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“I’m the eye in the sky…..”

Terrorism: More Than Meets the Eye


Steve Erdmann

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The Alan Parsons Project Lyrics

     “Eye in the Sky”
Don’t think sorry’s easily said
Don’t try turning tables instead
You’ve taken lots of chances before
But I ain’t gonna give any more
Don’t ask me
That’s how it goes
‘Cause part of me knows what you’re thinking…
Don’t say words you’re gonna regret
Don’t let the fire rush to your head
I’ve heard the accusation before
And I ain’t gonna take any more
Believe me
The sun in your eyes
Made some of the lies worth believing

I am the eye in the sky
Looking at you
I can read your mind
I am the maker of rules
Dealing with fools
I can cheat you blind
And I don’t need to see any more
To know that I can read your mind, I can read your mind, I can read your mind, I can read your mind
Don’t leave false illusions behind
Don’t cry ’cause I ain’t changing my mind
So find another fool like before
‘Cause I ain’t gonna live anymore believing
Some of the lies while all of the signs are deceiving

Eye in the Sky” is a 1982 song by the British rock band The Alan Parsons Project from the album Eye in the Sky. It hit #3 on the Billboard charts in the U.S. in October 1982,[1] #1 in both Canada and Spain, and #6 in New Zealand and was their most successful release. The instrumental piece entitled “Sirius” segues into “Eye in the Sky”‘ on the original recording.

Iamtheeyeinthesky quote (httpsedri.orgsnowden-surveillance-control ) Snowden

The Wall Street Journal mentioned on August 15, 2007 that the United States was planning to expand its use of reconnaissance satellites, but also over the United States to aid civil agencies, in response to recommendations by an independent study group. The term ‘civil agencies’ referred to agencies outside of the Defense Department and Intelligence Community – agencies which may have domestic or foreign missions, or both – The satellites were updated in 2008 to report on domestic use on the U.S as “spy satellites.”

“The recent revelations regarding the extent of NSA eavesdropping is only the tip of the iceberg.  We are currently in an information war and a mind war, where our privacy and autonomy as human beings are at stake…In 2010, the NSA admitted it was using a ground wave-based weapon that was playing havoc with electricity…known as TAO…accesses computers, as well as people’s brains…” 

Photos Extra Eye ( httpwww.bbc.comfuturestory20140702-why-i-asked-to-be-possessed ) eXTRR p021zhgp


Some Modern Spying Capabilities

November 22, 2010.

On Sunday November 21, 2010 at 5:58pm, the USAF launched NRO LR-32, a secret US military spy satellite. The satellite was so huge that it required this Delta IV Heavy rocket to reach orbit. The cryptic satellite had been, at that time, the largest satellite in the world.

According to the National Reconnaissance Office’s Director Bruce Carlson, the NRO LR-32 is indeed “the largest satellite in the world.” The NRO is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and operation of all the United States reconnaissance satellites. This particular satellite was “believed to be an eavesdropping satellite positioned high above the equator in geosynchronous orbit.” It had an antenna the size of a football field once the antenna had been fully extended in orbit.

iamtheeyeinthesky NROL52 ( httpswww.kennedyspacecenter.comlaunches-and-eventsevents-calendar2017octoberrocket-launch-ula-atlas-v-nrol-52 ) av_nrol42_l2 for web
The October 7, 2017 launch of NROL-52 upon an AtlastV

Similarly, the Delta IV Heavy rocket was the largest rocket in the world at that time in size, capable of producing 1.9 million pounds of thrust using its three engines.

Even further, and with twenty-five years after their top-secret, Cold War-era missions ended, two clandestine American satellite programs were declassified Saturday, September 17, 2010: the unveiling of three of the United States‘ most closely guarded assets: the KH-7 GAMBIT, the KH-8 GAMBIT 3 and the KH-9 HEXAGON spy satellites.

Both of the newly declassified satellite systems, GAMBIT and HEXAGON, followed the U.S. military’s front-runner spy satellite system CORONA, which was declassified in 1995.

Iamtheeyeinthesky ( httpswww.cnn.com20160901usdeclassified-spy-satellite-hexagonindex.html ) 160827172350-hexagon-photo-spy-satellite-exlarge-169


The KH-9 HEXAGON, nicknamed “Big Bird,” was as large as a school bus. The KH-9 HEXAGON carried 60 miles of high resolution photographic film for space surveillance missions.

“This was some bad-ass technology,” Dwayne A. Day told SPACE.com. “The Russians didn’t have anything like it.”

Day, co-editor of “Eye in the Sky: The Story of the Corona Spy Satellites,” wrote that “it took the Soviets on average five to 10 years to catch up during the Cold War, and in many cases they never really matched American capabilities.”

Phil Pressel, designer of the HEXAGON’s panoramic ‘optical bar’ imaging cameras, agreed with Day’s assessment.

“This is still the most complicated system we’ve ever put into orbit …Period.”

The HEXAGON’s twin optical bar panoramic mirror cameras rotated as the swept back and forth when the satellite flew over Earth: intelligence officials referred to this as “mowing the lawn.”

The 6-inch wide frame of HEXAGON film captured a wide image of terrain covering 370 nautical miles. This was comparable to the distance from Cincinnati to Washington on each of its passes over the former Soviet Union and China. The satellites had a resolution of about 2 to 3 feet (0.6 to nearly 1 meter), according to the NRO.  This demonstrated the 10 Ways the Government Watches You.

Each HEXAGON satellite mission lasted about 124 days, with the satellite launching four film return capsules that could send its photos back to Earth. Whereupon an aircraft would catch the return capsule in mid-air by snagging its parachute as the canister re-entered the atmosphere.

The film inside the protective bucket reported contained high resolution photographs of the Soviet Union’s submarine bases and missile silos.

Hubble Compared to Hexagon

International Space Station flight controller Rob Landis, now technical manager in the advanced projects office at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, is quoted (in noticing some distinct similarities between Hubble and the huge KH-9 HEXAGON reconnaissance satellite):

“I see a lot of Hubble heritage in this spacecraft, most notably in terms of spacecraft size,” Landis said. “Once the space shuttle design was settled upon, the design of Hubble — at the time it was called the Large Space Telescope — was set upon. I can imagine that there may have been a convergence or confluence of the designs. The Hubble’s primary mirror is 2.4 meters [7.9 feet] in diameter and the spacecraft is 14 feet in diameter. Both vehicles (KH-9 and Hubble) would fit into the shuttle’s cargo bay lengthwise, the KH-9 being longer than Hubble [60 feet]; both would also fit on a Titan-class launch vehicle.”

Another former spacecraft designer said bluntly:

“The space shuttle’s payload bay was sized to accommodate the KH-9.”


The NRO launched 20 KH-9 HEXAGON satellites from California’s Vandenberg AFB from June 1971 to April 1986. The GAMBIT satellite program was active from July 1963 to April 1984. Both satellites were huge and launched out of Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The HEXAGON’s final launch in April 1986 met with disaster as the spy satellite’s Titan 34D rocket boosters erupted into a massive fireball just second after liftoff. This crippled the NRO’s orbital reconnaissance capabilities for many months.

Before the first HEXAGON spy satellite systems was ever launched, the NRO’s GAMBIT series of reconnaissance craft flew several space missions providing  surveillance over special targets around the entire world.

The NRO said that GAMBIT 1’s initial system, first launched in 1963 carrying a KH-7 camera system, included a “77-inch focal length camera for providing specific information on scientific and technical capabilities that threatened the nation.” A second GAMBIT satellite system, which first launched aboard GAMBIT 3 in 1966, included a 175-inch focal length camera. The GAMBIT 1 series satellite has a resolution similar to the HEXAGON series, about 2 to 3 feet, but the follow-up GAMBIT 3 system had an improved resolution of better than 2 feet.

The initial version was 15 feet long and 5 feet wide, and weighed about 1,154 pounds. The GAMBIT 3 satellite stretched nearly 29 feet long, not counting its Agenda D rocket upper stage.  It weighed about 4,130 pounds.  The GAMBIT series were designed for extremely short missions.

The GAMBIT 1 craft had an average mission life of about 6 1/2 days, 38 missions. The GAMBIT 3 series averaged about 31 days. In all, 54 of the satellites were launched.

The GAMBIT series of satellites returned their film to Earth in re-entry capsules snatched up by recovery aircraft. GAMBIT 1 carried about 3,000 feet of film, while GAMBIT 3 was packed with 12,241 feet of film.


The enormous HEXAGON was launched with 60 miles – or – 320,000 feet of film!

NRO officials confirmed that the KH-8 GAMBIT 3 and KH-9 HEXAGON were later operated in unison: both working to photograph areas of military importance in both the former Soviet Union and China.

The KH-9 would image a wide swath of terrain later examined imagery analysts looking ‘targets of opportunity.’ Following, then, when these potential targets were identified, a KH-8 would be positioned to photograph the ‘target’ in much higher resolution.

“During the era of these satellites — the GAMBIT and the HEXAGON — there was a Director of Central Intelligence committee known as the ‘Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation’ that was responsible for that type of planning,” explained the NRO’s Robert McDonald, Director of the Center for the Study of National Reconnaissance.

NASA’s Rob Landis spoke candidly and pointedly about the then worrisome declassification of the GAMBIT and HEXAGON programs.

“You have to give credit to leaders like President Eisenhower who had the vision to initiate reconnaissance spacecraft, beginning with the CORONA and Discoverer programs,” Landis said. “He was of the generation who wanted no more surprises, no more Pearl Harbors.”


Since the spy satellite era began with AMSAT-OSCAR on November 15, 1973, governments have been orbiting a progression of communications and reconnaissance satellites down through the years.  Odd and curious names are given such as CORONA, ARGON, LANYARD, GAMBIT, QUASAR, LACROSSE, ONYX, the KH series, the USA series, the NROL series, down to the recent NROL-47 on January 12, 2018. 

Iamaeyeinthesky Nrol1 ( httpwww.popularmechanics.comspacerocketsa15063029ula-nro-spy-satellite-launch-2018 ) dtrsfcoxkaed5nc-1515698266

Out of the estimated 4,635 satellites sent into orbit, an equally estimated 1,738 are still in orbit, though high security prevents any accurate information. Most recently, we are investing in INTRUDER-12 through the SIGINT.

The Russian government, having the same problems, launched similar satellites of the KOSMOS and ZENIT series from 1961 through 1994. China has launched the GAOFON4, Germany and a few others – the SAR-LUPE, The Middle East – the OFER, Japan – the IGS, Egypt – the DESERTSAT, Finland – the ICEYE.

Iamtheeyeintheskyrobot1 ( httpwww.bbc.comnewsmagazine-41504285 ) _98297667_gettyimages-177090022_976b

Dr. John Hall has entered a very dark and virulent world in his story about Big Brother gone awry and crazy far beyond George Orwell’s tale of oligarchic- people-controllers. Orwell spoke of Mind Control. That was children’s play compared to what Dr. Hall says is really going on today and has happened to him personally: control of his life, and that of his friends, by advanced technological space satellites……….And the use of many other devices and Deep State technology.


“I can read your Mind….”

Hall also believes, based on individual testimonies that many people may be under attack and even murdered by criminals that have tapped into computer-satellite technology and used it to harass, control, and kill victims.  A case in point: He and his girlfriend Mallory, whom, he believes, were drugged, zapped by satellite technology, with Mallory raped by a man and his cohorts whom Hall refers to as ‘The Ghost.’ The Ghost uses an array of X-ray, microwave, GPS, EEG monitoring, ultrasonic sounds, particle beams, and a suspected armada of sophisticated technology that these present-day stalking terrorists have somehow latched onto.

(A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America, Dr. John Hall, Strategic Book Publishing, 12051 Indian Creek Court, Beltsville, MD 20705, 866-640-6397, [was  845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor, Suite 6016, New York, N.Y., 10022.] 129-pages. $22.50.)                                 

“The Ghost” is described as an “ex-FBI curmudgeon” who parades as a moral pillar of his community, but now moves through fellow co-conspirators and a special elite to use this secret technology; he also uses more down-to-earth but just as superior spy devices and detective operandi – to drug, stalk, break and enter, spy and eventually rape good-looking women, encasing them as “zombies” to do this group’s bidding.  Hall’s love, Mallory, is one victim.   As Hall began to gather evidence to present against “The Ghost” and his operatives (whom Hall calls the Byler family, the K.F. Higgins [detective] Associates, a Harry Shelby, and others), these criminals have gone on a rampage to destroy Hall, his career and life.

“Satellite surveillance has taken invasion of privacy to an all new high,” says Hall, “the current satellite surveillance systems used by the government, and those illegally accessing it, can see you indoors and out, alter your moods, hear your thoughts, attack you with weaponry and access your financial accounts; it’s no longer science-fiction when it’s really happening to thousands of people across the United States and uncounted numbers worldwide.”  

Hall is a member of the Mind Science Foundation, as well as a diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology, and belongs to the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

How “The Ghost” gained the capabilities to manipulate satellite technology is not clear. That must come at a ‘cost’ to “The Ghost.”  Hall mentions a surgeon, Harry Shelby, and Hall connects the dots through a long list of people, detective agencies, and relations to a family called “The Bylers.” How did these people obtain access to this super-technology; from whom and at what price? It is not enough that the average person must worry about and contend with expensive and new wars, world-wide financial ruin, a disappearing dollar, and unhealthy epidemics: now we must contend with spy technology used against American citizens – indeed, the world. Are these Mysterianisms, these ‘Ghosts,’ operating in many countries and about the globe?  Is there a Master Ghost, a sort of a Grand Dragon, correlating the whole formidable and morose strategy? Are they causing UFO and ghost phenomenon? Do they want to drive us crazy?

“With all the breaking and entering I’ve described, you’re probably wondering, don’t these people have alarm systems?’’ asks Dr. Hall.  “If you are under satellite surveillance they can hear the pass codes you formulate as well as watch you punch them into the key pad,” Hall continues. “To further complicate things, in my case, the criminals had prior security company experience; they will know their way around your alarm system better than you do.” 


“…..I can cheat you blind……”

“For years the federal government has sought to remotely control human behavior. Starting with the CIA projects MKULTRA and MKSEARCH in the 1950s, the American public has been unwitting guinea pigs in a multitude of non-consensually performed experiments that have continued into the 21st century. Guinea Pigs takes readers on a journey into the darkest corners of U.S. non-consensual experimentation and the various technologies of control that have led to our current surveillance state. The recent revelations regarding the extent of NSA eavesdropping is only the tip of the iceberg. We are currently in an information war and a mind war, where our privacy and autonomy as human beings are at stake. Guinea Pigs will arm you with the information needed to fight back against those who seek to eliminate human free will. Over the coming years, terms like ‘remote neural monitoring,’ ‘brain-mapping,’ and ‘electronic harassment’ will become household words, to be one step ahead of the game, be prepared for the future with Guinea Pigs.”

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, 2015.
Dr. John Hall

“Born in San Antonio, Texas, home of the Alamo, John Hall is a physician who considers writing his second profession. ‘Knowing the United States government’s dismal track record with regard to experimenting on the public without informed consent, the sheer number of people voicing identical complaints of electronic harassment, and surveillance had to be explored logically.’”

Publisher’s website: http://sbprabooks.com/JohnHall.  .

Dr. John Hall continues his expose’ in his other book Guinea pigs: Technologies of Control (Strategic Book Publishing, 12051, Indian Creek Court, Beltsville, MD. 20705, 866-640-6387, 703-637-6006, 2015, 196 pages, $23.00).

Iamtheeyeinthesky Cover ( httpswww.amazon.comGuinea-Pigs-Technologies-John-Halldp163135552X ) 51TXj9oc5eL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_
 Guinea Pigs Technologies of Control by John Hall, Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC

Through various agents, such as Catharine Austin Fitts and Wired Magazine, thousands of individual witnesses, and other sources, Hall has come to discover different aspects of this clandestine and illegal activity: digital transfers, experimental electromagnetic control methods using ‘ELF waves,[1] microwave technology (such as microwave ‘guns,’ heart-attack ‘guns’: he saw Bob Fletcher’s shoulder blasted apart), Jim Jones connection to the CIA, Sonic nauseators, millimatter wave weapon (he has seen bodies dehydrated and shrunk to nothing), Zombie-guns, satellite microwave weapons, solar-powered ‘blimps’ housing this technology, LRAD acoustic weapons, miniaturized spy drones, Nano-implants, Mind Control, V2K (Voice to Skull), MK Ultra, Ionizing Radiation, Energy Directed Weapons, Gang Stalking, Psychic Warfare, Mass Entrainment, Light/Sound Programmable Media, Sexualized Hypnosis, Hypnotic Suggestion, Mass Hypnosis, and Satellite ‘Death Ray’ type beams to name a few out of  so many other technologies, designed, not for just catching spies, but, in the words of Hall, for “control” of the general populace.

The government had created in 2011 a new 3-billion-dollar ultra-spy agency called the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) devoted solely to visual or photographic spying, situated in Washington, D.C and St. Louis, Missouri. 

Iamtheeyeinthesky August 2013 ( Aug. 2013 httpswww.nasaspaceflight.com201308ula-delta-iv-h-launch-nrol-65 ) NROL 13

“It is inhumane and evil to subject any person to organized stalking/surveillance groups and/or direct energy weapon attacks.  The victims are merely witnesses to the unbelievable crimes that are done with Nazi-like mentality; methods of human experimentation and torture,” said Kenneth M. Wilborne, Jr.  “No one should expect a witness of these crimes to be equipped to prove the crime that has been done against them. Direct energy weapons are hi-tech political control technology. One would have to be a Physicist with proper government security clearance and access to specific classified information to understand exactly how the direct energy weapons work and what impact they have on the biology of a human subject.

“There are too many citizens of the USA and of the world (known as Targeted Individuals) who are complaining all over the internet about the problems of organized group stalking/surveillance groups and/or direct energy weapon attacks. Direct energy applications to the body and brain dismantle a Targeted Individual’s physical and – mental health – often to the point of disability and/or premature-death.

“Direct energy assaults to a person’s brain or body can cause plausible symptoms of mental and physical illnesses. Plausible deniability is used by some doctors and some law enforcement to say the Targeted Individual is mentally ill and experiencing chimerical thinking from being psychotic which is a lie either from ignorance, corruption, or coercion or said under the guise of ‘national security.’  Any time such a lie is done intentional, it is a lie right of the pit of Hell. It is a serious sin to attempt or succeed at taking away the God given free-will of a person to change their character or control them by influencing their decisions by using hi-tech mind control methods and/or organized group stalking to use the threat of punishment or threat to terminate a person’s life. All these objectives are tampering with many intelligent and innocent people’s God-given life.” 

https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-new-breed-satellite-terrorism-john- hall/1016514132.

Hall says that most of the time, though not inclusively, these harassments and interventions are carried out by sub-contracted and contracted agencies, such as former FBI, CIA, and other connected-intelligence-partners that have been given access to routes to use the technology for ‘experiment’ and data gathering, which, turn, is the turned over to their ‘handlers’ and ‘headquarters.’

Hall was on the COAST TO COAST radio broadcast and he explains that while political dissidents are potential victims of electronic harassment, Hall suggested, in the words of COAST TO COAST “that middle to lower middle class people as well as prisoners and the homeless could also be seen as ideal candidates for testing the technology. He explained that this would allow for those who are controlling the experiment to get a greater data set and see which tactics work best. However, Hall also puts forward a troubling, potential alternative scenario which was imparted to him by an insider working with this technology. According to that source, Hall said, the victims of electronic harassment are actually the outliers who are not susceptible to the control system. ‘That’s a very scary thought,’ he observed, ‘because that tells me that the majority of people are already being controlled.’”


John Hall is one of the most knowledgeable persons investigating the topic.  His research and advice should not be taken lightly:

“The weapons used in the attack phase include microwave, millimeter wave, radio-frequency, laser and probably scalar modalities. All of these modalities have been researched extensively and weaponized for military use as mentioned earlier in the book. While they have all been identified under the heading of ‘non-lethal’ weapons, non-lethality in the research setting was not based on 24/7 exposure. Moreover, the exact effect of their exposure long term on the human body is not known, at least not in official research. The victims of the current experimentation may be the guinea pigs of some type of long term exposure protocol that is too unethical to be done under a legitimate Institutional Review Board with consenting volunteers.”


A virtual army of victims and people are now speaking out.  One such person is Michael Fitzhugh Bell, who has written several books detail his episodes with these agencies.

In his first book, Bell described how he became an unwitting victim of the United States Government, he’s known as a Targeted Individual. Bell has been illegally implanted with nonconsensual, non-therapeutic biomedical implant devices which cause severe suffering, physical torture and psychological terror. 

“This crime has infiltrated every aspect of society and is secretly flourishing at the expense of the U.S taxpayer,” said Bell.

As a Whistleblower, Bell said he is a victim of what is referred to as an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (U.S.A.P.) created by the United States Government, believed to be part of the Military Black Ops portion of the Shadow Government. Bell is under constant attack by Bioelectronic Torture Weapons eternally in a continual assault on his life.

Photos Extra Ghost ( httpswww.facebook.comphoto.phpfbid=1783784761652956&set=a.891495037548604.1073741827.100000643498963&type=3&theater ) 25588028_1783784761652956_5906866604602380751_o

Bell is victimized through the illegal misuse of advanced nanotechnology, biomedical devices embedded throughout his body, using clandestine Government Classified Technologies. His first book demonstrated this and contains actual verified Doctors reports and documented medical images to prove this fact.

The Invisible CrimePart TwoA Targeted Individual, Synthetic Telepathy, [2]and Global Criminal Biomedical Human ExperimentationA True Story,” goes further than previously in print, disclosing an astonishing truth that remains part of a secret Government Human Experimentation and illegal, non-consensual clinical trial test program.


To control beautiful women for purposes of sex is hardly a Boy Scout’s oath of loyalty; rather, it sounds like science-fiction prophecy come true: Richard S. Shaver and his Dero control, H.G. Well’s Morlocks, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (Traumnovelle, Arthur Schnitzler), and other related themes. Does it go back as far as the 1947 Maury Island Tacoma, Washington UFO affair and the discovered CIA operative Harold Crisman; a suspected worldwide pedophile ring that may have involved the murder to Jon Bennett Ramsey; the JFK assassination; the Candy Jones (Jessica Arline Wilcox) spy affair; M.K. Ultra-Manchurian Candidacy; Nazi technology; the 2008 Wall Street and financial crash and the enormous transfers of money?  When did it begin?   But more importantly, where is it leading?

Iamtheeyeinthesky OCTO ( httpwww.kylereviewseverything.commovie-reviewsmovie-spectre201657 ) download
Science-fiction Prophecy Come True

Bell, Hall, and others, are inadvertently supported by theories and claims of researchers: Dr. Bernard J. Eastland, Dr. Nick Begich, James Bamford, John Marks, Gary Null, Marshall Thomas, Cathy O’Brian, Marshall D. Smith, Catherine Austin Fitts, and so many others.

As legitimate paranoia engulfs us, we are beginning to not to have visitors so often because we just do not know who the thieves are and who are not.

Finally, how do the investigators propose to handle that crushing wave – the tsunami — of deep and encrusted terror episodes – told, so very convincingly, in their “honest-to-God” stories and victimization’s (sandwiched along with lies and fiction) about their “Ghosts,” whatever “vintage” those phantoms and monsters might be?  I hope that person has a human micro-strainer.  

Steve Erdmann, February 2018, St. Louis, Mo.
A New Breed Satellite Terrorism
Iamtheeyeinthesky Book Cover ( httpswww.barnesandnoble.comwa-new-breed-satellite-terrorism-john-hall1016514132 ) 9781606939444_p0_v1_s600x595
A New Breed Satellite Terrorism
Iamtheeyeintheskynrol67 ( httpswww.popularmechanics.comspacesatellitesg2728best-spy-mission-logos ) gallery-1470858058-8927263-orig
    BADGE  FOR  NROL-67     
Iamtheeyeintheskychart1 ( httpstargetedindividualinformationpackage.wordpress.com ) wp-14623114709071
Iamtheeyeintheskychart2 ( httpstargetedindividualinformationpackage.wordpress.com ) wp-14623114644471
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[1] Extremely low frequency (ELF) is the ITU designation for electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) with frequencies from 3 to 30 Hz, and corresponding wavelengths of 100,000 to 10,000 kilometers, respectively. In atmospheric science, an alternative definition is usually given, from 3 Hz to 3 kHz.
[2] Synthetic Telepathy is the process of hacking the human mind using a supercomputer and analyzing and deciphering a human being’s thoughts in real-time via their emanating brainwave frequency.


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I’ll be Watching You!

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Every Breath You Take

The Police
Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you
Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you
Oh can’t you see
You belong to me
My poor heart aches
With every step you take
Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I’ll be watching you
Since you’ve gone I been lost without a trace
I dream at night I can only see your face
I look around but it’s you I can’t replace
I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
I keep crying baby, baby, please
Oh can’t you see
You belong to me
My poor heart aches
With every step you take
Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I’ll be watching you

“Every Breath You Take” is a song by English rock band The Police from their 1983 album Synchronicity. Written by Sting, the single was the biggest US and UK hit of 1983, topping the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for eight weeks (the band’s only number-one hit on that chart), and the UK Singles Chart for four weeks. It also topped the Billboard Top Tracks chart for nine weeks…The song ranked number 84 on the Rolling Stone list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and is included in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.  It also ranked number 25 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 All-Time Top Songs.  In 2015, the song was voted by the British public as the nation’s favorite 1980s number one in a poll for ITV.   Original sound recording made by A&M Records Ltd, © 1983 A&M Records Ltd, ℗ 1983 A&M Records Ltd. Made in England.
The album’s title was inspired by Arthur Koestler‘s The Roots of CoincidenceSting was an avid reader of Koestler, and also named Ghost in the Machine after one of his works.

Greer's Greatest Ghost Machine ( httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiThe_Ghost_in_the_Machine ) 220px-TheGhostInTheMachine

Every Breath You Take

“We have given them names, but they have no relevance to what they call themselves. We simply call hem The Four Horsemen. These Horsemen work together at times, and they work against each other at times.  It is an on-going battle between them at a low level as to who is going to be top dog in the world. The one commonality to all four appears to be an absolute desire for control – of everything and everyone, and each of them has their own philosophy – the core root philosophy which guides them, supposedly, and their actions…They have their own unique flavor. But these people had agenda’s that were unlike any agendas you would have ever run into if you’re in the mainstream government.”

William John Pawelec, Unacknowledged, pp. 95, 96, 97. 

Steven M. Greer has spent many years investigating the various aspects of the “flying saucer” phenomena and has made inroads into alleged “whistle-blowers,” sensational aspects of UFOs, and those evil crevices where men in black suits and dangerous threats apparently exist and conjugate.

Amongst the menagerie of Orwellian intrigue, spies, secret projects, and government corruption, Greer treks through a graveyard of buried testimony and wearisome challenges to our present-day society.  Much of it threatens our sanity and social equilibrium.

(Unacknowledged, Steven M. Greer, M.D., A& M Publishing, L.L.C., www.AMPpublishing.com, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33411, 2017, 326 pages. $25.95.)

Greer develops vistas for readers, talking about more than 800 government, military and corporate witnesses and whistle-blowers he has interviewed, and also discloses the almost $100 billion spent from taxpayer monies in Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPS), General Jimmy Doolittle’s talk of ‘interplanetary war,” the super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO), cosmic top secret clearance, the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO), and the many references to crash and retrieved alien spacecraft.

Because the book covers a plethora of topics from spectacular UFO sightings to observations of “moon bases,” and all the heavy governmental secrecy sandwiched in between, it might be best to handle the topics under rough headlines trying to encapsulate those as typical examples.

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Typical Phenomenal UFO Cases

One ‘typical’ UFO case is cited by Don Phillips, U.S Air Force and contractor at Lockwood Skunkworks and the CIA. 

A sighting near Angel’s Peak at Nellis Air Force Base spoke of a “real solid object” seen on radar and which circled miles in seconds. Six to seven of these targets were tracked traveling 3,800 to 4,200 miles per hour, stopping on a dime, and eventually disappearing.  The operators were told neither to ask questions nor to deluge any information (pp. 36-37).

Graham Bethune was a Navy commander pilot with a top-secret clearance, also a VIP Plan Commander who flew high-ranking officers and personnel from Washington, D.C.

Bethune knew of several 1950 UFO sightings by the Air Transport Squadron near Keflavik, Iceland and also Argentina, Newfoundland, which demonstrated the erratic behavior.  A. L. Jones, plane commander, witnessed the UFO, a craft with a dome, that rushed from a mile away to about 10,000-feet from them, before disappearing. The Air Force interrogated the witnesses and classified the UFO “a good report.”   

Bethune also told about a Washington, D.C UFO. The object changed colors from yellow to orange and then to a pulsating red. The object appeared to be about 350-feet large and traveled anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 miles an hour.  Radar said 1,800 miles per hour, covering 15 miles in a second or two.   It was reported that canine Bird Dogs acted up and that directional gyros also acted up when the UFO was near.  Colonel Watson of the Wright-Patterson AFB said the radar reports disappeared (pp.38-41).

John Callahan, former Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington, D.C., told of a UFO at 35,000-feet that chased a 747 aircraft across the Alaskan skies for about thirty minutes. Radar detected it. At eleven o’clock position, a pilot saw it as a huge ball with lights running around it. The object, which was four times the size of the 747, moved erratically.

The matter ended up with the secretive Scientific Study Group, with the CIA threatened to silence Callahan.  Callahan held back some records in defiance.  The pilot was forced to take a desk job and was often humiliated about his UFO sighting (pp. 108-113).

Callahan was aware of another disc-type craft in the Briarwood Lake near Medford, New Jersey: lights at the top and bottom, and a dome on top, about five-hundred-yards across, the UFO  was seen coming from the lake, water was seen rushing off the object.  The UFO was recorded in the navigator’s log.


Major George A. Filer, III, worked as the Deputy Director of Intelligence for the 21st Air Force and has flown over three hundred aircraft. Filer talked about a January 18, 1978, UFO sighting on the McGuire Air Force Base. The UFO appeared through the night, showing red light as it hovered over the runway, and then, apparently having crashed and/or landed at Fort Dix, an occupant became shot and killed while trying to escape. AC-141 was called to pick up the occupant remains.  Filer wasn’t allowed to see the photos about the incident, while he was, indeed, there while they were being passed around to those being debriefed. Six to eight people eventually “guarded” the body; they were dislocated from each other so that their associations couldn’t be established.

Robert Jacobs, former Lieutenant in the U.S Air Force, as well as a respected professor at a University, was in charge of optical instrumentation in the 1369th Photo Squadron at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California where he was supervising photographic instrumentation during ballistic missile tests.

In 1964, he said, there was tracking of a “dummy nuke” test using a M45 racking mount with a 180-inch lens, when suddenly a circular-shaped object (“like two saucers cupped together with a ping-pong ball on top”) flew into a frame showing the object shooting “beams of light” at the missile’s warhead. Both, the missile and the object were flying at “several thousand miles an hour.”

Jacobs said that Major Florence J. Mansmann at the First Strategic Aerospace Division headquarters ordered him to ‘complete silence,’ warning him of dire consequences if he ever spoke about the incident. “I was never to speak of this again,” said Jacobs, “as far as I was concerned, this never happened.”   Jacobs explained that strange “guys” in civilian clothes came and spooled off part of the film with the UFO on it and confiscated that section. 

Jacobs revealed that he was harassed at work, and received strange phone calls day and night; one caller said to him: “You are going down, mother fucker!”  Once, Jacobs found skyrockets in his box.  These harassments continued on till about 1982 (pp. 183-186).  

Merle Shane McDow was in the U.S Navy Atlantic Command in May 1981 and had a Top-Secret Special Compartmented Intelligence (SCI) clearance, and he carried a Zebra Stripe Badge.  During May of 1981, McDow was aboard the U.S. American, and it was his job to make sure any incoming and outgoing audio/video information that came into the Command Center was recorded and officially logged. 

A UFO had come into their airspace, setting off a Condition Zebra, and only those with a Zebra Access Badge could remain in the Command Facility.  Admiral Harry Trane was alerted to the Command Center, and it was quickly verified that the UFO was not the Soviets.  Trane sent out two planes to investigate the UFO; futile chases of the UFO began up and down the seaboard. Planes were summoned as far north as Greenland.  McDow could hear pilot-conversations. And the UFO appeared on the radar for almost an hour. The UFO demonstrated very erratic flight patterns “up and down the coasts,” as if playing tag.  The K11-11 spy satellite could only get an early glimpse.

The Admiral’s frustration was centered on the fact that “this thing” had complete and total control, and the witnesses were frightened and upset. Trane was “scrambling” planes left and right along the entire seaboard “to cut this thing off.”  Eventually, the UFO left the atmosphere into space.

The object traveled “thousands of miles in a blink of an eye,” and had complete control of the situation.  McDow was “debriefed” afterward and he was told in no uncertain terms to never speak about it again.  “It didn’t happen,” two guys in suits told him (pp. 191-196).


Close Encounters of the 3rd and 4th Kinds

While there were several government ‘whistle-blowers” in the topic of meeting the occupants of UFOs, I will trace only some typical informants that Greer talks about.

Richard Doty, a Special Agent for counterintelligence in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), is quoted often throughout Greer’s book. Doty, unfortunately, has been called into question by suspicious UFO researchers who feel Doty has used disinformation, but the strong evidence is not available, and Doty’s rank leaves that open to question.

Greer's Greatest Doty ( httpsnoriohayakawa.wordpress.com20150831did-richard-c-doty-ruin-the-life-of-albuquerque-businessman-paul-bennewitz-2 ) doty

Doty spoke of various UFO crashes and retrieval in Corona, New Mexico, Horse Mesa west of Magdalena, New Mexico, and similar crashes ranging from June 1947 to 1949 where alien bodies were put into “deep freeze” at Wright-Patterson Air Force field in Dayton, Ohio.

The entities were usually about four-foot tall, no ears, nude-body-looking-type suites, no thumbs, and four fingers with suction devices on tips.  The entities appeared to have a “head apparatus.” The entities also appeared to have several stomachs for different functions. Doty said there were eleven different lobes in their brains.  A live, captured “creature” went to various military bases, including Fort Detrick, Huntsville Redstone Arsenal, and others. 

W.H is a whistle-blower identified as a Tech Sergeant that served in the U.S Air Force from 1963 through 1977. He said that he had the opportunity to view a retrieved craft at Dayton, Ohio in the “Blue Hanger” where several such alien craft were housed.   Debriefing officials informed him that over a hundred alien craft retrievals occurred in New Mexico, four corners area, because of American “radar” had caused them to crash. 

The alien crafts were usually saucer-shaped, aluminum in color, and seamless. Later, W.H was driven to a box canyon in a contingency of high-ranking naval officers and civilian engineers and scientists (Project Mercury) to witness a similar alien craft with two alien beings.

The “Graylings” had large eyes, slim mouth, long slim arms and hands, slim bodies, and were wearing one-piece flight suits. W.H said that It was a two-hour meeting and encounter. A very similar convention was held in Hawaii at Kauai, called Project X.   A CIA friend of W.H, Wesley Bond, had extensive files concerning all related UFO activity, and Bond said he was ready to disclose his files: he was subsequently murdered and his files disappeared.

One of the most controversial, and increasingly criticized ‘whistle-blower’ is Bentwater’s security officer Larry Warren, who claimed to be another witness and participant to the famous Rendlesham-Bentwaters ‘contactee’ case of December 1980 where a host of trained military observers encountered a series of acrobatic UFOs, with one landed, being observed, handled and having left physical traces before taking off. Warren claimed to have been one witness who has a complex story of participation, harassment, and conflict. At one point, Warren claimed to have seen three child-size people cocooned in the light. These were witnessed by others. Greer quotes Warren at length (pp. 131-145). 

Greer's Greatest Warren Humanoids ( httpbadufos.blogspot.com201507the-rendle-sham-case-phony-and-phonier.html ) LarryWarrenAliensCNN
Larry Warren saw Humanoids

Marine Lance Corporal John Weygandt was a U.S Marine security guard of a second marine air wing 28th Marine Air Control Group, Second air defense battalion troop of North Carolina that had been stationed in Peru. 

Sergeants Allen and Atkins came alerting the crew that some unknown aircraft had crashed and that they needed to investigate. A patrol headed to the site about 6:30 a.m. and upon arriving discovered a huge ship had created a gash in the land.  The area was burnt as if by laser-energy, and the object was buried in the side of a cliff. The craft was oozing a greenish-purple “syrup-like liquid,” as if alive and changing color in shades. 

A light revolved on the craft, said Weygandt, and he could hear a deep, bass hum. Eventually, everything cut off and stopped.  He could see what happened to be “vents” or “gills” on the back. Weygandt discovered that the “syrup-like” substance could eat his clothes as if some form of “acid.” The object appeared to be twenty meters in length, teardrop-shaped and looked very aerodynamic.

Weygandt had the distinct impression that an occupant was trying to contact him by telepathy.

Surprised, Weyandt and the sergeants were arrested, cursed and harassed by Department of Energy people, as well as by “men in black Cammie’s” with no name tags.  Older men appeared wearing containment suites.

Weygandt was handcuffed, his legs fastened, and he was placed in a 47 Chinook helicopter–then taken to be debriefed and harassed for two days. (Greer does not disclose dates, pp.157-160).

Some of the cases Greer discusses, for all intent and purposes, concerning hidden alien and government operations on the Moon as well as the “doctoring” of photos related to this. Greer tells about Donna Harre who worked in the NASA and contracted to Philco Ford from 1970-1971. She worked in Building 8, under a high secret clearance, where she inspected photographic mosaic panels of satellite aerial shots.

Greer's Greatest ( httpssteemit.comnews@an0nkn0wledgethe-origins-and-50-years-of-evidence-of-a-secret-space-program ) U5du8FLAFHoyjP2nTNYArh4spQGTDqf_1680x8400
Hidden Objects on Moon

Occasionally, Hare said, they would come across curious sharp lines and round shadows alluding to UFOs that she was told to airbrush them out of the photograph. Hare said that people involved in the scrubbing or deletion of UFO photos or similar photos of the moon shots always felt threatened. Lunar astronauts, likewise, have been involved in knowing ET’s had landed on the Moon as part of Operation Santa Claus.  People and evidence have disappeared, Hare said. “One particular man I know of, who just disappeared off the face of the Earth.”


Various deep shades
The Government Deep State and the Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex-Matrix (MICCM)

A large part of Greer’s work and the book is devoted to actual and suspected government Deep State control and descriptions of what President Eisenhower called the Military-Industrial-Complex. Greer announces over 800 government, military and corporate “whistle-blowers” in his Project Disclosure that reveals the reality of up to $100 billion annually into Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPS).

“If this sounds like an Orwellian nightmare, it gets worse, for the final act that they (the human cabal),” says Greer, “have in store is a False Flag event that will make 9/11 look like a fender bender.”

Greer's Greatest Man in hanger with UFO ( httplistverse.com2018012410-supposed-secret-space-program-insiders ) iStock-177708187
Special  Access Projects

Several of Greer’s whistle-blowers (such as Dan Morris, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, belonged to a super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization [NRO]), held a cosmic top-secret clearance, which is 38 levels above top-secret, that even U.S presidents do not hold.

Subsequently, when alien crafts were retrieved and contact had been made, an Alien Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) was established.  

Whistle-blower sergeant Clifford Stone, worked with the 462nd Air Intelligence Secret Squadron, helped retrieve crashed ET crafts, worked in Operation Blue Fly and Project Moon Dust, and said there were “eleven” classifications above Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret, and even “above and beyond” normal Special Access Programs.

Stone went on to explain that the National Security Reconnaissance Office, just like the National Security Agency, was secret for many years and was not mentioned in the public domain.  Full knowledge about UFO programs, said Stone, was limited to a small number of people, actually being Special Access Programs within Special Access Programs, and they are almost uncontrollable (pp. 30-33).

Pawelec and the Controllers

William John Pawelec was an intriguing whistle-blower who, like so many capable professionals that found themselves, sometimes unexpectedly and with no real preparation and defense, face to face with an enemy that was as treacherous as they were invisible.

Greer's Greatest Photo of Pawelec ( httpwww.unacknowledged.infowilliam-pawelec-says-four-power-groups-control-the-world ) William-Pawelec
John Pawelec

Pawelec had been a computer operation and programming specialist in the Air Force in the mid-1960s, first at Pope Air Force Base and then in Vietnam. He left the military and went to work for Rosco Electronics, one of the largest manufacturers and installers of access control equipment in the world, and then proceeded into the military once again, allowing him to regain a security clearance. He did a lot of work for the State Department developing security systems for national security, and also for large corporate systems, and later for SAIC and TRI-COR.   

In 1973, Pawelec was developing implantable chips in North Glen, Colorado, as it was then used in hypodermic injections to horses. Pawelec was aware through naval offices that there were discussions of developing tracking devices to follow necessary targets; Pawelec mentioned the case in Europe where the Prime Minister of Italy was kidnapped, drained of sensitive information, brutalized, or both. It was speculated by officials that a technology is developed allowing authorities “to track these people or locate them quickly.”

This whole topic was the basis of a meeting set-up at a Secure Communications Intelligence-Information Facility (SCIF). Pawlec’s friend “Bob” (who had intimate contacts in the CIA) took no quiet action to investigate two ‘mystery men’ that snuck into the meeting and began probing the meeting leaders with questions. They claimed to be from the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Treasury.  The ‘mystery men’ wanted to know how a couple billion of the implants could be manufactured, with unique identity numbers, have flexibility monitoring temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and even waveforms of the brains,

Such a chip was removed from a lady in 1999, and when it was removed and examined closely, resembled somewhat a version of the chip used in Denver.  She supposed the chip had been implanted either in 1980 or 1981.

Pawelec said the gentleman who invented the chip “was very wealthy and abruptly had passed the technology”: “Somebody else took it and ran with it and we never knew who it was.”

In 1984, the University of New South Wales had a microscopic lithium Niobite chip, and experiments showed it was viable and could send and receive as an RF transmitter.  The professor who did this work was sent to talk to Pawelec’s Systems Group of Colorado for further experiments.

A meeting was set-up in Virginia at a subcontractor’s company; people, like the Director of Security at the State Department, and, again ‘mysteries men’ came, carrying credentials. The ‘mystery men’ knew all the details about time, place and topic of the meeting.  Pawelec felt this somehow had a connection with his knowing the Head of Security at the State Department because Pawelec had designed that man’s security systems for Mainstay, the headquarter in Foggy Bottom in D.C.   

Because of these meetings, the professor at the University of New South Wales received a giant grant, and later the technology was transferred. A friend that Pawelec had in San Francisco (who was involved in tracking people and National Security, doing FAB-Access and other related devices in a European electronics firm of Siemens) said his company was “making billions of these chips” that strikingly resembled the Pawelec chip.  A year later, the company closed down and the chips disappeared.

Bob and Pawelec continued to investigate. Bob contacted his CIA connections and asked additional questions. A few days late, Bob was hit by a reinforced Land Rover and killed instantly. The driver of the Rover was hospitalized and immediately disappeared: all of his information that he gave was phony.  “It was a hit,” said Pawelec.

The two ‘mystery men’ who had come to the meetings had NSA, NRO credentials that could even pass all access control mechanisms, said Pawelec; however, they later checked, and discovered the individuals “didn’t exist.”  It meant they had unlimited budgets supporting their ventures. 

Pawelec knew about aerospace companies that were doing security work beyond black or even “darker.”  He named Northrop and plant 29.

The gentleman Pawelec met from the Department of Agriculture asked many cold, apolitical questions about chips, their ‘speed’ by which they could be produced, the frequency they could be built, various implant “attributes,” and much more.

“I believe there are at least four power groups in the world,” said Pawelec, “they have taken over various programs-particularly black programs within our government, and probably even the Russian government, and the Chinese. Politics to them, as we know it, is not the same. They have agendas totally unlike what our government…unbelievably, they are able to track everything going on around them, at the minutiae level,” (pp. 90 -98). 

All Pawelec’s files on this matter were withheld until his death, and his wife had been given instructions to disclose them.


Steven Greer points to the creation of Majestic-12, a Black Project headed by noted scientists and high-ranking intelligence officials, such as Admiral Arthur Redford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Charles E. Wilson, Secretary of Defense, the Black Project probably prompted by the 1947 Roswell crash and other crashes.  Greer, having gained insights from his friends in the various “alphabet” and ‘high industry’ groups, says that MJ-12 is now known as SECOR, MAJIC, P.I 40, and MAJI-The Majority Intelligence Committee. Greer says MAJI – Control is part of the Office of Naval Intelligence, similar to the NSA and the CIA. “It’s all very, very similar to the NSA and CIA…very, very top-secret,” says Greer, and he explained in further detail: “Essentially, the covert management of this matter operates as part super-secret organized crime operation. It is more like a secret mafia than a government entity…extra-constitutional, both in the U.S and the U.K, as well as other countries…a criminal enterprise and a conspiracy of the first order…assassinations, murder, kidnapping, theft of technology…spin-off technologies based on the study of ET objects…”   (pp. 55-57)  

Greer's Greatest Raging Monster ( httpnewgameplus.com.brantes-tarde-do-que-nunca-outlast ) Outlast-1-1560x950_c
“It is more like a secret mafia than a government entity.”

“Greed and control (are) easily understood; the bureaucratic inertia of large secret operations is yet another matter,” says Greer. “After decades of operations, lies, public deceptions, and worse, how does such a group unravel all the webs it has weaved…a Specter of a sort of cosmic Watergate?”  (p. 82)

Photos Extra Wringing ( httpswww.pinterest.comOwnYourCountrylibertarian ) 9d82ac310b8b143d0e315a22636541fc--political-economy-political-art

Greer’s book, heavily indexed with photos and documents, is a plethora of facts and conjecture, running from descriptions of Area 51 to Greer’s unveiling of his own Disclosure Project and his Center or the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) — discourse on the differences between ETV’s (Extraterrestrial Vehicles) and ARV’s (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) as “man-made” advanced anti-gravity craft that look like a “UFO.” There are additional disclosures of Greer’s meeting with famous dignitaries and their clandestine information, threaded alongside many assorted and quizzical paranormal incidents that would probably promote the reader’s skepticism and wonderment at times.  

There were many so-called “whistle-blowers” not mentioned in Greer’s approximate 800, such as the Bob Lazar story (some more reputable; some not). We have added an index that mentions additional information on those, but also the topic of the Hidden Intelligence controllers that are somehow involved.  When facts seem to contradict, one needs to look at the underlying patterns, connect the dots, and do your own private investigation and not just wait for the silver-platter to be handed to you.

White-blower Bob Lazar

Still puzzling questions need to be asked of Greer, his associates, and the whistle-blowers:

For the interstellar technology that should have evolved into ‘fail-safe’ operation, why do ET vehicles still crash, and does human ‘radar’ technology still affect its capabilities, and why?

And how do these seeming ‘regular’ spaceships stand up against reports of more ‘ethereal’ ETs that operate almost as ‘spirits,’ and, as Steve Erdmann has questioned in the past, why do billion-mile-space-travelers even need ‘machines’ to travel the vast distances?


Why the wide variety and diversity of spacecraft design seen in retrievals, it should raise some suspicion and concern in that much differentially could be unwarranted to those degrees?


And where is the depository for to the answers to all these questions?

These conundrums need to be addressed and answered, for certainly the world of UFOs still continued to be filled with unending mystery.

As always, I’ll be questioning, investigating.  I’ll also be waiting.


Photos Extra Brando ( httpsgiphy.comgifshorror-now-apocalypse-t8vI9EexNVS24 ) NDO20170501_horror1


Greer's Greatest Picture of Greer ( httpsen.wikipedia.orgwikiSteven_M._Greer ) 220px-StevenGreer01
Steven  M. Greer

Steve Erdmann, February 2018, St. Louis
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I’ll Be Watching You
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Steve Erdmann – Independent Investigative Journalist

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Factual Ufology Versus Fiction

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TrueUfology Police poliziotto-lonnie-zamora



Steve Erdmann

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Part I

Disclosure Mistake

Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Marden are two of the remaining individuals who strongly defend the existence of paranormal objects flying in our atmosphere that many believe are extraterrestrial. The authors join together to state the various stages the phenomena has existed in since the 1940s. They also deal with the critics and debunkers of the phenomena and the UFO appearances.

TrueUfology Kathleen-Stanton-Friedman
The late Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden

(Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers, Stanton T. Friedman, Kathleen Marden, New Page Books, a division of the Career Press, Inc., 12 Parish Drive, Wayne, J.J. 07470, www.careerpress.com, 1-800-career-1, 2016, 288 pages, $16.99.)


TrueUfology Cover2 32074247._UY500_SS500_

The authors cite information about UFOs that many people are not aware of: there are more than 3,500 UFO observations by civilian and military pilots of “nonconventional aircraft ”__also seen on radar__with behaviors that crafts from Earth cannot exhibit.

Out of 12,618 sightings recorded by Project Blue Book from 1947 to 1969, Battelle Memorial Institute said in 1955 of the “Project Blue Book Special Report – No. 14” that 21.5 percent of 3,201 reports were unknowns.  Of 308 “excellent” cases, 35 percent were “unknown.”  (pp. 11-17)

(Unidentified [At the time called “unknown”] was an Unidentified Flying Object [UFO] report apparently containing all pertinent data necessary to suggest a valid hypothesis concerning the cause or explanation of the report but the description of the object or its motion cannot be correlated with any known object or phenomena.)

The authors point out the large-scale research and development programs that were secret, many operating under classified code names, such as Need-to-Know, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret Code-Word Majic, Umbra, or Ultra.

In 1944, Project Manhattan was completely unknown to Senator Harry Truman until 13 days after he became president upon the death of President Roosevelt on April 12, 1945. Then, Truman was given the startling facts, and the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan.

Likewise, when the first atomic bomb test occurred only July 16, 1945, the cover-story was that it was an explosion of a huge ammunition dump.  The wife of General Leslie Groves (Groves was in charge of the Manhattan Project for two years) had no idea at all how the general was involved until she heard it was on the news on August 6, 1945.

Such secrecy also permeated the government UFO projects.


Stanton Friedman is a nuclear physicist who has worked on a variety of advanced, classified systems for major industrial companies and has investigated high-caliber UFO cases as portrayed in his books Flying Saucers and Science and Top Secret/Majic.

Kathleen Marden is a best-selling author and award-winning UFO researcher and lecturer, portrayed on programs on History, Discovery, Natural Geographic, and coauthor of  Captured!, The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, as well as other books.

Two separate channels of UFO investigation came about with the closure of Project Blue Book:  One, a normal and routine operation of “explaining-away UFO reports,” and, Two, a deeper channel to actually investigate more substantive UFO reports.

“Bolender Memo,” UFAF General Carroll H. Bolender, October 20, 1969, Unidentified Flying Objects, www.nicap.org/bolender_Memo.htm.

The Roswell and San Augustin, Aztec UFO crash episodes were both labeled Top Secret and Top Secret Code-word.

The 800 pages of secret UFO material as code-word Top Secret Umbra was eventually released as heavily-redacted with only a few words per page left and not blacked out (pp. 23-24).


The early days of ufology included the spectacular UFO crash around July 8, 1947, on the ranch of Mac Brazel 70 miles west of Roswell, New Mexico.  Intelligence Officer Jesse Marcel of the 509th bomb group, along with Captain Sheridan Cavitt, senior counterintelligence agent, inspected the site and collected samples of the debris from a gorge three-quarter of a mile long. 

Many details on the Roswell crash can be found in the general literature, but the authors highlighted one particular incident that should be noted as indicative of government manipulation. 

Officer Marcel had placed some of the debris on the desk of Brigadier General Roger M. Ramey preceding Marcel walking down the hall to the Map Room to show Ramey the crash site location.  When Marcel returned to the Ramey office, the debris had been ‘replaced’ by the remnants of a common weather balloon.  This was touted in the press as the final explanation of the UFO.

Marcel, however, was very familiar with the appearance of weather balloons.

Jesse Marcel with Balloon Debris

Because of the Roswell Incident and the accompanying “flap” of sightings, the July 1947 Estimate of the Situation and the September 1947 Twining Memo, say the authors, these reports led to a secret “AMC Opinion Concerning ‘Flying Disks’” sent to Brigadier General George Schulgren (assistant director of intelligence), demonstrating the Air Force’s deep concern.  This activity culminated in a February 11, 1948 Project Sign (Project Saucer) and a Secret and Restricted report of 243 cases concluding that the UFOs were probably extraterrestrial craft (pp.29-31).  

The government saw their “disclosure mistake,” renaming Project Sign into Project Grudge during February 1949, introducing an era of denial and debunking.

In 1952, however, a year of high UFO activity, the Air Force Aerial Technological Intelligence Command (ATIC) received 4,000 reports out of which 1,593 seemed highly unusual with 26.94 percent termed “unknowns.”

This included a small “invasion” over the Washington Capitol.


Also, in 1952 the Washington D.C “invasion” appeared; it seemed to have begun about July 1, 1952, with jets scrambled to reports of UFOs over the nation’s capitol.  Airline crews reported said objects on July 10, 13 and 14.  Radar operators reported scanning the objects, one recorded at 7,000 miles per hour.   F-94 jet pilots reported three targets.  Major C.P. Carlson recorded said UFOs on July 25.  Air traffic Control Radar at Andrews Air Force Base had radar scans of such objects with up to 12 returns between them and also jet pilot radar.  

TrueUfology D.C. 1952FIG2

Two F-94s were scrambled at 11: p.m. At 10:30 p.m. a USAF B-25 was vectored to several targets. Major Dewy Fournet and Lieutenant John Holcomb called the observed objects “several good, solid targets.”  Then a second jet was scrambled, only to have the UFOs disappear. The same thing happened on July 26 in a “creeping appearance” of the UFOs as an F-94 investigated.

On July 27, 1952, more of the same “solid, metallic objects” appeared.

On July 29, 1952, Major General John A. Samford had a press conference where he declared “we have many reports from credible observers of incredible things.” 

General Samford’s Press Conference, DOD, Minutes of Press Conference, July 29, 1952, www.nicap.org/waves/press conf_1952.htm.  


Noted critic and general debunker of UFO phenomena, Dr. Donald Menzel, discarded the Washington D.C flap as “temperature inversions.”

(“This is why inversion layers are called stable air masses. Temperature inversions are a result of other weather conditions in an area. They occur most often when a warm, less dense air mass moves over a dense, cold air mass. … This cold air then pushes under the warmer air rising from the valley, creating the inversion.”  Aug 7, 2017 – Learn About Thermal Inversion – ThoughtCohttps://www.thoughtco.com/temperature-inversion-layers-1434435.)

Taking cues from Menzel, The Civil Aeronautics Administration Technical Development and Evaluation Center (TDEC) said in May 1953 that the Washington, D.C UFOs were “temperature inversions.” 

The authors go into details that obviously belie the “inversion” explanation of the UFO “invasion.”

Dr. Donald Howard Menzel assumed the position of director of the Harvard College Observatory, the Paine Professor of Practical Astronomy, and also Professor of Astrophysics in 1954. Menzel worked previously in Theoretical Astrophysics at the Universities of Iowa, Ohio State and the University of California Lick Observatory.  Surprisingly, he was later identified as a member of the secretive cabal Operation Majestic 12 Committee which was formed to clandestinely investigate UFOS. Menzel was also discovered participating in secret government projects (p. 61).

There was a Cosmic Watergate, say the authors, and Menzel was in the middle of it.


Another ‘turning point’ in ufology seemed to be the Tremonton, Utah movie of July 2, 1952, where Navy Warrant Officer Delbert Clement Newhouse and his wife Norma, witnessed and filmed a dozen or so disk-shaped craft milling about the sky north of Tremonton.

The USAF laboratory at Wright Field and also the U.S Navy’s lab at An Costa, Maryland determined that the objects were “…intelligently controlled vehicles that were not airplanes or birds in flight…defied explanation.”

In the middle of all this, the authors contend that the CIA been secretly monitoring the UFO situation since 1951 and utilizing studies such as the Battelle Memorial Institute’s Machine Indexing System of 1,500 reports since 1947 (of which were 20 percent unknown objects). This resulted in the CIA Robertson Panel’s Scientific Review Board of January 14, 1953, which eventually led to the August 1953 Air Force Regulation 200-2  (which allowed only ‘positive’ and/as ‘debunked’ identification of UFOs), as well as JANAP 146 and Air Force Memo 55-1 as further censorship.   

Philip Julian Klass entered the UFO debunking scene in 1966.

One major UFO case he attacked was a sighting on September 3, 1965, outside of Exeter, New Hampshire when Norman Muscarello sighted extremely bright red lights along Route 150. Muscarello made a report to the Exeter Police Department,  Patrolman Eugene Bertrand discovered a distressed woman who reported to him a huge, silent object with red lights that stopped above her vehicle.

Officer Eugene Bertrand and Muscarello went to the Kensington site and discovered the UFO rising above them as a dark form with blinding lights.  Officer Bertrand drew his gun in defense. Dogs and horses apparently were disturbed in the area and made noises.  Officer David Hunt arrived to see the object depart toward the coast.

The infamous Philip Klass explained the episode away as freak atmospheric electrical phenomena, a ‘plasma’ called ‘ball lightning.’  UFO proponent and researcher Dr. James E. McDonald commented on September 28, 1966, that Klass’s explanation was bogus because ‘ball lightning’ only lasted seconds, didn’t have windows with struts and structures, and certainly didn’t match all the reported details.

Thus entered another classical aspect of UFO debunkers—attacks upon and character assassination of those who opposed critics; this was seen as Klass attacked McDonald whom Klass pursued at every turn.  McDonald eventually committed suicide. The authors give a history of the dreadful attacks by Klass.

Klass attacked several famous UFO cases.  The authors contend with several of his peculiar explanations, as well as Klass’s affinity to an alliance with government skepticism.  The reader can explore these sequences for themselves in reading the book.

One particular case Klass acted upon was the Lonnie Zamora UFO case of April 24, 1964, when patrolman Zamora spied a shiny aluminum-white-like object 12-15 feet big and about 200 yards in the distance.  Zamora said there were two figures in what he mistook for white coveralls, perhaps small children. This was followed by metallic banging sounds, various frequency sounds, and then a load roar as the object took off in a swirl of dust and light blue flame on the underside.  Before the object disappeared, Zamora sighted an “arrowhead”-type symbol or similar red insignia on the side of the object.


TrueUfology Zamora 50f8e9503c40607fa3af5ddb20c717b4_L
Art Depiction of Zamora UFO

Army Captain Richard T. Holden and FBI agent D. Arthur Byrnes found irregularly placed smoking vegetation and three smooth, circular marks 4-inches in diameter. Another UFO report came from a traveling tourist on U.S 85 who said he saw the craft before it landed.  There were no human footprints or tire tracks (pp.126-134).

Hector Quintanilla of USAF Project Blue Book stated that there was no conventional explanation for the object that Zamora saw or the landing marks that were left behind.

Hector Quintanilla, Project Blue Files, “Studies in Intelligence,” 19961.

Klass suggested a “dust devil” plasma ball, on the one hand, or a “hoax,” on the other.  Menzel also suggested a hoax.  Neither theorist covered the true facts.

TrueUfology Klass-y-Menzel
Dr. Donald Menzel, left, Philip Klass, right.

Part II

Take Off Your Masks

The Condon Committee

In the government’s scheme to “phase out” Project Blue Book and give the outward appearance that UFOs were of no concern and they were no longer investigating UFOs, General E.B. LeBaill from the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Information, Scientific Advisory Board, also called the O’Brien Committee, investigated and recommended contracts with a few universities to investigate in depth certain selected UFO sightings in order to relieve the Air Force of further responsibility and also to determine a final solution to UFOs.

The University of Colorado was selected and Dr. Edward Uhler Condon was picked as its director.  Condon had a meritorious background in science, including President for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Washington University chairman of Physics Department.

TrueUfology Edward-Condon

Condon had acquired a predetermined “bias” early on UFOs, and he often revealed it to the public with statements that clearly seemed prejudicial.

Dick Olive, “Most UFOs Explainable Says Scientist,” Star-Gazette [Elmira, N.Y: 1991], www.nicap.org/docs/Hippler Letters, pdf, 5.

Many of the scientists on the Committee likewise carried a prejudice about UFOs.  The ‘Trick Memo’ is quoted at length in Saunders and Harkins’ UFOs? Yes!  (Appendix A, PR 242-244).

Friedman and Marden tell us that Condon’s emphasis was on describing those ‘seeing’ the UFOs rather than ‘examining’ the evidence itself (pp. 100-102).

Captain Edward Ruppelt had been replaced by Captain Charles Hardin who quickly reduced the previous 3 percent “unknowns” (was 20 percent “unknowns” in Blue Book Special Report No. 14 as based on Battelle Memorial Institute findings), and further reduced by the Air Force to 0.14 percent in 1957. 

Condon demanded that the only ‘evidence’ he would accept was a physical spaceship or a body of an alien not of this planet (p. 97), though the findings of Roswell and other crashed UFOs were well-beyond his security clearance, such as Secret Code-word Majic, Umbra, or Ultra


The authors lay out an epic portrayal of UFO cases that have stumped most investigators, and they also outline Phillip Klass’s ventures into some of them, beginning with his joining forces with the negativism of the Condon Committee.  A “KlassAttack” occurred in the Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum sighting of December 29, 1980.

TrueUfology Landrum UFO Pininterest 9b87d862c65ef49f33fdeeb3e38e8e56
A depiction of the Cash-Landrum UFO

Cash and Landrum, and Colby Landrum, were on a trek of a Bingo game and they were searching for Marker Road 1485.  Coming towards them was a diamond-shaped craft belching flames from its underside. The night was about 40-degrees Fahrenheit but the UFO warmed the witness area. The craft gave out shrill beeping noise when it was not shooting flame. They hid Colby under the dashboard for safety.  The witness found the door handle very hot, and then the interior of the auto just as hot. 

The object gave out a burst of flame and departed to the south-west. Suddenly, helicopters came streaming toward it.  The witnesses then made a turn onto Connector Road FM 2100 and again the craft appeared. The witnesses counted about 20 helicopters trailing the object.  Some copters had dual rotors, some had single.  Cash claimed to have seen a U.S Air Force insignia on one copter. 

The witnesses were in comparatively good health, but about 9:50 p.m., blisters, and swelling began to appear on Betty Cash’s head, face, back and neck as she said she was “burning from the inside out.”  The skin under her ring appeared unaffected. 

On December 30, Cash began to get a blinding headache, extreme weakness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.  On January 8, 1981, she was taken to Parkway Hospital for 12 days. The symptoms made her unrecognizable to other members of her family, and those symptoms included swelling and seeping sores on face and head.

Betty spent 15 more days in the hospital treatment, including examination by an ophthalmologist, radiologist, a neurologist, and an EEG for metal poisoning. 

Records of early blood tests disappeared and other medical records did as well.  The hospital checked her for whole-body radiation of a high level.  Dr. Brian McClellan discovered non-ionizing radiation, but with an ionizing component: It had been permanent and debilitating with on-going severe headache and nausea, redness of the skin, scarring, loss of pigmentation, eye-inflammation, diarrhea, swelling of the neck, loss of fingernails, hair loss, weight loss, and fatigue.


TrueUfology Witnesses Capturaaaa

Colby Landrum contacted stomach pains, diarrhea, weight loss, eye inflammation, hair loss, tooth decay, anxiety, and nightmares.  There was temporary photo-sensitivity to the sun.  Colby had nightmares that included a fear of helicopters.

Betty’s new 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass had multiple electrical problems and the steering wheel’s plastic material fell off in large clumps.  Handprints had left permanent identifications on the padded hot dashboard.  The windshield had exploded like it was hit with a baseball bat.

The attorney for the family felt that punitive damages went far beyond the $10,000 hospital bills and he filed Law Suite # 11-84-34B in the U.S District Court for Southern District of Texas for 10-million-dollars.  The family eventually lost the suit because the craft and helicopters could not be proven to belong to the government. 

The UFO witnesses cooperated fully with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) investigator John Schuessler when Schuessler contacted the witnesses in February. 

Schuessler discovered CH-47 copters at Ellington AFB-South Houston. Also, the Dallas Naval AM station Commanding Officer Major Dennis Haire of the 136th Transport Unit at the Air Force Base was aware of eight Chinook helicopters with the Army National Guard, as well as 16 of them in Dallas, and also four Hueys and four 58s assigned to Houston.

Major Haire, however, said that no CH-47s were involved on December 29, 1980.  Twin rotor helicopters were seen at other dates at Fort Hood.  CH-47 Chinook helicopters with Army markings were seen at Ellington AFB on December 28, 1982, but nothing was pinpointed to December 1980.

Later, Police Chief Lammar Walker and his wife claimed to have seen three groups of three Chinook helicopters flying in V-formation within 5 miles of the Ladrum UFO, but Lieutenant Colonel George Sarran of the Army Inspector General’s Office denied such activity (pp. 156-159).

Klass went to extraordinary lengths to obtain the medical records of the witnesses but was rebuffed on personal privacy issues.   Klass used other ‘tricks’ to get the family’s medical files by claiming he was only interested in some vague “probability ratio” ruse and again rebuffed when ABC’s That’s Incredible show used a similar prompting on April 1, 1982.   

“I will not be a party to this in anyway,” said the doctor.

Letter to Philip Klass from Peter Rank, MD, March 23, 1982, Lass’s Cash-Landrum Files, APS.


Dr. Rank believed some type of radiation was involved, though the precise manner could not be definitely ascertained, or whether the whole body was involved:  ultra-violet, low-energy x-ray or some particular radiation was suspected, but he felt that the symptoms were consistent with exposure to ionizing radiation causing demagogic symptoms and “no healing ulcerative lesions.”

Robert Sheaffer of CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal), of which Philip Klass was a guiding member, claimed Betty used UV light to induce her own injuries, an action related to some form of her portrayed and alleged “Munchausen Syndrome.” 

According to CSI’s charter, the “Committee” maintains a network of people interested in critically examining paranormal, fringe science, and other claims, and in contributing to consumer education; prepares bibliographies of published materials that, supposedly, carefully examine such claims; encourages research by alleged objective and impartial inquiry in areas where it is needed.

Most researchers found Sheaffer’s summation of the Cash-Landrum UFO as slanderous and unscientific. Lieutenant Colonel George Sarran labeled the UFO witnesses as “credible witnesses.”  (p.163)

Billy Cox, from the Florida Sarasota Herald Tribune, traveled to Texas to investigate the case and came away convinced that a “very real and tragic event had occurred.”  Cox appraised Klass as “…a man who had a pathological disregard for the truth.”

Billy Cox, “Klass Act: No Principles,” Sarasota Herald Tribune, February 20, 2012.


The readers will be intrigued by the authors’ equally analytic treatment of other spectacular UFO cases, their particular investigations by proponents and cynics alike, and the growing realization that the anti-UFO factions can’t forever conceal a reality that even the corrupted and criminal thinking of our human ‘elites’ persistently but unsuccessfully continue to try and hide. Such a tacit and quickening realization of reality was encapsulated in the words of culprit Errol Childress to detective Rustin “Rust” Cohle when the sordid confluence of evil, crime, and noir-like bleakness crashed about them: “Take off your mask, little priest!”

TrueUfology Preacher 364d992d88737f0878ced831e4c35f9e
TRUE DETECTIVE television series:

TrueUfolofy Cohle main-qimg-b01b1a0b8215a2e9c87418bc3f394dd5-c
Steve Erdmann, December 2017, St. Louis
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Artist Depiction of Landrum UFO
TrueUfology Debris 248840
Jesse Marcel with Balloon Debris
TrueUfology D.C. 1952FIG2
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TrueUfology Preacher 364d992d88737f0878ced831e4c35f9e
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TrueUfology Kathleen-Stanton-Friedman
Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden
TrueUfology Klass-y-Menzel
Dr. Donald Menzel, left, Philip Klass, right.
TrueUfology Zamora 50f8e9503c40607fa3af5ddb20c717b4_L
Art Depiction of Zamora UFO
TrueUfology Witnesses Capturaaaa
TrueUfology Forest ufo-1951536_1280
TrueUfology Edward-Condon
TrueUfology Police poliziotto-lonnie-zamora

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Story behind Serpo!

ThelateGreat Serpo_Planet_Concepts_by_Supajoe


The Late, Great Planet Serpo




Steve Erdmann


Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann, 2014
This article was published in the September 7 through 13, 2014 issues of UFO Digest.
It is printed here with permission.
Permission granted to reviewers and journalists to quote small statements.
Another version of this article can be seen at https://wordpresscom507.wordpress.com/2017/09/13/the-truth-hidden-on-serpo/


Anonymous” introduced an UFO Internet thread list to Victor Martinez in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2011 telling of a supposed highly classified “Top Secret Codewood” about an interstellar Exchange Program in which twelve U.S military personnel arrived by alien spaceship in 1965 on a planet popularly known as Serpo.

Monitored by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Project Crystal Knight, bits and pieces of this adventure was disclosed by “Anonymous” on Bill Ryan’s website. A mysterious “Red Book” was discussed as a compendium of our relationship with UFO intelligence “from 1947 to the present day.”

“Although he never mentions it,” said Author Len Kasten, “it seems very likely that he is, or has been a member of Majestic 12 (MJ-12), the secret organization set up by President Harry S. Truman to deal with extraterrestrial affairs.”

(Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, Len Kasten, Bear & Company, One Park Street, Rochester, Vermont, 05767, www.bearandcompanybooks.com, 2013, 282 pages, $18.00.)


Thelategreat cover 91juwxBDfQL


According to Kasten, the most influential person in the history of UFOs and extraterrestrials was Karl Ernst Haushofer who blended the “ultra nationalistic, militaristic and fascist” Japanese Black Dragons with the occult-based 1918 Thule Society.

“It is now well known that German aeronautical engineers were working on antigravity discs beginning in 1933,” said Kasten. “And by 1945 they had developed a highly sophisticated circular craft that was able to fly at very high altitudes and with incredible speed using electromagnetic propulsion technology.”

Largely a small Buddhist Monastic sect possessing occult and black magical power created Nazi inspiration: The Green Dragons, Society of Green Men; this cabal taught German militarists the power of astral travel and visits to a “snake world” of a serpent race called the Negas.

“It is said to be a massive, seven-level complex of huge caverns and tunnels, deep underground,” said Kasten. The teachings of the Green Dragons led directly into the Nazi Aryan Race doctrines..


Nazi Germany eventually expanded into a Fourth Reich with seeds of a Wunderwaffee (Wonder Weapon), Twilight of the Gods, the Haunebu I and II, the “dreadnought,” that finalized into an integrated space program in the United States. Chief regime components were shipped and secreted to Neuschwabenland in Antarctica that had been established through 1930’s and 1940’s. Neu Berlin housed a community of about forty thousand civilians by the end of the war; a German-Japanese crew attempted a suicide space mission to Mars in 1945.

An armada headed by the late Admiral Richard E. Byrd, sent to squelch the Nazi operation, was surprised in 1947 by unexpected Nazi flying discs.

“Now certain that the Third Reich had survived in Antarctica and had perfected their flying discs,” said Kasten, “it is likely that alarm, and even panic, prevailed at the Pentagon.”


.TheLateGreat BATTLE --operation-highjump-flying-saucer

High Jump was Attacked.

With the crash of alien discs in New Mexico in 1947 (as well as other places), a completely new game plan had to be invented.  An alien that was detained but treated well by American military forces, contacted its home planet and eventually repatriated. The story continued by claiming that this led to the establishment of some sort of relationship between the American government and the people of its home world – said to be a planet of the binary star system Zeta Reticuli.

Further disc crashes and capture of extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) “opened up an entirely new era of our planet history.”  An Executive Summary, The Red Book, was supervised by “Anonymous.”

Zeta Reticuli had a history in ufology (including the Betty and Barney Hill abduction and the Bob Lazar story), having been claimed as the home system of an alien race called the Greys.

“It was the first baby step for Earth on the stage of galactic affairs,” said Kasten, “and it initiated a lasting alliance between the United States and civilization on a distant planet.”.


“…the Ebens did send another scout craft to Earth,” said Kasten, “on May 20, 1953. And that craft did not crash – it landed.”

The four Ebens were taken to the Los Alamos Laboratories. The craft went to a Nevada test site.

Intelligence “turf wars,” well into the 1960’s, the Kennedy Administration, all prefaced the creation of an “exchange program” with the Ebens that had scientists go to their home planet of Serpo.  Majestic-12 clandestinely supervised the events.

Portions of the book described the selection and training of the Serpos astronauts and their scheduled landings on Serpo. Readers are best to determine for themselves the “guts” of the book that described the adventures of our astronauts on Serpo. Those events were laced through various narratives about the life of the Ebens and their inventions that, frankly, resembled “campy” science fiction on a 1950’s television series. Movie producer Steven Spielberg was supposedly “leaked” classified UFO files. The late scientist Carl Sagan, said to be part of the Serpo adventure, supported its planning..

ThelateGreat crew Fig._8.4

Movie Scene Replicating a Serpo Crew.

“Evidently, the actions of every Eben were controlled by orders or directions from a central authority via the device worn on the belt,” said Kasten, “and the movements of the sun. The central authority is apparently an agency of the council of governors, so named by the Team. This makes the Eben populace almost robotic. It would even be appropriate to use the term enslaved.”.


After thirteen years on Serpo, the crew returned to earth on August 18, 1978. Two remained on Serpo. Military debriefing ran from 1978 until 1984. The Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) became the astronauts’ “handlers.”.

ThelateGreat Serpo_Planet_Concepts_by_Supajoe

The Mysterious World of Serpo.

The Ebens did return on November 11, 2010 and November 2012.  A Final Report was written in 1980.

Kasten had an easy, and sometimes polished, style of writing and a few acclaimed books to his name; unfortunately, as it so happened in so many UFO ‘legends,’ the “tide can turn” with the swell of investigations that researched beneath the surface. “All that glittered was not gold.”

Questions had risen about the events described in the book. Steve Erdmann saw gaping holes in Kasten’s Eben history. It seemed that a lot of alleged UFO history activity was taking place as a continual basis on Earth, despite the sketchy “trips” from Serpo in 1947, 1953, 1965, 2010 and 2012. A whole range of UFO activity existed since 1947. This history included the testimony of a co-pilot, Mike Dinan, one of two airline pilots who were directed away from Area 51 in 1988 during multiple “lights” zipping at terrific speeds onto a landing strip (The Unexplained Files, “Paranormal Highway of America”, Chuck Zuchowski, investigator, Sean Smith, director). What was the progenitor of all this UFO activity for the past 67 years?

Further alleged UFO bustle could be seen in another book that highlighted various fluid UFO activities..

TheLateGreat 42c0c609d43481773a21a5842efc1fb9--area--conspiracy-airline-flights

UFOs Over Area 51 .

The Serpo story, in several ways, seemed to resemble the same story line of fiction possibly fostered off as fact in the book Raechel’s Eyes: coauthored by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux and published by Wild Flower Press, 2005.  The authors tell the story of a teenage female hybrid called Raechel and her attempt to “pass” among humans as one of them.


TheLateGreat Sketch-of-Hybrid-Raechel

“Raechel” – Helen Littrell

An unusual roommate showed up named “Raechel Nadien” in the book and “Racheal” with a differently spelled last name in the ARC Dean of Enrollment Services confirmation at a nearby school. With Racheal was her “father,” USAF Colonel “Harry Nadien.”  The Colonel would eventually tell Helen and Marisa (two characters in the book) that he had worked since 1956 at a highly classified underground facility called “Four Corners” many miles south of Ely, Nevada.  This was a connection point in route to the northern edge of Area 51, Groom Lake, Nellis AFB, Nevada — long associated with secretly housing a few live extraterrestrials and trying to back-engineer extraterrestrial craft and technologies..


The problem with such similar and multiple scenarios is that they left incongruous cracks in the tales of extraterrestrials coming to earth.  In the case of  Raechel Nadien and fellow ET visitors, visits to ATIC and other secret areas were regular and often: there were no allusions to Serpo and those clandestine visits, though Nadien’s space traffic was systematic.  I am quite sure that the ‘tellers’ of such tales would act quickly to repair these cracks, but, perhaps revealing only more ‘cracks.’

The “Eyes” book began with Air Force Colonel Harry Nadien, the man who in the 1970s presented himself as Raechel’s father and his assignment in 1956 to Four Corners, a secret military base in Nevada, where it was believed that several times a year craft carrying extraterrestrials would land; Raechel appeared in the 1970’s. Did Colonel Nadien tell anyone or Marisa the entire story about how he came to be involved with aliens and how he adopted Raechel as his daughter? Again, the story alluded to much UFO traffic..


Unfortunately, some investigators found further into their investigations a disappointing mixed bag of events in the Serpo tale:

Author and filmmaker Linda Moulton-Howe had been informed about an Earth/alien exchange program in 1983, when doing research for UFOs: The ET Factor, a documentary for HBO. Given approval by his superiors to allow her to Top Secret Air Force information and video footage in her documentary, Air Force Sergeant Richard C. Doty approached Linda..


“Some of the information, Doty said, involved an alleged exchange program of humans who left Holloman Air Force Base in 1964 for Zeta Reticuli. Howe was told that three humans went but one died on the alien planet; one went insane (but there was no information on his fate); and one returned to Earth and was then living in a U.S. government safe house on an undisclosed island.”.


One criticism of Project Serpo stems from the lack of forensic proof of one of its alleged witnesses, Sergeant Richard Doty. Doty has been involved in other mysterious UFO-related activities (see Majestic 12 and Paul Bennewitz); he appeared to be a discredited source (or a purposeful provider of disinformation). Additionally, there is no physical evidence supporting the project’s existence. According to Tim Swartz of Mysteries Magazine, Doty, who promised evidence to Moulton Howe, before he began to back out, has been involved in circulating several other UFO conspiracy stories. Swartz also expressed the opinion that the specifics of Project Serpo have diverged considerably with different versions. It was alleged that the entire series of posts were designed to be “viral marketing” for a new book by Doty..

Thelategreat doty

.(“FALCON: Sgt. Richard Dick Doty, USAF (Ret.), Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, reported to have engaged in UFO disinformation projects, including reportedly hoaxing TV producer Linda Moulton Howe concerning availability of a tape showing a UFO landing at Holloman Air Force Base, NM.  Doty was also allegedly waging psychological warfare on Albuquerque defense electronics contractor Paul Bennewitz, concerning Bennewitz’s electronic monitoring of UFO activity around Kirtland AFB/Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, reportedly causing/exacerbating a mental breakdown in Mr. Bennewitz. Reportedly, FALCON claims to have seen the Roswell Alien Autopsy film (shown worldwide August 28, 1995) some time ago at Los Alamos National Laboratory.”) .


An investigative film entitled Mirage Men was extracted from the 2010 book of the same name by the British author Mark Pilkington, who is also involved here as writer, producer and onscreen talking head. The film was highly focused, converging on the U.S., specifically a handful of well-known figures and events in UFO circles. One paramount player in both the book and film is Richard Doty, a former counterintelligence officer with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), who claimed to have spent decades deliberately spreading disinformation about extraterrestrials: “weapons of mass deception,” as one interviewee hauntingly put it. Another is UFOlogist and author William Moore, whose books included The Roswell Incident and The Philadelphia Experiment..

TheLateGreat PIL maxresdefault

Mark Pilkington.

“Mirage Men doesn’t break any new ground in discussing many of these topics: readers will find discussion of them in books ranging from Jacques Vallee’s Messengers of Deception through to Greg Bishop’s book on the deception aimed at Paul Bennewitz, Project Beta (Bishop himself appears extensively in the documentary),” said Greg in A Fractured Hall of Mirrors, 4:46 p.m., June 17, 2013.  “What it does do though is gets Richard Doty, a notoriously slippery man to corner, in front of the camera discussing the things he has done, along with a number of the other significant players. The intelligent viewer will however ask why Rick Doty came forward willingly to be an interview subject for this documentary, given every move he has made on the UFO topic seems to have been precisely calculated to have a certain effect.   He seemingly has no reason to offer all this information.

So why is he doing it? And why does he admit to so much, but then deny involvement with Serpo when investigators seem to have caught him red-handed (via email IP addresses)?”.


TheLateGreat Serpo serpoprojesi-

Artist Conception of the Serpo Crew Contact.

Further criticisms of the story included the usual arguments against the various UFO theories, descriptions of the UFO data, and faster-than-light travel, as well as astronomical knowledge of the Zeta Reticuli system.  A list of complaints (though not the final count) went as follows:

  • There was currently no evidence of life in the system and no evidence of planets because the stars are widely separated (several thousand astronomical units).
  • Zeta Reticuli was not a close binary: the two stars are one light year apart.
  • Claims of excess radiation because of the presence of a second star are nonsensical.
  • UFO researcher Greg Bishop quoted “Request Anonymous” in “Serpo Was a Big Fat Fake” (UFO Mystic, Thursday, February 22, 2007 [7:30 p.m. CST].): “The 12 remained until 1978, when they were returned to the same location in Nevada.  Seven men and one woman returned.  Two died on the alien’s home planet.  Four others decided to remain, according to the returnees. Of the eight that returned, all have died.  The last survivor died in 2002.”  Bishop pointed out a simple error: The math is wrong.  How could eight people return to Earth out of twelve when two died on the planet and four decided to remain?
  • “Anonymous” claimed that Ebens weighed the equipment of the Team, which calculated to 4.5 tons or 9,000 pounds. Allegedly, military style C-Rations were carefully planned for 10 years. However, the true math, instead, would be as follows: C rations, that is a box a day for each person: Weight of a box: 7 pounds, i.e. a little more than 3 kg.  There were 12 astronauts, therefore 36 kilos per day. Per annum: 13 tons. For ten years that, however, would be 130 tons.
  • “In the UFO hoax stakes this is still way below UMMO (another sophisticated tale eventually discovered to be a hoax…S.E.); the science fiction is derivative; the story is obvious rubbish, with absurdities such as humans actually being able to eat alien food,” said reviewer Roger Rogerson. “The society makes little sense as a source of advanced technology.  If they think they can make a film out of this, I reckon that Steven Spielberg and the creators of Star Trek would both have a good case for plagiarism.”

(Roger Caleb Rogerson is a former Detective Sergeant of the New South Wales Police Force. He was one of its most decorated officers, having received at least 13 awards for bravery, outstanding police-officer-ship and devotion to duty including the Peter Mitchell Trophy, the highest annual police award.  Sadly, as the ironies of Fate would have it, Rogerson stepped into crime and in a final trial on 15 June 2016, Rogerson and Glen McNamara were found guilty of  Jamie Gao’s murder.)

  • According to Tim Swartz of Mysteries Magazine, Doty, who promised evidence to Moulton Howe before backing out, has been involved in circulating several other UFO conspiracy stories. Swartz also expressed that the details of Project Serpo have varied considerably with different accounts.  It has been alleged that the entire series of posts were designed to be viral marketing for a new book by Doty..

TheLateGreat Swartz 10-05-01-Tim-Swartz-at-Grange-Spring-Cleaning_1024x7681

Author Tim Swartz.

As can be seen, on a more fundamental level, it is entirely possible that the messages originating the story were deliberate hoaxes.  The postings were to Internet forums that cover conspiracy theories and UFOs, and a cursory examination of such forums shows that hoaxes are very possible. Some UFOlogists have even claimed that the messages were a hoax perpetrated by the American military and intelligence communities as a cover for real secret programs..


All of the information presented to Victor Martinez and Bill Ryan by ‘Request Anonymous’ came in fact from Richard C. Doty.   Martinez may have suspected Doty’s involvement, but Bill Ryan knew from the very start that he was getting the Serpo material directly from the former AFOSI security guard. Doty has continuously denied being involved in the story, despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary. In addition to Doty, Martinez and Ryan, the behind the scenes ‘Team of Five’ who collaborated extensively on the project is completed by Dr. Christopher ‘Kit’ Green – a former analyst with the CIA, and physicist Dr. Harold (Hal) E. Puthoff.   “The material to follow will show that Serpo was not a lone-gunman operation, but collaboration between three friends, who between them already had many years’ experience of scamming the UFO community.   This investigation, told in full for the first time, is the precursor to our main report into the Imaginary Intelligence Agency, a group also known under the name Scammers Inc.”.


Bill Ryan, a chief proponent of publicizing the Project Serpo claims, announced on March 5, 2007 that he was stepping down from his role as webmaster for the Serpo material. Ryan nevertheless maintained his belief that an extraterrestrial exchange program did occur – although he stated that the Serpo releases definitely contained disinformation..

TheLateGreat Ryan maxresdefault
UFOlogist Bill Ryan


An investigator that went by the alias of “ryguy” said he was fortunate to intercept raw emails from the hidden players in the hoax. On Sunday, May 20, 2007, 1:09 p.m., Ryguy said:

“Our team of researchers determined that TheWizardofZin@lycos.com was the original ‘Anon’s’ email address, and ‘Sylvester McCoglin’ the name behind Anonymous.

“In an effort to identify who in fact was behind the Serpo story, an email account was created called the wizardofzin@yahoo.com and on February 16, 2006, an email from this account was sent to Victor Martinez. Victor responded just over 30 minutes later.”

Steve Erdmann presented some of them, uncleansed and in virgin form. Readers examined and deciphered them:

“[From Sylvester]
We must be careful. TRUST NO ONE!!!
You were NOT FIRED.
“I now need your help to identify the imposters.
Send me copies of ALL Messages you have from me and
“I will explain more soon. The lycos address is
compromised. Give this address to NO ONE and do not
tell anyone that we are in contact.
reply immediately. I miss our chats.

“[Reply from Victor]
“WOW! I have tried sending messages to THIS lycos address but they have
ALL bounced, so I removed you from my stream e-mail list as of two (2)
weeks ago. WHAT happened?! WHO was sending the postings? Bill Ryan
has been getting ALL of the postings, NOT me so I have NO messages to
forward to you at all!
“Also, per your request, I ERASED ALL of your e-mails prior to Dec
19/20, so there are NONE to compare them with! I RESPECTED YOUR WISHES.
“MANY people have suspected that Bill was dealing with an IMPOSTER
because his streams had a different “feel” to them than mine. What I
can do is stream the postings since you left,… would you like those?

“Editor comment:
1. The Lycos email account has been inactive since last December.
2. Why would the original Anonymous have asked Victor to delete the original emails?

“Victor continues his due diligence in authenticating thewizardofzin@yahoo.com as his original ‘Anon’.
“As you will notice, even before doing this authentication, Victor acknowledges sending a ‘flurry of emails’ to this address.”

“[From Victor]
I am 99.99% CERTAIN that it is ‘you’ by a key phrase you used of  ‘I
miss our chats.’ [me too!]

“But you also said ‘TRUST NO ONE!’ so this should include YOU, should it

“OK, so to make 100% CERTAIN that it’s the “old” ANONYMOUS, let me ask
you two (2) ‘trivia’ questions which you should be able to answer

“1) When was your LAST posting sent to me which comprised the journal
entries for POSTING #11?

“2) Pull out a trivia question from your OLD lycos.com account and then
answer your own question and send it to me at your NEW yahoo.com
account,… how’s that for MY being careful?

“I just sent you a flurry of e-mails catching you up with Everything
that’s been going on.

“FLASH: ‘Project SERPO’ is on the FRONT COVER of the new Feb/March
issue of ‘UFO Magazine’ with virtually the ENTIRE issue devoted to it! CHECK
IT OUT! I’ll send you and the members of the DIA-6 ALL copies of it if
you wish!

“NOTE: I will NOT include this new e-mail address in new future
postings just to make SURE that your ID is NOT compromised; I’ll send you any
future postings privately and to you ONLY; no ‘cc’s’ OK?

“AC-626 358-xxxx – landline
AC-626 824-xxxx – cellphone.”

Reality Uncovered investigators tried to untangle the mishmash of names and researchers that have been deliberately and, perhaps, unfortunately sewn together in order to bolster the claims of Anonymous and supporters; Ron Pandolfi was one such individual caught in the web: 

There were a few things people should know about the incident Gary referred to, where Ron and Green appeared to be discussing the “Serpo” hoax.  The facts were as follows:

– Ron Pandolfi did not volunteer his time or attention to the hoax – he was contacted and drawn into it (possibly intentionally) by Dr. Green.

– Ron conducted an unofficial, brief query regarding a few alleged DIA names that Dr. Green told Ron Pandolfi might be relevant and important.

– In the course of trying to ascertain where the names Dr. Green received came from, Ron Pandolfi interviewed Rick Doty via email.

– All of the above activities were done out of a personal, private request from his friend Kit Green – otherwise Pandolfi would have had no interest in this drama

“From: Ronald Pandolfi [mailto:xxxxx@cox.net]
Sent: Sat 9/2/2006 2:29 PM
“To: Green, Christopher
Subject: RE: PRIVATE: Search For Two DIA Sources


“I was not with you during the meeting you had with Barry Hennessey about Rick’s polygraph records.  The meeting you and I participated in included Barry Hennessey, Col. Weaver, and the CIA CI Director and did not involve any discussion of Rick’s polygraph records. So the quote from Ms. Loscowski regarding what I did and the circumstances of the meeting could not have been correct.  More likely the person who claimed to be Ms. Loscowski described what she had read on the Internet concerning the fabricated story that you and I had met with Barry Hennessy to discuss Rick’s polygraph records. Therefore, the lady who contacted you most likely was not Col.Weaver.

“Your expansion of the story of the two DIA employees visiting LANL and being known to others has me concerned.  The names you provided do not correspond to any DIA employees. There are no people with those names that have TS//SCI clearances.  If the story of the sources/visitors is true, they are falsely representing themselves as DIA employees, possibly to access sensitive facilities and acquire classified information for a foreign service.

“I am nearly certain that Rick fabricated this entire story, and that he is Mr. Anonymous, Ms. Loscowski, and the two DIA sources/visitors.  If so, Rick may just be having a good time, and we need not be concerned for national security.  If not, there may actually be a network of foreign agents penetrating some of our most sensitive facilities under the false flag of a DIA operation.  Therefore please be very clear in describing the form of communications you had with Ms. Loscowski (e.g. phone, e-mail, etc.); how you acquired the additional background concerning the DIA sources visitors; and what you know of about the many people who know them.

Ron .”.


“On February of 2006, in collaboration with the RU research team (at the time), I wrote part 9 of the Serpo expose – which combined a long communication stream that took place between Marilyn Ruben, myself, and Kit Green, as well as background research conducted by the team, mostly by Hidden Hand on the Rubens.  The resulting article concluded as follows:

“With the publication of this article, I am personally concluding my research into Serpo. My personal focus will no longer be on this hoax, but instead on the larger issues where individuals have been involved, both inside and outside of U.S. Intel for many years.  The larger issue of what the government truly knows (or doesn’t know), what incidents remain unexplained that represent authentic sightings and encounters, and how all governments have dealt, and continue to deal with such phenomenon.

“Since that article, we have worked to move our focus away from the Serpo drama and to follow the leads related more to government intelligence associated with ufology, and talking with researchers who focus more on intel, counterintel, and espionage.  These are researchers who also recognize the same patterns that we’ve recognized can be found running through ufological stories and folklore for many decades.

“One particular thread of inquiry has brought us back to this article from last year. New data has now become available that sheds new light on the ‘TC/Seinu Group.’   In light of this new data, it would be inaccurate and unscientific if I didn’t correct part of my previous conclusion from a year ago, and replace it with data that more accurately replaces that previous conclusion.  The first step is to correct that previous conclusion.

“The conclusion was as follows:

“The legend of Serpo will be that it was a fabrication of Collins and Rick, as part of a viral marketing plan to generate buzz and interest for a book. It is this writer’s conclusion that the only ones ‘behind’ Rick Doty, in the creation of this hoaxed information, were Bob Collins and Douglas and Marilyn Ruben.

“While the premise of the entire article was accurate – laying out the connections of a book promoter to this particular book author, as well as the fact that a collaborator (Doty) of the author’s (regardless of their silly staged ‘arguments’) was in the process of distributing the Serpo releases – that one final paragraph was speculative and, now we realize, not completely accurate.

“While Marilyn did in fact help Collins to promote his book, and in addition assisted the team of 5 in fending off attacks that would expose Rick as the source of the releases – we have uncovered enough additional information to be convinced that she was not one of those who were creating these releases.

Our subsequent investigations after February 2006 have shown that there are others who are more likely to have been working with Doty in creating the releases, and so it must be pointed out, in all fairness and accuracy, that Marilyn most likely was not one those people.  The article on the main page will also be edited shortly to reflect this – Ry.”.


Ken Adachi, Editor of  http://educate-yourself.org/mc/index.shtml, said in The Ultimate Terror:

“The first phase of government mind control development grew out of the old occult techniques which required the victim to be exposed to massive psychological and physical trauma, usually beginning in infancy, in order to cause the psyche to shatter into a thousand alter personalities which can then be separately programmed to perform any function (or job) that the programmer wishes to ’install.’  Each alter personality created is separate and distinct from the front personality.  The ‘front personality’ is unaware of the existence or activities of the alter personalities.  Alter personalities can be brought to the surface by programmers or handlers using special codes, usually stored in a laptop computer.  The victim of mind control can also be affected by specific sounds, words, or actions known as triggers.

“The second phase of mind control development was refined at an underground base below Fort Hero on Montauk, Long Island (New York) and is referred to as the Montauk Project.

The earliest adolescent victims of Montauk style programming, so called Montauk Boys, were programmed using trauma-based techniques, but that method was eventually abandoned in favor of an all-electronic induction process which could be ‘installed’ in a matter of days (or even hours) instead of the many years that it took to complete trauma-based methods.”.

TheLateGreat montauk2

The Montauk Facilities.

We had entered an age where the perception of reality can be created and controlled by conspirators, handlers and Power brokers that have intruded – even into the possible quantum level – upon our scientifically established world.  This should have behooved us to be evermore perceptive in distinguishing the nature of facts and findings.  A large portion of the world’s population showed a tendency to believe that UFOnauts are here today, without holding any solid scientific evidence as investigators and readers to back up these beliefs.  These citizens are especially vulnerable to psychotronic mind manipulation.

Could some aspects of such a tale somehow be truthfully hidden beneath all the rumor, entertainment and speculative clamor?  That, as is with most objective reality, had to be ‘proven’ somehow.  The byline should have existed as ‘beware.’  Modern Paranormal investigators had to be three times as smart and grounded in scientific and forensic reality over and above what practices had been in the past.

“A modern version of MK-Ultra is presently in widespread operation in many nations,” said investigative researcher Jeff Polachek, “it involves the covert implantation of classified neurotechnology into the brains and bodies of non-consenting and unaware subjects.  This is accomplished by ‘black operations’ involving home entries, complicit personnel in medical and custodial settings, and possibly other means.  The civilian population as a whole, including children, is the target.”

“Concerted efforts are made to prevent subjects from understanding what is happening to them,” continued Polachek, “amnesia is artificially induced to prevent them from recalling anything about these events, most likely by means of electrical stimulation of the claustrum or other parts of the brain using previously-implanted neurotechnology and/or the application of drugs such as anesthetics or benzodiazepines.

“The secrecy of these programs is preserved with the aid of disinformation campaigns or ‘cover stories.’  These campaigns include a number of carefully chosen themes.”.


As readers might demand clarification about further details and proof of the Serpo story, contradictions and falsification may perforate the tale even further.  If this would happen, the summation would not be about a grandiose adventure to a distant planet, but a swansong for the late, great planet Serpo.

Author Len Kasten has a B.A. degree from Cornell University, where he majored in psychology and minored in literature and philosophy. After graduating from Cornell, he entered the U.S. Air Force Aviation Cadet program.  While in the Air Force, he experienced a UFO encounter that had a transformative effect on his life, although he did not realize it until a few years later. After serving in the Air Force, he moved to Richmond, Virginia.  On frequent trips to Virginia Beach, he spent a lot of time in the extensive New Age library at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the organization founded by psychic Edgar Cayce, where he acquired a self-education in metaphysics.  He then moved to Boston where he was introduced to Theosophy and joined the Boston Theosophical Society.

Then later, while working in Washington D.C. in the 1960’s, he felt drawn to join the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). NICAP was the most prestigious organization in the country investigating UFO phenomena.  Len then moved to Hartford, Connecticut where he joined the American Philosopher Society.  Upon the death of the founder, Cyril Benton, Len became the president of the society. In the 1980’s, the APS, under Len’s leadership, commenced a program of weekly public lectures by prominent metaphysical and ufology researchers, writers, and leaders.  While living in Connecticut Len became the editor of an early New Age publication, Metamorphosis Magazine, co-founded with Gordon-Michael Scallion..


TheLateGreat Kasten maxresdefault

Len Kasten



“Needless to say, the story is total bollocks, as the Brits would say. The reason this is coming up again right now is because of the people involved. One of them is Richard Doty, a well-known UFO fabulist, which is no surprise. He has confessed to supposedly providing disinformation to the poor, mad Paul Bennewitz on behalf of the Air Force. (I say that Bennewitz (1927-2003) was ‘mad’ because he was literally using tinfoil to keep out alien thought rays, even before he had any contact with the Air Force.)  Although in my view it’s much more likely that Doty was operating as a free-lance disinformation agent, telling B.S. stories to Bennewitz for his own inscrutable reasons.”
Quote from the below article:
You can reach Steve Erdmann at dissenterdisinter@yahoo.com  – or – independenterdmann@gmail.com.
You can friend him at Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/stephen.erdmann1 –  or – visit the Dissenter/Disinter Group  –  at https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/171577496293504/.
His Facebook email is http://facebook.com/stephen.erdmann1.
You can also visit his articles at the following:
 http://www.minds.com – TheDissenter,
Alternate Perception Magazine: http://www.apmagazine.info/..

Photos Extra Steve1 34934490_10156520897824595_8244253719684710400_n

Steve Erdmann –  Independent Investigative Journalist


Thelategreat cover 91juwxBDfQL


ThelateGreat crew Fig._8.4

Movie Scene Replicating a Serpo Crew

Thelategreat doty


ThelateGreat Serpo_Planet_Concepts_by_Supajoe

The Mysterious World of Serpo

TheLateGreat Sketch-of-Hybrid-Raechel

“Raechel” – Helen Littrell


TheLateGreat montauk2
The Montauk Facilities

TheLateGreat PIL maxresdefault

Mark Pilkington
TheLateGreat BATTLE --operation-highjump-flying-saucer
Operation High Jump was Attacked

TheLateGreat Serpo serpoprojesi-

Artist Conception of the Serpo Crew Contact

TheLateGreat 42c0c609d43481773a21a5842efc1fb9--area--conspiracy-airline-flights

UFOs Over Area 51 

TheLateGreat Ryan maxresdefault

Ufologist Bill Ryan

TheLateGreat Rayn hqdefault

TheLateGreat Swartz 10-05-01-Tim-Swartz-at-Grange-Spring-Cleaning_1024x7681
Author Tim Swartz

Photos Extra Steve2 34962959_10156520897759595_6984102889039855616_n

Steve Erdmann –  independent Investigative  Journalist 


Another version of this article can be seen at https://wordpresscom507.wordpress.com/2017/09/13/the-truth-hidden-on-serpo/

The Aliens of Whitley Strieber

OldiebutGoodie Prometheus-Planet


Greenoble - Vue Balcon Ludo
Are We Products of Alien Terra Farming?

OldiebutGoodie communion-1

Oldies But Goodies

Time Reveals No New Answers on UFOs


Steve Erdmann

Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann, 2017
Permission for reviewers and journalists to quote short comments as long as full credits are given to the original article. 

A facsimile of this article can also be found at https://wordpresscom507.wordpress.com/2017/09/09/ultimate-ufo-realities/

“I had seen beyond the edge of the world. I had seen a whole new form of life and way of being human that has hitherto remained hidden.” Whitley Strieber, Solving the Communion Enigma, p. 39.


Time had a way of encapsulating memories and solidifying events. The year 1975 held a number of surprises (it was the year my ex-wife hit me with a whammy divorce and introduced me to the surreal world of lawyers and marital subversion; she also brought up in court that I had an interest in ufology), but it was also the year that UFO heroes sat down and discussed the reality of the UFO phenomena.

A dynamic trio of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee and Dr. Arthur C. Hastings; Hastings a renowned psychologist; Hynek, the late Professor of Astronomy at Northwestern University, consultant to the United States Air Force, and founder of the Center for UFO Studies; Vallee, a doctor in computer science at Stanford University, all three examined the phenomena from various aspects in this classic book.

(The Edge of Reality: A Progress Report on Unidentified Flying Objects,  J. Allen  Hynek and Jacques Vallee, Henry Regnery Company, Chicago, Illinois 60601, 1975, 301 pages, $13.46.)

One thing that stood out pointedly in their conversations was the seeming “magic” aspect of some cases,  real, to the effect that physical traces are left, but the UFO activity seem abnormal and often etheric.

“…there is a strong case here for psychic aspects of UFOs,” says Vallee, “but just saying that UFOs belong to the realm of psychic phenomenon doesn’t explain them.”  Vallee adds: “It may be that there is inherent in our species, a sort of built-in defense mechanism, that reveals itself only in times of extreme social stress, and one of its manifestations is the phenomenon known as UFOs….that certainly produces some very unusual biological consequences…a triggering of a genetic process…people seeing things in the sky, and various physical effects might even result.” That sounds a lot like saying Mother Earth, Gaia, is speaking to us.   

Even though the book told of very spectacular and bizarre cases, such as the November, 1961 UFO case where hunters allegedly shoot a UFO occupant with a .22 Hornet Winchester Model 43, scoped and with a Weaver K49 (the wounded occupant-being cursed in plain bawdy-English), there is no other documentation, such as from the mysterious men who came from the government to visit one of the UFO witnesses, or an forensic analysis of the gun which had been fired.  The case had the Kafkaesque quality:  “Sounds like humans were somehow involved coming from a UFO, or, was that just a disguise, or what?” you ask yourself.

“We have good evidence now that every culture on earth has a tradition about little people, endowed with supernatural power,” says Vallee, “doing things like flying, kidnapping people, taking them away, sometimes cohabiting with human females, sometimes being useful to humans, sometimes being playful, sometimes being destructive, very predictable…they are all over the world.” 

OldiesbutGoodies vallee-4

Likewise, the UFO sighting of August 7, 1970 at the village of Saladare,  Asmara, Ethiopia seemed to have much more substance, leaving great physical damage in its wake.  One can only wonder why the medical doctor did not collect samples to be medically and forensically tested in a competent laboratory.

Entered Whitley Streiber, known as an international bestselling author of more than twenty novels and works of nonfiction, many, such as his personal Close Encounter of the Third Kind (taking a term from Hynek), contend with his encounter in the December of 1985 (Communion).  Some of his fiction books were the bases of movies: The Wolfen, The Hunger, and The Coming Global Supertorm.  

(Solving the Communion Enigma: What is to Come, Whitley Strieber, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, Penguin Group, Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014, 2011-2012, 213 pages, $16.95.)

OldiebutGoodie Solving_the_Communion_Enigma_web

Strieber has joined the ranks of Fortean or paranormal writers that have become “experiencers” that had to contend with encounters with extra-strange and unusual phenomena. The reader can go to his website to review many of these episodes.


Solving the Communion Enigma is one of  Strieber’s best and latest attempts to explain the intimate and personal meaning of his (and those of other “experiencer”) stories. In the end of his renditions, Strieber gives a number of theories which are perhaps his “best guesses” as to the nature of his abductions and UFOs in some fruitful understanding.

“It is important to assume nothing; to study what is accessible to study, which is the physical evidence,” says Strieber, “and to methodically close the outstanding questions as we become able to do so.”  (p. 212)

Strieber begins his “unraveling” through random conjecture about his “experiencer” books, Transformation, Breakthrough, and Communion.  Strieber stresses that he never had been an expounder of his “contactee” experiences as episodes with “alien contact.” Rather, he says his encounters truly pointed at something much deeper: what the power of evolution appears to be when seen in its hidden lair by a “conscious mind.” (p. 3.)  The phenomena are far too complex “and spectacularly strange” to be diagnosed as something that fits into current scientific or historical paradigms.  (p.5)

Strieber finds fault with the popular thought expounding “extraterrestrial visitors” (much like the late astronomer and UFO investigator Dr. J. Allen Hynek also concluded) as the origin of UFO phenomena.  Hynek and Strieber were puzzled as to how normally-conceived “visitors” could travel the gargantuan and phenomenological enormous vastness of interstellar and galactic space with such seeming ease and epochal mastery. 

Strieber surmises that whatever we are dealing with, “something here among us that acts in an intelligent manner, but not in ways that we might act.” (p. 212)


Strieber eventually ventures into an inevitable avenue of speculation:  Childhood and mysterious organizations, periods in the lives of children where many unanswered questions arise.  In this case, Strieber brings forth his own bizarre childhood encounters as well as experiences of other people. 

The author gets into a rather convulsed story of a group identified as “The Finders,” originating in 1987, but ranging through links of “a school for brilliant children,” the CIA, MK-ULTRA, military hospitals, the Wolf-Mullen testimony about child abduction (including the testimony from Harvard psychologist Jennifer J. Freyd) hidden in a vast bureaucracy which, says Strieber,  cloaked a reality of “traditional” organizations such as Congress and executive government that controlled  and experimented.  (p. 37.)

Strieber had experiences with “visitors” that could not just be classified as ‘alien,’ at least, not in the classical sense. He recounts his old friend, film-maker, and photographer Timothy Green-Sanders, having told him of encountering a “woman” that was a ‘human’ version of the ‘alien’ on the cover of Streiber’s Communion, the woman spoke some strange comments and rushed off, having appeared as human and yet alien.

Editor Bruce Lee had the same-type experience in Manhattan as the “aliens” examined Communion at a bookstore, quietly ridiculing (to the aliens) historical inaccuracies (how Lee was able to determine all this is not clear).

Another account Strieber relates is his sighting of a strange “humanoid” ‘lady‘ that walked in a rather “penguin-like” gait as she disappeared.


Other people had seen these “strangers” on Strieber’s property. Strieber also received “ominous” phone calls. A young boy was seen “smoking” a cigarette under some pitch pines (which are a hazard): when Strieber approached him, he discovered the “boy’ was more like a “man”—a weathered child—that caused Strieber’s immediate departure. Later, upon continued ‘visitations,” Strieber tried to track the “boy-man” down, but without success.   Neighbors had seen the “visitor” too.

“Cigarette smoke,” says Strieber, “a strange feral child who could climb walls and did things that were faintly ominous and inexplicable__but no, it was impossible.  We left all that behind in upstate New York.”  (p. 47)

OldiebutGoodies Smoking Whitley_Strieber_Hybrid_Alien_Smoker_Woods
The Smoking Man

Cigarette smoke and the strange boy continued to haunt the Striebers.  Strange men, black cars, the flickering of a motion sensor light, and even tiny “implants” in his own body that he recalled back to May of 1989.

Bill Mallow and Strieber worked on a number of so-called “implants”; one as made of “sital,” and another one was made of magnesium and bismuth. Dr. Rodger Leir tested sixteen objects.  Six emitted “radio signals”  ranging from 8 HZ to 516812 GHZ.  Most were pure iron, some with nickel and other metals.  

A 99 percent pure iron specimen returned a signal when placed in a diffractometer—then stopped; it became X-ray diffraction ‘invisible.’ Their work stopped when Bill Mallow received a “nod” from his employer that a CIA client was disapproving.

OldiesbuGoodies Alien-Implant-Images_photo_medium
Alleged Alien Implants

Strieber also was “implanted” in May of 1989. He recalls two people and one was a female who comfortingly humming in his hazy recollection. Later, the ear that was operated on would turn bright red in the presence of Bill Mallow and Doctor John Lerma. The implant was found to be a small white metallic dish with organic cilia growing out of it.  

“If there were not seventeen proven implants but ten thousand,” says Streiber, “then there could be some amazing research done.  A record of the radio frequencies in the user could be gathered. The witnesses could receive extensive physical and psychological examinations…how brains functioned…interesting data could be gathered…”  (p. 65)

The implants demonstrate, says the author, the “aliens” ability to maintain control beyond our hapless efforts to find answers.


Strieber and many other researchers had worried, and even become hostile, to discuss the enormously vast distances that would have to be overcome to conveniently travel the distances between planets, galaxies and various outer-space points. Physicist Enrico Fermi doubted that said aliens could travel here, and Strieber indicates the mode of travel would have to be quantum-physical “spooky action.” Strieber typifies this possible technology in the famous sightings of September 18, 1976, when a Colonel (now General) Parviz Jafari encountered a mysterious craft that could jam weapons and radio, and perform unbelievable feats.

OldiebutGoodie Laura & Enrico Argonne
Enrico Fermi and Wife Laura

There were several other UFO cases that exhibited similar abnormal phantasmagoria. Two pilots from RAF Manston in Kent, England were ordered to scramble an intercept of a UFO on the night of May 20, 1957, and one pilot fired his entire salvo of twenty-four MK-40 rockets at the object which appeared larger than an aircraft carrier as it appeared to be on the radar. Then the object disappeared. The NSA classified the report known phenomena and the CIA explained the radar blip as a government experiment. 


“Mysterious airplanes” and “descending aircraft” were seen over New Jersey, USA, as well as Norway, Sweden and Sussex, England in what might be called a “1930’s UFO Flap.” These “phantom planes” seemed to highlight an origin in which the objects had already transcended transatlantic flight.  Some were reported as “orbs” and even “flying swords and coffins.” (p. 91)

OldiesbutGoodies Phantom S1_v1_DJ

There were other significant “flaps” about the world, such as in France in a European UFO wave in 1954 but Dr. Paul Hill’s UFO sighting of July 1952 signified the tone of the so-called U.S flap of 1952.


“Dr. Hill’s 1952 sighting was part of a massive UFO incursion that took place over the summer of that year,” says Strieber. “This huge flap involved sensational sightings over Washington, and the Air Force’s attempt to explain them as temperature inversions were not convincing to many people.” (Hill’s UFO case included an object that seemed to manifest static-electric-field technology, utilizing a ‘falling leaf’ motion. Likewise, Hill and his wife had a rather unusual sighting on July 16, 1952, at Chesapeake Bay: two thirty-foot amber objects that demonstrated strange and unusual aerobatics.)

Strieber treks through various “classical” cases (such as July 14, 1952, Pan American sighting by pilots William B. Nash and William H. Fortenberry over the Chesapeake Bay), each example had their own peculiar element that something paranormal was indeed happening.

OldiebutGoodie Nash iur_tulien_spring_2002

The remainder of Stieber’s book explores the growing modern stages of science and its viewing of nature and other unusual UFO and abnormal phenomena. He includes strange cases of animal mutilations that surround birds, cats, dogs, and cattle, seen along with orbs and strange aerial objects.

“The butchery is neat, and the incisions in some cases appear to have been accomplished with some sort of laser,” says Strieber. “…the precision instruments that are generally available would not be appropriate to cut a cat in half.” Similarly, a human was mutilated near Guarapiranga Reservoir in Brazil.

Mysterious creatures, mysterious encounters go by different names and different descriptions in various localities about the globe. Jinn Kutcaci, Zetas, Deros, Pleiadeans: “What manner of mind creates such a bizarre combination of events?  The contrasts in the contact experience are fantastic,” says Strieber.  (pp. 139, 141, 142)

(Strieber outlines the “Crop Circle” manifestations that usually take place in England countrysides, saying some appear inexplicable: This is a slippery slope, in as much as many have been proven to be confessed hoaxes by various talented human groups, sometimes done in cooperation with the farmers, some with various gimmicks, none beyond what a well-trained government SWAT Team could not eventually expose. And one must ask: Why are almost all ‘circles’ usually and  exclusively found in the farms of Great Britain?)  

Strieber implores that our ‘visitors’ are here to aide, guide and train us into a new reality, an improved evolutionary process.

OldiebutGoodie communion-1
The Aliens of Whitley Strieber

“From my experience, we are not living in a simple world where a table is a table and a chair is a chair…If I am correct in my analysis, then something is missing from the way we see reality__in fact, that essential thing is missing, and until we have connected with it, we will remain deaf, mute and blind to  most of the real world, and almost all of the world our visitor inhibit,’ says Strieber, “they can try to get us to realize that we are blind, but they cannot open our eyes for us.  That we must do our selves.”  (p. 106)


OldiebutGoodie Prometheus-Planet
Are We Products of Alien Terra Farming?

There are alternative and additional ‘stipulations,’ however, that can explain some aspects of the phenomenon—those mentioned above plus the possibility that UFOs come from alternatesources‘—but (or should I say ‘and’?) those various origins have begun to blend in together. You will often see this indicated in my editorial comments and writings about the earthly, human invention of ‘superior aircraft’ having somewhere along the line of history ‘blended’ with an extraordinary, paranormal activity. That might be when an “extraterrestrial” entity came to Terraform the planet and seeded environmental variations that later inspired humankind to invent similar characteristics to and for themselves; ‘them‘ being parent to us and not ‘totally alien,’ for that reason alone: Consequently, enter gods,’ myths, legends, various paranormal happenings and, then, humankind trying to replicate their own versions of sighted objects and phenomena.

Though almost forty-five years have passed since the first publishing of the Hynek/Vallee book, and over five years for the Strieber book, nothing significant has come to the UFO arena. The UFO phenomena, like ghost tales, seem to be “a day late and a dollar short”; or, to quote Vallee’s repeat of Ira Einhorn Philadelphian poem: “It’s like the needle in the haystack; we have the needle and we are looking for the haystack!”


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Steve Erdmann – Independent Investigative Journalist


OldiebutGoodies Smoking Whitley_Strieber_Hybrid_Alien_Smoker_Woods
The Smoking Man
 http://www.openminds.tv/a-conversation-with-whitley-strieber/14108.OldiebutGoodie Solving_the_Communion_Enigma_web
OldiesbuGoodies Alien-Implant-Images_photo_medium
Alleged Alien Implants
OldiebutGoodie Laura & Enrico Argonne
Enrico Fermi and Wife Laura
OldiesbutGoodies Phantom S1_v1_DJ
The Aliens of Whitley Strieber
OldiesbutGoodies vallee-4
Greenoble - Vue Balcon Ludo
OldiebutGoodie Prometheus-Planet
Are We Products of Alien Terra Farming?
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The Zombie’s that attack where it hurts!


The Late Jim Marrs speaks about our death –  



Steve Erdmann

Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann, 2012
This article was published in the October 11, 2012 issue of UFO Digest
It is printed here with permission.
Short quotes are permitted by researchers and journalists. 

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(“These globalists who have manipulated world history for decades, if not centuries, are working or plan to turn the once-free and prosperous republic of the United States into a socialist state populated by dumbed-down and destitute zombies draining dry the nation’s money supply….It is truly a trillion-dollar conspiracy.” Jim Marrs, The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy, Harper Collins Publishers, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10022, 2010, 452 pages, $26.99.)

TheTrillionDollar Cover 8596193


The late Jim Marrs had become a major researcher and writer into topics of conspiracy and government cover-ups. Perhaps his greatest work is Cross Fire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, which was one of the books that prefaced Oliver Stone’s movie JFK.  Marrs’ Rule By Secrecy covered a large range of history and conspirators behind major movements. Also interesting tomes were The Rise of the Fourth Reich which spoke on the continued rule of Fascism.

Marrs may have missed the mark somewhat in his Alien Agenda by merely quoting or promoting some of the more questionable aspects of the UFO Mystery and a supposed extraterrestrial presence, such as the file on Frank Kaufman of the Roswell UFO story. As events turned out, Hoffman proved himself a hoaxer. Later, in Alien Agenda, Marrs highlighted ‘remote viewers’ looking into the future of humankind and seeing aliens coming to aid humankind (such as in ecological disaster). If aliens were going to aid us in our humanly plights, they would have been here already intervening during our wars and problems such as the 9/11 attack and the Wall Street Collapse of 2008.

Which was the problem with Ufology: It has fallen prey to New Age religion with its own priesthood of psychics, prophets, abductees, and hoaxing. Even a local St. Louis group had all the trappings with a Svengali-like pastor/psychic (who said the late Allen J. Hynek was a ‘reptilian’) and claimed 80% accuracy in his predictions (and, similarly, seeing Praying Mantis-type space people involved). 

This is why The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy had become most refreshing. It seemed to stick to the hard headlines and facts on the decadence in recent news. In particular, there was the October 2008 financial collapse of America into a more than 15 trillion dollar debacle.  Porter Stansberry, research analyst, said in the April 8, 2011 S&A Digest that the debt was actually $50 trillion dollars and increasing. There was the placing in 2011 of approximately $130,000 dollar debt on the head of every citizen in America; the creation of extravagant “golden parachutes” — payments to financial executives despite their failing companies.

The Socialistic downfall of America was forecasted as early as 1934 in an editorial cartoon in the Chicago Tribune entitled “Planned Economy or Planned Destruction?” The article depicted ‘young pinkies’ from Columbia and Harvard who are shoveling from a cart housing Leon Trotsky and he was saying: ‘‘Plan of action for U.S – Spend! Spend!  Spend!   Under the guise of recovery–bust the government–blame the capitalists for the failure–junk the Constitution and declare a dictatorship.”

Communist Norman Matoon Thomas, Socialist Party of America, heralded his run for the Presidency between 1928 and 1948, said: “The American people will never knowingly adapt socialism; but under the name ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” Thomas retired in 1948 because he believed that both, the Democratic and Republican party had adopted every plank of the Socialists’ platform and there was no need for the alternative Socialist Party.


Marrs saw this culmination in the New World Order promised by Adolf Hitler and signed off by President H.W. Bush. These Globalists were above petty nationalism and are now guided by what Janine Wedel spoke of in Shadow Elite as “flexions” who manipulate global economics as “poker chips” in some vast, unseen, poker game– or some Ponzi Scheme–of which they stand aloof and above–and utilize to their own advantage.

TheTrillionDollar Wedel maxresdefault
Janine Wedel Knows the Flexions

The Rockefellers, Jack Schiff, Elihu Root, J.P. Morgan, The Harriman family, and others, sponsored the Russian Revolution and the Bolsheviks. The same globalists sponsored National Socialism in Germany; John J. McCloy, Schroeder Bank attorneys Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles, Prescott Bush, director of Union Banking Corporation and the Hamburg America Shipping Line.

TheTrillionDollar Brothers 10LEBOR-videoSixteenByNine1050
Schroeder Bank Attorneys John Foster and Allen Dulles 

The late Hollywood producer Aaron Russo quoted Nick Rockefeller (a participant in the World Economic Forum and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations): “The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have bankers and the elite people control the world.”

Marrs laid out a step-by-step chronology of the demise of America and the economic collapse of 2008-2011; presently at a $19-Trillion (with a capitol “T”) dollar debt in 2017 (and rising) — insolvent and bankrupt:

  • William K. Black, professor of economics and law at the University Of Missouri School Of Law in Kansas City, said the mortgage debacle was centered on the creating of Triple-A rated bonds that did not use verified incomes, assets, or employment. Called “liar’s loans,” they were deceitful and fraudulent, and the banks that were involved knew it.

TheTrillionDollar Bill-Black2-5598
William K. Black
Click on this for more information

(Black told PBS Bill Moyers in April 2009) “The Busch administration essentially got rid of regulation, so if nobody was looking, you would be able to do this with impunity and that’s exactly what happened…the sub-prime and what’s called Alt-A [risky alternative A paper loans, liar’s loans]…they knew they were frauds.”  

Indy Mac failed on July 11, 2008, selling $80 billion worth of ‘them‘ in 2006. Other banks followed: Pigs in the poke decorated in pink ribbon fraudulently called ‘Triple-A.’ The FBI was aware of this movement as early as September 2004. Bush’s war on terrorism eclipsed this vast ocean of fraud.

Glass-Steagall Act of 1934 had been the only protection holding back a tsunami of fraud from “banksters” (big banks looting customers for the benefit of a small group of insiders). Brooksley Born, former CFTC Chairperson, said that, beginning in the Clinton years, all protective regulatory exemptions had been removed; creating a market that was virtually unregulated and completely opaque. The Enron debacle happened from regulatory exemption resulting from Mrs. Gramm’s chairing the CFTC from 1988 to 1993. She sat on Enron’s board of directors in the Audit Committee. Enron drained more than $10 billion dollars from shareholders. 

TheTrillionDollar 3467872162_439720d1a2_o
Bill Clinton Helped  to Deflate Glass-Steagall


  • Gramm’s husband, Texas Republican, Senator Phil Gramm, described protesting American to economic losses, as “a nation of whiners.” He helped pass the landmark Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999 that again allowed banks to engage in insurance and brokerage activities. It was voted in unanimously and signed by President Clinton.

“Supporters of the bill used an old trick that was used to pass the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Like the Federal Reserve Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was introduced on the last day before the Christmas holiday and was never debated by either congressional body,” said Marrs.  “This bill, fully initiated by and supported by Republicans and passed with the support of Democrats during a Democratic administration, clearly demonstrates the collusion of the two political parties.”

The bailout of AIG (American International Group) was $85 billion in 2008. “…the benefits of the bailout went to the AIG banks while the taxpayers suffered the costs.” 

TheTrillionDollar rs-19266-20130212-banks-too-big-to-jail-624x420-1360708973
Blackmail by the Legalists


Said William Black: “Under Secretary (of the Treasury, Timothy) Geithner and Under Secretary (Henry) Paulson before him…took $5 billion…in tax-payer money and sent it to a huge Swiss Bank called UBS (through AIG)…(UBS) was defrauding the taxpayers of America…(they) pay a $780 million dollar fine…but…we gave them $5 billion dollars. So, the taxpayers of America paid the fine of a Swiss bank. And why are we bailing out somebody who is defrauding us?”

(As of April, 2011 that “total cost” of the 2008 fiasco was about $130,000 (or more) per human American citizen: But, in reality, it could be said to be $700,000 per family when one included all government, private, corporate (excluding future obligatory) debt . All our debt would consume all national income. We were broke.)

(On February 3, 2016, we had about 19-trillion-dollars in debt, and an adjusted figure of about $58,000 each person in the States. On September 3, 2017, our debt was rapidly closing in on 20-trillion-dollars. According to the very latest figures, which seemed to constantly change every minute, the figure per person was about $91,000 and $160,000 per household. )  


TheTrillionDollar 2A42A07B00000578-0-image-a-27_1436151852455
The Crash of 2008


Hank Paulson, the George W. Bush Treasury Secretary, oversaw the bailout program and was a former head of Goldman Sachs, another derivativeridden usurper. Black and others “acknowledged that the destruction of the U.S. financial system came about due to a lack of integrity on the part of several high-governments (professionals) and banking officials as well as massive conflicts of interest and a loss of morality,” said Marrs, “But this is simply the view of those unwilling to address the true issue–conspiracy.”

Michel Chossudousky, a professor of economics on globalization noted that “…the entire fiscal structure is shattered and turned upside down…largely serves the interest of Wall Street, the defense contractors and the oil conglomerates.” Chossudousky said that the Bush-Obama bank bailouts would lead America into a “spiraling public debt crisis.”

TheTrillionDollar maxresdefault
Michel Chossudosky


Serious market strife began when mortgage-purchasing companies Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae decided they could make more money by buying subprime mortgages.

This movement was further exacerbated by Bush’s policy of conforming to the United Nations’ Millennium Development goals revealed in 2000. What appeared at first as laudable goals (eradication of extreme poverty, etc.) became a landslide into power-hungry Socialism. Fannie Mae lobbied for lowering qualifications, while its stockholders pressured for greater profits; Globalists oversaw the festering machinations.

Darryl Robert Schoon said in How to Survive the Crisis and Prosper in the Process that he believed the crisis is essentially a “shell game”–a “lucrative fraud” wherein “modern banking were essentially a Ponzi scheme.”

TheTrillionDollar Schoon_OL


Marrs’ book quickly branched out into multiple topics wherein the American government has joined the globalist movement to control the masses and give the reins to the super-wealthy. Americans have been taken over, bamboozled, by many schemes that have directed our lives, caging us into slavery as human “zombies”: The Walking Dead.

Marrs quoted Harvey Wasserman: “The biggest problem in our government is corporate power, and with that, the huge amount of resources and political power taken by the military.  Until we deal with these issues, we will go nowhere in this country on health care, the environment, social justice or anything else of importance…it is now more important to have someone who is not a Republican or a Democrat and who is committed into the welfare of the public rather than that of the corporations.”


“Consider the presidential election of 2004,” said Marrs, “voters had the option of the Republican candidate George W. Bush, or Bush’s cousin, Democratic candidate John Kerry, the scion of a rich family and a member of the secret society Skull and Bones.  Most informed and thoughtful people did not consider this much of a choice.”

Strengthening the power of the central government did not solve many of the country’s central public issues. There was still the matters of public health care, the U.S. Postal Service, Social Security, Fannie and Freddie Mac and Mae. There was the matter of one trillion dollars of “our hard earned money that is confiscated each year and transferred to ‘the poor,’” said Marrs, “it hasn’t worked…the problem lies in the people who control the government—the New World Order global fascists who now have a choke-hold on the government…”

TheTrillionDollar Elite 83ecaf768a335d2689c8dee6f3774958
Elitist Control


I don’t know how well received will be the fact that Americans have entered into a new and evermore macabre form of slavery of humankind?  Would Marrs’ book make a difference: would people read and digest it?

Then, once digested mentally and philosophically, would people, and can people, do anything about it?      


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Steve Erdmann – Independent  Investigative Journalist


TheTrillionDollar rs-19266-20130212-banks-too-big-to-jail-624x420-1360708973
Blackmail by the Legalists
TheTrillionDollar 3467872162_439720d1a2_o
Bill Clinton Helped Glass-Steagall
TheTrillionDollar 2A42A07B00000578-0-image-a-27_1436151852455
The Crash of 2008
TheTrillionDollar maxresdefault
Michel Chossudosky
TheTrillionDollar Schoon_OL
TheTrillionDollar Wedel maxresdefault
Janine Wedel Knows the Flexions

TheTrillionDollar Bill-Black2-5598   William K. Black http://billmoyers.com/content/bill-black/.  


TheTrillionDollar Cover 8596193  

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8596193-the-trillion-dollar-conspiracy. TheTrillionDollar Elite 83ecaf768a335d2689c8dee6f3774958 Elitist Control https://www.dailydot.com/via/the-illuminati-controls-the-internet/.


TheTrillionDollar Brothers 10LEBOR-videoSixteenByNine1050 Schroeder Bank Attorneys John Foster and Allen Dulles    http://menstrait.com/article/the-dulles-brothers-changed-the-20th-century-but-have-you-heard-of-them/.  


You also see a similar article at https://wordpresscom507.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/the-real-zombies/

Manchurian Candidates!

They Rule from the Shadows in the Dark  –   



Are you alone now?
Can you hear me?
Are you alone now? 
Are you alone now?
Do you fear me?
Are you alone now?
Can you hear me breath in and out and in? Out, in.
Let’s just don’t think about it.
Let’s just don’t think about it.
Are you so lonely?
Let’s just don’t think about it.
Let’s just don’t think about it.
Are alone now?
Is there something wrong, you got that look in your eye?
Are you alone now?
Are you alone now?
Do you feel the sun is just spinning round?
Are you something real or just the shell of one who’s left this world behind?
You go in and out, in and out and in.
Let’s just don’t think about it.
Let’s just don’t think about it.
Are you so lonely?
Let’s just don’t think about it.
Let’s just don’t think about it.
Are you alone now? Let’s just don’t think about it.
Let’s just don’t think about it.
Oh, don’t think about it.
Ooooh oooh.
Dead Sea Empire
Dead Sea Empire is a Nashville, TN based rock act with psychedelic influences from the 60’s and 70’s. DSE did finish the process of creating their debut album, which hit  the airwaves in Spring 2012.
“Are You Alone Now?” is doubled featured on this new Warner Bros. PicturesNew Line Cinema movie “Within” and is a perfect watch for Halloween! 
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2f3nSTb
iTunes: http://apple.co/2f3k8kx



Steve Erdmann

Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann, 2015
This article was previously published in the October 31, 2015 UFO Digest.
It is printed here with permission.

Journalists and reviewers can quote small portions of this article as long as full credits are given to the original

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“Everyone knows there is a price to pay for ignoring the lessons of our post. Thomas Jefferson forewarned our nation at its very beginning regarding the consequences of apathy and insufficient vigilance. He left us this poignant, poetic reminder: ‘If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.’” (Patrick Nolan, page 282, CIA Rogues)

(CIA Rogues and the Killing of the Kennedys, Patrick Nolan, Skyhorse Publishing, 307 West 36th Street, 11th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10018, info@skyhorsepublishing.com, www.skyhorsepublishing.com, 2013, 366 pages, $24.95.)

Ruledby 25159527

“The goal of this book is to show, through forensic science and other resources, the identity of the primary individuals ultimately responsible for these horrific assassinations,” says author Patrick Nolan, speaking about the killings of John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Lee Harvey Oswald, and other victims. “A thorough examination and analysis of those who had ample, means, and opportunity concludes that only one small group stands alone: the CIA’s Richard Helms and James Angleton and their rogue band of conspirators and mob allies.”  (p. 6)

Ruleby Nolan 15014145278_9510a357a6_k
Patrick Nolan, Investigative Reporter


Nolan first explores the nature and actions of Richard Helms, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director from 1966 to 1977, and the several “programs” that his organization escorted, over a period of time, in “behavior control”: Executive Action, psycho-pharmacological research, hypnosis, rohypnol, LSD, Manchurian Candidate studies, domestic spying, CIA Mafia assassination  plots, CIA-backed foreign coups and attempts, cover stories, programmed patsies, and neutralized witnesses.

“Under Helms’s guidance, behavioral medicine scientists from across the US were recruited to investigate a curious mix of concepts: creating amnesia, understanding bio-electrics, and attempting to harness parapsychology,” says Nolan. “Soon, this newly contracted legion of psychiatrists began to test mind-altering drugs in conjunction with hypnosis.”

The CIA’s clandestine programs actually started with its forerunner organization, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and later Allen Dulles, a Word War I spymaster and CIA director (1953-1961). The CIA was formed officially in 1947 with the passage of the National Security Act.  Helms and James Angleton (another master-spy from World War II and the OSS) “would form a twenty-five-year partnership in covert operations.”  Under the leadership of Allen Dulles, Helms began to formulate Operation MKULTRA (“Ultra” was a wave to the World War II operation that broke Nazi codes, and MK probably stood for “mind control”).

Similar names were projects Bluebird,  Antichoke, and involved drugs as Liquid E or X, lysergic acid disthylamide (LSD), with culprits such as Sidney Gottlieb, John Gittinger, James Angleton, Dr. Harold Wolff, Dr. Frank Olson, William Harvey, as well as the use of hypnotism in Manchurian Candidate projects. 

“…the research proved to be framed for a murder while actually being innocent,” says Nolan. “The assassination would be carried out by hitmen hidden on the sidelines while the patsy would appear to have committed the crime thus protecting the identity of the actual assassins. Their technique of producing such a patsy involved the use of drugs and hypnotism, hence the term ‘hydro programmed fall guy.’”

These techniques were used in a “Helms era between 1953 and 1973” in nearly a dozen CIA-backed foreign coups or coup attempts. Helms was “able to draw on a variety of specialists from a wide array of nations.” Compartmentalization (strictly compartmented) enabled the CIA to deceive presidents, oversight committees, and the media.”  “Cover stories” helped to control certain activities.


The use of CIA “cover stories” ranged from planted statements in the trail of Clay Shaw about Shaw (and Helms’s attempts to sabotage Garrison’s case) to the allegation that Oswald was not a CIA agent. The finding of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in the words of Senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania, was that “Oswald had intelligence connections…the fingerprint of intelligence.”

Similarly, Helms stated that the CIA did not assist in any assassinations, and he ironically cited Senator Church’s investigation. However, Church’s remarks were based on the fact that CIA was not cooperating but were hiding these facts. It came out that the CIA worked with others to do assassinations (such as through the Mob and possibly French assassins or others).

Ruledby Man mmk
The Manchurian Candidate


Nolan examines the personality of Richard Helms and discovers that Helms was a sociopath: He was  “truth-challenged,” perhaps a pathological liar; he would perform normally but without any sense of empathy or conscience, have no stress or disorientation, appear cordial and unusually intelligence, but tend to be manipulative and show shallowness of emotions.

Johnson Confers To End Bombing In Nam
Richard Helms in Secretive Meeting

“An intelligent sociopath can be most destructive, and Helms was at the top of his class,” says Nolan. “They are focused individuals who aim to achieve their goals. At the same time, they are opportunists who ignore the rules, forging ahead with no inner controls…

“Helms created just such a rule in MKULTRA and spent his entire career trying to perfect it through testing drugs on unwitting subjects, carrying out hypnotic-programming experiments, and plotting coups, assassinations, and cover-ups while manipulating others.” (p. 49)

Ruledby film-noir-3
They Rule from the Shadows in the Dark  
Helms held a mask of normality that people “are loathe” to look beyond, they hide integrity of the “role” itself, says Nolan, and that such people are “legally sane, but they have a serious mental disorder. They have no conscience.”


James Jesus Angleton began his intelligence career in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA, named chief of the Rome office, reading messages decoded from ULTRA (the famous German code that the allies had cracked early on in the war).  Richard Helms described Angleton as “a strange, strange man,” who could gain information through stealth, enabling him to climb to the “top ranks” of the CIA.  All three men, Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, and James Angleton, were “strong believers” in covert operations (p. 56). 

Ruledby jamesjesusangleton
Mastermind James Jesus Angleton


“The breakthrough came with the achievement of the capability of ordinary a subject___under the influence of drugs and posthypnotic suggestions___to perform an action and recall it later,” says Nolan.  “For example, a subject could be controlled to the point where he would pull out a weapon and fire without remembering later what had happened.” (“Induce hypnosis rapidly on unwitting subjects: create durable amnesia: implant hypnotic suggestions that were ‘operationally useful,’” page 59)

Angleton was convinced that the CIA covert operations could save democracy about the globe. They often were in stark contrast to the philosophy and actions of the Kennedy brothers. To safeguard the CIA covert operation, Angleton went about “guiding the search for unwitting fall guys, overseeing their conditioning, and devising their missions.” (p. 61) When asked by a Congressional committee investigator to describe the nature of counter-intelligence, Angleton said: “To construct a ‘Wilderness of Mirrors’ in which the opponent would be forever lost and confused.” (Michael Holtzman, James Jesus Angleton, the CIA+ the Craft of Counterintelligence [Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2008, page 302])

Ruledby Mirrors hack-like-pro-create-nearly-undetectable-covert-channel-with-tunnelshell.1280x600
Wilderness of Mirrors


Nolan highlights the murder of Mary Meyer, mistress of John Kennedy, and critic of the Warren Commission Report. In the words of government assassin Joe Simon and another former lover of Mary Meyer, Kenneth Noland, “Angleton had had Mary’s phone bugged. This was typical of Angleton’s Style…both she and Kennedy had serious reservations regarding the activities of the CIA.”

Operation CHAOS was a CIA program to determine “if foreign governments were behind the anti-war protests and the civil rights movement,” aided by James Angleton, and further operations under the Special Operations Group (SOG), the unit carried out this domestic spying operation by monitoring peace activities, black leaders, and “monitoring and harassing peace activities, black leaders, and “monitoring and harassing” numerous newspapers (such as the liberal catholic publication Ramparts, that espoused anti-Vietnam articles).

Operation CHAOS


It was suspected that the Watergate break-in in June, 1972 was carried out by a team of CIA operatives that was in fact an Operation Chaos mission. Nolan speculates that Angleton was behind the Watergate break-in and the goal was “to find out if the Democrats had obtained any information concerning who killed the Kennedys and it the leads were pointing in Angleton’s direction.”  (p. 66)


Nolan surveys the CIA’s part in foreign assassination in Iran, Guatemala, Indonesia, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Iraq, and Vietnam.

A clandestine CIA operations force in Saigon, led by Lucien Conein, had been working behind the scenes without Kennedy’s full knowledge, leading to the November 1, 1963 coup. The murders of general Duong Van Minh and Ngo Dinh Nhu shocked President Kenney.  Three weeks later, Kennedy was also assassinated.

On January 28, 1964, General Minh was replaced by General Khanh, and the war worsened for the United States.

In 1971, when Richard Nixon was president, Helms’s protégé E. Howard Hunt, joined Nixon’s administration as a consultant, specializing in the “Dirty Tricks” department. Hunt asked Lucien Conein to devise a “fake telegraph” that would make President Kennedy appear to have ordered Diem’s murder. LIFE Magazine reporter William Lambert questioned the authenticity of Conein’s play.  Howard Hunt was finally arrested for his part in the break-in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in 1972. Hunt had joined the CIA in 1949 at the age of thirty-one. His talent at the CIA was writing disinformation, and he clearly found his “niche” with colleagues like Angleton and Helms.

Ruledby Hunt rs-181993-155288718
E. Howard Hunt – Intelligence Spy


Alternate theories as to who was behind the John Kennedy assassination ranged from Soviet KGB (State Security Committee), Cuba’s Castro, anti-Castro Cubans, the Mafia, and the Central Intelligence Agency.  It was suggested that Lee Harvey Oswald was a trained recruit and may have been used for the assassination as retaliation against Kennedy’s peace overtures to Soviet and Cuban Communists and the president’s firing of three top-level CIA officials. But the flaw in this thinking would have been the supposed “great logistical legerdemain” to set up Oswald and the “silencing” of the actual assassins (James H. Fetzer, PhD, Murder in Dealey Plaza [OpenCourt Publishing, 2000, p. 298]).

Lee Harvey Oswald Military ID

Nolan quickly points out that the CIA had been using “logistical legerdemain” in its MKULTRA programs for more than a decade, utilizing “in-depth knowledge, skill and the requisite resources.” Oswald had been set up to be “an innocent patsy” appearing to have been an assassin. The real assassins were “hired guns, well-hidden sharp-shooters—CIA-Mafia-connected hired guns that were the hired guns.”

“We know that sources of witnesses died early deaths,” says Nolan, “indeed, the actual assassins were no doubt eliminated soon after the assassination in order to ensure their silence forever.  The hit men who killed them would not have known who they were or why they were being bumped off…”

At 12:30 pm on November 22, 1963 shots rang out hitting Kennedy in the back and in the head. Fifty-two percent of the witnesses would later testify that the shots came from the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza.  Within the hour Dallas policeman J .D. Tippit was shot next to his patrol car in Oswald’s neighborhood. On November 24, 1963, Lee Oswald was shot (and swiftly died) by local mobster and strip club owner, Jack Ruby (who eventually died of cancer while in jail).


The purpose of the hypnotic-programming of Oswald “was not to create an assassin, but to create a fall guy by planting highly incriminating information about innocent person,” says Nolan, “while expert marksmen carried out the actual shooting.”

Oswald became adept at the Russian language. Fellow Marines nicknamed him “Oswaldskovich.”   In actuality, Oswald had been sent to a premier military language school, the Defense Languages Institute (DLI) in Monterey, California to study Russian through September of 1957 “…preparing select troops from all branches of the military for work at the National Security Agency,” says Nolan.

Oswald’s next job was at the CIA’s super-secret spy plane U-2 training facility. Oswald was listed as a radar operator—a duty assignment—a cover for his top secret language-related job. During his stay in Atsugi, Lee gave disinformation to a young Japanese woman and KGB spy. His 1958 gonorrhea was considered “in the line of duty.” Oswald’s roommate at El Torro Air Station, James Botelho, said:  “Oswald was not a Communist or a Marxist…Oswald was on an assignment in Russia for American intelligence.”

Ruledby u2_94_naca_304_preflight
U-2 Spy Plane Preparing for Flight


Under a CIA secret “defector” program, Oswald planned to enroll in an also CIA-backed Albert Schweitzer college in Chur Walden, Switzerland. Oswald arrived in Helsinki on October 11, 1959, probably by “contract pilots flying private aircraft.” On a six-day visa, he arrived in Moscow on October 16, 1957.

As a “201 file” CIA employer, Oswald received a study flow of hidden funds.


Picking up on Oswald’s “defection” scenario, reporters Aline Mosby of UPI and Priscilla Johnson of the North American Newspaper Alliance—both picked up on the Oswald Communist “spin”—with Johnson “working at the time on contract for the CIA.”

Oswald’s “program” or “legend” in Russia included marriage to a Russian woman (Marina Prusakova), creation of a phony ‘diary,” and an “easy” exit to Hoboken, Jersey on June 13, 1962.

Oswald continued to follow his “mission” (“program,” “legend”) to monitor, infiltrate, and penetrate individuals or groups that posed a threat to the national interest. The CIA took Oswald out of customary ‘posting”—but actually casting him as an enemy of the U.S.  Various “handlers” were used to help ‘paint’ Oswald as a treacherous person.

“In Lee’s case, it appears that the did not know until the end of his short life that his assignments,” says Nolan, “were also designed to make him appear to be working for the enemy, not just posing as one.”

George de Mohrenschildt was one handler. De Mohrenschildt was constantly in contact with CIA front organizations; a spy in Mexico during World War II; in Latin America in U.S oil companies after the war; on the fringes in Guatemala at the same time the CIA planned the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Ruledby Mon e78816fb-89f3-4ee4-8730-74fa3b3c6f5e
George de Mohrenschildt


“He reportedly received two thousand dollars in a Haitian bank account shortly after the Kennedy assassination,” says Nolan.

Variations in de Mohrenschildt’s “friends” consisted of Norman Fredrickson (director of Radio Free Europe), Max Clark (former head of security at Convair Aircraft Corporation), Michael Paine at Bell Helicopter (husband of Ruth Paine, Oswald’s landlady at one point), and Ruth Paine (whose father was William Avery Hyde who had worked at AID, a CIA-backed agency). Consequently, thanks to de Mohrenschildt, Oswald worked at Jaggar-Chiles-Stovall for six months doing photographic work connected to U-2 spy plane photos. 


Nolan paces us through Oswald’s “traits” and “deeds,” such as the nick-name A.J. Hidell (used in intelligence circles), purchase of a World War II Mannlicher-Carcano, fake backyard photos, created story about shooting of retired Army Major General Edwin A. Walker, Lee’s pamphleteering, connections with David Ferrie, Guy Banister, Clay Shaw, his job at the Reily Coffee Company (“Obviously, the Reily firm was more than a coffee shop as evidenced by its alumni’s later assignments in the aerospace defense industry.”), radio and TV appearances, trip to Clinton, Louisiana, alleged trip to Mexico, and Oswald’s eventual employment at the Texas Book Depository building.

The reader should pay especially close attention to the intricate sequence of events that Nolan lays out leading up to assassins’ firing shots at President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, as well as the twisting misidentifications of police officer Jefferson Davis Tippit’s murder, the mysterious deaths following Kennedy’s assassination, such as that of George de Mohrenschildt on March 29, 1977, Jack Ruby, Lee Oswald and others.

“Lee was forceful in his media appearance during several scheduled and impromptu press conference,” says Nolan. “At one point, Oswald said: ‘I didn’t shoot anybody, no sir.’ At another time, he said that someone should ‘come forward to give me legal assistance.’  On November 22, a bewildered Oswald responded to a reporter’s revelation that he had been charged with the assassination: ‘Then I’m the patsy.’” (Plausible Denial: Was the CIA involved in the Assassination of JFK? [New York: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 1991], p. 15.)  (p. 165.)


Nolan believes that the same CIA “hypnotic-programming” (through agents Dr. William Bryan and Manly Palmer Hall and others) victimized Sirhan Bishara Sirhan as a “patsy” in the assassination of presidential candidate Senator Robert F. Kennedy on the evening of June 5, 1968.

Ruledby sirhan
Sirhan Sirhan – Under Arrest


Not only did the forensic evidence not match Sirhan’s alleged quilt, but Dr. Eduard Simon-Kallas said that an analysis of Sirhan at San Quentin Prison indicated that “Sirhan was mentally normal, but that he had been hypno-programmed by someone.” (p. 274)

Nolan treks through the forensic evidence in the RFK assassination; like the JFK assassination, his brother’s murder was meticulously planned and executed.

Ruledby Robert 4c8ff2cab2761d37495c73c05a8aff3d--robert-kennedy-the-floor
The Assassination of Robert Kennedy


Dr. Eduard Simson-Kallas said “…that Sirhan in fact does not have any recollection of the assassination nor of writing the notebooks,” says Nolan, “he concluded that Sirhan was ‘prepared by someone. He was hypnotized by someone.’”

Two gunmen in suits who stood directly behind Robert Kennedy, and his left side, fired guns inches away before escaping in the chaos. Sirhan’s gun could not be “positively identified” as the murder weapon because of significant discrepancies. Lead in the bore of Sirhan’s gun indicated only blanks had been fired. Sirhan’s gun was feet away from Kennedy, yet assassins fired within one-inch. Forensic analysis of recovered residue indicated that more than one gun was fired (p. 253).


Ruledby blake-and-rfk
Shots Came From Behind and Directly Against His Head

Again, as in the case of Lee Oswald, Sirhan had been “associated” with mysterious, possible CIA, contacts: security officer Thane Eugene Cesar, a mysterious lady often near Sirhan over a matter of weeks, as well as a “young women in the polka dot dress seen in the (hotel) pantry” who was assisted by a male companion on the night of the shootings; not to mention the psycho programmers.

Ruledby Rfk_thane-95f41-23042
Thane Eugene Cesar – Suspected Assassin


Readers will pensively study Nolan’s fascinating literary landscape of facts into the frightening world of power and murder.

Patrick Nolan is a forensic historian who has relentlessly worked to uncover truths surrounding the JFK, MLK, and the RFK assassinations of the 1960s. He has been a journalist, a television news producer, and a professor at Hofstra University and St. John’s University.

“Mr. Nolan’s early background in news-writing and college teaching, and his perseverance and devotion to this subject, have given him the tools to make sound judgments in these controversial cases,” said Dr. Henry C. Lee, former director of the Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory and currently Distinguished Professor of Forensic Science at the University of New Haven.

Lee said forensic science professionals, and Nolan, seek the truth, but in the final analysis, the reader must come to a conclusion “based on the best evidence.”

“In dissecting the associations of the sixties, beneath the surface, they involve similar motives, means, and opportunities,” says Nolan on page 282. “The motive of the rogue intelligence operatives was to control America’s destiny in their own twisted way.”

Martin Hay appeared far from a friend of Nolan, and criticized Nolan for lack of proof and hard evidence that Nolan promised in his book, nevertheless Hay agreed the idea of the Manchurian Candidate was a fascinating and real one:

“When he was interviewed by author Dick Russell, Gottlieb denied that creating brainwashed or hypnotized assassins had been an aim of MKULTRA and suggested that such a thing wasn’t actually possible (On The Trail of the JFK Assassins, p. 242).  But there’s every reason to believe it is. In 2011, British mentalist/hypnotist Derren Brown produced a series of TV shows called The Experiments, the first of which was titled The Assassin.   In it, Brown took a volunteer through a series of hypnosis sessions which the volunteer believed were intended to make him a superior marksman.  In reality, Brown was programming him to commit an assassination against his will of which he would have no memory. The show culminated with the unwitting gunman firing blanks at British comedian and TV personality, Stephen Fry, in front of a packed and unsuspecting auditorium. After watching The Assassin, the viewer is compelled to conclude that a mind-controlled assassin is a shockingly real possibility.”


Typical comments about the book and other research suggest many coincidental connections and further intriguing facts of mystery:

“Nolan suggests Oswald’s observed agitation at the Dallas breakfast diner several days prior to the JFK assassination was indicative of MKULTRA’s psycho-programming, but Oswald at that point knew of the scheduled assassination but was unable to contact his probable White House connection, Fletcher Prouty, as he was outside the country at that time!

Ruledby mkultra-5
A MKULTRA Document

“The other major criticism is that the author does no current research — had he examined the obituaries for Valerie Schulte’s family (she being the so-called ‘mystery witness’ who didn’t fit the description by a long shot!), Nolan would have discovered that Schulte’s aunt and uncle were both employed at the very same classified section at Lockheed as Thane Cesar, the part-time security guard at the RFK assassination.

“Also, Nolan might have discovered that Schulte’s father worked at Technicolor Corporation on a classified contract with Lockheed, and that the security chief at Lockheed was the former personal US Secret Service bodyguard of Vice President Richard Nixon, who left that position when Nixon lost the presidential campaign, and would return to Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign after the assassination of Senator Bobby Kennedy.”

Sergeant Doom: November 29, 2013 at 11:10 AM.  http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Comments?oid=18355842&category=slog.

The reader is welcome to further explore into the assassinations labyrinth.

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Ruledby mkultra-5
A MKULTRA Document

Ruleby Nolan 15014145278_9510a357a6_k
Patrick Nolan, Investigative Reporter

Ruledby u2_94_naca_304_preflight
U-2 Spy Plane Preparing for Flight

Ruledby Mirrors hack-like-pro-create-nearly-undetectable-covert-channel-with-tunnelshell.1280x600
Wilderness of Mirrors


President Nixon, left, shakes hands with CIA Director Richard Helms, March 1969, at the agency headquarters in McLean, Virginia. (Credit: Getty Images)

Operation CHAOS


Blake and RFK
Shots Came From Behind and Directly Against His Head
Ruledby sirhan
Sirhan Sirhan – Under Arrest
Ruledby Robert 4c8ff2cab2761d37495c73c05a8aff3d--robert-kennedy-the-floor
The Assassination of Robert Kennedy

Ruledby Rfk_thane-95f41-23042
Thane Eugene Cesar – Suspected Assassin



Richard Helms in Secretive Meeting

Mastermind James Jesus Angleton

See the source image
Lee Harvey Oswald Military ID
Ruledby film-noir-3
They Rule from the Shadows in the Dark
The Manchurian Candidate
Ruledby Mon e78816fb-89f3-4ee4-8730-74fa3b3c6f5e
George de Mohrenschildt

Ruledby Hunt rs-181993-155288718
E. Howard Hunt – Intelligence Spy

Photos Extra Steve2 34962959_10156520897759595_6984102889039855616_n
Steve Erdmann – Independent Investigative Journalist


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Viruses Are Not New!

Photos Extra 1951 Thing ( httpsio9.gizmodo.comthese-south-pole-scientists-who-watch-the-thing-every-y-1823387869 ) download

The UFO Attack of Something Else


Steve Erdmann

Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann, 2013. 

This article  appeared in the November 12 and 22, 2013 issues of UFO Digest.   
It is printed here with permission.
Reviewers and Journalists permitted to quote small portions of article was long as full credits are given about the original article.

Another version of this article can be seen at https://wordpresscom507.wordpress.com/2017/08/01/when-alien-viruses-attack/

“The story that follows is a strange and controversial one, and encompasses incredible tales of shadowy whistleblowers; leaked, and apparently – still – classified, documents of the highest classification,” said the authors of Alien Viruses. “Deep Throat-style sources buried within the heart of the world of international espionage; crashed UFOs; dead alien bodies held in cryogenic storage within secure official facilities; and a cover-up of manifestly epic proportions that had its origins in the harsh deserts of New Mexico in the summer of 1947, and extends to the heart of the White House itself.”

(Alien Viruses, Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 + Bio warfare. Dr. Robert M. Wood with Nick Redfern, Richard Dolan Press, Rochester, New York 14619, 2013, 311 pages, $17:96)

The UFO Attack Cover alienviruses



A series of highly controversial, allegedly Top Secret and highly classified documents that became to be known as Majestic, were disclosed under awesome-sounding titles such as Unidentified Aircraft Sightings Over the United States, Top Secret Eyes Only, Intelligence Estimate; Majic Black Book Summaries; Analysis of the Corona and Oscura Peak, New Mexico Wreckage of Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology; and others. Disclosures continued with Project UFO; Moon Dust; Top Secret Jehovah and most importantly The Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Summary of the IPU. Information surrounded a Top Secret Ultra in that two UFO crashes occurred on July 3, 1947 outside of Roswell, New Mexico, and designated as LZ-1 and LZ-2.

“The IPU document makes it clear that the recovery of the wreckage and the bodies,” said the authors, “as seen as being a matter of profound significance and was handled with the utmost secrecy.”

The UFO Attack MJ-12 hqdefault
MJ-12 Group formed the IPU Summary Report (Depiction)

Bodies found not far from LZ-1 looked “as if they had been dissected as you would a frog…not known if Army Field Surgeons had performed exploratory surgery on these bodies. Animal parts were reportedly discovered inside the craft at LZ-2 but this cannot be confirmed.” (p. 65)

General John A. Samford, then–director of the National Security Agency, said in a September 4, 1960 page found attached to an IPU Summary that IPU files were “re-classified” as Above Top Secret with a “Need to Know” basis approved by Presidential Executive Order and the U.S Majestic Intelligence and Security, as well as the National Security Agency.


The IPU Summary suggested “that at least some of the alien bodies found at UFO crash sites in New Mexico in the summer of 1947 presented a biological threat.” (p. 69.)  Mentioned was an autopsy of an alien cadaver by Major Charles E. Rea and Dr. Detlen Bronk. Both doctors actually existed and did have impressive backgrounds. Implicated was Dr. Stafford L. Warren Oak Ridge Laboratories as an indication that Warren had an awareness of pre-1947 references to fatal encounters with an alien virus.”


Majestic Twelve Projects: 1St Annual Report was prepared by a “Special Panel” linked to MJ-12. The report said in part: “A consensus reached by members of the panel that until positive proof that the Russians did not attempt a series of reconnaissance flights over our most secure installations – the sightings and recovered objects are interplanetary in natural.” (p. 79)

The authors quoted the 1st Annual Report: “the samples extracted from bodies found in New Mexico, have yielded new strains of a metro-virus not totally understood, but, give promise of the ultimate BW weapon.” (p. 80)

The UFO Attack shutterstock_14313976_460_320_c1
A Typical Hazardous Bio-infection

Autopsies on four dead SED technicians indicated that the four may have “suffered from some form of toxin a highly contagious disease.” Those samples are kept at Fort Detrick, Md.

“…Personnel at Camp Detrick/Fort Detrick were concerned specifically about ‘airborne’ outbreaks of serious diseases in the exact year that the New Mexico UFO crash-retrievals occurred,” said the authors.

The UFO Attack Russian Virus 02-hist-06-l
The Russian Anthrax  Bug

Robert Gladding Green, a member of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine and also a member of the Society of American Bacteriologists, upheld the belief for viruses being retrograde organisms. Green was a close colleague of Major Charles Ethan Rea who was listed in the IPU Summary Report of July 22, 1947 as having conducted the autopsy involving a crashed UFO in New Mexico earlier in July, 1947.


Robert and Ryan Wood discussed several critiques about the reality of the Majic-12 documents. Robert Wood said: “We go through an orderly process of document evaluation, looking for clues that would suggest fakery: Anachronisms in paper, ink, typewriters, format, stamp impressions, or content.”

The UFO Attack Photo1 Dr. Robert Wood
Dr. Robert Wood
Discussed also is the creation by President Truman of the Psychological Strategy Board (PSB) on April 4, 1951: “Many of these people are deeply involved with Majestic-12 according to other documents.”

After due investigation, the authors concluded that the documents do not fit as Psy-ops gimmickry or as faked documents.

“They are unique, fascinating, and sensational examples of genuine, and highly classified, official documents,” said Ryan Wood, “describing visitations to our planet by extraterrestrials, and the establishment of an ultra-secret committee – the MJ-12 – that oversees this extraordinary secret.”  (p. 104)


A 50-page file by the Committee on Biological Warfare at the request of the American government’s elite Research and Development Board concerned fears of biological warfare from March 1947 through to the latter part of 1948. Suspicions surrounded the file that someone – or something – was planning a large-scale assault on North America’s cattle-herd, prompted by the discovery of “animal parts” at the site of a UFO crash in the summer of 1947.

A crashed UFO near Kingman, Arizona in May, 1953 suggested that the “retrieval team” may have been exposed to the same deadly virus that broke out in a “mysterious sickness” in 1947. A classified document dated March 24, 1995 stated about the 1953 retrieval: “….the crew after one hour emerged from the craft confused, with upset stomachs, removed their masks and threw up.”

Photo Extra The Thing ( httpwww.imdb.comtitlett0905372mediaviewerrm330874624 ) MV5BMTg4ODc0NDIyN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODAwMjU5NQ@@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,754_AL_
Scientists Study Alien Corpse in the Movie “The Thing” (2011)


The Special Operations Manual SOM 1-01: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technologies – Recovery and Disposal obviously were instituted to supposedly provide instruction to recovery units. It also discussed cases of “flying triangles” reported, such as the triangle reported on April 22, 1949.  A peculiar flying triangle of March 28, 1965 by Jeffrey Brown; Brown also claimed some form of skin affliction.


The authors outlined a number of facts that connect the murder of President John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

“Most notably, all of these people with connections to the JFK story were specifically linked with crashed-saucer accounts,” said the authors, “rather than just the UFO subject in general.”

According to the authors, major players in the Kennedy mystery, such as Guy Banister, Fred Crisman, Clay Shaw and others, all had experienced UFO artifacts.

“According to the Majestic-12 1st Annual Report, some of the debris from Maury Island was turned over by Crisman (described in the document as a Counter Intelligence Corps Operative),” said the authors, “to a CIA agent named ‘Shaw.’  Kenn Thomas suggests that this was Clay Shaw.”  (p. 157)

Just days before his assassination, Kennedy had an itinerary that included Wright Field and Fort Detrick. David Ferrie, an investigator for Banister, was deeply involved in biological cancer research, and several people involved in the affairs in New Orleans were murdered (Mary, Ferrie + the Monkey Virus: The True Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory, Edward T. Haslam).


The UFO Attack M,F,M,V 9780964398108-us



A number of UFO crashes are mentioned, such as the 1964 Big Thicket, Texas crash, and others, in 1958 (Arizona) and Northern New Mexico, near Taos, in 1961: “….the retrieval teams were overcome with nausea and dizziness, and at least two died of a ‘flesh-eating virus – kind of like Ebola’….” In the Big Thicket case, the team from Fort Hood were “garbed in biohazard and protection suits.” Will, a witness at Big Thicket, often wondered how many spheres may have landed, unknown to the military, and may “have possibly unleashed such viruses upon the local population.” (p. 171)


An alleged UFO with occupants crashed on January 23, 1974 on the Berwyn Mountain Range in North Wales, Cader Berwyn.

“….other sources – some with official backgrounds – claim to have heard of distinctly similar stories and rumors that link the Berwyn saga of 1974 with Porton Down, the British equivalent of Fort Detrick.” (p. 188)  Porton Down became focal in the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England UFO case. “….a number of personnel from Porton Down were reportedly dispatched to the area and, dressed in some sort of full-body protection suit, entered the woods – for reasons that remain unknown.”

The UFO Attack Two Soldiers 42-15800571-r.900x600
Soldiers in Full-body Protection Suits are Often Called Upon to Investigate


The United States and Mexican governments became involved in the Chihuahua, Mexico crash of August, 1974. A document entitled Research Findings on the Chihuahua Disk Crash said: “Unfortunately what caused the deaths of the Mexican recovery team is not known. Speculation ranges from a chemical released from the disk as a result or illness by any of the recovery team.” (p. 203)  “….reference to an apparently lethal biological agent present at the scene is very worrying,” said the authors.  (p. 204)   


The authors concentrated on accounts of animals, particularly cattle, being surgically and professionally mutilated throughout the U.S, especially the Midwest. Debunkers laid the blame to predator damage, “despite the phenomenal number of mutilations and the repeated sightings of anomalous aerial lights, all of which suggested that some form of coordinated operation was under way.”

The UFO Attack 14506532326054-Animal-Mutilation1
Artist Depiction of UFO Animal Abduction


Unmarked helicopters, tripod marks, lack of footprints, traces of tranquilizing drugs, anti-coagulants, pharmaceuticals, synthetic amphetamines: “Among those law enforcement agents who have thoroughly investigated these bovine excision sites…there is a consensus that some kind of medical testing is taking place.” (Ted Oliphant, police officer in Fyffe, Alabama.)


As a means of biological warfare by aliens, the authors explored the theory that “suggests cattle are mutilated primarily to harvest HIV antibodies and virus from blood in quantity and to obtain information relating to possible HIV transmission in humans…” (p. 244) They warn that this is still very much unproven, and they cite a Los Alamos National Laboratory study that HIV-1 virus was first established about 1930.


A “strange cluster of deaths,” 2001 to 2005, of numerous individuals working within the elite field of microbiology is examined in detail by the authors. Some had connection to the British chemical and biological defense establishment at Porton Down.  “….those with intimate knowledge of the alien virus may, in the period 2001-2005, have also have been targeted for termination by majestic 12.”


Alternate theories are found in a “Blue Boy” document entitled UFO Reports and Classified Projects: The CIA Perspective that are just as sinister but completely earthly: At the end of World War II, the Japanese Unit 731 was granted permission to continue biological warfare activities in “experimental platforms” with “guinea-pig crews.”  Discussed as well are alleged V-2 rocket crashes carrying “biological warfare experiments developed by I.G. Farben.” I.G. Farben was the company “that made the Zyklon-B gas that was utilized in the Nazi death camps of the Second World War.”

The UFO Attack Deer T330_34871_Untitled-15_copy
Mysterious Animal Poisonings and Deaths


Supposedly, in the files Timothy Cooper, as provided by a source at the CIA, “Blue Boy” detailed “a further theory that links Roswell with down-to-earth (as opposed to extraterrestrial) biological warfare activities.” Blossom Project, for example, was responsible for the first biological experiments in space.


One of the most controversial chapters is the 23rd chapter wherein a “John” told about his year as a custodian and editor of the Majestic files from 1943 to 1968.  “John” alleged that this “History Department” was at an overall location that he surmised to be Area 51.  He was told that this location “was involved in the development of prototype and radical aircraft, biological warfare, chemical warfare, exotic weaponry and ‘something else.’”

According to a document called “S-1,” MJ-12 ceased to exist in 1969 and became a private concern “financed by big money and big science.”

An early document John saw was from 1943 and concerned “tests and experiments on a group of unusual-looking people.” The entire paper-trail appeared to have been destroyed by people involved in this project. One document titled Autopsies – Bodies Unknown Origin 47 dealt with the bodies of eight strange people found in the New Mexico desert in the summer of 1947.


Tyler Kokjohn is a professor at microbiology at the Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. To quote Dr. Tyler Kokjohn: “The authors present an astonishing tale based heavily on falsified documents and sometimes indirect witness testimony. In the end, the story between the lines they probably never intended to reveal – of incurious investigators and fatal omissions – was the more interesting because it appears to be true.” 

“The book is fundamentally a one-sided interpretation of alleged facts extracted from written materials of dubious provenance and/or obtained from witness testimony much of which is indirect hear-say. Whether MJ-12 and other Roswell incident-related documents are authentic has long been controversial. Unfortunately, the accounts provided by the authors do not dispel doubts, they increase them.”


Many investigators retained a cautious but quizzical approach, to quote Bill Hamilton, executive director of Skywatch International, Incorporated: “I have not made up my mind yet on these documents and I think it is going to take further involvement to make assessments of the arguments both pro and con…If there is some truth, even a modicum of truth, in these documents, then the implications are far-reaching and I am sure that you can all use your imagination to see this.”



Robert M. Wood spoke at a July, 2001 MUFON Symposium in Irvine, California on the  Mounting Evidence For Authenticity of MJ-12 Documents: “Ever since the first ‘leaked’  MJ-12 Eisenhower Briefing Document in 1984 describing a top-secret crash recovery program, the authenticity of UFO documents has been questioned. With the continuing exposure of hundreds of classified pages by numerous unidentified sources, the evidence favoring authenticity is mounting. This paper will update the status of the available documents, generally what they say and provide a concise status of the issues regarding authenticity, including the answers to those with a skeptical view. Of particular significance will be the results of research and forensic studies, including those on 22 pages on original paper, where chromatographic ink dating and other state of the art techniques clearly indicate that the documents were likely to have been created long ago and cannot be modern high tech fakes. The classic comparisons with archival authentic documents show the expected similarities, and the content is shown to be consistent with numerous arcane facts known to only scholars in historiography.”

Photos Extra Majestic ( httpsvault.fbi.govMajestic12 ) majestic12
One of Many of  Hidden Documents Called the Mj-12

“Difficulties with identical signatures will be explored,” Wood continued, “including the astonishing possibility that the sophisticated document cover-up started in the early stages of documentation in the State Department in the 40s. Remarkably, the most likely hypothesis is that we are seeing a leak of copies of genuine documents held in personal files for decades; the conclusion is that we have had a stunningly successful UFO research cover-up for five decades and if these crashes and recoveries occurred, such documents ought to exist.”


Dr. Robert Wood has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Colorado and a Ph.D. in physics from Cornell. He enjoyed a 43-year career at McDonnell Douglas managing research and development projects and has spent over thirty years privately investigating extraterrestrial related phenomena. He began research into the Majestic-12 Documents in 1995.


Nicholas ‘Nick’ Redfern was born 1964 in Pelsall, Walsall, Staffordshire, is a British best-selling author, Ufologist and Cryptozoologist now living in Dallas, Texas, U.S.

The UFO Attack redfern
Author and Investigator Nick Redfern

“Whether genuine or not, the files were carefully crafted, told an astonishing story and, again, promoted the idea,” said the authors, “that alien viruses were a reality.  Not only that: those same viruses were incredibly deadly too.”

Photos Extra 1951 Thing ( httpsio9.gizmodo.comthese-south-pole-scientists-who-watch-the-thing-every-y-1823387869 ) download
Recovery Crew Discovers the Alien had Escaped – Movie “The Thing” (1951)  
Steve Erdmann can be reached at dissenterdisinter@yahoo.com  – or –  independenterdmann@gmail.com
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Photos Extra Steve2 34962959_10156520897759595_6984102889039855616_n
Steve Erdmann – Independent Investigative Journalist

The UFO Attack Russian Virus 02-hist-06-l
The Russian Anthrax  BugSoviet “Superbugs”:
In 1979, a rare outbreak of anthrax disease in the city of Sverdlovsk killed nearly 70 people. The Soviet government publicly blamed contaminated meat, but U.S. intelligence sources suspected the outbreak was linked to secret weapons work at a nearby army lab.
Photos Extra Majestic ( httpsvault.fbi.govMajestic12 ) majestic12
 One of Many of  Hidden Documents Called the Mj-12
 The UFO Attack Memo JFK jfk-mj-12-document-8-638
The nine-page “burned” memo, stamped TOP SECRET/MJ-12, is named because it was snatched from a fire before being destroyed, which is why it is discolored and disintegrating. Unlike many of the Majestic documents, this one is an original carbon with an Eagle watermark characteristic of government work, but so far forensic laboratories have been unable to trace it. The memo is from the Director of Central Intelligence MJ-1 to MJ-2, MJ-3, MJ-7, in reference to Project MAJESTIC and JEHOVAH, Project EVIRO, Project PARASITE, and Project PARHELION. Although no dated is given, its content directly suggests the month of September.   The year is estimated to be in the early 1960s and is still under investigation.
The UFO Attack Two Soldiers 42-15800571-r.900x600
Two Soldiers in Gas Masks and Protective Clothes are Testing for Biological Hazards on the Infected Background
The UFO Attack shutterstock_14313976_460_320_c1
A Typical Hazardous Bio-infection
The UFO Attack Cover alienviruses
The UFO Attack CIA Plane 700_90567581e440893e2c4839a28332f0cf
Photo of alleged U.S government contracted airplane piloted by American CIA agents and carrying a cargo of a “mutated” swine flu virus and shot down at the China Shanghai Pudong airport.  
The UFO Attack Photo1 Dr. Robert Wood
Dr. Robert Wood
The UFO Attack M,F,M,V 9780964398108-us
The UFO Attack 14506532326054-Animal-Mutilation1
Artist Depiction of UFO Animal Abduction
The UFO Attack redfern
Author and Investigator Nick Redfern
The UFO Attack Deer T330_34871_Untitled-15_copy
Mysterious Animal Poisonings and Deaths

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Lazar says this is it!


The Bob Lazar Story: Believe it or Not


Steve Erdmann

Copyright, C, Steve Erdmann Brent Raynes, 2020

Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2020

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Paranormal Brent - Home | Facebook
Brent Raynes – Editor, Author and Investigator

Bob Lazar has come forth in a tell-all book about his excursions as an engineer and scientist at the mysterious S4 installation near the secretive Area 51 in Groom Lake, Nevada.  Lazar writes in plain English that is suspenseful and relentless.   If true, we are confronted, once again, with a powerful and secret reality that could leave us suspended in mid-air beyond common sensibilities.


“…of credible witnesses, including Black Aces commander Daniel Fravor about the capabilities of the craft he encountered, have only bolstered Lazar’s story…Fravor thinks Lazar is legit.” (p. xxvii, George Knapp, chief investigative reporter for KLAS-TV, Las Vegas)

I-Team: A look at how Bob Lazar interviews match up with ...

(DREAM LAND, Bob Lazar, Simon & Schuester, Interstellarbooks.com, 2033 San Elijio Avenue, #403, Cardiff by the Sea 92007, 2019, 243 pages, $23.99)

Dreamland (Audiobook) by Bob Lazar, George Knapp - foreword ...

Lazar was attempting to get a higher security clearance than the Q Clarence that he had, moving him to a Majestic Clearance for him to work at the EG&G Special Projects Division. Lazar had worked in scientific communities before, not to mention a lucrative photo development business he owned. Lazar had some publicity from his proclaimed “Jet Car.”  Becoming dispirited in working for Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), he set-up Lazar Energy Systems. Lazar’s interest in pyrotechnics was hand in hand with his occupation at Fairchild Electronics as a technician repairing broke circuit boards and enabled him to attend school at Caltech. Lazar equally made some profitable business investments, one paying about $100,000 a month at the time he purchased it.


“Success, for us, and for most people, meant making money,” says Lazar.  “If it took running three separate businesses, not taking vacations, and having work-related issues on your mind twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, then that was a price we were willing to pay.”

These pressures, plus his wife’s (Carol) pancreatic cancer, deep depression led to her suicide.  Lazar remarried to “Tracy” in April of 1986 in Las Vegas.  Due to Tracy’s encouragement and Lazar’s self-determination, his photo business continued—plus his interest  in science and academic life.  Lazar built his own Windhorst Machine as well as a Tesla coil.  Lazar’s model rocket launches at Salisbury Park were sometimes successful but dangerous.

One of Lazar’s “home projects” was his interest in Plasma Containment and magneto dynamics (MHD)

Alive in the Darkness -- The Bob Lazar Story on Vimeo

Click here and below for below video on Bob Lazar or go directly to the Vimeo site: Vimeo.com/361442480:

Eager in continuing his engineering career with Los Angeles National Laboratories at their Meson Physics Facility, Lazar wished to tour the Van de Graff generator.

“I felt like I had stepped into the world of science fiction,” says Lazar.  “I was moving among men and women with an intellectual capacity that was as nearly great as the power these machines were generating.”  After Lazar was hired, he found his co-workers “serious minded and watchful.”

Lazar attended MIT on bequest of Meson..


Lazar met Edward Teller while Teller was preparing to give a lecture in Los Angles. Teller had been called The Father of the Hydrogen Bomb, part of the Manhattan Project, and Teller worked with renown scientist Werner Heisenberg Weis Bohr, advocated for the Strategic Dense Initiative (Star Wars Defense), and worked on the precursor project called Excalibur.

“As it turned out, I got a job as a result of that meeting with Teller,” says Lazar, “and, later, a whole lot more attention than I ever wanted or needed.” (p. 32)

Lasar began his rigorous routine trips to EG+G’s remote site at Groom Lake; one time, he was led to a facility inside a large hill with an entry door to what had become to be known as S4.  His handler, Dennis Mariani, was the other person on the bus in that trip, and it was also the time Lazar was given his identification badge which would work as an optical scanner.  Immediately was a quick medical examination followed by a trip to another office where Lazar was asked to examine a stack of folders that gave “overviews” of a “Project Galileo”; there was a mention of “extraterrestrials.”  Apparently, some kind of “accident” had been involved in Galileo beforehand.

Project Galileo apparently consisted of several “divisions,” each did not work in concert sequentially and did not share information with one another, no communication between “work groups” was allowed, other than their direct work partners or parties which would include alienation, dismissal or prosecution.   Project Looking dealt the materials side of the craft. Project Sidekick explored craft weaponization.

“And here was an object that was claimed,” says Lazar “to be made of a single material!”  

Lazar speculates that the technology came from somewhere other than the United States, and it was his function to understand “how” it worked and “if” we could produce it.  Someone had filed a possible “origin” of the craft and had determined that it came from the Zeta Reticuli star system: 39 million light years from Earth. A “biological” folder contained black and white photos of a “humanoid organism,” a torso, arm, legs and a “differentiated”  mass of tissue in the mid cavity, and other medical notes that were hard to understand, confusing Lazar to the point of  losing focus on reality.

Dennis Mariani led Lazar into a special laboratory and introduced him to Barry Castillo.  Their assignment focus was a Garbage can-sized cylinder “with no seams, no welds, no fasteners, no sharp edges…It didn’t appear to have been cast, machined, molded, formed, or jointed.”   Barry called it an “emitter”; a half-sphere of the same color and material and explained as a “reactor.”  Objects placed tween the two points—whether they be candle flames, golf balls, watches—where affected by an “unseen force” that the two researchers could best described as “anti-gravity.”

“Quantum physicists’ postulate that gravitons exist as a subatomic particle,” says Lasar.   “These are massless elementary particles that transmit the force of gravity.  How they could be created or destroyed is not yet clear.”

A “force” between the “emitter” and the “reactor” caused a black dot at the bottom of the “emitter’ as an absence of light: It was being bent by gravity—a considerable of intense gravity that the “crew” suspected would take Terawatts of power.  All that the “crews” were “slight visual distortions” and no residual heat but was one-hundred percent efficient energy transfer.

“The question of how this thing worked spun around and around again in my mind,” says Lazar.   “Somewhere I suppose the question of how this event could be happening was faintly playing, but far too softly to matter.”

The two-man crew concluded that the reactor could be “powered up” by placing two objects in “proximity to one another.”  That there also had been “limits” they also surmised in which an “accident” had previously come about with loss of life.  Perhaps, something to do with a “triangular bet” was in place as to how the system functioned.


Lazar’s schedule to work at Groom Lake was almost spasmodic and unpredictably cruel, but his female companion, Tracy, swore she could carry the burden, backing-up their private business.  But, as it turned out, “I was being run ragged most days,” says Lazar, “adding to what would eventually be a heap of stress.”

Security was intense and armed personnel ‘shadowed’ the crews’ existence in the confines of the laboratory; even when they left the lab to use the restroom or cafeteria – to, in, and from.

Only once did Lazar suspect the crafts might be ‘experimental terrestrial aircraft’ when he spied a typical ‘flying saucer’ and was told to keep his hands off any objects.   “The powers wanted to understand how this craft’s propulsion system works,” recalls Lasar.  The reactor was comprised of three parts:  the housing, the tower, and the fuel.  The crew determined that the Reactor was being bombarded by a “relatively intense field of radiation within it.”

A dismay in intellectual stagnation enveloped the two when they contemplated what kind of ‘fuel’ was used by the object; using scrapings from the fuel ‘insert’ into a gas chromatograph which indicated that said fuel was a single element.  Later, mass spectral spectrometry and neutron activation analysis indicated the same thing.

“I wanted to be engaged in meaningful work and Tracy and I were ‘both adaptable,’” says Lazar, “and would find a way to accommodate the changes that loomed on the horizon for us.”

A mysterious aspect of Lazar’s private life were men parked habitually in a car only feet from his home.

Investigating the possibility of the “fuel” might have been machined from a cone rather than “out of a single flat sheet,” an ingot of the material was sent on a “closed flight” to the Los Alamos machinery division along with instructions.  Lazar understood that any residue left from the machining would be returned to S4

Dennis instructed Lazar to carry a .22 Cal Smith & Wesson “at all times you’re off-site,” Mariani said.  Lazar thought this had traces to do with his possible obtaining a Q-Clearance.

Through his friend, Gene Huff, he became acquainted with friend,  John Lear, son of Bill Lear of the Lear Jet fame; mainly because of Huff’s inadvertent mention that Lazar worked at LANL  Lazar later learned that Lear had done some work with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Gene never pressed Lazar about his duties at Area 51,  but ,coincidentally, his job at S4 seemed to bring about an interview with Dennis at a Las Vegas Police Department followed by two men from the Office of Federal Investigation (FBI) showing up at Lazar’s home.  One agent was Mike Thigpen, and they very respectfully investigated the household.

Lazar said to Dennis shortly following:  “We’re working with an unknown inside a large unknown. That’ s not a great situation to be in, especially if others have known that they could share with us.’’

Not long after this, Lazar and Barry Castillo were escorted to a hanger facility.


The three approached a familiar saucer-shaped craft fifty-feet of so in diameter and about twenty feet tall.  No seams inside or out, no panel lines, welds, rivets, or fasteners, cool to the touch and very smooth. The same material appeared throughout the craft as if cooled into shape in some injection moldings.  The seats appeared to have been made into the same fashion as if rounded flower petals.  They saw no light witches, dials, displays, and a length of pipe ran from the ceiling and exited in the floor.

UFO's & Alien's

The second level of the craft had a spot where the reactor sat, the piping ran to the amplifier, and additional tubing ran to the emitter at the bottom of the craft.  A “platform section,” or the pedestal, was where the craft rested. They weren’t allowed to explore the third and top “cockpit” section.

Both Lazar and Castillo began to doubt the traditional Roswell story because beings advanced enough to build such machines should not have any difficulty coping with Earthly weather systems and related phenomena.

In eight bay areas of hangers were several more similar crafts.

The ‘crew’ watched as one craft lifted off the ground emitting a blue glow discharge, and its thirty-foot flight had no sound, but they did have a view of the emitter in action in issuing gravitational waves.  The craft landed and Dennis instructed the two to “get back to work.”

Lazar speculated that what they saw was a kind of negative gravity or anti-gravity that removed the gravitational force ahead of the direction that three emitters were pointing.  They speculated the emitter allowed the craft to move in multiple directions and could distance objects to it.  “…time and gravity are inextricably linked,’ says Lazar.   “If you controlled gravity, you also controlled time…could have come from another dimension…some point in the future.”


The security oath that Lazar signed covered all aspects of his personal life, discussions, dissatisfaction with coworkers, the food in the cafeteria, sleep, no-pay checks, and even his personal feelings.  The watchers that usually parked down that street no longer hid.  A police patrol car dispatched to the scene on behalf of Lazar did little to capture the stalkers—they were merely released.  They were not even trying to stalk but came out in the open.

Occasionally, Lazar would meet with his work-out partner “Muriel” for gymnastics.   One time, Lazar’s Datsun 2802 was unlocked.  He slighted it off as his oversight.  However, Lazar was shocked to find his car with both door “…wide open, looking like a fix wing aircraft.”   Lazar says he “…did experience that gut-level twinge and burn of adrenaline kicking in.”   Nothing was taken from the car, and it didn’t seem like a usual robbery.

All this certainly didn’t seem normal, nor was having his phones tapped, or having signed a document “that essentially stated that I agreed to waive every one of my Constitutional rights…”  All of this indicated that Lazar was under strict control with warnings.

Lazar concluded that it was time to share all this knowledge with someone or fear he “might  wind up somewhere in the Nevada desert with a bullet in my head and a fabricated suicide note left  on him…”  Lazar selected his close friend, Gene,  and Lazar stuck to only items  that he could “definitely validate”:  he showed Gene the only paycheck he had ever received from the United States Department of Naval Intelligence—$958.11.  Lazar declared to his friends that the “dollars – to – headache ratio is way out of balance.”

Lazar’s next ‘insurance revelation’ was his wife, Tracy, leaving out a few personalized details.   “I can’t see you making up something like this,” was Tracy’s concluding statement.

Lazar’s next ‘insurance policy’ confession was to John Lear who “seemed more curious than alarmed.”  Lear proved himself as trustworthy in several incidents, such as allowing Bob and Tracy to accompany him on some of his Aniak, Alaska  flights.

The sense of ease that momentarily emerged was suddenly destroyed when another “interrogation” was conducted at his home concerning what kind of code (their use of BUFON and GUFON) he and Gene were using.  Apparently, privacy was nonexistent.  They demanded Lazar to reveal all information about Gene Huff.

Lazar concludes with the unavoidable:  “…it was time to make some changed.”   “…my days at S4 were over.”   He stopped wondering about his security clearance:  “I wanted something definitely to be said or done.” (p. 157)

Lazar knew that S4 did a “high performance test flight usually on Wednesday about eight o’clock.   John Lear could ‘check it out’ with his 8-inch-diameter Celestron telescope.   John would pack the crew in his Winnebago motorhome and cover the 150 miles of desert to their destination, a spot along Groom Lake Road with their “equipment” —telescope, binoculars and video camera.

John Lear Photo Gallery 001
Bob Lazar and John Lear

Indeed, an orange light appeared above Papoose Mountain but was moving in increments of split seconds at about 700 mph in intervals from different points.

MARCH 29 AND APRIL 12, 1984

Lazar compared the method of investigation at S4 as “out of the window, where the scientific method didn’t consist of some definitive steps, but were more scattershot…first here, then there, then up, then down.”

A second UFO Watch was planned with Tracy and Lazar in one car, Gene in a rental car.  A ’Jason’ also joined them.  This time the light appeared to draw closer to their rendezvous point:  the glowing object moved towards them.  Jason said, ‘It was like I couldn’t see it move.  One second it was there.  The next second it was over there.  Almost like a strobe effect or something.” (p. 178)

The crews’ next trip of UFO Spotting was on April 12, another Wednesday. This time they made some evasive maneuvers on the roads they travelled. There was one new face, Kristen.  Again, the light seemed to advance toward them.  To cover their tracks, our ‘heroes’ turned onto a dirt road. Suddenly, local security confronted the UFO Watchers, as Lazar snuck away into the brush alongside of the cars.   Lazar rejoined the group once the security car was far enough away…. only to be confronted by a second police officer who wanted to know how four mysterious people had been reported, now there was five. This agent went through the process of comparing their faces to their driver’s licenses.

Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers': Where Is the UFO Test ...

Dennis Mariani and Bob Lazar met the next day in what appeared to be an atmosphere of an ominous warning.  This took place at the Indian Springs Air Force Base, and Dennis pummeled Lazar with comments and questions. A gun was made evident.

The hardest shock to Lazar was when Mariani placed a folder of surveillance revealing that wife Tracy had been in an on-going romantic affair since February 1984:  tax dollars at work, and a farewell to one’s privacy.  “…and how  cliched the whole thing was – with a co-worker that was a man whose contact I’d encouraged and helped pay for,” says Lazar, “…a flight instructor…complicated and conflicted seemed to be the buzz words for everything I experienced  at S4.”

“Nothing I’d ever done or said could justify the pain she was inflicting on me,” Lazar says. “I would never do anything like that to her.”

During the second week of May 1989 someone fired a gun shot at his auto when on the on-ramp to the highway via Charleston Boulevard.  The shot deflated a tire; two drivers sped away.


John Lear and Gene Huff laid-out a rescue for Lazar:  More exposure on the George Knapp ABC affiliated TV show.  They chose John Lear to appear with no fanfare.  Lazar was to appear in silhouette and use a pseudonym of “Dennis” in their broadcast of May 14, 1989.

Bob Lazar and George Neff

Dennis called Lazar and made a vague threat, and he later called again to say that a “personal level” interview was needed.  It would be a Las Vegas Casino appointment on a Saturday. Gene Huff and a Joe Vaninerri were to be watchmen of the meeting.  Lazar saw Dennis, Lazar demanded to know “what this was all about”— and Dennis disappeared into the crowd.

Lazar’s friends discussed the events as only an interlude. The S4 surveillance teams seemed to have disappeared.

“I’d lost one wife to disease and now a second one to work and infidelity,” says Lazar. “No matter how strong you think you are mentally, or how amicable the partner, a divorce preys on your sense of self and self-worth.”

George Knapp set-up another TV session for Memorial Day 1984.

“As far me, I picked up the pieces eventually,” says Lazar.  “Over the long haul, things did get better.  I’ve spoken a few times at conferences and done some interviews.  I’ve had Hollywood film and TV producers contact me.   In the scripts they had written they tried to show me as an Action Hero, leaping onto the hoods of cars escaping the bad guys.  I’m no Action Hero.  If I wasn’t then, I’m certainly not one now.  I’m no kind of hero.”


DENNIS JOHN MARIANI Of North Highlands, CA, May 18, 2007, a native of Oakland, age 66 years. Father of Michelle Mariani and Renee Mariani. Brother of Doug Mariani, Stephanie Vigil, Priscilla Pilger, Phyllis Lastiri and the late Gary Mariani. Former husband of Karen Mariani. Friends are welcome for visitation Tuesday 9-9:45 AM and are invited to attend services Tuesday 10 AM, all at THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS (6450 Walerga Rd., North Highlands, CA.) Interment following at 1:30 PM at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery with full military honors. PRICE FUNERAL CHAPEL (916) 725-2109


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Photos Extra Steve1 34934490_10156520897824595_8244253719684710400_n

Steve Erdmann – Independent Investigative Journalist


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Skinwalker Reality!

Photos Extra Ranch Gate ( httpsfuturism.mediaskinwalker-ranch ) bt4kxpnhobafqpo3qnib
One Gate to the Skinwalker Ranch

From a stanza of the Navajo ‘Ghost Song’: Wana’yañ Ma’niye

Wana’yañ ma’niye,
Wana’yañ ma’niye.
Tata’ñka wañ ma’niye,
A’te he’ye lo,
A’te he’ye lo.


Now he is walking,
Now he is walking.
There is a buffalo bull walking,
There is a buffalo bull walking,
Says the father,
Says the father.

An infamous ranch called the Skinwalker Ranch lies in the heart of ancient Native American Lands in Utah. A number of Indian reservations surround the ranch, influencing residents in rich, traditional culture and the spirituality of their ancestors. Asazi, Fremont, Ute, Paiute, Shossone, and Uintah Indian legends speak of “portals” to the spiritual world, often fraught with forms of witchcraft.    

There were two types of spiritual tribal shaman members: Medicine Men and Skinwalkers. Skinwalkers evolved into black magic, deception, and cursing, inflicting pain and suffering. They could not enter the dwellings of victims (unless invited in) but could lure them into the open where they could instill fear or harm. A Skinwalker was a shape-shifter, often a mortal man, but also a women or child, that could appear as an animal (a wolf, bear or eagle) extending those attributes and traveling by supernatural means.

A typical story involved a female Indian newspaper deliverer whose automobile was accosted by a “half man, half beast” with red eyes and a “misshapen” arm, opening her car door and trying to grab her baby. She managed to drive her car off, but the creature kept pace with her vehicle and still attempted kidnapping. When she pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store, the patrons chased the creature away.



Steve Erdmann

Copyright, C,  Steve Erdmann, 2015
This article was published in the April 21 through May 10, 2015 issues of UFO Digest
It is published here with permission

Reviewers and journalists can quote small portions as long as full credits are given bck to the original article

Another version of this article can be viewed at https://wordpresscom507.wordpress.com/2017/07/26/stalking-a-mystery-hot-spot/

(Skinwalker Ranch: No Trespassing: Read at your Own Risk, Ryan Skinner, D. l Wallace, Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, www.skinwalkerranch.com (org), Charleston, S.C, November 13, 2014, 266 pages, $13.95.)

Stalking theSinwalker Cover 9781499553765-us

The Skinwalker Ranch (known for reports of hyper-mysterious happenings) “consists of 480 acres located in North-East Utah south of US Interstate 40, which enters Utah from North-Western Colorado, winds through miles of sparsely populated territory – interrupted only by the city of Ver Nal and passes through Ballard on its way west.”

The Ranch property is located along the southern border of the Uintah-Quray Indian Reservation near the Bottle Hollow Reservoir, north of the Ranch; Road 27505 leads from Hill Top Road east along the northern edge of the Ranch property. There is a North Gate, South Gate, and an East Gate. The ranch house is located in the north-east corner of the property. 

StalkingtheSkinwalker Ranch lg_659d15-skinwalkerranch
The Skinwalker Ranch


Many of the earliest strange events are related in Colm Kelleher and George Knapp’s 2005 book Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah (Paraview Pocket Books, December 6, 2005).

Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) bought the property in 1996 and established the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) to investigate many of the incidents. About 2009, Bigelow entered into a short-lived agreement with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

StalkingtheSkinwalker Gate normal_DSC02094
Gate Leading to the Skinwalker Ranch

Indian legends in that area bespoke of a Trans mutative creature, both half animal, and half human. Some creatures took the form of “apparitions and whirlwinds.”


Earliest records indicate that a Ken Meyers and his wife Edith lived on the property from the 1930s till 1987. Not much was reported about paranormal activity on the ranch then, but the local Indians had a “wage pool” as to how long the Meyers would stay “before being driven off.”

The Meyers had placed deadbolt locks on almost all the doors, even inside of the house. The Meyers also owned large and unfriendly dogs chained just outside the door leading into the house. 

Another neighbor said one of his cows disappeared about 1996. And the man’s nephew, Dean Derhak of Salt Lake City, said he was riding a horse on his uncle’s property in 1980 when he saw a silver sphere on the ground of what later became the Sherman ranch.

“It was fairly big, about 30 to 40 feet wide. It looked like a bowl upside down,” said Derhak, who was eleven-years-of-age at the time. “It scared me and I took off.”

The farm was bought by Terry and Gwen Sherman in 1994. One of the first phenomena the Shermans noticed were geometric circles of varying diameters that appeared as if some heavy bodies left their impressions.

Further investigation, however, revealed three of the families living nearby have experienced unusual activity. The Uintah County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that John Garcia, who lives east of the ranch, reported two of his cows were mutilated earlier in 1996.

Some of Sherman’s cattle were found to be mutilated, drained of blood; one was cored through the anus and gave off strange chemical odors. Four other cattle disappeared.  One cow appeared to have been pulled up leaving scorched branches..

StalkingtheSkinwalker cattle mutilation
Cattle Mutilation

Roosevelt, Utah veterinarian Dan Dennis said that eventually ten mutilated cattle were reported on the Sherman ranch.


The Shermans also had their share of UFOs: strange light sightings and strange voices.  Voices were heard coming from about 25 feet over the heads of two family members. Gwen Sherman witnessed a manned aircraft, and she had witnessed a figure over seven feet tall exit the craft.


At other times, a 40-foot object and a football-field-sized aircraft (both with multi-colored lights) were sighted. Baseball-sized blue lights were seen to ‘‘both emerge from and disappear into orange-colored portals, and behaved as if controlled…hovering…(then) high speeds.” 

StalkingtheSkinwalker UFO 1 19990013_1658222267540925_6200668839273961393_n
UFO Photographed on the Skinwalker Ranch

In one instance, after sending three of their dogs to chase the light, one of the dogs began crying out. Later, three “greasy blobs” were found in three “scorch spots.”

Residents in the area reported seeing a “gigantic” craft with many lights. UFO historian Joseph Hicks had investigated more than 400 similar sightings in the area..

StalkingtheSkinwalker Photo2 18403173_1593600620669757_9199734522204203315_n

Bigelow and NIDS had up to 15 scientists and PhDs working by 2001 at any one time on the Ranch.

A particular mutilation case involved a pregnant cow. Later, a large foot-ball-field-sized UFO was sighted. “Pete Pickup,” a NIDS investigator, noted that “while blood and tissue samples were still fresh,” a mutilated cow was found. The left eye and part of the left ear were removed “with a sharp surgical instrument.” The UFO was spotted on June 25, 2000, and had “intermittent flashing of a separate light source and making some rhythmic sound.”


BAASS investigator Dr. Colm Kelleher, who had a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Holy Trinity in Dublin, interviewed two Ranch investigators who photographed and recorded strange tracks. The two investigators (designated as investigators 1 and 2) reported a howl and a “distinct, foul odor” that the family reported to them. The smell was described as “very putrid sulfur, rotten flesh.”

Investigators next discovered and photographed strange tracks on the property (p. 51). The tracks appeared to have had a strange “gait” or step in the snow. An Indian administrator, who was very familiar with wildlife trails, could not identify the tracks.

“And there was no snow kicked up in front of these tracks,” said investigator 1. “There was no snow kicked behind the tracks. Whatever left these tracks (that) we obtained video and photographs of, walked up not only with great dexterity but easily.”          

Kelleher and the investigators discussed reports of a creature that was reported in the Fort Duchesne area, jumping “literally from roof to roof,” about four houses and then disappeared. The creature was described as a muscular, hairy creature with “big round eyes” and pointed ears.

StalkingtheSkinwalker Wendigo-0
Artist Depiction of the Skinwalker

“Whatever, it was proved elusive. The surveillance cameras that were installed atop telephone poles were attacked and dismantled, but whatever did it was invisible. Dr. Colm Kelleher of NIDS said, ‘We checked the time stamps on this pole versus this pole. We looked at when the camera lost power and nothing was on the tape. There should have been something visible because the range of these things is pretty good.’ As yet, the mystery of Skinwalker Ranch remains unsolved. Kelleher said, ‘If anything, it has created more questions that I had when I came into this thing.’”


BAASS investigator collected reports of hovering lights, orbs of light, as well as reports of a “two-legged creature, dog” – seen sometimes near Indian or tribal burial grounds along the mesa known as Skinwalker Ridge.

“…I asked Bob (a witness) about the smell associated with this dog creature because everybody has talked about his smell,” said one investigator. “Horrible, horrible smell.”

Ryan Skinner tells the readers about balls of light that landed with “black, thick smoke” that materialized into a “wolf.”  Skinner says that sightings of the wolf “have been around the property for at least 30 years and there is a picture of it on the internet, and it hasn’t aged a day.”

StalkingtheSkinwalker Wallpaper wallpaper.wiki-Photos-Native-American-PIC-WPE002442
The Wolf Spirit.

A number of ‘Remote Viewers’ applied their talents and came to a varied and confusing picture: “The psychic images perceived both individually and collectively by the viewers are general and without much detail.”

“The phenomena is mostly hallucinations,” says Skinner, “there may be some spirits from Indian grounds – not too sure; I also believe what you see/experience is purely on what mindset you have.”


Logs of investigators “Tripod” and “Hobby Horse” ran the gamut of mysterious events: a missing knife, a sighting of a blue UFO, orb phenomena, poltergeist happenings, mystery sounds, camera malfunctions, shadow images, and medium phenomena.

“On the other hand,” says Skinner, “both the Ouija Board experiment and the experiences provided by Rocky suggest a yet strong presence of the spirituality associated with the original Native American inhabitants of the region, and which manifests itself in the form of paranormal entities such as Shadow People and the Skinwalker.”

Investigator “Ranch Hand” speculated that the “presence” moves in and out of some “dimensional portal” and are “relative to the state of mind and level of the expectations of the individual.”.

StalkingtheSkinwalker Immage 1 tumblr_nwlrbe3OFN1r8xssuo1_500
A depiction of a Skinwalker

Another investigator named “Rich” gave his suggestions as to what is taking place on the Ranch:

# The phenomena seems to be a “nexus” of all kinds of alien activity, the traditional as well as the atypical.

#  Humans are the key to something that holds importance to them. They need ‘us’ to survive.

# Sometimes ‘abduction’ should be viewed as a universal, spiritual experience, maybe even a karmic contract..


Other Ranch investigators spoke of further paranormal happenings. “Jeremy K” told of his encounters: “My experience involves seeing strange lights, white, blue, red and faint cloudy lights. Also very weird noises in the river bottom near the line of cotton trees. I could actually hear something very large breathing, but with light feet. I would get within 20 to 30 feet of me and freeze.”

Ryan Skinner speaks about the reports of a mystery helicopter that he has also seen. The helicopter made no noise. Investigator “Jeremy K” said on November 6, 2013: “We sat down and there was a completely blacked out helicopter flying above and around us. It was the weirdest thing. You couldn’t hear standard helicopter noises.” (p. 197)

StalkingtheSkinwalker Black hqdefault
Mystery Helicopters

Skinner presents stories and testimonies from neighbors and Indians associated with the Skinwalker Mesa. Most offer interesting insights as to what could be happening there.

Using a typical UFO sighting as an example, Skinner shares some of his personal feelings about witnesses that seem indifferent to their contact with the paranormal.

“I never could fathom people’s reactions to seeing one of these things,” says Skinner. “It was like a mental defensive block or something. People for the most part absolutely were frightened to death. So they ignored it totally.” 

Skinner tells of a UFO ‘disc’ hovering over a baseball game, for nearly twenty minutes, everyone looked once, and then ignored the UFO. “I can’t explain reactions like that, can you?” asks Skinner. “I wondered was it (the UFO) spraying those zombies with pixie dust or what?” 


The Utah Ranch is not the only “Hot spot” Skinner writes about. There are, apparently, other areas of concentrated paranormal activity around the globe, similar to the Skinwalker mesa. Skinner talks about a Texas ‘hot spot’ at the end of an airfield “runway” north of the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation that once belonged to the Indians. It is now covered by extensive tracts of trees, brush and “some unidentified evil.”  Like the Utah Ranch, similar phenomena decorated the site over the years.

“I am not convinced 100% whether this was all alien, or a mixture of the paranormal sort of a portal being used by many, many entities,” says Skinner. “It’s a dimensional thing, I guess. Makes one wonder whether or not some of the disc and other oddly shaped craft are simply vehicles which carry these beings from one dimension into another, not intergalactic spacecraft.”

Skinner concludes that paranormal activity, indeed, focused on the property:

“…most of it was categorized as aerial anomalies; the resident does acknowledge encounters consistent with Native American legend, specifically the manifestation of what appeared to be Indian spirits and the appearance of wolf-like entities.”


BAASS had not been without its share of criticism, especially in its NIDS phrase. One of its more unsettling conflicts revolved around finding several “rods” on the ranch which investigators for NIDS and MUFON projected a story that they seemed to be the same Element 115 that Bob Lazar of Area 51 fame said that he worked with as a technician in Area 51’s hidden retrieved UFO lairs.

Aerospace scientist John Schuessler said that the rods were carbon and not element 115: “As for the rods found on the Skinwalker Ranch, I was on the NIDS Scientific Advisory Board back in those days and can verify that rods were found. They were not heavy Element 115 rods. Instead, they were thin carbon rods that are used in arc lamps to make very bright lights in field operations. I have personally used this type of rods in arc lamp operations many years ago.”

According to Schuessler, Element 115 would have been far too unstable to have existed in the wild, open ranchland.

James Carrion, MUFON, said this demonstrated a certain amount of carelessness that NIDS and BAASS investigators needed to avoid:

“It appears that once again in Ufology there are more questions than answers; common fare for a field where the waters are muddied but never cleared. If you consider yourself a truth seeker then perhaps it is time to take a stand against these forces of ambiguity that seek only to obscure the truth rather than bring it to light. It is time to promote truth and not a mystery in a field that has too many mysteries already. It is time to reveal the truth by not compromising ethics or principles or by allowing truth to be censored. It is time to stop falling prey to fear and lies but instead to hunt the Skinwalker forces of deception in their own territory. Who is up for a hunting trip?”

[Tuesday, February 8, 2011]


(Bob Lazar never associated with the claim that Element 115 was found on the Skinwalker ranch. Many Fortean investigators claim, besides, that the jury is still out on the Bob Lazar question, as some of his claims seem to be vindicated over a period of time. Though Element 115 did not exist in 1989, subsequently it was invented and discovered in 2004, when Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia (JINR) discovered isotopes of Element 115, known as “ununpentium.”)

StalkingtheSkinwalker Lazar a51s4rl

(Lazar continued to be believed by several researchers who felt that Lazar was truly involved in UFO projects, indicated by his passing of lie-detection tests and hypnosis and the testimony of researchers such as Norio Hayakawa, John Lear, Gene Huff, Mike Thigpen, Boyd Bushman and Terry Tavernetti, to mention a few.



Ryan Skinner discovered the government’s interest in the Skywalker Ranch: D.O.D/Department of Defense :http://skinwalkerranch.org/rank.html
“This agency has been identified as providing funding via a research grant with Bigelow Aerospace for Skinwalker Ranch. We are unable and unwilling to provide evidence to support this claim. This funding was provided with the oversight of an unnamed high-level politician and several military advisors.  Currently, the understanding is that the agency has withdrawn funding, but will reallocate in the future.  On a side note, three high ranking military officials have frequented the property on more than one occasion.  One of these officers was a three-star general and a CIA representative. The branch of the military that the general represents is unknown as well as his identity. However what is known is that a faction of the US government does fund research and security activity in conjunction with Bob Bigelow on the Ranch…Contact: it’s a black project and it is going to remain that way!”

StalkingtheSkinwlker bigelow-int-grp-02
The Late Robert Bigelow

Alfred Weber wrote in “Robert Bigelow’s and MUFON’s Hybrid UFO Investigation…” that Bigelow, MUFON, and the FAA created a special UFO reporting form that they hope pilots will use to report aerial phenomena.

A BAASS UFO hotline staff was on duty to receive UFO reports. One of the special areas said Weber, that BAASS was interested in were “cases where physical effects of a UFO are reported or where ‘living beings’ are allegedly sighted or where ‘reality transformation’ is said to occur.”

April 7, 2010: http://www.examiner.com/article/robert-bigelow-s-and-mufon-s-hybrid-ufo-investigation-venture-under-review-2010.

The Star Team Impact Project (SIP) was to investigate “cases where physical effects of a UFO are reported or where ‘living beings’ are allegedly sighted or where ‘reality transformation’ is said to occur.” Weber also discovered: “On examination of confidential BAASS-MUFON documents that were anonymously leaked to this reporter, it is clear that a clash of corporate and non-profit cultures and lack of mutual communication framework between an accounting-oriented corporate contractor and a mission-driven volunteer organization – rather than any wrong action – triggered the temporary suspension and review of the hybrid arrangement that parties in both organizations seem to want to continue.”


Billy Cox, a writer for The Herald Tribune, likewise gave a revealing summary of Bigelow’s plans in the paranormal industry (Wednesday, June 9, 2010): “Robert Bigelow, the zillionaire hotelier who wants to build the world’s first private space station, doesn’t do much media…In a nutshell: With NASA phasing out of the launch business, Bigelow’s aggressive development of inflatable habitation modules — and his willingness to invest up to half a billion of his own $$$ to make it happen — put him at the forefront of the privatization of space. He and anyone else wanting to exploit the high frontier will need wheels to get there. And the Obama administration plans to spend $6 billion over the next five years to encourage the private sector to produce the next generation of launch vehicles. “His space stations are not his only interest in space. ‘I’ve been a researcher and student of U.F.O.’s for many, many years,’ Mr. Bigelow said. ‘Anybody that does research, if people bother to do quality research, comes away absolutely convinced. You don’t have to have personal encounters.’ “Other views that run counter to mainstream science include a belief in the power of prayer and a disbelief in the Big Bangtheory.”


Visions and sentiments imbued by the American Indian seem manifested on the Skinwalker mesa and synchronized with the dreams of Bob Bigelow:   The life of an Indian is like the wings of the air.  That is why you notice the hawk knows how to get his prey. The Indian is like that. The hawk swoops down on its prey, so does the Indian. In his lament, he is like an animal. For instance, the coyote is sly, so is the Indian. The eagle is the same. That is why the Indian is always athered up, he is a relative to the wings of the air.

StalkingtheSkinwalker Black Elk 836466181adf3ef7eb1d83451f6e58be Black Elk, Oglala Lakota Sioux (1863-1950).

Perhaps Chief Crazy Horse’s lament goes to the heart of the matter: Upon suffering beyond suffering: The Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world; a world filled with broken promises, selfishness, and separations; a world longing for light again. I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. In that day, there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be one.


StalingtheSkinwalker Crazy Horse show-photo-icon Crazy Horse, Oglala Lakota Sioux (circa 1840-1877)


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The Skinwalker Ranch


UFO Photographed on the Skinwalker Ranchhttps://www.facebook.com/Skinwalker-Ranch-113934658636368/


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A depiction of a Skinwalker



StalkingtheSkinwalker ben_black_elk-e10295b https://spiritpost.net/2016/02/21/inspirational-quotes-black-elk/ 

 StalkingtheSkinwalker Black Elk 836466181adf3ef7eb1d83451f6e58beChief Black Elkhttp://www.native-net.org/indians/black-elk.html. 
StalingtheSkinwalker Crazy Horse show-photo-iconChief Crazy Horse http://indians.org/indigenous-peoples-literature/crazy-horse-oglala.html 


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StalkingtheSkinwalker cattle mutilationCattle Mutilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w75PeCkUz0 


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The Wolf Spirit https://wallpaper.wiki/native-american-wallpapers-hd.html. 


StalkingtheSkinwalker Black hqdefaultMystery Helicopters https://www.infowars.com/black-ops-helicopters-buzz-kentucky-residents/ 

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Mystery Helicopter
StalkingtheSkinwlker bigelow-int-grp-02
The Late Robert Bigelow
StalkingtheSkinwalker Photo2 18403173_1593600620669757_9199734522204203315_n
Alleged Triangle UFO reported to NIDS
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Art Depiction of Skinwalker
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