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The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy—and how to end it. David Icke Books LTD, 185a High Street, Hyde-Isle of Wright, PO 33 2PN, UK, Isle of Wright, PO 33 2PN, UK, IFO @ David Icke Books and Company, UK. 2007. 629 pages.

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David Icke is a very prolific writer and has written many books on the topic of reality, its many mystical and undiscovered elements and how they control reality and force us to blindly bow to evil acts. Comparing our DNA (and how little science knows about it) to a computer, in which ‘chakra’ vortices connect the human body showing that the body is a computer system. The brain, in effect, is a biological computer, highly sophisticated, contending with a vast web of interconnecting frequencies or ‘dimensions’ of life.

Part IThe Groundwork

Humans are a ‘computer construct’ — and not who we really are. Mankind appears to be a struggle between pure awareness and being a computer program-personality awaiting to be triggered. The body is a biological computer that is constantly storing and processing information. Reactions are stored in cells that act like computer chips which we must transcend to become Masters. We can also have ‘interference’ or ‘frequencies’ and dimensions in ‘residual self-images’ as ‘ghost phenomenon.’ Our awareness then continues its eternal existence in ‘loops’ as ghostly projections At death, says Icke, ‘consciousness is more expansive than ever. The body/brain is a receiver/transmitter of information DNA is a receiver/transmitter of information; we are consciousness-awareness; we are conscious-awareness. Infinite love as infinite awareness: everything else is an illusion. Death, says ICKE, does not exist There is only life, only awareness. All else is only an illusion.

Death, says Icke, does not exist. There is only life, only awareness. Scientists, says Icke, are nothing but ‘programmed minds.’ The energy fields in which we’re aligned brings manipulation. Telepathy is a language of awareness. It is the same for physical ‘mountains.’ Hills can be sacred places. It is the energy/truths amid the symbols and the metaphysical, spiritual transformation: interdimensional doorways through which entities —the ‘gods’—can move in and about this reality: quantum physics, ‘ley line’ networks which crisscross the planet in ”power centers” of vortex points. Even a mountain can be an energy of consciousness. ‘Humanity,’ ‘wood,’ ‘trees,’ or a ‘mountain,’ are all ONE.

” One consciousness, one cosmos, one infinity through an intuitive and distinctive resonance.” We are All-Knowing, but certain programs block us from seeing that Infinite Awareness. Computed ‘thinks;’ only in division and only as One.

Decoding Reality According to David Icke

Atoms are not solid but filled with empty space. An illusion held together by our minds, says Icke. The illusion of solidity. Television consists only of the TV screen; otherwise, images exist only as mathematical ‘codes.’ Like the TV and computer screen, our world exists in the form we invent. Electronic signals in which the brain decodes. It is constructed in our brains — our energy matrix. Frequency matrices. Solidity is a hologram and an illusion. It is a decoded wave to patterns into a holographic reality.

Every point of the hologram is a smaller version of the whole. A body can be grown from a single cell. Cells are said to have their own verson of the brain—it is a hologram. ‘Shadow People’ have advanced knowledge and can deceive us by manufacturing holograms. Our body-computers are tuned to a more complicated ‘cosmos wide ban.’ The Matrix. Anything that is computerized or uses radio waves depends on semiconductors—a semiconductor liquid-crystal encasing every living cell. Computer chips, a crystal with gates and channels. Crystalline DNA holding the generic memory. When they open and close at the wrong time—the cells can be pulled by persons and substances that lead to disease. The brain edits reality according to beliefs: A reality-experience to fit believers. We are imprisoned by belief. By Reality Filters. What is thought and what is actually said. There is no limit to how we can be manipulated; our access to the ‘matrix’ is being manipulated in the same way. The hidden hands. We are allowed a limited range because of closed-down chakra channels. Energetic “Auric” eggshells of fer-encrust and rigid belief, only challenged by life-changing events. Fear causes our energy fields to fall into ‘slow-vibration’ density, dense people.

The body hologram is seventy percent water which affects us energetically. Infinite awareness as All possibility in what we choose to ‘decode’ into our holographic experience. We are not human —only Infinite Awareness and all Possibilities of the Matrix, the Supper Hologram which is information coded into the illusory sequence.

Live ‘ants,’ we pickup frequencies of an unknown blueprint. A specific vibratory wavelength, we can ‘see’ the digital and mathematical construct. The ancients knew of the ‘Farinacci’ proportion in nature. All number in the digital annex. All life is biology, and all biology is physiological and chemistry that is moving and consensus.

False Theories

Manipulation of numbers, language and symbols but encoded with fake, dark Matrix reality. Stephen Marquardt, an American who studied Fibonacci and PHI sequences, said ”all life is biology,” and biology is also physiology. All physiology is chemistry—all chemistry is physics— and all physics is math. Icke also adds: ”All math’s are energy and all energy is consciousness.”

The Time Illusion

New Scientist. Quantum Gravity computers: an “I”…all is One. Karma is a construct not natural. The Matrix is like a DVD movie on the observer’s perspective. Time is a perception and not real. All is relative to the observer: There is no time. All, a special perception, like The international Date Line. Sense is in the mind of the Knowers. There, subatomic particles can combine. All particles are the same One. No more absolutes. All is NOW. Panoramic view of life. No more ‘I cant’s”.

The Matrix is a trap. A fly paper. Same old stuff but different densities; also, on a ‘subconscious level.’ The Matrix of illusory reality. Matrix Internets. Oneness. Infinite Love. Left and right polarity. Every reality a dream. Perception of history should be beyond regular history. It has become a Tower of Babel. Global society is caught in a time loop. All of global society had come from a single mother about 200,000 B.C. when extraterrestrials interbed; the Nephilim as shown in the Book of Enoch. Besides characters such as Azakel, human embryo had gills, tails. The Jewish text told of Haggadah— the Garden of Eden where the Serpent walked upright and was the Mother of the Nephilim. Elite families existed.

We have a difficult time explaining ‘junk’ DNA because it has an origin in the extraterrestrials—off-world. It was Professor Sam Chang who said that DNA was programmed as if in a Petry dishes. Here it existed as Big and Basic Code. Evolution is not what we hold it to be.

The Golden Age of the Great flood also entails Cata chasmic. events. Interdimensional fodder. There were Wars of the Gods. Upheavals about 13,000B.C, says Icke, such as the destruction of Atlantis and MU. Nordic types, but also Reptilian creatures in the continents of Lemuria. And the Anunnaki. There, Enki warned Ziusudra of the flood and that of a ‘great ship’ would be needed to carry the beasts and birds. In the Scriptures, it is told as Noah, but almost identical tales are found in Iraq and Egypt and other countries. Eleven or more. The Azores.

Atlantis sank and Plato told of the end, says Icke, at about 11, 000 B.C. The islands of the Pacific show the remnants. Earth’s past colossal geological upheavals demonstrate the Fall of Mankind. Survivors went to other lands between two rivers (Iraq).


Reptilian gods return and this can be seen in the Sumerian tales. The Old Testament speaks of the ‘gods” (plural). EDIN – the abode of “the righteous ones” that had great knowledge. The Anunnaki were a reptilian race, says Icke, and Enki was the lord of the Earth. Much of the true history was hidden. Mammi (as in Mama-Ma) lay the foundation for the Biblical Mary. Also, there was Lulu (one who has been mixed). Adair was seen at the base of the spine, the bottom chakra. The dust of the ground. (Sumerian), Anunnaki, slave race. Bapedi people as Shuma (slaves). This came about in Atlantis and Lemuria. There were abductions leading into control of minds. The brain was R-Complex of the Ruling Families; seeded royal bloodlines. Carl Sagan speaks of this in his book The Dragons of Eden. Who descended? AWWIM. Giant people like Goliath. Twelve feet tall – or more. Sons of Anak. In the Septuagint: Angeles. In Egypt, they were called Watchers in the Book of Enoch. They were the seventh generation from Adam, says Icke. Giants mentioned in the Book in Enoch. Son of Lamech who had eyes that shone like the Sun. Part of the Sun-God worship. They were Reptilian hybrids and eventually led to the Freemasons and their Enochian founder Dr. Ruthrey Nay.

Kingdom of Serpents

Texts speak about Astra Ships that flew in the solar system. Spoken about in Yeoman Thomas Colemen Sheppard photos in a vault in the White Beach Nawi Facility in Okinawa, Japan. The Children of the Serpent. The Brotherhood of the Snakes that led to the Mystery Schools. And the Fish gods. Black Magic. All this contained in the royal bloodlines. They were ‘shape shifters.’ The Nephilim people of MU- Motherland. Serpent Kings. Shapeshifting Negas and Alpha Dragons. The Great Flood ended a Golden Age.

King Aurthur talks about Uther Pendragon. and Merlin the magician. The word Messeh (fat of the crocodile) foretold of the origin of the word Messiah. These were descendants of the dragons. Crereps mentioned in Athens as humans with serpent tails and were kings of Sumer. They were changelings that ruled to 240,000 BC.

Origin of the Draco star system origin. The Pleiades star system. Fetuses’ manifestations of Reptilian type development. Part of the term Blue Bloods as evident when copper-based blood turned turns green when oxidizing. Reptilian underground bases are part and parcel of the Nordics. Tales of Agartha and Shamballa. The term Ki-Gal: Great below being with the gods.

The 2021 movie The Snakes.

Little People

The Little People of Ireland, sometimes resembled in the Grey UFO accounts. and found in Norse Germanic legends. Also told in Big Foot stories and legends of the Yeti which shunned sunlight, similar to the Dracula story. Again, crossbreeding. These people were banished from the surface of the planet. Also seen in tales of the Frog Prince and the Snake Queen. All part of the Masonic hybrid elite.

Part II: Crime Syndicates

The crime syndicates are a form of ‘slavery.’ Multilayered taxation is also part and parcel. The debit/credit scam: All part of the Debt-Credit scam. Much like a Wall Street pyramid computer program, there is a global dramatization. Our human bodies are not physical but ‘in’ our heads, vibration codes in a holographic veil of bloodlines. in a genetic ‘space suit.’

Reptilians are outside these dimensions and beyond normal ‘light.’ They possess hybrid ”body computers.” In a ‘hub scape,’ there exists a Serpent Son; what are called ‘hybrid body computers.” It is a global dramatization in which Dionysus operates at certain frequency levels under the cover of human form and in societies much like ours. And they have longer lives programmed to survive an agenda. These are illustrated in projects Mkultra and Monarch.

Well known reptilian forms are seen in Mayan forms of “the people of the Serpent.” The story of Itzamar.

Kathy O’brien talks about the Neocons and “mind-altering drugs.” Mass media is highly affected by this. Reptilian lower-class of the Hive Mind. There are a number of movies that highlight the Reptilians and the existence of ‘black-eyed’ people. It involves Black Magic. can this reality be seen in kings and queens, and leading politicians.

Book of Revelations

In the Biblical Book of Revelations there is talk of more material, such as the Book of Enoch. Nephilim such as the Semjaza, a part of the Nephilim. There you can read about ”blood-drinking.” Satanism. Massive blood-sacrifice as vibrational sustenance. Part of the mammalian codes, terror with a lot of Rena line in blonde and blue-eyed ‘cattle.’ One can read about this in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

In the Bohemian Grove, there exists ‘rooms’ dedicated to the Owl Mother-goddess Ninti. This goes back to Enki and Molech and Baal rituals. One can find ‘links’ with most of our major political names. Many became Presidents of the United States.

Through ‘Occult Incest,’ persons are hidden beneath other names and parents, such as Dracula and Draco, and such as Vlad — Wallachia in Romania and the Order of the Dragon used in the Holy Roman Empire in 1431. “The son of him who had the Order of the Dragon.” There, existed much fear and power. It is all part of a global system, as also seen in the Matrix movie, the 9/11 fear and also paedophage.

This all feed off of emotions located at the bottom of the spine. Kundalini. No empathy. These are not rue Americans but all part of a global conquest and the Mystery Schools

Another Jesus

The Illuminati was opened by the Jesuits and Opus Dei. In the history of Tony Blair is a trail of DNA samples. The Serpent and the Sun.

A. Waddel spoke of Mu/Lemuria and King Sargon and Manis Myja. It involved ‘the ends of the earth.’ In Denmark it was called Gothland. It involved the Christian cathedens of the Mystery Schools. This dated to the Mystery Schools of the Babylon empire — 2000 BC to 1600 BC in a France gateway. All part of Opus Dei, the Knights Templar and the Moevingian kings. A Priest King, as mentioned in the work The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail.

There, Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had a child and started the bloodline of the Moevingian kings and the Sicambian Franks in France. A chosen people symbolized by the fleu-de-Lis called the Serpent’s Son; a Babylonian trinity later turned into the Christian Trinity.

Charlemagne was to rule. It was called by Alexander ‘The Serpent’s Son,’ and the father was Ammon. Philip Eugene de Rothschild. A royal family through endogamy. Nimrod of Babylon whose wife was Queen Semiramis. In the Boof of Enoch, the baby is called Crush and the virgin mother was Queen Ishtar, Virgin Mother Marduk and the son was Naki, a son also called Brutus.

In Babylon, it was Enki, and also Britain’s reptilian Rom. It was a trinity of Nimrod, Romulus, Remus and Marduk. The Romans created Christianity through King Saigon and the Akkadian kings. It was a retelling of Moses and rewritten Judaism. The Sun worship of the Mystery Religions: Son of the Sun, and Babylonian Mystery religion. A Babylonian ‘trinity.’ Semiramis’s Mother Mary of Ubaid culture. Gods and goddesses, the world around. Half human and half reptile. Babylonian Mystery religion. A form of Jesus but taken from Nimrod and Saturn worship as mentioned in Babylonian Mystery religion.

A New Trinity

In the front of the Roman church is an obelisk which symbolizes the phallus of Baal and Nimrod. The obelisk is Baal’s ‘shaft.’ In the Egyptian stories, it was Osiris—a virgin Isis: Jesus, a Sun symbol as an Attis of Phrygia, Dionysus, Bacchus, Baccus, Mithra and Horus. These stood for the twelve disciples and were tempted by Set.

Easter Ceremonies

Easter ceremonies were a part of Sun worship; it was also represented by the ‘Christmas tree.’ Pinecones were part of Janus in the Janus Cybele, a Dagon ‘Easter Egg.’

In the Nicene Creed there was the Halo-Sun wheel. In the legend of Quetzalcoatl, born of a virgin, Shanivar, an Indian deity. Christos, which was Krisna’s father, a carpenter. He died on a tree, hanging between two thieves. This was long before stories about Jesus.

Old Testament

There are tales in the Old Testament told around Samson in Islam where Jesus was ISA in the House of Virgo (virgin) and the Moon Goddess, Nanna.

In the Babylonian priesthood, there was use of Rosary beads.

All this demonstrates ‘under-cover bloodlines,’ where covert control is mixed with Secret Society and the Plumed Serpent.

Christopher Columbus

Columbus belonged to secret societies. Queen Isabele of Castile and the Inquisition of 1478 were based on the credo of Mutawa and the Mother Lodge of 1719 in London and the Great Queen Street. Another of the secret societies was the Hell Fire Club and the St. Andrew’s Free Mason Lodge (Edward Proctor). and John Hancock. There was John Hancock’s Sun Symbol at 10 Downing Street. Under George Washington statue was the Greek god, Zeus. Wahington, D.C was dedicated to the New Troy. The new Rome. The capital lines were made according to the Human Skull Hill. Also called the Golgotha City of London. Venus, Columbia was fashioned as – Colombe. District of Semiramis or the Dove of Babylon Columbine. High School. One can also see this manifesting in the Statue of Liberty and the River Seine and its massive flood at Point d’ alma.

More on hybrid blood lines: Royal ancients in Somer in Mesopotamia, a network carrying Egypt, Greece, Rome and others. They led the esoteric and wanted a One World Government, microchipped, with bloodlines coming out of Sumer, but with no sides and controlling all sides.

This was part of the Rothschilds’ dynasty and was Sumerian until Raymond Baur in 1760 and Rockefeller and the hexagram-six-point—Ra —Sun god.


Goes as far back as Enki in the book of Enoch and the many EL endings; Asael, Kabbalah. This involved German royalty and Prince William of “Hesse -Hanau.” Hessian troops and the Rosicrucian Order. A succession of married bankers — Worms, Sichel and Bey Fus. This was all front management for the Federal Reserve and Tresurary Reserve and the Treasury Secretary. Alexander Hamilton.

In 1913 the appearance of Schiff and the Rothschilds appeared. John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil and Averill Harriman.

Part IIIThe Conspiracy deepens

Standard Oil and the Rothschilds

The Rothschilds appeared in 30 countries. Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. This all goes back to the Sumerian and the Khazars, which also includes the Chinese and the Sumerians and their camels. They are found in Eastern Europe. These are ancestors of the Jews; not connected with Israel.

Khazar Sea/Caucasian

Leo the Khazar leads to the Biblical Cain (Kain). Sumerian Jews. Magyars. Hungarian, and not Semitic, rather Caspian and the Black Sea.

Nimrod’s sons — Magor and Hunor; the Scythians; the Huns; Magog; Subban Turi.

Noah’s Ark

The Ark actually started in Poland with a European origin of the ‘Skull Cap.’ Khasars and the Franks. It was of Polish origin and the Frans—Ashkenazi Jews that came into power. It was the creation of Israel. A Rothschild fiefdom through Evelyn Rothschild. Seven families were funded gofers. The Opium Wars. Louis Walter Rothschild. There was Weizmann. in Britain, it was the Round Table. There was Cecil Rhodes. Alfred Milner and the Belfour Declaration and the Versailles Peace Conference in Paris in 1919. The Weimar Republic and the Round Table. The Treaty of Versailles. The new Is-ra-el. The Arab revolt. The Thule/ Vril societies. The House of Windsor.

Hitler Speaks

Demonic possession. The spirit of Charlemagne was in the homeland in Palestine. We see it in Prescott Bush and the Harriman Empire of the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) and Fritz Thyssen. The Rockefeller family and the Nazi Josepf Mengele and the Wilhelm Institute which were full of Khazr-Sumerian Nazis working together in ancestry. There was the Rosenbergs and the Jewish World Congress 1897.

Rudolf Kommer was Aaryan (Sun Aryan), controlled by Mago Warburg and I G. Farden and Paul Warburg and the Union Pacific Railroad, which tried to stop anti-Nazi propaganda. The Rothschild bank was connected to the Kuhn, Loeb and Company. This was also connected to Jacob Schiff and his transferring 600 Zionists to Palestine. Israel was a party to this through Minister Yitzhak Rabin who wanted to drive them out. The Stern Gang and the Moledet Party saw to it that men were treated as cattle. There was Prime Minister Sharon where men were treated like animals’ by Prime Minister Sharon in apartheid Israel with Castle Coste. A garrison state by a sycophant and a hierarchical Menachem Begin.

Palestinians were treated like Beasts

Yitzhak Shamir began the practice of ‘head smashing.’ Treated people like vermin. Israel became a ‘Law Unto Itself;’ a chosen race and a law unto themselves. A chosen race of genetic origin. Replaced by Jewish names and favored by Hitler style: fascism. Nazi-style fascism to mule Israel. Mordechi Vanunu was once again arrested. Being a Nazi-style Israel is real. Mordechai Vanunen no longer a fascist mule but is real. No Jewish ‘grace’—just fascism.

Range of Variation

Biologically, there is no ‘Jewish race,’ just a ‘faith.’ Israelites are thoroughly hybridized. They ‘need’ the myth. Arthur Koestler said that the Israelites are thoroughly hybridized and they ‘need’ the myth to hide their true agenda.

Global War

Albert Pike said a world war was the quintessential goal. It would come about through Arab countries. Billions of dollars will be spent. This was wished by Giuseppe Mazzini and a World War III. There will be many voluntaries. There will be an arduous attempt to exterminate all Christians and Atheists. Such a movement will be seen in Canadian front man Jacob Schiff and Kuhn Loeb and company. They helped fund the Russian revolution, connected with Schiff Loeb and company,

Part IV: Globally Bankrupt

The cost of water and food will become globally bankrupt. Bennito Mussolini hijacked the food once before. Thee needs to be a CAP on the rich-poor divide. This was highlighted by Boe Goldof in 1985 who told of ‘The Sting’ on the European community using Federal Reserve buy-outs.

Icke warned of such things as Montauk, One World Religion, Project Blue Beam, and the serge of Monastic Holographic projection, Christian-Zionist movement, the coming battle of Har Megiddo, the Mayan-Calendar, The Project Blue Beam Project, the serge of Monastic -Holographic Projection, Cellular, Mammalian, Familian Cycles in Time Loops, coming into sync, cracking the concrete, so to speak, in Magnus-Channeling. Brian Clough talks about The Body Computer, along with Dr. Laurie Nadel, Ernest Rossi.

Infinite awareness occurs in the NOW illusion of it, and we are only aware of it in matrix movements and the different forms of the ALL through eggshell cracking. This can be seen in unique DNA codes of the Magnon in higher frequencies away from FEAR. Your ‘freedom’ is not ‘my freedom.’ Energy is now in a slow vibration. The topic should be the spending on and the education of children.

Barack Obama (when he was President) had become our Naked Emperor. Now we have no hope at all; we are riding a carousel horse at a circus. It is a diversion technique of Mass Mind-control. They are all blank pages. Same stable promising an auto cure. But as Webster Tarpley said, he was just a front man demagogue and greatly hyped. He was part of the Obama Matrix being sold to the people. He was chosen to enslave, as well as the advisor on Wall Street and the National Economic Council and most Think Tanks.

David Axelrod and the rest were all part of the Chicago ‘cesspool’—Men in Black and Sock Puppets leading us into global tyranny and nightmare.



Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Robots Rebellion(1994)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
I am me I am free(1996)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Biggest Secret(1999)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Le Plus Grand Secret, tome 1(2001)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Le Plus Grand Secret, tome 2(2001)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster(2002)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Tales from the Time Loop(2003)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
…And the Truth Shall Set You Free(2004)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Infinite Love is the Only Truth(2005)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy(2007)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Lifting the Veil(2008)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Great conspiracy of fear(2009)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Human Race Get Off Your Knees(2010)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Remember Who You Are(2012)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Perception Deception – Part One(2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Perception Deception – Part Two(2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Phantom Self(2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Children of the Matrix(2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Everything You Need to Know But Were Never Told(2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

David Icke is a former sports broadcaster, ex-footballer, professional conspiracy theorist, and author of more than twenty books. Icke has lectured in more than 25 counties and has produced tons of DVDs about his theories over the years. He was born in 1952 to Barbara and Beric Icke a medical orderly for the Royal Air Force. The family lived in a terraced house in Leicester’s Lead Street and was so poor that they had to hide and pretend no one was home whenever the council man came looking for the rent. In a 2003 interview, he said that he still gets a fright when he gets a knock on his door. As a child he went to Whitehall Infant School before he proceeded to Whitehall Junior School. He has said that he never put much effort in school and it was not until he made the junior school’s football team that he was successful at anything. He became a goalkeeper for the junior school as he believed that it was his way out of poverty. He then proceeded to Crown Hills Secondary Modern from where he got spotted by Coventry City in 1967. He also played for Oxford United and Northampton Town before he got rheumatoid arthritis that made a career in football untenable. He retired from the sport in 1973.

His first job was as a reporter for the Leicester Advertiser before he moved on to work for Leicester News Agency and then went on to work as a reporter for the BBC. His first assignment with the BBC was as a presenter for Programmed Newsnight sports program. He worked for the BBC as a sports presenter on TV during the 1980s and 90s and also worked as a spokesman for the Green Party. He then published “It’s a Tough Game Son,” a book about breaking into a footballing career in 1983. It was in 1990 that he visited a psychic who told him that he had been born for a specific purpose. He soon started getting messages from the spirit dimension. In 1991 he said that he was the Son of God and prophesied that the earth would be struck by earthquakes and tidal waves on Wogan, a prime-time BBC show. His assertions turned him from one of the most beloved sports presenters in the UK into a figure of public ridicule. He was let go by the BBC when he publicly refused to pay the Community Charge – a kind of local tax which put his employer in a difficult position.

His Wogan Interview in 2003 marked Icke’s break with his former life though it planted the seed of defiance and made him into the man he is today. It gave him the courage to develop and propagate his ideas without a care of what society thought of him. In 1991 he published “The Truth Vibrations” which drew from his experiences in Peru, and became wildly popular. In the two years between 1992 and 1994, he became a prolific author penning five books four of which were published in 1993 alone. In 1992 he published “Love Changes Everything” a theosophical novel that tells of the origins of planet Earth. In the work, he channels the work of Deborah Shaw to speak with a lot of admiration for Jesus. In his 1993 work “Days of Decision” he questions how historical Jesus Christ is though he reluctantly acknowledges the existence of the spirit of Christ. “In the Light of Experience.” an autobiography chronicling his experience was published in the same year. He then followed these up with “Heal the World” that was published in 1993. In 1994 he published “The Robot’s Rebellion” which was a novel that contained the paranoid clichés and beliefs that Icke has become known for. The novel claimed that there was an extra-terrestrial and shadowy cabal that had made a plan for world domination. His unified conspiracy theory mixes in everything you could think of in what he calls the “Babylonian Brotherhood.” The Brotherhood is a conspiracy that has members from the banking system, the scientific community, members of the media and the militaries and religions of the world. These work under organizations such as the World Bank, the Rothschild family, the United Nations. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Freemasons, and the Illuminati among others.

David Icke’s “And the Truth Shall Set You Free” is an explosive novel that has proved very accurate in telling the future events of the 21st century. Icke tells the real story of global events and how they shape human existence. He exposes the astounding web of interconnected manipulation of world history that shows that a few organizations, secret societies, and a few people control the world. They control the media indoctrination machine, engineer regional and international wars, control the market for hard drugs, drive violent revolutions, and sponsor political assassinations and terrorist events all across the world. Almost all of the human-made catastrophes of the 20th century and going as far back as the Babylonian and Egyptian ancient empires can be traced to the same shadowy cabal. The names of the Global Elite that have been setting the agenda in recent times are some of the very well-known people in our modern societies. Icke provides an esoteric exposition of a worldwide conspiracy and provides what he believes is the only solution that will make it possible for human beings to break free from the tentacles of the conspiracy. He writes to inspire people to open the door of the mental prison and come out of the indoctrination to walk in freedom.

“The Biggest Secret” is one of Ickes most explosive and powerful books he has ever written. Just like in his other works, he exposes the interconnected nature of the secretive cabal of blue bloods that have controlled the Earth for millennia. In high detail, he writes about major events including the creation of the major religions and how the Global elite have been suppressing the esoteric knowledge that could set free humanity from the emotional and mental prison. In the book, Icke exposes the true origins of the major world religions including Christianity and Islam. He also explains that the Global Elite has suppressed a lot of scientific information, which is why the world has been undergoing a period of incredible transformation and change. The book also exposes the astonishing and true background of the British Royal Family including events in their history such as the 1997 murder of Princess Diana of Wales. He makes his assertions from meticulous research gathered from unique contacts in the royal family, including a close confidant of the murdered princess

David Icke’s “Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster” is a novel about the monumental lie that is the official story of 9/11. Icke asserts that the story that was told to the American public and the world after the events of September 11 were a fantasy of anomaly, untruth, contradiction, and manipulation. He spent the better part of ten years researching the events of that day and traveled to more than 40 countries to find the truth. Icke takes apart the official version including the subsequent war on terrorism and the cover story of Bin Laden being responsible for the attacks. He asserts and shows that Americans need to look closer to home to find the people responsible, rather than sending Americans thousands of kilometers into the remote Hindu Kush to find a man supposedly hiding in a cave. He gives an explanation of why the terrorist attacks were planned and what the Global Elite intended to achieve. David says that it is only by exposing the deceit and the lies of 9/11 and the people behind it can we honor the memory of the dead and their families. Icke asserts that the real goal of the attacks was to create a fascist state that is based on total surveillance and control. However, he does say that the people of the world can change the world and win it back from the Global Elite and their evil machinations.

There were 600 Yemen-Jewish babies in a Jewish-Israel state. Esrael, says Icke, is a racist state. Jack Bernstein was noted for wanting a one-world government control by Zionists and International Bankers. It was said that this was just Zionist propaganda. The first choice was Ashkenazim as defended by the Anti-Defamation league.

Worked with Hitler

The B’Nai Brit worked with Hitler. They funded the Russian revolution along with the ADL in order to keep the lid on the official story. When they made new enemies—they kept the lid on solidarity through the Mystery Schools and Sumer in a remake of Russian Dolls. The Masons up to the 33rd Degree.

Hybrid People

They were a hybrid place and people. A number of ‘Blue Degrees.’ The Illuminati are hidden through and through to protest their origin and identity as Adepts. The Adept Illuminati are actually hidden for their own benefit. Majority of the members are clueless. Most have control of the media and finance to the extent of totality.

Knights Templar

They have many disguises, such as the Knights Templar and Malta, Priory Sion, Opus Dei, and the Teutonic Knights of the Nazi regime. The Watchtower of the Jehovah’s Witness. Also, the Saint Bernard Cistercian Order. It reached into France with the French St. Clair family, Rosslyn Castle and the Temple District of the City of London.

All sides were in debt to them through the Templar taxes and requested ‘tithes’.

Friday the Thirteenth

The famous ‘purge’ was on Friday the 13, 1302, and began with Jacques de Molay and Bartolomeo Perestrelo who had a daughter who married Christopher Columbus. Columbus had access to maps which eventually led to the discovery of America. That access was also known as Le Serpent Rouge (The Serpent of Blood). This also led to the Knights of Malta. and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Knights of Roades, and Ignatius Loyola seminaries (bad seed in Latin).

Believe Only the Church

Father Alberto had 25,000 seminarians in 112 countries. In the Loyola Book it asks you to ‘believe only the Church,’ even if it is untrue (1548). This is all based on an oath recorded by Malachi Martin in in 1999. There is a secret church consisting of Lucifer The code there is INRI and asks you to ‘spy’ on your own brethren and to trust no one.

A lot of this started with Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776, and Mayer Amschel Rothschild, which was part of this organization. A Jesuit blueprint. It required these changes and Mayer Amschel Rothschild was an orthodox Ashkenazi where people fight each other but all sides were in control.

In 1785, a courier, carrying special documents, was struck by lightning, and the documents spoke of sexual bribery used in blackmail and bribery and murder; used for student indoctrination and enticement for scholarships. The people were scouted-out and placed in government positions and controlling places in mass communication.

In 1798, John Robinson wrote the Proofs of Conspiracy that revealed ‘tools’ that could be used: Sin is a virtue and that a mysterious ‘order’ will rule the world in cycle that resembled the Five Points of the Pentagram.

This program included the Hell Fire Club which consisted of Jesuit Nazis which consisted of the Burgs of the Oder of the Knights of Malta. many were escaped Nazis through 30,000 ratlines. These had interconnecting networks of global bankers such as the IMF, Nicholas Biddle, Bill Clinton, and Jews at Georgetown University, which had been attended by Herbert Walker Bush. Please note Stony Hurst College.

Reinard Gelen was a part of the CIA Knights of Malta. James Jesus Angleton worked with the CIA, as did Kim Philby. Allen Dulles was associated who was a brother who was a priest in the Skull and Bones; the tomb at Yale in which the skull of the Indian renegade Geronimo was secreted. John Kerry tells us about his initiation where he had to reenact death imagery and rebirth.

This Order was the heart of America in American National Security Advisors. They hide behind a false story, such as the elitist Safari Club and the Pinay Circle or the Bilderberg Group of May 1954, also continued in Le Cercle as part of the vehicles of Freemasonry and the Scottish and New York Rites and many others. These are all traced back to Babylon and its inner core groups such as P-2, the 1981 Geli Mossad and many other different groups.

The death of Pecorelli and the laundering of money, God’s Banker, was murdered and Robert Calvi, was also murdered. Involvements concerning Ellie de Rothschild and Licia Gelli’s Villa membership lists. which avoided textbook inquiries. Gladio, Kissinger, Haig, Pope John Paul I, St. Paul, all died from mysterious and unknown causes of the Hidden Hand. This was all propaganda due to Silvio Berlusconi who owned Finland investments. Please refer to Victor Marchetti and the 1973 book The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence about this secret cult that controls the world. This included the Round Table, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign RelationsThe Trilateral Commission, and the Cub of Rome. Mentioned by Carroll Quigley and Cecil John Rhodes as the Devil’s Peak and the Society of the Elect. Bill Clinton was such a Rhodes ScholarAlfred Milner expanded it to include Averell Harriman, and Lord Victor Rothschild, Sir Douglas Home, Lionel Rothschild, as frequent visitors to Carrington and Hambros Bank. There were also connections with Henry Kissinger, Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Robert Zoellick: these were all Bilderberg puppets, both inner and outer circles. In 1979, this included John Prescott and Margaret Thatcher—Thatcher was ousted in 1979.

Lord Armstrong and Jesuit Robert Mugabe were associated with mass murder in a Zimbabwe-Chatham House, RIIA, CFR, James Perloff in a ‘roll-call’ of CFR members. There were 74 members including Harriman, the Bush Bank, the Harold Pratt House and John J. McCloy. These heads came together building the same bloodline. The CIA supported the Mujaheddin and Walter Mondale. Cojoined were Alan Greenspan, Peter D. Sutherland, D.P. and Goldman Sachs.

Many tax-exempt organizations were a part of this. Thyssen Copany and Congressman such as Carroll B. Reece. There was a common policy. Parties involved were Carnegie Trustees, Alger Hiss, Kathryn Casy, Samuel Johnson, Bill Clinton (whose wife trailed an unusually large dead-body count).

There were crooked Sleight-of-Hand elections which centralized power through Transnationals with power for only a few at the top. The Reptilian Hybrids.

Clinton-Blair sanctions of Iraq became under suspicion in the 1990s. The William J. Clinton Foundation created a new Mark II under Condoleezza Rice and Rodham Clinton at the helm. The System continued with Rupert Murdoch, Citigroup, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the Clintons. All over-layered with crooked elections.


Corporations become interlocked in a pyramid of manipulation for a few at the top. These were the Reptilian Hybrids. The capstone to this pyramid is the most elite: The Twelve Families and the Twelve Followers, including Coburg and Gothe sperm banks. In Arizona, these are even wilder.

There is talk of Marguis de Lebeaux and the Pinnacle of the Draco who ‘do’ as they are told. All these employees and institutions do as they are told. Power positions always go to the right people. Ordo Ab Chao. Problem-Reaction-Solution. There is a certain amount of arrogance in totalitarian tiptoeing. Free trade using diversion techniques, says Icke. when making Money out of Nothing. Like when crediting King Hammurabi, and the stories of the Knights Templar.

There is a whole hidden history in Black Nobility going back to Venice and the Banco of Lombard Street and the Gold trade and the Gold Smith; notes were submerged in debt; the Fractional Reserve System. The culprits reserved your wealth as their own under this myth, which goes back to Nathan Rothschild’s Battle of Waterloo in 1815. This led into the Mossad’s Boom and Bust system when they called in loans to repay loans. Controlled banking; all part of the central banking system and the private banking cartel and the taxation of people; It was coordinated corruption involving the Monetary Fund and the Bank of England.

Recall Wiam Orange in 1694 and Jekyll Island in 1910, leading to the event of Senator Nelson Aldrich, Paul and Max Warburg, as well as the trail of I.G. Farben, Nina Leoh, Frieda Schiff, the Federal Reserve Bill of 1913-–all part of the private banks.

Similarly, there was Paul VolckerAlan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve and IOUs to the BISSenator Thomas Benton Rothschild was part of the cabal that owned the dollar by using Counterfeit notes in 1930. The same for banks in 1998 and the World Central Bank today. We are being forced to have a World Central Back even today. All property at their mercy. They are Neptune’s and so ludicrous, says Icke, in rigging the system with Cartelism.

Look at the Diamond Market, says Icke. DeBeers was started in 1871. Lord Salisbury and Lord Roseburg ordered the mines consolidated in 1888 which led to the war with the Boers (Prince Rose and Croix Lodge N0. 30), which also led to the Rosicrucian 1897 Union of South Africa. Further details can be found with Alfred Milner, Ernest Oppenheimer, Namibia and the Anglo-American Corporation. Ernest Oppenheimer was Chairman in 1929. All were hybridlike cattle that worked to justify the prices they demanded through indoctrination of the public using dubious marketing strategy, even movies. Debeer companies used blatant untruths and even terrorism in 200 merchants using unusually prices—artificially high. The Anglo-American Corporation dealt in Black Markets of alluvial diamonds in a coup supported by the CIA and a Mobius diamond cartel—one big cartel.

The same with the Gold Industry.

All Going Morally Bankrupt but most arduously and innately involved in control and domination of mankind!

Part IV: Cracks in the EggThe Global Cadence

The costs of water and food on global levels heading for bankruptcy for the average person. Benito Mussolini did his share of hijacking of the food chain. A Cap is needed on the rich -poor divide. Bob Geldof in 1988 spoke of a ‘sting’ operation in the European economy. The Federal Reserve buyouts. The General Electric Corporation where Dr. Ana and Charles really own the body and pay only a royalty on patented ‘seed banks.’ They are without a license to operate a food control where corporations no longer operate as Corporations by and for the people. The Crown Temple fallaciously tries to remove the problem. Instead, there is only ‘death in the woods,’ while the attempt to cover their tracks. It is bigger than you think as they try programming the language, creating a blueprint for conquest.

The Personnel

Donald Ramsfield, Dick Chaney, Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, Dov Zakeim, Douglas Faith, Richard Perle, Michael Ledom, John Negroponte, Zalmay Kha lazed and Jed Bush. Still all part of the Sumerian – Khazar mafia.

The Story of Flight 11, Flight 175, Flight 77 and Flight 93.

Flights 11, 175 and 93 are still some of biggest Norad mysteries in the lap of Michel de Montaigne and Donald Rumfield and the bombshell caused by ‘boy Bush.’ There were many omissions by the investigation Commission in an Alice in Wonderland matrix. Why did the hijacking not start while the planes were landed? The disappearance of and tampering with the Black Boxes is open to question. Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon, but may have been a separate missile, not the plane. And the fall of the buildings themselves appear to be “controlled demolition.” The extra building, No. 7, was circumspectly collapsed when someone said to ”pull it.” Flight 93 is suspected of being passengerless and pilotless and operated by someone on the ground.

There is growing evidence that the said pilots were trained by aviation schools that had close ties with the CIA.

The roots of 9/11 have to do with a George Orwell reality and fake democracy and law enforcement elitism, part of a Superstate agenda. One of the movements may have to do with a United Europe and further treaties of Rome. John Foster Dulles and Dean Acheson spoke of a ‘Eura ton’ and Monumental but bogus referendums: the Soviet Union of Europe and the European Commission. Icke says these were ‘useful idiots.’ Dark Eyes but EU sellouts of the North American Trade Agreement which was not real ‘free trade.’ There is no “super corridor” but only, according to George Shultz, a national flux of people in a World Bank.

It is all part of the New World Order upon Americans and others where their freedoms are at stake. It is all a partnership in crime. Parties involved are Lord Keyes, Gatt, The Bechter Group, Robert Zoellick and the IMF: all centralized and uniform in the Problem-Reaction-Solution. Also, Margaret Thatcher, the Bush-Clinton drug ring. Vincent Foster, the Rose Law Firm. Larry Nichols, The Social Democratic Party (SDP), Victor Rothschild, MI5, and a lot of Ivy League, and Tony Blair who became part of the Shadow People in 1953.

It was all Rule by Sycophants: The R-Complex. This included the Queen, The Labour Party, The Manchurian Candidates Abu Nidal and Cho Seung-Hu, Paul McKenna, Cathleen Ann O’brien, The Warren Commission, Project Monarch, MKUltratrist Lampe and Missouri Representative Wayne Cox, Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino.

In this Castle of Kings was Azazel, Hillary Clinton, Timothy McVeigh—were all part of a global sickness where DARPA was experimenting with ‘thought tracking and manufacturing of reality.’ With Chem Trails, we are poisoning the skies, some are Barium alloys. Dr. Nick Begich speaks of the Hive Mind, a Left-Brain prison—all part of the Bush Cabal.

Carlos Castaneda talks of ‘force whispering’ and the use of subliminal images in Double thinking. Nick Griffin and C.D Seane say that this can be found in diet soda, fluoride imputations, Big Pharma. Dr. Andrew Wakefield sees this as all part of a global fascism He reminds us of IPCC experiments and talk of Sunspots about 1893.

Edward Maunder, Professor Ian Clerk, Tim Ball and Al Gore speaks about returning to a medieval ‘warm period.’ Nigel Lawson, Professor Philip Scott, Professor Patrick Michaels likewise wish to invent a Gobal Waring Club. Professor Patrick Michaels speculates this will all be outlined by ‘computer crazies.’ Professor David Adams talks about climate change leading to ‘another dimensional awareness.’

Symbolic Interlude. Now That’s Prophecy. Neo-Nazi Cops. 9/11 – The Big Lie. Lying for a Living. The Miracle Factory. The Seamless Web. The Conspiracy Allude. Free Trade as We Tell You. Fake Democracy. The Super State Agenda. The Wall. The Sycophant versus Britain. Made in Manchuria. Whose Word is in your Head? The Hive Mind. Computer Access. The Carbon Con. The Shift.


Book Series In Order » Authors » David Icke

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