The Night that UFOs Challenged Us!

UFOs in our Face!

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UFOs: The Hidden and the Multifaceted Threat


Steve Erdmann

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It’s not just UFOs, Watergate, and newspapers that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has gotten their fingers into, Richard Shultz has shown their unending proclivity to stick their fingers into every fabric of our and other societies.

THE SECRET WAR AGAINST HANOI, Richard H. Shultz, Jr., Copyright 1999. Harper Collings Publishers, Inc., 101 East 53rd Street, New York, N.Y.  10022, 390 pages.

The truth of the matter is that it is not just the Kennedy and Johnson’s use of the “agency” but as a matter of fact the agency has directed Americans into endless successions of premeditated and wanton connections that are continual and unrelenting.

Of course, the CIA has had a long-recorded history going back many years to September 1947 and the Counterintelligence Corps (CIC) of the U.S. Army.   Since then, “intelligence’’ has become metastasized into the very cellular structure of its operation and become a lecherous brain function.

SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY: THE SECRET WARS OF THE CIA, John Prado, Copyright 2006, Ivan R. Doe Publisher, 1332 North Halsted Street, Chicago, Ill., 60622

“The story of the secret wars is an important component of the American experience,’’ says Prados, ‘’in the years since World War II.  It is also a feature of the histories of those many lands where secret warrior applied their trade…the time has come for taking stock, and that evaluation may begin here.’’  (p. xvi)

Unfortunately, neither book have included all the facts, especially since they have excluded or not recognized major Unidentified Flying Object cases (UFOs) which includes famous and sensational UFO case histories, UFO landings and crashes.

Perhaps, from the beginning (and President Harry Truman), the government recognized the ultra-seriousness of the UFO question and its many crashed crafts.


During Truman’s first year in office, 1953, a least ten alien disks crashed with along 20 dead and four live aliens.  Out of this, four were found in Arizona, two in Texas, one in New Mexico, one ins Louisiana, one in Montana, and one in South Africa. (Case: McGill. ca).

Secret Executive Memorandum NSCS410 Majestic Twelve were partially composed of 35 members of the Council of Foreign Relations, six persons as executive members on the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, called the Senior Interagency Group (SIG).,_D.C._UFO_incident

The sightings of July 26–27 also made front-page headlines, and even led President Harry Truman to personally call Capt. Ruppelt and ask for an explanation of the sightings. Ruppelt, remembering the conversation he had with Capt. James, told the President that the sightings might have been caused by temperature inversion, in which a layer of warm, moist air covers a layer of cool, dry air closer to the ground. This condition can cause radar signals to bend and give false returns. However, Ruppelt had not yet interviewed any of the witnesses or conducted a formal investigation.[19]

CIA historian Gerald Haines, in his 1997 history of the CIA’s involvement with UFOs, also mentions Truman’s concern. “A massive buildup of sightings over the United States in 1952, especially in July, alarmed the Truman administration. On 19 and 20 July, radar scopes at Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base tracked mysterious blips. On 27 July, the blips reappeared.”[20]

Shortly before midnight on Saturday, July 19, 1952, air-traffic controller Edward Nugent at Washington National Airport spotted seven slow-moving objects on his radar screen far from any known civilian or military flight paths. He called over his supervisor and joked about a “fleet of flying saucers.” At the same time, two more air-traffic controllers at National spotted a strange bright light hovering in the distance that suddenly zipped away at incredible speed.

At nearby Andrews Air Force Base, radar operators were getting the same unidentified blips—slow and clustered at first, then racing away at speeds exceeding 7,000 mph. Looking out his tower window, one Andrews controller saw what he described as an “orange ball of fire trailing a tail.” A commercial pilot, cruising over the Virginia and Washington, D.C. area, reported six streaking bright lights, “like falling stars without tails.”

The Night that UFOs Challenged Us

The sighting­s and radar tracking’s continued until 3 A.M. By then witnesses on the ground and in the air had observed the UFOs, and at times all three radar sets had tracked them simultaneously.

Exciting and scary as all this had been, it was just the beginning of an incredible episode. The next evening radar tracked UFOs as they performed extraordinary “gyrations and reversals,” in the words of one Air Force weather observer. Moving at more than 900 miles per hour, the objects gave off radar echoes exactly like those of aircraft or other solid targets. Sightings and tracking’s occurred intermittently during the week and then erupted into a frenzy over the following weekend. At one point, as an F-94 moved on targets ten miles away, the UFOs turned the tables and darted en masse toward the interceptor, surrounding it in seconds. The badly shaken pilot, Lt. William Patterson, radioed Andrews AFB to ask if he should open fire. The answer, according to Albert M. Chop, a civilian working as a press spokesperson for the Air Force who was present, was “stunned silence. . . . After a tense moment, the UFOs pulled away and left the scene.”

As papers, politicians, and public clamored for answers, the Air Force hosted the biggest press conference in history. A transcript shows that the spokesperson engaged in what amounted to double-talk, but the reporters, desperate for something to show their editors, picked up on Capt. Roy James’ off-the-cuff suggestion that temperature inversions had caused the radar blips. James, a UFO skeptic, had arrived in Washington only that morning and had not participated in the ongoing investigation.


US Army Observers Report: US Navy Task Force 68 – “Operation Highjump”

US Army Observers Report: US Navy Task Force 68 – “Operation Highjump”

SEPTEMBER 1 947 Distribution : 
OSW (2); WDGS Divs (5), except R&D (300); WDSS Divs (2); 
AAF (10); AGF (50); T (2); Dept (2); Base Comd (2); Def 
Comd (2); AAF Comd (5); Arm & Sv Bd (2); Adm Sv (2); 
Tech Sv (15); AMA (2); FC (1); PG (2); Ars (2); Div Eng (2); 
GH (1); RH (1); Disp (1); Sch (2), except Gen & Sp Sv Sch 
(5); USMA (5); Tng C (2); Class III Instls (1); A (5); CHQ 
(2); D (2); D (ATC) (2); D (A Tng Comd) (2); B (2); R (1); 
AF (5); W (2); G (1); Special distribution. 
For explanation of distribution formula, see TM 38-405. 
This report represents the combined observations of Army personnel assigned to 
Task Force 68, Operation “HIGHJUMP”, Naval Antarctic Development Project, 
December 1946 to April 1947. The War Department responded willingly to a Navy 
invitation to send observers on this important expedition and increased its represen- 
tation to sixteen, ten more than originally allotted by the Navy. (The personnel 
included four men with prior Antarctic experience.) 
The Army cooperated with the Navy in respect to materiel items, particularly 
in regard to Ordnance vehicles and Quartermaster items of issue including special 
rations, tents, skis, stoves, sleeping bags, and cold weather clothing. 
The Army observers were primarily a cross-section representing Army Air Forces, 
Army Ground Forces, and some of the technical services. The combined background 
permitted a general coverage of primary Army interests, particularly in the fields of 
polar research, engineering, communications, personal health and protection, surface 
transportation, meteorology, photography, air operations, emergency rescue, and 
various fields of scientific research. 
By Navy request, the Army observers’ activity was to be segregated specifically 
from expedition operations. However, they asked for or accepted voluntary work 
assignments which would permit better opportunities for military observations. 
The Army personnel therefore had an active part in many operational activities 
including exploratory flights, air operations, base construction, photography, over- 
snow travel, meteorology, emergency rescue planning, training, scientific projects, 
and other activities. 
The Army observers were concentrated for the most part with the Central Group 
which operated on the Ross Shelf Ice, as there was little of concern to the Army in 
respect to ship movements and seaplane activity of the Eastern and Western Groups. 
The War Department issued no special instructions to its observers, but appointed a 
senior observer who was well qualified as to the broad interests of the Army in high 
latitude operations and thoroughly cognizant as to Antarctic conditions. The senior 
Army observer organized the observation team and clarified fields of responsibility. 
The trip to Antarctica aboard the U. S. S. Mount Olympus, Flagship of the Task Force, 
was spent in frequent conference to prepare for maximum utilization of observation 
opportunities in the Antarctic. The plan worked smoothly while on the ice permit- 
ting the observers to work independently with only occasional coordination with the 
senior observer. On the return, the observers held daily conferences and prepared 
iii necessary joint logs and reports by means of dictation into a wire recorder. The 
specific topics for which the observers were individually qualified and responsible 
were prepared separately. 
Within one week upon return to the United States the Army observation reports, 
in rough draft, including illustrations, were submitted to the War Department and 
were made available in most instances to the agencies primarily concerned. The 
publication of the combined Army observers’ report was purposely postponed until 
the Navy’s much larger report could have prior release. It is felt that the Army 
observers’ report, although it does not attempt to cover ship operations or problems of 
primary concern to the Navy, does contain many valuable independent observations 
from an Army viewpoint that do not constitute a duplication of the Navy’s “Report 
of Operation Highjump”. (U. S. Navy Antarctic Development Project 1947.) 
The Army’s combined observers’ report has in no manner attempted to evaluate 
or criticize the Navy’s Operation Highjump. It has been a conscientious effort to 
report the operation as planned and executed. Each contributor was requested 
to consider the operation in the light of the problems with which the Army would be 
faced, were it to undertake a similar project, and to make recommendations as to 
how difficulties could be obviated. 
The War Department is indebted to the Navy for including Army observers on 
Operation Highjump under the commendable leadership of Rear Admiral R. E, Byrd 
and Rear Admiral R. H. Cruzen. The Army observers, and those who have assisted 
in production of this report, are to be commended for the very valuable contribu- 
tions they have made to the War Department research and development program. 
Major General, GSG 
Director of Research & Development 
War Department General Staff 
Section I. Planning of Operation “HIGHJUMP” 1 
IE Activities of U. S. Army Observers 5 
HI. Narrative Account of Operation “HIGHJUMP” 13 
Section I. Historical Comments 15 
II. Army Interest 16 
Section I. Introduction 18 
II. Construction Equipment 25 
III. Cargo Handling and Unloading 30 
IV. Buildings and Shelters 34 
V. Utilities 41 
VI. Airstrips and Snow Tests 44 
VIE Recommendations 57 
Section I. Introduction 64 
II. Cargo Carrier, M29C 66 
III. Tractors 70 
IV. Drawn Conveyances 78 
V. Landing Vehicle, Tracked (LVT) 81 
VI. Observations 96 
VII. Recommendations 99 
VIII. Comments by U. S. M. C. Observer 101 
Section I. R4D (C-47) Operations in the Antarctic 105 
II. Technical Observations 108 
III. Recommendations Ill 
IV. Log of L-5 in the Antarctic 113 
V. Comments on Air Operations by U. S. N. Observer 120 
VI. Air Operations Logs—Central, Eastern, and Western Groups 124 
Section T. Task Force 68 Search and Rescue Plan 129 
II. Aircraft Accidents 135 
III. Search and Rescue Equipment 145 
IV. Observations 154 
V. Recommendations 159 
VI. Plan and S. O. P. for Army Search and Rescue Unit in the Antarctic . . . 161 CHAPTER 7. MEDICAL. f°*‘ 
Section I. Plans, Objectives and Policies 168 
II. Technical Observations 176 
III. Environmental Sanitation 199 
IV. Survival and Rescue 208 
V. Recommendations 217 
VI. List of Medical Supplies Cached at “Little America III” 220 
VII. Comments on U. D. T. by U. S. N. Observer 222 
Section I. U. S. S. Mount Olympus 223 
II. Airstrip Control Station 229 
III. Aircraft 245 
IV. Emergency Base Station 247 
V. Trail Party 249 
VI. Clothing 251 
VII. Observations 252 
VIII. Recommendations 255 
Section I. Plans and Objectives 259 
II. Observations ' 259 
III. Recommendations 263 
Section I. Task Force Plan 265 
II. Personnel and Assignments 268 
III. Equipment 273 
IV. Operation of Equipment 273 
V. Cold Weather Problems 280 
VI. Recommendations 286 
VII. Comments by U. S. N. Observer 289 
Section I. Meteorological Plan 290 
II. Technical Observations 291 
III. Weather Processes Encountered 299 
IV. Recommendations 300 
Section I. Approaches to the Antarctic 324 
II. The International Scientific Plan 326 
III. joint Aerial Exploratory Program 327 
IV. The Antarctic Is Different 328 
V. Conclusion 328 
FORCE 68 379 
vii Top row: Maj, Crozier; Capt. Harrison/ Mr. Waite/ Dr. Siple/ Maj. Holcombe/ Capt. Wiener/ Lt. Col. Davis. Bottom row: T/5 Waltersdort; 
T/5 Shimberg/ Lt. Col. Love/ CWO Morency/ Mr. Davis/ Sgt. London/ Lt. Col. Johns 
Figure 1. Army observers assigned to U. S. Navy Task Force 68, Operation HIGHJUMP RESTRICTED 
SECTION I. Planning of Operation "HIGHJUMP" 
1. Command of Project. 
The United States Navy’s “Antarctic De- 
velopment Project, 1947,” identified by the 
code word HIGHJUMP, was established by 
the Chief of Naval Operations to be carried 
out by Task Force 68 of the Atlantic Fleet. 
This force, commanded by Rear Admiral 
Richard H. Cruzen, was under the opera- 
tional and administrative control of the 
Commander in Chief, U. S. Atlantic Fleet. 
Technical control was retained by the Chief 
of Naval Operations and exercised through 
Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, USN (Ret.), 
who was designated as the officer in charge 
of the project and during the conduct of 
operations exercised technical control. Tac- 
tical command at all times remained with 
the Commander Task Force 68. 
2. Assumptions. 
a. That ice conditions would permit access 
to the proposed operating areas. 
b. That weather conditions encountered 
would permit conduct of planned air and 
surface operations. 
c. That no vessels of the task force would 
spend the winter in the Antarctic. 
3. Objectives of Project 
a. To establish a temporary base and air- 
strip on the Ross Shelf Ice in the vicinity of 
Tittle America, Antarctica, and conduct 
systematic long range air exploration of the 
Antarctic Continent therefrom, and conduct 
naval operations and carry out specific proj- 
ects for training naval personnel, testing 
materials, and amplifying scientific knowl- 
edge of the Antarctic. 
b. To extend the area of exploration of the 
Antarctic Continent, utilizing aircraft based 
on tenders operating around the continental 
c. To examine the limits and character of 
the ice belt surrounding the Antarctic Con- 
tinent and the coast line where accessible by 
surface ships. 
d. To carry out assigned naval and scien- 
tific projects in order to—- 
(1) Train personnel and test materiel in 
the frigid zones. 
(2) Explore the largest practicable area 
of the Antarctic Continent. 
(3) Determine the feasibility of establish- 
ing, maintaining, and utilizing bases in the 
Antarctic, and investigate possible base sites. 
(4) Develop techniques for establishing, 
maintaining, and utilizing bases on ice, with 
particular reference to later applicability of 
such techniques to operations in interior 
of ice caps where conditions are comparable 
to those in the Antarctic. 
(5) Amplify existing stores of knowledge 
of hydrographic, geographic, geological, me- 
teorological, and electromagnetic propagation 
conditions in the area. 
(6) Supplement objectives of the 1946 
NANOOK operation. 
Figure 2. Bay of Whales area, January 1947. 
2 4. Task Force Composition. 
Task Force 68 was subdivided into four 
task groups with the following locations and 
a. Central Group, The Central Group was 
composed of the following vessels: 
1 Communications Ship (ACC), the U. S. S. 
Mount Olympus (Flagship). 
1 Ice breaker, “wind class” (WAG), the 
U. S. C. G. C. Northwind. 
1 Ice breaker (AG), the U. S. S. Burton 
2 Supply ships (AKA), U. S. S. Yancey and 
U. S. S. Merrick. 
1 Submarine (SS), U. S. S. Sennet. 
This task group was to proceed to the Bay of 
Whales, land and establish a temporary base 
and airstrip in the vicinity of Little America, 
conduct systematic long range air explora- 
tion and associated operations, carry out 
various training and test projects, and sup- 
port scientific investigations in the interests 
of amplifying our knowledge of the Antarctic. 
b. Western Group. The Western Group 
was composed of the following vessels: 
1 Seaplane tender (AV), the U. S. S. Curri- 
1 Tanker (AO), the U. S. S, Cacapon. 
1 Destroyer (DD), the U. S. S. Henderson. 
c. Eastern Group. The Eastern Group was 
composed of the following vessels: 
1 Seaplane tender, the U. S. S. Pine Island. 
1 Tanker, the U. S. S. Canisteo. 
1 Destroyer, the U. S. S. Brownson. 
This task group was to proceed to the vicinity 
of Peter I Island (69° S. latitude and 91° W. 
longitude) and from this location begin 
systematic air exploration of assigned areas 
of the continent and coast line. This area 
was to be covered by moving eastward along 
the continental perimeter, keeping just out- 
side of the ice pack. 
d. Carrier Group. In addition to the above 
one aircraft carrier, the U. S. S. Philippine 
Sea was to ferry the R4D aircraft and one 
H03S helicopter down to the limits of the 
ice pack from which point the R4D aircraft 
were to be flown southward over the Ross 
Sea to the airstrip on the ice shelf. The 
helicopter was to be carried within range of 
Little America aboard the ice breaker 
5. General Concept of Operations after 
The primary objectives of the expedition 
were: To explore and map by aerial recon- 
naissance and photography as much of the 
unexplored and unmapped portions of the 
interior as possible and certain unknown or 
improperly charted parts of the coast line; 
to test cold weather air operations from ice 
cap terrain with conventional wheel landing 
gear by constructing and using a matted 
airstrip; and to determine the feasibility of 
and develop techniques for establishing, 
maintaining, and utilizing air bases on ice. 
To these ends the various phases of the opera- 
tion were planned as follows: 
a. Base Site. The ice barrier was to be 
approached in the Bay of Whales area and a 
thorough investigation made to locate a 
feasible base site in that area. If the bay 
was found closed and the area unsuitable for 
landing, search was to be made along the 
barrier, aided by observation from the heli- 
copter carried aboard the U. S. C. G. G. 
Northwind. The site selected had to satisfy 
the following requirements: 
(1) The top of the barrier must be 
accessible from the ice, foot or bay ice. 
(2) The general area had to be one in 
which the ice showed minimal signs of a 
tendency to break off. 
(3) The terrain must present a level 
straightaway 1 mile long for the airstrip. 
b. Base Construction. The senior Civil En- 
gineer Corps officer was to be responsible 
for construction of the base and airstrip. 
All construction was planned to continue 
3 on a 24-hour basis. The following priorities 
were given to the various phases of establish- 
ing the base: 
(1) Priority One. Construct an access road- 
way from the ship’s side to a place of safety 
on top of the barrier, set up rigging to move 
cargo sleds from ship to barrier top, establish 
an emergency subsistence facility on the 
barrier top, and install communications for 
local control of unloading and construction. 
(2) Priority Two. Break a trail from the 
first supply and equipment depot on the 
barrier top (“place of safety” mentioned 
above) to the base camp site. 
(3) Priority Three. Erect a 300-man tem- 
porary tent camp. 
(4) Priority Four. Install air operating facil- 
ities such as quonset hut for service facilities, 
radio equipment, and the pierced plank 
landing mat 150 by 5,000 feet with parking 
area, fuel dump, and runway lights. 
(5) Priority Five. Erect 35-man emergency 
winter hut camp. 
(6) Priority Six. Special facilities for testing 
equipment under cold weather conditions. 
c. Carrier Group Operations. Upon comple- 
tion of the airstrip (estimated late January) 
two R4D aircraft were to be called from the 
carrier lying outside of the ice pack at about 
70° S. latitude and 175° W. longitude. 
These planes were to make the flight and 
test the landing strip before the balance of 
the R4D aircraft were called. The destroyer 
Henderson was to act as plane guard during the 
launching operation. After ferrying and 
launching the aircraft, no further role was 
planned for the carrier which was then to 
be released for return to the Canal Zone. 
The helicopter on the Philippine Sea was to 
be brought in to within flying distance of the 
base site aboard the U. S, C. G. C. Northwind. 
d. General Air Plan. (1) After the aircraft 
from the carrier had joined the central 
group the planes available at the main base 
would be the following: 
6 R4D (C-47)—based ashore. 
1 JA (G-64) on skis—based ashore. 
1 H03S (commercial type) helicopter— 
based ashore. 
2 J2F (amphibians)—one on U.S.G.G.C. 
Northwind and one on U.S.S. Burton Island. 
1 HOS (R~6) helicopter—based on the 
U.S.C.G.G. Northwind. 
1 H03S helicopter—based on the U.S.S. 
Burton Island. 
2 Or (L 5) based ashore. 
With this equipment systematic exploration 
within the limits of practicable flight by the 
specially modified R4D aircraft was to be 
carried out. The range of these aircraft with 
cabin tanks was estimated at 750 miles’ 
radius. It was intended to fly standard 
sector search tracks spaced so that adjacent 
plane tracks at the end of the sector would be 
no more than 60 miles apart. The planes 
were oxygen equipped and where possible 
were to fly at 10,000 feet altitude over the 
average terrain level while taking trime- 
trogon photographs. All R4D’s were to be 
modified to a combination ski-wheel landing 
gear. The smaller aircraft were earmarked 
for rescue and short range reconnaissance. 
(2) The Eastern and Western Task Groups 
each had available the following aircraft: 
3 PBM-5 seaplanes. 
1 HOS (R-6) heli- 
1 SOG seaplane 
1 H03S helicopter. 
Western—all on U. 
S. S. Currituck. 
Eastern—all on U. 
S. S. Pine Island. 
The helicopters and seaplanes were to be 
used for rescue and short range recon- 
naissance. The PBM aircraft were to be 
used in pairs to conduct exploration of as- 
signed areas. Each group was to move 
gradually in a direction away from the Ross 
Sea area along the continental perimeter. 
They were to concentrate on areas outside 
of a 750-mile circle from the Central 
Group’s base. Flights were to cover the 
coast line first in order to provide maximum 
geographical reference for succeeding flights 
4 into the interior. After photographing the 
coast line, flights were to be made into the 
interior up to 700 miles from the ships. 
General areas covered are indicated on map, 
appendix VIII. 
e. Withdrawal. When the season advanced 
to the more difficult weather of the Antarctic 
fall, making air operations unprofitable or 
impracticable (estimated late March) ships 
of the Central Group were to be loaded and 
cleared from the Ross Sea and the entire task 
force withdrawn from the Antarctic area for 
return to the United States. 
f. Emergency Base. It was planned that no 
personnel would remain in the Antarctic 
except to continue a rescue operation. If 
this became necessary the winter party of 
about 35 men and officers would be chosen 
insofar as possible from volunteers and would 
occupy the emergency camp mentioned 
above as fifth priority in the base construc- 
tion plan. If possible this camp was to be 
located so as to utilize the buildings left by 
the U. S. Antarctic Service Expedition in 
1941 (“3rd Byrd Expedition”). The com- 
plement of the emergency camp was planned 
to include one medical officer and one 
medical enlisted man. 
g. Scientific Research. As auxiliary activities 
many scientific projects were to be pursued 
in such fields as geology, meteorology, 
terrestrial magnetism, oceanography, radar 
propagation, etc. Certain of these projects 
were under the direction of civilian scien- 
tists from nonmilitary governmental agen- 
SECTION II. Activities of U. S. Army Observers 
1. Personnel. 
The personnel serving as War Department 
observers on Operation HIGHJUMP, to- 
gether with the agencies they represented 
were as follows: 
Dr. Paul A. Siple, civilian, WDGS, Research 
and Development (Assistant to Admiral 
Byrd on technical matters). 
John N. Davis, Lt. Col., Inf., Infantry 
School (Airborne). 
Willis S. Johns, Lt. Col., A. C., AAF Com- 
R. C. Love, Lt. Col., M. C., AAF, The Air 
James H. Holcombe, Maj., C. E., AAF, The 
Air Engineer. 
Dan Crozier, Maj., M. C., Brooke Army 
Medical Center. 
Mr. A. H. Waite, civilian, Chief Signal Corps 
and Signal Corps Engineering Laboratory. 
Murray A. Wiener, Capt., A. C., AAF 
Rescue Service. 
Chas. H, Harrison, Capt., A. C., AAF, 
Weather Service. 
Mr. Robert Davis, civilian, Strategic Air 
Command (radar mapping observer). 
S. A. London, 1st Sgt., AAF Rescue Service 
A. J. L. Morency, C. W. O., Amphibious 
In addition to the above, four U. S. Army 
enlisted photographers were on the expedi- 
tion as participants under Navy direction. 
They were: Cpl. J. M. Waltersdorf and 
Gpl. J. Shimberg, central group; Cpl. H. G. 
Foster, Western group; and Cpl. E. Zinberg, 
Eastern group. 
2. Policies of the Commander, Task Force 
The policies of the Commander Task 
Force 68 with reference to the activities of the 
Army observers were as follows: 
a. Army observers were not to participate 
5 in the operation or the projects set up for 
accomplishment by the Navy Department. 
Their capacity as observers only was main- 
tained except as requested by the task force 
b. In order that the final report on HIGH- 
JUMP might be as complete and compre- 
hensive as possible, it was directed that ob- 
servers submit their official reports to or via 
the Task Force Commander. If desired, 
observers were given the choice of submitting 
advance copies of their reports to interested 
addressees. The Task Force Commander 
was to be informed of advance copies so 
c. Commanders were directed to furnish 
the Army group with all information and 
assistance possible in the furtherance of their 
d. Complete photographic coverage of all 
aspects of the operation was planned, and 
any additional photographic work desired 
by Army observers was to be made available. 
3. Planning of Activities. 
Planning of observers’ activities was initi- 
ated after departure from Balboa, C. Z. 
Regular meetings of all Army personnel were 
scheduled three times a week, and plans 
were drawn up for coverage of all task force 
projects and activities. 
a. A master chart listing all major activi- 
ties and subdivisions thereof was prepared in 
such a way as to indicate the primary, 
secondary, and minor interests of each ob- 
server in the various phases of the operation. 
The master chart included official Navy test 
and research projects and in addition many 
routine phases of the operation which it was 
believed would yield valuable information. 
The medical officers submitted a jointly 
prepared outline of subjects to cover which 
became the medical section of the Army 
project list. 
b. It was decided that a final consolidated 
report to the War Department would be 
written on the return journey from material 
assembled by the various observers. Each 
Army observer wrote the sections for which 
he had been originally assigned and con- 
sidered best qualified. These assignments 
carried with them the responsibility for 
detailed observation and final preparation 
of material for the consolidated report. 
c. It was believed preferable that most 
Army observers live ashore from the earliest 
possible date in close contact with the opera- 
tion. Accordingly, a memorandum was sub- 
mitted to the Chief of Staff, Task Force 68 
requesting that this be authorized. Subse- 
quently the task force commander directed 
that during the early phase of unloading 
supplies and building the airstrip, only per- 
sonnel essential to the actual progress of the 
work would be quartered on the ice. All 
other personnel, both Navy and Army, were 
to sleep aboard ship. During this period 
the presence of these officers on the ice was 
to be permitted insofar as it did not place a 
burden on the shore party in erecting tent- 
quarters, expanding the mess to accommo- 
date them, etc. See Task Force Memoran- 
dum, this subject, appendix II. Exception 
to this policy in connection with the War 
Department observers was made in the case 
of Maj. Holcombe, Aviation Engineer ob- 
server, who was invited to assist by partici- 
pating in the operation in his field and was 
authorized to quarter ashore at any time at 
the discretion of the senior naval engineering 
officer. Other Army personnel were to be 
quartered ashore after the landing and con- 
struction phases. 
d. In view of the detailed and complete 
photo coverage of all kinds planned for the 
expedition it was the hope of the medical 
observers that a moving picture covering 
the medical support of the operation might 
be assembled. The privilege of requesting 
photographic coverage was extended to the 
Army group and a comprehensive list of 
medical subjects was submitted. 
6 e. It was foreseen that many of the data 
assembled by various observers would re- 
quire interpretation and correlation with 
the weather conditions prevailing when the 
observations were made. The AAF Weather 
Service observer was assigned the responsibil- 
ity for obtaining and recording daily informa- 
tion on temperature, wind, cloud cover, etc. 
4. Activities Ashore. 
Most Army observers made daily visits 
ashore until 23 January when tent quarters 
were made available and were occupied 
from that date until the shore party was 
evacuated on the U. S. C. G. C. Burton Island. 
Information was gathered principally 
through the medium of daily contact with 
personnel of the base camp. Press confer- 
ences were not attended by Army observers, 
with the exception of a few instances. Each 
air crew member was interrogated after all 
major flights. Engineering officers, crew 
chiefs, and line mechanics were also con- 
tacted on matters relating to their work 
activities. Permission was obtained from the 
base commander and senior officer of the 
flight echelon to attend aircrew briefings, and 
this was done whenever possible. Major 
Dan Crozier, M. C., and C. W. O. Anthony 
J. L. Morency were members of the party 
which made a week’s trip to the Rockefeller 
Mountains in tracked vehicles. 
5. Recommended Assignments of Army 
The following memorandum from Dr. 
Paul A. Siple, Senior War Department 
Observer, to Capt. R. S. Quackenbush, 
USN, Chief of Staff, Task Force 68, outlined 
the recommended assignments for the Army 
observers while with the Task Force on 
Operation Highjump: 
18 December 1946 
Aboard USS Mount Olympus 
MEMORANDUM TO: Capt. R. S. Quackenbush, U. S. N., Chief of Staff, 
Task Force 68, Operation “HIGHJUMP”. 
FROM: Dr. Paul A. Siple; Senior War Dept. Observer, U. S. 
SUBJECT: Recommended assignments of Army Observer per- 
sonnel during phase I of Ice Operations (Prior to 
arrival of R4D aircraft). 
1. The following recommendations are summarized from detailed observa- 
tion plans now under preparation to be submitted at a later date. Army 
Observer personnel are sincerely interested in the success of Operation “HIGH- 
JUMP” and are willing, individually or collectively, to be of such assistance 
to the Task Force Commander as he might desire, insofar as they are capable, 
providing, of course, that such possible assignments permit ample opportunity 
to carry out observations of their specifically assigned fields by the War Depart- 
ment. The following list of Army Observer Personnel is given by name, showing 
individual primary interests and personal choice of location: 
A. Dr. Paul A. Siple, W. D. G. S.: 
(a) To be available at all times for advice as desired by the Officer 
in Charge and the Commanding Officer of Task Force 68, on subjects pertaining 
7 to Antarctic Geography, safety of personnel and general operations ashore, 
including scientific research program. 
(b) To be available to assist the Task Force Commander in selection 
of suitable safe sites for various operations on the ice. 
(c) To observe physical factors related to the construction of the airstrip. 
(d) When not occupied with (a), (b), and (c) above, to accompany 
members of the scientific group concerned with studies and surveys of the defor- 
mation of the Ross Shelf Ice. 
(e) To observe factors of human adaptations, acclimatization, accus- 
tomization, clothing protection, climatic effects and carry out personal experi- 
mentation on radical clothing designs. 
(f) To take such opportunities as may be provided to carry out visual 
observations from the air, to continue previous studies of the morphology of the 
glaciation of Antarctica and its general geographic structure. 
(1) As desired by Admiral Cruzen. 
(2) At the airstrip camp. 
(3) With the bivouac camp for scientific group, planning to study 
ice deformation. 
(4) Aboard ship. 
B. Lt. Col. Robert C. Love, M. C.: 
(a) Primary interest concerns general and specific problems of aero- 
medical and general medical nature. This latter will include all phases of health, 
sanitation, preventive medicine, casualties, acclimatization, clothing protection, 
accustomization, psychological factors, fatigue and endurance, food and water 
supply, observation of medical facilities and methods used ashore, including 
evacuations, etc. In order to make these observations during phase I of the Ice 
Operations, prior to the arrival of the R4D aircraft, it is desired that Col. Love 
and Major Crozier, listed below, be permitted to live with the shore party, so 
that they may experience the actual living conditions on a twenty-four hour basis. 
To this end, they are both willing to accept physical assignments to maintain close 
contact with working and construction parties who are subjects of their observa- 
tions. It is assumed that if such assignments are made, they will be of such 
nature as to permit adequate time to make and record observations. Of special 
regard to Col. Love and Major Crozier, commuting from the ship daily will inter- 
fere with their personal acclimatization and accustomization, thus making poor 
observers and, as well, remove them for important hours each day from their 
(b) After the arrival of the R4D aircraft, Col. Love desires to transfer 
his primary interest to subjects of aero-medical nature, while Major Crozier 
will continue to have a primary interest in human and medical problems of 
shore based personnel, 
(1) At the airstrip camp. 
(2) Self-provided bivouac near the airstrip camp. 
(3) Aboard ship. 
8 C. Lt. Col. John N. Davis, Inf.: 
(a) Primary interest concerns all types of operations to be carried on 
ashore, especially landing and tracked vehicles’ performance; obsenations of 
Ordnance and Chemical Warfare tests, portable field communication equipment, 
and general utilization of manpower and techniques for meeting problems for 
operations of the Ice. He will be assisted in observations of performance of 
automotive vehicles and transportation problems by C. W. O. Anthony Morency, 
Ord., after Mr. Morency’s arrival on the Ross Shelf Ice. 
(b) Desires permission (verbally indicated to Task Force Commander) 
to make a short flight for the purpose of testing airborne troop type parachutes 
in vicinity of the base airstrip. Col. Davis will be assisted and joined in actual 
parachute jump by Ist/Sgt. Jack London, USAAF, ATG. 
(c) Included in Col. Davis’s field of interests covering observations for 
the Army Ground Forces are tests on landing force equipment, BUORD 
PROJECT 1 (i) and technique and principles of dog sledging. 
(1) At airstrip base camp. 
(2) At ship 
D. Lt. Col. Willis S. Johns, Air Corps: 
(a) Primary field of interest is that of communications, including all 
aspects generally and many specifically. Some observations will be made 
jointly with Mr, Amory Waite, Signal Corps. Because of the nature of the first 
phase, being primarily communications between ship and shore, Lt. Col. Johns 
can probably best carry out his observations by living aboard ship, with occa- 
sional trips ashore. 
(b) After arrival of R4D aircraft, Lt. Col. Johns’ primary interest will 
shift to communication problems and tests related to the flight operations. 
(c) Of special interest are problems of task force organization and per- 
sonnel handling, commands, and assignments. 
(d) Observations to include general operations of aircraft, including 
cold weather techniques of flight preparations, aircraft performance, communi- 
cations, and navigation. 
(1) Aboard ship. 
(2) At base camp after arrival of R4D aircraft. 
E. Major James H. Holcombe, Air Corps Engineer: 
(a) Observe and participate in construction of airstrip and advanced 
air base on Ross Shelf Ice. It has been indicated informally that Major Hol- 
combe’s services as an air engineer consultant and as an officer to assist in con- 
struction of the airstrip may be requested, and to this end he is willing to cooperate 
to the fullest extent. This would permit him to be billeted ashore where he can 
best observe while helping in his primary field of interest. 
(b) Observe tests, performance, and suitability of standard construction 
equipment, materials, vehicles, fuels, and lubricants. 
(c) Observe cargo handling and unloading. 
(d) Determine physical characteristics of possible future air base sites. 
9 (e) Observe demolition operations in icefields if such prove necessary, 
or are attempted for test purposes. If such procedure is contemplated. Majoi 
Holcombe would appreciate being placed on the ship most likely to carry out 
this work, providing that such temporary assignment would not interfere with 
other observation activities listed above, in order of their importance to this 
(1) At airstrip base camp. 
(2) Self-provided bivouac near airstrip base camp. 
(3) Aboard ship 
F. Major Daniel Crazier, M. C.: 
(a) Primary observation interests are the same as listed for Col. Love, 
with the exception that primary interest concerns ice based personnel. 
(1) At airstrip base camp. 
(2) Self-provided bivouac near airstrip base camp. 
(3) Aboard ship. 
G. Capt. Charles H. Harrison, Air Corps: 
(a) Meteorological observations, analysis, interpretation, and predic- 
tions. To this end, it is understood that Capt. Harrison will work in close 
coordination with the meteorological program and is willing to assume such 
responsibilities as may be assigned to him in this field. 
(b) To observe and record physical characteristics of the environ- 
ment of Antarctic conditions which produce effects upon man, equipment, and 
(1) Aboard ship. 
(2) At the airstrip base camp. 
H. Capt. Murray A. Wiener, Air Corps: 
(a) To observe all aspects of search and rescue operations, including air, 
sea, and ice. These observations will include problems concerning communica- 
tion and aids, transportation study, to include land and ski-type aircraft, heli- 
copters, small boats, over-snow vehicles and utilization of dogs and sleds; 
evacuation and care of personnel and casualties, emergency equipment and use 
of equipment. 
(b) To offer assistance to the Task Force Commander and advice, as 
requested, based upon prior experience on above-mentioned subject and experi- 
ence gained on former polar expeditions. 
(c) To observe and record aspects of clothing protection and general 
personnel requirements for operations in Antarctica. 
(d) To aid scientific group, when not occupied with higher priority 
(1) At airstrip base camp. 
(2) Self-provided bivouac near airstrip base camp. 
10 (3) With bivouac camp for scientific group. 
(4) Aboard ship. 
I. Mr. Amory Waite, Signal Corps: 
(a) To observe installation, operation, and maintenance of all radio 
equipment, particularly as affected by cold weather and Antarctic environmental 
(b) To observe the same factors in regard to meteorological and photo- 
graphic materials and equipment. 
(c) To observe generally and specifically the technical performance of 
all types of communications, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, and 
items of issue by the Signal Corps, as utilized by the Task Force. 
(d) To be available as desired by the Commanding Officer of the Task 
Force for advice and assistance on subjects listed above and general problems 
concerning Antarctica operations as previously experienced. 
(e) In the early phase of the operation, temperatures will not be suffici- 
ently low to make most of the desired observations listed above. He has there- 
fore offered his services to the scientific group studying the deformation of the 
shelf ice. As an alternate to this suggestion, Mr. Waite has suggested he accom- 
pany the ship, if approved, which will erect the automatic weather station, 
possibly at Coleman Island, to cover observations of meteorological equipment 
and communications. 
(1) Bivouac camp with scientific survey party. 
(2) On ship, erecting automatic weather station and resultant shore 
(3) At airstrip base camp. 
(4) Aboard ship. 
J. C. W. 0. Anthony B. Morency, Amphibious Engineers: 
(a) To observe all phases automotive equipment and to assist Col. 
Davis in general observations of specific interest to U. S. Army Ground Forces. 
This is contingent upon his transfer from the U. S. S. Cacapon to the Mount 
Olympus and the Central Group. 
(b) His services based upon past Antarctic experiences are available as 
may be desired by the Task Force Commander. 
(1) At airstrip base camp. 
(2) Aboard Mount Olympus. 
K. 1st Sgt. S. A. London, Air Corps: 
(a) To assist with observation program concerning search and rescue 
listed above under Capt. Wiener. 
(b) To assist the program of testing Army type paratroop equipment as 
listed above under Col. Davis. 
(c) Services available as so desired by Task Force Commander for search 
and rescue operations as based upon specific training under the Army Air Trans- 
11 port Command for this type of work, including parachuting, trail work, and dog 
driving and driving of over-snow vehicles. 
(d) When services not required as listed above, Sgt. London is available 
to assist scientific party studying deformation of shelf ice. 
(1) Airstrip base camp. 
(2) Self-provided bivouac with scientific party. 
(3) Aboard ship. 
L, Pvts. J. Shimberg and J. M. Waltersdorf, Signal Corps: 
(a) Assigned to Photographic staff of Task Force 68. 
(b) To observe performance of photographic equipment and materials 
under operating conditions. 
(c) Maintain photographic record of subjects in official files of specific 
interest to the Army observation program. 
(1) As determined by Chief, Photographic Staff. 
(2) Airstrip base camp. 
(3) Aboard ship. 
M. Mr. Robert L. Davis, Air Corps: 
(a) It is anticipated that Mr. Davis will join the Central Group from 
the U. S. S. Philippine Sea by accompanying Rear Admiral R. E. Byrd or by 
P2V’s. If in the latter case, he will have specific assignment of radar member 
of crew under Commander Davies. If in the former case, his interests will be 
as follows: 
(la) Observation and consultant on all aspects of radar and electronic 
(lb) Observation on all phases of high latitude aerial navigation, 
aerial photography, mapping, and interpretation. 
(lc) Observation on all phases of physical research and test performed 
by the Task Force. 
(1) With aviation detachment at airstrip base camp. 
(2) Aboard ship. 
Senior War Dept. Representative 
12 SECTION III. Narrative Account of Operation 
<ITT' 1 ■ //* 
The flagship of the task force, U, S. S. 
Mount Olympus, sailed from Norfolk, Virginia, 
with the U. S. S. Pine Island, U. S. C. G. C. 
Northwind, and U. S. S. Browson on 2 Decem- 
ber 1946. The voyage of 5 days to the 
Panama Canal was uneventful. Transit of 
the Canal was made in the afternoon and 
early evening of Saturday, December 7th 
and shore leave in Balboa and Panama City 
was authorized over the week end. Depar- 
ture from the Canal Zone was made Decem- 
ber 10th, and the equator was crossed on the 
12th. The passage from latitude 40° S. to 
Scott Island (near 180° W. longitude and 
the Antarctic Circle) was relatively calm 
considering the reputation these waters have 
for extremely heavy weather. Naval foul 
weather gear was issued to all hands at 
about 45° S. but was used very little until the 
force turned south from Scott Island. Talks 
on subjects relating to living and operating 
on the Antarctic continent were given to 
both officers and men by personnel with 
experience on previous Byrd Expeditions. 
Training films on a wide variety of medical 
subjects were shown in the sick bay to 
medical and other interested personnel al- 
most every day between the equator and the 
Ross Sea. 
The first whales were sighted on Christmas 
day and the first iceberg the following day at 
about 60° S. latitude. 
The ports of departure and sailing dates of 
task force vessels and necessary refueling 
operations precluded all vessels’ making the 
trip in their assigned groups. Some vessels 
of the Eastern and Western Task Groups 
went almost direct to their assigned operating 
areas. Others met at Scott Island, and the 
final disposition by groups as planned was 
made subsequent to this rendezvous. In the 
vicinity of Scott Island a refueling operation 
was carried out, some personnel and equip- 
ment were exchanged between vessels, and 
the U. S. G. G, C. Northwind made an ice 
reconnaissance to the south. A relatively 
open area was found and after a day and a 
half at the island the central group turned 
southward on December 31st. Extremely 
heavy ice pack was encountered on the 
second day south of Scott Island. Many 
huge bergs of barrier ice were interspersed 
among large, closely adjacent floes of thick 
bay ice. Virtually no progress was made for 
5 days in this area—about 69° S. latitude. 
When the pack was finally cleared on De- 
cember 14th, 10 days more than planned for 
had been expended in reaching the barrier. 
The Bay of Whales was reached on the 
15th and on that day and the next, small 
reconnaissance parties were sent into the 
bay on the ice breaker to estimate the land- 
ing possibilities and locate a base site. On 
the 17th unfavorable wind and ice conditions 
for entering the bay prevailed. At about this 
time it was thought that operations ashore 
would have to be curtailed. First, due to the 
width and heaviness of the ice pack—the 
most extreme conditions ever reported in 
this area—an early freeze-up of the Ross Sea 
appeared likely. Second, the flagship and 
the two cargo vessels had received varying 
degrees of damage in the passage through the 
ice. For these reasons a tentative departure 
date of 5 February was considered. Having 
arrived 10 days later than planned, and with 
departure by the end of the first week in 
February a possibility, there remained only 
3 weeks for unloading, construction of the 
base, and shore based air operations. Ac- 
*For expanded daily activities, see Chapter 13 "Combined 
Observers’ Log." 
13 cordingly, the construction of the metal 
airstrip was deleted from the plan, although 
short sections were to be laid for testing pur- 
poses. The R4D aircraft would then fly from 
plain ice shelf surface and would all be on 
skis throughout the operation. 
The flagship entered the bay and tied up 
to the ice on January 22nd. Camp con- 
struction, including mess facilities was com- 
pleted and the camp fully occupied on the 
23rd of January. At this time work on the 
aviation facilities was accelerated, and by 
the 25th the Central Group was ready to 
receive the planes from the carrier. Weather 
conditions were not satisfactory at both the 
Philippine Sea and the Bay of Whales until the 
evening of 29 January, when the planes were 
called. The first two took off shortly before 
midnight and arrived at about 0500 hours on 
30 January. The others arrived the same 
day around noon. The ice breaker, return- 
ing from its rendezvous with the Philippine 
Sea, reported much improved ice conditions 
in the Ross Sea. Accordingly, it was de- 
cided to finish unloading the ships, leave a 
200-man air party ashore, escort the ships out 
through the pack, and send the ice breaker 
U. S. G. G. C. Northwind and U. S. S. Burton 
Island (the latter to arrive soon from the States) 
back to the bay for subsequent evacuation of 
the shore party. This plan had been con- 
sidered previously and now appeared feasible 
due to improved conditions in the ice pack. 
March 1st was set as the latest date for final 
evacuation of the shore party aboard the ice 
breakers. The ships departed the Bay of 
Whales on 6 February. 
In the meantime the R4D aircraft were 
modified by removal of the wheels to plain 
ski (retractable) landing gear, loading plans 
were modified in accordance with final oper- 
ational requirements, and aircrews made 
trial flights, checking out on the modified 
landing gear and JATO on plain snow sur- 
face. A trail party of seven men in two 
LVT’s (“alligators”) was prepared to journey 
southeast to approximately longitude 139° 
W. and latitude 82° S. to establish a weather 
observation point in support of the flights 
to be made. This party was out from 12 to 
19 February, reaching the Rockefeller Moun- 
tains 90 miles from the base camp. At mid- 
night on the 13th of February, the weather 
had cleared sufficiently to permit extended 
flying operations. Several days of clear 
weather followed, during which time most of 
the major flights were made. Up to 16 
February most flights were made with JATO, 
but thereafter most were made unassisted 
due to improvement in the surface of the 
strip. The last major flight took off late on 
the 21st and returned the 22nd of Febru- 
ary. Operations were discontinued with this 
flight and the camp closed on 23rd of Feb- 
ruary. The approximately 200 personnel 
left were evacuated on the U. S. S. Burton 
Island, and the majority of them were trans- 
ferred to the flagship after passing through 
the ice pack. 
On the return journey the vessels of the 
task force were routed both separately and 
in small groups so that various liberty ports 
were visited in Australia, New Zealand, and 
South America. The flagship passed through 
the Panama Canal on the 6th of April and 
arrived at Washington Navy Yard on 14th 
of April, completing a voyage of 22,000 
SECTION I. Historical Comments 
Navy Task Force 68 (Operation 
“NANOOK”) sailed into northern waters 
in the summer of 1946. Basically this opera- 
tion permitted a trial of ice breakers and 
other types of vessels maneuvering in the 
ice floes between Greenland and the Cana- 
dian archipelago. This operation served a 
useful purpose in addition to personnel 
training and tests of equipment. It trans- 
ported supplies and aided in the building of 
a weather station at Thule, Greenland, and 
other weather bases would have been con- 
structed in cooperation with the U. S. 
Weather Bureau, the Air Forces, and the 
Canadian government had not the speed 
of negotiations been so slow. At the end 
of the summer’s operation (1946) in the 
north, it was clear to the Navy that the task 
of training and testing its equipment in 
ice-filled waters would require a long, 
patient period, because of the impending 
darkness and treacherous ice-filled seas. 
Task Force 68 (“NANOOK”) returned to 
the United States in early fall 1946. The 
importance of continuing the “NANOOK” 
type operations was apparent to the Navy. 
It would be nearly 9 months before the Task 
Force could again return to the arctic 
waters safely. It therefore appeared desir- 
able, in the meantime, to utilize these 
same ships and partially trained personnel 
to carry out a similar operation in other 
ice-filled areas. Antarctica, from December 
to March, would fit ideally into this program 
and permit this same Task Force to return 
again to Arctic Seas in July 1947. 
It also appeared wise to the Navy to give 
its Task Force specific problems to carry out 
incidental to its normal polar problems and 
operations. These problems form an incen- 
tive which is both interesting, and at times 
sufficiently difficult to force the Task Force 
into conditions which give a battle-worthy 
test of equipment. Rear Admiral Richard 
E. Byrd conceived of a problem, namely 
exploration and scientific investigation of the 
world’s least known continent, Antarctica. 
Because of his long experience and leadership 
in the field of Antarctic exploration, he was 
logically selected as a personal representative 
of Fleet Admiral Nimitz to serve as officer 
in charge of the project designated as 
“HIGHJUMP”. The derivation of this 
name came from a whimsical change from a 
previous code name “POLE VAULT” 
which was somewhat too revealing at a 
time when the expedition’s plans were in the 
classified state ot preparation, thus implying 
at the start that flights would be made over 
the continent ot Antarctica, including the 
South Pole itself. Task Force 68 continued 
under its previously organized pattern with 
Rear Admiral Richard H. Cruzen in com- 
mand under the Commander in Chief of the 
Atlantic Fleet. Task Force 68 was inform- 
ally discussed as a possible joint Army-Navy 
Task Force; however, no formal discussions 
concerning the Navy’s Antarctic Operation 
were held with the War Department until 
after the Navy had decided to keep it strictly 
a Navy enterprise. The Navy invited six 
Army observers to join the expedition; how- 
15 ever, they later agreed that this number of 
Army personnel was too small for so large an 
operation and the number was increased to a 
total of 16. Army assignments included 
three lieutenant colonels, two majors, two 
captains, one warrant officer, five enlisted 
personnel, and three civilian representatives 
of the War Department. Four of the enlisted 
men were Signal Corps photographers as- 
signed to operational duties. Four of the 
Army observers were men with previous 
Antarctic experience, whose experience had 
been gained on previous Byrd Expeditions. 
Dr. Siple of the War Department, associate 
of Admiral Byrd on all of his previous 
Antarctic Expeditions, was asked for by 
name to assist the expedition leaders in an 
advisory capacity and was further designated 
by the War Department as the Senior War 
Department representative. 
SECTION II. Army Interest 
The following points are listed as the 
principal reasons why the Army considered 
that it had a basic interest in the Navy’s 
Antarctic Expedition: 
A. National defense requires that the 
United States military forces must become 
proficient and capable of carrying out war 
operations in areas of high latitude, a situa- 
tion in which the Army has had little or no 
experience. Antarctica is an unpopulated 
area with a wide diversity of conditions 
which would serve as a suitable proving 
ground with unlimited maneuvering areas. 
Seasonal timing permits the use of Antarctica 
for continuous operations when the Arctic 
area is in total darkness. 
B. Conditions comparable to those on other 
icecaps are represented in Antarctica with 
comparatively easy access to the sea. The 
use of Antarctica is not complicated seriously 
by questions of sovereignty prohibiting re- 
search and operations. 
G. There is so little known of Antarctica 
that incidental scientific investigations car- 
ried on by military forces are of a tremendous 
value toward unveiling the potentials of a 
continent largely opened up in recent years 
through the efforts of private United States 
citizens, even though no official claim to the 
territory by the United States Government 
has ever been made. There is no proof, 
to date, whether there are or are not mineral 
resources in the Antarctic which would be 
of value to this Nation. With the exception 
of the discovery of the basic mineral coal, 
the continent has been so little prospected 
that it is reasonable to assume from the 
meager geological information gleaned that 
mineral deposits in economic quantities 
probably do exist there. Although the prime 
responsibility of determining the potential 
value of Antarctica is not necessarily a 
responsibility of the Armed Forces, they 
are the best equipped Government agency 
to perform such investigations at a minimum 
cost incidental to its program of training and 
research and development. 
D. The isolation of Antarctica would per- 
mit greater opportunities for research and 
development and testing of long range 
military weapons without danger to popu- 
lation or interference with the sovereignty 
of other nations. It is also sufficiently 
isolated to permit reasonable security of 
operations, which might not be true of the 
Arctic. The principles involved in such 
operations could be worked out conveniently 
in the Antarctic in cooperation with nations 
16 most closely approaching the Antarctic con- 
tinent. These nations no doubt would 
welcome an international approach to the 
scientific unveiling of Antarctica. 
E. Although the Arctic Sea is a basin 
enclosed by a ring of land masses with a 
fenced-in ice pack which is subjected to 
melting temperatures in the summer, the 
Antarctic continent, by contrast, is roughly 
circular, lying mostly within the Antarctic 
Circle and surrounded by a reef of ice pack 
which breaks up and flows outward in the 
summer until it is subjected to melting in 
warmer waters. The ice pack character- 
istics are therefore not identical, but are 
sufficiently similar to promote a study of 
maneuvering of ships and other vehicles 
through or over the surface which can con- 
ceivably figure strongly in the condition 
of Arctic warfare. 
F. The average temperature for the Ant- 
arctic region is considerably lower than for 
the Arctic region, so that equipment which 
will stand up under the winter conditions 
of the Antarctic would generally be satis- 
factory for the coldest temperatures and 
conditions of the Arctic (actually the coldest 
surface temperatures recorded are those in 
Subarctic Siberia). The summer period in 
Antarctica rarely rises above freezing, which 
permits research work to be carried out at low 
temperatures under continuous conditions 
of daylight, thus permitting more rapid 
development than would be possible under 
the cold-dark conditions in the Arctic. 
Antarctica does not present summer Arctic 
conditions comparable to the tundra and 
muskeg country; however, in Alaska and 
through cooperation with Canada, wide 
areas of this nature are available for military 
investigation. Because of the difficult ap- 
proach to the Arctic icefields, research and 
development of military methods of opera- 
tions in these areas are greatly inhibited. 
The approach to Antarctica is much more 
open in this respect despite its greater 
distance from the United States. 
SECTION I. Introduction 
1. General. 
This chapter is an account of Operation 
“Highjump” submitted by an observer from 
the Office of The Air Engineer who accom- 
panied the expedition. It summarizes engi- 
neering operations and conditions encoun- 
tered, presents problems of special interest 
to the Corps of Engineers, and makes 
a. The staff work and planning of Bureau 
of Yards and Docks was directed by Com- 
mander G. O. Reinhardt, U. S. N. (CEC). 
They had only 3 months prior to the sailing 
date to draw up all plans and specifications, 
fabricate special items, organize the Seabee 
detachment, and assemble materiel and per- 
sonnel at the proper port of embarkation. 
b. The Seabee unit was charged with all 
construction work, cargo handling and un- 
loading, transportation, and messing while 
on the barrier ice. A 200-man temporary 
tent camp (fig. 3), two Quonset huts, three 
Wannigan Huts, three ski runways, and a 
PSP test strip were the main items con- 
structed or assembled. Snow conditions and 
characteristics were studied in relationship 
to its supporting power. Even though the 
study of snow mechanics has hardly started, 
a considerable amount was learned and one 
would be safe in stating that the loose granu- 
lated snow of the Antarctic can be compacted 
within 1 month’s time to carry the load of a 
C-47 on wheels without any wearing surface, 
such as PSP, on the runway. 
c. It was learned on the expedition that 
there are three main groups of items or 
subjects which should be given considerable 
thought and study—they are housing, trans- 
portation and construction equipment, and 
snow compaction. If the Army is contem- 
plating future operations in regions similar 
to the Antarctic, further development of 
these subjects is a necessity if the operations 
are to be successful. 
2. Staff Work and Planning 
It was not until the first of September 1946 
that the Staff Officer from Bureau of Yards 
and Docks was able to start organizing 
available data and planning for Operation 
“Highjump”. About the middle of Septem- 
ber the planning got underway on a large 
scale and in less than 4 weeks drawings and/or 
specifications were ready to leave Washing- 
ton, D. C. This meant that all equipment, 
other than standard items, had to be fabri- 
cated and brought to the ship’s side for 
loading in less than 6 weeks. The majority 
of this work was performed by the Advanced 
Base Depot, Construction Battalion Train- 
ing Center, Port Hueneme, California. Other 
items such as the c‘Go-devil” sleds were 
manufactured by private concerns. Two 
hundred and fifty thousand dollars was 
allotted by Bureau of Yards and Docks for 
all their supplies, labor, materials, pre- 
fabrication, etc. The rest of their total cost, 
which was approximately five times that 
large, was required to come from surplus 
property. At the time when the planning 
commenced there were no organized con- 
struction battalions available. The first of 
27 MARCH, 1947 
Figure 3. Map of 200-man tent camp on Ross Shelf Ice. 
19 November two officers, one warrant officer, 
and approximately 175 men were ordered 
to the unit at Port Hueneme, California. 
Of the entire enlisted personnel only about 
25 or 30 were Seabee personnel; the rest 
came from general service organizations and 
without construction knowledge other than 
that which they would normally receive 
while aboard ship. The month of November 
was spent organizing the unit, training, 
drawing clothing, etc. 
3. Responsibilities. 
The senior Civil Engineer Corps Officer 
(Commander C. O. Reinhardt) was to be 
responsible, subject to the military control of 
the senior officer present afloat, for all con- 
struction ashore and the discharge of cargo 
and its transportation from ship’s side to the 
base camp. Officers charged with the com- 
mand and operation of facilities ashore were 
to be responsible for advising Commander 
Reinhardt of their requirements and were to 
be available for consultation during the 
erection of facilities under their jurisdiction. 
He was to arrange for additional personnel 
from ships present through the Senior Officer 
Present afloat. 
a. Commander P. D. Davis was to super- 
vise all construction ashore and expedite 
the erection of facilities in accordance with 
the established priority. He was to be re- 
sponsible for the distribution of personnel and 
equipment assigned to construction and for 
supervision of construction. 'He was to be 
the Officer in Charge of the Construction 
Battalion Detachment and was to have the 
following Officers under his supervision: Lt. 
V. B. Peller (CEC) U. S. N., Capt. V. D. 
Boyd, U. S. M. G. (while working with con- 
struction equipment and transportation), 
Ens, C. B. Mallory, Chief Warrant Officer 
Ulan, and any other officers who might be 
attached for construction work, cargo han- 
dling, or transportation within the camp area. 
b. Lt. V. B. Peller was to coordinate the 
unloading of cargo and its movement to a 
position of safety at the foot of the barrier. 
He was to be responsible for discharging 
cargo at the maximum safe rate and for assur- 
ing that cargo would be discharged in accord- 
ance with the established priority. 
c. Capt. V. D. Boyd, U. S. M. C., was to 
report to Comdr. C. O. Reinhardt for ad- 
ministrative direction and was to be respon- 
sible for the operation of all equipment 
assigned, and for the movement of supplies 
and personnel from the ship’s side to the base 
d. After the first stages of unloading cargo, 
Ens. C. B. Mallory and 12 men were to have 
the sole assignment of performing such tests 
as those which would not normally be run 
during construction. These men are not 
included in the Seabee unit, but were to 
work only for Bureau of Yards and Docks. 
e. Chief Warrant Officer Ulan, who has 
had considerable experience with construc- 
tion equipment, was to be the heavy equip- 
ment and transportation expert. 
/. Other officers were to be designated to 
supervise the storage of materials at the base 
camp, to assist in controlling the movement 
of supplies from the barrier to the base 
camp, and to assist in that construction which 
was deemed necessary. These officers were 
to be taken from the observer group and were 
to be those who were most interested in this 
phase of the expedition. 
4. Cargo Discharge. 
Immediately upon arrival the discharge 
of cargo was to have the highest priority. 
All personnel not required for the security of 
the Task Force were to be assigned to assist 
in the discharging of cargo and later in the 
construction of the base camp. All construc- 
tion and cargo handling was to be on a 24- 
hour basis. Personnel required for construc- 
tion were to be released from discharging 
27 MARCH 1947 
Figure 4. Emergency base radio and Little America ill. 
21 5 days, including tents, rations, and fuel, was to be 
unloaded and a cache established in a safe place. 
b. Priority Two. Ten days’ supply of diesel 
fuel and operating supplies for transportation 
and construction equipment. 
c. Priority Three. Communication equip- 
ment for local control of unloading and con- 
d. Priority Four. Materials required for the 
erection of a 300-man temporary tent camp, 
including 10 days’ supply of fuel for heating 
and cooking, 10 days’ rations for 300 men, 
and medical supplies. 
e. Priority Five. Materials for construction 
of air operating facilities, including pierced 
plank, one Quonset hut, radio, GCA, GPM2, 
15-kw generator, aviation field lights, shop 
and maintenance equipment. 
/, Priority Six. Five days’ supply of avia- 
tion gasoline and operating supplies for air- 
craft, gasoline truck, oil truck, fire fighting 
g. Priority Seven. Initial supplies of diesel 
oil, aviation gasoline, rations, and other 
operating supplies were to be maintained at 
a constant level by daily replacement. 
h. Priority Eight. Daily replacement of 
shore stores of aviation gasoline, diesel fuel 
oil, and other operating supplies to maintain 
a safe reserve ashore. 
i. Priority Nine. Material and equipment 
required to erect a 35-man emergency 
winter hut camp. 
Note. Base radio and communication equipment 
to be discharged as soon as radio hut was erected. 
;. Priority Ten. Special gear submitted 
for test. 
k. Priority Eleven. Rations, fuel, and oper- 
ating supplies for 35-man emergency hut 
camp for 14 months to be discharged only 
in the event that it was necessary to occupy 
that camp. 
/. Priority Twelve. Duplicate aviation oper- 
ating supplies. 
Figure 5. Bay of Whales area looking at about 135° 
with camp area in background. Mess hall and 
motor pool to the right of tents. Base operations 
down and a little to left of tents. Beginning of PSP 
test strip above the far ship. (24 Jan 47) 
cargo as soon as possible. After cargo 
priorities 1, 2, and 3 had been discharged 
men were to be released in such numbers and 
skills as to enable the construction of facilities 
to keep pace with the rate of discharge of 
materials. Skilled personnel other than Sea- 
bees were to be released from both cargo 
handling and construction as soon as possible 
after facilities were available for any pro- 
jected operation. 
5. Cargo Discharge Priorities. 
Each ship was loaded so that it could be 
discharged in accordance with the established 
priority for equipment and materials ashore. 
All the cargo in the first six priorities was 
loaded on the U. S. S. Yancey with priorities 
seven through eleven on the U. S. S. Merrick. 
a. Priority One. Transportation and cargo 
handling materials and equipment (tractors, 
fork lifts, sleds, lashing, cargo slings, tarpau- 
lins, trail markers, slings, etc.). 
Note. As soon as possible after the first sleds were 
ashore, an emergency subsistence kit for 25 men for 
22 6. Construction Priorities. 
The following priorities were assigned to 
construction with the assumption that the 
two AKA’s and the AGC would be moored 
in the Bay of Whales from early January 
until all operations had been completed, 
first of March, and that communications 
and Flight Control would be handled by 
the U. S. S. Mount Olympus. 
a. Priority One. Construction of an access 
roadway from the ship’s side to a place of 
safety on top of the barrier, rigging to move 
cargo sleds from the ship to the top of the 
barrier, establishing an emergency subsistence 
facility on top of the barrier, and installing 
communications for local control of unload- 
ing and construction. 
b. Priority Two. Breaking a trail to the 
base camp. 
c. Priority Three. Erection of 300-man tem- 
porary tent camp. The facilities actually 
installed were to be sufficient to accommodate 
personnel actually ashore and were to be 
expanded to the ultimate 300-man camp as 
it became necessary to quarter additional 
personnel ashore. 
d. Priority Four. Installation of air opera- 
tion facilities. 
(1) Quonset hut for service facilities, 
(2) Radio equipment. 
(3) Pierced plank landing mat 150 by 
5,000 feet, with parking area, fuel dump, and 
runway lights. 
e. Priority Five. Erection of 35-man emer- 
gency winter hut camp. 
(1) Radio hut with additional insulation. 
(2) Power plant. 
(3) Radio antenna. 
(4) Galley and mess. 
(5) Quarters. 
(6) Connecting structures. 
(7) Additional insulation in huts. 
f. Priority Six. Special facilities for testing 
equipment under cold weather conditions, 
g. Of the items listed above the most 
difficult to be constructed was the runway. 
It was planned to first construct a parking 
area to determine the best method to use 
during this operation. Such materials and 
special designed equipment as calcium chlo- 
ride, snow drags, snow rollers, oil burners 
under a hood (snow melter), and dark 
objects (PSP) laid on the surface, were to 
be experimented with. After the most feasi- 
ble method had been found, and if time and 
personnel permitted, a 150 by 5,000 foot 
runway was to be constructed to accommo- 
date plane wheel loads of at least 60 pounds 
per square inch on the tire contact area. 
7. Collection of Data. 
A large part of the technical and scientific 
information which would normally be ob- 
tained by an engineering unit should be 
gathered from field experience of this unit 
in the construction operation. Additional 
tests which the Bureau of Yards and Docks 
wished to run were as follows: 
a. Field Loading Test. Purpose—To esti- 
mate the plane wheel load capacity of the 
‘‘pavement” which is understood to be either 
compacted snow or compacted snow covered 
with steel mat. 
b. Snow Penetration Test. Purpose—-To de- 
termine the supporting power of the com- 
pacted snow. 
c. Density in Place Test of Compacted Snow. 
Purpose—To determine the density of com- 
pacted snow at different depths. 
d. Field Shearing Tests. Purpose—To de- 
termine the in-place shearing resistance of 
compacted snow. 
e. Tests on Ice and Frozen Materials. Pur- 
pose—To determine the bending, shear, and 
compression characteristics of compacted 
snow and/or ice. 
f. Tests on Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers. 
Purpose—To determine suitability of ex- 
tinguishers for use in extremely low tem- 
23 g. Test on “Little Giant Tractor Saw.” Pur- 
pose—To determine ability of subject saws 
to cut natural ice and snow into blocks. 
8. Operations. 
a. Due to the heavy ice pack the ships 
were not able to get through and start un- 
loading until 18 January. The two AKA’s 
and the AGG departed from the Bay of 
Whales on 6 February which resulted in 
their being available for unloading and 
assisting the expedition less than 3 weeks 
instead of the previously planned 8 or 9 
weeks. This necessitated the changing of 
unloading priorities to meet changed con- 
struction priorities which placed the con- 
struction of the 150- by 5,000-foot pierced 
steel plank runway last instead of immedi- 
ately after the construction of the tent camp. 
After inspection of Little America III, it was 
decided to enlarge and improve it instead of 
constructing an entirely new 35-man emer- 
gency winter camp. 
b. The operation plans for both loading 
and discharge of cargo, and construction of 
the base showed a considerable amount of 
staff work and gathering of information. 
They were well prepared, presented to sub- 
ordinates so that they were easily followed, 
and flexible enough to cope with the over-all 
change in plans of the Central Group. 
c. The general construction plans, even 
though priorities were changed, were fol- 
lowed throughout. Until such time as the 
ships left, construction work and unloading 
continued on a 24-hour basis, with the men 
quartering and messing on the ships which 
were moored in the Bay. Until 6 February 
the actual working hours were from about 
0700 to 1730, with an hour and a half for 
the noonday meal for the day shift. The 
actual working hours for the night shift were 
from about 1830 to 0530 the following day 
with 1hours for the midshift meal. The 
evening meal on 23 January was the first to 
be served in the camp and from this time on 
the men working in or near the camp area 
ate the midshift meal on the ice. 
9. Personnel. 
The Bureau of Yards and Docks was rep- 
resented by an excellent team of officers 
who planned and supervised their work. 
The staff was headed by an officer who was 
efficient and definitely gifted in that type 
of work and in gathering information from 
experiments which will be the basis for 
Antarctic construction for years to come. 
The other was especially qualified and 
efficient in the details of field construction 
and the handling of personnel. The effi- 
ciency with which the project was carried 
out reflects the cooperation between those 
responsible for its planning and those charged 
with its execution. Cdr. Davis was in charge 
of the day shift with Lt. Col. Partridge 
(U. S. M. C. observer) assisting in caching 
of cargo and construction of facilities, and 
Lt. Peeler and Ens. Mallory assisting in 
unloading cargo and transportation. Cdr. 
Reinhardt was in charge of the so-called 
night shift with Major Holcombe (U. S. A. 
observer) assisting in caching of cargo and 
construction of facilities, and Captain Boyd, 
U. S. M. G., and Chief W. O. Ulan assisting 
in unloading cargo and transportation. 
From time to time Capt. Wiener and other 
officers helped for short periods. 
a. Of the approximately 175 enlisted 
men, 15 held a chief’s (master sergeant) 
rating, one was in the motor pool, one 
similar to the 1st sergeant, one was master- 
at-arms, and the other 12 were on camp 
construction. The approximate distribution 
of personnel, including chiefs, was: 
Overhead 3 
Cooks and KP’s 24 
Repairmen and operators. ... 35 
Camp detail 106 
24 The camp detail personnel, plus additional 
personnel from the ships, did all construction 
work on the tent camp, Quonset and Wanni- 
gan huts, handling of cargo from the ship’s 
side up the barrier, and until it was properly 
cached, construction of the 35-man emer- 
gency winter camp, construction of the ski 
runway, and the test PSP runway. 
b. When the ships departed from the Bay 
of Whales on 6 February, the following en- 
listed personnel were left on the ice: 
Cooks and KP’s (24 hrs) 18 
Repairmen and operators (24 
hrs) 12 
Camp detail 16 
This camp detail was necessary to finish 
construction of connecting tunnels, etc., at 
the 35-man emergency camp and maintain 
the 200-man tent camp. 
c. Even though the majority of the Sea bee 
personnel were unskilled in construction 
work of this type, their efficiency was very 
high considering climatic conditions. It is 
believed this was due to their high morale 
which was maintained by excellent leader- 
ship and abundance of good and well pre- 
pared rations, 29 percent over and above the 
normal Navy ration. 
SECTION II. Construction Equipment 
1. Performance of Equipment. 
The main items of equipment which were 
used lived up to expectations even though 
they are by no means the answer for Antarc- 
tic work or transportation. They were D-6 
Caterpillar tractors, TD-9 International fork 
lift tractors, “Go-devil” sleds, QM 1-ton 
sleds, Weasels (Cargo Carrier—M29G), the 
wooden snow drag, and the pontoon snow 
drag. The efficiency of these items depended 
upon the hardness and supporting power of 
the snow, which was governed by the 
temperature and climatic conditions in that 
the higher the temperature the softer the 
snow became resulting in low efficiency, 
whereas the lower the temperature the 
harder the snow became, thus raising the 
efficiency of track-laying vehicles. Wheeled 
vehicles were out of the question and con- 
sidered not satisfactory for normal Antarctic 
2. Conditions Encountered. 
The vehicles on this operation encountered 
pressure ridges, shear cracks, crevasses up to 
3 feet across, slopes or grades up to 20 
degrees, surfaces from those that would 
support only a few pounds (2 to 4) per 
square inch to sea ice several years old, 
temperatures from 30° F. to — 22° F , and 
winds up to 38 knots. 
3. Tractor, D-6 Caterpillar. 
a. This tractor (fig. 6) was modified with 
the following: hardwood track extensions 
which decreased its bearing pressure from 
around 8 to about 5 pounds per square inch; 
winterized cabs which protected the opera- 
tors from low temperatures and strong winds; 
canvas winterized hoods for engine protec- 
tion; and track support blocks which re- 
placed the support rollers. The extensions 
lived up to expectations, even though they 
required replacing frequently. A number 
would break off at the edge of the grouser 
plates. Others would split, this being caused 
by the bending of the C washer which was 
used in securing the extensions. The cabs 
caused no noticeable trouble, but in time 
25 would have shown wear from vibration. 
The canvas hood shrank, becoming difficult 
to fasten properly. The track support blocks 
functioned as expected without giving any 
b. The tractor as manufactured gave very 
little trouble and only minor adjustments 
were necessary. All tractors were equipped 
with Hyster winches which proved very use- 
ful. All the D-6’s were used for the first 2 
weeks of the operation. All but three with 
extensions and one with a dozer blade were 
loaded back aboard ship on 5 February so 
that they could be returned to the States. 
The efficiency of this tractor was reduced 
considerably during high temperatures (20° 
to 30° F.) and soft neve. Later on when the 
temperature dropped and the surface would 
support more, the tractors with extensions 
functioned better. The tractors without ex- 
tensions operated satisfactorily on the bay 
ice even though at times it was hard to obtain 
a foothold; on the undisturbed snow at high 
temperature, the tractor without extensions 
was useless, but did manage to travel across 
undisturbed snow when the temperature was 
down to about —15° F. The tractor seemed 
to hold its footing better while traveling in 
reverse, i. e., while pulling heavy loads in a 
forward gear, the rear of the tractor often 
buried itself; whereas when pulling back- 
ward the tendency was not so great. All 
tractors either worked or idled 24 hours a 
day except for a period each day when they 
were being serviced. By the end of the 5- 
week period on the ice, the tractor hour me- 
ters averaged slightly over 500 hours. 
4. Tractor, D--7 Caterpillar. 
Only one of these was taken on the expedi- 
tion and it was loaded back aboard after 
2 weeks to return to the States. While in 
the Antarctic, it was used only as an anchor 
at the top of the barrier as explained in 
section III. No observations were made, 
but it is believed it would have performed 
very similarly to the D-6 tractor. 
5. Carrier, Cargo, M-29 (Weasel). 
This item was used without modification 
and proved very useful in that it was the 
only light piece of transportation on the 
ice with the exception of dog teams. It 
was used mainly for communications and 
to transport personnel. Occasionally small 
quantities of supplies were moved when it 
became necessary to expedite their move- 
ment. The two main difficulties that arose 
in the Antarctic that would not arise in 
another theatre of operations were— 
a. Track stiffness. 
b. The difficulty encountered while enter- 
ing, operating, or leaving the vehicle. 
After the vehicle had stood for some time 
it was difficult to start it moving smoothly 
Figure 6. Winterized D-6 caterpillar tractor. 
26 even though the engine had been idling. 
It seemed as though a heavy load was tied 
on behind and the engine was lacking 
power. After the vehicle had been traveling 
for some time it operated much more 
efficiently. It is believed this was caused by 
the rubber tracks becoming cold and stiff 
while standing and then loosening up as they 
were used. While in the Antarctic one is 
required to wear considerable clothing in 
order to remain comfortable. This makes it 
difficult to climb in and out of the amphib- 
ious Weasel and extremely difficult to 
operate with the close quarters around the 
steering brake levers, clutch, and accelerator. 
6. Forklift (Hughes-Keeman Model TD- 
Modifications for the two International 
tractor forklifts were the same as for the D-6 
tractors: hardwood track extensions, winter- 
ized cabs, winterized engine hood, and track 
support blocks. The modifications acted 
the same as those for the D-6 tractor. The 
main operational difficulty was met as the 
machine tried to turn or back around while 
moving cargo from the sleds to the cache, 
Figure 8. Track extension on D-7 caterpillar tractor, 
Figure 9. Wooden snow drag 
Figure 7. Escape hatch in winterized cab, D-7 
caterpillar tractor. 
Figure 10. Package shot (disassembled) wooden snow 
27 which would be only a few feet. The track 
under the driving sprockets would often be- 
come buried, requiring help to get out. The 
operator had to be extremely careful to 
avoid disturbing the snow surface. Cargo 
handling equipment is extremely valuable 
in regions similar to those encountered. 
7. Go-Devil Sleds. 
This is a specially modified item of which 
20 were manufactured by the Michler Sleigh 
and Wagon Company, for Operation “High- 
jump”. It was the main cargo sled and was 
used throughout the stay on the ice, (See 
sec. III.) Even though it proved satisfac- 
tory, more changes can be made in its design. 
The over-all structure seems to be a little 
heavy for its pay load. The runner contact 
area is small, causing the sleds, when loaded, 
to sink with snow piling up in front of the 
entire sled. The undercarriage is not de- 
signed to keep the sled from becoming buried 
in soft snow as is the toboggan undercarriage 
of the QM l-ton sled. The side board re- 
cesses which were above the floor level of 
the sled made it difficult to secure large and 
awkward-shaped cargo and boxes. 
8. QM 1-Ton Sled. 
This sled was very satisfactory and when 
used in the manner for which it was designed 
gave little or no trouble. It is believed that 
a large runner contact area would help in 
Antarctic use. 
9. Snow Drags. 
Two types of drags were tested; the 
wooden snow drag, and the pontoon snow 
drag. The purpose of the wooden drag was 
to level the sastrugi, which it did very satis- 
factorily, even though a lighter drag could 
have been used to better advantage on soft, 
undisturbed, snow. As the snow became 
compacted it is possible that an even heavier 
one could have been used. The pontoon 
Figure 11. Steel snow drag (not used) 
Figure 12. Package shot (disassembled) steel snow 
Figure 1 3. Package shot (disassembled) pontoon snow 
28 drag was used to iron out the snow and leave 
a smooth finish which definitely expedited 
the construction of the three ski runways. 
The results with the pontoon drag are very 
similar to those with a steel wheeled roller 
on earth in that the top inch or two is well 
compacted with a “burnish” finish, leaving 
the snow farther down relatively undisturbed. 
10. Grader, MTZ, with 12-Foot Mold Board 
This machine was not unloaded because 
it was believed it could not have been towed 
to the camp site. If runways are to be con- 
structed in areas similar to Antarctica some 
type of grading machine will be essential. 
11. Snow Surface Heater. 
This heater was unloaded, but due to cir- 
cumstances beyond control, was not tested. 
12. Other Items. 
a. The “Cle-track tractor” as used by the 
Air Corps to tow planes was taken on the 
expedition, but proved unsatisfactory due to 
Figure 15. Snow surface heater with extra burners. 
Figure 14. Compressor mounted (D-6 caterpillar 
tractor) For snow surface heater (40 cfm at 25 lb./ 
sq. in). 
Figure 16. Unloading cargo from ship direct onto 
“Go-devil” sled 
29 the rubber tracks which caused the same 
trouble as did the rubber tracks on the 
“Weasel”, plus the fact that they would not 
support the hard wooden track extensions. 
b. Wheeled vehicles such as truck 2b-, 
and 4-ton were unloaded, but are definitely 
not suited to the snow surface which will sup- 
port only a few pounds per square inch. All 
except a couple of Jeeps were reloaded 
aboard ships and returned to the States. 
SECTION III. Cargo Handling and Unloading 
1. Equipment. 
a. Standard stevedore equipment was used 
to discharge the cargo from the ships onto the 
bay ice which floated about 18 inches to 2 
feet above the water. This operation was 
carried on by the ships’ personnel and with 
priorities as requested by Commander Rein- 
hardt from day to day or whenever it became 
b. The “Go-devil” sled was used almost 
throughout for transporting supplies and 
equipment to the base camp. As D-6 trac- 
tors would return to within a hundred feet 
of the ship’s side with two or three sleds, a 
towline from the ship would pull a sled 
alongside, this being practiced so as to 
eliminate any danger of excess weight crack- 
ing the bay ice. The cargo was loaded 
direct from the ships onto the sleds and a 
tractor would tow them one at a time about 
1 mile to the foot of the barrier. The sleds 
were then hooked to a towline’ and pulled 
up the barrier slope by a tractor hauling on 
a cable, the cable running through snatch 
blocks at the top of the barrier. The D-7 
tractor with blade was used as an anchor. 
From this point the sleds were pulled to the 
proper cache by D-6 tractor with track 
2. Bridges. 
a. It was necessary to build two bridges 
between the ships and the barrier. One 
crossed a pressure ridge while the other 
crossed a sheer crack in which the two sides 
were moving in opposite directions at a rate 
of slightly over 4 feet per day. 
b. These two bridges were more or less 
of a standard type, the same as would span 
any deep crack in soft dirt. The bridges, 
being one vehicle wide, were constructed 
by placing 8- by 8-inch sills in one case and 
40-foot piling in another, across the ridge 
or crack. They were then tied together with 
Figure 17. Unloading lumber from ship directly onto 
“Go-devil” sled (lumber to be used to construct 
bridge across cracks in bay ice). Note tractor 
staying away from ship's side in order to pevent 
danger of cracking edges of ice. 
30 cable with approximately 1-foot spaces be- 
tween each sill. Three-inch flooring was 
well spiked, with treadways of 1-inch dun- 
nage going on top. PSP was placed on one 
of the bridges but soon became bent, which 
necessitated its removal. These bridges 
served their purpose and lasted until the ships 
departed from the Bay. Later on, about 
the last of February, when the time came to 
evacuate the camp, the bridge which 
crossed the sheer crack required replacing. 
During the time of our stay another crack 
developed about two-thirds up the barrier 
slope, but did not cause any great difficulty. 
Only one footbridge and one weasel bridge 
were necessary, 
3. Caches. 
The three main caches were: 
a. Near base operations which included all 
aircraft parts, equipment, fuel, etc. 
b. Near the mess hall and motor pool 
which included all Seabee supplies, equip- 
ment and fuel, housekeeping equipment, 
rations, etc. 
c. At Little America III which included 
rations, fuel, some construction material and 
those other supplies which were to complete 
the 35-man emergency camp. 
4. Cargo Segregation. 
Due to the large amount of cargo which 
arrived at the port late and was loaded 
aboard the ships during the last few days 
before leaving the States, all cargo was not 
stowed as set up in the Naval Operation 
Plan No. 2-46, which resulted in the segre- 
gation of supplies on the ice, causing some- 
what of a problem. This problem was 
Figure 18. Tamping snow on a bridge with a tractor. 
Figure 19. Bridge crossing crack in bay ice (PSP was 
put on top of one of the two bridges as wearing 
Figure 20. Tractor without 
track extensions towing 
“Go-devil” sled loaded 
with supplies across bridge 
on bay ice. Note bend- 
ing of PSP. 
31 Figure 21. Damaged PSP on bridge which crossed 
crack in bay ice was later removed. 
Figure 24. Removing supplies from cache which had 
been covered during a blizzard. 
Figure 22. Footbridge and weasel bridge crossing 
crevasse which developed two-thirds of the way up 
barrier slope. 
Figure 25. Aviation gasoline tank on skis was used to 
refuel R4D’s (D-47’s). 
aggravated because of improper or incon- 
spicuous markings and the change in plans 
which required the ships to leave the Bay of 
Whales earlier than originally planned. A 
considerable number of man-hours was spent 
restacking boxes and looking through dumps 
Figure 23. Snowdrifts at aviation gasoline dump after a 
32 Figure <26. Bay of Whales Area looking at about 315°. Mess hall and motor pool to left of tents,- base 
operations beyond and to right of tents. Roadway leading from tent area to the left leads to Little America 
ill (35-man winter emergency camp). 
for missing items. Occasionally a sled would 
arrive with some of its cargo going to each 
of the three dumps, resulting in “tying up” 
sleds which were required to transport more 
a. All fuel, 100-octane gasoline, 72-octane 
unleaded gasoline, aviation oil, motor oil, 
Diesel fuel, and kerosene were shipped in 
55-gallon drums, which were clearly marked. 
The aviation fuel and oil was cached half- 
way between base operations and the tent 
camp in piles of about 100 drums each with 
33 the piles being about 100 feet on center. 
The other main fuel cache, which was south- 
west of the tent camp and near the motor 
pool, was stored in the same manner. 
b. The smaller planes, OY (L-5) and JA 
(Norseman), taxied in between the piles for 
refueling. The gas for the R4D’s (C-47) 
was pumped from the drums into a tank sled 
and pulled by a D-6 tractor to the planes for 
c. All fuels were standard, the same as 
would be used on any cold weather operation 
within the continental United States, except 
the Diesel fuel which had a —40° F. pour 
point. Specifications USA 2-102, C AM 3, 
NGS X-4205. 
SECTION IV. Buildings and Shelters 
1. Temporary Tent Camp. 
The first construction to take place on the 
barrier was the erection of a 200-man 
temporary tent camp (figs. 27, 28, and 29). 
Fifty pyramidal tents were erected to house 
personnel, four officers or five men per tent, 
and were arranged in five rows, tents being 
approximately 40 feet on center and the 
rows 200 feet apart with the kitchen and 
mess hall being about 300 feet,on the exten- 
sion of the first row. Eleven other tents were 
erected around camp mostly at base opera- 
tions and were of the same type construction. 
a. At the time the tent camp was being 
erected the temperature was only slightly 
below freezing and the surface would hardly 
support the weight of a man on foot. Quite 
often an individual would sink down to his 
ankles, and if he stepped into an already 
disturbed area he would often go in up to 
his knees. For this reason, care was taken 
not to disturb that area which the tent 
would occupy. 
h. Eighteen pieces of 2- by 6-inch lumber 
12 feet long came bundled together so that 
one bundle would furnish the sills for one 
tent. The 2- by 6-inch pieces were scabbed 
together and placed flat on the snow so that 
there were nine 24-foot members lying ap- 
proximately 2 feet on center. After the first 
few tents this was changed to five sills 
lying 4 feet on center which were scabbed 
together with the remaining 2- by 6-inch 
pieces instead of 1-inch lumber. 
c. All floors had been prefabricated into 
4- by 8-foot sections and bound together so 
that one bundle made a complete floor. 
Figure 27, Tent camp area looking at about 315°. 
Latrines are between tent rows,- GPN lower right. 
Mess hall area to left of first row of tents; above 
mess hall area is Seabee cache area. Just beyond 
tents is aviation gas dump. In upper right corner 
of picture is base operations area and aviation 
supply cache. 
34 Figure 28. Tent camp area looking east. Motor pool, gasoline, and Diesel dump in foreground. 
The bundles for the 17- by 20-foot wall tents 
were the only ones that varied in number of 
floor sections in that they contained ten 
instead of the standard eight. These floor 
sections were placed so that the joists sup- 
porting the plywood flooring ran perpen- 
dicular to the sills and were 2 feet on center. 
Each section of flooring contained a loose 
2- by 4-inch piece, 8 feet long which was 
nailed on to the joist so that it extended out 
4 feet beyond the floor’s edge for outriggers, 
furnishing an anchor for the tent ropes. 
The tent was erected in the normal fashion 
with a tent stove being installed and ready 
for use. As is normal in any tent camp, 
inside frames, plywood doors of various 
types, etc., were added by the occupants. 
Some went further and put in ceilings and 
inside walls; anything to help as insulation 
and to make home more comfortable. 
d. The tent camp was adequate in this 
case and would be for any other operation of 
this kind, provided it is to be only for a very 
short period and will not encounter tempera- 
tures lower than from 0° F. to —10° F. 
2. Kitchen and Mess Hall. 
a. The kitchen and mess hall (fig. 32) were 
made up of three 17- by 20-foot wall tents, 
one pyramidal tent, and one 16- by 50-foot 
35 hospital tent all tied together. They were 
constructed in the same manner as were the 
living quarters with the exception that inside 
framework and doors were constructed by 
Seabee personnel. 
b. As one entered the pyramidal tent he 
picked up his metal tray and silverware, 
passed through the chow line at the far end 
of the tent where the field ranges were 
arranged in a line perpendicular to the line 
Figure 29. Officers’ row. Note snowdrifts which hove blown in between each tent/ note also that each tent 
has a different type entrance which was built by occupants. 
Figure 30. Floor panel bundles (one bundle was 
required per pyramidal tent). 
Figure 31. Assembling pyramidal tent floors. Note 
piles in background. Each is the required material 
for one pyramidal tent. 
36 Figure 32. Erecting mess hall and kitchen tents 
Figure 33. Detail refueling tent camp. Average 
pyramidal tent used 8.3 gallons per day. 
Figure 34. Advance base camp, Ross Shelf Ice: galley and mess hall. 
of entry, and on to the mess hall (men to the 
hospital tent on right, officers to the wall 
tent on the left). The actual kitchen reached 
from the back of the pyramidal tent (chow 
line) to the end of the first wall tent. The 
second wall tent, still farther back, sheltered 
a store or break-out room. About one- 
third of the officers’ wall tent was used as a 
37 range storage and repair room. The mess 
gear washing was done at the far end of the 
hospital tent. This construction and ar- 
rangement worked very satisfactorily. 
3. Headquarters Building. 
There was really no headquarters building 
for the base camp. The Seabees used a tool 
tent at first and later moved their tools, etc., 
to the motor pool tent. The standard 
Quonset hut (fig. 41) at base operations, 
which was erected with a little more diffi- 
culty than were the tents, carried on more 
administrative work in one of its corners than 
did the rest of the whole camp. 
4. Quonset Huts. 
a. The huts were also erected while tem- 
peratures were slightly less than freezing, 
which caused quite a problem in leveling and 
squaring the floor frame. In order to aid in 
this operation, 1-inch dunnage was first laid 
on about 2-foot centers and perpendicular to 
the 2- by 10-inch and 4- by 4-inch sills which 
went on top. After the floor frame (fig. 42) 
Figure 35. Mess hall and kitchen. 
Figure 36. Garbage pit in snow which was at far end 
of mess hall. All kitchen waste was dumped in this 
hole, which grew deeper as it was used. 
Figure 37. Digging hole for frozen food storage. 
Note snow being sawed into blocks for easier 
38 Figure 38. Framework for frozen food storage house 
Figure 39. Storing food in frozen food storage house. 
Figure 40. Tarpaulin being pulled over framework of 
frozen food storage house. It was weighted down by 
putting dunnage and snow blocks on top 
Figure 41, Quonset hut floor at base operations just 
after a blizzard. 
had been assembled, it was trued by the use 
of an engineer’s chain and level, which took 
about four times as long as it would have 
under normal conditions. The other major 
difficulty in the erection was that the small 
nuts, bolts, and plates required bare hands 
to put into place. With the exception of 
these two difficulties, the latter hardly being 
an exception, the work progressed the same 
as it would have during any operation with 
the same temperature and wind conditions. 
The only difference between this hut and 
the standard Quonset hut is that there were 
two %-inch plywood floors which were sep- 
arated by 1-inch dunnage furring. Shortly 
after the hut had been completed a bliz- 
zard arose causing snow to blow in at the 
joint between the bulkhead and the cor- 
rugated sheet metal, leaving the snow lodged 
between the inner masonite wall and the 
outer corrugated sheets. Later heat from 
the inside of the building melted the snow 
causing the masonite to become wet and fall 
out of place. This incident could hardly be 
called a fault in the building design but 
should be credited to faulty construction. 
39 Figure 42. Floor frame assembly for Quonset hut. 
Note near left corner metal sills are resting on 4- 
by 4-inch members, which are resting on 2- by 
10-inch pieces, which are resting on and perpendicu- 
lar to floating dunnage foundation. 
Figure 43. Quonset hut at base operations under con- 
struction. Note inside wall of Quonset hut at 
far end, outside corrugated sheets on left end and 
insulation which goes between the two surfaces 
being applied in the middle of the building. 
b. A double hut 20 by 96 feet was erected 
at Little America III in very much the same 
fashion and encountering the same difficul- 
ties. This hut enlarged the old base so as to 
make it adequate if it became necessary to 
leave a party through the winter night. It 
had the following additions over and above a 
standard Quonset: 
(1) Double bulkheads approximately 4 
feet apart. 
(2) Double “Kima!” insulation between 
inner and outer walls. 
(3) Double floors, 3 inches apart, and so 
constructed that air circulated between them. 
(4) Waterproof paper and %-inch Celotex 
which was inside and separated from the 
metal outside wall by a dead air space. 
Once erected, it is suitable for Antarctic and 
Arctic use, but the difficulty encountered in 
constructing it warrants a different design. 
5. Wannigan Huts. 
Three prefabricated Wannigan huts having 
about 6-inch walls and inside dimensions of 
approximately 7 by 14 by 7 feet high with a 
door at one end, were taken on the expedition 
Figure 44, Looking southwest. Excavation for con- 
necting tunnel leading from double Quonset hut in 
background to Little America III, which is beneath 
the photographer who took the picture. 
40 Figure 45. Southwest end of double Quonset hut at 
Little America III (35-man winter camp) showing es- 
cape hatch, short connecting tunnel, and generator 
house on right end. 
Figure 46. Inside of Quonset hut at Little America 
III. Note gap in floor on right side so that warm air 
can circulate to the left and come up through cracks 
in center of floor (cracks not visible). 
to be used as sled houses to transport men to 
and from the airstrip so they might have a 
place to warm themselves while drinking 
their midshift coffee. Instead, the six sec- 
tions—two ends, two sides, one sled bottom, 
and a top—were bolted together without 
much difficulty and used as quarters for the 
three ranking officers. This type of structure 
is suitable for Antarctic and Arctic use. 
6. Construction Time Required. 
The construction of the 200-man tent 
camp required approximately 1,200 man- 
hours, the single Quonset hut at base 
operations required approximately 600 man- 
hours; and the double Quonset at Little 
America III required approximately 1,400 
SECTION V. Utilities 
1. Water. 
Water requirements for the kitchen and 
mess hall were furnished by snow melters. 
Water for personal cleanliness, washing of 
clothes, etc., was obtained by the individuals 
concerned by using a bucket or large can and 
his own tent stove. The snow melters were 
protected on a wood floor with a tarpaulin 
windbreaker which was located about 100 
feet east and to the rear of the kitchen and 
adjacent to an area which had been marked 
off with flags and maintained free from 
contamination (figs. 47, 48, and 49). 
a. During the first couple of weeks, two 
Aeroil No. 98 Steam Thawing Units were 
used as melters, the steam lines were in- 
serted into a full G. I. can of snow and as the 
snow melted it was replenished until there 
was obtained a full 32 gallons of water. 
When the units were functioning properly 
it required from 10 to 15 minutes, depending 
upon the temperature, to produce 32 gallons 
of water. The heat for these melters was 
furnished by a gas generator type burner 
which used kerosene and did not prove to be 
entirely satisfactory, the main trouble being 
41 merits. The G. I. cans were maintained about 
one-third full of hot water. As snow was 
added and became water, it was dipped out 
and poured into a covered container which, 
when full, was carried by hand to the kitchen. 
This operation was carried on by two men 
using four heaters who started to work at 
about 8:00 a. m. and by 3:00 p. m. (no 
time out for lunch) had obtained 14 or 15 
32-gallon G. I. cans of water (448 to 480 
gallons), the kitchen and mess hall require- 
ments for 200 men (2.2 to 2.4 gal. per man 
per day). 
c. The snow which was porous and had a 
specific gravity of about 0,35 at the top, was 
usually cut into blocks and carried less than 
100 feet to the melters which were on the 
downwind side. Apparently, this snow had 
no mineral content and was free from harm- 
ful bacteria. The water was not chlorinated 
or treated in any way. Occasionally soot 
was found to be floating on the top of water 
cans, but did not hinder the production of 
potable water. 
2. Waste Disposal. 
Sanitation in the Antarctic where snow is 
extremely deep presents no problem so long 
as waste is not disposed of in snow melting 
a. Three latrines for the men and one for 
officers were suitably located throughout the 
camp. They were housed within 16- by 
16-foot pyramidal tents and built similar to 
the ones for living quarters, with the boxes 
forming a U next to the back and two side 
walls. Urinals were not furnished and as a 
result conditions in front of tents became 
b. Garbage was disposed of by dumping it 
into a hole which was started by pouring hot 
dishwater onto the snow. All kitchen waste 
was disposed of in this hole, which was about 
3 by 2 feet and became deeper the more it 
was used. 
Figure 47. Pontoon snow melter which was designed to 
be used at 35-man emergency winter camp. Note 
exhaust from internal combustion engine furnishes 
heat for melter. 
Figure 48. Inside snow melting shelter. Behind steam 
is Aeroil No. 98 Steam Thawing Unit. Man on 
left is holding steam pipe in G. I. can partly full of 
snow; man on right is pumping air into tank for 
burner which is bottom of steam thawing unit. 
that it required considerable time to start 
the burners, especially in lower temperatures, 
and they required an excess of maintenance. 
b. Army field immersion type heaters 
were used the majority of the time while on 
the ice and functioned properly without any 
mentionable trouble other than requiring 
a longer time to produce the water require- 
42 3. Heat. 
Two types of heaters were used to heat the 
tent camp. Each pyramidal tent was equip- 
ped with one Army tent stove, Model 1941, 
and the standard oil burner, the mess hall 
and Quonset huts used 60,000-B. t. u. space 
heaters most of which were manufactured by 
The American Gas Machine Company, 
Albert Lea, Minnesota. Housing facilities 
remained comfortable at all times, except 
that the tents during high winds with low 
temperatures were uncomfortable even 
though the stoves were red hot. This was 
no hardship. Heating on Operation “High- 
jump” was adequate. 
a. In order to reduce fire hazard, Diesel 
fuel instead of gasoline was used throughout 
and worked satisfactorily even though some 
of the stoves smoked at times. In case of 
the tent stoves, cleaning became necessary in 
about one-third of the cases. The average 
fuel consumption was about 8.2 gallons per 
day per tent stove and 125 gallons per day 
for the kitchen and mess hall (one tent stove, 
three 60,000-B. t. u. space heaters, and about 
seven kitchen ranges). 
b. Standard hand type 15-pound C02 fire 
extinguishers were used throughout without 
any noticeable difficulties. They were dis- 
tributed throughout the tent area so that 
one extinguisher served three tents, six or 
seven were around the kitchen as well as 
on the crash fire fighting sled. Others were 
placed around dumps and such places where 
they might be needed. No serious fires re- 
sulted although a number of tent poles 
became scored, with a couple of them 
4. Electricity. 
The kitchen and mess hall were supplied 
electricity by two 5-kw., 120-v., single-phase 
generators driven by Wisconsin air-cooled 
motors which were housed in a tarpaulin 
.shack beside the kitchen. The generators 
Figure 49. Package shot (disassembled) snow melter. 
Figure 50. Two 5-kw. generators which were used for 
lighting kitchen and mess hall. Note they are resting 
on the base for a tarpaulin which was later erected. 
ran alternately in about 6-hour shifts and 
worked very satisfactorily. With the excep- 
tion of those tents which required electricity 
for special projects, no power was furnished 
within the tent area. Most occupants of 
tents modified their quarters with one or 
two plastic windows or skylights which pro- 
vided enough light for normal use. 
a. It was originally planned to use two 
75-kw. generators at the 3 5-man emergency 
winter camp, which was reconstructed at 
Little America III. Instead two, 25-kw., 
200- to 400-volt, 3-phase, GM generators, 
43 Model 1-398 driven by 1,200 r. p. m. GM 
Diesel engines Model 3016 were installed 
and until date of departure furnished power 
for the high frequency radios. These genera- 
tors were moved from the ship to the sites 
while still in the heavily constructed box- 
type house. 
h. It was not planned to use these gen- 
erators on the expedition other than to fur- 
nish power for six large reefers (675 cu. ft. 
each) which were constructed on the deck 
of the U. S. S. Merrick in order to furnish 
more cold storage space while en route to 
SECTION VI. Airstrips and Snow Tests 
1. Airstrip. 
An airstrip, as originally planned, was not 
constructed, although three ski runways 
were prepared as well as a 150- by 350-foot 
plus 45- by 455-foot pierced steel plank test 
strip. The R4D (C-47) planes operated off 
the ski runways very successfully and with 
less drag than normally would be encoun- 
tered with tires on concrete. 
2. PSP Test Strip. 
a. The PSP test strip (figs. 51, 52, 53, 54, and 
55) was laid in the following sequence: 
23 Jan 
24 Jan Laid 150 by 75 feet of PSP on undis- 
turbed snow. 
25 Jan Laid 150 by 75 feet of PSP on burlap 
which was on undisturbed snow. 
Laid 150 by 75 feet of burlap on un- 
disturbed snow. 
1 Feb 
3 Feb 
150 by 250 feet, 2 rounds with D-6 and 
snow drag over area where burlap 
had been. 
Laid 150 by 40 feet of PSP on partially 
compacted snow. 
Detail of about 15 men started breaking 
open bundles and established center 
Night shift started 1830 and finished 
0530 on the 25th. 
Inspection of mat at 2200 hours revealed 
that PSP on undisturbed snow settled 
about 1 % inches, whereas mat on 
burlap did not settle. Most settling 
took place between 1030 and 1430, 
while sun was out, with light winds. 
Later inspection revealed no more 
Started to remove 150- by 75-foot section 
of burlap. 
Removed burlap. 
44 5 Feb Laid 150 by 160 feet of PSP on partially 
and compacted snow. 
6 Feb 
17 Feb 150 by 800 feet, 2 rounds with snow drag 
and D-6; 1 round with pontoon draa: 
and D-6. 
18 Feb 150 by 800 feet, 1 round with pontoon 
drag and D-6. 
Laid 40 by 180 feet of PSP on partially 
compacted snow. 
19 Feb Laid 40 by 275 feet of PSP on partially 
compacted snow. 
20 Feb Removed snow from 150- by 350-foot 
Runway extension had about 2 rounds 
with snow drag and 1 round with 
pontoon drag 
High was —8° F. witli 16-knot wind, 
7 men for 2){ hours! 114 sq. ft. 
13 men for 3){ hours [man-hour 
14 men for 6 hours equals 130 sq. 
Fork lift with 3-inch lumber as a dozer 
pushed the snow to the sides. 
b. The first 150 linear feet were laid about 
25 January when temperatures were rela- 
tively high (25° to 30° F.) and the following 
difficulties were encountered: 
(1) The small clips were difficult to handle 
in cold weather with gloves or mittens. 
(2) Care had to be taken not to disturb 
the surface when the mat was to be placed 
(same as for construction of camp). 
(3) The time required to carry each panel 
by hand from the runway shoulders to its 
final position was doubled, which was due 
to the soft neve. This work was performed 
mostly by the U. D. T. and ships’ personnel 
who had no previous training in this type of 
work. Later this mat required a dozer (for 
lift with 3-inch lumber as blade) to remove 
snow drifts which were caused by miscel- 
laneous bundles and odd pieces of PSP that 
were left within that area. 
c. When the 40- by 455-foot section was 
laid on partially compacted snow the only 
difficulty encountered was the handling of 
the small clips, temperatures being about 
— 10° F. with winds up to 16 knots. This 
Figure 51. Laying PSP on burlap which was laid on 
undisturbed snow. 
work was performed by about 13 Seabees 
from the motor pool whose morale was very 
high. During the 2-day period approxi- 
mately 125 square feet per man per hour were 
45 Figure 52. Junction of PSP direct on undisturbed snow (left) and PSP on burlap which is on undisturbed snow on 
right. Twelve hours after junction was laid, mat on left had settled from IV2 to inches while mat on right 
did not settle at all. 
3. Ski Runways. 
The three ski runways were arranged more 
or less as an equilateral triangle, all work 
being performed by equipment, with no 
hand labor. The 4 days of construction for 
runway No. 1 (100 by 4,500 feet) started 
during the evening of 13 February and con- 
sisted of the following; 
Runway No. 1 {fig. 58) 
13 Feb 1 round, D-6 tractor pulling heavy 
13 Feb 1 round, D-6 tractor only. 
1 round, D-6 tractor pulling light 
1 round, D-6 tractor pulling T-7 
section of pontoon drag. 
14 Feb 1 round, D-6 tractor pulling light 
1 round, D-6 tractor pulling pon- 
toon drag. (7% short tons, incl. 2 
bdls. PSP). 
15 Feb 1 round, D-6 tractor pulling pon- 
toon drag (a. m.). 
46 15 Feb 1 round, D-6 tractor pulling light 
drag (p. m.). 
16 Feb 1 round, D-6 tractor pulling pon- 
toon drag (a. m.). 
17 Feb 1 round, D-6 tractor pulling drag 
(far end only). 
1 round, D-6 tractor pulling pon- 
toon drag (far end only). 
The average temperature during this period 
was — 10°F. with winds at about 12 knots. 
Even after the first evening of work the sur- 
face furnished an adequate runway for skis. 
By 23 February this strip would almost sup- 
port an R4D (C-47) on wheels. Runways 
Nos. 2 and 3 were constructed alike in that 
their 2-day construction period started 15 
Figure 53. Same junction as in figure 52, showing that 
difference in elevation at this point is 2V2 inches. 
Figure 54. Cylindrical snow pillars were left standing 
from 1 V2 to 2V2 inches high as PSP, which had been 
laid direct on undisturbed snow, settled. They 
could be kicked over or scraped off very easily. 
Mat apparently did not settle any more after the 
first 36-hour period. 
Figure 55. PSP test strip after a blizzard. Note drifts 
which were caused by bundles and odd pieces of 
mat left within area. This shows the runway areas 
must be policed as work progresses. 
Figure 56. Tractor pulling pontoon drag on ski runway 
47 Figure 58. Ski runway No. 1 running east and west. 
Picture was made before ski runways Nos. 2 and 3 
were constructed. 
Figure 57. Track left after R4D (C-47), with wheels, 
had been towed from PSP test strip to ski runway 
No. 1. Tracks were almost waist deep in places. 
Figure 59. OY (L-5) taking off from PSP test strip. 
Note that very little snow is blown up by the 
Figure 60. OY (L-5) stuck in newly compacted snow 
at end of PSP test strip. 
February and consisted of only the following: 
1 round with a D-6 tractor pulling a wooden 
snow drag, and 2 rounds with a D -6 tractor 
pulling the pontoon drag. These were sat- 
isfactory for skis. 
4. Taxi, Take-Off, and Landing Tests. 
a. OT {Army L-5 on PSP, Subbase Partially 
Compacted, 20 Feb 47, -10° F., Wind 11 Knots. 
(1) Several landings and take-offs were 
made from the 40- by 455-foot end as well 
as taxiing on part of the 150-foot wide end. 
From all appearances no failure occurred. 
It is believed the weight was being carried 
by the mat instead of the snow base; there- 
fore, very little or nothing was learned. 
The props seemed to kick up very little snow 
from beneath the mat, although a little loose 
snow which was on top was blown back. 
(2) The plane taxied out over freshly com- 
pacted snow (2 rounds with D-6 tractor 
pulling snow drag, 1 round with D-6 
tractor pulling pontoon drag) which, due 
to the surface failure, took considerable 
48 power. When the plane tried to turn, 
one wheel went down and help was required 
to start plane moving again. 
b. OT {Army L—5) on Ski-Runway No. 7, 20 
Feb 47, +10°F, Wind 7 7 Knots. Several land- 
ings and take-offs were made with quite a 
bit of taxiing. With one exception no dam- 
age was noted. The surface acted the same 
as any prepared surface would be expected 
to act, except that tires could easily be 
skidded by applying brakes. Once for dem- 
onstration purposes, the plane taxied back 
and forth with one wheel skidding about 
80 percent of the time. The damage noted 
was on the first landing. As one of the tires 
touched the snow, it broke the surface, 
leaving a strip the tire’s width, about 10 
feet long and 1 to 2 inches deep, of loose 
Figure 61. OY (L-5) taxiing on ski runway No. 1 
Figure 62. R4D (C-47) taxiing on PSP test strip. 
Note that very little snow is blown up by the 
Figure 63. Indentations up to 2 inches left in PSP after 
R4D (C-47) taxied on test strip (PSP laid on 
undisturbed snow). 
Figure 64. R4D (C-47) stuck in partially compacted 
snow as it left PSP test strip. Fifty inches of mercury 
on both engines would not move plane. Note 
that no snow is blowing back as propellers rotate at 
high velocity. 
49 granulated snow that could be raked out by 
hand. The snow beneath this was still com- 
pacted and no breaking through was noted. 
Apparently compacted snow will not stand 
abrasion. The tire pressure during these 
tests was 13 pounds per square inch and the 
total weight of the plane was about 2,100 
c. R4D (C-47) 19,000 to 20,000 Pounds on 
PSP Test Strip, 22 Feb 47, T10°F., Wind 5 
Knots. (1) The plane taxied over the entire 
PSP test section. The mat which was laid 
on the burlap had the greatest failure. In 
places it was bent up to 2 or 3 inches. The 
mat which was placed on partially compacted 
snow bent to about 1 or 2 inches. This 
should show that, in this particular case, 
the tan and loosely knitted burlap acted as an 
insulator rather than a conductor, therefore 
losing the qualities which it was hoped it 
might possess. Had the burlap been canvas 
similar to that of tents, the results might have 
been slightly different, but it is still believed 
that best results would be obtained without 
using any material between the PSP and the 
snow. It was interesting to note that very 
little snow was picked up or blown out of 
place by the prop blast, even while both en- 
gines were pulling 50 inches of mercury. 
This also leads one to believe that no ma- 
terial similar to burlap is needed beneath 
the mat. It was also noted the tires had a 
tendency to skid easily where the mat was 
partially covered with snow. 
(2) After taxiing on the PSP had been 
completed the plane tried taxiing off the end 
of the mat test strip and onto the partially 
compacted snow, but without success. The 
plane immediately sank about three-fourths 
of the way to the hub. Fifty inches of mer- 
cury on both engines would not move the 
plane. Later on during the night two D-6 
tractors towed the plane over undisturbed 
snow to ski runway No. 1. This was accom- 
plished in the same manner that a plane 
would be dragged through any muddy held. 
At one time one of the wheels went down to 
the point that loose snow, which piled up in 
front of the wheel, touched the oil cooler at 
the bottom of the cowling. 
d. R4D (C-47) on Ski Runway No. 7, 23 Feb. 
47, +7° F., Wind 4 Knots. (1) The plane 
taxied about 100 feet before the left wheel 
went down. In trying to get out, the plane 
made about a 300-degree turn with the wheel 
going down to the hub. At times while 
Figure 65. R4D (C-47) tracks on ski runway No. 1 
which show that it was not evenly compacted. 
Figure 66. R4D (C-47) wheel after plane became stuck 
and had turned about 300°, using left wheel as 
50 Figure 67. R4D (C-47) taxiing on main camp road leading to mess hall. No failure whatsoever was noted in 
Figure 68. Plane taxied into close quarters. Men 
pushing it backward while engines still running 
shows that there is very little drag between tires and 
Figure 69. Chocks were required to keep R4D (C-47) 
from rolling down main roadway, which had very 
little slope. This shows that there is very little 
friction between tires and surface. 
51 taxiing the wheels would appear to ride on 
top, then one would break through and after 
running the engines up would come back on 
top. The surface definitely failed, but one 
could see that the minimum compaction for 
this type plane had almost been reached. 
(2) During the noonday meal hour, the 
plane was towed over a connecting road to 
the mess hall road. 
e. R4D {C-47) on Mess Hall Road, 2J Feb. 
47, +7° FWind 4 Knots. (1) The mess hall 
road was part of the main camp road leading 
from the ships to the camp and had traffic 
continuously from 18 January through 23 
February. The traffic consisted of every 
piece of equipment on the expedition, and 
no artificial compacting was done. There 
were occasional rounds with the snow drag 
which aided in keeping the area level. 
(2) The plane was taxied up and down the 
roadway without showing any signs of failure 
whatsoever. The only markings or tracks 
left were formed by the tire tread and the 
loose snow which was on the surface. Twice 
the plane taxied in too close to the flagpole 
and was easily pushed back around by eight 
or ten men. 
Figure 70. Plane with ski landing gear leaves from ski 
runway No. 1 for long mission. 
Figure 71. Ski track left by R4D on ski runway No. 1 
Tracks are not usually this distinct. 
Figure 72. Ski track as R4D (C-47) left ski runway 
No. 1. Note difference in track depth on runway 
and on shoulder. 
Figure 73. Tracks on ski runway No. 1 left by a Jeep 
as it started from a halt. 
52 'igure 74. R4D (C-47) with skis, parked on plywood 
covered with Diesel oil to prevent skis from freezing 
to surface. 
Figure 75. Removing 
snow sample for den- 
sity measurements. 
5. Snow Tests. 
a. In-place density measurements, Proctor 
needle tests, and field load test were made on 
the following areas: 
(1) Undistributed snow. 
(2) Mess hall roadway. 
(3) Snow after PSP had been removed. 
(4) Ski runways Nos. 1 and 2. 
During the short period on the snow, condi- 
tions varied from a soft sandlike consistency 
53 with hardly any supporting power (while 
temperatures were near freezing) to a dense 
hard crust which would allow a D-6 tractor 
to travel without track extensions (tempera- 
ture being near —10° F.). Due to circum- 
stances beyond control, controlled tests were 
not started until the first part of February; 
therefore, no data was obtained during the 
warmer days. 
b. The density measurements were made 
by weighing a carefully measured block of 
snow sawed from the neve. Successive seg- 
ments, 1 to 3 inches thick, were sawed from 
the block as it sat on the scale. The residue 
was again weighed and measured and the 
reduction in weight and volume was used to 
calculate the density of the segment which 
had been removed. When crusts were ob- 
served in a specimen, segments were cut so 
that one segment was composed entirely of 
the crust. It was found that compaction 
went to a depth of about 20 inches and that 
immediately after compaction the surface 
would not have the supporting power that 
it would after it had had a couple of days to 
freeze into place. Facilities were not avail- 
able to make a microscopic study of the 
crystal arrangement, but it is the belief of 
the observer that the original grains of snow 
were broken down into smaller ones and 
compressed and vibrated into place, leaving 
a more dense surface. 
c. In order to compare density measure- 
ments, the results of different tests were cal- 
culated and the value used in plotting specific 
gravity against depth. The average specific 
gravities for undisturbed snow, partially 
compacted snow (ski runways Nos. 1 and 3), 
9 FEB. 1947, TEMP. 11° F. 
8 FEB. 1947, TEMP. 19°F 
8 FEB, 1947, TEMP. 19° F. 
16 FEB. 1947, TEMP.-10°F. 
15 FEB. 1947, TEMP.-12°F.— 
Figure 76. Comparison of density measurements 
22 FEB. 1947, TEMP. 11° F. 
16 FEB. 1947, TEMP. 11° F, 
9 FEB. 1947, TEMP. 11° F. 
Figure 77. Further comparisons of density measurements. 
55 and the mess hall road were used in plotting 
a graph. 
d. Insufficient data was obtained to de- 
termine the degree of correlation between 
the bearing power indicated by the load 
applied to the small area under the Proctor 
needle bearing plate and the actual bearing 
power of the snow surface under working 
conditions, but it did indicate that a tech- 
nique could be developed to utilize the 
Proctor needle to determine the uniformity 
of the results of any compacting operations 
and the relative bearing power of the snow. 
e. Direct loads were applied to the snow 
by means of hydraulic jack using a D-6 
caterpillar tractor to supply the load. The 
load was measured by means of a pressure 
Figure 78. Truing specimen for density measurement. 
figure 79. Weighing carefully measured specimen for 
density measurement. 
Figure 80. Running Proctor needle tests on snow after 
PSP had been removed. 
Figure 81. Field loading test 
using 50-ton jack and D-6 
caterpillar tractor on snow 
after PSP had been removed. 
56 gage. Knowing the pressure and the area calculated. The following table is a com- 
of the base of the jack (72.07 sq. in.), the parison of load supporting power, Proctor 
unit load in pounds per square inch was needle pressure, and density measurements. 
Proctor needle 
Specific gravity 
Lbs./sq. in. 
Lbs./sq. in. 
Under PSP without burlap. . . 
1 .Ox 
Under PSP without burlap. . . 
Ski runway No. 3 
0 396 
1 2 
Ski runway No. 1 
Mess hall road 
Note. Reasonable average va 
lues, utilizing all 
available data. 
*C-47 wheel load calculated 
as 60 Ib./sq. in. 
over base area of jack (72.07 sq. in.). 
SECTION VII. Recommendations 
1. General. 
The recommendations herein are based on 
assumption that an Army engineer aviation 
battalion would be given relatively the same 
task with the same period of time as was 
originally planned (24 hours per day for 8 
weeks). In many instances the recommen- 
dations will be in line with that which was 
practiced on this expedition. Others, of 
course, will be from experience gained by 
officers, men, and observers while carrying 
out the mission. 
2. Staff Work and Planning. 
a. It is recommended that planning be 
started far enough in advance to allow 
fabrication of special items and shipment, so 
that each unit will have ample time to 
familiarize itself with the items with which 
they are to work. 
b. The unit chosen for the operation 
should be a well organized and experienced 
c. It is recommended that the staff officer 
who is responsible for the planning be a 
member of the expedition. He will be able 
to note his own mistakes, and pass on to 
others to follow, more complete information 
as to how future operations should be planned. 
d. Plans should be flexible so that if at any 
time the over-all plan is changed, the 
operation could proceed uninterrupted. 
e. A large amount of extra small tools, 
such as hammers, saws, wrenches, etc., 
should be taken since they become lost or 
misplaced very easily in the soft snow. 
/. An extra amount of plywood, 2- by fl- 
inch, and 1-inch lumber should be taken, 
since additions must always be made. 
3. Construction Equipment. 
The most essential item for Antarctic work 
is specialized construction and transporta- 
tion equipment. A certain amount was 
learned during the short 4-week period on the 
ice and it is felt that some of the answers were 
obtained, but there is still far more to be 
learned. No one or two pieces of equipment 
will answer all purposes. Each piece will 
vary in design depending upon the job it has 
to do. Some of the purposes for which equip- 
ment must be designed are as follows: 
765274—48 5 
57 a. A heavy duty tractor or prime mover 
capable of pulling large quantities of supplies 
on sleds over great distances. The tractor 
should have living accommodations for its 
crew and should have a fuel capacity to carry 
it long distances. 
b. A tractor similar to the ones used on this 
expedition which would be used in and 
around camp and on hauls for relatively 
short distances should be designed with 
following modifications: 
(1) The power unit should need no changes 
other than a winterized hood. 
(2) A cab that will protect the operator 
from low temperature and high winds. 
(3) Tracks with a maximum unit bearing 
pressure of 3 pounds per square inch. 
(4) Long tracks in order to prevent rough 
riding while going over the sastrugi as well as 
to aid in going over small cracks and cre- 
(5) Attachable grouser plates, or some- 
thing to give the tractor a foothold while 
working on ice, 
(6) Winches on tractors are highly desir- 
(7) Correct the tendency of the tractor to 
mire itself while pulling heavy loads, possibly 
by moving the center of gravity forward. 
c. Some type of light, fast-moving trans- 
portation suitable for transporting small 
numbers of personnel, etc., as the truck, 
%-ton 4x4. It should have sufficient room 
to allow the operator to function properly 
while wearing bulky clothes and it should be 
easy to enter and leave. A winch on the 
front would be desirable. 
d. Some type of cargo handling equip- 
ment, similar to a crane is most desirable. 
It is believed that a tractor crane would have 
been more suitable than was the forklift 
in that it would not be required to move 
around as much while unloading cargo. 
The 5-ton crane (Byer’s Model 65), taken 
on this expedition, or one of its type would 
not be suitable in that the center of gravity 
is too high and there would have been a great 
danger of its tipping over in the soft snow. 
e. It is believed that compaction equip- 
ment will necessitate a complete change in 
design. It is felt that the tractor with the 
combination of weight and vibration did 
90 percent of the compacting on the expe- 
dition. Various types of rollers were not 
used enough to determine their usefulness, 
but the consensus is that they act similarly 
to the way they would while rolling washed 
gravel or sand. Some type of equipment 
mounted on tracks will vibrate the granulat- 
ed particles of snow into place, and after 
given time, the particles will freeze into 
position giving the desired results. Thought 
might be directed to something along the 
lines of a wagon, dirt or rock, bottom-dump, 
with a built-in vibrator and flat top so that 
weight could be added as the surface be- 
comes more compact. Something on the 
order of a combined pontoon drag and snow 
surface heater should be considered, but not 
for compaction in depth. 
/. Grading equipment will be necessary 
if airfields are to be built for extensive use 
by heavy planes. Several things have been 
Figure 82. Open snow roller. 
58 Figure 83. Modified sheepsfoot roller (not used). 
Figure 84. Closed snow roller which proved 
discussed such as a towed grader mounted 
on skis instead of wheels, and motorized 
graders 4x4 with large dual tires front and 
rear. The skis would have the disadvantage 
of side slippage, and attachable skis would 
have to be furnished the motorized grader 
to transport the machine to the compacted 
surface where it is to work. Personally, the 
observer would like to try the latter. Due 
to the belief that it would be easier to grade a 
runway after it is partially compacted it is 
felt that the motorized grader would be 
more satisfactory even if assistance had to 
be given by a tractor towing for the first 
few gradings. Once the surface became hard 
(before ready for planes) the grader could 
work as it normally would as well as travel 
back and forth to the motor pool under its 
own power. 
g. The main suggestion on the sleds is 
that the runner contact area be increased 
so that when fully loaded there will be a 
unit bearing pressure of from 2 to 3 pounds 
per square inch. This, of course, will present 
a problem in that the larger the runner 
area the harder it will freeze in when left 
standing, A runner might be designed for 
a higher unit bearing pressure so that shoes 
could be attached which would bring the 
unit bearing pressure down to that which is 
desired during high temperature when the 
neve is quite soft. The QM 1-ton sled, 
which is definitely a good one, could be 
supplied with a tarpaulin similar to those 
on trucks so that while transporting personnel 
they would be protected from wind and snow 
which is kicked up by the weasel or towing 
vehicle. The “Go-devil” sled, as used on 
this expedition, could be redesigned with a 
toboggan undercarriage so that, when mired, 
snow would not pile up in front. The 
side-board recess could be lowered in order 
to allow large and awkward-shaped cargo 
and boxes to rest flat on the bed. 
4. Cargo Handling and Unloading. 
a. Each unit should definitely check all 
items prior to leaving its home base or port. 
As before an invasion during the war years, 
the unit should assure itself that all items 
are present and that the boxes and crates 
have been properly and conspicuously 
marked with some color or symbol. 
b. Ships should be loaded in accordance 
with an established priority and with each 
unit’s supplies together, in order that one 
59 permanent or semipermanent building in 
regions similar to those in the Antarctic. 
This design should provide the following: 
(1) Rapid and easy assembly, possibly with 
clamps or some type of fastener other than 
small items such as nails and bolts which are 
hard to manipulate while wearing gloves or 
(2) Maximum insulation, yet the panels 
should be light enough to allow three or 
four men to handle with ease. 
(3) Panels or sections of such size and 
weight for minimum shipping weight and 
(4) Floating foundations. 
(5) Double floors with air circulation 
between the two. 
(6) Plenty of headroom in order to allow 
for double bunks. 
(7) Skylights or windows to provide light 
until such time as they become covered with 
Figure 85. When camp was evacuated caches were 
left well marked with high poles and identification 
on top so that they may be found if needed for later 
group may be unloaded without disturbing 
the others. 
c. Men and officers should be transported 
on the same ships as their supplies and equip- 
d. During the first stages of the operation 
each unit should cache its own supplies; that 
is, engineer troops should unload their own 
supplies as they arrive at the camp site, air 
corps personnel should unload their supplies, 
etc., for all branches of the service and their 
units. Within each unit it would be advis- 
able for cooks and KP’s to cache their own 
kitchen supplies, mechanics unload their 
supplies, etc. This would familiarize each 
person with location of his supplies and how 
they are stored. 
5. Buildings and Structures. 
a. It is thought that the temporary camp 
construction could possibly have been a little 
more complete, even though it furnished 
adequate shelter. Inside framework and 
doors could have been erected by the Sea- 
bees which would in turn save individuals 
from taking time off to construct on their own. 
b. It is recommended that some new type 
of prefabricated building be designed for 
Figure 86. Early stages of crevasse in barrier slope 
Later it became about 5 feet wide in places. 
60 water could be continuously circulating to 
prevent freezing. For large or more per- 
manent types, heat could be supplied from 
the exhaust of an internal combustion engine 
as was planned for in the 35-man emergency 
winter camp. 
As a morale factor and for convenience 
it would be advisable to furnish electric 
lights to all tents and buildings. 
7. Airstrips and Snow Tests. 
The following recommendation for con- 
struction of an airstrip is by no means the 
cheapest or most expedient, but is a method 
which it is known will supply the needs. 
Future research and study of snow char- 
acteristics will undoubtedly develop tech- 
niques of construction which will enable 
units to prepare surfaces in less time and to 
carry heavier loads. The method suggested 
would probably not be carried out in its 
entirety, but would change as construction 
progressed, depending upon knowledge 
gained during this period. 
a. Suppose the specifications called for one 
runway 100 by 5,000 feet to accommodate 
C-47 type planes 1 month after starting date 
and heavier type planes later. Two areas 
side by side 500 by 7,000 feet each could be 
compacted by the use of tractors and drags 
running back and forth over the surface as 
was the method in compacting the ski run- 
ways. If a track laying type compactor 
were available it would aid considerably. 
In about 1 month the center 100 feet of these 
strips would be compacted to its maximum 
density, specific gravity of about 0.65 to 0.70 
at the surface down to about 0.40 or 0.45 at 
20 inches below the surface. It would be 
ready for C-47 type aircraft. The object of 
having two runways would be that while 
one was being used the other could be main- 
tained and worked for heavier type planes. 
The runways would then be strengthened by 
dozing snow from the ditch lines onto the 
100-foot center strip and compacting in the 
Figure 87. Looking up from down in a crevasse. 
Cracks such as these are obstacles which may be 
(8) Strength to withstand winds up to 100 
m. p. h., and snow and ice pressure which 
will be from the sides as well as from the top. 
c. If possible it would be advisable par- 
tially to compact the construction area be- 
fore erecting any buildings or even tents. 
This would enable the working parties to 
move around with greater ease, afford 
better footings for building, as well as 
keeping the construction area level. 
6. Utilities. 
a. Water supply is the only utility which 
requires serious thought. The area from 
which snow is to be taken should definitely 
be on the windward side of the entire camp 
area and must remain a restricted area so 
that it will not become contaminated. Some 
type of semiportable snow melter is needed. 
It should be designed so that the water will 
be maintained at a given level. The water 
from the time the snow enters the hopper 
until it is ready for use should be in closed 
containers and changed from the melter to 
storage tank through pipes in which the 
61 Figure £8 Crevasses such as these are encountered in the Antarctic. 
same manner. After this operation had been 
accomplished two or three times the run- 
ways should be capable of carrying the C-54 
type aircraft. 
b. Total construction time for this opera- 
tion should take approximately 6 weeks. Due 
to surface winds and snow the ditch lines 
would become filled by drifts affording addi- 
tional material which could be dozed up on- 
to the 100-foot center strip. It is thought 
that eventually the depth of compaction 
would become great enough to afford ade- 
quate bearing pressure for larger aircraft in 
the heavy bomber type group. The reason 
for compacting the 200-foot shoulders on 
both sides of the runways at beginning of 
construction is that the undisturbed neve will 
not otherwise support construction equip- 
ment. Due to the fact that after compaction 
the snow requires a period in which to re- 
freeze it might be well to bear in mind that 
doubling the construction force does not 
necessarily mean cutting construction time in 
62 c. Prefabricated landing mat should be 
available, even though it would not be 
planned to use it, due to the fact that once 
it is in place the depth of compaction could 
hardly be increased. It would also afford 
quite a problem in keeping the runway clean 
after blizzards, in that snow piles would ac- 
cumulate on each side of the runway which 
would cause drifts to grow larger the more 
the strip is cleaned. Even though a runway 
without a mat surface might show wear and 
become damaged during heavy operations 
it is believed that maintenance would be a 
relatively simple proposition. 
d. At this particular stage it is felt that the 
most important thing in connection with 
runway construction in regions similar to the 
Antarctic is that more experimental work be 
carried on similar to that which was carried 
on during Operation “Highjump.” The 
snow should be studied by constructing run- 
ways and performing such tests as those per- 
formed and planned to be performed on this 
e. For more detailed information on this 
operation, it is suggested that the Navy’s 
BuDocks report on the operation “High- 
jump” be studied. 
SECTION I. Introduction 
1. Plans and Objectives. 
The plans and objectives of Operation 
“Flighjump” in the field of Transportation 
are set forth in paragraph III-B, Annex “J”, 
Commander Task Force 68, Operation Plan 
No. 2-46, Projects: 
(1) Performance and tests of powered 
vehicles under Antarctic conditions. 
2. Scope. 
a. At the end of the shore based operations 
on the Antarctic Continent, the personnel 
who actually operated and maintained the 
motor vehicles used there returned to the 
United States in a different ship than that 
which carried the Army observers; hence, con- 
siderable valuable data which should logi- 
cally be contained in this chapter are not now 
available, but will undoubtedly be included 
in the final reports of Task Force 68. 
b. The time spent in the shore based phase 
was so short that it scarcely constituted a 
proper performance test for the vehicles con- 
cerned. The vehicles were placed ashore 
commencing about 18 January 1947, and 
final evacuation of the base camp was com- 
pleted on 23 February 1947, a period of only 
36 days. 
3. Vehicles. 
Powered vehicles placed ashore at the Bay 
of Whales for operational use and testing 
were as follows: 
a. Wheeled vehicles: 
8 Trucks, %-ton, 4x4 (Jeep). 
4 Trucks, 2%-ton, 6x6. 
1 Truck, 1%-ton, 4x2. 
b. Amphibious vehicles: 
8 Cargo carriers, M29C (Weasel). 
2 Landing vehicles, tracked. 
c. Tractors: 
10 Tractors, D-6. 
1 Tractor, D-7. 
2 Tractors, TD-9-6G (Fingerlift). 
3 Tractors, MC-1 (Cle-track). 
Note. The vehicles listed in a, b, and c above were 
all new vehicles. 
d. The following drawn conveyances were 
used and are considered in this report: 
20 sleds, 10-ton (Go-devil). 
8 sleds, Army, 1-ton. 
3 trailers, tank, 800-gallon capacity, mounted 
on skis. 
e. Also included were the following dogs 
and dog sleds: 
27 dogs and 4 dog sleds. 
4. Unloading Vehicles. 
The ships moored direct to the bay ice in 
the Bay of Whales, and all vehicles were 
unloaded direct onto the ice in the conven- 
tional manner by cargo slings. 
5. Surface Conditions Encountered. 
a. The bay ice in the Bay of Whales was 
covered by hard packed snow (neve) varying 
in thickness up to 18 inches. There were 
two tide cracks or crevasses in the bay ice 
which had to be crossed. These tide cracks 
64 were several feet wide and the interval was 
choked with pressure ice; the pressure ice in 
places was piled up 12 to 15 feet high over 
the tide cracks. These cracks were bridged 
for safety. Bulldozers pushed away the sur- 
plus pressure ice and the bridges were con- 
structed of planking, pierced planks (airfield 
matting) and other available materials. 
These bridges had to be constantly main- 
tained because of the heavy traffic over them 
and because of movement of the ice at the 
tide cracks. At the site selected for the as- 
cent of the barrier, the barrier was about 
70 feet high and sloped down to the bay ice 
at an angle of 20 degrees from horizontal. 
This slope was about 200 feet long (fig. 89). 
The slope consisted of hard packed, drifted 
snow, covered with soft snow. On this 
barrier incline there were later discovered two 
crevasses, originally only about 2 feet wide 
but later opening up to about 5 feet. In- 
itially these crevasses had been covered by a 
natural snow bridge which gave way under 
the pounding of heavy traffic. 
b. The top of the barrier was covered 
with neve snow which was considerably 
softer than that found on the bay ice. The 
surface in some places was smooth; in others 
it was crossed by ridges and hard snow 
(sastrugi) varying in height from 5 inches 
Figure 89. D-6 in reverse towing working party up barrier incline on five Army sleds. 
765274—48 6 
65 to several feet. The spacing and height of 
these ridges varied from day to day. The 
surface texture, bearing power, and other 
physical characteristics of the neve vary 
with temperature, wind, sun, and other 
climatic influences; thus, conditions of opera- 
tions may change within a few hours. The 
general surface contours of the Ross Ice 
Barrier in the vicinity of the Bay of Whales 
are quite gradual; slopes of over 10 to 15 
degrees are rare. The surface of the barrier 
contains many crevasses up to 10 feet wide 
and wider. These crevasses frequently are 
covered by a bridge of crusted snow which 
will give way under a heavy vehicle. Of 
the vehicles considered in this report only 
the LVT’s participated in an overland trail 
operation. Ability to cross crevasses must 
always be considered for a vehicle designed 
for Antarctic operations. 
6. Wheeled Vehicles. 
No wheeled vehicles were able to operate 
efficiently ashore. All had to be towed 
from shipside to motor park. The larger 
trucks were never able to operate, although 
the Jeeps were able to operate to a limited 
degree on well packed areas when equipped 
with heavy chains on all four wheels. The 
Jeeps were so unreliable, however, from a 
transportation standpoint that they were 
useless. The snow acted very much like 
soft sand, causing the wheels to dig out great 
holes when power was applied. Four of the 
Jeeps were equipped with power generator 
units and were finally towed to the top of the 
barrier and used as power generators for the 
air operations office. Wheeled vehicles of 
conventional type are entirely unsatisfactory 
for personnel or cargo carrying purposes in 
the Antarctic. 
SECTION II. Cargo Carrier, M29C 
1. General.* 
a. No trials were run in water, the Weasels 
operating exclusively on snow and ice 
throughout the operation. They were used 
as liaison vehicles and for towing the 1-ton 
Army (QM) sled. They were in almost con- 
tinuous operation and turned in a very 
creditable performance. They towed the 
Army sled with a 1 -ton load of cargo or per- 
sonnel with ease on the bay ice, up the bar- 
rier incline, and on top of the barrier itself. 
The principal complaint against the Weasel 
was that there were not enough of them. 
Eight Weasels could scarcely perform all the 
tasks desired of them. The demand for 
Weasels was never satisfied during the oper- 
b. The following table shows the total 
number of miles of operation by each Weasel 
for the period 19 January 1947 to 23 Febru- 
ary 1947: 
Weasel No. Mileage 
1 1,464 
2 1,099 
3 1,201 
4 1,571 
5 Lost in crevasse—figures not available. 
6 38—Front suspension damaged and track 
broken shortly after landing. Never 
repaired or replaced. 
7 1,464 
8 1,027 
2. Method of Use. 
Init'ally Weasels were assigned to various 
individuals or departments for use. There 
were, however, more interested agencies than 
there were Weasels. This resulted in a 
*See TM 9—772 for general description and technical data 
concerning Cargo Carrier, M29C. 
66 Figure 90. Weasel in trouble in soft snow. 
Figure 91. Weasel comes in handy for photographic 
Figure 92. Weasel advertising cancer drive. Note 
QM 1-ton sled in rear. 
Figure 93. Photographic Weasel on airstrip. Note how 
tracks conform to irregularities of surface. 
bottleneck on these vehicles and controversy 
over the priority of the projects concerned. 
About 27 January 1947 the Weasels were 
placed in a common pool operated by the 
motor maintenance officer. Thereafter all 
requests for Weasels were handled by a dis- 
patcher, who, by coordinating individual 
requests, was able to maintain a much more 
efficient use of the vehicles. A scheduled 
“run” was instituted on a 30-minute basis 
between the ships, the base camp, and the 
airstrip. This greatly relieved the strain and 
operated as accommodation to observers, 
civilian scientists, correspondents, and other 
casuals. One exception to this arrangement 
was in the case of the Weasel permanently 
assigned to the camp surgeon. This Weasel 
remained on call at the air operations office 
near which the surgeon’s headquarters was 
located. This vehicle and an Army sled 
were used as an emergency ambulance and 
crash truck (fig. 94). The equipment in- 
cluded fire fighting equipment, stretchers, 
and other first aid and medical gear. This 
Weasel was the only one equipped with a 
radio. 3. Tracks. 
All Weasels were equipped with the con- 
ventional track. These tracks proved quite 
satisfactory in most respects. The only time 
a Weasel was deadlined because of track 
failure was in the case of one which was 
broken. However, it was noted that when 
a Weasel was parked on a rutted or uneven 
surface, wrinkles or ridges in the rubber 
belts would appear as the tracks conformed 
to the irregularities of the surface. After one 
or two hours in the same position, these 
wrinkles or ridges tended to stiffen in that 
position. It was feared that a break in the 
steel cables embedded in the rubber belts 
might occur if the vehicles were driven off 
immediately. It was therefore deemed ad- 
visable to move the Weasel a few feet 
forward and backward, repeating this move- 
ment several times until the wrinkles or 
ridges were ironed out. Further study into 
the possibility of cable breakage from these 
conditions is recommended. If such break- 
age might result, the feasibility of individual 
block type tracks with connectors might be 
4. Serviceability and Performance. 
a. Of the eight Weasels placed ashore on 
or about 19 January 1947, six were service- 
able and in operation when the base camp 
was evacuated on 23 February 1947. As 
stated previously, No. 6 was disabled after 
38 miles of operation by a broken track and 
a damaged support tube and carrier arm, 
resulting from a collision. As no spare parts 
were available this vehicle remained out of 
operation. No. 5 Weasel was lost in a tide 
crack, or crevasse, in the bay ice on 15 
February 1947. After the cargo ships de- 
parted on 6 February the bridges were not 
maintained and soon became unuseable due 
to ice movement. The driver of No. 5 
Weasel attempted to cross one of these 
crevasses near the bridge site. As the Weasel 
passed over the crevasse the pressure ice 
between the edges of the crevasse gave way 
and permitted the vehicle to drop into the 
water. For some reason the drain plugs had 
never been installed and the hull began to 
fill with water. Every effort was made to 
save the Weasel. Water was bailed out of 
the hull, planks and empty gas drums were 
lashed to the sides and eventually a tractor 
arrived at the scene. When the tractor 
arrived a cable was attached to the capstan 
of the Weasel and an attempt was made to 
drag the Weasel onto the bay ice This 
attempt failed when the capstan tore loose. 
The towing pintle could not be used be- 
cause by the time the tractor arrived the 
hull was almost full of water and the towing 
pintle was out of reach. Shortly thereafter 
the Weasel sank in over 200 fathoms of 
water. It is recommended that drain plugs 
be installed in all Weasels which have 
occasion to travel on bay ice. 
b. Two Weasels were temporarily disabled 
by damaged transmissions during the first 10 
days ashore. In one case a tooth was broken 
from the low range gear. A new tooth was 
built up by welding and filed as near to size 
as possible. This enabled the vehicle to 
resume operation to a limited degree; how- 
Figure 94. Weasel and 1-ton Army sled used at 
airfield as combination ambulance and crash 
truck. Note fire extinguishers. 
68 ever, the transmission could be shifted into 
low range gear only with difficulty, so to 
prevent further damage to this gear a lug 
was welded to the axle transmission lever in 
such manner that the transmission could not 
be shifted into low gear range. Thereafter 
the vehicle was limited to high range only. 
In the other case of a damaged transmission, 
the nature of the damage is not known, 
other than it rendered the vehicle inopera- 
tive. It was reliably reported that this trans- 
mission was replaced by the transmission of 
No. 6 Weasel (with the broken track). In 
any case the Weasel was placed back in 
5. Transmissions. 
As stated in the paragraph above, two 
Weasels were disabled by damaged trans- 
missions although both were repaired or re- 
placed quickly and placed back in operation. 
The general opinion of most individuals who 
worked with the Weasel is that it has a weak 
transmission. However, when operated by 
a trained driver it appears the transmission 
seems to perform satisfactorily. Weasels on 
the operation were frequently driven by 
amateur drivers with little or no previous 
experience. It is possible that the two 
damaged transmissions were caused by inex- 
perienced drivers placing undue strain on 
the transmissions by selection of wrong gear 
range, clashing the gears in shifting, or 
“jerky” take-offs. 
6. Speed. 
Weasels operated at speeds up to an 
estimated 15 miles per hour both on the 
well packed roads and on the open snow 
of the bay ice and the barrier. It was a 
common tendency to drive the Weasel too 
fast, the speed being regulated more or less 
by the comfort of the driver and passengers. 
It is recommended that 10 miles per hour 
be considered as the maximum speed con- 
sistent with smooth operation. Beyond that 
speed the vehicle has a tendency to bob up 
and down quite forcibly from the axis of 
the drive sprockets. During this motion the 
rear part of the tracks maintains a more or 
less constant contact with the snow while 
the forward part of the tracks rises off the 
snow from a few inches to more than a foot. 
This “down buck” results in jolting the 
passengers and a jerking motion to a towed 
sled. It seems logical to assume that addi- 
tional strain is also placed on the tracks, 
track suspension, and power drive. It was 
observed that this “down buck” was more 
pronounced on uneven surfaces. Actually, 
there are no absolutely level surfaces in the 
Antarctic; even though a surface appears 
to be perfectly flat to the naked eye it is 
usually full of minor dips and swells. It is 
believed that the intermittent strain caused 
by high speeds over uneven surfaces causes 
a torque component to be built up which 
definitely aggravates the normal bobbing 
motion imparted to the vehicle in passing 
over these uneven surfaces. It is possible 
that if the drive sprockets were in front 
rather than in rear a smoother operation of 
this vehicle could be obtained. The feasi- 
bility of front drive should be investigated. 
7. Engine. 
There was no ignition trouble, no carbure- 
tor trouble, and no trouble with engine 
starting. S. A. E. 10 oil was used in the 
crankcase. Sixty percent prestone was used 
in the cooling system. The electrical system 
functioned normally. No differential failures 
were encountered. 
8. Feasibility of Use in Prolonged Opera- 
No prolonged trips were made with the 
Weasels. The longest trip was to Little 
America I (1929), a distance of approxi- 
mately 12 miles. However, observations of 
the vehicle in operation indicate that it 
might be feasible for use in extended oper- 
69 a dons, limited only by fuel, oil, maintenance 
supplies, and extremely unfavorable terrain, 
especially wide crevasses. 
9. Drivers. 
There were regularly assigned drivers for 
each Weasel from the Seabee detachment. 
These drivers had had previous experience 
and were reasonably well trained. Flowever, 
quite frequently the Weasels would be oper- 
ated by individuals who had little or no 
previous experience. The performance of 
Weasels chauffeured by the regularly assigned 
drivers was much superior to that when 
chauffeured by amateurs. The chief char- 
acteristics of amateur driving were jerking 
the vehicle in starting off, selection of im- 
proper gears and driving range, a tendency 
to drive too fast and “lugging” the engine. 
10. Observations. 
Several observations were made concerning 
possible modification of the Weasel: 
a. The high sides of the hull resulting from 
its amphibious feature make it rather difficult 
for driver and passengers to enter and leave 
the vehicle. If the amphibious feature can 
be considered unnecessary for operation on 
the Antarctic mainland, a portion of the hull 
could be cut out and doors installed. 
b. Present side curtains provide scant 
visibility to the occupants. The feasibility 
of a rigid cab with glass or plexiglass windows 
should be investigated. 
c. None of the Weasels were equipped with 
defrosters for the windshield. Frost did not 
form on the windshield except when the side 
curtains were tightly fastened. For pro- 
longed trips in extremely low temperatures 
requiring the side curtains to be closely se- 
cured for warmth, a windshield defrosting 
unit is indicated. 
d. When traveling at moderate to high 
speeds, the tracks kick snow very forcibly 
over the towed sled. This is a most uncom- 
fortable sensation for personnel riding on the 
sled. The feasibility of some type of guard 
over the rear of the tracks to prevent this 
from occurring might be investigated. 
e. The driver was definitely handicapped 
by the narrow space between the right 
steering brake lever and the engine cover. 
With heavy clothes and shoes it was very 
difficult to reach the foot throttle and the 
driver’s leg was pinched by the steering 
brake. This space should be made wider to 
accommodate the bulkiness of Antarctic 
11. Conclusion. 
The Weasel proved to be a most satisfactory 
vehicle for operation on the Ross Ice Barrier. 
The expedition could have efficiently used 
more of these vehicles. The four chief fail- 
ures of these vehicles, i. e., one broken track, 
one vehicle lost in a crevasse, and two 
damaged transmissions, cannot be directly 
attributed to inherent weakness in the vehicle. 
SECTION III. Tractors 
1. General. 
Tractors were the mainstay of the shore 
based phase of the operation as far as trans- 
portation was concerned. Over 3,000 tons 
of cargo were moved from the ships to the 
airstrip, the base camp, and the 35-man 
emergency camp. The great bulk of this 
cargo was hauled by tractors. Except for 
the Cle-tracks, all tractors were found to 
perform with reasonable efficiency under all 
conditions encountered. 
70 2. Fingerlifts (Figs. 95, 96, 97, and 98). 
The two fingerlifts were so seldom used as 
transportation in the sense of towing drawn 
conveyances that they are considered in this 
report only from the standpoint of their 
performance under prevailing conditions 
in view of their similarity in many respects 
to the D-6 and D-7 tractors. The finger- 
lifts were equipped with wooden track ex- 
tensions and operated most efficiently both 
on the bay ice and on the barrier. They 
were extremely valuable in unloading cargo 
from sleds at the various caches. The 
fingerlifts were too light for some of the heavy 
loads they had to handle. The tracks on 
both fingerlifts became slightly sprung due 
to bending of the bogie and idler shafts. 
This was probably due to leverage exerted 
by the track extensions when heavy loads 
were lifted. Both fingerlifts continued opera- 
ting throughout the operation. 
Figure 95. Fingerlift distributing pierced plank on the 
Figure 96. Load of lumber and tarpaulins on fingerlift. 
Figure 97. Fingerlift digging out pierced plank buried 
in snow. 
Figure 98. Laying out cache with fingerlift, 
71 3. D 7 Tractor. 
The D-7 Tractor would probably have 
turned in a much more creditable perform- 
ance than it did, had it been given a proper 
trial. Its chief contribution to the trans- 
portation cause was in being used as an 
anchor or “deadman” (fig. 99) at the top 
of the barrier. The bulldozer blade was 
dropped and forced into the snow and two 
large timbers were thrust into the snow to 
assist in firmly anchoring the tractor. To 
the firmly anchored tractor were attached 
two snatch blocks. By means of a 1,200- 
foot length of cable operating through the 
snatch blocks a D-6 tractor at the base of 
the barrier was able to tow loaded sleds up 
the face of the barrier incline (fig. 101). 
The D-7 tractor was used as a “deadman” at 
the top of the barrier from 20 January 1947 
until the cargo-hauling from the ships was 
completed on 6 February 1947, when it 
was evacuated. The wooden track exten- 
sions provided for the D-7 were 60 inches 
long (fig. 102). Although not given a 
thorough test it was considered that these 
extensions were longer than necessary. 
4. D 6 Tractor. 
The 10 D-6 tractors were the work horses 
of the entire shore based operation, and from 
the transportation standpoint they were 
responsible for the success of the operation. 
5. Winterization. 
All the tractors had been winterized at 
Port Hueneme, California, prior to embarka- 
tion. This winterization included enclosing 
the driver’s compartment in a cab, covering 
the hood and radiator with sailcloth, 60 
percent prestone in the radiator, and winter 
oil (Naval equivalent of S. A. E. 10). In 
anticipation of traction difficulties in the 
snow, wooden track extensions were prepared 
for installation after the landing in Ant- 
artica (fig. 102). 
Figure 99. D-7 as "dcadman’’ for hauling loaded sleds 
up barrier. 
Figure 100. Looking down barrier incline. Tractor 
on bay ice is towing loaded sled up barrier w ith 
cable towing device. 
Figure 101. D-6 in reverse towing Norseman plane up 
the barrier. 
72 6. Cab. 
The driver’s cab was a wooden frame and 
top with safety plate glass puttied in in front 
and with plexiglass bolted in on the sides 
and rear. The door opened on the left side. 
The door was rather poorly made, especially 
the latch, which failed to hold the door 
closed until field expedients were utilized. 
The cab provided ample vision for the driver. 
Very little difficulty was experienced with 
glass frosting over but occasionally visibility 
would be lessened by snow or sleet. The 
plexiglass on the sides and rear would fre- 
quently tear loose from the bolts which 
secured it. An escape hatch 2 feet square 
was built into the top of the cab. All in all 
the cabs were satisfactory. Certainly a cab 
of some type is needed for Antarctic opera- 
7. Track Extensions. 
All tractors could operate efficiently on the 
bay ice without track extensions, although 
occasionally one would stick from turning too 
sharply or in starting a heavy load (fig. 104). 
Tractors which operated exclusively on the 
Figure 103. Parked tractors. Note broken and missing 
track extensions. 
bay ice were therefore not equipped with 
track extensions. They were able to tow 
two Go-devil sleds each carrying 3 or 4 tons 
of cargo with ease. 
a. In general, none of the tractors could 
operate on top of the barrier without track 
extensions. The snow on the barrier was 
much softer and deeper than on the bay ice. 
After track extensions were installed a D-6 
tractor could tow three Go-devil sleds each 
carrying 4% tons of cargo with ease (fig. 105). 
All tractors operating on top of the barrier 
were therefore equipped with track ex- 
b. The incline from the bay ice to the top 
of the barrier was quite a different proposi- 
tion. The 20-degree incline approximately 
200 feet long proved to be a major obstacle. 
Tractors without track extensions were not 
able to climb this incline even without loads. 
Tractors with track extensions could climb 
the incline without a pay load but experi- 
enced the greatest difficulty in towing a 
single loaded Go-devil sled. When these 
initial attempts were made on 19 January 
1947 the snow on the incline was quite soft. 
The tractors tended to mire in on one side 
and corkscrew about at right angles to the 
Figure 102. Layout of track extensions, showing both 
60-inch and 30-inch types. D-6 tractors used only 
30-inch extensions on Operation Highjump. 
73 original direction, then being unable to 
resume the original direction. By reversing 
the tractor and pulling backward, better 
results were obtained. An experiment with 
two tractors in tandem, both pulling back- 
ward, proved that one Go-devil sled with 
2l/2 tons of cargo could be hauled up the 
c. Before any appreciable amount of cargo 
had been hauled up the incline, the tractors 
had badly chewed up the surface, gouging 
out deep holes in the snow. This activity 
broke the natural snow bridge, or snow 
crust, over the two large crevasses which ran 
parallel to the barrier across the track. 
These crevasses were about 2 feet wide when 
discovered, but had widened out to about 
5 feet at the end of the operation. Hauling 
cargo witti tractors was suspended after 
one tractor bogged down in one of these 
crevasses and had to be towed out. Then 
the prearranged plan of using a cable 
towing device was used. The D-7 tractor 
was installed on top of the barrier as a 
deadman and by means of two pulleys 
attached to the deadman and 1,200 feet 
of wire cable, the loaded sleds were towed 
up the incline by a tractor operating on the 
bay ice. The crevasses were filled up with 
snow by bulldozers. This snow supported 
sleds and Weasels. Tractors were kept off 
the incline for some time because it was feared 
they would break through the snow filled

Election Fraud: The Legal Challenge

U.S Election Fraud: The Legal Challenge

By Dr. David Mantik, MD

Votings rights cases are a passion for Chief Justice Roberts, which dramatically increases the chances that Trump gets Roberts’s vote. Justice Clarence Thomas most certainly has despised Biden since 1991, when then-Senator Biden as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee conducting hearings on Thomas’s nomination to be a Supreme Court justice.

At the time, Thomas accused Biden of conducting “a judicial lynching” by allowing the specious and salacious testimony of Anita Hill. Thomas, who joined Roberts in Abbott v. Perez and Shelby County v. Holder will most certainly join the majority for Trump once again, as will most likely Alito and Gorsuch. Newly appointed Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett will gain the courage needed in the face of Democrat scorn by joining these four – Roberts, Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch.

When Barret becomes the majority vote, Kavanaugh will most likely come along.

Kavanaugh elaborated as follows: “In a Presidential election, in other words, a state court’s “significant departure from the legislative scheme for appointing Presidential electors presents a federal constitutional question,” citing the 2000 SCOTUS decision Bush v. Gore, among others. Kavanaugh was strongly suggesting he might well join Alito in an Article II challenge …

Even a cursory search reveals that most states adopting new vote-by-mail procedures did not involve their state legislature…

Other states risk having their 2020 presidential elections deemed unconstitutional if they were as careless while implementing mail-in balloting without the state legislature passing laws to allow for mail-in balloting the setting of rules and procedures specifying precisely how mail-in balloting was to be conducted.

Michigan state statutes regulating voting derive from a 1954 law. The section dealing with absentee balloting contains no language that would authorize mail-in voting with the type of loose and unconstitutional procedures Michigan implemented in 2020. The public record in Michigan reveals the many mail-in voting rules and procedures that were implemented by Michigan courts.

On September 18, 2020, Judge Cynthia Diane Stephens of the Michigan Court of Claims issued an injunction that had the effect of approving three challenges to Michigan election law that extended to 14 days after election day the counting of mail-in ballots provided they are postmarked one day before the November 3 presidential election day.

Again, there was no mention of the Michigan state legislature being involved in this judicial order. This legal challenge was brought by Perkins Coie attorney Marc Elias, the Democratic Party’s top elections lawyer.

David Mantik


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Investigative Reporting


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Thomas A. Fairbanks

October 31, 1967

Copyright, C, 2022


A MYRIAD BACKGROUND – From  a Far Distant Past

I’ve had several articles published in a magazine called  IS (by a group called Para study that functions out of  West Chester, Pennsylvania—two entitled Phi Letho; one is a look at Scientology, and the other is a ‘demon,’ as a writer.  I have had many letters in the Washington area press, in ‘IS,’ the aberree,’  in Search, FATE (as the Rt. Rev. George A. Hyde ), the Society of Domestic Clerics , as the Director of the Confraternity of the Liturgical Life.

I will lay my cards on the table to avoid unnecessary controversy and communication roadblocks.


Alphaeus Hart drew me  into the Mystery in the Aberree.  I had two experiences, one when on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and one of the types called expansion of consciousness – and the Shaver Mystery entered into the first one.  I have definite views about it as I have experienced having voices and visions relayed to me while at the same time having departed people venerated in the Episcopal Church while also saints explain in terms of the psychology of the Unconscious mind and views and views contained in the writings of ancient church Fathers dealing with Demonic obsession.


ESP  functions because of the subconscious mind being a superconscious mind that people are hooked-up with to each other in groups.  Max Freedom Long in the book THE SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES described an experience in which people coming into communication with others feel a sensation like an electric shock in the Solar Plexus. They were  d escribing  the permanent connections in the subconscious in the membership of the Episcopal Church.   We examine psychic of the type associated with Edger Cayce and Mrs. Zoe Nickerson where the resource is the is joining of a common mind and Arthur Ford –  and examined  in three  fields:

A: We have material that can be fed into the Unconscious mind through reading  books and (B) deductions by processes noted in A and C  (residual phenomena from the acceptance of telepathy or the surviving consciousness of the spirit world as a form of telepathy.

I have a mind which thinks entirely in verbal formularies and deductive and inductive reasoning, and which does not visualize.  It is particularly integrated in terms of the Episcopal Church in matters in group relations and in drawing groups A and B.  I do not believe I can be hypnotized.

In 1946 as Doctor James Bishop Pike was ordained into the priesthood , I also was attempting that as well, as an  Episcopal Church celebrate,   and possibly to get married .  I had read about Duke University experiments and Arthur Ford’s voice coming out of a hall which he rented and held services when I noted comments about the Duke University experiments, I heard Arthur Ford’s voice coming from a hall which he rented on occasions and thought of how such esoteric beliefs might be reconciled with Christian beliefs.  I had blessed James Otis Huntington, Founder of an Anglo Catholic religious order, I had read an article in AMAZING STORIES in which Vincent Gaddis spoke of being able to project  himself in  the Astral Plane in the form of a circle, while asleep, like what Gaddis was talking about.  It was then that Gaddis informed me that she and her husband had become Episcopalians. As a teenager,  I had met the First Executive Secretary of the AMERICAN CHURCH UNION, an organization of High Church Episcopalians, Bishop Henry I. Loutitit of South Florida, along with another person who also was also active in another High Anglican religious order, Father Martin of the Franciscans.

I had a set of experiences in 1963 as a Priest in the Independent Catholic movement .  I decided to return to the lay communion of the Episcopal Church at a time that  First executive Secretary of the American Church Union  died.  I had become involved with a Mr. Robert  A.W. Lowndes, who connected me unfavorably who supports the views of Doctor Pike and has written an article about the assassination of President Kennedy.   I stand along with Those who have who have taken a position of support and have taken interest in support of the American Church, psychism, Mind Control, Dr. Pike, Arthur Ford , the Episcopal Church, and others like them.

I am neither a Spiritualist nor a Therophyte, and I am not hostile to either Spiritualism or Theosophists.  There is a real problem with communication regarding Mediums in a state of trance along with entities presenting themselves as ‘departed’ should be a matter of expert judgment.  The Bible clearly prohibits attempts to communicate with the dead, especially when not dead and apparently controlled by another.

There are such things happening in the historic Christian Church which are not condemned by the Bible and appear as occasional phenomena taking place in the history of the historic Christian Church.  We have such  things as  materialization and direct voice communication.   Organized Christians avoid such things because they are easy to counterfeit and rely on people speaking in trances; psychic phenomena has two aspects —- it can appeal to highly orthodox and educated backgrounds as scientific evidence that  often challenged and disbelieved.  Private interests in materializations can e scientific, and not necessarily religious interests.

Interest in Spiritism can be either religious or scientific.  It can also be controlled by an irrational fear of death.  My personal belief includes the Eucharist: into psychic and offbeat form of research   That the dead are living but without personal contact.  My personal belief has expanded  into a form of two religions: Christianity and the scientific truth.

I am not hostile to the movement of spiritual frontiers.  I intend to join it. I am concerned that people seek to divide groups by forcing people to study Mr. Ford.  Controls.  Mechanistic abilities.  However, through ‘controls.’  There are people who wish to divide the Episcopal Church into other  groups rejecting each other, they  will run into danger of obsession.  Sincere people had also wanted to explore spiritual frontiers.

Episcopalians who oppose Doctor Pike should seek to find familiar ground  for Study groups and to make contributing feelings rather than oppose such movements.


I have written a long letter in the Aberree suggesting the founder of Christianity never existed but rather is an allegorical figure.  I stated through Mary Elsnaus’s misgivings, that Jesus is a very real character, born of a virgin Mary, nailed on a cross,   and risen rom a real tomb.   I share my feelings with Saint Thomas Aquino’s proving the existence of God but doing this only using extensive dealing s with the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi doctrines, and elements in the early church  fathers  and a connection with a metaphysical approach to the Christian Liturgy.

I am an off-brand Anglo-Catholic or High Church Episcopalian.  As a member of the Anglo-Catholic and High Church Episcopalians, the Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, called Orthodoxy for short, I wish to agree with the Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox  Church agrees with Paul the Apostle who said tht he did not go where others had preached.  Dr. William Palmer has led a movement for baptized Episcopalians  to remain in the Church while performing the faith of Orthodoxy because the  Orthodox Greek Church was once part of the Roman Catholic Church, and as such was once part of the Orthodox Church.


I was ignorant at the time of the Chief Justice Earl Warren reports.  These mentioned that Jack Martin had tried to get them to believe that David Ferrie was implicated in a plot but that Jack Martin was not taken seriously because of his being accused of being a ‘‘drunk.”

I have put Jack Martin up at times in my apartment at times, and although he ‘drinks like a fish,’  I can state definitely that he is not a drunk.   He never goes ‘under,’ and holds his liquor. I personally do not drink except for an occasional ‘beer’ and I go ‘light’ even with that.

From what I have read in the paper,  I am definitely sure that David Ferrie was definitely involved in such a plot.  I have been handicapped by being ignorant of David Ferrie’s  possible involvement  until recently and at the same time honestly and sincerely believed that an entirely innocent man, Michael Itkin, was involved. I went so far as to write Senator George Smithers and try and get him to investigate Itkin.   It is too involved to explain at this point, but it is quite possible that David Ferrie was responsible for creating the documents that lead me to believe that Itkin was involved.

As far as the Jim Garrison investigation ae concerned, I need to make my position clear;  I RESPECT Jim Garrison and support his philosophy.  However, I am seeking to instigate a movement holding that the Church ought to keep out of politics, and I do not want to appear one holding that the Church should go into political support of Garrison’s side.   It is a ticklish situation.  Evidence has ben suppressed by the CIA;  however, The National Council of Churches has also been involved.   I am opposed to the N.C.C .  But in order to get anywhere, I have to present my opposition on a high level disassociating myself from much of the opposition and it would obviously compromise and compare  Garrison to Church people who got the idea that I was saying that the churches are against him.  I want to leave the Garrison matter to other people as much as possible; myself only as a laity-seeker.  People like David Ferrie I wish kept out of the Society. 

I am going to write an article threating this matter treating this matter in connection with the Richard S. Shaver Mystery; anything dealing with the Assassination Plot will bill be documented from  my file of clippings.  My own expertise has to do with the Nag Hammadi documents, Dead Sea scrolls, and so on.

Kennedy Assassination Investigator Jim Garrison

I am going to write Martin and will then write to you giving his address (has never occurred because of intervening events…SE).  He is a nice a nice guy, but he is hard to get along with since he is a Mister Know It All and he “thinks Big when I think Small.”

Jack Martin wants to run anything he is involved in. The same as far as myself, So, when we get together  things blow up.  In contacting Jack Martin, you are going to run into one or two responses from  him::  he will either try to sell you one something he can handle himself ( but is really too big for either of you or myself).  He may even threaten you.  But in regard to the Garrison Investigation, he can be a good friend.


In the early Shaver Mystery stories which I read, there is a pronounced erotic element.  I have not acquired many of Ray Palmer’s  THE HIDDEN WORLD books but am aware of the Richard S. Shaver Mystery.

In the early shaver Mystery that is frequent mention of  the symbol ‘tic’ as meaning ‘credit.’   We have the principle words in the Mystery of “dero” and “tero.’’ – and adding two identical consonants to each other we have ‘‘ero”—and adding the other haver word to it —  we get “erotic.”

(Fairbanks never did get into an in-depth analysis of the Shaver Mystery, as promised, as family and other matters apparently intervened.)

The Reverend Thomas A. Fairbanks

Director of the Confraternity of the Liturgical Life

Washington, D.C 20010


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The Alien Disclosure Deception: The Metaphysics of Social Engineering – An Open Letter to NASA & CTI

The Alien Disclosure Deception;

The Metaphysics of Social Engineering

An Open Letter to the Center of Theological Inquiry

By Charles Upton

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

January 11, 2022 – 1/11/22

Here is the email I recently sent to Fr. Andrew Davidson, the Catholic priest at Cambridge who headed the consortium of 24 theologians, working under the joint sponsorship of NASA and the Center of Theological Inquiry at Princeton, to craft a theological response to the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life.

Charles Upton

Dear Fr.  Davidson:

Greetings of peace. I am an American Sufi Muslim who has recently published a book entitled The Alien Disclosure Deception: The Metaphysics of Social Engineering, consequently I am interested in learning more about the consortium of 24 scholars associated with the Center of Theological Inquiry who have come together, under your direction, to consider the theological implications of the possible future discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

24 Theologians Worked with NASA to Examine

How Religions would React to aliens

These images, both captured by Hubble, show a comparison of the Carina Nebula in visible light (left) and infrared (right). In the infrared image, we can see more stars that weren't visible before. (Courtesy: NASA)

http://24 theologians worked with NASA to examine how religions would react to aliens

I was unable, for some reason, to find a list of these theologians on the internet, nonetheless I eagerly look forward to evaluating their conclusions. I hope they will be confident enough in these conclusions to attach their names to them at some time in the future, since the alternative would be to present themselves as a kind of secret tribunal that somehow possesses the authority to pronounce on these matters.

Given that the names of the scholars involved do not appear to be available, I have directed the following three questions directly to you:

1) Are all these scholars Christians, or do they include “observers” from other faiths? 

2) If not, do you have plans to dialogue on these matters with non-Christian theologians at any time in the future?

3) After talking with the NASA media office I find that the 24 scholars at CTI have already completed their report on the theological implications of a discovery of extraterrestrial life. Is this report available to the public? And if not, what is the thinking behind the decision to keep it under wraps?

In our time we are confronted with two conceptions and two bodies of data related to extraterrestrial life that are diametrically opposed, and have not yet fully confronted each other.

Aliens Are Jinn – A Film Trailer

“Mainstream” scientists who are attempting to find evidence of extraterrestrial life, either intelligent or simply biological, have reached no firm conclusions (thus the “Fermi paradox”), while those scientists, military figures and members of the intelligence community who have been tracking the UFO phenomenon are on the edge of declaring that intelligent extraterrestrial beings actually exist, and, in fact, have always been in contact with humanity.

In light of this massive contradiction, I believe that the decision by NASA to bring together theologians to consider the implications of the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life, a decision which was made in the context of the official Pentagon “disclosure” that UFO are “real” in 2021, has one ominous implication—namely, that the idea of the possible discovery of extraterrestrial civilizations will inevitably act, either de facto or by design, to identify today’s UFO phenomenon with such conjectural civilizations, whether or not that identification is rationally justified.

This would effectively hide the fact that the UFO manifestation, according to the traditional understandings of Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Islam, is substantially in line with the phenomenology of the demonic, with the powers of the Jinn.

Therefore I believe that scholars who deal with the theological implications of any future discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life should do their best to inform themselves regarding three bodies of data:

1} The evidence supporting the thesis that today’s UFO “aliens” are more likely to be preternatural beings than extraterrestrial astronauts;

2} The evidence for the ongoing negative physical and psychological effects of human interactions with these “aliens”;

3} The evidence that the prevailing mythology of UFOs and alien visitation is often couched in overtly anti-religious terms, as when the claim is made that the human race was not created by God so that they might know, love and serve Him, but by the Aliens through genetic engineering, and that the traditional religions will become a thing of the past as soon as this is realized, leaving the Aliens themselves as our only spiritual guides and protectors.

I maintain that any theological approach to the question of intelligent extraterrestrial life that ignores these three bodies of data will be compromised from the outset. I would very much appreciate your response to these concerns, and hope that you will answer a final question:

Has your consortium of theologians in any way confronted the question of the reality, and true nature, of the UFO phenomenon?


Charles Upton

Executive Director

The Covenants of the Prophet Foundation


Edited by Robert D. Morningstar

New York City

January 11, 2022


The Deep State Arises!

The Faces of the Deep State!

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Steve Erdmann

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

Frederick Douglass



Steve Erdmann

Part I: Thunder and Lightning

Judyth Vary Baker knew David Ferrie as a man of many faces: legal advisor for New Orleans Mafia Don, Carlos Marcello, aircraft pilot for several Mafia families, CIA asset, defrocked priest, anti-Castro adventurer, seducer of men and teenage boys, participant in an anti-Castro bioweapon plot, and a key to the JFK assassination.

“The Coup d’ Etat in 1963 took control of an inconvenient two-party system to run its self-protecting corporate agenda, with the CIA, FBI, banking interests and the military-industrial complex cooperating,” says Baker. “And when the Supreme Court recently ruled that corporations could, in essence, buy any and all political candidates through ‘donation,’ with no limit on what could be spent to influence votes, the American government became a prostitute whose services were purchased by the highest bidders.”

(DAVID FERRIE: Mafia Pilot, participant in anti-Castro Bioweapon Plot, Friend of Lee Harvey Oswald and the Key to the JFK Assassination, Judyth Vary Baker, TrineDay LLC, P.O. Box 577, Walterville, Oregon  97489, 1-800-556-2012,, 2014, 521 pages, $24.95.)  

David Ferrie’s connections to the Military-Industrial-Complex began in early 1962 when he became involved in the New Orleans Civil Air Patrol. There, Ferrie began instructing cadets, often in summer encampments at the air force bases.

Ferrie became a CAP commander in 1953. Lee Harvey Oswald enrolled as a CAP cadet on July 27, 1955 (serial No. 084965).

Oswald attended meetings at Moisant CAP Squadron, Lakefront and Abita Spring, Louisiana.

Eddie Voebel, a friend of Oswald, said that Oswald “had been a cadet in Ferrie’s CAP squadron in 1955 and that he recalled Oswald attended a party at Ferrie’s then-home at 209 Vinet Street.”

Researcher Lee Farley mentioned that David Ferrie was instrumental in “grooming” Oswald and his consequential enlistment in the United States Marines. Ferrie told the local Marine Corps that Oswald would be good in the CIA because “he could keep his mouth shut.” (p. 73.)


In 1953, David Ferrie developed an interest in philosophy and took a course at Tulane. Doctor Bob Heath had 120 psychiatric patients that used subcortical electrode stimulation at his clinic. Heath conducted experiments at East Louisiana State Hospital at Jackson, along with associates from Tulane University. One of the fascinating persons who would drop by to visit was David Ferrie. In 1954, Ferrie began studying for a doctorate in psychology from the University of Phoenix (a university of “low esteem,” says Baker).

Ferrie spoke of the bringing “patients” to Heath’s office and, also, flying “sensitive” psychiatric data between Tulane’s psychology department and other hospitals and departments. CIA agents approached Heath to conduct human and animal tests of bulbocapnine. The 1957 Inspector General Report said that “the knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles.”  The U.S Army funded a Tulane Electrical Brain stimulation program conducted by Dr. Robert Heath, and (according to Australian psychiatrist, Dr. Harry Bailey) used blacks because “they were everywhere and cheap experimental animals.”

In June-July, 1967, Ferrie wrote a thesis for his PhD in psychology about hypnotherapy and received his PhD in psychology.


Baker says that Ferrie definitely was involved in a matrix of activities including his Civil Air Patrol activities, his job as a pilot at Eastern Airlines, pilot for Mobster Carlos Marcello’s lawyers (and flying to Guatemala for Marcello), and, according to Victor Marchetti, “had in fact been employed by the CIA.” (Marchetti was Deputy Assistant to the CIA Director Richard Helms, p. 82.)

Ferrie was additionally connected into the CIA’s MKULTRA (mind control) program through Doctor Bob Heath, but, additionally Dr. Alton Ochsner (one-time friend of Office of Strategic Services [OSS] Chief “Wild Bill” Donovan), and Dr. Mary Sherman (researcher into cancer).  Ferrie met Dr. Oschsner through Dr. Sherman, both cleared for work on a “Sensitive Position.” (p. 97.) Baker later learns that it is referred to as “The Project”: A cancer experiment, spear-headed by Oschsner, to develop a cancer serum as a bioweapon to be used against Fidel Castro.

In order to convince Baker of the reality of the Project, as government sponsored, she is introduced to a gruff detective and FBI/CIA asset, Guy Banister, who speaks at length of his clandestine contacts:

“Ferrie’s project was legitimate. Even the CIA was backing it, along with the city’s crime boss, Carlos Marcello,” says Baker. “Banister was quite serious.”

Banister’s Agency was involved, not only with Mary Sherman’s bioweapon project, but also the CIA, crime boss Carlos Marcello (because of the Intelligence alliances), and a spy ring against Castro and Communist activities (Banister was a former FBI agent [briefly, at his height in the Chicago FBI]). Banister continued to gather evidence against the corrupt New Orleans Police Department.

“When Dr. Sherman shows me a powerful new cancer developed over the past year, I am stunned by its vigor,” says Baker about 1963. “I agree to do what I can to stabilize the cancer and help transform it from a mouse cancer to one that will attack human tissues, only later will I realize that the cancer could be stolen and used to silence political enemies ‘forever.’”

(Judyth Baker’s early career into cancer research and her connection with Dr. Alton Ochsner was amply illustrated in her book Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald, TrineDay Publishers, 2010.)

New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison summarized an understanding about the “anti-Castro” Radical right situation, stated in Garrison’s November 22, 1963 Playboy Magazine interview: members of the paramilitary right, anti-Castro exiles, were extremely worried about Jack Kennedy’s policy of détente succeeding.

The CIA was involved in much of this intrigue in a “mixed bag” of Minutemen, Cuban exiles, other anti-Castro “adventurers” training for a “foray” into Cuba. Along with an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro—there was also the bioweapon Project of Mary Sherman. “David Ferrie, who operated on the ‘command’ level of the ultra-rightists, was deeply involved in this effort,” says Baker. (p. 224.)


One of the earlier choices by Banister for someone to be Ferrie’s laboratory assistant was Michael Riconosciuto, “a young genius in electronics, biochemistry, chemistry and computers…” (For further information about Riconosciuto’s place in the espionage web, see The Octopus from Hell, Parts I and II, 

Riconosciuto may have aided Banister in various “bugging” operations, such as placing devices in Clay Shaw’s house in the summer of 1963; Riconosciuto was adept at installing “bugging devices” and electronic surveillance equipment.

Baker lists witnesses that saw Banister and Ferrie, such as Vernon Gerdes, Dr. Michael Kurtz, George Higgenbotham, Rick Bauer, William Gaudet, and Sergio Arcacha Smith (pp. 240-242). “And, of course, Lee Harvey Oswald,” adds Baker.

Baker was concerned for the rapid expansion of the Ochsner-Sherman project. About August 1, 1963, Baker says:  “…deep-freezing this new backup material suggests that we aren’t developing this biological weapon just for Castro. We are about to make this cancer truly immortal…the city is a hot bed of Cold War operations of all kinds. The Project has required massive funding. Only one entity could afford everything happening here in New Orleans.” (pp. 245-246.)


One of the bits of evidence of Oswald’s participation into the CIA’s various escapades was the “training film” of anti-Castro infantry near Bedico Creek near Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana in early September 1963. The film was seen by several people such as Robert K. “Bob” Tanenbaum of the House Select Committee on Assassination (HSCA), researchers Larry Hancock and Dick Russell, and Banister associate Delphine Roberts. Baker tells Erdmann, she also saw the film. The film showed, according to Tanenbaum, Antonio Veciana of Alpha 66, Guy Banister, David Atlee Phillips, Lee Oswald and David Ferrie (pp. 253, 264).

Baker spreads a trail of incidents and witnesses showing that Oswald, Ferrie, the CIA, FBI, and the Mob were intricately connected; we can only highlight a few points, but the reader is welcome to search out the further connections in the book.

An FBI informant, Joe Hauser, in his assisting FBI wiretaps of Mobster Marcello’s phone (161 reels of tape), told Author John H. Davis that agent Hauser “personally knew Oswald.” (p. 265.) Another witness was FBI agent Warren DeBrueys (pp. 266-267). Orest Pena also said he saw Oswald with local chief Warren DeBrueys in August, 1963 (p. 269).  


Baker speaks about prisoners from the Angola prison who were often used for “secret research” in a special Tulane University Research Unit at the East Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson. “These experiments were supported by a grant from the Commonwealth Fund,” says Baker, “later identified as a CIA front.” (Comparative Effects of the Administration of Taraxein, d-LSD, Mescaline, and Psilocybin to Human Volunteers [Heath, Silva].) If the patients survived, they are sent directly to the “zombie colonies” at Jackson State Hospital where “they wait to die and are buried in the Jackson graveyard so that security can be maintained and the truth about what was done to them completely covered.”  William Livesay, a prisoner at Angola, told Baker about his experiences with these experiments (p. 275).

According to Baker, Lee Oswald was selected to make a trip to Mexico City to transport the biologically engineered materials that would eventually kill Castro of “natural causes,” which would actually be “lung cancer.”  Prior to this venture, Oswald and Baker would continue to do blood tests at Jackson State Hospital.


(The dark in the cellar)


The following are multiple tidbits that tend (in the opinion of Judyth Baker and others) to support Baker’s Ferrie/Oswald scenario:

___Texas Theater Manager Butch Burroughs said that he sold Lee Oswald popcorn in the Texas Theater at the time officer Tippet was shot.

___David Ferrie carried with him a file, which Author Joan Mellon said Ferrie referred to as “the Bomb,”  along with a diagram in a “file,1963” portraying an automobile in an aerial view of Dealey Plaza…” (HSCA report of January 11, 1978). (p. 321.)

___An “Abort Team” was mentioned by Lee Oswald and William “Tosh” Plumlee (CIA contract pilot), and mentioned to author Jim Marrs.

___The infamous November 21, 1963 “party” at the oil baron Clint Murchison mansion in Dallas, Texas consisting of Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, H.L. Hunt, John Curington, George Brown of Brown + Root, former Texas Republican Congressman Bruce Alger, and John J. McCloy (McCloy would be placed on the Warren Commission within the week): Researchers Edgar Tatro and Harrison E. Livingstone confirmed Madeline Brown’s story (LBJ”s mistress), and wrote on September 3, 2014: “The party happened.” (pp. 330, 331, 334.)

___The famous “Altgens photo” showed that when the first shot was heard, secret service agents did not look up at the 6th floor of the Book Depository but, rather, they looked ahead, or at the Dal-Tex building. “It is important that the photograph shows no agent looking up,” Baker says to Erdmann.  

___James T. Tague was standing near the triple underpass and hit on the cheek by a piece of street curb struck by one of the assassin’s bullets, possibly from the Dal-Tex building, not the Book Depository.

___The photos of Lee Oswald showing raised handcuffed wrists were his gesture to show newsmen that, to answer their questions, he was indeed handcuffed: It was not a “Communist salute.”

___Attorney Dean Andrews confessed that Oswald was just “a patsy,” adding: “I like to live. If they can get the President, they can crush me like a bug” (December 29, 1963). (p. 373.)


___Near the end of March, 1964, Betty Rubio, while working at the Lakefront Airport, saw Ferrie get out of a plane__talk to Rubio__and then go back to the plane and meet Clay Shaw. They talked for a while and then separated.

___Guy Banister is found naked and dead on June 6, 1964 from an alleged “heart attack.” His wife, Delphine Roberts, said that it was murder, but “it was made to look like a natural death.” “Anna Lewis said in a 2000 videotape: “He had a bullet in him, but they said it was a heart attack.”

___On or near July 11, 1965, David Ferrie was associated in flying individuals to Freemason Island.  Matt Milligan of Trans-Gulf Seaplane Service identified photos of Andrew Blackmon and Clay Shaw.


According to Earl Ruby in HSCA testimony, and writer Greg Parker, Jack Ruby’s “cancer” was possibly “artificially induced.” Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West: Baker outlines that Dr. Louis Jolyon West had been cleared at Top Secret for his work on MKULTRA. “CIA documents show that grants were given to Dr. West for studies,” says Baker, “entitled, ‘Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility’ and ‘Studies of Dissociative States.’’’ West had examined Jack Ruby in his jail cell (p. 387).

(Also see, Colin Ross MD: “One such example that Ross writes about is Dr. Louis Jolyon West. While Dr. West’s curriculum vitae doesn’t mention that he received Top Secret clearance from the CIA as the contractor on MKULTRA Subproject 43, CIA documents show that grants were given to Dr. West for studies entitled, Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility and Studies of Dissociative States.”


David Ferrie had worked as a pilot for Al Crouch’s Saturn Aviation and flight school in November, 1966. Ferrie was fired on February 7, 1967, and would have been the pilot for a cross-country flight, but Crouch asked another pilot, “Bob,” instead.

Bob’s wife, J.G, spoke coincidentally to Baker sometime in 2013 about the crash of the 7th of 1967 in Slidell. According to J.G, Ferrie was fired “because Crouch was scared to death.” Crouch needed a pilot right away and J.G’s husband was selected. The crash was blamed on pilot error for not properly fueling the plane, but “Bob” had a receipt that proved he had refueled.

“From his unique perspective, Bob, trapped as he was in the plane,” says Baker, “could see that the fuel tank had been punctured.” (pp. 393-394.)

David Ferrie, at times, says Baker, suffered mentally for his guilt over his bisexuality (and the fact that it prevented him from becoming a priest); sometimes Ferrie would torture and whip himself (pp. 255-260). The image that came to mind to this writer, was the semblance to the fictional Opus Dei character (the albino) Silas or Simon, in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, who would whip himself mercilessly.

Ferrie began his last days by hiding out in the Airport’s pilots’ lounge and rest-overnight area, from about February 8 to 16, 1967.

Student Bruce Nolan said of Ferrie: “One day in early 1967, I arrived for a lesson and found Ferries limped over a desk, crippled by a blazing headache. He could not fly. He could barely open one eye. I shoveled him into my car. He asked to be taken to his home on Louisiana Avenue Parkway. I got him to the porch and watched him scuffle inside.”  (Nolan never saw him again).

The news media, at that time, was busy covering Jim Garrison’s investigation along with an occasional story written about Ferrie. In an interview with Garrison investigators on February 18, 1967, Ferrie voiced great skepticism of the single-bullet theory.

The famed group photo of Lee Oswald with his CAP squadron in 1967 was “no longer on display on the living room wall, along with other CAP group photos.” Other evidence of Lee Oswald knowing David Ferrie had disappeared.

Ferrie’s interview given to Garrison investigators while he stayed at the Fontainebleau Motor Hotel eventually vanished. Ferrie vanished from the hotel on February 19, 1967.

Ferrie called Raymond Broshears, former roommate, to report his fear of being killed: “No matter what happens to me, I won’t commit suicide.” (February 20, 1967.)

“A secret report generated by the FBI on May 22, 1968,” says Baker, “confirms that Garrison planned to arrest Ochsner, a Reily coffee executive, and others associated with the New Orleans Project.” (p. 415.)


The body of Ferrie was found deceased about 11:50 a.m. on February 22, 1967 by Jimmy Johnson. The coroner’s staff arrived at 12:30 p.m. Three suspicious “suicide notes” were eventually found. Frank Minyard theorized it was a murder because of contusions to the mouth. “Dr. Minyard says David Ferrie was murdered.” (p. 435.)

On February 23, 1967, Eladio Ceferino del Valle, ex-Cuban congressman, associate of David Ferrie (Baker says there is some evidence of association), and an anti-Castro activist was found dead in his automobile in Miami: beaten, tortured, and shot in the chest. Eladio Valle and Ferrie flew “anti-Castro sorties” in the past, as well as had involvement with Mobster Santos Trafficante.

“Numerous deaths, however, are still classified as ‘natural’ along with a plethora of suicides, murders and ‘accidental deaths’ that can no longer be ignored,” says Baker.


JG, while working for Al Crouch, began to get harassing phone calls about Ferrie’s pilot log books. JG later disclosed that said log books were confiscated by the felonious “spy” investigator for Jim Garrison, William Gurvich, a turncoat. “He was going behind Garrison’s back,” said JG.

“That dirty word ‘conspiracy,’ which actually accounts for most evil-doing on the planet,” says Baker, “are avoided most by those who perpetuate it.”

Similar sentiments were voiced by Robert Tannenbaum, HSCA Deputy Counsel, said after Tannenbaum originally discounted Garrison’s suspicions and investigation: “And then I read all this material that came out of (CIA Director Richard) Helms’s office, that in fact what Garrison had said was true. They (CIA agents) were harassing his witnesses, they were intimidating his witnesses.” (Bob Tannenbaum, Probe, July-August 1996 [Vol. 3, No. 5].) (pp. 431, 435.)

The reader will have to make further analysis of Baker’s book (which has elaborate appendences concerning testimonies, autopsies, and further never-before-disclosed information on David Ferrie’s life).


Baker has accumulated a number of critics that relentlessly follow her and try to poke holes in her story about her New Orleans experiences with, what she says, are members of the conspiratorial underworld in the Kennedy murder. The critics feel they have a strong complaint as it is based on the many seeming contradictions in the story and testimony of Baker. But as Baker pointed out to Erdmann, this happened often when debunkers are dedicated to finding such missteps and colloquial comments in daily conversation (imagine someone following behind you and perpetually examining your every word or move).

It would not be difficult to blacken one’s name if the critics’ research was not based on the totality of facts and information. Some critics have even opened websites and blogs dressed in nothing but what appears to be jealous vindictiveness, and according to Baker, the wish to get some type of revenge. Baker covers some of the attacks (Note, in the following, some identifying details are Xed over to afford protection to all mentioned parties):

“(Speaking of Xxxxxxx’s comments on Baker’s contradictions) … so-called ‘contradictions’ come from lifting comments from various parts of my manuscript and making it seemed that I reversed things, as well as form emails. The man altered. Xxxxxxx corresponded with me and pretended to be my friend. Then he demanded that I hand over my book to (another debunking group), or he would publish what you are citing. He even claimed I said Lee was not circumcised, as if I would talk about such a thing to him, when all we talked about was how to help his sharpei dogs’ skin condition, before I began sharing emails with him. These emails he cites are using statements taken out of context or deliberately altered! I would make a statement and by adding one word or a question mark, he changed the meanings. Note that Xxxxxxx has NEVER published anything significant after he began attacking me and Jim Garrison, unless you think his ‘Pxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx’ site that he told me was paid for by Xxxxxxx (he denies this now), or his JXX online (another Xxxxxxx site) are to be considered worthy of citing…His JFK 100 list against Stone’s JFK is so unfair, getting on Olive Stone’s case because Stone made the movie that opened up the ARRB and all those files got released. Xxxxxxx treated the movie, which took some liberties for dramatic effect, as a DOCUMENTARY. From that false position he made up his 100 objections to the movie. He also claimed Dave Ferrie never confessed to Lou Ivon and Moo Moo Sciambra. This is not true… 

“(If Erdmann would write questions to Baker) … I would be happy to reply. But since you are relying on my enemies to bring up questions for you, and want me to write what would be extensive essays in response, for I would have to prove much more than they, and then they would just bring up new objections, as they are not there to learn, but only to destroy. I am just shaking my head. What problems do you have with the book? What questions would you ask? Xxxxxxx’s ‘contradictions’ were previously answered in my own essays online. Of course he won’t tell you where the essays can be found (hint: at judythbaker, blogspot, com, etc.). What kind of reputation does Xxxxxxx have? Has he ever spoken at a conference? No. Has he written a book (only for his article on Clinton and Jackson)? No. Has he anyone who respects him except the Xxxxxxx contingent?” (July 28, 2015, 10:13 pm.)

Baker brings up a few “why ifs” that are interesting (but far beyond the scope of this article to include them here in their entirety). “Second, you should go to my Facebook page and see what I am going through right now. Ask yourself why they are trying to break my password and get into, after was taken over and is being used to ruin me.” (July 28, 2015, 9:42 a.m.)

Baker emphasizes that those who have questions about her claims should contact her personally for answers, either through her publishers or contact points on the Internet or Facebook.

What isn’t covered is “why” are some of the rabid and voracious attacks on the veracity of Baker’s claims. “Howard” (howpl) gave some insight in his April 8, 2004 comments:

“I have known Judyth Baker for 5 years. (I also ‘know’ [Wim] Dankbaar from a Usenet newsgroup, though we have never met.) I am writing this note in the hopes that this is a group of educators (as opposed to Prof. Xxxxxxx, the immoderate ‘moderator’ of that newsgroup) whose ‘article’ on Ms. Baker, is a pile of trash. Pardon the immoderate language, but this nominal academic has been particularly destructive. Anyone who has spent the number of hours it takes to see Judyth’s evidence and hear her story knows that she is the genuine article. Xxxxxxx never even met her, though her door was wide open and her telephone number widely circulated.

“I co-wrote a book with Judyth, and also spent 14 months going back and forth with 60M on their intention, stated quite emphatically on the last go-round, to do a segment favorable to her. As Don Hewitt later said on C-SPAN, ‘the door was slammed in our face.’ Now what do you think he meant by that. The forces arrayed against Don Hewitt – the godfather of investigative journalism (on TV at least) were that powerful. Both he and Wallace believe her story, but as the diligent Nigel Turner segment proved, you really do have to hear the WHOLE story and see the evidence in context. It was nice, and I am thankful for the courage he showed, but viewers should not have had to rely on the talking head alone.

“Unfortunately, so-called ‘researchers’ in the JFK community, who spent little time interrogating her and viewing her evidence, have — to protect their own books — fought hard and fought dirty to sabotage both the book and the 60M show. They tried hard to stop Turner, too. This may surprise you, but the only thing that surprised me was the intensity of it. Who knew there were conspiracy theorists willing to go this far. Case in point: At the annual Lancer conference, held in Dallas, panelists have been informed that they may not discuss Ms. Baker’s story. For this and other atrocities, the head of Lancer has disgraced the research community. I am sure that Dankbaar has joined this forum in the hopes of finding a true academic sanctuary where open discussion is treasured, not banned.

“As for me, I am not sure that I can respond in a detailed manner to questions that come up here. It has been a wild, tiring, and discouraging five-year ride. But I do want it on record somewhere that I believe Judyth Baker knew the real Lee Harvey Oswald. I believe it without a single doubt. As she told me at the outset, the truth is complicated, but it is logical. But nobody has time for complicated in today’s world. It takes too much work.”

John Simkin perhaps gave the most concise summary of the events (March 13, 2004, 8:59 am, April 26, 2004, 7:53 am): “Researchers are divided on Baker’s story: a number of researchers have seen most or all her original evidence files and defend her (such as Jim Marrs, Martin Shackelford, Wim Dankbaar, Howard Platzman) while other researchers attack her story… Baker points out that almost all the researchers who have attacked her story have never met her or viewed her original evidence files. Far too many people involved in this case are quick to make abusive comments about the people they disagree with. I don’t see why we cannot disagree politely with each other. The main objective is to reach the truth. I believe the best way we can achieve this is by having an open, rational debate.”

One might add to that: that there are bits and pieces of circumstantial evidence that incessantly materializes to bolster her claims, such as Dr. Ochsner knowing Lee Oswald:

“Many people may think there are no documented ties of Ochsner to Oswald, but there are: Here is one:


(Impression by Dr. Alton Ochsner, world famed surgeon and President of both the Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation and the Information Council of the Americas [INCA], who perhaps was the only listener who knew of Oswald’s defection before the debate.)

“It’s a record from the kitchen of INCA, the right wing CIA sponsored organization founded by Ochsner, reiterating the guilt of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin, with personal comments of Alton Ochsner himself (see middle photo on the back cover).”    (Wim Dankbaar, March 29, 2004, 10:00 am.)

PART II: The World of the Unseen-

Out of the Cryptex

Reading about and describing some of the multiple attacks and confrontations that Judyth Vary Baker has encountered resembles some of the scarier tactics that intelligence operations have created from their literal and figurative dungeons of torture.


One can speculate that from most outward appearances, the researchers that lean towards conspiracy in the murder of John F. Kennedy, and those elements associated in highlighting a conspiracy, are often confronted by critics that speak from prior dispositions that run together in dark circles, wolf packs, and often in vile malevolence. Such vice (seen so repetitiously) could be associated with various mental states such as xenophobia (fear of the unknown), mythophobia (fear of myths), rhabdophobia (fear of criticism), or heresyphobia (fear of challenges), and can also be aligned with a greater inner sanctum motivator: megalomania and authoritarian personality disorder; particularly in the arena of intelligence and governmental control.

Journalist Cameron Reilly introduced one of the government’s sub rosa intelligence projects this way:

“Mockingbird isn’t some conspiracy theory – like MKULTRA and the 638 attempts at assassinating Fidel Castro, it’s a genuine part of CIA history. Mockingbird has been written about in detail since the late 70’s, but it’s one of those pieces of U.S. history that isn’t talked about much in the mainstream media. Why? I assume because they would prefer people don’t know about it as it would make them ask too many questions, such as “how do we know the CIA isn’t controlling the media today as well?

“It’s also one of those events in history that should help us all realize that we’ve been manipulated and lied to by the government and the media in the past so it’s entirely rationale to believe they might be manipulating and lying to us still today.”

Reilly went on to describe Operation Mockingbird as a sophisticated ruse by the CIA and the U.S corporate media to spread intentional lies to the American people and international readers.

(http://cameronre – Steven Jacobson and Steve Kangas spoke in a piece entitled Media and Mind Control in America:

“Journalism is a perfect cover for CIA agents. People talk freely to journalists, and few think suspiciously of a journalist aggressively searching for information. Journalists also have power, influence and clout. Not surprisingly, the CIA began a mission in the late 1940s to recruit American journalists on a wide scale…The agency wanted these journalists not only to relay any sensitive information they discovered (and write about and replay information when requested…SE).”

Early progenitors of the project, said Jacobson-Kangas, were Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham (Graham was the husband of Katherine Graham, today’s publisher of the Washington Post). The sub rosa project included 25 media organizations and 400 journalists (or more), according to 1975 findings of the Church Committee, and read like a Who’s Who of journalism:

Philip and Katharine Graham (Publishers, Washington Post) William Paley (President, CBS) Henry Luce (Publisher, Time and Life magazine) Arthur Hays Sulzberger (Publisher, N.Y. Times) Jerry O’Leary (Washington Star) Hal Hendrix (Pulitzer Prize winner, Miami News) Barry Bingham Sr., (Louisville Courier-Journal) James Copley (Copley News Services) Joseph Harrison (Editor, Christian Science Monitor) C.D. Jackson (Fortune) Walter Pincus (Reporter, Washington Post) ABC NBC Associated Press United Press International Reuters Hearst Newspapers Scripps-Howard Newsweek magazine Mutual Broadcasting System Miami Herald Old Saturday Evening Post New York Herald-Tribune, the New York Herald-Tribune, the Saturday Evening Post, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, Hearst Newspapers, the Associated Press, United Press International, the Mutual Broadcasting System, Reuters and the Miami Herald and many others.

(It is believed that Steve Kangas was working on a book about CIA covert activities when on 8th February, 1999, he was found dead in the bathroom of the offices of Richard Mellon Scaife, the owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune [Scaife was a person that Kangas believed was a CIA operative]. He had been shot in the head. Popular status quo was told that he had committed suicide; other people believe he was murdered. In an article in Salon Magazine [19th March, 1999], Andrew Leonard asked: “Why did the police report say the gun wound was to the left of his head, while the autopsy reported a wound on the roof of his mouth? Why had the hard drive on his computer been erased shortly after his death? Why had Scaife assigned his No. 1 private detective, Rex Armistead, to look into Kangas’ past?”)


(The Darkest Part of the Cellar)


Greg Burnham, who quoted extensively from Operation Mockingbird: How Democracy was manipulated through the mainstream Media (Staffan H. Westerberg and Pete Engwall), disclosed additional facets of the intelligence scam.

“In the early 1950’s, CIA launched a propaganda program put together utilizing the expansive media machine within the United States…probably the most important vehicle ever for the power that is behind the CIA to control and manipulate the public…perhaps the most devastating Intel project ever inflicted on the American people and democracy in the United States. Today most people have never heard of it, and the majority of JFK researchers rarely bring the truth of Mockingbird into their research equation.

“         # Reporters on the CIA payroll forcing witnesses to change their story.

# Special assets within the media who affect others to act and report incorrect conclusions, opinions and perceptions.

           # CIA directing assets within the media.

           # Editors who can review texts and change facts to suit.

          # Reporters and other assets in the field become watchdogs for developing news.

          # Editors that step in to defend and shift focus.

           # Assets that control debates and create diversions.

# News organizations and chief editors who avoid critique and project the official line.

           # Media organizations that project false images and scenarios.

# Media Management that work with policies and establish in-house views – which leads to a hidden culture.

           # Agency infiltrating social media.

           # Photo editors that manipulate images.

 # Falsification of historical events and interactions and influence with private researchers.

  # Disinformation campaigns.”

Part III: Intelligence Controls

Website compiled a comprehensive list of recognized intelligence controls, listed here for the readers’ viewing pleasure, in their entirety:

MUTLIPLE SECRET OPERATIONS in society, document created 25/09/2014 – 10:59, updated 29/09/2014 – 10:43 by cybe: originally from: (These are offered with the admonition, by cybe, that those who discover conspiracies are not crazy, but those who deny same are ignorant. The reader is welcomed to research the topics in depth [we cannot do that here]. You will find even more such projects not herein mentioned: Artichoke, Peter Pan, and Husky…): 

Operation Northwoods?  A series of proposals which called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit acts of terrorism in US cities and elsewhere”

The Informant named “Curveball” who lied about WMDs in Iraq?  An Iraqi citizen who defected from Iraq in 1999, claiming that he had worked as a chemical engineer at a plant that manufactured mobile biological weapon laboratories as part of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction program. His allegations were subsequently shown to be false”

Testimony of Nayirah?  The Nayirah testimony was a fake testimony given before the non-governmental Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990 by a woman who provided only her first name, Nayirah.”

Operation Black Eagle  –  Operation Black Eagle became a network of 5000 people who made possible the export of arms in the direction of Central America, and the import of drugs from the same direction. “

Operation Mockingbird  – a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. “

The Special Collection Service  –  A highly classified joint U.S. Central Intelligence Agency-National Security Agency program charged with inserting eavesdropping equipment in difficult-to-reach places, such as foreign embassies, communications centers, and foreign government installations.”

Project MKULTRA  –  A U.S. government human research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans…..MKUltra used numerous methodologies to manipulate people’s mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.”

Operation Paperclip  –  was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program in which over 1,500 German scientists, technicians, and engineers from Nazi Germany and other foreign countries were brought to the United States for employment in the aftermath of World War II. “

Downing Street Memo  –  Sometimes described by critics of the Iraq War as the ‘smoking gun memo,’ is the note of a secret 23 July 2002 meeting of senior British Labor government, defense and intelligence figures discussing the build-up to the war, which included direct reference to classified United States policy of the time.”


Room 641A is a telecommunication interception facility operated by AT&T for the U.S. National Security Agency that commenced operations in 2003 and was exposed in 2006.”

Gulf of Tonkin Incident  –  also known as the USS Maddox Incident, is the name given to two separate confrontations involving North Vietnam and the United States in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.”

COINTELPRO  – (an acronym for COunter INTELligence PROgram) was a series of covert, and at times illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveying, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations.”

Project MKDELTA  – MKDELTA, and its associated program MKULTRA, were mind control and interrogation operations run by the Central Intelligence Agency. Both MKULTRA and MKDELTA involved the surreptitious use of LSD and other biochemical in clandestine operations…”

Rex 84 Plan
A classified ‘scenario and drill’ developed by the United States federal government to suspend the United States Constitution, declare martial law, place military commanders in charge of state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens who are deemed to be ‘national security threats’, in the event that the President declares a ‘State of National Emergency.’”

Project Artichoke
A CIA project that researched interrogation methods and arose from a Project BLUEBIRD. The project studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent forced withdrawal), and the use of other chemicals, among other methods, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects.”

A covert Department of Defense program developed in conjunction with the CIA. A partner program to MKSEARCH, the goal of MKOFTEN was to ‘test the behavioral and toxicological effects of certain drugs on animals and humans’”.

Operation Dormouse
The idea was that by exposing the MKULTRA program by essentially offering it to the press, any investigative attempts into the Project Artichoke would be diverted.”

Operation Ajax
The overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name ‘Operation Boot’) and the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project”


The Plot to kill FDR…by BANKERS
The Business Plot was an alleged political conspiracy in 1933. Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler claimed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans’ organization and use it in a coup d’état to overthrow President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt, with Butler as leader of that organization.”

CIA Front Companies
An airline listed as Foreign Corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is alleged to be a front company for the Central Intelligence Agency.”

A computer worm that was discovered in June 2010, and was designed to attack industrial Programmable Logic Controllers or PLCs.”

Project Merrimac
A domestic espionage operation coordinated under the Office of Security of the CIA. It involved information gathering procedures via infiltration and surveillance on Washington-based anti-war groups that might pose potential threats to the CIA.”

Project Resistence
A domestic espionage operation coordinated under the Domestic Operations Division (DOD) of the CIA. Its purpose was to collect background information on groups around the U.S. that might pose threats to CIA facilities and personnel.”

The Rendon Group that exports PR and Propaganda
is a public relations and propaganda firm headed by John Rendon which specializes in providing communications services both nationally and internationally. The Rendon Group website states, “For nearly three decades, The Rendon Group has been providing innovative global strategic communications solutions from our headquarters in Washington, DC. TRG utilizes state-of-the-art technology as well as traditional public relations tools, assisting leading commercial, government and military organizations.”

In-Q-Tel…the CIA’s front company Venture Capital arm…that is heavily invested in Google
a not-for-profit venture capital firm that invests in high-tech companies for the sole purpose of keeping the Central Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence agencies, equipped with the latest in information technology in support of United States intelligence capability.”

Operation Chaos
was the code name for a domestic espionage project conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Considered to be the sister project for Project MINARET, was an espionage exercise, started in August 1945[1] that involved the accumulation of all telegraphic data entering into or exiting from the United States. The Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA)[2] and its successor NSA were given direct access to daily microfilm copies of all incoming, outgoing, and transiting telegrams via the Western Union and its associates RCA and ITT.”


The FISA Court (secret)
A U.S. federal court established and authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) to oversee requests for surveillance warrants against suspected foreign intelligence agents inside the United States by federal law enforcement agencies.”

Russell Welch who tried to expose drug ops at Mena, AK…also poisoned with Anthrax
Welch sounded the alarm for decades about an alleged CIA smuggling operation of cocaine into the United States via Mena in Arkansas, and claimed that Barry Seal was trafficking more than cocaine, and that there were more places like Mena in Oklahoma….Welch claimed he was exposed to military grade anthrax, a poison only available at that time through the U.S. government…”

Gerry Droller
was a CIA officer involved in the covert 1954 Guatemalan coup d’état and the recruitment of Cuban exiles in the preparation of the Bay of Pigs Invasion in April 1961.”

The School of the Americas
is a United States Department of Defense Institute located at Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia, that provides military training to government personnel of Latin American countries.”

Journalist/Report Gary Webb
was an American investigative reporter best known for his 1996 Dark Alliance series of articles written for the San Jose Mercury News and later published as a book. In the three-part series, Webb investigated Nicaraguans linked to the CIA-backed Contras who had smuggled cocaine into the U.S. Their smuggled cocaine was distributed as crack cocaine in Los Angeles, with the profits funneled back to the Contras. Webb also alleged that this influx of Nicaraguan-supplied cocaine sparked, and significantly fueled, the widespread crack cocaine epidemic that swept through many U.S. cities during the 1980s.”

Operation Charly
was allegedly the code-name given to a program undertaken by the military establishment in Argentina with the objective of providing military and counterinsurgency assistance to Central America to combat left-wing subversion.”

Operation 40
was a Central Intelligence Agency-sponsored undercover operation in the early 1960s, which was active in the United States and the Caribbean (including Cuba), Central America, and Mexico. The group was formed to seize political control of Cuba after the Bay of Pigs Invasion.”

Operation Midnight Climax
The project consisted of a web of CIA-run safehouses in San Francisco, Marin, and New York. It was established in order to study the effects of LSD on unconsenting individuals. Prostitutes on the CIA payroll were instructed to lure clients back to the safehouses, where they were surreptitiously plied with a wide range of substances, including LSD, and monitored behind one-way glass. Several significant operational techniques were developed in this theater, including extensive research into sexual blackmail, surveillance technology, and the possible use of mind-altering drugs in field operations.”

Operation Washtub
was a CIA-organized covert operation to plant a phony Soviet arms cache in Nicaragua to demonstrate Guatemalan ties to Moscow. It was part of the effort to overthrow the President of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán in 1954.”


Acoustic Kitty
A CIA project launched by the Directorate of Science & Technology in the 1960s attempting to use cats in spy missions, intended to spy on the Kremlin and Soviet embassies.”

Amalgam Virgo
was the codename of an Italian Air Force C-47 Dakota aircraft, registration MM61832, used by the Italian Secret Service and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in covert operations. Officially, those operations were limited to electronic surveillance over the Adriatic Sea and interference with the Yugoslavian radar network.”

Project FUBELT
is the code name for the secret Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operations that were to prevent Salvador Allende rise to power before his confirmation, and promote a military coup in Chile.”

Stargate Project
was the code name for a project established by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency to investigate claims of psychic phenomena with potential military and domestic application, such as remote viewing, which is the purported ability to psychically ‘see’ events, sites, or information from a great distance.”

Tepper Aviation
is based at the Bob Sikes Airport in Crestview, Florida. The company has a long association with the CIA. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was widely reported to be flying weapons into Angola to arm the UNITA rebels. More recently, it has been linked with the practice of extraordinary rendition.”

The Church Committee
was the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities.”

Family Jewels
is the informal name used to refer to a set of reports that detail activities conducted by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Considered illegal or inappropriate, these actions were conducted over the span of decades, from the 1950s to the mid-1970s.”

The Pentagon Papers
a United States Department of Defense history of the United States’ political-military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967…..The papers revealed that the U.S. had secretly enlarged the scale of the Vietnam War with the bombings of nearby Cambodia and Laos, coastal raids on North Vietnam, and Marine Corps attacks, none of which were reported in the mainstream media.”

Operation Gladio
a NATO stay-behind anti-communist organization.”


(No Free Press)


Writer Mary Louise explained that CIA assignments ranged from intelligence-gathering to serving as go-betweens at hundreds of businesses and universities, often using Ivy League graduates (such as Yale figures George Herbert Walker Bush and the Skull and Crossbones Society).

“Many Americans still insist or persist in believing that we have a free press, while getting most of their news from state-controlled television, under the misconception that reporters are meant to serve the public,” said Louise. “Reporters are paid employees and serve the media owners, who usually cower when challenged by advertisers or major government figures.”  (Mary Louise, Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation [2003].)


Louise highlighted newsman Robert Parry who wrote about news-breaking affairs in the Iran-Contra episode for the Associated Press: Parry found that his stories were often ignored by the press and congress; he further witnessed the actual retraction of a true story when working for Newsweek for political reasons.

In “Fooling America: A Talk by Robert Parry” Parry said, “The people who succeeded and did well were those who didn’t stand up, who didn’t write the big stories, who looked the other way when history was happening in front of them, and went along either consciously or just by cowardice with the deception of the American people.”

Recent history included the famous whistleblower Edward Snowden who exposed the National Security Agency breech and use of private communication of the citizenry, and according to researcher Kristan Harris, “are attempting to manipulate and control online behavior even going to the extreme of setting people up using what the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters [UK]) calls ‘Honey Traps.’ They then go on to force you into behavior you may not have been in and use the information to discredit American patriots who oppose the current establishment.” 

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist who leaked the information, had stated:

“Over the last several weeks, I worked with NBC News to publish a series of articles about ‘dirty trick’ tactics  used by GCHQ’s previously secret unit, JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group).

“These were based on four classified GCHQ documents presented to the NSA and the other three partners in the English-speaking ‘Five Eyes’ alliance. Today, we at the Intercept are publishing another new JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group) document, in full, entitled ‘The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations.’”

The files showed how shill agents infiltrated the internet to manipulate stage and attempt to corrupt reputations, said Harris, and Harris strongly questioned the use of espionage against its own citizens. “Are these extreme tactics of deception by our government honorable?” Harris asked. “These documents show how the GCHQ trains and engage in ‘false flag operations’ to purposely deceive and set individuals up (online).”


Perhaps the American public will need to hunker-down, in some respects, to an on-coming flood of evil, as herewith forewarned in the feelings and words of the late Jim Garrison (Russell, On the Trail of the JFK Assassins, page 100 [Baker, p. 432]):

‘“We’re investigating a conspiracy which appeared to have occurred in New Orleans…if they (the government, SE) want to help me, I’ll welcome their help. But I’m not reporting to anybody.’ Those were strong words…before long,” says Baker, “the most powerful machinery of the government had been uncorked against Garrison…the full story of how Garrison was ham-strung would fill a volume.”


You can reach Steve Erdmann at or

You can friend him at Facebook: —or —

Visit the Dissenter/Disinter Group — at —!/groups/171577496293504/.

His Facebook email is


David Ferrie at St. Charles’ Seminary in the early 1940s.

Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk with fellow factory workers

Sixteen-year-old Judyth Baker at her Manatee High School lab, where she was conducting cancer research with mice in 1960.

Jim Garrison

Thank you for being

The only person in America
with the courage to bring about a trial
in the assassination of John F. Kennedy

(See also)

Surgeon Dr. Alton Ochsner

Eminent heart and lung surgeon, and former President of the American Cancer Society

Greg Burnham

I have been studying both the administration and assassination of the 35th President, John F. Kennedy, for a great deal of my adult life. The tragedy inflicted by the assassination of JFK–as President of the United States, as an individual, as a husband, and as a devoted father of two–is far outweighed by the impact this seminal event inflicted upon the Executive Branch of the Federal Government itself.

Dr Robert Heath
(1915 – 1999)

Dr Robert Heath was Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at Tulane University in New Orleans from 1949 to 1980. He performed many controversial experiments involving electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB). In one procedure, Dr Heath wired up the pleasure centres of a gay man. During a three-hour session, the subject, code-named B-19, electrically self-stimulated his reward circuitry some 1,500 times.

“During these sessions, B-19 stimulated himself to a point that he was experiencing an almost overwhelming euphoria and elation, and had to be disconnected, despite his vigorous protests.”
[Moan, C.E., & Heath, R.G. Septal stimulation for the initiation of heterosexual activity in a homosexual male. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 3, 23-30, 1972.]

Lee Harvey Oswald in the military

Facebook photo provided by Judyth Baker

Pete Engwall & Staffan H. Westerberg

Staffan H Westerberg: Is a 53 year old journalist from Stockholm, Sweden, who used to live in the States in the 80s – lived in LA and have a lot of relatives in the Chicago area since the 1930s. He has been an investigative journalist since the mid-90s and did mostly crime investigations/reportage. Pete Engwall is another kind of creature. He is actually an inventor, from a long line of inventors. He is related to Jonas Engwall, one of John Erikssons apprentices, (J Engwall actually invented the propeller). Pete is also related to Wilhelm von Scheele, who discovered 7 basic elements, among them Oxygen.

East Louisiana Jackson Hospital

Carlos Marcello

Organized Crime (1910–1993)

Carlos Marcello was best known as the mob boss of New Orleans, and for the FBI’s investigation of his possible involvement in JFK’s assassination.

Richard Mellon Scaife


Steve Kangas

Investigated Operation Mockingbird

Steven Robert Esh (he later changed him name to Steve Kangas) was born on 11th May, 1961. His parents were conservative Christians and he attended private religious academies in South Carolina.

After graduating from high school in 1979, Kangas joined the US Army. He was later transferred to military intelligence and spent a year in Monterey (Defense Language Institute) learning Russian. He also spent time at Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas before being sent to do secret work in Central America.

In 1984 Kangas moved to Germany where he was involved in electronic eavesdropping on Soviet military units in Eastern Europe, analyzing the transcripts and reporting back to NATO. It was at this time he began to question his conservative political beliefs.

It is believed that Kangas was working on a book about CIA covert activities when on 8th February, 1999, he was found dead in the bathroom of the offices of Richard Mellon Scaife, the owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune (and a person Kangas believed to be a CIA front). He had been shot in the head. Officially he had committed suicide but some people believe he was murdered.

Lee Harvey Oswald arrested


“New documents released by the CIA show how the agency worked with some of the country’s largest newspapers to destroy San Jose Mercury News’ Gary Webb, a journalist who famously exposed the CIA’s connection to the cocaine trade in the “Dark Alliance” investigation.

Tactics used to destroy Webb, who was found dead in his apartment in 2004 with two .38-caliber bullets in the head, included a massive smear campaign by journalists working with newspapers such as the L.A. Times. A report by The Intercept’s Ryan Devereaux reveals the paper used as many as 17 journalists to discredit Webb and his exposé…..”

The junior DRDE scientist who was allegedly attacked by two senior scientists.

GWALIOR:  Two scientists of the Defence Research and Development Establishment, or the DRDE, in Gwalior have been accused of trying to use one of their juniors as a human sacrifice. 
According to the report, one of the two senior scientists called his junior to his house and then tried to attack him with a sharp weapon, but the man managed to escape. 

DRDE director has ordered an official probe into the matter.

Story First Published: October 12, 2009 11:22 IST

David Ferrie’s Civil Air Patrol experience was what made him important to Jim Garrison’s investigation of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald joined Ferrie’s squadron at Moisant Airport in 1955. (Eastern Airlines archive)

On July 21, 1964, Dr. Mary Stults Sherman was brutally murdered in her apartment building on 3101 St. Charles Avenue, in New Orleans. She was a prominent orthopedic surgeon and expert in cancer research. The assassination remains unsolved, although there are some investigators who think they came close to a solution. And the assassination of John F. Kennedy has, according to them, everything to do with this tragedy.

Kristan T. Harris

Co-Host FM Talk Radio and Podcast at The Rundown Live

Investigative Journalist, Researcher, Co-Host, Talent Management, Marketing

The Rundown Live

I host an alternative talk radio show and news zine called The Rundown Live out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The show is syndicated on Denver 90.7 FM Truth Frequency Radio. Our information is powered by citizen journalists and has been covered by MSNBC, RAWstory, Drudge Report, Infowars and many more. Our information has reached as many as 1.4 million people in a week. Just less than 30% of our visitors return and that percentage grow every day. We are 100% listener supported and are unaffiliated with any political party. 

We are going on our 3rd year of programming and looking to monetize/syndicate the program. Our show is best described as Morning talk radio show at night like “Wayne’s World” with a twist of “Coast to Coast” madness.

David Ferrie   

Judyth Vary Baker

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When Coincidences Control!

JFK and Meaningful Coincidence

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Steve Erdmann

C, copyright 2022

Small quotes are permitted by reviewers with all credits to this article

Barker, as  lover’s would, was aware that Oswald had penetrated the “heart of the groups in New Orleans who were serious about killing Kennedy…(as well as) an elite circle of even more powerful men, mostly from Texas, composed of politicians, whose fanatical patriotism was mixed with monetary ambitions and a lust for power.” (p. 419)

Oswald was deliberately enmeshed  in two operative teams: one to shoot Kennedy, and one to “abort” the event. The complexity of such an operation boggles the imagination  (p. 519).


“Lee,” I said, “I know you’re used to leading three lives, or thirty, but I’d rather tell the truth.” “Ah,” he said, “You’re still not use to it, like I am…false trails, false records, fake names.”  (Judyth Baker and Lee Oswald, July 19, 1963, as they spoke about events [page 402].)  

Only after a serious study of the book with its plush, intimate facts and comments–in their entirety–taken in detail and systematically–will readers come to appreciate and understand the complex threads of conspiracy.

Barker could possibly–the same as Oswald–have been selected for the destiny they entered at an early age, and perhaps it was more than coincidence that they met in New Orleans (“I was useful because I was almost untraceable, since I wasn’t a doctor yet…,” p. 182).

David Ferrie had spoken of such projects that involved human control:

“…he had more to tell us about mind control and the experiments on people, frequently without their knowledge,” said Baker. “Yes, American citizens were being used as guinea pigs by their own government.” 

“These things never die,” said David Ferrie. “It’s an iron-clad law that it takes more energy to stop a government program than to start one. This is self-perpetuating.” (p. 217)

The prospect that the inner-workings of men and society have become victim to hidden and minute control from sinister forces should have frightened us all.


Judyth Baker discovered numerous scandalous and false accusations against her on the Internet and in the media; she has attempted to answer and correct as much of the criticisms and attacks as she could over the years. The extensive coverage of those rebuttals was beyond the scope of this article, but some websites (out of a multitude) were available:

Jeffrey Holmes, 2010: “Far be it for someone to actually read the book before writing a review. Do the research, as I have, and you will begin to see the whole picture here.

“I am a New Orleans researcher and own a tour company, after doing extensive legwork for a number of years it becomes quite clear as to what was happening in New Orleans in the early 60’s.

“When it comes to facts, Me & Lee and Dr. Mary’s Monkey are both historical documents that help fill out the truth behind the assassination of JFK. Do yourself a favor and be a true investigative journalist, although you may not like what you find.”

Judyth Vary Baker said: “I was told to keep my mouth shut if I wanted to stay alive, and I did so for decades; but I finally realized that if I did not speak out during my lifetime, I would have no way of defending the book. I had decided to go to the grave, originally, with what I knew, and to simply let my son publish the book posthumously. Then I would not have to battle the forces that could (and did) ruin my life.

“However, two factors came into play to change my mind about going to the grave before this vital information about Oswald was released to the public:  1) my son was unaware of the milieu in New Orleans, and in the nation, in 1963, and, worse, knew almost nothing about the lies and falsehoods circulating about Oswald.  He would be unable to defend the book.  2) I realized that he would not understand the value of the materials I had saved from the past, and how they helped me achieve the feat of remembering the conversations.  A streetcar ticket dated April 28, for example, would have little meaning for my son, whereas for me, it evoked a host of sharp, strong memories, including key conversations.”

Trine Day publisher, Kris Millegan, said: “The saddest thing is that we have no Fourth Estate today, simply propaganda founts trumpeting books such as Case Closed and most recently Vincent Bugliosi’s Reclaiming History that uphold the highly discredited official story… (his book completely ignores) astounding verifiable historical revelations…the forces and men who killed President Kennedy are still getting away with it.”


A sampling-catalog of a few synchronistic highlights from Judyth Baker’s memoir typified the extent and mystery of the Kennedy fiasco:

# There were actually “six” tramps arrested in Dallas on November 22, 1963. One of the tramps was a suspected Chauncey Holt, a mafia asset. He was one of three arrested but then released without charges. Holt was photographed in front of the Trade Mart on August 16, 1963 with Lee Oswald. Holt was a disguise artist who made Oswald’s fake IDs. He worked on CIA projects such as Operation Mongoose (p. 462).

# George de Mohrenschildt, geologist, and handler of Oswald, had dated Jackie Kennedy’s mother. “Jackie Bouvier Kennedy called him ‘Uncle George’ when she was young; George also knew Ruth Paine’s father.” (p. 393)

# “The Texas Theater was owned by (billionaire) Howard Hughes, who had strong ties with the CIA.” (Judyth Baker) Connected with Oswald’s arrest, a witness reported seeing an “Oswald double” leave through the back door of the theater and entering a police car on November 22, 1963. (p. 537)

# Oswald attended and talked at a Russian seminar on July 27, 1963. Jesuit “spies” concerned about the Sadinistan insurrection Latin America infiltrated the seminar. Bobby Kennedy also sent an inquiring Jesuit priest. The CIA and Mafia asked Oswald to discourage the insurrection. Oswald said the spies worked for Aristotle Socrates Onassis, a Greek shipping magnate who later became the husband of Jackie Kennedy, John Kennedy’s widow (pp. 416, 421).

# Over the years a number of researchers had suggested that David Atlee Phillips (CIA psyops expert in Operation Sherwood and PBSUCCESS), alias Maurice Bishop, was involved in planning the JFK assassination. CIA agent E. Howard Hunt named Phillips as a participant in the assassination (p. 521).

# “Wild Bill” Donovan, a leading American Cancer Society official was also the Founding Father of the CIA. Donovan was also a friend of Alton Oschner (p. 459).

# Oswald’s uncle, Charles (Dutz) Murret, died in 1964, a bad year for witness-deaths.

# Oswald showed Judyth a pistol that was ‘not’ a semi-automatic pistol. Authorities claimed that that a semi-automatic weapon shot Officer J.D. Tippet.

# Robert Gene Baker, a powerful Washington insider, Billie Sol Estes, a powerful Texas businessperson, and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, were instrumental in the Assassination.  Hit man Malcom Wallace was involved in eight murders connected to Lyndon Johnson. Wallace’s fingerprint “was found on a box of books stacked in the so-called ‘sniper’s nest’ in the Texas School Book Depository…” “…later in life, after LBJ’s death, Estes admitted to secretly funneling millions of dollars to LBJ, and that it was LBJ who ordered the murder of President John F. Kennedy…” (pp. 522-523)


“The pursuit of power is a blood-thirsty game that knows few rules,” said fellow assassination researcher Edward Haslam, “It kills to silence. It punishes those who get in the way. It threatens those who might speak up. Lee was a casualty of this ugly game. His death preserved their secrets.”  (Forward, Me & Lee, November 2009)

“…if Oswald was not the shooter, then it is questionable if the plotting in the New Orleans actually resulted in the assassination,” summarized investigative journalist Jim Marrs. “The New Orleans plot was real enough, but the true assassins remain masked behind the smoke from the Grassy Knoll…events in New Orleans in the summer of 1963 reveal the murderous interconnections of the major players in the assassination.” (p. 566)


“Contrary to published accounts, Lee Harvey Oswald was a patriot who loved his country,” said publisher Kris Millegan in the dedication to Me & Lee. “He submersed himself in an officially-sanctioned covert arena where one’s inventive ‘legend’ becomes entry into a netherworld of intrigue, compartmentalization, secret operations and contrived situations…whichever guise is called up by a taskmaster giving the high sign through the shadows of plausible deniability: A wilderness of chicanery, deceit and double/triple crosses.”

Footnotes on JFK,  Lincoln, J.P Morgan and personal synchronistic events: an extraordinary component


The late psychoanalyst Carl Jung examined the magic and elegant world of what he called “synchronistic events” and “meaningful coincidence”: “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events,” “connecting (togetherness) principle,” and “acausal parallelism.” Jung introduced the concept as early as the 1920s, but gave a full statement of it only in 1951 in an Eranos lecture, and in 1952, published a paper, Synchronizität als ein Prinzip akausaler Zusammenhänge (Synchronicity – An Acausal Connecting Principle), in a volume with a related study by the physicist (and Nobel laureate) Wolfgang Pauli.


It was a principle that Jung felt gave conclusive evidence for his concepts of archetypes (universal symbolic representations and imagery) and the collective unconscious (a consciousness shared by all mankind, similar to the akashic records [in Indian religion, a supposed all-pervading field in the ether in which a record of past events is imprinted]). It was descriptive of a governing dynamic that underlies the whole of human experience and history–social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. These are concurrent events that first appear to be coincidental but later turn out to be causally related (seem to take on real and intimate, personal meaning) and are termed incoincident.

Jung believed that many experiences perceived as coincidence were not merely due to chance but, instead, suggested the manifestation of parallel (real) events or deliberate circumstances reflecting this “governing dynamic” (the akashic all-pervading consciousness).

One of Jung’s favorite quotes on synchronicity was from Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll, in which the White Queen says to Alice:

“It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.”

“A simple example of synchronicity is when you suddenly think about someone you haven’t seen for a few years and just after you have the thought, that person calls you. At the other end of the scale are visions or dreams where the person sees an event that either occurred but which they did not witness, or one that occurs after they ‘see’ it.”

Coincidental events, which are later found to be causally related (but concrete events), were termed “Incoincident” because “a grouping of events connected by meaning need not have an explanation in terms of a concrete sense of cause and effect.”

It maintained that just as events may be connected by a causal line, they may also be connected by meaning. “Therefore it cannot be a question of cause and effect, but of a falling together in time, a kind of simultaneity,” said Jung.

Jung believed that many experiences that are coincidences due to “chance” in terms of causality, but suggested the manifestation of parallel events or circumstances (seeming unrelated happenings that suddenly mean something and have a personal connection somehow) in terms of meaning, reflecting this governing dynamic.


The JFK assassination was rife with such coincidence:

The John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln assassinations, for instance; below was a short sampling, out of many Lincoln/Kennedy coincidences:

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contained seven letters.

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.

Both opposed the International Bankers: Kennedy gave Executive Order 11110 on June 4, 1963, which would have wiped out the Federal Reserve. Lincoln fought Rothschild’s attempts to finance the Civil War; warned people about the National Banking Act (later, through the efforts of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and Thomas W. House [agent for the Rothschild’s], Lincoln’s efforts were nullified).

Both of their wives lost their children while living in the White House.

Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.

Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theater.
Kennedy was shot in a car made by the Ford Motor Company (a Lincoln, no less)

Both successors were named Johnson.

Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.
Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

Their first names both contained six letters.

A week before Lincoln was shot, he was with friends in Monroe, Maryland.
A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with his friend Marilyn Monroe.

Lincoln’s last child, Tad, had his funeral held on July 16, 1871. Later he was exhumed and moved to a different gravesite.
Kennedy’s son JFK Jr. was lost at sea on July 16, 1999. Later he was found, brought up, and then re-buried at sea.

Apparently, Lincoln had a dream several days before the assassination that he had been killed.
He told his wife that he had seen himself in a casket.

In addition, Lincoln’s son Tad had a pet turkey named Jack. Tad asked his father not to kill the turkey for Thanksgiving.
Although Harry S Truman started the official tradition, Lincoln was the first to “pardon” a Thanksgiving turkey.


Jung’s “meaningful coincidences” led into broader connections, as can be seen below:

There were “four” fiction books written on the sinking of liners similar to the ill-fated and famous RMS Titanic. All of the books were written before hand:

  • The Sinking of a Modern Liner by W.T. Stead in 1886 (Stead died on the “actual” Titanic in 1912).
  •  FutilityThe Wreck of the Titan by Morgan Robertson in 1898.
  •  The Ships Run by M. McDonnell Bodkin in 1908 (named The Titanic).
  • The White Ghost of Disaster (called the Admiral) which described the sinking of the   Titanic-like Admiral; the book was being distributed ‘before’ the real Titanic was set out to sail in 1912.
  • All of these fiction stories displayed actual resemblances to the real Titanic.


The coincidences went even further.

Three elite and wealthy businesspersons that opposed the Federal Reserve Bank, Benjamin Guggenheim (mining and machinery), Isa Strauss (co-owner of Macy Stores), and Colonel Jacob Astor (owner of the Waldorf Astoria) were all deceased on the Titanic voyage in 1912.

Mogul J.P. Morgan owned the Titanic and the Silver Star Ship Lines.

Morgan was very much in favor of the Federal Reserve Bank.

On April 14, 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg and all opposition to the Federal Reserve was eliminated. Lincoln was also dedicatedly opposed to the International Bankers. His opposition to the scheming financiers also ended on April 14 (the same day of the week in history as the Titanic sinking and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln).

(In December of 1913, the Federal Reserve System came into being in the United States. Eight months later, the First World War began. John Kennedy’s murder ended his opposition to the Federal Reserve; following his death, escalation of the Vietnam War began.)

Jacob Astor, a Titanic victim, funded and befriended electronics genius Nikola Tesla, but when Morgan discovered that Tesla was going to give his inventions to the public, outside of Morgan’s monopolies, Morgan began to blackball Tesla and ruin Tesla’s career (Tesla’s history, in itself, contained some extraordinary events; of which is beyond the scope this article).

(“The Captain of the Titanic was Edward Smith. He was a Jesuit and worked for J.P. Morgan. Anyone could be a Jesuit and their identity not be known. Smith “was a ‘Jesuit Tempore co-adjustor…a priest of the short robe…J.P Morgan was also a priest and put Smith in charge of captaining the Titanic…” [From National Geographic ‘The Secrets of the Titanic,’ {1986}]:

“When the ship departed southern England, on board was Francis Browne. He was the most powerful Jesuit in all of Ireland and the ‘Jesuit Master of Edward Smith.” Here is Jesuit treachery at its finest. The provincial Father Francis Browne boards the Titanic, photographs the victims, most assuredly briefs the Captain concerning his oath as a Jesuit, and the following morning bids him farewell…’ [Eric J. Phelps, Vatican Assassins Halcon Unified Services, p. 247].

“Captain Smith believed this high-ranking ‘Jesuit General’ was God. Browne instructed him on what to do in the North Atlantic waters. ‘Edward Smith was given orders to sink the Titanic and that’s exactly what he did.’ According to Jesuit secret philosophy, the innocent can be massacred for the greater good; the end justifies the means.”)


The above examples portrayed the intricate and on-going phenomena called “meaningful coincidence” that seemed limitless and unending; a few more examples brought the topic closer to home: real-life coincidences of Steve Erdmann in the JFK scenario:

# Judyth Baker, at the age of eight, had a pet lapdog named “Sparky.”  At the approximate age of nine, I also adopted a mongrel pet dog that I named “Sparky.” Mobster Jack Ruby, Jacob Rubenstein, was also nicknamed “Sparky.”

# Judyth was 15 months older than Steve Erdmann. On November 22, 1963, she was 20 years, 7 months years-of-age. I was 19 years, 4 months.

# My dog “Sparky” lived until about late 1963, near the time of Kennedy’s death. About that time, “unseen” teenage “thugs” attacked and disabled Sparky and he had to be put to death.  These ‘criminals’ (I had suspects…SE) apparently were very “jealous” of my dating a girl who later became my first wife, and when confronted by a property-protective Sparky, decided to “kick and beat” my dog.

# “Sparky” Rubenstein had a history of violence and having been involved in dramatic confrontations (not to mention the shooting of Lee Oswald). “…in his youth, his old buddies from Chicago called him ‘Sparky’ because of his short temper.” (p. 553.) 

# My first-purchased home was on Louisiana Avenue in St. Louis in the early 1970s.  David Ferrie’s apartment was on Louisiana Parkway in New Orleans in 1963. There was also a Louisiana bus line in New Orleans (p. 426), as well as a Louisiana Avenue (p. 207).

# My father, Steve Erdmann, Sr., passed away 10 months after my birthdate, two months short of a twelve-month period. Lee Oswald’s father died “two months” before Oswald’s birthdate.   

# Grandfather Steve Erdmann died on April 29, my father died on April 21: Judyth met Lee Oswald on April 26.

# When Steve Erdmann was about six-years-of-age, Steve Erdmann’s mother, Clara Erdmann, placed Steve into a Manchester, Missouri Lutheran orphanage (next to the St. Paul Lutheran church). It was a temporary provision; she wanted to relocate and “get back on her feet” (“…Lee explained that his father had died a few months before he was born… [His] mother struggled with financial problems so severe…,” p. 135). Steve stayed at the orphanage for about a three-year period. Lee Oswald was placed in the Lutheran Bethlehem orphanage in New Orleans at the age of three.

# Judyth Baker was working at Pencham Laboratory on November 22, 1963, where one man expressed the “hope that somebody in Dallas would shoot him (Kennedy).”  When the Last Rites were given to the President, cheers went up from the laboratory workers; Judyth’s employer exclaimed “Good!” He later berated Judyth for being a “Goddamned Communist!” (pp. 526-527) Steve Erdmann was working at a customer-counter in St. Louis where employees discussed the murder as it came out. One of the customers exclaimed: “It’s about time somebody shot that son-of-a-bitch!”

# Lee Oswald and Steve Erdmann both shared a somewhat tumultuous early life and marriage consisting of abuse, instability, and some deceit: “I am used to harpies in my life,” Lee commented, “my mother and my wife are both experts in the department.” (p. 152)

Life seemed to be a sea of mystery and quantum connection that forever lingered beyond our finite grasp. Manuscript space prohibited further inquiries into the strange world of coincidence, personal lives and world events. That waited upon the readers’ next step into that private void.

“Caution” was named as the Commodore of your sailing.

You can reach Steve Erdmann at You can friend him at Facebook or visit the Dissenter/Disinter Group at!/groups/171577496293504/. His Facebook email is


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An Extended Sermon to David Schroth

Snippets From Life

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THIS IS AN UPDATED VERSION OF A LETTER SENT TO DAVE SCHROTH DATED SEPTEMBER 26, 2008; used on a few other sites and quoted in other articles from 2008 through 2018.

Many (wide and radical?) revisions and changes will come about over the next months and years. Some identities will be disguised to protect people. This does not mean it is an untrue account, just a disguised account much like the retired intelligence officer and spy, “Mr. X,” was a composite person of many sources in the intelligence community in Oliver Stone’s movie JFK, or many characters are introduced as semi-fictional to carry multiple layers of truth. Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin is somewhat like that (Delacorte Press, 2009);”A finely wrought portrait of Alice [in Wonderland] that seamlessly blends fact with fiction,” said Publishers Weekly of Alice. There is only one other character like that in this manuscript, but he is also portrayed as his real name in several instances and not his fictitious name/literary device. In only one other character is the name changed as buffer on his and his family’s identity to mute total embarrassment as to his real-life amazing claims he makes about himself and his familySomehow, a lot of respect was held for this man and family, despite incongruous actualities and real-life events; also to protect against law suits. Sadly, our Fanatic-Skeptical-Religious-Cultist will protest under some phony composite of ‘perfectionism,’ ‘anti-modernism,’ ‘historical retrogression,’ or allusion to his private quest to distort reality according to constant subjective perversion about what he feels is ‘scandal.’ Parts of this manuscript may be copied and pasted as separate manuscripts. It may change to widely different formats: things will be knocked around, cut, swapped, and jostled, in Henry Miller, John Steinbeck, Stephen King and Raymond Chandler fashion.

Stephen Charles Erdmann.   


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us…….” A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens, 1859, Chapman and Hall, London, England…

(This silique was begun as a reply to David Schroth’s protesting a visit to Red Robin restaurant as well as a visit to my orphanage on a particular day and the behavior of some of the accompanying Church members; Schroth wrote a letter detailing societal behaviors aimed at him and how they failed, from what it appears would be, a military ‘muster.’ It begins here with a rather simple visit with friends, but I go into deep detail and analysis of Schroth [followed by an even deeper, on-going and lengthy analysis of connected issues including his views on UFOs, science, religion, movie, perfectionism, and many others] because he is very atypical in characteristics and not readily envisioned, demanding an extended and deeper assessment.)

Got your “analysis” dated September 20, 2008. I doubt I can put all my thoughts on paper in one single stroke, so I will probably “ramble” over several days and years.

My first impression was: who declared “war” on David Schroth; especially on September 13? Did someone challenge you by calling you “not cool”? I don’t believe one person there cared an iota about you “personally” – – – or even gave any weighty consideration to your philosophical background. I believe they were just what they appeared to be: average aging citizens out to socialize in a comfortable fashion.  Do you feel they were putting on a special demonstration just for your personal edict?

Did anyone get up in the restaurant and begin to Rock N’ Roll? Especially, not that group! Now, John Moeller and I (and probably some of the others) have grown up in the Rock N’ Roll era, and, moreover, participated in it (Teen Towns, church dances, house parties. I remember John, myself, Craig, Kenny, Nancy, Margie, Jackie and other eighth graders dancing  and trying to Rock N’ Roll at a house party, preferring to slow-dance to Sixteen Candles). If that means nothing to your antithetical-separatist philosophy (what you termed at one time as your misanthropy), or perhaps rouses rancor, it probably means nothing to us and our childhood memories. I wouldn’t give up one moment of memory of those sweet, heavenly kisses and hugs from Sharon xxxxxx and Mxxxxx for even “tons” of Dave Schroth’s hard, cold world of Luddite-social contumacious antipodes.

(And you did also participate: a cassette tape on which you placed an interview with me back in the 1970s had – on the reverse side – your recording of Some Day we’ll be together with Diana Ross and the Supremes. That was a song circa 1967-1969: The “rock era.” Just couldn’t keep “spotless” in your doctrine?  Have you thought of why “oldsters’’ would be inspired to dance to memories of their “younger” years, even though the ages have ravished their bodies with disease and cell deterioration? What is “nostalgia”?  What is “longing”?  What are “memories”?  And what is “love”? But what is “hate”?  Dave, I hope you are going to write a book on how you are an exemplary illustration of “perfected living.” Not that it probably would look silly to see older people dance in many cases {or see a wino singing on a street curb}. But that you seemingly can’t empathize, at times, in many cases with your fellow human-beings – – – you’ve been sheltered in some elitist “finishing-school” – – – much like a “rich kid” aristocrat out of some Charles Dickens novel. But even they have “points of view.”

Adolf Hitler did. He wrote his MEIN KAMPF {written back in those “good ole’ days,” that you magnify, of 1925-1927} while in jail. And then he expanded out into more personal theories and philosophies like concentration camps. We could expand on topics like urination, breakfast, and sneezing, bus-riding, exercise – – – learn the completely proper way to do these things.  And I presume you’d be ready to take on the critics {funny, they are always out there} who will undoubtedly take on your cynicism and misanthropy which underlies your persona. I agree there is a lot to hate (you have no need to convince me of human cruelty – I’ve experienced it too often and have also been a progenitor of it myself [and to my shame, at times]: but everybody and everything all the time?).

(Dr. Clay Routledge of the North Dakota State University said of nostalgia: “Nostalgia is a way for us to tap into the past experiences that we have that are quite meaningful – to remind us that our lives are worthwhile, that we are people of value, that we have good relationships, that we are happy and that life has some sense of purpose or meaning.”  Dr. Tim Wildschut of the University of South Hampton said that nostalgia is a “fundamentally humane emotion”. Linda Kennedy, author of Crumbs from the Table of Joy, said “we all romanticize about certain periods in our lives.”  Even Benjamin Kyle, who suffered from retro- grade or dis-associative amnesia, had said this: “Where we came from always carries more emotional weight than where we are at now.”)


In looking back to that day, it would be unfair to you and, even, I, to deny things could have been conducted more properly. Life is like that. I just don’t know if I had the expertise socially. I just don’t have that much aristocratic training; I just rely on the good faith and trust of people to over-look my shortcomings. In so many ways, despite basic differences, you are still a “hero” of sorts to me. That may be hard to understand – perhaps I can explain it someday to you.

I don’t believe that crowd expected anything exceptional or phenomenal (I’ve talked to some of them and asked if they felt anything ‘bad’ happened and no one that I’ve talked to felt that way. Of course, they could be lying. I do feel the debate between John Moeller and myself, though not in genuine animosity, was foolish and somewhat in poor taste. John has been a big debater from ‘way back when’ and like Herb [“Herb? Who is Herb?” you asked me one day on an outing] tells me, “When John and his buddy from work get together to discuss politics: oh boy!” It probably was not that well-planned and executed – but I’m not a professional Wedding Planner either [or Funeral Director] – I tend to be spontaneous, somewhat incongruous and exorbitantly informal. Sometimes I can be an extrovert). It really wasn’t a suit and tie affair. But I should, somehow, someway have taken your feelings into account in the matter; I’m just not sure how that could have been done so intricately and in a short notice. In hindsight, I regret it affected you so personally. I am asking for your forgiveness.

Anna Nadir had a good perspective; “Past are meant to be in the past.  If you dwell with it too much, you’ll never be able to move on.  If I had kept tight to all the small lil misunderstandings I had with all my friends, I’ll never be good friends with anyone right now. You forgive and forget, but at the same time, learn from it and escape from repeating the same mistake again….Running away from viewing the bad/ugly side of our self is not that healthy either….None of us are perfect, so if you can know you have weaknesses, work on improving it, not ‘run away’ from it, that is ‘never’ a solution….”

I recall that in my ‘single’ years, later when struggling to adapt to and survive in being “alone” after 12 years of marriage, I did my share of socializing at “dance clubs”; and I did my share of visiting “pubs” trying to  acclimate  to what might be a typical modern life style  (never could achieve the money part, though I was a reader of Playboy  – – – I  suspect, like so many divorced or single men, my main concern was being lonely, afraid, disenfranchised, and somehow fending the “wolves” that were then snarling at the “target” on my back). Those years, however, seemed a combination of good and bad experiences.  And, much like my childhood, I tried to “invent” adventure – – – be out and about “people”, places, and things (like Barbra Streisand says her song People: “people who need people….”) – – – to negate the harsh realities that pounced upon me. Some of my childhood experiences I’ve told you about. Some of the more-darker experiences, I just couldn’t speak of (as Uncle Tonoose [Hans Conried] use to say on the Danny Thomas Show – Make Room For Daddy – “Never allow the camel to stick his nose under the tent, before too long, you will have the whole camel inside the tent”). Those experiences have probably, much like you, entrenched the conflicting-feelings that have grown within me.

But would I give up the “good” memories just because they don’t fit in or satisfy some Luddite-separatist philosophy? It is not clear what you are asking; and, again, I am not sure anyone should care.  Why would you ask that I become a self-abolitionist of everything in my past just to suit you?


The Red Robin restaurant was a first-time event for most of the people on that trip.  It was my first time.  Did you feel there was a conspiracy to dragging you in there?  None that I know of. I know for a fact that church members have gone to some very nice restaurants in the past. It just happened that this was a very poor choice for you personally ( I think it was just an impulsive decision: do you remember the swimming pool scene in the movie It’s A Wonderful Life with James Stewart and Donna Reed [one of your “Oldie but Goodie” movies] where George Bailey and Alice Hatch fall into the pool at the high school graduation dance [while dancing the Charleston to a Swing-Band {OH MY GOSH!}, along with all the other Jitterbugging students?).

What did you expect them to do: stand up in societal revolt – – – some kind of frenzy of polyphobia – – – – acoustic phobia, deipnophobia, panphobia – – – – walk out? I thought that group handled it very well, not knowing about your personal anthropophagic misanthropy; your black-on-white world view and recusantism. Besides, it’s not the first noisy restaurant we’ve been in: why did it really bother you to such a raw degree? My wife and I recently went to a new Golden Corral restaurant as a first-time event. The price seemed reasonable, the food fairly good. But it is a buffet and was a circus of all kinds of people and family chatter. My wife met some friends she had not seen for a while, and that made her happy. She was hungry and she really enjoyed the food. What did I expect? Not as quiet as some places, to be sure.

Did I feel the need to hand out pamphlets on how it may have offended my subjective sensitivities? Or go to the manager and start a harangue? No, and considering many other social and political problems (like the enormous  economic fiasco America is under; or my personal health), it wouldn’t be on my top-ten list of personal challenges; that is, unless I had a phobia about noise and people! More than likely I’d line-up my preferences of restaurants and make a selection next time from my private list, depending on my mood and other factors (we have to get our priorities straight sometimes, especially in this ‘survival’ climate [I prioritize my concern over my diabetes, kidney failure {July 1}, hip and back arthritis, etc., first and then I add on and go down my list of my other eccentricities that I have like my painting my toenails green and walking barefoot down Grand Avenue, or gathering up stones from the roadside and carrying them on my head, or wearing shoes just one time and then discarding them: these, while interesting, are not high priority things to do right now – – – –  It is ‘that’ simple].)

Maybe you just wanted to vent your usual cynicism (your misanthropic anti-social, antithetical feelings) now. And that is fine. I just don’t know why you aimed your diatribe of society at that group of people?  I don’t believe they have any great love for Red Robin restaurants or were even practitioners of Red Robin (I suspect that if you would have attacked the issues in a different way [not make it a specific attack on those people] you would not have appeared so unkind).

Poor Fred was trying to help make the day enjoyable with his occasional ventures into weak humor [the Balsams are financially comfortable and own a farm and know a lot about crops, seeds, weather and things like that; not necessarily being a “suave” interpreter of restaurant styles]. They all were trying to socialize the best they could (if they had only slid their cars a few doors east, they would have selected The Bread Company restaurant – now, you and I had been there before on Watson Boulevard): Kenny Herman’s widow paid our way into the Butterfly House. I honestly don’t believe they were involved in a secret world of some esoteric fantasy world of elitist debunking. They wouldn’t even know what the heck that means.

Maybe, John would (and I could be wrong, but I don’t believe John is a full-fledged Communist even though he is a Democrat. I just think he got fed-up with politics as usual and the Bush administration [as have so many people; Obama was – again – a poor choice]). The invite to see the remake film of The Day the Earth Stood Still wasno ploy to upset you, though it somehow did. I forgot all about wishing you to go upon reading your letter. It was only meant as a friendly gesture anyway (yes, I didn’t like the movie as much as the original: but that was no condemnation to any good qualities it genuinely may have had). It was that nostalgia thing.  

Years ago when, I worked at Pisa Group on Watson Road, I had the choice of going down the street to a number of nearby restaurants (including White Castle, Jack in the Box, and MacDonald’s). But I chose Happy Joe’s Pizza because [1} it was close, {2} it had a good selection on their salad bar, {3} and was cheap.  Now, Happy Joe’s is known for catering to families that make arrangements (appointments) to celebrate their child’s birthday and it gets quite loud with singing, laughter, etc. Have you ever had your birthday celebrated when you were little, Dave?  If so, shame on you!  Did they sing and celebrate?  Well, shame on you!  At any rate, I still drop in on Happy Joe – – – just for their salad bar (they did away with the pepperoni) – – – – and do you know what? It gets “quiet” at times at the restaurant:  no noise!  DO I GET A FEW EXTRA STARS?

Which leads me to some other thoughts on this matter: hymns and singing in church – – – – – maybe they should just hum or meditate for fear of being uncivilized and not Schrothian?  Which brings up some more other thoughts – but at another time: like Steve Allen’s ‘‘liberal” politics, slap-stick comedy, and his promotion of negro entertainment on his show.  Hmmmmmm………………….

(At a later time)


We often cite Steve Allen as a leader, a bulwark, against uncritical thinking (Debunker? Or was he a rationalist of sorts: but couldn’t have been a diehard debunker, based on his actions and politics, etc.). Dave Schroth has praised him for his seeming stance on ‘decency.’  But Steve Allen was a “Liberal” for that period and time.  He was at one time a practicing Roman Catholic and so was religious (in Vulgarians at the Gate, he alluded to his belief in God: “…If there is a God – which I assume to be the case….” But David Schroth stands against religion as a waste of time and mythological). He promoted many Negro acts on his television show, breaking down race barriers. Allen said in his book,  Vulgarians At The Gate, that movies such as The Mask (which was toned down to receive the Dover Seal), Schindler’s ListSaving Private Ryan and The God-father Trilogy (pages 357-358) seemed acceptable to people 12-years on up…..aahhhh……….

(This only shows how your imagined and so-called “creeping” degeneracy became even acceptable to Steve Allen: I saw those movies and, to a puritan-train-of-thought, they contained some of the most horrid scenes imaginableparents and grownups were very skeptical of those movies and the Godfather Trilogy.)…….

Allen was the creator to some of the silliest, zany, cock-eyed, slap-stick comedy on his television show; comedy that would appear far from the aristocratic snobbishness of the upper-class “au courant.” He featured radical guests such as Lenny Bruce. He featured a MAD Magazine caricaturist and parody artist on his March 16, 1958, show (demonstrating his affinity to this style of comedy – – – – many parents were in askance over MAD Magazine {we couldn’t get enough: brought it to school all the time}). If there was one thing that seemed to typify Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen: It was “contradiction, much like Schroth is creepily becoming the King of Incongruity!

Steve Allen was a supporter of One World Government (he was a member of the World Federalist Association [David Icke would have undoubtedly added Allen to his list of Reptilian Merovingian’s]). He considered himself a Secular Humanist yet also considered himself an “involved Presbyterian.” He was accused of being a Communist (by aka Harry Goren). Steve Allen was a longtime activist who championed migrant worker rights. He idolized and hailed fellow comedians Sid Caesar, Mickey Rooney, Buddy Hackett, Ethel Merman, Phil Silver, Jimmy Durante, Buster Keaton, Jonathan Winters, Edie Adams, Dick Shawn, Peter Falk, Dorothy Provine, Arnold Stang, Jack Benny, Carl Reiner, Jerry Lewis, Don Knotts, Andy Devine, Terry-Thomas, and Eddie “Rochester” Anderson:  All these appeared in the Stanley Kramer 1962 movie production of It’s a Mad, Mad World,  a production  that typified the slap-stick, zany 50s-60s style  of comedy that was close to  Allen’s heart.

Now I know all kinds of alibis and rationalizations have been made about Allen’s professed “PURITY OF THINKING” academic statements and the seeming contradictory teenage and juvenile “silliness” his alter-ego presented. His explanations seemed equally bizarre: Allen said: “we laugh at our tragedies to prevent our suffering…if we think about the tragedies on our planet; we could spend all day in bed crying, so we laugh to survive, to continue our lives.”  Allen also said: “Humor is a social lubricant that helps us get over some of the bad spots ….why do we do it? Because we’re crazy.” When pressed further, Allen said (mimicking the cartoon character Popeye): “All I can say is what Popeye says:  ’I am what I am…….’”

I don’t think thatAllen was all that “uptight” about things as people say he was. At least, he did not go to the black-on-white schizoid extremes that you and I go to  (you “took off” at Fred’s attempt at poor humor at the Butterfly House as he jokingly referred to swans by a pond as butterflies: I KNOW – come on Fred!  But trying to be humorous is far better than your sardonic swipes at his juvenility). Richard Zogline says of Allen:  “Though a lifelong liberal…in recent years he embarked on a vocal crusade to restore ‘family values’ in television.  This was a little uncomfortable for those of us who remember Allen as the irreverent kid who like to turn the studio upside down.” The Playboy  Magazine  article written  back  in 1988, I believe, on the evangelist Jimmy Swaggart scandal, warned about (what playboy Magazine terms as the puritanical pitfalls as well as…..) the darker and inevitable reaction to human sexual repression. Similarly, it is the “extremes” that we appear to go to; the doctrinaire, the ideological, demagoguery we pathologically speak from.  Allen always added his humor: his serious side was only an after-thought. 

“So much of life is an interpretation”, says Liz Murray, author of Breaking Night. It has to be this way for Allen, because if he was so whacked-out (fanatical) on such things as Rock N’ Roll (his sarcastic rendition of Elvis Presley singing Hound Dog on his television show in a tuxedo [he also lampooned I Left My Heart In San Francisco as I Left My Nose In San Francisco: does that mean he hated that song too?])…..why did he play the part of Benny Goodman in the movie The Benny Goodman Story? As is with so many things that Allen espoused: there is a direct contradiction (and error {he wasn’t infallible}). Surely he was aware that Goodman’s style was a growth of a very lively and radical “background” which included Rock N’ Roll.. …….

……..(Readers, here we are branching out into deeper territory as to Schroth’s vexations and temperaments on ‘sound,’ ‘noise,’ ‘manners,’ and ‘other’ Schroth prohibitions indicative of his Communist-conspirator fantasy, as compared to the ‘real’ world in which we grew-up  [not some cloistered hidden den of books, libraries and Skeptic propaganda cherry-picked in a makeshift private ideology of Skeptic Cultism]  in and related to the community about us back then)…………..


Benny Goodman was a direct child of jazz and swing! Many parents were very suspicious of the new “jazz movement”. It was the younger generation that carried it through (and many oldsters joined in later. Arthur Murray Dance Studios billed itself as The King of Swing and taught the Charleston and the Lindy Hop). And like so many ‘movements’, the youngsters carried the wave.  It has been a vibrant force (the Nazis censored the Swing Kids for fear of revolt- – – – -Russia did the same thing at one time: “…listening to smuggled jazz records was tantamount to political rebellion.…artistic freedom was strictly underground, considered by the authorities to be either dangerous subversives or misguided fools…”, ‘Guitars Of The Cold War’, Jan. and May 2002, Vintage Guitar Magazine). Larry Schweikart in his Seven Events That Made America, America  says  that Rock N’ Roll, as a musical device of the 20th Century, helped bring the Berlin Wall down.  It was so American; so jazz- and- Country.  Its very structure speaks to freedom: The individualism of the 1960s. The same phenomena happened with the Beatles: young people all over the world used this music as their Marching Orders and their inspiration to challenge tyranny and bad government. (


Len Weinstock says jazz originated somewhere about 1895-1917 by Creole musicians that had trained in  conservatories in Europe; European music that was blended with Blues, Ragtime, Brass Band Music, hymns, spirituals, minstrel  music,  and Work Songs, blended with African polyrhythm and European dance rhythms.   Kansas City’s jazz roots began in the 1900s when marching band music, Ragtime music, and Blues music started to merge.  Piero Scaruffi tells us that when jazz moved to Chicago, jazz musicians were often employed by gangsters.  Their first audiences were the “mob”. New York’s jazz pianists began blending Blues and Ragtime. The Stride Piano appeared on the scene. In Atlantic City jazz was supported in the red-light district and in many cities Rent Parties were thrown where predominantly white tourists paid to listen to black bands and the money was used to “pay the rent”. There was Eubie Black from Baltimore (1906), Lucky Roberts from Philadelphia, Willie ’the lion’ Smith and James Johnson (1914) from New York. In the 1920s, Harlem was home to Blues music and white tourists visited The Savoy and the Harlem Cotton Club. Charles “lucky” Roberts reworked Ripples of the Nile (1912)into the classic Moonlight Cocktail (1942) for the Glenn Miller band. He also wrote Miniature Syncopated rhapsody. The Big Band sound was gaining momentum. Fletcher Henderson (1920) and Benny Carter were two progenitors. Keep A Song In Your Soul (1930). Jean Schwartz: Chinatown My Chinatown (1930). And then, guess who?, Benny Goodman – – – – New York, 1928. Benny employed Fletcher Henderson to arrange Jelly Roll Martin’s King Porter’s Stomp.

A cavalcade of music: Moon Glow, Juke Box Saturday Night, Satin Doll, Tuxedo Junction, In the Mood, Mood Indigo, Woodchopper’s Ball, Cherokee, Take the ‘a’ Train, Don’t Sit under the Apple Tree, and many, many more. in “jazz” says: “The 1920s are still called the ‘jazz-age’. Ladies shortened their tresses and bobbed their hair; they hiked up their skirts, rolled down their stockings, and rouged their lips.”

Welcome! Louie Jordan and his hipster slang and saucy double entendre (Caldonia, Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby?), Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, Raymond Scott (Harry Warnow)…Kansas City Jazz, Boogie Woogie, The Shouters, and the Crooners. “During the 1940s“, says Scaruffi, “The Big Swing Band had become the voice of America abroad.” Benny Goodman played at the Palomar Ballroom in August 1935.  There was Fletcher Henderson and an audience of young white dancers are moving to “hot” rhythms” and daring “hot swing” arrangements. Soldiers and sailors in the 1940s: It becomes our patriotic syncopation. We all remember Glenn Miller’s rendition of ST. Louis Blues March.  Dance styles ran the gamut: the Short George, Hip Cat, the Jitter Bug, Cats, Brook Position Jitter Bug, The Boogie-Woogie, Hit That Jive, The Black Bottom Rag (The Benny Goodman movie also highlighted the Lindy Hop, Baboa, West Coast Swing and musicals such as Let’s Dance, California Here I Come, You Turned The Talles On Me, Sing-Sing-Sing, Bugle Call, Tiger Rag, Roll‘em, Hot House, Gotta Be This Or That, featuring Dizzy Gillespie, Gene Krupa, Harry James).

“Tain’t no sin to step out of your skin and dance in your bones.” The Big Band Era: “Swing was ‘the’ thing, and ‘jump-jivin’ ‘kats’ and ‘kitchens’ were Lindy hopping in every ballroom and dancehall in the land……” (Big Bands Database,

If Steve Allen couldn’t “Rock’’, he certainly could “Roll” into swingAnd why did he write the 1963 Grammy award -winning jazz piece, The Gravy Waltz?


Rock music was born out of a hybrid of Rhythm and Blues music and Country music, originated in the Appalachian-mountains, part Irish fiddle, part German derived dulcimer, and African American banjo. Anglo-Celtic ballads and dance tunes, immigrants brought to America were come to be known as “old time” music that ranged from 1900 to the 1930s: A mixture of vaudeville music, African American minstrel show tunes, the 1930s brought Hank Williams and Brother Groups like the Delmones, the Stanley’s, and the  Louvain’s. Jimmy Rogers. There was Okie Boogie, Cowboy Boogie And Honky Tonk. There was Eddy Arnold. There was the introduction of Swing, horns, electricity, and Bluegrass. Songs like Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Carl Perkins recalls his early battered acoustic guitar lessons with fellow field worker John Westbrook, “Uncle John”. who told him; “Get down close to it! You can feel it travel down the strings, come through your head and down to your soul where you live. You can feel it. Let it vib-a-rate!” In 1955, Perkins made the original version of Blue Suede Shoes. The old traditional music of the mountains gave way to the beginnings of modern commercial country, or, as Syd Masters (The Swing Riders) would say, “Vintage western cowboy swing.”

About the time that Ethel Waters and Trixie Smith were singing tunes like My Man Rocks me, Bill Haley was listening to jimmy Preston and Haley would travel to the Marcus Hook Theater to see his idol, Gene Autry.  It was the “Hillbilly” era. Ralph Peer (1926) typified the Antebellum Folk Songs of string bands and Appalachian fiddles; Marion-Troy-Slaughter. There were “okehs”; Henry Whittler Emmett Miller. There was the group called the Georgia Crackers (which included bandleaders Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey on trombone and saxophone).  Ralph Peers discovered Jimmy Rodgers in 1927. John Clifton says: “Like Roy Rodgers and other hayseed Hollywood harmoniums, Autry dipped liberally into jazz and swing, giving his music a nice little bounce.” This became the hallmark of legendary figures such as Bob Wells and Roy Acuff, as well as Roy Rodgers and Gene Autry, through the 1930s – 1950s. Country Pop typified by Lloyd Perryman and The Gold Star Rangers (1937) was also seen in movies such as Outlaws Of The Prairie and Spoilers Of the Range. It became to be known as the “Swinging Hollywood- Hillbilly-Cowboys”.

Bill Haley tried to imitate his idol Gene Autry and could be found “singing like Autry” at the Booth’s Corner Auction Mart (1946).  Haley went on to join groups as Shorty Cook’s Down Homers and The Range Drifters.  But…“G.I’s returning from World War II were looking for something different, something more upbeat and exhilarating,” says Jim Dawson and Ian Whitcomb, “and they were finding it in California’s hillbilly boogie, Texas’s Western Swing, New Orleans’ Rumba.” It was flavored by piano R and B, Chicago’s electrified Mississippi guitar blues and St. Louis’s Swing Jazz. (For Steve Erdmann this all came together at Mary’s Confectionary on South Broadway in St. Louis where he and the “gang” listened to the best of all worlds on Mary’s juke box). Haley found employment at WPWA radio where many young whites continually requested rhythm and blues records. The Jimmy Preston radio program as heralded by the noisy theme song Rock the Joint.  It was a time of Pee Wee King’s Golden West Cowboys (“The Tennessee Waltz”), James “Slim” Allsman, and the premier of the electric Gibson: all made popular with the help of the Philadelphia crime syndicate and their mafia-owned juke boxes. Rock was a money-maker and the mob knew money: Roulette Records was mob owned and had Rock singer Tommy James in their palm (Me, The Mob and the Music, Simon & Schuster, 2010).


Rockabilly partly came out of Haley with his “cowboy yodeling”. But there was also Jimmy Rodgers who fused Hillbilly Cowboy, gospel, jazz, blues, Pop, and Folk. “And then, out of nowhere, came Bill Haley…..Crazy Man Crazy… exuberant, pulsating blend of guitar, sax, and piano, riding the best of a slap-back bass and a whip-crack snare,” says Michael Satchell, “It was utterly different from any music we ever heard….now, we had music we could dance to. It was exciting.  It was cool.  It was ours…… (he was) a cowboy poet.” Haley had tired of country yodeling – western swing: he changed his band’s name from the Saddle men to The Comets (based on the tales of Mark Twain and Hailey’s Comet): became one of the most successful of the early “blue-eyed” Rockers. Later, Ray Charles expanded on the tradition of Country Swing with songs like Hit The Road Jack, I Got A Woman, Georgia, Born To Lose. (“I was born with music inside of me…music was one of my parts, like blood. It was a force already with me when I arrived on the scene”, said Charles.) Billie Barnette. Mama Thornton (Hound Dog). Fats Domino (made the Top Ten with Aint That A Shame, 1955). Jackie Deshannon. Buddy Holly – The Big Bopper – Richie Valens (“We sang dirges in the dark the day the music died…..”, Don Mclean’s American Pie.). There was Chuck Berry (which I saw often passing through Lambert Airport). Jerry Lee Lewis. Ricky Nelson (I’m walkin, Stood UpIt’s Late, Lonesome Town, Poor Little Fool, Hello Marylou: “His artistry in using his ‘smooth’ monotone tenor to subtly and feelingly convey a wide range of teen angst emotions”) {Wikipedia}. Eric Hilliard Nelson (Ricky) preferred Rockabilly and up-tempo Rock songs like believe What You Say and I Got A Feeling.  Little “Ricky” was a prophet:  he use to say on The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet television program: “I don’t mess around, boy!”

(His father, Ozzie Nelson, had the number one hit And Then Some in 1934 and his rendition of Ain’t That A Shame made the top ten in 1955; Nelson made the 1957 Rutgers University “Doctor of Humane Letters,” and ranked number 21 in the TV Guide’s list of the 50 greatest TV dads of all time. (What a shock this must Be to David Schroth, who twinges at radio programs while driving in a car, or cringes at necklaces and doodads hanging from an auto mirror or is puritanically selective of music or programs played on TV or radio, and so much other.)

About this time, media producer Dick Clark came upon the television scene with groups like Danny and the juniors and their Rock And Roll Will Never Die and At The Hop.


Charles Holly’s, better known as Buddy Holly, success lasted only a year and a half, but, as critic Bruce Elder said, Holly was “the single most influential creative force in early rock n’ roll…” His early version of his hit song That’ll Be The Day took its title from a line that John Wayne’s character says repeatedly in the 1956 film The Searchers. That song topped the U.S ‘Best Sellers’ chart in stores September 1957. By coincidence, Sputnik took off that year as well. On October 21, 1958, Holly recorded a ballad for his wife, True Love Ways. On February 3, 1959, due to a tight tour schedule, during very inclement weather, Holly traded a bus seat with artist Waylon Jennings for a seat aboard a small, chartered airplane – along with recording artists Richie Valens and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson —- which crashed ending the lives of all three artists.  Holly and singer Waylon Jennings had jokingly traded friendly bards before the flight; Holly said to Jennings, “I hope your ol’ bus freezes up!”  Jennings replied: “Well, I hope your ol’ plane crashes!”  It was a statement that would haunt Jennings for years to come. This incident made its way into Don Mclean’s American Pie…..”…..the day the music died…..”     


Ronnie Smith and I would venture about Carondelet, St. Louis and often travel to the Vulcan Street bridge in the “patch,” and there listen to the Dixie and Rag rhythms that came floating through the summertime breeze as we faced the Showboats catering to tourists traveling on the Mississippi River; In the air was that special primal and primitive smell of mud and waste from the river, says: “The Mississippi River has been host to a musical heritage ranging from Native American drumbeats to Anglo-Celtic ballads, French folksongs to African-field-hollers. Emerging in the late 1800s, an original American sound drifted up from the southern cotton fields, choir lofts, juke joints, and river barges….Distinctive songs of suffering were sung by the poorest, mostly illiterate blacks, a reaction to the demeaning existence lived by sharecroppers in the Mississippi Delta. Accompanied by acoustic guitar or harmonica, these earthy songs were primitive and gritty….The Delta blues became the cornerstone of modern music. It became the basis for Gospel, Jazz, Dixieland. Ragtime, Bluegrass, Country, Rock and Roll, Rhythm And Blues, Soul Music….A gumbo mix of blues, ragtime, Spirituals, and Caribbean Music erupted….Musicians worked the riverboats and spread their hypnotic rhythms and brassy tones up the Mississippi, and by the 1920s and 1930s, Dixieland brass ensembles were all the rage.” I am reminded of Paul Robeson’s rendition of Ole’ Man River (he sang it in the “oldie but goodie” movie Show Boat) and Lawrence Brown’s Songs of Free Men. In the 1890s, a group of musicians, including Scott Joplin, were living in and around Sedalia, Mo., writing rags. Louis Armstrong became one of the greatest riverboat celebrities of the 20th century with his “hot” jazz tempos; said Armstrong: What we play is life!”   


(Otherwise known as ’Smock! Smock!’)

Steve Allen would be the last to stifle creativity (he personally used it in the creation of his brash and upbeat theme song This Could Be the Start of Something Big). He often extolled creativity. In the 1995 No. 61 General Semantics Bulletin , Allen said of himself: “I’m just a musical illiterate…I cannot read music….I’m just versatile….some little, tiny little thing is  where that talent comes from….that’s way in the Twilight Zone….(but) so is the whole universe… cannot make scientific statements so ephemeral as humor….eye of the beholder….there being no further testimony in this case, the jury will now retire to render a verdict….”

Steve Allen would outline the lives of people like automotive tycoon Charles Kettering as a gifted child who worked his way out of extreme poverty and used those gifts to obtain grand success. But I also agree that those people could have easily been overlooked if they did not get help and support along the way.  Sometimes talent and support don’t always mesh in life.

Or as Steve Allen would tell his television audience from time to time: “Smock!  Smock!”


We have nothing against what has been called soft music, crooning, classical or light sounds: not at all: These are all interesting and sometimes entertaining. We have no special fight here other than some music and songs we like much better than others. We have no special agenda other than popular criticisms or opinions. I like Bobby Darin ballads (Somewhere Beyond The Sea – 1959 – also sung by Gisele Mackenzie and played by Benny Goodman – 1948 – and also Annuncio Paolo Mantovany) and Frank Sinatra ballads (Laura, Young At Heart, Without A Song), Nat King Cole (Ramblin Rose, Mona Lisa), and especially Perry Como (Shadows Follow Me and his 1955 hit It’s Impossible), Jo Stafford (You Belong To Me) – – – – and pass over the usual ironies and conflicts in their backgrounds. Enoch Light And The Light Brigade renditions of 30’s and 40’s: Marie, April In Paris, I Can’t Get Started With You (but his jazz renditions as well: Sing, Sing, Sing and Tuxedo Junction). Eddie Fisher recently passed away in September 2010: you may remember his ever popular tune Oh My Papa.


 I even like Ludwig Von Beethoven, and his Choral Symphony No. 9 really “Rocks” — – – – it picks you up and shakes you down to core of your being!  And again, there are his symphonies No. 5, 3 and 7! Wikianswers says: “Beethoven bridged the classical and romantic periods of music. The latter period involved less emphasis on strict rules and more on pure emotion. Beethoven’s style, particularly later in his life, reflects this period well.  His works involve strong emotion and broke several of the musical rules that existed in the Brogue and Classical periods…late classical and early romantic styles….” His music searched out vibrations that where so dynamic that some people believed he must have an African heritage.  Ira F. Brilliant says: “He was the first composer to invigorate European Classical music with prodigious use of this decidedly inherent African rhythmic trait….one of the first composers to deviate from the musical template of eighteenth-century rules and regulations……” Max Chandler says that many musicians and writers today were heavily influenced by Beethoven: Bud Powell, Dave Brubeck, Charlie “bird” Parker, Duke Ellington, Charles  Mingue, Ornette Coleman and others (and writer Anthony Burgess and movie producer Stanley Kubrick on their respective works on A Clockwork Orange  depicting a futurist society chuck-full of Beethoven). Wagner says of him that Beethoven faced the world with a defiant temperament and kept an almost “savage” independence. He rejected sham, humbug, conventionality, and above all things: Beethoven may have been our First Rock Star!

In part, the problem is that we don’t live in a black-on-white reality and we are wanderers with eccentric philosophies trying to force ourselves into round holes when we are square pegs. Schizotypal personalities, such as us, often have difficulty. We tend to relinquish to our obsessive-compulsive square pegs and see our views as the best of everyday, real-world “holes.”  We are playing “Connect – The – Dots”- – – -drawing lines between dots all over the page of life (dots that are topics or subjects that strictly support our deep prejudices, biases, idiosyncrasies) and then we pull a magic little strong at the bottom of the page that draws all those ideas and topics into a stiff, straight line of “dots” and we call these eccentricities: The real factual world. We all do it – some worse than others. Even so-called professionals: they are not getting it right.  Like Tim Zell use to quote someone (Carl Sagan?): “the universes are a lot bigger than our head.”


No one was deliberately performing for you personally so that they could be gauged by your private obsessive-compulsive and pensive review of their every action. This reminds me of the Jack Nicholson’s performance of Marvin Udall in the movie As Good As It Gets.  Marvin was surrounded by everyday people doing everyday things on a regular outing and being their everyday selves.  Udall, in the movieas a misanthrope and masochist, hated everything and everybody (I hate that when it happens to me).  I don’t believe we were worried about matching up to someone’s esoteric-philosophical library in someone’s head that day of the outing. Myself, my diabetes was acting up (I’ve gone from pills to insulin: in July my kidney stopped functioning for a few days) and I was feeling “out of sorts” — and I had my broken toe and joint arthritis to contend with; my hips are painful, even when I walk a short distance). As Carol Connelly said to Marvin in the movie (Udall was both a brilliant writer and a literary artist): “Do you have any control over how creepy you allow yourself to get?” (Udall had allowed everything to be viewed through the prism of his sickness.)

On a “picnic” (do you remember the movie Picnic?SteveAllen wrote some of the music for that movie) people don’t usually approach it as if were involved in a political dissertation. They just want to be “cool” and relax and let their hair down: But it still is a matter of give and take.  Without some leeway, it could turn out to be a “political desecration.”

But beware – – – – beware of the world of contradiction – – – – (and more on that next time) – – – – our recusant separatist  has such a tight noose around his neck, that even when “he” claims his pristine black-on-white world as the only correct world, out of his library world of books and paper, through the corner of his eye, he sees other people somewhere watching, causing him to think there just might be much more to life out there, and the noose is not really a halo of glory.


DECEMBER 22, 2008


The preceding was held off from mailing and probably would have been regulated to the waste basket or some far distant revision, for fear of not being “purist” enough to match Dave Schroth’s atelopoboa, tropophobia. allodoxaphobia, polyphobia, or whatever combination of social phobia or philosophical derivatives he evolved from. Claiming a personal philosophical psyche is his inherent personal right. It is mine too. I enjoy many of the things in my life, and I do not feel that I need to be a “pure scientist” (there is no such thing!),  or, stand “aloof” from “humans” because I want to match what various “ideologues” say in books and papers that assuage my psychological world: I much prefer “real life.”

Says Humanistic Theories Of Psychology: “Alfred Adler….in applying holistic principals to psychology, Adler argued that if we want to understand humans, we need to view them as whole (or individuals) rather than bits and pieces (i.e., Freud’s ‘id’, ‘ego’ and  ‘super ego’). Holism also emphasizes the need to take human’s physical and social environments into account when trying to understand them, therefor the concept of ‘gemeinschaftsgefuhl’ (Boeree, 1997).”   

While I did not have debunkers like Phil Klass as a personal mentor, I did have what could be called mentors of sorts (Keyhoe, Ruppelt [the early version], Palmer, Jules Verne, others; but also Space Patrol, Space CadetsSky King, Howdy Doody, Mr. Wizard, Jules Verne’s From The Earth To The MoonWalt DisneySputnikWernher von Braun, Herb Philbrick: I led Three LivesAlfred Hitchcock, Dave GarrowayScience-fiction TheatreThe Twilight Zone, The Loretta Young Show, and so on), none of those could compete with my fulltime occupation of staying alive physically,  psychiatrically and psychologically, and fitting in and creating my own Wonderland of Adventure amid the harsh reality of my life in the 50s and 60s (most of which only a few people around me could have been aware of).


(There is always the incongruous side to Mr. Schroth)

It was a Dark verses a Happy Sunshine world I lived in.  And I had hoped that the Sunshine adventures I got into would cast over the Dark Side- – – -that was before Star Wars movies– – – – but like Luke Skywalker, I hoped my happy-go-lucky Huckleberry Finn/Tom Sawyer adventures would save me from  going “over to the Dark Side”. My life in Carondelet was a symphony of tragedy, happiness, adventure and mysticism, stark, raw life and naked brutality, the life or a boy and, soon, teenager in the 50s – 60s with all the panorama of A Rebel without a Cause and other traits of that era. My life was several movie and television scripts come to life. My mom would often compare me to Timmy in the television program Lassie or Ricky from Ozzie And Harriet. Said of “little” Nelson:  “…he was ’an odd little kid’….likeable, shy, introspective, mysterious and inscrutable……” Later, I guess, I could be compared to teenage movie parts that the late actor Vic Morrow played. Parts like Artie West in The Blackboard Jungle, Richard Brooks’ 1955 drama: “A scary and unfamiliar fringe of the youth movement.”

When did you graduate from that upper-class, high style “finishing school”? Was there one in Carondelet? And how did you get “protected” from being a real-life scene out of The Black Board Jungle movie?  I did attend that school! I didn’t get a chance to attend the Finishing School. Not many people were envisioning great and wonderful things for me: other than myself.  But I lost track or got “sucked under” (as one might say) by the muck of blue-collar workaday fiasco and drama of lower middle-class lifestyle and teenage depression and psycho angst.  Let’s see: you lived on Pennsylvania Avenue which was not far from where I lived on Michigan Avenue and that was not too much distance from where John Moeller lived on Field Avenue. Are you saying those “books” you were reading at 16-17 years of age “thrust” you into that more elite and magnanimous lifestyle? And when did you receive a degree or post-graduate degree? That always makes you a better human and good-hearted-person, doesn’t it?  If not that, at least “superior”!

However, I did have the opportunity to hypocritically refer to myself as a somewhat of a journalist (“maybe”).  But it would be a journalist that has no firm, innate, rigid, convictions. I don’t think I claim to be one of those armchair pseudo-scientists of some fundamentalist “Rationalist” Cult (you’ll soon notice that I stopped using “skeptic” as a title description in as much as skeptics are not “debunkers” at all: in fact the term has been greatly misused…..

Says Celeste Adams: “Dr. (Raymond) Moody explains that the so-called ‘skeptics’ are not skeptics at all: ‘the skeptic tradition goes back to ancient Greece, and it’s a spiritual tradition about not drawing conclusions. So, when someone says, ‘I’m a skeptic…I think it’s just (this or that),’ they have contradicted themselves.  They have said, ‘I am a person that doesn’t draw conclusions,’ then they draw a conclusion….to be a genuine investigator….belief or disbelief is irrelevant. We only need to ask ‘What’ is the ‘Nature’ of what we’re dealing with?’” Scientist Dr. Bill Bankston concurred: “The ego needs to get out of the way. Not a lot to do with trying. Let nature take its course. Be a Lightening rod. Let it happen…..inside and outside the box.  Thinking in a different box, but we ignore the anomalies to keep the box we are in: it’s the way we frame the world….a good scientist is a skeptic: cautious but in a fluid state. A Believer already says he knows the answer, he is not “open.”  It is scary both ways; to be open, fluid, and willing to be wrong”…..).

I am not a scientist (obviously) and I don’t believe I have pawned myself off as one. Maybe I am a true Skeptic: The average “Joe Citizen” kind as a work-a-day-world-kind-of-a-Skeptic. I see you as more of a religious quest on behalf of the Debunkers Over All Church, much like John SXXXXXXXX is spreading the UFO Spaceship Religion. It’s all religion; just at the opposite ends of a scale. Could be that this is caused by the pontifical ideology of the various political and Cultist religions? There is a world of scientists out there interested in UFOs and psychic phenomena, such as Robert Bigelow and Jacques Vallee, thousands of others. There is The Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Society for Scientific Exploration. There are, As well, many others, consisting of legitimate scientists: I’m not about to call them idiots, as you will. You’d call Einstein an idiot, if it served your Religion. And you might include Brian Greene, Michio Kakui, Charles Seife, Martin Rees, Marcelo Gleiser, Ralph Alpher, John Wheeler, David Bohm, M. Talbot and a whole host of others like them.  Might as well, they are pushing the Outer Limits of science. I’m just not prepared to castigate them. You do that. Neither am I able to adjudicate and ostensibly expatriate the fate of Carl Jung or many other scientists. Maybe after I get to attend that Finishing School you attended.  However, maybe I can hope and see Magic still going on in the universe.  Maybe………….


I recall you going about social and public circles back through years 1967 (circa 60s to the near present), smirking, like some little Shaverian-Dero-hobbit, cackling, “idiots!”, “you’re a liar!”, “trash!”, “crazy!”, “junk!”, and other symptoms of seeming schizoid tourettes-like coprolalia (normal acid drollery or stereotypic movement disorder? You said you didn’t remember going about making such remarks). Michael Guillen, PH.D., Senior Science editor for ABC-TV had a much more refreshing use of the language (1998): “my goal is to report accurately and open-mindedly any interesting and credible goings-on within science, be they orthodox or iconoclastic….apply the scientific method…only through rigorous studies…can we get beyond the endless and largely emotional- philosophical arguments between ’skeptics’ and ’believers’….they’re open as evidenced by the continuing disagreement among intelligent, well-educated people….many of today’s research results….are routinely contradicted by some subsequent study….it’s not the nature of science ever to know anything with absolute certainty.  Which is why Mr. Park’s remarkable ability to know exactly what is and isn’t possible, to distinguish between ‘good’ and your  ’bad’ science with such complete confidence strike me, well, as just so much voodoo….”

I recall you were castigating people for their opinions way back in 1967. I was a “liar” when I published Thomas Fairbanks’ letters as MR. X in Dissenter/Disinter Magazine (which claimed he knew David Ferrie in New Orleans and some of the other people who were interconnected in the Kennedy assassination). I was not supporting his comments at that time; just reporting them without any absolute judgment. Subsequently, apparently, Fairbanks’ comments had some merit. I didn’t deserve your attack: Fairbanks ran into some of those characters while living in New Orleans. But you shouldn’t have been “wrong” — you are not permitted that in what could be called the schizoid “PERFECT WORLD” – – – – – was that the world taught to people in that Secret-Carondelet-Finishing-School?[1]


(A little “sidebar” on the Richard Shaver Mystery and why it is such a continued motif of legendary significance to me; I guess like Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer and other mystery noir that are inspirational to detective and mystery fans, the time was “right” for many science-fiction and prophetic stories of controversial reputation. For Morgan Robertson in 1898 it was writing his novel Futility—-The Wreck Of The Titan which seemed to foreshadow [14 years ahead of time] the real sinking of the Titanic. Jules Verne prophetic fiction that heralded nuclear submarines, trips to the moon, and H.G. Wells spoke of time travel and a future World Pax where science reigned supreme. Richard S. Shaver, along with writers William Beebee, Dr. John Coleman, The Reverend Jim Slaw, Dr. Anthony Sutton, George A. Lehew, Jerry La-Prione, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and many other mystery noir writers spoke of our world being scrutinized by evil beings that have controlled us from time immemorial. A.J. Streichert said in 1958:  “…most dangerous because its nonsense seems to make sense.” John thine added more insight: “Shaver’s delusions are the dark and cloudy glass that which we see myths at the end of history; his obsessions mirror the concerns of us all, and as we look into his private abyss our fears and hopes as a species emerges out of the emptiness. Shaver’s work is not fact, it is not even true; it is real, in a way only the right myth at the right moment can be real…. ”)

(In Shaver’s particular mythos, noble and genetically pure Supermen — The Elder Race — lived out in the dark reaches of space away from the detrimental effects of the sun’s radiation…..

“……………..Princess Vanic……..sunless Nor…….Nortans…..dark space is filled of Titans, Atlantis and Nor-tans..….it’s high time                        we ran away from the Black Death. I’ve worried and waited for it to strike me long enough. The Elder station on the cold planets is the best natured men you can find in space:  Haven’t been near a sun in centuries, and don’t know the meaning of the word ‘evil’.”  (I Remember Lemuria, 1948)………                                  

                               “…… will go at once far beyond any influence from Mother Mu’s rodite, under another space- group of planets, and there we will learn how to live where such things as the  black death does not exist…….”                          

… escape war and the “black death” of de-te-rio-ra-tion (Mantong: an incredibly ancient language: a type of cipher translating English letters into symbolic meanings) the Elder Race came to earth and placed a canopy of protective vapor around the planet: which eventually proved inadequate against the sun. The canopy collapsed and many raced into the interior of the earth were the Super Technology backfired and their machinery actually began to poison them — yet force them to stay alive for a span of time. They were “abandondero,” and they consisted of two camps, those who were progressively “evil” [Dero} and those who somehow had avoided the poison – Tero. The vast majority escaped into the far reaches of outer space…..

                          ……”Our sun has begun to throw out great

                           Masses of these poisonous particles. They

                           Fall upon Mu in a continual flood, enter- 

                           ing into living tissue, and infecting it with

                           The radioactive disease we call age……”

                           The Teacher, I Remember Lemuria, 1948…..)

(A large range of writers had an effect on Shaver and Shaver had a wide range effect on a lot of writers; H.P. Lovecraft, A. Merritt, James Churchword, Guy de Maupassant’s The Horla, others. Shaver said the Dero caused all kinds of havoc, terror and destruction on the “surface world”- – – – -and while most people slough off his story as the outcome of his stay in a Ypsilanti state hospital [Jim Pobst said it was only two weeks and only for disorderly conduct. His former wife Sophie said Shaver had gone on a binge and she asked that he be held on July 27, 1934 {July 27 is also Steve Erdmann’s birth date} for observation]- – – – -Shaver’s “discoveries” were far more ebullient. Publisher Ray Palmer said: “On December 27, 1949, Albert Einstein came out with a new theory of gravitation and electromagnetic fields,” taunted Palmer, “months before that, Mr. Shaver (minus the mathematical formula) told me the same thing! For the record I want to say that if any credit for a new and revolutionary theory of gravity goes to anybody it should go to Richard S. Shaver on the basis of prior publication.” Palmer went on to expound: “Shaver described the Flying Saucers and predicted their appearance. And all this he said came from the information he got from the caves.  So whether or not [the story] came from his own mental process of some kind, the information was correct and the information he’s given us has been correct so many times it’s impossible to discard it as fiction.” Website said: “Shaver claimed he owed all this astounding information to technologically advanced beings that, like it or not, communicated with him.”)


(Later in 1971 in his Hidden World series, Palmer admitted that Shaver’s conduit to his Caves [though highly debated and resisted by Shaver] were by way of an Altered state of consciousness similar to a hypnotic trance or what might have occurred when in psychic states such as that of John Ballou Newbrough (1828-1891), when he did inspired writing of the Oahspe Bible.

Even “debunkers” such as Michael Shermer (who at one time denied that hypnotism existed), in reviewing Robin Waterfield’s Hidden Depths: The Story Of Hypnosis, had to admit the reality of altered-states: “…an altered state of consciousness explains little for a simple reason: we don’t know what consciousness is, making it difficult to explain what an altered state of it means…in that borderland between reality and fantasy where the power and mystery of hypnosis lies…it is with hypnosis in particular that I depart ways from many of my skeptical colleagues who argue that it is nothing more than fantasy role-playing, or worse, pure fakery.” [Shermer was hypnotized successfully on his own television show]).


(Some of this debate almost seems immaterial with topics such as Ted Phillips’ search for Tony Horak’s Marley Woods, Slovakia cave which housed an ancient artifact, perhaps millions of years old [Project Moon Shaft]; not to even mention reports of our own government shoveling out huge underground facilities; there are said to be an estimated 100 secret exits in the Archuleta Mesa on a Dulce, New Mexico complex, as testified by John Anderson and Paul Bennewitz. The Madigan Military Hospital complex near Fort Lewis in Washington state; the Jicarilla Apache Reservation; the complex under the New Denver International Airport, east of Denver, Colorado; China Lake Naval Weapons Centre in the California desert; the town of Ridgecrest near Death Valley; Page, Arizona; Taos, Carlsbad and Patil, New Mexico; as well as Springs,  Creede, and Castello, Colorado. Chris Tinkler speaks of existing tunnels and nuclear Safe havens below Canbeira near the Australian location of Melbourne and Townsville [not to mention historical reports such as the 1700s “hatch” reported by Dr. Plot at a Staffordshire. England entrance consisting of a large oval and ring {A History Of Staffordshire}. There is the Bell Witch Cave found by William Mitchell Mott in the 1800s in Robertson County, Tennessee, or the Moon Pool found by Abraham Mott in 1919, or Norman Kinley’s find 90 miles southeast of Marthon, Texas at the foot of the Del Norte Mountains, or the cave with a smooth stone wall and staircase  found by Tal and Mary Levesque in Hell Canyon 62 miles north of Branton, California, or the talk about a huge network of underground caverns beneath the Caribbean island of Bonaire.])

But perhaps no better tribute can be made than that which Richard Toronto gave: “(my) one and only mentor as writer and artist was Richard S. Shaver, who had a good heart no matter what history says about him.” Science-fiction/fiction has a way of forecasting reality (and we’ve seen this historically time and time again).

Maybe Shaver was just seeing human nature for all its scope and grandeur — its breath and even horror; Shaver said: “The unseen world beneath our feet, malignant and horrible, is complete in its mastery of earth. And most horrible of all, it’s a world of Madmen.”

(As an even further aside topic [“big” sidebar], in Michael Greenberg’s telling of his daughters slide into insanity, the story reveals how little we know about mental illness in the more hardened cases [far more complex than I can go into here: Or even the panoramic descriptions of various states of consciousness]. In describing a moment of his daughter’s dementia: “…a wavelet of energy swelled through the center of being. She could see the hidden life in things, their detailed brilliance, the funneled genius that went into making them what they are.  Sharpest of all was the misery on the faces of the people she passed. She tried to explain her vision to them but they just kept rushing by…Spinoza spoke of vitality as the purest virtue, the only virtue. The drive to persist, to flourish, she said, is the absolute quality shared by all living beings…Spinoza’s virtue is inverted, and instead of flourishing, one is driven to eat oneself alive…” (Hurry Down Sunshine)

Comparatively, David Darling, Ph.D., (English Astronomer and Science Writer) speaks of these states in his Soul Search: “There will always be a gap between what science can measure and what human beings feel. Yet everything we know about the way the two brain hemispheres work, everything psychology has taught us about the constructed nature of the world, and everything that those who have had mystical experiences told us, point to the same direction….Hindus call it Samadhi, Buddhists…Nirvana…Rinzai school of Zen…Satori….Zen Masters and others are powerless to relate how it feels. Words and descriptions do not encompass it.” (Ken Wilber summed it up this way: “I believe that logic has its limits and needs to be transcended in order to gain deep knowledge and wisdom…”)


(There must be an interjection here on another Schrothian puritan concept, that of “the good ole’ days” [along with ‘good ole pure manners’ sometime from 1970 back to the 1900’s, possibly including the ‘Gilded Age.’ {Schroth always had these handy-dandy concepts he would magically be pull-out from his Schizoid-Cultist-Skeptic-Religion handbook at opportune times}].)

Shaver’s World View certainly punched holes in your “good ole’ days” peruse, that view  might  be said to be just as much a “myth” as was your feelings on UFOs and psychic phenomena as myths: Otto Bettmann said so  in his The Good Old Days – They Were Terrible! Bettmann concentrated on the 1820s to 1890s period, and while it might be said to be not so bad for the very affluent in society, it was terrible for the average person. There was manure piled up high on sidewalks! There were no 40-hour work weeks but just unrelenting sweatshops. No osha. Constant disease and fly infestation. On and on, so forth.  This book explains why the “good old days” were only good for a preferred few and why they were unrelentingly harsh for most and very sobering.


Writer Jack London (1876-1916), a Capitalist (all his life….[read Wolf – The Lives Of Jack LondonJames L. Haley]), joined the Socialist Movement upon seeing and experiencing personally the harsh realities of man’s inhumanity to man…..

(London was born a working-class, fatherless Californian in 1876.  In his youth he was a boundlessly energetic adventurer on the bustling West Coast…playing the role of hobo, sailor, prospector, and oyster pirate)….

He wrote about the lower-class often: “In his research, Jack discovered that these people who lived in the slums did so not by choice and not through laziness, but because of old age, disease, or accidents that had reduced their labor value.” (The People Of The Abyss, Macmillan, 1903).Speaking of the ghetto, London said: “a new race has sprung up, a street people.  They pass their lives at walls and in the streets.  They have dens and stairs into which to crawl for sleeping purposes, and that is all.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson saw this too:

It is well within the range of science, glorying in the time; city children soak and blacken soul and sense in the city slime. There among the gloomy alleys progress halts on palsied feet; crime and hunger cast out maidens by the thousands on the street…”  

Robert E. Haggard speaks of it in The Persistence Of Victorian Liberalism “….by definition dreary, squalid and filthy…fetid…poisonous…gangs of burglars, garrotters, and pickpockets operate almost without check…”


In America, similarly, horrid conditions were found in the Five Points district of New York circa 1842-1863. Says Gregory Christiano: “The name Five Points evokes images of poverty, rampant crime, decadence and despair, which are true. The Five Points was a lurid geographical cancer filled with dilapidated and unbelievable tenement houses, gang extortion, corrupt politicians, houses of ill-repute and drunkenness and gambling. This was a place where all manner of crime flourished, the residents terrorized and squalor prevailed…Among the places the most crowded in proportion to their actual size, the worst ventilated and whose mortality is the greatest at all times….the term ‘cellar’ are not conveying a proper idea of the place when used as a residence….these dens, or artificial caves of the earth….often send bands of murderers, who live by thieving alone…”

Charles Dickens was likewise astounded at what he saw in 1842: “This is the place – Five Points —- these narrow ways, diverging to the right and left.  Such lives as are led here bear the same fruits here as elsewhere. The coarse and bloated faces at doors have counterpart at home, and all the wide world over.  See how the rotten beams are tumbling down, and how the patched and broken windows seem to scowl dimly, like eyes that have been hurt in drunken frays.  Many of the pigs live here. Do they ever wonder why their masters walk upright in lieu of going on all fours? And they talk instead of grunting…? All that is loathsome, drooping, and decayed is here.”

Martin Scorsese fashioned his film The Gangs Of New York on such a reality: “It was chaos, tribal chaos….claustrophobic, where everyone was crushed together…70,000 men and women…rampaged through the streets of New York, setting houses afire, battling police and lynching African-Americans. Federal troops had to be brought in to quell the disturbances….confronted one another in the streets of New York. Here competing groups vied for living space and economic survival in a cramped district near the tip of Manhattan…” Police records indicate that nearly every building did house a brothel.  There were gangs so vicious that they posted signs warning police to stay out of their neighborhoods. Saloon halls, gambling dens, and winding alleys; destitution and shocking violence – a turbulent era – rogues gallery of prostitutes, pimps, poisoners, pickpockets, murderers and thieves. Carol D. Bos., J.B said: “Tammany Hall…degenerated into a power-hungry greed machine, its members looked to local gangs as ‘enforcers’…”

Names denoted the reality: Slobbery Jim, Sow Madden, Piggy Noles, Eat’ em Up Jack, McManus Hell-Cat Maggie, Bowery Boys, Dead Rabbits, Plug Uglies, Short Tails, Slaughter House, Swamp Ants, Billy The Butcher. Says historian Tyler Anbinder: “In ‘Five Points’ tenements, families and other groups lived crammed into one or two dark rooms. The outhouses were too few and often overflowing. Sewage and pigs ran in the streets….the whole neighborhood just stank….some holding camphor-soaked kerchiefs to their noses to ward off the stench…middle-class tourists would go ‘slumming’ in Five Points __ escorted by the police…Some of the hard-to-believe stereotypes are true.”

A Methodist reformer, of that period, said: “Five Points, the synonym for ignorance the most entire, for misery the most abject, for crime of the darkest dye, for degradation so deep that human nature cannot sink below it.”


What could be said of Five Points could be said of many an untamed town stranded out in the western frontier: Dodge City, Deadwood, Tombstone…but there was also Las Vegas, New Mexico. So said Howard Bryan in Wildest of The Wild West…

‘“Without exception there was no town which harbored a more disreputable gang of desperadoes and outlaws that did Las Vegas,” said historian Ralph Emerson Twitchell, “before long, outlaws, bunko artists, murderers and thieves were becoming so common that the eastern part of the settlement had become utterly lawless…”

There was Handsome Harry, the Dance Hall Rustler, the Dodge City Gang, J.J. Webb, Mysterious Dave Mather, Joe Canary, Dirty Dave Rudelbaugh, Hoodoo Brown, Doc Holliday, Mike Gordon, Big Nose Kattie, Jesse James, Billy The Kid, Bob Ford, Web-fingered Billy, Rattlesnake Sam, Cock-eyed Frank, Hook-nosed Jim, Wyatt Earp, StutteringTom, Durango Kid, and Vicente Silva and his gang called the White Caps and the Forty Bandits.

Said the vigilantes of the town:

“The flow of blood must and shall be stopped in this community, and the good citizens of both the old and new towns have determined to stop it, if they have to hang by the strong arm of force every violator of the law in this County.”


Recent movie depictions granted more human character and portrayal of the real west such as the early years of Billy The Kid portrayed by Michael J. Pollard in Stan Dragoti’s 1972 movie Dirty Little Billy on the early years ofWilliam Bonney (aka William McCarty). The movie also depicted early western towns as they probably really were: barebones and often ram-shackled.

Coffeyville, Kansas, which was depicted in the movie, as told by Frank W. Blackman and William G. Cutler and “…much disorder prevailed in the small settlement, so much so that the main thoroughfare took the name ‘Red Hot Street’, and crime and murder were a common occurrence…1872…New Town site…earned Coffeyville the status of yet another lawless Kansas Cow Town…the town was wild with excitement and society was a chaos.  The reckless cowboy knew no restraint, gamblers plied their avocation openly, and saloons were quick to ply their customers with liquor…the streets resounded with the rattle of beer glasses and the clicking of the Keno and billiard rooms; quarrels were frequent, and the reports of the pistol, announcing that some unfortunate man had fallen victim to the well- aimed instrument, were common…dance halls with lewd women lined the streets…

                   …… (The Mayor) instructed the police officers

                   To invade and arrest the offenders….before

              The judge…..wassurprisedto find before him,

              The majority of the City Council…”


But much of the 19th century crime was of course big city crime; as indeed it was in Chicago: the curious case of Dr. Herman mudgett, alias Henry H. Holmes (1896). After graduating from the University Of Michigan medical school, he embarked upon a life of swindling, torture and murder. The second floor of the lodge building he built at 63rd and Wallace was designed expressly for the purpose of murder, being equipped with gas chambersof incinerators and other horrible devices, chutes and a variety of inventions to dispose the bodies he killed. He Had about thirty known victims and was suspected of murdering hundreds of others using poison and gas.

In Erik Larson’s book Devil in the White City (VintagePress, 2004), the events are described as taking place at Holmes’ World’s Fair Hotel west of the 1893 World’s Columbia Exposition. There they found a dissection table and a 3,000-degree crematorium. In the book, the smoke, romance, and mystery of the Gilded Age comes alive as never before, forging questions as to the relationship between opulence and grandeur of the Fair and the poverty and the degradation that surrounded it. Larson Said: “The juxtaposition of pride and unfathomable evil struck me as offering powerful insights into the nature of men and their ambitions.” (p. 393)

“Chicago in the 1890s was a time of great strikes, fierce nationalism, social activism and protest, an unpopular foreign invasion and building – of street car lines, factories, meat packing plants, businesses, libraries, and civic and art institutions,” says, “The city’s political and legal culture was characterized by energy, corruption and ambition.  During the Pullman strike more than n 5,000 federal troops were encamped along the lake, and the legacies of Haymarket were palpable.  The Vice District, the Levee, was as famous as the city’s skyscrapers and elevators…”

“A nineteenth-century Chicagoan looking for a prostitute could easily find one in any of the city’s wide-open vice districts,” says, “Like gambling houses until they were dispersed by raids in 1894, brothels and street walkers clustered in those areas partly because they were convenient for customers, but mainly because of selective law enforcement. Public officials and many private citizens viewed prostitution as a necessary evil that should be segregated into a few poor neighborhoods to protect the rest of Chicago.” Prostitution thrived along the southern edge of the “Loop”, Near West Side and Near North Side. The brothels paid bribes to police, politicians, and politically connected crime bosses.

“The Levee”, on the Southside, was one of the nation’s largest vice districts, controlled by imaginable late-century crime bosses and racketeers: There was alderman “Bathhouse John” Coughlin and Michael “Hinky Dink” Kenna. “The residential slums began about a mile west and south of the loop.  The poor, many of them immigrants, lived in old wooden houses standing cheek by jowl with factories and bars or in once elegant apartments and mansions converted into rooming houses and mansions converted into rooming houses and then tenements,” says Alice Sinkevich in AIA Guide To Chicago, “Some lots were filled front to back with ram shackled frame houses; others became refuse pits in front of houses that had not been elevated when the street grade was raised.  Many of the tiny units had no bathroom or kitchen. While other neighbors were adopting electricity and steam heat, the slums had yet to see gas lighting or coal stoves in every room.”   

The working conditions for the thousands employed at the Union Stock yards were terrible. Laborers on the killing – floors had to work amidst the stench and piercing shrieks of animals being slaughtered while standing on blood-soaked floors. They worked long hours – usually ten to twelve a day – in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in the summertime.  Employees could beg wages low and withhold benefits due to the ready supply immigrant workers desperate to earn a living. The situation is adequately described in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.  Carl Sandburg chose the word “brawling” to describe Chicago of this period.

These are just conditions of the 19th century as existed in America and England; to get into similar or worse conditions in other countries (the disease, crime, poverty) are beyond the limits of my time. Nor have we really gotten into the mountain of facts about the matters of disease, plague, poverty, and destruction in 19TH century America: Such as the Civil War (61,800 dead with direct costs of 3.3 billion dollars to the confederacy).

Others: World War 1 (20 million injured and dead with direct and indirect costs of 337 billion dollars); World War 2 (over 60 million injured and dead and total costs of 2,091.3 billion dollars); the influenza pandemic of 1918 (20 to 40 million dead): “The most devastating epidemic in recorded history”. So on. 

And then we come to another topic that Schroth feels is “too esoteric,” too  “off the rails” to be included in his ‘perfect’   worldview of science, religion, and humanity: that of the continuing and even growing number of UFO reports, or UAO (Unidentified AERIAL) objects.  



The argument as to whether UFOs exist as “spaceships” from outside the earth or from Nazi strongholds — or exist as myths or delusion or outright “lies,” is somewhat immaterial to me. I tend to approach this subject as I do other subjects; as a writer who tries to write an interesting story. That can mean I can write or might write from a certain “point of view” and that can depend on multiple factors. I recall attending a speech or rally at a north St. Louis church in which Dick Gregory and fellow members spoke of the black man’s plight in society. I wrote a short piece from the speaker’s point – of – view as best I could. Does that mean I agree 100% with everything they said? Not necessarily. And that is the way I usually write; I keep a little part of me to myself and my own private feelings — that doesn’t always come out in my format. And, then again, it does at times; depending on what I write about, how I feel, and to whom I am targeting. Private “feelings” are still allowable in America: even yours. Many writers love to “brain storm” or even listen to gossip:  such is life.

 And what ”if” you had been born black in the 19th century?[2]




Since you have directly involved me by referring to my private UFO sighting as a “Mr. X,” it behooves me to make a reply, although I don’t intend to get into a real lengthy debate. UFO debates are and can be a bottomless pit!

The sighting, which may have happened in either the summer of 1959 or 1960 – depending on which date and which showing of the Steve Reeves movie at the Fox Theatre in up-town St. Louis (Hercules Unchained [I believe]) was happening. And the object which I saw was significantly different and bizarre as to its nature as to classify it as a UFO. You refer to the “moon,” “flares,” “floating hoax balloons.” Without getting into a lot of “action-packed” descriptions (which you probably expect of me), allow me to quickly go through your references:

I have noted, this last August, (2018)  in fact, that when the moon arises from the horizon, the altitude in the sky starts from zero at the horizon  at a certain time at night and can almost reach “high noon” (so-to-speak) azimuth and altitude. Now, the time at which I had my “sighting” (delusion, misconception, and lie) was somewhere about 1200 a.m. or later – – – after midnight. The moon would be at a certain summertime azimuth and altitude at that time. Comparing the position at which the moon would be in the sky about 12:30 a.m. (give or take some minutes) and comparing how it really was being seen between the branches of a tree (at first) and where that would place it in the sky: It would have to have been in an approximate 9:00 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. position – – – approximately, an estimated, 30-degrees or so in its arc across the sky, as opposed to its almost 80 to 90-degree position it would have been after midnight. No, there could be no doubt it was near or after midnight — but since Schroth feels we are all deluded liars — anything is possible.


(“…it’s that old devil moon, that you stole from the skies…,” Old Devil Moon, Frank Sinatra)

The length of the gangway is short, just the length of the house; and the tree was at the very end of the gangway, it would be assumed that the object had to be not above the tree at a “high noon” position, but about 30 to 50-degrees above the horizon azimuth and altitude along the transit of the meridian, allowing it to be seen through the tree limbs and branches from a gangway position. When viewed in the “clear” portion of the sky —- which appeared to be on the other side of the tree —– it was as if I were viewing it directly north and somewhat ‘above.’ Since that was a “clear patch” of sky directly over my neighbors’ yards and my own, there were no good reference points to measure its size or distance. Even when it disappeared, it did so still in those clear patches of sky, arcing upward – to about the middle of my yard — and then moving away and up until it faded beyond my range of vision at about an 80-degree angle. These are all estimates.

Fifty-years ago are a long period to bring back crystal-clear memories, but I still believe I have one of two striking impressions. At the moment I first saw the object through the branches of the tree there may have been a slight “bounce” to it as if a ping-pong ball was gently placed on fluid water, but since I was not completely focused on it yet, I cannot be sure.


You refer to this UFO as a “flare” in a “heavily industrialized” area. Well, first, it just didn’t act like a flare — even fancy fireworks: and, boy, I’ve seen my share of fireworks. But, yes, it is possible that somebody worked up a sophisticated “fireworks” that were designed to portray a mysterious event: I suppose that is possible. I mean, I just didn’t have my million-dollar instrumentation with me at the moment to catch this thing on film and graph! And who might “they” be that did this time-consuming prank? You once mentioned a hologram: I’ve seen holograms and they look pretty real: I just don’t know how that would work in this instance, if the technology was possible in 1959-1960 to be contemporary with  what  I  saw.  And how would they hide the equipment?  I sat stunned on my back porch for a long time and did not hear a sound, not even dogs barking, if I recall correctly.  But the incompetent boobs that we are, anything………

Schroth questions: A heavily-industrialized-area? Yes, there are businesses in the area (there are businesses all over St. Louis and Carondelet: there was a lumberyard one block away near Tesson street: but that is south of my northward sighting!), but the major ones are southeast of my sighting: the grain silos on the river directly in line with the east view on Primm Street is about a mile or so away; the Titanium Smelting Facility, and the ship fabrication yards which are directly across the railroad tracks from the Titanium facility. That’s about as industrialized as you’ll get in that neighborhood.  Those are all at the foot of Davis Street which is southeast of the slightly northeast view I was having. The object did head over to that area but went suddenly straight up into a clear patch of sky until it went out of my range-of-vision — ascending upward at a great rate of speed.

There are  barges  moving up and down the river, but in the many years of living in Carondelet, I’ve never seen flares being shot off barges in that fashion (unless it was the 4th of July Famous and Barr display: which is quite a distance away and very different). The cardboard factory is west of my sighting, across Michigan Avenue. You don’t think those guys were playing with matches that night, do you? In the slightly northwest area at which I saw this UFO, it was a clear patch of sky. There are some Illinois facilities that are across the Mississippi river, such as the factories in Saguet….but that is up-river across from mid-town St. Louis (there was the Monsanto plant [which produced polychlorinated biphenyl’s into the Dead Creek: you don’t think it came ‘a flaming’ over to Primm Avenue, do ya?]; and there was the W.G. Krummich Plant, the Clayton Chemical property). You don’t think the guys over at those factories were sending flares over to Primm and Minnesota Avenues, do ya? Maybe railroad employees sending off a flare?  But why would the flare be an “in-coming” object from the north over Primm and Minnesota Avenues and the railroad tracks are south of Primm by one block at Tesson? Anything is possible, I guess, especially with us lying boobs looking on…

When I first saw this object (or, what seemed to me to be an object) it appeared seemingly motionless beyond the tree at the foot of my gangway to the house. No real motion was noticed until I turned back to take a hard look at it: at that point, as I approached my back steps and I stood to take a strong look, that it appeared to “quicken” into action – – – it now reminds me of the video technique used in some movies were they are showing a “still” frame of a photo (or scene) and then “suddenly” spring  it “into action” as supposed real people walking or moving. In that split moment I saw it “hanging” in that clear patch of sky, I was electrified. I had a feeling of tremendum mysterium!  It was as if in a moment of time I had come face to face with some unexpected miraculum – keuthonymos!  Of course, that is quite personal and quite subjectively psychological, but, hay, you were not there!

“Plastic balloons with candles in them?” The summer of 1960 some pranksters were sitting up these balloons and were caught. If my UFO were in fact these balloons: boys, you are master pranksters! I would say “no”, but how can an incompetent boob be sure?  And that poses some other questions: Why 1960? Might it have been 1959? No mention of prank balloons then. But debunkers are so stringent in their rear-view mirror hindsight coaching, they have no leeway for “error”: They cannot be wrong: they “must” be absolutely correct! They have no excuses! They demand absolute perfection of their subjects and themselves.

(And the debunker ‘The Amazing Randi’ confessed to being a homosexual?!  And the correct name for Peter Kor is ‘TomComella’. [True-skeptics, on the other-hand, do have excuses!]).

And, why July for my sighting; why not August, June, or September?

(The question has been asked me: Why have I been so sloppy in my investigation? You are talking about a 15-year-old boy from a lower middle-class family: One family which was hell-bent on destroying itself amidst my personal teenage angst and tragedy (of which you only have been told a small portion). I was more interested in “surviving” (we are dealing with real, physical danger; not a very protected and loving environment from which you operated); and I had several “personal- mechanisms” to do that. There was no UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis then. I was much more l interested in girls and roaming the Carondelet neighborhoods with Ronnie Smith or John Moeller or the South Broadway “gang.” I believe at some point I became interested in Space Exploration and, later, model rocketry; but that may have been after age 15. From where should I have gotten this sudden “sophistication”?)


Why didn’t I go to the newspapers the next day – – – or, in fact, go down to the papers that night? Or call the police?! Or go banging on the neighbors’ doors?!  I mean, if I was sincere and not one of the lying boobs? You obviously are not aware, or had missed out, in part, of what are some of the daily activities, and the living, perilous times of a 1960s teenager! You ask: Why did I not mention it to someone immediately! Well, I did: my mother, the very next day. But the problem child that I was, I don’t think my mention carried a lot of weight. I did write it up in my diary — some loose pages tucked away in my desk. But my mother discovered them in one of her snooping ventures and destroyed the pages because it carried descriptions of family fights and horrors. In fact, sometime around 1967 (possibly), once my ‘space’ interest kicked off into a ‘UFO’ interest, I wrote a short piece for a UFO magazine which is now in the garage storage; so unsophisticated, ill-timed, ill-planned, and not according to script.



“Life” is not according to script. Not all teenagers in the 1960s were interested or capable of protesting the educational system or taking trips to England to visit Summer Hill College. However, I do believe there is a “NEXUS” here, because – – – – like so many children in the 1960s — – – – you and I (like others) were into the “protest” movement. It was the age of the JFK assassination, the Vietnam War, controlling, and oft-times “destructive” parents (at least, in my case; of course, my family had good times, how else could I have survived?). I know you were involved in personal, private struggles of your own (and still are), and though not identical to mine, we both seemed to carry burdens that were in some way very similar, though not strictly replicate. It led to varying degrees of “fear-flight syndrome” and schizoid behavior. Somewhat of a elongated “post-traumatic stress syndrome” (events compiled over and over in a life-time, in what could be said to be, in retrospect [divorce, controlling power or government structures, menacing and frequently unquestioned and often corrupt “professionals”, etc.]), unrelenting and leading into chronic conditions. I am reminding of the battle-in-life the Nick Nolte character, Wade Whitehouse, had in Paul Schrader’s 1997 film (based on the Russell Bank’s book) Affliction. [I understand you’ve said you don’t believe there is such a thing as mental-illness.]. Persons with a lot of support groups and psychological and physical backing “snap out of it”; wealthy families or families or friends with great resources of love and various kinds of support (what I understand from your reports and photos, you had, relatively speaking, fairly loving and stable parents). Even wealthy-motion-picture-Stars can “come back.” I believe ‘our’ UFO movement came out of this syndrome and era: at least, the UFO movement as we know it: UFO researchers against evil governmental authority: that was attractive to many people. That may have been where we came in; as well as your interest in astronomy and mine in space exploration.)

What did I see? I don’t know!  I have some favorite theories; but I would not give them to you to “feed off.”  I will say, UFOs were not consciously on my mind at the moment, other than we had just seen a movie about an hour or more earlier on Greek legend. And, of course, 15-years-of-age is a typical age of teenage angst when poltergeist activity has been reported. And as far as UFO sightings go: Mine just isn’t that interesting —- not in a news headlines sense —- I’ve read far more interesting UFO cases.  But mine was personal!

(John Wheeler, professor emeritus, Princeton University, has said: “May the universe in some strange sense be ‘brought into being’ by the participation of those who participate?” [G. Zukav, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, pg. 54]. John Allero, M. Ed., MAPP, might add more insight, this way: “When we are not intentional in our thinking, life brings us things from our dark subconscious, whether we consciously want it or not. Jonathan Hardt would say that the elephant overtakes the rider, life brings its own stretch goals…).   

That I did not “parade” my UFO sighting at the time and since: this somewhat contradicts the theory that all UFO witnesses run amuck to get publicity. It would seem that you can’t have it both ways – – –  unless you are fair-minded and objectively explorative.  



In your critique of the UFO situation, you mention and debunk past UFO Greats and their erroneous UFO sightings: Walt Andrus, Leo Wicklinski, and others.  I wish you could have confronted them while were living: these people are all dead and have no way to confront you or defend themselves..

I hope you didn’t think I was sending you UFO and other materials to “pick a fight.”  It just was my way of sharing and trying to inspire. As far as the UFO Mystery itself: I am just a simple observer that is just as ‘completely’ lost as anyone else. It makes no difference to me whether they are spaceships from mars, another dimension, multi-universes, government projects, etc. In fact, I suspect the Mystery is “multifarious.” There is no “one” explanation; and one aspect is as interesting as another . . . especially to a journalist. Some people have turned it into a religious battle: the Space Ship Doctrine versus the Pure Bunk Debunkers.

I’m afraid it is far too complex to show this kind of if arrogance. And if Bigelow and Vallee want to use their time and money to investigate- – – – it’s their time and money and no government, yet, can stop them! If sociologists like Leon Festinger want to study them as myth, that is real science – – – they should go for it!

Michel Monnerie (What If UFOs Don’t Exist?), Bertrand Meheust (Science-fiction And Flying Saucers) and Carl Gustav Jung all spoke of UFOs as psychological-psychosocial phenomena using pre-existing motifs and memetic selection (though Jung saw more “meat” to UFOs, as an intelligent phenomenon, having synchronisms other than rumor). A description of The Society for Scientific Exploration describes their Ufological interest as varying from fringe proponent David Icke to respected mainstream scientists like  Peter A. Sturrock, Jacques Vallee, James E. McDonald, J. Allen Hynek or Auguste Meesen, some of whom argue that UFO reports are as worthy of study as any topic, and deserve case by case analysis using the scientific method: and not all ufologists–scientists believe that UFOs are necessarily extraterrestrial spacecraft, or even that they are objective physical phenomena. Even those UFO cases that are exposed as hoaxes or found to be delusions or misidentification may still be worthy of serious study from a psychosocial point of view.

(It may be out of this “soup” that some of our 20th century “marvels” and scientific inventions have appeared: Certainly, our Space-Program. Recently it was announced that our Army had obtained a 4 million dollar ___ Carnegie-Mellon-“electroencephalography”-program ___ at the United States University of California-Irving to invent “thought helmets” for jet pilots to communicate by brainwave [sounds a lot like Richard Shaver-type material such as the Telog, Ray Machines, Elder-Mech, Stim Rays, and {guess what?} “Thought-machines”]).

Similarly, Winston Wu, Graduate from California State University, had this to say on Carl Sagan’s approach: “Carl Sagan, though an amazing thinker, was wrong here.  Extraordinary claims merely require evidence. Good evidence has to exist before we can draw conclusions, to be sure, but certainly not extraordinary evidence….legitimate science is conducted by examining all evidence, not by myopic rushes to judgment.”

Diana Palmer Hoyt describes it this way: “The UFO seems to bear a closer resemblance to problems in meteorology than in physics. The phenomena are observed occur episodically, are not reproducible, and in large part, are identified by statistical gathering of data for possible organization into patterns.  They are not experiments that can be replicated at will at the laboratory bench under controlled conditions.”  

What is wrong with a multifaceted study? Life is multifaceted: why pull that string on the bottom of life’s page and try to force all those dots into a straight line? We won’t see that “STRAIGHT LINE” for millions of years, if ever. It is not the “scientific method” or the scientific community that should be faulted (right or wrong, they’ll do what they have to do), but individual maniacs with a deprived sense of value that parade as “pure scientists.”

Micah Hanks spoke on this in a fairly well-rounded book UFOs: Reframing the Debate (www.whitecrowbooks,com; info@ – 2017):  “Modern skepticism can, I think, be summarized in many instances, as an ideology, around which a social movement has been built – one that today also runs tangent with atheism – and as a paradoxically evangelical attitude about the supremacy of science above all other form of knowledge.” (p. 74.)

Also, in UFOs; Reframing the Debate, Joshua Cutchin expanded on this same topic:  “Science is nothing more than a set of questions and tools to evaluate reality honestly and objectively, whereas materialism is an assumption based on the notion that only things replicable in a labeling as ‘real’ …  confirming the objective reality of telepathy, remote viewing, clairvoyance, or any other psi effect would devastate our understanding of natural laws, which would in turn cripple the surety with which the scientific method operates It would shatter materialism.” (pp. 57- 58.)  

M.J Banias also added the following observation on so-called ‘science’ in the same book UFOs: Reframing the Debate: “We have given ‘science’ a sort of anthropomorphic consciousness, but science is not a literal ‘thing,’ rather it is a collection of socially accepted ideological constructs, methods and mechanisms, financially controlled by economics and political forces.” (p. 137.)

Speaking of antiqued, pretentious, and unrealistic views of what ‘science’ actually ‘is,’ you’re not going to claim, as some do, that Hitler was always on a quest for “pure science”- – – his “pure race” ideas: the Reich’s talk about “pure-science”, “pure-books”? Hitler was ill! History says he was suffering from Huntington’s disease and there apparently was a linage of mental illness.

(Hitler’s Reich has its origins in Guido von List and Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels “theozoology”; Madame Blavatsky’s “The Order of The New Templars”. Many of his SS and military were steeped in esoteric, occult practices, such as the Thule Society. It was called the Black Order, and The Vril Society: spoke of the “vril force”. Heinrich Himmler and Herman Goering considered Hitler as the ‘King of Fear’. The Edelweiss Society spoke of the Nordic Master Race, the Aryans, The Thule Society, and Rudolf Glaver, Dietrich Eckardt. Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels spoke of “castration” of subordinates and victims).   

Some other miscellaneous comments: yes, animal mutilations exist, cats, dogs, rabbits, cattle – – – – no way around it ——  cow hearts cut out and put in a bucket, mutilated cows left with scalpels, on and on.  What you would like to see, and perhaps are doing, is trying to frame the mystery as “Mutilations As An ‘unknown’” versus The Grand Debunker Gang (in regard to and as much as they are against ‘space ships’, ‘ghosts’, etc.): and that, I, or other people won’t do. That is giving into your jaded psychological Doctrines (just like John Sxxxxxxxx has his perverted Doctrines on the other end of the scale).

Yes, there are and were real stealth craft made by terrestrial governments: And on some craft, there are even patents in the government patent offices.

You comment that in the James Fox production on UFOs called Out Of The Blue, that the name of Major Hector Quintanilla was ‘misspelled’.  If we are going to hold the UFO community guilty of such High Crimes then we will have to do the same to Dave Schroth and one of his Debunking Mentors: Phillip Klass: In The Skeptics UFO Newsletter, September1,1998 ,Klass “misspells” presumably as “…..presum –ably (sic).” 




However, I can greatly sympathize with Dave Schroth’s positions on some matters, or I would be contradicting myself. The paranormal or Fortean field of study is rift with deceptions, absurdities, unfounded religious belief (the believers) and fraud. No doubt about it. And I agree with Schroth that after so much exposure, one can only become loathsome of the topic and its pranksters. When this becomes obvious to me: I get quite upset. It is a department of study of its own dimensions. If a UFO organization presents itself  –  more or less  –  as a fact-finding, scientific organization but continually is side-tracked into obvious sessions of story-telling and even science-fiction and invention: they obviously are not fulfilling their charter to the public ———- only to the their perverted or questionable egos. They can be basically nice, sometimes eccentric, people or they can be stinkers in disguise.  But aren’t we all that way?

Several incidents arose in my meetings with the Study Group that, as Dave Schroth, would agree, would cast doubt on their sincerity. Pope, on a visit to his home, introduced me to a neighbor who, at one point, almost as if prompted, began to speak about his personal UFO sighting of a “boomerang” UFO.  I noticed that both had smirks and grins on their faces at the telling. There had been several incidents that seemed suspiciously insincere. One “field investigation” to a family who reported several Fortean incidents in mass (a one-day incident), including a Bigfoot sighting, here in St. Louis County, almost seemed “staged” and even rehearsed. And, yes, I recall the barely subdued grins once again!

The UFO field certainly seems dull or even bleak without fresh, dramatic UFO and Fortean cases coming in every day, and the stench of overlaid lies and fabrication amidst large clumps of “play acting”, makes the subject very difficult and risky (Voodoo Histories, David Aronovitch – 2009: recommended with reservations). Most people have turned their backs on the topic because of this. There are the “Repeater” Phenomena, where persons continually have Fortean events, causing great suspicion. John Sxxxxxxxx may be one of those as his life is a long string of weird paranormal events, nonstop, almost always lacking in hard evidence. Most of them are not very believable (not that I can’t sympathize with that plight having been a ‘victim’ of a UFO sighting myself). 

One example: several years ago the Rev. Sxxxxxxxx had a Parapsychological Subcommittee of the Ufosgogs that would meet at his home; at that time on Miami Avenue. At this particular time, Schroeder was conducting sessions of the supposed hypnotic regression of a member in an alleged “ET” contact. I invited Tim Zell, a professional psychologist and a trained hypnotist to witness the affair.  It was not very long into the session before Tim Zell exposed the fallacious hoax that it was – – – – – Sxxxxxxxx and ‘company’ were at a loss for words that their ploy fell through. The ‘minutes’ of the meeting weakly mentions having better “controls” of any experiments in the future. Good suggestion: but I have never seen it practiced or hoax prevented in the Ufosgogs. Recently, Reverend Sxxxxxxxx had visions that the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek was a “Reptilian” monster in disguise (I wonder how professional paleontologists would handle the factson the reality of Reptilian bodies never being found in the last 100,000 years?); Sxxxxxxxx often says he gets his information from god! The “scientific controls” need to be greased and shined-up and brought back out of storage!

That UFO Cults are heavily weighted in various forms of psychobabble and esoteric mannerisms is true, as Leon Festinger and co-workers will testify (When Prophecy Fails, University of Minnesota Press) in their 1956 expose’ of a UFO cult. These “groups” are rift with what I suspect would be ample medical histories in various psychiatric files: Histrionic or Schizotypal personality disorder, Paranoid-narcissistic personalities, superiority personality syndromes, antisocial personalities, fantasy-prone minds, confabulation, fantastical-myth-mania, capgras delusion, fregoli delusion, delusional disorder (yes, yes, I’m in there somewhere), so on and so on: but most are just average street people with varying degrees of neurosis and stress (count me in that bunch!).

There is a list of psychiatric syndromes that could very well come into play in the topic of Fortean events; and never make mention outside of the doctor’s office. There was a study dated 2001 called Fantasy Proneness And Other Psychological Correlates Of UFO Experiences byGow, Laurie, Popper, Powell and Basterfield (almost sounds like the name of a law firm that I know: Buoy, Wee, Cheetham and Howe, LLP), Which suggests that those individuals with a high threshold for fantasy (like fiction writers and science-fiction writers) are more apt to have UFO experiences (and that does not necessarily denote fabrication!): opens a whole dimension for study (not myopic censorship, debunking  or avoidance).

But Dave Schroth has stated in pass letters and correspondence that ‘mental illness’ and a lot of psychiatry is another one of those ‘myths’ and ‘lies’ that his private doctrine attacks and disagrees with (and the scam of psychiatry has been noted by others), which usually leaves Schroth in a bit of a quandary and more incongruity.


(At LEAST, They have the same identical illnesses and faults)

That paranormal participants (and, yes, even debunkers: Phyllis Glade noted in her “I See By The Papers” column in Fate Magazine that a chemical was medically discovered in the bodies of ‘debunkers’ that might be a clue as to their cynicism) will admit to these shortcomings (that undoubtedly affect their viewpoints) is doubtful. As one person, having schizoid personality disorder, confessed: “I went from being a recluse who didn’t give a fuck about others to a genial, appreciated successful guy who still doesn’t give a fuck about others, but pretends he does – and people fall for it…I basically have two personalities inside me…a selfish, narcissistic prick who doesn’t give a shit about others…then…my Coping Personality…to function on the outside world….was able to infiltrate the texture of society….”

Hilary Freeman wrote in Psycho Bosses on The Loose, “Not all psychopaths areviolent criminals and fewer still have a desire to eat you for dinner.  Many are highly successful businessmen and women, lawyers, academics, politicians, doctors and teachers.  Psychopaths wear suits too; in fact, there could be one in your office”. Robert Hare, professor of psychology at the University of Vancouver, says: “These individuals are every bit as egocentric, callous and manipulative as the average criminal psychopath.”  John Clarke, psychologist at the University of Sydney, refers to “serial bullying” rather than “serial killing.” (One could also add “serial hoaxing,” “serial hating,” “serial lying,” and so forth).               

And the ‘media’ misrepresentation can go hand-in-hand with the above as well as I witnessed in Elsberry, Missouri in the 70s as the ‘hysteria’ by UFO enthusiasts and some public concerning cattle mutilations and UFOs.   

(Might as well include my TIA [“mini-stroke”] episode from back in 1973-1974 at this point, wherein I described a daytime sleep [though I was not asleep] paralysis and “tunnel” travel [in a room with bustling kids, a house-cleaning wife, and streaming sunlight through uncovered windows]: that was a weird medical state! I  described that episode in detail to Doctor Eric J. Lenze, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Washington School of Medicine, St. Louis, and he said it was ”not” a TIA [maybe some other kind of crazies; but not a TIA]: Just another “speed bump” on the road before “armchair paranormal debunking”!)

Says the RRR Group in “Displaying everything UFO-related won’t ever get to the heart of the UFO mystery. The panoply of flying saucer detritus merely showcases how discombobulated the UFO community is, with an obvious lacuna in serious research.”

Dave Schroth has said in a past bibliography that he had considered past members and some late members of the Ufosgogs as his friends (written in 2008), and that I suppose that is true enough (and it is true enough for me as well for I recall some affection and affinity with them) – – – – but, apparently, they were not friendly enough to prevent him from questioning their integrity as far and in regards to their respective UFO sightings or Fortean beliefs: these he has later questioned and even attacked repeatedly.; strange friendships.


His friendship with “Lee Pope” may have been built on more than a UFO connection: and these all seem very conflicting and contradictory: Pope was a strict right-wing Roman Catholic (Schroth does not believe in any religion at all or even God); likewise Christian had a personal UFO sighting, along with his son Terry, the whole family – including son Terry — were alleged to have been involved in several Fortean, even Satanic, events (Schroth disowns any belief in any Forteanisms). The only possible true kinship may have been Christian’s vehement and virago “anti-Semitism” (Christian may have been making allusions to Super-rich Jewish descendants and families, I am not sure). One time, I recall Pope marching into the Study Group engaging Leo Wicklinski in a conversation in which he announced that the “Jews” were behind the Flying Saucers! I spoke to Christian several times by which he announced the same topic and other things about the Jewish “takeover” and the theory that the Jewish Holocaust did not happen (but I keep reading something about, like, 9 million were murdered). Now, these are beliefs that Schroth may “not” have been so tightly against!

But Schroth shouldn’t have liked his “friends” to hoax, spawn weak theories, or be incompetent (for Schroth has said he is against all these things). Schroth speaks in sardonic tones when he speaks against UFOs as spaceships (he implicates, as well, there should be “no” serious study). Yet when the late Leo Wicklinski, his good friend, spoke about the July 27, 1978 Clora Evelyn Winscher UFO case (in which an, alleged, pursuing UFO hit her car and left several dents in the rear of her automobile), at a room-filled Sunday Ufosgogs meeting circa 1978, Leo announced this case as evidence of extraterrestrial spaceships thousands of years in advance of terrestrial technology (to the hysterical applause of enthusiastic on-lookers): was this not in direct confrontation and contradiction with Schroth’s core belief?

Ufosgogs members Rosetta and Dick Holmes, also declared as friends, were practitioners of the extraterrestrial theory and had intimately sponsored the late Betty Hill (of the famous September 19, 1961, UFO abduction case) lecture of which  she was speaker at the Forest Park Community college in the 1970s.  

Dave Schroth has said in a past bibliography that he had considered past members and some late members of the Ufosgogs  as his friends (written in 2008), and that I  suppose that is true enough(and it is true enough for me as well for I recall some affection and affinity with them) – – – – but, apparently, they were not friendly enough to prevent him from questioning their integrity as far and in regards to their respective UFO sightings or Fortean beliefs: these he has later questioned and even attacked repeatedly; Strange friendships.

His friendship with Lee Pope (not his real name; Pope was a Study Group member who was vital in the groups incorporation, I disguise him and his family to protect against law suits and to abate shame to them) may have been built on more than a UFO connection: and these all seem very conflicting and contradictory: Pope was a strict right-wing Roman Catholic (Schroth does not believe in any religion at all or, apparently, as  even having a belief in God [in the 60s he was labeling himself as an atheist]); likewise Pope had a personal UFO sighting, along with his son Larry (not his real name), the whole family – including son Larry — were alleged to have been involved in several Fortean, even Satanic, events (Schroth disowns any belief in any Forteanisms; at least his dark diatribes of anything related to the topic gives that impression: he even told me at one time he was an Atheist). The only possible true kinship Wild had with Pope then or since may have been with pope’s vehement and virago “anti-Semitism” (Pope may have been making allusions to Super-rich Jewish descendants and families only and not average Jews, I am not sure; some of the literature he was reading and had shown me struck me as somewhat Hitlerian: he demonstrated a strong kinship with Hitler’s hatred of Jews and the cold strength and power that he brought to Germany as he took control). One time, I recall Pope marching into the Study Group engaging Leo Wicklinski in a conversation in which Pope announced that the “Jews” were behind the Flying Saucers! I spoke to Pope several times at which moments he announced the same topic and other things about the Jewish “takeover” and the theory that the Jewish Holocaust did not happen (but I keep reading something about, like, 9 million Jews were murdered). Now, these are beliefs that Schroth may “not” have been so tightly against!

Schroth summarized that Lee Pope, as far as he can remember, shied away from the ET hypothesis as a weak theory: in actuality, in many conversations I had with Lee Pope, “ran the gamut” of all kinds of theories and possibilities, including Jewish-Zionist-Cabal-inventions, and secret government inventions, as well as other realm dimensions, and all kinds of possibilities. He had a theory for everything, including his own son having been demon-possessed.

What could have been behind Schroth’s quizzical pattern that allowed his incongruousness in associating with an avidly traditionalist Roman Catholic who believed in the customary miracles, God, doctrines of which Schroth vehemently rebuked on the one hand.[3] What Schroth also failed to utilize or even recognize was that Steve Erdmann had multiple visits and episodes with Lee Pope over the years, going into as much as interviewing Pope, visiting and having many general associations with him as did Wild, maybe even more so; so much so that the Lee Pope story does not end just yet on the above mentioned few curiosities mentioned Schroth describes as a staunch and upright example of the century’s emblem of the best “good citizen” does not quite hold-up. This “pretense” is ‘not’ entirely true, and is not identical to the Lee Pope I knew.

But the ‘Lee Pope’ mentioned several paragraphs earlier, was still highlighted even further by additional oddities. Schroth, as a purported strict atheist, seemed in the manufacture for incongruous and strange ‘bed fellows’ for Schroth (who emphatically denounces the ultimate reality of anything at all of the spiritual, supernatural or religious nature) and those he esteems as associates, for Schroth is constantly on a mission, every moment of the day, enduring, unrelenting, to discover those enemies that are ‘improper,’  “nonfactual,” “imperfect,” and have been “contaminated” by the Fabien conspiracy (and other societal contaminations, at least, as he sees them from his arm-chair diagnostics) and at almost any cost.[4] 

It is nice and perhaps wonderful that Schroth had become friends to Lee Pope, as Schroth’s discourses praise Pope highly, and that he deliberately marks Pope’s military career with esteem, and that the Popes treated Schroth so kindly and fondly, but this ultimately says nothing at all about the underlying stark reality of the baser side of the family and the discordant and conflicting practices they held that are so in variance with the ending and final Doctrine of Schroth’s Cultist and  private peaching. It is nice that Pope’s wife, Marian (not the real name), baked cookies and served meals to him in friendship (they did the same to me as well), but this should not, in the framework of Schroth’s stringent, unyielding, crass, Doctrine of “perfectionism” allow one iota of leeway of divergence from the stark reality that he has enshrined himself in. 

Likewise, I too had many friendly conversations with members of the Ufosgogs, and if compatibility were any criteria for putting these people as one-off, icons of virtue, merely because of their friendliness, then most of those—as well as many in the so-called UFO community— should receive the same stamp of approval and almost deification.

And that Lee Pope had served in the military and was a veteran, should in no way, abate or delineate from the millions of other men who served in and perhaps gave their lives in the service of their countries; again, not one iota. This includes both my brother and half-brother and my cousin George Banjak—and myriad others. My grandfather, John Bork, served in the submarine division in the German Navy, while he was no UFO organization-organizer; I feel his military service is likewise honorable and praiseworthy.

Spirituality and a host of other religious sentiments:  Schroth was fervidly opposed to these. What could have been the kinship between these elements that appeared to be so incongruous?  The answer is: shared Cultist-beliefs[5], almost in concert and replica, if not identical, but certainly in large part.  Both Schroth and Pope were sterling attackers of the “Fabian-sponsored” Communist conspiracy to over-throw America (which I am also a dissentient, but in modified degrees and severity outside of any Skeptic or radical Debunking-of-Society cult), as well as the conspiracy of Jewish-aristocrats (which some presently are labeling Zionists) to help destruct authentic American culture.

In many discussions with Pope, Erdmann discovered that Pope had a wide-interest in a large range of topics that were very “‘speculative,” “‘visionary,”  “‘on-going,” and “intrigued,” and, what be termed by some, as “wide-eyed”— “Mysteries.” They usually reflected major paranormal topics floating around at the time.  At one interval, as example, when the book and movie THE EXORCIST was popular, Pope divulged, under strict secrecy, story in this matter.  I told him I was going to write on that topic for BEYOND that his son ‘Larry’ (an alias to protect him) had “also” become possessed by demons and he had a personal REALITY Magazine and asked if I could interview him; yes, I could, but he and his family could not be identified (and they weren’t in the article at all). Unfortunately, for Schroth (and Pope), the whole interview was “taped” on cassette tape of which I still have and was not destroyed in a later storage debacle.

But Schroth shouldn’t have liked his “friends” to hoax, spawn weak theories, or be incompetent (for Schroth has said he is against all these things). Schroth speaks in sardonic tones when he speaks against UFOs as spaceships (he implicates, as well, there should be “no” serious study).[6] Yet when the late Leo Wicklinski, his good friend, spoke about the July 27, 1978 Clora Evelyn Winscher UFO case (in which an, alleged, pursuing UFO hit her car and left several dents in the rear of her automobile), at a room-filled Sunday Ufosgogs meeting circa 1978, Leo announced this case as evidence of extraterrestrial spaceships thousands of years in advance of terrestrial technology (to the hysterical applause of enthusiastic on-lookers): was this not in direct confrontation and contradiction with Schroth’s core belief?

The crime here, if that might be used as a descriptive term, is not that Schroth ‘liked’ or spoke of these people in ‘friendly’ terms, it is the incongruousness and contradictory nature of those relationships that cause one to take pause: 1) Schroth has a deep hatred of those who hold these beliefs (and there can be no doubt that he has spoken so vividly and disparagingly about this), 2) he abhors supernaturalism, religion and such supposed ‘myths’ with a deep passion, 3) yet, he associates with these ‘infidels’ and ‘enemies’ as if they were somehow comrades or, in fact, were indirectly or secretly upholding his Luddites’ Radical- Skeptical-Cultist Religion.

It is a shame that Schroth has built a wall of complete alienation between society at large and his tortured, private beliefs, as society does not actually operate in this way in every instance.

Which all goes to prove that friendships can be stronger than politics or beliefs (and it can also go to show how we can have strange bed-fellows; which is a good thing)!


(Thomas A, Fairbanks, Jacques Vallee, and Masking)  

In Schroth’s campaign for his private concept of “perfectionism” he overlooks or does little accounting on citizens’ Right to research, use their personal thinking brains, create a vast historical library of written material, and read and collect data, in his shrouding it all, somehow, under a death mask of worthlessness and Fabian-Communist deception and ‘savage’ uselessness; this he again did in one specific instance when I wrote about letters I had received from a Thomas A. Fairbanks who claimed in the 1960s to have known and associated with some of the John Kennedy conspirators (responding to an article in my Dissenter/Disinter Magazine back then), inflamed in his vitriolic abuse, calling me, once again, a liar.

I have in my possession about three hand-written letters from a Thomas A. Fairbanks who was quoted from those letters to tell of his episodes with those that are connected in the Kennedy Assassination case back in the 1960s, telling of a Church that held several homosexuals and worked behind the scenes to aid people that were involved. Thomas Fair banks was eventually mentioned by Joan Mellen in her biographical book on Jim Garrison in  a chapter number 18 titled “Upheaval,” about 26 paragraphs into that chapter (A FAREWELL TO JUSTICE; Jim Garrison, JFK’s Assassination, And The Case That Should Have Changed The World, Potomac Books, 2007).

In a series of 2008 letters, Schroth removes all doubt about his invidious and deeply penetrating hatred of mankind, which he states unequalviably as relentless hatred and philosophical venom for people (see URL article with footnote no. 9):[7]

In later 2018 comments, Schroth expanded his Cultism into several other attacks and inaccuracies, one aimed directly at the noted researcher Jacques Vallee as unscientific and apparently ‘loose’ for using the Willamette Pass Oregon UFO photo as a possible indication of a UFO ‘dematerializing’ as published in a 1974 issue of PSYCHIC Magazine. Fortunately, nineteen years later the case was exposed by Vallee in the Society for Scientific Exploration (of which Vallee is a council member) in the 1993 Vol. 7- No. 2 issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration. Twenty-five years later, in 2018, Schroth is still mistakenly using an already exposed case in 1993 to further attack Vallee, at which point Schroth should have long before recognized the SFSE’s discovery.

As a ‘perfectionist,’ Schroth has no excuse for such mistakes,[8] especially since his whole existence and extraordinaire Cultist-Skeptic-Religion is deeply fastened to it.[9]

Apparently, Schroth has no qualms in overlooking the several UFO cases that Vallee has exposed and debunked himself in his investigations. Neither is Schroth knowledgeable of the time, expense and number of UFO cases that Vallee has readily investigated, far outpacing anything that Schroth has accomplished or even comes close to.

To make matters worse, Schroth speaks on behalf and uses the so-called “mainstream science” concept as a ‘tool’ or ‘club’ to erroneously bash those whom he disagrees with.  He is inaccurate on several counts: 1) the nature of scientific inquiry is expanding daily in an ever-growing and widening hemisphere of newly accomplished facts and theories by multiple scientists in the science and academic fields, and 2) quite a few of those ‘scientists’ are legally interested in the subject of UFOs in a multiple line of disciplines and study.

Schroth’s use of some mysterious ‘mainstream’ (used as a weapon only when he needs to cover his tracks or pretenses) seems often frivolous at times, in as much as these authors, many of the ones he acknowledges, are, in fact, considered ‘outside the main stream’ and not really accepted by major cabals or Think Tanks. Authors such W. Cleon Skousen, Gary Allen, John A. Stormer, and others, while frequently quoted are not necessarily held in esteem by the majority of Schroth’s supposed “solid, strong, main stream.”

Perhaps, which all goes to prove, that friendships can be stronger than politics or beliefs (and it can also go to show how we can have strange bed-fellows, which is a good thing)!

Iranian soccer players matched against American teams, and despite intense competition, they had developed intimate and deep friendships that went beyond the sport; as one of the Iranian players said later: “you don’t let politics get in the way of good friendship.”  (Among friends, you tend to loosen your behavior and act more spontaneously because of the bond that may have developed; this can be a “trap” depending on how deceptive your ‘partner’ really is: and why trust in marriage or other partnerships are so vital and so exhausting)

(on the doctrinal or political horizons, I suppose I am an Agnostic; politically, I like to call myself an “Independent” with leanings towards the Conservative side – sometimes toward the Right, but not very far.  In fact, and usually depending on individual case-histories, I can sympathize with people on the left – the ‘common’ person – I am and have been there – I have no reason to not empathize in their plight:  I am not a relic of past elite aristocracy.  You, as compared, seem a staunch Conservative Right-wing Aristocrat (and religious Skeptic Cultist) that deems the masses incapable of uplifting themselves to higher levels (except by nature of their given hard-work and destiny), and they must drown in their putrid ignobility as a lesson to all. And who can argue with this absolute correctness? All of this can be said to be subjective malarkey; this is why “friendships” can’t be based on such polarized and inflamed, diametrically opposed positions – and true friendship, comradeship and love must exceed such limits.) As John F. Kennedy said:

“If now we cannot end our differences, at least we can make the world safe for diversity. For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal….Best we shall also do our part to build a world of peace, where the weak are safe and the strong are just. We are not helpless before that task or hopeless of its success.”   



(More Schrothian concepts, doctrines and biases)

Schroth has sent out letters and opinions on movies and television and different societal mannerisms and functions of modern-day society and how it has degenerated, especially since the 1960s  — but, then again, generally somewhere from the late 1880s through the 1920s and on into the 1960s.  I recall one day we were at the Record Exchange (a record, CD, disc and DVD shop) on Hampton Avenue in St. Louis, and I was trying to help him select a movie, unfortunately from a very current date, and he shrieked like a wounded animal “but I am child of the 60s!”Dave had and still has some very stringent and psychologically deep philosophies that have been developed over the years as his personal belief-system – – – a form of anthropophobia, however, makeshift to his personal liking based on books and articles he is reading at the time. This is somewhat different from my glossophobia: which is very real at times and is not a product of any “psychological play-acting” on my part (and play-acting may be part of the problem in this topic). Some of his complaints I agree with, but not in the depth and dark psychology (extreme?) he has developed. I have watched Dave on occasion “struggle” with a decision to exchange a DVD he was returning for the supernatural-themed movie the MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, but apparently deciding not to exchange it because it collided with his deep beliefs. As in most religious belief, everything has to be carefully and soulfully weighed. I have watched Dave with the same struggle after winning a raffle at a Citizens’ Council picnic and he torturously wrangled mentally to decide (as to whether) to take a copy of one of David Icke’s paranormal books on ‘reptilians’ offered at the gift table.

Certainly, I am exaggerating the drama of these incidents; any person will do expressions such as the above at any given time.  But we pause to highlight this activity in this case because Dave Schroth would also micro-analyze the behavior of others this way. But this seems to change at times, as well.

His complaint that modern movies are not only bad but almost evil is both true and not so true. His approach is almost Christian Fundamentalist (almost puritan) — but Schroth disavows religion.  (Side-bar: The Pilgrim Thanksgiving celebration of 1621 was described as a big three-day party, breaking racial barriers, “…all slumbering discontents they smothered with common rejoicings.”,  W. Deloss Love, Jr.) And I definitely will agree that some movies seem so much better than others: that is for a variety of reasons and personal tastes. The one complaint seems to be the use of a lot of modern technology in movies rather than “pure acting” – – – like in the “oldie but goodies” movies (there is that allusion to “pure” again). And this also seems tied in to one’s personal preference, guided howbeit from our subjective psychological mayhem. But, hey!, we are also children of our present milieu: and I don’t think Schroth has been able to escape that entirely, no matter how much his “play-acting” or phobias comes into action.

Another area that seems to be heavy on his mind is that of public etiquette and “manners”  —-  over and above  what  might be  termed  “common street behavior”:  perhaps from that Carondelet Finishing School or perhaps from some Victorian Age of which he may be reincarnated (but not in a religious sense, no). I am afraid I did not have that opportunity.

My role models were scattered and somewhat distant. My one brother was a typical teen-ager who was employed as a bus driver right before the time he died – – – it now reminds me of the HONEYMOONERS in the 60s television program with Jackie Gleason.[10] He often talked about Ahmad Jamal as one of his jazz musician favorites, and I often remember his listening to jazz on the radio (i.e., Poinciana, 1963).  He liked to draw and paint. Other than that, he was a typical, affable and likeable, 1950s teenager: with “buddies” and girlfriends and a pompadour hairstyle and even those dark teenage moods.

It was a time when the ‘Beatnik Era’ had appeared as a curiosity (….a new trend analogous to the influential Lost Generation….[there was the] Dobie Gillis television show….The beat philosophy was generally counter cultural and ant-materialistic and it stressed the importance of bettering one’s inner self over and above material possessions….antipathy towards capitalism….much of the beat culture represented a negative stance rather than  a positive one: It was animated more by a vague feeling of cultural and emotional displacement, dissatisfaction and yearning….”) And, I must say: many of the kids, and me, were influenced by this idea in the 50s and 60s [ I recall Ronnie Smith and I had our little ‘club’ room in his basement where we played a jazz radio station and drew ‘art].

[I miss my brother something terrible at times!] My other half-brother (much like a real brother) was a strong role-model and ended up with a great amount of success as a Manager at Caterpillar Tractor in Illinois. [He is a proud and good brother!] Next door neighbors Ronald and Phyllis Smith were fairly good models: Ronnie Smith now owns and operates a successful printing firm with over 200 employees (or so I am told; I believe I located Ronnie’s business: R. L. Smith Printing Company, Inc., 4030 Simon Road, Youngstown, Ohio. 44512-1320 [10 employees: 1 million dollars in business a year]) and Phyllis Smith is now on the cast of the famous and successful television program – THE OFFICE. The flip side to this card (outside of a teenage girlfriend which I adored and may have been my salvation), is twisted, sometimes sordid, a somewhat darker side. No one told me of or led me to the door of the Carondelet South Side Finishing School.


Barbara Streisand highlighted these longings (as did Morris Albert in his song Feelings). Streisand sang them in her rendition of The Way We Were (..…Memories, may be beautiful and yet….what what’s too painful to remember we simply choose to forget… it’s the laughter, we will remember, whenever we remember, the way we were….) She even sang it more poignantly in Memory (..…..Memory – all alone in the moonlight. I can dream of the old days….Life was beautiful then…..I remember the time I knew what happiness was…Let the memory live again….”)

I sometimes long for the memories of my childhood — the good portion — “this” nostalgia is all that I have; and aside from that, “it is still me” (My mother trying to teach me to polka in our kitchen on Michigan Avenue while she was busy fixing our usual – full-bloomed – Sunday dinner [a booming voice on the radio with a heavy German brogue announcing records on the German Hour radio program]. The summertime, back-yard barbeques with various laughing and friendly aunts and uncles and relatives arriving — roll out the barrel! — [when my mother danced the polka {and I’ve seen her in action} it was what she called “authentic German Polka”: flipping her heels and giving a “yip! Yip! Yip!” hollers….and so much more……..).

When we talk about the nostalgia of earlier days, that haunting and mysterious feeling about past lives and homesteads, we are also talking about their “spiritual” dimensions – a feeling of “saudades” – we are also speaking of those people whose lives are composite of all their beliefs, faiths, loves, longings, mishaps in life. When we travelled about Carondelet looking at relics of times past, the styles of their lives: this is not just a cold, aloof, dissecting “chopped liver” approach to the past, but one that sees the totality of those lives, even in  intimate detail; their “longings”; their hopes; their aspirations; their religions. Yes, many of them had religious beliefs that they strongly upheld and it is often embedded in to the architecture of their homes. It could be said that these ingredients go into cases of “hauntings.”

This takes a certain amount of human empathy. It is an embodiment of what they were and may still be and how they synchronize with the extent of history as a whole.


Andrew Carnegie could be an interesting example in a microcosmic sense. Here is a man of multiple layers of wealth and great accomplishment. In his youth he lived in a typical weaver’s cottage with only one main room consisting of half the ground floor which they shared with the neighboring weaver’s family: the main room served as a living room, dining room and bedroom. At the time of his death, Carnegie had a 64-room mansion with a private Otis elevator: many years of wealth in between. But those years also included his philosophic and religious struggles – he spoke about the irresponsibility and ostentatious living of the wealthy, was vehemently against war, helped form the League of Nations, turned from an atheist to a Positivist and then  to a person who believed in “an infinite and eternal Energy from which all things proceed”; an “infinite intelligence”. When we look at the artifacts of Carnegie’s life, we are seeing much more than steel, wood and cloth (or even the music he loved to listen to): We are seeing and feeling the very essence of the psychic qualities imprinted upon them.

“Today’s brain imagery techniques lend support to the theory that thoughts and beliefs not only affect one’s psychological state, but also cause the body to undergo measurable biological changes,” says Doctor Jeffrey D. Palmer, “What is known, beyond doubt is that we can create healing energies with our minds alone….what we know and understand about the nature and mechanism of thought and thought energy pales in comparison to the vast amount of information that we do not have….expectation, beliefs and thought energy related physiological and biological changes….thoughts are real….a real influence on people, places and objects which is not bound by time or space.”

Researcher Stephen Wagner says it might be possible for events to be imprinted on the environment in some holographic psychic way that we do not understand yet. “Oft-repeated events remain recorded in the environment in which they originally occurred,” he says.


(“The anarchic principle follows from quantum mechanics, which tells us that all particle interactions that can happen will happen.  In quantum field theory, everything that is not forbidden will occur”, Lisa Randall, Ph.D., Warped Passages,, HarperCollins, 2005: Randall is a theoretical particle physicist and is a student of warped geometry, sink holes, and branes. She received the 2006 Klopsted award from the American Physics Teachers (AAPT), and the 2007 Julius Lilienfeld prize from the American Physical Society).


We often see and find “coincidence” in this respect – but some coincidences are, as Peter A. Jordan says, “Almost too purposeful, too orderly” – and boarder on what Leibnitz calls “monad” – pre-established harmonies – or, as Schopenhauer called it – “interrelated and mutually attuned”.  It is what Braina Lolgram, Carl Jung, and neuroscientist (Stanford University) Karl Pribram labeled “patterns inherent in the human psyche and shared by all mankind – – – -primordial images.”  Jung also spoke of synchronistic phenomena of strange coincidence too striking to be mundane, in case after case. Meg Lundstrom says in A Wink From the Cosmos, “participants in a sensitive flowing web of information. Physicists have shown, for example, that two protons are separated, no matter by how far: a change in one creates a simultaneous change in the other”.

Shirley MacLaine, a life-long mystical practitioner, artist and motion-picture actress, had this to say: “Jung defined synchronicity as ‘any apparent coincidence that inspires a sense of wonder and personal meaning or particular significance in the observer…it is a perceived conviction between two or more objects or events or persons without any recognizable cause’…..I don’t think it can be called coincidence. I don’t think it can be called accident….we are beginning to realize that we’re connecting with the very essence of primordial life itself, and maybe to the roots of what I call time-less consciousness….point towards an organizational principle of the universe and suggest that our connection with a higher order of consciousness is never far from the surface of ordinary awareness….The right person, the right place, the right time enters our life as a strategic moment, which seems blindingly without logical motivation.”  

(Closely aligned to the Cosmic-Consciousness idea is that of the Gaia hypothesis or principle that the planet earth is an interacting system, a homeorhesis, on an earth feedback loop as a single organism.  A number of scientists support this idea, including William Golding, James Lovelock, Microbiologist Lynn Margulous and others. Carl Sagan, speaking of (1959) space probes, said planetary observations appeared to say that planets have the “character of a planet preparing to go to seed…..”)                       

(St. Trinity recently announced that the church will have to close down in a few years because of their expenses and lax membership. When that congregation passes away, so will the embodiment of hundreds of memories and sentiments that gave those person’s lives meaning in their minds, those days will live on. To me: it will be a haunting by memories of Christmas celebrations, school episodes, love affairs —- cold winter days — and hot summer nights — the kisses of Margie  —- John Moeller/Steve Erdmann ‘Army-Navy Club’ —– the invigorating smell of church banquet dinners…….. )

(Surprisingly, due to the efforts of a new Pastor, David Lewis and some parishioners, events through 2009-2018 have revived the church and it has made a phenomenal come-back.)

Carl Sagan and Albert Einstein were not oblivious to this side of human nature; they spoke of it often: (Carl Sagan) “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known…science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality..…imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.”  (Albert Einstein) “There are two ways you can look at the world: one as if nothing were a miracle, the other as if everything was a miracle”.

“Quantum physics will in the near future be an inevitable, indispensable and useful part of everyday life,” says Johan Hansson, “It is coming, and is impossible to stop. In fact, we are already there, but have yet only scratched the surface of an enormous iceberg, the majority of which is hidden and unused…..”  ( 

(Speaking of coincidence: we once talked about travelling to the old north St. Louis area were the Sportsman’s Park use to be to take photos, and decided it would be too dangerous, I had worked as security guard on the weekends at the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club on Dodier Avenue at that precise spot alongside of the old Carter Carburetor site; and I’m more accustomed to that area now: still want to take photos?  Come along!)     


(Unbelievable, but not really true!)

But Dave Schroth has been a supposedly admirably dedicated, innovative and self-determined “researcher”: but that is only a ‘surface’ appearance, a ‘mask’ to cover his inner demons of fanatical and religious ‘extremes.’ I’ve seen some of his exploratory research into crime (particularly in the Black communities where the “gangsta” mentality has been glorified), the tracing of liberal philosophies into the Communistic Movements of the 30s and 40s.  How the term “liberal” had been shanghaied into the Communist Movement (he once showed me a flowchart of the many branching Communistic movements flowing through the Fabian vein and into such organization as the American Civil Liberties Union); and that the word “Liberal” (as in the Liberal political movement) is nothing but a “front” for the values of Karl Marx and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and their motto to bring America to its heels. His research ranks similar to that of John Earl Haynes (American Communism And Anticommunism: a Historian’s Bibliography And Guide To The Literature, February 18, 2009. Schroth indicated that the black community is and has been a “wedge” caused by decadent socialism in America.

What we’re lacking in our/his purview were the tell-tale signs of Schrothian-Moriarty Wild schizoid fanaticism tailor-made to his own private world of cynicism with all its twists and turns and perverted doctrinaire visions of Ted Kaczynski type “purity” and “uncontaminated” madness of taking any seeming ‘normal’ situation and contorting it to fit in to his schizoid and suspect cultist worldview. His inner demons, his hidden motivations, tarnish his alleged printed words, unfortunately, and they can’t always been seen for what he pretends they are, now that ‘that’ is discovered.

W.E.B Dubois was an independent socialist since 1904, who travelled extensively in the Soviet Union in 1926, 1936, and 1949. Through the 1940s he believed that the black liberation movement in America had to incorporate a socialist perspective and be in the forefront in promoting peaceful co-existence with the Soviet bloc. But the Communist party had its roots in black culture as early as 1919 when Cyril Biggs, African Blood Brotherhood leader, spoke of Marx and how African Americans could find their home and be taken seriously within the Communist Credo. “here was a party that seemed to have the goal of the lower-class citizen in mind and was out in public being vocal and defiant to white power,” says Denman, Scullin, and Goracy in Black And Red: a journey Through Communism In The Black Community (, “They realized that the black social status was not much different from that of Americans as a whole….they decided to focus their energy on the lower class.”

Similar views were espoused by Claude Lightfoot in his Black Power And Liberation: A Communist View: “The present moment can be characterized as one charged with economic, political and social turbulence….the people are striking back. Sometimes they strike according to plan. Sometimes they erupt spontaneously….these are all struggles by the people against a system…..must go forward today in new forms…..yesterday’s approach is too mild to meet the problems of this storm period.”  

In Jim Marrs’ The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy (HarperCollins Publishers, 2010), he speaks of “creeping socialism”: “A few older citizens may recall the words of Norman Mattoon Thomas, a pacifist who ran for president six times between 1928and 1948 under the Socialist Party of America banner. ‘The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism…But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.’….In a 1948 interview, Thomas said he was retiring from American politics because both the Democratic and Republican parties had adopted every plank of the Socialist’ platform and there was no longer a need for the alternative Socialist Party.”

In a meeting with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959, former Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson quoted Khrushchev as saying a reasonable facsimile (there is a debate over when and where): “You Americans are so gullible.  No, you won’t accept communism outright.  But we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism.  We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” Khrushchev made a similar, earlier remark on November 18, 1956:  “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side: We will bury you…….”

True politics

(This is a play on words comparing to the TV series true detective.)


Says Gary Allen in None Dare Call It Conspiracy: “If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, the seeming paradox of superrich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all.  Instead, it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking-megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite..…If you wanted to control the nation’s manufacturing, commerce, finance, transportation and natural resources, you would need only to control the apex, the power pinnacle, of an all-powerful socialist government. Then you would have a monopoly and could squeeze out all your competitors.  If you want – a worldwide monopoly, you must control a world socialist government. That is what the game is all about….Communism is an arm of a bigger conspiracy to control the world by power-mad billionaires (and) brilliant but ruthless academicians who have shown them how to use their power….” (Concord Press, 1971)

Allen describes these “robber barons” that are willing to fix prices, rig markets, establish monopolies, buy politicians, exploit employees and fire them the day before they are eligible for pensions, but are also planning to rule the world and even use Communism “as the striking edge of their conspiracy”.  That “striking edge” became Jack the Ripper in America on Wall Street in 20081 

“Incentives to make good investments had deteriorated as the free-market-food-back-loop was being distorted: bad investments and irresponsible behavior was being rewarded on a massive scale, encouraging even more misallocation of capital and sloppy habits,” says Gabe, September 30, 2008, Did Minority Lending Drive Crisis?,, “the frugal and ‘old fashioned’ were being made losers by a system backed by a Greenspan Put and bailout ideology, thus encouraging even fewer to be frugal or cautious. The habits and values most important to free-markets were being destroyed – – – the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto was doing its work and slowly destroying our economy….” 

W. Cleon Skousen in his The Naked Capitalist (Buccaneer Books, 1970) outlines 45 “declared goals” by communists to overtake America. Some of them stick out like a sore thumb in the growth of the 2008 Crash. Joseph M. Schwartz, professor of Political Science at Temple University, blames a 30-year “joint” project of Republican monetarios and Democrat neo-liberals going back to Jimmy Carter’s deregulation, Reagan’s “gutting” of regulation, and Clinton’s abolition of the Glass-Steagal Act. This all worked hand-in-glove with a liberal move such as a ”drive” by Bill Clinton to increase home ownership primarily to the lower-income and despite racial questions or warnings of repercussions……

(Fannie and Freddie popularized low-income securitization. The government pushed for greater mortgage securitization in an effort to increase CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) lending: A study put out by the Treasury Department in 2000 found that the CRA encouraged the mortgage services to provide loans to low-income borrowers; further, these lax lending standards spread to the rise of the market. Says John Carney about Clinton: “His administration went to ridiculous lengths to increase the national homeownership rate..….paper-thin down-payments….shaky financing and income..…opened floodgates to minority lending.”, Business Insider…...

…….Communist rule no.32: support any socialist movement to give centralized control over to any part of the counterculture…..Communist rule no. 15; capture one or both of the political parties in the United States……Communist rule no. 40: discredit the family as an institution…….)

“Liar Loans” were given carte blanche and triple-A ratings and packaged in speculative investment banking and sold as derivatives around the world. Said former U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission chairperson Brooksley Born: “The market was virtually unregulated and many, many times as big as the trading on the futures exchanges. The commission had kept some nominal authority over the market, but there was no mechanism for enforcing the rules. For example, anti-fraud rules were retained, but no reporting was required. The Market was completely opaque. Neither the commission nor any other federal regulator knew what was going on in that market!”…..

……[Communist rule no. 37: infiltrate and gain control of big business……

“Meanwhile, economists were screaming from the rooftops that Democrats were forcing mortgage lenders to issue loans that would fail the moment the housing market slowed and dead-beat borrowers couldn’t get out of their loans by selling their houses”, says Charlotte Iserbyt, “A decade later, the housing bubble burst and, as predicted food-stamp-backed mortgages collapsed, Democrats set an affirmative action time-bomb and now it has gone off.” 

“Although it’s well known that the economic mess began with the banks, mortgage lenders, and real estate companies,” says Jim Marrs, “the current housing and mortgage mess actually was the result of maneuvering by both Democrat and Republican politicians, a fact that adds considerable weight to the argument that both major parties are controlled by the same globalists seeking to install a worldwide socialist system.” (The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy)   

Says Joseph E. Stiglitz in Freefall: “….(banks) engage(d) in excessive-risk-taking and to lend to those who can’t repay, There have been repeated instances of such lending giving rise to housing bubbles. It’s one of the reasons for regulations..,  …Yet, in the deregulatory frenzy of the 1980s, 1990s, and the early years of this decade, even attempts to restrict the worst lending practices ___ such as the predatory lending in the subprime market ___ were beaten back.”

Rhodes Scholar (a graduate of the – gold and diamond magnate – Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table organization for a “new world order”) William Jefferson Clinton was also an attendee to the Bilderberg Group in 1991 (Germany) and 1999 (Portugal) (an equally secret group, consisting of very wealthy and powerful people, started in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands; Hillary Clinton, our present Secretary of State and president Clinton’s wife, recently attended a Bilderberg meeting in 1997). (The William J. Clinton Foundation has a worth of over 300 million dollars to date)

Our current President Barrack H. Obama was said to possibly have attended a Bilderberg meeting in 2008.

“There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the Radical Right believes the communists act. In fact, this network which we identify as The Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so.”  (Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World In Our Time, Carroll Quigley, 1966, Macmillan Publishers)

Barrack Obama began his left-wing leanings as a teenager listening to his “Uncle Frank” (Frank Marshall Davis), who was a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). John Edgar Tidwell says that Davis had ties with several communist-front organizations. Later Obama aligned with far-left community forces such as the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) in his days as community organizer in Chicago. There were associations with former Weatherman terrorist William Ayers, European socialist groups, Socialists International (SI), Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Carl Davidson, and in 1996, Obama gave his endorsement of the Chicago branch of the DSA. Obama eulogized for Saul Mendelson, a long-time socialist in the Chicago Democratic Left.      

Speaking of the present Barrack Obama Washington administration, created in the heat of the 2008 Wall Street “meltdown”, Micelle Malkin (Culture Of Corruption, Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2009), says: “Obama’s team – the ‘best of the Washington insiders’, as David Brooks called them – is a dysfunctional and dangerous conglomerate of business-as-usual cronies….they are every bit as disreputable and demanding as their 1940s counterparts….ethically challenged bailout-burglary money men (such as) Larry Summers and Tim Geithner at Treasury, crime-coddling corporate lawyer Eric Holder at DOJ….Executive Ron Sims at the Department of Housing And Urban Development, fined for suppressing public records from taxpayers……”

As the build-up of the housing and mortgage fiasco was progressively put in place prior to 2008, Obama had his own 1.7-million-dollar Chicago manse financed with a discount mortgage from Northern Trust, associated with convicted felon/donor/developer tony rezko. One of the “boiler pot” companies in the Meltdown, Countrywide, gave Obama minion Jim Johnson more than 7 million dollars in below-market-rate loans from Countrywide. The left-wing Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) was deeply involved in  the housing contribution to the sub-prime housing bubble (over-shadowed by the CRA), worked hand-in-hand with the rubber-stamp leftist SEIU (Service Employee International Union). “These foreclosure con artists are just the top of ACORN’s fraudulent enterprises….voter fraud, corporate shakedowns, partisan bullying, and pro-illegal immigration lobbying,” says Malkin, “This is the bread and butter work that ACORN does.  President Obama knows it, and he appreciates it.”

The Obamas worked on the boards of the left-wing Woods Fund – along with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers – and the Joyce Foundation: both which poured money into ACORN. But there was a Republican/Democrat agenda! “In October 2008 under the Bush administration, HUD announced more than 44 million dollars in new housing counseling grants to over 400 state and local efforts. The Bush Whitehouse increased funding for housing counseling by 150 percent since 2001.”

“The mortgage crisis, for example, arose out of a long-standing erosion of the property rights concept – first on the part of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but also on that of the Federal Reserve” says Bloomberg columnist Amity Shlaes, “Broadening FDR’s entitlement theories, Congress taught the country that home ownership was a ‘right’ This fostered a misunderstanding of what property is. The owners didn’t realize ownership entailed  –  that is, they didn’t grasp that they were obligated to deliver on the terms of the contract of their mortgage.  In the bipartisan enthusiasm for everyone an owner, our government debased the concept of home ownership.”

“….trying to assign blame to either Democrats or Republicans is pointless,” said Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post, “Everyone is culpable.  From the early 1980s when Ronald Reagan deregulated banks, through the two Bushes, Bill Clinton and now Barack Obama, each administration has endorsed – and each Congress has helped tweak  —-  laws and rules that made systemic abuses and the meltdown not only possible but, looking back, inevitable….many investment bankers knew the mortgage loans they were packaging and selling were junk.  They knew because their own analysts told them so.  Tens of thousands of loans failed to meet basic underwriting standards, according to recent testimony before the Financial Crisis inquiry Commission, a bipartisan group created to examine the causes of the meltdown. Not only that, (but) Wall Street insiders were betting against their own customers and institutions.”                          

In 2008, America entered into a multi-trillion-dollar debacle when its economy collapsed, rankling and kidnapping the security of foreign countries, and bringing America to its knees!

That debt still stands in America of  about, more or less, at $21,854,296,172, 540 (trillion), causing a personal debt of about $66,976 (dollars0 in 2018.

There is no disputed doubt that the ”Capitalism” utilized in the 2008 financial fiasco was just plain old “greed” that existed continually in a so-called Constitutional Republic.

Click to access Suranovic_IIEPWP2010-22.pdf

And as Kathleen Parker pointed out above, the fiasco was not actually a traditional Communist conspiracy, ultimately, there are no real differences between the ideologies; they are intimately caused by aristocratic overlords and Rulers down through the ages; even Karl Marx was guided by Secret overlords and aristocratic societies and gave him the inspiration to form his movement.[11]

The problem lies in the ‘extremes’ that the human ID can go to; recent scandal and bizarre political events in Congress in 2018 only prove that in abundance, and none of it is limited to one political party or another. Humans, no matter what religion, politics, cult, or “ism” they belong to, ‘Mask’ their inner most agendas and evil motivations from the world at large. This is universal and is not protected by any professed belief, be it Skeptical or Perfectionist. It was personified by culprit Errol Childress to Detective Rust Cohle in the TV series TRUE DETECTIVE: “Take off your mask, little priest!”

(The events involved in the financial debauchery are far more complex than this short rendition, and all areas would need to be aired and investigated [and even challenged by opposing viewpoints for clarity and revision]).


“The decline of the American family has reached critical and truly dangerous proportions….The breakdown of the family now touches virtually every American. It is not only the major source of social instability in the government..….the erosion of marriage, out-of-wedlock births, divorce, and fatherless children are now mainstream problems that threaten the general society.”  (Taken Into Custody, Stephen Baskerville, Cumberland House, 2007)

”As we will see,” says Baskerville, “the astonishing but incontrovertible fact is that with the exception of convicted criminals, no group in  our society today has fewer rights than fathers….parents summoned to these courts have entered a nightmare world where children are abducted and exploited and even  abused by government order, where parents are forced to stay away from their children, prevented by the police from protecting them, incarcerated without charge or trial, and driven into bankruptcy and poverty, and where the Bill Of Rights may as well not exist.”

He continues: “Far from merely exploiting family breakdown after the fact then, domestic relations law has turned the American family into a game of ‘prisoners’ dilemma….willingly or not, all parents are now prisoners in this game….In short, state officials now possess the power to break up families by imposing divorce on happily married parents….Harsh as it may sound, it cannot be denied that these officials are united by one overriding interest; having children separated from their parents. Without the power to remove children from their parent – and most often the father – this industry cannot thrive, and these officials will have no business….put simply, the first principle of the divorce industry, the basic premise without which it has no reason to exist, is the removal of the fathers from the family. Once this is accomplished, the state is free to assume control over mothers and children as well.”

Baskerville quotes Rabbi Lapin in The American Enterprise in Lapin’s quoting of Adolf Hitler: Hitler says: “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasury of the people. As long as government is perceived as working for the benefit of children, the peopled will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty.”

Comparing Child Support enforcement to institutionalized Marxist principles (“from each according to his ability, to each according to her need….”), Baskerville says child support has nothing to do with “justice” but is interwoven in a long panoply of unusual punishments and punitive measures in a regime were the father is forced “to finance the filching of his own children”, becoming the subject of a national demonology as officially designated villains whose “guilt is assumed unquestionably by politicians, press, and public alike….Not since the collapse of the Weimar republic have the top leaders of a major western democracy used their public office to verbally attack millions of their own citizens.” As an example of ‘Soviet Logic’, Ronald Henry, says that coerced child support is not predicated on uniting children with Fathers but keeping them apart: “despite the touchy-feely language about family and stability and relationship, such decisions have nothing to do ‘with enforcing anything other than financial obligations’”.

Walter Olson writes in The Litigation Explosion: “Lawyers have more power to ruin your life in America than they do in any other advanced country…..power without responsibility.”  “The legal system is increasingly run for the enrichment of lawyers and not the public,” writes columnist Robert Samuelson. “The idea that American courtrooms strive toward justice is no long taken seriously…the courts are greatly feared for their ability to ruin…” says the Wall Street Journal.

Family law today is the largest and fastest-growing sector of the civil judiciary, accounting for at least 35 percent of all litigation.  It is estimated that, as a percentage of the state cases filed between 1984 and 1995, family cases grew by 70 percent. Much of this growth is self-generating. “Child-support enforcement is now a $4 billion national industry in terms of the money expended,” says Baskerville, “in terms of the money it aims to collect, it is a multibillion-dollar enterprise with targets upward of $100 billion.”          

Some 24 million American children or about 34 per cent live in households without their fathers. For African American children that figure is 66 percent.  Nearly 2.5 million children join the ranks of the fatherless each year. Since automatic wage garnishing has been mandatory for all new child-support orders since 1992, the question arises as to how so many fathers allegedly avoid their payments? The principal method is by being unemployed. Sherri Heller, OCSE Director, says that about two-thirds of the debt and about two-thirds of the people who owe it earned less than $10,000 last year.  It appears that most of the debt is owed by extremely poor debtors.                      


Poor people (including Socialists and persons on the Left), however, are not all the evil, heartless, deprived people I seem to depict in the above remarks on Socialists (certainly, most do not knowingly consider themselves as Communists). Neither are lowerincome and poor people included as knowingly evil. Most are warm, caring, kind people who see the more elitist and aristocratic areas and people of society as the truly evil elements. The real witches cackling about the caldron may be closer to home and even more deeply implanted. Concerning the “common poor person” (and I am one of them, by the way): I had the opportunity to live with the poor in my trips to Jamaica, West Indies. They, as john F. Kennedy said, breathe the same air, have blood in their bodies as well as the next human, a beating heart, and the pains and hopes that all other humans do. They have feelings of love, passion, fear, and hunger as other life-forms that we call “human beings”.

A father of a very wealthy family took his son to visit a “poor” country family for one day as a lesson (the kind of bravado that only rich people can provide: sort of, “if you can hold your head up with magnanimity after being kicked in the nuts by a Clydesdale, then you can call yourself a man” mentality) about how ‘good of a life’ their rich lifestyle entailed. After a day of visiting, the father smugly asked the son: “What did you think of being poor for a day?”  The son smiled and began: “Well, we have one dog – but they had four! We have a pool that runs to the middle of our garden: but they had a creek that never ends!  We havea patiothat runs to the middle of our front yard – they have a front yard that runs to the horizon!

Barron’s Book notes at spoke of the empathy that novelist John Steinbeck had for the poor and downtrodden (my mother, Clara Moser, had left my father’s collection of Steinbeck’s books to me upon her death): “Closely related to the Common Man theme is Steinbeck’s creation of a naturalist or realistic atmosphere. Steinbeck is not a romantic who makes a big deal about people or natural wonders. Like a scientist, he observes things as they are and sees people as just a small part of the overall natural world.” says: “throughout history, less fortunate people have been set apart or shunned from the general public. In The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, this statement holds true. Through-out the book, all of the less fortunate people are treated like they aren’t human.  This is not much different than how our society is now….in The Grapes of Wrath, and in the present time, the general public has set the less fortunate apart from themselves without even realizing it….”

Latoya Peterson, commenting on Insight Center for Community and Economic Development, “As the report explains the key to financial stability is wealth (for example, assets, savings, stock holdings, business income) which can be passed from generation to generation to ease the path for those struggling in their youth. However, for more than 46 percent of single-parent black households that have zero or negative wealth, there is literally nothing to pass on….”  Says Megan Cottrell: “…… (We) lift as we climb, but we’re also bogged with baggage – positive or negative – the baggage our parents left us.”

The number of people in poverty rose to a record level in  2009, 14.3 percent, a national rate which is the highest since 1994 and, among the work-age poor, the highest level since 1960s in the U.S. population, grown by more than 130 million  in that time. Recently, a shocking 37 million Americans live in poverty or 12.7 percent of the population – the highest percentage in the developed world. Photographer Glenn H. Austin says 32.9 million. Each year since 2001 their numbers have grown.

In 2017, 39.7 percent of Americans lived in poverty.

During George Bush’s Administration an extra 5.4 million have slipped below the poverty line: yet they are not examples of the destitute or even the unemployed; some work and have two jobs. Films such as Once Upon A Time In America show the poor in searinghonesty.

The United States had 269 billionaires in 2008, and in 2018 there were 2,200: the highest number in the world.

Photographer Glenn Austin went about State Street visiting the homeless ( and had this to say: “They are not cardboard cutout poor people; they are real, living, breathing, human beings. They have problems and feelings…..they are the discards of our society: the poor, the veterans, the homeless, the drug addicts, the alcoholic, the runaways, the abused, the unemployable that nobody wants.  They deserve something better than the lives they lead now, but these photos are not about how bad their lives are.  These pictures are mostly how good their lives are….stop and talk to these folks that you have previously been ignoring.  You will discover that they are just people.  Contrary to popular myth, poor people do not enjoy being poor, and they do not enjoy panhandling.  They panhandle because they are poor….jails and prisons are filled with poor people.  There are very few rich people in prisonI guess they don’t commit any crime? They give each other social and physical support, acceptance and human touch. ‘We are family; the State Street family,’ one person said. Disabled people on crutches, quite a few who are mentally ill, can come to State Street and find unconditional acceptance, not as freaks, but as human beings”.  One is reminded of scenes in the movie Down And Out In Beverly Hills.

“We are complex beings. I believe that there is a great deal more to us than  the ubiquitous battleground of good versus bad,” says Charles S. Weinblatt, “most of us are not one or the other, but both. We are beautiful and ugly, soothing and terrifying, brutal and caring: we love and we depose…I believe that people find it easy to hate because tolerance requires effort. Haters live with haters in a community of malevolence…..” (                      

There “is” some seemingly familiar thins thatDave Schroth speaks about that s fleetingly correct —–   and a lot he is not (if only on a personal, private level). It is hoped that this lengthy treatise, if only scratching the surface of the debates and problems inherent herein, can shed some light. I thank him for the opportunity to speak my mind on these matters. I hope that, even we as Marvin Udalls, will (at least) agree that differences of opinions are allowed.


Arlene and I, as well as some of the members at St. Trinity, were quite concerned with you when you spoke of an illness – possibly cancer. There was talk about getting you free or reduced medical help. I personally tried to find some patient care for you. Also, the pastor and I discussed having the parish nurse visit you, or other avenues of help. I hope that it was nothing as serious as that. From what I last heard; your pains were related to pinched nerves. Now, I know how that can be after dealing with a herniated disc and surgery of my back. You were talking about the expenses involved (I believe you were out of work at the moment, and we were trying to map out the possible avenues you might take as suggestions). There appeared to be some miscommunication; It is hard to interpret everything that is going on about you, especially when a number of people are involved and there is unplanned and hidden information involved. This is why good communication and information is always necessary.

 (And to mention again, in September 2010, after several meetings, the laity voted to ‘close down’ the church as soon as possible due to lax membership and rising expenses. The Church did continue and even grow under the leadership of a new past, David Lewis and staff.)   

In so many ways, I understand your alarm at and disgust with “the human situation.” I’ve about given up on pleasing people – “costumer service.” Those humans can be hard to handle and even “devastating.” I find myself caring for many of them some-timesstrangest doggone thing.[12] People can be pretty rough and raw (“Society is full of hypocrites, arrogance, self-righteousness, thoughtlessness ignorance, envy, etc. These are things evident and rampant in our society,” says ME, Atheist in, “and these weren’t mentioned just because of the Seven Deadly Sins and that religion thing”.): I have seen and even have been victim of immense cruelty of humans-by-humans time and time again (if only I could tell you). To that extent: your point is well taken. Why should we forgive anyone? Because we are human also, and we make mistakes – sometimes, great mistake! “We think that when we forgive, we need to reconcile….for those whose lives have been tragically altered by the mindlessness of others, this process can take a long time because the wound could be very deep,” says Rosanna C. Rogacion, “Forgiveness is a process and it is one that must not be rushed.  The important thing is to take the first step: make the decision to forgive…” We are going to be here in this life only a short time. And when you get a certain age, you are so tired of the struggle: you don’t care who wins the “boxing match” and you just want to turn the television off. Does that make me a “humanist,” a “sophist,” a “Communist” or just “pissed”? But, still, one wishes for some “hope” – and you dream.  As a humane person, I wish you no harm nor ask harm from you in return…

“To my mind, there is no better demonstration of the folly of human concepts than this distant image of our tiny world. To me it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly and compassionately with one another and perceive and cherish that pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known…For small creatures such as us the universe is bearable only through love.”’  (Carl Sagan)

Steve Erdmann:

Recent Update:  Several through the years till December 11, 2018.

Significant and meaningful updates have been made since the last updates in 2008.

Ted Kaczynski:

The Elmer Gantry Syndrome:

Mark Twain:

Skeptic Cultism: (A good and detailed resource on the fallacies of Skepticism as ‘scientism’ rather than ‘science.’)

Marxism Origins: (Marxism and Aristocracy.)

HTTPS:// SOLIDARITY-US.ORG/ ATC/ 195/ MARX-LAUSE/  (On the Aristocrat and secret society origins of Marxism.)

Communism and Social Security:

Poverty in America:

Unidentified Flying Objects

Capitalism and the 2008 Crash

Click to access Suranovic_IIEPWP2010-22.pdf

Roman Catholic Scandal


[1]  I have in my possession about three hand-written letters from a Thomas A. Fairbanks who was quoted from those letters to tell of his episodes with those that are connected in the Kennedy Assassination case back in the 1960s, telling of a Church that held several homosexuals and worked behind the scenes to aid people that were involved. Thomas Fair banks was eventually mentioned by Joan Mellen in her biographical book on Jim Garrison in  a chapter number 18 titled “Upheaval,” about 26 paragraphs into that chapter (A FAREWELL TO JUSTICE; Jim Garrison, JFK’s Assassination, And The Case That Should Have Changed The World, Potomac Books, 2007).

[2] David Schroth has often mentioned, as part of his composite theories, his struggle with and stance against “multi-culturalism” and the population of mixed cultures—particularly blacks, Hispanics, and Asian—in America as related to America’s coming destruction and downfall.  This is truly a mixed bag of worms, and controversy, in as much as a large portion of worldwide societies are non-European at the present time presenting harsh realities to Schroth. I will discuss this further in depth at another point, but somehow Schroth again aligns cultural-mixing as against his ‘perfectionist-puritan’ viewpoint. Which raises questions about me, as my wife is Pilipino.

[3]  Over and above the incongruity of doctrinal alignments, it is hard put to visualize a time when the Roman Catholic Church had no scandal, or was in a ‘pure form,’ even today in modern circumstances, but more so in its history when it had evil Popes, and scandals galore. Schroth leans heavily towards Lee Pope’s ‘clean and traditional Roman Catholica’ as a banner or emblem of Schroth’s ‘purifications.’ When was this ever a traditionally “pure religion”?

[4] In one of Schroth’s many praises of Pope, he mentions that Pope was seen watching his television (one Schrothian strike) and was seeing movie starlet Vera Miles in a movie scene: now, was see acting in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s horror thrillers which Schroth probably would rank as ‘poor taste modernism’ (another Schrothian strike)?  Another Schrothian ‘icon,’ TV calibrate, Charlotte Peter’s interviewed Hitchcock as a Master of Art, the same Hitchcock that produced wild horror films PSYCHO and the BIRDS (Schroth is against modern movies too, designating some magical era in the 1950s to 1920s or there about as some ‘purer’ phase of entertainment). Peters likewise paraded ‘zany’ comedians on her TV show, and some very controversial talent, such as Steve Allen.

[5]  In Schroth’s criticism of Ufologist David Marler using the term “skeptical believer,” Wild likewise fits a bizarre and incongruous term I would apply to Wild as a “religious cultist/atheist.”  It was ‘not’ Marler that coined the term, but someone at U&M. The Religious Skeptic Cultist also uses all sorts of ‘handy-dandy’ titles and slogans, as well, to attack others.

[6]  Schroth Doctrine seems to also have gone to the extreme of discarding or attacking, “Mystery” (stated in a 2018 letter) as a component of his Religion, spreading a wide net over what, in essence, has been, as still is,  the motivating factor in ‘all’ science through the ages, books and novels, human inspiration for all kinds of 100% of existence and talents, including Schroth’s own interests and motivations, taking his Religion to ludicrous and bizarre extremes, even slapping his own endeavors in the face, sort of a “rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time,” or, “shaking one’s hand and slapping him with the other.”

[7] Both Pope and Schroth herald “Pure” European culture and the preferred culture outstanding above all other cultures, ignoring the vast realm of billions of people that are outside of the traditional European culture (cited by Schroth and Skeptic Cultists-Cohorts as “anti-multi-culturalism). Sadly, this would exclude my family and wife which is Filipino on my wife’s side.

[8] Social Security is, without a doubt, seen as part and parcel of the Fabian Communist conspiracy, of which Schroth decries, and has been suspicious of for many years:

[9] Nor any excuse for his contradictions in lifestyle, Schroth has criticized ‘socialism,’ as part of the alleged creeping Fabian Communist conspiracy enveloping the globe, and, in this respect, has spoken out against Social Security as having elements in this movement. Well, sometime circa 2017 or so, David Schroth has applied for and has gotten his personal Social Security benefits started, even early; we always ‘hide’ our ID Monsters behind our ‘Masks,’ and as culprit Errol Childress told Detective Rust Cohle in the TRUE DETECTIVE TV series: “Take off your mask, little priest!

[10] Another “hero” of Dave Schroth fails into Schroth’s incongruity, paraded by Schroth as a symbol of his ‘golden age’ of ‘goodness’ (part of that 1800s – 1960s or so magical paradigm) Entertainer Jackie Gleason, like Steve Allen and other Schroth fictions, was supposed “good clean comedy”  (not everyone saw it that way) and “clean living”; but Gleason had a vast and large UFO library indicating his personal interest in defiance of Shrothianism, considered himself religious, also in defiance,  and was said to visit preserved aliens along with pal Richard Nixon, certainly in defiance of Schroth’s cherry-picking.


[12]  Steve Erdmann is not a diehard and unrelenting nemesis of mankind as Schroth is, no matter how discouraged I become.  Neither was Mark Twain, despite his pessimisms.

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SE – Once again, we try to explain (as we have done in the past several times) our general approach to news, the media, politics. Here is a reproduction of private comments in a reply to one of my critics:

“We like some of your ideas, facts, and thoughts, and we welcome them – if presented within reason and decor. This is what we don’t like and try to avoid: Stephen Erdmann: We promote very few human endeavors in an absolute sense, Russian or otherwise, as all fail and all fall within the scope of the loop of human evil and frailty. We look for those foes that all humankind seems to be battling from ‘any’ corner they are hunkered in.

“This Group is not a ‘platform’ for one single person’s private opinions or ‘sermons.’ It is a ‘forum’ whereby ‘all’ have an opportunity to add to the ongoing investigation. Hopefully, most will participate and not just become ‘observers.’ Likewise, this Group will not become monopolized by the thinking and propaganda of just one individual – this was not its purpose.

“We are not affiliated with the KKK or any other political faction said that many times, over and over, as well as has explained why we present all sides of news and media questions, without censorship, if possible. We are against the Military/Industrial/Corporate/Complex/Matrix (MICCM) and all its ‘isms,’ “cants,” ‘crats,’ ‘cans,’ and ‘doms.’ All it takes to see this and prove it, is to use your mouse or enter scroll and have a strong browser and investigate back to 2011. We refuse to become any one person’s private, personal pulpit (that is why you have your own Timeline). We allow most to speak their minds continually here — even to the point of opulently and often stuporous ferociousness — over and over — but apparently that is not good enough for a few. It takes a strong mind and will to live under the 1st Amendment and really abide by it.

“When I say ‘we,’ I usually mean ‘me’ – though I am speaking editorially on behalf of all those members who follow and agree with the Preamble religiously — they get the idea and message — and are giving me their full support.

“All the twisting, stretching and manipulating of my stated words and intended feelings will not help these matters and being completely uncompromising, unreasonable and deliberately uncouth certainly won’t help either.

“Please, read my text and postings in their full context and their entirety, if possible, to adjust to the real story and picture I present. Don’t settle for ‘half-baked’ interpretations or careless understanding.

“When any one person begins to use these spaces as solely his or her private podium to demonized (and shout down or otherwise badger) all other voices, he will be informed and given a mandate to cease and desist. This is a ‘forum’ Group and that connotes some fairness and inspection and equipoise of one’s behavior: we hope that each member will reflect on their behavior and not allow it to become effluvium.”

(This does not mean we will allow  boring, tiring, inaccurate propaganda about the alleged Israel-cabal of so-called Zionism, which in many cases is far too short-sighted when it concerns the worldwide Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex-Matrix (MICCM). Well documented pieces on ‘how’ Zionism is part and parcel of the “overall” MICCM, might be tolerated; but, singling out propaganda trying to prove Hitler was virtuous and the killing of the Jewish population as justified, will not be tolerated.

We do not automatically share anti-Semitic views and do not state everyone should or does. In fact, those that appear to be promoted from a Hate standpoint usually won’t coexist on this Group. This Group does not endorse, knowingly, anti-Semitic propaganda per se and any Hate Speech that is the basis for it.)

There is a big difference between a source that publishes outright invented news, and a source—or sources—that you just “don’t like,” or says things that are philosophically different than your views or opinions. Things said on the Left spectrum and the Right Spectrum may annoy us, but they have the Constitutional Right to speak and be heard by willing listeners (you can always turn a deaf ear to the opinion). Myself, I think both sides of the “aisle” are filled with evil intentions and hogwash, but that shouldn’t prevent me printing interesting ‘tidbits,’ unless I decide one day to go completely “off the grid.”

Political terms, names and meanings have evolved, changed, and transformed over the years as many other concepts that have also transmogrified. Some “liberal” concepts once seemed to uphold “freedom,” ‘free speech’ and protected ‘human rights’: now have turned into a ‘power-based’ ‘force’ to change society, even if by ‘radical’ or ‘militant’ means. Some blatantly attack those idealistic overtures the Founding Fathers eluded to (some hiding behind those precepts but being actually treacherous to them). Conservatives tried to parade themselves as preserving the principals that were expounded underlying the Founding Fathers up to and through the Bill of Rights, have much, in the same way, become the lair of the wealthy and ultra-rich which want to control the masses, preserve their power and wealth, and hide behind a disguise of being the protectors of the Rights of Mankind, when they are only another power-based ‘force’ for control and greed using the slavery to the masses. They have far surpassed the British overlords the colonialists fought. All of these have become Monsters.

(I know from experience that security guards are nothing but Whipping Boys, a ‘buffer’ between the Security Guard company, the police and the Landowner (they have three (3) bosses). They are the ‘Fall guys,’ if anything goes wrong, it is their job to take the heat, to not make the Landlords or the company to look bad (nor the police, who often treat them as low, second-class citizens and nothing more). They are given a whole list of phony ‘rules’ to make them robots to ‘slice the heat’ and put on a good ‘public face’ (often at low or very moderate wages), sometimes in very dangerous and life-threatening situations. It is Crony Capitalism at its worst; most guards will not admit this for fear of losing their jobs. They could really tell you some stories: but it would expose the ‘system.’ They are allowed to do what they have to to ‘protect’ this ‘status quo and system.’ I am quite sure this goes beyond the Security Guard profession, and the same mentality exists in most businesses and professions, one way or the other.)

We are here to promote ‘news’ from all different angles and sources, it is not my or anyone else’s purpose to knowingly or even unknowingly ‘prejudge’ the news, unless it becomes so apparent it is false there is no other alternative. But getting to that point can be a rocky and wearisome struggle. We have no prejudice about exposing ‘multiple’ viewpoints, because we realize that reality is multi-sided, often multidimensional, complicated and not always easily discernible: so we present many sides of that struggle. If you read my editorial comments, you should see that I have no particular stake in the sordid political fights and feel such political ‘gamesmanship’ is illusory and almost impossible. Some people feel that such deception is beyond their party, club or faction. You may feel yours is Holy, as well. I doubt that sanctimoniousness. Only the strong-minded need to tread here. That closed-mindedness of “my viewpoint only” needs to be “taken down.”

There is a big difference between a source that publishes outright invented news, and a source—or sources—that you just “don’t like,” or says things that are philosophically different than your views or opinions. Things said on the Left spectrum and the Right Spectrum may annoy us, but they have the Constitutional Right to speak and be heard by willing listeners (you can always turn a deaf ear to the opinion). Myself, I think both sides of the “aisle” are filled with evil intentions and hogwash, but that shouldn’t prevent me printing interesting ‘tidbits,’ unless I decide one day to go completely “off the grid.”

Political terms, names and meanings have evolved, changed, and transformed over the years as many other concepts that have also transmogrified. Some “liberal” concepts once seemed to uphold “freedom,” ‘free speech’ and protected ‘human rights’: now have turned into a ‘power-based’ ‘force’ to change society, even if by ‘radical’ or ‘militant’ means. Some blatantly attack those idealistic overtures the Founding Fathers eluded to (some hiding behind those precepts but being actually treacherous to them). Conservatives tried to parade themselves as preserving the principals that were expounded underlying the Founding Fathers up to and through the Bill of Rights, have much, in the same way, become the lair of the wealthy and ultra-rich which want to control the masses, preserve their power and wealth, and hide behind a disguise of being the protectors of the Rights of Mankind, when they are only another power-based ‘force’ for control and greed using the slavery to the masses. They have far surpassed the British overlords the colonialists fought. All of these have become Monsters.

(I know from experience that security guards are nothing but Whipping Boys, a ‘buffer’ between the Security Guard company, the police and the Landowner (they have three (3) bosses). They are the ‘Fall guys,’ if anything goes wrong, it is their job to take the heat, to not make the Landlords or the company to look bad (nor the police, who often treat them as low, second-class citizens and nothing more). They are given a whole list of phony ‘rules’ to make them robots to ‘slice the heat’ and put on a good ‘public face’ (often at low or very moderate wages), sometimes in very dangerous and life-threatening situations. It is Crony Capitalism at its worst; most guards will not admit this for fear of losing their jobs. They could really tell you some stories: but it would expose the ‘system.’ They are allowed to do what they have to in order to ‘protect’ this ‘status quo and system.’ I am quite sure this goes beyond the Security Guard profession, and the same mentality exists in most businesses and professions, one way or the other.)

Yes, we have covered this phenomena every now and then since 2011. I’ve been through the Divorce Racket (and other rackets) over the years and have tried to speak out in various formats and scenarios; it all follows a common thread. It makes one wonder why we are fighting each other, rather than the ‘common enemy.’ That enemy is hard to see and I’ve done what I can to expose it and make it visible. These pages are open to fellow dissidents and ‘explorers’ and ‘exposers.’ You’re welcome to tell your stories here and add to the exposition. It is all part of a megalith monster I call the Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex- Matrix (MICCM).

Concerning a separate and special Rights For Women Manifesto: Don’t know why it has to be signatured by “women” as these are basic Human Rights for all mankind, male or female, which, unfortunately many women, in their symbiotic and parasitic alliance with the Legal Industry Cabal, causes them to tarnish and violate those basic Rights for both Men and Women. See how far these Rights go without falling into the trap (as they have already been) of being used or overtaken by the MICCM and other Legal Industry Masterminds which only serve their own Power, Profit and Prestige.

“Outspoken” should pertain to those who are proven to be true heroes opposing physical and psychological dangers, as opposed to brats and punks, calling themselves adults, trashing and destroying others for very vain and greedy purposes.

It is equally infuriating to be unnecessarily misquoted and misunderstood, when an opponent or debater is just flouting his ingrained and innate propaganda brainwashed into him from birth and is making no attempt to truly analyze and comprehend what you are telling them. Sometimes, their minds are so closed, they just ignore anything you say or do. Instead of approaching the arguments from “in your shoes,” they continue to be the little robots our society has invented and further spiel the usual venom and grade-school invectiveness in which they have ‘not’ tried to unlearn.

I am at a point in my life that I want to undo the evils that I forgot or refused to fight against in my life, and give others a choice to do the same, before it is too late, utilizing my 1st Amendment Rights and no longer turning a blind eye to the fates of the world. To teach others to ‘think’ and discover and use their mind, not to become simple sheep and blind slaves to those who control their reality:. Take off their masks, those little deceiving priests!

People get stuck in very old ideologies, concepts and “isms” and refuse to move out of those ‘boxes.’ We always like to think that we are the ones that are wearing the ‘white hats,’ and are the ‘only’ ones that know how to wear them and, even, the only ones that know where to ‘buy’ them: when, in reality, they are just grey, smudged, soiled and fraying old hats that have been passed around for generations through many, many secret hands.

“Some kind” of compromise and “understanding” is always needed when these debates appear, and try to look at “root” problems and not bring up too many private situations; and even then, always be willing to compromise and see each other’s point-of-view. Other than that, as I have said many times previously, the terms “fascist, liberal, left, right” are thrown around too loosely and with no historical meaning, always being projected from each person’s “private boxes.”

We shouldn’t condemn ‘socialism’ any more than ‘conservatism’: both are aimless, meaningless terms that don’t reflect the hidden agendas they are used for: fascist control and imperial elitism, the real enemy. At least ‘socialism’ had a true and genuine use in history well before America came into being and the bastardization of political terms. Most “political sensations” are nothing but masks to hide our inner evils and to gang together and destroy each other rather than help each other. A lot of national patriotism is the same baby-gook. We tend to fall for false histories, rather than the real histories: take off your masks little priests! Stop living in a world of ancient slogans and worn-out propaganda created by deceptive brain controllers and illusory political ideals.

Putting your full faith behind any one political party or personage is like trying to find virtue in a whorehouse: there are no such animals. Tyrannical and fascistic thinking are par for the course in any arena of life: it is the way humanoids operate. Ideologies are things only on ‘paper’: the real world should circumnavigate those illusory dreams and get down to the true facts; take off your masks, little priests.

I am the real oddball: and I have been sick and tired of the masking and erroneous parading of the so-called “Political Parties” for some time; watching the circus of flying monkeys never changes, even when one monkey is somewhat likable and seems to be alien to all the rest, it never changes. Still, we forge ahead and root and rant like the Romans at the Coliseum.

‘Pure’ Capitalism has never existed, nothing politically and socially has ever existed as ‘pure.’ It is easy to write something on paper and claim it is pristine and infallible, but quite another to see it operate in cold, stark reality. So-called Americanism as Capitalism was corrupted right out of the gate (i.e., see past postings and comments elsewhere). It is nice to write idealistic doctrine, but quite another thing to see it corrupted, inadequate, and having no fail-safe due to the monstrosity of the human condition. I know all about the dictionary definition but applying it to real human accomplishments is a pipedream, daydream, fable that has never really existed in all practically. I ‘sure as hell’ see proof of that every day.

So-called “Capitalism” has had its problems too, part of which redesigning what is a theory on ‘paper’ and inventing it according to our own evil images, in the form of Crony Capitalism, Fascism, etc., etc. Like so much in life, there never has been “pure” Capitalism (like there have never been ‘pure’ heroes, or ‘pure’ religion, or ‘pure’ politics) because any such “ism” is run by nefarious and weak and inhumane “humans.” We have a classical bent to destroy, pervert and warp the things about us. It is just one of many fairy tales and play-toys that humans like to toss around and manipulate. Looking for this Holy Grail (like looking for the Golden Fleece) is ‘fun’ and can be used to bolster our usual Id Monsters (to take a metaphor from the movie FORBIDDEN PLANET), but it is in no way ‘reality.’

Capitalism is a cheap term used on paper only, a fairy-tale used by mega-Monsters to wave in the face of others and hide behind their own magnanimous quests to control and prosper—it is a concept on paper, an ideology, that does not truly represent what is actually being done in reality. Crude Crony Mercantilism as a guise to hide under a fictitious Capitalism might be another way to describe it, but no matter what term you use, it has never really existed, any more than “pure” Communism, “pure” Christianity, or other “pure” ‘isms’ which we use to mask the real person or the real institution as it should be nakedly exposed for what it “is” and for what is really being done in all their corrupt and inglorious actions. Being a Monster in any fashion, no matter, how wealthy or powerful, does not justify its existence, Might does not Make Right, as history blatantly shows, and the defense of such corruption and any extension or characteristic of it only shows the evil it is and continues to become. Thank you Dorian Gray.

Fighting each other instead of the common enemy: what a waste! Some members are correct when they say America has strong fascist elements, but America is “not” the ‘only’ place that this evil does and can take root. We are overemphasizing the wrong places, time and things! Why is it that vampires can’t see themselves in the mirror?

It would appear that “enslavement” — or slavery — is a universal, ingrained mechanism of human nature — a very cruel and often contradictory facet of humans: which we can see today as it is incorporated, mechanized and used in our Modern World; and it is aimed at and applied “to all humans” (except for those who try to rule and use enslavement).

The vile vindictiveness that the public is confronted with by many judges in the legal system goes beyond the words “fair and equal justice,” where the lives of citizens become mere playthings in the Westworld-type of robotic recreation on the floors of the courthouse. The worldwide multi-billion-dollar Legal Industry has permeated every fiber of our lives and directed our realities to the dictates of this despotic Puppet-Master. Ask any divorce man or domestic court victim, they will attest that a man has only five (5) foes when he enters the system: his lawyer, her lawyer, the judge, her innate sexuality and the status quo.

Many live in their little “isms” they were raised in from birth and do not look beyond or question who are the core sponsors (do you have a mirror; can you look in a mirror?). They do not realize how intricately they are crafted and brainwashed. They are robotized goose-stepping zombies, and there is no changing. The MICCM has trained them well.

No concept or leaf is left alone by the MICCM: it is part of evil human nature, even so-called national pride or patriotism. Look down through history and see how often humans have used these for evil and destructive purposes.

The human being is love-challenged and intelligence-challenged and has proved themselves as such down through history. The humans believe that owning tons of money makes them superior to their fellow creatures and creating millions of enslaved and blindly devoted employees makes themselves even better rulers and elitists. It has always been that way, on the micro and macro levels; they also abhor psychological mirrors and will even kill to the death if their empires are challenged, taking millions of fellow humans to their death. They “group” in mutual ‘clubs’ as a way to protect and even ‘mask’ their true natures.

Reality is shifting beneath your very own feet: what we have been taught about the righteousness of the Left or Right, Democrats or Republicans, this ‘wing,’ or that ‘wing,’ and we do not reflect the innate and basic social realities that are taking place before our own eyes. In my years since July 27, 1944, based on my experience and the questions I have asked, and my eyes have seen, we have been deluded over and over, from the day we were born. See my past comments. When confronting attorneys in private and putting hard questions to them, often in confidence, many have said there is no real freedom, anywhere, in any party — that they are in control and they hold allegiance to no one but their Bar Association cabal. Right out of Orwell’s 1984, but only worse and complete. This: because all “isms” are under the evil rule of the “Humans.” Humans that glorify every evil act they do as good and pure: it won’t change, and we won’t challenge it unless we see the real “enemy.” We will continue to form “clubs” (social and physical) — and expound those clubs — with power and greed and evil to be used as ‘clubs’ against each other — until this final Truth becomes too evident to deny.

These lawyers have opened a Pandora’s box. In my meetings with attorneys, they have shown hardened, darkened commitment to fascistic, despotic rule by corporate giants and big business, in stark, no-uncertain-terms—those terms are evident in the elements of its manufacture, such as Fire-At-Will laws and the disrespect of Human Rights.

Note the synchronistic similarities between corporate “government,” popular “government,” social “government,” corporations as “people,” corporate “government” bribing and sleeping with “popular government,” all mixed together in what I call the Military/Industrial/Corporate/Complex/Matrix (MICCM) “Government.”

We don’t understand “government.” We think it is a separate entity, alone and separate from us. Government is the darkest, evilest, macabre parts of our own psyche, and when those elements ‘group’ in the various forms and combinations (such as the MICCM) and materialize, we see the Monster ‘we’ have become. In the science-fiction thriller THE FORBIDDEN PLANET, it was called monsters of the ‘id.’ Until we see the true ‘enemy’—us—we will never, ever come to terms or defeat it.

Part of the problem is our throwing terms around for loose and lop-sided reasons without any real background or roots. These are very powerful people in the IMF and the United Nations, they are not a bunch of poor people trying to grub-up a livable wage for themselves. All this talk about entitlements: some of these ‘official’ people are born-and-breed aristocracy; they don’t know what it is like to live in the slums of India, Africa or the lowest of the low. It is a matter of the wealthy controlling the masses and it is usually the wealthy that profit and the masses that suffer. They spend billions of media-propaganda-dollars guaranteeing that ‘that’ brainwashing is successful so the masses don’t attack them and “keep the lowly in their place.” That is the way it has always been! What is so sad, is when some of these executives, in a “little-bit-than-better-CEO-middle-class-salary,” actually have convinced themselves they are on the “winning side” —yes, they are actually safely on the side of the “elite”—that is ‘their’ team—and yet they don’t realize or are not aware that this is all self-delusion and they are only a few steps away — in actuality — from their very own destruction as outsiders also. It is all part of the programming by the MICCM.

It is very difficult and painful to suddenly realize that lullabies and fairy stories are things that are used to placate us and even control us, stories put down on paper, while they make us feel good and justified, are usually used by ourselves against ourselves as weapons hurting or obscuring ourselves. But we keep trudging on, programmed to believe that our ‘pipe dreams’ will come true and the scribbling we have made—or were programmed to make–mean something and will fly off the paper into reality. We can always pretend and hope.

(An aside: We have a ban on personal and unreasonable attacks on each other, or any other excuse one would try to come up with. If some are allowed to attack private family and friends, then any one is allowed to.

Attacks on one’s personal parents, children, or relatives are not allowed for whatever reason one can imagine. No posting or site or Group justifies hitting below the belt: if your arguments are good, they will not sink this low. That is not just espousing another opinion, that is vicious attack.

We welcome all civil comments. We are running into, now and then, more and more, the questionable muck that is so often displayed across the Internet that ‘free’ speech’ is confused with slander, personal attacks and just being downright nasty and unkind for no other reason. We are happy to see you are not one of them.)

(I am not so sure the Reich disappeared but was transformed into the Fourth Reich, and the transformation and partnerships went further and further: the constant transmogrifications and transformations with partners sleeping in same bed. All the “isms” have blended into sub-Rosa deals: you are dealing with one huge Industrial/Military/Corporate/Complex/Matrix [MICCM]. The Party system is a mask, as are so many other masks. “Take off your mask, little priest,” says murderer Errol Childress to detective Rustin Spence in TRUE DETECTIVE, a mask we all wear and deny. ######################################## 
“He’s saying to take off the mask of his persona. They both know that the whole concept of being a ‘person’ is an illusion, and that everything just repeats over and over again, that good and evil will always exist, and yet Rust continues to fight the ‘good’ fight, because that’s simply his role. He is aware that it is futile, and yet continues this masquerade, nonetheless. Errol is telling him to take off his mask and reveal his ‘true’ self; that the darkness is really within him. That this is all just a play, created by himself. A dream that he had within a locked room. And the only way to reveal this truth is in death.” ###################… ##### Lindsey Krumhar.) #########

It is sad if we still have to use the terms Liberal and Right as human qualifiers, as if it is a baseball sport, instead of just looking at the people as humans and just look at the facts: without all the banner- “my side versus your side” – waving. Slogans are masks to hide the evil, take off your masks little priests.

How in the world do the readers/members equate “non-coercion” with capitalism, when capitalistic countries have far more than a share of human torment and inhumanity? The fact is: there are no ‘pure’ systems of human relations that are devoid of evil and human mistreatment, be that capitalism or other. A lot of corruption happens in this system, and others, that can’t be gainsaid or explained away with fluffy, pie-in-the-sky make-believe. We need to take off our masks!

I think there is far more fear of the wealthy right-wing tyranny taking over America than the poor, underprivileged underclass swarming the Elite-ruling class. This fear of the “reds” coming to get our money was instilled in the 30-50’s to fight Communism by Intelligence operations in America. You are stuck in an era that was not all-together true. I don’t think presenting you with other evidence will do much good, if you are not willing to move out from behind that propaganda.

Having no great love for the current Parties, or any “ism,” does not mean I cannot pick out those bits and pieces and statements of logic that seem – seem – to point to good directions. It doesn’t mean I am giving “WHOLEHEARTED” endorsement of any Party or organization: just respecting some things that they occasionally say that are reasonable. History – true history – exists as bits and pieces in a large jigsaw puzzle; it is up to us to locate and assemble those pieces in honest efforts.

This should be an independent look at facts and issues, not “wings”: this is not a Kentucky-Fried restaurant. And this so-called “Right wing”—that must be a spicy part of the bird—or are they just Muppets dressed in white robes and gold halos floating around with their all-powerful wands and gimmicks?

This Group is not a hodgepodge of confused (nor a melting pot of all kinds of), aimless political quips and slander: do not come here to just “get something off your chest” – speak with purpose, clarity, and humanity and reason: childish tantrums belong in the alley. We need some new, innovative, investigation and reasoning: not the same old, worn-out, repetitive ageless tantrums about Left versus Right. If we cannot change – we are lost.

Members are always welcome to state their detailed reasons for disagreement, but usually none are forthcoming. We encourage members to post their own analysis and other areas of news, no matter how disconcerting; but, apparently, most just rather be by-standing critics that have little to say of value.

If you want further specifics other than what is said here: you need to help locate those persons and names and pin down their actual substance and actions: nothing is being handed on a silver-platter, and we ask all to add further names and specific items; you are welcome to do that. Readers are welcome to speak up and demonstrate their findings, rather than vaguely complain. Sometimes, specific and detailed questions bring forth specific and detailed answers; bad questions, bad answers.

I don’t necessarily believe Putin or “anybody”: I try to present a lot of interesting comments and facts with not so much an unduly “prejudgment” so as to get opinions from all sides, rather than censor from some hidden or inner sanctum crap-pot of judgmental facts; and then I sometimes let the chips fall where they may.

(Please read and follow the Preamble, it is there for a reason. While we abhor censorship, but we do have rules: this is not a “let it all hang out” assembly with wild and ravishing comments. Use reason and purpose and humanity.

For all those out there who occasionally complain about the choice of content [and I am fighting the heavy-hand of the 1st Amendment and no censorship as well]: please submit – submit content that you would like to see, be active to this extent, and not just bystanders and curbside spectators.)

We welcome all the stories of tragedy in the lives of people who have encountered the Power Cabal. Most people are unaware of the day-to-day destruction of the family and other ‘taboo’ topics because the Powers-That-Be are not predicated upon its disclosure and they rather hide the cold, stark and naked facts: it would expose their true, evil intentions. Your stories can be told here.

Concerning child custody and domestic problems: We are interested in presenting ‘both’ sides, not just one side, but ‘all’ the facts as we realize there is important information in each argument. The real enemy is the Monster of a legal profession that is only interested in their Power, their Profit and their Prestige (PPP); a part of the Military-Industrial-Corporate-Matrix (MICCM). To be too exclusive and depositing the argument into one small example is not fair to the whole picture. There are always areas of gray; it is never black and white. ###### I would love to have my children ‘cry’ to see me; I would come running post haste! I am afraid that Parental Alien Syndrome (PAS) has weighed heavy against me. Have you visited Hope Henderson’s Timeline? She has some examples were ‘females,’ as well, have been denied custody and are victims of PAS. ###### I recently went through — and still am — with a case where lawyers have more or less given a doctor a clean bill of health despite cogent and important complaints because the Laws, as written, allow much foolishness to slide through. The medical profession is not immune from the MICCM, but is a part of it. Might always Makes Right. Washington University Physicians are one such Power Structure in which they do not allow ‘real’ dissent and your life is totally in their hands.

We dance around some of the “core” problems and dress our dance in all kinds of (getting to be) “worn out” slogans, chants, and aimless threats, some very inaccurate, often, pretending to be on the “right side” of history — as the ground is shifting beneath our feet and the very reality of things is and has changed drastically in the matrix before our very eyes. More to come.

Some Groups are quite paranoid and hyperventilated, suspecting all people and persons to some curious agenda they ‘have’ or suspect others of having. The JFK groups are mostly like that, being a landscape of suspicion, unreasonable debate, slander, attack and wild accusations. Doesn’t say much for fair and sane investigation, tending to be grade-schoolish and parochially petty. I tend to shy away from such radical and wild climates, not doing science or any one any good: Mostly private “in” Groups, if you are friends of friends of friends, or know same or even if you associate with the wrong people they dislike (not the basis for good journalistic enquiry). Good luck.

But I repeat myself.

(We go back to 2011,for genuine researchers and not just spectators, so use a powerful browser and go searching. Good luck.)

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NOTE; Many members and readers say this is worthless and of no legal value. I borrowed it from another Group. Worth a try. SE.   


Barry Smith I cannot stand this woman. She is a tin pot dictator. God help the persons in her court room.

   September 2 at 10:59pm

Stephen Erdmann Money and power does that to a person: there are hundreds more like her, regardless of Party or “ism.” They ae a brood in the MICCM.

Verna Safran I like and respect Judge Judy. This looks like a man/woman thing. Men don’t like being judged by a female. But she’s invariably right and has a great sense of humor. she’s against unmarried couples liv     The only bone I have to pick with her is that she’s against unmarried couples living together and buying property together. She calls it “playing house.” But it is true that the law does not allow unmarried partners to inherit, and if there’s a split — they’re on their own. As for “shrew:” and “dictator” — imagine how we feel having nothing but male judges for so many years  living together and buying property together

Stephen Erdmann Male, female, it makes no difference when it comes to the MICCM and the courts: it is just another opportunity to expand and control. Her arrogance is so typical, and “tin pot dictator” about covers it all for her and so many others.

Stephen Erdmann Sense of humor? Has about as much humor as an alligator chewing down.

Verna Safran Then how come it’s just you boys who find her so offensive? Judges are expected to pass judgment. She does her job and does it brilliantly.

Emil Donofrio Oh please she doesn’t get 45 million because she a great judge, it’s all about ratings and sponsors.

Stephen Erdmann
 Men do face a bigger burden when in the courts than women. On the others, I guess Hitler and Stalin did their jobs and did it brilliantly too? For a Progressive Liberal, Verna, you show a major contradiction here: I think that is, in part, by not seeing the true enemy.

Verna Safran If the true enemy for you is women in power and women who have a lot of money, I feel sorry for you because you must be a very unhappy person.

Verna Safran P.S. Always a sign of a losing argument when people drag in Hitler and Stalin for no reason.

Leo O’Brien Very condescending.

Stephen Erdmann Like what?

Leo O’Brien
 As a judge to her plaintiff’s.

Verna Safran Since when did you join the “old boys club, Leo?” Men who put down women in power or try to are the condescending ones. Judge Judy has had her program for over 20 years and it’s one of the most popular ones on TV. Nobody’s forcing you to watch it, but give credit where credit is due. I’m done with this conversation, since prejudice is pretty hard to combat, especially when fellows like you don’t know they have it.

Stephen Erdmann I never said that, read closely, Verna, and also remember what has already been said (but of the biggest faults of Facebook: no content indexing). Every reason to drag in Hitler and Stalin as they demonstrate these human tendencies at their worst. There are millions of Hitlers and Stalin’s out there with those same qualities, they just need to look in the mirror. Seeing the worst of their ID is the beginning of seeing the real problem. Misquoting me – certainly won’t help. Blanketing it over with a lot of hero-worship won’t do it either. Having a hodgepodge Political construct only harms us all. Any man that has entered domestic court will testify to a stacked deck. We all suffer from the tyranny of the MICCM.  

Verna Safran Well, I won’t leave yet until I respond to your latest spilling of invective. I didn’t quote you exactly, but there are certain key words in the above posts that I find VERY offensive: “Dictator” “power mad” “corrupt” — and a comparison of a worthy member of the American legal system to fascists. Do you feel the same way about male judges? Or do your libertarian sentiments prevent you from any sense of order in society and respect for those whose job it is to prevent chaos?

Stephen Erdmann I think the meme has more to do with power and tyrannical regimes, than women’s rights. You have woman’s rights on the brain, but this isn’t presented specifically for a woman’s rights argument. You are forcing it out of context. Read what has been said. ############## So you ‘like’ her, that’s your problem. I think she symbolizes all that is bad with the media, society, power grabs, greed, and on and on. That ‘that’ is popular does not say much for those fans,  that is all I can say. Hey, each has their own opinions; I just think yours is misguided and wrong.

Verna Safran I think your opinions are based on your hating your mommy. Bye now.

Stephen Erdmann Again, the posting was more aimed at general power-issues, misuse of the media, greed, and other related points: you are in error to turn it into a woman’s rights issue (as you often do). It was meant to point out a common foe: the all-powerful MICCM (and yes, I have a big gripe with judges in general).

Stephen Erdmann Now, that was an intelligence-less and very unprofessional comment, Verna, enough said. As you commented yourself somewhat: “Always a sign of a losing argument when people drag in (your mother and your father) for no (good) reason.” Please read and abide by the Preamble or leave the Group. Vindictiveness is not owned just by men, not by a long shot.

Verna Safran: Very good reason if you bother to think about it.

Verna Safran: And don’t you think that throwing your weight around as someone who can kick people off of Facebook is an illustration of your own theory about abuse of power? As Burke said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” If you want to throw me off of here for disagreeing with you, so be it. I’m finding a lot of the comments puerile and discussions with bigoted people a waste of time.

Stephen Erdmann: It was not disagreeing that was the issue. It was attacking someone’s family and being outside the rules. If she felt that was fine: go fight in a alley somewhere, not here.

Stephen Erdmann: We have a ban on personal and unreasonable attacks on each other, senility (or, what appears to be) should be no excuse, or any other excuse you are trying to come up with. If you are allowed to, then any one is allowed to. The decision is yours: It ends here.

Stephen Erdmann: Verna Safran: has left the building. Attacks on one’s personal parents, children, or relatives not allowed for whatever reason one can imagine. No posting or site or Group justifies hitting below the belt: if your arguments are good, they will not sink this low. That is not just espousing another opinion, that is vicious attack.

Richard Callahan Waiariki:  “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Which is a problem if you are powerless. I feel for you Verna!

Stephen Erdmann: Do you subscribe to personal attacks, Richard, then have it at: only do it on your Timeline, not here, this is not the place for wild, dirty and victimizing personal attacks? Facebook doesn’t even approve of that. Alley fights and gang mentality lives somewhere, just not here, I hope.

Stephen Erdmann: We do know the different between civil debates and attacking one’s personal family and friends, do we not? I am wondering.

Stephen Erdmann: It was not “disagreeing” that was the issue. It was attacking someone’s family and being outside the rules. If she felt that was fine: go fight in an alley somewhere, not here.

Stephen Erdmann: One other thought, along similar lines: If you accept someone’s Friendship, it should be done in a certain vain, and both parties should make efforts to be just that: Friends. That means doing your utmost to be friends and associate in a loving (to a degree) and fine way. This is not Texas Wrestling or a bar fight. Verna has her own Timeline to do cruel and mean things and she can show her personal disrespect to anyone anywhere else. Why do you want it here?

Emil Donofrio: Oh, please she doesn’t get 45 million because she a great judge, it’s all about ratings and sponsors..

Stephen Erdmann: Thanks Leo, I just don’t understand from where she gets all those so-called ‘fans,’ unless they are birds of a feather flocking together.

Emil Donofrio: Republicans live to see people passing judgment on other people. Besides it’s all about ratings and sponsors they could care less about how good of a judge she is.

Stephen Erdmann: True, it is a circus for money. Power. The same old story. Verna hopscotched around too much between ‘women’s rights’ and ‘left – right’ motivations and other junk: very hard to get a handle on. The issue here, to me, was the age-old scenario of power and control. Verna, by the way, was not Republican, I believe she leaned to the left.

To Jimmy Garst: September 3, 2015: Stephen Erdmann: You mention D and D propagandists that are against unions: why don’t you name who you are talking about? I am not against unions, if I am the one you are referring to, so you are inaccurate. Instead of painting everyone with your inaccurate brush time and again, document your accusations. I know for a fact, not all members are against unions. I also know that not all members fit your constant descriptions that you wildly parade. I don’t mind you speaking your mind, just when you hand out BS, which you do from time to time. Setting yourself against everyone and everything in a blind rage won’t work here, because I hope there are more Group members working “together” for the Preamble “goals” than stirring up dung for the hell of it.

Yesterday at 12:05pm·

Comments on September 5, 2015 from Verna Safran:

Verna Safran has been blocked from the Dissenter/Disinter Group for attacking family members, yet she persists in contacting me with harassment, please investigate her:

I’m the one who said that about the battle of wits, dfarlin’.  You’re sure not good at giving credit where credit is due.  Maybe the “I” being the source of your typing (and other?) problems is trying to tell you something.

44 minutes ago

You sarcasm is tolerable to a point: but when you put your vindicativeness to the extreme of

attacking one’s family, you go outside everyones’  boundaries. If you can’t apologize, don’t present your usual hatred and spite here or you will be reported.

Verna Safran:

Oh, do you have a family?  If so, I don’t remember insulting it.  I just wondered why you hated old people so much, enough to lambast them in a nasty fashion.  I guessed it started with your mom.  You can correct me if I’m wrong.  Meanwhile, keep your vicious cracks to yourself or I’ll report you!

Steve Erdmann:

You have no intention of being reasonable or fair: I owe your attacks nothing. Stop contacting me with your smartass remarks, or I will report you.  This is why you are censored, you are into this kind of stuff.  You do it without a second thought or empathy. What does that say? Cease and desist. Stop. Now.

Verna Safran:

I’ve counted over a hundred “likes” to my remarks on Facebook.  For some reason I seem to get under your skin, so just don’t read what I write.  Simple solution for a simple mind.

Steve Erdmann:

I said what I said: If you have no consideration for the feelings of others, that is your problem – don’t contact me.”

Verna Safran: What would you say about a person who calls an elder citizen “senile” and accuses her of “talking smack” when she posts something that disagrees with your opinion?

September 5, 2015 Yesterday at 1:43pm

Verna Safran: Evidently Steve

Verna Safran: Evidently Steve’s plea for politeness and analysis of aggression applies to everyone but himself. He was incredibly rude to me in his posts, called me names and ridiculed me, exhibiting a disrespect for older people. I asked him why he hated older people, and asked the question therapists would ask (half joking because it’s a Freudian cliche) Did he hate his mother? At this point he totally lost it, freaked out, said I was attacking his family (not so, I never met his family) and he’s been nurturing his imaginary wounds ever since. I don’t wish to continue this discussion because Steve obviously has issues preventing him from courtesy to women and to older folks. I do enjoy communicating with others on Facebook, and most of them “get” my sense of humor. Lordy, I hope the political debates, once we get to see them on television, don’t descend to the level of name-calling and nastiness that Steve has displayed.

Verna Safran: Calling people senile when they are alert and active seniors is a form of slander and goes against the principles that Steve Erdmann set out in his preamble. What hypocrisy!

September 4 at 6:32am

Verna Safran: Some folks, when they get older, acquire wisdom. Do you think Bernie Sanders is “senile”? Was Eleanor Roosevelt “senile”? I can only hope it happens for Stephen Erdmann, and maybe it will, when he comes home from his power trip.

September 4 at 6:52am

Verna Safran John G. — What were you doing awake at 2:55 a.m.? Do you elderly folks have a hard time falling asleep? Or have you mentally reverted to an earlier time in your life and are having nightmares? Don’t worry, the boogeyman won’t get you. And Verna has put away her broom. :>) Just kidding.

 September 4 at 12:10pm

Jimmy GarstRobert Prudente, Is that neo-con Reagan glorification another example of what you call the socialist take over and their propaganda mind manipulation? Robert thinks trickle down is where those socialist not the elite piss all over the Working Man?  Reagan was a Commie hater just like you. I’m surprised you would criticize your hero! Bobby, You are so UnAmerican! You starting to sound like that Commie you hate so much. Hypocrite boy!!

 September 5, 2015:  Yesterday at 3:54pm

Jimmy GarstRobert Prudente, Given your self professed hatred of Evil Commie’s, I’m surprised that you would dare to criticize Fearless Leader, the all time champion in the fight against the Evil Commie Empire, the fight against those Godless socialists, Ronny the  the Bush puppet. Boy, You are such a hypocrite! You better be careful or true fascists live Steve the Mworm will attack you for being an UnAmerican Commie lover. You should really stop with the hate mongering and self loathing, and come out of the closet and admit it is okay to be a Christian Socialist. You might actually become a true Christian, not just another poser.

Jim Tarr: Ronnie wasn”t even president,he was just reading his prompts,Sr Bushy tail was running the show

Stephen Erdmann: Please stop attacking fellow members with name-calling. Professionally attack the issues rather than people – analyze the facts and comment on those facts only.

Stephen Erdmann: If Communists are symbols of love and compassion, there is not much here! I am quite sure there are some loving Communists that are true compassionate individuals: just not this one: you can’t prove love and compassion by being a wild hate-spitting Monster. Avoid and desist in name-calling and personal attacks, professionally examine the issues, not attack the person.

September 5, 2015: Stephen Erdmann Well, your time is limited: can you quote exactly where this was said? I don’t recall seeing anyone calling that you are a “Godless socialist hate monger,” do you make this stuff up as you go along? That ‘would’ be mongering.

Stephen Erdmann: Again, face the issues and refrain from personal attacks: they are not allowed here.

Stephen Erdmann:…/60887299…

Steve Maiworm: Where is the proof Mr Jimmy garst that the United States carried attacks on its own people on 911

Jimmy GarstSteve Maiworm Only an idiots would need to ask that question of proof and deny the obvious. Stephen Erdmann, That is not a personal attack on the Worm, just a statement of fact.

Jimmy Garst: Fascist pigs like Steve love the fascist in Israel and the Nazi too. He even God Blesses Nazi here on this thread. What an unAmerica cow!

Steve Maiworm: Boy these videos really show the truth

Barry Smith Steve, if you still believe the “official conspiracy theory”, you are intellectually lazy. I suggest you you look into groups such as Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Fire Fighters for 9/11 Truth. If you possess even a rudimentary understanding of Newtonian physics then you would have known instantly that we have all been lied to.

Jimmy GarstBarry Smith, This site commonly has memes on 9/11. However, Steve Maiworm has the intellectual capacity of a worm. He is willfully ignorant, and a brain washed fascist toad. Trying to have an intelligent conversation with an narrow minded myopic hater is almost impossible.

Steve Maiworm: Voltaire was a left wing progressive nut and socialistic fascist like you Jimmy garst.

Steve Maiworm: Also, I am not in the CIA Jimmy boy

Steve Maiworm : Jimmy your posts are so ridiculous they actually amuse me

Jimmy GarstSteve Maiworm, You are absolutely one of the most stupid, most ignorant and biggest waste of oxygen I have ever encountered. You are a poor excuse for a human. Your hate mongering is OTT and not amusing. The fact that you God Bless Nazi, and you the world of fascism puts you at high-question.

Jimmy GarstBarry Smith and Stephen Erdmann, one final note on Steve the Worm Steve Maiworm. He claims he is not a paid propagandist in the CIA legion of flying monkeys. Interestingly, when I went to his FB page to block the ugly fascist pig, low and behold, the man acts very much like a spy.

Jimmy GarstSteve Maiworm is like a jellyfish. Without a brain. A DHS widget. Zig Heil Mien Furher!

Jimmy GarstSteve Maiworm, God Blesses the Nazi Ukrainian Soldiers. I should not be surprised this Nazi loving pig works for the Fourth Reich as a DHS boot licker gropper.…/NYT-Whites-Out-Ukraine-s-B-by…

Steve Maiworm: Actually that hot dog is you James Jimmy comrade general secretary garst

Jimmy Garst: I’m disgusted that my tax dollars are wasted on the salary of ugly, fascist, scum bag, piles of pig poo, propagandist monkeys, like Steve the Worm. He is a parisite sucking on the fascist tit of his Uncle Sam. A brain washed troll hate monger of DHS. hate mongering idiot who believes in and promotes propaganda nonsense is a waste of time. Truth is irrelevant to Steve. He is easily one of the biggest tools and fools I have ever encountered. I kick myself for wasting my oxygen on this ignorant fascist pile of pig poo. He is a evil, horrible, war monger, hate monger, waste of skin. The world would be a better place without fascist pigs like the Worm. Honestly,to make a comment about proof of 9/11 conspiracy on this site, suggest steve is a paid propagandist in the CIA legion of flying monkeys. It is really hard to believe that anyone could be as stupid as Steve. But then, “Patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel and coward”.” Voltaire.

Stephen Erdmann: Okay, I’ve asked gentlemanly and clearly, not to indulge in character assassination and name-calling: it is against the Preamble. I’ve asked you to deal with the issues in a professional way. Spewing aimless diatribes do nothing to help the situation.

Jimmy GarstBarry Smith, this comment by the Worm, Steve Maiworm, is a good example of the OTT stupidity of this moron. He claims, “America is weak.” HAHAHAHA! STUPID!!!! FYI Stevie Stupid, America has the largest most powerful military in the world. The US spends more on militarism than the next 20 countries combined, and half of them are our Allies. Steve has obviously been listening to Trump’s propaganda. Steve does not live in a world of reality. His brain is totally polluted with propaganda nonsense. Steve the fascist lives in a fantasy world I call fascist pigland. America has been bankrupt both morally and financially by patriotic Americans like Steve. With citizens like Steve, who needs Commies for enemies. These morons are doing a fine job of destroying America all on their own.

Jimmy GarstBarry Smith, You must laugh at OTT stupid like Steve Maiworm. He thinks socialist are unAmerican and evil, but Steve is okay with patriotic Nazi Americans who kill our President, bomb the WTC and murder millions of innocent civilians in the name of freedom, liberty and Democracy. With patriotic fascist hate mongers like Steve and Bobby P, America does not need to worry about the minorities, the Commies and the Muslims, These fascist pigs are totally capable of destroying not only the USA but the World, all on their own. God Bless America, the land of the fascist and the stupid.

Jimmy GarstBarry Smith and Stephen Erdmann, one final note on Steve the Worm Steve Maiworm. He claims he is not a paid propagandist in the CIA legion of flying monkeys. Interestingly, when I went to his FB page to block the ugly fascist pig, low and behold, this scum bag hate monger works for DHS. This pig ridicules me while he and his fellow thugs in the fascist police state steal my social security to fund their unholy failed wars of the perpetual war machine and this fascist arse’s salary. . FICA / SOCIAL Security is the largest source of income for the US government at $1.2 trillion annually. The alphabet soup of DoD, CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS (Steve), WAR costs America $1.2 trillion annually. I think Steve’s employment at DHS make it obvious he is no dissenter, but a boot licking Nazi widget. This scum bag is not only a waste of oxygen, but a waste of my tax dollars. You are such a loser, Get a real job Steve. Stop sucking on Uncle Sam’s Tit, you parasite. Get a real job, cos hate mongering, advancing hegemony and WWIII is unproductive, and down right evil. DHS is a waste of my tax dollars, I wish I could make it go away as easily as blocking a fascist pig like Steve on FB. Steve, Please do the world and American tax payers a favor and die soon!

Jimmy Garst: I’m disgusted that my tax dollars are wasted on the salary of ugly, fascist, scum bag, piles of pig poo, propagandist monkeys, like Steve the Worm. He is a parisite sucking on the fascist tit of his Uncle Sam. A brain washed troll hate monger of DHS! Not to be confused with CIA!. The opinion of hate mongers like Steve are irrelevant to the truth . He and his opinion are unimportant. I sincerely wish for your speedy death.

Jimmy Garst, You recently had a pretty free run on your comments last few days in the Dissenter/Disinter Group. I need to get answer to just one question and then leave with one comment: I notice that I cannot comment to topics in your Timeline: are you going to allow me the same ability and freedom to make comments on your Timeline as you have been allowed to do on Dissenter?   #### Lastly, I ask as a personal favor that you refrain from the rather harsh treatment on other members, as requested. I am making the same request of Steve Maiworm and Robert Prudente and all other members.

April 4 · Edited · 

Gordon Novel

2425 Fairway Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809

CIA employee as of at least 1963. Was alleged to have been seen with Jack Ruby at Ruby’s Carousel Club. According to researcher Paris Flammonde, he was friends with Dave Ferrie (Ferrie, as well as being up to where his eyebrows would have been in the Kennedy assassination, was a practitioner of hypnosis and black magic) and knew Lee Harvey Oswald. He was an employee of the Double-Chek Corporation and the Evergreen Advertising Agency (both CIA fronts).

“In his youth, Gordon Novel belonged to a neo-Nazi group and was arrested and charged with bombing a Metarie, Louisiana, theater that admitted blacks. Later, he sold spy devices in New Orleans. Gordon Novel claimed he worked with the Cuban Revolutionary Front during the Bay of Pigs, as a Director of the CIA proprietary, the Evergreen Advertising Agency, and had created cryptographic messages for the CIA.”

In 1967, the CIA reported that they never utilized either Novel or the Evergreen Advertising Agency.

During New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s investigation of the Kennedy assassination, Novel was recommended to him by one of Garrison’s political supporters, automobile dealer Willard Robertson. Novel was then an anti-eavesdropping expert, and Garrison was reportedly worried about FBI surveillance. Novel told Garrison about Dave Ferrie’s arms pickup in Louisiana to arm anti-Castro Cuban exiles.

When information regarding Garrison’s investigation was leaked to NBC reporters, Garrison suspected Novel, and Novel was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury. Novel instead fled to Ohio, where he was arrested on burglary charges Garrison had filed accusing Novel of participating with Ferrie in the arms pickup.

“After some initial reluctance, Ohio Governor James Rhodes finally agreed to extradite Novel to Louisiana if Garrison would complete the papers within sixty days,” which Garrison reportedly never bothered to do. Later, Garrison would claim that people in high places, up to and including President Lyndon Johnson, were preventing him from obtaining his witnesses.

During this time, Novel became an informant for the FBI regarding the Garrison investigation.

Chris Patorov: both sides are pawns in the agenda that is hidden from the citizens both do a small amount of “good deeds” to appease the masses but to be honest both have done too little too late …in this group out of respect this will be the last time i have a political commentary it is the system itself it is flawed and corrupt and only complete disintegration and over haul will fix this money has no business in politics no man ( not to be sexist or woman) born into wealth can ever really comprehend the needs and fears and wants of a general public nor its toils and trials they can never truly make legislation that covers the myriad of difficulties the average person goes through in a lifetime as they themselves cannot comprehend the complexities of struggle only political leaders who have risen from nothing can help our people bottom line money needs to be excluded from politics for it to run efficiently.

Abraham Bolden: In this video, Files said that 5 months before Dallas, plans were made to hit JFK in Chicago. This would have been around late March, 1963. Files is right. Before Kennedy’s plane landed at O’Hare Field, in Chicago, a call came into the SS office from some person calling himself “Lee”. This person said that there was a plan to assassinate Kennedy along the I94 Expressway. The SS, because of staffing problems and short notice, assigned Lt. Bob Linski to try and trace the call. An extra detail of Chicago Policemen were placed atop every underpass along I94. IN THE MEANTIME, THE MOTORCADE WAS cancelled and JFK was helicoptered into Meigs Field. To my knowledge, it was never confirmed that the caller was Oswald but Judyth Baker may be able to shed some light on that. When ASAIC Martineau was questioned about this before the AARB, his answer was a curt, “I don’t remember.” How Files could have known about this incident without being an inside participant is impossible to explain. Also, the biting of the shell casing and placing it on top of a board behind the Grassy Knoll, how could he have known about that and how the mark was indeed found on a casing with a mark on it like the one he describes?

Robert Prudente: This is a special coincidence…Without going into detail, I am on FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) for a PTSD event brought on by my employer…I have now been diagnosed by 2 psychiatrists that I am suffering from anxiety disorder brought on by a specific event perpetrated by my employer…I further expect the employer to reject my claim as a work related injury.

Robert Prudente I recently filed a workers compensation against my employer…I spoke with the adjustor this morning…My injury is PTSD and a diagnosis of anxiety disorder..I do have a serious case of anxiety…This is a work place injury perpetrated by my employer…These types of claims are next to impossible to attain however, my circumstances are well above the norm…I was threatened with termination of employment for insubordination however, I refused citing safety concerns that are addressed in 49 CFR, the Code of Federal Regulations….The bottom line is…”Did the employer have a legitimate threat of termination”…Now, we play the waiting game.

Robert Prudente Right now, we do have a bit left of protection for the working class in the form of organized labor (unions) and the department of labor…however, both are under attack…Corporatism declared war on labor many moons ago and are not letting up.

Stephen Erdmann says:

November 17, 2015 at 11:24 am

The attempt to control those who disagree with you is called: Neophobia, Cainophobia, Cainotophobia, Cenophobia, Centophobia, Kainolophobia, Kainophobia – An abnormal and persistent fear of anything new including new things, ideas or situations, of novelty.


Dissenter/Disinter Magazine goes back to 1967 when I gave birth to a little fanzine that seemed to be my contribution to the media flavor of that time: the Viet Nam war, the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, the late Jim Moseley’s Saucer News, Ray Palmer’s provoking Search Magazine and Hidden World series, as well as a line of “controversy” radio programs such as Long John Nebel, Suspense, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, with television shows such as Science Fiction Theater and Twilight Zone. In St. Louis in the 60s there was WIL “Steve Clark” controversy radio. There was a section of the media that was some kind of renaissance to the investigating of the more curious and often sinister elements at that time, and it gave birth to myself and others that have continued in that vein to this day (many will include Coast to Coast radio and Alex Jones and others to this list). We still try to contribute to the emblem of “controversy and protest” as a way of getting to the truth.

Subsequently, in the years following, my life embodied further “discovery” of these “realities” of the mysterious Powers-that-Be (which were quite depressing and decorated with flight-or-fight syndromes), and my waking hours were consumed with survival and making “ends meet” (as with so many of the population, I did not have the luxury of always devoting myself to media publishing or even schooling). That story may or may not be left to my memoirs (and my Timeline), if at all.

We try not to “conform” to predisposed or status quo “images” that people have in their heads, or were born with. We approach all topics from different viewpoints and suggestions, because we realize solutions are never black and white (I hail back to H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, George Orwell, Charles Fort (…/Protest-The-Use-…/2923915), Info Journal, and a host of New Age and Protest scientists [study my Timeline]). We offer a forum for discussion, within reason. Questions are always open. I, personally, am ‘independent’ politically, neither bowing to the Left or Right, and neither do I encourage others to bow to them either (or any “ism”). It is a matter of finding out who the tyrants are and how much you relinquish to being a slave. Others may participate from their own level of evaluation, that is their right; but I cannot “endorse” everyone’s politics or religion. We offer a platform to search these things out (in a civil and humane fashion: see Preamble) through questioning and debate. How do you see applying censorship in Groups and Timelines? Use it every time something grinds against your personal opinion?  And what about the next person?  And the next person?  Seems that our Founding Fathers grappled with these questions as well. It is amazing with all the common threads of agreement that ‘can’ be found in fighting tyrannical government and evil conspiracies, we are tearing each other apart, for some reason, over petty feuds and personality squabbles that detract from common core efforts (those little nuggets of gold that make us all as one in protest). We (we are speaking editorially) hope we are able to stand in a “common core” against Tyranny and the evils that are associated with it.

In the end, we are all brothers and sisters.


TO: Julien Landau:  April 3, 2018: Facebook:

Stephen Erdmann Sounds like you are looking for a “robot-god,” not a human being, humans aren’t Holy, Pure and without blemish, none of them; that’s why they wear ‘masks’ and go to Church on Sunday and beg forgiveness, and the prance about afterwards singing praises and hoyden while they continue their usual crimes and schemes, all the while under their sanctimonious masks You are looking for the supreme male-god that always wears the White Hat, but are blind to the fact that even the wealthy and rich male-icon hides the greatest blemishes and scars that most people refuse to see, and often, are disguised demons; the humblest of us are usually the kindest and most pure of all, as Christ taught. We live under many myths and propaganda, and it seems you have fallen for some of them.

Facebook, April 23, 2018.  There is good and bad in all situations, and any group or ‘ism’ can be misused and fall into the same error-filled stance, especially once it reaches a point of power. We use what clubs we can to obtain our goals, but they all ultimately fail in some way. Look at the Dems and Repubs. Yes, I have belonged to unions, even a Teamster Union, and it kissed the company’s ass over and over, and only appeared to be a useless mediator between you and the company: a lackey branch. But how would  you like to put your ‘life’ on the line, as when being a security guard posited in some dire and scary situations, yet to be a bottom fall-guy when things fall apart: you have to take the heat for your four (4) bosses above you: Your security company, the police department, the contractor, and the state EEOC which gives them a lackey thumbs-up and sells their party-line? Now, what would you call that situation?

August 18, 2018, to Tony Elliott:  The more basic and even accurate cause of human slavery and suppression goes far beyond any “ism” or philosophy, it is despotism and tyrannical thinking and that is global. Trying to put human evil and the human ID Monster in nice, neat little ‘boxes’ only shows our failure to recognize the real culprit and the basic evil involved. All ‘leaders’ have shared this evil trend since history recorded. There is no political “safe haven,” and what is written on ‘paper’ is nothing but masks that hide this innate manipulation.

August 19, 2018, Ron Schmidt: Stephen Erdmann I am well aware of the battles, debates and distortions going on with this corporate giant, as anyone else who researches the Internet, apparently much more so than you in making pompous, vain and illogical comments just to gain points. Do you just puke this stuff to just feel the hot air stream out of your mouth, or what? There are many more interested in going further into the Human Rights issues and how corporates are abusing that. Yes, I realize Facebook censors conservative viewpoints and I have also stated the futility and hopelessness of participating in partisan politics. Do you really read my comments, or just vainly pound your chest and whistle Dixie? Getting lopsidedly on a site and starting to spell misquoted and unrelated comments in some weird disjointed way are certainly of no help. I pay attention to “what is going on” apparently far more closely and tightly than you do. It might be considered “the wrong battle” to those who are connecting to the broader issue of Human Rights (which you apparently can’t connect), but it is a battle many are joining in and making the overall connection. If you can’t take it elsewhere, we don’t need it here, and if you really want to see ‘censorship’ keep it up.

(Same) Stephen Erdmann We’ve been over the proper definition of spam many, many posts ago, and, no, I’m not going to drag it up just for your distorted interest, go dig for yourself. You won’t find it with the legalese blinders you wear or by sticking your head up corporate butts as you do. Name-calling is no substitute. I’ve done my research and it does ‘not’ kowtow to ‘official’ or ‘blind’ definitions and corporate ass-kissing. Heard it from you over and over like a busted recording that can’t get out into the fresh air and look at real problems, if the bossman says no, with a swelled head and chest and nothing else. And, sadly, ‘that’ private definition you refer to is not the real definition of spam. (Besides. take it somewhere else, this is my Timeline, not yours.) Furthermore, the usual definition of spam is not what many Facebook users and Internet users are complaining about, they are reporting arbitrary, senseless removals and deletions that sometimes border on Facebook, or anyone’s, insanity; in a much broader sense, corporatism is not guided by any good morality and public sense or duty, other than profits and that gross manipulation of same (strangely, we somehow find ‘laws’ abound against these ‘private’ companies). And, yes, if they could get away with ‘murder’—and actually have—they would.

Facebook; September 14, 2018:   There is no doubt that the assassination was a well-planned, military and psyops conspiracy, involving many faces, many secret operatives, partially to make it virtually impossible to trace or trail-back to the many shots involved. It is my theory that some shooters were unbeknownst to each other, making the trail even more difficult to outline. Dallas that day was a virtual “Spook City” with all kinds of intelligence and clandestine operatives walking the streets, many with their own parts and agendas to play, which also would obfuscate and confuse any investigation (this also suggests that our society has become nothing but a virtual deep state and psyops living- nightmare everywhere). Much evidence would be needed to prove that Jackie had a part to play or did the things alleged, but in this society, such is the makings of our diabolical world.


Thomas and Keith

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Thinking Minds of Thomas and Keith

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Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith


I remember Jim Keith writing this book. At the time, he was also working on an article for the coming issue of Steam shovel Press. Jim contributed regularly to the magazine and stayed in phone contact for research help and to chat conspiracy. He mentioned that he was trying to summarize all of his current thinking in a single themed manuscript.

The original Saucers of the Illuminati, in fact, may have been Jim Keith’s last contribution to the zine world. The original book had an 8×10 format, spiral bound and resembled more a magazine than a book. Then, many people who knew Keith at all knew him primarily through his small circulation “fan” magazines (although it is hard to conceive of a conspiracy/UFO cover up “fan”), Dharma Combat being the most well-known but certainly not the only example.


My purpose for authorizing this informal edition was to get into print certain interesting connections that I had made between occult philosophy, the lore of UFOs, and the totalitarian New World  Order – ideas that I had discussed at length with other researchers and that were already twinkling into being in a firmament of articles by some of those worthies. I was a little… paranoid is not the word I seek… concerned that by the time a proper paperback edition of Saucers was ushered into being, that I might be accused of plagiarizing myself.

As it turned out, my worry was largely unfounded, and little of what I wrote about in ’93 has been grappled with, understood, or even mentioned in the conspiracy or UFO press, much less by the New York Times. I take this to be positive proof that I was on the right track.

Actually, my sense is that the ideas in Saucers tend to jump disciplines from political conspiracy, to UFOs, to the occult, to synthesize the information in each. The researchers in those varied disciplines almost never have any truck with and so are confounded by their adjoining truck stops in arcane research. The Left-Hand Path doesn’t know what the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is doing, you might say. But these topics are, at the deepest levels, intertwined and clarify the notions of the others.

Another matter: the ideas in Saucers of the Illuminati are dangerous, not to mention extremely weird, and stray very close to Things You Are Not Supposed to Think. In fact, in current polite-read mind controlled – society you are not even supposed to think that there are things that you are not supposed to think… Do you follow?

Since the lightning appearance and disappearance of the researcher’s edition of Saucers in 1993 copies have been completely unavailable, aside from a pirate edition that was rumored to have been put into print. That unavailability created a few misunderstandings about the book. Some speculated in print and on the Internet that the book was too incendiary, too Politically Incorrect, and that it went so quickly out of print because it was suppressed by the CIA or the Men in Black or some such.

Those things have been known to happen in the annals of conspiracy research, of course, but not in this case. Simply, when I might have been expanding the text of Saucers to a length more appropriate for a paperback, I was doing lots of other things: writing nine other books, chasing the wolf of velvet fortune, things like that.

But I finally got around to the revision in 1998. Now here is the bells and whistles version of Saucers, with a lot of material not included in the book’s original incarnation. Since the first appearance of the book, a great deal in the text has been clarified, and the revised work reflects new theories, new understandings obtained, and an arsenal of new smoking guns. Also included in this edition is the text of “UFOs at the Edge of Reality,” a lecture delivered in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995.

I admit it. Saucers of the Illuminati is my strangest and most controversial work. That fact has been underlined by the largely uncomprehending and sometimes hostile reviews given to the first edition. The book may also be the most true that I have written.

Hold on to your brains. Maybe the world is ready for this stuff now.

Rock, Nevada, north of Reno, his hometown, and broke his knee. He went to the Washoe Medical hospital there and died during surgery on September 7 at 8:10 PM, when a blood clot released and entered his lung. In addition to co-authoring The Octopus with Kenn Thomas, Keith wrote many other popular books on conspiracy topics, including Mind Control/World Control, Black Helicopters I and II, OKC Bomb, Saucers of the Illuminati, Casebook on Alternative 3, Casebook on the Men In Black and many others. He was well-known and well-loved among the readers of conspiracy literature, and Thomas is receiving a great outpouring of grief and condolences from
Keith’s many fans around the world.

One of the underlying themes of Keith’s works is that the UFO phenomenon is, in fact, of entirely earthly origin and has its roots within a parallel program of technological development. Keith maintained a steadfast commitment to the earthly-origin theory, and he believed that there was a concerted effort to put forth the extraterrestrial hypothesis into the public consciousness.”!topic/alt.conspiracy.princess-diana/8OIRWQIf96k

(Kenn Thomas)

Thank you for the kind words about Jim. He was a dear friend of mine and an important person to the world. The loss is immeasurable. He was not just the co-author of “The Octopus,” but a dharma combatant who demonstrated time and again that the world is far more multi-dimensional, far more interesting, than the pablum that usually passes for news, information and normal discourse. Unfortunately, it is also far more dangerous.

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