MJ-13: Hoover FBI Memo & The US Army IPU Report Prove Roswell UFO Crash Was REAL

A summary and comparison 3 UFO documents, one from the US Army Air Force (USAAF) IPU UFO (9393 Detachment) Recovery Team & 2 Official FBI Memos written by FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, in July of 1947 and March of 1950 prove conclusively that the Roswell UFO crash was real and that a UFO (a “Flying Saucer”) along with 4 alien bodies were recovered near Soorro, neew mexico between July 4th and July 7th, 1947.

This writer has uncovered confirmatory evidence of the Roswell crash in an official memo written to FBI agent David Ladd by FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover on March 22, 1950 <with copy of his July 15th, 1947 memo attached) citing the US Army Air Force’s dismissal of an FBI request to inspect the Roswell craft).

Hoover’s memo to “DL” claimed that the FBI had been denied access to the craft, excluded by the USAAF from even “a cursory examination” of the alien Roswell craft.  

Proof of the veracity and authenticity of the dismissal of the FBI’s request for examination of the UFO is contained in the US Army Air Force IPU UFO Recovery Report, which explicitly mentions the curtailment of “FBI interest” in the inspection of the recovered UFO craft.

This denial of access by the FBI is confirmed by J. Edgar Hoover’s signed “lamentation” to “DL” (David Ladd) in the 1950 FBI Memo.  Quote:

“…we must insist upon full access to discs recovered. For instance in the La. case the Army grabbed it
& wouldn’t let us have it for cursory examination.  
– Signed “H” for Hoover, Edgar J.”

The 1947 FBI memo, written by hand by J. Edgar Hoover is referred to by some UFOlogists as the “La.” memo because a (misinterpreted) 2 letter reference, an acronym, used by Hoover to designate the purported UFO crash and recovery site.

J. Edgar FBI memo to Special Agent David Ladd (DL) written March 22, 1950 with copy of July 15 1947 memo referring to “Sw” UFO crash site adn US Army air force denial of access for “cursory inspecion.”

Hoover’s chicken-scratch writing has been misread by many investigators as “La” or “Ca,” but when closely examined by this writer proves to read “Sw,” in short, for “Southwest.”  Even if he eltters were indeed “La,” it would be a direct reference to Los Alamos where some of the wreckage was taken, explicitly described by the USAAF in the IPU report, therefore, making perfect sense, referring to the site from which the FBI had been barred, i.e., Los Alamos National Laboratories.  

The original Hoover memo was signed on “7/15” (1947) while the IPU report explicitly states that “on the 10th of July, FBI interest was curtailed upon request of Deputy Chief of Staff, Lt. General Collins.”

It is clear to this investigator that the apparently intentional misreading and misconstruction of the initials (by both UFOresearchers and the FBI referring to the crash site (La/Ca/Sw) (to deny its authenticity) have been used by interested parties on bohtth sides as ploys and distractions to confuse the issue and debunk/discredit the authenticity of Hoover’s FBI memo, but as is now revealed, corroborted by the USAAF IPU UFO Recovery Report, Hoover’s FBI memo is real, bona fide and, therefore, authentic.  

Over the years, I’ve found the same memo filed in CIA UFO files and in the USAF Blue Book files, as well. 

This ivestigtor has also uncovered a copy of an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) drawn up in the early 1950s between USAF General George Schulgen and the FBI Director creating an arrangement for the FBI to funnel UFO reports and information on flyng Saucr sightings that was being reported to the bureau by concerned citizens topass them on to the USAF, using general George Schulgen as liaison officer.

The reason for this needed arragngement was the “hamstrung position” that UFO denial and UFO secrecy had imposed upon the US Air Force as their publical denial of the existence of UFOs and disvowel of any interest in the investigation of the subject of Flying Saucers had actually dried up their sources of current information as the general public avoided contact with them due to the US air Force’s use of both ridicule and harassament to play down the reality of UFO incursions into our national airpsace.

This reporter discovered the USAF-FBI MOU during the late 1990s by pursuing an interesting memo connecting renowned Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe to UFOs via a report regarding the FBI’s phone tap(s) adn recordins of Moroe’s calls and conversations with famed reporter and national columnist Dorothy Kilgallen. my curiousity was aroused when I reead a notation on the Monroe-Kilgallen phone tap memo that read, in a boxed aea at top right :

 “cc: Gen. Schulgen”

General George Schulgen
Five (5) Types of Alien Technology Reverse Engineered from The Roswell UFO Crash

Furthermore, a recently uncovered 1989 Briefing document for MJ-12 entry level “ describes:

  1.  Communications with four (4) types of aliens with whom MJ-12 had made contact since the 1940s;
  2. The signing a formal agreement by the US Government with one of the ET groupsl
  3. Reveals major clauses of the so-called GREADA Treaty that was signed by President Eisenhower with one group of aliens at Kirtland Air Force Base on July 18th, 1954.
  4. Reveals that the treaty conferred “Diplomatic Status” on the alien group;
  5. That the US goerment provided ambassadors quarters to the alien group an an undisclosed air force Base in Nevada (assumed by this writer to be at or near Area 51).

I reccomend reading Charles Hall’s UFO series “Millenium Hospitality” for more more information in greater detail regarding this alien colony, populrly known as “The Tall Whites,” offical “alien ambassadors” of their ET race currently based in Nevada.

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Robert D. Morningstar

Majestic 13


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