By Tony R. Eliot

There is a strange phenomenon affecting virtually every human being on the planet.  To some it is very subliminal and hardly noticeable, yet to most it is very pronounced and highly worrisome.

For example, the effect is where we may get news of the death of a celebrity, politician, or otherwise famous person today, only to find out in the next few days that this same individual really did not die at all and is as healthy as they ever were.  To the curious who will investigate the death, they are sure they heard about will find nothing to support it anywhere.

This phenomena is called “The Mandela Effect,” a term coined by Fiona Broome who operates a website about real alternate realities that people may visit every day and not realize it.  Her phrase (“The Mandela Effect”) originated because a large number of people “remembered” Nelson Mandela as having died in a South African Prison and yet, he was released from prison in 1990 and did not die until 12/05/2013 at the age of 95.  

Thus, this large number of people who “remember” Mandela as “dying in prison” actually may have experienced these memories being true in an alternate reality, but must now experience those memories as becoming or being “not true” in this one.

To believe that we alternate consciously, subconsciously, and perhaps even physically between existing universes, i.e. alternate realities, the scientific “bubble theory” that our universe is surrounded by and interlaced with countless alternate universes has to be legitimate.  To put “the bubble theory” into perspective, imagine a bathtub filled with bubbles and think of just one tiny bubble surrounded by all these millions of similar bubbles as being the Universe in which we exist   This is, in fact, the medium of reality and actually how our very private and individual Universe exists independently via “the bubble theory” of existence within a “Multiverse.”

Many of these alternate universes would be almost identical to ours with only very slight differences.

It is very possible that the famous person really did die in an alternate universe, but not in ours.  

There is also the possibility that in some alternate existences, drastic differences have occurred where the human civilization there may have totally gone to nuclear energy as their only source of energy for example, or political differences resulted, such as the Nazis winning WW 2.  There could also be any existence imaginable from Earth being extremely primitive, to human civilization being advanced beyond our wildest imagination. 

Perhaps memories that conflict with current reality are simply examples of our occasional visitations to alternate realities.

Proof of this “reality shift” is mind-blowing to many people, here are a few examples.

Many of you may remember reading the children’s book “The Berenstein Bears” at some point during your childhood.  Well, that was in another dimension because here and now the title reads, “The Berenstain Bears” and nowhere can you find a book, no matter how old it is, spelling it the way we used to remember it being spelled with an “e.”

The television series “Sex In the City” is now “Sex And the City.”

The old Looney Toons we watched as kids doesn’t exist anymore and has been replaced with Looney Tunes.   Nowhere can the name Looney Toons be found in any archive, even though most of us know we watched Looney Toons. The new Looney Tunes doesn’t even make sense because “Tunes” refers to music, not cartoons as Toons” does and did.

“Alot” is now spelled a lot.”

Desi Arnez, husband to Lucy Ball is now Desi Arnaz.

The old Fruit Loops cereal is now Froot Loops.

Holland was a country in a previous existence, but today has been replaced with The Netherlands.

Jiffy peanut butter most of us remember, apparently never existed and is named “Jif.”

Here Ford’s emblem changed:

Here are some other changes:

Since our memories conflict greatly with this reality that we live in now, the evidence is clearly this:

We do have something very strange going on involving our reality .  

Many people blame CERN, and the Large Hadron Collider, the largest and most complex experimental facility ever built, situated near the France-Switzerland border.  It could be that that machine has opened a portal into an alternate universe that now cannot be closed, or even located.

Personally, I do not believe CERN has anything to do with “The Mandela Effect,” primarily because the conflict between memory and reality has been going on for many decades longer than CERN has been in operation.

With that in mind, we have to look further back in history to a point where most strange occurrences such as “The Mandela Effect,” UFOs, and other odd happenings were virtually unheard of at the time. 

We know the first modern day sighting of a UFO occurred on June 24, 1947 by Kenneth Arnold.

The first modern day Bermuda Triangle incident happened on December 5, 1945 when Flight 19 disappeared.

The first detonation of the Atomic Bomb was at Trinity Site, New Mexico July 16, 1945.

The Roswell Incident refers to where an alien space craft allegedly crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico on July 3, 1947.

Perhaps the strangest incident of all is The Philadelphia Experiment conducted on October 28, 1943  which involved an experiment conducted by the United States Navy wherein electromagnetism was used to make the US Navy destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge, to become invisible and, some say, actually teleported miles away.

Many strange accounts of this experiment exist, from finding crew members embedded in steel walls and floors, to some vanishing altogether, to some recounting strange visual effects during the experiment, and to yet other sailors going completely mad from the experience.  The fact is that something exceedingly strange did occur during that experiment, which involved the whole ship and crew aboard it being transferred briefly to an alternate reality via induction of powerful electromagnetic fields.

A most interesting thing about The Philadelphia Experiment is the fact that it immediately predates many other strange phenomena that started happening shortly afterwards.   Few UFOs were reported before 1943 and even the strange reports of Foo Fighters seen in the skies of Europe along with Allied bombers flying missions did not begin until 1944, so very shortly after the Philadelphia Experiment.

Thus, the massive uncontrolled use of electromagnetism during the Philadelphia Experiment may have opened a portal through time itself into an alternate universe that has yet to be closed to this day.  This opening may now have become many smaller portals, or “time warps,”  which open and close as they travel across the globe on a continual basis.

Since  we, through the powerful electromagnetic force used in the Philadelphia Experiment, actually breached the very fabric of energy and space-time that separates our universe from many others, which surround us, “things,” i.e. multiple colliding realities, are bound to get worse.   As we see today with many people’s memories are not being congruent or consistent with the reality of a commonly held present existence.

Some people believe that our current government in Washington, DC resembles the Washington one would expect in Superman’s Bizarro World, but could it be just “normal” in this particular plane of current existence?

You will notice, if you use a computer often, that there are all sorts of small changes in this new dimension as well, such as spelling and grammar.   An example is the word “alot,” which was correct in the other existence, but is incorrect here, for in the here and now it is perforce (of spellchecker) spelled “a lot.”

So, what can one do?

Is there a “solution”?  

As I see it, nothing can be done to correct the breach between dimensions.  Therefore, what we must ultimately do is to accept the changes as a part of our evolution into a “new reality,” viewing and reviewing the alterations of the old realities into novel ones and ourselves a higher intellectual beings, or to hold tenaciously to the past alot and to remain who we really were then.


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