“Put Aside Your Fears about President Trump” – A Reality Check from Doc Vega

Trump to the World

“Put Aside Your Fears about President Trump”

A Reality Check

By Doc Vega

(Copyright 2020, Doc Vega -All Rights Reserved)
<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


For decades Americans had a faith in the US federal government that allowed them to go about their lives working hard to make a living and then enjoy the fruits of their hard earned efforts.

They watched their ballgames, drank their beer, watched their reality shows and settled into an uneventful existence. They were manipulated into being livestock who bought what they were convinced to buy, they allowed themselves to be overtaxed to the point of paying more to the multi-layered system of taxation on the local, county, state, and federal levels than any other nation on the face of the earth. They slept under the false reassurances of politicians who did nothing more than preserve the status quo and enrich themselves while in office, and often that time in office was measured in several terms and several decades!

Plundering the fools

The US media with no opposing voices of reason sowed the seeds of mindless existence and superficial consumption while leading people into a wasteland of disingenuous lies and down the path of collectivism. The cattle were content, the sheep were corralled, and the intellectually awakened were too few, too unfunded, and too obstructed by the powers that be to bring about much needed change or at least to awaken the sleeping fools to their own God given rights.


Much as the Morlocks, the underground dwellers, of H.G. Wells “The Time Machine” who now raised their topside brethren as oblivious livestock to be fattened and then butchered for consumption, the US Deep State worked in consort with the complicit foreign influenced media to mesmerize people with false idol worship. Making whore mongering drug crazed athletes into role models, making socialist leaders who had murdered millions into icons, and portraying our founding fathers as rich land owning oppressors who had little or no stake in opposing Kind George and his royal empire in a war for independence.

Those with No Soul

The warlords of the world, the megalomaniacs who could profit from defense spending and profiteering off bloodshed, using brainwashing ideology that convinced men to die for questionable causes was the machinery of worldwide conflict that funded the vicious circle. Class warfare, Communist slogans, breeding envy, breeding hatred, breeding racial unrest, to keep the fires burning that run a chaotic world controlled by fear, fake news, banks with no allegiance to anyone, and the political rock stars who said what the sheep wanted to hear while doing nothing to advance individual freedom helped to lobotomize the masses and keep them content in an eroding social climate.

Schumer 7 Peosi- Ginsberg

Few came along who really made a conscientious effort to change the world for the good. There was too much money in getting paid off or maybe being assassinated if they became too much of a nuisance just for doing the right thing!

Creating a Public Enemy

When Donald Trump, the real estate billionaire, came onto the scene and announced his intention of running for the presidency he was immediately transformed by the media, by Hollywood, and by Capitol Hill, from being a beloved celebrity who demanded sound business management to a hated symbol of a playboy who did not deserve the wealth he had earned!

In reality, Trump, an outsider, a businessman who knew how to make an enterprise work cutting costs and delivering a project in record time, was the very thing the Washington DC establishment loathed! In an ivory palace existence far removed from the concerns and problems of the masses the last thing these lying politicians wanted to contend with was an independently wealthy individual who did not need the money that these pencil necks had robbed the taxpayer of. When any agency on Capitol Hill told you that could not run on the sound principles of fiscal responsibility because they were the government, not a firm that had to be competitive, cost effective, and innovative!

No! The government was a monopoly who answered to no one, not even the people who were supposed to have been served, the taxpayer, the citizen who thought that the government actually cared!

The Epiphany

The truth was that the government only cared to perpetuate itself, to enrich its own, to spend without conscience or accountability!

First, there was the Establishment, the visible entity that interfaced with the people who did not see the second layer pulling the string, the Deep State, the entrenched bureaucrats, unelected, appointed, and answering to no one!

Last and not least, was The Shadow Government, the ones with the black budgets that were never made public, were funded with trillions that were lost as reported casually by the media, yet who were feared, had unstoppable power, could not be easily identified, if at all, and who originated the insane destructive policies that the puppets holding office would take the heat for, making up their convoluted and party sponsored rhetoric!

The Hated Liberator

Then came Trump …The fly in the ointment who should not have been elected in the first place!

The one who Hillary fearfully informed her corrupt colleagues that if Trump was elected they would all be hanged!

This was the man of the people who had not been represented by an out of control government for way too long!

The people who had been swindled by the DC gravy train.  The people who had watched government fiscal policy under such presidents as Carter, Clinton, and Obama carve away at the prosperity of the US citizen treating them like the hypnotized livestock they had become: The people who watched the special interests of minorities, wards of the state, illegal aliens, refugees who hated America, funded by an ever growing deficit of unfunded liabilities that nothing was being done about!

The Beast That DC fears

President Trump was despised as the threat that he was/is to the power structure of the state that sought to strip away the last remaining rights the people had left!


Though not a conservative himself, Trump now in office made the decisions and delivered on promises he had made while running for office because he was beholden to no one!

Just as his wife Melania once said, “if you hit him he will hit back three times as hard,” and she was right.

Melting the illusion

No President in US history had ever taken so much verbal abuse, false accusations, and faced such heavily funded obstruction.

From hired violent demonstrators to ambush journalism, to a well-orchestrated campaign of administrative coup by a Democrat Party that was guilty of the very crimes they accused President Trump of committing only to be defeated by the truth and exposed for the tyrants they really were.

leftist Radical professor

Having devoted themselves to unseating Trump at any cost, the Democrats ceased to be a viable political entity as they self-destructed in front of the American people.

In this respect, America has changed forever because a good percentage of the sheep(le) were finally looking up, opening their ears, and seeing through the mirage that Washing DC had projected on the screen in order to keep them docile and controlled.

Vindman Bros

The Resistance

There was only one problem now.

That was The Deep State, and their puppet-masters lurking in the shadows who would use every dirty tactic they could to destroy this threat that had come to their doorstep and actually dared to expose them, to question their corruption, and to force the system to work as our Christian Founding Fathers had originally intended.

And, in doing this, President Trump posed an existential threat to the conveyor belt of profiteering that the Democrats and go -along get-along Republicans had conducted like a side show at a circus for much too long.

Dissolving the Impediments

Oh yes, they were going to used Obama appointee officials and lower court judges to rule against measures that President Trump was taking to defend the border, to encourage more employment, to see that pro-American energy policies unleashed America from being held hostage by foreign fossil energy production, as opposed to Obama who refused, President Trump allowed the Keystone Pipeline to continue to completion and begin distributing oil on those sections already constructed.

Even allowing a tax break for Americans who needed a break in the face of lies by Nancy Pelosi who lied into the news cameras saying the money coming back to US citizens was too small to make a difference, instead, a wave of economic recovery arose just as it had under President Ronald Reagan’s

The Remedy of Leadership

As opposed to the unpatriotic, Communist brain-washed snowflakes who shouted down conservative women speaking on their campuses, lazy dope-smoking plodders who would rather that the previous political climate remained unchanged.

Or the well-kept Leftist products of the Ivy League fraternity or west coast class of radicalized entrenched ideologues who would stupidly contribute to the destruction of the very system that allowed them to either glide through, or to acquire their profession,

President Trump called for an old school resurrection of ideals and sound business principles that allowed society to be self-sufficient without the hooks of big government buried in their flesh, interfering in every facet of their lives, choking private industry to death with unnecessary regulations and taxes.

Trump thubs up

And it worked…

But Just Remember what they did to Jesus!

Doc Vega

New Mexico, USA

March 5th, 2020


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