Gravitational Waves: The World of Tomorrow, a Primer with Exercises – A New Physics Book

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Gravitational Waves:

The World of Tomorrow, a Primer with Exercises,(3rd Printing)

By Robert Baker

Gravitational waves of high frequency are key to new global communications (the ultimate wireless system), multiuniverses, time and interstellar travel, starshot, LIGO and detecting messaging from exoplanet intelligent worlds presented in new book.

Buzz Aldrin

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin writes:

“All of us should achieve some fundamental understanding of scientific basics . Now that understanding should include gravitational waves. That is the purpose of this very instructive book and I strongly urge you to read it.”

Palm Desert, California:

 July 14, 2017

Renowned Expert, Robert Baker, Publishes Primer

On Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves—The World of Tomorrow, a Primer with Exercises, provides readers with basic information about gravitational waves (“GWs”). It is written in a way that allows readers to understand this complex subject without a previous understanding of gravitational waves. Its use of real-world examples and parallels helps readers understand the fundamentals so they can become knowledgeable enough to read and understand related news article and more sophisticated publications.

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Expert in the field of high-frequency gravitational waves (“HFGWs”), Dr. Robert M L Baker, Jr., has published his newest book, which explains gravitational waves of all frequencies, but includes gravitational waves at the high end of the GW frequency spectrum ordinarily neglected.

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Dr. Baker often provides explanations in a mathematical context, but also by means of simplified real-world examples, which novices and experts alike can appreciate.  Those who enjoy the technical nature of these concepts will certainly delight in Dr. Baker’s thought-provoking discussion of the osculating or “kissing” of our Universe with other universes. Such advanced readers will also profit from a large Appendix of references in the Book.  This Appendix is a comprehensive and categorized GW literature survey comprising over 600 references and would have great value for GW self-study or research.  He was Vice Chairperson of the first International High-Frequency Gravitational Wave (HFGW) Conference and Workshop at the MITRE Corporation in 2003, appointed Chairman of the HFGW Symposium at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in 2010 and keynote address at the 3rd HFGW International Workshop in 2017 at Chengdu, China.

Dr. Baker believes that such HFGWs will allow for a more complete understanding of the early universe (the “Big Bang”) and may have practical application to global communication, interstellar travel, starshot, interception of messaging among newly discovered exoplanets and even a form of time travel.

The Book also calls attention to the widely distributed JASON Report published by a group of very influential and respected university scientists.  This flawed Report miss-associates the extremely weak Gertsenshtein process with the generation, detection and applications of all HFGWs.

File:Warped Space and Time Around Colliding Black Holes (Courtesy Caltech-MIT-LIGO Laboratory, produced by SXS project).webm

Simulation showing gravitational waves produced during the final moments before the collision of two black holes. In the video, the waves could be seen to propagate outwards as the black holes spin past each other.

Dr. Baker holds the very first Engineering PhD ever awarded in the US with a specialization in Space Navigation.  He also graduated with highest honors in Physics.  He was on the faculty of Astronomy and then Engineering at UCLA and served his Country in the US Air Force.  He headed the Lockheed Astrodynamics Research Center and was President of West Coast University, an ABET accredited university for adult learners.  He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.The Report concludes that HFGWs are of little or no value as a research subject.  Dr. Baker puts this fallacy to rest since the Gertsenshtein process is not involved in any of the useful HFGW applications or detection or generation devices discussed in this Book.

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Robert Baker 

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