Dear Neighbors: Smart Meters are Dangerous, Can Cause Fires & Adversely Affect Your Health … WE can Opt-OUT!

Dear Neighbors:
Smart Meters are Dangerous because they can cause fires & adversely affect your health, well-being.  WE can Opt-OUT!  Time is limited, please read the following facts immediately.
A few weeks ago, large postcards were sent to our building from Con Edison announcing that Smart Meters would be coming to our building soon.
This is the time to research and act quickly.  Below is information on this issue.  After a great deal of study, I have concluded that it would be a very wise action to delay the installation of Smart Meters in our building.  This can be done easily because there is a grace period to OPT OUT for at least six weeks after that post card is sent.  The more people that participate the better, to ensure the health and safety of the people in the building.
Following is some of the information that may be helpful for you to know.  Please feel free to ask any further questions.
Purported Reasons for the Smart Meters:
1. Con Edison and other power companies would like to be able to read the gas and electric meters remotely and eliminate the jobs of the meter readers.
2. The Power Companies claim that the current analog meters are not as accurate as the new technology and that therefore they are losing money.
3.  Con Edison has received a tremendous sum of money (perhaps as much as two billion dollars) of Federal stimulus money to change the meters as part of a national and worldwide effort by multinational interests to create “smart cities,” a smart grid and a society run by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the name of “energy efficiency.”  If Con Edison does not complete the installation by the due date they must return the money.  Con Edison started this process in New York City in 2017 and plans to complete by 2022.
4.  Power companies state that it will be a benefit to people to be able to know their energy usage from moment to moment .  They also would like to  communicate digitally to their customers in emergencies; and to monitor and
even to have control of our energy usage, as they deem necessary. 
Saskatchewan plans to remove all 105,000 of its smart meters and replace them with traditional units.

Smart meters linked to 13 fires in Ontario, Fire Marshal says


The Central Issues

Good Reasons for Public Concern about Smart Meters:
1. Power companies do not explain that “smart meters” represent a new technology that has not been tested adequately for concomitant health hazards.  Smart Meters  employ more than one kind of radiation to function, and concentrate that radiation in an unprecedented manner.
They operate employing continuous pulsing microwave radiation, reading and sending thousands of times per day incessantly, and are able to read information from other smart devices in the home (a privacy concern); and they connect with other smart meters in the area, creating a radiation grid.
Smart Meters utilize cellphone tower technology at present and will be part of the proposed global 5G Network that is also being promoted.
Unless people and their representatives become more active in preventing it, dangers emanating from the kinds of radiation that will be employed are well- established in the scientific literature.
However, Con Edison will say that the radiation usage is similar to a cell phone, but that is a statement that needs a lot more details as to the context of it.  Also, there have been a great many reports of immediate and severe negative health effects experienced by people in close proximity to the meters, especially the electric ones.   Court cases are in process across the country and many counties have won the fight with their power companies and can now declare that they are smart meter free.
2.  Most of the time, Con Edison will send subcontractors that they hire and different ones to change the gas and the electric meters.  This may help to insure that they can avoid litigation (that often follows smart meter installation).  There have also been concerns expressed by many as to the professionalism of the installers.
3. The so-called “smart meters,” like many other products, are made in foreign countries with different methods and different standards.  The high safety standards for US products, most notably the UL standard, is not present on many smart meters.
Also, actions were taken to lower the standards to facilitate the smart meter rollout.  The most common complaint re the smart meters is spontaneous combustion as parts burn sometimes after only one years time.  This seems to be due to lack of surge protection, lack of grounding and other issues in re to how they are made and designed to function.
4. Other safety concerns that have not been adequately addressed as of yet involves the risk of explosion due to the interaction between radiation based technology and gas in certain concentrations such as in contained gas emergencies.  This is especially important in buildings that have gas boilers, as ours does now, close to the large banks of meters.
Also, the electric meters operate with a battery actively utilizing electricity and the static electricity this generates can also lead to explosions in certain “gas leak ” situations.  The meters are not designed to detect and/or automatically shut down in the presence of unsafe concentrations of gas. And they cannot be shut-off remotely by Con Edison during a gas (or other) emergency.
Related image

Mokena,IL Natural Gas Meter Rupture Fire/House Fire

5.  Con Edison has petitioned the state for a $9.95 per month charge for those who opt out of smart meter installation (imposition is a better word.
Con Edison will not explain to customers that this is because the cost of energy with the smart meters will be higher and not close to that same amount.
Instead Con Edison is trying to make that added cost a deterrent.
However, the legality of this is being questioned by some of our good state lawmakers and the Public Utility Law Project.
They also plan to charge close to $200 dollars to remove smart meters after they have been installed and return the analog meters, which are still working well, safely and on passive systems after decades.
6. It is not that easy to find information about this issue.  Over the past few months, I contacted the offices of our elected officials at the city, state and federal levels and staff members knew nothing of these issues.  Our newspapers and radio and television stations have hardly mentioned this radical change that is stealthily occurring in our city. 
You can Google some websites with helpful information like Stop Smart Meters NY, and Smart Meters Harm.   There is an excellent documentary on YouTube produced by Josh Del Sol called Take Back Your Power, available at some sites free of charge.  One can also look up the work of William Bathgate and find some good presentations.  And a few independent, internet based radio programs have had excellent broadcasts and archives may be accessed.  Also, some other individuals on social media or You Tube channels can be helpful.
7. In only certain buildings, like ours, individuals alone have been given the right to opt out of smart meters.  The process requires a little work but it may well be worth the effort.  Con Edison will try to discourage you along the way but they will do what is right in the end.

You can only do this by phone call to Con Ed to start.  The number especially for this opting out is: 800-576-2005.

You do not have to give them reasons though they will ask.

They will then give you options for completing a simple form.  However, when you send it back to them, make sure you have proof of it.  They may follow up with a phone call.  If they do not, it is good to call and make sure everything has gone through completely.
If enough people do this, they may set aside our building as long as possible or at least until the concerns regarding the technology have been adequately addressed.  Please share this information with your friends and others who may be able to help with a large scale New York City effort.
Image result for smart meter fires


Robert D, Morningstar
New York City

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