By David Sereda

Crystal Sereda
Mrs. Crystal Sereda

Mother of 2 little daughters
Arrested in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
Simply for ‘Praying to Jesus’
(Edited by Robert D. Morningstar)

My wife Crystal Sereda is hospitalized and was taken against her will in Nelson, British Columbia a month ago simply for praying and for having spiritual visions of Christ Jesus from meditation.   My wife doesn’t use any drugs, but she does practice meditation!

“Someone” (unnamed) saw her on the Nelson Bridge “talking to God” (aka “praying”) and so “Someone” (unnamed) thinking she was going to jump “they” called police and had her taken from us!

She was simply walking home and stopped to say a prayer, we live on the other side of the bridge.

So “they” now say that saw her talking to God all the time and now they thought this is proof she is “not well.”

Imagine St. Theresa of Avila doing the same thing and being taken away!

Crystal was seen dancing, twirling in the park with children, and this was reported by someone anonymously claiming that “she was insane”!

She splashed into 2 feet of water with Alyra 6 years old and Alyra coughed a little water and the public reported this as child abuse!

She was told in the hospital facility that her singing and dancing (to raise her spirit” is “mental illness,” and she has been forcibly sedated to suppress her singing and dancing.


If anyone can really help us and our family write to: –


The Arizona Department of Children Services (DCS) has made our lives
 a living hell!August 2 at 8:30 a m.
On August 1st, my wife Crystal stopped for a moment while walking a cross a local bridge just to contemplate the beauty of the scenery and to offer a prayer of thanks to Jesus Christ, and just stood there in contemplation.
Shortly thereafter, police arrived and arrested her on an anonymous claim that a woman looked like she was thinking about committing suicide by jumping off the bridge.
May wife had done nothing but stand there in silent contemplation, had committed no crime or public disturbance and yet police elected to arrest her (for nothing)  and deliver her to a ward in the local hospital for ‘psychiatric assessment.”
When Crystal, my wife, was admitted to the hospital here in Nelson, BC,
it was largely due to Arizona DCS calling authorities here in Canada where we live on heir own initiative as if to hound us and harass us over the child abuse case that they a had investigated, closed and lost. 
My daughters had to be seen by a pediatrician in AZ who did blood work and found them to be perfect and I mean perfectly healthy.
Do you know what it is like for a 1.5 year old getting blood work done?
She screamed her poor little eyes out!  
Neither my wife nor I have ever abused our girls!
There is not one single medical file, report of any injury abuse or anything of the kind, yet my wife is deemed dangerous by DCS based on an unsubstantiated and anonymous complainant.
The State of Arizona finally closed the case in AZ because they found no evidence of any child neglect.
Our daughter Alyra was asked every grueling question you can imagine and they had to let her go.  
When asked if anyone had hurt her, “No” she replied, “No one has ever hurt me.”  
Then they asked again, again, and again and she said “No!” on and on.
And still DCS officials went on ad inifinitum as if hoping that the child would “crack” and by mistake might say “Yes.”  Alyra didn’t “crack.”  She told them he truth, we have never abused our children.
And yet, although no evidence was found, and the case had been closed, the Arizona DCS called Nelson, B.C. Canada across international boders and presented this FALSE report claiming that my wife was not feeding our children and that they were on a “liquid diet” (among other wild ideas that DCS concocted and that were already disproven.
Where the hell did they get this from?  
By what authority did the State of Arizona take it upon itself to contact a foreign nation to proffer false allegations (already disproven and officially dismissed) to incite government prejudice against a sovereign citizen of the United States?
Who told DCS Arizona that our children are on a liquid diet?
No one did.  This falsified charge was concocted and made it up inside Arizona DCS by staff with the clear intention of framing us for child abuse.
Everything my daughters eat is healthful, healthy fruit, veggies, potatoes, nuts, grains, fish, home made coconut, almond, cashew sunflower milk.
Our little one walks, dances, sings and yet Mom is to be forced into a hospitalized having done NOTHING wrong.  
She was praying to Jesus on a bridge.  Where is the crime or “disturbance of the peace” in that?
Mom is under investigation because of Arizona DCS, has chosen to harass our family across international borders, officially pursuing a policy of vendetta for lost cases and did so with no authority to do so across international borders!
Why won’t they leave us the alone? We left the State of Arizona, we left the country, and because they failed to make a case against us in Arizona, they have chosen to pursue us “electronically” to harass and intimidate us in another country.
My poor, poor daughters, deprived of heir mother, have to go through this all because my wife had spiritual visions of Christ after our 2nd baby girl Astaria was born!  
It is well-known that childbirth imparts extreme euphoria in the mother when her child is born.  Why shouldn’t  a women see spiritual visions of Christ, the Lord of Life, at that very moment?  And why should it be made a crime to talk about it or to contemplate communion with God.
Doctors are terrified of a woman, a mother having spiritual visions.

Please help us and write to Peggy.Gregg@AZDCS.GOV and ask her why (after she closed our case due to “Unsubstantiated Claims against the children”) with that statement clearly stamped on the official letter dismissing the charges that I received from her) did she contact authorities in Canada and reopen this whole damn thing just to ruin our lives.

See more details about Arizona Department of Children Services:…/arizona-battleground-for-state-…/…/arizona-department-of-…/97660266/

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