Yang Style Tai Chi Ch’uan with Master Robert Morningstar

Yang Style Tai Chi Ch’uan with Master Robert Morningstar – New York City

Tai Chi Ch’uan is the oldest of the Chinese martial arts. Tai Chi and Ch’i Gung (Chinese yoga) are the most ancient styles of exercise and physical culture employed to develop the human mind, body and spirit in an integral way to arrive at economy of movement, efficiency and peak performance (in whatever chosen field of endeavor).

Tai Chi is practiced slowly in a calm and relaxed way in order to attain perfect posture and a perfect gait. Many accidents and injuries are results walking or moving forcefully, but out of “alignment.”

Good health is essential to happiness, and physical fitness is essential to good health. We are all endowed with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I hold the “pursuit of happiness” to be a civic obligation.

Tai Chi is also a renowned form of healing exercise, which helps reduce stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and works to repair and restore the body to health after illness or injury. This is achieved by retraining mind and body how to walk and move with ideal skeletal alignment in all phases of motion, thereby eliminating shock, stress and strain from everyday life. The results of Morningstar Tai Chi training are ease and grace in movement, physical and psychic development with an abundance of vitality, vim and vigor for Life.

Tai Chi Master Robert Morningstar is a disciple of the late Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing, progenitor and exponent of the Yang Style Short Form Tai Chi Ch’uan. Prof. Robert Morningstar has practiced Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Taoist healing arts, including acupressure and herbal remedied for more than 45 years. Robert offers private and group classes classes in Tai Chi Ch’uan, Ch’i Gung and “Anga Purna” (an ancient form of Kundalini Yoga – for adepts only).

Robert Morningstar is a graduate of Fordham University and has taught at Hunter College (CUNY), Oberlin College, and worked as Tai Chi Movement Therapist in the Behavioral Medicine Department of the International Center for the Disabled (1992-1994), applying Tai Chi and Ch’i Gung to physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Robert is also an internationally known investigator, lecturer, radio reporter who has appeared regularly on Coast to Coast AM, TV programs. Robert is the host of “The Morningstar Rapport” and “The Sounds of NYC News” on Revolution Radio and the Publisher-Editor of UFO Digest (www.UFODigest.com). Robert is also featured in the film “The Professsor: Tai Chi’s Journey West,” a biography of Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing and appears in the upcoming film, “ETs Among Us – The Sequel.”

Private classes scheduled by appointment. Group classes are now registering to meet in Riverside Park (89th Street) and Central Park (60th Street & CPS) through the fall and winter.

For more information, call 212-496-1472
or send an email to -> RobertMorningsar@gmail.com

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