And above all, we must look at a man whose behavior, and whose CIA watchers, were intertwined with the already complex Attwood-AMLASH-Hunt story. This man was Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Puppet Man Hunt a66u42016_11_15_NBC_AR1EEPYI46_CSD_wem_mezz
Late Intelligent Agent Howard E. Hunt

The middle part of the book concerns the conflicts that under-gird the CIA, the Kennedys’ political policies, and Cuba. Scott raises the connection of journalist Jack Anderson’s investigation into the possible plot by Fidel Castro to Assassinate John Kennedy:

“…there was at least one other three-man assassination team that was sent, this time with CIA support, against Castro in 1963,” says Scott. “These three men where Eddie ‘Bayo’ Perez and the other two survivors of the so-called Bayo-Pawley mission, sent in the summer of 1963 by Roselli’s close friend and room-mate John Martino.” (Hinckle and Turner, The Fish Is Red, pp. 171-173, 347-350)

“Given these signs of a mob influence within the CIA as within the FBI,” says Scott, “it seems at least possible that the mob could have helped CIA authorization for a plot against Castro, which it then exploited to murder the President of the United States.” (p. 69)

Puppet Man castro-obit2
The Late Fidel Castro


The book is comprised of multiple topics and problems that Scott discerns as mysteries to be explained; Erdmann leaves various topics best to be explored directly by the readers:

# Oswald’s associations with both leftwing and rightwing organizations.

# The political spectrum of “double-speak” which seemed to encompass many individuals, including John Kennedy: “The Kennedy habit of speaking out of both sides of the mouth at once, like the larger Kennedy habit of trying to please both hawks and doves simultaneously…” (p. 57.)

# Jack Ruby’s shared affinity to opposing political factions: “The inscrutable mystery of a political polarity, simultaneously liberal and anti-liberal.” (p.116)

# Oswald or an impersonator’s alleged September 1963 remark that he was “going to kill Kennedy.” Scott questions: “Was the story of the Oswald assassination remark (whether or not Oswald actually made it) a propaganda operation from the outset? If it were, then we cannot rule out the CIA resources in the two consulates were part of that operation.”

# The many maneuverings of a “Staff D” at the consulates; much of this is under the sway of the DFS (Direccion Federal de Sequridad), going into the LIBNVOY Project (as well as the Soviet LIFFAT Project, p. 131) and the integration of Richard Cain and his expertise as telephone-tapper. Cain worked alongside of the CIA-Giancana assassination connection in Mexico City in 1962. He was also known to have connections with the Chicago mob and Jack Ruby all the way to the DFS and plot to kill Castro; the Chicago mob was involved in “deep involvement in Mexico’s drug traffic.”

“The Richard Cain-Lennie Patrick-Dave Yaras segment of the Chicago mob had connections to 1963 not only to Ruby but to Sam Giancana, and above all to mob activities in Cuba…but if Cain recruited and/or trained then we may have isolated the matrix for a sophisticated CIA-Mafia assassination intercept program.” (p. 133) 

“The DFS, before it was abolished because of its deep involvement in Mexico’s drug traffic, was a key agency in the Mexican Gober Nacion (Ministry of the Interior),” continues Scott. “It also had close links with the FBI as well as the CIA, being part of a tradition of binational intelligence cooperation dating back to the turn of the century.”

# The existence of ZR/RIFLE Executive Action assassination teams.

# Analysis of the contradictions of critic and debunker Gerald Posner’s CASE CLOSED.

(“…there is the lawyerly approach to tell less, not more, to support the difficulties with the testimony that is preferred and to invent non-existent problems with the testimony of witnesses one wishes to discredit. This is the approach of Posner…) (p. 156)

# Scott reaches into Oswald’s career in the U.S.S.R and finds mystery in Oswald’s various aliases such as “Harvey Lee Oswald,” “Harvey Alik,” all the way into the U.S State Department with its 12/11/61 document #NO/4522 reference to “Citizen Lee Harvey Oswald.”  (p. 149)

# “…it would appear that the post-assassination hype about conspiracies was piggy-backed upon a pre-assassination operation and that the successive alterations to (Sylvia) Duran’s statement were made by the CIA and DFS to project this operation.” (Duran: former Cuban consulate official who witnessed the impersonation of Oswald.) (p. 129)

Puppet Man ZR Doc9-600

Erdmann now adds some additional facts that may help Scott’s aloof prose:


In a series of communications on December 3-4, 2013, Paul Trejo discussed some of the Winston Scott claims with co-researcher Paul Brancato, but in a much clearer fashion:

“Peter Dale Scott, with his usual brilliance, noted that the more falsehood in the story, the more it pointed to a conspiracy. Simply brilliant. Let’s see if I can render his argument here: 

“1. If those two reports were true, then the US government had foreknowledge of Oswald’s intent to kill JFK, but simply failed to use those reports.

 “2.  If those reports were somewhat true, that is, Oswald carried a fake CP card and said he would kill JFK just to provoke notoriety, then that suggests the possibility of a conspiracy involving Oswald with other people. 

 “3. If those reports were mostly false, that is, a fake Oswald carried a CP card and threatened to kill JFK, then we have final proof of a conspiracy to kill JFK and frame Oswald (even if the conspirators were commoners).

 “4. If those reports were totally false, however — simple lies made up by the Government agents involved — this would be strong evidence of a high-level conspiracy to kill JFK and frame Oswald.”    

Paul Brancato examined chapter eight in Scott’s book as to the possibility that the U.S Government demonstrated their complicity when “the government printed so many falsehoods about Lee Harvey Oswald before the JFK assassination, and then it took those words back and denied them during the Warren Commission hearings…For example, there were reports from Mexico City that said Lee Harvey Oswald was a ‘card-carrying member of the Communist Party.’ This turned out to be false, and the Dallas Police, as well as the Warren Commission, later rejected this. 

“Also, there were reports that said when Oswald was in the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City in September 1963, he threatened to kill JFK for causing Oswald’s delay in getting to Cuba.  Yet the Dallas Police and the Warren Commission would reject those reports, too.”



James DiEugenio outlined that period from Our Man in Mexico (University Press of Kansas, 2008) by Jefferson Morley: “With this backdrop, Morley outlines the four secret programs through which Oswald had to come into contact with the CIA in 1963. They were codenamed AMSPELL, LIERODE, LIENVOY, and LIEMPTY. The first two programs were run by (David Atlee) Phillips, the last two by (Winston) Scott. AMSPELL was the name given inside the CIA to the DRE,…LIERODE refers to the camera surveillance on the Cuban consulate in Mexico City.  LIENVOY refers to the wiretapping of phone lines at the Soviet Embassy, and LIEMPTY to the photo surveillance of that embassy.

“So it would seem obvious that there would be documents about this interaction forwarded to either (George) Joannides or (David Atlee) Phillips. But as Morley noted, there are 17 months of reports–from 12/62 to 4/64–the CIA has yet to declassify on AMSPELL. (Elsewhere on this site, you can read about his struggle with the CIA to get these documents.)”


Assassination researcher William Kelly commented on November 21, 2010, about a Provocation-Deception from Army Intelligence Reserve in Dallas, 11/22/1963:

“To begin with, we know that in Dallas, on November 22, there were people inside the military who falsified their reporting of the Kennedy assassination to create the false impression (or what I have called the ‘phase-one story’) of an enemy attack…but I did not realize until recently that all of them came from a single Army Intelligence Reserve unit.

“As these deceptions are immediately post-assassination, they do not in isolation establish that the assassination itself was a provocation-deception plot. They do however reveal enough about the anti-Castro mindset of the 488th Army Intelligence Reserve unit in Dallas to confirm that it was remarkably similar to that of the J-5 the preceding May that produced a menu of ‘fabricated provocations’ for the Joint Chiefs.”

Kelly outlined further facts:

# The plans of a Phase One implication of Castro on the part of a Dallas-Army Intelligence use of “deceptive falsehoods” leading all the way to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington.

“Researcher Larry Haapanen has discovered the 488th seems to have had its own direct chain of command linking it to Washington. In an esoteric publication entitled The Military Order of World Wars (Turner Publishing Company, 1997, p. 120), he found that (John) Crichton “commanded the 488th MID (Strategic), reporting directly to the Army Chief of Intelligence and the Defense Intelligence Agency.” Haapanen was told by Crichton’s commander in the Texas Army Reserve (1970: Lt. Col. Whitmeyer), that Crichton’s unit did its summer training at the Pentagon.

“It is now clear that Stringfellow’s claims about Oswald as a Communist Party visitor to Cuba, though clearly false, fell well within the guidelines for a provocation-deception as set out in the Northwoods and May 1963 documents. All (of) this Cuban deception planning was in support of JCS OPLANS 312 (Air Attack in Cuba) and 316 (Invasion of Cuba).

“These were not theoretical exercises, but actively developed operational plans which the JCS were only too eager to execute. As they told Kennedy, ‘We are not only ready to take any action you may order in Cuba, we are also in an excellent condition worldwide to counter any Soviet military response to such action.’”

(Operation Northwoods: New York, May 1, 2001, David Ruppe: “In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

“Code named Operation Northwoods; the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

“The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba’s then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.”)

Puppet Man NORTH download

# Such actions were seen as part of the overall Doomsday communications network, known most recently as the Continuity of Government (COG) network. James Mann, for example, had referred to the COG network overseers as “part of the permanent, though hidden, national security apparatus of the United States, inhabitants of a world in which Presidents may come and go, but America always keeps on fighting.”

http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=16978&page=3 Posted by Thomas Graves on November 18, 2011.


Puppet Man Paine1 793d4ee938f39ad3af4104dad36d9a06_original

Scott tells of additional curious mysteries (The JFK Assassination as an Engineered ProvocationDeception Plot: A Study in the Sociodynamics of Invasion Pretexts [Addressed to COPA], November 2010 [As Amended Dec. 13, 2010]):

(Amongst the lists of the false evidence – such as the Kostin letter – including the typed version found by CIA Operative Ruth Paine only hours after the assassination – as well as the erroneous Kostikov visit and telephone call – and the Marina statement – there exists some nagging questions in regards to John Crichton of the 488th Intelligence Unit.)

“Of interest still today is the coincidence that the same 488th Army Intelligence Reserve unit helped generate the false Marina story, as well as the false Stringfellow report. The interpreter who first supplied the Marina story, Ilya Mamantov, was selected as the result of a phone call between Deputy Police Chief George Lumpkin and Jack Crichton. We have already seen that Crichton commanded the 488th; and Lumpkin, in addition to being the Deputy Police Chief, was also a deputy commander of the 488th under Crichton.

“John Crichton was the kind of figure Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point described as a ‘connector…people with a special gift for bringing the world together.’ Some of his contacts are figures who should be familiar to students of the JFK assassination. His superior in the Army Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel George Whitmeyer, was on 11/22 in the pilot car of the Kennedy motorcade along with DPD Deputy Chief George Lumpkin; the pilot car is of interest because of its unexplained stop in front of the Texas School Book Depository. D.H. ‘Dry Hole’ Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository, was a director of Crichton’s firm Dorchester Gas Producing.”



Assassination investigator John Newman told Frontline News about the taped calls in question:

“The cover-up was apparently put in motion the day after the assassination by Anne Goodpasture (unless someone else altered the cables she sent after the fact) in the CIA station in Mexico City. But it was a sloppy cover-up. Files released in the mid-1990s show she sent a cable at noon (1pm EST) on Nov. 23 stating that a voice comparison (between two intercepted phone calls) had not been made at the time of Oswald’s visit because one tape (presumably of the Saturday, Sept. 28 call) had been erased before another had been received (presumably from the Oct. 1 intercept). It was unlikely this would have happened, however, as tapes were kept for at least two weeks before erasure. It was necessary to deny that a voice comparison with the Cuban consulate tape had taken place, in order to facilitate the cover story that the station had not realized that Oswald had visited the Cuban consulate.”

(A voice analysis by a CIA translator [a Mrs. {Finglass} Tarasoff] did demonstrate that operators handled the tapes in responding to a CIA cable; Goodpasture, in changing her story, suggested to the possibility that cables were altered.)

James DiEugenio (continuing in his review of Jefferson Morley’s book Our Man in Mexico) further highlighted the antics of Anne Goodpasture:

“Besides the seventeen months of missing reports, the results of the other three programs are also either lacking or questionable. As many know, to this day, the CIA has yet to produce a photograph of Oswald either entering or leaving either compound. And the photo they turned over to the Warren Commission in this regard does not even resemble Oswald. (In the Lopez Report-which is scathing about her–Anne Goodpasture tries to state that she did not realize this grievous error about the wrong photo of Oswald. until 1976. The authors make it clear that they find this suggestion not credible, as they do much of her testimony.) Since Oswald frequented the compounds a total of five times, there were ten opportunities to photograph him. What happened, and why there has never been a picture produced, is one of the great mysteries of this case.”


Puppet Man Anne-Goodpasture-1
Anne Goodpasture

Newman said that FBI records indicated at this point that President Johnson, Attorney Katzenbach, and FBI Director Hoover were switching to a “lone-assassin scenario,” made on Sunday, two days after the assassination.

Newman added: “But for the lone-assassin scenario to stand, the Mexico City evidence at CIA — the tapes of the impersonation and some cables — had to be destroyed or altered. The problem was that news of the impersonation was spreading.”

Frontline: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City, November 19, 2013, 5:26 pm ET, John Newman. –  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/biographies/oswald/oswald-the-cia-and-mexico-city/.


Arturo Rodriguez, a former Cuban security agent who was intimately familiar with security apparatus, tended to confirm the Part One/Part Two Intelligence plan. We repeat Rodriguez’s remarks almost in their entirety (a presentation given in Rio de Janeiro, August 1995):

“As known by those present here, — having been informed by the Select Committee — the photographic post across from our embassy, located in the street Francisco Marquez 149-1 Colonia Condesa, was operated by a Cuban, posing as a Colombian named Augusto Cesar Rodriguez Gallegos, from where everyone entering and leaving the diplomatic office was photographed.

“Oswald visited at least three times the Cuban consulate (or, someone impersonating Oswald…SE) and on one or two occasions the Soviet consulate that was also ‘covered’.  However, after the assassination, none of the photos appeared and the one that did was strange. (Emphasis added…SE)

“‘If the CIA obtained photos, information, telephone recordings, and microphone recordings placed in the sofa of the Cuban consulate, years later uncovered, – why did all this evidence disappear? (Emphasis added…SE)

“Reflecting on all of this we make the following hypothesis. Everything was arranged to document Oswald’s visit, therefore there was a plot to involve Cuba in the assassination that was to later “unchain” the American reply.

“However, almost immediately after Oswald’s arrest in Dallas, when the requests for Oswald’s Mexico material starts by the ‘principal center’ (meaning an official agency) – incorrect information was given.  Was it that the arrest was not planned by those who plotted, threw out (did away with) the well-conceived plan to blame Cuba?  The truth is that almost immediately after Oswald’s assassination, in the coarse and precipitated conditions known to all appeared the theory of the ‘lone assassin’ and the ‘Cuban plot’ took second stage.  What are the reasons?  What are the motives?”



Scott has clearly spoken of the wide swipe of government Intelligence, the Mob cartel, drug trafficking, and the brotherhood and cooperation between these elements (even beyond borders) going back to the turn of the turn of the century and clearly up unto the present day:

“In Mexico, to be sure, a DFS scandal involving forged and altered document will seem almost trivial in the light of later DFS scandals,” says Scott. “The DFS was already linked to drug-traffickers by the late 1940s when the DFS founder retired to work with Mexico’s leading international drug kingpin.

The Chicago mob had been supplied with drugs from Durango, Mexico, from as far back as 1947, to a major Mexico government-protected connection that appears to have involved Jack Ruby…By the 1980s the DFS commanders along the U.S border were all suspected by DEA officials of complexity in the growing drug traffic…”

Recently, the Antifascist website questioned the continued arming of these questionable elements, in pointing out the  U.S. State Department “plans to award a contract to provide a Mexican government security agency with a system that can intercept and analyze information from all types of communications systems,” NextGov reported (this, despite recent reports that the bodies of four Mexican journalists were discovered in a canal in the port city of Veracruz, less than a week after another journalist based in that city was found strangled in her home).


Why Is the State Department ‘Arming’ Mexico’s Intelligence Agencies with Advanced Intercept Technologies? Anonymous “American officials” cited by the Times “declined to provide details about the work being done” by a team of spooks drawn from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the CIA and “retired military personnel members from the Pentagon’s Northern Command”?  They said that “the compound had been modeled after ‘fusion intelligence centers’ that the United States operates in Iraq and Afghanistan to monitor insurgent groups.”

The “fusion centers” in the heimat, of which the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has amply investigated, and said: “Americans have been put under surveillance or harassed by the police just for deciding to organize, march, protest, espouse unusual viewpoints, and engage in normal, innocuous behaviors such as writing notes or taking photographs in public.”

Antifascist said: “Despite alarms raised by a score of federal law enforcement agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), fearful that sensitive wiretap information was finding its way into the hands of international narcotrafficking cartels, virtually nothing has been done to halt the outsourcing of America’s surveillance apparatus to firms with intimate ties to foreign intelligence entities. Indeed, as America’s spy system is turned inward against the American people, corporations such as Verint work hand-in-glove with a spooky network of security agencies and their corporatist pals in the telecommunications industry.”

These Intelligence Units constituted hundreds of billions of dollars. They involve a “drug war” that favors one group of criminals over another to obtain leverage over corrupt politicians. They also constituted an endless source of funds for intelligence-connected black operations. “The Verint deal seems like a slam-dunk.”

“After all, with powerful communications’ intercept technologies in the hands of the Mexican secret state, ‘national security,’ on both sides of the border,” says Antifacist, “is little more than code for business as usual.”

http://antifascist-calling.blogspot.com/2012/05/why-is-state-department-arming-mexicos.htmlAntifascist: A researcher and activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to publishing in Covert Action Quarterly, Love & Rage and Antifascist Forum, he is the editor of Police State America: U.S. Military “Civil Disturbance” Planning, distributed by AK Press. Sunday, May 13, 2012.


Said Larry Chin, Online Journal Associate Editor of Rense.com (April 4, 2007): “The Dallas-Watergate-Iran-Contra connection has been thoroughly documented by the key JFK researchers, and in particular, in the work of Peter Dale Scott, one of the very first to show the deep political continuity across three decades. Daniel Hopsicker’s Barry and the Boys goes into even more detail on the players.” 

Chin talked about the George H.W. Bush connection: He was a Texas oilman (Zapata Oil) and a CIA operative, involved with the Bay of Pigs. “Bush’s name was found in the papers of George DeMohrenschildt, one of Lee Harvey Oswald’s CIA handlers. As documented by Pete Brewton, author of The Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush, Bush was deeply connected with a small circle of Texas elites tied to the CIA and the Mafia, as well as the Florida-based CIA/anti-Casto Cuban exile/ Mafia milieu.”


Puppel Man Zapata unnamed

Busch had his fingers into all circles. He was Richard Nixon’s selection for the Republican National Committee chairman, later a CIA director. “Bush constantly covered-up and stonewalled for his boss about Watergate, which itself (by the admission of Frank Sturgis and others) was a cover-up of the JFK assassination.” 

“Tracking any of the individual CIA operatives involved with the Bay of Pigs, it is impossible to ignore or deny direct connections to George H.W. Bush and his crime family, across the Kennedy assassinations, covert operations in Indochina and, later,  Latin America.”



General Fabian Escalante, former chief of Cuba’s G-2 intelligence agency, had intimate knowledge of Oswald and the Kennedy assassination.

He joined the Department of State Security (G-2) in 1960. At the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Escalante was head of a counter-intelligence unit and was part of a team investigating a CIA operation called Sentinels of Liberty, an attempt to recruit Cubans willing to work against Castro. Escalante spoke extensively here:

“Not long before his death in 1993, Col. Bishop confirmed to this writer that he had knowledge of the JFK plot. The Cubans indicate that the Vidal-Bishop Dallas trip concerned plans for re-taking the island once Castro’s people had been implicated in the assassination. (David Atlee Phillips was really ‘Maurice Bishop’…SE.)

“…Oswald was an intelligence agent of the US—CIA, FBI, military, or all of these, we don’t know. He was manipulated, told he was penetrating a group of Cuban agents that wanted to kill Kennedy. But from the very beginning, he was to be the element to blame Cuba. (Emphasis added…SE.)

“Not less than 15 persons took part in the assassination…At the same time, knowing a little about CIA operations, we see how they used the principle of decentralized operations—independent parties with a specific role, to guarantee compartmentalization and to keep it simple.”

Puppet Man pict_smithfonziescalante
General Fabian Escalante on the Far Right, Along with Wayne Smith and Gaeton Fonzi

(Fabian Escalante was the author of several books, including The Secret War: CIA Covert Operations Against Cuba, 1959-62 [1995] and CIA Targets Fidel: The Secret Assassination Report [1996]. In 2006 Escalante published JFK: The Cuba Files. In the book Escalante described the conspiracy uncovered by Cuba’s investigation, which reviewed declassified US files and reports from Cuban intelligence units that had infiltrated anti-Castro groups in Miami.)

(U.S – Cuban intelligence conference on JFK assassination, July 21, 2005 by I-taoist in Cuban History: JFK and the Cuban Connection: Havana’s Spies Spill the Beans at TopLevel Conference! Dick Russell.)



Puppet Man Hulnick CIA-2
 Former CIA Agents Arthur Hulnick (Right) and Joseph Wippi (Left)

Journalists Arthur Hulnick and Daniel Mattausch succinctly wrote about the CIA:

“Professional standards require intelligence professionals to lie, hide information, or use covert tactics to protect their ‘cover,’ access, sources, and responsibilities.

The Central Intelligence Agency expects, teaches, encourages, and controls these tactics so that the lies are consistent and supported (‘backstopped’). The CIA expects intelligence officers to teach others to lie, deceive, steal, launder money, and perform a variety of other activities that would certainly be illegal if practiced in the United States. They call these tactics ‘tradecraft,’ and intelligence officers practice them in all the world’s intelligence services.”


“Scott’s analysis suggests the evidence from Mexico City as part of a frame-up, making Oswald, Mexico, and Deep Politics an essential piece of research and analysis,” says the headline-cover-comments, “shedding new light on the Communist conspiracy allegations behind the JFK assassination.”

(Footnote: Scott offers penetrating and in-depth analysis of the Oswald Mystery that isn’t often seen in researchers: always hardhitting in its scope. Unfortunately, Scott’s English training hasn’t allowed him to write in common but clear English: there is always a layer of stilted, staid and dry techno-lingo through his work, often preventing smoother reading, usually hop-scotched back and forth through his writing. It’s a small factor considering Scott’s deep research, and probably not intentional, but such rhetoric would tend to camouflage that many of Scott’s ‘inferences’ are not complete hard evidence, but only reasonable suspicions.  Despite this failing, however, Scott is definitely onto conspirators hiding in the bushes and having fooled the public.)
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