By Robin Haines                                                            

(Copyright 2015,  Robin Haines – All Rights Reserved)

My book, “Probable Cause, Re-Thinking The JFK Plot” was not at all well received by the JFK Assassination Community.   Robert D. Morningstar was the first journalist to help me. In November of 2013, he wrote an article in UFO Digest about my book.  He titled his article, “Did JFK deserve to die?”.                                                          

I want to explain to people why the U.S. Intelligence Community had to “Target Kill” a sitting United States President on Nov.22nd of 1963.    He had to die by means of assassination.  No other cause of death would have solved the problem that these Intelligence Officers had on their hands.                                    

They could not allow for him to be impeached.  They could not have him resign. They couldn’t have him die of a stroke or a heart attack. They couldn’t even take him sailing and drown him so that it would look like an accident.                                  

These Senior Intelligence officers were in their fifties and sixties in 1963.  They would have remembered something that happened here in 1923 that very few people living today would even know about.   President Warren Harding died of a heart attack in August of 1923.  He wasn’t impeached, nor did he resign. He passed away from a natural cause.                    

Yet,  as soon as Harding died, the “Teapot Dome” scandal blew up. Harding’s death did not stop Congress from investigating Harding and his administration.   Within a year or two all the dark stuff came out.  Everyone knew about his affairs, his womanizing, his mistresses, his drinking and his gambling, etc,etc,etc….                                                                                                                                                                                                   They also knew that if JFK had died from an illness or an accident, Congress would still pursue an investigation into JFK and his administration.  Even his death in office would not stop the controversy from starting up.  Committees would have been set up and Congress would have launched an investigation into JFK and his administration anyhow.  Then, all the dark, sorted, nasty business would have all come out.  They could not afford for that to happen.                  

With the assassination,  people would be investigating to find out if Oswald was acting alone or if a conspiracy was involved.   It would be at least ten, or fifteen years before Congress would launch any investigations into the Kennedy administration.   It was only because of the Watergate Scandal that Congress decided to investigate the Kennedy administration.                                                                                                                                      This is when the “dark stuff” started being brought to light.    The people in Congress got the idea that there was a connection between the JFK assassination and the Watergate scandal.  There was evidence surfacing as early as 1973 linking people from the Watergate Scandal to to JFK Assassination.   If it hadn’t been for the Watergate Scandal we probably wouldn’t know as much as we know about these things today.  They would have kept them covered up even longer.

Robin Haines

October 2nd, 2015

Author of “Probable Cause, Re-Thinking The JFK Plot” 


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