Numbers Behaving Badly 1; 108° Pentagram

Numbers  …

“Behaving Badly”

Could Manipulated Figures be your Boundless Wake-Up Call?

A Sardonic Rip on FreeMasonic Numbers

(and some FreeMoronic Numerology)

By Patrick O’Carroll

2019, Patrick O’Carroll- All Rights Reserved)

There are some truly phenomenal numerological “coincidences” in the Universe. But is the power-system just “decreeing coincidences”, or are they truly real?

And how might we have them independently verified?

And just because you may not believe in numerology, that does not matter given that the power-elite clearly do believe in it and can affect your life with it.


Freemasonry is a heliocentrist cult, which worships a fallen angel called Lucifer, this being openly admitted in the writings of the all-time, top-three “officially-approved” writers on Freemasonry (Albert Pike, Manly-Palmer Hall, Albert Mackey) and elsewhere.

The Life & Murder of Manly P. Hall

Freemasons cherish Lucifer as their “Sun-god.”

Freemasons also worship the Greek Sun-god called Apollo, the Ancient-Greek equivalent of Lucifer.

The three so-called Master Numbers of Luciferian-Freemasonry are 11, 22 and 33.  

Masons claim that 11 stands for illumination, 22 for the master builder, and 33 for the teacher

Luciferian ceremonial black-magician Aleister Crowley stated:

“11 is the number of black magic(k) in itself and therefore suitable for all types of operation … the unsacred number of the new Eon, the Eon of Horus“.

Some Freemasons claim 11 represents “vision”; 22 combines “vision with action”; while 33 offers “guidance.”

In any case, the upshot is that 11, 22, 33 and all exact multiples of 11 (44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99 etc.) are afforded special recognition in Luciferian-Freemasonry, which is obsessed with numerology.

“Strange Things About the Moon That No One Talks About!”

Big Ben on the Moon - Far Side -Apollo Pix - Morningstar

” ‘Big Ben’ on the Moon”

Discovered By Robert Morningstar in an Apollo 17 Photo in May 2014
<Click the link below to watch the video>


Editor’s note:

Some People Don’t Believe That We Went to The Moon …

The UFO Spotlight Editor’s Disclaimer:

We believe that the Apollo landings on the Moon were real and we disavow belief in any “Flat Earth Theories.”

The author, Patrick O’Carroll, is among those writers who contest NASA’s “Official story” of the Apollo Moon Landings (and it is possible that the author may also believe that the Earth is flat, as insinuated below).   

However, as supporters of 1st Amendment rights, freedom of the press,  free speech and support individual self-expression, we believe that this author’s views and opinions should be rightly read, enjoyed and respected as free opinions,  Moreover, as the saying goes, we believe that “We should never throw out ‘the baby’ with the bathwater.”


Patrick O’Carroll continues:

Freemasons named their famous “Moon” hoax after the Greek version of their Luciferian Sun-god “Apollo” (their seven poorly-faked “missions” shot completely in studios that allegedly took 12 Freemasons, intended to denote the 12 solar months of the year, to the “Moon”).

After Apollo 12 had proved a total ratings flop, NASA hired top-Freemason Stanley Kubrick to script the Apollo 13 radio-teleplay for simulcast worldwide.

Kubrick scripted the fictional Apollo 13 “mission” to fail on 13 April 1970 after launching at 13:13 local time, some 55 hours and 55 minutes previously (shame on you, Stanley, for using such totally corny numbers!).

By pure “coincidence”, just six days after the first screening of his “revenge”-movie “Eyes Wide Shut” to Warner Brothers executives (a movie that exposed black-magic bacchanals and many other aspects of the power-elite’s irreligion), Stanley Kubrick died of a “heart attack” on 7 March 1999, precisely 666 days before 1 January 2001 (the first day of the very year he had openly announced for his retirement, and the key “new millennium” year in Luciferian-Freemasonic lore).

Much of “Eyes Wide Shut” ended on the cutting-room floor, which explains several of its oddities and continuity errors in the film.

As you would expect from a heliocentrist Sun-worship sect, Luciferian-Freemasonry was formally formed (or reformed) in London-England on the Feast of Saint John the Baptist 24 June 1717 (the pagan Feast of the Summer-Sun).

The United Grand Lodge of England was constituted on the Feast of Saint John the Evangelist 27 December 1813 (the pagan Feast of the Winter-Sun). 

Luciferian-Freemasonry is the very same Sun-worship sect that originally founded “heliocentrism” and that specially venerates the Saints John.  Because of its original special attachment to England and Scotland, Freemasonry uses mainly imperial measures in its “sacred” geometry while rejecting the metric system. Continental-European Freemasonry takes the metric system more seriously.

In this discussion, we will use mostly miles and feet (with metric units in parentheses), except in a couple of special cases.

It is essential to realize that NASA never published a single genuine photo of the Earth from space that was not computer-generated imagery (CGI), as demonstrated in the link below.


It is also essential to recall that heliocentrist Sun-worshipers aim to foist their beliefs on all others.

Heliocentrist astronomers who were depicted flashing Freemasonic hand-signs included not only NASA’s Freemasons, but also Pythagoras of Samos (still revered by Luciferian-Freemasonic historians as the “father of Freemasonry”), Prussian-Poland’s Nicolaus Copernicus, Italy’s Galileo Galilei, Germany’s Johannes Kepler and England’s Isaac Newton.

But beware: Historian Webster Tarpley proved conclusively that Newton made no discoveries and wasted all his days on alchemy, and that his “apotheosis” to the stardom of “great modern scientist” was arranged, or contrived, by Antonio Schinella Conti of Venice.

The Freemason Newton was, in fact, a crazy alchemist but never a proper scientist, and he plagiarized all his work.  Besides Newton, other fake-scientists whom the British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society foisted on the world over the centuries as “scientific stars” included Darwin, Einstein, Oppenheimer and Hawking.

Freemasonic “science” decrees that the Moon-globe is almost exactly 3/11 (three-elevenths) in diameter with respect to the Earth-globe (2160 miles diameter versus 7918 miles). But 3/11 just happens to be 0.272727… or roughly 0.273. The inversion of this is 11/3 or 3.66, where 366 is the number of days or rotations in an Earth year.

When you inscribe a circle in a square, 27.3 percent of the square’s area will remain uncovered by the circle.

And by pure “coincidence”, the average human pregnancy lasts 273 days. So, is the Moon really approximately 0.273 times in diameter compared to the Earth, or are Freemasons adjusting their figures to mimic geometry or to mimic mankind or man’s nature? Or, put another way, are they playing a big joke on the general public (whom they refer to as “the profane”, being outside their unsacred “temple”)?

Freemasons always say “As Above, So Below” but that might cut both ways; either the Earth mimics the Heavens, or else, in the “official” “scientific” “truth” which they wish to purvey, Freemasons may be making sure that sacred numbers found on Earth get reused for, or applied to, the Heavens. So, which of the twain is true?

Indeed, three-elevenths or 3/11 or 0.273 or 273 is a pattern recurring throughout nature. One widespread or even ubiquitous constant recurring in nature is also “(four-minus-PI) divided by PI”. But given that PI approximates to 22/7, that ubiquitous constant “(four-minus-PI) divided by PI” also transpires to be roughly 3/11. So, did Freemasons copy from nature their “official Freemasonic truth” figures re the Moon being roughly 3/11 in diameter compared to the Earth, or did Freemasons actually obtain these findings verifiably?

Next, Freemasons decree that the Sun is roughly 864,000 miles in diameter. And, indeed, occultists revere 864 as the Sun’s “signature number”. But Freemasons neglect to explain how the 86,400 seconds in a day (24 x 60 x 60) might somehow be related to their “official Freemasonic truth” whereby the Sun’s diameter is supposed to be 864,000 miles. This is what must clearly be called a rare bird, or “rara avis”. So is this case yet another pure “coincidence” where one number “just happens to be” exactly 10 times the other?

Occultists revere 108 as the Moon’s “signature number”. The Moon’s radius is 1080 miles (1737.1 km), or so they claim. The number 108 has always been of great significance inside of both Freemasonry and its forbear, the Rosicrucian Order (an order associated with New England Puritans, with Martin Luther (his seal) and even with the Georgia Guidestones).  108 is three times 36 (and also 3 x 6 x 6). Freemasonry’s “official” “scientific” “truth” claims the Moon’s radius is 1080 miles, but that claim may be bogus given that we also know that one week has seven days spanning a total of 168 hours or exactly 10,080 minutes.

What a “coincidence”, right?

And let us also not forget that 1080 is exactly three times 360, the number of degrees in a circle.

Stonehenge also encodes 108, with its central stone structure featuring 30 Oligocene-Miocene sandstone blocks erected to stand in a circle having a diameter of 108 feet. The occultist-elite owners of San Francisco CA placed the “Moon Bus” (route 108) riding to Treasure Island, where the 60-floor Sun Tower is slated for completion by 2022.

By pure “coincidence”, the municipality of San Francisco CA paid exactly 108 million USD dollars to purchase Treasure Island from the US Navy following the Cosco Busan oil spill. 108 degrees is also the angle of one corner of a regular pentagram (meaning a pentagram which is both equilateral and equiangular), see here:

But, the more significant detail in this context is the fact that 432 is four times 108, or twelve times 36, or (6 + 6) x (6 x 6), and this ties in with the special role discussed below, as played by 432 in other splendid “secrets” which Freemasons placed, or else assumed or presumed, or simply thought they had “hidden” in plain sight;

The original Stradivarius violin was tuned to A4 = 432 Hz, and 432 forms the “official Freemasonic truth” for many other significant numbers.

Here, Freemasons may just be decreeing that the number 432 is hard-wired into the Universe, or else 432 really is hard-wired into the Universe. But because we, as human beings, are a part of the Universe, the number 432 is also hard-wired into us, they claim.

So, is this fact or fiction?  Or is it merely a case of numerically-interesting data?

The standard concert pitch (A4 = 440 Hz) was selected because 440 is an exact multiple of 11, or 40 x 11 (11 being the first occultist Master Number). This merely indicates that one Freemasonic faction (a Crowleyite faction, thirsty and ardent to encode 11) prevailed over other factions.

From the 1500s till the 1700s, Western Europe’s churches had a high standard organ pitch ranging from A4 =450 Hz to A4 = 480 Hz, with the general average being around A4 = 465 Hz. 

That means that A4 was really located roughly where B-Flat-4 (Bb4) resides today, a whole semitone higher. But that only means the keyboard was transposed by one semitone, which any musician will confirm as being nothing seriously crucial to write home about.  The reason for this was because a higher pitch just sounded better in a vast voluminous ecclesiastical space or arena than in tighter spaces such as concert halls or ordinary private rooms.

The three great powers of classical music (Germany, Italy, Austria) argued over this topic for a very long time.  In 1788, the concert-pitch standard was set to A4 = 409 Hz in Paris (hence Paris Tuning or “Pariser Stimmung”).

Later, in 1858, the Académie Française set it to A4 = 435 Hz.  In 1885, an international tuning conference in Vienna adopted A4 = 435 Hz. From 1850 until 1938, military bands, especially those of the Austrian Empire, used the Cornetton or “Türkischer Ton” of A4 = 476 Hz (since higher pitch was indeed more suited to open-air events).

In 1884, Giuseppe Verdi proposed A4 = 432 Hz as the standard concert pitch, which was later advocated by Luciano Pavarotti and other major tenors too, but Verdi was said to have also been willing to agree to A4 = 430Hz (just 1 Hz away from A4 = 429Hz, which would have also encoded 11, although Verdi was no Crowleyite).

In 1926, Freemasons of the USA’s music industry set an informal Crowleyite standard of A4 = 440Hz, which encoded 40 x 11, 40 times 11, their Master Number of “illumination”. And in 1936, the American Standards Association formally adopted it as the standard concert pitch.

Finally, in 1955, the ISO (International Standardization Organization) adopted the same standard. 

Theories about Germany’s NSDAP, or the highly influential Austrian conductor Herbert von Karajan, playing a major role in setting A4 = 440 Hz are all bogus and false.  As it happens, this whole debate got argued and settled in and by the USA.  The debate both preceded and outlived the NSDAP’s 12-year power-trip that had been purely contrived to help its bosses to destroy Germany, i.e. its bosses in the London-NY-Axis cabal or capstone (the English monarchy, the City of London, Wall Street and the House of Rothschild).


The diameter of the Earth is roughly 7918 miles, they claim.

Let us next look at some of the 432 “coincidences”, which may be either real or else totally invented by that “432 faction” within Freemasonry (a possible rival one to Aleister Crowley’s “11-encoding” faction of ceremonial black-magicians):

The diameter of the Moon is roughly 2160 miles (or 5 x 432), they claim (i.e. 3/11 times that of the Earth).

The diameter of the Sun “just happens to be” roughly 864,000 miles (or exactly 2000 x 432), they claim.

There “just happen to be” 86,400 seconds in one 24-hour day (meaning 200 x 432).

Notice how the diameter of the Sun is exactly 400 times the diameter of the Moon.

Does that not sound extraordinarily “coincidental”?

But next, during an eclipse, the Moon “just happens to be” exactly 400 times closer to the Earth than the Sun is, they claim.

Furthermore, the metric distance which the Moon turns on its axis every day is 400 km, with the Earth rotating 400 times faster than the Moon, they claim.

Does all that not sound even more “coincidental”?

What are the chances of each and every one of these key characteristics managing to converge exactly on the figure 400?

Or, put another way, what are the odds that these data were just made up in a creepy lodge by a bunch of kooky old obelisk-worshipping men wearing lambskin aprons?

Next of all, Freemasons would have us believe that the Sun’s circumference is, wait for it: 2.73 million miles. This is yet another incredible 273 “coincidence” that might be apt to overwhelm you, but please do not fall off your chair just yet because it remains one “coincidence” that has not yet been verified by any independent arbitrator for the poor serfs or humble mortals of the Earth.

Could it be that aSuit-Collar-and-Tie” spoke some Freemasonic babble while reassuring us:

“Trust Me, I Would Never Even Dream Of Lying To You”?

So, once again, fact or fiction?


The next Absolutely Astonishing Assertion decreed by Freemasonic “science” is that, when you use metric units and multiply the circumference of the Earth by that of the Moon, you will get exactly 100 times the circumference of the Sun. WOW! The Earth’s circumference being 40,075 km (24,901 miles), the Moon’s being 10,920.8 km (6,786 miles); so then if we calculate the Earth’s circumference times the Moon’s in kilometers, and then divide it by 100, we get 4.377 million km, which by pure “coincidence” just happens to be the Sun’s “official-truth” circumference to an accuracy of 99.95 percent.

WOW!  What are the odds of that, then?

Note: When the metric system was first realized after Freemasonry’s coup d’état in France (the French “revolution”), the “official” “truth” for the Earth’s circumference got decreed as being 40,000 km, but later revised upward.  So, did this “metric faction” of Continental-European Freemasons prevail in having the “official-truth” circumference data for the Moon and Sun “upgraded” just so that this particular Absolutely Astonishing Assertion would tally almost 100 percent?

Another highly peculiar metric “coincidence” related to the speed of light and the Great Pyramid was spotted in 2012 by John Charles Webb Jr, when he used Google Earth to measure the exact latitude of the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid at Giza and found it to be 29.99792458 degrees North.

By pure “coincidence”, in the metric system, this number “just happens to be” an exact facsimile of the “official” “scientific” “truth” figure decreed by the British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society for the speed of light in a vacuum, which said “scientific” society claims to be 299,792,458 meters per second.

And this of course begs the next major question: Should we behave like docile “barking seals” and obediently swallow this particular red herring, or should we instead ask the British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society whether this particular case is yet another one of its little “inside jokes”?

Next, Freemasonic “science” would have us believe that the Sun is exactly 109.28 times the size of the Earth.  And, indeed, nothing would appear in any way conspicuous about that until they nonchalantly throw in the fact that, oh by the way, the metric circumference of the Moon just happens to be 10,920.8 km, a virtual facsimile of the very same figure except with a different layout or format.

Is any of this starting to sound even a tiny bit surreal?

Or just how many of these little “inside jokes” can you handle?  This might be said to be yet another massive “coincidence”, right? 

Or have you, by now, started to laugh out loud? Or cry?  So, again, fact or fiction?  Are these data really verifiable scientifically?  Or is this another case of public relations, also called perception management, also called PR, also called propaganda, also called -> “BS”?


But for all the “natural” things the Freemasons may or may not have copied from nature, highly noticeable by its absence in all their geometric Earth-Moon-Sun data is the Golden Mean PHI (“der goldene Schnitt”, discovered by Leonardo de Pisa, originally known as Leonardo Filius Bonacci, later Fibonacci).

PHI is “(1 plus square-root-of-5) divided by 2”, which is roughly 1.61803, a constant also related to the golden square fractal.

PHI occurs throughout nature, but it is noticeably absent from all the “official-Freemasonic-truth” figures regarding relative geometries of the Earth, Moon and Sun. If nature is absolutely replete with signs of PHI, by way of its many Fibonacci Sequences, from the arrangement of the phalanx-bones of your fingers to the leaves and branches of every tree and bush, then why did Freemasonic “scientists” somehow “forget” to present evidence of PHI in their “official-truth” geometric data for the Sun, the Moon and the Earth?

And if we really ought to expect PHI or at least one Fibonacci Sequence to be discernible somewhere in all of this, then maybe Freemasonic “scientists” really did make up all the data for the Earth, Moon and Sun, or did so before the discovery of PHI.

If PHI were in play, we might see the diameter of say one planet in the Solar System being roughly 1.61803 times that of the previous one (but this is in no way an appeal to reinvent new bogus figures). In any case, as things stand, PHI is absolutely nowhere to be seen in this entire discussion and, frankly, that is so suspiciously bizarre as to be plain impossible.

The world’s central Freemasonic soviet for “official” “scientific” “truth” is the British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society and it is owned by the combo of London’s Chatham House (RIIA) and New York’s CFR, which is in turn directly controlled by the cabal or capstone of world power called the London-NY-Axis (the English monarchy, the City of London, Wall Street and the House of Rothschild).

The British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society “beneficently” hands down the “official” “scientific” “truth” to all other “scientific” soviets in the world, which shall follow their orders strictly to the letter … or else they will get ridiculed or paid a visit by the “scientific” enforcers.

The British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society currently decrees that the Sun is roughly 93 million miles (149.6 million km) away from the Earth, that the axial tilt of the Earth is 66.6 degrees with respect to the horizontal, that the Tropic of Cancer commences at 66.6 degrees from the north pole, and that the Tropic of Capricorn commences at 66.6 degrees from the south pole. Of course, it quotes these latter figures as being 23.4 degrees from the equator, or else 23.4 degrees from the vertical, in order to better couch what must in fact be another enormous “inside joke”.

On top of all that, Earthlings will be relieved to find out that their Earth-globe is decreed to be traveling around the Sun at an average orbital speed of 66,600 MPH.  It is hard to imagine how it could ever have been any other orbital speed, right?

Or would you prefer to take the view of how “coincidentally” amazing it is that these figures should behave this way without any outside help whatsoever? No one has ever seen, felt, heard, measured or proven such motion, yet the vast majority of people are willing to accept unquestioningly that the clearly motionless Earth beneath their feet is actually moving at over 666 million MPH (when you throw in the alleged motion of the Solar System and of the Galaxy through the Universe for good measure too).

With all these goofy or more likely invented figures, the Sun-worship sect called the British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society is clearly paying more than a little homage to the Sun-god Lucifer it worships.  But if you think about the idea of the Sun being located a whopping 93 million miles (149.6 million km) away from the Earth, then how in the world could the tiniest fine-adjustment of the Earth’s position make any significant difference at all to the energy being dispatched to it from the Sun, or any difference to the climate at any given time between the northern hemisphere compared to the southern hemisphere, or indeed any difference to the general climate found, say, at 40 degrees north in Spain compared to 56 degrees north in Scotland?

How could the slightest tilt of the Earth (a mere few thousand km maximum) negate the over 140 million km journey traveled by the Sun’s energy to the Earth?

How could the tilt make any difference to the warmth of the Sun perceived on the coasts of Spain, Ireland or Greenland? And surely both the northern and the southern hemisphere should benefit from roughly the same increase in temperature when the Earth is closer to the Sun and vice versa?  And if it were really that far away, the Sun would have to be considered “curiously well-adjusted” given that, even according to the “official” “scientific” “truth” of Luciferian-Freemasonry, it can never drift outside of its extremely “thin groove” between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, outside of which it is never seen directly overhead, namely at latitudes above 23.4 degrees north nor at latitudes below 23.4 degrees south.

Put another way, what are the odds that all these figures were simply invented by the heliocentrist Sun-worship-sect known as the British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society in honor of its Freemasonic Sun-god Lucifer, and then foisted on the world’s serfs and plebeians to believe as verbatim “truth”, or ye who shall then gaze in wonder and amazement?

It seems much more probable that the Sun is in fact much closer.

Indeed, proper scientists using sextants and plain trigonometry already determined that the Sun moves over the Earth at about 3000 miles (4830 km) distant, and that the Sun has a diameter of roughly 32 miles (51.5 km). The same proper scientists found that the Moon and Sun have roughly the same size and distance from the Earth, with the Sun (male) “leading” the Moon (female) or moving at a slightly greater speed (roughly 60-70 minutes faster per day).

Using sextants too, proper scientists gauged the distance of the North Star (Polaris) above the north pole at between 2396 miles (3856 km) and 3872 miles (6231 km). Luciferian-Freemasons will of course counter by claiming that Polaris is “light-years away” from the north pole, because NASA, Star Trek and the British Luciferian-Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society have only ever been divisions of the very same psychological operation (psy-op) to purvey not science, but science-fiction, and by hook or by crook to make “interstellar travel” in some way “believable” to the credulous masses. But for now, the only thing NASA ever sent to “outer-space” was your imagination.  That is alas the current state of their “leading-edge” technology. The crux of all this is that if your common-sense tells you the Sun and Moon are very close to us then, in the name of goodness, hold fast to your common-sense instead.

The British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society also decrees that the northern hemisphere is nearest to the Sun (perihelion) in January at 91.65 million miles (147.5 million km) and farthest from the Sun (aphelion) in July at 94.82 million miles (152.6 million km). Now, tell me, how logical does that sound? It is a well-known fact that Luciferians are utterly obsessed by and addicted to inversion, and this would appear to be yet another example of their inversion obsession, and indeed yet another one of their little “inside jokes”.

Numbers Behaving Badly 2; Raising The Djed Pillar


By further pure “coincidence”, the Ancient-Egyptian ceremony “The Raising of the Djed Pillar” is still enacted by Freemasons and it features the Djed Pillar at exactly 66.6 degrees (or 23.4 degrees to the vertical).

According to British Egyptologist, E.A. Wallis-Budge, the Djed is the oldest symbol of Osiris, symbolizing his backbone and his body in general. He states that, originally, Osiris was probably represented by the Djed alone, and that he had no other form. Wallis-Budge states that the Djed hieroglyph can be regarded as a conventional representation of a part of the spinal column of Osiris, and its meaning can be regarded as “to be stable, permanent, abiding, established firmly, enduring”.

So, could this be the myth on which Luciferian.-Freemasons based the alleged “tilt” of the Earth?

What if the magical “tilt” of the Earth was originally based purely on the backbone of Osiris?  Would that really surprise you?

We know that the top cervical vertebra of the spine (C1), on which the human skull rests, is called Atlas.  That is relevant because it at least demonstrates that the power-elite have never been averse to basing “official” “science” on concepts originating from plain mythology.


Next, the slope, or “seked,” of the Great Pyramid of Giza is roughly 51.5 degrees, which is about a seventh of a 360-degree circle. By pure “coincidence”, the latitude of the City of London, which still rules the whole world in total Luciferian-Freemasonic secrecy, is decreed to also be roughly 51.5 degrees North.

British Freemasonry decrees that the official latitude of London-England is 51°30′26″ North, as pinpointed at Charing Cross, near the junction of Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, and furthermore decrees that the official latitude of Cardiff-Wales is 51°29′ North.

Numbers Behaving Badly 3; Plimpton 322 Overlays The Map Of Britain

Hence, for all intents and purposes, Cardiff lies almost exactly due west of London.  Furthermore, British Freemasonry decrees Cardiff’s official longitude to be 3°11′ West and the official longitude of Edinburgh-Scotland to be 3°11’20” West, thus placing Cardiff almost exactly due south of Edinburgh.

Hence, the three national capitals of the island of Britain (London, Edinburgh, Cardiff) are located at the three apexes of a right-angled triangle.

By pure “coincidence” too, when you take one unit of distance to be almost exactly 50,000 megalithic yards or 25.85 miles (or 41.62 km), you will find the distance from London to Edinburgh to be almost exactly 13 such units, that from Cardiff to Edinburgh to be almost exactly 12 such units, that from London to Cardiff to be almost exactly 5 such units (with the total sides adding to 30 units) and, by Euclidean geometry and Pythagoras (regarded by most Luciferian-Freemasonic historians as “the father of Freemasonry”), we know that 13² = 12² + 5², where (5, 12, 13) is also known as the second primitive Pythagorean triple, one depicted on a Babylonian clay tablet called “Plimpton 322” originating from Mesopotamia and believed to have been made around 1800 BC.

This British Triangle of Capitals (5, 12, 13) relates directly to the Preseli Triangle (5, 12, 13) that links the Bluestone site to Stonehenge and Lundy Island; and to the Carnigli Triangle (5, 12, 13) in Pembrokeshire-Wales; and finally to the Stonehenge & Woodhenge Triangle (5, 12, 13) in Wiltshire-England.


Next, there are anywhere between 300 to 450 dimples on a golf-ball.  It might be a good idea to standardize golf-balls so that they have exactly 432 dimples each. Who knows, but Freemasons may already be using golf-balls that have exactly 432 dimples each!  But because golf-balls often get lost, it may be possible to classify them as occulted objects which have, over time, earned their place as a legitimate part of the occult. “…

Look, I lost my golf-ball, you see, so made up all this stuff about the Earth, the Moon and the Sun … in an attempt to even up the score, you see …”.

WC Fields said “If You Cannot Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Baffle Them With BS“.

Was WC Fields really talking about how the power-elite keep the serfs dazzled? After all, Fields was a veteran student of human nature; and human beings can also be said to include power-elite Luciferian-Freemasons.

For centuries, the power-elite have pursued the maxim whereby they Treat The Serfs Like Mushrooms; Keep Them In The Dark And Feed Them Manure.

The power-elite could not care less if your knowledge is, in fact, “pure trash.”  They do not need you knowledgeable; alas, they need you hungry (at best), sick (a stopgap) or else dead (at worst).

So, in the interests of your very own survival, the cleverest thing you might ever consider doing right now is, all at once, to think “outside the box”, “outside the cube” and “outside the pyramid.”

The bottom line in all of this is that it is high time the world got an independent arbitrator in all matters of science because the general consensus in the world of “official” “science” (especially that pertaining to geophysical and astrophysical measurements) would appear to be some kind of a weird irreligion, which is totally contrived and unsupported by true math, actual measurements or legitimate science, and that in our “supposedly modern times” of 2019 AD.

Many, many Moons ago, the author gave up believing NASA, Star Trek or the British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society re any subject whatsoever under the Sun, and their credibility has NOT YET even reached its all-time low, not by a long shot.

Luciferian inversion still rules the waves today.


Anyone who believes that Freemasons would never go to such trouble as to encode goofy numbers into the junk-“science” that they feed to the masses should remember how fond Freemasons are of encoding numbers into most major real events and even literature.

Numbers Behaving Badly 5; Death Cab For Archduke Franz Ferdinand

The number-plate of the car in which the “anarchists” sent by British Freemasonry assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on 28 Jun 1914 so as to trigger WW1 was “AIII118”,  which was to give Luciferian insiders advance-notice that the WW1 Armistice or “ceasefire” date had been set to 11 Nov 1918.

The assassination took place in Sarajevo-Bosnia near the 44th parallel (4 x 11 = 44). Indeed, in their 2018 book “Prolonging The Agony”, Gerry Docherty and Jim MacGregor showed how WW1 was artificially prolonged by over three-and-a-half years by the Luciferian-Freemasons within the London-NY-Axis cabal or capstone (the English monarchy, the City of London, Wall Street and the House of Rothschild). They engaged lackey Herbert Hoover to head the “Belgian” Relief Fund (CRB) so as to keep not Belgium but Germany going for much longer than “normal”, and thus massacre millions more of the “excess” working-classes they despised from all the nations they had roped into mobilizing. Indeed, it was precisely that massacre which had all along been the true Satanic reason behind WW1 which was the master-plan of Edward VII (here, see the fine work of historian Webster Tarpley).

It is therefore not at all unlikely that the Luciferians wanted over four years of carnage from the very outset, and deliberately so in an age when it was rare for any “war” to last longer than a few months.  Knowing the end-date of a war from the outset is not at all that difficult for war-planners and the relevant banksters financing the war, especially if all the strings are being pulled from within the very same capstone.

The London-NY-Axis also chose 11 September 2001 for its attacks on NYC and DC since, in Freemasonry, it was “New Year’s Day of the Third Millennium AD” and also the very first day of 6001 Anno Lucis, AL (year of their “prince” Lucifer).

Note: Freemasons simply add exactly 4000 years to the AD date to arrive at the AL year, year of Lucifer, which they also chisel into the cornerstone of each Luciferian lodge to commemorate its inauguration year.

Note also: Each decade, century and millennium begins not in a year ending in 0 (zero) but in a year ending in 1 (one), making 2001 the first year of this new millennium.

To determine the month, Freemasons use the Ancient Egyptian calendar, which is neither solar nor lunar, but is based on their “blazing star” Sirius.  And by this Sirius-based calendar, 11 September 2001 was New Year’s Day, the first day of the month of Thout and “The Day of Supreme Sacrifice of the Pharaohs.” 

In the Egyptian Coptic calendar, New Year’s Day is called Nayrouz, a feast to commemorate the martyrs and confessors.  In the Ancient Ethiopian calendar, New Year’s Day, in this case 11 September 2001, was known as Enkutatash.

In a nutshell, the Luciferian-Freemasons of the London-NY-Axis chose the first day of the New Millennium (their “New Seventh Millennium”) to carry out their attacks so as to make a very public, worldwide statement that their “prince” Lucifer shall rule this New Millennium (they think).

Also by pure “coincidence”, the Freemasonic ground-breaking ceremony for the Pentagon took place on Nayrouz 11 September 1941 (their New Year’s Day exactly sixty years prior).

The Pentagon was designed personally by top-Luciferian-Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with help from qualified architects and surveyors, to be based directly on the prehistoric monument Stonehenge (sic), a ring of standing stones in today’s Wiltshire, England built by unknown people in pre-Celtic times.

The Pentagon stands 77 feet tall and sits at a longitude of exactly 77 degrees West (where 77 = 7 x 11, and where 77 stands for Lucifer, so 77 is one of the most Luciferian numbers at hand).

By pure “coincidence”, the totalitarian “new” world order under the London-NY-Axis and Luciferian-Freemasonry was announced 11 years previously on 11 September 1990 in a speech by puppetician George H.W. Bush (whose dark-occult cryptonym was “Magog”).

Also by pure “coincidence”, the Tavistock-MI6 mil-intel social-engineering project called The Beatles was made to arrive in the USA on 7 February 1964, exactly 77 days after the assassination by the London-NY-Axis of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The Beatles social-engineering project was intended to shift the basic ethical convictions of Western people in general from Christianity to Luciferianism.

Researcher Mark Passio of Philadelphia PA is an ex-priest of the Church of Satan who states plainly that, today, the real religion being practiced by most Western people is in fact Luciferianism, pure and simple, thus demonstrating why Tavistock-MI6 counts the Beatles project (including most Beatles contemporaries and successors too) as a truly enormous “success”.

Freemasonry’s unholy trinity was described by Albert Pike.  He was referring to the three supreme symbols of Freemasonry which comprise the pentacle or pentagram (Pentagon, symbol of Horus, Sirius, blazing star, Eastern Star, Silver Star) and the pillars Jachin (Sun, male, left-brain) and Boaz (Moon, female, right-brain).

By pure “coincidence”, these three symbols were the same three which the London-NY-Axis fake-targeted on 11 September 2001, for clearly emblematic reasons.  In its capacity as the Salomon Brothers Building, WTC Building 7 “coincidentally” fulfilled the role of Solomon’s Temple and was pulverized for dispersal, although WTC 7 was never even hit by an airplane or missile.

The name Solomon is often construed as a compound of “sol” (Sun) and “mon” (Moon), although that remains moot.  The dust of the plume was breathed in by New Yorkers so as to enact the Luciferian ritual of cannibalism.  The dust was nanoparticle-sized (one million times smaller than the diameter of a human hair, one hundredth the size of human red blood cells, or the equivalent size of human DNA).

According to John Lear, the particles had a uniform size of 80 microns, or the same particle size that directed-energy weapons deploy when pointed directly downward to perform molecular dissociation.

This uniform size of the plume’s dust-particles has always been a dead giveaway that only the London-NY-Axis could have given the order for the attacks in the first place.

After 11 September 2001, the London-NY-Axis expanded its ritual of cannibalism to vaccines that contain aborted fetal cells injected into the bloodstream of its “human livestock” and with the additive Senomyx (a “flavoring” that contains the fetal cells from aborted babies), an additive nowadays found in very many beverages, instant soups, teas, candies, skin creams, medicines and of course in most, if not all, vaccines.

When written in Roman numerals, 9-11 is rendered as IXXI

The Kabbalah’s Tree of Life is used in the Luciferian spiritual teachings of Freemasonry, the New Age and Gnosticism.  When the Tree of Life is laid on its side, it also displays IXXI, which is also known as the Sigil of Baphomet, the official insignia of the Church of Satan, as trademarked and copyrighted by the same temple.

The WTC Twin Towers were originally built to resemble the dark-occult Master Number 11 and were finally replaced by a Luciferian-Freemasonic obelisk on the WTC site, an obelisk made to symbolize the enslavement of humanity to the London-NY-Axis and Luciferian-Freemasonry. 

The direct inversion of language is a notorious trademark of Luciferianism, so it was no “coincidence” that this tower of Freemasonic enslavement was of course given the official title “Freedom” Tower …  Or what had you expected?

Many observers, including half-Jewish researcher James Perloff of Lexington MA, have fingered Rothschild-Zionist Mossad, Sayeret Matkal, as the lead perpetrator of the 11 September attacks, although this author believes that the green light for such attacks, for which the US military was made to stand down completely, could only have been given by the London-NY-Axis cabal or capstone itself (the English monarchy, the City of London, Wall Street and the House of Rothschild).

Indeed, Israel was only ever a mere pawn of London’s House of Rothschild. Everyone remembers “The Dancing Israelis” of NYC and the fact that, in 2010, Dr Alan Sabrosky, ex-director of studies at the US Army War College admitted:

“The US military knows that Mossad and traitorous elements in US government did 9-11.”

Many of these experts also point to the superb Wikispooks article “9-11 / ISRAEL DID IT”:

Many of these experts also point out that, by pure “coincidence”, the same Sigil of Baphomet, i.e. the Church of Satan insignia IXXI, is also encoded on the flag of Israel.  Exactly when the Star of David (or Star of Remphan) became an exclusively Jewish symbol is unclear, but the Zionist House of Rothschild may well have proposed a future flag for Israel at the First Zionist Congress held at the StadtCasino in Basel-Switzerland on 29-31 Aug 1897.

Image result for star of remphan kjv

Indeed, the 11 September 2001 attacks were a Luciferian ritual which the London-NY-Axis ordered its slave-licensed monopoly the mass media, to play over and over again so as to cast a colossal Crowleyite, Luciferian spell over the mass perceptions of the populace.

The Luciferian acolyte, Aleister Crowley stated:

“11 is the number of black magic(k) in itself and therefore suitable for all types of operation … the unsacred number of the new Eon, the Eon of Horus.”

When Freemasons and other Luciferians deploy their Master Number 11 to “put their signature on” the events of history, they are telling insiders and others interested that they have control over these events and that they are also working for their “prince,” Lucifer, in an occult network of iniquity.

If Freemasons were doing good, they would not need their elaborate system of secrecy.  Very many Luciferians knew the significance of the date 11 September 2001 very long in advance.

Some very-high-level Luciferians, such as Aleister Crowley, would have known its significance as early as the late 1800s.  Hollywood is home to myriads of Luciferians, and they are said to carry out their human-sacrifice rituals at two separate below-ground facilities there.

The 1985 movie “Back to the Future” is absolutely replete with references to “9-1-1”, as are many other “old” movies too.  Neo’s ID in the 1999 Matrix movie was made to expire on 11 September 2001.

In fact, the date 11 September 2001 was common knowledge among any and all Luciferians who knew their racket down to the last detail.  With this date in mind, eugenicist, Luciferian-Freemason and serial-child-rapist, Arthur C Clarke also named his notorious short-story after the year 2001, in which his narrative device most often referred to as “Something Wonderful Is About To Happen” in fact signified the final enslavement of humanity to the totalitarian “new” world order under the London-NY-Axis and Luciferian-Freemasonry.

In March 1967, Luciferian-Freemason, David Rockefeller, had himself photographed above the construction-site of the Twin Towers of the WTC, and had this photo slapped on the cover of Newsweek magazine-issue dated 3 April 1967.

In that 3 April 1967 cover photo, and yet again by pure “coincidence”, Rockefeller’s wristwatch “just happened to be” pointing to 9 and 11 in honor of “that great day, way back in the future” (with Rockefeller grinning deviously as was his habit).

By further pure “coincidence”, a short while later in early 1968, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) defined the USA’s emergency telephone-number as 911 (so as to establish in the US populace a highly effective NLP term for psychologically triggering the reaction “Dial 9-1-1 for War on Terra“).

The Boston Tea Party took place on 16 Dec 1773.   Later, on 19 April 1775, Freemasons launched the American “revolution” (in reality a coup d’état) from their lodge in Lexington MA.  Because hostilities had already begun earlier, there was no need whatsoever for official “truth” history books to commemorate the year 1776.   But the Freemasonic numerologists hit on the idea that 1776 was twice 888, where 8 stood for their Freemasonic Sun-god Lucifer (and for the Luciferian “new” world order too).

The date 4 July 1776 was chosen because, on that day, the Sun was conjoined with Sirius (Freemasonry’s “blazing star” on which their unsacred calendar is based). In a further sign that Freemasons have “A Sirius Disease,” the Sun was also conjoined with Sirius on4 July 1848 when the USA’s Freemasons laid the cornerstone of the Washington Monument, a ceremony that denoted George Washington’s apotheosis or elevation to the status of a “Freemasonic godhead”.

The width of the Washington Monument is 666 inches at base level and it has an above-ground height of 6660 inches or 555 feet. When 5 (microcosm) and 6 (macrocosm) come together, the occultists, Kabbalists and Luciferian-Freemasons call it an alchemical wedding of the hexagram and the pentagram.” 

Many such “weddings” can be found in the street plans of Washington DC, designed by top-Freemason Pierre Charles L’Enfant, and shown at www.DCStreetSorcery.Com.

They feature an inverted and deliberately-incomplete pentagram atop a cube within an unfinished pyramid having no capstone because the occult power-elite claim their totalitarian “new” world order will arrive when the capstone would figuratively be filled and fitted atop their “unfinished pyramid” (they think).

Back at the Washington Monument, we find that, by pure “coincidence”, this obelisk has an extra 20 percent or 111 feet below ground level, so its total height in stone is actually a much more “normal” 666 feet.

US citizens will be very relieved by that fact and by the fact that the Luciferian-Freemasonic pyramid on the back of their one-dollar bill has an angle of 66.6 degrees with respect to the horizontal.  What a relief, right?

Prior to roughly 2008, most Luciferian publications (e.g. those by the UN’s Lucis Trust, formerly Lucifer Publishing Company) featured the capstone missing, but thereafter hovering. With a hovering capstone, they may wish to intimate that their Antichrist is now abroad in the world.  Anecdotally, some Luciferians already hinted that their Antichrist (or else his “John the Baptist Counterpart” for preparing the way) would be in the line of Guy de Rothschild, who was the alleged true or biological father of future English monarch William V.

The so-called Devil’s Dozen, or the number 13, is another special number used in ceremonial black-magic, there being 13 witches or warlocks in a coven, and with occult-arcanum 13 standing for “Death”. 

Another dark-occult meaning of “Fourth of July” is that it occurs 13 days after the 21 June Summer Solstice.  Some say that 13 groups of Luciferian bloodlines rule the world.  Others say 13 is a Luciferian attempt to mock Jesus and His 12 Apostles, or else to mock the 13 Tribes of Israel (Asher, Benjamin, Dan, Gad, Issachar, Joseph’s son Ephraim, Joseph’s son Manasseh, Judah, Levi, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon, Zebulun, with the Tribe of Joseph interpreted here as two tribes).

In honor of 13, the USA was created with 13 colonies by the design of the Houses of Tudor, Stuart and Hanover, which all (particularly the House of Tudor) had very strong ties to witchcraft.

In honor of 13, the US flag (derived from that of the British East India Slave-Trading Company) also features 13 stripes.

In honor of 13, the Confederate States of America wanted 13 “blazing stars” on their flag but had to struggle hard to “find” 13 states. They started off with 7 secessionist states (South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas). Then 4 more states (Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia) seceded, to bring the total to 11.

But Missouri and Kentucky never seceded from the Union and were never, in fact, controlled by Confederate military forces!

Hence, the Confederacy effectively had to annex Missouri and Kentucky to make up their 13 states and 13 “blazing stars” because they so fervently coveted 13 for its occult, black-magic, witchcraft significance.

By pure “coincidence”, the Confederacy was backed by the House of Rothschild, whose plan got foiled by Russian Czar Alexander II and by Abraham Lincoln, ironically himself a scion of the House of Rothschild, a house he defied by keeping the union.

The London-NY-Axis “rewarded” this help by Russian Czar Alexander II by murdering the top elite of the House of Romanov on 17 July 1918 and then stealing the Czar’s gold.

Further pure “coincidences” include the US one-dollar bill having:

13 steps on the pyramid,

13 stars above the eagle,

13 arrows held by the eagle,

its shield having 13 vertical and 13 horizontal stripes,

and the olive branch having 13 leaves and 13 berries.

When Congress wants to signal to Luciferian-Freemasonic insiders that it intends to go to war, the Congressional Flag of the Great Seal is folded ceremonially to display the 13 arrows.

In rare cases, where Congress wants to signal its intention to seek peaceful solutions instead, the Great Seal flag will invariably be folded to display the olive branch.

The top-favorite number of Luciferian-Freemasons for Crowleyite black-magic operations of ceremonial magic is 11 (“the microcosm affects the macrocosm”), with occult-arcanum 11 standing for “Work with Fire.”

So they also selected the title “Apollo 11” for the main event of the Apollo Hoax, in the hope that more people would be duped into buying the bogus story more readily.

The only deadline for the Apollo 11 Turkey (there was in fact no “Eagle”) was that the “Moon” footage (of course shot completely in studios) be simulcast worldwide when Freemasonry’s “blazing star” Sirius would be at its zenith (yet more evidence of “A Sirius Disease”).

By pure “coincidence”, that took place at precisely 20:17 UTC on 20 July 1969 in the sign of Cancer, whose crab symbol is often drawn to resemble 69 (a “coincidence” that symbolized the year, you see).

By further pure “coincidence”, Armstrong’s main line in the screenplay contained 11 words: “That’s One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind,” a Luciferian-Freemasonic spell of persuasion containing an alchemical “wedding” of a six-word clause and a five-word clause.

Those who claim that was pure “coincidence” should recall how Crowley labored to make his own notorious Thelemic spell (“Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law”) contain precisely 11 words too.

Each five-pointed star on the USA’s flag also represents the “blazing star” of Luciferian-Freemasonry, and this in turn represents both the “star-child” Sirius, and the “one-eyed star-child” Horus (the one-eyed Eye-Of-Horus motif being the top-favorite one that Freemasonic and Crowleyite pop-stars love to flash at their enslaved fans).

Next, in order to pay homage to the dark-occult number 19.5, the USA’s Freemasons always swear in their new president on a Freemasonic Bible at exactly noon on the twentieth of January, when exactly 19.5 days of the year have elapsed.

But if 20 Jan falls on a Sunday, the chief-justice administers the oath privately to the president at noon on 20 Jan and then again publicly on 21 Jan (because it simply would not do to disrespect 19.5, which is the hour at which the term of each new president SHALL commence).

This tradition was initiated in 1937 by dark-occultist 33rd-degree-Luciferian-Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In another tribute to the number 19.5, Luciferian-Freemasonry launched the “Storming of the Bastille” on the 195th day of the year or 14 July 1789; with “truthful” Freemasonic “history” books written to interpret the “Storming of the Bastille” as the symbolic prelude and birth of the French “revolution” (which was in fact a Freemasonic coup d’état for outright slaughter merely disguised as a “revolution”).

So far, Bastille Day has remained the French national day, La Fête Nationale, although Catholic prophecy predicts that the White Lily, symbol of the French monarchy, will one day rule again supreme.  In fact, all major “revolutions” in the world were Luciferian-Freemasonic coups d’état (specifically those in England 1688, America 1773-83, France 1789-99 and Russia 1917).

A proper revolution could only take place if depraved Freemasons were removed from power, once and for all.  In July of each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a two-week encampment for some of the most prominent men in the world and it usually manages to include the 195th day of the year, and possibly some human-sacrifice too.

SRA survivor Jay Parker refers to the power-elite credo as “old religion” (or the worship of Moloch, Canaanite god of child sacrifice).

The occult significance of the 19.5 degree geometry is: 19.5 degrees north and south are those latitudes where the apex-points of a star-tetrahedron within a sphere will make contact with the sphere’s surface.

195 is also (5 x 39) or also (15 x 13).

Richard C. Hoagland, well-known science writer, (Freemasonically “tuned-in”) radio host and notorious antagonist of NASA, who doubles as their spokesman-in-chief for “limited hangouts,” cites many examples for his claim that the largest energy-upwelling on a planet will invariably take place at points 19.5 degrees north or south of its equator. And again, this may be true or else, by the “true colors” of Freemasonry, which absolutely adores inversion, it could be pure and utter fiction.

Luciferians believe in blood sacrifice to their Earth-goddess Gaia-Sophia and to their Sun-god Lucifer.  They rigidly follow the feast days of their irreligion and do so religiously. 

The London-NY-Axis ordered very many false-flag terror-attacks and blood-sacrifices centered on the number 11 (or multiples thereof, e.g. on the 11th or 22nd of a month) or near the 11th, 22nd, 33rd, 44th, 55th parallels etc. 

This is the Luciferian or Freemasonic signature on the events orchestrated by them, primarily to warn insiders to “keep keeping” the secrets entrusted to them, or else … This tradition goes back to black-magician John Dee (cryptonym 007) in the court of Elizabeth I (the first openly-Rosicrucian court) and is sometimes referred to as “The Revelation of the Method.”

It is notable that, in the Book of Job, Satan must regard his pre-agreed intentions as legally binding.   

Luciferians are known to almost always adhere to the legalisms whereby they warn clearly in advance of the evil they intend to do and whereby they leave their clear signature on events.

To reap a human soul for their “Prince”, they need that soul’s consent.

Of all places, this ambiguity is alluded to in a Rolling Stones song in which Mick Jagger puts the following words in Lucifer’s mouth:

“But What’s Puzzling You Is The Nature Of My Game.”

The point is that if Lucifer merely wanted to kill you, then you would have been dead long ago; in fact, Lucifer wants to reap your soul, which is a whole different ballgame.  And that is the ballgame his Freemasonic disciples on Earth are playing.

According to Luciferian “law”, when the power-elite give notice of a course of action, if the recipient does not formally object to it, then he or she has legally agreed.  With the latter mere tacit agreement, those who control the world claim they are doing so according to “the will of the people”.

For them, legal consent is by tacit agreement.  According to Luciferian doctrines of free agency, the power-elite must notify the people in advance but are not required to convince anyone.  That is also the reason for predictive-programming in movies and “tell-lie-vision.”

In any case, it is crucial to always “double-check the metadata” whenever a London-NY-Axis false-flag terror-attack gets reported by the licensed monopoly-media, such as the MI-5/Mossad attack on Manchester-England on 22 May 2017, another “fine” demonstration of the Luciferian-Freemasonic “master builder” number 22.

Masonic Numerology OF The JFK Assassination

The London-NY-Axis assassinated John Fitzgerald Kennedy near the 33rd parallel in Dallas TX on 22 November 1963 (where 33 is 3 x 11, where 22 plus 11 add to 33, their three “Master Numbers” being 11, 22 and 33).

The London-NY-Axis assassinated Robert Francis Kennedy near the 33rd parallel at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles CA on 6 June 1968 (666 = 6 month, 6th day, 1968 <1+9+6+8 = 24 = 2+4 = 6>).

The Armistice that “ended” WW1 (so as to prepare WW2 really) was contrived to begin at 11 AM Paris time on 11 November 1918.

On the night of 11 October 1944, the first atomic bomb in modern times was exploded by Germany’s NSDAP on the Baltic island of Rügen near the 55th parallel (5 x 11 = 55), the NSDAP high-command and Adolf Hitler having been agents of the London-NY-Axis whose task was to smash Germany on its behalf.

The Trinity Site, where US Freemasons exploded the second atomic bomb in modern times, is near the 33rd parallel (3 x 11 = 33).

Freemasonry’s openly declared archenemy has always been Traditional Catholicism.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki are both near the 33rd parallel. 

The highest concentration of Japanese Catholics was in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  The man who ordered the bombs dropped on them was DirtyHarry Truman, who was the USA’s 33rd president and who, in October 1945, got promoted from Freemasonry’s 32nd degree to its 33rd degree in gratitude for killing so many Catholics.

Hollywood and Tavistock set their 1942 propaganda movie, Casablanca, on the 33rd parallel to announce the imminent “turnaround” of WW 2 (in which the London-NY-Axis controlled both sides as usual) and the “comeback” of the Freemasonic powers (US, GB, RU, FR etc.) against the “enemies” they were secretly running as controlled-opposition (DE, IT, JP etc.).  In Casablanca, the Humphrey Bogart character (Rick Blaine”) embodies the doctrines of Freemasonry.

Along the 33rd parallel too, the Roswell Hoax was launched by the US Air Force and the Central Lack-Of-Intelligence Agency (CIA).  That psychological operation (psy-op) was designed to conjure the perception that “space-aliens” exist so as to spawn a new human nerd-class totally addicted to science-fiction and credulous enough to believe in “space travel”.  In reality, of course, the Roswell Hoax was just a huge CIA exercise in mind-programming or mind-control.

In Ireland, MI-5 ran both sides of the “Troubles” that ended with the timestamp 1968-98 to evince the impression of a rerun of the Thirty Years’ War.  Most of the terror attacks took place near the 55th parallel (5 x 11 = 55) with the Brutish Army massacring 11 civilians at Ballymurphy (9-11 August 1971) and then 13 civilians on Bloody Sunday 30 January 1972 (one died later), both close to the 55th parallel, in a desperate effort to escalate the conflict.

Luciferian-Freemasons also believe that their “prince” awards more “Brownie Points” for kill-counts of between 6 and 13.

Pope John Paul I was found dead in his bed shortly before dawn on 29 September 1978.  Pope John Paul I reigned from around 6.20 PM on 26 August 1978 until about 5.20 AM on 29 September 1978.  This was almost exactly 33 days and 11 hours.  Many say that Freemasons had a hand in his death.

Veterans Day or Remembrance Day (11 November) features a red poppy to commemorate all past opium wars (the poppy part) and blood-sacrifices to Lucifer (the red part) for the London-NY-Axis (such as the Somme, Gallipoli, Dieppe and many other sacrifices having no military justification whatsoever and hence no logic). The poppy flower also symbolizes the power-elite’s desire that the serfs must remain asleep and must never wake up, ever.

On 5 January 2007, the House of Representatives of the 110th Congress passed House Resolution 33 (3 x 11 = 33) for “recognizing the thousands of Freemasons in every state in the nation and honoring them for their many ‘contributions’ to the nation throughout its history.”

On 11 September 1973, Heinz-Alfred Kissinger (nickname “Henry,” and top London-NY-Axis crown-agent in the Americas) launched Operation Condor against South America from within his world Freemasonic super-lodge THREE EYES (founded by, and named for, Luciferians Heinz-Alfred Kissinger, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski).

It began with Chile’s coup d’état to depose democratically-elected Salvador Allende on 11 September 1973, and ended up slaughtering between 60,000 and 80,000 South Americans in total.

In honor of 11, the London-NY-Axis launched its tectonic nuclear-attack on Fukushima Daichi on 11 March 11.

CIA-insider John Lear gave Mossad (a Rothschild private army) the blame for the cyber-attack and for the deployment of the Stuxnet virus, claiming it was all “in retaliation for Japan selling hi-tech weaponry to Iran,” and revealing too that the faked “tsunami” was unidirectional and probably generated using a refitted WW 2 weapon.

The Luciferian lodge Skull & Bones honors the number 322 because it stands for the start of the Occult Season of Blood Sacrifice on 22 March (3rd month), a season lasting 40 days until 1 May (Mayday).

The last thirteen days of this special season are known as the “Satanic High Days,” the thirteen days from 19 April through 1 May (including “May Day)” when the London-NY-Axis is also known to greatly increase its false-flag war-of-terror attacks for stoking WW 3 (which it probably launched on 11 September 01).

Luciferians must perform ritual human sacrifice to their Earth-goddess Gaia-Sophia and to their Sun-god Lucifer. 

If they do not, they believe that the seasons will not occur properly (sic) and they will lose their power.  The Luciferian Skull & Bones lodge also calls itself “The Brotherhood of Death”. Mayday is called the midpoint of Spring, Bealtaine, Saint Walpurgis Night or Eve, and Sankt WalpurgisNacht.

By pure “coincidence”, in common with Luciferianism, all the socialist systems which the London-NY-Axis installed during the twentieth century “just happened to” share Mayday as their chief high-holiday of the year, i.e.:

a) International Socialism or Communism (installed by the London-NY-Axis in Russia on 7 November 1917);

b) National Socialism (installed by the London-NY-Axis in Germany on 30 January 1933);

c) Welfare Socialism (installed by the London-NY-Axis in the USA on 4 Mar 1933 with the accession of FDR, and in Britain on 22 Jan 1924 with the launch of the first regime run fully by the Luciferian Fabian-Socialist lodge);

d) Technocratic-corporate-socialism (being installed by the London-NY-Axis today worldwide, ever since Agenda 21 was adopted by the bribed and compromised “puppeticians” of 178 governments at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro on 13 June 1992. In 1966, CFR historian Carroll Quigley referred to the CEOs of top technocratic-socialist corporations as humanity’s New Feudal Overlords” in the scope of the coming “new” feudalist system of total enslavement under the London-NY-Axis).

Apart from 13 or 11, Luciferian-Freemasonry of course pays great homage to number 3 (like the crew headcount of a hoaxed Apollo “mission” to the “Moon”), with occult-arcanum 3 standing for “Divine Empress.”

In general, there can be said to be two distinct sets of numerology; Divine Numerology and the inverted mockery thereof that is Luciferian Numerology.

There are very many Freemasonic triads.

The First Freemasonic Trinity comprises the Sun, the Moon and “star-child” Sirius.

The Second Freemasonic Trinity comprises Osiris, Isis and “star-child” Horus. The Third Freemasonic Trinity comprises Me, Myself and I (and the central doctrine of Luciferian Social Darwinism does proclaim “kill or be killed”).

In Stanley Kubrick’s “2001; A Space Odyssey”, Dave Bowman (played by Keir Dullea) gets reborn as a Freemasonic “star-child” after seeing the movie’s third creepy monolith, each monolith standing for the alchemical “philosophers’ stone” and each proportioned 1:4:9 in honor of 1²:2²:3².

The three tests of a Luciferian are to kill and to show indifference to death; to burn and to enjoy destroying by fire; and to be cruel and to show cruelty (see also genocidal air forces, WW1, WW2, Iraq wars etc.).

On 26 April 1986, in honor of the three, the London-NY-Axis launched its sabotage attack on the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Chernobyl at precisely 1:23 AM local time; and by pure “coincidence”, a US satellite “just happened to be” on the proper orbit above the fourth block at the very time it needed to be in order to take its highly media-effective photos of the melted-down reactor.

Colonel Baranov (deputy chief-of-staff for special-zone forces in Chernobyl in 1986) confirmed that the Chernobyl power plant had indeed been blown up deliberately.

Yet again, this coincided too with “Satanic High Days”, the thirteen days from 19 April until 1 May (with Mayday included) being a special time of blood-sacrifice by Luciferians to their Earth-goddess Gaia-Sophia and to their Sun-god Lucifer.


For over a century, Luciferianism and Luciferian numerology have pervaded both children’s literature and general fiction. 

For instance, J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series starts when the central character is 11 years of age

An emblematic convention in esoteric circles is for magicians to bear codified titles featuring an alchemical “wedding” between their first and second names. This means they feature 5 letters in their first name and 6 letters in their second name, or else vice versa (namely 6 letters in their first name and 5 letters in their second name). Very many magician characters were encoded with alchemical-magician names, including: HARRY POTTER (5,6), DRACO MALFOY (5,6), MICKEY MOUSE (6,5) and CARRIE WHITE (6,5). Ex-Vatican-chief-exorcist Gabriel Amorth warned that Harry Potter is openly deploying real and efficacious black-magic spells. The alchemist or “chemical magician” in Vince Gilligan’s TV series “Breaking Bad” is WALTER WHITE (6,5), again encoded with an alchemical-magician name. By pure “coincidence”, when Vince Gilligan co-wrote the pilot episode of “The Lone Gunmen”, that aired on 4 Mar 2001, he “predicted” almost exactly the “official-truth story line” for the London-NY-Axis attacks on NYC six months later on 11 September 2001, citing the real reason as the war-economy demanding a new bogeyman to replace communism after the London-NY-Axis had decided to bring its wholly-staged “cold war” to a close. Other magician and magician-like characters encoded with alchemical-magician names included BILLY SHEARS (5,6) of Sgt Peppers to commemorate William Shepherd replacing Paul McCartney after his death in late 1966, EMMETT BROWN (6,5) the alchemical inventor in the movie “Back To The Future”, and a plethora of stage-magicians who include DAVID BLAINE (5,6), DERREN BROWN (6,5), FRANZ HARARY (5,6), LANCE BURTON (5,6), HARRY JANSEN (5,6), HARRY KELLAR (5,6), and possibly DAVID COPPER-FIELD (5,6,5) at least obliquely.

These frequent 5 + 6 = 11 sequences are a convention among magicians and are thus very unlikely to be down to mere “coincidence”.

One real political “magician” of the twentieth century was a London-NY-Axis-Agent having the stage-name ADOLF HITLER (5,6), whom Austrian chancellor Engelbert Dolfuss proved to be a quarter-Jewish scion of the House of Rothschild.

Adolf succeeded in his task of smashing Germany on behalf of his London-NY-Axis bosses, who rewarded him with his freedom after WW2 until his death in the 1960s.  Once Germany was completely enslaved to the London-NY-Axis, it was allowed to start an economic “wonder” for the new owners of its entire industrial base, who were of course the London-NY-Axis.

Even Saint Patrick’s Day may have occult ties.  Many say the Egyptians brought Christianity to Ireland in the first and second centuries and that the term “scoti” or “scotti” had clear Egyptian connections and was applied by late Roman writers to Irish, Scottish and Manx Gaels.

Some say the “scoti” or “scotti” were a Scythian tribe who had moved from southern Russia, to Egypt, to Iberia and later founded Ireland and Scotland.

Saint Patrick’s Day was not made an official Christian feast-day until the early 1600s and its date (17 March) was chosen because 17 March had allegedly been “traditionally marked as the date on which Saint Patrick died.”

Numbers Behaving Badly 8; Ireland's Coat Of Arms.png

Furthermore, Ireland’s coat of arms features a gold harp with fourteen silver strings on a deep blue background. News reports following Ireland’s independence described the blue as “Saint Patrick’s Blue”. Indeed, for many centuries, Saint Patrick was in fact associated mostly with various shades of Blue, not Green.

So who revised Ireland’s national color to green?

And who insisted on Saint Patrick’s Day being dated to 17 March? 

Whom might you guess?

According to Greek historian and philosopher Plutarch (46-120 AD), Osiris died on the seventeenth day of the third month, which in Ancient Egyptian lore was Hathor or Athyr (having been murdered by his twin brother Seth in the 28th year of his reign).

Osiris is Freemasonry’s lord of the dead, he is known as “The Green Man” and his green skin symbolizes rebirth.

Thus, Ireland’s revised national color, “The Green Man,” and all that green beer may well be nothing more than occult contrivances originally created by Luciferian-Freemasonry to honor Osiris, a special key figure of its lore.

Freemasons get their kicks out of feeding contrived myths to the unaware, “profane” masses and making them swallow any color of herring they please, like a bunch of docile, amenable “barking seals”. That just helps them feel oh-so superior to the same unaware, “profane” masses.

 Furthermore, feeding the masses pure trash for knowledge is one of the most potent control mechanisms in the power-elite’s arsenal because it makes it so easy for them to subtly disempower their “rank-and-file foot soldiers”, all the better to totally mislead them. If your knowledge is pure trash, you may be in a state of acute disempowerment; so waking up might be the very best favor you could do yourself right now.


There are some genuine numerical coincidences in the world, e.g. 24 hours in a day and 24 cokes in a case !!!

But, now that you know that Freemasons encode most major events with numerology, do you still believe that the junk “science” they feed to the masses is genuine?

Indeed, at some point, the only logical or reasonable question worth posing is whether Freemasons, who absolutely riddle the major events they control with goofy numerology to honor their “Prince,” Lucifer, or their blazing star Sirius, or their Master Numbers, or their Devil’s Dozen, would even consider leaving the “official” “truth” of “science” untouched by the very same obsession for numerological symbolism?

Why on Earth would they mess with one but not with the other?

Furthermore, how do we push for proper verification of Luciferian-Freemasonry’s “official” “scientific” “truth”?

How about a lawsuit to compel the British Freemasonic “royal” “scientific” society to actually prove some of its fanciful assertions scientifically instead of merely decreeing them out of thin air?

Or just how much of all this “official” junk-“science” do you still actually believe?

Oh and, by the way, the power-elite do not care one iota whether you even believe in numerology, or in astrology, or even in the existence of their “prince,” Lucifer.

The only thing that seems to matter is that they believe in these things and intend to carry on practicing their irreligion regardless of what you think.

Patrick O’Carroll

Bern, Switzerland

May 10th, 2019


<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


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