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By Cherry Hinkle

(Copyright 2017, Cherry Hinkle – All Rights Reserved)
<Edited by Robert Morningstar>


For fifty five years I have been trying to enlighten the world about the E.T./UFOs that fly across the skies of Earth and it has become obvious that the military forces of Earth care helpless against these beings. They can fly circles around in our military craft. The military Air Force of this world are limited to fly in linear paths – the UFOs are not limited that way they can make right angles in mid-air, instantly stop, or take off in any direction faster than you can blink your eye. (NOTE: this is a hint, so pay attention.)

The higher ranking men and women of military of Earth know the truth of the beings, and a few of the more mundane citizens of this planet sometimes stumble across the truth while doing UFO studies, when we do find the truth, we just stop and wonder why the rest of the world haven’t found it too. I believe it is because no one can believe anything so basic can be so real. The truth is fantastic, and beyond belief —- but real.

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The problem is, every time a citizen accidentally finds the truth; “They” stop you from telling anyone. I am one of the citizens that stumbled across the truth, and I thought “can this be the big secret? This silly idea is the Secrets of Secrets?” I decided to send three copies of my idea to three well known UFO researchers, I sent the copies through the normal U.S. Postal service – the next day three men showed up at my door – I had barely had them inside my home and invite them to sit down and the produced the three letters I mailed the day before.

I was shocked, of course, but the important thing is I want to point out is that my letters to the researchers was still sealed – they didn’t open my letters – in other words, the letters hadn’t been opened and resealed, my letters never reached the researchers I sent to them, but one of the men told me exactly what my letters said – even stranger was the fact he also knew I kept my original letter and demanded my original letter too. I bulked on that one, and told them I wanted to keep my original letter and told them my letter belonged to me, and they have no right to claim my own letter and I refused to give it to them. (No one knew I hid my original letter inside a book) But one man walked straight to my stack of books opened the third book, took opened my original letter. It was then, that day I became afraid because I knew they knew you can’t keep a secret from the MIB.

That day – and all days since then, I found I can’t share the secret knowledge that I found strictly by accident. But it doesn’t matter if you found it by accident – the fact is that I DO know – and that seems to be detrimental to their lives. I am pressing my luck by writing this much – but the world needs to stop looking for a wild complex theory and think that will lead them for the truth – instead they just need to look for the basic simple most logical thought – and then will find the simple truth. “They” – the “MIB” refuse to allow the basic truth be told – so all I can do is give you a few clues – but before you start looking for the truth, please be aware that if you do guess the truth, your life will never been the same.

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If you try to warn your friend even one person, and tell them what you suspect, it is too late and “they” will show up before you can tell your friends. When you guess the truth – “they” will show up and block you, they will give you a choice to live or die – I chose to live. But if you think you can out smart them, and find a way to sneak the truth out – think again, that day your life will be end, like several of my friends they had sudden heart attacks, or the sudden urge to commit “suicide” – or be “suicided” by the hand of the MIB. If you guess the Ultimate Game – keep your mouth shut and you will live on. I am speaking from experience.

Cherry Hinkle

April 29th, 2017


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