Miracle of The Sun: Religious prodigy, UFO, meteorological phenomenon, or something else

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Miracle of The Sun:

Religious prodigy, UFO, meteorological phenomenon, or something else

 By Alexander Popoff

The analysis of the Fátima prodigy (presumably a religious miracle, UFO and encounter of the third kind, or a meteorological phenomenon) leads us to a surprising result: mankind is under mind control by a mega-civilization.

When pondering the Fermi paradox and cosmology theories, researchers take into account only the space civilizations that originated in this evolutionary cycle of the universe. They don’t consider the incredibly advanced civilizations from previous cycles of this universe or other universes from the Multiverse and the All. These space races are mega-civilizations. They are very old (many billions even trillions years older then us) and extremely advanced. We can’t even imagine their level of development and what they are. Most probably they are capable of creating designer universes, life, and custom civilizations.

A cyclic (or oscillating) model is a cosmological theory in which the universes follow self-sustaining cycles. In the 1920s, theoretical physicists, including Albert Einstein, considered the possibility of a cyclic model for our universe. They theorized a universe following an eternal series of oscillations, each beginning with a Big Bang and ending with a Big Crunch.

Each evolutionary cycle of our universe and other universes gives birth to a large amount of superior civilizations.

What we are witnessing now is simply the latest cycle of the colossal natural structure we call our universe. Of course, it could be a designer universe, which is a product of a superior space race. In both cases there is a huge amount of mega-civilizations with their plans, great works, and dreams.

For the mega-civilizations, humanity is like a Monopoly game on the table, next to the sandwiches and the beer—humans are totally visible, accessible, contactable, and manipulatable.


On the 13 of October, 1917, some striking events happened near the small town Fátima in Portugal.  A large crowd of 70,000 to 100,000 people observed the Miracle of the Sun.

Professor José Garrett from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Coimbra, armed with binoculars, was standing on the rim of the hollow field called Cova da Iria with a commanding view of the entire area. He could observe not only the crowd, but also the spot where the apparitions appeared in the last few months. Professor Garrett counted more thana hundred thousand people. He wrote a detailed report on this events. Newspaper reporters were also in attendance; they took testimony from many people who have witnessed extraordinary solar activity and other strange events.

The large crowd had gathered there because three young shepherd children (Jacinta 7, Francisco 9, and Lucia 10) had predicted a few months earlier that at high noon at that day the celestial lady who had appeared to them several times would perform a great miracle “so that all people may believe!”

In May 1917, the small shepherds claimed to have encountered a celestial lady. The children were watching their sheep when they saw a bright flash. Then they walked toward the pasture field Cova da Iria, an old sacred spot, where they were caught in a glowing, blinding light. Lucia said that in the center of the light they saw a little feminine creature about 1.1 meter high. She was extremely beautiful. Her age was between 12 and 15 years. Lucia stated that “She was wearing a narrow skirt, a jacket, and a cloak, all with little golden cords running crisscross through them.” “She made no facial movements, nor did she articulate her lower limbs when she walked.” “She spoke without moving her lips, and moved only her hands from time to time.”

The oldest child, Lucia, was the only one to speak to her, and the lady from the heaven told the kids that she would reappear to them on the thirteenth day of the next six months.

On June 13, there were about fifty people to see the lady from the heaven. Only the three small shepherds could see the apparition. Lucia talked with some unseen entity whose answers were not heard by the other people. Only one witness reported hearing a faint voice or buzzing of a bee. When the meeting ended was heard an explosion and they saw a little cloud rise from the vicinity of a small tree, where during the next few months the apparitionsappeared.

About five thousand people were present at the third vision. The small shepherds said that the celestial lady had given them a secret and would perform a great miracle in October.

About thirty thousand people were present at the fourth vision. It was affirmed that in October would be “a miracle, so that everyone may believe.”

The news was in the newspapers all over the country. Many people thought it was a lie. The Portugal government didn’t believe it either. The church was silent.

The big day, October 13, 1917, was gloomy and rainy.

Professor José Garrett reported, “It must have been 1:30 p.m. [about midday by the sun] when there arose, at the exact spot where the children were, a column of smoke, thin, fine, and bluish, which extended up to perhaps two meters above their heads, and evaporated at that height. This phenomenon, perfectly visible to the naked eye, lasted for a few seconds. Not having noted how long it had lasted, I cannot say whether it was more or less than a minute. The smoke dissipated abruptly, and after some time, it came back to occur a second time, then a third time.”

Witness Dominic Reis remembers, “And then the children walk to the tree, and talk in the direction of the tree, and we see the children bent down just like bow to somebody. I didn’t see what, but something was there because we see the children bend down, then we see the children move the lips to talk to someone.”

Again, the celestial lady appeared only to the children. She presented herself as Virgin Mary. After predicting an end to the war, the near death of two of the small shepherds, and giving the kids certain visions, Virgin Mary lifted her hands to the sky.

The rain stopped and the sun started breaking. And the promised grand miracle began!

The sun started to wander within the circle of the receded clouds. It seemed pale, like a ball of snow. Then the solar disk began to rotate about its center at a rather high velocity, about a turn per second.

The most astonishing thing was that the people were able to stare at the solar disc for a long time, brilliant with light and heat, without hurting the eyes or damaging the retina.

Everything around turned into different colors.

Some eyewitnesses saw white petals shower down and disintegrate before reaching the earth.

Professor Garrett wrote, “I turned around, too, toward the point commanding their gaze and I could see the sun, like a very clear disc, with its sharp edge, which gleamed without hurting the sight. It could not be confused with the sun seen through a fog (there was no fog at that moment), for it was neither veiled nor dim. At Fátima, it kept its light and heat, and stood out clearly in the sky, with a sharp edge, like a large gaming table. The most astonishing thing was to be able to stare at the solar disc for a long time, brilliant with light and heat, without hurting the eyes or damaging the retina. [During this time], the sun’s disc did not remain immobile, it had a giddy motion, [but] not like the twinkling of a star in all its brilliance for it spun round upon itself in a mad whirl.”

The sun was spinning rapidly like a fire-wheel, throwing beams of several colors. The people and everything around were stained with the colors of the rainbow. The sun seemed literally to dance in the sky. It looked like flat disk rather than a globe.

Two witnesses looked at the sun with binoculars and said seeing a ladder and two creatures.

Witnesses reported seeing shining, silvery angel hair (a cobweb-like substance) falling from the sky, which evaporated before touching the ground. Some people saw rose petals falling from the heavens and melting away.

The air was refreshed, and the scent of sanctity wafted over the crowd.

Some could see in the skies the smiling face of the Blessed Virgin herself.

“The seconds seemed like hours, so vivid were they.”

The people were enchanted by a remarkable spectacle in the sky of a kind they had never seen before.

The blood red sun suddenly stopped spinning and seemed to come down in a zigzag, strongly radiating heat, threatening to burn and smash the Earth. It came rapidly closer and closer, with increasing size and brilliancy. A terrible moment!

The people cried, ”It comes down! It comes down!”

Most of the panicked witnesses thought their last hour had come. The people were weeping and expecting the end of the world at any moment. They felt the heat of the fiery sun that was coming down.

Professor Garrett wrote, “Then, suddenly, one heard a clamor, a cry of anguish breaking from all the people. The sun, whirling wildly, seemed all at once to loosen itself from the firmament and, blood red, advance threateningly upon the earth as if to crush us with its huge and fiery weight. The sensation during those moments was truly terrible.”

The people believed it was the end of the world.

Some were losing their senses.

The crowds around were making a tremendous noise. Most of them were crying out to God for mercy. Many were confessing their sins aloud, asking God to pardon their sins. Parents were throwing themselves protectively over their children. A few were trying to run away from the falling sun. Some were simply paralyzed with fear.

Then suddenly, the sun was back in its usual place.

The great terror of being burned and smashed by the huge, fiery sun was followed by an enormous feeling of joy and relief.

And then the wind started to blow really hard, but strangely enough, the bushes and trees did not move or shake because of the wind, just like in a dream. The rain-soaked clothing of the people became dry very quickly, almost instantly. The soaked clothes were now “suddenly and completely dry.”

Most people were standing, but many others were on their knees: crying, praying really hard, or calling on the Virgin Mary. The people were fully convinced: it was a miracle, a real miracle! There is a God in the Heavens! Atheists were converted! People shouted, “I believe! I believe! I believe!”

“I was amazed, in ecstasy before the demonstration of divine power…converted in that moment.”


Despite the attempts of photojournalists, the phenomenon itself could not be photographed. In the pictures we can see only crowds looking at the cloudy sky, many shading their eyes.

The solar phenomenon was not observed in any observatory.

The Miracle of the Sun, other religious miracles, many UFO sightings, and other phenomena, while witnessed by most of the present people, are usually never witnessed by all. Some of the Fátima witnesses, including believers, reported that they saw only cloudy skies.

Andrija Puharich, a medical and parapsychological researcher, medical inventor, physician, and author, known as the person who brought the Israeli Uri Geller to the United States for scientific investigation. wrote in his book about Geller that once when driving in the desert, Puharich, Geller, and another witness saw a huge spaceship but the three military personnel in the front seat were unable to see it. Andrija Puharich also recorded other occasions when he and Uri Geller could see UFOs that the other individuals present could not observe.

Not all reported seeing the sun “dance.” Monsignor John Quareman said, “To my surprise, I saw clearly and distinctly a globe of light advancing from east to west, gliding slowly and majestically through the air.” Some observers only saw the radiant colors, some claimed that the sun spun pinwheel-like, while others maintained that it danced in the skies, some peoplereported that they saw only cloudy skies, as if the witnesses were watching different sun and skies with different phenomena or no phenomena at all.


But what caused the Miracle of the Sun? What was the colorful object in the skies that looked like the sun? Or it was indeed the sun? Then why no observatory observed the solar phenomenon? If this was a physical solar phenomenon, about one third of the population of the Earth should see the sun dancing, rotating, throwing beams of many colors, and falling down, but only a chosen group of 100,000 people near Fátima could witness the prodigy. Most probably because this was not a physical phenomenon high in the sky, but a psychological one.

According to the Catholic church, it was a genuine miracle made by God or Virgin Mary.

Professor Auguste Meessen of the Institute of Physics, Catholic University of Leuven wrote that the observations near Fátima were optical effects caused by prolonged staring at the sun. Meessen suggested that retinal after-images produced after brief periods of sun gazing were a likely cause of the observed dancing effects of the solar disc. He stated that the color changes were most likely caused by the bleaching of photosensitive retinal cells. If that were the case, then the Miracle of the Sun could be easily duplicated: you just look into the sun for a few seconds and the prodigy begins again and again. But the miracles are reluctant events and they tend to happen extremely rarely, especially the majestic ones.

Meessen writes that the prodigy was optical effects caused by prolonged staring at the sun, but at that time there was no sun in the sky—some witnesses didn’t see the miracle at all. They were observing only a cloudy sky. In the field near Fátima were present photojournalists who made pictures: first, in the photographs there is no sun in the sky, second, the shadows of the people and their belongings (canes, sticks, umbrellas, etc.) also show that there was no sun—there are no strong shadows in the pictures that indicate bright sunshine.

The author, journalist, and researcher D. Scott Rogo wrote in his book Miracles: A Parascientific Inquiry Into Wondrous Phenomena, published in 1982, that “Most writers on Fátima claim that the disc was the sun. But judging by the descriptions we have…the disc was at the wrong elevation and azimuth to have actually been the sun.”

The witness Joaquim Vicente also noticed that the sun was not in the right place. He said, “Suddenly the clouds opened and the sun seemed as though through a window. It began spinning, coming so low that I looked at my watch and believed it was not right as the sun was so low.”

No observatory reported any changes in the movement of the real sun.

People were able to stare for a long time at the colorful object in the sky, brilliant with light and heat, without hurting the eyes or damaging their retina.

Some researchers wrote that the people could stare at the sun because there was mist or thin clouds between the witnesses and the solar disc. But professor Garrett wrote, “I could see the sun, like a very clear disc, with its sharp edge, which gleamed without hurting the sight. It could not be confused with the sun seen through a fog (there was no fog at that moment), for it was neither veiled nor dim.” “At Fátima, it kept its light and heat, and stood out clearly in the sky, with a sharp edge, like a large gaming table.”

The crowds were watching not the real solar disc but something else. One cannot stare at the real sun for a long time without damaging the eyes. The reported events lasted for about twelve minutes. Man cannot look at the sun for so long time without damaging the eyesight. The eyewitnesses did not complain afterwards that their eyesight was damaged because of watching the sun for twelve minutes. Out of tens of thousands of witnesses, there were no report of a single person having incurred eyesight damage, let alone blindness. It can take as little as a few seconds before temporary or permanent damage of the eyesight can begin to occur.

At the Colorado and India sites, many people suffered eye damage (solar retinopathy)—in some instances, possibly permanent damage (Joe Nickell 1993, Sebastian 2008). Obviously, they were looking at the real sun.

But what were observing the witnesses at Fátima? The crowds were watching not the real solar disc but something else. What was it?

The religious people believe it was a miracle, the UFO enthusiasts claim that this was an alien spaceship, some researchers suggest that this was some strange meteorological phenomenon.

Stuart Campbell suggests in his article “The Miracle of the Sun at Fátima,” Journal of Meteorology, Vol 14, no. 142, October, 1989, that stratospheric dust caused the Miracle of the Sun. A cloud of stratospheric dust changed the appearance of the sun, making it easy to look at, and causing it to appear yellow, blue, and violet and to spin. In support of his theory, Campbell wrote that a blue and reddened sun was reported in China in 1983.

This theory fails to explain how this meteorological event caused by stratospheric dust was predicted several months before it took place. It also can’t explain the great heat coming from the alleged dancing sun, the strong wind that started to blow really hard, but the bushes and trees did not move or shake, why the rain-soaked clothing of the people became dry very quickly, almost instantly, nor the white petals that showered down and disintegrate before reaching the earth, etc. How a cloud of stratospheric dust could change the appearance of the sun when at that time there was no sun in the cloudy sky?

The meteorological theories also can’t explain the predicted near death of the two small shepherds. They fail to explain why some of the present people didn’t observe the meteorological phenomenon.

Paul Simons in an article entitled “Weather Secrets of Miracle at Fátima” suggests that some of the optical effects at Fátima may have been caused by a cloud of dust from the Sahara. This theory suffers the same drawbacks as the previous one.

Some researchers suggest that the Miracle of the Sun was a sundog (or sundogs, mock suns, or phantom suns, scientific name parhelia). Sundogs are an atmospheric phenomenon that consists of a pair of bright spots on either side on the Sun, often co-occurring with a luminous ring. They are created by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere. Sun dogs are best seen and are most conspicuous when the sun is close to the horizon. But the Fátima events occurred at noon, when the sun crosses the meridian and is at its highest elevation in the sky, not close to the horizon. Second, the people witnessed only one sun, not three suns or two additional bright lights in the sky. Third, the sundogs are stationary lights in the skies, they are not spinning like a fire-wheel, throwing beams of several colors, they are not coming down in a zigzag, strongly radiating heat. Fifth, at that time there was no sun in the sky that could create sundogs. This theory fail to explain also other peculiarities of the Fátima events. For instance, how was it possible a small illiterate shepherd to predict several months upfront the appearance of sundogs at noon on the 13 of October, 1917.

Father Stanley Jaki, Benedictine priest, physicist, and historian, suggested in his booklet The Sun’s Miracle or of Something Else that an air lens of ice crystals formed above Fátima and caused the solar phenomena.

Jaki wrote in his autobiography, A Mind’s Matter: An Intellectual Autobiography, “Suddenly the sun’s image turned into a wheel of fire which for the people there resembled a “rodo de fuogo” familiar to them in fireworks. The physical core of that wheel was, as we now have to conjecture, an air lens full of ice crystals, as cirrus clouds are. Such crystals can readily refract the sun’s rays into various colors of the rainbow. The references to the strong west-east wind and to the continued drift of clouds may account for the interplay of two streams of air that could give a twist, in a way analogous to the formation of tornadoes, to put that lens-shaped air mass into rotation.”

People reported that before the miracle the sun had a silver color. According to Jaki, the formation of ice in the atmosphere gave that silver color. Witnesses reported a movement of the sun toward the Earth, the solar disc grew and became closer and closer to the ground. The author explained this with the magnifying power of the air lens made of ice crystals. As the air lens moved in the skies it would give the appearance of a movement (dancing) of the sun. The colors appeared because the air lens refracted the light, just like in a rainbow. The muddy, wet ground and the clothing of the people miraculously dried up almost instantaneously because the air lens concentrated heat to the site like a giant natural magnifying glass. It looks like a very nice theory but how was such an extremely rare incredible meteorological phenomenon predicted by the small illiterate shepherds several months earlier? Second, the powerful concentrated light that dried up the ground and the clothing of the people in a few seconds should burn the clothing and the people themselves. Third, at that time there was no sun in the skies, only clouds, ergo, such effect was not possible. This theory can‘t explain the strong wind that started to blow really hard, but the bushes and trees did not move or shake, nor the white petals that showered down and disintegrate before reaching the Earth.

Stanley L. Jaki proposed that the event was natural and meteorological in nature, but that the fact the event occurred at the exact time predicted was a miracle.

Neither of the aforementioned theories can resolve the mystery of the scent of sanctity that wafted over the crowd.

Kevin McClure claims that the crowd at Cova da Iria may have been expecting to see signs in the sun, since similar phenomena had been reported in the weeks leading up to the miracle. On this basis, he believes that the crowd saw what it wanted to see. But the people were looking at the spot of the apparitions, at the three small shepherds, and at the little oak tree where the celestial lady was said to appear, not at the sun. The believers expected to see there Virgin Mary.

Professor Garrett wrote, “Suddenly I heard the uproar of thousands of voices, and I saw the whole multitude spread out in that vast space at my feet…turn their backs to that spot where, until then, all their expectations had been focused, and look at the sun on the other side.”

The crowds were expecting to see Virgin Mary doing religious miracles, not some solar phenomenon or a wind that would dry up their clothes in a few seconds. This theory fails to explain reports of witnesses many miles away, who were not even thinking of the event at the time.

The witness Carlos de Azevedo Mendes was asked if he had any idea of what was going to happen. “No, I did not have the slightest idea of what might happen.”

Antonio dos Reis Novo when answered if the know what would happen said, “Nobody knew anything about what might happen.”

The witness Maria Celeste was asked, “Did you think anything might happen, Madame?”

“I expected that all was fancy of poor children and we would see nothing.”

There was also a large number of unbelievers that didn’t expect to see anything.

Some researchers suggest that the Miracle of The Sun was a gigantic coronal mass ejection. Solar flares emit high-speed particles that cause the Aurora Borealis. This theory also can’t explain most of the peculiarities of the Fátima events and the fact that this happened on schedule as predicted.

There is no such meteorological event that can explain all peculiarities of the Miracle of the Sun: the blood red sun that seemed to come down in a zigzag, strongly radiating heat, threatening to burn and smash the Earth, the wandering sun within the circle of the receded clouds, turning everything around into different colors, the wind blowing really hard, but the bushes and trees did not move or shake because of the wind, the rain-soaked clothing of the people became dry very quickly, almost instantly, etc. And most importantly, the events were predicted several months earlier by illiterate small shepherds. Such meteorological event never happened before and after the Fátima events. And one more remark: if this was a natural meteorological event, all present people should observe it. Not all witnesses reported seeing the solar phenomenon. Neither could the journalist take photographs of the event.

After the solar phenomenon the wind started to blow really hard, but the bushes and trees did not move or shake because of the wind. Some people reported that their rain-soaked clothing and the ground became “suddenly and completely dry.”

But why did the bushes and trees not move or shake because of the strong wind? The witnesses reported that the wind was blowing really hard. This is another argument against the physical nature of the event. There are UFO cases where trees bent wildly, although witnesses could feel no wind, or the wind was blowing really hard, but the bushes and trees did not move or shake because of the wind. Most probably the same power manipulates the minds of the people witnessing religious events and UFO encounters.

Most witnesses don’t mention the miraculous wind and drying up. Obviously they were product of mind manipulation.

Many researchers have noticed the similarities in the Fátima events to some UFO cases.

  1. Scott Rogo suggested, “It seems to have been an immense UFO-like silver disc.”

Jacques Vallee wrote in his book Dimensions: a Casebook of Alien Contact, “Many descriptions of UFO phenomena force us to deal simultaneously with two categories we always attempt to separate: the physical (or technical) and the spiritual (or divine). Numerous witnesses, in their statements after a close encounter, claim bluntly that the experience of the phenomenon has a religious meaning to them.” The author suggests that the apparitions at Fátima offer a historical example of the religious dimension of UFO encounters.

Jacques Vallee also wrote, “Not only was a flying disk or globe consistently involved, but its motion, its falling-leaf trajectory, its light objects, the thunderclaps, the buzzing sounds, the strange fragrance, the fall of “angel hair” that dissolves upon reaching the ground, the heat wave associated with the close approach of the disc—all of these are frequent parameters of UFO sightings everywhere. And so are the paralysis, the amnesia, the conversions, and the healings.”

This is a very interesting remark. As if the religious and the UFO phenomena are both sides of the same coin. As if they have the same origin (whatever it is). Something or someone is using items from a single list of impressive elements to create religious, UFO, and other paranormal phenomena.

Professor Meessen wrote in his article “Apparitions and the Miracles of the Sun,” “The hypothesis of an extraterrestrial intervention may seem to be unrealistic to those who are not aware of the real dimensions of the UFO-phenomenon. There is ample evidence, however, that it deserves serious attention. It is conceivable, in principle, that apparitions and miracles of the sun could be produced by “alien visitors” having technical capabilities far beyond our own. We can even imagine that extraterrestrial civilizations could be interested in performing large scale ”psychosocial experiments” without letting us become aware of their procedures, to test our reactions and beliefs in religious matters.”

According this theory, the Miracle of the Sun was caused by alien visitors using super advanced technological means as part of psychosocial experiments; the dancing sun was a maneuvering extraterrestrial spaceship.

Some researchers, including Jacques Vallee, suggest that the disc and the light in the skies was not the sun but a UFO. Their arguments are that the sun can’t move around in the sky, it is a sphere not an opaque spinning disc, man can’t watch the sun for long time without hurting the eyes, the multicolored lights emitting from the object are typical for UFOs, etc.

Angel hair is often associated with UFOs, too. The UFO believers suggest that the presence of angel hair at Fátima is a proof that that was an alien spaceship sighting. A theory among ufologists states that angel hair is created from “ionized air sleeting off an electromagnetic field” that surrounds a UFO. Angel hair is dispersed from UFOs as they fly overhead.

Lucia said about the apparition of the celestial lady that, “She made no facial movements, nor did she articulate her lower limbs when she walked.” Talking without moving the lips and walking without moving the legs is a common feature of some ufonauts and men in black.

The change of color of flying objects is often associated with UFOs. At the beginning of the Miracle of the Sun the solar disc had a color of silver, then the colors of a rainbow, when it began to fall down to Earth it became blood red.

After the meeting with the apparitions one of the little girls said, “I cannot speak, nor play, nor sing, and I haven’t the strength to do anything.” The close encounters with UFOs and ufonauts also often end up with total exhaustion of the witnesses. The fatigue is a common characteristic after paranormal events.

Some researchers suggest that when the UFO descended over the crowd it was interpreted as a falling of the “sun.” The people felt the heat of the propulsion system and their clothes and the ground “miraculously” died up in a few moments. The strong wind was caused by the movements of the large alien spaceship.

Specific smells are often associated with religious miracles, UFOs, demons, angels, the devil, etc. UFO advocates claim that the Fátima events were actually extraterrestrial encounters that were misinterpreted, and the specific smell was alien.

The ufonauts and the religious apparitions like to make predictions: two of the small shepherds will die soon after the events, J.F.Kennedy will be assassinated, the pope was about to be killed at the Istanbul airport, there would be a blackout in New York, North America would split in two and the East Coast would sink into the sea, etc. etc.

Some of the predictions come true, some don’t. Two of the small shepherds (Jacinta and Francisco) indeed died soon after the Fátima events. Francisco died in 1919, Jacinta in 1920.

During the six months of the apparitions many conversions and healings were reported. The miraculous healings (of some physiological and psychological illnesses) often are associated with religious miracles, but also with UFOs, and other paranormal events.

According to the researcher Joaquim Fernandes, microwaves emitted from the UFO caused the intense heat, sudden drying of the ground and clothing of the people, and the miraculous cures reported by some of the witnesses.

Some researchers suggest that the Fátima events were a close encounter of the third kind, not a religious miracle. The Fátima apparitions of an angel and of Virgin Mary were actually a series of contacts with star creatures. The visions were in fact aliens or their holograms. Some people think that the close encounters of the third kind and the UFO sightings at Fátima and other sites were used by the church as religious propaganda.

If the solar disc was an alien spacecraft, it should cast a huge moving shadow on the ground, but no one reported such shadow. Since the supposed alien craft was with really huge circular dimensions (the prodigy was seen 40 kilometer away from the large field with 100,000 people) it should form a tremendous shadow, even if there was no sun in the sky. But as we know, flying saucers, demons, the devil, religious apparitions, etc. only rarely cast shadows.

It wasn’t an alien spaceship because despite the attempts of photojournalists the object in the skies could not be photographed and some of the witnesses could not see it. This very fact is a hard evidence that the sighting (religious or UFO) was psychological, not physical. Second, if the apparitions were actually aliens or their holograms, why did they have religious talks with the small shepherds, why did they show them religious visions, why did they make predictions with many religious elements, and wanted the people to erect a chapel near the place of the miraculous events. Were the supposed extraterrestrials from some alien church?

The mega-civilization in control over the humans created the religions as an integral part of the early societies and they are still an important part of mankind because it is still in its infancy.

Following this line of reasoning, it becomes apparent that  the religions on Earth we consider human (most atheists consider religions a self-delusion of the weak human mind) or from god are actually imposed by some superior alien civilization.

The church considers these events religious miracles, and inconsistencies with the natural laws are part of a miracle. A miracle by definition defies the natural; this is an event that is contrary to the established laws of nature and attributed to a supernatural cause.

But there are other events with similar elements that are not considered religious or miracles. On the contrary, they are considered part of the natural evolution of the sentient creatures of the Universe. These are the UFOs, the alien abductions, the close encounters of the third kind, etc. Very often they also defy nature, and in most UFO cases there are inconsistencies (even absurdities) with the natural laws, and sometimes they are accompanied by religious and/or paranormal elements. There is also another group of supernatural phenomena that are not religious—observing and making contact with fairies, gnomes, demons, harpies, minotaurs, sirens, etc.

The question here is what and why is causing such extraordinary events? Does something or someone control human consciousness, behavior, and development? Religion’s answer to this question is positive—yes, there is God, he created the world and all creatures, and He is in charge of everything. The miracles are a sign or a demonstration of His existence and powers.

Well, what about the UFOs? Maybe some gods prefer to demonstrate their powers and existence through the millions of sightings of UFOs, alien abductions, and extraterrestrial encounters? On the other hand, there is no single undeniable proof that the millions of UFOs are real extraterrestrial spacecraft.

To create a better theory and achieve a better understanding of such extraordinary events (and of the nature of humankind itself) we should analyze the triple phenomena: the religious, the UFOs, and the paranormal.

Some researchers suggest the Fátima events were result of a mass hypnosis.

In the case of mass hypnosis, there should be an operator able to hypnotize all these 100,000 people, some of them 40 kilometers away. But there was no obvious operator.

Hypnosis is usually induced by a procedure known as a hypnotic induction, involving a series of preliminary instructions and suggestions done by an operator. No one reported a person or something else talking to the crowds in order to hypnotize them. Can we assume that they were hypnotized telepathically? And who or what was that person or entity, possessing such an impressive power of telepathy: God, a man, an extraterrestrial creature, or something else?

The Scottish surgeon James Braid described in 1851 the hypnotic stage performance by a visiting American, George W. Stone,

“Persons in a perfectly wakeful state, of well-known character and standing in society, who come forward voluntarily from among the audience, will be experimented upon. They will be deprived of the power of speech, hearing, sight. Their voluntary motions will be completely controlled, so that, they can neither rise up nor sit down, except at the will of the operator; their memory will be taken away, so that they will forget their own name and that of their most intimate friends; they will be made to stammer, and to feel pain in any part of their body at the option of the operator – a walking stick will be made to appear a snake, the taste of water will be changed to vinegar, honey, coffee, milk, brandy, wormwood, lemonade, etc., etc., etc. These extraordinary experiments are really and truly performed without the aid of trick, collusion, or deception, in the slightest possible degree.”

A regular stage magician can make you see and meet the entire menagerie of UFOs, close encounters of the third kind, alien abductions, deities and demons, mythological creatures, etc.

Some individuals have reported reddened eyes, strange scars, or wounds on their bodies, etc. after such events, which they consider a hard proof of their encounters with the aliens or deities. A stage magician can make the same marks on your body. He can put a coin on your hand and say that it is red hot, and you will receive burn blisters.

The subconscious of man is very powerful and it could cause various wounds, scars, illnesses, and even death.

We see that human brain and mind are so constructed that they could be easily manipulated.

The human mind and body are so easily manipulated as if there is an instrument panel attached to the human brain. Why are humans constructed this way? Most probably to be controlled.

As for the predicted death of the two kids, the mega-civilization not only controls the mind of the people but also has a comprehensive knowledge of everything on our planet, including the health conditions of the individuals.

The Fátima events were a miracle (a show) with religious motifs staged by a mega-civilization. With some slight changes this could be an impressive UFO sighting and close encounter of the third kind.

On the other hand, there were left several absurdities or “mistakes” (the wind was blowing really hard, but strangely enough, the bushes and trees did not move or shake because of the wind, not all witnesses could see the solar miracle, etc.) when staging the events so that the thinking man could realize that the humans are under control and they are guided by a superior civilization that in some cases presents itself as god, spirits of dead people, angels, and Virgin Mary, in other cases as ufonauts coming from distant stars, or trolls and other mythological creatures. The human mind and science are still in their infancy, and the mega-civilization still offers us UFO and religious fairytales as it has done for the past tens of thousands of years.

The Fátima case was not a series of accidental events lasting for many months. It was a carefully planed and deliberately executed demonstration by an unseen master of humanity able to control the minds of 100,000 people. It was a message to the thinking man.

The striking events at Fátima, Portugal were a majestic spectacle that happened in the minds of the people only. The theater hall was full of spectators, but the stage was empty. A superior intelligence stages in the human mind religious miracles, UFOs, all sort of aliens, demons, angels, gods, trolls, etc. The Fátima events were a brilliant demonstration of the power of the masters of humanity. And the total dependence of the humans on their masters.

They are here and they influence us—the flying saucers, the numerous aliens from all sorts of planets and dimensions, the deities and their religious miracles, the paranormal phenomena, the fairies, the demons, and many other products of an extraterrestrial entity, which is the long hand of a mega-civilization. We can’t observe this superior intelligence directly but we can see its reflection in the phenomena it is displaying in our minds.


Sincerely Yours,

Alexander Popoff,

author of research books


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