As we approach the 55th anniversary of the death of President Kennedy, I am gratified to present in memory of President John F. Kennedy,:




“For there is nothing that is hidden, that will not be revealed; nor anything secret, that will not be known and come to Light.”

Luke 8:17

“The Ultimate Secret of the JFK Assassination”


“Once you have eliminated the impossible, what remains,
however improbableis the Truth”-
Sherlock Holmes

JFK-Tippit Composite - Split Face- RD Morningstar Composer


The JFK-Tippit Double Murder
The JFK-Tippit Photo/X-Ray/Body Swap
The killing of Officer Tippit is the Rosetta Stone of the JFK assassination”
– Wesley J. Leibeler, Warren Commission counsel
For 55 years, the world has wondered about the real circumstances surrounding the John F. Kennedy Assassination.  Americans have grown older wiser and no longer believe the simple horror story that was spun by mass media magicians who then deceived and have misguided the American people for more than half a century.
Having been a witness to the historical events described in the following pages from the first very first day of this tragedy and for more than 55 years, I am an eyewitness to history and have an obligation to record the facts as I have discovered them to be.  I have collected the facts surrounding that singular moment of our darkest history, the JFK Assassination, in the hope of someday bringing the truth surroubding his death to light.
I gave dedicated this work to the person I once saw and have known in body,  mind and and spirit as John F. Kennedy, who still calls to me across 6 long decades of time to help our nation get back on “The Right Track of History.”
This quest to find the facts, the reasons, the cause, the culprits underlying the death of John F.Kennedy has lead me across the world (even back to Camelot) in search of the truth.   I have descended into an underworld of absolte evil to reclaim the soul of John F. Kennedy.  I have communed with the dead.  This book will emain as  chronicale of that quest.  I have drawn the Sword from the Stone to redeem the soul and restore the body of a Celtic king and restore his body to its rightful place.

President John F. Kennedy does not rest in Arlington.  The ghost of John F. Kennedy still walks the night.  I have seen him.  It is a dreadful sight.

If you dare to read this book, I warn you, the journey may be dangerous and a threat to all that you beliefs about the world and howit works.  It is perilous also to the mind and to one’s world view to realize and to acknowledge that diabolical Evil of such as that which slew John F. Kennedy iis real and still operating aginst the minds, bodies and souls of the Americann people who were and emain the real target of the JFK Assassination.
If we as a people do not soon converge on a common view of history and reality, this nation will not long endure.


Volume 2

For John F. Kennedy Jr.

The Head of Ahriman

by Rodolf Steiner
“And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed; and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power onto the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast?  Who is able to make war with him?”
The Revelation of St. John The Divine, 13:3-4.


I forewarn the reader that what follows is a story so ghastly that it would be worthy of Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, or H.P. Lovecraft.
However, for us it is far worse, these are novels, but this is our true history.
What follows are the actual facts of the JFK’s assassination, nuggets of truth that have been culled filtered, extracted from the bog of lies and deception, which we have come to know as  The Warren Commission Report.
 My fellow Americans, I present to you the veritable face of
the 35th President of the United States:



Deciphering “The Rosetta Stone” of the JFK Assassination
How my ‘professional’ JFK Research Career Began – 1991-1992
It was on November 21st, of 1992, the night before the 29th anniversary of the JFK Assassination that as the saying goes, “just by chance,” I happened to acquire a high quality copy of the famous Zapruder Film of President Kennedy’s assassination on VHS video tape.
As it turned out, and as I was to find out a few years later, this was no ordinary copy of the Zapruder Film.  It was a broadcast quality hi-res video of an enlarged 35 mm. duplicate of the film that had been “duped” by David Liston, Axel Wchsler, the famoed Hollywood cinematographer, and a colorful character named Moe Dalitz.
While studying that copy of the Zapruder Film in March of 1992, I came to discover repeated signs and indications of extensive editing and tampering with the world film record of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
I discovered many splice marks and disjunctions in the film, which had been very cleverly covered up by utilizing the principles of Gestalt psychology to alter the actual sequence of events in what actually transpired in Dealey Plaza.  ThI discovered that the Zapruder Film had been restructured so as to create a consciously-engineered optical illusion by utilizing high-tech editing/splicing techniques that changed the duration and sequence of actual events, but did so in a way that the entire event was misperceived by the viewer and tken to be “real,” when it was in fact afraud, a hoax tthat would stand for 30 years.
The reason that no one had noticed this aberration was that it was done so subtlely, so subliminally, that the re-engineered film successfully “hijacks” the viewer’s peripheral vision and sense of perception so that it tricks the eyes to misapprehend and accept as real, veritable and true, what is actually a complee fraud and conflation of history.
The Zparuder Film creates an an optical illusion, often I refer o it now as a mass hallucination, but it creates that hallucination of reality in a nearly seamless way that was (and remains to many, transparent, invisible and imperceptible.
The Zapruder Film was leaked in 1975 on the now famous Geraldo River TV show.
However, the film was heavily redacted and the brilliant ploy of releasing a fake film as real  was just another CIA coup, an MK-Ultra Operation Mockingbird “contolled leak” to the “Mockingbird press” of falsified information that the co-conspirators in the US Government cover-up, the “gate keepers” of the Warren Commission Report conclusions actually wanted the American people to believe,
The use of Gestal pyschology in covering up the missing time in the Zarpuder film was so sophisticated that it remain invisible to most human beings until I “broke the spell” of the one I quiteliterally called “The Wizard of Oz” at the historic JFK Conferences held by The 3rd Decade at University of Chicago in 1992 and 1993.
By exposing the alterations in the Zapruder Film, but more importantly, by deconstructing and demonstrating how each series of frames was done, and “how it worked” on the eyes and the mind to FORCE us to misperceive unreal events as true, I was able to break its spell-binding illusions, slowly dissipating it’s black ops “Mk-MaJic mushroom” psychological hold on the public mindmaking it believe that “That’s what happened.”
In short, the Zapruder Film actually shows what did not happen, but it is exactly what the creators and handlers of the film want you to believe is “American reality.”  It is a caricature of American reality, no less so than the Wizard of Oz, which, coincidently <there goes hat word again>, is precisely where those who followed the All-Seeing Eye got the idea that they could get away with it.
The continuing exposure of the Zapruder Fraud that has ensued since 199-2-93 by Jim Marrs, James Fetzer, Roy Schaeffer, David Mantik, Noel Twyman and others has broken the grip of an  CIA MK-Ultra mind-control operation which was so vast that had held the world public in a mesmeric trance, trying to make sense of the non-sensical physics depicted in Zapruder Film while accepting it as “real.  It was not real.


 The Z-FRAUD FALLS APART – 1993-2003

While over the years several researchers, notably the late Jack White of Dallas, and, in particular, Roy Schaeffer of Dayton, Ohio, had voiced concerns, reservations and concerns about the accuracy of the Zapruder Film, but no one had been able to prove technically adn scientifically that tampering had been done nor how it could even be done. 
Actually, “no one” except Roy Schaeffer and me until 1993.
The difference was that, between the 2 of us working in tandem, we could do so.
I prove my point geometrically in explaining how the illusory effects in the Zapruder Film were created by juxtaposing frames, deleting section masked by inserted frames that used the Golden Ratio in the proportions of the insertion to smooth out the cuts and disjunctions to  make the film appear seamless and “organic.”
After doing several national radio shows with Gary Null, between March and May of 1992, word of my discovery began to spread across the country.  In just 2 months, other JFK researchers began to respond by expressing support, interest and concordance with my views on the tampering and doctoring of the Z-Film.  A loose union of researchers began to coalesce around the idea of exposing more and more of he deceptions and illusions to be found in the Zapruder film, and others hthat followed in studying other films of the assassinaton, which show that they are all edited at the same moments in time, obviously to remove the same events from “reality” in each instance.
The Muchmore Film, so by Mary Muchmore is altered in ways similar to the Zapruder Film, showing the “fingerprints” of the same CIA team that altered the Z-Film.  The Nix Film and Bronson Film of the assassination are also altered to remove th same scenes of shooting and action as he car passed and paused at the Stemmons Freeway road sign and when it stopped for the kill shots at the Grassy Knoll in order ot delete the stops and make it appear that the car sped smoothly without stopping through the “Kill Zone.”
Roy Scheffer, along with James Fetzer, Jim Marrs, I and others went on in later years to prove that the Zapruder Film is ALL illusion and that it has been speeded up to make the limousine appear to be travelling at 3 times the actual speed at which the vehicle crawled down Elm Street on November 22nd, 1963, and, using Roy Schaeffer’s data and blink rate chart, I proved that the Z-Film was orignally shot in (1/3rd) slow-motion by Abraham Zapruder, just as Zapruder had informed the Warren Commission attorneys when he testified before them.
What we should be seeing in the Zapruder film is a car moving at 1/3 slower speed than  the 11.4 mph that it did on Elm Street, but what we see in the Zapruder Film is a car that actully crawlled down Elm Stret that day a 11.4and as slow as 8 mph, moving at llat ims at 3 times that speed.  That is the first of many optiacl illusionsinduced by the Z-Film.
In May of 1992, Kevin MacCreary, then producer of the Gary Null’s “Hidden Agenda” radio series, alerted me to the upcoming 3rd Decade Symposium on the JFK Assassicnation to be held in Chicago andinitiated contact with the organizers, Douglas Carlson and Jack Gordon, to discuss my discoveris and to arrange an appearance at the  JFK Assassination Conference to be held at the university of Chicago.
When the organizers learned that I had my own copy of the Zapruder Film, as well as leglal right from the Zapruder Foundation (operated by Zapruder’s son), they were delighted that I was willing to show it at their event at no cost to them. 
They informed me that the then sole proprietor and monopolizer of the Zapruder Film was denading $5,000 to appear to show his version of the film.  They were shocked that I was “willing to show it for nothing.”   I told hem that I felt it was a civic obligation, and I still do, a civic obligation that I hold to and for JFK.
That is how I came to be invited was invited by Douglas Carlson to address a closed session of Kennedy assassination researchers at the Third Decade JFK Symposium on June 26th, 1992, in Chicago.
My lecture was closed to the general public and only established JFK researchers were invited.  There were about 200 people in attendance and they heard of my discoveries regarding the many alterations that I had found within the Zapruder Film.
These amazing alterations were remarkable, works of a diabolical genius, which employed what I have dubbed “Gestalt Editing Techniques,” reversing the principles of Gestalt psychology to fool the human eye. to create a new form of what I call “Dinfomation Technology,”thereby, creating optical illusions that pass as “real” during the viewing of the film.
At that time, I also informed that same “closed committee” of JFK Assassination experts, my discovery of visible condensation trails seen in th Zapruder Film in Frame Z-295.
The discovery of this condensation trail by this writer in New York City in April of 1992 was a real turning point, proof positive discovered of conspiracy and multiple shooters, all in one picture.
The Z- 295 “vapor trail, that I discovered in 1992, had also been discovered separately by researcher Roy Schaeffer in Dayton, Ohio.
I had the clearest image of the frame ever captured and Roy knew the Z-frame number by heart, “Z-295.”  The condensation trail captured by Zapruder’s camera proved conclusively the presence of at least a 2nd gunman who was NOT Lee Oswald and was firing from the Dallas Criminal Courts Building, oppostie the Texas School Book Depository, and housing the Dallas Sheriff’s Offices.
The Z-Film copy that I was study (the “Hard Copy” version broadcast by CBS on November 21st, 1991) was a broadcast quality hi-res video of an enlarged 35 mm. duplicate of the film that had been “duped” by David Liston, Axel Wechsler, the famous Hollywood cinematographer, and a very colorful character named Moe Dalitz.
It was while studying that copy of the Zapruder Film on March 28, 1992 that I came to discover repeated signs and indications of extensive editing and tampering with the world film record of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
I discovered many splice marks and disjunctions in the film, which had been very cleverly covered up by utilizing the principles of Gestalt psychology to alter the actual sequence of events in what actually transpired in Dealey Plaza.  ThI discovered that the Zapruder Film had been restructured so as to create a consciously-engineered optical illusion by utilizing high-tech editing/splicing techniques that changed the duration and sequence of actual events, but did so in a way that the entire event was misperceived by the viewer and tken to be “real,” when it was in fact a fraud, a hoax that would stand, as “true” and “real,” for 30 years.
The reason that no one had noticed this aberration was that it was done so subtlely, and subliminally, that the re-engineered film successfully “hijacks” the viewer’s peripheral vision and sense of perception  and tricks the eyes and minds of viewers to misapprehend reality and accept as real, veritable and true, what is actually a complee fraud, a hoax and total conflabilation of American history.
Because the Zapruder Film creates so many optical illusions, I often refer to it as “a consciously engineered mass hallucination.” However, The Z-Fillm it creates that hallucination of reality in a nearly seamless way that was (and remains to many people) transparent, invisible and imperceptible.   The Z-Film is the nearly perfect “intelligence product” of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind control program. In fact, The Z-Film remiains in my view their piece de resistance, which resisted exposure as fake history for 30 years and still has millions fooled to this day, hence, the title I’ve ascribed to it: “The Film that Fooled The World.”
The Zapruder Film was leaked in 1975 on the now famous Geraldo Rivera TV show, “Good Night America.”  That night, March 6, 1975.
Geraldo Rivera joined with comedican DickGregory and photographer, Robert Grodin to show the American public the entire sequence of the Zapruder Film showing the President’s explosive head wound for the first time.
Geraldo Rivera and Dick Gregory honestly believed that hey were showing the public what had actually happened That day in Dealy Plaza.  However, Robert Grodin knew quite differently, but said nothing about splices,  alterations,  deletions and insertions in for another 18 years.  Robert Grodin didn’t say a word to anyone about tampering or hoaxing of the Zapruder Film until I exposed the fraud in 1992 and 1993 in Chicago.

At first, in 1992, Grodin denied that the film was altered at all, and that although he admitted it was “damaged by a careless technician,” it was still really showed what happen.

But a year laeer, during our 1993 debate at University of Chicago, Grodin relented on that line, confirmed it by stating “Bob is right about the splices ats Z-166-167.  I saw those same splice marks back int ehthe 70s and I reported it to the House Select Committee.”

So, Robert Grodin admitted he had known about the splices and deletions since the 1970s, but had never breathed a single word of it to Geraldo Rivera or to Decik Gregory.   Grodin nevertold  any of the thousands of people who lined up , paying hundreds of thousand of dollars at JFK Assassination conferences year after year, or while lecturing on his own across the nation and the world.  Grodin never told the audience that he knew that they were being deceived in order to be kept psycholgically confused by a CIA MK-Ultra masterpiece of mind control called the Zapruder Film, which I have dubbed “The Film That Fooled The World.”




However, although the Z-Film was, in fact, heavily redacted, the brilliant ploy of releasing a fake film as real (through Robert Grodin, Geraldo Rivera & Dick Gregory)  was another CIA coup, an MK-Ultra Operation Mockingbird “contolled leak” to the “Mockingbird press” of intentioally falsified information that the Mockingbird mass media  co-conspirators in the US Government cover-up, the “gate keepers” of the Warren Commission Report conclusions, actually wanted the American people to believe was wha tha dactuallyhappened to JFK in Dealy Plaza.
The use of Gestalt pyschology in covering up the missing time in the Zarpuder film was so sophisticated that it remain invisible to most human beings until I “broke the spell” of the one I quite literally called “The Wizard of Oz” at the historic JFK Conferences held by The 3rd Decade at University of Chicago in 1992 and 1993.
By exposing the alterations in the Zapruder Film, but more importantly, by deconstructing and demonstrating how each series of frames was composed, psychologically structured to deceive the human eye,and “how it worked” on the eyes and the mind to FORCE us to misperceive unreal events as true, I was able to break its spell-binding illusions, slowly dissipating it’s black ops “Mk-MaJic mushroom” psychological hold on the public mind that had been making the whole world believe that “That’s what happened o John F. Kennedy.”

In point of facts, the Zapruder Film actaully shows what did not happen, but it is exactly what the creators and handlers of the film want you to believe is “American reality.”

The Zapruder Film presents a caricature of American reality, no less so than the Wizard of Oz, which, coincidently, is precisely where those who followed the All-Seeing Eye of the CIA got the idea that they could get away with it.


The continuing exposure of the Zapruder Fraud that has ensued since 1992-93 by Jim Marrs, James Fetzer, Roy Schaeffer, David Mantik, Noel Twyman, Jack White, and others has broken the grip of an  CIA MK-Ultra mind-control operation which was so vast that had held the world public in a mesmeric trance, trying to make sense of the non-sensical physics depicted in Zapruder Film while accepting it as “real.
It was not real then.  It is not real now.  It contains only disjointed and accelerated snippets of realty.

z-207-213 - gestalt editing- morningstar.jpgThe Zapruder Film Was Not Real Then. 

And it is not “real” now.

From 1975 through 1992, when I signed an agreement with the Zapruder family for rights to show the film, the Z-Film was held in a strict government and privae monopoly that was broken only by Jim Garrison who made his copy available to JFK assassination researchers and investigators,
But by that time, 1991-92, Jim Garrison had retired and Robert Grodin was the only person with “standing” to present the Zapruder Film to a public audience, and that was because he monopolized the only copy circulating in the JFK research community, a copy that he openly claimed to have swiped from the National Archives (with impunity).
Robert Grodin was also appears to have been “the chosen one,” i.e., the secret government’s selected handler of the faked Zapruder Film, which required that he be the front man an active agent to pawn a fake reality of the JFK Assassination on the world.
I had discovered that the Zapruder Film was the greatest fraud in history and of history.
The Z-Film is far more tha a hoax, more aptly, and accurately, The Z-Film is worst example of  CIA MK-Ultra Mass Mind Control that the world has ever known.
The optically-induced,  illusory effects that it created were subliminal, psychological and transparent to average human perception.  What’s worse, it was designed to leave any viewer of the film feeling muddle and confused, in short, the film is designed to leave the viewer in a state of cognitive dissonance, feeling intuitively that something is not right,” but unable to understand or explain exactly what it is.
The Zapruder Film remains for me the greatest example of  CIA MK-Ultra Mass Mind Control that the world had never known precisely because its effects had remained invisible to the human eye, and imperceptible to the hman mind.   
Until I began to expose the many unique splicing techniques and psychological methods used in the hoaxing of the Zapruder Film, few people ever got to see the film, except those who attendied JFK conferences, who unwittingly took it at face value, and mistook it to be real, rather than ralizing that it was the most sophistacated mind-control every used by any government to hide fact and fool people on a mass scale.  And what scale was that?   The scale, the magnitude of the deception was the whole damned world.  the world was “Damned” because it was being marched toward self-destruction in pursuing a false reality and a false time line in history foisted upon every American and every citizen of the world who saw the Zapruder Film and thought that it was real.

That is the magnitude of the mass hallucination that had held sway for 30 years as a result of the the CIA’s Mk-Ultra Mockingbird-rigged news stream.

In their desperation to cover over their bloody tracks in Dealy Plaza, the CIA had to control real information to suppress it, and the CIA/FBI/Mafia consortium had to create fake information to replace true history with false history.  The CIA even invented the term “Conspiracy theorist,” to hide themselves and their complicity behind Warren Commissioners who were co-conspirators in th cover-up and, theeby, complicit in the murder of President John F. Kennedy, Officer J.D. Tippit, and CIA Counter Intelligence Agent, Lee Harvey Oswald.

However, when word spread of my discovery, primarily with the help and moral support of  Dr. Gary Null of WBAI in New York and the Pacifica Network nationally, “The Doctoring of the Zapruder Film” created a huge stir, something “really new,” a real breakthrough in “the case,” and  resulted in hostile and acrimonious controversy in the JFK research community as it split JFK researchers and their followers into 2 camps, those who believed aht the Zapruder Film is real, and those who could coudl the splices and see the jumps in timing and anoamlies in body movent and who could see that the Zapruder Film was faked from beginning to end.
People who had had access to the film could not believe that they had been so badly duped for so many years.
 The “Reality Check” was too much for them to bear, and their reactions were hostile and vitriolic, while another segment of JFK researcher was glad that something new had broken the grip of the old illusions and deceptions, prvviding another way of seeing the assassination that validated their long held skepticism because it is a fact, that what I had discovered  in the alteration, tampering and doctoring of the Zapruder Film was “proof positive” that the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy and to white-wash the dastardly deeds done in Dallas was very real, involved many people in andout of government, and that it was still operating behind the scenes (eeven at JFK Assassinaton conferences) to suppress and quash our real history frm ever becomng known to the world.
Before Chicagoa, 1992, no one had ever come out publically before and called the Zapruder Film a fraud and a “consciously-engineered mass hallucination.”
No one had yet cited chapter and verse exactly how the Z-Film hijacked viewers’ perceptions and FORCED (using mind-control technology) a false view of history and reality on anyone and everyone who saw it.  All that changed in June of 1992.



Below I present a logical and scientific proof that there was conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy,  That proof rests on the following series of facts:

  1. To fire a shot and recycle the round for the next shot using Oswald’s Mannlicher-Carcano 6.55 mm rifle required at least 2.5 seconds, not counting the time needed to  reacquire and resight the tartget.

2. Zapruder’s film, if you believe the FBI, was shot at approcimately 18 frames              per second.

3.  The shot that made the condensation trail occurred precisely at frame Z-295.

4.  The shot(s) of the mortal head wound arrived as seen at frame Z-313.

5.   Z-313- minus (-) Z-295 = 18 frames -= 1 second of time.

6.  One second of time was not enough time for ANY ONE to have fired both                    shots.  That is irrefutable scientific proof that Oswald’s rifle could not have                fired both he sho at Z-295 and the shot(s) seen at Z-313 ff. of the Z-Film.


It was while preparing for the Chicago lecture that Barbara Sanders, one of my friends and research associates, asked me the question that would ultimately lead us to the resolution of one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th Century, namely, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as well as, who did it and why JFK had to die in Dallas that day.
Th right question was:
“Robert, where was Tippit shot?”
I tookk her question to mean, Where in his body had Tippit been shot, not what was the address (10 & Patton).  Since I very clearly recalled the original reportspublished in the New York Times of November 23 & 24th, 1963, I simply replied:​
“In the left eye, I believe… Yes, Tippit was shot in the right eye … I remember reading it in the Times on the next day.”
That was my answer because quite frankly, I had never forgotten that detail.  That was the story I’d read in the New York Times many years before,  29 years before that day.
“But”, I added, qualifying my reply, “let me make sure.”
At that very moment, “just by chance,” Jim Bishop’s “The Day Kennedy Was Shot” was on my desk just at arms reach, so I decided to read the section on the death of Officer J. D. Tippit.
J. D. Tippit was the Dallas policeman murdered on November 22, 1963, just 45 minutes after the shooting of President Kennedy.
Tippit’s murder was immediately pinned on Lee Harvey Oswald and used to implicate him as the assassin of President Kennedy.
Tippit’s killing has always been portrayed, as happenstance,  a random, chance encounter in the Oak Cliff district between an alert “hero” policeman cruising his beat (it was not) and a “suspect” in the shooting of JFK simply based on a policeman’s hunch and the APB (all points bulletin) broadcast just minutes before by the Dallas Police Department radio dispatcher.
Officer Tippit’s murder (“assassination” is a better word) has always been pictured as a random act, a killing that was forced by chance and circumstances on the fleeing Lee Harvey Oswald.
I recalled that also that Tippit had been buried quickly on the following day (November 23rd) in a sealed casket because his wound (according to the NY Times report) had purportedly been disfiguring and so his face had to be kept hidden from everyone, including his wife and his family.There are many mysteries surrounding Tippit’s death.  For example, Tippit’s body disappeared almost immeditately from 10th and Patton.
The body was whisked away so quickly that afternoon (1:15 p.m. November 22nd) that heree are n known photoso f Tippit’s body at the scene. Tippit’s body was processed l through two hospitals within 2 hours, and was never seen again by kith or kin. 
There are no photos of Tippit’s body at the death scene, only is car and blood stains on the street are to be found.
Tippit was declared dead (DOA- Dead on Arrival) by Judge Joe Brown at Southern Methodist Hospital. the judge immediately ordered an autopsy and Tippit’s body was raced by ambulance directly to Parkland Hospital where it is officially recorded that Dr.Earl Rose, the Dallas coroner, completed a completed autopsy on Tippit with 3 bullets removed, 2 bullts were removed from the torso and one from the brain.
 I remember seeing news films of Tippit’s funeral on CBS News on the next day, showng a light bronze coffin as it was carried and laid to rest surrounded by many mourners, Mrs. Tippit, their 3 children and waves of weeping policemen.
In later years, when I had learned to recognize the nefarious characters involved in the events of n November 22nd – 24th 1963, I was to see the films again many times and sometimes descerned, standing quietly near the mourning police men, the presence of noneother than Jack Ruby, also mourning.
Athough I was certain of the accuracy of my recollection of the New York Times story regarding the death of Officer Tippit, I turned and said to Barbara Sanders:
“Yes, as I recall, Tippit was shot in the right eye, horribly disfigured and buried without even his wife or family allowed to see the body… But let me make sure.”
At that point, I reached for Jim Bishop’s book and for me, from that day on, history and my life were changed forever.
I went to the index in the back of “The Day Kennedy Was Shot” and looked up “Tippit, J.D.”

Zapruder Frame Z-295

Close-up of a condenstation trail left by bullet fired by a 2nd gunman. 
This frame taken 1 second before the mortal head wound seen at Z-313 proves the exitence of a conspiracy and the presence of multiple gunman in Dealey Plaza.


In Jim Bishop’s account, much to our amazement and consternation, besides being shot in the torso 3 times,  other details of Tippit’s killing were described in fine detail.  Bishop explicitly descibed Offficer Tippit as having been shot the right temple, specifically the right temporal area, the very same region of the head where one of the the fatal head shots passed through (entered) President Kennedy’s cranium.
I was absolutely stunned to read Bishop’s words.  So I read them again.  And then  I read them again and again.   A sense of certainty “gripped my guts,” and I was sure form that moment on thatit was Officer Tippit’s brain that had been used to fake President Kennedy’s autopsy.
My mind reeled in reaction for days, still mind-boggled at the thought that this could ever be a mere “coincidence.”  And that,  apparently, in neearly 30 years, despite the thousands of books  written on the JFk Assassination, no one had ever even noticed this most important “coincidence”?
Then my my mind took a huge leap, and I heard an inner voice say to me:
“They used Tippit’s brain to do the autopsy for JFK.”
My mind, thinking about the JFK case and these ghastly facts, was consumed with these new found facts in Bishop’s account and I realized that it was simply impossible that it could have been “chance” or coincidence or “serendipity” that the man accused of killing both Tippit and JFK could possibly shoot 2 people within 45 minutes of each other, one with a rifle from a high building and one with a handgun at close range on the street, within 2.5 miles of each other, and inflict exactly the same type of wounds in the skulls and brains of both victims.  Sorry, that could happen n my univeerse, though apparently it coulld and did in the “Warren Commmission  universe,” where such deatls don’t matter and the Laws of Physics do not apply.
It was stated as if it were an absolute fact and certain knowledge.
But who could believe such a thing was possible?   The answer was “Only me.”
Little by little, I began to piece the real story of Officer J.D. Tippit together into a tableaux, which explained the plot and exposed the masterminds.
So, caught in a quandry presented by this paradoxical discovery, I was resolved to inquire more about this mystery of experts at the JFK Asssasination conference in Chicago, which was held in May of 1992.
During the weeks, leading up to the 3rd Decade JFK conference, I became accutely aware of another very strange thing.
To wit, that in nearly 3 decades since the killing of John F. Kennedy, only ONE, single photo for Officer Tippit had ever reached the public.
Andthat phoo was an old one, a black and white photo, dating back to 1952 when Tippit was 28 years old.
Tippit - 1952
J.D. Tippit circa 1952
I had already read of some unusual medical discrepancies to found between purported photos and x-rays of the President in several books, some of which I recommend highly.
These include first and foremost, Harrison Edward Livingstone’s “High Treason II” and David Lifton’s “Best Evidence,” and several others are mentioned in the body of this work.
This forensic investigation utilizes the lexicon employed by Harrison E. Livingstone in “High Treason II” in discussing the autopsy matrial and photo analysis, and I acknowledge Mr. Livingstone’s great contributions to the JFK medical debate.
I worked with “Harry” Livingstone via phone calls and emails, sharing, exchanging information and providing  updates on my work on the Zapruder Film .I also discussed at length this forensic investigation from 1992 through the year 2000, and remained friends with Harry through the time of his passing.
I revere his memory and plainly state that I could not have contemplated or conducted this investigation were I not standing on the shoulders of  Harrison “Harry” Livingstone III on one side and David Lifton on the other in bring ing the following facts to light.
Harry’s obituary from the Monterey Herald (linked below) sums up Harry’s views on the JFK Assassination simply and directly:
“The truth,” said Livingstone, “is that four men (none of them Lee Harvey Oswald) fired 13 shots at Kennedy, and some of the fatal bullets struck the president in the front of the head and neck — not the just the back, as the Warren Commission Report said.
As this study shows, everything that Harrison E. Livingstone stated above is now proven to be true.
At the Third Decade JFK Conference in June 1992, after addressing a closed panel of  a panel of the country’s foremostKennedy assassination experts on the altrations and the doctoring of the Zapruder Film, I openly inquired at the press conference whether anyone there had ever considered the possibility that we might be seeing rear view photos and X-rays of Officer Tippit substituted for those of JFK,.  I statd that I was basing that supposition on the amazing “coincidence’ and similarity of the temporal head wound in both victims to each other that I had just recently discoveed (in fact just two weeks before the conference).
In the audience, some cynics laugheda at the thoght, skeptics giggled, but  there was also deep murmur of voices commenting, which made the smal auditorium sound for a moment like a beehive, buzzing with activity.
Some people kept laughing and joking, until from the podium, the deep adn sonarous voice of the moderator, Professor George Michael Evica, author of “…And We Are All Mortal,” intoned caution and called the audience to attention and he responded with a most unusual comment.
Professor Evica admonished the audience:
“Don’t be so quick to laugh! …”
Then he turned to me and said:
“It’s very interesting that you should ask this question because I’ve studied Tippit, and when I went down to Dallas I found out that Tippit bore a remarkable resemblance to President Kennedy, so much so that HIS FRIENDS IN THE DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT USED TO RIB HIM AND CALL HIM ‘JACK’ AND ‘JFK‘.”   (emphasis mine)
The audience was quiet.  I then called out and inquired openly to all present in the hall whether anyone there had ever seen any pictures of Tippit other than the one I had dubbed “The Tippit-Elvis Picture,” which showed him in a cowboy shirt, head slightly tilted, hair slicked back, appearing to be about 26-28 years of age <as shown above>.
I stated that to my knowledge, that photo was the only one seen  published since his death.And I asked “Why should that be so?  Why has Tippit’s image been hidden from the public for almost 30 years?”I also inquired of everyone there whether anyone had ever seen Tippit’s autopsy report or knew his personal history.
There were no replies.
No one knew anything about Tippit .
That is except one man.Later, as I left the symposium, a man named Dan Du Pont, a JFK researcher from North Hollywood, CA, approached me to discuss my inquiry, the questions I’d posed and he, fortunately, had also some answers.  Dan promised to send me a copy of Tippit’s autopsy report to assist in my research.
In late July of 1992, I received an folder from Dan Du Pont containing a 1964 manuscript by Gary Murr entitled “The Death of Officer J. D. Tippit”. It contained the report of FBI Special Agent Arthur Carter on the autopsy of Officer J. D. Tippit, conducted by the Texas Coroner, Dr. Earl Rose.
While studying the entry wound diagrams by Dr. Rose, I saw a remarkable similarity between Dr. Rose’s Tippit diagrams and the wound I perceived in the purported JFK lateral x-ray.When I compared the autopsy report with the “JFK Skull XRay,” I realized that the lateral x-ray (purported to be that of the late President) could, in fact, be that of Officer J. D. Tippit.
Rose Autopsy Diagram. Compare with the purported JFK X-ray (left).Dr. Rose’s description of the path taken by the bullet through Tippit’s brain approximates the trajectory described by the Warren Commission and House Select Committee on Assassination reports of the bullet’s path through the late President’s brain.
In the enlargement below, the red arrow depicts the path followed by the missile as described by the Dallas coroner, Earl Rose, describing the path of the bullet recovered from Tippit’s brain in Dallas.This correlation of the bullet’s path through Tippit’s brain compared with JFK’s head wound showed me right then and htere that we had uncovered a very significant omission of the Warren Commission Report.
Was this an oversight by bumbling bureaucrats or was this a hint of something far more sinster?  Why was this information intentionally buried as quickly as Tippit’s body had been?if what I then suspected was true, the implications were ghastly adn frightening.
If I was right, then we were dealing with something worse than ordinary skullduggery, we were dealing with diabolical body snatching more worthy of comparison with Frankenstein that with Graves’ Anatomy, yet even that is not macabre enough to explain the foul deeds done to John F. Kennedy and Officer J. D. Tippit  to conduct a successful cou d’etat on that sad, most bitter day, November 22nd. 1963.
At the same time, I would rad sections of the Warren Commission’s autopsy report. Sometimes I read them side by side.
And it was while doing his, comparing the language of Dr. Earl Rose’s autopsy of Tippit with medical jargon used in the Humes, Finck and Boswell’s autopsy report on the President’s brain that I noted that both autopsies described identiical lacerations severing the same brain parts, namely, the “cerebral peduncles.”
This presented  problem for me, being already familiar with the damage done to JFK’s brain and skull as seen in the Zapruder Film (at Z-313 & ff.), and knowing the testimony of all the doctors in the Parkland Emergency Room who actually looked deeply into the skull of President Kennedy and described in detail the utter destruction of the remains of the brain that they all saw there.
The cerbral peducncles lie in a part of the midbrain, which could not have remained intact and recognizable in President Kennedy’s case when we see the head wound sequence depicted in frame Z-313 ff. in the Zapruder Film and others.
The eyewitness testimonies of Dr. Kemp Clark, Malcom Perry, Dr, Charles Carrico, Dr. Charles Crenshaw and other doctors and the nurses at Parkland Hospital, as well as, eyewitnesses on Elm Street, near the Grassy Knoll and at Bethesda naval Hospital are at great variance with the pphotos of the head wound as depicted in the Stare of Death photos and “The Back (F3)” close-ups.
Nor do they tally up or conform with drawings of the head wound used by the Warren Commission and its henchmen to dupe the doctors at Parkland Hospital and many other medical experts during the 55 years passing since the death of the President Kennedy.
(Copyright 1996-2017, Robert D. Morningstar-All Rights Reserved)
When I compared he 2 autopsy reports, I found many similarities between Dr.  Rose’s report describing Tippit’s brain and that of Drs. Humes, Finck and Boswell descriing the wound in President Kennedy’s brain.
An important one that I noted in the WCR autopsy, which stood out first, was the presence of a “parasagittal laceration from the optic lobe” to just behind “the orbit of the right eye” (as first noted by David Lifton in his book,” “Best Evidence”) and what the autopsists described as the severance of the corpus callosum of the victim in Bethesda.
These observations cannot easily be explained away as being the result of the passage of a bullet.
However, both these lacerations could be those described by Dr. Earl Rose as the autopsy incisions that he had to perform during Tippit’s autopsy to track and recover the bullet from Tippit’s brain.
These would be parasagittal laceration described as the result of an “intermastoid incision” performed to determine the trajectory of the bullet and to retrieve it from Tippit’s brain.
The severing of the corpus callosum may have been a consequence of the removal of the bullet by Earl Rose from Tippit’s brain from the cranial cavity.
The damage to the skull of J.D. Tippit described by Dr. Rose exactlymatches what is seen the purported lateral x-ray of JFK.
I then decided to compare the purported X-rays of JFK with photos of both the President and Tippit.
By properly sizing transparencies of the two men and comparing them, it became evident that Tippit and JFK, from the cheeks down to the jaw, were  almost fraternal twins in appearance (see the Jaw Comparison photo below, with Tippit in Police Uniform & JFK at Love Field).
When viewed from the side, there was, as Professor George Michael Evica had stated in Chicago 1992, “a remarkable resemblance.”
I then proceeded to compare the x-rays with photos of both men, and found that the intact portion of the purported JFK x-ray fit the skull contours of J. D. Tippit, but did not conform with that of JFK.While conducting the skull contour studies, I realized that I could recreate an analog of an undamaged skull x-ray mimicking an undamaged contour by mirroring the intact half of the skull in the purported JFK x-ray.I later mirrored the damaged half as well, creating a facsimile of symmetrical damage to both sides of the skull, dubbing it “Total Destruction”.
This would later confirm the fraudulent nature of the famous “Stare of Death Photos,” first exposed by Harrison Livingstone in “High Treason II” (HT2).
In the interest of simplicity, consistency and in appreciation of this significant work by Harrison Livingstone, we employ much of the vocabulary and lexicon that he established (in HT2) for the medical evidence in the analysis that follows.
Reproducing transparencies of the x-rays, bisecting them, and aligning them along the nasal septum, I produced a “Reconstructed Skull X-Ray of President John F. Kennedy” seen here:
This revealed to me that the x-rays are not those of the skull of the President.
Although JFK and Tippit bore a close facial resemblance, there were differences between their skull contours and hair lines.
In the right three-quarter profile comparison of JFK and Tippit, it is obvious that President Kennedy had a much larger cranium–thus explaining the discrepancy between the x-ray contour and the photo of JFK.
The skull x-rays are those of Tippit, after removal of the fractured bones of the frontal and temporal area.MISSING TIME: WHERE WAS TIPPIT’S BODY?In 1993, Dr. Jerry Rose of the State University of New York at Fredonia informed this writer that the Dallas Police Department lost track of Tippit’s body for over an hour, because he was removed from the murder scene by an ambulance before police arrived.
Another strange and suspect fact is that Officer Tippit seems to have had bullets removed at two different locations.
First on the way to Southern Methodist General Hospital, where some bullets were purportedly removed in the ambulance.Then at Parkland Hospital by Dr. Earl Rose, who describes removing the same bullets supposedly removed at Methodist General, where he had been pronounced DOA.
If Tippit was D.O.A. already, why did the ambulance race to get his body to Parkland so quickly?
Was Tippit’s body moved so quickly to Parkland Hospital in a rush so as to complete the autopsy as it is claimed on the autopsy form, by 3:15 p.m. that afternoon? Exactly 2 hours after his shooting?  I ams ure athat all reader would agree that something is quite wrong with this scenario.
Does this make any sense to you, reader?
Does it make sense that Tippit was killed at 1:15 p.m. and that in the course of the next 2 hours (1:15 to 3:15 p.m.):
1. His body disappeared almost instantly from the scene;
2. It was rushed to 2 hospitals (18 miles apart) within 1 hour;
3. Raced to be declared dead on Arrival (DOA) at Southern Methodist Hospital
4. Rushed to be autopsied at Parkland Hospital as ordered at 2:30 pm by Joe Brown.
5. in the course of a single hour, Tippot had:
a. Three (3) .38 caliber slugs removed from his  body, 2 from the torso (one of them recovered lodged in his  spine), with another bullet removed from his brain;
b. Tippit then had his internal  organs, lungs, heart, liver, etc, removed and           weighed,
c. Blood type assessed
d. Tissue samples taken and analyzed;
6. Autopsy report completed, with sketches and measures of all wounds,                wound diagrammed forms signed and duly sealed by Dr. Earl Rose on the          official autopsy report, completed at 3:15 p.m. CST
7.  Tippit’s autopsy finished, signed and sealed in less than one hour from the       time his body left Southern Methodist Hospital
All of that, from the murder site to 2 hospitals and the morgue, ALL done in just 2 hours, 1?
The idea that all that could be done in just 2 hours is beyond human capacity.  It is, however, diabolically possible, and so it may have been so in “Big D” that day, or the next day and the next day.  Once JFK was dead and Lyndon Johnson in the White House with Hovoer there beside him, time was on their side because they could controlled it.
The Texas Coroner, Dr. Earl Rose, was arguing with the Secret Service over custody of the President Kennedy’s body until 2:08 PM, when the Presidential party actually departed Parkland, absconding with the body of the President, which they had no right to take, coincidently, just like “Jubelo, Jubela and Jubelum” do in the ancient Freemason legend and initiation rite relating to the assasination of Hiram Abiff by 3 cunning craftsmen.
Despite this delay, Dr. Rose reported completing Tippit’s autopsy at 3:15 PM. on the official document.I thought this to be a little bit quick until I read, in Dr. Charles Crenshaw’s “Conspiracy of Silence,” of Rose’s boast that “We can have him [Kennedy] out of here in 45 minutes.”
It appears that Dr. Rose was working overtime and under time pressure, but who is “we”?  whom did he mean by “we” when he said:”We can have him (Kennedy) out of here in 45 minutes!”
We come now to the most disturbing discovery of this on-going investigation.  I have uncovered evidence suggesting that it is not President Kennedy who is buried in Arlington National Cemetery under the Eternal Flame.
The testimony of the closest eyewitnesses to the President, his wife, his brother, and his closest advisers show very clearly that it was not John F. Kennedy in the coffin buried in Arlington Natioal Cemetary, but that very likely, it is the body of Officer J. D. Tippit. who was substituted for John F. Kennedy in an evil and perverse Masonic ritual.
As shocking as this may seem to you, the reader, consider the words of Senator Robert F. Kennedy as he viewed the body of “his brother” in the open casket.
William Manchester reports that as RFK looked at his “brother” for the last time, Robert F. Kennedy said:
“It doesn’t look like him at all.”
Today, nearly 55 years lar, this writer goes much further saying plainly:
“It isn’t JFK at all!”



Warning: Graphic Material




First and foremost, I urge the reader not to be afraid or  feel disturbed by the sights that you are about to see and witness.
It is intended by design to instill fear, terror, disgust, apprehension to induce confusion in the subject of this psycholigcal operation to decieve the mind and souls of all who see it.It is menat by design to force yo to turn your face away from it in fear.  But fear not.  It is not “real.”  It is a staged photo intended to make the viewer run from the subject and never ask questions about it again.  In short, it is a psychological ruse intended to strike fear and loathing in the viewer.So, I urge the reader, read on, put aside your fear, and boldly go where few men (and no women) have ever gone before.Enter with me, the netherworld of MK-Ultra pre-fabricated and designed delusions that were concocted to keep the public in thrall and psychological bondage.
This photo called the Stare of Death photo, is a product (that’s waht the CIA calls their work, a product) of pure theatrics and cosmetics.Much of the horror and disgust fades away quickly when one consciously begins to ignore the “subliminal swaztika” which the cosmetics artists imbedded and emblazoned in red gore within the dark area of the head, the hair, hairline, and “The Devil’s Ear”.

Maltese - Swaztika Cross

This evil symbol forms the basis and creates an embedded psychic disturbance to frighten the viewer of this photo on a subliminal level, and toachieve one thing above all, that is to distractthe viewer observing and discerning the actual identity of the victim.
The main purpose of “The Devil’s Ear” (besides scaring the Hell into the viewer) may well have been to create a right angle at that point to complete one corner of the “Subliminal Swaztika” that can be found by noting the black and red axis designed into this faked photo composition. 
Do not be afraid of this photo or what it purports to show.  Do not turn away. 
It is a real body with dressed up to create a faked wound.
How else can one explain the transparency of this fraud and the successful duping of scores of medical experts all the way up the “A.M.A. ladder” to Dr. George D. Lundberg, M. D.   Dr. Lundberg was the President of the A.M.A. whom I personally observed defending the WCR conclusions during the Medical Panel of the Third Decade Symposium in Chicago in 1993.
Hissed and booed by the irate, insenced and rowdy crowd, Dr. Lundberg defended the WCR conclusion as best he could, but was soon drowned out and swamped by the venom of the crowd and then silenced by vitriolic eloquence, rhetoric and wit of Dr. Cyril Wecht.
And here, we begin to reveal one of the deeper and more arcane mysteries of lurking in the occult background of the JFK Assassination.The Book of Revelation 13:13, it  states:
 “And I saw one of his heads as it were   wounded to death; and his deadly wound   was healed; and all the world wondered   after the beast.
Pandemonium in Chicago 1993
I had to ask myself:  “Could this scene of pandemonium in Chicago be the actual fulfillment of that strange and mystifying prophecy of the Revelations of St. John?”
 I can say now that “I was more right than then I could ever know.”
There we were, all truly marveling at “the head of the beast” as it had been wounded to death yet, how strange, we could not reconcile how “the deadly wound was healed”.
I turned to Randy Robertson, an expert in radiology with more than passing interest in the JFK case and said to him:
“The problem is that these people are all arguing about x-rays and photos that are not those of JFK … Tippit was shot on the same side of the head as JFK.   I think we’re looking at pictures of the back of Tippit’s head.”
Another “true believer”, for more than three decades, had been Dr. John Lattimer, whom I debated at the Bay Shore Historical Society in Brooklyn, New York, one year later on November 16, 1994 at a lecture where we were both honored with medallions “for our contributions to American history through our contributions to public awareness of the JFK Assassination and the Lincoln Assassination.
“Dr. John Lattimer, the eminent urologist to Lyndon Johnson, seems to have sworn a loyalty oath to Johnson to uphold the Single Gunman Theory, much like Herman Goring swore to his Furher, and whose personal Goring family signet ring Dr. Lattimer wears as a highly prized trophy from his time as a U.S. Army captain in Nuremberg.I sat quietly through Dr.  Lattimer’s lecture on Abraham Linclomn’s assassination, and then engaged in debate regarding the JFK autopsy.
Dr. Lattimer stated very slyly that:”Dr. Cyril Wecht, a most eminent forensic pathologist in the JFK assasination field, had supported the Warren Commission autopsy conclusions.”
However, I had seen both Dr. Lattimer and Dr. Wecht in debate the year before at the 3rd Decade Symposium on Political Assassinations in Chicago, and I knew differently.
What “the good doctor,” John Lattimer, had omitted to tell the audience was that Dr. Cyril Wecht had, in fact, changed his opinion after first accepting the Warren Commission findings, turned adamanatly against the Warren Commission’s conclusions,  having changed opinion radically upon seeing the forensic evidence first-hand during the course of the House Select Committee on Assassinations hearings of the 1970s.
So, I took “the good dodctor” to task for that cunning deception in public.
We then walked over to a table that had been prepared for me to presnt to Dr. lattivmer the photos and proofs that the reader is seing here.  I presented my geometric proofs, the x-rays and the autopsy photos, shown here, turning from page to page in a large photo album.Dr. Lattimer stood alongside me as I expounded on the use of Tippit’s brain and body to fool the autopsists, Humes, Finck and Boswell.
Lattimer stood calmly and mutely, looking at the photos and autopsy evidence I’d collected as I turned the pages slowly, explaining each panel.
He said and did nothing until I turned to what aiI call the “Bethesda Victim Tippit Wanted Poster” composite photo shown here.
When When Dr. Lattimer saw this composite, I sensed a lightning bolt course through the old gentleman’s frame, as his knees buckled, and he gasped for a moment.
I reacted as if to catch him before he hit the ground, but he regained his balance in a moment and some composure in a second or 3, turning to look at me, staring with the most quizzical look on his face, not quite knowing exactly how to react or what to say.
I said nothing, realizing that Lattimer was still in a bit of shock.  His eyes said it all, peering at the “strang bird” that was peering back at him.  Then,  after a few moments’ silence, though still a bit startled, (after a nearly having a seizure at seeing this photo), Dr. Lattimer took pause and fixing me with his gaze once again, he said to me:
” I must say that you have compiled the most compelling set of photographic evidence I’ve ever seen.
Thank you! … But I MUST be going now!”
At which point, Lattimer turned on his heel like a soldier, and began to march away, but I pursued him as he went to get his coat, hoping to discuss the matter further and perhaps arrange a personal meeting with him to discuss at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital (in Manhattan (where I live and where “the good doctor” was still working).
However, as I “button holed” (or was it “buttonheld) him, “the good doctor” turned to a magician’s trick to distract me, deflect me and derail that conversation.  As he stopped to put on his coat, he placed down his brief case, and then stood to turn directly to me.
Dr. Lattimer was a tall man, like Lyndon Johnson, and so he leaned down close to my face, peering at me like an eagle (or a vulture), and to my great surprise and consternation, almost bellowed:
I had a moment of cognitive dissonance when Dr. Lattimer said this to me. I thought for a moment that the man might have lost his mind from the shock of seeing the Tippit photos or had become senile in a moment’s time.  We stood there eyeing each other and, quite frankly, I did not know how to reply or what to make of the remark.  So, I turned my head, broke away from his gaze and simply said quizzically, in wonder:
WHAT? ??  What did you say?”
Then Dr. Lattimer very assertively repeated:
And, before I could answer, “Yes” or “No,”  I was staring at a huge golden ring with a 2-headed eagle engraved deeply into the gold.  I stood entranced, shocked to realize that I HAD SEEN that ring many times before.
Dr. Lattimer had distracted me from a technical discussion of the JFK-Tippit autopsy photos, using a magiicin’s trick, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or snatching pigeon out of his sleeve (an apt metaphor) simply by shoving the huge ovoid ring in my face with certainty that it would interrupt, disrupt and derail the dialogue
I was completely dumbfounded, surprised and stood in shock as I beheld a large oval-shaped golden ring, nearly 2 inches long that was raised and inset in ar rectangualar frame as if in a plate. The ovall surface was raised inside the rectangular plate, which had curved edge all around, also raised to the same level as the surface of the oval egg of gold that was the centerpiece into which were deeply and smoothly engraved the two heads of the Prussian eagle, sprouting from the neck of a single body. The narrow width of the oval made  made the eagle look distorted and somewhat scrawny.  Though impressive in the artistry of the metallargy that created, I wold not call it “beautiful” in any way.  It was oversized, appearing gaudy and very ostentatious on hany hand that wore it, whther Herman Goering of Dr. John Lattimer.
Who Would EVER Wear Double Headed Prussian Eagles?

That gave new meaning to the saying that “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Lattimer informed me, that it was engraved with the classic symbol of the Junkers, the Prussian Double Eagle, and how HE had had it since his time served  as personal U.S. Army physician to the Reich Marshall herman Goering before he was to be executed, “hung by the neck until dead,” he said, as decreed by the Nuremburg Tribunal.   
Then  Dr. Lattimer said to me:
“But He committed suicide on me, 20 minutes before he was to be executed.”
The sight of Lattimer’s prized trophy just 4 inches from my eyes had a mesmeric, hypnotic effect on me, derailing my  train of thought , shutting down my discourse by using this amazing and historic talisman as a prop and distraction.

Goering wearing Signet Ring

Herman Goering

Wearing  Double Prussian Eagle Signet Ring

I realized that I had seen this signet ring before in films. I had noticed it as it was worn on Goering’s right hand many times in films of Goering with Hitler over decades as they discussed “war plans” over a giant oak table in the Chancellory or in Berchtesgarten.  I was so big that it flashed as it reflected back the camera  lights and even in old black and white films, this ring stood out and drew attention to itself.

My mind raced from thoughts of the pure evil of “The Lord of the Rings,” to the memories of photos and films I’d seen of this very same ring, and  finally ruminating rapidly to wondering, but not asking, although I wish now that I had:“How did you EVER get possesion of Herman Goering’s family ring? “

I was bemused.  Who could imagine a thing such as this?  But still mesmerized by the sight of the ring on his finger, I could not resist saying:

“May I touch it?”

Dr. Lattimer replied:

“Yes, you may …”

And so I did.  I slowly raised my hand and touched my right index finger to feel the contours of the 2 eagle heads and the breast of the Prussian Double Eagle on the signet ring of Herman Goering!

As I did so, I paused to feel the pattern and, psychometrically, I felt and thought 2 things, and what I felt first surprised me:

“I don’t feel any Evil in this ring … It’s gone.”

And quickly following in train, I thought to myself:

“Who the hell would ever wear Herman Goering’s ring in public to a meeting?!”

The answer to my question stood before me.Herr Doktor Lattimer.I looked up to see a pair of sky-blue eyes peering deeply into me, gazing, staring, scrutinizing my reactions, and I could see in his gaze some glee and pride in it.

There was also some mischief of a sort, as if knowing he was using magical means to deflect a torrent of questions and another probing Spanish inquisition from yours truly.

More importantly, I could also see very clearly that Dr. Lattimer was very nervous, in great discomfit, and that his legs wanted to leave the room much faster than the rest of his body could manage.

I reiterate my question now, 23 years later, more genteely:

Who the heck would ever wear Herman Goering’s ring in public to a meeting?”

I had my answer and it was Dr. John H. Lattimer, personal physician to President Lyndon Baines Johnson, arch-defender of the Warren Commission Report, and champion of “The Magic Bullet Theory.”As stated above, I wanted to get back to discussion of the JFK autopsy material.  So I did not ask Dr. Lattimer how he had acquired Goering’s family ring.Nor did I enquire of  Dr. Lattimer, why?  To this day, no one knows how Goering retrieved the cyanide capsule from his personal possessions (which were guaded by medical officers & MPs) and were stored under strict security, so as  to commit suicide without any help.

I  now suspect that it was “the good doctor” who helped Herman Goering commit sucide (receiving the signet ring  in return) and in gratitude for allowing the Reichs Marshall to “die with honor,” thereby, avoiding the ignominious and disgraceful end of “hanging till dead” like so many of his Nazi compatriots did.

When I pressed Dr, Lattimer for another meeting or another debate, he replied:

“Well, I must be going, I’m up to my ears in Nuremberg?”

When I gave him a quizzical look, he added:

“The 50th anniversary is coming up!  So I must be going, to prepare.” 

I thought quickly for a moment and subtracted 1946 from 1994 and came up with 48, not “50.”

The anniversary was still 2 years away!

But I chose not question “the good doctor’s” math and with that comment, Dr. Lattimer turned away quickly and left … for “Nuremburg.”

I have recorded and recounted this important meeting meeting with Dr. Lattimer at length in detail here for the first time so as to give readers an insight into the mindset and the mentality of those experts in meicine and science who leant their wight to the Warren Commission, and who chose to support Lyndon Johnson coup d’etat.

Many medical experts like Dr. Lattimer propped up the Warren Commision Report with faked science, as Dr. Lattimer did by shooting, firing rifleds at waer melons to prove that the ludicrous theory of he Jet Effect was “true.”

There was a long string of doctors, scholars and scientists overdecades all acting like “Good Germans,” in support of their new found Furher, supporting and supplying another series of “Big Lies” for an American-Orwellian “Ministry of Truth.”

Operation Mockingbird made a mockery of journalism and mass media was coopted to become co-conspirators in the cover-up as their corporate directors they took direction from Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI to frame Oswald and protect the masterminds and mechanics of the Kennedy murder plot, which comprised rogue elements of the MK-Ultra CIA who had created a consortium with the Mafia to kill Fidel Castro, ultimately, turning its mechanism to kill JFK.

The 3rd Decade Symposium on Political Assassinations 1993

Now back to the Chicago and JFK assassination conference of June 1993, and the great debate that took place there between and among, Dr.George D. Lundberg, President of the American Medical Association, Dr. Lattimer, and Dr. Cyril Wecht at the 3rd Decade Symposium on the assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK.

Pathetically, during the Medical Panel in Chicago, it was obvious that Dr. Lundberg was out of his depth, unfamiliar with really important details of the autospy materials, poorly prepped, adn he was rhetorically torn apart with extended instruction and schooling on what he’d missed from Dr. CyrilWEcht.

In complete honesty, one could see that thenear-sighted Dr. Lundberg really believed the so-called “facts” of teh Warren Commission Report and accepted the “medical evidence” unquestioningly just as the Warren Commision had presented to him and scores of other unwitting doctors and medical experts. with little insight or no critical thinking to rubber stampt the WCR conclusions.

Dr. Lundberg appears to have been quite the willing mouthpice for the government (in power) and had a penchant and an inclination for involvement in political controversy, which ultimatly resuted in his dismissal as president in 1999.


The Warren Commission Report is a collection of falsehoods regularly presented and represented by the government to many intelligent and well-intentioned (but cognitively disadvantaged) medical experts who have been hoodwinked by faked evidence or who were all too willing for prestigious reasons to take what was falsely presented as “evidence” at face value.

For example, so-called “X-ray experts” failed to recognize the hoaxing and faking of purported JFK  x-rays until 2013 when Dr. David Mantik, M.D./Phd. proved beyond th shadow of a doubt that the X-rays were ove exposed (over-radiated) to opaque certain areas so as to to hide head wounds.For 50 years, medical experts inspected and accepted as “True,” scores of drawings that were falsified, altered, faked (as exposed in the Gerald Ford WCR memo).

During late 1990s, fake autopsy photos, purportedly of JFK, but actually of a cosmetically altered Officer J.D. Tippit were leaked and purveyed for profit, all to confuse the public, to divide public opinion and to support the Single Bullet/Magic Bullet Theory. 

Inaccurate depictions of the wounds and photorealistic drawings of the brain(s) were presented and accepted as real. Inaccurate sketches of the skull were shown rather than real photos or slides of actual specimens.The debate was heated in Chicago, and a mob like anger took hold of the audience at one point with Dr. Lundberg rightinthe firingnline.

Although I could hardly admire Lundberg’s flawed perceptions, misinterpretation of the evidence, or his gullibility, I had to admire Dr. Lundberg’s courage to stand there in defense of the indefensible Warren Commission Report to face a tirade from the audience.

The indignant and self-righteous crowd was brutal on Lundberg, Lattimer and the pro-SBT (Single Bullet Theorists) faction, in general.  However, it was quite unjustified,Here lies the irony of the situation that day at the Univrsity of  Chicago, as I saw it.  Both sides were wrong.Yes. Both sides were wrong, for the jeering, booing crowd also believed the photos and the x-rays to be those of John F. Kennedy. Both side errroneously believed that their interpretation of the fake evidence was true.

Many thought that their analyses were “more” correct than that of “the other side” when, in fact, the pro-JFK cover up crowd was just as wrong as the anti-JFK cover-up was!  both sides were duped.What a psychological bind!

It was a devilish affair, indeed.

Both groups were being fooled by the same fake photographs adn fake x-rays, each believing them to be th real JFK or parts ofthe real JFK when in fact, they were not and are not.

What a quandry!  What confusion! How many other delusions have been created by the falsification of the JFK medical evidence and hoaxing tehe hoaxing of the Zapruder Film?  

This is one of the bitter, poison pills of disinformation, taken as Truth, namely, that everyone is fooled; everyone is blinded; and, all parties are left divided.Agreement and consensus are impossible when arguing over nonsensical information generated with the intention to deceive  the mind, and divide the public. It was the classical story of “the blind leading the blind.” 


As I became more familiar with the facial features of Officer J.D. Tippit, I began to see many unique ad distinct characteristics.There is one in particular that makes the identification conclusive.In “High Treason 2”, H. E. Livingstone noted that the person in the “Stare-of-Death Photos” has a nose that does not resemble Kennedy’s, and that moles and facial hair seen in photos taken of JFK on the morning of November 22 are absent.One detail Livingstone did not notice is that, in addition, a mole which was not on JFK’s neck that morning mysteriously appears very prominently in the “Superior Right Profile (G1)” picture purported to be JFK.The proof of Tippit’s identity came to me when I noticed the unique black neck mole in the color version of the photograph. Due to the darkness and graininess of the black and white versions published in recent years, the true nature of the black mole was easy to overlook.However, in the color version, the mole’s nature is clear. It lies on the right side of the neck, almost parallel to the base of the hyoid bone or “Adam’s Apple”. Though I had studied photos of JFK for ars, I could not remember ever seeing such a blemish on his neck, but on other photos of Tippit, the mole is plainly visible.Furthermore, I discovered another unique ear mole pattern on Tippit’s left ear which matches the left ear mole pattern of the man in Fox Photo F4 (the “Left Profile” photo). Another search of photos of JFK turned up no such mole.RECOVERING TIPPIT PHOTOS 1992-1998

An investigation which began with a single photo of the deceased grew slowly as a team of investigators and supporters began to coalesce around my initial discoveries of the doctoring of the Z-Film and radically new theories on the assassination scenario.I searched over a year for another, better pictures of Tippit, but with little success.No other pictures were forthcoming until September 1992 when I found a very rare right three-quarter profile of Tippit in police uniform (later dated by Larry Ray Harris as mid-1950’s) in a national magazine. Printed in the magazine the size of 2 postage stamps, I was able to laser copy and enlarge the photo for initial comparisons with the face of JFK.  The photo below was further enhanced using the modern digital computers.
OFFICER J. D. TIPPIT IN DALLAS POLICE UNIFORMIt was this second comparison of the photo above with the photograph below of President Kennedy at Love Field on the morning of the assassination that convinced me that we had found the key and were on the right track.
Comparison of Jaw Structure first conducted in 1994 of Tippit (left) with that of JFK at Love Field on the morning of November 22nd, 1963 shows nearly identical structure of theIR jaws in the bone structure of BOTH victims of  the November 22nd, 1963 assassinations.TIPPIT IN CIVILIAN CLOTHESTwo Tippit photos showing Tippit in casual attire, the Tippit-Elvis Photo (circa 1952) and the Tippit-1959 photo, both show the black neck mole as seen in the “Superior Right Profile” photo (G1) as well as those photos attributed to James K. Fox (F1).I am grateful to Professor David Porter of Empire State College, who directed this investigator to this rare Tippit photo. I had long suspected that the Tippit-Elvis picture showed a man much too young to be the 39-year-old man killed on November 22, 1963. It was later confirmed by Tippit expert Larry Ray Harris that the Tippit-Elvis photo was taken in 1952, when Tippit was 28 years old.  Why, one might wonder, would anyone want to hide Tippit’s real age and features from public scrutiny?THE REFERENCE BLACK TRIANGLEFollowing this discovery, the purpose and the need for the what is called by researchers (like H. E. Livingstone) the “Reference Black Triangle” became obvious. Although President Kennedy and Tippit bore a great likeness to each other in the bone structure of the jaw, brow, nose, and cheeks, there were distinct differences above the brow line. Tippit’s cranium was rounder and smaller.The President had full, red-brown hair, Tippit had black hair and a pronounced receding hairline. In order to create the appearance of the same hairline in an area that had no hair, it became necessary to fake one of the same contour by surgically rearranging a section of scalp. The altered scalp and the underlying surface area were thus made to appear to be both hairline and the consequence of an actual wound. In view of this, the accuracy of the Sibert and O’Niell FBI report, discovered by David Lifton in the 1960s, becomes evident: “It was also apparent that a tracheotomy had been performed as well as surgery of the head area, namely, in the top of skull.””THE DEVIL’S EAR”In addition to the “Black Reference Triangle,” another artifact which has confounded medical researchers is the one called “The Devil’s Ear”. It is an unusual flap seen in the right temporal area of the victim’s head in both the Fox and Groden photos.Dr. Rose’s autopsy report describes the entry of Tippit’s head wound occurring in the area between the ear and the brow. The purported “JFK Lateral X-ray” shows what appears to be a semicircular fracture at a point where the temporal bone joins the zygomatic process, between the ear and the brow.It is interesting to compare this characteristic of the JFK lateral x-ray with Dr. Rose’s description of Tippit’s wound. Dr. Rose describes it as “wound No. 1.” It was actually the fourth wound placed with surgical precision by Tippit’s killer after he approached the fallen officer to administer the coup de grace:“No. 1 is 4 3/4 inches from the top of the head and 3 3/4 inches to the right of the midline. This measures 3/8 x 1/4 inch and is surrounded by a contusion ring.”The missile proceeded “slightly upwards, backwards and to the left”. It caused extensive fractures around the temporal bone and surrounding areas. The bullet went on to strike the inner surface of the occipitoparietal bone (the rear part of the skull), also fracturing it extensively, “but it did not exit”.

It was recovered by Rose in the area of the calcarine gyrus, where it exited the brain tissue but not the skull.This path, when reversed, coincides with the Warren Commission’s description of President Kennedy’s head wound more closely than the eyewitness reports of JFK’s wound at Parkland Hospital, all of which describe a large temporal entry wound and a large exit wound in the right rear occipital area.

The HSCA’s “High Head Wound” photographs are most likely those of J. D. Tippit. One of the objections of experts to the High Head Wound Photos is the presence of clearly visible hair inside the entry wound. This would be impossible in a rear-entry puncture wound. The path of the bullet which caused Tippit’s head wound ended precisely where these photos purport to show the entry point of JFK’s high head wound.

Since the bullet struck the inner surface of Tippit’s occipitoparietal bone “but did not exit,” it is logical to assume then that the point of impact would demonstrate signs of depression on the external surface of the skull, with the scalp sinking into the area of the cavity and beveling on the inner surface.Thus, not having been punctured or perforated, hair would naturally appear intact within the depressed area, as is clearly seen in the High Head Wound photos.


The true nature and purpose of the Devil’s Ear now clearly reveals itself.

While the head wound of J. D. Tippit may be described as a simple, circular, puncture type of entry wound, the President’s entry and exit wound was of a different nature. The President’s head wound was clearly an explosive one, more characteristic of a fragmenting or exploding bullet.In order to pass off Tippit’s wound for JFK’s, it was made to appear similar by using the same technique used to create “The Black Reference Triangle”.

An area of scalp was surgically altered to create a flayed, bloodied area approximately equal in to that of the President’s mortal wound seen at Zapruder frame 313 ff.However, when compared to the catastrophic damage done to the President’s head depicted in the Zapruder Film, one quickly realizes that the area of the Devil’s Ear is much too small to be the consequence of the explosive wound(s) seen at Z-313 ff..  Tippit’s real wound was altered and disguised to appear to be JFK’s mortal head wound.


In Fox Photo “F6”, the “Top of the Head Photo”, one can see clearly that, despite the overhead angle of the photo, the wounds on “JFK’s” torso are those of Officer Tippit.In the “F6” photo, the wound on the right side of the chest perfectly coincides with Dr. Rose’s description of Tippit’s chest wound.

Dr. Rose stated:“Wound No. 2 is 17 inches from the top of the head on the right chest. It is 4 inches to the right of the midline, above and slightly medial to the right nipple. It is 3/8 by 1/4 inch and is surrounded by a contusion ring. No powder tattooing is noticed.”

The wound seen in F6 is precisely situated and exhibits the same dimensions and characteristics as Tippit’s wound. This wound is in the wrong position for it to be the point of insertion for the right chest tube into Preident Kennedy. Dr. Charles Crenshaw, in “Conspiracy of Silence,” says:“The doctors inserted the chest tubes into the President’s body by making incisions between the ribs on both sides of his chest in the mid-clavicular lines.”

This refers to the area around the collar bone, much higher than the wound depicted in the Fox photos. The chest tube incisions, which were linear, were then further opened and stretched by the insertion of trocars, which preceded the insertion of rubber tubing.  No such incision appears in these photos.

The wound on the chest of this victim is too low and does not correspond with the position of the 2 cm. incision drawn by Dr. Boswell on the official autopsy face sheet to be President Kennedy.

The wound appears in uncropped Fox photo F1 below.This wound had previously gone unnoticed, due to its close proximity to the right nipple, with which it could easily be confused. However, when one looks closely at it one can see that it is too low too close to the midline of the body to be the right nipple.

There is also a deep fold of flesh visible in the overhead photos (F5 & F6) of “President Kennedy,” lower down and to the left of the centerline, which fits the description and the position of Tippit’s Wound No. 4, which was caused by a bullet that struck a button on his police uniform, driving it into his body.Disinformation regarding Tippit’s wounds had begun early.

As previously mentioned, I had read a New York “Times” report stating that Tippit had been shot in the left eye. Jim Bishop’s “The Day Kennedy Was Shot” describes a spurious head wound as being in the “middle of the forehead” in addition to the correct entry site previously described. This is also clearly disinformation handed on to Jim Bishop, as evidenced by the Rose autopsy report and diagrams.

Dr. Earl Rose wrote:“Wound No: 4 on the left chest is 20 1/2 inches from the top of the head, 1 1/4 inches to the left of the midline. The wound measures 3/4 by 3/8 of an inch, is transverse and surrounding this is a 1/4 x 3/4 inch abrasion.”

The gash or abrasion of the fold of flesh visible to the left of the midline below the left side of the chest in Fox photo F6 fits this description.In Fox Photo F5 (The Back):Let us note an amazing coincidence regarding the position of the back wound in photo F5. This was a shallow wound from which no bullet was retrieved, and which was no deeper than the length of a finger when examined in Bethesda by Humes and Boswell.










This supposed wound was seized upon by Arlen Specter and the “Magic Bullet” theorists as the point of entry for their amazing missile. Gerald Ford assisted him in formulating his “theory” by altering the location of the entry site from the region of the third thoracic vertebra (between the shoulder blades) to “the base of the back of President Kennedy’s neck” (WCR) or the “right cervical region” (see A.P. article).

With the stroke of a hand-penned note to Chief Counsel J. Lee Rankin.Gerald Ford and Arlen Specter forged and tampered with the medical evidence “to force true” the Magic Bullet Theory.

Without these alterations, their rationalizations for their deceit of an entire generation would have been self-evidently nullified. In order to contradict the testimonies of the Parkland Hospital medical staff, it is clear that the swapping of the photos of Tippit for those of JFK was done immediately after the assassination.

It also means that this part of the assassination was planned well in advance as the lynchpin which would assure success.

In December of 1963, these photos were already being used to try to coerce, discredit, browbeat and, at last, to try to convince Dr. Malcolm Perry, Dr. Kemp Clark, Dr. Robert McClelland, and the Parkland Medical staff that:

  1.  The throat wound was a wound of exit ;
  2.  That they had completely missed the back wound (later moved to the “right side of   the cervical region” by way of Gerald Ford’s fraudulent alterations of medical   evidence);
  3.  That the back wound was the entry point for the throat wound;
  4.  That Dr. Malcolm Perry’s surgical technique in performing the tracheostomy had obliterated the evidence and proof that the throat site was indeed “a wound of exit.”

The hand written note by Gerald Ford was released in June-July of 1997 by the Assassination Records Review Board, the incriminating note was the subject of an Associated Press report by Mike Feinsilber which appeared on July 3rd, 1997 world wide. Below is a scan of the New York Times National News Briefs column.

This key aleration of the evidence  by Gerald Ford, which constitutes criminal alteration of assassination evidence, as wellas, tampering with the medical evidence, was a deceptiono that served a psychological purpose, which was that of making the “Magic Bullet Theory” if not quite “credible,” at least, marginally plausible.

The Magic Bullet Theory” stood like a house of cards tenuously supported by the faking a new positon for the wound, as directed by Warren Commissioner Gerald Ford.

With the discovery of Ford’s self-incriminating note, the stacked deck of the Warren Commission Report came crashing down.The real back wound was described thusly in the official death certificate by Dr. Burkley, the President’s physician:“a second wound occurred in the posterior back at about the level of the third thoracic vertebra.”

This statement refers to an area a couple of inches below the neck and between the shoulder blades, or scapula. When we study this photo alongside Dr. Rose’s description of the path followed by the bullet which caused Tippit Wound No. 2, we find an amazing “coincidence.” Dr. Rose states:“The wound described as No. 2 is found to go between the second and third rib. The missile…is recovered slightly to the left of the vertebra approximately 16 inches from the top of the head, having pursued a course very slightly upward, to the left and backwards.”

Is it not remarkable that the bullet which caused wound No. 2 in Officer Tippit should end its flight at the fourth (4th) thoracic vertebra, so close and in line with the descent angle of the back short, the 4th vertebra, the one directly adjoining the point of “entry” of Arlen Specter’s “Magic Bullet” in Kennedy’s body at “about the level of the third thoracic vertebra”?

Let’s see. IF a bullet were to enter the body at a descending angle of 40 to 60 degrees (as stated in the Warren Commission Report and enters near or at the 3rd thoracic vertebra, going downeward, where would we expect that bullet to travel to next?

(We can use a bit of sarcsm here):

 Could it possibly have been heading toward the 4th thoracic vertebra?

Is it not more likely that that we are really seeing here is the point of entry of the course followed by Dr. Rose in the recovery of the bullets which caused wounds No. 2 and No. 3 from Tippit’s body?

In this context, the confusion and befuddlement of the autopsy team is quite easily understandable. Sibert and O’Neill report that“Inasmuch as no complete bullet of any size could be located in the back or any other area of the body as determined by total body X-rays and inspection revealing there was no point of exit, the individuals performing the autopsy were at a loss to explain why they could find no bullets.”

I believe that Dr. Earl Rose had them. It is now known that Chief Jesse Curry of the DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT had some bullets in his “collection” of JFK assassination artifacts shown in the book which he published circa 1990-91 cataloguing his “assassination memorabilia”.

Regarding Ford’s alteration of the facts, I would point out that there is a very significant difference between the third thoracic (the actual entry site) between the scapulae (shoulder blades) and the region of  the third cervical vertebrae in the middle of the neck.

In fact, it is a huge difference!

All this was done in order to make the simple assertion that the missile “passed through striking no bony tissue” marginally plausible, but ot enough to uphold the Magic Bullet Theory.  This incredible scarring of history did not make the Single bullet Theory more plausible but “plausible enough” for the public to give the Warren Commission conspiracy the benefit of the doubt, temporarily.  Within a year of the commission’s findings, the uproar started, causing the CIA and FBI to go into “Damage Control” mode.Harrison Livingstone stated:The Nose line does not appear to be JFK’S.

Regarding the Right Superior Profile photo (G1), Harrison E. Livingstone wrote in  “High Treason 2”:

“Although the sharpness of the nose may be due to the camera angle, the nose nevertheless does not appear to be Kennedy’s.”

I agree with Harrison Livingstone’s observation and assessment of the photo.  It does not look like Kennedy (because it is NOT John F. Kennedy).  Furthermore, the nose ridges and shadows in Fox photos F1, F4, F6 and F7 also demonstrate when compared to the “Tippit-Elvis” photo that the Bethesda victim is Officer Tippit.

The “Left Profile Photo” (F4), when compared to Kennedy’s real profile, shows clear distinctions in structure.  See note below: Disguising Tippit’s Receding Hairline in Fox Photo F4).The Livingstone-Groden Debate: The Divergent EyesAnother consistent observation made by several witnesses who viewed earlier versions of the Stare-of-Death Photos is the divergence of the eyes in some these photos. Discussing the Fox photo (F1) in “High Treason II”, Livingstone writes:“Note how wide the eyes are, yet the eyes are not divergent, nor is the right eye popped from the head as it was described by medical witnesses.”This discrepancy again indicates that the individual in the currently available Stare-of-Death pictures is Tippit.

The eyewitness account of Domingo Benevides, who saw the Tippit murder supports this theory:

“That is when I got out of the truck and walked over to the policeman, and he was lying there and he had, looked like a big clot of blood coming out of his head, and HIS EYES WERE SUNK BACK IN HIS HEAD, and just kind of made me feel real funny.” [emphasis added]


As mentioned above, I believe that the “surgery of the head area, namely top of the skull” described in the Sibert & O’Niell report refers to the Reference Black Triangle, which was used to hide Tippit’s receding hairline. However, Tippit’s receding hairline was nearly symmetrical, and so necessitated camouflaging on the left side also.In Fox photo F4, “The Left Profile,” we can see that this was achieved by combing the hair forward and down from the area around the region of the coronal suture, near the ear line, which resulted in an artificial whorl of hair or “cowlick” in that region.

If one looks closely, one can actually see Tippit’s bald pate beneath two of the combed hairlocks. Note that the angle of the sideburn is identical with that of one particular arresting officer, whom I identify as Tippit, in the Tramp photos.Studying the profile, one can see two very distinctive nose ridges, one above the nose bridge, and another “notch” below the nasal septum, which President Kennedy did not possess, these are also readily discernable in the Tippit-Elvis photo.

These ridges produced the “nose ridge shadows” which disproves the authenticity of Fox Photo F1 (the Stare-of-Death photo).


One of the the repeated challenges to the authenticity of the “Stare-of-Death Photo” and the Groden “Superior Right Profile” is the question of the alteration of the throat wound.Dr. Malcolm Perry’s tracheostomy, as described by the Parkland team, is quite at odds with the long gash across the throat of the victim in these photos.

Eyewitness after eyewitness has attested to the alteration of the throat wound. Dr. Charles Crenshaw, who witnessed Dr. Perry’s work firsthand, has described what is presented in the Groden frauds as “the work of a butcher”. Why was it necessary?If we compare a close-up of the face of the arresting officer (Tippit) in William Allen’s “Three Tramps” photo with the President’s official photo, published on the cover of the New York “Times” on November 22, 1963, their similarity in jaw structure and other facial features is clear. But Tippit’s “laugh lines” and the furrow formed by a “scowl line” leading from the right nostril to the corner of the lips in a stretched “S” distinguish him from the President.


In the Groden-leaked photo, acne scars are visible on Tippit’s face on the the right cheek and two distinct ones along the scowl lines about 1/2 inch below and and 3/4 of an inch behind the corner of the right side of the lips.

Tippit also bears TWO distinct moles below the right sideburn, one level with the middle ear and the other level with base of the opening of the auditory canal.

This pattern is also visible in the William Allen Tramp photo, and on the face of the victim in “Superior Right Profile.”

All of the details cited above:

1.  Distinguish the right side of the face of J. D. Tippit from that of President Kennedy;

2.  Distinguish the face of the real President Kennedy from the face of the victim in the Fox Photos and “Superior Right Profile (G1)”;

3.  Confirm that the victim in the Stare of Death photos is Officer J. D. Tippit.



This leads us to the reasons for the “Tippit Throat Slash” (it can no longer be called a “tracheostomy”).  It was plastic and “psychological” surgery, intended to shock and to fool the viewer..

The surgery had three purposes:

First, it produced a necessary wound in the throat on Tippit’s body, because it the President had been wounded there, and Tippit had not been.

Second, it diminished the distinct jowls of Tippit’s double chin. The incision across the throat made the flesh of the jowls sag, tightening the flesh closer to the jaw line. This camouflaged the differences described above by softening the “laugh lines” and the furrow of Tippit’s scowl line, making him look more like a younger JFK.

The third purpose of the Throat Slash is the psychological aspect.

The wound is designed to distract viewers from the obvious facts which expose the fraud. The shock induced by such a gruesome sight mesmerizes the viewer, freezes reason, and makes one’s logical thinking falter.

Few people can look at these photos without feeling fear and dread at the thought that these atrocities could have been visited upon the President of the United States.These photos were meant to fool medical experts of the time and future historians.  They were also designed to instill fear into every citizen and into every President: a fear of asking the right question. These photos have been designed using Gestalt psychology to terrorize viewers into silence.

The message is, psychologically speaking, an implied threat:

“If ‘we’ could do that to the President of the United States, then what can WE do to you, little man!”

A slit throat means silence –

“Ask no questions!” is the psychological message behind these photos.

However, some Americans cannot be silenced that way.


Who could have perpetrated such an atrocity? It had to be a group (doctors & photographers) who knew what the President’s actual wounds looked like and one in close proximity to both bodies.

Who had the authority to view and touch the President’s body, and who had the skill to execute the cosmetic surgery?

Who was close enough to both bodies?

Who had the opportunity and the authority to view the President’s wounds and those of Officer Tippit?

Given the official time frame of the Warren Commission, until recently we had to conclude that only two known men fulfilled the requirements: Texas Coroner Earl Rose and President Kennedy’s personal physician, Admiral George Burkley.

The proof herein presented makes it plain, self-evident in fact, that unknown physician(s) in Dallas altered Tippit’s body, with Rose signing for them.


The memoirs and recollections of Dr. Charles Crenshaw, recorded in “Conspiracy of Silence” shed much needed light on events at Parkland Hospital and reveal the roles of Dr. Vernon Stemmbridge, chief of surgical pathology, and Dr. Sidney Stewart in precipitating the legal battle between Dr. Earl Rose and the Secret Service over possession of the President’s body at Parkland.Stemmbridge and Stewart insisted that THEY had priority and legal jurisdiction over the President’s autopsy. Dr. Rose was apparently called in to affirm and defend their legal rights according to Texas law over the body of the fallen President.It now appears very likely that someone other than Rose had autopsied Tippit by 1:45.

Using the theatrics of Rose’s argument with the Secret Service over the President’s body as a diversion, JFK’s body could have been surreptitiously switched by the group that evidently worked over Tippit’s body.


One of the bodies was placed inside a body bag, which could have been shipped in the right side cargo bay of Air Force One or on another jet separately arriving in Bethesda in a plain metal shipping casket.Once the bodies were “in the bag”, it was easy to orchestrate shipment to Bethesda Naval Hospital via Walter Reed with Air Force and Army brass overseeing the theatrics which followed. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a helicopter take a body bag from the right side of Air Force One which then proceeded fly at ground level into a hangar at Andrews AFB.Anyone who witnessed the proceedings at Andrews AFB on television as did this writer can recall the loud and powerful drone of unseen helicopters drowning out the voices of the reporters as they maneuvered in the darkness behind Air Force One.Both bodies may have been transported to Walter Reed Army Hospital, where the JFK facsimile, using Tippit’s body, was completed. They were later moved to Bethesda Naval Hospital, where they were shuttled from one operating room to another as revealed by Harrison Livingstone in “High Treason II”.


The idea of the alteration of a second corpse never occurred to David Lifton nor Harrison Livingstone, but that is easy to comprehend.Who, the Devil (?), could have conceived such a diabolical and twisted scheme?Anyone suggesting such a thing must be living in “The Phantom Zone,” and so I was, living in just such a “Phantom Zone,” alone, until the proof arrived.  The inability of these and other respected researchers and medical experts even to consider such an “impossibility” has lead many to receive some actual eyewitnesses’ testimony with a leery skepticism and outright disbelief, sometimes ascribing the discrepancies to faulty memory, shock or to some dark motive, attempt to cover-up or secret agenda.


However, when one asks oneself “the right question”, the scenario described above becomes “a logical conclusion.”The right question is: What is the logical conclusion if the eyewitnesses are all really telling the truth, accurately and factually?


There is evidence in the Air Force One tapes of an urgent telephone conversation between Admiral Burkley, aboard the President’s plane, and Army Surgeon General Leonard Heaton at Walter Reed Army Hospital. The contents of the Burkley-Heaton conversation are deleted. The audio tape jumps abruptly to other topics.However, evidence uncovered and revealed by David Lifton in “Best Evidence” indicates that the missing conversations were discussing the recovery of the Harper fragment which was blown to the left side of Elm Street by the force of the blast from the Grassy Knoll shot.This is where this investigation stood on November 22, 1996, in Dallas.



Searching for the Rosetta Stoneof the JFK Assassination

The history of this investigation is the story of a quest, a quest for understanding and reason in the face of mass confusion and mass deception.

In time, a single thread was to lead this writer on a journey that has criss-crossed the continent physically, telephonically and electronically to recover the facts surrounding the most mysterious and occult deaths in our history.The success that we have achieved in unearthing the truth about this barbarous affair could not have occurred without the moral and spiritual support which I have received from a cadre and network of many supporters around the world.

These are the people who have helped to assemble small pieces of information, like those of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, until enough small pieces coalesced and came together to produce this work.What began with a single phrase in Jim Bishop’s book, within the course of few years had panned out and lead to the organization a network of researchers and “information surveyors” who ultimately as team procured the last piece of evidence necessary to confirm the “incredible” hypothesis presented above.


At the JFK Lancer conference in Dallas, on November 21 st & 22 nd , 1996, a long time friend and colleague in assassination research, Professor James Fetzer, McKnight Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota and author of “Assassination Science”, informed me that he had succeeded in locating and recovering the Tippit autopsy photographs.

Professor Fetzer promised to send me a xerox copy and a set of negatives.Professor Fetzer had retrieved the photos in a most serendipitous fashion which he outlined in this e-mail:

” Robert,

Thanks for the email and the phone message.  Of course I have no problem with your relating the history of how the Tippit photographs came into your possession, but I was the intermediary in all of this.

They were originally obtained from the National Archives by Frank J. Sarna III, who mentioned them in a letter to THE THIRD DECADE, which led me to contact him, obtain copies of negatives made from his copies, and reproduce the photographs locally, which I subsequently shared with you.  He should get the lion’s share of the credit for this.

When I subsequently visited the National Archives, for example, with box number in hand, they came up dry–the photographs were at that time not where they were supposed to be. I have learned from the ARRB, however, that they are now available so, presumably, it was simply an oversight that there were not available during my visit.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Best,  Jim”

This was a momentous event for this writer.  My theories and geometric proofs, as thorough as they were, had reached an impasse which could only be resolved by comparing the victim at Bethesda with actual autopsy photos of J.D. Tippit.  I was ready to stake my reputation (or, as some thought, my life) on my geometric proofs, but only the acquisition of the actual photos could make or break my theory.


Officer Tippit’s autopsy photos arrived a few weeks later.  When printed, enlarged to proper size, they confirmed what I had suspected for four years, namely, that the Bethesda victim in the so-called “Stare of Death” photos and in nearly all the government medical photographs was clearly (and none other than) the body of Jefferson Davis Tippit.Remarkably, they even share

THE SAME EXPRESSION in jaw, cheeks, and mouth in BOTH sets of photos, one with eyes open, the other eyes closed.JFK’s eyes were closed by Dr. Crenshaw in the Parkland Hospital immediately after the President was declared dead.One photo shows TIppit with his throat intact, and in the other (used to fake he JFK autopsy photo, his throat is slashed.  Inarguably, a perfect set of “before & after” pictures.  Officer Tippit died with his eyes open (see Domingo Benavides’ testimony above),


J. D. TIPPIT’S HEAD WOUND CLOSE-UPIt is interesting to note that this photo has been shot and cropped in a fashion nearly identical to the purported JFK lateral x-ray. When compared below, they clearly unmask the greatest criminal fraud of the 20 th century: both the x-ray and the photo are of the same person, Officer J. D. Tippit and conclusively NOT that of John F. Kennedy.


The contours of Tippit’s forehead and the frontal bone of the skull x-ray are identical.

A semicircular entry point is visible in the x-ray which corresponds precisely with the wound site depicted in the Tippit Head Wound Close-Up shown above.

Another interesting point, which confirms the identification, the unity of the two specimens (skull and head) is that the jagged, irregular shape along the line of demarcartion between bright and dark regions of Tippit’s right forehead in the photo corresponds in shape to the major fracture line along the frontal bone and the missing portion of the temporal region in the x-ray.

The subsidence of the fractured bone inside Tippit’s head created a depression along forehead and temple region which created a unique shading resulting in a light defraction pattern like an etching or a template.


As above, so below, the composite photograph demonstrates unequivocally that both corpses share in common, not only an identical expression around the features of the mouth, jaw and teeth, but the cheek bruises suffered by Tippit as he fell against the street pavement are visible in both.

Closer scrutiny reveals the Tippit head wound entry site shown in the photos above to be present in the purported JFK photos as well though intentionally opaqued.These versions of the purported JFK Death Stare were enhanced by the writer by altering and increasing brightness, contrast, sharpness and gamma levels.

This method made visible details, which had been intentionally suppressed in order to pass the victim off as JFK.



The dark mole just above the right collar bone and seen immediately to the left of the throat wound became the key to realizing the victim’s true identity in 1994.

In addition, it is clear that the face of the victim was shaved and the eyebrows plucked.  The redness and rawness of the recently plucked eyebrows is evident in the color versions of the “Superior Right Profile” photo (see the chapter entitled  “The JFK Paradox).

Researcher Tom Wilson had previously pointed out that the victim’s appearance indicated that it had been reconstructed around the temple using a wax-like substance (“The Men Who Killed Kennedy”, Pt. 5).



As shocking and unbelievable as this may seem to the reader, consider the words of the President’s own brother, Robert F. Kennedy as he viewed the body in the open casket. William Manchester reports that as RFK looked at his “brother” for the last time, he said:

“It doesn’t look like him at all.”

Manchester’s account (in “Death of A President”) continues,

“His eyes full, the Attorney General turned to Bill Walton and whispered, ‘Please look, I want to know what you think.’ Walton looked as long as he could, with a growing sense of outrage.

He said to Bob, ‘You mustn’t keep it open. It has no resemblance to the President. It’s a wax dummy…Don’t do it’.”

Arthur Schlesinger said:

“It is appalling,…At first glance it seemed all right, but I am nearsighted.When I came closer it looked less and less like him.”

And according to Manchester, Jacqueline Kennedy said: 

“It wasn’t Jack! … It was like something you would see at Madame Tussaud’s.”



Recently, I received a comment and a question from a viewer, Kerry Moore,  who watched my dcocumetary flilm on YouTube.  My documentary is called:

“WARNING – The Ultimate Secrets of the JFK Assassination Part 1”

Kerry Moore wrote:

“Quite persuasive, but how did they hide the 3 bullet wounds in Tippit’s body at the autopsy?”

I replied to Kerry Moore:

I would highly recommend that everyone read “High Treason 2” by Harrison Edward Livingstone and “Best Evidence” by David Lifton in order to understand clearly the magnitude of the deception and the nature of the intricate rigamarole to which the 3 Warren Commission autopsists, Dr. James Humes, Thornton Boswell and Pierre Finck were subjected by high-ranking Pentagon medical officers, including the Surgeon General, at Bethesda Naval Hospital on November 22nd,  1963.

First and foremost, it must be noted that NONE of these doctors had EVER performed an autopsy before in their lives.

During the autopsy, the 3 autopsists were repeatedly ushered in and out of the examination room while the bodies were reposititoned, altered or swapped back and forth by the high-ranking general staff officers from Walter Reed Medical and Bethesda Naval Hospitals

Sometimes 2 docters were separated from a 3rd doctor who would be excluded from a certain part of the examination.

Through the work of Douglas Horne and others with the AARB, it has come to light in recent years that (very strangely) there were 2 subsequent autopsy sessions concealed from theofficial record  and conducted surreptitiously during the week following the assassination the President and Officer Tippit.

One of those concealed autopsies was done on the very day of the burial of the President, November 25th, and the other conducted 4 days after the President’s interment.

Neither of those autopsies was recorded, reported or even hinted at in the Warren Commission Medical Report, nor for 50 years thereafter.

So, whose body was it?

Those 2 supplemental autopsies were conducted on Monday, November 25th (as “JFK” was being buried at Arlington!) and on the following Friday, November 29th.  That last autopsy was conducted 1 full week after the murder of the President and 4 days after he was purportedly buried at Arlington National Cemetary.  But was it really the “last.”

Therefore, in light of these well documented facts, now disclosed publicly, it is clear and has become self-evident that the US Govenment did not bury “ALL of the President” on Monday, the 25th of November, 1963.

So we must ask:

Who was really buried at Arlington on the 25th of November 1963?

Or, perhaps we should ask:

What parts did they bury?

Then quickly, in train, we must ask:

Whose body parts did they bury?

and …

Why was the the doctor who “asked too many questions,” Dr. Pierre Finck, excluded from attending the 2nd & 3rd autopsies?

These supplemental autopsy sessions were done by 2 doctors (Humes & Boswell) with the 3rd one (Finck) left out intentionally because on the night of Friday November 22, 1963 autopsy, Finck had been asking too many probing questions and was somewhat slow in reacting to orders.

Furthermore, the 3 hapless doctors, caught in the crosshairs of history, were directly ordered NOT TO MOVE the body at several points when it wold have been natural to do so.  At at other times when they sought to do so, they were FORBIDDEN To TURN THE BODY OVER to examine the oppposite side, and while they wre tracking another wound, they were stopped n their tracks abruptly by a direct orders from a high-ranking general from Walter Reed Military Hospital or other general or admiral.


Some times, they were only allowed to see one section of the body with the rest covered or masked by hospital sheets or covers.

Several times during the night, all 3 docters were stopped in the middle of a task and ordered to leave the operating theater entirely.

Then they would be held outside for long minutes, guarded by security outside the room.  When they were ordered back in, they reported finding the body of the victim in a different postion with yet another section of the body covered.

This investigator believes that the entire Bethesda autopsy on the 22nd of November was a charade, meticulously crafted and stage managed, exacly like a theatrical production would be done on Broadway with seamless changes of scenerey and dark intermissions, turning off lights, clearing the sttage in darkness while switching props (i.e., the 2 bodies and the 2 brains)and that the 3 doctors drafted by the US military and instatntly

I believe that 3 shocked, unwitting medical doctors were drafted and turned into “autopsists” for one historic night, but that Drs. Humes, Boswell and Finck were all ignorant of the deception and hoodwinking they were suffering, along with other indignities they were subjected to on that awful night, and in the days that followed.

However, surelyby Sunday night, Dr. James Humes must have gleened the truth of the matter, and his predicament must have dawned on him when Admiral George Burkley, the late President’s personal physicican, ordered him to burn his original autospy notes and drawings.

On Sunday night, November 24th, 1963, Dr. Humes obeyed the orders of Admiral Burkley and burned his notes in his fireplace.

Thank you for watching the film and for posing your excellent question.





We have arrived now at a crossroads in American history.  The conspiracy is broken.  The plot and the plotters,  before and after the fact, stand exposed, but justice, at least historically, has not been served.



Our rectification of American history remains unfinished, and the events of that transpired between November 22-29th would remain a ghastly crime and an eternal tragedy.  However, as we stand now, we have the opportunity to right our history, to correct the false history foisted on the American people, whecih has led us down along “The Wrong Track of History.”

However, this is a story of a moral victory and triumph of spirit over death, truth over deception, science over anti-science and light over darkness

It is the history of a small group of Americans, driven by devotion to a man who saved the world from annihilation and inspired by a spiritual insight and revelation, toward a moral restoration of or antion and a return to “Reason.” It is the history of a people who do not give up their spiritual heritage nor forget their heroes, even after death.

Though some might be tempted to think that the historical facts (above) which I have divulged constitute what I have previously described “The Ultimate Secret of the John F. Kennedy Assassination”, the actual secret has yet seen sunshine for 55 years.

The key to “Ultimate Secret” is contained in a cryptic phrase, simply stated:

“The Spirit of Justice Does Not Sleep.”

The Spirit of Justice walks the night through our history, and it grows restless.

No one can doubt that the JFK Assassination displaced America and pushed our nation onto what I call,  “the wrong track of history” (beginnng with Viet Nam, the “colder war” that followed 3 decades, and, worst of al institution of the “Deep State” by the CIA’s consortium with the organized crime, and the Military Industrial Complex to install the perpetual warfare state, which has kept power by creating a controlled news media that has maintained a long train of historical deceptions foisted on an unwitting public, until now.

For us, the steadfast friends, fans and followers of John F. Kennedy, a final  task remains.  In order to achieve justice for the President, for Dallas Police officer, J. D. Tippit, for CIA counter intelligence agent/FBI Informant Lee Harvey Oswald, and many other souls who gave or devoted their lives to break the JFK cover-up for more than 5 decades, I say:

We must put everything back where it belongs.  We must put everthing back in the right place.  We must restore both Truth and factual accuracy to our history, and thereby, move this nation back onto to The Right Track of History.


“The Spirit of Justice Does Not Sleep”…
Therefore, I must speak for the dead who yet not rest in peace


The Ultimate Secret of the JFK Assassination
remains to be seen.
“Once you have eliminated the impossible, what remains,
however improbable,
is the Truth”-

Sherlock Holmes

 Robert D. Morningstar
St. James Court
New York City
November 11, 1998
November 22nd, 2017
(© Copyright 1998-2017, Robert D. Morningstar – All Rights Reserved)


  1. Anyone who genuinely believes Kennedy and Tippit’s bodies were switched is retarded and hasn’t studied the assassination at all. Tippit had an open casket funeral.


    1. To use your own language …

      Will, You are the “retard.”
      I can tell from your statement and retarded vocabulary that you know nothing about the JFK assassination. Tippit did NOT have an open casket and no one in his family was allowed to see the body. His casket was buried quickly on Saturday, the day after his death. I watched his funeral on CBS News. As they were “best of buddies,” Jack Ruby was at Tippit’s funeral too. -> M


  2. Excellent research, especially when tied in with information on embalmer John Melvin Liggett and Jack Lawrence. Francis Connally’s documentary JFK to 9/11 mentions your work in his synthesis of what happened in Dealey Plaza.


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