UFO Artist Needs Our Help for Life-Saving Stem Cell Treatment

Well-known UFO researcher and comicbook artist Greg Boone is suffering from a serious heart condition that can only be cured using stem cell treatments.  Greg has found a clinic that hcan help save his life, bu he needs our help to raise funds topay for this life-saving procedure.
Below is a personal message from Greg Boone:
“I got a gracious break from the clinic. They’ll keep me on their major discount until the end of January.
I’ll have enough for the downpayment shortly and then will be working on the last leg.  Surprisingly all but one of my doctors are highly enthusiastic about me getting this stem cell treatment.  The problem is that some doctors get stuck in a rut.  Most are still going on medical procedure and protocols that are 50 years old.
When Dr. Yamanaka discovered how to change any of the body’s cells into super stem cells back in 2006-2007, the stem cell, cloning, DNA, and regenerative medicine took multiple quantum leaps that no one, except people like me who had actually studied, could believe.

Now, there are tons of successful stem cell treatments so astonishing that it’s hard for rock-headed doctors to comprehend.

Little by little the legitimate stem cell doctors brought breathtaking results covering most of the incurable diseases of our species and more.  Their successes are so beyond what even they expected that it’s difficult to disseminate it all.
What is propelling the stem cell industry now are word of mouth success stories.
What we didn’t know as the public was that for years the wealthy and top athletes were getting these treatments because they have the cash. The FDA has supported only a handful of stem cell treatments as clinical trials by American clinical specialists because due to moratoriums and political debates, American medicine was late in the game.

So far, the overwhelming majority of clinical trials have been successful with doctors trying everything they can think of because they all want an off-the-shelf commercial product.

Whoever achieves this will be wealthy “beyond avarice.”
Big Pharma got caught off guard by poo-pooing stem cells, but everyone else in the world are so far ahead of America that even if American doctors come up with stem cell treatments, competing commercially is going to be defeated.
Even now, there are stem cell clinics popping up in the U.S. left and right and the competition is fierce, but it has dropped prices considerably in the wake.  Insurance companies won’t cover the treatments yet, so it’s a field day for doctors who like their money in cash.

Here is a video of the brilliant doctor Yamanaka who made the biggest discovery regarding modern medicine and got the Nobel Prize for it.

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Robert Morningstar
Editor – UFO Digest
The UFO Spotlight

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