When the Family is Terrorized

The Hidden World of Domestic Tyranny


Steve Erdmann

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(“Each book in my True Crime Files series has a central theme, although the human beings involved act out their own variations on each theme in ways that continue to amaze me…deals with love and what people will do for what they define as love…Many acts are committed in the name of love, and love can mean many things: caring, passion, sexual obsession, friendship, jealousy, companionship, ownership, loyalty, tenderness, and – for some people – cruelty and revenge…”  In the Name of Love, Ann Rule, 1999, Pocket Star Books)


Said Gary Allen in None Dare Call It Conspiracy: “If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all.  Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite…If you wanted to control the nation’s manufacturing, commerce, finance, transportation and natural resources, you would need only to control the apex, the power pinnacle, of an all-powerful socialist government. Then you would have a monopoly and could squeeze out all your competitors.  If you want – a worldwide monopoly, you must control a world socialist government. That is what the game is all about…Communism is an arm of a bigger conspiracy to control the world by power-mad billionaires (and) brilliant but ruthless academicians who have shown them how to use their power…” (Concord Press, 1971)


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Allen described these “robber barons” that are willing to fix prices, rig markets, establish monopolies, buy politicians, exploit employees and fire them the day before they are eligible for pensions, but are also planning to rule the world and even use Communism “as the striking edge of their conspiracy.”  That “striking edge” became Jack the Ripper in America on Wall Street in 2008 when monstrous greed and cunning Power brought America, indeed, the world to the brink of financial destruction. That vicious inclination to destroy and corrupt, however, had been manifested many times before, in all varieties of slavery, control, and prostitution’s over the centuries. One such victim has been the family unit which has been taken over by the Legal Industry for profit (much like Scrooge in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol novel); children held ransom as hostages! It is, furthermore, a legal industry that exists as the living viral cells that permeate our whole existence as an evil, controlling Brotherhood of maliciousness for capital gain.


“The decline of the American family has reached critical and truly dangerous proportions…The breakdown of the family now touches virtually every American. It is not only the major source of social instability in the government…the erosion of marriage, out-of-wedlock births, divorce, and fatherless children are now mainstream problems that threaten the general society.”  (Taken Into Custody, Stephen Baskerville, Cumberland House, 2007) 

“As we will see,” said Baskerville, “the astonishing but incontrovertible fact is that with the exception of convicted criminals, no group in our society today has fewer rights than  fathers…parents summoned to these courts have entered a nightmare world where children are abducted and exploited and even  abused by government order; where parents are forced to stay away from their children, prevented by the police from protecting them, incarcerated without charge or trial, and driven into bankruptcy and poverty, and where the Bill Of Rights may as well not exist.”

He continued: “Far from merely exploiting family breakdown after the fact then, domestic relations law has turned the American family into a game of ‘prisoners’ dilemma…willingly or not, all parents are now prisoners in this game…In short, state officials now possess the power to break up families by imposing divorce on happily married parents…Harsh as it may sound, it cannot be denied that these officials are united by one overriding interest; having children separated from their parents. Without the power to remove children from their parent – and most often the father – this industry cannot thrive, and these officials will have no business…put simply, the first principle of the divorce industry, the basic premise without which it has no reason to exist, is the removal of the fathers from the family. Once this is accomplished, the state is free to assume control over mothers and children as well.”

Baskerville quoted Rabbi Lapin in The American Enterprise in Lapin’s quoting of Adolf Hitler: Hitler said, “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasury of the people. As long as government is perceived as working for the benefit of children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty.”

Comparing Child Support enforcement to institutionalized Marxist principles (“from each according to his ability, to each according to her need….”), Baskerville said child support has nothing to do with “justice” but is interwoven in a long panoply of unusual punishments and punitive measures in a regime were the father is forced “to finance the filching of his own children,” becoming the subject of a national demonology as officially designated villains whose “guilt is assumed unquestionably by politicians, press, and public alike…Not since the collapse of the Weimar republic have the top leaders of a major western democracy used their public office to verbally attack millions of their own citizens.” As an example of ‘Soviet Logic,’ Ronald Henry said that coerced child support is not predicated on uniting children with Fathers but keeping them apart: “…despite the touchy-feely language about family and stability and relationship, such decisions have nothing to do ‘with enforcing anything other than financial obligations.’”

Walter Olson wrote in The Litigation Explosion: “Lawyers have more power to ruin your life in America than they do in any other advanced country…..power without responsibility.”  “The legal system is increasingly run for the enrichment of lawyers and not the public,” wrote columnist Robert Samuelson. “The idea that American courtrooms strive toward justice is no long taken seriously…the courts are greatly feared for their ability to ruin…” said the Wall Street Journal.

Family law today is the largest and fastest-growing sector of the civil judiciary, accounting for at least 35 percent of all litigation. It is estimated that, as a percentage of the state cases filed between 1984 and 1995, family cases grew by 70 percent. Much of this growth is self-generated. “Child-support enforcement is now a $4 billion national industry in terms of the money expended,” said Baskerville, “in terms of the money it aims to collect, it is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise with targets upward of $100 billion.” 

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(“Surely, if we have learned nothing else, this war has taught us pity – pity for those witless souls that suffer our domination,” H.G. Wells speaking of the war in his time and comparing it to the Martians that attacked and almost destroyed the earth in his story The War of the Worlds)          

Some 24 million American children or about 34 per cent live in households without their fathers. For African American children that figure is 66 percent. Nearly 2.5 million children join the ranks of the fatherless each year. Since automatic wage garnishing has been mandatory for all new child-support orders since 1992, the question aroused as to how so many fathers allegedly avoid their payments. The principal method was by being unemployed. Sherri Heller, OCSE Director, said that about two-thirds of the debt and about two-thirds of the people who owe it earned less than $10,000 last year. It appeared that extremely poor debtors owe most of the debt


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Most men and parents are generally warm, caring, kind people who see the more elitist and aristocratic areas and people of society as the truly evil elements. The real witches cackling about the cauldron may be closer to home and even more deeply implanted. Concerning the “common poor person” (and I am one of them, by the way), as paraphrasing John F. Kennedy: “We breathe the same air; have blood in our bodies as well as the next human, a beating heart, and the pains and hopes that all other humans do.” They have feelings of love, passion, fear, and hunger as other life forms that we call “human beings.”

“As least as a federal prosecutor for 10 years under nine different U.S. attorneys in three districts across the country, I was taught, and I taught others, that if you don’t have a solid case, don’t turn somebody’s life upside down and literally ruin their lives and that of their families just because you want to try to notch your belt with somebody’s scalp or get your name in the newspaper or whatever,” Powell said.
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