Nitehawk Passes: Revolution Radio Founder Moves On to Higher Ground


It was with deep sadness that we have received the news of the passing of Mike “Nitehawk” Ringley, the owner, founder  and moving force behind Revolution Radio, the largest listener sponsored radio station on the Internet.

This is how I came to know Mike Ringley.  

As some of our readers know, I have had a regular radio program on Revolution Radio since June 2017, when I was invited to host “The Morningstar Report” and “The Sounds of New York City News” every Sunday through on Mike’s Internet broadcast station  “,” which molted into the global Revolution Radio that year.


12:22 AM

Thank you for the photo…

I’m a bit shocked since I ha never seen a photo of Nitehawk prior to tonight, and I realize now that on Friday morning (several hours before I learned of Mike’s passing) that as I slept (around 5 a.m.) I had a brief visitation from a spirit whom I mistook to be my college friend Charlie Fielding who passed away a year ago. This was in a Lucid Dream state, and so it came and went in a short flashes of friendship, fellowship and and warm feelings (of seeing “my old dead friend” again and I was taken completely by surprise. My friend Charlie came to a rough end last October 9from cancer), and when I saw this benign spirit I said : Hey, “Charlie” … Great to see you. I know that was a tough end you went through but you look great, all that pain and anguish is gone now.. and forever! You look Great.” then we hugged as long lost brothers would have upon reunion. But I noted that I did not did recall “Charlie” as being so tall. Of course, I realize now that is because it wasn’t “Charlie.” it was Nitehawk. I would ask those friends who knew Mike face to face whether not they would agree that Mike looked like my friend, Charlie Feilding, who like Mike was a dedicated and talented musician and composer. Here’s a FB photo of Charlie, sporting a beard. This as weird as “Merlin’s Beard.” ->

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