The Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex-Matrix (MICCM)

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The Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex-Matrix (MICCM)

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Streamed live on Jan 13, 2018
An Anniversary Celebration of General Dwight Eisenhower’s January 1961  Speech

“Capitalism – its opportunistic character hidden beneath the guise of patriotism, democracy or whatever label is suitable to the occasion.”

“What is clear is that big business is now firmly ensconced at the center of government. No longer is there any pretense of government representing the people.” 

The Bush Family Saga – Airbrushed Out of History, William Bowles, Global Research, June 24, 2005.


“Mr. Pawelec was close enough to very high level insiders at the cutting edge of technologies being prepared it appeared for mass implanting of humans. This is a scary interview but a very important one and I personally thank Steven Greer for having the decency and trust to keep this safe until this moment and for his great courage to go where many fear to tread. He truly deserves our support. 
There is more to come…”

Billions of Chips Ready to Implant – the inventor’s testimony before he died – December 30, 2010.

“‘The Powers That Be’ stole the technology. Two of those friends were assassinated and Bill’s own death remains suspicious.” It should be explained that a RFID chip is a tiny radio-frequency identification chip that is small enough to inject into animals and humans for monitoring purposes. Pawelec speaks about this in his video interview with Greer. There is a link to the video at the end of this article. Pawelec was shaken to the core at a secret meeting ‘Another project Bill worked on was at Area 51,’ Annie continues. ‘It was his job to upgrade the perimeter security systems for Area 51 and it was his idea to install cameras in fake rocks. It was during this time that he learned about the Tonopah base which is more remote and inaccessible than Area 51. It also was where Bill’s rose-colored patriotic glasses began to cloud over.'”

William Pawelec’s Widow Reveals National Security Secrets – Wes Penre – November 9, 2011.

“Much of the evil stems from the fact that free-market economists who still dominate the Ivy League and the policy circles have focused on markets at the expense of those inconvenient encumbrances known as ‘people’ Their fancy mathematical models make calculations about buying and selling, but they tend to leave out one important thing: production. In other words, they don’t give a hoot about the labor of those who sustain the economy. Their perverted religion may have something to say about unemployment or wages – keeping the former high and the latter low — but the conditions workers face receive nary a footnote.”

Fifty Shades of Capitalism: Pain and Bondage in the American Workplace – Lynn Sturrt Parramore – Alternet -July 2, 2012.

“Parts of this shadowy network — the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, and more — are sometimes visible to the public, even if the establishment media rarely highlights the significance. Other powerful elements are practically invisible: Secret societies such as ‘Skull and Bones’ and the Bohemian Grove, for example, which will be described in an upcoming article. But combined, it is clear that the Deep State behind the Deep State wields tremendous power over America and the world. The agenda is becoming clear, too. And if left unchecked, this powerful network of ‘Deep State’ operatives fully intends to foist a draconian system on humanity that they often tout as the ‘New World Order.’ But the American people have the power to stop it.”The Deep State Behind the Deep State: CFR, Trilaterals and Bilderberg – Alex Newman, November 3, 2017, The Liberty Beacon.
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The Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex-Matrix (MICCM) – – Stephen Erdmann Foundation-Dissenter/Disinter Magazine

When the Anunnaki Came!

The Anunnaki Left Their Footprint  –  
The Tales of the Anunnaki –  

The Anunnaki and the New World Authority


Steve Erdmann

Copyright,  C, Steve Erdmann, 2014 
This article was previously published in the June 24 through July 1, 2014 issues of the UFO DIGEST.
It is printed here with permission. 
Permission to researchers and journalists to quote small portions.
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“Today, as we move forward into a new millennium and in light of cutting edge research and field work by many well respected scientists,” said Robert Steven Thomas, “I believe it is now possible for humanity to shake off the age-old dogma and primitive assumptions we have been led to accept as our history, and replace them with a truth far more logical and compelling.”

(Intelligent Intervention, Robert Steven Thomas, Dog-ear Publishing, 4010 West 86th Street, Suite H, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46268., 2012, 534 pages, $ 24.95.)

TheAnunnaki Cover 14369760._UY630_SR1200,630_


Thomas described himself as an amateur historian of over forty years with a library of over eleven hundred non-fiction books on history, religion, philosophy and the modern sciences (p. 533).  He dedicated his work to answer three major questions: where do we come from, what is the purpose of life, and what is humankind’s destiny?



TheANUNNAKIAnd Baalbek-Layout
The Mysterious Temple Complex of Baalbek

Thomas tentatively began his quest with questions about the magnificent “stone work” of the ancients. He spoke of the miraculous construction in Lebanon at Baalbek in the Beka Valley.  There were also Egyptian monuments.  One was the Great Pyramid.  Thomas outlined the work of American engineer Christopher Dun:

“This evidence is to be found in direct and clearly visible markings and the abrasion of trace impressions, left by sophisticated machinery on extremely hard stone surfaces,” said Thomas, “used in the construction of the pyramids and many other stone objects found throughout the Great Pyramid and Egyptian ruins.”

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Thomas marveled over how ancients came to possess knowledge of the “precession of the equinoxes,” the Giza Star Map, the Piri Reis maps, and the Mayan Aztec Calendar.

“There has been no paradigm shift in our thinking to account for the fact that someone in history prior to our present era,” said Thomas about the Piri Reis map, “had the ability to see through the ice masses of Antarctica up to two miles thick and map the coastline.”

The MayanAztec Calendar: “…it remains clear that the degree of scientific knowledge and understanding that is demonstrated in the construction and the function of this calendar is far beyond any other single achievement that has been discovered in relationship to these cultures to date,” said Thomas. “The information contained in these calendars is not primitive, but highly advanced.”

TiahuanacoLake Titicaca: This included the Gateway of the Sun, Puma Punko, and the Kalasasaya Temple. “By any reasonable standard of measure the structure and function of the ruins at Tiahuanaco are beyond present understanding in relationship to the remote time in history during which they were constructed,” said Thomas, “to discover their purpose we must engage a new way of thinking…”

Quimbay Jets: These ancient Pre-Columbian artifacts were a hypersonic aeronautic design and replica of the NASA space shuttle. “It is not a stylized bird, bug or fish as described in the window of the display cases of the museums where they are kept,” said Thomas. “It is a stylized jet aircraft. No amount of weaseling around it will change the fact.”

Sixteen-times-larger, scale models from balsa wood, fitted with a small airplane propeller engine in one model, jet engine in the other, flew flawlessly “without any modifications to the original Baya design.”

“There is no question that advanced knowledge existed in the past,” said Thomas. “Though it may seem by some to be a rebellious position to take, we don’t dismiss the evidence by living in denial and refusing to accept the logical and obvious.”


Thomas spent considerable discussion about Zecharia Sitchin’s research into the Sumerian accounts of alien Anunnaki from Nibiru.  There are multiple interpretations of the meaning of the Sumerian accounts, but Thomas believed the Anunnaki and their absence in human history is one of the major factors missing from true meaning of humankind. There are multiple interpretations of the meaning of the Sumerian accounts, but Thomas believed the Anunnaki and their absence in human history is one of the major factors missing from true meaning of humankind.

TheAnunnkianthe u14421_star_wars_star_destroyer_spaceship
The Visitors on Approach

“With their ability to negotiate interstellar space travel,” said Thomas, “the Anunnaki were clearly much further down the path of scientific knowledge than we are in our current state of understanding.  They would certainly have mastered many of the secrets of genetics which enable an increased life span.”

Thomas created a drama-of-events about Anunnaki history based on Sumerian legends, much like Zecharia Sitchin’s research. This involved advanced technology, including genetic tampering of homosapienssapiens.  The Book of Enoch portrayed these events; the Epic of Gilgamesh, The Old Testament, Indian Mahabharata and Vedas, as well as a host of legends and myths.

“Though the Anunnaki no longer maintained a permanent presence on Earth after approximately 2500 B.C.,” said Thomas.  “There are many historical indications that they continued to have a directly supportive and influential role in shaping historical affairs. They occasionally appear on Earth and influence landmark events and provide pivotal assistance to key historical figures.”


Thomas detailed the Anunnaki presence in Mesopotamia going back hundreds of thousands of years. “These objects include the Sumerian King Lists, engraved on clay tablets and cylinder seals which have been recovered by archeologists from buried Mesopotamian cities,” said Thomas. “The King Lists record the history of each individual ruler in Mesopotamian cities, extending back in time and consecutively uninterrupted for almost 400,000 years.”

TheAnunnakiAnd Images download
The Tales of the Anunnaki

Thomas examined a Post-Deluge period were the Anunnaki biological knowledge helped “jump-start” rejuvenation in Sumer.  Their chief goal was to “re-establish intelligent life with sentient beings and then, at some point after this was accomplished, depart.” (p. 172) Cro-Magnon-man-rule was a matrix of distorted history and the gradual inventions of Eastern and Western religions. The Israelites appeared to be a favorite in the Anunnaki experiment. The Anunnaki infused rituals such as the Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai. Thomas claimed they would intervene from time to time.

In the Historical Epoch, 2000 B.C. – 500 B.C., diversity in religious belief began to expand. “Religion was the main means of passing knowledge from one generation to the next,” said Thomas.  “In the absence of the Anunnaki, there was no central authority to keep the true story of human creation intact.” The priests only knew secret records and codes. The vast earthly population was illiterate. A certain amount of religious conformity holds remnants of truth. Many nations devolved, “…becoming more harsh and cruel…slavery was prominent…”


Thomas saw most early historical truths as hidden and distorted by religion.  Catholicism seemed to have been the biggest culprit.  The reality of reincarnation and the unfiltered teachings of Jesus were components of distortion and censorship.

“By declaring Gnostic teaching a heresy, it enabled some of the most important knowledge to remain hidden and exclusive,” said Thomas. “…all that remained underneath the pompous, self-serving pageantry and glorified presentation was an empty shell.”  (pp. 230-231)

(Other modern and scientific critics, however, dismissed Sitchin and other Anunnaki promulgators as poor and even bad historians and scientists that did not devote the time and energy to examine the true context of historical and social myth: these critics found no paranormal conditions alluding to space people, but only a pantheon of mythical gods and goddesses from nature. The authors: “The ancients were not the dark and dumb rabble commonly portrayed. They were, in fact, highly advanced. As such, they developed over a period of many thousands of years a complex astronomical/ astrological system that incorporated the movements and qualities of numerous celestial bodies, which could be called the ‘celestial mythos.’” 
Who are the Anunnaki?, D.M. Murdock and Acharya S –

Thomas explored the major religions, with only a few surviving with noble truths. The Bahai religion, said Thomas, appeared moderately humane. All religions grew out of Egyptian and Sumerian history.  He further examined the fallacies and shortcomings of Darwinism. The biggest error in Darwinism was “biogenesis”: “Many Darwinists refuse to accept the existence of a universal mind or consciousness behind the formation of all matter in the universe.”  Matter, said Thomas, initially formed as a manifestation of mind. “We need to think of god, as a primary source of all creativity and an intelligent animating life force.” Thomas debated not only the scientific accusations of Darwin but the legal aspects as well. Thomas’s book stood on two important concepts:

  • “There is a component of our universe which consists of a cosmic mind that was in existence at the creation of the universe.”
  • “Cosmic mind is the originator and force which brought the essence of biological life (DNA) into material existence (biogenesis).”

The existence of Universal Intelligence (UI) unfolded by natural theories expressed through quantum physics. Adjunct to this science was the science of cosmology. Thomas pointed to Albert Einstein as one of the great cosmologists: “Not unlike Jesus and his parables, he maintained the capacity to see unique parallels between observational science and the problems and conditions of society.”


The remainder of the book forged inroads into the latest findings of modern science, which Thomas sees as our largest salvation that could lead us into adventures into the vastness of the universe.  Likewise, Thomas believed science would eventually confirm mind/body dualism. The only element that could destroy such progress is human ignorance, bigotry, and dishonesty.

TheAnunnaki Thomas 9651267
Researcher Robert Steven Thomas

“Combining the newest understanding and implications of quantum physics, specifically non-local entanglement, and its connection to evidence in support of the existence of morphic fields (fields of consciousness), is both logical and matter of common sense,” said Thomas.

Thomas assessed five levels of civilization: Zero (or, the Earth prior to 1957), Planetary (Earth, post 1957 with space travel to nearby planets), Solar, and Galactic:  “The Anunnaki were most likely a galactic civilization.”  Earth is presently a Zero civilization, now first “limping” into the Planetary.  The only thing preventing us from future progress is basic evil attributes that may destroy or prevent us. In the meantime, Thomas had taken us on an overview of some of the latest scientific and human accomplishments: Dr. Anton Zeilinger at the University of Vienna; Bell’s Theory; physicist Arthur Eddington; nanotechnology; computer scientist Ray Kurzweil; artificial life forms; Professor David Deamer of  California University; terraforming Mars; and a New-World-Wide-Convertible-Society-Republic. This Republic, said Thomas, will take into account, compensate for and prevent the present evils of the world and into the future.


Because of the economic “mess,” that the elites of the world have gotten society into, a social and economic collapse was inevitable. “The truly rich are tiny minorities who have their wealth protected through corporations,” said Thomas, “trusts, international assets and special legislative provisions, all but ensuring their survival in perpetuity.”

“The international economic calamity that began in 2008 and will result in a global collapse that will involve almost all of the world’s nations is unstoppable,” said Thomas. “Our world can be a dangerous place, not only because of the potential of the criminal and disruptive elements, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

TheAnunnaki King-World-News-Gerald-Celente-–-Shocking-Swiss-Move-Only-The-Beginning-Of-A-Much-Larger-Global-Meltdown-1728x800_c (1)
The Coming Collapse


Robert Thomas had done extensive and elaborate research in his book.  He had provoked many questions, some of which Steve Erdmann would raise himself. For one thing, historical and religious symbolism and myth should not involve censorship, destruction or curtailment because of the emolument of forthcoming new sciences, but they should be revered and preserved; it is part of our consciousness.

Thomas had strongly defended consciousness beyond death. He portrayed this in his discussion on Reincarnation and Near-Death-Experiments (NDE); consequently, the idea of Life (or consciousness) after death is not foreign to him. Thomas also had defended parapsychology and PSI. Other than this, his repertoire of “theory” looked somewhat shallow: he lacked mention of the hundreds of case files on hauntings, poltergeists, angel phenomenon. spiritualism and séances, apparitions, angel sightings, The Bible Code, and a wide pageant of such encounters – some highly documented by professionals; these seemed curiously missing.

Likewise, his rather quizzical rejection of Jesus’s “miracles” (or, miracles in general) seemed contradictory: what if Jesus was descended from the Anunnaki heritage and bloodline, and that held great significance; what if PSI and paranormal activity were part of the life and times of prophets and priests?

Thomas also rejected the Resurrection of Jesus based many on selective research of what is often called Higher Criticism (Historical criticism, also known as the historical-critical method or higher criticism, is a branch of ‘literary criticism’ that investigated the origins of ancient text in order to understand “the world behind the text.” Renaissance theories allowed Higher Critics to reject anything supernatural or miraculous). However, this movement goes against the belief that the Anunnaki possessed supposed psychic and technological abilities that ‘would’ enable physical/spiritual resurrection.

“These would be the resurrection chambers…hinted at in direct connection with the Anunnaki…to create some form of a biological facsimile of your body through artificial intelligence and then somehow manage to transfer your spiritual essence directly into the new artificial/biological copy.” (pp. 408-409) Perhaps “miracles” are not beyond Anunnaki ‘‘overseers,” even in Biblical and medieval times. Perhaps Thomas was “throwing the baby out with the bath water.”

Multiple studies on the legendary Shroud of Turin resurrection case indicated a real event took place.  Several pieces of science pointed to the authenticity of the Shroud.


Giulio Fanti, professor of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Padua said in the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology that experiments by Fanti and Professor Giancarlo that “voltages measured at approximately 500,000 volts were required to obtain shroud-like images that were just a few meters long.”  To complete the image, Fanti also said, “…you would need voltages of up to tens of millions of volts.”

TheAnunnakiAnd Fanti Sindone-5
Scientist Giulio Fanti

Thomas extolled this same type of “science” as worthy and our possible future salvation.

Darrell L. Bock was a research professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. He had specialized in hermeneutics and the historical Jesus. Bock was a graduate of the University of Texas (B.A.), The Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.), and The University of Aberdeen (Ph.D.). Bock wrote about the reality of the consistency of Scriptures and the truth of the written text (Who is Jesus?  Darrell L. Bock, Howard Books, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10020, 2012).

Bock took issue directly with some of the claims of Higher Critics, and he appeared to do so in a modern context. At the least, Bock’s work showed that Higher Critics had no final word on these topics.


Thomas almost refused to acknowledge or contend with the wide range of UFO activity that had been taking place in the last few centuries. It was illogical to say that space visitors of this century had virtually nothing to do with Thomas’s Anunnaki phenomenon thousands of years ago.  The mention of two classic UFO cases  (p. 510) was not adequate in outlining current UFO activity when UFO history was much more voluminous.

Other aspects in UFO lore were “abduction reports,” “hybridization” and “virgin and missing pregnancies.”  While these oft times carried sinister overtones, many UFO stories appeared benign. (Celestial Healings: Close Encounters that Cure, Virginia Aronson, Signet Books, New American Library, Penguin Putnam, Inc. 1999.)  (The Bible and Flying Saucers, Barry H. Downing, Avon Books, The Hearst Corporation, 959 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York 10019, 1970.)

Thomas spoke on how the Anunnaki had reached the Galactic Level of civilization, and, we, today, humankind, with the persistent refinement of science and the redaction of religion, could eventually create a New World Authority of peace and utopian reality. This sounded a lot like the current impressments about a New World Order.  Dictators like Adolf Hitler also spoke of their New World Order.  Similar to Thomas’s world, Hitler was creating a supposed utopian society, but it was according to his perverted and maniacal philosophy.  Hitler collected art and riches and conducted advancing science, but he also destroyed in the name of ‘purification”; the eugenics was an off-shoot of Nazism.


Current writers also noticed the conundrum in the talk about ultimate authority:

  • Lorri Anderson said in Hitler, Big Government, and the Perfect Society (August 17, 2012.): ‘‘Hitler practiced everything from illegal search and seizure, gun control, hampering freedom of religion, freedom of speech muffled, the indefinite containment of human beings (concentration camps), legalized murder, experimentation on human beings (in the name of science), and controlled what citizens were and were not allowed to read and write.  The world saw Hitler for the monster that he was and the atrocities he had done to so many innocent people in the name of his agenda (the perfect society)…(today, we seem to be) putting the same ideals into a different language and making it law. We’re accepting it because they are telling us ‘it is for the greater good of the people.’ I believe Hitler said the same thing.”

TheAnunnakiAnd jews-arriving-auschwitz-P
Hitler’s Prisoners Arrive at a Death Camp
  • “World government as an ideal expresses an aspiration for law-governed, just and peaceful relations between the diverse groups that comprise a common moral community of humankind. World government as an idea or proposal about how to organize the world politically, however, may or may not meet that ideal. That is, even if there were a world state with authoritative legislative, adjudicative and enforcement powers, the elimination of organized violence, poverty and environmental degradation would not automatically follow. The proponents of global governance face a similar challenge,” said Catherine Lu. “It remains to be seen whether the developing agents, networks and structures of global governance can effectively promote environmental protection; will be able to develop authoritative mechanisms for disciplining the use of force, by nonstate actors as well as by the world’s most powerful states; and will serve the interests of the bottom half of humanity barely eking out a living, even if it means demanding a small sacrifice from the fortunate fifteen percent of humankind living in the world’s high-income economies.”.

TheAnunnakiAnd Catherine_Lu
Researcher Catherine Lu
First published Mon Dec 4, 2006; substantive revision Mon Jul 2, 2012/ Lu, Catherine, “World Government,” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy [Fall 2012 Edition], Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = <


There seemed to be “something” within our own nature – the reality of an “evil” component – that even the Anunnaki could not suppress it from within their ranks. The Anunnaki apparently had advanced weaponry, according to Thomas and likeminded theorists. They waged actual hyper technological warfare. The Indian Mahabharata, Vedas, and Vimanas spoke of this. Supposedly, they had weapons of mass destruction (p. 150). The Ramayana spoke of “…nuclear war, the force and destructions, radiation poisoning…” (p.182).  The Wars of Yahweh, Story of Adam and Eve, and The Wisdom and Magic of Solomon had spoken of how “deities” used advanced technology to help Solomon build temples and how the Jews – under the guardianship of these deities – mercilessly defeated Palestinians (p. 200) and the Philistines (p. 206).

The Anunnaki at War


The Anunnaki, according to multiple writers over the years, also invented a hybrid race of ‘slaves’; Thomas cited this as well on pages 128, 134 and 148.  Anunnaki history said that such a hybrid race did much of the gold and other mining operations, plus various slave duties.

These parts and parcels of history suggested that unless we eliminated that “evil” element within us – and with no need to destroy our “links” to historical art, ritual, legend, and other symbols of the past (as Thomas’s “redactions” play with) – “utopia” couldn’t have materialized in past Galactic civilizations; and probably will not materialize looking into the future.


TheAnunnakiAnd download
World Pax Mundi

The fallacies of “ultimate control” was portrayed by H.G. Wells in his novel Things to Come where the ultimate salvation for the earth, typified by aeronaut John Cabal, (after a devastating world war) and the eventual institution of a World Pax Mundi government controlled by science (Wings over the World):

“That makes Wells’ dictatorship all the more horrifying.  C.S. Lewis observed that the worst kind of dictatorship is the moral one, because a cruel dictator may eventually be satiated. The moral dictator will never tire because they believe they are oppressing others for their own good. Cabal, in his closing lines, offers humanity only the choice between a nasty, brutish and short life in a state of nature or the ceaseless efficiency of a life submissive to the cause of science. His government has exchanged freedom for peace, but not true peace. They have perfected the absence of war but have not left the individual alone to be at peace,” said Cory Gross. “Therein lays the question that Things to Come does not really explore. Has Cabal only provided us with a false dilemma? Is there a way to have a world of both peace and freedom, where we can do away with both types of dictatorship?”

Presented by Cory Gross:

In Things to Come, scientist Oswald Cabal delivered a speech about Progress and humanity’s quest for knowledge. “Cabal: ‘. . . for man no rest and no ending. He must go on – conquest beyond conquest.  This little planet and its winds and ways, and all the laws of mind and matter that restrain him. Then the planets about him, and at last out across immensity to the stars.  And when he has conquered all the deeps of space and all the mysteries of time – until he will be beginning…If we’re no more than animals – we must snatch at our little scraps of happiness and live and suffer and pass, mattering no more – than all the other animals do – or have done. (Oswald Cabal pointed out at the stars.) It is that – or this?  All the universe – or nothingness: which shall it be?’”

TheAnunnakithe STARS 1-T361na3O8C9y4YNWZfG1hQ
“For Man no rest and no ending.  He must go on – conquest beyond conquest.”  (Oswald Cabal, Things to Come

TheAnunnakiAnd H._G._Wells_Daily_Mirror
 H.G. Wells, author of  Things to Come

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Steve Erdmann – Independent Investigative Journalist


TheanunnakiArt Avpbluray663
The Anunnaki Left their Footprint
TheAnunnkianthe u14421_star_wars_star_destroyer_spaceship
The Visitors on Approach
TheAnunnakiAnd download
World Pax Mundi
TheAnunnakithe STARS 1-T361na3O8C9y4YNWZfG1hQ
“For Man no rest and no ending.  He must go on – conquest beyond conquest.”  (Oswald Cabal, Things to Come
The Anunnaki at War
TheAnunnakiAnd Images download
The Tales of the Anunnaki
TheANUNNAKIAnd Baalbek-Layout
The Mysterious Temple Complex of Baalbek
Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon — Either Enlil’s abode, or Roman construction on top of the Landing Platform. The ancient site of Baalbek encompassed a paved stone platform of about five million square feet.
Important to notice: Baalbeck means The City of the Master or Lord, both titles being used by the humans to address the Anunnaki ‘gods’.  – See more at:
See the source image
The Great Pyramids of Egypt
TheAnunnaki Cover 14369760._UY630_SR1200,630_
TheAnunnaki Thomas 9651267
Researcher Robert Steven Thomas
Robert Steven Thomas’s Experience
Vice President & General Manager
Culligan International
January 1989– December 2001 (13 years)Los Angeles, California
  • water purification equipment & systems
President, CEO          
CSI, Dallas, Texas
January 1979– January 1989 (10 years 1 month)
  • Coffee importation, grinding, packaging & related services
Robert Steven Thomas’s Education
Center for Creative Studies
  • BFA,Commercial art & design
  • 1971 – 1974
TheAnunnakiAnd H._G._Wells_Daily_Mirror
 H.G. Wells, author of  Things to Come
TheAnunnakiAnd Catherine_Lu
Researcher Catherine Lu
TheAnunnakiAnd Fanti Sindone-5
Scientist Giulio Fanti
TheAnunnaki King-World-News-Gerald-Celente-–-Shocking-Swiss-Move-Only-The-Beginning-Of-A-Much-Larger-Global-Meltdown-1728x800_c (1)
The Coming Collapse
TheAnunnakiAnd jews-arriving-auschwitz-P.jpeg
Hitler’s Prisoners Arrive at a Death Camp

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Story behind Serpo!

ThelateGreat Serpo_Planet_Concepts_by_Supajoe


The Late, Great Planet Serpo




Steve Erdmann


Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann, 2014
This article was published in the September 7 through 13, 2014 issues of UFO Digest.
It is printed here with permission.
Permission granted to reviewers and journalists to quote small statements.
Another version of this article can be seen at


Anonymous” introduced an UFO Internet thread list to Victor Martinez in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2011 telling of a supposed highly classified “Top Secret Codewood” about an interstellar Exchange Program in which twelve U.S military personnel arrived by alien spaceship in 1965 on a planet popularly known as Serpo.

Monitored by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Project Crystal Knight, bits and pieces of this adventure was disclosed by “Anonymous” on Bill Ryan’s website. A mysterious “Red Book” was discussed as a compendium of our relationship with UFO intelligence “from 1947 to the present day.”

“Although he never mentions it,” said Author Len Kasten, “it seems very likely that he is, or has been a member of Majestic 12 (MJ-12), the secret organization set up by President Harry S. Truman to deal with extraterrestrial affairs.”

(Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, Len Kasten, Bear & Company, One Park Street, Rochester, Vermont, 05767,, 2013, 282 pages, $18.00.)


Thelategreat cover 91juwxBDfQL


According to Kasten, the most influential person in the history of UFOs and extraterrestrials was Karl Ernst Haushofer who blended the “ultra nationalistic, militaristic and fascist” Japanese Black Dragons with the occult-based 1918 Thule Society.

“It is now well known that German aeronautical engineers were working on antigravity discs beginning in 1933,” said Kasten. “And by 1945 they had developed a highly sophisticated circular craft that was able to fly at very high altitudes and with incredible speed using electromagnetic propulsion technology.”

Largely a small Buddhist Monastic sect possessing occult and black magical power created Nazi inspiration: The Green Dragons, Society of Green Men; this cabal taught German militarists the power of astral travel and visits to a “snake world” of a serpent race called the Negas.

“It is said to be a massive, seven-level complex of huge caverns and tunnels, deep underground,” said Kasten. The teachings of the Green Dragons led directly into the Nazi Aryan Race doctrines..


Nazi Germany eventually expanded into a Fourth Reich with seeds of a Wunderwaffee (Wonder Weapon), Twilight of the Gods, the Haunebu I and II, the “dreadnought,” that finalized into an integrated space program in the United States. Chief regime components were shipped and secreted to Neuschwabenland in Antarctica that had been established through 1930’s and 1940’s. Neu Berlin housed a community of about forty thousand civilians by the end of the war; a German-Japanese crew attempted a suicide space mission to Mars in 1945.

An armada headed by the late Admiral Richard E. Byrd, sent to squelch the Nazi operation, was surprised in 1947 by unexpected Nazi flying discs.

“Now certain that the Third Reich had survived in Antarctica and had perfected their flying discs,” said Kasten, “it is likely that alarm, and even panic, prevailed at the Pentagon.”


.TheLateGreat BATTLE --operation-highjump-flying-saucer

High Jump was Attacked.

With the crash of alien discs in New Mexico in 1947 (as well as other places), a completely new game plan had to be invented.  An alien that was detained but treated well by American military forces, contacted its home planet and eventually repatriated. The story continued by claiming that this led to the establishment of some sort of relationship between the American government and the people of its home world – said to be a planet of the binary star system Zeta Reticuli.

Further disc crashes and capture of extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) “opened up an entirely new era of our planet history.”  An Executive Summary, The Red Book, was supervised by “Anonymous.”

Zeta Reticuli had a history in ufology (including the Betty and Barney Hill abduction and the Bob Lazar story), having been claimed as the home system of an alien race called the Greys.

“It was the first baby step for Earth on the stage of galactic affairs,” said Kasten, “and it initiated a lasting alliance between the United States and civilization on a distant planet.”.


“…the Ebens did send another scout craft to Earth,” said Kasten, “on May 20, 1953. And that craft did not crash – it landed.”

The four Ebens were taken to the Los Alamos Laboratories. The craft went to a Nevada test site.

Intelligence “turf wars,” well into the 1960’s, the Kennedy Administration, all prefaced the creation of an “exchange program” with the Ebens that had scientists go to their home planet of Serpo.  Majestic-12 clandestinely supervised the events.

Portions of the book described the selection and training of the Serpos astronauts and their scheduled landings on Serpo. Readers are best to determine for themselves the “guts” of the book that described the adventures of our astronauts on Serpo. Those events were laced through various narratives about the life of the Ebens and their inventions that, frankly, resembled “campy” science fiction on a 1950’s television series. Movie producer Steven Spielberg was supposedly “leaked” classified UFO files. The late scientist Carl Sagan, said to be part of the Serpo adventure, supported its planning..

ThelateGreat crew Fig._8.4

Movie Scene Replicating a Serpo Crew.

“Evidently, the actions of every Eben were controlled by orders or directions from a central authority via the device worn on the belt,” said Kasten, “and the movements of the sun. The central authority is apparently an agency of the council of governors, so named by the Team. This makes the Eben populace almost robotic. It would even be appropriate to use the term enslaved.”.


After thirteen years on Serpo, the crew returned to earth on August 18, 1978. Two remained on Serpo. Military debriefing ran from 1978 until 1984. The Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) became the astronauts’ “handlers.”.

ThelateGreat Serpo_Planet_Concepts_by_Supajoe

The Mysterious World of Serpo.

The Ebens did return on November 11, 2010 and November 2012.  A Final Report was written in 1980.

Kasten had an easy, and sometimes polished, style of writing and a few acclaimed books to his name; unfortunately, as it so happened in so many UFO ‘legends,’ the “tide can turn” with the swell of investigations that researched beneath the surface. “All that glittered was not gold.”

Questions had risen about the events described in the book. Steve Erdmann saw gaping holes in Kasten’s Eben history. It seemed that a lot of alleged UFO history activity was taking place as a continual basis on Earth, despite the sketchy “trips” from Serpo in 1947, 1953, 1965, 2010 and 2012. A whole range of UFO activity existed since 1947. This history included the testimony of a co-pilot, Mike Dinan, one of two airline pilots who were directed away from Area 51 in 1988 during multiple “lights” zipping at terrific speeds onto a landing strip (The Unexplained Files, “Paranormal Highway of America”, Chuck Zuchowski, investigator, Sean Smith, director). What was the progenitor of all this UFO activity for the past 67 years?

Further alleged UFO bustle could be seen in another book that highlighted various fluid UFO activities..

TheLateGreat 42c0c609d43481773a21a5842efc1fb9--area--conspiracy-airline-flights

UFOs Over Area 51 .

The Serpo story, in several ways, seemed to resemble the same story line of fiction possibly fostered off as fact in the book Raechel’s Eyes: coauthored by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux and published by Wild Flower Press, 2005.  The authors tell the story of a teenage female hybrid called Raechel and her attempt to “pass” among humans as one of them.


TheLateGreat Sketch-of-Hybrid-Raechel

“Raechel” – Helen Littrell

An unusual roommate showed up named “Raechel Nadien” in the book and “Racheal” with a differently spelled last name in the ARC Dean of Enrollment Services confirmation at a nearby school. With Racheal was her “father,” USAF Colonel “Harry Nadien.”  The Colonel would eventually tell Helen and Marisa (two characters in the book) that he had worked since 1956 at a highly classified underground facility called “Four Corners” many miles south of Ely, Nevada.  This was a connection point in route to the northern edge of Area 51, Groom Lake, Nellis AFB, Nevada — long associated with secretly housing a few live extraterrestrials and trying to back-engineer extraterrestrial craft and technologies..

The problem with such similar and multiple scenarios is that they left incongruous cracks in the tales of extraterrestrials coming to earth.  In the case of  Raechel Nadien and fellow ET visitors, visits to ATIC and other secret areas were regular and often: there were no allusions to Serpo and those clandestine visits, though Nadien’s space traffic was systematic.  I am quite sure that the ‘tellers’ of such tales would act quickly to repair these cracks, but, perhaps revealing only more ‘cracks.’

The “Eyes” book began with Air Force Colonel Harry Nadien, the man who in the 1970s presented himself as Raechel’s father and his assignment in 1956 to Four Corners, a secret military base in Nevada, where it was believed that several times a year craft carrying extraterrestrials would land; Raechel appeared in the 1970’s. Did Colonel Nadien tell anyone or Marisa the entire story about how he came to be involved with aliens and how he adopted Raechel as his daughter? Again, the story alluded to much UFO traffic..

Unfortunately, some investigators found further into their investigations a disappointing mixed bag of events in the Serpo tale:

Author and filmmaker Linda Moulton-Howe had been informed about an Earth/alien exchange program in 1983, when doing research for UFOs: The ET Factor, a documentary for HBO. Given approval by his superiors to allow her to Top Secret Air Force information and video footage in her documentary, Air Force Sergeant Richard C. Doty approached Linda..


“Some of the information, Doty said, involved an alleged exchange program of humans who left Holloman Air Force Base in 1964 for Zeta Reticuli. Howe was told that three humans went but one died on the alien planet; one went insane (but there was no information on his fate); and one returned to Earth and was then living in a U.S. government safe house on an undisclosed island.”.

One criticism of Project Serpo stems from the lack of forensic proof of one of its alleged witnesses, Sergeant Richard Doty. Doty has been involved in other mysterious UFO-related activities (see Majestic 12 and Paul Bennewitz); he appeared to be a discredited source (or a purposeful provider of disinformation). Additionally, there is no physical evidence supporting the project’s existence. According to Tim Swartz of Mysteries Magazine, Doty, who promised evidence to Moulton Howe, before he began to back out, has been involved in circulating several other UFO conspiracy stories. Swartz also expressed the opinion that the specifics of Project Serpo have diverged considerably with different versions. It was alleged that the entire series of posts were designed to be “viral marketing” for a new book by Doty..

Thelategreat doty

.(“FALCON: Sgt. Richard Dick Doty, USAF (Ret.), Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, reported to have engaged in UFO disinformation projects, including reportedly hoaxing TV producer Linda Moulton Howe concerning availability of a tape showing a UFO landing at Holloman Air Force Base, NM.  Doty was also allegedly waging psychological warfare on Albuquerque defense electronics contractor Paul Bennewitz, concerning Bennewitz’s electronic monitoring of UFO activity around Kirtland AFB/Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, reportedly causing/exacerbating a mental breakdown in Mr. Bennewitz. Reportedly, FALCON claims to have seen the Roswell Alien Autopsy film (shown worldwide August 28, 1995) some time ago at Los Alamos National Laboratory.”) .

An investigative film entitled Mirage Men was extracted from the 2010 book of the same name by the British author Mark Pilkington, who is also involved here as writer, producer and onscreen talking head. The film was highly focused, converging on the U.S., specifically a handful of well-known figures and events in UFO circles. One paramount player in both the book and film is Richard Doty, a former counterintelligence officer with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), who claimed to have spent decades deliberately spreading disinformation about extraterrestrials: “weapons of mass deception,” as one interviewee hauntingly put it. Another is UFOlogist and author William Moore, whose books included The Roswell Incident and The Philadelphia Experiment..

TheLateGreat PIL maxresdefault

Mark Pilkington.

“Mirage Men doesn’t break any new ground in discussing many of these topics: readers will find discussion of them in books ranging from Jacques Vallee’s Messengers of Deception through to Greg Bishop’s book on the deception aimed at Paul Bennewitz, Project Beta (Bishop himself appears extensively in the documentary),” said Greg in A Fractured Hall of Mirrors, 4:46 p.m., June 17, 2013.  “What it does do though is gets Richard Doty, a notoriously slippery man to corner, in front of the camera discussing the things he has done, along with a number of the other significant players. The intelligent viewer will however ask why Rick Doty came forward willingly to be an interview subject for this documentary, given every move he has made on the UFO topic seems to have been precisely calculated to have a certain effect.   He seemingly has no reason to offer all this information.

So why is he doing it? And why does he admit to so much, but then deny involvement with Serpo when investigators seem to have caught him red-handed (via email IP addresses)?”.

TheLateGreat Serpo serpoprojesi-

Artist Conception of the Serpo Crew Contact.

Further criticisms of the story included the usual arguments against the various UFO theories, descriptions of the UFO data, and faster-than-light travel, as well as astronomical knowledge of the Zeta Reticuli system.  A list of complaints (though not the final count) went as follows:

  • There was currently no evidence of life in the system and no evidence of planets because the stars are widely separated (several thousand astronomical units).
  • Zeta Reticuli was not a close binary: the two stars are one light year apart.
  • Claims of excess radiation because of the presence of a second star are nonsensical.
  • UFO researcher Greg Bishop quoted “Request Anonymous” in “Serpo Was a Big Fat Fake” (UFO Mystic, Thursday, February 22, 2007 [7:30 p.m. CST].): “The 12 remained until 1978, when they were returned to the same location in Nevada.  Seven men and one woman returned.  Two died on the alien’s home planet.  Four others decided to remain, according to the returnees. Of the eight that returned, all have died.  The last survivor died in 2002.”  Bishop pointed out a simple error: The math is wrong.  How could eight people return to Earth out of twelve when two died on the planet and four decided to remain?
  • “Anonymous” claimed that Ebens weighed the equipment of the Team, which calculated to 4.5 tons or 9,000 pounds. Allegedly, military style C-Rations were carefully planned for 10 years. However, the true math, instead, would be as follows: C rations, that is a box a day for each person: Weight of a box: 7 pounds, i.e. a little more than 3 kg.  There were 12 astronauts, therefore 36 kilos per day. Per annum: 13 tons. For ten years that, however, would be 130 tons.
  • “In the UFO hoax stakes this is still way below UMMO (another sophisticated tale eventually discovered to be a hoax…S.E.); the science fiction is derivative; the story is obvious rubbish, with absurdities such as humans actually being able to eat alien food,” said reviewer Roger Rogerson. “The society makes little sense as a source of advanced technology.  If they think they can make a film out of this, I reckon that Steven Spielberg and the creators of Star Trek would both have a good case for plagiarism.”

(Roger Caleb Rogerson is a former Detective Sergeant of the New South Wales Police Force. He was one of its most decorated officers, having received at least 13 awards for bravery, outstanding police-officer-ship and devotion to duty including the Peter Mitchell Trophy, the highest annual police award.  Sadly, as the ironies of Fate would have it, Rogerson stepped into crime and in a final trial on 15 June 2016, Rogerson and Glen McNamara were found guilty of  Jamie Gao’s murder.)

  • According to Tim Swartz of Mysteries Magazine, Doty, who promised evidence to Moulton Howe before backing out, has been involved in circulating several other UFO conspiracy stories. Swartz also expressed that the details of Project Serpo have varied considerably with different accounts.  It has been alleged that the entire series of posts were designed to be viral marketing for a new book by Doty..

TheLateGreat Swartz 10-05-01-Tim-Swartz-at-Grange-Spring-Cleaning_1024x7681

Author Tim Swartz.

As can be seen, on a more fundamental level, it is entirely possible that the messages originating the story were deliberate hoaxes.  The postings were to Internet forums that cover conspiracy theories and UFOs, and a cursory examination of such forums shows that hoaxes are very possible. Some UFOlogists have even claimed that the messages were a hoax perpetrated by the American military and intelligence communities as a cover for real secret programs..

All of the information presented to Victor Martinez and Bill Ryan by ‘Request Anonymous’ came in fact from Richard C. Doty.   Martinez may have suspected Doty’s involvement, but Bill Ryan knew from the very start that he was getting the Serpo material directly from the former AFOSI security guard. Doty has continuously denied being involved in the story, despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary. In addition to Doty, Martinez and Ryan, the behind the scenes ‘Team of Five’ who collaborated extensively on the project is completed by Dr. Christopher ‘Kit’ Green – a former analyst with the CIA, and physicist Dr. Harold (Hal) E. Puthoff.   “The material to follow will show that Serpo was not a lone-gunman operation, but collaboration between three friends, who between them already had many years’ experience of scamming the UFO community.   This investigation, told in full for the first time, is the precursor to our main report into the Imaginary Intelligence Agency, a group also known under the name Scammers Inc.”.

Bill Ryan, a chief proponent of publicizing the Project Serpo claims, announced on March 5, 2007 that he was stepping down from his role as webmaster for the Serpo material. Ryan nevertheless maintained his belief that an extraterrestrial exchange program did occur – although he stated that the Serpo releases definitely contained disinformation..,_astrology,_ufology_and_pseudoscience#Serpo%EF%BB%BF.
TheLateGreat Ryan maxresdefault
UFOlogist Bill Ryan


An investigator that went by the alias of “ryguy” said he was fortunate to intercept raw emails from the hidden players in the hoax. On Sunday, May 20, 2007, 1:09 p.m., Ryguy said:

“Our team of researchers determined that was the original ‘Anon’s’ email address, and ‘Sylvester McCoglin’ the name behind Anonymous.

“In an effort to identify who in fact was behind the Serpo story, an email account was created called the and on February 16, 2006, an email from this account was sent to Victor Martinez. Victor responded just over 30 minutes later.”

Steve Erdmann presented some of them, uncleansed and in virgin form. Readers examined and deciphered them:

“[From Sylvester]
We must be careful. TRUST NO ONE!!!
You were NOT FIRED.
“I now need your help to identify the imposters.
Send me copies of ALL Messages you have from me and
“I will explain more soon. The lycos address is
compromised. Give this address to NO ONE and do not
tell anyone that we are in contact.
reply immediately. I miss our chats.

“[Reply from Victor]
“WOW! I have tried sending messages to THIS lycos address but they have
ALL bounced, so I removed you from my stream e-mail list as of two (2)
weeks ago. WHAT happened?! WHO was sending the postings? Bill Ryan
has been getting ALL of the postings, NOT me so I have NO messages to
forward to you at all!
“Also, per your request, I ERASED ALL of your e-mails prior to Dec
19/20, so there are NONE to compare them with! I RESPECTED YOUR WISHES.
“MANY people have suspected that Bill was dealing with an IMPOSTER
because his streams had a different “feel” to them than mine. What I
can do is stream the postings since you left,… would you like those?

“Editor comment:
1. The Lycos email account has been inactive since last December.
2. Why would the original Anonymous have asked Victor to delete the original emails?

“Victor continues his due diligence in authenticating as his original ‘Anon’.
“As you will notice, even before doing this authentication, Victor acknowledges sending a ‘flurry of emails’ to this address.”

“[From Victor]
I am 99.99% CERTAIN that it is ‘you’ by a key phrase you used of  ‘I
miss our chats.’ [me too!]

“But you also said ‘TRUST NO ONE!’ so this should include YOU, should it

“OK, so to make 100% CERTAIN that it’s the “old” ANONYMOUS, let me ask
you two (2) ‘trivia’ questions which you should be able to answer

“1) When was your LAST posting sent to me which comprised the journal
entries for POSTING #11?

“2) Pull out a trivia question from your OLD account and then
answer your own question and send it to me at your NEW
account,… how’s that for MY being careful?

“I just sent you a flurry of e-mails catching you up with Everything
that’s been going on.

“FLASH: ‘Project SERPO’ is on the FRONT COVER of the new Feb/March
issue of ‘UFO Magazine’ with virtually the ENTIRE issue devoted to it! CHECK
IT OUT! I’ll send you and the members of the DIA-6 ALL copies of it if
you wish!

“NOTE: I will NOT include this new e-mail address in new future
postings just to make SURE that your ID is NOT compromised; I’ll send you any
future postings privately and to you ONLY; no ‘cc’s’ OK?

“AC-626 358-xxxx – landline
AC-626 824-xxxx – cellphone.”

Reality Uncovered investigators tried to untangle the mishmash of names and researchers that have been deliberately and, perhaps, unfortunately sewn together in order to bolster the claims of Anonymous and supporters; Ron Pandolfi was one such individual caught in the web: 

There were a few things people should know about the incident Gary referred to, where Ron and Green appeared to be discussing the “Serpo” hoax.  The facts were as follows:

– Ron Pandolfi did not volunteer his time or attention to the hoax – he was contacted and drawn into it (possibly intentionally) by Dr. Green.

– Ron conducted an unofficial, brief query regarding a few alleged DIA names that Dr. Green told Ron Pandolfi might be relevant and important.

– In the course of trying to ascertain where the names Dr. Green received came from, Ron Pandolfi interviewed Rick Doty via email.

– All of the above activities were done out of a personal, private request from his friend Kit Green – otherwise Pandolfi would have had no interest in this drama

“From: Ronald Pandolfi []
Sent: Sat 9/2/2006 2:29 PM
“To: Green, Christopher
Subject: RE: PRIVATE: Search For Two DIA Sources


“I was not with you during the meeting you had with Barry Hennessey about Rick’s polygraph records.  The meeting you and I participated in included Barry Hennessey, Col. Weaver, and the CIA CI Director and did not involve any discussion of Rick’s polygraph records. So the quote from Ms. Loscowski regarding what I did and the circumstances of the meeting could not have been correct.  More likely the person who claimed to be Ms. Loscowski described what she had read on the Internet concerning the fabricated story that you and I had met with Barry Hennessy to discuss Rick’s polygraph records. Therefore, the lady who contacted you most likely was not Col.Weaver.

“Your expansion of the story of the two DIA employees visiting LANL and being known to others has me concerned.  The names you provided do not correspond to any DIA employees. There are no people with those names that have TS//SCI clearances.  If the story of the sources/visitors is true, they are falsely representing themselves as DIA employees, possibly to access sensitive facilities and acquire classified information for a foreign service.

“I am nearly certain that Rick fabricated this entire story, and that he is Mr. Anonymous, Ms. Loscowski, and the two DIA sources/visitors.  If so, Rick may just be having a good time, and we need not be concerned for national security.  If not, there may actually be a network of foreign agents penetrating some of our most sensitive facilities under the false flag of a DIA operation.  Therefore please be very clear in describing the form of communications you had with Ms. Loscowski (e.g. phone, e-mail, etc.); how you acquired the additional background concerning the DIA sources visitors; and what you know of about the many people who know them.

Ron .”.


“On February of 2006, in collaboration with the RU research team (at the time), I wrote part 9 of the Serpo expose – which combined a long communication stream that took place between Marilyn Ruben, myself, and Kit Green, as well as background research conducted by the team, mostly by Hidden Hand on the Rubens.  The resulting article concluded as follows:

“With the publication of this article, I am personally concluding my research into Serpo. My personal focus will no longer be on this hoax, but instead on the larger issues where individuals have been involved, both inside and outside of U.S. Intel for many years.  The larger issue of what the government truly knows (or doesn’t know), what incidents remain unexplained that represent authentic sightings and encounters, and how all governments have dealt, and continue to deal with such phenomenon.

“Since that article, we have worked to move our focus away from the Serpo drama and to follow the leads related more to government intelligence associated with ufology, and talking with researchers who focus more on intel, counterintel, and espionage.  These are researchers who also recognize the same patterns that we’ve recognized can be found running through ufological stories and folklore for many decades.

“One particular thread of inquiry has brought us back to this article from last year. New data has now become available that sheds new light on the ‘TC/Seinu Group.’   In light of this new data, it would be inaccurate and unscientific if I didn’t correct part of my previous conclusion from a year ago, and replace it with data that more accurately replaces that previous conclusion.  The first step is to correct that previous conclusion.

“The conclusion was as follows:

“The legend of Serpo will be that it was a fabrication of Collins and Rick, as part of a viral marketing plan to generate buzz and interest for a book. It is this writer’s conclusion that the only ones ‘behind’ Rick Doty, in the creation of this hoaxed information, were Bob Collins and Douglas and Marilyn Ruben.

“While the premise of the entire article was accurate – laying out the connections of a book promoter to this particular book author, as well as the fact that a collaborator (Doty) of the author’s (regardless of their silly staged ‘arguments’) was in the process of distributing the Serpo releases – that one final paragraph was speculative and, now we realize, not completely accurate.

“While Marilyn did in fact help Collins to promote his book, and in addition assisted the team of 5 in fending off attacks that would expose Rick as the source of the releases – we have uncovered enough additional information to be convinced that she was not one of those who were creating these releases.

Our subsequent investigations after February 2006 have shown that there are others who are more likely to have been working with Doty in creating the releases, and so it must be pointed out, in all fairness and accuracy, that Marilyn most likely was not one those people.  The article on the main page will also be edited shortly to reflect this – Ry.”.

Ken Adachi, Editor of, said in The Ultimate Terror:

“The first phase of government mind control development grew out of the old occult techniques which required the victim to be exposed to massive psychological and physical trauma, usually beginning in infancy, in order to cause the psyche to shatter into a thousand alter personalities which can then be separately programmed to perform any function (or job) that the programmer wishes to ’install.’  Each alter personality created is separate and distinct from the front personality.  The ‘front personality’ is unaware of the existence or activities of the alter personalities.  Alter personalities can be brought to the surface by programmers or handlers using special codes, usually stored in a laptop computer.  The victim of mind control can also be affected by specific sounds, words, or actions known as triggers.

“The second phase of mind control development was refined at an underground base below Fort Hero on Montauk, Long Island (New York) and is referred to as the Montauk Project.

The earliest adolescent victims of Montauk style programming, so called Montauk Boys, were programmed using trauma-based techniques, but that method was eventually abandoned in favor of an all-electronic induction process which could be ‘installed’ in a matter of days (or even hours) instead of the many years that it took to complete trauma-based methods.”.

TheLateGreat montauk2

The Montauk Facilities.

We had entered an age where the perception of reality can be created and controlled by conspirators, handlers and Power brokers that have intruded – even into the possible quantum level – upon our scientifically established world.  This should have behooved us to be evermore perceptive in distinguishing the nature of facts and findings.  A large portion of the world’s population showed a tendency to believe that UFOnauts are here today, without holding any solid scientific evidence as investigators and readers to back up these beliefs.  These citizens are especially vulnerable to psychotronic mind manipulation.

Could some aspects of such a tale somehow be truthfully hidden beneath all the rumor, entertainment and speculative clamor?  That, as is with most objective reality, had to be ‘proven’ somehow.  The byline should have existed as ‘beware.’  Modern Paranormal investigators had to be three times as smart and grounded in scientific and forensic reality over and above what practices had been in the past.

“A modern version of MK-Ultra is presently in widespread operation in many nations,” said investigative researcher Jeff Polachek, “it involves the covert implantation of classified neurotechnology into the brains and bodies of non-consenting and unaware subjects.  This is accomplished by ‘black operations’ involving home entries, complicit personnel in medical and custodial settings, and possibly other means.  The civilian population as a whole, including children, is the target.”

“Concerted efforts are made to prevent subjects from understanding what is happening to them,” continued Polachek, “amnesia is artificially induced to prevent them from recalling anything about these events, most likely by means of electrical stimulation of the claustrum or other parts of the brain using previously-implanted neurotechnology and/or the application of drugs such as anesthetics or benzodiazepines.

“The secrecy of these programs is preserved with the aid of disinformation campaigns or ‘cover stories.’  These campaigns include a number of carefully chosen themes.”.

As readers might demand clarification about further details and proof of the Serpo story, contradictions and falsification may perforate the tale even further.  If this would happen, the summation would not be about a grandiose adventure to a distant planet, but a swansong for the late, great planet Serpo.

Author Len Kasten has a B.A. degree from Cornell University, where he majored in psychology and minored in literature and philosophy. After graduating from Cornell, he entered the U.S. Air Force Aviation Cadet program.  While in the Air Force, he experienced a UFO encounter that had a transformative effect on his life, although he did not realize it until a few years later. After serving in the Air Force, he moved to Richmond, Virginia.  On frequent trips to Virginia Beach, he spent a lot of time in the extensive New Age library at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the organization founded by psychic Edgar Cayce, where he acquired a self-education in metaphysics.  He then moved to Boston where he was introduced to Theosophy and joined the Boston Theosophical Society.

Then later, while working in Washington D.C. in the 1960’s, he felt drawn to join the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). NICAP was the most prestigious organization in the country investigating UFO phenomena.  Len then moved to Hartford, Connecticut where he joined the American Philosopher Society.  Upon the death of the founder, Cyril Benton, Len became the president of the society. In the 1980’s, the APS, under Len’s leadership, commenced a program of weekly public lectures by prominent metaphysical and ufology researchers, writers, and leaders.  While living in Connecticut Len became the editor of an early New Age publication, Metamorphosis Magazine, co-founded with Gordon-Michael Scallion..

TheLateGreat Kasten maxresdefault

Len Kasten



“Needless to say, the story is total bollocks, as the Brits would say. The reason this is coming up again right now is because of the people involved. One of them is Richard Doty, a well-known UFO fabulist, which is no surprise. He has confessed to supposedly providing disinformation to the poor, mad Paul Bennewitz on behalf of the Air Force. (I say that Bennewitz (1927-2003) was ‘mad’ because he was literally using tinfoil to keep out alien thought rays, even before he had any contact with the Air Force.)  Although in my view it’s much more likely that Doty was operating as a free-lance disinformation agent, telling B.S. stories to Bennewitz for his own inscrutable reasons.”
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Steve Erdmann –  Independent Investigative Journalist


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ThelateGreat crew Fig._8.4

Movie Scene Replicating a Serpo Crew

Thelategreat doty

ThelateGreat Serpo_Planet_Concepts_by_Supajoe

The Mysterious World of Serpo

TheLateGreat Sketch-of-Hybrid-Raechel

“Raechel” – Helen Littrell


TheLateGreat montauk2
The Montauk Facilities

TheLateGreat PIL maxresdefault

Mark Pilkington
TheLateGreat BATTLE --operation-highjump-flying-saucer
Operation High Jump was Attacked

TheLateGreat Serpo serpoprojesi-

Artist Conception of the Serpo Crew Contact

TheLateGreat 42c0c609d43481773a21a5842efc1fb9--area--conspiracy-airline-flights

UFOs Over Area 51

TheLateGreat Ryan maxresdefault

Ufologist Bill Ryan

TheLateGreat Rayn hqdefault

TheLateGreat Swartz 10-05-01-Tim-Swartz-at-Grange-Spring-Cleaning_1024x7681
Author Tim Swartz

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Steve Erdmann –  independent Investigative  Journalist 


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Bob Lazar has come forth in a tell-all book about his excursions as an engineer and scientist at the mysterious S4 installation near the secretive Area 51 in Groom Lake, Nevada.  Lazar writes in plain English that is suspenseful and relentless.   If true, we are confronted, once again, with a powerful and secret reality that could leave us suspended in mid-air beyond common sensibilities.


“…of credible witnesses, including Black Aces commander Daniel Fravor about the capabilities of the craft he encountered, have only bolstered Lazar’s story…Fravor thinks Lazar is legit.” (p. xxvii, George Knapp, chief investigative reporter for KLAS-TV, Las Vegas)

I-Team: A look at how Bob Lazar interviews match up with ...

(DREAM LAND, Bob Lazar, Simon & Schuester,, 2033 San Elijio Avenue, #403, Cardiff by the Sea 92007, 2019, 243 pages, $23.99)

Dreamland (Audiobook) by Bob Lazar, George Knapp - foreword ...

Lazar was attempting to get a higher security clearance than the Q Clarence that he had, moving him to a Majestic Clearance for him to work at the EG&G Special Projects Division. Lazar had worked in scientific communities before, not to mention a lucrative photo development business he owned. Lazar had some publicity from his proclaimed “Jet Car.”  Becoming dispirited in working for Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), he set-up Lazar Energy Systems. Lazar’s interest in pyrotechnics was hand in hand with his occupation at Fairchild Electronics as a technician repairing broke circuit boards and enabled him to attend school at Caltech. Lazar equally made some profitable business investments, one paying about $100,000 a month at the time he purchased it.

“Success, for us, and for most people, meant making money,” says Lazar.  “If it took running three separate businesses, not taking vacations, and having work-related issues on your mind twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, then that was a price we were willing to pay.”

These pressures, plus his wife’s (Carol) pancreatic cancer, deep depression led to her suicide.  Lazar remarried to “Tracy” in April of 1986 in Las Vegas.  Due to Tracy’s encouragement and Lazar’s self-determination, his photo business continued—plus his interest  in science and academic life.  Lazar built his own Windhorst Machine as well as a Tesla coil.  Lazar’s model rocket launches at Salisbury Park were sometimes successful but dangerous.

One of Lazar’s “home projects” was his interest in Plasma Containment and magneto dynamics (MHD)

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Eager in continuing his engineering career with Los Angeles National Laboratories at their Meson Physics Facility, Lazar wished to tour the Van de Graff generator.

“I felt like I had stepped into the world of science fiction,” says Lazar.  “I was moving among men and women with an intellectual capacity that was as nearly great as the power these machines were generating.”  After Lazar was hired, he found his co-workers “serious minded and watchful.”

Lazar attended MIT on bequest of Meson..


Lazar met Edward Teller while Teller was preparing to give a lecture in Los Angles. Teller had been called The Father of the Hydrogen Bomb, part of the Manhattan Project, and Teller worked with renown scientist Werner Heisenberg Weis Bohr, advocated for the Strategic Dense Initiative (Star Wars Defense), and worked on the precursor project called Excalibur.

“As it turned out, I got a job as a result of that meeting with Teller,” says Lazar, “and, later, a whole lot more attention than I ever wanted or needed.” (p. 32)

Lasar began his rigorous routine trips to EG+G’s remote site at Groom Lake; one time, he was led to a facility inside a large hill with an entry door to what had become to be known as S4.  His handler, Dennis Mariani, was the other person on the bus in that trip, and it was also the time Lazar was given his identification badge which would work as an optical scanner.  Immediately was a quick medical examination followed by a trip to another office where Lazar was asked to examine a stack of folders that gave “overviews” of a “Project Galileo”; there was a mention of “extraterrestrials.”  Apparently, some kind of “accident” had been involved in Galileo beforehand.

Project Galileo apparently consisted of several “divisions,” each did not work in concert sequentially and did not share information with one another, no communication between “work groups” was allowed, other than their direct work partners or parties which would include alienation, dismissal or prosecution.   Project Looking dealt the materials side of the craft. Project Sidekick explored craft weaponization.

“And here was an object that was claimed,” says Lazar “to be made of a single material!”  

Lazar speculates that the technology came from somewhere other than the United States, and it was his function to understand “how” it worked and “if” we could produce it.  Someone had filed a possible “origin” of the craft and had determined that it came from the Zeta Reticuli star system: 39 million light years from Earth. A “biological” folder contained black and white photos of a “humanoid organism,” a torso, arm, legs and a “differentiated”  mass of tissue in the mid cavity, and other medical notes that were hard to understand, confusing Lazar to the point of  losing focus on reality.

Dennis Mariani led Lazar into a special laboratory and introduced him to Barry Castillo.  Their assignment focus was a Garbage can-sized cylinder “with no seams, no welds, no fasteners, no sharp edges…It didn’t appear to have been cast, machined, molded, formed, or jointed.”   Barry called it an “emitter”; a half-sphere of the same color and material and explained as a “reactor.”  Objects placed tween the two points—whether they be candle flames, golf balls, watches—where affected by an “unseen force” that the two researchers could best described as “anti-gravity.”

“Quantum physicists’ postulate that gravitons exist as a subatomic particle,” says Lasar.   “These are massless elementary particles that transmit the force of gravity.  How they could be created or destroyed is not yet clear.”

A “force” between the “emitter” and the “reactor” caused a black dot at the bottom of the “emitter’ as an absence of light: It was being bent by gravity—a considerable of intense gravity that the “crew” suspected would take Terawatts of power.  All that the “crews” were “slight visual distortions” and no residual heat but was one-hundred percent efficient energy transfer.

“The question of how this thing worked spun around and around again in my mind,” says Lazar.   “Somewhere I suppose the question of how this event could be happening was faintly playing, but far too softly to matter.”

The two-man crew concluded that the reactor could be “powered up” by placing two objects in “proximity to one another.”  That there also had been “limits” they also surmised in which an “accident” had previously come about with loss of life.  Perhaps, something to do with a “triangular bet” was in place as to how the system functioned.


Lazar’s schedule to work at Groom Lake was almost spasmodic and unpredictably cruel, but his female companion, Tracy, swore she could carry the burden, backing-up their private business.  But, as it turned out, “I was being run ragged most days,” says Lazar, “adding to what would eventually be a heap of stress.”

Security was intense and armed personnel ‘shadowed’ the crews’ existence in the confines of the laboratory; even when they left the lab to use the restroom or cafeteria – to, in, and from.

Only once did Lazar suspect the crafts might be ‘experimental terrestrial aircraft’ when he spied a typical ‘flying saucer’ and was told to keep his hands off any objects.   “The powers wanted to understand how this craft’s propulsion system works,” recalls Lasar.  The reactor was comprised of three parts:  the housing, the tower, and the fuel.  The crew determined that the Reactor was being bombarded by a “relatively intense field of radiation within it.”

A dismay in intellectual stagnation enveloped the two when they contemplated what kind of ‘fuel’ was used by the object; using scrapings from the fuel ‘insert’ into a gas chromatograph which indicated that said fuel was a single element.  Later, mass spectral spectrometry and neutron activation analysis indicated the same thing.

“I wanted to be engaged in meaningful work and Tracy and I were ‘both adaptable,’” says Lazar, “and would find a way to accommodate the changes that loomed on the horizon for us.”

A mysterious aspect of Lazar’s private life were men parked habitually in a car only feet from his home.

Investigating the possibility of the “fuel” might have been machined from a cone rather than “out of a single flat sheet,” an ingot of the material was sent on a “closed flight” to the Los Alamos machinery division along with instructions.  Lazar understood that any residue left from the machining would be returned to S4

Dennis instructed Lazar to carry a .22 Cal Smith & Wesson “at all times you’re off-site,” Mariani said.  Lazar thought this had traces to do with his possible obtaining a Q-Clearance.

Through his friend, Gene Huff, he became acquainted with friend,  John Lear, son of Bill Lear of the Lear Jet fame; mainly because of Huff’s inadvertent mention that Lazar worked at LANL  Lazar later learned that Lear had done some work with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Gene never pressed Lazar about his duties at Area 51,  but ,coincidentally, his job at S4 seemed to bring about an interview with Dennis at a Las Vegas Police Department followed by two men from the Office of Federal Investigation (FBI) showing up at Lazar’s home.  One agent was Mike Thigpen, and they very respectfully investigated the household.

Lazar said to Dennis shortly following:  “We’re working with an unknown inside a large unknown. That’ s not a great situation to be in, especially if others have known that they could share with us.’’

Not long after this, Lazar and Barry Castillo were escorted to a hanger facility.


The three approached a familiar saucer-shaped craft fifty-feet of so in diameter and about twenty feet tall.  No seams inside or out, no panel lines, welds, rivets, or fasteners, cool to the touch and very smooth. The same material appeared throughout the craft as if cooled into shape in some injection moldings.  The seats appeared to have been made into the same fashion as if rounded flower petals.  They saw no light witches, dials, displays, and a length of pipe ran from the ceiling and exited in the floor.

UFO's & Alien's

The second level of the craft had a spot where the reactor sat, the piping ran to the amplifier, and additional tubing ran to the emitter at the bottom of the craft.  A “platform section,” or the pedestal, was where the craft rested. They weren’t allowed to explore the third and top “cockpit” section.

Both Lazar and Castillo began to doubt the traditional Roswell story because beings advanced enough to build such machines should not have any difficulty coping with Earthly weather systems and related phenomena.

In eight bay areas of hangers were several more similar crafts.

The ‘crew’ watched as one craft lifted off the ground emitting a blue glow discharge, and its thirty-foot flight had no sound, but they did have a view of the emitter in action in issuing gravitational waves.  The craft landed and Dennis instructed the two to “get back to work.”

Lazar speculated that what they saw was a kind of negative gravity or anti-gravity that removed the gravitational force ahead of the direction that three emitters were pointing.  They speculated the emitter allowed the craft to move in multiple directions and could distance objects to it.  “…time and gravity are inextricably linked,’ says Lazar.   “If you controlled gravity, you also controlled time…could have come from another dimension…some point in the future.”


The security oath that Lazar signed covered all aspects of his personal life, discussions, dissatisfaction with coworkers, the food in the cafeteria, sleep, no-pay checks, and even his personal feelings.  The watchers that usually parked down that street no longer hid.  A police patrol car dispatched to the scene on behalf of Lazar did little to capture the stalkers—they were merely released.  They were not even trying to stalk but came out in the open.

Occasionally, Lazar would meet with his work-out partner “Muriel” for gymnastics.   One time, Lazar’s Datsun 2802 was unlocked.  He slighted it off as his oversight.  However, Lazar was shocked to find his car with both door “…wide open, looking like a fix wing aircraft.”   Lazar says he “…did experience that gut-level twinge and burn of adrenaline kicking in.”   Nothing was taken from the car, and it didn’t seem like a usual robbery.

All this certainly didn’t seem normal, nor was having his phones tapped, or having signed a document “that essentially stated that I agreed to waive every one of my Constitutional rights…”  All of this indicated that Lazar was under strict control with warnings.

Lazar concluded that it was time to share all this knowledge with someone or fear he “might  wind up somewhere in the Nevada desert with a bullet in my head and a fabricated suicide note left  on him…”  Lazar selected his close friend, Gene,  and Lazar stuck to only items  that he could “definitely validate”:  he showed Gene the only paycheck he had ever received from the United States Department of Naval Intelligence—$958.11.  Lazar declared to his friends that the “dollars – to – headache ratio is way out of balance.”

Lazar’s next ‘insurance revelation’ was his wife, Tracy, leaving out a few personalized details.   “I can’t see you making up something like this,” was Tracy’s concluding statement.

Lazar’s next ‘insurance policy’ confession was to John Lear who “seemed more curious than alarmed.”  Lear proved himself as trustworthy in several incidents, such as allowing Bob and Tracy to accompany him on some of his Aniak, Alaska  flights.

The sense of ease that momentarily emerged was suddenly destroyed when another “interrogation” was conducted at his home concerning what kind of code (their use of BUFON and GUFON) he and Gene were using.  Apparently, privacy was nonexistent.  They demanded Lazar to reveal all information about Gene Huff.

Lazar concludes with the unavoidable:  “…it was time to make some changed.”   “…my days at S4 were over.”   He stopped wondering about his security clearance:  “I wanted something definitely to be said or done.” (p. 157)

Lazar knew that S4 did a “high performance test flight usually on Wednesday about eight o’clock.   John Lear could ‘check it out’ with his 8-inch-diameter Celestron telescope.   John would pack the crew in his Winnebago motorhome and cover the 150 miles of desert to their destination, a spot along Groom Lake Road with their “equipment” —telescope, binoculars and video camera.

John Lear Photo Gallery 001
Bob Lazar and John Lear

Indeed, an orange light appeared above Papoose Mountain but was moving in increments of split seconds at about 700 mph in intervals from different points.

MARCH 29 AND APRIL 12, 1984

Lazar compared the method of investigation at S4 as “out of the window, where the scientific method didn’t consist of some definitive steps, but were more scattershot…first here, then there, then up, then down.”

A second UFO Watch was planned with Tracy and Lazar in one car, Gene in a rental car.  A ’Jason’ also joined them.  This time the light appeared to draw closer to their rendezvous point:  the glowing object moved towards them.  Jason said, ‘It was like I couldn’t see it move.  One second it was there.  The next second it was over there.  Almost like a strobe effect or something.” (p. 178)

The crews’ next trip of UFO Spotting was on April 12, another Wednesday. This time they made some evasive maneuvers on the roads they travelled. There was one new face, Kristen.  Again, the light seemed to advance toward them.  To cover their tracks, our ‘heroes’ turned onto a dirt road. Suddenly, local security confronted the UFO Watchers, as Lazar snuck away into the brush alongside of the cars.   Lazar rejoined the group once the security car was far enough away…. only to be confronted by a second police officer who wanted to know how four mysterious people had been reported, now there was five. This agent went through the process of comparing their faces to their driver’s licenses.

Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers': Where Is the UFO Test ...

Dennis Mariani and Bob Lazar met the next day in what appeared to be an atmosphere of an ominous warning.  This took place at the Indian Springs Air Force Base, and Dennis pummeled Lazar with comments and questions. A gun was made evident.

The hardest shock to Lazar was when Mariani placed a folder of surveillance revealing that wife Tracy had been in an on-going romantic affair since February 1984:  tax dollars at work, and a farewell to one’s privacy.  “…and how  cliched the whole thing was – with a co-worker that was a man whose contact I’d encouraged and helped pay for,” says Lazar, “…a flight instructor…complicated and conflicted seemed to be the buzz words for everything I experienced  at S4.”

“Nothing I’d ever done or said could justify the pain she was inflicting on me,” Lazar says. “I would never do anything like that to her.”

During the second week of May 1989 someone fired a gun shot at his auto when on the on-ramp to the highway via Charleston Boulevard.  The shot deflated a tire; two drivers sped away.


John Lear and Gene Huff laid-out a rescue for Lazar:  More exposure on the George Knapp ABC affiliated TV show.  They chose John Lear to appear with no fanfare.  Lazar was to appear in silhouette and use a pseudonym of “Dennis” in their broadcast of May 14, 1989.

Bob Lazar and George Neff

Dennis called Lazar and made a vague threat, and he later called again to say that a “personal level” interview was needed.  It would be a Las Vegas Casino appointment on a Saturday. Gene Huff and a Joe Vaninerri were to be watchmen of the meeting.  Lazar saw Dennis, Lazar demanded to know “what this was all about”— and Dennis disappeared into the crowd.

Lazar’s friends discussed the events as only an interlude. The S4 surveillance teams seemed to have disappeared.

“I’d lost one wife to disease and now a second one to work and infidelity,” says Lazar. “No matter how strong you think you are mentally, or how amicable the partner, a divorce preys on your sense of self and self-worth.”

George Knapp set-up another TV session for Memorial Day 1984.

“As far me, I picked up the pieces eventually,” says Lazar.  “Over the long haul, things did get better.  I’ve spoken a few times at conferences and done some interviews.  I’ve had Hollywood film and TV producers contact me.   In the scripts they had written they tried to show me as an Action Hero, leaping onto the hoods of cars escaping the bad guys.  I’m no Action Hero.  If I wasn’t then, I’m certainly not one now.  I’m no kind of hero.”


DENNIS JOHN MARIANI Of North Highlands, CA, May 18, 2007, a native of Oakland, age 66 years. Father of Michelle Mariani and Renee Mariani. Brother of Doug Mariani, Stephanie Vigil, Priscilla Pilger, Phyllis Lastiri and the late Gary Mariani. Former husband of Karen Mariani. Friends are welcome for visitation Tuesday 9-9:45 AM and are invited to attend services Tuesday 10 AM, all at THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS (6450 Walerga Rd., North Highlands, CA.) Interment following at 1:30 PM at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery with full military honors. PRICE FUNERAL CHAPEL (916) 725-2109


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