How to Prepare for the Inevitable Alien Threat


How to Prepare for the Inevitable Alien Threat

By Sandra Right

(Copyright 2017, Sandra Right – All Rights Reserved)
<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>

No matter what you think of alien life, its eventual appearance on Earth poses a major threat to how we currently exist. The threat could come in several different ways, and ideologies—especially organized religious beliefs—would come under massive strain.  The basic premise of man’s mastery over the universe is threatened by the presence of extraterrestrial life.

But as you can see, their arrival may not necessarily be a doomsday scenario.  True, that’s a possibility—we could be wiped off the Earth quite easily by an intergalactic species—but the main threats are social and political in nature.  Besides, it may not even be their first time here.

So what can you do to be prepared?


Change Your Worldviews

When the aliens come, the lives we knew are effectively over. Petty concerns about other nations and our differences will seem insignificant in front of the arrival of an advanced civilization developed enough to travel through space.

Adapting to this change won’t be easy, though, if you aren’t prepared. By being mentally ready to acknowledge that not only are we not alone, but that we’re actually the inferior species, will make things considerably less jarring.

Chris Holly alien-life-forms

It’s also a good time to start living with a friendlier outlook to the rest of humankind. If alien visitors turn out to be hostile, it’ll be us against them, meaning we’ll need to band together to fight for humanity’s survival—we just won’t make it if we’re still trying to kill each other over trivial differences.

Taking steps now to understand other viewpoints and cultures will make it that much easier to be a team player when the big event happens. Start looking at politics, religion and general social points from perspectives outside of your own. At the very least, you’ll be growing as a person, and best case scenario, you’ll be getting ready for what comes next.


Stay Up on Research

In the past few years, several fascinating documentaries have elucidated research on several physical specimens that gives much more credibility to the idea of alien life. Among those is the well-know film Sirius, now available on Netflix for those with appropriate regional access (US based watchers).  Viewers outside of the US can use a Virtual Private Network to get past said restrictions.

Unidentified Alien Hand-3.jpg

There’s also the curious discovery in Peru of what appears to be an alien’s hand and head.  These finds give us clues to what extraterrestrial life might be like and may even be used to help us prepare mentally for what we’ll be seeing when they arrive.

If you find ancient civilization to be more reliable, consider reading up on ancient paintings, glyphs and physical depictions of alien visitors. Tons of evidence exists that we’ve already been visited by alien life, and these vestiges of the old world could very well be there to help us out.

norway's Seed Vault

Prepare a Vault

It’s a scary thought, but we have to be ready in the event ET’s aren’t a benevolent race that has come to help us. There’s a distinct possibility they may come here to completely eradicate humanity to pave the way for unimpeded extraction of this planet’s lush resources.

To avoid becoming extinct or forced labor, you’d do well to plan yourself a fallout shelter. The best shelters are somewhat divorced from civilization but can be accessed in a reasonable hurry (no more than a day or two of travel at most). Underground lodgings, housing in the mountains or any shelter in an unpopulated area makes for a great spot to hole up in the event of an emergency.

Keep in mind that you might need to bunk up for a long time. Having a temporary storage of food and water is essential initially, followed by a means to be sustainable, such as by gardening or raising livestock. Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’ll want to plan your shelter with a few other people to make it more affordable and to spread the work around.

On the bright side, if the alien civilization isn’t hostile, you’ll be left with a very functional vacation spot to get away from it all at your leisure. Planning for the worst needn’t be an exercise in paranoia if handled correctly, and learning survival skills is useful no matter what.

Become Self-Sufficient

If things turn to a free-for-all and it’s every man for himself, you’ll need the skills to survive on your own without the help of society. Technology could fail, neighbors could turn on one another and our entire civilization would be turned upside down with no government to protect us.

With proper preparation, this sort of “end times” scenario shouldn’t concern you any more than other potential disasters. The key things to become proficient at include: first aid for tending to injuries, foraging for food in the wilderness, growing basic foods, operating firearms and preparing game meats (things like drying, smoking, preserving, etc.)

Other useful skills include mechanical work for repairing broken electronics and basic tool sense for working on structures in need of repair. You may not have a reliable source of electricity or fuel, so it’s best to rely on manual tools such as saws and hammers.

All of these skills can be acquired over time without too much effort. For those you don’t get to, consider stockpiling physical books and manuals so that you can read up in a pinch. Remember YouTube probably won’t be a reliable source for teaching material if an alien attack knocks out the entire grid.


Don’t Panic

However you choose to prepare for tomorrow’s alien arrival, remember not to stress yourself out too much. We truly don’t know the exact nature of alien life or when they’ll arrive; all we can do is prepare ourselves for the day it happens. Freaking out or frantically preparing for the end times won’t make things any better.

Consider your preparations as a way to live a better life and a way to be prepared for anything. Remember that we could always be our own undoing before aliens even arrive, so it never hurts to have a backup plan.

How will you prepare yourself for aliens coming to Earth?

Sandra Right

About the Author: Sandra is an ET and UFO enthusiast that knows there’s more to the universe than just us.  Besides reading about the latest finds, she always keeps an eye to the sky in hopes of one day having an encounter of her own…

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