“Communion on The Moon”: The Right Stuff Radio Progam Premiered July 20, 2020 – 51st Anniversary of Apollo 11’s Landing on the Moon

Apollo 11 On Final Approach to Landing Site in The Sea of Tranquility

On July 20th, 2020, a nationwide audience joined with Pilot-Host, Robert Morningstar and his co-hosts, Co-pilot Scott Teeters, Navigator-Illustrator Andrew Currie, and Simulator Pilot Johny Webb with guests, Dr Bruce Cornet & researcher Roy Schaeffer for the 1st flight of The Right Stuff Radio Program premiering that night on Revolution Radio.

The purpose of the radio program was to begin a series of programs chronicling the history of the Apollo Space Program that put America on the Moon beginning with the landing of Apollo 11 in the Sea of Tranquility on that date, the night of July 20th, 51 years before.

Furthermore, the purpose of this E-book, Communion on the Moon, is to record for history, America’s secret reasons for going to the Moon and why NASA chose not to go back to Moon for more than 50 years.

Robert D. Morningstar

Investigative Journalist

The Morningstar Report


First Question:

Why Did America Go to The Moon?

President John F. Kennedy’s call for America to embark on an arduous and dangerous journey to reach the Moon had both scientific reasons given publicly, as well as very serious national security reasons underlying the project, which have been kept secret well into the 21st Century.

As the reader will see, there were both geopolitical terrestrial reasons, as well as exopolitical extraterrestrial reasons that posed an urgent need to reach the Moon before the Soviet Union did so.

President John F Kennedy & General Lemay Watch Missile Launch at Vandenberg AFB

President John F. Kennedy’s call for America to embark on an arduous and dangerous journey to reach the Moon had both scientific reasons given publicly, as well as very serious national security reasons underlying the project, which have been kept secret well into teh 21st Century.

As the reader will see, there were both geopolitical terrestrial reasons, as well as exopolitical extraterrestrial reasons that posed a urgent need to reach the Moon before the Soviet Union did so.

President Kennedy and his administration felt strongly (and correctly) that if Russia were to reach the Moon before the US did, it would be a signal to the world that Communism would and should be viewed by the world to be scientifically, economically and ideologically superior to Capitalism and Western culture.

However, there was, hidden behind the scenes from public view or knowledge an urgent national security imperative and need toget to the Moon, and that reson was the knowledge that an Extraterrestrial presence was operating on the Moon and that an “Unknown Power,” not necessarily human in nature, was making and had been making regular incursions into our national air space (and around the globe) for many decades.

Most disturbing of all was, it would seem, these UFO incusions were intended to deceive humanity and it leaders so as to frighten or trick the US and Russia into engaging militarily to trigger an “accidental” nuclear war with each other.

Although dressed and couched as a major thrust for the advancement of science through space exloration, the Apollo Moon missions were all in fact, top secret spy missions, sent loft to determine the real nature and true purpose behind Alien activities being observed (for years) across the surface, and more importantly, over and behind the Moon.

No one really knew what dangers lurked behind “The Dark Side of the Moon,” but both the US and the Soviet Union were compelled to find out in order to secure their national survival.

Those alien activities were secretly classified and categorized by NASA for many years as TLPs, or Transient Lunar Phenomena.

One of NASA’s “Moon Pigeons” Passing Beneath an Apollo Spacecraft over the Moon

One of NASA’s favorite ploys to maintain secrecy is to use code words and euphemisms for UFO activities observed over the Moon was to call them “Moon Pdgeons, ” and in other instances, such as those UFOs seen by Apollo 8 during their journey to the Moon at Christmastime 1968, was to refer to UFOs encountered by the crew of Apollo 8 as “Santa Claus.”

John F. Kennedy’s “We Choose to Go to the Moon” Speech – June 10th, 1962

And so it began


And still it continues.

Communion on The Moon was the first radio and video production by The Morningstar Report and The Right Stuff Radio Program, which began broadcasting on the night of the 20th July 2020 to commemorate and celebrate the 51st anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mooon Landing.

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Armstrong On the Moon – Sea of Tranquility
Neil Armstrong’s statement at the White House on the 25th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s Landing On the Moon – July 20, 1994.

On July 20th, 2020, Americans joined with Pilot-Host Robert Morningstar and his cadre of co-hosts, Co-Pilot Scott Teeters, Navigator-Illustrator Andrew Currie & Simulator Pilot Johnny Webb to celebrate Apollo 11’s lunar landing with a Communion on the Moon,” onthe very first episode of The Right Stuff Radio Show, whichairs LIVE each Monday night between 10 pm & 12 pm Eastern on Revolution Radio’s Studio B @ www.Revolution.Radio

To think is To Create; Imagination Becomes Reality

Tonight we celebrate seeing JFK’s Imagination and his “Dream” become actual reality. JFK’s “dream”was “to land a man on the Moon and to return him safely to the Earth.”

That dream became reality for all Americans on July 20th, 1969.

In this series of radio shows and video productions, Morningstar & company celebrate the wonderful achievements of Project Apollo, as we honor the lives of those who made it happen, namely, Project Apollo, astronauts, engineers, technicians, management, who, in fact, enlisted all Americans nation to think and aspire as One Nation with one Goal, wich was to reach the Moon before the Soviet Union and so to prove to the entire world that human freedom under capitalism was superior to slavery under Communism in all ways, ethically, morally, scientifically, economically and ideologically..

Armstrong on the Moon

Neil Armstrong on the Moon – Photo Remastered from several film frames

Robert Morningstar’s special guests for this commemorative lunar history program were Dr. Bruce Cornet (Phd./Ms.), author of “Unusual Aerial Phenomena in the Hudson and Walkill Valleys.”

Also on hand to remember the Apollo 11 Landing was guest speaker, Roy Schaeffer

JFK Researcher & Author – Roy Schaeffer

Roy Schaeffer is a nationally renowned JFK Assassination expert, lunar researcher and long-time student of NASA history. Roy will be on hand to recall how he first heard about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

On July 20th, 2021, Robert, Roy and company recounted their stories and memories, recalling their personal recollections and experiences during the Apollo 11 landing as it happened exactly 51 years before.

Robert Morningstar called out to all Americans and citizens of the World:

Let us always remember and celebrate America’s Moon Landing on July 20, 1969.

Dr. Bruce Cornet (Phd)

About Dr. Bruce Cornet

Bruce Cornet received a B.A. degree (1970) in biology from the University of Connecticut, a Masters degree (1972) in paleobotany from that same university, and graduated from Penn State in 1977 with a Ph.D. in geology and palynology (the study of fossil spores and pollen, used to age date rocks).

Bruce spent 11 years in the oil industry (1977-1988), working for Gulf Research & Development, Exxon USA, Mobil Oil Corporation, and Superior Oil Company, all in Houston, TX. Between 1981 and 1982 he ran his own independent exploration company (Geminoil, Inc.), which drilled for and found oil in eastern Virginia.

Between 1988 and 1993 he held a research position at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (part of Columbia University). He is profiled on ResearchGate, and has published many scientific Articles (28), Books (1), Chapters (3), Conference Papers (2), Theses (2), Technical Reports (4), Research (2), Experiment Findings (1), and Presentations (6). All total (49).

Dr. Charles Kos created these videos based on my data that I received from Richard Hoagland when he lived in New Jrsey and we were working together in 1994 and 1995.

Was There Water on the Moon? A Video by Dr Bruce Cornet & Dr. Charles Kos

Dr. Bruce Cornet taught classroom geology and botany, and an online geology course for theRaritan Valley Community College in New Jersey for seven years (2002-2008). He also taught physical and historical geology for the El Paso Community College in Texas, and for theDona Ana Community College, a branch of New Mexico State University. Now retired, he has been writing books and continuing his research into UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and Alien Abductions.

His book, Unusual Aerial Phenomena in the Hudson and Walkill Valleys,” is based on eleven years of field research (1992-2003) in the Wallkill River Valley of New York State, which involved the photographing and videotaping of as many as 140 unconventional craft (ETVs and ARVs), many of which put on deliberate performances for Cornet’s cameras (time exposures or photographic canvasses) and videos.

The images reveal previously unknown electromagnetic, plasma, and gravity-altering propertiesfor any declassified or disclosed human-built aircraft.


Who is Building Structures on the Moon?

with Robert Haber

The Apollo 11 Astronauts

Apollo 11 Crew: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz Aldrin
Apollo 11 On Final Approach to Landing Site in The Sea of Tranquility


Join with us now, via the 2019 film reenactment “From Earth to the Moon” depicting the Apollo 11 Landing and to relive a secret Christo-Masonic ritual that took place on the Moon on the night of July 20th, 1969 more than half a century ago, when Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin conducted their “Communion on the Moon”.

From Earth to the Moon”

Click the link below to see

A Reenactment of Armstrong & Aldrin’s Christo-Masonic Mass on the Moon



A Special Feature

The UFO Spotlight on…

Andrew Currie’s

Lunar Adventures

Chapter 1

To be continued …

Robert D. Morningstar

New York City

July 20th, 2020

Communion on the Moon

<Continued >

“Communion on The Moon” takes its name form a little known event, recounted by Buzz Aldrin in his book “Return from the Moon.” Aldrin relates his account of a special event that occurred on the Moon in July of 1969 when he and Neil Armstrong conducted a religious ritual in secret on the surface of the Moon. Armstrong and Aldrin conducted a Mass, consecrated with Holy Communion, giving thanks to God and Divine Providence for conducting them safely, carrying with them, the hopes and prayers of the people of the United States of America to arrive at a safe landing on the surface of the Moon, thereby, becoming th first human beings in recored history to walk on the suface of the Moon.

This rite had to be conducted privately and in secret because of an uproar and legal wranglings in US Courts created by atheists in December of 1968 when Apollo 8 circumnavigated the Moon and on Christmas Eve of 1968 televised a LIVE transmission as they circmnavigated the Moon from the nightside into day and read the opening chapter of Genesis. America and the world were thrilled and transfixed as the Apollo 8 spacecraft broke out of a pitch black night into the glorious and blinding sunlight of an orbital sunrise over the Moon, listening as the 3 Apollo 8 astronauts, Frank Borman, James Lovell and Bill Anders recited the opening verses of Genesis for billions of people around the world to hear on Christmas Eve. December 24th, 1968.


Bill Anders
“We are now approaching lunar sunrise, and for all the people back on Earth, the crew of Apollo 8 has a message that we would like to send to you.

‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.[5]

Jim Lovell

And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.[5]

Frank Borman

And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.
And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.’

And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas 

– and God bless all of you, all of you on the good Earth.” [5]

Lawsuit brought by American Atheists

Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founder of American Atheists, responded by suing the United States government, alleging violations of the First Amendment.[6] The suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas. It was submitted to a three-judge panel, which concluded that the case was not a three-judge matter, and dismissed the case for failure to state a cause of action.[7] The direct appeal to the Supreme Court was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.[8] Another appeal was heard before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which affirmed the trial court’s dismissal per curiam.[9] The Supreme Court declined to review the case.[10]


The page of the flight plan with the Genesis passage is on display at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, on loan from Lovell.[11] In 2018 it was displayed in the National Cathedral in Washington, DC for the fiftieth anniversary of the flight.[11]


Part 2

The Secret Mission of Apollo 12

The Apollo 12 crew of Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon and Alan Bean 

The Flight of White Lightning

Apollo 12 Liftoff:

Riding The Thunderbolts of God

The Strange Case of Luna Cognita

Apollo Misision Censorship Still in Effect 50 years later

The Video above has been censored and removed by YouTube

Apollo 12 Filmed UFOs Over the Moon

For many years, Luna Cognita was one of our favorite YouTube Channels. We enjoy and admire its anonymous moderator for the high quality of his research into Apollo Project Moon Missions and lunar studies.

In May 2014, Luna Cognita exposed his discovery of a secret Apollo 15 mission that was conducted immediately after landing and was kept secre until the 2014. Luna Cognita produced a documentary, posted openly on YouTube, entitled “APOLLO 15’s COVERT EVA Proof of NASA’s Off-The-Record Lunar Surface Operations.”

This was an excellent documentary, which we presented at the Secret Space Program – Breakaway Civilization Conference in San Francisco in June 2014. Unfortunately, NASA and “Deep State” censors, working with YouTube, removed that documentary and terminated the Luna Cognita fchannel, leaving only this message behind:

This account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.

More than 40 years after the Apollo 12 mission to the Moon, Luna Cognita had also discovered a Aollo 12 Film showing the passage of 3 UFOs beneath the spacecraft. When seen now, filtered through advanced computer graphics, the “Deep State’s” reasons for putting a lid on the film for more than 40 years become self-evident when we view the video enhancements of the film inked below. NASA has never revealed the real reasons for why the Apollo 12 film video was “fogged over,” which I believe was probably intentional since not much moisture could really be inside a nearly sterile spacecraft, however, we may glean an idea of what was being hidden by watching this short video documentary by Luna Cognita, which was saved by the Daily Motion website, linked below.

APOLLO 12 – Unidentified Objects in Lunar Orbit – STACK-ENHANCED (FOGGED FOOTAGE)

Despite removal of Luna Cogita’s YouTube channel, anothrer of Luna Cognita’s documentaries on Lunar anomalies was preserved by another YT channel, and is presented below: This video relates to discoveries madde by Apollo 17 when it landed in the Taurus-Littrow Vally in the Lunar highlands nort of the Sea of Tranquility and East of the Mare Crisium.

Pyramids on the Moon Photogra[hed by Apollo 17

Lunar coverup Exposed by Luna Cognita



Apollo 12’s Rode to Moon on The Thunderbolts of The God

Saturn V Struck Twice by Lightning on Take-Off

Apollo 12 launched from Cape Kennedy on Nov. 14, 1969, into a cloudy, rain-swept sky. Launch controllers lost telemetry contact at 36 seconds, and again at 52 seconds, when the Saturn V launch vehicle was struck by lightning.

Actual Live Transmission of Apollo 12 Launch

About 40 minutes later, the CSM Yankee Clipper separated from the S-IVB-SLA, transposed, and then docked with the LM Intrepid. This was televised on Earth. The S-IVB stage was then jettisoned.

The booster’s first stage continued firing, launching Apollo 12 into an initial Earth-parking orbit of 115 by 117.9 miles. After one-and-a-half revolutions, the electrical circuits were checked out and no significant problems were noted. Then, the S-IVB stage re-ignited for a second burn of five minutes, 45 seconds, placing Apollo 12 into an initial free-return translunar trajectory.

However, based on incorrect data of trajectory commands, it failed to go into the planned heliocentric orbit. Instead, it was placed into an elliptical Earth-orbit of 101,350 by 535,522 miles, with a period of 42 days. Charles Conrad and Alan Bean entered the LM to check for possible impacts from the lightning strike. They found none and re-entered the CSM for 10 hours of sleep.

On Nov. 15, the second telecast occurred en route to the moon, showing the interior of the Yankee Clipper. Only one midcourse maneuver was needed. It changed Apollo 12’s trajectory to prepare for later insertion into a non-free-return lunar orbit – the first “hybrid” trajectory in Apollo flights. The spacecraft slowed so that it would arrive with the most desirable solar illumination on the selected Site 7.

Prior to lunar orbit insertion, a third telecast was made to Earth on Nov. 17, showing the Earth, moon, spacecraft interior and intravehicular transfer of the crew. Later that day, when Apollo 12 went behind the moon at about 97 miles up, the first lunar orbit insertion burn began. The burn lasted for about six minutes, placing the spacecraft into an elliptical orbit of 69 by 195 miles.

On Nov. 18, two orbits later and again on the far side of the moon, a second lunar orbit insertion burn altered Apollo 12 to an orbit of 62 by 76 miles. It was calculated to eventually circularize for the orbit of the solo CSM due to lunar-gravity potential. This would facilitate subsequent rendezvous and docking of Intrepid and the Yankee Clipper in their moon-parking orbit after the scheduled lunar landing. The same day, Conrad and Bean entered the LM and a telecast to Earth was made of the separation of the CSM and LM occurring 107 hours, 54 minutes into the flight.

Apollo 12 Lunar Landing in Mare Cognitum in The Ocean of Storms neear Surveyor III

On Nov. 19, with the LM behind the Moon in the 14th orbit, and some 109 hours, 23 minutes into the mission, the descent orbit insertion maneuver began. The LM decent engine, or LMDE, fired for 29 seconds, lowering Intrepid’s orbit to about 9 by 69 miles. After the LM emerged from behind the moon and telemetry contact was re-established with Earth, a discrepancy was noted between orbit data readings from Intrepid and those displayed in Apollo Mission Control in Houston.

The LM was initially believed to be in an incorrect descent orbit trajectory for landing in the desired region, due to normal mission anomalies. Using a newly developed “Lear” powered-flight data processor in Houston, the actual trajectory data, as well as correction maneuver information, were fed by voice to the LM crew. This enabled them to update the automatic downrange navigation computer program, shortening the range by 4,190 feet and permitting the precision touchdown at the intended site. This update to a satisfactory trajectory occurred about two minutes after the LM began its powered descent, which had been initiated at about 110 hours, 20 minutes into the mission and lasted a mere nominal 40 seconds longer than the preflight plan had scheduled.

With Conrad controlling the descent semi-manually for the last 500 feet, a precision landing occurred at about 110 hours, 32 minutes into the mission, and closer to the target than expected. Intrepid landed in the Ocean of Storms at 3 degrees, 11 hours, 51 minutes south, and 23 degrees, 23 minutes, and 7.5 seconds west. Landing was about 120 feet northeast of Head Crater, and about 535 feet northwest from where Surveyor III stood in its crater. Apollo 12 touched down approximately 950 miles west of where Apollo 11 had landed.

Source: NASA.History.com


Apollo 12 Landing Site -Mare Cognitum in Ocean of Storms near Surveyor III
Apollo 12- Golden UFO Over the Moon – AS 12 – 51- 7553

Wikipedia Chronicle of Apollo 12 Mission



The True Colors of the Moon

Exploring The Moon In True Colors

Further Sharpened & Enhanced by Robert D. Morningstar
Using Modern CGI Enhancement
Thanks to President Donald Trump, the following photograph, released 3 years ago by NASA (June 2018), is the first true color photo of the Moon ever released to the public, proving this writers contention that previous NASA Adminstrations were engaed in and extended cover-up of Apollo era photos, data and information, radically altering the former while burying and and hiding the latter.

The photo below was orignally released through Time Magazine and released with the file name of “UNITED STATES.TRUMP ENHANCEMENT.jpg.”

Further refined by Robert Morningstar
Thanks to President Donald Trump, the following photograph, released 3 years ago by NASA (June 2018), is the first true color photo of the Moon ever released to the public, proving this writers contention that previous NASA Administrations were engaged in and extended cover-up of Apollo era photos, data and information, radically altering the former while burying and hiding the latter.

The photo below was originally released through Time Magazine and released with the file name:



M* Rebuttal to the “Moon Hoax” Conspiracy Theory

“The US never landed on the Moon.”

Refutation of the “Impenetrability” of the Van Allen Radiation Belts

For many years, a foolish and unfounded rumor has been resonating through the echo chambers of Anti-American mass media and social media propagandists who insist that The US never landed on the Moon.”

This silly notion, along with other ludicrous theories such as “The Flat Earth Theory,” has taken hold in the minds of many credulous people, with no scientific basis in fact. One of the most popular of such “Moon Hoax” theories contends that it was impossible to fly through the Van Allen Radiation Belts, which were once believed to be more highly radioactive and lethal than they have turned out to be.

Based on advanced space studies conducted during the early 21st Century, using advanced space probes with more advanced instrumentation, the Van Allen Belts, coupled with better spacecraft design have turned out to be far less dangerous or lethal to human travel than they were believed to be in the late 1950s and 1960s.

After many years of research and measurement with the most sensitive and sophisticated scientific instruments sent to fly through various regions of the Van Allen Belts, it has been found that the Apollo astronauts were exposed to the equivalent of 2o chest x-rays during their transits through the Van Allen belts. this was due to a finding that thee belts vary in the intensity if the radiation (with the inner belt being stronger than the outer belts), a varying in their intensity depending on their positions. Knowing this in 1968, tests were done by Russian space probes carrying living creatures to the Moon and back by both the united States and the Soviet union, all of which survived the outbound and inbound journies through the Van Allen Radiation Belts.

NASA scientists conducted similar studies of the Van Allen Belt and found that there were relatively weak and strong fields of radiation within the Van A;llen Belts depending on their positions relative to their latitudes in relation to the Earth’s equator where the strongest and most intense fields were concentrated.

Learning these facts before the first launch to orbit the moon, which was that of Apollo 8, NASA chose to navigate around the strongest regions by sending Apollo 8 along a more northen trajectory, avoiding the intense equatorial regions, and transiting through the thinner less intensely radioactive regions of the northern latitudes very rapidly (at 25,000 mph) so that Apollo astronauts were exposed for a minimum amount of time while passing through the weakest regions of the inner Van Allen Belt.

A recent article in Space.com (linked blow) stated:

“We study radiation belts because they pose a hazard to spacecraft and astronauts,” said David Sibeck, the Van Allen Probes mission scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, in an August 2016 NASA statement. “If you knew how bad the radiation could get, you would build a better spacecraft to accommodate that.”

Newer findings from the probes show that radiation in certain zones may be less harsh than scientists thought. In March 2017, the Van Allen Probes made a finding showing there is less radiation in the inner belts that previously theorized, which means less shielding is required for spacecraft and satellites in that region. The most energetic electrons residing in the inner radiation belt are there for less time than scientists thought beforehand. 

The following year, the probes discovered that some communications wavelengths (called very low frequency communications) emanating from Earth are sometimes a sort of a shield against high-energy particle radiation in space. This means that human activity has effects even in the near-space environment around Earth.’ “



A Final Question:

Why Did NASA Decide Not to Return to the Moon

And Maintained that Policy for more than 50 years?

An answer to that question will be given in greater detail in Communion on the Moon – Volume 2.

Suffice to say that very unusual and alarming things were observed and photographed by the Apollo astronauts, as well as, America’s Lunar Orbiter Moon Probes, which mapped the Moon in order to find landing sites for the Apollo spacecraft.

When the Apollo astronauts arrived on the Moon, they found an already established Alien Presence, and verified that a more highly advanced intelligence to whom this writer refers to as the LGA (or Lunar Governing Authority) made it clear to the Apollo astronauts, to NASA and the United States government that humans were not and are not welcome on the Moon.

The Apollo astronauts also discovered extensive signs of mining and other technological activities being conducted on the Moon. Other forms of life were also detected, observed and photographed by Lunar Orbiter Probes, which frightened NASA and eliminated any ideas NASA, the United States or the Soviet Union might have had to “colonize the Moon.”

It should be clear to all nations and Earthly power, which includes corporations, that “colonization” can only be achieved over territory that either is not occupied or one occupied by a weaker opponent, and NOT one already controlled by a superior force or by a more advanced form of intelligence.

Some of the most disturbing things observed were seen and photographed occupying and operating within, around and under the Crater Euctemon.

A catalogue of photographs demonstrating alien activities at that site is available with the purchase of the encyclopedic “Communion on the Moon E-File.”

An E-File is a folder containing text, video, audio and photographs clearly demonstrating many good reasons for not returning to that region of the Moon, not the least of which is the possibility of contamination of the Earth and its inhabitants with alien microbes.

More specifically, we must maintain great concern and due caution regarding the possibility that bacterial life or lunar viruses could contaminate either spacemen or spacecraft returning from the Moon, which if carried back, either by accident or by intention, could cause terrible and as yet unknown diseases, causing epidemics and pandemics across the globe, leaving Humankind (and animals) helpless, with no defenses if they were to be found to be transmissible to human populations, or animal, insect or even vegetable life on Planet Earth.

Details on how to order the “Communion on the Moon E-File” via payPal (or by check), as well as, its companion file “A Martian Revelation: The Four Faces of Mars E-file” (for the price of $19.50 each or both for $35,00) can be obtained by emailing the author, Robert D. Morningstar at:


Communion on the Moon

To be continued on

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