By Marilyn Martin

(Copyright 2020, Marilyn Martin – All Rights Reserved)
<Edited By RDM>


My grandmother always said that as a small child, I would walk up to anyone, anyone at all, l didn’t know a stranger, to ask a question or say something.


I still do that.  If I truly admire something, I just tell the person “I really like your shirt, or ring…” or whatever.  But when I do so, I must time it to leave immediately.  I don’t want hear how their great Aunt Matilda gave it to them twenty years ago for Christmas, or anything more.  Exit strategy, timing and discretion are crucial.  ‘Hit softly’ and run is the best way.
One of the most memorable encounters was with a young woman who had passed me on the street.
It was a warm summer Sunday morning.  She was, in the argot of those days, drop-dead gorgeous. the kind of upper class ‘chick’ who should be on the cover of Town and Country magazine .   
I overcame logic and discretion, passing her by, and turning around to say:
“You look amazing.” 
I mean it was bloody obvious to anyone with eyes, man or woman.  
Her response was:
Naturally, I said:
“Yes. You look fabulous, a ‘knock out’!”  
With a kind tone, she replied:
” You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.
I think she was going to see a boyfriend who had just jilted her.  Her whole demeanor changed instantly .  Her feelings seemed to change to … “I’m hot stuff and you’re an idiot.” Of course, meaning the ex-boyfriend I assumed, not me.
Another really fun experience came in front of Macy’s at 34th & Broadway on a sweltering, hot day.  Some young men were working out on wooden barriers that had been left on the sidewalk.
Buff Builders
There they were, stripped down to their shoes and workout shorts.  No shirts. Just Glorious.  As the bus was approaching, I went over.  I announced boldly that I had taken a survey of New York women, and it had been decided that they could not wear shirts again until it snowed.
At first their faces were puzzled, thinking this woman is going to rank on us.  When they ‘got it,’ they chuckled, then laughed and thanked me.
Tinker Bell' shadow
As I embark on each day, I endeavor to litter the landscape with fairy dust, like Tinker Bell on steroids.
Marilyn Martin
Gotham City, USA
April 18th, 2020

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